Spudnut Wannabe Recipe from the 9/16/99 Alumni Sandstorm:
>>From: Sharon Panther Taff (57) 

    I just came across a very old recipe for Spudnuts 
from a 1971 Benton County Rural Electric 
Association monthly magazine. I know they aren't 
the same as the real ones, but aren't too bad for 
those of you too far away. 

Spudnut Wannabees - Makes 80-100 

2 pks. yeast 
1 C lukewarm water 
3 C oleo (margarine for you younger people) 
1 C sugar 
2 C mashed potatoes (I've used instant on occasion) 
2 C lukewarm milk (I've used instant also) 
4 eggs 
10-12 C flour 
1 tsp salt 

Mix dry ingredients and 10 C of the flour 
together. Dissolve yeast in 1 C lukewarm water 
(adding 1 Tbs of the 1 C sugar speeds action) add 
with remaining ingredients. Continue to add the 
remaining flour up to the 12 cups total. Mix 
dough, sticky as possible - this is when your 
Bosch or Kitchen Aid mixer comes in handy. Grease 
large bowl, put in dough, cover, and let rise 
until double in bulk. Roll out on lightly floured 
board, cut with donut cutter dipped in flour, let 
cut donuts rise again on the board, and fry in 
deep fat that is really boiling. GLAZE: 1 box 
powdered sugar, milk as needed, 1 tsp. vanilla. 
Mix runny. Dip donuts, let drip on wooden spoon 
handle in bowl. Yummy. 

I used this recipe when I cooked for church camp 
high schoolers - the kids loved it because a lot 
of them didn't know "you could make donuts". They 
thought they all came from a shop or store in a 
box. I have cut the recipe in half, except for 
the yeast, and it works well. 

-Sharon Panther Taff (57)

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Another Spudnut Recipe

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