from 8/25/98 Sandstorm
Ginny Rowe Duve (68)

I've had several requests for the recipe for Zip's tartar 
sauce so here it is.  Remember I said this is the original 
recipe.  What's a cube of mayonnaise????  I was a car hop.  
Any of you Zip's cooks out there who can interpret this 
recipe and convert it to a family size portion rather than 
an army size?

This is straight from the bulletin board in the hallway 
next to Mary's office:

1 Cube Mayonnaise
2/3 Can Relish
56 Squirts Catsup
50 Squirts Mustard
1 Ounce Garlic Salt
2 Ounces Celery Salt
1/3 Can Pickle Juice