Additional Text for the 10/09/05 Alumni Sandstorm 
>>From: Rick Maddy ('67)

Re: Logo

The Bomber logo "debate" is interesting. And here I thought it was a
peace symbol. I'm extremely unhappy about the Davis Pirates lurking in
the background, avoiding the discussion. I'm thinking - atomic bomb –
pirate – pirate – atomic bomb. I think Davis High School should change
their logo because pirates were pillaging, raping and murdering long
before "the bomb." And what about those Cadets. Churning out those
killers for years as platoon commanders and officers and gentlemen. And
then those Blue Devils in Walla Walla. If there is no God then there is
no devil, red or blue, named Satan, or not, in our schools. Cannot have
those quasi-Christian logos sneaking into our secular education you
know... and those Indian logo's... I mean Native American...

Just kidding… 

Rick Maddy ('67)