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   Alumni Sandstorm Archive ~ September, 1999
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18 19 20 20-Extra 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 ****************************************************** ****************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 9/1/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers sent stuff in: Tom Hughes (56), Jim Russell (58), Burt Pierard (59), Larry Mattingly (60), Richard Anderson (60), Fred Gray (64), Kenny Peterson (64), Billy Didway (66), Linda Pohlod (67), Brad Upton (74), Miriam Lewis (76), Sandy "Sam" Oberg (77) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Art "Tom" Hughes (56) Here is a marked up photo showing the ditches. -Tom Hughes, Class of 56 ******************************************** >>From: Jim Russell (58) To: Debbie Holden Reis (54) I don't know who gave you the DeMolay pin, but SOME of those DeMolay (54) graduates were: Allen Avery, Richard (Dick) Green, George Smith and (perhaps) Bill Wendlen. Maybe they could supply the clues to that mysterious charmer. -Jim Russell (58) ******************************************** >>From: Burt Pierard (59) To: Ray Gillette (59) & Art "Tom" Hughes (56) The irrigation ditch in question shows clearly on my 1949 map made from the aerial & topographic surveys (both done in 1949). The ditch originated somewhere NW of the old AEC Airport (edge of my map) and continued southerly & easterly all the way through town. It was generally above ground except to duck under roads and Carmichael School. It went down the W side of the airport, under the By-Pass (just N of Van Giesen), Southerly then E of Spalding School, under Wright (just N of Williams), under Williams, under Sanford, under Putnam, under Swift (just W of junction of the E-W Blvd), under Thayer (just W of Col-Hi), under access to Col-Hi back parking lot, then underground at Lee to area roughly E of Hoffman and Thayer. It then continued S to duck under the By-Pass and then on to the Yakima River. Topog information shows it was about 45' above the Wellsian Ponds. The one thing I can't find is the small V-shaped concrete chute that went down the hill to Wellsian. I wore out the seat of my pants riding inner tubes down that chute. -Burt Pierard (59) ******************************************** >>From: Larry Mattingly (60) To Kathleen Lynch O'Shea (60) Hookey-Bobbin! You say. Now that was a sport, albiet a bit dangerous. Do you remember one of the shoes of "fashion" for guys during the mid to late 50's? Wedgies. (sp?) Anyway they were flat-bottomed soles and were ideal for those with enough fortitude to hitch a ride. You lurked behind cars parked near a stop sign on a not-too-busy street. You had to be careful not to get behind the exhaust pipe and not with some hotdog who liked to drive fast in the snow and ice. At 15 to 20 MPH it wasn't too bad, but if you lost it at 25 to 30 it was a real "crash and burn" experience, even in the snow. Parents could not figure out why the toes of the soles of shoes wore out or came loose so quickly. It was from hitting bare spots in the ice over the manholes in the street. I will admit to doing it a few times, but there were some real artists who could go all the way across town without walking. I saw some kids trying it in Montana last winter, but they just couldn't seem to get the stance right. Being with a client I was able to resist the urge to stop and give them some pointers. "Happiness is the sky in bloom" -J Larry Mattingly (60) ******************************************** >>From: Richard Anderson (60) In July 1956 I moved into a prefab at 927 Sanford which is the first street west of Thayer where Long intersects. Thanks to that damned ditch I had to walk M I L E S out of my way just to get to school each day. I mean, I could have peppered Col-Hi with a nine iron from my front yard! Needless to say I had an excellent attendance record, being so close. -Richard Anderson (60) ******************************************** >>From: Fred Gray (64) RE: Class of "64" Reunion Well the time seems right for me add a couple of cents, and finally make an entry to the Bomber page. There were many highlights to our 35th reunion and some of mine were: the overall success of the reunion, great job team! Being able to spend an entire evening with Jim & Gail Coyne. (We all know how hard it is to find time to see everyone you want when you're in town to visit family). Getting to see and spend some time with Linda Reining Pitchford; all those who went on the river tour (it was worth the time and $); Mary Kay Burnside & Bob Moore; Rex Davis (what found memories of PE class I've held over the years, thanks Mr. Davis); Larry & Barbara Halloway; Ray & Karin Moss; Connie Phillips Newcomer; Ruth Quinn; Jim Vache; Paul & Sally Tampien; Betty Jo Rose; and many more than space allows here to mention. I, too, am looking forward to the 40th, if the good Lord is willing and the creek donut rise. How many remember what show that was from? Special thanks to Norris Johnson for helping me Friday evening at the badge making table. -Fred Gray (64) ******************************************** >>From: Kenny Peterson (64) As many of you know I run the hood to coast relay race. Well, as we were driving to the mountain we were talking about our lives and I mentioned that our class had a class reunion a couple of weeks ago and this nice young lady (her name is Lana) says that her mother had just had one that same weekend, so I ask "What is your Mom's name?" Lana says "Jo Rose". Well, that just floored me so I called her "Little Jo" for the rest of our run. This just goes to show how small a world we live in and the great people knew, know and will know. By the way she did real well as did everyone else. (WE HAD LOTS OF FUN) I will take a week off now so as to recuperate the old muscles <:) We knew we would not win the race but we know we could win the race within ourselves. -Ken Peterson, Class of 64 ******************************************** >>From: Billy Didway (66) Been reading memories of sledding. I recall watching brave souls sledding down the steep front side of Flattop in West Richland. Cannot remember anyone making it to the bottom. One group of four used the hood off a '47 or 48 Ford. About halfway down they became airborne and when they came down it was nose first. The hood stuck into some sagebrush launching the four in free flight for another twenty feet. I wonder if anyone ever made it to the bottom on a strait run. -Bill Didway (66) ******************************************** >>From: Linda Pohlod Rushing (67) Hello anyone, I remember sliding down Carmichael hill on ice blocks for Westside church in the summer time. Anyone else do that in the summer? I also remember Cathleen Russo and sliding down in winter and not making it thru the gate at the bottom. We also rode our bike (mine, double) down that hill and crashed (Da) and sprained our arms. I am not telling my children some of the things I did JUST BECAUSE. I love going home and showing my daughter some of the places I spent time. Close for now. Great to read from all the Alumni from Col Hi. -Linda Pohlod Rushing, class of 67 ******************************************** >>From: Brad Upton (74) I've been gone a couple of days and had to say "OUCH!" when I read the beating I took from a couple of my "friends." Phil Jones (69) and Mike Davis (74) were (key word: were) a couple of terrific baseball players in their day. Mike talked about the fact that I was doing track in the spring and then playing baseball in the summer. I guess participating in more than one sport would have been hard for Mike. I am currently playing in the Puget Sound Senior Baseball League. It's real baseball for guys over 35. Last time I checked I was hitting an even .400 and was 11 for 11 stealing bases, not to mention making several pitching appearances where I quickly have become the "ace" of the staff. I still throw pretty hard and can throw a curve for a strike. Mike and Phil.... my waist is only an inch bigger (sometimes, two) than the day I graduated from high school 25 years ago. I've seen both of you recently, you still have a washboard stomach... it just looks like someone threw in a load of towels. -Brad Upton '74 ******************************************** >>From: Miriam Lewis (76) hello to all Cecily Riccobuono McClannahan's (77) post yesterday mentioned a lot of people that I haven't seen in a long time. It's nice to know that you guys are still around. If any of you are ever in San Francisco, look me up, I'm in the phone book (or e-mail me of course). -Miriam Lewis (76) ******************************************** >>From: Sandy "Sam" Oberg O'Doherty (77) Re: Mike Peterson Concert To: Cecily Riccobuono McClannahan (77) A special "thank you" to Cecily for all your energy and efforts to organize our class for Mike's concert. You are still a ball of fire! It was the highlight of my summer to see so many faces from the past and get to enjoy Mike's music in person! I regret not making the after hours party, but motherhood and a little girl with an earache called. It was such fun spending the time together that we had! I agree that our class is a special group of people! Mike, it was a joy to get to see you do-what-you- do! When I tell people that I know you personally, it's always so fun to say, "And he's the nicest man you'll ever meet!" Besides your gift for singing, you also have a gift making others feel special. And Sean Lewis (77): What a nice man you are! Thanks for your part in making us "groupies" part of the evening! -Sandy "Sam" Oberg O'Doherty (77) ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. ******************************************** ******************************************** ****************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 9/2/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11 Bombers sent stuff in: Dick Roberts (49), John Adkins (62), Greg Poynor (66), Patty Eckert (68), Mike Davis (74), Tedi Parks (76), Debbie Nelson (77), Michaele Ruane (77), Sean Lewis (77), Kathy Wheat (79), Linda King (79) ******************************************** ******************************************** This apparently missed getting in the Sandstorm -- it was sent in several weeks back. -Maren ----------------------------- >>From: Dick Roberts (49) It's Sunday pm and we have had a good day attending the Grover Beach Ethnic Faire, which this year featured an all female (13) mariachi band from Southern California. They were fabulous. Here are some more musings, the last, I might add, from The Sandstorm 1948-1949. ROUND THE CLASSES Is it pure silk? Yes, some of the girls in Miss Johnson's Home Ex. classes have been using pure silk parachutes as material for their blouses, slips and even a formal. Willy Ann Erickson, Nancy Barr, Betty Boggs, Beverly Quemby, Joanne Knapp and Joretta Dunn are making blouses. Loretta Liggitt is making a slip and Andrea Moore is making a formal. The State Home Ex. Department gave these three parachutes to Miss Johnson but she is only giving the material to the students in her class who have completed their projects. The girls are sure that such beautiful silk will receive some attention from the teen age crowd. JACK DAVIS WINS INSPIRATIONAL AWARD Jack Davis, stellar performer in football, baseball, and basketball at Col-Hi, received by unanimous vote of his fellow athletes, the annual inspirational award. Jack was given a handsome wrist watch at the Letterman's Banquet sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Richland in the Junior High cafeteria. 1949 GRADUATING CLASS LARGEST IN SCHOOL HISTORY Strains of "Pomp and Circumstance" will fill the new gym June 6 as the 207 members of the 1949 graduating class march to their place of honor. This is the largest class in the school history. "A Spirit Flower" by Campbell-Tipton will be sung by Roberta Hill. Glenn Turner, Pat Monroe, Phil Raekes, Mary Musser, Elizabeth Meyers and Richard Boyd will deliver the valedictory and salutatory panel "School and Life". "Rhapsody Number 2" by Ernest Von Dohnange, is Nancy Archibald's choice for a piano solo. TOP SCHOLASTIC AWARDS GIVEN AT CLASS DAY The presentation of the American Legion awards was one of the highlights of the annual Class Day honoring the '49 grads. Orrin Pilky won first prize in the oratorical division. In the essay contest winners were Rem Ryals, Marion Rutledge and Margie Gray. Awards for outstanding sportsmen were: baseball, "Oakie" Hinson; track, Walt Hyrkas; football, Chuck Crowder; tennis, Ray Gillette; boxing, Paul Phillips; basketball, Dick Dawald; and the all around athlete award, Jack Davis. Frank Schermer copped the "Guts and Gumption" trophy. Dick Dawald received the Ken Wilson cup. G.A.A. letters and sweaters were awarded. Mary Musser received the G.A.A. loving cup. Tennis letters were given to the undefeated girls' tennis team. Class honors. Class awards given to the outstanding senior in that field were: journalism, Margie Perkins; commercial, Wiladene Johnson; Thespians, Ed Eisert and Bonese Collins. MEET THE SENIORS A short blond gal With plenty of zip. When it comes to looks, really a pip. This little gal is a real eye filler The name that fits is Jeanette Miller. A popular boy and one swell guy He's going strong and by no means shy A sports column he writes And a good job done And further more, he's a lot of fun. Dick Roberts-Let's party!) CONGRATULATORY ADVERTISEMENTS Dawson-Richards, Richland Shoe Salon, C.C. Andersons, Flower Shop in Campbell's Store, Groceteria, Baxters, Ganzels Barber Shop, Union "76" Station, Richland Recreation Hall, Richland Furniture and Electric, Rainbow Service Station, Midstate Amusement Association (Richland and Village Theaters), Rob Johnson Photographer, Hands Drug Store, The Elite Shop, Thrifty and Pennywise, Thompson's Service Station, Richland Laundry and Dry Cleaning, Richland Supply, Kaymax Travel Agency SENIORS OF THE FUTURE Oh the Seniors of the future, they'll be a merry lot With all the things they want and all they they haven't got. Fancy, shiny areoplanes, and the smartest, fastest cars, And the cutest baby dolls and the biggest black cigars. They'll laugh and bask and play Instead of going to school all day. They'll eat and drink and then be merry Not having to worry about teachers contrary. Yes, they will lead the Life of Riley And they'll be smart and cunning and wily. They'll never work at any time And that'll suit them really fine. Oh, the life of the 21st century Then it will be easy and not so ventury Of all the people, seniors will have it best Never to study and always to rest. