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   Alumni Sandstorm Archive ~ July, 1999
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17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 7/1/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 13 Bombers sent stuff in: Norma Culverhouse (49), Al Hester (50), Sandra Atwater (51), Art "Tom " Hughes (56), Judy Williams (61), Paula Beardsley (62), "Pitts" Armstrong (63), Dave Hanthorn (63), Jamie Worley (64), Pam Hunt (66), Rick Maddy (67), Vikki Kestell (70), Clark Riccobuono (71) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Norma Culverhouse King (49) to Jo Cawdrey Leveque (49/50): Jo, how can I forget machine calculations class. I don't think the teacher's name was Mrs. Brown. I remember once she sent us out of the class because we couldn't stop laughing. Artie was worried because he needed the credit to graduate. But she let us back in. to: Dawna Archibald Gibson (82): Dawna, tell your Dad (Arch) hi for me. He is much too young for me to know him in school. But I used to work with him at Hanford and really enjoyed knowing him. -Norma Culverhouse King (49) ******************************************************* >>From: Al (Albert L.) Hester, Class of '50 The Sandstorm site is a great site, and I thank all of you responsible for creating and maintaining it. I phoned Richland High School a month ago, trying to get information about whether there would be a Class of '50 - 50th anniversary reunion in 2000 and the woman who answered the phone had no knowledge of it, nor did she refer me to a Web site. She could not suggest any alumni contact so that I could be added to the list. She made no offer to find anything out. It was sort of amazing, and perhaps alumni need to do some missionary work with clerical staff at the high school. I stumbled on the alumni sites as a shot in the dark and am very pleased to see so many of us still alive and kicking! Speaking of the X-ray shoe equipment: I believe the equipment was called the fluoroscope, and I, too, used it and thought it was pretty neat. You could see where your toes came, compared to the shoe tips very well. Was it Anderson's Department store? Can't recall. We were all so naive about radiation and other dangers. I can remember Teacher Gifford Jones trying to explain to us what a chain reaction was in our chemistry class. We were full of awe and wonder. There was no doubt expressed that it had been a good thing to drop the bombs on Japan then. I moved to Richland the summer of 1944 and lived on Sanford Ave. in a pre-fab, just built on the edge of a cherry orchard. We also had asparagus coming up in the utility closet on the front porch! Concerning DDT: Several of us got the bright idea one summer to paint screens with DDT to help fight Richland's awful mosquitoes. We mixed up buckets and buckets of DDT (we at least used rubber gloves) and people paid us $5 to paint their window screens on the outside. We must have made between $50 and $100. It certainly did kill mosquitoes. How ignorant we were, but it was just another scientific marvel to everybody at the time. I do hope to attend the 50th reunion of my class, or perhaps this fall's reunion of the Class of '49, many of whom I knew. I was co-editor of the Sandstorm my senior year. Does anyone know the whereabouts of the Rev. Richard Boyd, Class of '49? I understand he was Methodist District Supt. in Spokane, but don't know for sure and I can't find him there now. Best regards to all Bombers. -Al Hester (50) ******************************************************* >>From: Sandra Atwater Boyd (51) To Dottie Sargent Rath '51 Dottie, you couldn't have been the worst student in Mrs. Buescher's geometry class! I was! She was soooo good to me and really helped me through. I was sooo bad that my Dad had a neighbor tutor me! Algebra was ok ------- didn't have a problem there. I still wonder why I didn't take second year algebra instead of geometry ----- it must have been that it was my way of knowing one of the greatest teachers ----- she was sooo sweet and patient!!!!!!!! I seem to remember there were more boys in the class than girls and I would be so embarrassed to get up to the blackboard and be at a complete loss!!!!! Thanks Joe for the info on the coal furnace ------- that does sort of make a semi memory come back! -Sandra Atwater Boyd '51 ******************************************************* >>From: Art "Tom" Hughes (56) Someone talked about the changes in Richland and we should have bronzed the town before we left. In my one day visit I think the most striking thing was the changes. C.C. Andersons/Bon Marche is a mall, the dime store is gone, the drug store is gone, the grocery store is a restaurant, the village theater is gone,........... it goes on and on. They even moved the entrance to the Uptown Theater. It's like they took the shell of the town, scooped out all of the familiar places and refilled it with places and things I don't remember. Oh well, time marches on and we are often left in the dust. -Art (Tom) Hughes, Class of '56 ******************************************************* >>From: Judy Williams Clem (61) I've been reading the Sandstorm almost every day and totally enjoy it, but I've never contributed anything 'till now. To Dick Roberts (49) There's a new RV park in Pasco, across from Broadmore Outlet Mall, just about a mile east of the Richland-Pasco bridge off Road 100. I think it's called Broadmore RV Park. It looks very nice, even has a swimming pool and what looks like all the necessary hook ups. To Dave Hanthorn (63) The north wing of Spalding burned down in a fire a while ago. It had been occupied by several organizations like Head Start and the Food Bank. After it burned, it could no longer be occupied. The First Baptist Church across the street bought the building and has been remodeling it for their private school, Liberty Christian. As far as burgers go, our family has been eating for years at the Dairy Queen in Pasco on Court Street across from the high school. They still have the old gas barbecue grill with the open flames, so the burgers taste pretty much like you cook at home on an outdoor gas grill. Just a few comments on some things I've read recently: Water coolers on cars: My family used to go "home" (where my parents were from) to Springfield, MO every year for a two- to three- week vacation in the summer. We had one of those water coolers that hung from the window. It helped a lot, until we got to Missouri with all that humidity. There was a particular odor about it; probably the stale water. When our mother passed away in '91 (dad went in '84), we had to clean out the house and make decisions on what to keep and what to get rid of. My brother John (64) found that old cooler in the attic. Nobody wanted it then, so we threw it away. I've since wished we hadn't done that, but I guess you can't keep everything (although my husband Dave (58) thinks we can). It's interesting the way things go around during our lives. We used to go out to the Richland Riding Academy on Van Giesen to rent horses and ride all around the flood plain and over the sand hills. It was such fun and scary sometimes when the horse decided it would rather be back at the barn. Usually you couldn't get the horses to run (a slow walk was about all they could muster). But when it decided it was time to go to the barn, you just hung on for dear life and hoped you stayed on. My husband Dave owned 2 horses and worked at the Academy to care for them and also rode all over the place. Of course, that whole area has been sectioned off into small parcels (usually 5 acres or more). Just last year, Jeff Marcum leased a large portion of the flood plain from the Port of Benton behind the old Academy and put in a 9-hole golf course. Some day it will be really nice. He's trying to put another 9 holes continuing north up over the bluffs west of the Richland Airport. Three years ago, Dave and I bought 6 & 1/4 acres on the bluff that now overlooks the golf course and will border the new 9 holes on the west. We are going to build a timberframe home on the land. We're looking forward to living on a part of our "ancient" history and roaming around where we used to play and ride. Another part of our history will be included in our home. WSU is remodeling Boller (sp?) Gym and replacing the roof, so a contractor has been taking down the old (1938) Douglas fir timbers (about 150 6'x12'x20'). Dave has spent the last 5 weeks in Pullman getting those timbers as they were removed. We are going to use them in our timberframe home. We think it will be neat to have a part of our college history included in our home. Gosh, I've really been going on and on once I got started. Sorry about that! All the other memories people have been writing about certainly brings a lot back to me. Great job Maren and Gary; thanks! -Judy Williams Clem (61) ******************************************************* >>From: Paula Beardsley Glenn (62) Hi all - I was at the Richland Kiwanis meeting today and the program was about when Richland adopted Teil, Holland just after the war in April of '46. People here just wanted to do something to help and send food and clothing to this town which only had 5 homes left standing after all the bombing. The former Jane Jones, Betty Bergdahl and another lady talked about this tidbit of history. One of the ladies was wondering if anyone remembered the name of the teacher at Sacajawea that started the penny drive to help raise money for the purchase of new clothing for the residents of Tiel. I thought maybe one of you more "senior" Bombers might be able to jog the old memory bank and come up with a name and I will forward it to them. Does anyone remember being one of the 300 or so Richland families that adopted a Dutch family during that time? -Paula Beardsley Glenn (62) ******************************************************* >>From: James "Pitts" Armstrong (63) Dr. Davies I presume? -Pitts ******************************************************* >>From: Dave Hanthorn (63) Twenty two and one half years ago I went (with my first wife) to the first ever Mariner's game at the Kingdome. This past weekend I went (with the last wife I'll ever have) to the last ever Mariner's game at the Kingdome. This has no more to do with RHS than a merry-go-round in Spokane, but it just felt right to mention it here. I will miss the old "grey lady" on Fourth Street. -Dave Hanthorn (63) ******************************************************* >>From: Jamie Worley (64) Hi Maren, that August reunion just gets closer and closer. I am so excited that we finally have our web-site up. If anyone is interested, or in home health care, take a look at Thanks, -Jamie Worley (64) ******************************************************* >>From: Pam Hunt Cadd (66) To Dottie Sargent Rath (51): Thanks for the update of Mrs. Buescher. Next time you see her daughter, Margaret, please pass along my regards. Her mom was certainly a special teacher. To Dave Hanthorn (63): You guessed right - algebra was a mystery that I stumbled into in junior high at Chief Jo. I didn't have Ms. Skogen, and didn't get the mystery cleared up until I was finishing my degree at WSU Tri-Cities and had a great teacher at CBC in about 1993! Say, you need to get back here more often! Spalding kids were sent to Jason Lee at least 20 years ago, and then it was home of the Food Bank and other things, and then part of it burned, and now it's being extensively remodeled by the new owners, Liberty Christian School. The original idea is being preserved: big rambling school in a lovely parklike setting. Zips would be pretty miffed to hear that they're gone. There's one near Columbia Center, too. The Tastee Freeze is still here, with a different name. -Pam Hunt Cadd (66) ******************************************************* >>From: Rick Maddy (67) Pam Ehinger Nassen (67) Re: Fry Bread Thanks Pam and Maren. I was starting to get tired of gathering enough wild winter wheat. At least I can now get rid of the two flat river rocks. Those were easy to find. Janell Johns Turrentine (71) Re: Road Tar As was the way for most of the unusual things we put in our mouth, was there ever the guy they tied to a tree, made to chew road tar, and then checked a few days later to see if he was still alive? I never did chew the road tar, but do remember the eight feet of gravel before hitting pavement, and the tar oozing under very hot bare feet crossing a very hot street, usually named after an engineer, accompanied by my usual luck of picking up a goat head at the very last second in the eight feet of gravel on the other side before finding some cool grassy spot, or some sidewalk safety in a Sycamore's shade. Feet so tough I could run in the gravel, but still to this day cannot recall why I ran in it. And sometimes the skin of the tar would break through and the oozing tar would stick to the bottom of my feet and make a perfect adhesive for a multitude of sharp objects. I dunno, maybe there was a girl nearby. Chewing it never even crossed my mind. RE: WAR BALL This could have a hint of misinformation, but I believe as time wore on and because kids were segregated willingly, or not, like all of us into the cliques (i.e., Gangstas, Jocks, Intellects, Closet Cowboys, Hood Rats, Preps, Stoners, Nerds, Heads, Greasers, Losers, drama and band, and many others), War Ball became known as NATO Ball. Eventually, after a few fist fights, several full scale clique cleansing attacks upon another, some detached retinas, and ensuing prosecuting attorney fees, the "game" came abruptly to an end. My question is: Does PE still suck after sixth grade? Rick Maddy (67) ******************************************************* >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni site Guest Book: >>From: Vikki Kestell (70) Date: Mon Jun 21 13:30:58 1999 Hey class of 1970! Hi! I'm looking for old pals from Christ the King, Chief Jo, and Col-High. My Dad did the unthinkable just before my senior year and moved our family to Los Alamos, New Mexico, so I didn't graduate from Richland. Anyone know the whereabouts of Irene Waldner Mitchell (Class of 69)? -Vikki Kestell (70) ******************************************************* >>From: Clark J Riccobuono (71) We all know who we are, the best fans in the game of Basketball. Classes 70, 71, and the Winning state year 72!!! Does anyone remember the Blue Devil Mascot? This was the best of the BBA. Besides Ron Kolas passing gas in the middle of the Pasco game. We stole the Blue Devils head and did not show it until we played them in District during the middle of the third quarter. It was quite exciting, they had to stop the game because the Walla Walla fans were ready to riot. Then Karry Randow threw a Mozzarella cheese ball and hit the ref, no it was not Marcum or Cassidy, ha ha. This was truly a Bomber moment for the Hall of Fame. -Clark J Riccobuono (71) ******************************************** *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 7/2/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 14 Bombers sent stuff in: Cliff Judd (49), Dick Roberts (49), Ann Pearson (50), Ralph Myrick (51), Art "Tom" Hughes (56), Tom Matthews (57), Dave Hanthorn (63), Deedee Willox (64), Maren Smyth (64), Steve Piippo (70), Brad Wear (71), Peggy Hartnett (72), Roxanne Sebade (72), Dave Burks (80) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Cliff Judd (49) Just got back from Reno. Saw Brad Upton (74) at the Silver Legacy Hotel. The Atomic Comic gave a great show. Any Bomber in the area should drop in. Brad's partner did not show up on opening night and he had to do the whole show all by himself. It was a very funny show and no "F" words. Thanks, Brad. -Cliff Judd (49) ******************************************************* >>From: Dick Roberts (49) to Judy Williams Clem (61): Thanks for the help on the RV park. I finally found the one we all seem to be talking about in the Trailer Life Directory, but the name appears to be Sandy Heights RV Park. The Broadmoor reference, at least according to the TLD is a near by RV and Truck Center offering RV services and emergency parking. I think you and your husband should dedicate some of that golf land to a new, and needed RV park in the West Richland area. If you were talking about the riding academy in West Richland, now this is many years ago, I recall some of us boys including Rem Ryals (49), returning to the barn and my horse just wouldn't whoa! The damn thing went to the left, my right foot slipped out of the stirrup, and then to the right, and my left foot came out and I was really scared. In the meantime, Rem was shouting. "Whoa Queennie, Whoa!!" I don't think either one of us ever rode again. A little WSC history was of interest. I went to school there as did many others. Nice to have some nostalgia in the Richland area. When you finish your house made partially from the beams of the Boller gym, perhaps a plaque of recognition would be a good idea. Need a donation? Yeah, I know, about $100,000! A best Bomber regards to you. -Richard "Dick" Roberts (49 ******************************************************* >>From: Ann Pearson Burrows (50) To Al Hester '50 Did you get my information on the '50 reunion? Just read your contribution to this site, and it sounds like you are still without the information? I do think it is a good idea to update the Col High Admin Clerks - first place someone without a computer (is there anyone?) would call for reunion info. If you are still in need of the dates September 8,9,10 (I think) of 2000! -Ann Pearson Burrows (50) ******************************************************* >>From: Ralph Myrick (51) I would like to make a proud announcement. I am now 67 and finally a grandpa. My daughter, Cassy Myrick Marsh presented my wife, Judy, and me with an eight pound - nine ounce baby grand daughter on June 16 at 2404 hours. She was twenty and three-fourths inches long. Cassy and her husband, Robb, named the baby Emily Ann. And I'll tell you what, she is the most beautiful baby in the world. Judy and I are so proud we are really busting our buttons. You know, when people say that God doesn't work miracles, they are nuts. All they have to look at is a new born baby. To Glenda Hartley Ackerman (68): Thanks for responding. I wonder if anyone new and know what happened to Henry and Holly Ackerman? I had them both in the 5th grade. Two gems, that they were! -Ralph Myrick (51) ******************************************************* >>From: Art "Tom" Hughes (56) To: Paula Beardsley (62) My family was one of the families that adopted a Tiel Holland Family. I can't remember their name off hand but I think my Mom has some photos of them and has other information. I still have a pair of small wooden shoes that have the name of the city on them. I believe these were sent to us several years after the war. I will try to find more information from my Mom. I believe the Brinkerhoff family also adopted a family. It may be too late to catch Doris (57) before she leaves but someone in her family should remember. -Art (Tom) Hughes, Class of '56 ******************************************************* >>From: Tom Matthews (57) RE: WAR BALL War Ball memories are painful memories - I don't remember ever laughing. BONK is not the sound I remember - more like WHAP! There was nothing like finding yourself with one or two others on the loosing side with several football jocks throwing cannon shots that hit the wall behind you with amazing force. No chance of hesitating and picking up a ball to return fire. And of course, if you actually did hit someone, there would be no mercy. Because you are running for your life, and class is almost over, Coach Rish joins in to help "finish off" the victim (myself) quickly. Once, after joining another skinny classmate on the bleachers, I discovered that in the initial melee he fakes being hit and carefully, but quickly makes his way off the court. Of course, I never would have used that method to get out of a physical education activity aimed at raising our skills of ducking, jumping, weaving, flinching and dodging while trying to protect vital organs. -Tom Matthews (57) ******************************************************* >>From: Dave Hanthorn (63) Thanks to all of you who wrote to let me know what happened to Spalding School and to tell me that Zip's Drive-In still lives. Also thanks to all who wrote to tell me about great hamburger joints in the Puget Sound area. I probably put on five pounds just reading about them. :-) Someone said I need to get back to Richland more. I guess I do. I missed my 35th reunion last summer (I had to go to Bangkok, Thailand for my brother-in-law's funeral). This is why I am REALLY looking forward to the All-Classes Reunion next summer. It will be great to get back to the ol' town and see lots of old friends. And to show my wife the "strange" place her husband hails from. -Dave Hanthorn (63) ******************************************************* >>From: Deedee Willox Loiseau (64) To Dick Roberts (49): There is a new RV park in Pasco by the Broadmore Outlet Mall. It’s on the new (since our days) highway between Richland and Pasco. It’s called Sandy Heights RV Park, phone number 509-542-1357. It’s a really nice park with indoor pool and hot tub. It’s new, so trees are quite small yet. The 1999 Trailer Life has it listed as under construction and scheduled to open Nov 1998 (pretty funny for a 1999 book!). I have a friend who is staying there at present; it's a very nice facility. -Deedee Willox Loiseau (64) ******************************************************* >>From: Maren Smyth ('64) RE: Prison Dodge Ball (same as War Ball???) 8th Grade - Christ the King. We 'played' Prison Dodge Ball. If you got hit, you went to prison -- UNLESS somebody on your side could CATCH a ball thrown by an opponent. If that happened you could get one of your team mates out of 'prison'. I normally tried to stay out of the way and to this day I don't know WHAT possessed me to try and CATCH a ball thrown by Kerry Kelly (64). Not only did I not catch the ball, it shattered the knuckle bone (ring finger, left hand) so badly that it required SURGERY. Dr. Lih had to make an incision, lay back the skin and 'try' to put the pieces back together. Then there was a cast and a pin in the end of my finger with a rubber band attached/stretched to a metal apparatus that was molded into the cast and extended about 2 or 3 inches beyond the end of my finger -- for traction. It was HUGE and embarrassing because it was 'almost' on the 'wrong' finger. 40 years later I still can't make a good fist with my left hand and Kerry doesn't even remember it! -Maren Smyth ('64) ******************************************************* >>From: Steve Piippo (70) To: Paul Felts (69): Are you talking about the Gary O'Rourke who used to drive a cool Corvette and red Chevrolet Nomad? -Steve Piippo (70) ******************************************************* >>From: Brad Wear (71) Wow, what a bunch of memories after reading this site. I too remember "war ball" in Max Jensen's PE class. Chief Jo vs. Carmichael. That's where I met several of my life long friends. The dance sessions in PE were interesting as well. I also remember cliff diving at Levee Landing, jumping off the train bridge over the Yakima, (against the law now), and trips to Dry Lakes to cliff dive. Some wild parties there. Great to see some familiar names when I read this. -Brad Wear '71 ******************************************************* >>From: Peggy Hartnett (72) To: Marion Agar (72) Re: Richard Chamberlain Marion, thanks for the validation on the Richard Chamberlain front, I have told my husband about that trip. He is a professional actor and I am pretty sure he thought I might be making that story up, but thanks to you he now knows it really happened. -Peggy Hartnett (72) ******************************************************* >>From: Roxanne Sebade Alkire (72) To Clark Riccobuono (71) Clark - yeah I remember the great games of basketball from '70-'72 - with us taking State in '72. The fans were the greatest and we had so much fun. That's one of my best memories of high school - winning the State Basketball championship - it was awesome! It would be hard to beat '72 - my senior year. -Roxanne Sebade Alkire (Class of '72) ******************************************************* From the FIRST Bomber Alumni site Guest Book. >>From: Dave Burks (80) Date: Wed Jun 30 01:55:54 1999 Living in Boulder Colorado and would love to hear from anyone who graduated from 78-82. Especially anyone in the Denver / Boulder area. Lots of great memories of great people at RHS! -Dave Burks (80) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 7/3/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers and 1 Lion today: Dick Roberts (49), Don Alder (60), Mike Lucas (64), Gary Brehm (64-KHS), Marsha Goslin (65), Patty Stordahl (72), Randy Stivers (74), Dawna Archibald (82), Kelly Baker (82) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dick Roberts (49) Deedee Willox Loiseau (64) Thanks for the info on the RV park. We have already made reservations. Hope to see you at the Club 40 reunion. It will be my 50th. By any chance, have you heard of or do you know a lady by the name of Mitzi Loiseau (maiden name)? She would be a couple of years younger than me or about 65 or so. She was a Pasco girl and I dated her a couple of times. It was fashionable for Richland guys to date Pasco girls. Besides, she was very cute and had the prettiest yellow eyes. I think she was in the car when we saw a horrible accident on the highway between Richland and Pasco when we were still in our teens. Best Bomber regards, Richard "Dick" Roberts (49) ******************************************************* >>From: Don Alder (60) Hi! This is my first time on. I've heard a lot about this sight and would like to get in touch with any of my "old" friends. This is my son, Jeff's, email address but feel free to contact me here. Or my home address is as follows: Don Alder, Class of "60" [street address deleted for privacy -- send e-mail and ask for street address. -Maren] ******************************************************* >>From: Mike Lucas (64) I can confirm a Sandman sighting near the gravel pit in South Richland... this was in either 63 or 64. I was parked with a young lady for a while and happened to look in the rear view mirror and saw someone dressed in all black, half crouched over sneaking up to the car. My heart about jumped out of my chest and never knew I could get my 57 Chevy started and moving so fast. Needless to say, I found other parking locations. I had heard of several others who had actually had confrontations with him. I had talked with a Richland cop once about it, who had gone out and parked with his wife several times, hoping to confront the guy. They weren't sure if he was in a car, motorcycle or riding a bike, but several incidences were reported to the police department. -Mike Lucas (64) ******************************************************* >>From: Gary and Marsha Goslin Brehm (64-KHS/65) We just returned home yesterday from vacation, and we had the very fortunate experience to meet Brad Upton ('74) in Reno. For those of you who haven't had the opportunity to see Brad perform his comedy routine, we urge you to do so. He was fantastic, and we thoroughly enjoyed the show. Afterwards we met Cliff Judd ('49) and his wife, who also attended the show. Our thanks to Brad for a great evening! Gary Brehm (64-KSH) Marsha Goslin Brehm (65) ******************************************************* >>From: Patty Stordahl (72) Read there may be a mass reunion in 2000. Please don't hesitate to clue me in. Though for a few years I was clueless. Speaking of favorite's in Col. high. Mine were not teachers they were administration. Any one remember Mr. Steven's AKA Dimples, Mr. Vandenberg AKA Sunshine AND Mr. Nash. Those three got me through school with a diploma. Hey, if you don't believe me ask to see my annual that is how they signed it. Any one remember Mr. Nash's felt door hang? Red for he was in conference, yellow for unsure of his mood but knock, and green for just come on in. They were great guy's. Ms. Nadine Brown was so cool in English. Any one remember Larry Von Moos? Man he was the best looking male teacher I ever had. I went to Richland last weekend to pick up my Mom. She took Debbie's (76) daughter and Mine to Hawaii to escape the crummy weather. Both girls are now 16. Man two more Stordahl's on the road. Scary. I have finally put my MOM Van up for sale. No more kids to haul. Life does get better after 40. Any one wish to get in contact with Debbie Stordahl- Holt just let me know. I am her older, wiser and prettier sister. LOL She is a single Mom now with a daughter Erica 16, and a son Christian 5. This would be fun for her. She has yet to get a computer at home but can be reached through mine. Hey Mike Artz. I was down but such a fast trip I couldn't get a way. Next time I am down for a couple of days, I will buy you coffee. Happy fourth. To Norma Culverhouse (49): Are you related to Nyla by any chance? If so please tell her hello for me and to get onto the sandstorm or e mail me. Have a happy and safe 4th everyone. -Patty Stordahl (72) ******************************************************* >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni page Guest Book: >>From: Randy Stivers (74) Date: Fri Jul 2 01:07:15 1999 Just wanted to say: "HI"!!! I am living in Federal Way, WA. (~15 miles South of Seattle)... near the 'home' of all this great hardware/software that makes this communication possible... ain't it great!!! I saw Jim ~ 2 years ago when RHS played for the football state championship... it was good to see him, but it has been a while!! I hope all is well with you and family... Keep-in-touch..... -Randy Stivers (74) ******************************************************* >>From: Dawna Archibald Gibson (82) To: Myra Tadlock (60) My dad's e-mail address [deleted for privacy], I lost your e-mail address and he want's to send you a note. Thanks. -Dawna Archibald Gibson (82) ******************************************************* >>From: Kelly Baker (82) To Dave Burks (80) Dave, I believe I graduated with one of your cousins, Julie? If so, you are also related to Shelly? I used to go to the Big Pool with Julie and Lisa. They were such quiet and nice girls, the kind my parents wished they had! I remember walking back to their house after swimming and their Mom and Dad used to look at me in total amazement because I was exactly the opposite of quiet. I was nice, but very loud and active! The class of 82 was a rowdy one! Dawna Archibald (82) (flash back??), DeeDee Weinburg, Colleen Todish, Joan Chandler, Lori Burgahm, Janice Wilson, Monica Harvey, Mark Belcher, JimmyJoe Williamson, Kelly Ratsch, the Muller twins... ahhh the memories. I went from Spalding, to Carmichael and all the way through Col High with most of those people I just named. A great time had by all, if my memory serves me right! I was born at Kadlec hospital and grew up in Richland. At the age of 19 I moved to Atlanta for 7 years, (fun, fun, fun!), and when the fun was over, moved home in 1991. I spent many holidays/vacations in Longmont, CO, with my grandparents. I've been to the Boulder Mall several times and always look for the street that Mork and Mindy lived on, tee-hee. You live in a beautiful area, Dave! I've often wished that I could muster up the courage to move to Longmont or the surrounding area to be near my, now, widowed grandmother and live below the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Anyway, you graduated with my sister, Dawn Baker. She married Mike Wolf young in life and is now, very happily remarried to Ryan Johnson. Ryan wasn't a Col High guy nor was he from this area growing up, so the name probably won't ring a bell. Well, you said you wanted to hear from someone from the 80-82 year and I wanted to oblige! Will you be here for the 2000 shin-dig? Come on, it's only a day and a half drive, been there, done that! Take care to all of you Col High rowdies! -Kelly Baker (82) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 4th of July! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers sent stuff in: Dick Pierard (52), Mike Brady (61), Deedee Willox (64), Terry Liechty (64), Patti McLaughlin (65), Linda Pohlod (67), Kathy Thompson (70), Diane Hartley (72), Dave Burks (80), Dawna Archibald (82) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dick Pierard (52) I just wanted to let people know I received my copy of Paul Beardsley's "Long Road to Self Government" in today's mail. I had once seen the original which I had obtained through an inter-library loan. so I am pleased to have my own. It was especially great to see a couple pictures of my dad in it. Let me through the medium of our Bomber site publicly thank Paul and those who worked with him to make this available again. -Dick Pierard "52 ******************************************************* >>From: Mike Brady (61) There still playing war ball! I walked into the gymnasium today at Alki Community Center in Seattle and they were hard at it. Instead of the small red balls that we used, the kids were throwing nerf soccer balls. A lot of things never change! -Mike Brady (61) ******************************************************* >>From: Deedee Willox Loiseau (64) To Dick Roberts (49): To answer your questions about Mitzi Loiseau, she is my husband’s sister. You're right, she would be 65, as my husband is 64 and she was a year older. Unfortunately, she passed away last year in October; she lived in Las Vegas. She drank and smoked very heavily and the price was her life. There are two older siblings who are 72 and 70, (I think) and they are both still living. Mitzi and her husband, Steve, lived next door to my husband, Armand, and his first wife, Karen. They had three kids, two boys and a girl. Armand and Karen had six, yes SIX kids (I call him "The Father of our Country"). Armand and Karen got divorced; Mitzi and Steve also got divorced. Then Steve married Karen. Keep it in the family, huh?! They eventually divorced also and Steve passed away last week. Remember when Peyton Place was such a shocker? Sheeesh! -Deedee Willox Loiseau (64) ******************************************************* >>From: Terry Liechty (64) Regarding A&W drive in's. I was told there are two in the State of Nevada (not counting the little units inside convenience stores). I just happened to be passing through Boulder City, NV the other day and just had to stop at the A&W. It was over 100 degrees so it was mandatory. Anyway at you will find a picture of this rare animal. -Terry Liechty (64) ******************************************************* >>From: Patti McLaughlin Cleavenger (65) To: Tedi Parks Teverbaugh (76): Tedi, pretty Tedi, it is so much fun to hear from/of former students. I simply meant (in your Annual) that you were so influential. Others would follow your lead. Now, which behaviors were you fostering???? Good, I'm sure! Seriously, I am so sorry to hear about Blaine. It is hard to believe that anything could still that free spirit. To: Marion Agar (72) and Peggy Hartnett (72): Hey, I, too, saw Richard Chamberlain do Richard III in Seattle. I thought he was a "lord of the stage." Of course, I was older than you and had been a teeny- bopper fan of his Dr. Kildare. I love live theatre and am looking forward to spending the 4th of July weekend in Ashland, Oregon. To: Dave Flaherty (76): One of my brighter students - you sang so beautifully at my wedding. Thank you very much. And what are you doing now? Do you still sing? -Patti McLaughlin Cleavenger (65) ******************************************************* >>From: Linda Pohlod Rushing (67) Hello Class of '67. My name then was Linda Pohlod. Now its Rushing. I go back to Richland often now. My Mom has cancer and we want to help and visit her often. She and I have gone to San Diego to visit my oldest daughter and my grandchild (1st). I've also gone on an adventure on the Holland Cruise Line to Alaska with my Mom last year. Beautiful country. I run my own cleaning business and still have one child left at home. My oldest daughter is a manger of a large apartment complex in San Diego. My son is in the Coast Guard and the baby is going into 9th grade. My husband works for Puget Sound Energy. We still have horses and try to ride. In Kent it is wet and cold. My arab doesn't like this weather. He and I are fair- weather riders. I'll be going to Richland on the weekend of the 10th. Going to the jet ski races. We have several friends entered. See ya, -Linda Pohlod Rushing (67) ******************************************************* >>From: Kathy Thompson (70) Dear Bomber Alums, Here's to another year of freedom. Any memories of Bomber Bowl fireworks displays and happenings? Today and always, may we all remember the significance of upholding our constitution by maintaining/developing, both, moral character and beliefs set forth in our nation's earlier years. Beliefs, I believe, established by God many many years earlier. Love to you all, -Kathy Thompson (70) ******************************************************* >>From: Diane Hartley (72) To Ralph Myrick (51) and Judy You two do not look old enough to have any grandkids.:) I bet she is a doll. Does she have a golf club in her hand yet? I think that she will soon, If I know grandpa and grandma. Congratulations to the both of you. -Diane Hartley (72) ******************************************************* >>From: Dave Burks (80) To Kelly Baker (82) Kelly, Thanks for the note! I just returned from the Tri Cities today as a matter of fact. I did spend a little time with my cousin Lisa. She seems to be doing very well. I'll be at the big "20" year next summer as well. If you're planning a trip out here please let me know! Thanks again, -Dave Burks (80) ******************************************************* >>From: Dawna Archibald Gibson (82) To: Randy Stivers (74) Hi Randy, my name is Dawna Archibald Gibson (82). I, too, live in Federal Way, WA., right off of dash point road near Redondo. Just wanted to check and see if you felt the big quake yesterday. My husband called me from Olympia and said all hell broke loose down there. Epi center (sp) was Satsop (sp), boy I'm on a roll now. Should have paid more attention on spelling B day. Anyway, he called me up to make sure all was well here at home and we did not feel a thing. My aunts in Kent who also work at Boeing (who doesn't) said that the beds were shaking. I guess it skipped right under me. Have a great 4th. -Dawna Archibald Gibson (82) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 7/5/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff in: Sandra Atwater (51), Art "Tom" Hughes (56), Doris Brinkerhoff (57), Paula Beardsley (62), Mina Jo Gerry (68), John Collins (69), Petra Giangrande (72), Tony Ott (80) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Sandra Atwater Boyd (51) My husband, Jim Boyd '55, and I were just talking yesterday about the Atomic and Richland Day parades and what fun all of the festivities were! My husband remembers the car raffles, I don't. Anyone remember? I remember the year that Kirk Douglass came to help with all the fun. A bunch of we girls were standing on the sidewalk on George Washington Way about a half block from where he was sitting on the convertible that he would ride on in the parade. Someone said something that he thought was funny (couldn't hear what it was) and he threw back his head and REALLY laughed hard!!! We girls were SO thrilled!! Now I do remember that, but not the car raffles ---------- wonder why? I bet there are lots of "fun things" that people remember from those special times. Does anyone remember when Harry Truman came to the Tri Cities? They had a parade in Pasco and he also sat on a convertible with Secret Service men walking along beside. I remember it being quite a thrill. -Sandra Atwater Boyd '51 ******************************************************* >>From: Art "Tom" Hughes (56) There is still an A&W in Kent Washington. It is on the East Valley Highway at the south end of town. -Art (Tom) Hughes, Class of '56 ******************************************************* >>From: Doris Brinkerhoff DeFord (57) Thanks, Tom, for reminding me about Tiel, Holland. My family "adopted" the Van Valburg family, which consisted of mom, dad and five children who were about the same age as the children in our family. We sent clothing, food, and other needed items as well as cash. Each of us children donated something that was precious to us to send. We continued to send packages for several years. The Van Valburgs named their youngest child Jesse, after my father. My mother wrote to them for years and learned to read Dutch. In 1961 while in Germany with the Air Force, we visited them several times and got well acquainted. We visited "Richlandstraat", the street named in honor of Richland. My parents toured Europe in 1977 and also visited them. Memories of another great adventure from the past! -Doris Brinkerhoff DeFord (57) ******************************************************* >>From: Paula Beardsley Glenn (62) Happy 4th fellow Bombers- Do you remember laying on the grass at Bomber bowl behind the rope on hot July nights smelling the smoke from the fireworks and praying they wouldn't fall on you? I sure do. That wonderful smell still brings back those memories of carefree days. I can't wait til tonight!! My Dad, who holds the #3 pyrotechnician license for the State of Washington and fired off most the fireworks when we were growing up, will be the biggest critic on the riverbank but will ooh and aah with the rest of us. Hope your sky lites up beautifully tonight. -Paula Beardsley Glenn (62) ******************************************************* >>From: Mina Jo Gerry Payson (68) 4th of July at Bomber Bowl -- We used to go with Pam Maki and her parents. Every year Pam vowed to be brave and ended up with her head under the blanket. We would sit either on the hill or on the field. Ooh's and aah's were mandatory. It was an impressive show!! Now I content myself with "Pops goes the Fourth" and the 1812 Overture with artillery accompaniment from