GREG ALAN REITEN ~ Class of 1969
January 19, 1950 February 20, 2013

Greg Reiten - Jr. Portrait

Greg Reiten ~ recent

Unable to locate an online obit for Greg, so this is the 2/23/13 Sandstorm entry from Greg's friend, Jeff CURTIS ('69):

I received word today of the passing of RHS alum Greg REITEN ('69) on February 20th due to lung cancer. He had been a long term resident of the bay area in California and was residing in Walnut Creek, CA at the time of his death.

The sixties in Richland (and everywhere in the country for that matter) was the decade in which a large part of our generation came of age and great change was occurring. The music scene was obviously a big part of all that. Greg was a major player in the Tri-Cities live music culture and a huge contributor to it. He organized and led bands such as The Esquires, The Parrots, Grandaff, Lenore and Flesh for years and years. He sang, played guitar and drums. His bands were always booked and working mainly through his efforts and many fine local musicians honed their skills in bands Greg put together.

He worked his talented rear end off for his music and his passion was a blessing to many, many of us who attended RTA dances at the old Community House, or CYO dances at Christ the King, or Battles of the Bands at the Richland Roller Rink, or RHS post-game mixers in the girls' gym, or homecomings, senior parties, etc. The first live band I ever saw was a performance by Greg's Esquires in the compound behind Chief Jo for our eighth grade party. I couldn't imagine any activity so certain to ruin forever what little self esteem existed in the soul of an insecure 14-year-old than getting up in front of the entire class and singing... loudly... through a PA system. Well, Greg and his band totally nailed it, blew everybody away performing tunes like "Gloria", "Midnight Hour" and "House of the Rising Sun" and changed my perspective of the power of performance forever.

Greg always had a band and that band was always working because of him. Greg was also a talented artist and created posters, band graphics and silk screened T-shirts. He even created custom band letterheads for booking and contract communications. Examples of his work exist in several of the RHS Columbian yearbooks from '66 '69.

I will miss Greg quite a lot but I will never forget him. He made an indelible impression on many and I'm sure that for those of us who were part of the music scene in '60s Richland, he will be remembered as talented, innovative, dedicated and part of the extended family which we comprised.

RIP (Rock in Peace) Greg REITEN
January 19th, 1950 February 20th, 2013.

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