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Carol (Tyner 52) and I will see you all at the Club 40 reunion next month. It's been fun and I hope you enjoyed the musings. -Dick Roberts (49) ******************************************** >>From: John Adkins (62) RE: "Sledding" Flat Top To Bill Didway "66" I never heard of anyone getting to the bottom of Flat Top in no "danged" Ford Hood. You needed a real plow - Hudson or Packard, something with some heft to it. You could rope those hoods to the back of a pickup and hit the back roads on Horn Rapids Triangle -gracious there were some wipe-outs. -John Adkins "62" ******************************************** >>From: Greg Poynor (66) Re: Bill Didway (66) on Flat Top Sledding Yes, I made it all the way down once. Of course, the piece of metal I started down with and I parted company about 1/2 way down. I managed to slide down on my beak the rest of the way. Someone discovered my mangled mass wrapped around a sagebrush. Ah youth. -Greg Poynor, Class of 1966 ******************************************** >>From: Patty Eckert Weyers (68) A Big Thank You to some faithful Christ the King'ers for your help in remembering that song. Sally Raddatz (68): I knew you would remember and I appreciate your quick response getting me on the right track. Vicki Owens (72): for the complete song, again bringing back memories and feelings that song still does for me. Thanks also to Patty de la Bretonne (65): Yes, funny but a high percentage of my young life was peddling my bicycle or one of my brother's when mine had a flat. Yes, Mina Jo (68): I did recently move back to the Tri Cities from Montana, and it feels right as rain! Hookey-Bobbin..... that you bring up, Kathleen Lynch O'Shea (60) and Larry Mattingly (60): I have one memory but its magnificent enough to last a life time on the fun I had with Nick Koontz (68) and Rita Eckert and Jerry Hatcher Sr. back in '66 or '67 as I recall. I have seen many inquire and make reference to the "ALL ALUMNI REUNION' in 2000 !!! ??? But I never have read if its a "Go" or still on the thinking tables or what? Time is a running and I for one would love to know for sure if this is going to happen so schedules can be laid and reservations for most can be arranged. Care to give us a solid green light??????? -Patty Eckert Weyers (68) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) Re: Brad Upton (74) at it again! Brad mentioned he was still playing ball in the Seattle Senior League. He said that he was doing a little pitching and doing quite well. I always thought Brad would someday be a good pitcher considering how many strikes he swung at and missed in his youth. Also, he mentioned that he was a .400 hitter in the Senior League. I must say, Brad, I am impressed! That must bring your career average up to about .125. Brad failed to mentioned that he cracked his wrist and pulled two hamstrings on one play this summer. His nickname in the league is "Willie Mays" so I must refer to the words the real Willie Mays said upon his retirement, "It's time for Willie to say Good-bye". -Mike Davis (74) ******************************************** >>From: Tedi Parks Teverbaugh (76) TO: Mike Davis (74) Mike, I thank you for your kind affirmation in a recent Sandstorm regarding my Bat Girl skills. I hadn't thought of "Batgirl of the Millennium," but you're right. I think I have a shot at that. It would be an honor to represent RHS with that title. And, Mike, I'm not sure where Brad Upton (74) is coming from with his recent slanderous comments about you. Now I did make a comment about his lack of hair follicle on top of that "glow in the dark" head of his, but it was all in fun. I guess Mr. Funny Boy can dish it out but he can't take it. You did mention Brad's early days of comedy when he entertained the baseball team with his "wanna be" antics, well I have a memory of Brad Upton for all of Bomberville. I call this: "Brad--The Early Years". The time: the Mid-70's; the Place: Columbia Park; the Event: The Water Follies. Now in those days, alcohol use and crowd control had not been thought through by the Water Follies Commission, and therefore, the hydroplane races were nothing more than a big party with a lot of noise, and something about boats racing on the water. As my friends (probably Carol Barnard, Tricia Clossey, and Julie White - all from '76) and I are strolling down the shoreline, we spot Brad Upton coming toward us. Now Brad was always looking good - never sloppy; dressed well, etc. Being the track star that he was, on this day Brad arrived to the races in a cute little pair of black running shorts and black flip flop sandals to match. With a beer in hand, he was oiled down and tan - with his nice runner's legs and thighs and a cute hind end, Brad was looking fine. Thinking himself a chick magnet, he was ready. Now, all good comedians begin their careers with a good impersonation and our Brad was no exception. Many of you may not know this but Brad could imitate the sound of a hydroplane on the water, and on this day he used that skill to get the chicks. The chicks liked it too... for a few minutes anyway, and then they would move on. But he knew he had something good, so he continued to work that shoreline. While the impersonation was taxing on Brad's throat and vocal chords, it was still a very good impression. You never knew if it was Brad you were hearing or one of the actual boats on the water. But he had the brewskies going and the chicks liked it, so work the crowd he did. I'll never forget leaving the park that day after the races ended. We walked past a pick up truck and lo and behold there was Brad - passed out on a pile of beer cans in the back of that truck. It had been a long day at the races for Brad. His little black shorts were all dusty and torn, and he was wearing them inside out. His lean runner's legs and feet were sunburned and all cut up and dirty, and his little black flip flops were broken and hanging around his ankles. He couldn't speak because he lost his voice from the hydroplane impersonation. We could barely hear his whispered cackle... "Miss Budweiser? Is that you? Miss Budweiser?" Yes, it feels good to be a part of Brad's Early Years. That was the first time he made me laugh really hard. Thanks Brad. You really are a funny man. -Tedi Parks Teverbaugh ('76) ******************************************** >>From: Debbie Nelson Burnet (77) I had a great time at the concert Saturday night. Knew if I hung around long enough, I'd see some old friends. I didn't see any though, just people that I went to school with over 20 years ago that haven't changed at all!!! Also went to the gathering at the Town Crier. Was way past my bedtime, but well worth the lost sleep. Sorry I missed the party. Appreciated the gathering at Howard Amon on Sunday. Was a great 22nd reunion for some of our class. I was happy to see many of you, since I made the stupid mistake of missing the 20th. Please forgive me. Won't happen again. Passing on knowledge for those who have their 20th reunion coming up. Everyone I have talked to has said it was way better than the 10th. Those that have the 10th coming up - Go anyway, it will make the 20th seem even better. -Debbie Nelson Burnet (77) ******************************************** >>From: Michaele Ruane Wukelic (77) Hi, I am Michaele Ruane (now Wukelic). I live in Spokane just two blocks away from Sandy Oberg O'Doherty (77). It's sort of like the Brady Bunch... our kids are between the ages of 15 and 8... all best friends... We had a blast this last weekend at the Fair watching Mike perform. It's great to be a Bomber!! -Michaele Ruane Wukelic (77) ******************************************** >>From: Sean Lewis (77) Well having seen a few entries in the past few days about the impromptu Class of '77 get together that spun off from Michael Peterson's ('77) Kennewick appearance, I have to also say that it was indeed a GREAT time. Three cheers for Cecily Riccobuono McLanahan ('77) once again who did everything she could to get word out to all our classmates. Having not attended our 20th reunion a few years back, it was even more special for me. My experience was especially memorable as I accompanied Mike on the northwest leg of his tour that started in Tacoma (with Martina McBride) on August 24th and coincidentally ended up with an in-store appearance back here in my home town of Puyallup on Monday the 30th (where he signed autographs for five hours, making sure he met with every single person in line, and missing his flight home in the process). With the weekend stop in Kennewick (that included a day of rest for us to recover after staying up until 7:00 a.m. Sunday -- whew!!) that afforded me and all of us to see some high school classmates once again, it couldn't have worked out any better. Mike loved it too. It was a memorable moment to drive into town from Wenatchee (Waterville) where he had appeared the night before, and cross the city limits, out by Horn Rapids -- an area where we had kicked around as kids, many times, many years before -- coming into town this time not in one of our dads' pickups but on his humongo tour bus, proclaiming to the guys in the front of the bus -- quite proudly -- that "this is Richland; this is where we grew up." And the memories started flowing. I was pretty proud of him as I'm sure we all are -- what a talent. Remember, folks, there aren't that many artists out there who write, sing AND play their own material, and who present it so personally and professionally, as MP does. Michelle Ruane ('77) said to me during his show that "we all knew in school that he was going to be something special, didn't we?" and of course I had to agree. As Sandy Oberg ('77) and many others have pointed out, too, his talent is one thing but it's Mike's genuine ability to make people feel special, cared about and loved themselves that makes him special. I could yak on and on about the experience but I guess enough is enough! It was truly a great time for me to see so many people from RHS, though, and to share this common experience. Music is such a powerful thing, and to think that it was the music of one of our own that brought us together made it all a pretty unique event. Great memories...... Here's to good health, peace and happiness to all of the Class of '77 and all Bombers everywhere. I'd name everyone that I enjoyed seeing but it would pretty much be everyone who was there anyway! The pleasure was mine. Take care -- I hope to see you all again soon. --SL -Sean Lewis (77) ******************************************** >>From: Kathy Wheat Fife (79) To all of you who sent notes of encouragement: Thanks! Our trip to the Little League World Series was wonderful and truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The boys were disappointed in their first two games but quickly rebounded to win their next two. They returned home to fabulous celebrations w/the media, newspaper, local dignitaries and have a months worth of commitments to attend. They are truly a neat bunch of boys and much thanks to their coaches...... and all coaches for their commitments! It was remarkable. Also, does anyone have Michael Peterson's schedule? It would be fun to see him perform! Thanks again, -Kathy Wheat Fife, '79 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Kathy - BET you can find Michael's schedule on his website. There's a link to that from the ALL Bomber Alumni Links site.... just click on the ALL Famous Bombers link. -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Linda King Goetz (79) RE: Michael Peterson (77) concert I attended the early concert at the fair and had great reserved seats. To say I was disappointed that the concert was cut short would be an understatement. However, I have a feeling he was even more disappointed! I felt worse for him than I did myself. Mike was FANTASTIC. I have never been a huge country fan but I am now! If I find an opportunity to see him in concert again, you can bet I'll be one of the first in line. If anyone has a chance to see him, jump at it. He is great. Oh, I feel the same about you, Brad Upton (74)!! I've seen you on stage at least 2 or 3 times and would stand in line for your tickets, too!!) -Linda King Goetz (79) ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. ******************************************** ******************************************** ****************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 9/3/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers 4 Obits today: Marguerite Groff (54), Craig Buchanan (57), Sharon Panther (57), Greg Boyd (63), Jacqueline Tallant (69), Cecily Riccobuono (77), Julie Ham (77) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Marguerite Groff Tompkins (54) This is one of those times that are so difficult for me. I'm working hard on the 45th Reunion of the Class of '54 and I open yesterday's Tri-City Herald and find a death notice for Harvey A. Hart (Class of '54). I waited until today's paper with Harvey's obituary before sending this notice to the Sandstorm. Earlier in the year I had corresponded, by e-mail, with Harvey's wife, Ida. She said she was trying to talk him into attending the reunion. I was just blown away when I saw yesterday's paper. Working with all these names and addresses - calling people - e-mailing people; basically eating and breathing "Reunion" is so much fun - but it's so difficult when I have to add a name to our "Deceased" list. Harvey was one of my friends while in school (actually, he was everyone's friend). I hadn't seen him in 45 years, but I never dreamed that I would never see him again. To me, this is why the class reunions are so important. We had all these neat friends back in high school. We go out into the world, our life changes and our priorities become different - as they should. However, there is something about connecting again with the past at our reunions. We get to see people that we even forgot how much we've missed. We go home renewed and with a new joy for the past. It's so sad when we see the obituary of a friend and former classmate that we never had that chance to reconnect with. -Marguerite Groff Tompkins (54) ******************************************** >>From: Craig Buchanan (69) This morning, Thursday, Sept. 2, 1999, I took our dog for a walk at Howard Amon Park in Richland. The weather was just perfect, about 66 degrees, no wind and the river was very calm. The sun was filtering through the trees in the park. One boat was drifting down river near the Pasco side. It was just a serene setting. I sit at a picnic table and enjoyed the warm suns rays. I reflected upon how things were those many years ago during the 1940's and early 1950's. I was sitting close to the area where the old city swimming pool once was, now covered with dirt and sod. I thought of the good times that were had in the pool. The water was always ice cold, but when one is young such things didn't seem to matter so much. I also thought of the old Frontier Days celebration that took place at this location (there was just dirt and weeds on the north side of the park in those days. The amusement booths were lined up on both sides of the loop. I recall one tent held a wrestling ring where professional wrestlers would challenge anyone in the audience to get into the ring one of them. If they lasted the allotted time they would be given $50. I can even remember the name of one of the wrestlers, Red Bagnoni (sp?) was his name, he was a classic looking wrestler from that era. One time a member of the audience accepted the challenge, but did not last long with "Red." My memories also recalled the very large river barge which in the 1940's or very early 50's was anchored near the park at the dead end. This was before Mc Nary dam went into place. Many of the 'boys' climbed out onto the barge and used it as a very large platform from which to jump (some even dived) into the very swift Columbia. I recall joining Spencer Hinson (56) in that great activity. I looked over at the wading pool and reflected on the days of playing in that pool oh those many years ago. The wading pool has been rebuilt, but I believe it is in the same location, just south of where the old swimming pool was located. Just some reflections from myself during a serene moment, -craig buchanan (57) ******************************************** >>From: Sharon Panther Taff (57) Haven't seen any mention of the water skiing the canal through West Richland in the early 50's pulled by a car on the dirt road. Can't remember for sure whose car it was, but I remember vaguely sneaking out there when I was around 12 years old and seeing some guys doing it. I was afraid to try in case I got hurt and had to explain why I was so far from home. Seems like Charlie Bigelow (54) was one of the skiers. I lived on the corner of Cottonwood and Swift and my friends and I spent a lot of time fishing for bass, spearing or shooting carp, catching the riding academy horses running lose and then riding them with no saddle or bridle around the sage and swamp behind Einan's. Something you didn't tell your kids about for fear of them doing the same only to find out years later they did much of the same -- or worse. This site still brings back a lot of great memories that have been hiding back there in the recesses of my mind. Thanks Gary and Maren for reminding us of what a special time and place Richland was/is. -Sharon Panther Taff (57) ******************************************** >>From: Greg Boyd (63) RE: Sledding Down Flat Top To John Adkins (62) and Bill Didway (66) Regarding sledding down Flat Top, "we" used a '49 Ford hood which turned out to be a "wee bit of a mistake." Seems that the bolt holes along the center seam of the hood were in "bad" shape. So and again about half-way down, the hood split apart and launched Bill Finney (62) quite a reasonable distance. The remaining three of us latched on to one of the "halves" and managed to avoid launch humiliation... -Greg Boyd "63" ******************************************** >>From: Jacqueline Tallant Rohlf (69) Maren, I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to the Sandstorm musings. You obviously put many unselfish hours into compiling the Sandstorm for all of us subscribers to enjoy. I enjoy reading contributions from Bombers who graduated both long before me and long afterwards. Memories are not only our link to our past, but to each other, both now and for years to come. The Sandstorm is a wonderful media which links people of many generations with kindred ties. Thanks for all your hard work!!! My check's in the mail!!! Fondest Aloha, -Jacqueline Tallant Rohlf (69) ******************************************** >>From: Cecily Riccobuono McClanahan (77) I knew I would forget to mention a few names in my previous posting, so please indulge me. Debbie Mayfield, you may be 40, and pregnant, but honey your the best looking 40 year old pregnant woman I've ever seen. Best of luck. It was so good to see you. Trish Saucier. We were neighbors for so many years, how could I ever forget you. You are still so full of energy. Hope you got your voice back. Eddie Maxwell. You don't look any different. Partying at your house at the 20yr. reunion was one of the highlights. All of us singing to the 70's music. And Mr. Covington. You are still, and always will be, a Richland Bomber treasure. He was there as Michael's special guest. Michael presented Mr. Covington with his gold record for all the years of support, and inspiration. It was truly touching. Patty (Neidhold) & Ed Winston. Ed just jumped right in and helped when the power went out. Michael was so