Boston on A&E. Much easier than fighting the crowds at Columbia Park or the stadium in Pasco whose name escapes me at the moment. I suffer from CRS on occasion. The car air conditioners remind me of the many years we took off across the desert wearing wet Keds and sailor hats with the brims turned down, sitting on wet beach towels with the windows wide open. It was a personal cooling unit. We always carried a huge jug of water to keep ourselves damp. The dog even got her own personal wet towel. I always wanted that vacuum truck Joe Large (68) mentioned to come to our house and clean out our duct work. For some reason, our Ranch House was not heated by coal. The furnace had been converted though the little door where you put in the coal was still there and so was that little motor. Dad kept it for years, thinking it would be useful for something. When my husband and I had an addition put on the back, the contractor shook loose a lot of coal dust tearing apart that little shed room. -Mina Jo Gerry Payson (68) ******************************************************* >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni site Guest Book: >>From: John Collins (69) Date: Sat Jul 3 18:13:28 1999 Update If anyone gives a ****, I'm still alive. -John Collins (69) ******************************************************* >>From: Petra Giangrande Nash (72) To Lanette Powell Empey (79) Jim Dutro is my cousin. He lives in Seattle right now, But is planing to return to the Tri-cities. He comes and goes a lot. If you like I'll pass on you remembered him. And he still talks all the time. When he worked for an airline company he would call my mother when he had Germany speaking customers so she could translate for him. Sound like the Jim you remember? To all of you '72 grads, Boy am I glad more of us are writing in. I also remember the '70 to '72 basketball years. We went to Spokane and Seattle in '71 and '72 (of course the championship year). You can't say that we are not proud of our school can you? I would like to hear more about the mass reunion in 2000. -Petra Giangrande Nash (72) ******************************************************* >>From: Tony Ott (80) I have just moved back to the Tri-Cities from the Coos Bay area of Oregon, and just checked my E-Mail and found an interesting note from Mark Paris (80). It was about next year's reunion for all Bombers. I would ask anyone who has heard this "rumor" to E-Mail and give me more info. To Dave Burks (80): Good to see ya when you were here, and let's hope nobody from the years 79-82 have really good memories, we might be in trouble!!! Stay in Touch -Tony Ott, Class of 80 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 7/6/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 13 Bombers and one Bomber spouse today: Cliff Judd (49), Dick Harris (49), Dick Roberts (49), Doreen Hallenbeck (51), Linda Bowman (59), Vicki Guse (59), Richard Anderson (60), Spouse of Paul Tampien (64), Leona Eckert (65), Patti Snider (65), Ron St. John (67), Cecily Riccobuono (77), Donna St. John (79), James Walters (80) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Cliff Judd (49) Little old Shelton, WA. also has an operating A&W. It still has the drive in service area. During the Shelton Forest Festival, there were hundreds of old cars on display in the main street and the A&W was filled up with cars and rods from the 40's and 50's. Sure did look great. The only thing missing was the girls with roller skates and the window trays. -Cliff Judd (49) ******************************************************* >>From: Dick Harris (49) Re: Comments of Paula Beardsley Glenn (62), Doris Brinkerhoff DeFord (57), and Art "Tom" Hughes (56) - Tiel, The Netherlands. Upon returning from almost a month in Singapore and Australia, it will take a bit of time to catch-up on any number of interesting items in the Alumni Sandstorm. However, I was very interested in Paula's reporting that there were only 5 houses standing, following their liberation. I don't have any information concerning the teacher at Sacajawea, who started the penny drive. Last summer, I was in Indianapolis, where my sister, Ethel (Ethelyn, Lyn) Crowe, Atlanta, met us at her daughter's place. She brought me a large envelope of pictures and other items that were left when our mother passed away some years ago at 92. Of course, I accused her of removing the best, prior to giving it to me. In this collection was an envelope marked the Van Lienden Family, Tiel, The Netherlands, 1947. I immediately remembered that this was the name of the family that our family in Richland had adopted for aid following their liberation. Inside were several pictures of the family with the dates and names on the back. I remembered that the family had sent pictures and other data as births occurred, etc. Also included was a small business card-sized, birth announcement of son, Jan, born March, 1947. I decided that it would be fun to try to learn if this family still exists and so I contacted the Presidents of the two Rotary International Clubs, in that city of Tiel. I immediately received a reply from one of the Presidents, who said that he was on the Town Council and that in The Netherlands, persons moving to another municipality must leave their forwarding address. He continued that unfortunately, this family had moved to the city of Utrecht, near Amsterdam, in 1953. However, he had taken the trouble to contact the Council in Utrecht and secured the address and phone number of the family. He also added that when I am in The Netherlands to come and attend his Rotary Club with him. I then wrote the Van Lienden family and included photo copies of the pictures that I had been given. Approximately two weeks later, we got a phone call at 5:30 in the morning. It was one of the sons of the family, who happened to be home for the week end. He spoke very good English and told me that his mother had passed away, but his father was still living and in fact, was standing right next to him. He said that his father doesn't speak English, but he wanted to greet me anyway. He then coached his father and he greeted me in faltering English! The son said that the father was so pleased that I had bothered to make the contact after so many years. He added that one of these days, he and another brother, who's name was on the birth announcement, would get together and write a letter, bringing us up on the ensuing years of the family. This was a very satisfying effort for me and I thought it might be of interest to others, who had family connections with families in Tiel. -Dick Harris (49) ******************************************************* >>From: Dick Roberts (49) Ray Gillette (49) Ray, I have all of the 1948-49 issues of our school newspaper, The Sandstorm. I have been reviewing them and getting them in order to take to the 49er reunion. They are, surprisingly still in fairly good shape. Of course, I had to take some time to read some of the articles. In the March 16, 1949, issue, page 4, under the society column, it states: "A get- together for the boys was held at Ray Gillette's home Friday. Some of the fellas attending were: Dave Tillson, Dick Roberts, Pemby Ryals, Joe Wilson., Ray King, Bob Cole, Jerry Dunn, Bill Tyner and Phil Raekes. They played cards and listened to music." Do you remember? I sure don't. JoAnn Cawdrey Leveque (49/50): In another society column there was mention of the girl's pinochle club holding a meeting one evening at Marilyn Griffin's house. No names were included except yours and that was because you were not in attendance. How funny! Bomber best, -Dick Roberts (49) ******************************************************* >>From: Doreen Hallenbeck Waldkoetter (51) To Sandra Atwater (51): No, I don't recall Kirk Douglass at a Richland Parade, but I do recall Spike Jones being at a Kennewick Grape Festival celebration -- I'm even fortunate enough to have a 78rpm record autographed by him. Wasn't Gale Storm at one of the Richland parades? Then there was the big-band era when we'd travel to Walla Walla to dance to such greats as Tex Beneke. Anyone else remember? -Doreen Hallenbeck '51 ******************************************************* >>From: Linda Bowman Warren (59) To: Sandra Atwater Boyd (51): I also remember the Atomic Frontier Days and the day that Kirk Douglas came to town. At the time, I was in the fourth grade at Marcus Whitman and we had been instructed to "Draw the Dream You Plan For" in our art class. To this day, I remember what I decided to draw. It was a girl walking out of a college with her cap and gown on. For some unknown reason, my drawing was selected along with three other drawings as a winner and recipient of a $25.00 savings bond. In addition, the four of us (three older boys and I) rode in the parade and sat on the stage with Kirk Douglas to receive our awards. I didn't have a clue who Kirk Douglas was at the time but there was a very funny clown up there named Tony who kept us entertained during the festivities! When I was older, I was more impressed that Kirk Douglas was there and kept the pictures in my scrapbook for years. I wonder where that scrapbook is? To all of you from the class of '59, Jim and I are looking forward to seeing you at the reunion in a couple of weeks. We talked with Goren Hultkrantz last night as he had left a couple of messages on our answering machine while we were out of town. He would love to be coming too but is unable to get here this year because of conflicts. He does plan to come from Sweden next summer and we will see him then. He sends his best regards to everyone and we told him to e-mail us a message that we can read at the reunion. See you all in a couple of weeks. -Linda Bowman Warren (59) ******************************************************* >>From: Vicki Guse Barcklay (59) Peggy Bott Panisko!! (59) If you're out there, I've "lost" your EMAIL address. We got a new computer in March and I thought my "address book" would just show up again when I went back into America Online - NOT!!!! Anyway, please send me a note - can't make the reunion this year, but want to touch base with you!! Thanks, -Vicki Guse Barcklay (59) ******************************************************* >>From: Richard Anderson (60) Yikes! This AllBombers Reunion2000 thingy is getting out of hand! I just got a 2000 calendar in the mail, and, looking at it, I would guess that CDN will happen the weekend of June 23,24,25. There's going to be a problem with such a date: the Sunday immediately before is Father's Day, and the weekend immediately after is Fourth of July. Looking at the picture of Mrs. Hoff-Conrad you have posted I detect a full head of gorgeous hair - I suspect that one taken a year from now will show it to have changed to a stressed-out dingy gray . Kirk Douglas is a one-ess Douglas; the name of the shoe store is Gallenkamps. Bomber cheers, Yr Obt Srvt, Rick ******************************************************* >>From: Spouse of Paul Tampien (64) Let's all wish Paul Tampien (64) a Happy Birthday. He grew up in Richland thinking all the fireworks were made just for him. Even if it was a day early. Today, age (!) he still thinks that. Looking forward to see everyone in August at the reunion. He promises to get the response letter out today. -Sally (his wife who usually reads these as he doesn't get to very often. I do copy some for him). ******************************************************* >>From: Mari (Leona) Eckert Leahy (65) Sandra Atwater Boyd (51) talked of car raffles. I only remember the year I was 13, my brother, Andrew Jr. worked at Kallenkamps Shoe Store. He must've filled out hundreds of slips trying to win a car. In fact, I believe he did win one but I never saw or heard about it again. Have no idea how many times they had these raffles. As for the fourth, my family always parked at the top of the circular driveway in front of the old Christ the King Catholic Church to enjoy the fireworks display from the Bomber Bowl. After the fireworks, it was time for spudnuts and tastee freeze soft ice cream. What a wonderful memory. Hope everyone had a happy and SAFE 4th. -Mari (Leona Eckert) Leahy '65 ******************************************************* >>From: Patti Snider Miller (65) I have been reading a lot about the good ole A&W drive in. I was reading a Yakima Valley Visitor's Guide the other day. For us who live in the Tri-City area: there is one in Toppenish!! Address: 433 S. Elm (across the street from Pioneer Park). They even have car hop service!!!! Guess I'll have to check it out soon.. When you get served inside there are free refills when you order the frosty mug; there is also a drive thru.... so whatever way you want to be served is your choice. Let's hear some more from Class of '65', our reunion is supposed to be in 2000, at least that's what we voted on at our last reunion. "The Long Road to Self Government" is a great book. Thanks, Paula and to your Dad and the rest of the people involved in making it. Hope you all had a fun and safe 4th of July. -Patti Snider Miller (65) ******************************************************* >>From: Ron St. John (67) To Gary Ell (67) **** to you too! Haven't even thought of that ugly expression in YEARS! Great site! Love reading all the memories, regards to Mr. Fankhauser who bears partial responsibility for where my life has taken me. First time I've been goaded into a response. -Richard St. John (65) ******************************************************* >>From: Cecily Riccobuono McClanahan (77) To: Sandra Atwater Boyd (51) With regards to your question about anyone remembering when President Truman came to town. My Father, Philip Riccobuono, better known as Rick, had the honor of being picked to be an honor guard when the train arrived. He was selected because he, while in the Army at Camp Hanford, always dressed "sharp" in uniform. There was four of them, and they greeted the train at Burbank. The President said hello to them, then left for the parade, and his speech. He came back several hours later, and apologized for being late, and for keeping them waiting. He shook their hands instead of saluting them. It was quite a thrill for my Father, who still resides in Richland, and has been fortunate to have also met two other presidents, Kennedy, and Nixon. Days my Father will never forget. -Cecily Riccobuono McClanahan (77) ******************************************************* >>From: Donna St. John Rodewald (79) There are two free-standing A&W's here in Vancouver, WA. Neither has been remodeled since they were built eons ago, but that "frosty mug taste" is still available! One is in Hazel Dell and the other is in Orchards - to those who know the area. -Donna St. John Rodewald (79) ******************************************************* >>From: James Walters (80) TO: Tony Ott (80). Mark Paris (80), Dave Burks (80): Seems to be making the rounds don't it? I would also be interested in the details of a class of 80 reunion since I maintain the class of 80 site. By the way, any of you folks who know of anyone not on our class email list please email me at with their email address so I can add it. If you have stuff you'd like to say on the site too that would be nice. -James Walters (80) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 7/7/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers and one Bomber Mom today: Cliff Judd (49), Lu Blakeney (49), Ray Gillette (49), Dottie Sargent (51), Ruth Miles (59), Marilyn Baird (60), John Wingfield (66), Joe Large (68), Ken Staley (68), Gauin Moore (82), Wanda Janos (Bomber Mom) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Cliff Judd (49) Dick Harris (49) Glad to see you back on the Sandstorm. How was Australia?? We will have to talk at the reunion, My Wife and I spent almost three months touring the country. Australia is great and we had a great time. Cliff Judd (49) ******************************************************* >>From: Lu Blakeney Humphrey (49) Hi -- Just resting up from another 4th celebration. Every time I go to a fireworks display, I remember the ones on the banks of the Columbia. The most memorable one being the year that Dupont left and General Electric took over. After the most spectacular fireworks display, they had two rafts on the river -- one said "Goodbye Dupont" and the second one "Hello General Electric -- all in fireworks. It was something I'll never forget. Yes, I too, remember the celebrities that the "company" always brought in for the holiday. It was a good place to live. To Sandra Atwater (51): Yes, I remember the car raffles. We always had a ticket and held our breath that we would be the lucky one, but never won. New cars were at a premium then, as I remember. I remember too, Atomic Day celebrations events at the "Bomber Bowl". Am I correct, or am I dreaming that part? -Lu Blakeney Humphrey ('49) ******************************************************* >>From: Ray Gillette (49) To Dick (Richard) Roberts (49): Regarding the March 16, 1949 article in the Sandstorm (original version) I can't say that I do remember the event mentioned but that crew were all among the friends (among others) that I would have invited to my house. I think that Rem Ryals (49), Ray King (49-RIP) and maybe Phil Raekes (49) were on the Sandstorm staff so maybe they just were looking for a little notoriety. We did have a few parties at my house though. Hmmm! Played cards and listened to music. Well, there might have been a little imbibing also. Thanks for the memory... -Ray Gillette (49) ******************************************************* >>From: Dottie Sargent Rath (51) Hey, A&W's are great, but who could ever forget By's Burgers. Certainly no one from the classes of '50, '51, and '52. They made curly french fries to die for and the site was a real gathering place for all us who used to "cruise." And of course we liked to "cruise a gut" in the drugstore loop downtown. To Sandy Atwater Boyd '51 Hey, how come you can remember all these things I can't!? I vaguely remember that Ronald Reagen was in town representing General Electric. (Remember GE Theater?) -Dottie Sargent Rath '51 ******************************************************* >>From: Ruth Miles Bruns (59) Dang! I was sure that my move back to Washington from Maryland would happen in plenty of time for me to be at the 40th reunion with the other '59ers. But this message is coming out of the Eastern time zone, and I won't be in Goldendale, Washington for keeps before the end of August. Please notice the Ruth-size space with nobody in it at the reunion, and please be in touch with me if you are willing and able. I have hopes of seeing many friends next year at the All Bomber Reunion. May it be so! -Ruth Miles Bruns (59) ******************************************************* >>From: Marilyn Baird (60) Thanks to Bill Blanton (60), the class of '60 from Sacajawea 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade pictures are on the net. Follow the ALL Grade School Pictures link from the 'All Bomber Alumni Links' site. You think we don't change from year to year? While you are doing that, please feel free to submit the missing names to Maren or Gary or Richard. I remember the faces but the names escape me. AND..if anyone has any pictures from Chief Jo or Carmichael... how about submitting them? Have a Bomber Day... -Marilyn Baird (60) ******************************************************* >>From: John Wingfield (66) Dear Maren and Gary, Thank you again for this continuous stream of consciousness memories from friends and neighbors from my home town. This morning as I was driving from Olympia (where I live) to Beaverton (where I work) I was taken with the clear glass surface of The River, upstream from Longview. It took me back to those years when we had an old wood boat and went out on The River to the first and second island. The boat was an old, heavy wood boat with fiberglass on it and a mahogany deck, powered by an old 55 Merc outboard. All of which was very inefficient in today's standards, but a whole lot of fun then. We used to ski the river, which I learned to do behind Tom Jacob's little glass catamaran at the Y. And sometimes my Dad would pull us behind the boat on what we called a surf board. It was a piece of plywood, about 30" wide by 50" long with a soft rope to hang onto and it would be pulled behind the boat. It was a kick, especially when we hit wakes or when Dad would turn the boat in a circle and get us flying outside the wake, until the inevitable happened, and we would let go and skip across the water like a stone. When we came to the surface our swimsuits were gone, or around our ankles at best. "Rollin on the River" indeed. And reading something today reminded me of driving in the fifties with the old water bag hanging on the front of the grill of the old pickup, when we went hunting or fishing, to the Blues or the Cascades. The old water bag looked like, in my memory's eye, a little gunny sack. How could a gunny sack hold water? And then I recall the walks to the public swimming pool, avoiding the goatheads and walking on soft black asphalt. That soft felt fascinating until my brain got the report that it was hot too. And the bike rides my brother Jim and I would take to West Richland to ride our horses, and get together with friends like Butch Rauch. Good, healthy and clean fun. And hot. And now, as I sit here in the Portland climate, the clouds have surrounded us again this evening and it's looking like rain, I remember the painted desert sunsets and those old songs, from the fifties" that went with them; "Red sails in the Sunset" and "Happy Trails to You" and that old favorite, "Tumblin' Tumbleweed". Thanks for the Memories. Peace, -John Wingfield (66) ******************************************************* >>From: Joe Large (68) To the Folks of the Spudnut Shop, Here, Here and Cheers! I'm glad to hear "Spudnut Shop" will still be an industry that is still with us. With everything that changes around us (at time writhing in agony, it seems) it's wonderful to know that there is a place in Richland we can still call "Home". Congratulations to the Spudnut Shop for keeping the "Coffee Barons" out! (Besides, Olympia's Batdorf and Bronson's is better coffee anyway!) To Mina Jo Gerry Payson (68): Man! What a Couch Potato! (LOLOL)! Last year I took my family over to "Freedom Fest" at Fort Lewis. The had about 6 or so Baby Howitzers lined up near the side of the Football stadium. Fort Lewis Army band played a big selection of music of just about every type as well as, of course "Stars and Stripes Forever" which is always the crowd pleaser. The fireworks finale was GREAT, SPLENDID, AWESOME! The final piece played during the fireworks was the 1812 overture. The last movement was accompanied by these baby howitzers with this HUGE fireworks display overhead. There was not one person in the crowd that wasn't tearing, cheering and shouting! It was a memorable event - to put it so very lightly. Hope you enjoyed your 4th (my day was spent with my two youngest boys over at the water slide and river rafts of "Wild Waters". I've never been so exhausted in my life, with the roughest night on record for sleep trying not to roll over onto one of my two extremely sore shoulders! What a blast! Talk to you later -Joe Largé By-the-way, Anybody from Spokane: The fireworks concerts at Riverfront Park, the Royal Fireworks concert? If there is anything I miss about Spokane, one thing is the concerts in the park accompanied by fireworks. -Joe Largé (68) ******************************************************* >>From: Ken Staley (68) I visited my father the morning after Spalding School torched itself into infinity. I stood on the NorthEast corner of the lot and I can't begin to describe the memories that flooded back... especially old friends and teachers I hadn't thought about in decades... if not longer. I stood near Mr. Anderson's 6th grade room thinking that it hadn't been too badly scorched. I recalled Mrs. Faust, Mrs. Atwater, Mrs. Schultz, Mrs. Chitty, Mrs. Moore, Mr. Olsen (!), Mrs. Wall... who I fell smitten to so much that I decided to repeat 2nd grade in hopes I could stare at her for another year! The school and lot now belong to the Baptist Church on the corner of Raleigh and Richmond, and will now become Liberty Christian School. They've done wonders at remodeling the old place, but those wonderful old sycamores are gone forever. I've seen reference here to Arlo, who worked for the school district for years. I remember his sister fondly. She was my babysitter! -Ken Staley (68) ******************************************************* >>From: Gauin E. Moore (82) Hey all, Been a while since I've had an entry and thought I would share my 4th of July trip to Richland with you. I can't believe how much the old place has changed and how hot it gets, you tend to forget those things after you've been gone for so long. Every time I go over the mountain it grows. Now living in Federal Way I only get over a few times a year. Mostly to see my Family that has stayed and the Friends that weren't smart enough to get out. Just kidding. If the job market were any better I would have stayed too. Any way we went to see the fireworks at posse stadium, what a view! You could see the show over the Columbia River also. It was better then what I remember them being at Edgar Brown in Pasco. Any one remember those days? Any way the weather was great and the trip was a good one. It was great to see all my sisters Chis, Cindy, and Cathy all Col-High Grads and my Parents. Hope to see you all soon. I suppose that's all for now. Oh I also wanted to say Hi to Dawna Archibald (82) who I have seen a few entry's from as of lately. Drop me a line. Later everyone! Enjoy your summer. -Gauin E. Moore (82) ******************************************************* >>From: Wanda Janos (Bomber Mom) [to Dick Harris (49)]: Hello Dick. I'm Wanda Janos... My husband, Jan, was active in the TIEL program. I'm a travel agent and have a friend, Dave Wittenbrock (63) who is living in den Haag (the Hague). He invited me to visit them... which I did in May this year. Before going over, I phoned Betty Bergdahl who had visited their 'adopted' family in TIEL. When Dave asked what I'D like to see I said TIEL!!! We called and made arrangements to meet (oh yes... at McDonalds). Joob (jooppie) brought his mother, Agnes, to meet us... She cried when we met... She had pulled the two brothers in little coaster wagon two days out of TIEL into the hills to escape the bombs!! We went to Joob's house for tea and pastries and talks about the past.. Dave speaks excellent English. He has been living in HOLLAND. He's an engineer for California Oil company. It was very emotional to hear tales of that terrible war... to visit the Museum and reconstructed town (3300 homes were destroyed... only two buildings left standing.... The amazing Dutch have rebuilt a lovely town... with a street named for?????YES.... .RICHLAND STRATT (when I came back I started a search for other Richland families with "adoptions" in the past. Irene Peddicord (postmaster) Ed shared some of her pictures with me. I presented a talk to the KIWANIS club inviting Betty Bergdahl and Jane Jones... the reporter for the VILLAGER who coordinated the Drives... at our meeting Dr. Bob Franco located the camp local very near to TIEL where the MEDVAC was set up. I had gathered Maps, pictures and people for the story.... Tri City Herald put a bit in the Sunday news and TV covered the interview.... I still hope to hear from other connections.... Seeing TV today with all the suffering in KOSOVO it seems history does repeat itself... Thanks for your input. -Wanda Janos (Bomber Mom) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 7/8/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers and one Obit today: Anna May Wann (49), Dick Harris (49), Al Hester (50), Annie Bradley (51), Jay Siegel (61), Gerald Stein (66), Francine Teeple (68), Mike Artz (71), Dawna Archibald (82) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Anna May Wann Thompson (49) To Ray Gillette (49): Remember the time about 20 of us skipped school and went over to your house, made candy, popped popcorn (no imbibing - that I recall) had a great time and all got kicked out of school next day. One of your neighbors reported us to your mother, who was PTA chairman that year. She reported us all to the Principal. The only one who didn't get kicked out was Barbara Jonson (49), she played sick the next day. I remember Julie Giles (49) and I both walking home after getting kicked out - told my mother what had happened, her remark "you got yourself into this mess you get your self out". I was crushed. We went to Julie's house and she told her mother our problem and her mother's comment was, "you got yourself into this mess you get your self out". Horrible. We had to call our Dads out in the Area to call the school to get us back in. Some of the memories do come back don't they. And our kids didn't think we were ever teenagers. Or there was the time we were walking home - Ray King (49), a couple more of us, I think one fellow's name was Abbott, and others who lived down by Benham, Davenport, etc. - Think maybe Jean Williamson (49) might have been there, anyway, as we were walking so nice and quietly down the street (it was late at night) the guys would run into the back of houses and knock over their garbage cans, while us gals just walked quietly along like nothing was going on. Fine, until someone called the cops and we were taken to the station and our parents had to come and get us. Never told my kids I was picked up once. They think Mom and "Grandma" is a perfect angel (Ha) -Anna May Wann Thompson (49) ******************************************************* >>From: Dick Harris (49) For what it is worth, there are many A & W restaurants in British Columbia. They have a very distinctive green decor, unlike the red-roofed, buildings that used to be seen down here, so often. Anyone remember the Mug Inn on the old highway to Kennewick? I was working there as a soda jerk, during the flooding of 1948. My sister-in-law and I had to drive around through Benton City, as I remember it, to get to work, because of the flooding between Richland and the "Y." That drive-in had some of the best shakes! To: Wanda Janos (Bomber Mom) Thanks for your comments about Tiel, The Netherlands. You must have been the lady that Paula Beardsley Glenn wrote about hearing at the Richland Kiwanas Club. I just returned from attending the International Convention of Rotary International in Singapore. While there, my wife, Bonnie, and I were standing in a line for food at a function on the last evening of the event. Two Rotarians, from The Netherlands, were standing immediately behind us. We introduced ourselves to them. Then, I noticed that they were from the same city, Arnhem, as our current exchange student. Finally, I noticed one of the men had a Rotary Classification of Dentist on his name badge. Our exchange student's father is a dentist in Arnhem and of course we learned that they are close friends. We had met our student's parents this spring and they were great folks. Small world! Cliff Judd (49): Our trip to Australia was fantastic! Thanks for asking! We have been there three times and I had the tremendous opportunity to take a Rotary International Group Study Exchange Team (all women from Washington State and British Columbia) there in 1994. It lasted for six weeks and we saw more of Tasmania, the island state, than most Tasmanians see in a lifetime. Each time we go, we see more of that huge country of Australia and enjoy the scenery, culture, history, and the "funny talk!" Of course, they think we talk funny too! What great people! -Dick Harris (49) ******************************************************* >>From: Al Hester (50) Do any of you remember when "The Outlaw," starring the late Jane Russell of the big bust, came to Richland? (Must have been about 1947 or so.) Several of us just had to see it. The "x" rated scene between her and Billie the Kid was supposed to be fantastic, and we vowed we'd see it, even though we were seriously under-age. I don't remember if I was still going to Jefferson or had started high school. Anyway, several of us skipped class one afternoon and sneaked into the theater downtown. I think we just opened the emergency exit door, went in and sat down. Anyway, we were very proud of ourselves and satisfied with the lascivious goings-on. Regarding the note about the pinochle club. About 1949 or 50 there was a canasta craze. Everybody was playing it and we stayed up to all hours. My bunch of friends was full of Bombers: As I recall, Roberta Riley (50), Janice Gray (51), Betty Bell (51), Trueman Tucker (50), maybe Bob Campbell (51) and myself were all involved. It is amazing how much pleasure we could get out of doing simple things in those days. Best to all, -Al Hester, Class of '50 ******************************************************* >>From: Annette Bradley Forsythe (51) aka "Annie" Have been enjoying the "memory lane" offered by the Alumni Sandstorm contributions -- takes us back a loooong way! Recently there were several who recalled special teachers of their high school years. Specifically, some remembered Ed Fankhauser as one who really made a difference in their lives. Thought you would like to know that Ed lost his long-time struggle with cancer and died Tuesday, July 6. His service will be held at West Side Church at 11:00 on Saturday, July 10. Don and I did not meet Ed and Joanne until we joined West Side about 15 years ago, but have appreciated both of them greatly. Lots of other stuff comes to mind from memory lane, but will get back later. -Annette Bradley Forsythe (51) aka "Annie" ******************************************************* >>From: Jay Siegel (61) It is great! After drifting apart from one's childhood, then being reminded how lucky we really were. Since I've moved back to Washington, it has been an endless search, trying to find Classmates and friends from Richland. Many have stayed in the area, but so many have drifted away as I did and trying to piece together their trails has been tedious. Then, while reading the "Alumni Sandstorm" a name will appear that brings back a rush of memories: that happened today when Ruth Miles Bruns (59) sent her regrets. Sugar, do you remember the square dancing classes? The 4th has come and gone again, and each one brings back memories of those summers that used to be. I met Larry Mattingly (60) out here. He used to shoot some of the shows. He does it for a living now. I helped with a couple of shows last year and each one reminded us of the shows in the Bomber Bowl. The old cliché of "Youth being wasted on the young" is definitely proving to be untrue as far as Bomber Alumni are concerned - each day my reading shows that is a very valuable time that is cherished by many and valued by all. Thank You -Jay Siegel (61) ******************************************************* >>From: Gerald Stein (66) Well, we flew into the Pasco airport from Michigan last Saturday to spend a week visiting family. If you have not flown from Seattle to Pasco on the puddle jumper it was like a carnival ride. It is amazing that every time we come back to Richland, something has changed. They have started rebuilding Carmichael Junior High school. But, I noticed that was after they rebuilt Chief Joseph, so they are taking care of first things first. While we have been here we have verified some rumors we have heard on the Sandstorm. The road from the Hospital to the Cemetery is “Swift”. Also, you can stand on the corner of Sanford and Tinkle and not get arrested. The “Point” where we used to park has been turned into Condos, and the Richland “Y” is going fast to developers. I notice they now call the area where the Yakima River joins the Columbia River, Lake Wallula. When did that get named? I am glad to report the old high school is still where it has always been, so that is comforting! We went to Zips drive-in, and I am sorry to report they do not have good looking girls come out to take your order anymore, and it is not much to tool around anymore. But it is a good landmark to start from. We went jogging on the new walking path from the Richland Park (now Howard Amon Park) to near the first island, what a great place to jog and a beautiful addition to the waterfront. We saw Johnny Dietz’s (66) mother yesterday and I understand Johnny is still alive and kicking. So, we will expect to see him at the next re-union. I hope to visit or run into some old classmates this week while I am here. The Spudnut shop is the next place on my list to visit. I hear it is still in the same place and the spudnuts are still good. More reporting as the week goes on. -Gerald Stein (66) ******************************************************* >>From: Francine Teeple Wolf (68) Spokane has a new A&W on North Division. It's been years since an A&W was here. Stopped for a burger, fries and a root beer float. The burger was authentic, I prefer McDonalds. But the root beer float was to die for. We had a client in Spokane who, years ago, owned a couple of profitable A&Ws. Two others in Spokane ran into cash flow problems and were about to fold. According to our clients, the A&W parent company forced them to buy out the A&Ws in trouble. All the A&Ws in Spokane went belly up. Interesting info about franchising. -Francine Teeple Wolf '68 ******************************************************* >>From: Mike Artz (71) To those who used to play little league baseball at Columbia Little Field, I heard yesterday that this is its last year of existence. The Church that bought the old Spalding School is going to tear the field down next year. There goes another Icon of old Richland. Myself, five brothers and one nephew played at this field and I sure hate to see it go. I have a lot of good memories of playing ball there in my youth. Not sure why the church feels they have to tear it down but, I guess that is progress? To Patty Stordohl (72): Sorry I didn't hear from you when you were in town last week but, I realize your a busy women. Just let me know next time you are here and maybe we will do lunch and catch up on old and present times. -Mike Artz (71) ******************************************************* >>From: Dawna Archibald Gibson (82) Good Morning All, It was nice hearing from Gauin Moore (82). I, too, live in Federal Way near Redondo, right off of Dash Point Rd. Where abouts are you living now, Family? My husband, Doug, and I have been together for a little over 15 years. We have two children; Kurt 7 and Samantha 4, three dogs; Harley (Aust. Shepard) 3, Bud (Doxi) 14, and the baby is Chansey (Doxi) 12 weeks and that's all I have so far. Life in Federal Way is nice. We have all the conveniences of the big city without having to live too close to the smog. Right now I'm a stay at home mom until Samantha is in school full time, daycare costs are a killer. Tell me about yourself and how you've been doing. I'm in touch with Kelly Baker (82) on a daily basis, we are still very close. She keeps me up to date with Richland and all. Speaking of Richland, been to the Spudnut lately? I wonder if Val ships UPS Red? You know she used to baby sit my brother and myself, can you imagine. Poor Val, I wonder if she still has the scar's. She earned her pay and more (the memories she will always carry with her) :) Well it's 5:40 am and the day has begun, best get moving and get my chores done. Really nice hearing from you, hope to hear again real soon. The fireworks on Lake Meridian in Kent, Wa., were awesome this year. If you live in the area it's the place to be for a great show with little traffic involved. My parents live down the street from Lake Meridian Park, within walking distance which made it even nicer. My brother Jaime lives about another 5 miles from my parents in Kent, they live about 20 minutes from me, it's nice to have family near when friends are so far away. Miss you Richland and it's people, have a great day everyone. -Dawna Archibald Gibson (82) ******************************************************* OBITUARY Jana Leigh Marshall ('84? or '85?)