October 20, 1959 - January 11, 2009

On October 20th, 1959 in Lancaster, CA we were blessed with the birth of a baby boy and most of us had no idea just how great of an event that was. Charles Vance Freeman started his life. When he was still a young boy he moved with his family to Richland and lived on Camden Street. He attended school at Marcus Whitman Elementary. It was there in the library club where his talents began to flourish. His artwork was well known throughout the school. His acting skills sprouted and he took part in every play. There simply was no better Cowardly Lion. At Carmichael Jr. High he wowed everyone with his drawing and painting skills. His talents were well known. Charles continued his drama training appearing in several plays again. He was a hit! In High School, he had many friends and everyone knew he was quite the artist. He was nominated for "Most Creative" and was the art teacher's pet. Charles graduated Columbia High School in 1979.

After High School, it was not long before Charles would discover his life's passion in the Culinary Arts. He would go on to own and operate a successful restaurant and catering business for over 25 years. He was often seen catering events at many of the local wineries as well as sharing his gastronomic skills on television. Everyone who met Charles was touched by his warm heart, generous nature and quick wit. His sincere and gracious nature earned him many close friends and a loyal clientele. Anyone who met Charles couldn't help but love him.

Always quick to say yes, as loyal as a friend could come, a man of his word, trustworthy beyond reproach and a barrel of fun to have a good time with. He would talk to you for hours about food and wine, if you let him. He was always up for a conversation about anything. He was well schooled and a font of knowledge on many subjects. He spoke French and enjoyed singing French drinking songs. If it was your birthday he would make a meal fit for royalty. Charles was an all around wonderful man.

Charles loved animals and always had several pets. Over his lifetime he has had several dogs and cats, parrots of all types, chinchillas, a hedge hog, a pot bellied pig, a pigmy goat, rabbits, ferrets, ducks, geese, turkeys, hamsters, mice, gerbils, guinea pigs and two coati mundis. Many people who would meet his pets would make the "petting zoo" comment.

Charles passed away in his sleep at his Kennewick home on Sunday, January 11th due to complications of his long battle with diabetes. The world lost a very precious soul and source of inspiration.

Charles is survived by his loving parents, Bernard and Crystal Freeman of Richland; brother Harley Freeman and family of Cleveland, OH; brother Bernard Freeman, Jr. of Corvallis, OR as well as by many, many friends who love him dearly.

We all love you and will miss you so much Chuckie-poo!

Please join us for a Memorial Service on Saturday, January 17th at 1:00 p.m. at Mueller's Chapel of the Falls located at 314 W. 1st Ave. in Kennewick, WA to honor the life of Charles with all that knew him. All are invited to join in sharing memories and fun times and we encourage you to attend.

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