grateful, as were all his fans. It was also wonderful to see so many Bomber alumni parents at the show, the after hours party, and the picnic. Judy Zachary, Dan & Vickie's Mom, is still as beautiful as she ever was. You, too, Vickie. I really enjoyed meeting everyone's children. What a neat group of kids. I had the pleasure of sitting next to Michaele Ruane's, and Sandy Oberg's daughters during the show. It was like deja vu. Little Sandy, and little Michaele all over again. Look out world!! Again, it was just a really good time, and I can't wait to do it again. -Cecily Riccobuono McClanahan (77) ******************************************** >>From: Julie Ham Froehlich (77) I made it to the bottom of flat top hill once. Of course it was the middle of summer and I didn't use a car hood, just my feet - head, arms, back, middle... I think I lost my shoes on that "trip" down the hill! -Julie Ham Froehlich (77) ******************************************** ******************************************** Funeral notices scanned for all of us from TCHerald by Shirley Collings Haskins (66) Mrs. Irma Andersen, RHS teacher Mr. George "Mike" Matthews, RHS and Chief Jo Teacher Harvey Hart, Class of 1954 Paul Lawrence, Class of 1948 ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. ******************************************** ******************************************** ****************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 9/4/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers and one Bomber obit today: Mary Triem (47), Clarence Fulchur (51), Sandra Atwater (51), Darlene Trethewey (56), Kipp Quinlan (64), Rich Crigler (70), Maureen Sullivan (76), Jeanne LaCroix (77), Trinity Webb (95) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mary Triem Mowery (47) Re: Club 40 Reunion The Club has asked that I write to remind all of our reunion Sept. 10-11-12. It will be at the Shilo Inn (not the Tower, as in the past) with an early registration beginning at 5 pm on Friday (normally it is 6 pm.) We are encouraging all to "dress" for the football game with after game "Sock-Hop" theme. Game is Bombers/Wa Hi. Let's see the levis, white T-shirts and loafers on the guys with the gals in pleated, plaid skirts or poodle skirts, pony tails and bobby socks with saddle shoes... A few of the alumni will attend the home football game, then return to the Shilo for the dance and foods like hamburgers, hotdogs, sodas, etc. I'm afraid some of us will only last till the 1st quarter ends or a few heartier souls might endure till half time! Let's have a Bomber Special this year - and with the interest shown so far, we are having a great turn-out. -Mary Triem Mowery - 1947 ******************************************** >>From: Clarence Fulcher (51) Does anyone out there remember Steve Douglas from the class of '48? It's pretty important we contact him and we'd sure appreciate any help we could get. You could give him our e-mail address if you prefer not to give us information about him. Thanks much. -Clarence Fulcher (51) ******************************************** >>From: Sandra Atwater (51) It was fun to read about the parachute silk in the Sandstorm. When I graduated from the 8th grade at Jefferson School, a lady in the neighborhood made my dress from a parachute and I felt very elegant!! My goodness, a silk dress, just couldn't have had anything better for your graduation dress!! Ha! I don't remember where the parachute came from, but I do remember the dress - loved it!! -Sandra Atwater Boyd '51 ******************************************** >>From: Darlene Trethewey Dunning (56) Just to say hi. This is a great site, and brings back a lot of memories. One of my memories is of the kids in our neighborhood chasing the fog truck down the street, never knowing at that time that there may be a health problem. And also growing up in a town where there was no such thing as unemployment. -Darlene Trethewey Dunning, 56 ******************************************** >>From: Kipp Quinlan Schmidt (64) TO: John Adkins (62) and John Didway (66) Used a '52 Ford hood to pile on and bring in baled Hay for years. That hood is probably still around today. If you can drag that Ford hood around behind a pickup for over 15 years, with up to 1500 lbs of hay.... why can't you slide down Flat Top, Carmichael, or wherever else a few dozen times or more? -Kipp Quinlan Schmidt (64) ******************************************** >>From: Rich Crigler (70) Regards to Brad Upton's (74) comment on Mike Davis' (74) and Phil Jones' (69) waist -- don't candy coat it, Brad. Not only a load of towels but the sheets, blankets and comforter. Can't wait for the rebuttal -- I'm sure they will explain how to measure success. -Crigler ******************************************** >>From: Maureen "Mo" Sullivan Fleischman (76) Well, the lazy (yeah, right!) days of summer are over and it's back to school. Time for Bomber alums to share some back-to-school memories. Over on Craighill (before my time), The Pierce's used to serve "back-to-school donuts" to the neighborhood kids. Not as good as Spudnuts, but they were homemade! My kindergarten teacher at Sacajawea was Mrs. Clayton. Does anyone remember her? I recall that she was very old (who wasn't, when you were 5?) and VERY stern. I remember walking to and from school BY MYSELF as a kindergartner (a whole 4 blocks!). Would any of us allow our kids to do the same today? To Kathy Wheat Fife (79): I add my congratulations to your son's team! We tried to follow as best we could. My youngest (11) daughter took us on a wild ride this summer as well, as her majors fast pitch all star team won the Washington State Tournament and then went on to the Divisional playoffs in its quest for the girls World Series (held each year in Portland). They didn't make it this year, but with six 11 year olds on the team, they have their sights set on next year. It's fun, but very time consuming, wouldn't you say? Anyway, congrats... To all Michael Peterson (77) fans: I add my dittoes to all the comments made. Some of our old RHS gang made it to the concert at the Tacoma Dome and then went out with Michael afterwards, and I must say it made us all feel young again. By the way, Mike (Davis, 74): I sat next to Brad Upton (74) at that concert, and he was looking mighty fine! Now you boys better not be too rough on each other - as my Mom used to say, "foolin' leads to cryin'." Anyway, be sure to buy Michael's new CD, "Being Human". Every song is excellent. And watch for him on TNN on September 8th and 15th (check his website for details). So how about some scary back to school stories from you Bombers? One of the things that is so entertaining about the Sandstorm is the excellent writing submitted every day. Some of you really know how to spin a yarn - I think Julia Davis would be proud. For teaching grammar and research paper writing, they just don't come any better than Mrs. D. Remember: if your participle is dangling, just wear a long coat, and nobody will notice. Till later, -Maureen "Mo" Sullivan Fleischman, 76 ******************************************** >>From: Jeanne LaCroix Grant (77) RE: Michael Peterson (77) To everybody who went to either of Mike's performances, or to any of the gatherings, Town Crier, after party till the early Sunday morning, Howard Amon Sunday afternoon, or the Cowboy Club Wednesday night: THANKS for all the memories! What a great long weekend of terrific fun! Need to take this holiday weekend to catch up on my sleep! But every minute was well worth it! It was so great to see everybody, even if some faces and names didn't totally come together for me. Hopefully in more meeting they will. THANK YOU MIKE!!! for bringing us all together for a 22nd, so we didn't have to wait till the 25th. You are a fantastic performer and a great guy! After watching the way you handle all the fans, what patience, through all the pictures and autographs! I overheard many people talking about what a genuinely nice human being you are! What an honor to call you "friend"! Keep wowing the world with the words you write and that beautiful voice! -Jeanne LaCriox Grant (77) ******************************************** >>From: Trinity L. Webb (95) RE: Water Skiing... It is good to hear that people actually did water ski the canal. Ever since I can remember, my friends and I always talked of pulling someone with a car down that canal. It never happened of course, dreading the thought of getting caught by the cops or someone else. I will share this new found information with friends, so that we will know that the canal has seen some action in the past. We wouldn't want to leave a perfectly good resource untapped. We always wondered about that, and now I know. -Trinity Webb '95 ******************************************** ******************************************** Funeral notice scanned from TCHerald by Shirley Collings Haskins (66) Richard J. "Dick" Sears (47)******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. ******************************************** ******************************************** ****************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 9/5/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 13 Bombers sent stuff in: Evelyn Meyer (46), Barbara Kramer (54), Chuck Holtz (55), Ed Wood (62), John Adkins (62), Steve Sawyer (65), Vickie Andersen (67), Mike Franco (70), Brad Wear (71), Marion Agar (72), Mike Davis (74), Judi Ell (76), Dori Luzzo (92) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Evelyn Meyer Crowder (46) RE: Reunion of Club 40 this month. TO Mary Triem (47): Thanks a lot for the information you sent on the reunion. We will leave next Wednesday and drive to Richland. Although I believe I never throw anything away, I must have done it at some time as all those pleated skirts are gone and even my saddle shoes have disappeared - probably for a costume at some time or other. We are looking forwarding to seeing you again and the rest of the 40 classes. Thanks again. -Evelyn Meyer Crowder (46) ******************************************** >>From: Barbara Kramer Krema (54) RE: parachute silk Somewhere I missed the first reference to parachute silk for dresses and would like to know more about where and why. My first Communion dress was made of parachute silk which I didn't know about for many years. Now I am curious. Anyone with details?? -Barb Kramer Krema, class of 54 ******************************************** >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Chuck Holtz (55) Date: Sat Sep 4 18:06:53 1999 Any old chums about? Are there any old friends from the fifties (class of 55) out there in cyberland. Would love to hear from you! Drop me an e-mail and let's share some memories! .....and sign me up for the sandstorm!! -Chuck Holtz (55) ******************************************** >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Ed Wood (62) Date: Thu Sep 2 22:35:30 1999 Hello from Colorado! My sister Lesley, class of '66 just told me of this site. What a great find! I look forward to renewing old acquaintances. -Ed Wood (62) ******************************************** >>From: John Adkins (62) RE: Sledding Flat Top for Kipp Quinlan (64) Before we got that big old Hudson hood - we tried Flat Top in a Studebaker bonnet. Just about half way down that "Stude" hood hit a sage brush and launched itself off toward Benton City - and us off toward Richland. The whole scene must have looked like Charlie Brown getting bashed off of the pitcher's mound in "Peanuts". Most of the four letter words in use today were invented right there - and before we hit the ground. After that we searched out a heavier hood, and found that Hudson hood at "A Street" in Pasco. That old hood would pretty much stay on the ground, and on those occasions when it didn't - well we had already invented the correct adjectives. -John Adkins "62" ******************************************** >From a Guest Book: >>From Steve Sawyer (65) Referred by: Net Search From: Anchorage, Alaska Time: 1999-09-04 01:24:53 Comments: Found an Alumni site a last week and decided to look for what else might be out there using a different search engine. I'd like to make contact with the Alumni Secretary for the class of '66. I attended the '65 Reunion in '95 and have a class list for that year. I am looking forward to the Y2K All Class Reunion. -Steve Sawyer (65) ******************************************** >>From: Vickie Andersen Simmons (67) RE: A Back-To-School Story Kathy Wheat Fife ('79) asked if anyone had scary back-to-school stories. Here's my worst: In July between kindergarten and first grade, we moved from our 'A' house on Thayer to a ranch house on Birch. New neighborhood, new kids. The only other girl I knew my age went into a different first grade class than I and I went was petrified my first day at Spalding! I screamed and cried all the way to school walking with my mother. The 'all the way to school' entailed walking past our next door neighbor's house, cutting through the middle sidewalk and crossing Acacia to the school grounds. Mom managed to wrangle me into the classroom where I replaced her legs with the teacher's legs as the focus of my kicking assault. It was horrible! Then a little girl (Donna Stambaugh, whom I will love until the day I die for this) said 'it's okay teacher. She can sit with me'. The rest of the year seemed to go pretty well after that. The pay back came when I got Mrs. Gustafson - AGAIN in fifth grade! I paid the price that year for my actions in first grade. As to Kathy's question as to whether any of us would allow our kindergarten aged children to walk the four blocks to school, I don't even let my 13 year olds walk the half mile to the bus stop - once the first moose shows up in our yard in the fall. The nice thing about living in Alaska is the 'animals' I have to deal with here usually have 4 legs! -Vickie Andersen Simmons '67 ******************************************** >>From: Mike Franco (70) Been out of town for a while so I am catching up on the banter (charitable) here. To Brad Upton: I never met you or have seen you perform.... however, over the years I have seen Mike Davis (74) and Phil Jones (69) "perform " many times. WIthout getting into body tones, the mere fact that people actually pay money for your performances should close any comparisons. I, for one would pay great sums of money to AVOID viewing any performances by Phil or Mike... and if anyone sees Jones, he still owes me money for his share of our room (split 6 ways) at the Fisherman's Warf Trave Lodge about 22 years ago. I have retained the accounting firm of Stubby Neill, Goofy Felts and Beany Caudill as my auditors on this. Anyway Brad, I for one am shocked, outraged and offended by this childish and baseless character assassination and immature behavior!!! I have NO idea where males, reared and educated in Richland in the 1960's and 1970's might pick up these boorish manners. And the fact that this is the way that all of us treated each other our entire lives is NO excuse!!!! By the way... Hooky-Bobbin: the only REAL danger was those d*** man-hole covers!!! They were NEVER covered with snow and would knock you off your feet like a bottle of lime vodka (often with the same results on our heads)!!! Brad, let us know your schedule ... I Really am interested in seeing your act.... I have seen the other acts.... and anyone getting ripped by those two has to be OK. AND.... Phil: Great job with those kids.. Mike: I'm sure you've done something great in the last few years also... -Mike Franco (70) ******************************************** >>From: Brad Wear (71) It was sad to see the funeral notice for George "Michael" Matthews. I had him for three years at Chief Jo. He was great, I always looked forward to his class, even though I was always mathematically challenged. Best back to school memories: grade school Miss Mourn, Judy Chester, Joanne Dewer, (great teachers) how could they have resisted my John Wayne stances, or Errol Flynn advances. I was quite smitten by them. -Brad Wear '71 ******************************************** >>From: Marion Agar Kreiter (72) To Maureen Sullivan Fleischman (76): Boy do I remember Mrs. Clayton. I was 4 years old and got to visit kindergarten with my friend Suzanne Weiggands. She WAS old and she scared me to death! That was my first introduction to the ruler across the hand. When you are 4 and desperately need to use the rest room, remembering the rule of raising your hand to leave your seat is far from your mind. Needless to say she made a lasting impression on me and I was quite relieved the following fall when I did not have her for my kindergarten teacher! -Marion Agar Kreiter (72) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) To: Phil Jones (Fellow Wash Boardian) Phil, I guess Brad Upton's (74) comments ridiculing our "body buffness" was not enough. Now I see that another track star in the short pants has added his two cents. I speak of none other than the Merilee Rush face-sucking wannabe, Rich Crigler (70). I can't help but wonder if they went with the track field as their chosen athletic endeavor because they couldn't handle