*************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 7/9/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers and one obit today: Ray Gillette (49), Ralph Myrick (51), Sherrill Hamlin (55), Kathy Hills (67), Rick Valentine (68), Vikki Kestell (70), Kerry Rhoten (71), Sheryl Romsos (76), Kelly Baker (82), Jenny Smart (87) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Ray Gillette (49) To Anna May Wann Thompson (49) I have a lot of fond memories of those times when we used to party. We must have been sophomores (1946 or 47). I have been renewing my memory about the classmates who participated in some of those school skipping parties. Besides you and Julia Giles Connolly (49) and Barbara Jonson (Pick??) there was Beverly McCleary (49), Pat Rutt (49), Fran Lennebacker (49) et al. We did have some fun. What ever happened to Barbara Jonson? She was quite a doll as I recall (I just looked at her picture in the Columbian) and know that she was widowed early when Don Pick passed away. Sad. I hope that my bad influence was not the cause of some of you sweet young gals getting into trouble. No one who knows you, Anna May, would believe that you would ever skip school. Yes, my mother was high school PTA president and yes, I did skip school while she held that office. Can't believe she turned us in though. -Ray Gillette (49) ******************************************************* >>From: Ralph Myrick (51) In today's Tri-City Herald, I read that Ed Fankhauser died. He fought five brave years before that dreaded disease won out. What a loss! I never have had the privilege of having him for a teacher but I worked with him as a teacher. I remember taking my fifth grade classes at Jefferson to the science department for a little hands on training. Ed, Jim Harbour, and?? gave my kids a real taste of the three sciences. Ed helped me with anything that I wanted. As a matter of fact, I had half of RHS's science department in my room. Ed will surly be missed. Fran Rish was over trying to help me identify players on the 1948 baseball team. He got Jim Jensen, Gene Conley, Wilmer Meicemheimer, Pat Sheeran, David Bruise, and Mr. Meicemheimer. Rish has just aged a little, everything else about him is the same. -Ralph Myrick ('51) ******************************************************* >>From: Sherrill Hamlin Flora Savery (55) I'm not quite sure what you want with respect to information but I would like to register my e-mail address with you hoping to find some of my Bomber friends that have moved all over the world. My name is Sherrill Hamlin Flora Savery (55), I am presently living in Richland, WA and am working as a real estate professional. Real estate here is doing very well and it is very exciting and new all the time. I got your e-mail address from Dee McCullough. Thanks for your time and reply. -Sherrill Hamlin Flora Savery (55) ******************************************************* >>From: Kathy Hills Krafft (67) Just read Gerald Stein's (66) fun news report from Richland regarding his visit to Zip's and wanted to add this comment. Happened to be in Richland one weekend last February to work on closing up my dear parents house. On Saturday night my husband and I (along with some good friends who now live in Richland) went to a wonderful Mid-Columbia Symphony concert at the lovely Col -Hi auditorium. Afterwards I convinced them that we had to go by Zip's and check out the scene. For years I had been telling my kids about tooling (sp??) around Zip's/etc. Zip's was empty... EMPTY... nobody.... a Saturday night @11:00pm... I still can't believe it. It's been kind of McDonaldsized... so obviously the kids hang out somewhere else. Oh well... the great memories are still there. In a related subject... I have heard that the Mid-Columbia Symphony is/was in very bad financial shape and had to cancel the remainder of the concert season. Is this the case... will it survive/ continue... I sure hope so? The fact that the community has had a skilled professional symphony dating back to 1947 (I think) is another indication of why this place is so unique and was such a great place to grow up. I sure hope it survives for the sake of today's kids and young people as well as us old Zip's customers. -Kate (Kathy Hills) Krafft - 67 ******************************************************* >>From: Rick Valentine (68) To: Joe Large (68) This year's Royal Fireworks concert in Riverfront Park is Sunday Night July 25th, this year there is also going to be a concert on Saturday Night July 24th of "Mid Summernights Dream" (no fireworks on Saturday Night). Alive and well in Spokane -Rick Valentine (68) ******************************************************* >>From: Vikki Kestell (70) Re: Mike Franco (70) - Sandstorm 06-27-99 - Bomber slobs and Mr. Baer Okay, Mike, I agree with you that "Bomber Guys didn't go on dates when they could play hoops, drink beer with slob pals or go skiing! That was what a Bomber guy was..... those were our values..... most of us delayed growing up as long as we could . . . " but at 15 I just hadn't figured that out yet. Cheers! On another note, I hadn't heard that Mr. Baer had passed away. I was in the very first Swing Choir when he was music director, and music is still a big part of my life. He was a great director. -Vikki Kestell ******************************************************* >>From: Kerry Rhoten (71) I graduated in 71 with Pat Hardy, Rick Spohr (71), Dana Sullivan Spohr (71), Steve Roberts (71), and Mike Robberts (71). We played a lot of baseball and basketball together in those days. I just wanted all of you guys to know that we are presenting the concert the three dog night on July twenty third at 8:oop.m. and I have reserved three special group locations that can be bought through my email address [deleted for privacy]. Ticket prices are $25 first row, $17 last row of the section (assigned chairs), or $15 is grass seating only. Anyone who buys 6 or more tickets receives free tickets to the dance afterwards, otherwise dance tickets are $3 each. Tickets can be paid for by visa, where they will be run through the Doubletree in Richland. There is a limited number of tickets set aside so order now. Les Brown (66) is my partner and we have been doing concerts for some four years to allow a little something more to do in the tri-cities. Just thought I would allow a little extra savings to my fellow Alumni for the 23rd concert. -Kerry Rhoten (71) ******************************************************* >>From: Sheryl Romsos Senyk (76) We are here in Richland for a couple of weeks (from our home in Minnesota) visiting my parents, Wally and Carol Romsos. I am happy to report that the weather is sunny and beautiful, there are absolutely NO mosquitoes, the bing cherries are plentiful, and the Spudnuts are still wonderful! Thanks, Maren, for the visit in Dickinson, ND -- it was GREAT to meet you, and I will scan and send a picture just as soon as I get them back from the developer! -Sheryl Romsos Senyk, Class of '76 ******************************************************* >>From: Kelly Baker (82) to Mike Artz (71) I have to agree with you, Mike. It is sad to see places that warm our hearts being torn down. Spalding will always hold fond memories for me. Get this! When I was in fourth grade (Mrs. Elliott's class) my sister, Dawn Baker Johnson (80), talked me into skipping school on a Monday. I was scared to death but looked up to my older sister and played hooky for the day. We lived on Stevens, so we walked down to the Uptown and goofed off. That's when there used to be a diner in the Bonanza 88 store. We took a handful of silver dollars that our dad had given us and bought chocolate sundaes, pie, candy and toys (back when a buck was worth more!) and then hit Dairy Queen across the street. Well, this turned out to be so much fun that we ended up skipping the entire week of school. We lived those fun, warm summer days around the Uptown. When we were asked, "Shouldn't you girls be in school?" we replied with a made up southern drawl that we were in town visiting our sick Aunt Louise. Long story short, guilt overrode all of the fun for me and I ended up confessing the entire crime to our mom. My sister wanted to kill me! Dawn was in sixth grade (Mr. Anderson's class). I remember so well our mom marching us up that long sidewalk, into the building and around the corner into the office. Mr. Keller was the principal at that time and behind closed doors, our mom made both of us confess to Mr. Keller what we had done. I remember thinking the look on Mr. Keller's face was different from what I had expected. Being a 36 year old adult today I know he was trying like **** to keep from laughing. The hacks I was expecting didn't happen, however, Mr. Keller escorted me to Mrs. Elliott's classroom and asked her to please come out to the hall and told her what I had done. My Honor pass was immediately removed from around my neck there in the hallway. That hurt worse that a hack! I went to several Little League games in Spalding's ball field. I watched my cousin, Tom Hinkle (81) and Jamie Archibald (81). Ok, well, I probably wasn't watching the game as much as playing in the bleachers and the nearby playgrounds, but, all in all, some very good memories. It would be nice if things could be left alone but in today's world, it's all about change. That's why it is so important not to change our good attitudes. We have memories from growing up in Richland and nobody can take that away! Cheers Bomber Buds! Kel (82) ******************************************************* >>From: Jenny Smart Page (87) Our community has lost a great teacher this week with the passing of Ed Fankhauser, long time chemistry teacher at RHS. It would be interesting to know just how many students he personally influenced into entering a science based career. It undoubtedly is a staggering number. I spoke with a representative of the funeral home, and he said that cards may be sent to them, at the attention of the Fankhauser family, and they will then be forwarded on. Here's the address for those interested: Fankhauser Family c/o Einan's Funeral Home P.O. Box 90 Richland, WA 99352 I'm sure the family would appreciate hearing the memories of former students, and finding out just how much of a positive influence Mr. Fankhauser was in so many lives. -Jenny Smart Page (87) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* OBITUARY Ed Fankhauser (9/15/32 - 7/6/99) ~ Chemistry Teacher 1963 - 1992*************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 7/10/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 16 Bombers sent stuff in: Ray Gillette (49), Ann Pearson (50), Barbara Barron (50), Carole Staples (54), Ray Loescher (57), Connie Madron (60), Rebecca Lester (60), Georgia Rushworth (66), Rich Conley (66), Chuck Smith (69), Kathy Hartnett (69), Clark Riccobuono (71), Willard Ule (73), Deb Evans (79), Shelley Williams (84), Joe Sumsion (98) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Ray Gillette (49) To Ralph Myrick (51) Just looking at a picture in the 1948 Columbian and find these members of the Baseball team besides the persons you mentioned. Jim Doyle, Jerry Blaney, Bob Sandusky, Jack Davis, Orv Marcum, Eddie Griggs, Gene Keller, Dale Gier, Bob Shea, Wally Caldwell, J. Sandusky , Hinson and a few others not recognizable (by me). -Ray Gillette (49) ******************************************************* >>From: Ann Pearson Burrows (50) To: Sandra Atwater (51) and Doreen Hallenbeck (51) I remember the day Truman came - I was hanging around with the Army honor guards! Doreen - I saw Spike Jones at Sacajawea Grade School - haven't the foggiest memory of when it was - but remember it well and that it was very hot so must have been summer time - don't remember going to Kennewick to see him. The pinochle game that was mentioned at Marilyn's - not attended by Cawdrey - must have been attended by the rest of our gang - we did have many of those "slumber parties" where I don't recall much slumbering!! - a lot of cruising to By's. Did I read where Sacajawea was torn down?? I went to Lewis and Clark, Sacajawea, and then finally graduating from Jefferson. -Ann Pearson Burrows (50) ******************************************************* >>From: Barbara Barron Doyle (50) The singing group "Inspire" will be performing at the 50th reunion of the class of 49's Saturday night dinner. We would like suggestions as to what songs they should sing. We all had our favorites but we need input from the class of '49. The kids need to practice so send your suggestions to the Sandstorm as soon as possible. To Ralph Myrick (51): My husband, Jim Doyle, has a picture of the '48 baseball team. The missing team members are: Ed Griggs, Jim Doyle, Bob Sandusky, Orv Marcum, Dale Gier, Jerry Blaney, Dwight Underwood, Herb Borg, Jack Davis, George Richardson, Okie Hinson, Wally Caldwell, Bob Shea, Jerry Blaney, Boyd Emmons, Jerry Willis, Gene Keller and Jack Sandusky. -Barbara Barron Doyle ('50) ******************************************************* >>From: Carole Staples Gardner-Emmons (54) I've been reading (from Florida) several entries about wonderful memories that are being demolished around Richland..... Has anyone considered starting a "Historic Preservation Committee" in Richland??? I hate to hear about some of these places being torn down. -Carole Staples Gardner-Emmons '54 ******************************************************* >>From: Ray Loescher (57) Does anyone know the where abouts of Kent Fleischman, class of 55? -Ray Loescher (57) ******************************************************* >>From: Connie Madron Hall (60) To: Sherrill Hamlin Flora Savery (55) Sherrill, do you remember our wonderfully fun carpool out to the 100-N Area to work at Kaiser Engineers? There was a gorgeous guy, Don something, who rode with us. We used to sing and tell dirty jokes the whole 44 miles out and 44 miles back. Also, all four or five of us smoked. Cough!! A good memory. -Connie Madron Hall (60) ******************************************************* >>From: Rebecca Lester Cleavenger (60) Mary Lester Thompson, a long time teacher of 6th grade at Lewis and Clark is celebrating her 84th birthday Saturday July 10th with a Pizza picnic for her neighborhood friends ages 6 - 14 years. Feeling her mission now is to be a good neighbor, she befriends the children who live around her corner of Gillespie and Delafield. She is still very active and swims laps at the Tri-City Court Club 3 or 4 times a week and golfs every week in the summer with "The Golf Bags" at Columbia Park with many of her "older friends". She love to hear from former students and you can send her messages at my address -Rebecca Lester Cleavenger (60) ******************************************************* >>From: Georgia Rushworth (66) Hi everyone.. I'm not sure how the conversation came up, but one day last year I was telling my stepson (he's 26.. old enough) all about ****. He thought that was the coolest thing and actually started saying it to people who ticked him off!! I think it was Gary Ell who mentioned it last week? Aside from what it stands for, you know it's still funny! I remember someone spray painted it on the wall at Zip's. What a memory! Last week, my best friend's son called me and asked me if I knew what a Spudnut was. He was going over to Richland to get some and asked me if I wanted him to bring me one! So I got my Spudnut fix that day! -Georgia Rushworth '66 ******************************************************* >>From: Rich Conley (66) Can't believe that I was finally thinking of sending in some thoughts about square dance lessons and then I see Jay Siegel (61) mention it. There was quite a square dance contingent in Richland and Jay’s parents, Ruth and Bill, along with mine and many others were members of a club called (I think) the Do Pas O’s or something like that. It was one of several semi-concentric circles of friends that my parents socialized with, people that also played bridge, bowled and belonged to a social club called the Projecteers. Projecteers had the best Christmas parties and Jay’s Dad played Santa for many years, and we kids of the Projecteers each got a great gift and were treated to food and movies. But I digress. I think that I went to the Community/Recreation Center every Friday night when I was in 5th grade through 7th or 8th, but not too much longer because it fast became un-cool. Seems to me that there was a fairly large groups of kids, maybe as large as 100 or more. I can remember waiting in the line of boys as we paired off with a new partners every week, hoping we got a cute girl and me especially hoping my hands wouldn't sweat too much. In addition to square dancing, we did several other “round” dances and I remember having quite a good time. Several of us, probably mostly those from ’66 or maybe ’65 stayed with it and got more advanced as the years passed. By the time I stopped dancing we were down to about 16 people or two squares. My dancing career highlight was when we took those two squares worth of kids and went down to Walla Walla to square dance on TV. I can still picture this plate of old green Jell-O salad they showed us that was set aside for those who did not smile on TV. I think the couple that taught us were the Waggoners. Can you imagine today's kids doing that? One more thing that made the Richland experience very special. Rich Conley Would have been ‘66 ******************************************************* >>From: Chuck Smith (69) Re: Artic Circle Special Sauce - in case you missed it... I'll be..... I can't believe there's buttermilk in the Artic Circle Special Sauce.... Thank you for sharing that with me..... guess I'll try it..... "gulp"..? -Chuck Smith (69) ******************************************************* >>From: Kathy Hartnett Mitchell (69) A quick memory about the trek from the "Big Pool" home, after the obligatory stop at Tastee Freeze (chocolate dip, bite off the curl, suck the ice cream out) it was time for the hike home with your perfectly rolled towel under your arm. For some reason the walks are more memorable than the bike rides, though the later made more sense. Anyway who remembers those incredibly cheap forbearers of Teva, the $.10 rubber thongs that were all we wore Monday-Saturday, June-September. Probably went through 5 or 6 pairs each summer, by the end you were forced to wear mismatched, different colors, never occurred to me to only buy red... but the memory I have is being half way home and the little rubber thing between your toes (that itself took weeks to callous properly) would inevitably split the sole of said thong, and I'd be forced to battle the hot tar balls hopping on one survivor, planning the route to hit the houses with the nicest lawns and sprinklers running, thankfully my feet seem to have calloused evenly and I can handle our gravel driveway barefooted. Really looking forward to the reunion in August. -Kathy (69) ******************************************************* >>From: Clark Riccobuono (71) This is to anyone that can maybe help me. I am trying to find Peggy Andersen (70) and her brother Jim Andersen (71). Is there any knowledge to their where abouts or a way I can look? Thank you for your help, if you can. All help will be greatly appreciated. -Clark J Riccobuono (71) ******************************************************* >>From: Willard Ule (73) Mr. Fankhauser will be greatly missed as he just wasn't one of the best Science Department members, but also cared for students - his or not. I once was blessed by his human kindness after I had gotten in trouble with my science teacher for refusing to cut into a poor little frog. I ended up doing the work of a medical examiner and Mr. Fankhauser was just another part of the puzzle which made me the person I am today. -Willard Ule (73) ******************************************************* >>From: Deb Evans Grimm (79) I was saddened to hear of the passing of Mr. Fankhauser. I took chemistry and AP chemistry from Mr. Fankhauser. He was a terrific teacher and influenced my future. I ended up majoring in Chemistry and I am now a Quality Assurance Engineer for a raw material supplier to the aerospace industry. My heart goes out to his family. -Deb Evans Grimm (79) ******************************************************* >>From: Shelley Williams Robillard (84) I was saddened to see the obituary of Mr. Fankhauser. Aside from being one fantastic teacher, he was also a friend of our family. I still have a copy of my lab drawer keys that I and lab partner, Jenny Vandiver, had made. They are gold on a green satin cord. Mr. Fankhauser made Chemistry fun, even though I was miserably bad at it. My condolences to his family, all of whom are exceptional people. They had a really good example. -Shelley Williams Robillard (84) ******************************************************* >>From: Joe Sumsion (98) Hey Everyone: I got my e-mail back... yea. It wouldn't get the Webbworks e-mail too well, and I couldn't get the Alumni Sandstorm. Well, here is what I have been doing lately. I have been volunteering for the Richland Chamber of Commerce, and also been volunteering for The Arc of Tri-Cities. Point your browser to I have been well with both jobs, and love the volunteer experiences. It is so cool to work with people with disabilities and get them to have a good "respite" care. I really enjoy hearing from the Alumni Sandstorm, and enjoy to have input from all of you. -Joe Sumsion (98) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 7/11/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff in: Jo Cawdrey (49/50), Annie Bradley (51), Ralph Myrick (51), Sandra Atwater (51), Debbie Robinson (64), Sue Oberg (79) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jo Cawdrey Leveque (49/50) Dick Roberts (49) and Ann Pearson (50) I really don't remember a Pinochle Club (maybe that is because I wasn't there). But how funny that it made the "Society Column of the Sandstorm" - must have been a slow news week...(or a joke???) I also remember Dick Roberts having boy-girl parties in his parents' basement that was fixed up like a playroom - but I don't remember ever being at Gillette's. However, I DO remember you guys calling Rem "Pemby". You never did explain why you called him that. Dick, thanks for the picture of the Spokane Merry-Go-Round. It is even more beautiful than I remembered. TO Sandra Atwater (51) Yep, I remember the car raffles. In fact, one year Fred Ouren's Mom won a red Mercury (I think). Was it a convertible??? Anyway, we were so excited to know that someone we knew really won!!! And, we also have an A&W here in Parker (AZ); but a By's would surely be better! -Jo Cawdrey Leveque (49 & 50) ******************************************************* >>From: Annie Bradley Forsythe (51) You hit on a good one, Connie Madron (60) -- memory with carpool riders, including Sherrill Hamlin Savery (60), and others -- I must not have been with you when Don (whoever that was), was with you, but I do remember Mary Lou Kelly, and I also rode for awhile. Connie, there is a Dorothy Madron in our church roster -- is she your Mom? When I see her name I always think of you. Weren't those rides to N Area a long, long trip?? Of course, we crossed paths with many, many Col-Hi grads thru the "many" years we all worked at the Hanford Plant. Some of us who lived in North Richland have some unique memories of those early days. Let's hear from some of those "trailer people" out there! -Annie Bradley Forsythe (51) ******************************************************* >>From: Ralph Myrick (51) To Barbara Barron Doyle (50) and Ray Gillette (49): I looked in the 1948 Columbian, too, and the picture in it is not the same one that Gregor Hanson (65) sent to me. Rish was the first one on the back row, and Mr. Meicemheimer was on the end of that row. Gene Conley (48) was in the middle back row with Moose standing to he left. I recognized Bob Shea, kneeling, in the left bottom row. Rish thought that Jim Jensen was to the right of Gene Conley. Pat Sheeran was standing next to Mr. M. Dale Geir was the third one from Rish. David Bruise was the second one kneeling to left of the manager. Rish was wondering if that could have been a younger Miecemheimer. Does this make any sense? -Ralph Myrick (51) ******************************************************* >>From: Sandra Atwater Boyd (51) I worked for Kaiser Engineers when the area was being constructed. We had to go to N. Richland and get on a bus for the long trip out -- weren't allowed to take cars. We would play cards going to and from work. Also during the time I worked there there was a strike of union workers and they didn't want us to get on the bus. I do remember I was kind of scared and then one of my fellow workers took my arm and we got on the bus! He was a really big man and I don't think anyone wanted to make him mad!!! Also, remember how disappointed we were when we FINALLY got to see what the areas looked like from a distance of course. We had heard so many stories during and after the war years. I don't even know what we dreamed it would be like, but it was just desert and buildings, didn't even see any wild animals! Ha! We also had fun times working out there and met a lot of good people who were transferred from CA. -Sandra Atwater Boyd '51 ******************************************************* >>From: Sandra Atwater Boyd (51) I worked for Kaiser Engineers when the area was being constructed. We had to go to N. Richland and get on a bus for the long trip out -- weren't allowed to take cars. We would play cards going to and from work. Also during the time I worked there there was a strike of union workers and they didn't want us to get on the bus. I do remember I was kind of scared and then one of my fellow workers took my arm and we got on the bus! He was a really big man and I don't think anyone wanted to make him mad!!! Also, remember how disappointed we were when we FINALLY got to see what the areas looked like from a distance of course. We had heard so many stories during and after the war years. I don't even know what we dreamed it would be like, but it was just desert and buildings, didn't even see any wild animals! Ha! We also had fun times working out there and met a lot of good people who were transferred from CA. -Sandra Atwater Boyd '51 ******************************************************* >>From: Sue Oberg Friend (79) Now that warm weather has finally arrived in the Seattle area, the memories of the Richland summers are beginning to surface. Remember going to the Big Pool before we got too cool for it and started hanging out at the river? I have fond memories of taking swimming lessons there. I think the swim instructor was Mrs. Roy, and the most outstanding thing about her was she seemed to have a different swim suit on each day for the two weeks our lessons were. She also had matching caps for each suit! That was in the days when girls had to wear caps to swim. The smell of latex still brings back fond memories. Anyway, I swear that woman had the skin of a well tanned alligator! Guess it was before sun block. One time, my Mom wanted to get all of us Oberg kids out of the house, so she asked Dad if he'd take us to the Big Pool. I think it was supposed to be some sort of father bonding experience. We all loaded in the car - girls in front, boys in back. Halfway up the street, one of my brothers decided now would be a good time to light a firecracker and throw it out the window. I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time, but the execution went all awry. The firecracker bounced off the partially open window and landed back in the car. BANG! Boy did Dad hit the brakes! No damage except for the ringing in our ears. As I recall, the boys ended up staying home, and my sister and I had a fun time swimming with Dad. -Sue Oberg Friend (79) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 7/12/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 13 Bombers sent stuff in: Anna May Wann (49), Dick Harris (49), Norma Culverhouse (49), Ramona Miller (54), Ken Heminger (56), Kathy Miller (58), Howard Kirz (60), Jay Siegel (61), Debbie Robinson (64) -- Oops! Missed this one yesterday, Linda Pohlod (67), Brad Wear (71), Patty Stordahl (72), Jennifer Jacobson (79) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Anna May Wann Thompson (49) To Barbara Barron (50): Here are a few of the songs popular in late 1948 and early 1949: Because; Bouquet of Roses; Buttons and Bows; Faraway Places; The Huckle Buck; It's Magic; Lazy River; Manana; My Darling, My Darling; Nature Boy; Now is the Hour; Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette; The Streets of Laredo; Again; Baby, It's Cold Outside; Bluebird on Your Windowsill; Crusiing Down the River; Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend; Don't Cry Joe; I'm So Lonesome I could Cry; Lady of Spain; Let's Take An Old-Fashioned Walk; Mule Train; Riders in the Sky; Smokey Mountain Boogie; Some Enchanted Evening; That Lucky Old Sun; You're Breaking My Heart -- Just to name a few. The discs I sent Keith Holeman (49) will have a lot of others if you contact him. I sent him about 16 discs with songs from the 40's through the 70's So many good songs came out while we were young. Notice a lot of them are starting to come back. Yeh!!!! -Ann Thompson, '49 ******************************************************* >>From: Dick Harris (49) RE: Rembert Ryals TO Jo Cawdrey (49/50) Jo: Not only was Rem Ryals called Pemby, it was also extended to Pemby Pootenacher (Sp?) for special occasions. Where that came from, I don't know, but I suspect R.J. Peterson would know. How about that, Rufe? TO Wanda Janos (Bomber Mom): Hi Wanda! Glad to get your e-mail on Tiel, The Netherlands. Bonnie and I just returned from attending the Rotary International Convention in Singapore and traveling to visit many friends in Australia. While in Singapore, we were waiting in a line of Rotarians for food at a function on the last evening, we were there. Two gentlemen were directly behind us and we introduced ourselves to them. They were both Rotarians from one of the four clubs in Arnhem. We thought that a wonderful coincidence, as we had just had a Rotary Youth Exchange Student from Arnhem in our club for the school year and he had just returned home. We had met his parents early this spring. Then I noticed the classification of one of the Rotarians, as dentist and I remembered that our exchange student's father was also a dentist in Arnhem. Of course, this is another of those small world stories, as this Rotarian was a good friend of our student's father. We were happy we were able to report that Flores Van Wiggum had been and excellent ambassador for Rotary, The Netherlands, and Arnhem! It was fun to relate to them about my recent rediscovery of the family my family adopted so many years ago in Richland, right after they had been liberated and were so desperate for help. We are so very, very fortunate to be able to share our freedom with so many around the world! -Dick Harris ('49) ******************************************************* >>From: Norma Culverhouse King (49) to Barb Barron Doyle (50): If you don't care for "Five Foot Two," how about "Sentimental Journey"? You always liked that one. Glad to hear the group is going to perform for us. to Patty Stordahl (72): I think you were asking about my cousin Jerry's daughter Neila. She is married to Tim Reining and they live in Kennewick. When I see her I will give her the message. Don't see her real often. Mostly at family events. to Dick Roberts (49): I remember at least one party at your house. I believe your parents were there and were very nice and a lot of fun. Jo, I also remember we never did find out why they called Rem "Pemby." Come on guys, don't you think we are old enough to be told now? Didn't they also have a funny name for their poker club? Does anyone know the whereabouts of Darlene Wilson and Dave McElroy? Haven't heard anything about them for years. -Norma Culverhouse King (49) ******************************************************* >>From: Ramona Miller Garcia (54) I've been out of the country for a few weeks, have scanned the previous "memories" and noticed someone mentioned a 2000 Year Celebration sign-up sheet. Where is it? [Ramona--Only sign up sheet I recall is the one they had for the 1999 Cool Desert Nights week end - Maren] We don't seem to hear from many 1954'ers -- we have a 45 coming up. Let's get some memories spinning out there -- or are we all brain dead already! I am as guilty as the rest but we must have some remembrances of the old halls of Col Hi! Let's hear it from the 1954 gang. One thing I remember for sure was being in the wrong seat at Commencement in the gym! That meant that everyone from the "M"s on back were also off since in those old days they really had our individual named diplomas in the jackets. That has been remedied, thank goodness, by just giving out the jackets in the ceremony. I guess I've managed to get myself in the 'wrong seat" a few times since 1954 when I started the practice. That's life! -Ramona Miller Garcia (54) ******************************************************* >>From: Ken Heminger (56) I have seen several mentions of a car raffle. I don't know if its the same one or not but I do recall a car raffle in Richland that initialed all the tickets being placed in a truck mounted cement mixer and consequently mixed up. As I remember it, the person who won it (a new Ford) thinking they had little or no chance of wining, went out and bought one a couple of days prior to the drawing. They ended up with two New Fords. Did they keep both cars? Don't know! -Ken Heminger (56) ******************************************************* >>From: Kathy Miller Cotton (58) My memories of the North Richland trailer camp are spotty. We arrived there pulling a 35 foot Viking trailer all the way from AZ. I think we lived in the 1000 block of E street or so. We were fortunate to be very close to the block bathroom facilities and I used it for most of my showers. This was our last landing in my 7th grade. My Dad was a boilermaker and prior to his finding employment with Kaiser Engineers, we had been in several other WA state towns. He worked on Coulee Dam for a short while that year also and my brother and I attended five different schools before finding our way to Chief Joseph. One of my vivid memories of North Richland is having to wash down the laundry room walls after a friend and I "decorated" them with graffiti. My mom was tough. I also remember that you could purchase carp from local fishermen (no one I knew would eat it though) and that the camp was racially segregated (this was 1951). We lived there for about a year or so and then my parents purchased a lot in West Richland. The Army base was in full swing when we lived there and my Mother was adamant that I would not socialize with any soldier (fat chance - when I was in the seventh grade I looked just like I did in the fifth grade). There was no shortage of kids to play with. We used to have great games of kick the can, etc. in the streets. I only have vague memories of who they were and wonder if any of you remember this stuff also. Maybe someone else will write in about the camp and share further memories. -Kathy Miller Cotton (58) ******************************************************* >>From: Howard Kirz (60) To Connie Madron Hall (60): Thanks, Connie, for reminding me of some car pool memories. Luckily I don't personally remember your car pool's hunk, Don, but I do remember my car own pool's stripper, Rachel! Must have been the summer of 61. We were working on the N reactor, 5 of us I think, doing important things like digging ditches and keeping up the filing cabinets, you know executive stuff. Mornings the desert was cool and crisp; we'd sip our coffee or just doze and dream. Afternoons it was unbearably hot, furnace hot, steam mirages rising-over-the-sagebrush hot. And the car "air conditioning" (as somebody already pointed out) was mostly shirts off, vent windows at 60 degrees and ice cubes on your neck. So the women in our car pool, forerunners of the women's movement, figured out that they were being discriminated against. Rachel started it out, whipping off her blouse one day and announcing that she just didn't think it was fair. Being real supporters of the women's movement ourselves, the guys agreed that she was definitely right, and encouraged all the women to do the same thing. Pretty soon it got to be our regular car pool routine; the hottest days were particularly fun! Richland... it was really great place to grow up wasn't it? Thanks Connie. P.S., What does John have to say about all this? -Howard Kirz (60) ******************************************************* >>From: Jay Siegel (61) My thoughts were drifting back through the years when I remembered this story that was told to me. One of the technicians for an agency that I worked for was talking with me about this that and the other. He mentioned that his most outstanding memory from the Tri-Cities concerned a communications relay that he had installed on Jump Off Joe. It was a new site and everything had gone well during the installation. After the site went on air, some strange things started happening. For some unknown reason, every Friday and Saturday evening the signals would turn to trash. They would go out there during the week and couldn't find anything wrong. After several trips down, they finally went down on a Thursday afternoon with the intentions of spending the weekend monitoring the site to figure out what was going wrong. Friday evening rolled around and sure enough, around 10:00 PM the signals started acting up. There was no apparent reason for it. The two technicians decided to take a smoke break outside the equipment shed. As they walked out and were scanning the horizon, they were greeted by the sight of dozens of parked cars: watching submarine races? They reoriented their antennas and the problem disappeared. Little did the technician know that he had reminded me of some more cherished memories, and also giving me a good feeling knowing that all things don't have to change. -Jay Siegel (61) ******************************************************* >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni site Guest Book: >>From: Debbie Robinson Svardal (64) Date: Sat Jul 10 07:23:22 1999 My family moved after my years at Chief Joseph Jr. Hi. I enjoyed the 30th year class reunion anyway. The school in Hawaii never has had a reunion, that I know. So, even tho' I only know about one-half of the group, I am looking forward to the 35th in August. See you there. -Debbie Robinson Svardal (64) ******************************************************* >>From: Linda Pohlod Rushing (67) I was home in Richland this weekend visiting my Mom and Dad. We also watched the jet ski races on the river. Stopped by All State, Inc. to see my old friend Gary Clark (66). It was wonderfully hot. I miss the heat and the river. -Linda Pohlod Rushing (67) ******************************************************* >>From: Brad Wear (71) I was just browsing through some of the past issues of this site and I am proud to say I was a "bug mugger". One of the guys who sprayed mosquitos during the day, and "fogged" them at night. What a great job for a college student. We drove 4x4's in the swamps, primarily Barker Ranch, what a wildlife center. I can still remember the clouds of mosquitos that would follow the trucks, sometimes the trucks would turn gray from the bugs sticking to the truck. It was great until you got stuck. The crew was great too: Rob French 71, Mike Walker 73, Paula Moberg 73, and several others who drifted in and out of the crew. I can still smell the diesel fogger, mixed with dursban, nasty stuff, long before we knew better I guess. Thanks for the memories. -Brad Wear (71) ******************************************************* >>From: Patty Stordahl (72) To Mike Artz (71): I would love to. I will be in Montana for all of this next week. Unfortunately my business is mostly away on the road. Trade show industry, you know. I will get in touch as soon as I can get a day or so to not be so crammed with appointments. Commission sales is a great way to make money but a crappy way to have a real social life. Maybe that is why I have been so successful at dodging the big C word. Yeah, I know you men thought you had the corner on fear of commitment. LOL. I am slowing down a bit though. My Bomber alumni ex husband really put the fear of the big C in me years ago though I tried it again I feel I make a better career woman than wife. Hope to see you in August. Lunch sounds great. It is a date. Regarding Mr. Fankhauser. He was a very close and personal friend of my parents and had suffered with cancer for many years prior to my dad getting cancer and passing away 3 years ago last February. He had grace and a wonderful belief in God and his mercy. Though it has been a while since we have I have seen him, my Mom remembered him with only positive memories just yesterday while I was with her. I am so grateful my father only had to suffer for 3 months. God knows who has the grace to endure and who doesn't. I was in his chemistry class also. I hated it but when I went on to college I found a love for the microscope and analyzing every part of the unseen life under the scope. I feel that maybe that is why I now scrutinize every aspect of what I do for a living. He will be missed but not forgotten in my heart. My best to his family. Fond memories. -Patty Stordahl (72) ******************************************************* >>From: Jennifer Jacobson (79) I had the first newspaper interview of my fledgling opera career with the arts and entertainment writer for the Bend (Oregon) Bulletin this week.... when asked what/who I listen to besides classical music, I was proud to say "country" and quite pleased to mention the guy I knew from high school, Michael Peterson (77)! ...Sure enough, the man printed THAT in the blurb about me. (He also said a spinto soprano was "like Aretha Franklin", go figure.) Have fun at the reunion, Class of '79! Wish I was going to be there. Jennifer Jacobson (79) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 7/13/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers sent stuff in: Dick Harris (49), Ray Gillette (49), Dorothy Sargent (51), J.G. "Sue" Garrison (58), Steve Carson (58), Connie Madron (60), Nancy Jones (60), Bob Mattson (64), Carol Converse (64), Gerald Stein (66), Mike Foss (66), Ron St. John (67) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dick Harris (49) Al Hester ('50): Interesting that you would mention Truman Tucker ('50), playing canasta with you! He and his wife attend the First United Methodist Church, here in Wenatchee. -Dick Harris ('49) ******************************************************* >>From: Ray Gillette (49) To Dick Harris (49), Jo Cawdrey (49/50), and Norma Lee Culverhouse (49): Re: the appellation of Pemby Pootenacker Pyals We probably have to revisit the fertile mind of Phil Raekes (49). He is responsible for most of the "strange" nicknames that the members of the various groups of his friends were given. How he came up with them would likely even be lost to him at this point but I think we need to get the "Judge" to join in on some of these discussions in order to find out for sure. (For those who didn't know, Phil Raekes is still doing his thing as a Judge with Benton (I think) County. I'm sure that if Rem Ryals was on line he would like to forget that he was called Pemby. He did graduate in three years and most of those three years he was a member of the class of '50. Another dual membership between 49 and 50 classes. (To Jo Cawdrey: He even might be more eligible than you). I think Rem just recently had his 66th birthday while a lot of us 49ers have reached 68. Oh to be a dapper 65 again. -Ray Gillette (49) ******************************************************* >>From: Dorothy Sargent Rath (51) It was great reading the list of songs that Anna Mae Wann Thompson (49) submitted the other day. I always say the music in that era was unforgettable -- just the best ever. I think I had every Frankie Laine record that came out, Doris Day, the Mills Brothers ad infinitum. And don't forget Johnny Ray's Cry! I had so many of those now-valuable 