Cinnamon Roll Recipe from the 1/4/99 Alumni Sandstorm:
>>From: Darwin Perkins (69)  

Give credit to Rayola Wheelright for giving me the 
recipe several years ago. They always turn out great.
Really brings back fond memories.
(makes a bunch!)

1. Dissolve 3T of Yeast & 2 T of Sugar in 1C of
    lukewarm water
2. Add 1 1/2 cups of lukewarm water
3. Scald 2 cups of milk,
    Add 2/3 cups of shortening
& 10T of Sugar (just less than 3/4C),
    2T of salt, stir until dissolved
    Beat 2 eggs and add to milk mix.
    Pour that into the yeast water from step 2.
    Gradually mix in 10-12 cups of flour Till the
         dough is thick
4. Kneed till smooth
5. Put in a greased bowl and raise 1 hour
    punch down and let raise another 45 minutes
6. Roll in a rectangle about 1/2 inch thick.
    Butter dough completely with softened butter
    (try 1/4 to 1/2 cup of butter).
    Sprinkle with brown sugar until it's covered
    (1-2 cups at least).
    Sprinkle with cinnamon until covered.
    Add raisins or (wal)nuts as desired.
    Roll up the entire rectangle and slice into 1" sections.
    (for large rolls flatten with the palm of your hand).
    Place pieces in buttered pan or cookie sheet.
(if you pack them in, just touching, they look just like
the ones from the cafeteria when they are done)
    Let stand 45 minutes.
    Bake 15-20 minutes at 350F.
    Remove from oven and glaze.


     If you want to add raisins, put the raisins in a
small amount of water then in the Microwave for
a minute or two. Drain them WELL, maybe squeeze
excess out with your hands.  Add to the dough after
a few cups of flour, then mix and add the rest of
the flour.

To cut into nice even pieces, use a string. Slide the
string under the long roll, bring the ends up to the
top, cross and pull. This will cut the rolls without
smashing them.

Glaze: Mix powered sugar, Margarine (or Butter),
vanilla, and milk until it looks and tastes right (try
a cube of margarine, lots of sugar, a tsp. of vanilla,
and milk until the glaze is smooth.)  Don't glaze the
rolls until they are ready to be eaten, If you want
to save them till later, put the glaze in an air-tight

After the rolls cool, you can cover them in plastic.
They're still good re-heated in the microwave.
(30-45 seconds)
from 6/27/99 Sandstorm:
>>From: Carol Barnard (76)

RE: Cinnamon Roll Recipe from Chief Jo...

Shortly before my dad (Mr. Barnard... the math
teacher) retired from Chief Jo (1980) I sent him
a note at school asking if he could get the school's
chili and cinnamon roll recipes for me.  I later
received from one of the cooks each recipe neatly
written on a 3x5 card.  (Now, in my adult life, when
you are talking with people who aren't from around
here, they think you are CRAZY to eat cinnamon rolls
with chili!!!  They just don't know...)  

Cinnamon Roll recipe:
60 pounds of Flour,
7 pounds 8 ounces of granulated sugar,
1 pound 14 ounces of dry milk,
12 ounces salt,
7 pounds 8 ounces of shortening,
14 whole eggs,
1 pound 11 ounces of yeast, and
4 gallons of water (divided).
Dissolve yeast in one gallon lukewarm water.
Put remaining 3 gallons of hot tap water into
mixer bowl, add
shortening, s
alt, and
sugar and mix until shortening is dissolved.  Add
20 pounds of flour and mix until sponge forms.  Add
yeast and
eggs, unbeaten.  Blend thoroughly.  Add remaining
flour and let dough mix AT LEAST 10 minutes;
preferably 20 minutes.
Form into mounds and let rise.  Roll dough into approx.
1/4 inch thick rectangles.  Spread with softened butter.
Sprinkle with sugar (brown or white) and cinnamon.
Roll up tightly beginning at wide side.  Cut into 1 inch
slices.  Grease baking sheet or muffin cups.
Bake at 425 degrees about 15 minutes.
(There wasn't any mention of icing.)

I cut the recipe down but since I've never tried it,
you are on your own.  I cheat and buy the frozen
bread dough from the store and make wonderful
cinnamon rolls that way.
Do you remember figuring out where you needed to
be in the hot lunch line so you could get the biggest
cinnamon roll!  Those were the days...

-Carol Barnard (76)