the "big stick" of baseball. Anyway I have but one comment for each of them - Crigler: Cherry Lip Gloss for the stolen evenings at the Roller Rink with Ms. Rush. Upton: Rogaine!!! M.Davis (74) PS - Franco, we need your opinion on this matter! ******************************************** >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Judi Ell Dahl (76) Date: Thu Sep 2 00:49:53 1999 Richland memories These days I don't have much time to surf the net but when I do I have the Bomber web page bookmarked! Everyone has brought back great memories for me. I have lived here in Richland all my life (class of 76) and I still LOVE this place. Growing up in Richland in the sixties were simple and care free. We played outside all summer long until after dark with no fears. (none of this Playstation or big screen color TV) We built forts, played hide and seek, kick soccer, and climbed trees! All these memories you people write about bring back thoughts and smells to my mind. Though none of you ever mentioned the ding-ding man. (What we called the popsicle man). Do they even exist anymore? Do you remember frozen milkshake bars at the concession stand at the Lagoon? Oh, I could go on and on. Please keep these wonderful memories coming. Richland is a great place for kids to have beautiful childhood memories as I and my 5 siblings all had. (Thanks mom and dad!) -Judi Ell Dahl (76) ******************************************** >>From: Dori Luzzo Homer (92) RE: Michael Peterson (77) I was lucky enough to meet Michael Peterson before the concerts at the fair. He was very nice and said he remembered my brothers... I have nine so I figured he know at least one. I work for KORD and was able to hang out with Mike.... so polite and friendly to every fan and old friend who came to talk to him back stage. I introduced him on stage before he performed and it was obvious from the crowd response everyone was glad to see Michael back home. For a country star (I have met a few) he is by far the nicest and most generous I have seen. -Dori Luzzo Homer (92) ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. ******************************************** ******************************************** ****************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 9/6/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers and one obit today: Marguerite Groff (54), Marvin McDonald (60), Chuck Monasmith (65), Lesley Wood (66), Teresa Cook (73), Willard Ule (73), Mike Davis (74), Jackie Shannon (76), Julie Ham (77) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Marguerite Groff Tompkins (54) Looking forward to seeing many of you this coming Friday and Saturday at our 45th reunion. On Friday, when you come into the Shilo and after registering, come and find us at the ball rooms. We'll be in there, starting at about 9:00 am - until we are done. We may even enlist you to help blow up balloons (helium, of course). We are very much looking forward to seeing all of you. -Marguerite Groff Tompkins (54) ******************************************** >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Marvin McDonald Jr. (60) Date: Sat Sep 4 18:42:33 1999 Hello Everyone >From the class of '60. It was great looking over the photographs of my old high school and the houses in Richland. We lived in an 'A', 'F' and an 'R' house at one time or another. I have never been able to make any of the reunions for my class but this will provide a way of hopefully getting to communicate with some of the members of the class of '60. Columbia High was a great school and my classmates were some of the best. I only wish I had been a better student. -Marvin McDonald (60) ******************************************** >>From: Chuck Monasmith (65) Ok you Club40 people: If the Shilo is full for Sept. 10-12, Try the newly remodeled Day's Inn in Richland. On Jadwin about 2 blocks from the Shilo. The good part.... A special discount for RHS Alumni. But only by calling Richland Day's Inn direct (509) 943-4611. The special discount will not be recognized by the 1-800 DAYSINN reservation line. Single Room Queen size bed two people $44.00 Double double (2 Queen sizes beds, 4 people) $47.00. Free movie channel, microwave, fridge, coffee maker, pool, free airport shuttle. -Chuck Monasmith (65) ******************************************** >>From: Lesley Wood Nelson (66) Greetings from Singapore! I'm thrilled to learn of this site from Lynn Dodson Stedman ('66), and to be included as a Bomber despite having moved from Richland before I could attend high school there. I went to Carmichael and Spalding (my memories of Mr. Karlson's 6th grade there are especially rich) and would love to reconnect with those who remember me from those days. Until reminded today, I'd forgotten about my own collision with the fence at the bottom of Carmichael Hill. I was little then and thought I was the only one dumb enough to meet up with it. Everyone else seemed to have a secret for avoiding it. -Lesley Wood Nelson (66) ******************************************** >>From: Teresa Cook Morgan (73) Regarding Michael's first concert that was canceled 2/3 of the way through: I was absolutely devastated. I realize it sounds silly for a 40 something year old woman to be saying such a thing, it's true. There's something about the man and his music that makes us feel good. We can forget - for just a while - a lot of the things that dog us. I would have loved this man's music had we not been able to say he's one of us. I've never met Michael, and never dreamed that he would make himself so available, so when the gentleman announced the remainder of the first show had been canceled, we left. My 70 something mother was tiring fast. What could I say? Does anyone else have trouble saying 'no' or 'just a minute' to your mom? Otherwise, I would have waited for the second show and stood through the entire concert. I didn't even get a chance to hit the merchandise booth, dang it. I would have loved a poster for the inside of the closet door of the office or a mug to stick my mug in too early in the a.m. It's really odd. I don't know that I've ever been so affected by something like this. It isn't just that smile or the looks or even the fact that he was raised here in the Tri-Cities. Michael's music is special. I don't use those words lightly, either. Perhaps it's the positive point of view. Probably, it's all of those things. I hope he'll be back next year. I also hope the sound system doesn't go out for nachos ten or fifteen minutes early, too. To Michael I say thank you. -Teresa Cook Morgan (73) ******************************************** >>From: Willard Ule (73) All Of The Great People Of The Sandstorm: I want to thank everybody for your prayers, thoughts, cards, phone calls, and visits, while I spent the last 30 days in the hospital. I missed the Sandstorm. When I got home, I read forever - making up all those missed issues. -Willard Ule (73) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) Re: Mo Sullivan's Back to School Memories I recall my kindergarten teacher Mrs. LeClair, a sweet old lady of 150 years. To a five-year-old kindergartner she was an easy 7'5". - Gray hair, coal black eyes - enough to make a scared five- year-old think of holding out for the big first grade contract and skipping kindergarten. But, after you got to know her she was a wonderful lady who I'll always remember. I remember the big poster of a cartoon pig with the caption under it saying, "Don't be a Pushy Pig!" And the puppet named Honest Hank who said, "Always tell the truth no matter what!" Mrs. LeClair would put that puppet on her hand and "become" Honest Hank! In her best Honest Hank voice she would tell the stories of boys and girls who would make up incredible fibs! The story that I remember most was the one about the little boy who was a cub scout and claimed to actually shake JFK's hand on a visit to Richland. Such a pathetic little story! -Mike Davis (74) ******************************************** >>From: Jackie Shannon Hull (76) Do I ever remember Mrs. Clayton... I remember she hit my hand with that ruler and yelled at me when I asked to go to the bathroom and the shame of all when I wet my pants... then she really got mad and sent me home... told me I was a naughty little girl. The next day Jamie Wilson (a very nice but shy kid) told me not to feel bad and made me feel better. I still to this day think back and now giggle about that event. What ever happened to Mrs. Clayton? I have to say she was the meanest teacher I ever ran across. After kindergarten our family moved to Wisconsin... then in 74 we moved back to Richland. I never heard anyone ever mention her again till now... lol ... ah the memories of her... -Jackie Shannon Hull, Class of 76 ******************************************** >>From: Julie Ham Froehlich (77) To Brad Wear (71): I had Miss Mourn for 5th grade (Jason Lee). She looked just like Mary Tyler Moore - only thinner. She was nice most of the time except when you got caught talking (which happened a lot for me). Then she would use those long fingernails to dig into your should bone while chanting "you don't give one iota about your school work..." Ouch, the red shoulders I used to come home with! But it sure beat Mrs. Woods (4th grade) who used to slap your knuckles with a ruler if she caught you spinning it on a pencil! The best teacher at Jason Lee (there actually were a lot of good ones) was Mr. Perryman. Unfortunately, I didn't have him. If I did, instead of getting my shoulder blades dug into - I probably would have been out running laps - right alongside Bill Luzzo. To Marion Agar (72): Are you related to Karen? If so, how/where is she these days? To Kathy Wheat (79): Are you related to Scott? He was every girl's dream in grade school. All the girls had a crush on him - and he was so nice, too! -Julie Ham Froehlich (77) ******************************************** Obituary for Ken Frazier (54) ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. ******************************************** ******************************************** ****************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 9/7/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff in: Jim Hamilton (63), June Smith (63), Gary Behymer (64), Terry Ganz (68), Terry Hutson (74), Jamie Wilson (76) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jim Hamilton (63) Found a book yesterday while The Lovely Miss Nancy and I were rummaging through "Jimbeaux's House of Stuff" and read that Wednesday, the 8th of September will be the 45th anniversary of the opening of Christ the King School. -Jim Hamilton (63) ******************************************** >>From: June Smith Colletti (63) To everyone who will be attending the Club40 reunion: I wish I were able to attend. I left home in '63 (the year I graduated). I've been back, but not made any of the reunions. Maybe some day. My sis, Vera Smith Robbins (58), will be attending and hopefully will get the low-down on it. If not... I KNOW I will hear from the Sandstorm!!! I will be thinking of you all at the reunion, but know, I will be there in spirit. Have a grand 'ol time! -June Smith Colletti (63) Where "home" will ALWAYS be Richland. ******************************************** >>From Gary Behymer (64) Here's a big thank you to the approximately 75 people who took a $ or more out of their pocket/purse and sent it to the Alumni Sandstorm to help defray the direct expenses that Maren incurs with the Alumni Sandstorm 'list-bot'. 75 people represent approximately 4% of the total reader-ship of the Alumni Sandstorm. Invest now in what is probably the largest single high school 'list-bot' in the United States (;-). >>>>> Reunions for the Year 2000! A lot of time was spent by the Class of 1964 to find those people who had been 'lost' for 20 to 35 years. All were tickled to see them at our 35th reunion this past month. Our disappointment was the number of 'locals' who didn't bother to stop by. I suggest to those classes that will have a reunion this coming year to call, hound, pester & perhaps throw a brickbat or two at those local area people who 'always' seem to busy to stop in and say high? Woops.... hoping that Maren doesn't consider this one for the Sandbox. ******************************************** >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Terry Ganz (68) Date: Mon Sep 6 22:31:02 1999 Didn't quite make graduation. I was in Korea on the DMZ when you all did your march but I was there in spirit. Looking forward to the next reunion and anyone who would like to contact me. -Terry Ganz (68) ******************************************** >>From: Terry Hutson Semmern (74) Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I keep hearing talk about a reunion for all Bomber alumni in the year 2000. Is this true? And who would be in charge of organizing all of this? It will be a lot of work or maybe it is in the works as we speak. I would love to help out and know others who feel the same way. So if any of you know, let me know. -Terry Hutson Semmern (74) ******************************************** >>From: James "Jamie" Wilson (76) TO Jackie Shannon Hull (76) RE: Mrs. Clayton: Sacajawea's kindergarten terror Shannon, I appreciated hearing about your adventures/ travails with Mrs. Clayton. She was about 100 years old when we had kindergarten with her. I forgot all about the incident with you but to this day recall without fondness that she was the only teacher ever to give me "hacks". We were in a gigantic circle for storytime and Mrs. Clayton noticed Lindsey Tucker (a good buddy of mine for years) was still outside, having never come in from recess. She told a kid named Timmy to go to the door and call him in. I, being shy but ever ready to accommodate the reasonable requests of our doting instructor, proceeded to the door thinking she had said "Jamie" not "Timmy". She lumbered out of her storytime chair and approached me menacingly. She whacked me on the way out the door intent on warming up Lindsey's buns also. Oh, the injustice of it all! Pretty strange that I became a teacher after all these years. -Jim Wilson "Jamie", Class of '76 "The schools aren't what they used to be and they never were." -----Will Rogers ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. ******************************************** ******************************************** ****************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 9/8/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers sent stuff in: Paula Beardsley (62), Jim Hamilton (63), Kenny Peterson (64), Mari "Leona" Eckert (65), Lynn Dodson (66), Willard Ule (73), Kim Molnaa (75) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Paula Beardsley Glenn (62) Thanks to Maren for helping a "computer illiterate". The biographies for the street names for original Richland are now on the ALL Bomber Alumni Links Page Scroll down past the SITES OF INTEREST header and click the "1940's Richland" link - 1945 Street names for Richland. I note that Maren was wondering why some of the streets she mentioned weren't listed. They were not part of original Richland - most of the streets she lists are in the Ranch House district which wasn't built until '48-49-i.e. Alder, Ash, Cottonwood, etc.. The original plat for the town was from Abbott to Van Giesen- George Washington Way to Wright. Can't explain why Gribble wasn't listed - can't even figure out what it is supposed to be. - anyway, if you are interested in who the street you grew up on was named for- check it out. Thanks Maren!! Money's in the mail. -Paula Beardsley Glenn (62) ******************************************** >>From: Jim Hamilton (63) Found a book yesterday while The Lovely Miss Nancy and I were rummaging through "Jimbeaux's House of Stuff" and read that Wednesday, the 8th of September will be the 45th anniversary of the opening of Christ the King School. So to Paula Jill Lyons (64), wherever she might be, who claimed that when she pinned on her prayer medals she looked like Marshal Zhukov on May Day: Happy 45th something, you were there when it started. For those others who have been experiencing unexplained pain across the back of the knuckles or a barely controllable desire to put on those awful salt and pepper cords (with the zipper rusted shut), now you know. -Jim Hamilton (63) ******************************************** >>From: Kenny Peterson (64) I remember the hill at Carmichael. Well, the dumbo that I was, I would try just about anything. I tried standing on a sled once and found that I could make it down about half way then of course falling head over heals. Another time I was sledding I thought "Well, let's just put my gloved hand under the rail and see what happens." Needless to say, it hurt and of course there were words said $&&*)_)*&^%%@~DA I learned another thing that evening. And you know I always found that (&%$% fence at the bottom of the hill - usually with my face. One evening we (meaning a group of kids) were standing on the ice at Wellsian Pond. Of course it broke and (of course) I went in up to my waist. We made our way over to the bowling ally after standing around