78 records (unfortunately most of them ended up getting warped). A lot of the western music -- (Hank Williams' Lovesick Blues, Little Jimmy Dickins, good old Spike Jones -- was popular in the late 40's and then we got all that beautiful dance music. When I hear some of those songs now, it's nostalgia, big time. They all got played at the Hi-Spot where we all gathered on Wednesdays and Saturdays (?) downtown in the old rec hall. Ah, those were the days! I always have to tell people that my sister Betty named the Hi-Spot. I think there was a contest or something to name it, and her entry won. -Dorothy Sargent Rath (51) ******************************************************* >>From: J. G. "Sue" Garrison Pritchett (58) Thanks to all of you who ordered alphabet-house ornaments. If you asked that they be mailed to you, you'll be happy to know that "B" House, Ranch House, and Prefab ornaments are being mailed First Class on July 13. "A" House ornaments are delayed, but will be mailed as quickly as they get here - perhaps 4-6 weeks from now. If you ordered ornaments but wanted to pick them up at the Senior Center, here's a schedule for 3 weeks when we'll be there. If you can't make connections during the times listed, just give me a call at home and we can arrange for you to pick them up at my home during evening hours. (946-9087) Schedule: July 13 9am-12 July 14 10am-1 July 16 10am-12 July 20 1pm-3 July 22 12:30pm-2 July 27 9am-12 July 29 12:30pm-2 After July, we'll come up with another schedule. Don't worry -- everyone who ordered ornaments will get them. -J.G. "Sue" Garrison Pritchett (58) ******************************************************* >>From: Steve Carson (58) For Kathy Miller (58) A 35 footer was large in North Richland. We lived in the 500 or 600 block at G street in a 28 foot unit. My sister slept in the bed by converting the table and I slept on the couch. I grew 9" in my 8th grade year and would wake up in the morning with my feet sticking out the door. Jim Castelberry and Dennis Catt were buddys and pitching pennies while waiting for the bus to Chief Jo was a daily event. Jim and I used to ride our bikes to the drive in and wash windshields for a quarter. The main purpose was to get in to the picture for free. Those were good memories. When we finally came up on the housing list and got a ranch house in the 1200 block on Cedar it took a while to get used to the space. The first night there we all came in to the living room and sat on the couch out of habit. Having more than one place to sit was a luxury and having my own room was the best. I'm sure we rode the same bus to Chief Jo, Kathy. I'm going to have to pull out my yearbook and refresh my memory. -Steve Carson (58) ******************************************************* >>From: Connie Madron Hall (60) To: Howard Kirz (60) Speaking of the weather in the 100-N Area, I worked in a tin covered hut with 24 Kaiser estimators. My fingers got so cold in the winter that I couldn't type and we could see our breath inside the hut. In the summer, if it reached 105 degrees they would let us go home, and it did several times. In those days, I wore 3-inch spike heels with pointed toes. On a regular basis my heel would go through the plywood floor. I remember the engineers figuring out the pounds per square inch pressure on those heels. They'd have a hearty laugh each time I broke through. We had mice in the bottom drawers of the file cabinets, paper all chewed up into a nice nest. But, I also remember how excited and proud I felt when my boss took me out and let me stand on the core of the reactor. Now, when you fly over it between Pasco and Seattle, there's nothing left. -Connie Madron Hall (60) ******************************************************* >>From: Nancy Jones Larsen Pritchard (60) I am coming to Richland to visit family on the weekend of July 24th and 25th. I hope to get to the SPUDNUT SHOP to refuel and help my husband understand the Spudnut/Bomber theories. We hope to be there around noon on Saturday, July 24th, if any of the class of 60 would like to meet us there. We are actually staying in Grandview with my brother, Ken Jones (57), so will drive to Richland for a Spudnut fix.... My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I do read the news every day and love the stories you have to tell. It has been wonderful for me to hear from so many of you who had Jerry for a teacher and liked it. Hope to see you soon. To Rich Conley (66): What a flood of memories you brought back. I was a few years before you, but remember my father (Harry L. Jones) dropping me off at the rec center every Friday night for years. The guys weren't the only ones worried about sweaty palms, the girls did also. It's too bad that young people don't get such a positive experience these days. Thanks for the memory! -Nancy (60) ******************************************************* >>From: Bob Mattson (64) Well, to the boys from Christ the King, a question. Who holds the record for the most pink slips given out in one day? Well, let me give you a hint! It was Mark Browne (64) and yours truly. We Picked up 23 in just one day, that was just like the Dow Jones maxing out. Jimmy Lynch (64) was in charge of the bathroom, and Phil Benedict (64) was in the hall watch. And I find that the girls didn't even have a discipline measure like ours. Hummm, well? -Bob Mattson, the first graduating class of CTK ******************************************************* >>From: Carol Converse Maurer (64) TO: Ann Thompson (49) Most all the songs that you mentioned I have heard before. Seems like quite a few of them were popular later on also as I seem to remember hearing them in the 50s and 60s. I had to laugh at the one song "Smoke Smoke Smoke That Cigarette". Can you believe a song written about smoking? I have never heard it before so perhaps it was negative smoking. Our 35th reunion is coming up fairly soon and am planning on attending. Hope to see a lot of you there. -Carol Converse Maurer (64) ******************************************************* >>From: Gerald Stein (66) Well, I am back in Michigan where it is hot and humid. The weather was great while I was in Richland. But before leaving Richland, I managed to verify one more rumor. You can not buy a dozen Spudnuts for 60 cents anymore. They indicated it had something to with profit margin. But I was able to verify that the Spudnuts are still fantastic. Now I have some sad news. Tastee Freeze was closed on a Saturday night before 9 PM, and there were no young kids cruising around Zips. Only a lot of older people trying to cruise around about a 20 by 20 foot building which is all that is left. But the roller rink is still open and doing a crisp business. By the way, what do all the kids do these days? They could not be found anywhere in town. Next, when did they drain Wellsian pond? I remember catching my first trout there. I think they would stock it the day before opening day. We didn't care how big they were as long as we caught fish. What a loss for all the little kids. Well, that's all for now. -Gerald Stein (66) ******************************************************* >>From: Mike Foss (66) Hi! This is my first time to respond to the great conversations I've been listening in on through this site. I can't help but comment on the mosquito spraying. When I was a boy we ran behind the 4X4 sprayer laughing and jumping. We had no idea what it might do to us... so, it was just great fun. I also remember the hot nights. But, now that I'm in the midwest, I can be thankful that they were not humid! I had hoped to visit Richland again this summer - I've been able to return every year for the past few summers. But our house has sold and we're moving. So, wave at the Bomber Bowl for me and take a run along the Columbia. Greetings to Ted Cadd and spouse, as well as Gary and others from the classes of '65-'66. I love this site. -Mike Foss (66) ******************************************************* >>From: Ron St. John (67) The last message I sent was inadvertently attributed to my older brother Richard St. John class of 65. Thanks for all the memories, I don't seem to remember much of my Richland years (1951-1967) without all the clues provided by all those who write in. Please keep up the good vibes! Thanks, Ron ~~~~~ [Ron -- Bomber apologies. This happened in the 7/6/99 Alumni Sandstorm. Archive fixed. -Maren] *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 7/14/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 13 Bombers sent stuff in: Rufus Pederson (48), Art "Tom" Hughes (56), Rich Baker (58), Carolyn Carson (60), Bill Johnson (61), Gary Twedt (62), Sharon Brooks (62), Jean Armstrong (64), Patty de la Bretonne (65), Larry Leingang (67), Teri Claphan (74), Betsy Theroux (82), Shelley Williams (84) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Rufus Pederson (48) Hooray for Ray (Gillette, that is!) Thanks for the good info re: Pemby. Yesterday morning, after reading ALUMNI Sandstorm, I called Rem and neither of us could place the originator of the nickname, but I suggested Joe Wilson as a possibility. Thanks for correcting me. I was beginning to think Dick Roberts (49) was the only member of the late 40's group with any remaining brain cells, but you have proven otherwise. (Dick also has the gift of his files - having saved every yellowed page of the HS paper.) Even I had a momentary click of synapses yesterday and remembered "Sexy Rexy" as a charter member of the Hunt Point All Stars. For Phil - do you recall the ill-fated hand-built raft we launched just north of the W. Richland bridge?? For Maren & Gary -many thanks for the publication. For Jo C-L -smooches a'plenty for notes & jokes. -Rufus (R.J.) Pederson, '48 (Dick Harris,pls note correct spelling) ******************************************************* >>From: Art "Tom" Hughes (56) As I recall the words to the Smoke , Smoke, smoke that Cigarette were something like: Smoke, Smoke, smoke that Cigarette Puff, Puff, Puff until you Puff Yourself to death Tell St. Peter at the Golden Gate He's just going to have to wait You just got to have another cigarette. -Art (Tom) Hughes, Class of 56 ******************************************************* >>From: Rich Baker (58) Classes from the 40's to the 90's have sent in great memories of growing up and living in Richland. But, of all the memories, the Spudnut Shop has to have the greatest number of hits (as it indeed should). I was surprised to read about the "Starbuck" scare and, like everyone else, relieved it didn't happen. Then I got to thinking. Why don't we, the Bomber Alumni, ensure it NEVER happens? If the present owners are indeed interested in selling, we should take up a collection, sell shares, or something to raise the money to purchase the Spudnut Shop under the name of the Bomber Alumni. I would be interested in knowing if others share this same feeling. I am sure with the number of alumni this great web site has drawn together, that the individual contributions would be reasonable. Naturally, we wouldn't be doing it to get rich, we would be doing it to ensure the preservation of one of the fondest memories of Bomber Alumni, young and old. Of course, there are some minor details that would have to be worked out if this were to happen. But, step one is to see if the interest is there. Best Regards, -Rich Baker '58 ******************************************************* >>From: Carolyn Carson Renaud (60) To: Steve Carson ('58) Hey brother - how could you forget our address at the trailer? It was 502 G Street. The 600 block was the segregated block - only African Americans. My best friends, Doris McDonald and Earleen Thompson, and I would ride our bikes through the 600 block and sometimes stop and talk to the kids there. What a scandal! I sold newspapers on the steps of the Post Office for a long time. I saved all the money I made so I could take it on vacation when we went to Grand Canyon, etc. I spent it all on postcards from everywhere we stopped. I still have the scrapbook too! What did you have to show for your money, huh brother? Seems to me you used to borrow money from me quite often. Remind you of the grasshopper and ant story? Love you anyway (and by the way, I think you still owe me about $1,000 from my babysitting money LOL). -Carol Carson Renaud (60) ******************************************************* >>From: Bill Johnson (61) RE: A little something for the sandstorm To Carol Converse Maurer (64) Never heard "Smoke Smoke Smoke that cigarette" Huh? Ya I guess that you could say that it was a little negative and humorous. It goes like this - or at least the first verse: Smoke Smoke Smoke that cigarette Smoke Smoke Smoke Till you smoke yourself to death Tell St. Peter at the golden gate That you hate to make him wait But you just gotta have another cigarette -Bill Johnson (61) ******************************************************* >>From: Gary Twedt (62) All this talk about Spudnuts and living in the wilds of Idaho (no one here knows what a Spudnut is), I just had to try. Thought process - I can bake, I do all kinds of bread, bagels and donuts. I had watched the process for years as a customer, should be able to make a basic food group like Spudnuts. The Internet had several recipes for “Spudnuts”. Even in Idaho we have flour, yeast, and oh yes-SPUDS. Second wrong premise - Don’t try this on a Monday evening after work. The most likely appearing recipe turned out to be of battalion quantity. The product was great, but after four hours in deep-fry grease smoke and splatter and one irritated wife (she’d worked all day too), kinda took the fun out of it. We sent platters of spudnuts to the neighborhood, daughter’s college buds, and eventually called the P.D. for an emergency transport of the leftovers. Next time I think we’ll just drive to Richland. -Gary Twedt (62) ******************************************************* >>From: Sharon Brooks Sims (62) I just picked up the "B" house ornament. I am very impressed. Looking at the house I can almost smell the coal burning in the air. When we first came to the Tri-Cities in 1944 we got a B house at 404 Delafield. The ornament is just like it was then, no trees, flowers, shrubs and the wooden porch with no cover. Thanks to Sue Garrison Pritchett (58) and all that worked on this project. You did a great job! -Sharon Brooks Sims (62) ******************************************************* >>From: Jean Armstrong Reynolds (64) I am finally getting caught up and have a minute to send off a note.. I spent a week in Richland last month and had a wonderful time, as usual.. I was there for the Cool Desert Nights.. The old cars were amazing, and the Kingsmen were as good as I remember them being... See the pictures I took at It was great to visit with my family and friends who I have kept in touch with through the years and to see some friends who I hadn't seen in years, but had been in my thoughts.. Lunch with my 6th grade teacher, Mr. Smith and his wife, was the highlight of my visit.. He is still the same as he was back then.. They will be there for our 35th in August and so will I.. I am already packed... My husband and I are driving up.. In my Chrysler Sebring.. You can't miss it, it's GREEN and GOLD... As the memories come back, slowly, I might add... I read about Welsian Lake.. I remember the tadpoles that we would take home and watch their legs grow and turn into frogs.. That still amazes me... I remember fishing there.. But, mostly, I remember ice skating on the Lake.. I also remember my dog falling through the ice and me going in to get her out... I had to lie on the ice and reach in to get her.. I only got the top part of me wet.. Not sure why I didn't fall in with her.... I took my coat off, wrapped her in it and carried her home.. A special thanks to Maren and Mike Pearson (74) for reaching my sister though the Sandstorm and myself, so she could attend the '74 reunion last weekend.. She had a wonderful time.. She is living in Murphy, Idaho and doesn't have internet access yet.. Maybe someday... Keep up the GREAT work. See ya in August. -Jean Armstrong Reynolds (64) ******************************************************* >>From: Patty de la Bretonne (65) Hey, Hello to Mike Foss! Where is your brother Fred? I'm remembering music and musicals from High School. Patty de la Bretonne '65 ******************************************************* >>From: Larry Leingang (67) To Gerald Stein (66) Just wondering if this is the same Jerry Stein that I ran around with once in a while in 66 & 67. The one with the sleeper 53 Chev with the 301 under the hood, and use to go through a few drive lines ( broke them). Also used to run out to the desert ( I think we called it Beer Flats, don't know how it got the name) and Party a little. Just wanted to say HI if your the one and recall a few old fun memories. I was also in Richland a few weeks ago during Cool Desert Nites, had a blast. Then got to return back home to the rain in Vancouver, WA. Well catch you later, -Larry Leingang (67) ******************************************************* >>From: Diane Carpenter Kipp (72) Thanks for sending out Jeff Curtis' sock hop memory again - it was very well written and entertaining. He should send it to a magazine. I enjoyed reading the boy's point of view. -Diane Carpenter Kipp (72) ******************************************************* >>From: Teri Claphan Foss (74) Just a note to express how enjoyable it was to see old friends at the '74 reunion last weekend. It was great fun. Many thanks to those of you who spent long hours organizing this event. Mike Foss (66) it is great to see your name here. It is a great site. So many fond memories. -Teri Claphan Foss (74) ******************************************************* >>From: Betsy Theroux Thoman (82) I love reading about the memories that every one has of their years in Richland. I had only moved there in the middle of my junior year and graduated so my memories are limited. But the neatest impression that I carry to this day is that it was so very easy to be included in activities or by the people. I guess this was due to the influx of outsiders to work in the area. I am now on the east Coast and when I see Bing cherries for $3.99 a pound. I remember friends with trees or road side stands for 29 cents a pound. There was also a large group of us who went to Young Life for fellowship that was led by some very cool teachers. I remember sand storms that amazed me..... to this day I hate to dust!!!! I would love to see some more people from late 70's and early 80's write more. Thanks for sharing the memories. -Betsy Theroux Thoman (82) ******************************************************* >>From: Shelley Williams Robillard (84) I want to say a public THANK YOU to Maren and Richard Anderson (60) for helping me with my email problems. The problem appears to be fixed. Mr. Anderson actually installed programs I am using on his computer in order to help. Now that is going above and beyond. I really appreciate such special effort! Thank you so much! -Shelley Williams Robillard (84) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 7/15/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11 Bombers sent stuff in: Dick Roberts (49), Ray Gillette (49), Shirley Watts (49), Ann Pearson (50), Steve Carson (58), June Smith (63), Carol Converse (64), Cheryl Moran (66), Linda Pohlod (67), Jacqueline Tallant (69), Peggy Hartnett (72) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dick Roberts (49) To Dick Harris (49) You are so right. It was Pemby Pootennacher not Putenhacker, but I still think you had something to do with it. TO Norma Culverouse King (49) We had parties in the basement of the "B" house on Goethals. The Par-A-Dice club pitched in and painted the walls white, decorated it and put corn meal on the floor to dance. My folks moved to Kennewick after Carol and I left Richland and had parties in their basement out there for the "gang". We weren't there to enjoy but we heard everyone had a great time. My parents loved the young set as they had young minds in their mature bodies. Let that be a lesson to all of us. Yes, you are old enough now, but barely, to know the genesis of Pemby Ryals. Look for a separate explanation that includes other nicknames. The poker club may have been the Ray Gillette/Ray King group known as the PS and B's. Ray Gillette will tell you what it all stands for. I have done my share of nastiness in cyber space today. The song "Five Foot Two" is a song from my dad's (Rasty) era. He and I used to play it with great gusto on our ukuleles. Another oldie was "Ain't She Sweet". You may have been present sometime to hear the razzmatazz. He was a great natural musician and singer although he couldn't read music. Nor I. To Rufus Pederson (48): So good to hear from you. Yes, the Hunt Point Allstars that played some other pick up team, their name I cannot remember, on the grass field along Van Gieson just w/o Goethals across the street from a church. Remember? we called it "dog doo stadium" and we used the irrigation hoses to outline the playing field. Thanks for the recall. To Jo Ann Cawdrey Leveque (49/50), A Big Bomber Hello, You were quite a party girl. Keep looking for another Sandstorm Society Column where you, among others are mentioned. Regarding Pemby Ryals. As the unofficial, unappointed and probably unaware historian of the Par-A-Dice club, I will give you some clues as to how we members all had nick names. You realize that we were at our height of creativity and nastiness when we were sophomores in high school. The more creative were Phil Raekes (49), Gary Nield (49) and Rufus Pederson (48) who was older and more worldly. The rest of us were equal in the nastiness category. It was a matter of a play on words, or a rhyme to create something nasty and then we had to modify the nastiness in order to greet each other in public. There was not a clue of good taste. For example, there was a basketball player in Pasco whose name was Bernie Hancock. You may remember. His name became Firey Footpecker. We didn't like Bernie as he got into a fight with Mel Stratton outside of one of their teen hops in Pasco, therefore, we didn't try to modify his name. This should blue the air between me and thee. Par-A-Dice Club Members: Rembert Ryals: Instead of Remy, became Pimpy transformed into Pemby. The Putenhacker was later added either by Dick Harris or Rufus. Rex Davis: Sexy Rexy, of course. Transformed into Soouxy or Sooux. Phil Raekes: Phil Rakeass or banjo eyes. Royal West: Royal Wesson Oil. Mel Stratton: Bones (he was pretty skinny) Rufus Pederson: BJ instead of RJ Dickie Lee Roberts: Dickie Lean Over (and kiss _____) Gary Nield: N_____ Nield. No longer a word heard. Joe (Joseph) Wilson: Joesyphlis to Joegonnorae to Yogandi. Actually Joe's name is David Joel Wilson, but I don't think we knew that at the time. So, there you have it, for what it is. Another Social Whirl from the April 20, 1949, Sandstorm, page 4. "About everyone enjoyed the spring vacation. No one had to study so there was fun a'plenty. To begin the vacation, Ann Pierson gave a party at her home Tuesday, April 5. Some of the guests danced while others played cards. A few of those present were: Alton Schell, Ray King, Dick Roberts, Bill Tracey, Kenny Hinkle, Sue Ryal, Anna Mae McCleary, Sandra Atwater, Janet Browning, Dorothy Sargent and Paula Doctor." Do you remember, Ann? A Big Bomber Cheer! -Dick Roberts (49) ******************************************************* >>From: Ray Gillette (49) For Rufus (R.J.) Pederson (48) Hey, Rufe, it is good to hear from you. I was trying to remember what (if any) name we had for you. Along with Sexy Rexy (Davis) it might have seemed logical to give you an appellation like Goofy Rufy but I don't think we ever did. I don't know if Phil Raekes (49) is monitoring these conversations and even though Rem Ryals (49) has a computer in his house now I think it is only used by his wife Patty Doyle Ryals (54?). Hope all is well with you Rufe, keep the synapses flowing.... -Ray Gillette (49) ******************************************************* >>From: Shirley Watts James (49) Hi Sandstorm readers: All this talk about Tiel makes me homesick for Holland. My husband and I lived in Europe for three years while building a plastics plant for G.E. We were in Holland during the Vietnam War and students were very anti-American because of our role in that skirmish. It really made me understand the feeling of being in the "minority" when our apartment house manager came to warn us about the danger of being out in the street because of our nationality. He went on to say that people his age remembered what the U.S. did for Holland in World War II so he would protect us against any violence. U.S. graves are carefully and lovingly tended by the Dutch. Many of our friends tell us (with tears in their eyes) of their tribulations during that debacle such as eating the tulip bulbs to keep from starving and loss of family members. They are a wonderful nation full of wonderful people and I cherish the time I spent there. Incidentally, my husband was from Spokane and we still own a farm there so we visit often often. I never miss riding on the merry-go-round. It has wonderful memories for my husband and I have a history of its restoration if anyone is interested. -Shirley Watts James (49) ******************************************************* >>From: Ann Pearson Burrows (50) To Ray Gillette '49 Pemby and I graduated from Jefferson together - we were the same age almost to the month - then somehow "Pemby" graduated one year before me from CHS, two years before me from college - and you ask why he was nicknamed Pemby????I even heard that his graduation from law school was before he was legally able to practice... What a guy.. What a school system... What can one say? -Ann Pearson Burrows (50) ******************************************************* >>From: Steve Carson (58) For Carol Carson Renaud (60) If I couldn't remember our address in North Richland how could you expect me to remember a debt. Parts Heimer has set in. Steve Carson (58) ******************************************************* >>From: June Smith Colletti (63) Something came to me when I reading the Sandstorm..... the tearing of this down... the "getting rid" of that building. Let those things be torn down and if need, make room for the newer and better. But, you know Bombers? Between all of us and our memories..... we will never "loose" those things. Isn't that what sharing is?! -June Smith Colletti (63) ******************************************************* >>From: Carol Converse Maurer (64) RICH BAKER (58) I believe you have a very good idea to help save the Spudnut Shop. We could all help out. So many places are going by the wayside in Richland these days. We need to help preserve at least one icon. Someone had the idea of a group of people starting up a preservation service. I really think that needs to be done also, or else all the OLD places will be torn down and replaced. JEAN ARMSTRONG (64) I really did enjoy looking at the pictures that you took from Cool Summer Nights. Thanks for sharing them with us!! See ya at the reunion. -Carol Converse Maurer (64) ******************************************************* >>From: Cheryl Moran Fleming (66) To: Rich Baker (58). You have a wonderful idea about keeping the Spudnut Shop alive and well forever. After having lunch there just last week with 2 friends, I will agree that it's an ICON we can't see disappear. Not that we should encourage the present owners to give it up now, but if in the future it is being sold off we (the Bomber Alumni) should most definitely have first dibs. One never knows if in their twilight years, they may be making Spudnuts. Please hang on to this idea. I received my ornaments and they turned out great! I am sending my sister a Ranch House and Jim (65) will get the prefab. Thanks again for another good idea. What houses will be made next??? To Gerald Stein (66): Too bad about no one circling Zips while you were there. I guess with the invention of movies on video and computers, no one has time to drive their cars around town as much. I did enjoy your travel log though about your visit. -Cheryl Moran Fleming (66) ******************************************************* >>From: Linda Pohlod Rushing (67) Hello It was fun to go home again and show my 14 year old all my old haunts. We visited my grandfather's grave and I told her all about my favorite grandparent. It is nice to go home once in awhile. I haven't kept in touch with any of my high school friends. It would be fun to hear what they've done or what they are doing now. Some of them I miss and think of a lot. Hope to hear from some of them through this line. -Linda Pohlod Rushing (67) ******************************************************* >>From: Jacqueline Tallant Rohlf (69) Aloha all, I've enjoyed reading my 1st. ALUMNI Sandstorm E-mail and would definitely like to be added to the list. I've now lived in Hawaii for almost 20yrs. and do not miss the hot dry "sandstorms" at all! My parents and my older sister (Diana Spires) have made the Tri-Cities their homes, so I get back often enough. Hope to catch up with some people I haven't seen or heard from in years. Meanwhile Thanks for the colossal recipes. I think the only time I ever ate at the cafeteria was on cinnamon roll days! Keep the memories coming! -Jacqueline Tallant Rohlf (69) ******************************************************* >>From: Peggy Hartnett (72) To: Rich Baker (58) You know Rich, I do share your sympathies regarding The Spudnut Shop. Though I live far away I would probably pitch in and buy a few shares, but the piece of the picture you are missing is maybe Val is really sick and tired of ^*)&^&@#*^ Spudnuts. I remember eating them before she and I were in first grade together and that was almost 40 years ago. She is my idea of saint, after 20 years in the business, there are days when I am sick of looking at what I cook, now matter how good it may be. So, until someone considers her perspective, we should all be thankful and appreciative and not apply any undue pressure. After all: a Spudnut may be a Spudnut without a Ghirardo in the kitchen before down, but finding another saint is unlikely. Or, do you want the job? -Peggy Hartnett (72) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 7/16/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff in: Ann Pearson (50), Vera Smith (58), Mina Jo Gerry (68), Dawna Archibald (82), Kelly Baker (82) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Ann Pearson Burrows (50) To: Dick Roberts '49 No I don't have the faintest recollection of that party!! That was my sixteenth birthday however.... must have had cake and ice cream! Wow - one really does need to save all those newspapers to keep up with what you did!! Thanks for the reminder Dick. -Ann Pearson Burrows (50) ******************************************************* >>From: Vera Smith Robbins (58) To Richard Baker (58) I talked to Val (owner of the Spudnut Shop) and she says she has no children, but lots of nieces and nephews who would take over the business. It didn't sound like she was going to let that wonderful place die. However, I liked your idea about everyone buying shares and keeping the SPUDNUT SHOP going forever. -Vera Smith Robbins (58) ******************************************************* >>From: Mina Jo Gerry Payson (68) As I sit here reading my latest Sandstorm, I am putting off the inevitable. I have a load of towels in the washer to hang on the line. One of my growing up chores was to either hang up or take down loads of wash from the line and I still love to crawl into bed and smell an "outside dried" pillowcase under my head. I remember hanging clothes in the days before so many orchards were in the area and having the clothes dry before I finished. Our ranch house came equipped with clothesline poles made out of I-beams sunk in concrete. The houses next door and behind us still have theirs. Dad gave ours to Linda Flagor's (68) dad to install at their farm out on Keene Road and we got the more modern "one pole in the middle" variety. I have a newer version that folds up in the winter (if someone remembers to do it). One day I mentioned my solar clothes dryer to a friend who wanted to know how it worked in the winter! Well, I have killed enough time. The towels are calling my name. Linda Pohlod (67), I remember you from Westside Church youth group. You were one of the upperclass people we looked up to. -Mina Jo Gerry Payson (68) ******************************************************* >>From: Dawna Archibald Gibson (82) Rich Baker (58), I thought that you had a really great idea about the Spudnut Shop. I am sure that most everyone would agree with you. I do think, however, that some people should most definitely cut back on their caffeine. Have a great day and keep the excellent idea's coming. Dawna Archibald Gibson (82) ******************************************************* >>From: Kelly Baker (82) RE: Hawaiian Spudnuts :) Ha! This message is to Jacqueline Tallant Rohlf (69) and Peggy Hartnett (72), oh, and to my dad, Rich Baker (48, I mean, 58) :-) I just wanted to let Jacqueline know, even though I don't know her, that I feel she is so very lucky to live in such an awesome place. And the fact that you get to come home to visit often has to make your home in Hawaii truly, "Home Sweet Home"! Good for you! A note to Peggy, I don't think dad (Rich Baker) meant for Val to stay there and slave over a hot "doughnut machine", but that his middle daughter (that would be me) would run the shop! Right dad? HA! In all reality, I'm sure if we are able to save the Spudnut shop, that somewhere out there is an eager individual who would be happy and grateful to run the show. I too have fond memories of Val as she was the student helper in my second grade class at Spalding (Mrs. Levett's class). Dawna Archibald (82) and I were in that class together. You know, it's amazing, after that year, no matter how hard we tried, no matter what "heartfelt" excuse we gave, Dawna and I were never put together in the same class room again... all the way through high school! Now, whatzup with that?!! Anyway, I just wanted to give my dad some moral support here. I, along with several others think his idea rocks and will help with any ideas/plans anyone might have to make this dream come true! Have a most awesome weekend, Bomber-Buds! Love, -Kellly "Kel" Baker (82) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 7/17/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff in: Norma Culverhouse (49), Al Hester (50), Jerry Swain (54), Linda Houck (61), Carol Converse (64), Jean Armstrong (64), Terry Hutson (74), Charles Tharp (96) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Norma Culverhouse King (49) Richard, I really enjoyed the info about the nick names. It brought to mind the nick name for Dr. Harris (Rah Rah Rah). We were all going to boycott school when he replaced Mr. Barker. Luckily somebody put a stop to our boycott. I remember dog doo stadium. When you named PS and B it rang a bell and I believe Ray did tell me what that stood for. It was interesting to hear how the High Spot got the name. If I ever knew that, I forgot. Wasn't the teen age club in the a dorm at one time? Was it called the High Spot then? My memory (don't depend on it) tells me it moved to the Community House (my Mother worked behind the candy counter) in the fall of 1947. Ah the good times had at the High Spot and so many memories. Put me down for shares in the Spudnut Shop. I will never forget Barlo Ghiardo. It was a treat just to go in the Spudnut Shop and be greeted by Barlo. Norma Culverhouse King (49) ******************************************************* >>From: Al Hester (50) To Dick Harris (49): Good to hear that you are in Wenatchee and that Trueman Tucker (50) is going to same Methodist Church with you. As I recall, you were a cheerleader. Is that right? I find I don't remember as many things as lots of the people from Richland do. Could it be I'm older than a lot of them??? Please tell Trueman "hello" for me and that I want to get in contact with him. I do hope to come up for the 50th reunion of the Class of 50 next year. It would be wonderful to see all of you. No one will recognize me as I have a beard, which I certainly didn't have in Richland! Best regards to you and to all. Al Hester (50) ******************************************************* >>From: Jerry Millard Swain (54) RE: Memories I have waded through most of the memories at the Bomber Memories site without comment until now and as soon as John Zilar (56) asked the name of the first manager of CC Andersons - then proceeded to deny Lloyd Swain (66) the right to answer the question - I stepped in because John forgot to exempt me. The first manager of CC Andersons was a gentleman named Howard Krystell (sp?) and he lived at 310 Cullum in Richland until Mel Swain (my dad and Lloyd and Linda's) became the manager in 1945 and we moved into that house. Some other memories: Mrs. Puderbaugh's husband and his telescope. Lee Clarkson, principal of Lewis and Clark. The Lewis and Clark School Song: Killy Killy Killy Killy Wash Wash Wash Wash Kiah, Kiah, Kiah Hail to Lewis and Clar--k Our hearts are ever dear to thee... Muscles (Sonny) "Hey, Hey" Irrigation water from the separate tap in the yard. How fast a dog will run with turpentine on his rear. "Tract" houses, those old looking places down the street. The day I got flushed and my eerie voice came out of the heating duct and scared the bygosh out of Lloyd and Linda. CAP and Sam Ellis et al... The trap door in Mrs. Buescher's geometry class that it seems everyone knew about. Including our exclusive club - the mole men! Trips to Ellensburg, Long, long trips to Ellensburg. All the wonderful, witty, wild people who have been contributing to this memory tableau. More later, I'm burnt out. Jerry Swain (54) ******************************************************* >>From: Linda Houck See (61) Hello to ALL Bombers! It has been a while since I contributed to this wonderful "trot down the hallowed halls/streets/memories. I, too, believe Richland and RHS/Col-Hi is the greatest town ever!!! I would like to say a special thank you to Jim House (a former Study Hall neighbor in the OLD Auditorium in 1961, with my last name of Houck, we were naturally neighbors, you gave me many a laughs, thanks) (laughs!?, you mean we weren't supposed to talk???). All kidding aside, THANK YOU for your wonderful article on 5/24/99, about being a Viet Nam Vet memories of your thoughts driving by on the way to the far West/East. Beautiful thoughts from one who was there for those of us who weren't but still believed in serving our wonderful country as best we could. I hang my head many times for the way the nation acted when you Viet Vets came home. I can't look at a picture of "The Wall" without crying for those who gave their lives and for their families who are still sacrificing. Thank you for your service to the country. Paula Beardsley Glenn (62), thank you for all your great comments. Yours about the 4th any lying on the grass at the "Bowl" and smelling and watching the fireworks, I, too, think of those times and your father's contributions every time I smell the powder and see the displays. Hello to all the class of '61, don't see too many of your names on here but to those who do comment, thanks, we had a great 3 years at the Columbia High School. It must be time to close this epistle, but thanks to all. Linda Houck See ('61) ******************************************************* >>From: Carol Converse Maurer (64) I received my house ornaments in the mail yesterday. I just love them. I had no idea what they were going to look like. They are so delicate looking. I got the "B" House and also the Ranch House. For those of you who haven't ordered yours yet, they are most certainly worth it. You won't regret it at all. Carol Converse Maurer (64) ******************************************************* >>From: Jean Armstrong Reynolds (64) To: Carol Converse (64) Glad you enjoyed the pictures from Cool Desert Nights.. But, I have to give ALL the credit to Maren.. All I did was go there, have fun, snap the pictures, scan them and send them to Maren.. She created the site and put them on there.. I wouldn't even begin to know how to do that.. I told her that she was SOOOOOOOOO smart and I wished I was her.. I won't tell you what she said... As, for the reunion, I will be there.. I am already packed... I can't wait... But beware, I am bringing my camera... See ya there... Jean Armstrong Reynolds (64) ******************************************************* >>From: Terry Hutson Semmern (74) I am looking for Mary Maury. Mary, I lost your email address (lost alot of things during the move) and so I didn't get a chance to call you while you were in town. Please email me with your email and we'll keep in touch. Hopefully, we can meet up next year for your visit to the Tri-Cities. Terry Hutson Semmern (74) ******************************************************* >>From: Charles Tharp (96) How many people from the class of '96 are on this list? Or '95, or '97, or somewhere in there? Just wondering. It would be nice to have some more people to correspond with. That's all I had to say, I suppose. Charles Harden Tharp V "CV" from the class of '96 ICQ UIN: 1019231 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 7/18/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers sent stuff in: Lu Blakeney (49), Art "Tom" Hughes (56), Mike Miller (58), Marilyn Baird (60), Mike Brady (61), Pam Ehinger (67), Vicki Andersen (67), Terry Hutson (74), Shannon Weil (82) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Lu Blakeney Humphrey (49) To Norma Culverhouse ('49) Yes, I remember the High Spot being in a dorm originally. I think it was on Lee Blvd, but wouldn't swear to that. Bob Clatworthy (50/51) said he remembers it was moved to the rec hall down town. To the person sending the info about Dr. Peterson: (I misplaced the e-mail) I was surprised to hear about him. He had to be in his nineties. He went to grade school and high school with my uncle in Fremont, Nebraska. When we lived in Richland, he