Alumni Sandstorm ~ 02/10/01
>>From: Anonymous Bomber


4 eggs
2-2/3 cups sugar 
3 cups whipping cream
About 7 cups whole milk 
2 teaspoons anise flavoring (or more to taste) 
     Note: I find that anise oil, if available, works
           better than extract as the alcohol inhibits
           the freezing process.

Blend eggs and sugar well in a large pan.
Add about half of the milk and all of the cream.
Cook over med-low heat, stirring to prevent scorching.
Heat about 12-15 minutes or until mixture is very hot to touch.
Remove from heat and refrigerate.
After cooling, add the anise flavoring. 
Pour the mixture into ice cream freezer freezing can.
Add whole milk as needed to fill the can 3/4 full.
Freeze in an ice cream freezer per manufacturer's directions.