for while and freezing my blue jeans (no one said I had smarts) and I made THE CALL to the home land. Needless to say it didn't go well, and I was promptly told to walk home and that I should not have gotten myself into that mess. What a long walk home! (&%(%#@@&^ Boy! Did I stay clear of the pond after that but not everything. More to the trials and tribulations of the Peterson saga latter. Hey you all stay healthy now. -Ken Peterson, Class of 64 ******************************************** >>From: Mari "Leona" Eckert Leahy (65) Hi. This is Mari "Leona" Eckert Leahy, class of 65. Just wanted to tell those golfers who will be participating in Saturday's Club40 Reunion (49) golf game at Columbia Point Golf Course, that I would love to have them say "Hi" if they come into the restaurant. I'll be working 7 to 2 and I wear a name tag. You're all like family. Look forward to seeing you all. -Mari "Leona" Eckert Leahy (65) ******************************************** >>From: Lynn Dodson Stedman (66) After reading some of the entries about "Worst Teachers I had to add that Miss Koss (the roving Art teacher) had to be the worst! I remember the assignment of drawing a tree in second grade art class at Marcus Whitman and having her come by, survey my drawing, pick it up and pronounce "There's no such thing as Lollipop trees!" She then took my drawing (honest - it was just a tree with the leaves forming a round top NOT actually lollipops!) and tearing it into pieces and throwing them on the floor. I was devastated and started to cry and then she slapped me on the back of my head so hard that I hit my forehead on the desk and it raised a welt. To this day when someone asks "Is anyone here good at drawing?" or "Who in this group is creative?" I still get knot in my stomach. What a b****! Even when I was older and in the upper grades at Spalding, she would terrorize at least one class member during each ART period. What was with that woman? And what was the deal with her haircut? And why did we call her MISS KOSS when she had a daughter? And tell me I'm not the only one out there that had a run-in with her! -Lynn Dodson Stedman '66 ******************************************** >>From: Willard Ule (73) Have we all become so out of contact with the real world that a small donation is too much for the service we receive through the Sandstorm. This is a lot like the missing things of our past. They're missing because we failed to support them. I quiver with fear thinking that we may let the Sandstorm do the same. Take time to write a check and just remember all of the memories that the Alumni Sandstorm has brought You. Now show your support. -Willard Ule (73) ******************************************** >>From: Kim Molnaa Privette (75) To: Mo Sullivan Fleischman (76): Yes, Mrs. Clayton was seriously old. I think she wore the same black dress and the same strange shoes every day. Did you have kimonos? The class photo from that class is too funny. I got swatted by her for talking in the bathroom - in front of the entire class! - and was supposed to thank her for it...I bolted out the door and ran home to tell my Mom. We lived on the corner of Farrell Lane and Torbett in a "B" house. -Kim Molnaa Privette (75) ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. ******************************************** ******************************************** ****************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 9/9/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers sent stuff in: Marguerite Groff (54), Jack Gardiner (61), Paula Jill Lyons (64), Cathy Fullmer (66), Pam Ehinger (67), Vicki Schrecengost (67), Phil Jones (69), Diane Hartley (72), Marjo Vinther (77), ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Marguerite Groff Tompkins (54) Class of 1954 has lost yet another member. I'm sorry to tell you that G.K. "Ken" Frazier died on September 3, 1999. I didn't know Ken well, but I know there are many of our classmates who will have memories of his friendship. My condolences go out to his wife, Terri Cawdrey (64) and other family members, on behalf of his classmates. That's two that we've lost in less than a week. I'm not sure I want to check the paper for awhile. It sort of rocks my world. -Marguerite Groff Tompkins (54) ******************************************** >>From: Jack Gardiner (61) RE: cabernet sauvigon I need someone's help who knows Pacific Northwest wines. What I'm looking for is a good Cabernet Sauvigon. I will be leaving for Richland 9-12-99. Any help would appreciated. I would like to bring back a fine Cabernet for a California friend. thanks.... -Jack Gardiner (61) ******************************************** >>From: Paula Jill Lyons (64) to Jim Hamilton (63) Hey, Jimbeaux! Marshall Zhukov had nothing on me. Besides the prayer medals - there were sodality medals, scapular medals, prayer cards, Mother Mary Rose badges (with and without chips of wood supposedly from her coffin), rosary beads, mini- beads (forget what they were called), and the list goes on. No wonder I weighed so much!! -Paula Jill Lyons (64) ******************************************** >>From: Cathy Fullmer Tusler (66) RE: Miss Koss Survivors Wow, Lynn, did your story about Miss Koss brings back memories!! She is one of my nominations for the Teacher From Hell Hall of Fame! She picked on me, too, in the hallowed halls of Marcus Whitman. Gees - what a grouch! I remember her telling me when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade that she had never met a girl as tall for my age as I was that had as little artistic talent, whatever that had to do with anything!?! I was crushed - can't believe that I took her so seriously. In all six years I don't remember her saying one nice thing to me (or to anyone else, for that matter!) She used to wear blankets all the time from about 4th grade on, and she walked with a crutch. She sprained her ankle because she was so heavy, and never recovered. The blankets were the only thing that would reach around her, I think! I remember the sense of relief when she was out with her ankle and we had a substitute that actually encouraged us! What a novel idea!! At least when she was on the crutch, she couldn't get around to whack us as often. Reminds me of Mrs. Trunchbull from Roald Dahl's "Matilda." Good to hear from you! Hi to all in the Class of '66!! -Cathy Fullmer Tusler, 1966 ******************************************** >>From: Pam Ehinger (67) Okay!! Christ the Kingers!! We never went to the "Public" schools but we, too, had some scary teachers! The one that I think of first is "SAM" aka Sister Arillia (sp) Marie, aka "Fish Eyes". She had to have been one of THE scariest nuns there!! She was short but boy could she swing that pointer!! See, the "Public" kids' teachers had rulers, but the CK nuns had rulers AND pointers! So we got it twice as much and harder!! I have to admit the girls usually didn't get their knuckles wrapped like the boys. But when the short skirts came into fashion, we had Mother Superior! She would walk up behind you and if you felt a tap on the shoulder you knelt on the floor! If you skirt didn't touch the floor you had to go to the "Lavatory" (Bathroom, every thing was very formal at CK, even names! Garland was Garland not Gary, Gerald was Gerald not Gerry, etc., etc.) and unroll the skirt. Some girls got smart and cut them off!! Mother Superior was only 4'11" and when she hit one of the hemmed shirts, she'd turn red with frustration, and walk away!! There were many more things we did, but I'm sure someone else would like to bring them up!! LOL! Bombers Rule & CK'er too -Pam Ehinger 67 ******************************************** >>From: Vicki Schrecengost Carney (67) Regarding Lynn Dodson Stedman's (66) "fond" memories of Miss Koss... I remember living in fear of the woman when I had her for 4th grade art class at Spalding. What is really ironic is that I have memories of her in hand, as she signed my autograph book - with a drawing of an artist's palette, of course. I never was very successful in future art classes either. Maybe she is the reason. -Vicki Schrecengost Carney '67 ******************************************** >>From: Phil Jones (69) To Mike Franco (70) and Rich Creigler (70): I was merely mentioning a rumor I heard about Brad Upton (74) combing his hair. I would never stoop so low as to mention such a sensitive subject out of ridicule. Way beneath me. This summer my baseball kids suggested that if I intended on stealing a bowling ball, I shouldn't try to sneak it out under my shirt. You have to realize, of coarse, that they are only 17 and 18 and haven't learned the proper manners that one should acquire to be a fully functioning, mature adult. Cheap weight jokes like "for accurate weight get out of you truck", My blood type being "Rocky-Road", belt size being "equator" and being told to "haul ass" and it taking two trips, is very sophomoric. Mature adults wouldn't stoop so low. So don't expect me to go there. By the way Franco, only you could carry the delusion for 22 years that I could possibly owe you 1/6th of a Travel Lodge motel room. Let me know how much it was, 8, 10 bucks? I can't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday and you remember an 8 dollar tab for 22 years. By the way Brad - I too have wavy hair. The one in front is waving at the one in back............ see ya -Phil Jones (69) ******************************************** >>From: Diane Hartley (72) To Lynn Dodson Stedman (66) Hi. I went to Marcus Whitman, and I had Miss Koss as well. I did not know that she had a daughter. Being a teacher for 25 years now I have to say that I also remember not being able to draw very well, and I was always so afraid. This is sad to me, as a role model, I know how important self- esteem is, and kids never forget it. Miss Koss passed away several years ago, God Bless her, I hope all teachers will take note and never let this kind of thing go on. -Diane Hartley 72 ******************************************** >>From: Marjo Vinther Burt (77) To: Lynn Dodson Stedman (66): "Incredible!" is the only word I can think of in response to your incident with Miss Koss! She must have had some major PMS that day! Even so, it was a completely inexcusable thing for her to do! My heart went out to that little 8-year-old you, and it sure made me wish I could go back in time (as an adult, of course) and get in her face about it!! I knew I was scared of her for a reason, but thank God I never had an experience like you did! I have heard so many stories from friends (mostly not from Richland) who had similar experiences with teachers. Amazing! Sometimes it even happened with the nice teachers! When I was in 3rd grade at Marcus Whitman, Mrs. Bowman (whom I dearly loved and still think fondly of) walked over to my desk one day, smacked me on top of the head with a ruler and shouted, "Quit squinting at the board!" My desk was in the back row, and what no one realized at the time was that I was starting to become nearsighted. I had no idea that I was even squinting! At the time I felt that I must have been in the wrong and felt very badly about it, not to mention embarrassed at being struck and yelled at in front of all of my classmates. I think I was doubly hurt because Mrs. Bowman was always so nice and I really liked her. I can't remember if I told my Mom about it at the time - I probably was too ashamed to let her know. As an adult I look back and see that it was she who was out of line! But your story about Miss Koss beats my story any day! Hats off to all of the good teachers out there (and most of them are good) who knew/know how to treat children as the human beings that they are! -Marjo Vinther Burt (77) ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. ******************************************** ******************************************** ****************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 9/10/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 16 Bombers sent stuff in: Carol Haynes (51), Tom Matthews (57), Sue Garrison (58), Larry Mattingly (60), Rose Boswell (61), June Smith (63), Carol Converse (64), Louise Moyers (65), Patty Eckert (68), Janice Warden (69), Phil Jones (69), Jean Albaugh (72), Maggie Gilstrap (74), Judy Crawford (76), Darcy Koontz (83), Shelley Williams (84) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Carol Haynes Finch (51) Reading all the reminiscing from Col-Hi alumni and am thoroughly enjoying it! I have been back for most of our '51 Class Reunions, and I stay with Nancy & Brad Cutshall, both '51 graduates. We usually see Paula Doctor Weery '51 and her husband Elwood, when we can. Would love to hear more about the Club40 reunion. I communicate by email with Doreen Hallenback Waldkoetter '51 and Kay Mitchell Coates '52 so hear things from their areas of the country. Would like to know of anybody in the Tampa, FL area. I'm going in for knee surgery on Oct. 6 and plan to take my diary from those 4 years at Col-Hi with me to help jog my memory about those high school days. I mentioned that diary at our class reunion several years ago and some of the guys in the audience sunk down in their seats! I don't know why - I wouldn't want to embarrass myself any more than anyone else! I have been all over the USA, Europe and Asia during my first marriage. We lived in Moses Lake (nowhere to go from there but up!); Montgomery, AL; Marin County, CA; St. Louis; Scott AFB, IL; Rabat, Morocco; Minot, ND; Hickam AFB, HI; Arlington, VA, and Toul-Rosieres, France. After that I lived in Rockville and Gaithersburg, MD and just after retiring last February my husband and I moved to Palm Harbor, FL. My family moved to Richland in December of 1944 and lived in the Desert Inn for at least a month before our house on Willaims (corner of Marshall) was ready. I remember having coal dumped down the chute to the basement; a swamp cooler in the dining room window as the only air conditioning device; nothing but dirt out back in the compound behind all the houses; no trees; army buses that could take us downtown; Sacajawea school and the Girl Scouts! We went to the Central UP church and Rev. Acheson was the minister. His son, Tom, was a good friend of my brother's and they lived on Marshall, right around the corner. It is the house that Bonese Collins Turner '49 moved into when the Acheson's moved to Spokane. For those of you who may not know, my brother, Don (Igor) Haynes '49 died at the age of 58 after a series of strokes, not 3 months after he retired from Boeing. His oldest son, Rick, looks just like him and takes my breath away when I see him. Don had 2 sons and a daughter, and the family now has 5 grandkids. I have a son who lives in E. Kingston, NH, a daughter in Wenatchee and another daughter in Indianapolis. And I have 4 grandchildren. As you can guess we don't all get together in one place too often! I'm hoping our move to Florida, being 1 1/2 hours from DisneyWorld and having a backyard pool will get them all down here for visits. Will send more after I find those diaries. Keep up the good work and keep that news coming in. -Carol Haynes Finch '51; Sacajawea and Columbia High School ******************************************** >>From: Tom Matthews (57) For all you fans of Miss Koss, don't miss her picture along with the rest of the Spalding staff at: Click the '63 '64 Spalding Staff link If I had known it was that bad, I wouldn't have taken my 4th graders to art. I beg forgiveness from my former students (Classes of 70, 71, 72). I did make it a point to do art in the classroom - maybe she was one of the reasons! -Tom Matthews (57) ******************************************** >>From: Joretta "Sue" Garrison Pritchett (58) Those of you who have been waiting so long for A-House ornaments will be happy to know that they arrived (finally) and were placed in post office mail to you yesterday. Those who are picking theirs up at the Senior Center are being phoned with our distribution schedule. When all pre-paid ornaments have been distributed, the rest of the ornaments will be sold in the Senior Center Gift Shop every day--we want to be sure all that have been pre-paid get theirs. Here's an update on status of ornaments: A-House ornaments - we have plenty B-House ornaments - gone (except those who paid in advance and have not yet picked them up); another order has been placed, and should arrive late November. Y-Ranch House ornaments - we have plenty Prefab ornaments - we have plenty If you want to keep up on status of these (and potentially others in the future), our website is: If you need to make special arrangements to pick up ornaments evenings or weekends, you're welcome to give me a call and stop by any time. 946-9087 Thanks, again, for helping make this project a success. The proceeds go to the building fund for a new Center. -Joretta "Sue" Garrison Pritchett (58) ******************************************** >>From: Larry Mattingly (60) To Jack Gardiner (61) You will probably get lots of opinions on this. For a fine Cab you might try an 7+ year old vintage of the "David Lake" vinyards from Columbia Winery. They are out of Woodinville, NE of