became my gynecologist and delivered my two girls. After I moved to Toppenish, I had a boy, but didn't have confidence in the Dr. that delivered him, so went back to Richland to good 'ol Dr. Pete to be checked out. To Maren Smyth (64) Thanks for the info about the "Women's Sports" link. Yes, that was the ball team I played with. I had recently been looking for that picture to send to Shirley Stanley on her 50th wedding anniversary, but didn't have it. I really appreciate you telling me about it. Yes, that is my sister in the picture -- she didn't attend school in Richland. She graduated right before we moved to Richland in 1945, and passed away 13 years ago. Thanks again. Lu Blakeney (49) ******************************************************* >>From: Art "Tom" Hughes (56) RE: Mr. Puterbaugh's Telescope Someone mentioned Mr. Puterbaugh's Telescope. Here is a picture that my Dad took of the two together. -Tom Hughes, Class of '56 ******************************************************* >>From: Mike Miller Oh there are lots of memories from High School days, like the occasional drag races in the parking lot - it's a wonder we survived the trip to the school door. I remember the late night drags at Columbia park, what a crowd that drew and of course the many trips around the Uptown that must have driven the adults a little crazy. I don't know just how many transmissions that I tore out leaving school, shifting into second gear popping the clutch that was a killer but the sound of squealing tires was music then, I got real good at removing and repairing the transmission in that 48 ford convertible that I had in my Junior year. I now wish that I had some of the old cars that I had back in the school years. Of course I never talked about these things in front of my five children all of whom attended the Richland schools and graduated from Columbia High. I never wanted them to think these things were cool so they had to figure out the cool things themselves and of course they never had to tell Mom or Dad about how insane they acted, good that must mean it wasn't too bad. Birthel and I still live here in Richland and always have except for my tour with the US Navy, I'm retired from the Hanford project (four + years) enjoying life, the thirteen grandchildren and the winters in Arizona. -Mike Miller, Class of 58 KD7CRV just in case any of you are hams ******************************************************* >>From: Marilyn Baird Singletary (60) RE: To shake up the ole gray cells How many of these do you remember? Blackjack and Beeman's gum, Powerhouse candy bars, Licorice records, Wax teeth, lips and mustaches, Wax Coke-shaped bottles with colored sugar water, Candy lipstick, Candy cigarettes, Fizzies, Cinnamon toothpicks, Sen-Sen, Soda pop machines that dispense bottles, Pull tabs that snapped off soda cans, Tableside jukeboxes in coffee shops, Home milk delivery in glass bottles with cardboard stoppers, Movies preceded by cartoons and newsreels, Saturday Matinees with the latest serial, Party lines, Phone numbers with alpha prefixes, Rotary phones, Drive-ins with car hops, Sock hops, Winter rubber boots with metal latches, Coonskin caps, P. F. Flyers, Angora sweaters, Scatter pins, Bouffant hairdos, D.A.s, Spoolies, Hair dryers with plastic caps, Butch wax, Peroxide hair, Dart guns with rubber-tipped darts, Tin-can telephones, Peashooters, Cork popguns, Roll of cap-gun caps, Howdy Dowdy puppets, Beanie and Cecil dolls, Mickey Mouse Club, Two-bladed ice skates that clip onto shoes, Roller skates that clip onto shoes, Roller skate keys, S&H green stamps and Plaid stamps, Metal lunch boxes, Winky Dink kits for drawing on the TV screen, Crystal radios, Console hi- fi's with 78's, 45-rpm records, Hand-crank wringers on tub washing machines, Slide rules, Levered metal ice trays, Mimeograph paper, Carbon paper, Flash bulbs, Eight- track tape decks, 8mm Home movie cameras, Dick and Jane readers, Penny candy, 5 cent candy bars and ice cream cones, Moon hubcaps, Pleaded and rolled upholstery, Chopped and channeled hotrods, The best looking boy in class, the best looking girl in class. OOPS...We all remember those. Have a Bomber Day.... Marilyn (60) ******************************************************* >>From: Mike Brady (61) In the 50's, I listened to all of the Bomber basketball games that were on the road. I kept my own score sheet as the game progressed. The play by play radio announcer made the game exciting and alive to me. There was also a sports writer with the Columbia Basin News named Charlie Van Sickle (I think) who inspired me. Does anyone have any information on either of these men? Does anyone remember the books "Backboard Magic" and "Phantom Backfield" by Howard M. Bryer? I read them about 10 times in elementary school. Last year I went through a closet in a torn down elementary school in Seattle, and I found copies of the books. If anyone is interested, I will be happy to loan them out. -Mike Brady (61) ******************************************************* >>From: Pam Ehinger (67) To all the Bombers and Spudnut Owners; I too would be interested in buying shares of the Spudnut! Like so many of us, it's part of home! But I was very glad to that Starbucks was unable to get their hands on it!! We were just in Pasco for a Post Office convention and I spent my time going to Richland and looking things over and seeing what was missing. But like June Smith Colletti (63) said, we still have great memories of the time and places we all use to go to, and they can't take them from us! But the one thing that really got to me was the Lagoon!! They turned it into a FISHING HOLE!!! Now there was the Biggest mistake of all!! We used to have so much fun there, guys checking out gals, gals checking out guys!! Got a chance to see kids in the summer rather than waiting until school started. But as THEY say "Time goes on", but I was still disappointed to see it gone and slime all over the top. Hey does anyone remember the Lost Lake out side of West Richland? It had trees all around it. You drove down a real bumpy dirt road to get there. We used to have some good Beer Parties out there!! There were lots of us, but I won't mention names! Let your memory do the walking down the lane! Well, better get. My laundry is yelling at me, too! Bombers Rule -Pam Ehinger (67) ******************************************************* >>From: Vickie Andersen Simmons (67) I just happened to catch the beginning of this years all-star baseball game the other day. When they brought out all the candidates for their 'century team', it sent me straight back to my early days in Richland. Players like Rollie Fingers, Joe Morgan, Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson, Hank Aaron and on and on and on. I couldn't believe some of these guys were still with us! Whenever I wasn't watching my brothers play baseball, it seems we were all together watching these men playing on TV. These were my first heroes! I just thought it was the most wonderful program to bring them all out and introduce them before the crowd. The camera kept panning to the dugouts and the players were all staring at these men. I wondered how many of them were looking at their childhood heroes. A very happy memory of my time spent as a truly carefree youth! -Vickie Andersen Simmons (67) ******************************************************* REPEAT entry (with the RIGHT address this time): >>From: Terry Hutson Semmern (74) I am looking for Mary Maury. Mary, I lost your email address (lost alot of things during the move) and so I didn't get a chance to call you while you were in town. Please email me with your email and we'll keep in touch. Hopefully, we can meet up next year for your visit to the Tri-Cities. Terry Hutson Semmern (74) ******************************************************* >>From: Shannon Weil Lamarche (82) RE: Mr. Fankhauser I was on vacation the week it was announced that Mr. Fankhauser passed away, so I was shocked to receive his obituary which my mom sent to me yesterday. I am so sad today, he was such a giving teacher and really meant alot to me. Anytime a student had a question or problem (let's face it, chemistry is not the easiest subject), he would stay as long as it took until he/she understood. He is one of the biggest reasons I went into a technical field in the beginning. I will always remember and admire him as a teacher and a wonderful human being. Mr. Fankhauser, we will all miss you so much. -Shannon Weil Lamarche, Class of '82 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 7/19/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 21 Bombers and 1 Bulldog today: Mary Triem (47), Anna May Wann (49), Ed Borasky (59), Pat Cruz (59), Janice Woods (60-PHS), Sharon Brooks (62), Debbie Robinson (64), Kathy Wersen (64), Louise Moyers (65), Patti Snider (65), Linda Pohlod (67), Kathy Hartnett (69) Pam Pyle (69), Mike Franco (70), Larry Crouch (71), Sanford Hammack (73), Maggie Gilstrap (74), Mike Davis (74), Cecily Riccobuono (77), Robin Lawson (77), Mary Bacon (84), Nancy Wickersham (87) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Mary Triem Mowery (47) Re: Club 40 Annual Reunion Lola Lola from Walla Walla, Club 40 Secretary, asked that I remind all Club 40 members that the location as been changed for the reunion. This year the 3 day event is at the Shilo rather than the Tower Inn. The beginning of Club 40 was held at the Shilo (1987), but changed after a few years to the other hotel because of some administrative problems. The annual event is September 10 - 11 -12. How very fortunate Club 40 is to have Lola Yale (Bob's wife) to be our dedicated worker. She didn't even graduate from Col-Hi, but is a Wa-Hi grad!!! As our membership grows, adding 40 year grads each year, it becomes a real chore. Last year we chose to split the secretary/treasurer position and Norma Boswell became our Treasurer. What a terrific bargain for dues -$5/yr and with that you get 2 newsletters per year. We encourage all 40 year graduates to contact either the writer or this site to ask about "how to" . Although you may not know some of us older Bombers, come and join us for a great reunion. -Mary Triem Mowery - Class of '47 ******************************************************* >>From: Anna May Wann Thompson (49) (aka "Ann") To Marilyn Baird Singletary, Class of 60: Wow what a memory you have. You sure brought back a few for me. Such fun items, like roller skate keys, table side jukeboxes, and on and on, how about a few years later, yoyos, hoola hoops, remember when rock and roll began, saddle shoes, Bunny Hop, pompadour's and "duck tails". Here you are 11 years younger and you still remember some of the stuff we "oldies" had. One of you guys mentioned Bernie Hancock the other day. He coached with Mel at Kennewick. He grew up to be not tooooo bad. He had a lovely wife who tamed him down and helped him mature. To Lu Blakeney (49): Yes the Hi-Spot was on Lee Boulevard in one of the old women's dorms. We all worked hard decorating and painting that building. That was the best place for kids to hang out. Remember the kitchen where we cooked hamburgers? If you get a chance at the reunion to see some of the pictures that Lola Yale has collected, you will see lots of shots of many of us at the original "Hi-Spot". Did any of you ever go to Mesa to the dances in the old school building. We did once and had a blast. Got home after 2:00 though and was grounded for two weeks. It was worth it. The farmers loved us teenagers breaking into their party. To Mike Brady (61): If I remember right Charlie Van Sickle passed away about 10 years or more ago. I can't remember where we were living at the time but he was so good about writing up Mel's football teams at Othello and Kennewick and occasionally put in a good word about Mel's Central teams. Mel and Charlie were pretty good friends during Mel's Coaching days in the Tri-Cities. To Dick Harris and Maren: I sent the picture of the baseball team down to Red Morton and he is going to see if he recognizes any of them. He called the other day to say he wouldn't be able to come to the reunion this year so we had a nice long chat about sports, etc. To Joan Doyle: A few other songs that came to mind, "Three Little Fishies", "Mairzy Doats", "Woody Woodpecker", "Aba Daba Honeymoon", "Deep in the Heart of Texas", "Doin' What Comes Naturally", "Hey Ba-Ba-Re-Bop", "Cruising Down the River", "I'm my own Grandpa", "Chatanooga Choo Choo" (goes along with Norma's Sentimental Journey). Oh, well enough rambling - (Must be part of this "old timers disease") See ya all tomorrow, same channel, same station, etc. -Anna May Wann Thompson (47) ******************************************************* >>From: Ed Borasky (59) Well, the 40th reunion of the class of 1959 is history (pun intentional)! As they say, a good time was had by all and it didn't last long enough for my taste. As some of you know, I left Richland literally hours after graduation for Illinois, and only passed through briefly twice since then, once in 1985 and once in 1988. So I hadn't seen the people there in 40 years, and only those who were regular viewers of Jeopardy in April of 1990 have seen me since graduation. Yes, I did get 1/2 dozen Spudnuts ... No, I didn't ride in on a bicycle dressed as Zorro ...(Although I did consider it :-) I still look two years younger than everybody else, but I'm not two inches shorter or ten pounds lighter any more ... I had forgotten both how small and how dry Richland is ... Let me throw in one memory for Judy Johnson Zimmerman (59) and Loretta Reich Rippe (59). My very first day in Richland schools: I was in the fifth grade, November 1951. I had just moved to Richland from Philadelphia, and we were in a cold quonset hut on the grounds of Carmichael Jr. High before Jason Lee was built. I had just gotten in when Judy came up to me and asked me if I could spell. I said something like the 5th grade equivalent of, "Yes, why do you ask?" It turned out that they had a spelling bee, with two teams, the Red Team and the Blue Team. Judy was on the Blue Team and Loretta was on the Red Team. The Blue Team hadn't won in weeks, mostly because of Loretta, and Judy was looking to improve their chances. So I was recruited to the Blue Team, and we won! It was so good to see Judy and Loretta this weekend, 48 plus years later! Some statistics (hey, I do this for a living) from the memory book: 53 of the class of 1959 still live in Richland! 28 live in the Tri-Cities, including West Richland 95 live somewhere else in Washington State 22 live in the Pacific Northwest outside of Washington (Oregon and Idaho) And 100 live somewhere else in the world. In other words, the fruit doesn't fall very far from the tree -- 2/3 of us still live in the Pacific Northwest! And a lot of the folks I talked to from "somewhere else" have relatives in the Northwest and are considering retiring there. Big thanks to everyone on the committee for a wonderful, although much too brief, party. Now that I'm eligible for 40+, I'll be going back to my home town more often. One more note: those of you with friends from the class of 1959 who still don't have e- mail, beg them to get it and get on the list. I'd like the class of 1959 to be the first with 100 percent e-mail presence. -Ed Borasky (59) ******************************************************* >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Pat Cruz Hodges (59) Date: Fri Jul 16 20:20:12 1999 Great site! Has it really been 40 years? Add me to the list. ******************************************************* >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Janice Woods (60-PHS) Date: Thu Jul 15 17:43:00 1999 RE: old picture Gary: I found a photo of Second Grade class 1949 that my brother is in and about 24 others. Lewis and Clark School, Mrs. Erickson? How can I get it to you? And speak english, not geekese, I'm a novice. Maybe I had better just snail mail it to you. -Janice Woods (60 Bulldog) ******************************************************* >>From: Sharon Brooks Sims (62) RE: Mr. Puderbaugh's Telescope To Tom Hughes (56) The Brooks girls: Orrheta (55), Sharon (62), and Cyndy (68), moved to the "H" house in the picture you sent of Mr. Puderbaugh's Telescope, in 1951. I remember spending many nights looking through that telescope. Mr. Puderbaugh was always ready to let the kids look and learn. Also for the kids in the neighborhood, do you remember going "trick or treating" at their house. She served homemade donuts and hot apple cider. If I remember correctly, you also had to do a trick like a joke or sing a song. Thanks for sharing that picture. -Sharon Brooks Sims (62) ******************************************************* >>From: Debbie Robinson Svardal (64) I remember in elementary school, Jason Lee, for the 4th grade we had a good looking teacher who wore a LOT of perfume. I can't even remember her name, but we called her "Miss walking-cosmetic-counter". Also in 5th grade I had a crush on my first male teacher, Mr. Bradford. That was the first year I got really chatty. We were given pages of the Dictionary to copy. I had accumulated 6 pages and only had copied 2. It was spring, and we all enjoyed playing '"ork-up" at recess. With the pages to copy I couldn't. So Mr. B had an out for us. We could get a "spat" with his big paddle for every 2 pages. I took my 'SPat" after Jimmy Judd (64) had his. I remember he cried, so when I had my two I kept dry eyes, even tho' it hurt like crazy. As I passed his desk I stuck my tongue out at him. Just had to show him girls were better. He and I had a fight in the sandlot on the way home from school. I don't know what triggered it, but as he later told my sister, Pam, at the Gaslight. "Debbie almost broke my fingers." Now I see by the RIP names that Jimmy Judd is gone. I also remember Mr. St. John. He taught us speech in the 7th grade, or was it 8th? I liked the times he would take us all into the auditorium. He had a big jar or can with topics written on paper. He would draw out one and we would have to give an impromptu speech on that topic. I remember one I gave on Zippers. The year Mrs. Linn was out on maternity leave, her long-term substitute was Mrs. Peterson, or Mrs. Pearson. She was my Sunday school teacher at Central United Protestant Church, too. When I was sick with pneumonia she sent all my work home with Shirley Scott (64) for me. I think for once in my life I was the teacher's pet. Either I was, or she just made me feel that way. I was surprised I passed that year. I had missed almost a month, I think. Isn't it interesting how some of the fine details are lost as you recap an old memory? Did you ever frequent the school store? That is the only place I have ever seen frozen candy bars for sale. And what hit the frozen Peppermint Patties were, along with Milk shakes, Snickers and 3 Musketeers. I usually manned the candy bar area, and others did the popcorn, though we all knew how to work the machine. Where is the P.E. coach Mr. Davis? I was on his trampoline team until I took a dive over the spotters heads and sprained my big toe. Was on the tumbling team after that. Was practicing for a meet at the end of 9th grade. But we moved to Hawaii and I missed my chance to be in the 1964 Olympics! Yeah, right, dream on. Actually it was my dream. I used to put a 2X4 on 2 sawhorses in the back yard and do cartwheels and walkovers on it. Never could master a back flip. Too heavy then, and now. More memories later. Thanks for listening. -Debbie Robinson Svardal (64) ******************************************************* >>From: Kathy Wersen Alder (64) This is to respond to the entry about the Spudnut Shop. It should not go away at all. Not one person in our office has ever heard of them and they should! Maybe The Spudnut Shop needs to find a way to sell them off the Internet? Don't exactly know how that would be, but since there's seems to be so much selling done on the Internet now, maybe that's the answer. I guess we just have to brainstorm some ideas and let them choose the ones they like. Good luck to you! -Kathy Wersen Alder (64) ******************************************************* >>From: Louise Moyers (65) I love the picture of Mr. Puderbaugh! They lived in the house next to us. By the way, did you notice the snow on the ground? And then, the upstairs window in the A-house in the background is wide open? A stoked up coal furnace, no doubt. He was also an avid photographer, and I have an 8.5 x 11 "portrait" he did of me, sitting outside observing the summer sunset at about age 5 or 6. I remember him doing this picture quite well. Even tho I saw him come over and start snapping pictures, I pretended to not notice him, which is just what he wanted me to do. They were somewhat eccentric; I believe they both played the organ; Mrs. Puderbaugh had "huge hair", and this made for a cool place to go on Halloween! -Louise Moyers (65) ******************************************************* >>From: Patti Snider Miller (65) Previously someone had mentioned being in town and went by Tastee Freeze on a Sat. at 9pm and it was closed. How about this one? Went there yesterday (Sat) at 2pm and it was closed!! Unfortunately the owner opens and closes whenever she feels like it. It never has been the same friendly place since the new people bought it. Guess she doesn't need our business....... she has it fixed up real nice though. Bye for now. -Patti Snider Miller (65) ******************************************************* >>From: Linda Pohlod Rushing (67) Hello, Mina Jo Gerry (68), I really don't remember you but that's OK cause I don't remember a lot of things now days!!!! I so remember westside church though. I went past it last time I was home. It looked so small!! I'd love to hear how Cheryl Porter (67) is doing. I did see her and her family at the last reunion. She always was just a kick. I did visit with Gary Clark a few years ago too. He sells allstate insurance. My Mom's cancer is advancing and that is so sad. She and K went to Alaska on a cruise last year and really had a great time. It looks a lot like washington but much bigger. I still have horses and ride when weather permits (I hate the rain) so does my horse! Life is not dull and I am enjoying it. I heard from John Wingfield (66) too. He sounds busy and good. Love to hear from him again. I love this website. Thanks to all, -Linda Pohlod Rushing, class of 67 ******************************************************* >>From: Kathy Hartnett Mitchell (69) Seems yesterday's Sandstorm was full of "rememories" as my grandson calls them, Pam Ehinger's mention of the Lagoon was particularly vivid, in the mid-60's, the big problem was to get a mom or older sibling to drive the group there. Who remembers suntan tattoos, putting your boyfriend's initials in adhesive tape on your arm, laying out for a day, removing tape... viola'. It was harmless... and when you broke up that weekend, easily un-done!!! A short-lived fad I believe. As for candy and movie memories... How 'bout Flicks and Necos? What would a "free show" at the Uptown be without those candy cases filled with the gleaming red, blue and green foil tubes of that incredibly bad chalky chocolate the was/were Flicks. As the reunion gets closer, the memories get stronger. Also, I'm in for 50 or so Spud-shares. -Kathy Hartnett Mitchell (69) ******************************************************* >>From: Pam Pyle Jewett-Bullock (69) To Marilyn Baird Singletary (60) Well, that was a mind-bending list of memory- joggers you sent in for the 7-18 Sandstorm! Scary is the fact that, while nine years your junior, I remember ALL that stuff. And here are a couple more to add to the "bad hair day" category: tuna and soup cans used as hair rollers, hair ironing, "poodle cuts," and "beehives." Pam Jewett-Bullock (nee Pyle, 69) ******************************************************* >>From: Mike Franco (70) I was in Richland for the weekend and ..... NEWS FLASH ******** The Spud is NOT for sale...however I can get everyone a really good deal on an unlimited number of shares of only!)... The old "A City" still has the best of its best... great weather, the river and of course, Bombers (the old ones are the great ones!). By the way, has anyone noticed that a Bomber never forgets a story? Class of 70 reunion planning is underway, I had the extreme honor of drinking beer with the committee this past weekend. -Mike Franco (70) ******************************************************* >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Larry Crouch (71) Date: Sat Jul 17 17:38:34 1999 Good Old Days Since i have found the bomber page i have e- mailed several of my friends. It has been great. Clark did give me life in the cafeteria. And Wear and Hubbard where great to hear from. Really makes me think back to those great simple richland days. -Larry (class of 71) ******************************************************* >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Sanford Hammack (73) Date: Sat Jul 17 00:16:44 1999 Rob Peutz (73) suggested that I drop a line, so thought that I would. Great guestbook. Fun to reminisce. -Sanford Hammack (73) ******************************************************* >>From: Maggie Gilstrap O'Hara (74) Jerry Swain (54) mentioned Mr. Clarkson the other day, which took me back to Mrs. Phillips' 3rd grade class. That was the year we all had to learn cursive. I thought the Q was virtually impossible. You see I was, and still am left handed. A curse when learning cursive. Not to mention, your desk was different from all the others with the arm rest on the other side. I remember my first grade teacher using a ruler on us left handers in her class to teach us to use our right. I must have been into pain even as a six year old, as I never did learn to use my right hand. Mr. Clarkson came into Mrs. Phillips' class one day for a walk through. As luck would have it I was practicing the dreaded Q! My paper all twisted on my desk, my hand all curled up around the top in a position that resembled something only a skilled contortionist could accomplish. This was the moment he chose to walk by my desk. He stopped, looked, looked again..... I was looking for the ruler or paddle he was sure to have hidden on his person somewhere. I was scarcely even breathing when he knelt down by my desk and said "Now see here, Margaret. The Q is not nearly as hard as you are making it seem". I must have been looking at him like he grew a third eye in the middle of his forehead, right there in front of me. He kindly took my pencil, straightened out my paper, tilted it to one side just a little, and showed me how to do a cursive Q without bending my arm all over the top of the paper. To this day when I see a left hander bending his arm way up over his paper to write I think of Mr. Clarkson and the trick he showed me in the third grade. I have taught many a person my trick through out the years and they are always happy to learn it. Was Mr. Clarkson left handed? To Vickie Andersen Simmons (67) Now the truth comes out..... baseball was why you were late for our lunch date? Next time we will meet where I can have a glass of wine while I wait... as sometimes baseball games go into extra innings. Margaret Gilstrap O'Hara (74) Bill's Cat House ******************************************************* >>From: Mike Davis (74) Wake up, people. There was never any attempt by Starbuck's to take over the Spudnut Shop. Val would never sell her shop. See what you started, Crigler. If Merilee Rush knew how you were behaving there would be no roller rink kisses. Davis (74) ******************************************************* >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Cecily Riccobuono McClanahan (77) Date: Thu Jul 15 01:09:44 1999 Great Idea!!! So nice to catch up with old friends, and relive some great memories. To the creators, thank-you, and, great job!! I love this web site. -Cecily Riccobuono McClanahan (77) ******************************************************* >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Robin Lawson Hendrick (77) Date: Tue Jul 13 16:05:07 1999 Please add me to the e-mail list. -Robin Lawson Hendrick (77) ******************************************************* >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Mary J. Bacon Anderson (84) Date: Sun Jul 18 00:22:18 1999 Hello from class of '84 Just found out about this web site. Cool idea. I am home visiting again. more later. oh, and Kathy Bacon (74) is here visiting also for the 25th Reunion. (sorry no e-mail yet) Bill Bacon (79) is also here for his 20th reunion. Class of '79 (the party class I hear.) Bev Bacon (72) is working at Disney World. Bye for now. >From another Bomber Guest Book: Name: Mary Jean Bacon Anderson (84) Website: Referred by: Viewing another Guestbook From: Kent, WA Time: 1999-07-19 04:38:35 Comments: Class of 84 was great! Does any one know what has happened to Kurt Mesford class of 85? Thanks. This page is a great idea. I also like the All Alumni Bomber Page. We heard about this at the reunions this summer. -Mary Bacon Anderson (84) ******************************************************* >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Nancy Wickersham Roe (87) Date: Fri Jul 16 16:43:06 1999 I am still living in Richland and Working at Columbia Basin College. Drop me an e-mail I would love to hear from you. -Nancy Wickersham Roe (87) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 7/20/99 ALL Bomber Alumni Links site has had 48,900+ Bomber hits. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers and one Bomber spouse today: Sandra Atwater 51), Spouse of Millie Finch (54), Art Nelson (64), Patty de la Bretonne (65), Phil Jones (69), Vikki Kestell (70), Shelly Belcher (74), Bill Bacon (79) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Sandra Atwater Boyd (51) Does anyone remember when the football team bleached their hair blonde? Some of we girls decided to bleach our bangs blonde also. Well, since what we used is not the same as what is now used --- our bangs turned orange and my Dad had a "fit" when he saw me with orange bangs! -Sandra Atwater Boyd '51 ******************************************************* >>From: Spouse of Millie Finch Gregg (54) Hi. I'm Millie Finch Gregg's husband. That's my name, "you know Millie's husband". She is class of '54 and I get a kick out of you guys having so much fun with your memories. My contribution is that all the songs being mentioned are played on KALE 960 AM for those of you who live in this area. All of our radios are tuned to that station. Those songs keep me young and I ordered 4 cds from readers digest which have 80 from 49 to late 50s. Thanx, Husband of Millie Finch Gregg (54) -Glynn Gregg ('49-Stanton high school, TX) ******************************************************* >>From: Art Nelson (64) For Debbie Robinson Svardal (64): Our Fourth grade teacher's name was Miss Flynn. Oh my!!! Sweet Miss Flynn. She had a Ford Crown Victoria Sky Liner. That was a Crown Vic with a Plexiglas panel in the roof. She definitely didn't fit the school marm mold. I remember that she took three of us guys for a ride to who remembers where in her car, and to this day I still remember that Pink and White Crown Victoria. Mr. Bradford!!!! I think I actually got to the S's in the dictionary. Spent more time with copying the dictionary than I did enjoying recess. A lot of good it did. Thank goodness for Spell Check. What a rush. Thanks for jogging my memory. I remember a number of years ago receiving a call from Maren. She had just moved to the Portland Oregon area from Alaska. She was thinking about doing something relating to computers such as word processing. Who'd have thunk. You have done us (64) proud!!!!! -Art Nelson (64) ******************************************************* >>From: Patty de la Bretonne (65) Oh, wait! Yes, frozen mellomints for lunch! To Debbie Robinson-- Was that teacher who wore lots of perfume Miss Gravelle? Blond? I believe it was white shoulders. Still don't like that perfume. She was pretty nice, though I believe I was sort of a smartyalec that year, so she had to be firm with me a couple times. There was a Miss or Mrs. Flynn who wore lots of makeup and big earrings, she seemed very exotic to me. Patty de la Bretonne '65 ******************************************************* >>From: Phil Jones (69) To all class of 69ers: As you know our reunion is rapidly approaching. We have a wine tour scheduled to Hedges (Tom's) Winery. There has been some confusion regarding the time and the format. I'd like to clear that up. There's a tour of RHS scheduled for the morning of Sat, August 21. The wine tour will follow this event so folks attending the tour of the high school can also attend the Wine Tour and lunch at Hedges. The wine Tour is OFFICIALLY SCHEDULE from 12:15 to 1:45 but this is pretty flexible. I will be cooking sausages and stuff at noon at Hedges. So for those who either do not attend or leave early from the high school tour can come on out to Hedges. Cost is only $10 bucks for great wines AND LUNCH, in a really beautiful setting at Hedges Winery. (If you need directions to drive out, by the way, please e-mail me.) There is a Wiley Elementary School tour scheduled for later the same afternoon. People who wish to can leave to attend that. Those who don't are welcome to stay longer at Hedges and consume. We will close that down about 3ish to get ready for the evenings event. I'm trying to get 50 people. So far we have eleven. Pre- registering is really critical for me so I can purchase for the lunch etc. So, if you are interested please e-mail me or Duke Mitchell at [deleted for privacy] expressing your interest. Please do so if you plan to attend. next to Pam Ehinger (67): Pam, you expressed your dismay that the lagoon was turned into a fishing hole with "slime over the top". I too have terrific Lagoon memories but the place had turned into a polio-pool. It was very dirty and polluted with signs lining the perimeter warning folks not to swim. I supposed a big effort could have been made to clean up the water but some ambitious volunteers decided to focus on an easier task for turning it into a Family Fishing Pond. I don't have all of the details at my fingertips, but a lot of effort was spent on making the place decent for a dad or mom to take their kids fishing for small stocked fish. Money was drummed up and with lots of volunteer help the Pond opened last summer, I think. I see it now used by the kids who might otherwise not have a user friendly place to fish. (a lot like a much improved version of Wellsian Pond was for us). I don't really see it as a slime covered "mistake" rather a community project that was designed to improve the quality of life for family activities in the Tri-Cities. Phil Jones 69 ******************************************************* >>From Vikki Kestell (70) I'm really jazzed that the 70 reunion is now under construction. Let me know if I can do anything for it. They did WHAT to the Lagoon? At one a.m. on a summer night when the bank temperature sign still read 95*, the Lagoon was the only place to cool off . . . fish 'n' slime, my foot. Anyone know the whereabouts of Martha Resch (70), daughter of Mr. Resch who taught English at Col High for years before passing away? Martha, I remember listening to you practice songs by the Tijuana Brass on the piano. Would love to hear from you. -Vikki Kestell (70) ******************************************************* >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Shelly Belcher Sansaver (74) Date: Mon Jul 19 21:26:14 1999 What a great idea. It's fun to read all your messages. I wish there were more from the class of "74"! Sorry to have missed the 25th class reunion this month, but I'm looking forward to the 30th. -Shelly Belcher Sansaver (74) ******************************************************* >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Bill Bacon (79) Date: Mon Jul 19 11:32:01 1999 Just returned (survived) our 20th. Had a great time. This is a great page. Add me to the email list and I will try back later when I catch back up on all the sleep I lost. ;-> Someone tell Dave Jones to tell Carter I'm sorry for not remembering his name. He just looked too different. Later -Bill Bacon (79) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 7/21/99 ALL Bomber Alumni Links site has had 49,000+ Bomber hits. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers and one Bomber Mom today: Dick Roberts (49), Ann Pearson (50), Jack Moorman (54), Steve Carson (58), John Northover (59), Larry Mattingly (60), Jim Hamilton (63), Anna Durbin (69), Gay Wear (69), Steve Gulley (69), Wanda Janos (Bomber Mom) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dick Roberts (49) >From the Sandstorm: September 30, 1948, Page 2. Introducing Rick Reed, Quite a handsome keed. Full of pep and wow, Girls! Look for him now! >From The Sandstorm: October 27, 1948, Page 1. Annual Staff Makes Plans For 1948-49 "Columbian" (A great picture of Charlene Quigley, Pat Monroe, Catherine Baudendistel, Anna May Wann, Janet Hallenback and Rembert Ryals.) Annuals may be ordered from any of the following sales people: Dick Harris, Mary Ann Baudenistel, Nancy Browning, Janet Browning, Gene Keller, Anna May Wann, Rembert Ryals, Janet Hallenbeck, Pat Monroe, Pat Loftus, Charlene Quigley, Lou Ann Manor or Catherine Baudenistel. >From The Sandstorm: October 27, 1948, Page 2. Society: After driving around for a while in Maxine Barnstable and Dorthea McElheney's recently purchased 1928 Chevrolet, Pat Young, Charlotte Dossett, Norma Stratton, Maxine Barnstable, Dorthea McElheney, Shirley Jolly all retired to Pat's nice cozy little trailer in North Richland. Refreshments consisted of cokes and sandwiches. The girls stayed up 'til the wee hours of the morning reading comic books and talking. Nosey Mouse Tells All: Have you seen Dorothy Hickey's and Anna Mae McCleary's hair? If you haven't, ask them what turned it so black--must have been the shampoo. Speaking of hair, Barbara Taylor has a new style--anyway for us people in Richland--one side of her hair hangs like Veronica Lake's and the other is pulled back behind her ear. It has that sophisticated look. Cell Gossip: Now let's give a cheer for our other male cheerleader, Dave Tilson (The others were Colleen Foust, Beverly McCleary, Fran Lennebacker, Tom Shultz and Dick Harris). Dave is a junior, and hails from Yankton, SD. When asked what his hobby was, he replied: "Hunting deer--the two legged kind, that is." >From The Sandstorm: November 10, 1948, Page 2. Society: Dancing and singing with a piano accompanist were the highlights of a party given at the home of Gene, Barbara and JoAnn Baron Sunday evening, October 31. Those present besides the Barrons were: Dorothy Ertel, Norma Culverhouse, Darlene Wilson, Betty Bjorkland, Nancy Barr, Shirley Watts, Eddie Griggs, Vernon Lawson, Jerry Dunn, Gary Nield and Blackie Jacobson, a guest from Prosser. Later! -Dick Roberts (49) ******************************************************* >>From: Ann Pearson Burrows (50) To: Sandra Atwater Boyd (51) You think your Dad was mad about the bleached bangs!! I was due to have senior pictures taken - need I say more? Didn't remember the reason we did that - but do have pictures of me with orange bangs with black hair. Well if that is the worse thing we did I guess we escaped rather well!! -Ann Pearson Burrows (50) ******************************************************* >>From: Jack Moorman (54) We received our B House ornament yesterday, and it is more beautiful than I imagined. Now we can hardly wait for the A House to arrive. If any of you are in doubt about whether you should order them or not, I can tell you, you won't be disappointed. And the proceeds are going for a good cause too. Who knows, we might someday be enjoying some of the things made possible by these proceeds. After all some of us are Senior Citizens already. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the 45th reunion in Sept. -Jack Moorman '54 ******************************************************* >>From: Steve Carson (58) For Marilyn Baird Singletary (60): GREAT list and I'm sure there are items that could come back to market today. I will enjoy sharing this with my Grandkids. Thanks for the memories. My favorite was the wax coke bottles with different flavor water inside. Then we could chew the wax. -Steve Carson (58) ******************************************************* >>From: John Northover (59) The class of '59, the last GREAT CLASS of this CENTURY, had it's 40th reunion on the 16th and 17th of July at the Tower Inn in Richland. On the 16th we had a social get- reacquainted from 7:00pm until???? and on Saturday we had a dinner dance. Music provided by Dan Palmer and his "Remember Then" program, Music from the 55's through 68. However, he only played music from 55 through 60 or so. All the old songs ... Memories of Teen Spot, Sock Hops, Dances, Rick Johnson's radio program ... all the things that memory can evoke when triggered in the right spot. Since our 20th had been attended by about 120 and the attendance had dropped to 77 for our 25th, I was not expecting a strong turn- out. Was I wrong!! On Friday night, to my untrained eye I think there were about 90- 100 '59ers present. Meeting classmates they had not seen in some cases since graduation. Nothing changes ... well, at least our spirit is strong!!! I know, for myself, that I had conversations with classmates that I probably did not speak to more than a couple of times during the entire three years I was at Columbia High. However, forty years is a long time and one realizes that it is the common experience that is important. On Saturday, I would be willing to bet that just about every one who attended went to the Spudnut Shop ... Yup .. you guessed it ... bought a spudnut or two. My wife and I then went to Starbucks for some real coffee!! Then on to the sites of the town ... the Uptown Tavern, The Tahitian Room,... cruising the Uptown, noticing that the Newberry's sign is down. Out to Chief Jo ... noting that they are the 'Eagles' ... political politeness???... and Carmichael ... and the MECCA ... Columbia High .. the home of the BOMBERS!!! What a change. I think the new basketball building is as big as all the buildings we had while we were in school from '57-'59. The mural of the 'Bomber' is stunning!!! And we only had a little empty 250 pound bomb casing, painted gold and green, as our mascot, but it was more than enough. The football field is the same, however the visitor side has been doubled. The Bomber side looks the same. Around town I drove, up George Washington Way, down George Washington Way, up and down Swift, Comstock, Symons, Winslow, ... and others, pointing out to my wife, 'so and so' lived there. We did 'that' over there. The trees are bigger, some having been planted in the '40's. The houses, no matter how hard you try, flagstone, new siding ... new porch, garage are still an 'A', 'B', ... Pre-Fab .. 