Seattle. St. Michele (right across the street from Columbia) has 2 or 3, 8-10 year old vintages in Cab that make wine snobs lick their chops. These are not available in grocery stores, look for a wine shop. Both of the above wineries grow their Cab grapes in the Patterson area, South of the Tri Cites. I admit to not getting along well with the tannin in the heavy red wines and so stock mostly whites in my celler (it's only a large closet). However I have poured the David Lake Cab for guests that were a bit wine snobbish and they smacked their lips in approval. There is also the Preston winery a few miles up 395 from Pasco. I don't personally favor their wines but many do, and they have a string of medals hanging in the tasting room. "Happiness is the sky in bloom" -Larry Mattingly (60) ******************************************** >>From: Rose Boswell Smith (61) I was amazed to hear about that teacher Mrs. Koss. I went to Jason Lee and remember my teacher Mrs. Easton. I think it was 5th grade. I was so afraid of her because of the rumors about her. As i remember she didn't take anything from the boys, but left me alone. I never misbehaved as her reputation preceded her.. Maybe the boys who were there have some memories, too. Also, what ever happened to the John Ball Reunions. I think Mrs. Edwards was in charge of it. They had one and it was so much fun. Does anyone have any news of it. -Rose Boswell Smith (61) ******************************************** >>From: June Smith Colletti (63) My two cents about Miss Koss..... I remember her at Spalding. What sticks out in my mind is she was such an unhappy lady. Never smiled (I'm talking about the full face smiling). I got mine too...... my sister is 6 yrs older. I don't know if my sis was in her class, but Miss Koss knew her. Every chance Miss Koss reminded me that I was the ugly duckling with 2 long legs. Took me a long time learn about "beauty is only skin deep"! -June Smith Colletti (63) ******************************************** >>From: Carol Converse Maurer (64) RE: Michael Peterson (77) I've heard so much about Michael that I was anxious to see him on Crook and Cash yesterday on TNN. I watched the whole show, but he never did appear. Wonder what happened? Anybody out there know? -Carol Converse Maurer (64) ******************************************** >>From: Louise Moyers (65) RE: Christ the King School Jim Hamilton (63): I can relate to the opening of CKS way back when. Not only should Paula Lyons (64) remember, but so should Maren, Debby Lyons (65), and my sister. We were all there. Last week or so, somebody wanted to know the words of the school song from CKS. Did anybody get it all? And who wrote the song? Was it the talented Sister Margaret Catherine? Along the list of significant teachers, who remembers SAM? (Sr. Aurila Marie sp.) Holy smokes, now there was a woman with some major problems! I really did get whacked by her a time or two. Anybody remember Sr. Peter Andre? As mentioned before, the transition from CKS to Carmichael was really a big deal. I recall that in all classes except science, CKS's were ahead of the pack. Science we had never heard of. And guess what? At Carmichael, there were no people in the halls to give you "pink slips" How novel! I used to collect lots of pink slips, and was sent to Sr. Margaret Jane's or Sister Mary Dana's office on numerous occasions. But it all worked out okay, and I still look upon CKS days as some of the very best, and most protected years of my life. You say 45 years ago? Wow, we must be getting old! -Louise Moyers '65 ******************************************** >>From: Patty Eckert Weyers (68) To Pam Ehinger (67) Christ the King's very own "SAM" Incredible and Soooo brought back some memories there....... Sister Arilla Marie, (God rest her soul), yes, she picked on me because I wasn't the same gifted artist and mathematics lover as my older sister Mari (Leona) Eckert (65) who she doted over two grades before I arrived in her 7th Grade.... I have never been the same since that rude awakening that all Nun's or Sister's weren't always loving and sweet and pillars of their parish. I didn't realize there were any others out there who she got to besides me. I felt she looked like the witch in the Wizard of Oz, same nose and slight hunch...... hope she became mellower in her golden years. Too bad we don't have some type of register on where and how the old CK'er nun's are. But then the resounding strengths and beauty and confidence returned in 8th Grade when I was blessed with a magnificent Nun, Sister Margaret Mary, (hope that was her name) with 8 grades of mostly nuns for teachers, I sometimes get my nun names switched around, at any rate, she was where I was when Kennedy was shot and when I graduated from Christ the King, I was ready to meet my first public school system at Chief Joseph for the 9th Grade. She put me on the believing and right track and she is so thought about for much of my life since. Sister Superior, yes, I wore a bobbi-pin in my hair in 6th grade and was immediately sent down to the office and made to remove them. Another time, I wore my usual socks, but had a pair of nylons under them and that also was promptly changed. When in 7th and 8th Grades we were finally able to "wear the neater uniform" I often rolled my skirt at the waist yet I recall watching the older student's scrambling to get their skirts "unrolled" as fast as they could before Sister Superior caught up with them. Thanks for bringing back some great times! Bomberette Cheers, and C K'ers Rule!!!!! -Patty Eckert Weyers (68) ******************************************** >>From: Janice Warden Hughes (69) To those of you who had bad experiences with Miss Koss, I have to speak in her defense. She was very gruff as I recall, but in her defense, she was also very encouraging to me. Art was one of the few things I could do well, and there were several times when she took my work to exhibits. I went on to use the skills I learned from her when I did art work for the Uptown Theater while working there, and in the art classes I was fortunate to take at WSU. As one of the 'fat kids', I recall many more devastating comments from Mr. Olsen, the PE teacher at Marcus Whitman, as well as from classmates, than I do from Miss Koss. I have never had occasion to use anything I learned from Mr. Olsen. Perhaps we've all become more sensitive to what we do to others over the years. Teachers were of almost a different culture back then. She could have been more sensitive, but she may have done the best she knew how. I do recall she moved to the neighborhood where I grew up several years after I moved to the Jason Lee neighborhood. I rode by her house on a bike with a friend, and I still recall how pleasant Miss Koss was to us and what pleasure she took in our stopping to talk for a few minutes. No one is all bad, and I just wanted to say a few words in her defense. Thanks. -jann warden hughes (69) ******************************************** >>From: Phil Jones (69) To Jack Gardiner (61) Hedges Winery (Tom Hedges, RHS class of 69) has a nice Cab-Merlot. Reasonably priced and very tasty. I also like Columbia Crest. good luck -Phil Jones (69) ******************************************** >>From: Jean Albaugh McKnight (72) I found the final Sandstorm (5/24/72) for the 71/72 school year. Some people may find this interesting. I had forgotten that our Class was tops in almost every sport (not just basketball). Stay tuned for more at a later date, including the "Last Will & Testament of the Senior Class of 1972". (Trust me, some editing will be needed here.) SPORTS PAGE "Bombers Have Successful Year 1971-72" The 1971-72 school year turned out to be an especially successful one for Bomber athletics. In the future, Columbia High students will look back at the past and remember ........ Max Jensen's cross country squad that traveled to Seattle last fall and brought home the State Championship Trophy...... The senior (football) athletes - Jim Kasey, MIke Hultman, Ron Hall, Brian Coyne, Steve Neill, Tony Maki, Mike Welch, Steve Downey, Ric Gregor, Dennis Lindsey, Steve Stein, and All-Conference Quarterback, Dean Thompson - just to name a few, gave their all-out effort on the football field....... J.D. Covington, who in his first year as Varsity Football coach, brought Richland from a dismal 3-6 season in 1970 to a second place finish in the Big-Nine this year........ The BBA, with head bum, Bob Adeline, ripped their foes all season long with such verbals as: "Dicky, Gordy, Noble, Ron. Too bad all those guys are gone. Monson, Monson, where's your star? Too bad Pasco won't go far!".... the successful Big-Nine basketball season for the Bombers, as they finished with a 15-1 record and the league championship. The only loss came at the hands of Pasco....... Teverbaugh's Big 7, Steve Davis, Bryan Coyne, Steve Neill, Dick Cartmell, Dean Thompson, Jim Kasey, and All- State choice Pat Hoke, who worked together to get on top...... The victories over University and fourth ranked Shadle Park that allowed the Bombers to represent Region lV at Seattle......... the long awaited trip to Seattle that had bypassed Richland in '71 ....... Friday night's 65-61 victory over Lincoln which enabled Richland to meet Hazen in the championship bout..... the Bombers defeated Hazen 54-53, bringing home the STATE Basketball Championship Trophy and the glory that went along with it........ Coach Fran Rish's championship baseball team..... pitcher, Earl Prichard, who finished the season with 10 wins and no losses..... Dean Thompson, who led the team in several batting departments and hit close to .500 for most of the season........ Max Jensen's undefeated track squad that finished the Big Nine season with eight wins and is now preparing for this weekend's State Championship ..... The Bomber golf team, coached by Ray Juricich, that went undefeated in league play and finished second in the state finals. -Jean Albaugh McKnight, Class of 1972 ******************************************** >>From: Maggie Gilstrap O'Hara (74) Does anyone remember doing "food groups" in Mrs. ****'s 5th class? To this day when a commercial comes on TV about "food groups" I think of her. Mrs. **** had a shallow box for each group. Daily she would would bring in clipped magazine pictures of food and properly place them in the correct shallow box. Within a week the boxes were a total mess. Almost as if there were only one food group. Yelling as only she could, (my Mom was a very close second) in a tone that could straighten your Toni, she wanted that mess cleaned up. Myself and a couple other students worked away to clean the mess. The next thing I know she was running at us, yelling, and waving her ruler. I was the one she ended up catching. She was like that, calm one minute, riled the next. I told my mom what happened when I came home from school. Mrs. **** when confronted by my Mom said the incident never happened. I remember going to her house years and years later to help her (part of our church group) and waiting for her to apologize to me. Alas that never happened. To Brad Upton (74) I will be in Las Vegas when you are there and will be taking my friends to see you. I have told them how bad you feel that Michael Peterson (77) gets ALL that attention. Have you heard the saying "be careful of what you wish for"? We women are coming from the sticks in Alaska.......... One of us owns a Cat House...... one of us owns a Lodge....... and thank god (for you) one of us is an EMT....... the clock is ticking........ -Margaret Gilstrap O'Hara (74) ******************************************** >>From: Judy Crawford Childs (76) RE: Growing up with teachers I only have one awful memory from an experience with a teacher; it was Mrs. Murphy in Marcus Whitman's first grade. Seems to me she had very sharp fingernails that reached deeply into my scalp and very strong arms (for an elderly woman) to shake children vigorously out in the hall. I went to quite a few schools after that before I returned to Richland to finish at Hanford then Col High. In all those school experiences the only other memories were walking out on a substitute that I had at Hanford and again at Col High (Mr. Allen's class) and wonderful Mr. Labrecque who allowed me (who knows why!) to embroider Mickey Mouse on a shirt while sitting in his class. I remember getting a "C" in the class, but the shirt was pictured in our yearbook. I have home schooled my kids for most of their education. My son finished his high school career in public school and is now over going to CBC. My daughter has come back to home schooling to finish her last two years. I tip my hats to all teachers, kids are clay in your hands. I miss Richland very much (as Sam-Sandy Oberg can attest) and hope to be able to return when my husband retires. Mud is not for me! Take care all and thanks for the memories. -Judy Crawford Childs, class of 76 ******************************************** >>From: Darcy Koontz Smith (83) To Jack Gardiner (61): You asked about Cabernets from the Pacific Northwest... I have 2 suggestions for you: 1) Gordon Bros. has a very nice 1997 (I think) Cabernet. The winery tasting room is located off I-182 between Richland and Pasco (right next to the soccer fields). 2) L'Ecole No. 41 has a 1996 Cabernet that is to "die for" in my opinion. You may be able to find this in a store in the Tri-Cities, but I recommend going to the tasting room near Walla Walla (actually Lowden, WA just west of WW). Both are in the $30 range from what I recall. Enjoy you time in Richland and I hope this info helps! Sincerely, -Darcy Koontz Smith (83) ******************************************** >>From: Shelley Williams Robillard (84) In response to John Gardiner's question about fine wine, there are many excellent wineries in the Tri-Cities area. My father John Williams (Bomber Class of '58, I think, sorry pops) owns Kiona Vineyards. They make a great Cabernet! -Shelley Williams Robillard '84 ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. ******************************************** ******************************************** ****************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 9/11/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 13 Bombers sent stuff in: Jessie Willoughby (60), Irene de la Bretonne (61), Jack Gardiner (61), Gary Behymer (64), Donna Seslar (68), Nola Alderman (69), Vikki Kestell (70), Diane Hartley (72), Mike Davis (74), Matt Crowley (75), Sheryl Romsos (76), Patti Sinclair (77), Peggy Green (77) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jessie Willoughby (60) If anyone would like to express condolences/ memories of my brother Rennie who graduated in 1955 from Columbia High School and passed away August 14, 1999, they are more than welcome to send them to my e-mail address. I would welcome them. Also, if anyone has any pictures of him in grade school, junior high school or high school, I would welcome knowing about them and possibly getting copies of them. Thank you, Jessie Willoughby (60) ******************************************** >>From: Irene de la Bretonne Hays (61) I've been skimming the Online Sandstorm lately from my outpost here in Colorado and have been happy to see many Bombers who were students in the classes I taught at Col Hi from 1974-1980. I have fond memories of so many of you and hope you are all doing well. I think I learned as much from you (or more) as you learned from the coursework. Some of you may be interested to know (because we used to joke about it) that I did go back to school for my doctorate and am now Dr. Hays (but you may call me Irene [laugh]!!) Take care. -Irene de la Bretonne Hays (61) ******************************************** >>From: Jack Gardiner (61) I would like to thank all of you who sent me recommendations about Northwest wines. I received responses from 23 of you out there. The information is greatly appreciated. Maybe someday I return the favor. I should be in the tri-cities on 9-17-99. Dick Twedt: I do remember you coming over to visit my brother Chuck, and smoking cigs. Thanks again.... -Jack Gardiner 61) ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) RE: Bomber Basketball Programs Try the Bomber Mania site (slow to load) for 'links' to a great number of basketball programs + team pictures. Ok... so 'I'm a nut'... but at my age, who really cares (;-) I've got an extra one of these... whatcha got for trade? -Gary Behymer (64) ******************************************** >>From: Donna Seslar White (68) To: Carol Converse Mauer (64) RE: Michael Peterson (77) Michael Peterson was on Gary Chapman's program on TNN. That's probably why you didn't find him on Crook and Chase :-) He sang "It Sure Feels Good". Talked a while with Gary Chapman. He did mention that he just gave a concert in his hometown and how the P.A. system broke down during the first show. Also talked about J.D. Covington, by name. It was pretty cool. -Donna Seslar White (68) ******************************************** >>From: Nola Alderman Lobdell (69) Glad to know I'm not the only one that doesn't have bad memories about Miss Koss. I can remember she wasn't all that pleasant to the popular kids but was always encouraging to me and being the chubby one in the class I found her encouragement nice, unlike some of my experiences in P.E.!!!!!! -Nola Alderman Lobdell (69) ******************************************** >>From: Vikki Kestell (70) RE: Christ the King memories (or How the West Was Nun) I loved hearing other peoples' memories of CtK and the nuns we had as teachers. Yes, I had Sister Peter Andre for music. She was gorgeous - tall, willowy, lovely soprano voice. I believe she was Native American? I remember that she always smelled of Noxema skin cream. Didn't she leave the convent later and get married? Then there was Sister Aurelia Maria . . . I survived seventh grade with her. I remember how she would walk around the playground and ring her large hand bell at any misbehaving student. To Pam Ehinger (67): Don't fret about being picked on by SAM; she was an "Equal Opportunity Picker." The only difference was WHAT you were picked on for! Srs. Rose Christine and Mary Dana (eight grade teachers) were both so great in English (diagram those sentences!) that I feel they both influenced me to go into writing. When I graduated eight grade from CtK, I laid my uniform skirt, blouse, and blazer on the barbecue grill with great ceremony, doused them with lighter fluid, and set them ablaze. It was a purging, cleansing experience. Leaving CtK for Chief Jo was a rough transition. Mrs. Edwards took it upon herself to break all the newbies of hissing "Sister! Sister!" every time we raised our hands in class to answer a question. In all fairness, I also remember my first year at CtK: my third grade class had 56 students, no teacher aides, and one nun, Sister Maria, who had to have already been retirement age. No wonder the ladies were sometimes cranky. If I'd been in the same spot, some kid would have found me in the coatroom huddled against the wall in fetal position with my thumb in my mouth. -Vikki Kestell (70) ******************************************** >>From: Diane Hartley (72) The stories about Miss Koss were sad to me. I have been a teacher for 25 years, and I know there are good and bad teachers out there. I want to thank the person who wrote in the nice thoughts about teachers. I believe that teachers are Born - not Made! If you are a teacher out there, we know you better love the kids, because I know it is not the money. A very rewarding job however. :) -Diane Hartley 72 ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) To: Jack Gardiner (61) and Phil Jones (69) Re: Area Wines The two of you were mentioning the excellent qualities of a few wines. I read your entries with much interest, but did not see mention of the exquisite craftsmanship of the famous MD 20/20, Ripple, T.J.Swann, or the ever-popular Boone's Farm! Many, many people got stupid over that stuff! Especially when Albertson's would sell the stuff 2/$3.00. What a deal!!!! -Mike Davis (74) ******************************************** >>From: Matt Crowley (75) It's been intriguing to read all the recent entries from CKS alumni. I was sorry to see that some of them tended to dwell on the worst teachers and unhappiest memories, but glad to see the change in the past few days. I attended CKS from '63-'71 and loved it. I remember every one of my teachers, the sisters and the "lay" teachers too, and count many of them as among the best I've had. Hey, guys, many of them are still out there. Check the net for Sisters of the Holy Names, Oregon Province and Washington Province. I receive a quarterly newsletter from Marylhurst, SNJM headquarters in Oregon. It's fun to see what's up with the community. I guarantee you there are people out there who still know all the words to the CKS school song, my brother Pete and probably Dennis Haskins among them. CK '59ers (as well as Bombers) rule! -Matt Crowley, '75 ******************************************** >>From: Sheryl Romsos Senyk (76) To Judy Crawford Childs (76): Judy, I seem to recall your face from the Marcus Whitman class picture for Mrs. Murphy's first grade... I believe that we were in class together. In defense of Mrs. Murphy, I would simply call her a teacher of the "old school" principles. My memories of her include her walking up to my desk and changing the position of my paper and pencil, so that I would write the "right" way - I was left handed then and always will be. I was never able to contort my hand to conform in a right handed world. And then there was the day that I proudly drew a picture of a cow and gave it to her for her to keep - something that lots of kids do. She stunned me by saying that I had drawn a picture of HER (needless to say she was NOT happy) and that I would not be able to participate in arts and crafts that day... I remember going home totally crushed that my intentions had been misread! Funny how these little tragedies stick in our minds forever... makes you stop and think just how you should treat the children in your own life... -Sheryl Romsos Senyk (76) ******************************************** >>From: Patty Sinclair Baldwin (76) RE Michael Peterson (77) concert/reunion I just found out about this Daily Sandstorm links page from Dave Flaherty (76) who is in Nashville- lives near Michael Peterson. He said he was reading through it and said; "I was so ticked that I didn't fly out to Richland for Michael's concert and the party. I just spaced! It really sounded like fun. I read all the stuff in the Sandstorm and I really realized the fun and the renewal of friendships that I missed. Well maybe next time!" I, too enjoyed seeing everyone! Thanks to Sean Lewis, my daughter, my brother - Pete and his wife Kelli Mulligan Sinclair (79), Karen and Dan Funk (76) and myself got front row seats in FRONT of the front rows - what a great place to watch the show! Every time Mike leaned down and said something to me, I'd try to grab my camera just as he would cross over to the other side of the stage. SHEESH!! On Monday night after signing autographs in the Seattle area for five hours straight and just catching his plane... yes Sean, he caught it! He called Galen Irby (76), Tami Lyons Ziriens (76) and hubby Simon Zirians, and I - (we had left a message and a number to call) and asked if he could join us. This was around 12:30/12:45. So he came over to Galen's house. We begged him to grab his guitar. He sang some of his yet to be released songs, told funny stories, chatted with us until around 3:00 AM. My 9 year old daughter, Rachel enjoyed sitting at his side so much, she stayed awake the entire time!! Erin Irby scored!! Michael left his guitar pick with his name engraved on it. Galen handed it to her; "Here's a little momento of his visit". Hold onto that, girl!! :o) What was really fun was, on Tuesday night, Galen, Tami, Simon, Michael and I did Karaoke. Mike tucked his hair up into a cap and slipped in incognito. When he got up and sang "When I Fall in Love", the DJ came over to our table with a Karaoke CD and asked if my friend would like to sing #7. Which was "Too Good To Be True" - Michael Peterson. Well, we were laughing and Mike was singing and looking down at us like... "what's going on?" The DJ said he could tell by his voice and the fact that we were calling him "Mike" who he was. At the end of the night, as we were leaving, the guy-Dominic- also a Richland High alumni sang that song (gutsy, Dom!) and Mike was whistling, and clapping for him. Mike and Tami sang "You Don't Bring Me Flowers Anymore" and an old duet of theirs- "Mocking Bird". Tami has still got that voice. Her rendition of "Let's Give Them Something To Talk About" was superb!! Mike and I sang a duet- "Just You and I" What a treat! The last time we sang together was at Bill Peterson's (Michael's brother) and Joyce's wedding. Where, incidentally Dave Flaherty also sang. Remember how great HIS voice is?!! If you listen to Country music, or if you don't... call in and request his songs! Sometimes, the good stuff doesn't get the air play it deserves. Maybe if enough people let them know we like this Singer/Songwriter/Musician, He'll get the chance to be heard by more! I'd love to hear from anybody out there who remembers me... anybody?... :o) If you are ever in Republic Washington on a Sunday, My husband and I pastor a lively church here. Love to have ya! God Bless! -Patti Sinclair Baldwin (77) ******************************************** >>From: Peggy Green Duvall (77) I was wondering if there are any unused (extra) 1977 Year Books laying around. If so I would love to buy one. Please let me know. Thank you -Peggy Green Duvall (77) ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. ******************************************** ******************************************** ****************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 9/12/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers sent stuff in: Marilyn DeVine (52), Darlene Trethewey (56), Tom Matthews (57), Mari "Leona" Eckert (65), Pam Ehinger (67), Brad Wear (71), Peggy Adair (72), Terry Hutson (74), Judy Crawford (76), Tedi Parks (76), Debbie Nelson (77), Mary Foley (77) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Marilyn "Em" DeVine Dow (52) Thanks to Judy Crawford Childs (76) for the reminder that we can use our 'unpleasant teacher' experiences as encouragement to treat kids in our lives, better! We had some dillies, didn't we! All of us. But the lining on the cloud is knowing we have learned from those awful teachers. There were always some good ones to round out our experience. (Thank God!) I'm grateful to the folks who have written to me.... voices from the past are always such fun! And it's great to be reminded of the "good times..." I can't believe I didn't know the Spudnut Shop is still there!! Next time I'm down, you can bet I'll make that stop! I have a new grandson in Richland, so hope to get down again soon. HE was 'supposed' to be a girl, according to the sonogram, so is a wonderful surprise!! (Makes 8 grand daughters and 5 grandsons.) Also have a GREAT grand, for those of you who don't realize the joyful benefits of being an "oldie"! Two of the boys, up here, play football and it's a treat to watch their games even though they don't often win. One boy plays for Carmichael, down there, but I haven't seen one of his games since he was in little league, or whatever it is called in football. Take care, everyone. Regards, -Marilyn "Em" DeVine Dow (52) ******************************************** From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Darlene Trethewey Dunning (56) Date: Sat Sep 11 01:04:23 1999 Richland Bombers, class of 56 I didn't graduate there, but my class would have been 56, I ever so much enjoyed living in Richland, and the Spudnuts I miss so much. Does any one remember me? If so drop me a line!!! Would love to hear from some long lost classmates. -Darlene Trethewey Dunning (56) ******************************************** >>From: Tom Matthews (57) Re: George 'Mike' Michael Mathews Both my brother and I have been contacted by former Richland students looking to communicate with the above Mr. Mathews who taught there, despite the difference in spelling of our last names. I didn't realize that I had known him until I read his obituary. Mike helped several of us grad students in summer school at Central Washington - probably in about 1962 or 63. One of the required classes was Statistics and those of us who were not math majors struggled with the course and greatly appreciated the help of Mike in dorm study sessions. Survival was difficult because the guest instructor must have been trained in teaching methods by the Gestapo. I'll never forget Mike being very angry at the instructor after an important test because he knew we would all miss getting the correct answer. The data required was presented in reverse order. This was done on purpose and only a math major would have noticed the reversal. I'm sure students who had Mike were fortunate and I'm glad I had the privilege of knowing him during that one summer. Re: Miss Koss I'm glad some have pointed out good experiences with Miss Koss. There is no excuse for the way she evidently treated some students, but I'm not surprised that there were positives for some. I suppose that because I had some training in art and enjoyed teaching it in my 4th grade classroom, she may have had a different attitude about my students. I don't remember any problems and students of that age usually let their teacher know what is going on. -Tom Matthews (57) ******************************************** >>From: Mari "Leona" Eckert Leahy (65) Just came home from work at Columbia Point Golf Course (9/11/99) What LOVELY people from the class of '49! Some Bombers from other years, also were gracious enough to drop into the restaurant to say hello to me. Was one of the NICEST days I've had at work to date! RE: CK Memories: The Music teacher we old students (when the school first opened) had was Sr. Ame'tria (spelling is probably wrong). She was a wonderful teacher and did wonders with all of us! She had a sister who was also a nun of the Holy Names and, if I'm not mistaken, her mother also became a nun upon widowhood. As for Sr. Aurelia Maria... I have ALWAYS loved her. My brother and sister aren't of the same feelings, but I found her to be an extremely caring and loving woman (pretty strict and no nonsense though) I believe her biggest fear for us had to do with morality and her fear of us being so close to moving over to public schools. From things I heard later, she was probably right to have been nervous for us! The only lay teacher I had was Miss Begley. Quiet and Sweet. At the end of that school year she joined the Order of Holy Names, if I recall right. I didn't have the pleasure of knowing Agnes Murphy as a teacher, but met her many, many years later. She apparently was a teacher at CK several years after my time. My youngest sister, Jean, had her for a teacher and loved her. I found her to be a wonderful person in later years myself. I have heard that something is being put together concerning CK alums. Anyone know what the scoop is? Would like more info. Look forward to tomorrow's Sandstorm. There are so many wonderful memories I'm waiting to be reminded of....thank you all in advance. -Mari "Leona" Eckert Leahy (65) ******************************************** >>From: Pam Ehinger (67) To Vikki Kestell (70) & Matt Crowely (75) Yes, there were many very GOOD nuns!! Sister Peter was one of them. She used to tell us about her summers, and how she got swimming suit tans!! OBOY! OBOY!! Us girls stood with our mouths hanging to the ground! A NUN WITH A TAN!! NEVER! As far as we knew they slept and bathed in those habits!! Sister Peter used to reach down and grab the back skirt and pull it forward and tuck into her waistband in front and make bloomers and then come play kick ball with us! My favorite nun was Sister Katherine. She taught first grade! She was very sweet and was so good with us first graders. I'm bad with the names but there were several others who were great! Who was the heavy set nun who taught 5th or 6th grade? She was also a good teacher. Does any one remember Mrs. Ballandy? She taught 3rd grade. She was a very nice person and real good with the kids, but she went too easy on us! The next year that class got Sister Superior for a teacher!! O'MY!! Need I say more! I just want to let you know I have good memories of CK and the nuns. Matt, tell your brother, Pete, "Hi" for me and Vikki, tell your brother, Andy, "Hi"! Bombers and CK'ers Rule -Pam Ehinger 67 (A-Hanger) ******************************************** >>From: Brad Wear (71) To Mike Davis 74: Mike, I have an aged bottle of MD 20/20 I have saved since 1983. I'm conducting an experiment to see if it improves with age. I probably could be persuaded to part with it, if after drinking it you actually gave me an unbiased opinion as to body, leggs, and aroma. Now this is strictly a professional testing/evaluation process. In college we tested MD20/20 in my fraternity in the "third deck testing labs", and I view this merely as an extension of those experiments. Let me know if you want to participate, I'll be up in Washington by months end. -Brad Wear 71 ******************************************** From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Peggy Adair (72) Date: Sat Sep 11 13:33:22 1999 This is a great idea! Please add me to your e-mail list. Would like to hear from people out there. -Peggy Adair (72) ******************************************** >>From: Terry Hutson Semmern (74) To Mike Davis (74)..... I'm glad to see you are such a connoisseur of fine wines. I too, remember the marvelous days of "wine and roses" with MD and Strawberry Hill. Or should I say, "wine and rose-bowls". Every time I get a whiff of that stuff, it reminds me why I only tried that stuff once. No wonder I became to appreciate the finer wines in life and even that is few and far in between. -Terry Hutson Semmern (74) ******************************************** >>From: Judy Crawford Childs (76) I would like to apologize if my remarks about teachers were taken as negative. I truly feel being a teacher is one of the