'Ranch' ... but it is my home town. What a place to live!!! and grow up... or at least start the growing up process ... I am still working on it. I stopped at my old house, 1324 Goethals ... an addressed that is burned in memory. I had my wife take a picture of me standing in the front yard ... wonder what the neighbors thought?? I think there were a couple of trees that were my friends back in those days that are still there, older and taller and wider. The front yard from the corner house, Rick Johnson's (59), on Symons to the street that the Mormon church bordered was our ball field. There were 4 'A' houses with very large yards. My dad would hit fly's to us kids, Bill Byrd (59), Steve Baker (59), Rick, Pete Bradley (60), Ken Free (59), Pat Hartnett (59) ... and any other kid who happened by. As the season changed, it became our football field. One small problem was the side walks ... rather rough. Directly across the street from my house was Bill Byrd's house. Behind his house there was a large open field ... across the field was the cemetery. The cemetery's fence was our home run fence. Many times we would talk [threaten] John Bradley (65), Pete Bradley's little brother, into staying in the cemetery to return any baseballs we would hit over the fence. I smoked my first cigarette in that field, getting so dizzy that I had to lay down because of the dizziness that overcame me. We set up archery targets and practiced for the times we would go rabbit or prairie dog hunting. We roamed the world [our little world]... we had no fear, there was nothing we could not do. While the Uptown district was being built, we played, against our parents wishes and orders, many a war game in the trenches that would be come foundations. Hid behind new walls and killed untold thousands of 'Russians and Germans' as we saved Richland from the invading marauders. Dirt clods were grenades, a broken piece of wood made a perfect machine gun. How come little girls did not play like we did? Then one of us would hear a mother or father call ... 'LUNCH TIME' ... O well ... we can finish saving the world after lunch. Saturday night the dinner-dance. I bet the attendance reached 130 or so!!! What a turn out ... We had 327 [plus or minus] in our class. After 40 years... what can one say? I did not have time to get around to talking to everyone that I wanted to ... My wife and I would be talking to a classmate and I would see someone on the other side of the room ... try to get there and have three more conversations on the way ... only to find out that person had moved to where I had been ... the time was very short. I can say for my self that I had a great time. And if one can infer anything from the level of noise in the room, I believe everyone else had a great time. Many took advantage of the 'oldies' but 'goodies' and danced ... We all move about the dance floor with the same skill and grace that was present at any dance we attended during our BOMBER days!!! All were had by a good time. After dinner, we had our collective picture taken ... It took about 10-15 minutes to get us all set up and aligned and dipping and standing tall and practicing ... There were more classmates than the photo person thought would attend ... I felt like I was back in the third grade ... 'Pay attention!!! ... you move to your right ... you move to your left ... NOT SO FAR!!! ... but we were all properly aligned and ... crick, crick, crick ... crick four pictures .. three for good luck. I am sure we all looked great!!! I had a blast!! And let me tell you .. if any other class would like to know how to set up a real reunion ... they should contact the members of our committee. They did a superb job. It takes a lot of individual time and effort to set up all the things that need to be done. Our '59 committee members deserve a big A- PLUS for their effort and commitment. I would like to thank Elsa De La Puente, Mary Lou De Meyer, Judy Jo Ehlers, Carole Wickstrom, Bonnie Webb, Daryl Henjum, LeeRoy Parchen and Bill Roe for the fantastic job they did. The committee of seven had a gigantic task to accomplish and they did that job with superior skill, coordination and forethought. If other BOMBER classes have half the fun we did ... they will have great reunions!!! Yours in perpetual amazement -john '59 ******************************************************* >>From: Larry Mattingly (60) RE: Good old Richland When I first got word of this page and my name was added to the subscribers list, I said I would mostly lurk and read, as at this time of the year I am always on the go. However as I passed through Richland 4 times in the last 10 days, the flood of memories prompted by reading the postings to this list, ran the gamut from childhood to my R&D days at Hanford. I'm the small boy who started working with Paul Beardsley and John Greenley shooting the fireworks at Atomic Frontier Days and the 4th of July at Riverfront Park. They were the mentors of my early years. I can't remember why they moved the show to Bomber Bowl, but it was there in 1958 that I was in charge of a show for the first time. As you can see at the bottom of this post I am one whose boyhood dreams became reality. We are the leading company in the NW, and presented 132 fireworks displays in the 5 NW states over this past 4th. I hear that Paul is still very much alive and doing well for his age. I promised myself that I will make time to visit him on one of my trips. On my last trip I saw a car dragging a tumbleweed underneath the front end. Someone mentioned the dust storms, which were truly awesome displays of the forces of nature. But they left out the tumbleweeds. From about 1950 on, we lived on Benham on the corner of Atkins. The wind would blow roughly the same direction as the street ran. The tumbleweeds deposited at the ends of the houses in our neighborhood made the TCH front page a few times. They would totally bury the end of a house. Getting rid of them was simple. Just wait until the wind blew again and then carry them out to the middle of the street and the wind would roll them on their way. Several mentioned the mosquito fogging trucks. I am sure I breathed in as much as anyone. Ever wonder how much DDT the early children of Richland must harbor in the marrow of their bones? But what fun to run in the fog. Having arrived in Richland in 43, and living there until 70 or thereabouts, my emotional roots are deep in the sand. My wife comments on the fact that whenever she has seen Bombers meet after even a few years apart, there is a lot of hugging. She notes "you have known some of these people 50 years and they are like family". She marvels that there really is something special about being a "Bomber". J Larry Mattingly Class of '60 VP Sales and Marketing Entertainment Fireworks, Inc. Happiness is the sky in bloom! ******************************************************* >>From: Jim Hamilton (63) The August issue of "Texas Monthly" has devoted their last page to Sharon Tate. They failed to mention her affinity for Spudnuts, or even mention Richland. They did mention that she went to high school in Italy, and played a secretary on the "Beverly Hillbillies". So doesn't everyone read "TM". I wasn't born a Texan, but I was born to be Texan, or a Cajun, or the Mayor of Key West, or an original investor in Microsoft, or, or Starbucks, or.................... -jimbeaux (63) ******************************************************* >>From: Anna Durbin (69) TO Debbie Robinson Svardal (64) I remember my fourth grade teacher at Jason Lee. She looked like a model with a tiny waist, big hair, makeup, and nail polished long fingernails. Her name was Miss Marilyn Morn and I thought she was wonderful because she let me write left handed without hassling me. I heard that she later died of breast cancer. Is this who you were thinking of? -Anna Durbin (69) ******************************************************* >>From: Gay Wear Miller (69) The lagoon was not only dirty, but got to the point of being dangerous to swim in because of the weeds that had taken over. They drained it and tried to kill the weeds. Haven't been to the fishing pond, but heard from others it is a nice set up for family outing. As for the Spudnut Shop trivia... my Mom worked at the Spudnut Shop when I was young and had a ball there. Her best friend worked there with her also. Never had Spudnuts at home that I can remember though. She later worked in the dental field and had many of you as patients. Oh, and Happy 48th B-Day Nola Alderman will always be my "older" best buddy!!! See you at Wildhorse -Gay Wear Miller (69) ******************************************************* >>From: Steve Gulley (69) TO Phil Jones (69) Phil, Your point about the lagoon was well made. As the community developed we began leaving out and taking away some of the great places and opportunities for the next generation of kids. I might mention that some of the fish are not so small. My niece's four-year-old daughter recently landed a 6lb steelhead. Never did see one of those in Wellsian Pond. -Steve Gulley (69) ******************************************************* >>From: Wanda Janos (Bomber Mom) TO MAREN SMYTH: Of course i remember your folks... its been kick to read about "Teen age stuff" 'From the REAL Alumni.. I knew many of them because we (Jan Janos and I came from the labs at OAK RIDGE and we were very active in... everything... he was on the first city council here and we both worked on HI SPOT getting it going... My biggest job was chairman of the PARK Board and getting the riverfront cleaned up..... and look at it now.... I enjoyed seeing names like Jerry Swain (54) and LLoyd (66) pop up... also MIKE FRANCO (70) (yes, Mike, I still have that red Mustang convertible (65) I bought years ago... saving it for grandson... For 17 years now I have been a travel agent and indeed I have been around the world. Paul Fels (69) just wrote and it was nice to hear from him... Maren, I gave RISH your message... he's still the greatest... CHRIS (65) lives in Seattle (SOGGY SEATTLE) I LOVE SEEING THE "KIDS" Met David Wittenbrock (63) in Holland this summer... it ws great! Hello to all and to all a good night... -WANDA JANOS 19..????????? (Bomber Mom) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 7/22/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 13 Bombers sent stuff in: Lyle Kenitzer (51), Ralph Myrick (51), Marilyn Baird (60), Carol Converse (64), Kathie Roe (64), Steve Edwards (68), Shelly Belcher (74), Brenda Belcher (76), Marjo Vinther (77), Bob Wisler (79), Jennifer Jacobson (79), Bill Phillips (80), Teresa LaMear (80) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Lyle Kenitzer (51) Still feel sorry for my parents, trying to raise 3 wild sons in a trailer house in North Richland. It still amazes us how they did it. but they did it! with patience and god's help. Remember the teenage club we had in North Richland, plus movie theater, grocery store, etc. except a jail house... which we didn't need (I donut think?) Being back in Richland sure brings back old memories. How things change in time!! Especially after being gone after about 20 yrs. all our kids went to Col Hi plus grandkids and a bunch of relations. -Lyle Kenitzer (51) ******************************************************* >>From: Ralph Myrick (51) The mural on the side of the gym is one of the neatest things a graduating class has done for RHS. My dad donated a days pay to build that plane and every time I go to see it, memories really start to flow. Also, the graduating class of the next year almost topped the mural in that they hired a B17 bomber to buzz the Fran Rish stadium during graduation which the plane did and about three or four passes at that. You should have seen the senior citizens, me being one, standing on the hill side watching. I'll bet there wasn't a dry eye in the bunch, including mine. The kids a terrific thing with the mural and flyby. They certainly brought back a lot of memories. -Ralph Myrick (51) ******************************************************* >>From: Marilyn Baird Singletary (60) For: John Northover (59): Really enjoyed your write up about your class reunion. I felt as though I was with you all the way. I truly hope that our class reunion next year for '60 will turn out to be as exciting and memorable as yours was. I was also with you in the vacant "ball" field and the cemetery as I lived at 1326 Farrell Lane and the field you were talking about was also my playground (when I was attending Sacajawea) for kites, marbles, archery, horseback riding, ball games, fighting, and, oh that cemetery. That was my route home from seeing the movies at the Village theater. I would always stay from noon until closing and when my dog wasn't waiting for me outside, I would have to walk home alone.. in the dark.. through the cemetery. I got into one of the war games and got hit above the eye with a dirt clod?, ran all the way home crying and bleeding. You know how bad a head wound bleeds. My Dad assured me I was not going to die and to get back out there and not come crying home again. There was a little goose berry bush there in the back yard of the corner house on Kimball/Symons that didn't stand a chance when the berries were ripe. That was always my route, cutting through back yards to go to the drug store on Symons for my daily Fudge Sickle fix for only 5 cents. I sure enjoyed that area and the kids in my neighbor hood... But then it was nothing to adventure blocks away from home to seek out other kids to play with. Once again... thanks for the neat write up. It really took me home. That's Bomber magic. -Marilyn Baird Singletary (60) ******************************************************* >>From: Carol Converse Maurer (64) As far as I can remember, they drained the Lagoon a couple times to pull all the weeds and get it going once again for swimming. I remember years ago, they just gave up I guess. Perhaps it was too expensive to keep draining all the water. I'm glad to hear that at least now it's opened up again to fishing. That is too neat of a place to just let go. Good times were had by a lot of us there during the summer months. TO: Larry Mattingly (60) Glad to see your contribution. I lived in the "B" House across the street from you. I was Mark and Mike's babysitter from 8th grade until I graduated from high school. I don't really remember you that well. You must not have been around the house that much. I do remember you being there occasionally just kind of going through, haha. -Carol Converse Maurer (64) ******************************************************* >>From: Kathie Roe Truax (64) I just finished reading John Northover's (59) summary of his visit to Richland this past weekend for his 40th reunion. He obviously had a really great time renewing friendships and sightseeing around town. The Class of '64 will hold its 35th reunion at the Shilo on August 13-15. The reunion committee has planned lots of time for getting reacquainted with old friends, plus there will be good food, dancing, golfing, morning walks, and a tour of the high school. We're going to have a blast. Hopefully, some teachers and '63 Bombers and '65 Bombers will stop by the Shilo and say hi too. As they say, the more the merrier!! See you there ... -Kathie Roe Truax (64) ******************************************************* >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Steve Edwards (68) Date: Wed Jul 21 13:25:17 1999 Nice site - I really didn't think it would interest me, but I've just spent two hours browsing...go figure? -Steve Edwards (68) ******************************************************* >>From: Shelly Belcher Sansaver (74) Hey to all you fellow Bombers: I am lovin' all the great memories. It is 1am and I never stay up that late!! (Anymore). I have read all the first months and the last months Sandstorm memories. I would love to read them all. I haven't seen much from the class of '74. Teri Claphan (74) and Mike Pearson (74) are the ones I remember. So glad you guys are writing in, makin me feel right at home with all your talk about wrinkles and such. Teri, do you remember me? I can remember you, what you looked like, but not really any experiences we might have shared. Weren't you friends with Penny Muir? She was a good friend of mine, although I don't hear from her much lately. I do still keep in touch with Darcy Nichols. She was in the class ahead of ours. Other friends I would love to hear from or about are.... Vicky Zachary, we walked to school together (Marcus Whitman and Carmichael) and Nancy Painter, Audrey Chamberlain, Robin Morey, Sue Dyken, Roxie Chappel, Ernie Staten (who was so nice to give me rides to lunch at Zip's and be a good friend) Deanna Horn, there are so many others, anyone from 74 who wants to reminisce, please write. As for the memories.... you guys have to remember the dreaded SLAM books. You made them yourself and every page would have a title at the top such as: Best looking girl, or Most conceited boy, etc. Every book had many pages for you to list your choice. When one was passed to you to fill out, you had to read and see if your name was listed. I remember it was so awful and yet so exciting at the same time. You might find your name listed under "worst dresser" or "best looking", depending on the day. This was so stupid. Why didn't the teachers take those awful things away??? That was at Marcus Whitman, 6th grade. Does anyone remember Mr. Wooley? I had him for 5th grade. I remember him being very good looking for a teacher. What was the teacher across the hall (another male and very tall) these two were always crackin' jokes. The tall one had a really outstanding "hack board" with holes drilled in it. Of course I never got hacks, but I sure remember when the boys did, you could hear it down the hall. Do you girls out there remember having to kneel down to see if your dress would touch the floor, if it didn't it was too short and you got sent home. This was before girls could wear pants to school. Except on the last day of the school year when we had field day. All that was Marcus Whitman. Carmichael.... the popcorn in the school store, I have never since had popcorn so good! Carmichael was so much fun... I remember the summer before I was to start 7th grade, all summer long I was scared stiff that some of the older kids would make me try DRUGS. I was really such a geek. My first crush.... Jody Huff. Hear he is doing pretty well. Many have come and gone since Jody, but I'll always remember him fondly. The Beatles, Twiggy, Sock Hops, saddle shoes, too much to remember. My old brain can't handle this much at once. Oh, how about those really flattering blue PE uniforms. Now that was truly torture to be seen by the boys wearing one of those, I do remember there were two different styles, seems the really popular girls got the good looking ones. I still remember Georgette Cole and how she could make her uniform look pretty good. I remember sneakin' to the bowling alley at lunch. How many of you did that. How was it none of those bowling alley employees every told on us?? Wasn't that against the rules? Col Hi.... the thing I look back on the most and wonder about is how I could have gone through high school and been so uninvolved. I don't remember ever going to one single sports event, or even knowing about the many activities I could have participated in. And I really wasn't in a drug haze, although I do remember how everyone would spend lunch in their cars in the lot on the hill above the auto shop gettin "loaded". Pretty amazing we lived through some of that stuff. I remember graduation, and the party at the community center, then the real party out at the Dunes Hotel at the Y. Stuff just keeps coming to mind. Remember the drive inn. Too bad we don't have those much anymore. $5.00 a car load. How many kids could fit in a car? A lot more than you'd think. I feel like this is really rambling on, but one memory leads to 3 more. It's been fun to have a place to let some of it out, knowing many of you will relate. -Shelly Belcher Sansaver (74) Lewis and Clark, Marcus Whitman, Carmichael, Col Hi ******************************************************* >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Brenda Belcher Ripplinger (76) Date: Tue Jul 20 18:07:05 1999 I was a teenage bomber! Many familiar names here! If all goes right, I should be right under my sister, Shelly, who directed me to this site. Thanks, Shell! -Brenda Belcher Ripplinger (76) ******************************************************* >>From: Marjo Vinther Burt (77) Just wanted to wish my much older big sister, Paula Vinther Case (69), a Happy 48th Birthday today!!! (Gotcha!) Also - for those of you who know my brother, Rick Vinther (72) - FYI he has just moved to Woodinville, WA to be pastor of the Woodinville Community United Methodist Church (I think I have that right!). He had previously been at the Benton City UMC for 4 wonderful years. If you're in the area, go check him out - he's an awesome pastor, if I do say so myself! -Marjo Vinther Burt (77) ******************************************************* >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: BOB WISLER (79) Date: Tue Jul 20 20:48:58 1999 I just wanted to say I had a great time. I am sorry it did not last longer. It will be difficult to not see my class mates for another decade. So I hope they see this and write back. -Bob Wisler (79) ******************************************************* >>From: Jennifer Jacobson (79) To Anna Durbin (69) Miss Morn was my teacher at Jason Lee too. Fifth grade then, if I remember right. And Mr. McGowan was my sixth. I adored them both. So kind. I looked forward to going to school every day back then. They were my favorite teachers of all elementary school. I went back to visit Jason Lee after graduation and Mr. McGowan recognized me! I was so surprised that he remembered me at all. And though I hadn't seen her since my elementary days I cried when I heard she had died -- and remember her most every time I see a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness. To "Jimbeaux" (63) I read Texas Monthly, but of course I live here ;) I saw the article about Sharon Tate but hadn't known she had lived THERE. Richland, that is. Will have to visit the famous Bombers' page, I s'pose. Jennifer Jacobson (79) --eagerly anticipating word on how the '79 reunion went this past weekend?!?! ******************************************************* >>From: William "Bill" Phillips (80) I graduated in 1980. Thanks for the web page it is very interesting to see some of the old photos and names of those I went to school with. -William (Bill) Phillips (80) ******************************************************* >>From: Teresa LaMear Edie (80) I remember Mom and her friend loading up eight kids to spend the day swimming at the lagoon and we had a pool in our backyard! It was like going to the beach with paddle boats and the concession stand. After years of the lagoon stagnating and sitting empty it was nice to have the family fishing pond open. I stood on the banks of wellsian pond while it emptied. My 8yr. old daughter landed a 6 1/2lb. steelie in the "NEW" lagoon and I encourage any local with kids to go check it out! -Teresa LaMear Edie (80) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 7/23/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers sent stuff in: Dick Roberts (49), Ray Gillette (49), Ruth Rawlins (56), Gary Behymer (64), Jacqueline Tallant (69), Brad Wear (71), Sheila Davis (71), Kim Edgar (79), Michelle Devoir (79), James Walters (80) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick Roberts (49) More from THE SANDSTORM, 1948-49: September 15, 1949, Page 1. The first pep assembly was held Friday in the gym. The program began with the cheerleaders, Dick Harris, Pat Rutt and Dick Roberts, who led the students in cheers throughout the program. Mary Lou Stines and Dorothy Cravens sang "My Happiness" accompanied by Lynne Roberts at the piano. They were followed by "Two Schmoes and a Moe," singing "I Guess I'll Get the Papers and Go Home" also "Don't Be a Baby, Baby." Coach Rish introduced the captain and first string football team to the students. November 10, 1948, Page 4 JUNIORS ELECT The juniors are starting the year out right by electing their officers, Junior Planning Council, and getting prepared for other activities. The officers are: Neil Goff, president; Bill McCormick, vice president; Helen Murphy, secretary; and Dicksey Poe, Treasurer. November 24, 1948 CLUBICITY The Pep Club held a rushee party for all the students who signed up for membership in this club. The get together was Thursday night in the cafeteria. Alberta Warburton wa chairman for the party. Miss Johnson and Anna May Wann gave brief talks. Lucille Bravard and Bonese Collins sang a duet. A skit, "The Light House Moider", was presented by Ann Pearson, Sandra Atwater, Sue Ryals, Carole Weeks, Joyce Juneau, Dot Sargeent, Ann Yale, Mary Sargent and Janet Browning. A vocal solo by Lorna Erickson with Nancy Archibald accompanying, pleased the group. Julia Giles, who was rushee chairman, introduced the candidates. Andrea Moore was in charge of the decorations. The Pep Club has a new emblem for their sweaters. It is in the shape of a bomb in green, with Pep written on it in yellow. That's 30 for today. -Dick Roberts (49) ******************************************** >>From: Ray Gillette (49) Concerning hair bleaching: After reading about Sandy Atwater Boyd (51) and Ann Pearson Burrow (50) experiencing with bleaching their bangs my memories went back to my sophomore year when I used to go to parties with others in my class (1949). As sophomores (which means "wise fool") of course, one of the things we thought we should go was bleach our hair. I wore a "crew" cut in those days and I remember that some of the gals of my acquaintance (Ann (Anna May) Thompson, Julia Giles Connolly, Beverly McCleary, and others) decided that I should have a blond(er) crew cut. So we purchased some Hydrogen Peroxide and being a trusting young soul I allowed them to apply a solution to my very short hair with a tooth brush. It did in fact become very blond and that was fine, but the application process was not exactly professional. As many probably know that direct contact with the skin of Hydrogen Peroxide can cause skin burns and can be quite uncomfortable. But my scars healed rapidly and I did enjoy being a tow head for a period of time. -Ray Gillette (49) ******************************************** >>From: Ruth Rawlins Hill (56) Reading all these memories from former alumni bring back so many, many memories. I moved to Richland in the fall of 1944 and was in Mrs. Turner's class in the second grade at Sacajawea. It was pretty scary moving from another town and transferring schools at that age. We moved into a 2 bedroom prefab and I remember it was Halloween because someone came Trick or Treating to our door and I had never heard of it before. (Such a sheltered life.) We soon moved into a "B" house where I lived until I graduated in 1956. I remember feeling so "grown up" when I started junior high at Carmichael. Then they built Chief Joseph and I went there. Those were fun days and a couple of my girlfriends and I became majorettes and were in a couple of parades. Then we moved up to Columbia High and I became a flag twirler. It was kind of a shock to go from being the oldest in junior high to the underlings again in high school. But it didn't take long to adjust. I remember the football games where we froze to death sometimes and I didn't really understand anything (still don't) but it was just fun to be there with our friends. Basketball was my favorite and although I was never in the Pep Club I sat behind them a lot at the games and I think we had just as much fun. The sock hops after were great and I could never get enough dancing. I still enjoy it. Either I was very naive or I don't remember ever having to worry about drugs in the 50's. That was only something you heard about in Blackboard Jungle or ghettos of NY. The worst thing I remember was maybe sneaking behind some building to try out a first cigarette or someone getting drunk. I think we had one pregnancy that we all knew about. As I read some of the memories of the alumni of the 70's things seemed to have really changed by then. I have attended a couple of class reunions and they were such great fun. At the first one we attended, my husband went around pretending to be an alumni too and talking to people as if he had known them and teasing them about not remembering him. He really got a kick out of that. He graduated from Murray High School in Salt Lake City, UT. Richland was a great place to grow up in. I still have one sister living in West Richland and a sister-in-law in Kennewick. So we get back there once in a while to visit family. Thanks for all the sharing or memories. -Ruth Rawlins Hill (56) ******************************************** >>From: Jacqueline Tallant Rohlf (69) For Shelly Belcher Sansaver (74) Hi Shelly. I graduated 5 years ahead of you, so you won't remember me, however, while reading your post your mention of Georgette Cole caught my eye. I was a friend of her sister, Julie Cole (70). I now live in Hawaii and somehow Julie tracked me down and sent me a Christmas card a few years ago. I wrote her back, but never heard any more from her. If you or anyone else knows of a way that I could get an address for Julie or Georgette I would appreciate it. Julie was Miss Tri-Cities in '70 or '71, I'm not sure now as I'd already moved from the area at that time. One more curiosity, are you and your sister at all related to Barbara, Carla and Ron Belcher? They lived in North Richland when I was in high school. I haven't posted too much on the sandstorm page... am still new at it, but it's lots of fun reading everyone's memories!!...... Aloha! -Jacqueline Tallant Rohlf (69) ******************************************** >>From: Brad Wear (71) I just received a copy of a magazine article picturing Rick Morrell (71) receiving the "Police Officer of the Year" award for West Richland. Congratulations, Rick! Well deserved. I'm sure you remember all the parties on Bombing Range Road, and Weiry's house. Give the kids a break when you can. -Brad Wear (71) ******************************************** >>From: Sheila Davis Galloway (71) I too had Miss Morn for a fifth grade teacher at Jason Lee. I remember that she was a very beautiful person, a lot of red hair. Mom told me that it was during that time that they had the PTA meetings at the Gaslight and a lot of Dads would show up for the meetings. Wonder why? I also remember that Mr. McGowen and Miss Morn were more than just teachers together at Jason Lee, but it seems that because of church differences they never got together. I don't know if this is fact, does anyone else ever remember hearing this? -Sheila Davis Galloway (71) ******************************************** >>From: Kim Edgar Leeming (79) Just wanted to say I had a wonderful time at the 20 year reunion. It was nice to see so many familiar faces, I just wish I hadn't forgotten so many names. I hope the next reunion's name tags have old class photos on them (and hope everyone wears them, not too many folks wore them this time). Everyone looked great! It's amazing how much time has gone by. I'm looking forward to the next reunion, how about a 25th year reunion? Ten years just seems to far away for the next one. Bill Bacon, I haven't had time to dig out our 9th grade dance photo yet, but when I do, I'll email it to you. I'd like to give a special thanks to all those involved in putting the reunion together. -Kim Edgar Leeming (79) ******************************************** >>From: From: Michelle Devoir Beden (79) Date: Thu Jul 22 17:53:47 1999 RE: Class of 79 20 year Reunion What a great weekend! July 9th - 10th. Friday night at the old Gaslight could not of been nicer. So many people I haven't seen for 10 and even 20 years. It was so nice to see and talk to old classmates. Hope every one from our class had as nice of a time as I did. To all of you who worked on the reunion: You did a great job. I know it was a lot of work and I thank you for all the time you put into the planning. Great job Linda, Jill, Herb, Lori and George, Hiedi, Pam, and anyone I may of missed. If you couldn't make it hope to see you at the next reunion. -Michelle Devoir Beden (79) ******************************************** >>From: James Walters (80) TO: William "Bill" Phillips (80) The class of 80 has a site at as well, Bill, with e-mail and homepage links to others of our class. -James Walters (80) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 7/24/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers sent stuff in: Vera Smith (58), Alice Hanthorn (59), John Northover (59), Jay Siegel (61), Jim Hamilton (63), Jamie Worley (64), Diane Hartley (72), Janet Wokal (83), Brent Dumler (89) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Vera Smith Robbins (58) Does anyone know the whereabouts of Dick Oaks '57? I used to dance with him at the noon sock hops. He was so cute and it made me sooo nervous to dance with him. I usually stepped on his toes, but he never said a word. After that, I vowed I'd be a good dancer. lol -Vera Smith Robbins (58) ******************************************** >>From: Alice Hanthorn (59) Hi, This is Alice Hanthorn (59) not Dave (63). I'm visiting here with him [Dave's e-mail address]. We've spent considerable time reminiscing about life in Richland. One of the memories that came to me was of a group of Col Hi guys that sang for our dances, The Sandmen??? Dennis Barr (58) was in the group. I have a memory of them in pink jackets, white slacks and pink suede shoes. I thought Dennis was as "gorgeous" as Elvis ever was, and he was right in my school!! Another of my favorite stories, the day "Big" John Myers ran into me coming out of the school store. My knees didn't buckle from the blow, but from the close proximity of "him"...... Then another time at home, I answered the front door. I was in my at home frump, uncombed and no makeup, you know the look, friends. There on my porch was "Big" John and someone else, but I never got past seeing John, he was asking for my older Brother Jack (56) something about car parts. Boy did I let Jack have it after they had left! How dare he not let me know we were to be blessed with a visit from a "god" I almost didn't go to school the next day I was so mortified. But my dad wouldn't except mortification as an excuse from school. John was such a gentle man, it was sad reading of his passing. Any more on the songsters??? I'll be watching... -Alice ******************************************** >>From: John Northover (59) For those that may have a slight interest in seeing how well the Class of '59 has withstood the passage of time ... We now have pictures posted on the Class of 1959 Web Page.... Should you be interested in taking a lookieee-peekieee at the individuals that were had by a good time ... go to the CLICK on '1959' ... To view the photos taken at the Dinner Dance ... CLICK on Roll 1, Roll 2 or Roll 3 ... thanks -john '59 ******************************************** >>From: Jay Siegel (61) To: Marilyn Baird Singletary (60) I remember that gooseberry bush! I, too, lived on Farrell Lane, 1314, and the trip down Kimball from school was the equivalent to today's "auto pilot" trip that many commuters have. Except for interesting side trips to pick gooseberries or to catch crawdads in the drainage ditch. It was always amazing that the 2 block trip from Sacajawea to home always took at least 1/2 hour. The "stroll down Kimball" brought back another memory: remember playing Kick-the- Can on those warm summer evenings. Realizing how late it stays daylight in the summer, we must have been out until midnight playing. I mentioned playing Kick-the-can to my granddaughter. Her comment after a brief moment of thought was "...and you had fun doing that?". I often feel a twinge of sorrow that she, her siblings and contemporaries will never know how much fun it was trying to sneak up and boot the can without getting caught. Or for that matter laying on the grass on the little hill going up to Jo Ann Dresser's (61) house and just looking for shooting stars. The grass always was so "cushy" and the sky always so clear and diamond-studded. When we finally made our way home, it was soooo easy to go to sleep. To all Bombers, thanks for the memories; they add so much color to life. -J -Jay Siegel (61) ******************************************** >>From: Jim Hamilton (63) Excuve me if you haf twuble underthanding me, but iths tough to tawk wiff all ofth tese bwaack featherth thticking out of my mouf. Went to Safeco Field to the ball game yesterday afternoon and even if you put all of that Dave Niehaus blather and "put it where the sun don't shine", it is well worth the trip. More people there to eyeball the ballyard, than to watch the game. Beer is $4.50, but hey I paid more than that at state in 1963. If you're along the third base line or in right for a day game, don't forget the coppertone and your shades. If you wear the Hulk Hogan kind and your hat on backwards, you'll look like everyone else. Parking is a pain, so ride the bus. Buy your Hoodies outside for $2.00 and pack a sandwich (everything I know, I learned from my Mother) Outdoor baseball is something new here in the 206/425 area code, but worth the wait regardless of what I said, before I fell off of my soapbox. Hell, what did you expect from a guy who voted for Nixon (twice), bet on Sonny Liston and am still trying to wear out my Nehru jacket. -jimbeaux (63) ******************************************** >>From: Jamie Worley Hills (64) Read John Northover's wonderful description of the class of '59's reunion. Class of '64: We can't let '59 be the last best class of the century. For any of you who have not come to a reunion, please, please come. No one cares anymore what you do, how you look, how much money you have (we got through all that bull at the 10th and 20th) just that you are alive and share many memories with others. So come on class of '64, let's get with it. Love to see everyone in August. -Jamie Worley Hills (64) ******************************************** >>From: Diane Hartley (72) To Marjo Vinther Burt (77): Hi my name is Diane Hartley. Your mom and dad did not live too far from us. We lived on Cedar. Rick was in all my classes at Marcus Whitman. He still looks the same, but has grown into his ears:) I go to C.U.P every Saturday night, and I have heard Rick a few times. I was sorry to see him go. He is very good, and you should say so. I bet your folks are very proud of him. TO Brenda Belcher Ripplinger (76): Are you related to Gary Ripplinger who was married to Becky Noble (69)? Becky and I and her sister, Lynn, were very close. At the time of Becky's death, their son, Greg, was only two. Let me know. -Diane Harltey (72) ******************************************** >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Janet Wokal (83) Date: Fri Jul 23 01:45:50 1999 I am from the class of '83 and would love to hear from some of you! I have a son going to Richland high in the class of 2001! -Janet Wokal (83) ******************************************** >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Brent Dumler (89) Date: Fri Jul 23 16:26:42 1999 I'm living in Kennewick now with my wife and 4 kids. If anyone knows how to get in touch with Jaime Hernendez, please let me know. He was a foreign exchange student from Colombia and we had fun that year! -Brent Dumler (89) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 7/25/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers sent stuff in: Ann Pearson (50), Shirley Lawrence (56), Steve Carson (58), Mary Ray (61), Val Nielsen (69), Jim Wingfield (71), Nancy Yesberger (74), Brenda Belcher (76), Dave McAdie (79) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ann Pearson Burrows (50) To: John Northover '59 I can tell by your email address that you work very close to me. Really enjoyed you r write up on your reunion - makes me look forward to mine - next year is the biggie. I work next to Tio Leos on Morena. Wonder how many of us are in this area??? I know of a few. -Ann Pearson Burrows (50) ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Davis Lawrence-Berrey (56) Alice Hanthorn's (59) entry mentioning the Sandmen really brought back a lot of musical memories. There may have been more Sandmen through the years, but in '56 they were Don Dixon, Morris Mack (56), Darrell Mitchell (56) and , yes, Dennis Barr (58 - the only sophomore.) They were just great. We had such wonderful music opportunities at Col-Hi under Harley Stell for vocal and Gordon Pappas for instrumental. I remember during both our Jr. and Sr. years, the choir went to Grand Coulee for a concert. I think Mr. Stell's brother was a minister there because we also sang for a church service. We stayed over night with members of the community. Once we even sang "Almighty Fortress is Our God" inside Grand Coulee Dam. What an experience! I can remember the musical production "The Wizard of Oz." During one performance, the "poof" machine that announced the Wicked Witch caught the scenery on fire and there we were trying to keep the show going on while the scenery was being hauled off the stage. "The show must go on." Such fun. Sure missed going to Richland during my recent trip to the Northwest. With my parents in a nursing home in Pullman near my sister, Gloria, (61) I headed there. My son came for me and took me to Yakima (almost smelling distance from the spudnuts) and then my daughter picked me up and drove me to Tacoma, so I saw much of our beautiful "home" state. I did have lunch with classmate and childhood neighbor, Don McKenzie (56). So good to talk over old times - like kick-the-can, looking for flying saucers in that clear desert sky, etc. etc. More memories another time. Keep them coming all you Bomber alumni. It's such fun to escape to the memories of another time. -Shirley Davis Lawrence-Berrey (56) ******************************************** >>From: Steve Carson (58) For Alice Hanthorn (59) Dave Shine (58) was the Base for the Sandmen and who among us doesn't remember the Hawaiian War Chant... "There's a funny little sunny little melody That was started by a native down in Waikiki They would gather a crowd Down beside the Sea Then they would sing this gay Hawaiian Chant Ah Way..... Ah Ha Tumalong..... The Sandmen.. Great guys great harmony. -Steve Carson (58) ******************************************** >>From: Mary Ray Henslee (61) The first thing I did upon getting online recently was to look up Richland. Wow! I am so impressed with the scope of our Alumni site and its large following. I bet that it is the biggest and best in the United States. I have always felt so fortunate to have grown up in Richland and have conveyed this fact to my children many times over the years. It is nice to find out that many of you feel the same way because I would have hated to find out that I had been deluding myself all of these years. My family settled into a "R" house at 1610 Johnston across the street from Chief Joseph Junior High in 1948. I remember spending many hours skating down the big hill in front of the school. Like the rest of you, I remember charging outside to run behind the Foggers as a child. I am at a loss to understand why we had such fun running through a fog of DDT that smelled and made us choke. I remember slumber parties where we would sneak out in the middle of the night to go meet the guys. We didn't have to worry about anything happening to us because amazingly there was no crime in our town. What a shock to go out into the real world. We were sheltered and I loved that part of our youth the best. We were able to keep our innocence until we were grown. How lucky and unique we are in that respect. I remember we walked everywhere before age sixteen and actually enjoyed it. At age sixteen, my father bought me a blue and white 1953 Chevy out of self defense. I was not supposed to take the family car out of town, but Delma O'Brien (61) and I wanted to go see Sharon Tate (61) get crowned, so off we went. As luck would have it, I got rear- ended on the highway home by a classmate driving a car exactly like mine (a two-toned green 1957 Buick with a red stripe). My father decided that maybe I would be better off in an older, not so nice car. I didn't care what I drove just so it had an engine and four wheels. I remember putting many miles on that car tooling around town (I think that's what we used to call it). The Burks Brothers Gas Station where Randy Buchanan and Walter Burks worked got a lot of my business in those days. I had the privilege of being cheerleader in the 9th grade at Chief Joseph with Sharon Tate, Gloria Davis (61), Jenna Skirving, and Nancy Weston. Whenever someone asks me what Sharon Tate was like, I tell them the thing that I remember most about Sharon was her friendly nature. She was nice to everyone and I don't ever remember her acting like she was better than anyone else. I have not been back to Richland since graduation. My father took a job with NASA and the family moved to Houston, Texas. I eventually married and moved to San Antonio, Texas where I have been since age 22. I say "y'all" now instead of "you guys", but other than that I think much of my roots are still very much a part of me. There have been interesting articles in the newspaper here from time to time over the years about our possible exposure to iodine- 131 either deliberately or by accident. One of the most interesting articles that I saved and am reading from right now was titled U.S. Released Radioactivity Over Town, which was published about 15 years ago. It is a Hanford Physicist's account of the experiment that was conducted by the Military on December 2-3, 1949. According to documents released by the Department of Energy and his account, the release of about 5000 curies of iodine-131 was designed to help the military locate plutonium plants in the Soviet Union. The Military wanted to gauge the levels of radioactivity at various distances from a release point in hopes the data could be used to approximate the locations of nuclear weapons plants in the Soviet Union. Against the protests of Hanford scientists, the experiments were run when the winds were not favorable and instead of blowing away from populated areas, the cloud with a plume 200 miles long and 40 miles wide drifted over Richland, Pasco, and Kennewick. Carl Gamertsfedler, the Physicist feels that anyone drinking milk from cows in the immediate vicinity might possibly have gotten more iodine in their thyroid than would be acceptable. I am sure those of you still living in the area have more access to information about this aspect of our youth than those of us scattered around the country. I saw the report on CNN Headlines News not too long ago regarding the conclusion that there is no connection between our exposure to radiation and numerous reports of thyroid cancer. Guess we will never know for sure. Where else in the world could we have lived where we were exposed to DDT on a regular basis and possibly radiation, yet still feel like we wouldn't have wanted to live anywhere else. Go figure. I cherish the memories of each and every one of you who touched my life growing up and would love to hear from y'all. I hope the e- mails keep coming into the Sandstorm Archives because I sure do enjoy reading them. They have brought back so many simple, but fun memories: Muscles who definitely added to the uniqueness of our town; Saturday afternoon movies in grade school (remember the serials that hooked us into going every week); Friday night movies at the Uptown theatre in Jr-Hi; the drive-in movies in High School (pooling our money to get two admitted while the others hid under blankets on the floor in the back seat when times were tough); submarine races down by the river; cruising around Uptown, the A&W, and the bowling alley (lots of honking at each other as we circled the town over and over); many hours spent in the basement perfecting our dance steps so that we would shine at sock hops and Hi-Spot; rushing out to buy the latest 45's; local DJ's spinning 45's and taking requests on the radio every night (always hoping for that special someone to make a dedication); watching Elvis's first TV appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show; rushing home from school every day to watch American Bandstand; starching petticoats in the basement every night in Jr-Hi; Janzen sweaters, tight skirts, and sheath dresses in High School; sledding down the big hill by Col-Hi; swimming in irrigation ditches (anything for a tan); pep rallies and other fun assemblies during school (no such fun experiences allowed during school nowadays and then decision makers wonder why so many kids lack school spirit); having fun without alcohol or drugs (many of us having our first drink graduation night); and our championship basketball teams. I could go on and on, but I'd better leave some room for other e-mail. Like to hear why the name of our school was changed. -Mary Ray Henslee (61) ******************************************** >>From: Val Nielsen Lee (69) I, too, enjoyed that gooseberry bush on the corner of Kimball and Symons. I lived on Keller all through school and loved that walk to and from Sacajawea, Chief Jo and then Col Hi. I think I personally kept the old Malley's in business, wasn't there a Barber Shop in that building? Thanks for the Cinnamon Roll recipe! I made them and they were delicious!! It makes lots so be prepared. Thanks for all the fun walks down memory lane. -Val Nielsen Lee (69) ******************************************** >>From: Jim Wingfield (71) Hi all you Bomber faithful. To Jim Hamilton (63): My family and I went to the new Safeco field last Saturday to enjoy the Mariners beating up on San Diego. It was great. Kenny Rogers was there and sang a new song before the game and threw out the first pitch. I agree on the parking situation. Coming from the Tri-Cities where you can park your car for free or at least a decent price, it kind of hits the wallet to pay 12-20 dollars for a few hours. They were even charging high prices around Seattle Center and the Warf because of a food fair and a summer fest. The new field is really nice, although I can't say it has near the charm and feel that I remember as a teen from visiting Wrigley field in Chicago, with the ivy and all. Went to the (Hanford House) Doubletree last night with my much better half Cindy (76), and listened to Three-Dog-Night. That was really a lot of fun, especially, of course, "Joy to the World". Exactly what kind of wine would a Bullfrog drink anyway? I guess it's better not to know. Hope your all are having a great summer..... -Jim Wingfield (71) ******************************************** >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Nancy Yesberger McAllister (69) Date: Sat Jul 24 02:45:01 1999 Just went to our 25th reunion... lots of fun!! Hope there are even more at the 30th! ******************************************** >>From: Brenda Belcher Ripplinger (67) Like all Bomber alumni, I have many memories of our old school. Seeing the names of old friends sparks even more. I spent most of my days at RHS stuck in the purgatory that exists between Jockdom and Freakhood. Maybe that's why I liked the song "Stuck in the Middle With You" so much. I wasn't alone, as most of us were trying desperately to figure out who we were. Some of my favorite days at RHS were spent as office helper. What a cool place to spend time instead of a regular class. I remember using the "official" memo pad to write excuses for my friends to get out of class. Example: "Shawna, you have a phone call from your mother. Please report to the office." Then we would meet in the parking lot and take a drive to Zips or just tool around town. I don't know why they let ME work in the office. Probably to keep an eye on me. I never did learn how to transfer a call to the principal's office. I don't know how many times I cut off a parent calling. (Lucky for some kids, I'm sure). My favorite bathroom was the one that was waaaaaay down by the Auditorium. No one ever looked for us there. We could safely puff on our cigarettes or snooze without worry of getting caught. About following the mosquito truck: Yes, I did that too, but at least my mom had the good sense to tell us to tie wet rags around our nose and mouths. Huh? Sense? I'm still trying to find out if the rumors of an underground tunnel system are true. Anyone know? I went to check it out about two years ago at Carmichael. Couldn't find a thing. I remember how cool it was to get hold of real cinnamon oil and make our own toothpicks and hard candy. The smell of hot tar unfailingly brings memories of Marcus Whitman. They were always patching the roof, I guess. Now it's gone......sigh...... Well at least we have our memories and nothing can take that away, (except for when we hit 40) then things become a little vague. This site sure helps! Thank you to all who have shared. I look forward to hearing more. -Brenda (Belcher) Ripplinger, class of '76 ******************************************** >>From: Dave McAdie (79) I just want to add my 2-Cents worth regarding the '79 20-year Reunion last weekend. What a great time! A huge thank you to all of the organizing committee (Jill J., Linda G., the other Linda G., Herb F., George & Lori Gilmore, Shannon H., Jan M., Natalie C., Jadeane P. and David B.). You all did a great job!!! I heard you all committed to doing the next one - or was it "that you were all committed"??? :) It was good to see some faces that I had not seen in many, many years. You all looked great - some even better ;) For those of you out there who could/did not make it - you should give it a try. A lot of us grew up together, so it's good to hook-up every few years or so to catch up. We had a great time at Jack-Sons (formerly the Gaslight). Too bad I missed LAST CALL!!!!!!! Seems to me that usually happens about 2:00 in the morning, not midnight!!!! Glad the class of '79 upheld our reputation as the "Party Class"!!! The other activities were fun, Golf (Thanks Herb!!), the picnic, and dinner. Thanks to Jef and Christine Fastabend for waiting with my daughter, Andie, after her failed gymnastic stunt left her sprawled on the ground with a bruised tailbone and "pride" and to their daughter who befriended Andie :) I hope this email/internet thing works at keeping more of us in touch - at least with words anyway. Keep your eyes and ears open for information about the All-Bombers 2000 reunion that is planned for next summer (I'm not sure the Tri-Cities is big enough). Take care all you Bombers out there! -Dave McAdie (79) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 7/26/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers sent stuff in: Irene Smith (59), Linda Houck (61), Barb Gile (67), Cyndy Brooks (68 and Rick Valentine (68), Dave Doran (72), Rob Peutz (73), Sheryl Romsos (76), Darcy Doyle (77), Jennifer Jacobson (79) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Irene Smith Goodnight (59) To John Northover (59): Thanks, John, for sharing your pictures with us. And your great description of the reunion. I ended up not making it to the reunion, and wishing I had! I'll be at the big one next year. Wish everything didn't happen at the same time in July and August. One could party all through those two months if one dropped everything else!!! Anyway, it is fun to see how everyone looked, and while you could tell who some were, others bore little, if any, resemblance to their former selves. I have the pamphlet and have read it all, and have started exchanging communications with some of my old friends who were there. It is amazing to discover all the different ways we have gone, after being hatched from Col Hi. Well, I'm off to my family reunion in Portland. I'm sure seeing my cousins after all these years will be a lot like seeing old classmates. Must be the time for reminiscing ... Still enjoying the memories every day. Happy Bomber times everyone! -Irene Smith Goodnight '59 ******************************************** >>From: Linda Houck See (61) Thanks to Jay Siegel (61) for reminding me of the great summer evenings in Richland! Down on the convergence of Benham, Abert, Geo. Wash. Way, we also had nightly games of "kick the can", "hide & seek", etc. What memories. On any given night during the summer there we were, anywhere from 5 to 10 kids having a great time. The street light was on the corner of Latendress' (Fred and Linda, etc.) and our house and that was always base, but there was many a hiding place around. As you said, our children and/or grandchildren look at us with much question in their eyes for the things we call "great fun". Little do they know. All of you classmates of '61, from Lewis & Clark I have just sent to Maren some of our "class pictures!!" Weren't we just soooo cute!!! Would love to hear from any/all of you. -Linda Houck See, '61 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Linda--Those class pictures are on the web now. You can all find them by going to the ALL Bomber Alumni Links site (look at the end of this e-mail for that) Scroll down to the ALL Grade School Pictures link and follow the yellow brick road to L&C -Maren ******************************************** >>From: Barb Gile Larsen (67) Just got thru reading the latest - sure enjoy these trips down memory lane, tho these days I need a little help down the lane. Had a few cells jump started. The A&W status - we have found one in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area for anyone wishing to make a pilgrimage this far.. It looks as if it has been there for quite a while. It has the whole works, car hops, etc. - and closes down for the winter. We have been there a few times and it is like traveling a time machine. The root beer floats are the best. The swimming pool - when I get a whiff of chlorine - I'm suddenly standing on the deck waiting to be told to jump in and swim. Took swimming lessons there all the way thru lifeguard. My most vivid memory was having to dive down to the bottom of the 12 foot part of the pool (it seems like 120 ft going down) and retrieve a 10 pound weight. At least the days were usually sunny and warm. I also hope the Mid-Columbia Symphony is able to continue. My dad was a wonderful violinist and actually played in it when first moved here. He and Mom were always dragging us kids to the symphony for our cultural experience, but at the time I sure didn't appreciate it - I'd rather be uptown listening to 45's in the listening booth at the music store (Anyone remember that?) Anyway, my tastes have evolved and we are pleased to live in an area now with such great music/theatre opportunities. My husband (Jeff Larsen - '67) and I are hoping to make it to Richland for the first time in about 20 years for a nostalgic visit this Sept. (attending a wedding in Bremerton and going to make time to go pick up some Spudnuts). Anyone have memories about the dress codes at school? No pants for the girls, shirts for the boys had to be tucked in, etc. At Christ the King it was even more strict (the 2 weeks we could wear "regular clothing") no sleeveless dresses, and hems were checked. Seems sooooooooooo long ago. Keep up the good work! -Barb Gile Larsen (67) ******************************************** >>From: Rick Valentine and Cyndy Brooks Cowman (68) RE: Bomber Message Board We have a message board at the Class of 1968 Home Page. It is for everyone! Come visit and leave a new message or reply to an article. This is not a replacement in any way to the already existing communications (Sandstorm, Sandbox or E-mail), but another way to get together. If you are familiar with message boards/forums you know what we mean. Almost like a chat, you can leave your short messages and sometimes receive an instant comment in reply. Thank you, Gary, for being our first participant :) Come check it out! Rick Valentine (68) and Cyndy Brooks Cowman (68) ******************************************** >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Dave Doran (72) Date: Mon Jul 26 00:12:03 1999 I was a teenage Richland Bomber Your site is a nice surprise and I'm wondering if anyone from the class of '72 is still able to remember CYO dances, the community center doings and Larry someone passing baggies in payless parking lot? I've kept up with Peter Brandt, The Hubbard Boys, one of the Strattons and Christine Woodward and would love to hear from all others. -Dave Doran (72) ******************************************** >>From: Rob Peutz (73) Oh my god, I had forgotten about the mosquito truck. I wonder if that explains the hair turning gray. No wonder my parents had issues about my chasing it. I enjoy hearing the stories, walking down Kimball Street. I lived at 1319 Kimball, and made many trips to Tomlison's Dairy Mart, for ice cream, and to flirt with Cris Kennedy. I still get a chuckle out of that cow on the roof. Anyone in the Class of 73 remember the garbage can, upside down on the top of the flag pole? An engineering feat, that made me proud to be a Senior. Hahahaha. To Ann Pearson Burrows (50): If you work down the street from Tio Leos on Morena, I assume you are in the San Diego area. I live in Santee. I must have missed the Tri City heat. -Rob Peutz (Class of 73) ******************************************** >>From: Sheryl Romsos Senyk (76) Hi Brenda Belcher (76)! Thanks for the memory of cinnamon flavored toothpicks - didn't they come in little wax paper wrapped packets? I think that I used to chew mine into shreds, thereby probably swallowing at least a small amount of wood product - oh well, fiber, right? -Sheryl Romsos Senyk (76) ******************************************** >>From: Darcy Doyle Hupf (77) To Brenda Belcher (76): I loved your entry. I will always remember how cool it was that you could shoot spit from under your tongue... and mean to! I also especially liked hearing about you calling Shawna, my OLDER sister from class with your "office assistant" power. See Mom, I told you she was the one who was trouble... I was the good one!! Study, study, study... that's me! To Coni Glass: I hope you are feeling better and up and around. I'm still waiting to take that "road trip". We have an appointment to impact a few towns! Kathy Ryals: You'rE still invited, let's go! And Shannon and Tami and Cecily: Could you imagine the damage we could do!? -Darcy Doyle Hupf (77) ******************************************** >>From: Jennifer Jacobson (79) To David McAdie (79) Re: Jef and Christine Fastabend Do the Fastabend's have an e-mail address? Would you mind passing it along? I'd like to get in touch with them. Hope your daughter is feeling better. -Jennifer Jacobson (79) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 7/27/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 17 Bombers and Mrs. Fankhauser today: Dick Roberts (49), Al Hester (50), Craig Buchanan (57), J.G. "Sue" Garrison (58), John Northover (59), Kay Lynch (60), Marilyn Baird (60), Nancy Jones (60), Pete Bradley (60), Mary Mike Hartnett (61), Paula Jill Lyons (64), John Wingfield (66), Tedd Cadd (66), Pam Ehinger (67), Dan Henry (68), Phil Jones (69), Kim Ross (88), Joanne Fankhauser ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick Roberts (49) Sandstorm - December 8, 1948 IDEAL SENIORS Smile - Norma Culverhouse, Ray King Brains - Elizabeth Myers, Glen Turner Hair - Jeanne Williamson, Artie Hammonds Eyes - Marlene Morton, Charles McElroy Complexion - Carolyn Hall, Bill Crockett Personality - Pat Upson, Dick Roberts Legs - Alma Carlson, Tooter Crowder Teeth - Bev Keller, Jackie Davis Figure - Lucille Bravard, Rex Davis Hands - Barbara Johnson, Alan Richey Cuteness - Fran Lennenbacker, Jerry Neidhold Lips - Rose Stewart, Rick Reed Talent - Sally Carrol, Dick Harris Poise - Eleanor Raynor, Dick Boyd Charm - Jeanette Miller, Ray Gillette SOCIETY A gala party was held at the home of Burt Baker of Pasco, Friday, Nov 26, in the honor of his fellow classmates from the University of Idaho. Those attending from Richland were: Pat Rutt, Fran and Grace Lennebacker, Jo Messerly, Nancy Wahlen, Jackie Henning, Alma Carlson, Wanetta Willoughby, Teresa Volmer and Ruth Turner. Sandstorm, February 3, 1949 SOCIETY Most of the girls have been wearing wool garments lately. Can you blame them? It seems that wool jersey blouses are very popular. Petra Odman has a gray, yellow and black striped turtle neck blouse, but if you prefer solid colors, Dorothy Ertel has a very pretty bright red blouse. Jo Ann Barron also deserves a compliment on her dark brown, wool dress. Several Col-Hi students went to the game at Pullman, Jan. 15. Among these were Phil Raekes, Dave Tilson, Rembert Ryals, Ray Gillette and Clyde Foster. While at Pullman, these boys were the guest of R.J. Pederson an alumnus of Col-Hi. Stag parties held for the boys by Chuck Clauson and Jerry Dunn last week were entertaining. The boys played cards and when they got hungry they helped themselves in the kitchen. The girl's Pinochle Club held their last meeting Feb 23, at Marilyn Griffin's home. The girls were divided into groups of four, and each group played cards at a different table. Refreshments were cokes and chocolate cake. All members were present except Anna Mae McCleary and Jo Cawdrey. DEBATERS TRAVEL Richland and Pasco debated, Jan. 20, on the subject, "Resolved: That the United Nations Now Be Revised into Federal World Government." Two negative and two affirmative teams represented each school. Richland debaters are: Richard Gibson, Tom Harbour, Judy McGinnis, Pat Monroe, Elizabeth Myers, Orrin Pilkey, Rembert Ryals an Pat Solomen. That's 30 for tonight. -Dick Roberts (49) ******************************************** >>From: Al Hester (50) In July 25th's Sandstorm, Shirley Davis ('56) touches on looking for flying saucers at Richland. It is interesting to see that the saucers were still around then. One afternoon in about 1946, when I was living at 1321 Sanford, about a dozen of us saw something really peculiar. There were several disc-like things (like a disc viewed on-edge) moving in ultra-fast courses, changing direction very suddenly. I think there were three or four in the sky to the west. All of us neighbors who were home at that time joined whoever originally saw the things, and we all saw them as they stayed in view for several minutes, low above the horizon and then disappearing to the west. They weren't reflections or regular aircraft or mirages. My father worked as a meteorologist on a tall tower in the 200- West area from 1944-1950 and he said there were a number of peculiar sightings from the tower which were never explained. After World War II was over we learned that the Japanese had let loose a lot of balloons with explosives attached, to drift and land in the Pacific Northwest to start forest fires. As far as I know, none landed at Hanford, although a few did land in Oregon and elsewhere in Washington, I think. What we saw were definitely not balloons but something moving very fast. In 1953 when I was in the Army at Camp Roberts, CA, a whole company of us saw several lights moving very fast in formation and had a very clear view. No one ever came up with an explanation. Any more saucer memories? -Al Hester (50) ******************************************** >>From: Craig Buchanan (57) I am trying to locate Frank Schermer (50) and his sister, Jackie. They lived on Farrell Lane in 40's and moved to Utah some time after Frank graduated 1950. Thank you -Craig Buchanan (57) ******************************************** >>From: J.G. "Sue" Garrison Pritchett (58) With a great deal of "care and feeding" from Maren, we (Richland Seniors Association) have established a web page. Check it out. You'll see what our organization is about. You can also get information about our major project, raising money for a new Richland Center (combined community house and senior center). Although a Bond passed in May, it will pay for the building and a modest amount of furnishings. Our "building fund" will pay for MORE or BETTER sound system, furnishings, etc. You'll find info on the "Alphabet-House Ornaments" here. You can see a picture of the A-House ornament. You can even see pictures of all the alphabet houses.....not yet all made into ornaments, of course. Thanks, again, Maren. And thanks to everyone else who makes the Alumni Sandstorm great. Check it out! -J.G. "Sue" Garrison Pritchett (58) ******************************************** >>From: John Northover (59) ALL, Two things ... *************** The First Thing If you have as your ISP (Internet Service Provider)... you will not be able to take the survey, at least the results will not be posted correctly. For what ever reason, [Just a little geek talk ... ] in its infinite ignorance will not or can not handle HTML Forms processing. When you fill out the survey ... your browser has instructions imbedded in the survey that tells your email program to take the buttons you clicked, collect that data, and put it in an email that is sent to [deleted for privacy]. I then have a couple of programs that read your Bomber Survey Response email, count your responses, and generate the result pages. When I get responses from users ... they are blank ... no data. does not do this. 1. You can possibly change browsers... Use the latest version of what ever browser you can find... although I do not know if will let you use different browser... 2. You can call your contact at and COMPLAIN loudly!!!! The question you need to ask is "WHY DOESN'T handle standard HTML Forms correctly!!!". They most probably will hang up on you ... or give you some drivel tongue answer ... If any one calls I would be interested in knowing what they say. 3. You can dump [my recommendation]. There are a ton of local ISP's that would be happy to have your business ... and for a few dollars less. You can call a local computer vendor ... check the yellow pages ... ask friends ... etc. etc. etc.. 4. I am working on finding a work around ... hopefully ... I will have something soon. ************** The SECOND thing ... the answers to the SURVEY QUIZ ... I apologize ... I did not think so many people would have so many problems answering so many questions ... HERE ARE THE ANSWERS .... now pay attention ... Do not loose the answer, do not give the answers away or ... I may have to send cousin 'VINNY' around...!!! Q1. = Uptown Q2. = Winslow Q3. = By's Q4. = Basketball Q5. = a coach Q6. = Flattop Sort of along the same thing ... the Class of 64 is leading the pack on taking the survey ... COME ON all you other classes ... take care -john '59 ******************************************** >>From: Kathleen "Kay" Lynch O'Shea (60) Thank you to Linda Houck See (61) for her reminder of summer evening games in our old neighborhood! My very favorite part of the evening hours, though, was the Nighthawks. I've looked for them, to no avail, every other place I've lived. They were mysterious and almost alien but they announced the coming of nightfall like nothing else did. Tell me they haven't disappeared from Richland, as so many fine things have! Does anyone know what their "real" name was or whether they really were hawks? I'm guessing that there were mosquitos or some other delicacies for them to munch on at that hour. Surely, they didn't appear just to enchant small children... or did they? Blessings, -Kathleen "Kay" Lynch O'Shea (61) ******************************************** >>From: Marilyn Baird Singletary (60) The Sandmen were always a special group for each class, with each year there was usually a change. In '58-'59 the four young men were Richard Williams, Dennis Robertson, David Carlson and Vernon Bates. In '59-'60 the four young men were Richard Williams, Dennis Robertson, Vernon Bates and Albert Leavitt. Their music was always superb no matter who the group comprised of. Thanks for the enjoyment guys. Have a Bomber Day -Marilyn Baird Singletary (60) ******************************************** >>From: Nancy Jones Pritchard (60) I made a trek to the Spudnut Shop on Saturday with my brother, Ken Jones (58), and his wife Dana. They live in Grandview now, but brought my husband, Gordon, and me down to the Spudnut for breakfast. What a treat! We even bought Spudnuts to bring home to another Bomber at the office. After the taste bud treats we drove around town and educated Gordon to the alphabet houses and a little history of Richland. I won't wait so long to come back again. It was great just being there for a little while. Hope to see all of you at the 2000 reunion.... -Nancy Jones Pritchard (60) ******************************************** >>From: Pete Bradley (60) I have been reading Sandstorm for all most a month now and have you all bought be home. What memories you have, I have really had a lot of fun reading your memories because they are mine also. I have been in Calif. since 1964 and back to Richland about five times. My wife and I will be there next Monday and Tuesday and plan on seeing everything we can. How many people in the classes of about 1968 to 1975 remember the good humor man selling ice cream bars and fudge bars? The name of the scooter was PEETS TREETS and it was pink all over with big red stripes. I went every place I could to sell my bars, North Richland bus station from the area, the government buildings downtown and every street in Richland I could get to in one day. I had a great time for two summers and made some money. I know I sold somebody a ice cream bar who is on line and reading this today. That is just another memory for some of us. I hope to see some of my old classmates next summer at our CLASS OF 60 REUNION!!!!!!! -Pete Bradley (60) ******************************************** >>From: Mary Mike Hartnett (61) RE: Searching for Bomber Neurosurgeon Dear Maren, Is there any way that you would know of carriers of Bomber Alums? If it is possible, I would dearly love to exchange some thoughts as I am contemplating more surgery for a movement disorder resulting from one of the strokes I experienced in 1994. If you can help me, thank you so much and if not, thanks for trying. Publish this letter in SS if you would like. -Mary Mike Hartnett (61) ******************************************** >>From: Phil Jones (69) To Barb Gile Larsen (67) Yup, listening to 45's was a very popular activity on Saturday mornings during junior high years. I believe the listening booths were upstairs at Korten's Music Store in the Uptown. Somebody mentioned the school dress codes. They really changed during my junior high senior high years. At Carmichael and maybe even early on at the high school, a guy could wear Burmuda shorts but they supposedly had to be to the top of your knee and were required to be accompanied with knee socks. What a look. By junior year, the girls dresses were very short and it seemed to be a challenge as to who could test the skirt length rule the farthest. One particular teacher, who's name I will not mention, was famous for having the first couple of rows filled with attractive young woman in their short-short dresses. I too enjoyed that fashion statement. It seems funny that Burmuda shorts were legal only if accompanied with knee length socks while the girls had dresses that revealed a heck of a lot more than any shorts alone would. Fine with me. By senior year, I wore the same jeans and tee shirt for about 45 straight days (to my poor Mother's dismay). They were washed but the same ones. To Jim Wingfield (71) I would guess that Jeremiah the Bullfrog drank Stagg's Leap. To everyone who loves Spudnuts: I stopped in the Spudnut Shop this morning for a couple of cinnamon rolls. I talked to Val briefly and she sort of shook her head in amazement over all of the gossip about the Spudnut Shop on this website. She indicated to me, first hand that, NO, Starbucks isn't taking over, she's good for another 20 years and THE PLACE ISN'T FOR SALE. So forget taking up collections to buy the place and keeping out of the evil hands of corporate giants. Val seems just fine with how things are. Thank you, Jesus. It is possible, however, that Rich Crigler could be suspended from consuming any Spudnut product for one whole week for starting these rumors in the first place. -Phil Jones (69) ******************************************** >>From: Paul Jill Lyons (64) To: Class of '64: I'm with Kathie Roe (64) and Jamie Worley (64). PLEASE ya'll come to the reunion. I missed 25 and 30, and Jamie said she was going to drag me by the hair to this one kicking and screaming if I didn't come willingly. That was enough to convince me! Remember, if you're on the list, Jamie knows where you live!!! Seriously, join the fun. Everyone is so anxious to see everyone else. We are part of one another's past, let's share it. -Paula Jill Lyons (64) ******************************************** >>From: John Wingfield (66) Reading of Kick the Can and Hide and Seek bring back fond memories. One other game we used to do a lot on warm summer evenings was Annie Over. Most of the time we used to play that at the Buchanans' house, which was an "A" house and Rick and sometimes Jeff would play, and sometimes other big boys from the block, (Farrell Lane), would join in, Bob Frick, Richard Coffman, Alan Coffman, Walt Morgan, Jim Newell, Keith Beyers, Chuck Meyers, anon, anon. The "A" house was better suited, because of the height and they were not so long to get around the corner when one of the big boys came running at us with a tennis ball. We lived in a "B" house, which was not so good, because the tennis ball seemed to find me more often then, and it would sting. And, during the daylight hours we would play croquet in the back yard, not the sophisticated variety of society, but good old send 'um far and wide. Sure glad I grew up in that town. A good safe place to be in the fifties and early sixties. Thanks for the memories... -John Wingfield (66) ******************************************** >>From: Ted Cadd (66) Hello to Mike Foss (66) Hi, Mike... Good to hear from you. I've heard bits and pieces over the years and wonder where you are now and how it's going... Pam and I live on the Yakima River outside West Richland in a small house near Twin Bridges. Quiet, clear view of the night sky and lots of wildlife around, especially birds of various kinds. -Tedd Cadd (66) ******************************************** >>From: Pam Ehinger (67) Hey someone mentioned CYO dances! Catholic Youth Origination. We CK kids know them very well! We had some great times there. But I'm sure the kids of today would think us very DULL! But lets face it! We lived in a slower pace time. (Thank God) Does anyone remember the dance where the guys took off one shoe and then the gals pick out a shoe and then found the guy that matched up to it? I wanted to dance with, I think his name was Rick Trujillo, so I watched very close and then I made my move! The Dance was great, but I think I stepped on his toes too much. But a good time was had by all! Bombers Rule -Pam Ehinger 67 ******************************************** >>From: Dan Henry (68) I was browsing today and found the memorial page for 1968. I hadn't realized that we had lost that many. Although I only knew about half of them, it was sad think that they won't be around for the everyday joys that most of us take for granted. I was just to a wedding this weekend in Montana and met members of our class that I hadn't seen since graduation. Dave Gregory and Jil "Luke" Gregory. They are living in Moses Lake and have quite a family. It certainly is a small world and it is good to see them again. Any one else coming to Montana, be sure to look me up. We're about 35 miles from Glacier Park in Kalispell. -Dan Henry, class of 68 ******************************************** >>From: Kim Ross Nelson (88) Hello to all from the class of 88 - is anyone out there? If so, I would love to hear from you. I'm living in Richland now and am a stay-at-home Mom (my dream job) with four kids (ages 7 to 1). It would be fun to hear from others and find out how everyone's doing. I heard about the death of Mr. Fankhauser and was very saddened by this. He was a great teacher and friend to his students. I was in his 0-hour chemistry class my junior year and really did horribly--but, that didn't stop him from trying to teach me and he NEVER made me feel dumb. I really loved and appreciated him. Thanks to Jenny Smart for the idea and address for sending messages to his family. -Kim Ross Nelson, RHS Class of 88 ******************************************** >>From: Joanne Fankhauser Dear Sandstorm Alumni: As the wife of Ed Fankhauser I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who wrote about Ed, on your e-mail communication and thru the many notes and letters we have received during his illness and death. They have been so heart warming and I appreciate all of you for taking the time to do that. While he was still aware - I read those that Glenna Hammer (66) forwarded to him and he always smiled. I know he loved every one of you - after he retired, he made the statement to several people "Not one day in my whole career did I ever dread going to work. I looked forward to each day". And I know he truly meant that. Thank you one and all - you have made a very hard time in the life of our family a little easier. -Joanne Fankhauser *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 7/28/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers, one Falcon, one spouse and one funeral notice today: Mike Bradley (56), Ed Borasky (59), Fred Phillips (60), Lynn Dodson (66), Judy Green (68), Spouse of Darwin Perkins (69), Terry Morgan (69), Brad Wear (71), Marion Agar (72), Judi Ell (76), Cecily Riccobuono (77), Pete Giangrande (77-HHS) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mike Bradley (56) Took a look at the pictures of the various houses at the web site mentioned. Recognized at once the A & F because my brothers and I lived in them. Recognized the pre-cuts, the B, Never heard of a D, E, G, K M S or T. Where were these built? And where are the Pre-Fabs? Just thought I would ask. -Mike Bradley (56) [Mike -- probably because there weren't as many of those types built as some of the others: D-8 built, E-84, G-8, K-60, M-25, S-19, T-5 -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Ed Borasky (59) to Kathleen "Kay" Lynch O'Shea (60) I remember the "nighthawks" well. My recollection is that they were a member of the swallow family. They had similar habits to those of common insect-eating bats, but they were not bats, they were birds. Speaking of things from childhood, when I first moved to Richland from Philadelphia, I lamented the fact that there were no fireflies! I resolved to right this wrong and one year, when we went back to Philadelphia for a visit, I attempted to smuggle some back to Richland. Alas, they did not survive the train trip. They would not have been able to populate Richland in any event; the fireflies you see in the Eastern US are all males, and live only long enough to mate with a (flightless) female. -Ed Borasky (59) ******************************************** >>From: Fred Phillips (60) To Kathleen "Kay" Lynch O'Shea (60), and anyone else who is interested: I saw the Nighthawks in Richland yesterday. I was there visiting my mother who still lives in our old "B" house and the birds appeared at dusk, just like the warm summer evenings I remember when we were 8 or 9 years old. Your comments caused me to dig up an old book on birds to see what these delightful critters really are. The species is called the "Common Nighthawk" or "Booming Nighthawk." They aren't hawks. Instead, they belong to a family of birds called "Goatsuckers" (really!!) that feed on nocturnal insects. It's probably best that we didn't know this when we were children. Can you imagine shouting: "Hey everybody, look at the goatsuckers." Enjoy. -Fred Phillips (60) ******************************************** >>From: Lynn Dodson Stedman (66) A few mentions of A&W and every time I read them I can smell root beer. Talk about how a certain smell can take you back. Working there was a great experience -- started out at $1.25 and hour and was delighted when minimum wage went up to $1.35. Tips were usually good but you had to carry a lot of heavy trays and make certain to get all those mugs back when you picked them up. (Yes, we were docked pay for those who got away!) Dale Howard was a great boss. Anyone know what happened to him? He built a great work ethic in those of us who worked there. It was fun to be left to work without his watchful eye, but he routinely would come back around with his family and check up on how we were doing. Sometimes if the orders were backed up he would leave his family in the car and come back to the grill and help us catch up. I must have walked hundreds of miles those summers with change aprons cutting into our waists and root beer and the occasional shake spilled in our tennis shoes. I remember staying late with Nilea Bean (66) and counting the money and stashing it in the safe in the office floor. It was a great job but also made me realize the value of an education. -Lynn Dodson Stedman '66 ******************************************** >>From: Judy Green Gregory (68) Hello Everyone, My Husband, Dan Gregory (66), and I went to Whitefish, Montana this last weekend to our Nieces' Wedding, who is the Daughter of Bomber graduates, Patty Gregory Burnett (70) and Craig Nichols (69). Low and behold Dan Henry (68), was there also. He went to college in Kalispell with my Niece, Laurie. A small world, isn't it???? Then after the wedding we traveled the "Road To The Sun" loop over Glacier National Mountain and up through Canada, and 10 miles before at the port of entry to Canada there was a little stop off place with a grocery store and Motel, now mind you there are no towns within 50 miles of this place, we stopped to get a can of pop and the owner was from the Tri-Cities. We asked how he came to be here of all places, and he said that he was going through, fell in love with Montana and stayed. If you haven't been to Montana you really need to visit that part of Montana, it is truly God's Country!!! Hello to all classmates of '68! Gary and Maren, thanks for all the effort you have done to make this happen, while I was on vacation I went into withdrawal and couldn't wait to get back to catch up on all the news. Dan Henry, even though I don't remember you it was nice to visit with you and your wife. To Ralph Myrick (51): Congratulations on being a first time Grandparent, isn't it wonderful??? I too am a proud Grandparent for the first time as of July 21. A beautiful little boy, Justin Robert Gregory. My Son Scott (91), and his Wife, Rosie Rodriguez (88), made us very proud to be Grandparents and I was greatly honored to be present during the birth of our "Little Prince." Our older son, John (88) and his Wife are waiting for another year before they start their family for he is training to become a pilot in the Marines and his wife Debbie will graduate in December from Texas A&M and they will both be finished with their schooling and ready to take on parenthood. We can't wait for our family to keep on growing. Bye for now, -Judy Green Gregory (68) ******************************************** >>From: Karen, spouse of Darwin Perkins (69) My husband, Darwin Perkins, is a 69 Bomber, and our four boys all have been Bombers with our youngest graduating in 99. Darwin talks with others who have left Richland, only to return to live later in their lives. We traveled to Thailand last Thanksgiving and the Fankhausers were on the same tour. What a fun loving couple. I was amazed when he came over to us and kind of recognized Darwin, and then went on to ask about all his siblings (he is the oldest of 11 Perkins children that are all Bombers). That was such a fun trip and I have tons of pictures, especially of Ed and Joanne on the elephant...we'll never forget that Joanne. I hope you received my note that Darwin and I would be out of the state and unable to attend Ed's service. We took time to get away for a few days before his company sent him to work in Kuwait. He has been there several weeks and is coming home Aug 18 and flying back the 22. I know that is the weekend of his 30th reunion, but it is also his parents 50th Anniversary / family reunion weekend. We are going to be so busy. Even though I am not a Bomber ( 74 graduate of Granada in Livermore, CA) , I just love reading all the postings. Thank you all so much for sharing your memories, because these are the things that tie hearts together. I have been trying to see if anyone has done something like this for my school. Has anyone made the RHS Cinnamon Rolls that we gave out the recipe for? They sure good, But I will take a Spudnut any day! -Karen Perkins, wife and mother of Bombers ******************************************** >>From: Terry Morgan Dart (69) To Irene Smith (59) you have a sister, Franni and a brother, Craig?? Mother Orpha? If so, I think my family lived next door..on Butternut??? Barb Gile Larsen (67), my folks owned the music store. Korten's, later Uptown Music. -Terry Morgan Dart (69) ******************************************** >>From: Brad Wear (71) I was just browsing the archives and came across several interesting topics. Crigler's fact that Dawson Richards was closing is a tough one to take. That's where I bought my first suit. Rick Rawling's dad sold it to me. They also sponsored one of the little league teams. Speaking of Van Wyck how about Rob Morganthaler to bat against. He was 6ft in 6th grade. It was like batting against a grown man at the time. BB&M closing is even tougher to take. I remember going there every year to get the new gun catalogs and dream about a new one. Bought my first converse all stars there as well. Remember those? Lasted forever, they were part of the skin tight stretch levi's outfit everyone wore. Anyone remember the egg fights while driving around Richland, or just chasing everyone around. We were lucky no one was killed or hurt. To Rich Crigler, Mike Dean, Rick Rawlings, Daryl Dabling, and Jim Mitchel Semper Fi, only 105 more days until the Marine Corps birthday, 224 years of tradition unhampered by progress. -Brad Wear '71 ******************************************** >>From: Marion Agar Kreiter (72) TO: Nancy Jones Pritchard (60): Thanks for the Spudnuts! I shared with my coworkers. Just a little zap in the microwave and they tasted great! No one at Providence had heard of Spudnuts. They all approved! Thanks Val! After the Spudnut snack I had to go online and show them all that there really is such a thing as A- houses, B-houses etc....They were all very impressed with the Bomber sites. One co- worker is having her 30 year reunion at Franklin High School in Portland for which the alumni have developed a web-site. It doesn't even come close to the sites we are lucky to have. Thanks Maren, Gary and everyone else who contributes! -Marion Agar Kreiter (72) ******************************************** >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Judi Ell Dahl (76) Date: Mon Jul 26 18:33:33 1999 Great Web site. Was a lot of fun reading about many old time Bombers. Hope many more sign up. Please e-mail me if any of you remember any of the Ell girls. -Judi Ell Dahl (76) ******************************************** >>From: Cecily Riccobuono McClanahan (77) Hello to Class of 77: I finally received an e-mail from Michael Peterson. He will be headlining at the Benton-Franklin County Fair on August 28th. I'm hoping to get as many class of 77 alumni there as possible for an informal reunion. Thought it might be fun if we could all meet before, or after the show, and maybe a picnic the next day. If anyone is interested, let me know. LET'S PARTY!!!!! To Brenda Belcher (76): I can't tell you how much I laughed reading your entry. I don't know if you remember me, but my favorite memories of you were watching you do your gymnastics. You were so good. Remember Mr. Ostbow, (sp) the gymnastics teacher? I wonder what he's doing now. His class was known as the easy "A" class of Carmichael. One of my many most embarrassing moments was in his class. Ron Flodine, and Bobby DePalo were spotting me on the trampoline. I had on a body suit, and a pair of sweats, and I was trying to do a front flip. Went I went into the jump, Ron grabbed hold of my top, and Bobby grabbed hold of my sweats to help me turn over, (yah right) but the body suit unsnapped, and the sweat pants came untied, and when it was all over with, my top was around my neck, and my pants were around my ankles. Ron, and Bobby were laughing hysterically, but you know what? I still got an "A". Would love to hear other stories about Gymnastics class. -Cecily Riccobuono McClanahan (77) ******************************************** >>From: Pete Giangrande (77-HHS) Hay what's up everyone I did not go to Co-High but my sis did. My name is Pete Giangrande, I went to Hanford High, close enough, Class of 77', remember when going to the pool and only spending a quarter for the whole day. at the beginning of the summer I had brown hair and white skin, at the end of the summer I had blonde hair and brown skin. just thought I would see if any body had any stories about the pool days out there. Bye for now. -Pete Giangrande (77 Hanford High) ******************************************** ******************************************** Funeral notice for: Mrs. Lela Burnett, Jason Lee and Jefferson teacher *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 7/29/99 Note to ALL BOMBERS!! PLEASE 'sign' your Sandstorm entries!! Save us the time of looking up this information!!! We need your class year and maiden names, too, Ladies!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers sent stuff in: Grover Shegrud (56), Ruth Rawlins (56), Craig Buchanan (57), Irene Smith (59), Bill Moyers (60), Pat Vache (60), Betty Neal Brinkman (62), Kathy Rathvon (63), Shirley Collings (66), Peg Kestell (67), Patty Stordahl (72), Marty Harris (77) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Grover Shegrud (56) To class of (49): I would like to locate Petra Odman class of 1949 I think. We last heard of her in about 1960 in Pennsylvania. Married name Jerzerick. -Grover Shegrud (56) ******************************************** >>From: Ruth Rawlins Hill (56) Where is the Spudnut Shop now? Just reading about them every day on our web site makes me hungry. I could never get enough of them. After being gone for 43 years is there still a Spudnut Shop in Richland in the Uptown Shopping Center? I can hardly wait to visit my family there again and get a Spudnut. Thanks to all of you who keep this site going. When I signed on last week I never knew just exactly what it was but have had several classmates e-mail me since that I haven't heard from in years! It is great! Ruth Rawlins Hill (56) ******************************************** >>From: Craig Buchanan (57) A reunion is being planned for Sept. of this year all the old neighbors who lived in the 1300 block of Farrell Lane during the 40's and 50's. I am trying to locate Mary Catherine Halloran who graduated in 1953. Last I knew she was married and living in Seattle. If I just could get her married name it would be a real help. With the great resources of the Sandstorm and all the old Bombers I am confident someone out there can help me. -Craig Buchanan (57) ******************************************** >>From: Irene Smith Goodnight (59) To Terry Morgan '69: Yes, that's me, or us, (the Smiths) I should say. We lived on Butternut from about '51 to '56 or so, when we moved to West Richland. I remember you as "Terri Deane", and I might have babysat you a couple times. Remember our neighbors were: your family the Morgans, then us Smiths, then the Jones's , the Clarks (Helen Clark, '59) and the Newton's. Mom thought it was so funny to have "Smith, Jones, and Clark" all in a row. I have the Acrosonic piano Mom bought from Korten's in my house now. It's still beautiful and stays in tune wonderfully, even after being moved around the Northwest a few times! I'm sure it misses her playing, but I plunk on it once in awhile, and my musician friends keep it in step too. Last time I drove by the Butternut neighborhood several years ago, the trees had grown so big it seemed like a lush oasis, not at all like the open dirt we started with! Hardly can see the houses! -Irene Smith Goodnight '59 ******************************************** >>From: Bill Moyers (60) Additional comments on the nighthawks mentioned by Kathleen Lynch (60), and Fred Phillips (60): I, too, remember them well, diving and swooping over the park and greenbelt area directly in front of our family's A house on 300 block on Duane Street (renamed Goethals many years ago). In our junior high days, my brother Ben (61), and I were very much involved in building and flying controline model airplanes. We'd mostly fly them across the street in that open park area, usually in the summer evenings after the winds would die down. The nighthawks always came around to swoop and dive around the flying models, as if curious what was going on. Maybe they thought these "buzzy" things were oversized insects and might be tasty? Anyway, we always wondered what would happen if our model airplanes actually collided with one of them -- but that never happened. The nighthawks were superior aerobats and could easily outmaneuver and out-turn our best planes! Always wondered about the real name for the nighthawks; now thanks to Fred Phillips, we all know they were really "goatsuckers". I think I like the nighthawks better. -Bill Moyers (60) ******************************************** >>From: Pat Vache (60) To the editors: I have been reading and enjoying the Sandstorm for some time now. Each weekday morning starts with a couple of newspapers and then the best-- The Sandstorm. You guys do a fantastic job. I can only imagine the amount of work and dedication that goes into this "labor of love." In the small world category. Last week at our company picnic Kitty struck up a conversation with an employee's significant other. One thing let to another and Kitty soon discovered that this person, Nelson Cook, was a 1960 Bomber grad. Neither Nelson or I had made the connection, but we decided that it was because he was a "C" and I was a "V". In the need for structure back then every one was organized in alphabetical order, so those at one end of the alphabet did not see much of those at the other end. Talk about reunions, my wife, Kitty, and I just got back from her all-class reunion in Chinook Mt. Chinook is a town of 1,500 people and six jillon mosquitoes located in north central Montana. Three thousand alum and families signed in for the festivities. Friday morning three blocks of main street were closed off and the three day celebration began. The most common establishments on main Street are bars, so for a while it was like being on Bourbon Street with a decidedly western flavor. As far as I can determine I was the only person in Chinook who has ever cooled off by running through DDT (or what ever was being used) fog and the only one that the Chinook mosquitoes avoided. TO: Cecily Riccobuono McClanahan (77): I just got an e-mail from Rod Ostboe who is traveling in Europe. Rod (1960) was a member of the first Bomber gymnastics team. Coach Rex Davis, now in Pullman, was both coach and mentor for those willing to commute to the team headquarters and training facility at Sacajawea grade school. Rod even had a hand in constructing some of the equipment that we used in the first couple of years. I love the talk and pictures of the houses in Richland. The houses are such a big part of the history of Richland. We lived first in a prefab on Winslow and then a "precut" on Potter Ct. I remember the cold concrete floor in the precut, probably because of the wood floor in the prefab. I also remember the night that the cold dust in the coal bin exploded. It made quite a mess, but as I recall the house was not damaged. -Pat Vache, Class of 60 ******************************************** >>From: Betty Neal Brinkman (62) Move over Ralph Myrick (51) and Judy Green Gregory (68). George (60) and I have just joined the ranks of first time grandparents. Our oldest daughter, Lori and her hubby Gavin just presented us with a beautiful grandson, Cameron Donald MacLeod, on July 19. Is there anything sweeter than that first grandchild? George is walking five feet off the ground with the addition of another male in our family. -Betty Neal Brinkman (62) ******************************************** >>From: Kathy Rathvon (63) I, too, remember the nighthawks. I remember one warm summer evening my dad pointed them out to me. Does anyone remember the meadowlarks? I remember laying in bed during the summer and hearing them. -Kathy Rathvon '63 ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Collings Haskins (66) In previous issues of the Sandstorm, Gene Conley's (48) attributes have been discussed. People were curious where he is currently living. I've scanned this recent TCHerald article to let you know that he will be in town the same weekend the class of '64 is having its reunion, August 14. The Central Washington Sports Hall of Fame has announced its first induction class, and "Conley heads class." In order to scan the article, though, I had to do so with it sideways. So you probably want to print it out for easier reading, or you are welcome to "crane those necks. -Shirley Collings Hasking (66) ******************************************** >>From: Peg Kestell Hume (67) My sister just recently turned me on to this site. It's great! I've already heard from Barb Fecht, would like to hear from others as well. I've been living in New Mexico for the past 23 years. I was in 9th grade PE and Chief Joe shooting baskets with Barb Fecht when the announcement came in about Kennedy. Peg Kestell Hume (67) ******************************************** >>From: Patty Stordahl (720 Someday maybe more 72 grads will be found. I am finding more than I thought I would though. It is pretty great. Thanks for all your hard work. Man I remember the old Richland Airport from the 60's when all there was out there was a landing strip & a few hangars for planes & a small tower. Now there are business's out there that I call on for my work. Growth is a great thing but makes me a little sad that life cannot be put on pause just for a little while. Any one remember Stalag 13 out towards the Vantage highway. Man that was the end of the world for me for a long time. Richland has sure grown in the 10 plus years I have been away. Mike, I haven't forgotten I still owe you coffee. I am hoping to be down on the 6th of August working with the Benton Franklin fair grounds to aid in developing a new trade show atmosphere. Maybe I can get a few minutes in my day to just hang out with you. Still got your van??? -Patty Stordahl (72) ******************************************** >>From: Marty Harris (77) To Cecily Riccobuono McClanahan (77): I think you are definitely on the right track in trying to arrange a group of people to go see Michael Peterson (77) at the fair. I wish that I could be in the Tri-Cities to attend. A few days after our twentieth reunion, I was able to go see him perform at the Shrimp Festival in San Antonio. I also got to enjoy seeing him perform this past June in Houston. After the show in Houston, my wife and I got to go on his bus and visit with him for a little while. Michael is the one that told me about the Alumni Sandstorm. I would encourage everyone in the area to go see him perform. -Marty Harris (77) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 7/30/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers sent stuff in: Dick Roberts (49), Phil Gant (54), John Northover (59), Donna Williams (60), Kay Lynch (60), Richard Trujillo (62), Carol Converse (64), Jacque Powers (66), Jacki Kenitzer (77), Kathy Wheat (79) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick Roberts (49) Musings from The Sandstorm, 1948-49 Sept 15, 1948 ASB Officers Anxious To Help Col-Hi Problems Last spring the election was held and Keith Holeman was chosen president; Beverly Keller, vice president; Catherine Baudendistel, secretary; and, Gene Keller, Treasurer. Clever signs decorated the halls for two weeks before this election. An assembly was held in which the candidates for ASB and their managers gave speeches to sell the student body on casting their votes in their favor. Other candidates in the race were: Wally Wheadon, Pat Loftus, and Glenn Turner for president. Jim Chubb, Neil Goff and Frank Schermer, vice president. Secretary were Shirley Watts, Barbara Stroller and Lucille Bravard with Grace Sledge, Walt Menefee and Pat Jones for Treasurer. October 27, 1948 Tiny Termite Gazer It is Halloween in Richland, the night is dark and dreary. I see Frankenstein, Wilmer Meicenheimer, chasing the great opera star, Evonne Lodoefink. Her fiancé and leading man, Kenneth Ely, comes to the rescue. Kenny eats a can of Clancy's carrot, celery, cabbage , cauliflower, cotton seed mix, which is guaranteed to be various, vigorous and muscle building. One hit, and Kenny knocked Wilmer out and off he and Evonne went. Down the street their was Royal West and Billy Crockett fighting over Doris Lemon. Doris doesn't seem to mind because she is dancing in the 96 Club with Fred Barker. This club is owned by Dorothy Cravens, Wanda Smith and Colleen Foust. The lights go off, and there is a howl, a scream, a pale green light. I see witches and ghosts all over. Dawn Weeks is pulling Nancy Summers' hair out by the roots. There seems to be a disagreement over Bob Fitzpatrick. A young attractive ghost, Frank Schermer, is singing, "Don't Fence Me In" as Maxine Barnstable handcuffs him. And so the night ends; Richland is quiet; the excitement is gone; all is well. October 13, 1948 Richland Will Be Host For F.H.A. Dr. Harris will welcome the guests and Mrs. Ruth Gillette, president of the High School P.T.A. will be guest speaker. Luncheon will be served at noon in the cafeteria with Miss Tate's and Mrs. Anderson's homemaking girls in charge. Eulaine Hultman, president of the F.H.A. will be head hostess. (I guess Ray's mother really was the president of the PTA.) A song suggestion for the singers: "Open the Door, Richard". -Dick Roberts (49) ******************************************** >>From: Phil Gant (54) I just recently learned of this fine Alumni Sandstorm site. I haven't read all of the past postings and maybe some of this has been brought up previously, but DOES ANYONE REMEMBER: - waiting 'forever' in the hot hot sun just to get a pass that would allow you to swim in the old swimming pool at John Day park? - the rally in the same park when General Electric took over for DuPont with the slogan "We're here to stay"? - all the fun at Atomic Frontier Days? The kangaroo courts, the upper classmen initiating the poor freshmen coming into Col Hi? Naming the Queen? The frosty cones? etc. etc. - in the middle of winter sliding down the hill in front of the high school in a park bench turned upside down? (the youngest kid always got to sit in front of the rest and he would take the brunt of the ice and snow being kicked up...heh, heh)? Also, 'hooky bobbin' where you would grab a hold of the rear bumper of a car moving slowly along the frozen roads so that you could get from one block to another? -the best janitor ever, Bill Hartley, who would let you in the school so that you could play basketball during non school hours while he was cleaning the building? -swimming in the flume at the Y? (which looking back was kinda dumb and dangerous) -over a weekend the automobile that was pushed from the auto shop and deposited on the floor in the main entrance by the offices and the wheels removed and hidden? Phil Gant (54) ******************************************** >>From: John Northover (59) FOR you AOL ... users ... here is a web site that has instructions on downloading the Netscape Browser and how to make it work with your AOL account. PLUS another URL which has info on AOL and Browser problems ... This should cure the problem of taking the survey and sending blank data. Good Luck ... -john '59 ******************************************** >>From: Donna Williams Thompson (60) I was just looking at one of my yearbooks and in the back of it I found a Commencement program for the class of 1959. If anyone would like to have it just let me know and I'll mail it to you. I also found some of my old report cards and, believe me, nobody would want those. I was wondering if anyone knows the whereabouts of David Vallely (60) or Gary Riese (61?). I came across Sugar Daddy candy a couple days ago. Boy was I surprised. I haven't seen those in years. The same place had those little wax pop bottles with pop or sugar water or whatever in them. Remember Black Cows, a Sugar Daddy with chocolate on it? I think that's what they were called. That hard caramel would really stick in your teeth. -Donna Williams Thompson (60) ******************************************** >>From: Kathleen Kay Lynch O'Shea (60) Thanks for all the comments and information about Nighthawks - lots of good memories, there! Kathy Rathvon ('63) mentioned Meadowlarks: Oh, I have missed that golden, cheerful song! Even waaayyy too early in the morning, they made me smile. My favorite time to hear them was early Saturday morning -- not that they sang any differently then, but because I could lie in bed and listen as they tuned up in the fields and gardens. Don't laugh, but to this day the song of Meadowlarks is tied in my mind to the "song" of the Piper Cub. I'd listen to the birds with one ear and keep the other ear open for the sound of the small passenger planes which would be out, doing some Saturday morning "larking" of their own. Invariably, one would fly over Hanford's restricted areas and I would start counting, "One, two, three..." to see how long it would take for a jet from Moses Lake to rocket in and administer a little corrective guidance. It's been a long time, but it seems like I never counted much past 14 before I heard the jet's stern voice. Thanks again! -Kathleen "Kay" Lynch O'Shea (60) ******************************************** >>From: Richard Trujillo (62) This is the most fantastic site on the net.... talk about memories galore. I have had many e-mail reunions with people who I have not talked to since '62. The funny thing about it is just about all of them are not located in the tri-cities any more. We just got a computer about 8 months ago and my brother Ernie (59) turned me on to this site.... I have had a hankering for a Spudnut ever since. There was a Sandstorm entry a week or so ago from someone in San Antonio, TX (Go Spurs Go) and I lost the name....wonder how many Bombers we have in San Antonio, or even Texas. Let's hear from you!!!!!! -Richard Trujillo, Class of '62 ******************************************** >>From: Carol Converse Maurer (64) TO: Patty Stordahl (72) I believe that Stalag 13 is still located where it has always been. There is so much more goings on out that way now, but it's still there, as far as I can remember. Haven't been on the Vantage Highway for a while though. Ok, Class of 64. Only 3 more weekends and it's PARTY time. I'm really looking forward to seeing everybody once again. I concur with Paula Jill Lyons (64), come one and all. It's going to be great and fun will be had by all. -Carol Converse Maurer (64) ******************************************** >>From: Jacque Porter Powers (66) I have been getting the Sandstorm for some time but just could not keep from writing when I read Judy Green Gregory's (68) article. I to love Montana. I spent every summer when in high School working for my Aunt and uncle. They had a guest ranch about a mile west of the east entrance to Glacier National Park. My husband (Ed Powers, from Walla Walla's Wa Hi (66)) and I went through Montana, in April, coming and going from our trip to see our parents; we talked about how great it would be just to stay in Montana. But the van just kept going until it got to Iowa; it must have been on auto pilot. There has been a lot of memories about life in Richland and how lucky we were. I remember the neighborhood I grew up in. On the fourth of July everyone would move their picnic tables to the center of the block, where the back yards met, and we would have a neighborhood celebration. When fence went up there were gates to get from one back yard to the next. On New Years Eve there would be 2 parties, one for the adults and one for the children of all ages. The parents would take turns being with the kids. I remember a several camping trips with the Neighborhood, on one we went huckleberry picking. I remember many a hot summer night several families would get together and make ice cream. I always new if I needed help that any neighbor would take care of me. The unique situation in Richland bound us together as family. Living in a small town (700 people) in Iowa reminds me in some ways of Richland back in the 50's and 60's. The people in this town have a special connection. The difference between the two is that in Richland someone new was always welcome because most of our families had not lived there for generations. Thanks for all the memories. The Sandstorm was a great idea. -Jacque Porter Powers (66) ******************************************** >>From: Jacki Kenitzer Maier (77) Hey, Cecily Riccobuono (77)! This is Jacki Kenitzer (77). I have lived in Littleton, Colorado now for 9 years I've been gone from Richland for 13 years. My dad told me about the Alumni Sandstorm. This is great! I saw Michael Peterson (77) here last year and talked with him for a while He's great!! Also ran into Lance McClanahan there too at the concert, almost didn't recognize him. Take care. -Jacki Kenitzer Maier (77) ******************************************** >>From: Kathy Wheat Fife (79) Jennifer Jacobsen (79): It's Kathy Wheat... old neighbors starting in grade school. Missed you at the reunion. It was fun, but the 10 year was more fun. Maybe we're aging. Email me and we can get caught up. Boy, was it good to see the good ol Columbia River! What memories are floating around out there of high school, and in some cases, jr. high tube floats down the river? Tell me honestly, would any of you let your kids do that? Great times though! I've been reading SS for a couple of weeks and love your entries. Mike Peterson (77): Good to hear you've been successful at your singing! I've been out of touch for some time and enjoy remembering some of the alumni names and families. Seeing the entry about the Richland Airport, my dad and his brothers owned the business for years and I spent hundreds of days running the tarmack as a kid. The big hangar, the killer windstorms and running out at night to help my dad tie down the airplanes, sometimes, it still didn't work :(. Anyway, great memories of the Spudnut Shop, which is still there! I'll look forward to more entries and more fun memories. Do any of your spouses seem puzzled at what it was like to be a Bomber? We just had our 20 year reunion two weeks ago and I couldn't believe how puzzled so many spouses were at the energy that comes from reuniting with old Bomber classmates. We were and are so fortunate...... -Kathy Wheat Fife (79) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 7/31/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 13 Bombers and 1 Bomber Woulda Been today: Norma Loescher (53), Carol Purkhiser (56), Dave Hanthorn (63), Karl Fecht (66), Judy Corder (66), Lynn Dodson (66), Gary Johnson (67), Janice Riese (67), Darlene Napora (69), Wayne Harter (73), David Roadifer (74), Ken Kestell (76-WouldaBeen), Mark Mattingly (77), April Miller (92) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Norma Loescher Boswell (53) Nighthawks were a visual treat in Richland, and meadowlarks thrilled our ears. Their song, in my memory, held 10-12 clear notes - a constant source of wonder. A kildeer nested on the ground in the sparse natural cover across the street. It lured grade schoolers away from its nest by urgently flapping and dragging an "injured" wing, then rising triumphantly out of reach. Remember box cameras with their foolproof, what-you-see-is-what-you-get focus? Kildeers were some of my first shots (long gone). Luckily we don't need photographs to access those great mental pictures. Bomber cheers, Norma Loescher Boswell (53) ******************************************** >>From: Carol Purkhiser Fleming ('56) Hi Guys! I'm wondering how many of you remember The Bootery where my parents (The Purkhisers) sold you shoes (like white bucks?) and The New City Cleaners, presided over by my grandmother? My folks were among the business pioneers of Richland. Of course, we started in a dusty prefab, me and my brother Jerry (54), that I've seen described so well in this column. Greetings to all! -Carol Purkhiser Fleming ('56) ******************************************** >>From: Dave Hanthorn (63) To John Northover (59), Thank goodness it was AOL's fault. For awhile there, I thought I was losing my mind!! I mean, I KNOW the answers, and yet it wouldn't let me pass. Did I just dream up my childhood? NO, NO, NO. It really did happen, and I have my fellow Bombers here on the Sandstorm to prove it. To all the Bombers of the early sixties: All the talk about school dress codes reminded me of our own summer dress code, self-imposed cause we were soooo cool. It went something like this: 1. White tee shirt with the sleeves rolled up. 2. Blue jean cutoffs (the real thing, not store-bought with hemmed legs, had to have the strings hangin' out the bottom). 3. Black Converse All-Star "tenny-runners", no socks. With this uniform you were ready for anything, swimming, golfing, basketball, cruisin', hangin' out, chasin' girls, swiggin A&W root beer and "scarfin" a teen burger, going to the midnight drags, and all the other wild and wonderful stuff we used to do. Back in the fifties the pants were "calypso" pants and the footwear was rubber "thongs", but still the tee shirt with rolled up sleeves. At school we had "pink and black day" and also white shirt and black tie on Fridays. This too was a self-imposed dress code cause it was "cool, man". One last memory for today. Does anyone remember "Mary's Dog House" over in Kenewick? It was a little hole-in-the-wall greasy-spoon of a place with the flies buzzing and the "cook" in a dirty old undershirt where you could get a 5 cent hamburger that was worth every penny, if you had the guts to eat it. We used to dare each other to eat a Mary's burger and fries. None of us ever died from the experience, but I don't know why. That's all I can remember this time. But Kathy's party is only a week away, and I am sure we'll come up with lots of refreshed memories there... -Dave Hanthorn (63) ******************************************** >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Karl/Judy Corder Fecht (66) Date: Thu Jul 29 02:29:47 1999 Great Find Just found this, super. Please add us to your e-mail list. We were both the class of 1966. -Karl and Judy Corder Fecht (66) ******************************************** >>From: Lynn Dodson Stedman (66) Does any know if it is possible to purchase old year books? My sophomore and junior yearbooks turned moldy after a basement flooding incident where my husband didn't think to rescue these treasures (obviously he wasn't a Bomber!!). I am looking for 1964 and 1965 copies. Any suggestions? Thank goodness my senior year one survived! -Lynn Dodson Stedman '66 ******************************************** >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Gary Johnson (67) Date: Thu Jul 29 13:41:34 1999 Just found this site. It' great. Please add me to the list. After graduation (67) I lost contact with everyone and it's cool to check out what's going on with everyone. -Gary Johnson (67) ******************************************** >>From: Janice Riese Blaisdell (67) In response to the location of my brother, Gary Riese (//), if anyone wishes his E-mail address, please contact me at: [deleted for privacy] and I will be glad to send it on to you. He is golfing and can be hard to locate. Thanks again for all the time you spend on this. I read it several times a week, copy many of the stories for my dad to read and will have a "book" before I'm done! What is it about all of us "Richland kids" that has bound us together like this? Maybe it was the DDT! I'll never live that one down!!! -Janice Riese Blaisdell (67) ******************************************** >>From: Darlene Napora Shuley (69) To: Richard Trujillo (62): Hi! I am a Bomber and have lived in Texas for 25 years - Houston for 7 years and Austin for 18 years. I have followed the Spurs since forever and although I have not attended as many games as my sons (18 & 20 yrs. old). One of my favorite games was when I had to sit in the nosebleed section of the Alamo dome (because of the big screen, they are all good seats) but the only thing I could see on the floor really clearly was Dennis Rodman's Christmas hair (red on one side and green on the other)... I think David Robinson has come into his own as player since Rodman left, but I miss guessing what Dennis would look like next... I am looking forward to my 30 year Bomber Reunion in August. I have seen so much about the Spudnut shop in the recent copies of the Sandstorm that I am making a date with my Dad (who still lives in the same house on Sanford) to get one of those mouth-watering treats! -Darlene Napora Shuley '69 ******************************************** >>From: Wayne Harter (73) When I tell stories of what it was like growing up in Richland, people often think that I am pulling their leg, or at least embellishing upon the truth. Some of the stuff I KNOW is true - like the tile inlay of "The Bomb" in the High School mixing area -other things I take from stories I heard while growing up. For instance, I once rented a pre-fab on Robert St., only to discover under the kitchen sink an access door to the outside. A friend swore that he knew from a reliable source that city garbage collectors, during the years the houses were government property, retrieved the trash for the occupants, relieving them of the burden of taking it to the curb. Can this be true? Or is it true that during those same years the government "serviced" the homes, up to and including changing the light bulbs? I hope these facts can be verified; otherwise I will have to stop telling lies about the strange town I grew up in. Richland will, of course, not cease thereby to be strange, even if some of the more graphic evidences are lost. On a more personal note: I've noticed a number of names on this site and at the All- Alumni links that bring back the glory days of the early seventies. I would like to hear from those of you who remember me [deleted for privacy] - how you "turned out" - what happened along the way. -Wayne Harter, '73 ******************************************** >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: DAVID ROADIFER (74) Date: Thu Jul 29 02:21:11 1999 SAY HI SOMETIME CLASS OF 74 RULES -David Roadifer (74) ******************************************** >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Ken Kestell (76-WouldaBeen) Date: Thu Jul 29 01:10:23 1999 pre Col-High Looking for classmates from class of '76. Moved to N.M before getting to Columbia but still would like to hear from old classmates. -Ken Kestell (76-WouldaBeen) ******************************************** >>From: Mark Mattingly (77) To: Kathy Wheat (79) I can certainly relate to what you said about confused spouses wondering 'why all the energy' at a Bomber reunion. I remember some years back going to my wife's 10 year reunion (Interlake HS in Bellevue, WA), and being surprised by the LACK of energy. It just seemed as if they were never a very close-knit group. Heck, at our 20th reunion, we all had to be kicked out of a room at the Hanford House (where we were getting a free impromptu song or two from Michael Peterson) at 2:00am after the Friday festivities, then after Saturday's dinner we had a spontaneous all-night dance-a-thon to 70's soul classics at Ed Maxwell's house. No one wanted it to end! Also, a few of my co-workers were intrigued when I mentioned the comments of Kathleen "Kay" Lynch O'Shea (60) about the mere 14 seconds it took for jets to show up from Moses Lake to 'escort' wayward small aircraft. This reminded me that I vaguely remember south Richland having an air-raid siren that was tested now and then (every other Friday or something?). I think it was somewhere on the hill south of Carmichael, above where Fred Meyers is now. Does anyone have more specific recollections of that? Oh, and for anyone who ever lived in any of the houses for which a Christmas ornament has been created, you HAVE to get one of these things. I've got my B-house hanging on my computer monitor in my office, where it has sparked many interesting conversations. 'You were born and raised in THAT?' - Mark Mattingly (77) ******************************************** >>From: April Miller (92), This is great that there is an Alumni Sandstorm on line for all Bomber Mom, Patti Snider Miller (65), tuned me on to the Sandstorm especially since Michael Peterson (77) has been corresponding through this as well. He is one of my favorite country singers.. anyone know if he is planning on going to the hydroplane races this weekend? I remember back in '92 how we all painted the "wall" near the park there on RHS grounds... does everyone still do that? It was great to get together with other classmates to do that as SENIORS... how long has this tradition been going on? Did anyone else do that as well? -April Miller (92) ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for this month. Please send more. ******************************************** ******************************************** June, 1999 ~ August, 1999