hardest jobs there is. I can teach my own children, but I know I could not teach a classroom full of children. Teachers are with us in every phase of our life, inside as well as outside classroom settings. Not everyone can be gifted for every task at hand. Really truly, I tip my hat to teachers! -Judy Crawford Childs (76) ******************************************** >>From: Tedi Parks Teverbaugh (76) TO: Mike Davis, '74 Thank you for the entry regarding the great wines. Forget the cabernets, give me Boone's Farm any day! That was very funny, Michael. TO: Diane Hartley, '72 Regarding great teachers, you're right. There were always more good ones than not so good ones. Mr. Matthews at Chief Jo was one of the best. His heart was in his work and I'll never forget him. And of course, I'll never forget the late, great Bob Barnard at Chief Jo as well. I can still hear that booming voice echoing through the halls. Having his daughter (Carol Barnard, '76) for a friend, I had the privilege of visiting him at his house, chatting while he sat in his chair, and hearing him laugh that great whispered laugh of his. Fishing was his passion and I still have great memories of seeing him in his basement tying flies. He was a special man and I'll never forget him either. It seems like our priorities as a society are pretty askew when we can entrust our most precious possessions (our children) to our teachers and we don't pay them half of what they are worth! I can't believe what they have to put up with in a class room these days. And so, my hat goes off to all you teachers out there. Know that there are some of us who love you and appreciate you! -Tedi Parks Teverbaugh ('76) ******************************************** >>From: Debbie Nelson Burnet (77) Felt I needed to write in defense of Mrs. Clayton, the kindergarten teacher at Sacajawea. I remember her well. Yes, she was old, but she reminded me of the grandma I never had. I don't remember the ruler, but I do remember a few other things. Each of us having a large towel or small blanket to rest on during nap time, and to the person who was the most quiet, it was Mrs. Clayton's rule to let that child be the one to hold the door open for the rest of us as we went home at the end of the day. (For some reason, I never got that honor!) I also remember my Mom coming to class dressed as a Japanese woman in a black wig and a robe with big pocket sleeves, and she had candy to give to all the kids. This was a total surprise to me, and some of the kids in class recognized her before I did!! When you think of all the school memories, it's important to place more emphasis on the good stuff. -Debbie Nelson Burnet (77) ******************************************** >>From: Mary Foley Bazzano (77) To Patti Sinclair Baldwin (77): Of course there are many of us who remember you!! It sounded like you had a great time doing Karoke that night. I got home for the concert too, went to the first one. Thankfully it lasted long enough to hear a fair number of his songs anyway. I still think of "Cloudburst" when I think of Michael singing at RHS. And Dave Flaherty has/had a Great raspy voice as I remember. The doings at the Crier sounded fun too, but my 16 month old needed me at home, or at Grandma's house any way. That sounded like it lasted wayyyyyyy past my bedtime. Glad you're well and enjoying Republic. To Matt Crowley (75): My memories of CK are all good too. We had such a great time, a few of those in my class put together a 22 year class reunion. It was great, and a few of the nuns (Sr. Rita Jean, Sr. Grace, Sr. Amy to name a few, although most of their names are different now) came too. Did you go to Chief Jo for math? That made transitioning to the public school easier, at least for me. I saw that Mr. Mathews recently died. He was a fun teacher, although I remember a group of us used to calculate just how LOW we could do on one of his tests and still maintain our grades. I have my daughter in Catholic school now too, primarily because of how good I think my education was at CK. "CK all the way!!" Bombers Rule!! -Mary Foley Bazzano (77) ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. ******************************************** ******************************************** ****************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 9/13/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers sent stuff in: Ray Gillette (49), Marilyn "Em" DeVine (52), June Smith (63), Brent Van Reenen (67), Patty Eckert (68), Steve Curd (70), Sheila Davis (71), Diane Carpenter (72), Vicki Owens (72), Fred Meeks (73), Mike Davis (74), David Flaherty (76) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ray Gillette (49) To all 49ers who attended the 50 year reunion this last weekend: Before any of the memories start to fade I would like to request that they be sent to the Alumni Sandstorm this next few days so that those of us who were not able to attend can vicariously enjoy some of the happy times and thoughts. I will certainly appreciate it. -Ray Gillette '49 ******************************************** >>From: Marilyn "Em" DeVine Dow (52) Hi, this is "Em" again with a correction! My grandson, Anthony, plays at Chief Jo - not "the other one"! Guess I've been reading too many stories about the Carmichael Hill. Anyway, I wanted to set the record straight. Last Spring, I saw Don Fisher ('50) when our 2 grandsons were playing on the Chief Jo baseball team! All of my Washington grandchildren have gone to school at Jason Lee, where my Mom was a secretary for many years. "Small world" stories abound!! Reminiscing about the "old days" is what has gotten me wanting to move back down there. Not sure how realistic that reasoning is, but I'm sure it plays heavily on the decision. Take care. Regards, -Marilyn "Em" DeVine Dow (52) ******************************************** >>From: June Smith Colletti (63) You know.... some of you are right about "good" teachers now. If any teacher this day and age were to talk to a student the way Miss Koss (or others like her) to a student, they would be fired/sued (and especially this day and age.... could be shot)!!!! -June Smith Colletti (63) ******************************************** From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Brent Van Reenen (67) Date: Sun Sep 12 03:31:55 1999 Anyone heard from or seen Linda Pitney (67)? Have been wondering for years what ever happened to Linda Pitney. She was a most talented singer. Also one of the few girls who treated this nerd well in those days LOL. If anyone knows how to reach her please contact me by email. -Brent Van Reenan (67) ******************************************** >>From: Patty Eckert Weyers (68) RE: CK ALUM'S, Great memories whether they were "very strict" circumstances as in the bobbi pins, nylons and makeup or too high a skirt.... not to worry, Matt Crowley (75), as Pam Ehinger (67) and Mari Eckert (65) and many, many others have written in. We all love our cherished Sisters of the Holy Names and I thank several of you for giving me more information on sites and even a newsletter. Pam, I believe you mentioned my first nun's name in first grade, It was: Sister Margaret Katherine and what a blessing and lovely to be introduced with such a teacher. I was so scared and she became the sweetest of all of them. Mari, I also had Mrs. Agnes Murphy and loved her so much. Also a Mrs. Turner, very nice woman and in sixth grade, the "ENUNCIATION NUN" who was a little older and plumper, what was her name????? Sally, help me out here! She was into speaking clearly and taught me more than any other teacher in speech and in my penmanship. She introduced us to Calligraphy and we actually received the special parchment paper and colored inks and pens to make wonderful project. It bothers me that I have somehow forgotten her name. Clearly our memories mean a great deal to us, as it really set a solid foundation to face the world we live in today and help pass on religion and the gifts we received by..... Yes.... strict - sometimes nasty -teachers whether nuns or lay teachers. They all are remembered for very important reasons. If the worst thing we can recall of those days in that special school are what we have written, I dare say we haven't slandered the good name of Christ the King or altered anyone's belief in it. Thanks for all the memories. Love to hear more - good and bad. They all relate to us in one form or another. Might as well just say it like it is and be honest. Bombers Rule and CK'ers Rule (especially back then!!!) But Bombers who were a CK'ers!! Now those BOMBERS RULE FOREVER!! (WE LEARNED FROM BEING RULED!) grin :) -Patty Eckert Weyers (68) ******************************************** From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Steve Curd (70) Date: Sun Sep 12 04:08:11 1999 Just found this site and wanted to add my name to list and say hi and is there a reunion in the works? -Steve Curd (70) ******************************************** >>From: Sheila Davis Galloway (71) To Brad Wear (71) Brad you mentioned that Miss Dewer (SP), teacher at Jason Lee was one of your favorites. Mine too. Were you part of the group that she took to the Desert Inn for hot fudge sundaes, because we had filled out the huge reading circle for the year? -Sheila Davis Galloway (71) ******************************************** >>From: Diane Carpenter Kipp (72) I had math from Mr. Mathews at Chief Jo in 8th grade, and it was (very literally) the ONLY year I ever understood math during all of junior high and high school. He was unbelievably patient, didn't stop till we understood the concept, gave whatever amount of help was needed, and most importantly, we all knew he was willing to do that. There was never any reason to feel stupid when asking him a question. I had other good math teachers, including Mr. Covington and an older woman whose name I forget (both at Col High) but there was something extra great about Mr. Mathews and I have thought of him and been grateful to him often over the years. I agree with Tedi Teverbaugh - teachers are underpaid, though they perform one of society's most important functions. -Diane Carpenter Kipp, '72 ******************************************** >>From: Vicki Owens (72) To: Jean Albaugh McKnight (72) It was fun to read some Sandstorm '72. You piqued my memory of the BB State Championship that year. I don't remember the "real" name of the Hazen team. We all called them the Hazen Raisins. But that was some game. By half-time, we were down. Way down. Was it between 10 and 20 points? I remember lots of the spectators leaving then. It did look pretty dismal, but I remember thinking that I wasn't going to run off and leave OUR TEAM, even if we did lose. Maybe that's the difference between spectators and fans? Anyway, I decided that I was a Bomber even if we lost, and stayed through to the end. Wise decision! After half-time, the Bombers came out and showed their stuff. Steve Neill, in his new battle glasses, was pumping them in from outside. (Even though they were still worth only two points back in those days.) It took much of the second half, but we managed to pull ahead and win by one. You can imagine the Richland fans nearly took the roof off! I've wondered many times what was said in that locker room during that half-time. Mike Davis, were you in that locker room? Steve Neill, do you care to shed any light? Was anyone else out there in that locker room? It must have been one inspirational speech to pull off that second half performance! Thanks, Jean. I'm looking forward to more... To: Pam Ehinger (67), Vikki Kestell (70), Matt Crowley (75), Louise Moyers (65), et al.: Speaking of CK, I have a bushel full of memories from my eight years there. Sr. Rose Christine (later Sr. Junette Morgan) was my 8th grade teacher (1967-68) and spent most of the year on crutches, after having a knee cap removed. I remember her beaning Kim Steichen with a crutch up on the bleachers one day. Poor guy. I must admit that the rest of us did behave better for the rest of that day. Or at least we misbehaved out of crutch's reach. It's nice to hear that others have fond memories of her. Since I had her during that one year that she was mostly in pain, I probably never saw the "real her". My favorite was Sr. Cletus Mary (later Sr. Ellen Ward), who I had in second grade (1961-62). I adored her. I still do. She has grown to heroic proportions in my memory. She had a way of making each of us feel special and motivated to learn. She realized I loved books, and I became class librarian. Considering those large classes (never less than 50, as I recall), those sisters were truly a hard-working and dedicated bunch of ladies! I remember wondering whether they had legs under those long black, wool habits. I also remember much later, perhaps in 8th grade, when I realized they were out in the hot Richland sun supervising recess in long black, wool habits. Yikes! But they never complained, and genuinely seemed to enjoy what they were doing. I'm not a nun, but I am a teacher, and believe I had some excellent role models all along the way -- CK, Carmichael and RHS. We did have it good! TO Joretta "Sue" Garrison Pritchett (58) I just received an early birthday package from my Mom in the mail, complete with a miniature Ranch House (where I grew up, 1957-72). There was also a note that the H House is on back order (place of birth through 1957). I had been wondering how I could get my hands on those from so far away, and am thrilled that Mom read my mind and figured out a way. Aren't moms great! Thanks for the work to make them available. -Vicki Owens (72) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Vicki, "H" house ornaments are NOT on back order... They've never been ordered. The "A" house ornaments WERE on 'back order' at one time, though. -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Fred Meeks (73) To Mike Davis (74): I'm sure glad I stayed home and studied and did not drink any of that 20/20 wine you talk about (HaHa). -Fred Meeks (73) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) My two bits about Mike Mathews: I had Mr. Mathews for 8th grade math at Chief Jo. Remember the old two room white building that sat where the tennis courts are now located? Mr. Mathews was a teacher who went the extra mile. So many of the teachers would give you an assignment then politely want you to work quietly and "stay out of their face". With Mr. Mathews, it was the student first. If you didn't understand a particular problem he would go over it with you. If it took the whole period for you to understand it then so be it. He took the time for his students. I remember one time he caught me with a dirty book in class and sent me to the principal's office. I remember the worst thing about that episode was not being sent to the principal's office, but the fact that I had disappointed Mr. Mathews. A great teacher and even a better man. Thank you, Mr. Mathews. -Mike Davis (74) ******************************************** >>From: David Flaherty (76) TO Mary Foley Bazzano (77): Thank you for the nice comment, the check's in the mail! -David Flaherty (76) ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. ******************************************** ******************************************** ****************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 9/14/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 17 Bombers sent stuff in: Anna May Wann (49), Ralph Myrick (51), Dorothy Stamper (54), Vera Smith (58), Mary Collins (63), Anita Kolb (64), Gary Behymer (64), Ron Sledge (65), Mina Jo Gerry (68), Daniel Laybourn (70), Steve Piippo (70), Vikki Kestell (70), Stu Osborn (71), Peg Adair (72), Willard Ule (73), Mike Davis (74), Miriam Lewis (76) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Anna May Wann Thompson (49) To Ray Gillette (49): We missed you at the reunion - and what fun we had. Saw so many people that we hadn't seen in 50 years. Jerry Blaney and his lovely wife Lita, Jerry Jernigan and his wife Rose, Thoris Osterman, Jo Cawdrey, Sandra Atwater, Julie Giles, Mel Stratton, Bob Fitzpatrick, Jean Williamson, Bev Keller, Fran Lennebacker, Mary Ann Nelligan, Lu Blakeney, Wally Caldwell, Dick Robert, Dick Harris, Eva Clark, Bonese Collins, Glenn Turner, Norma Culverhouse, Jim Dunn, Vern Lawson, Rex Davis, Jim Doyle, Ken Ely, Janis Ervin, Marian Fultz, Jim Glenn, Roberta Hill, Betty Hiser, Keith Holman, Howard Walker, Joan Husted, Gary Nield, I think Marjorie Hoschouer was there but if so I didn't get a chance to visit with her, Ralph Glenn Johnston, Clifford Judd, Evelyn Kingsley, John Lockwood, Pat Loftus, Walt Menefee, Bill McQueen, Bob Lyall, Bev McCleary, Jim McMillan, Jeanette Miller, Grace Sledge, Virginia Miller, Fred Ouren, Eleanor Robison, Shirley Russell, Rem Ryals, Joe Ryden, Master of Ceremony - Phil Raekes, Delores Raffety, Bill Tyner, Rose Weaver, Shirley Watts, Royal West, Joe Wilson, me - I know I must have missed someone here, but we did have a good turn out - Richland won the football game 13-3 (Beat Pasco), Sock hop went over very well, with hamburgers, french fries, etc. Golf on Saturday had a turnout of over 60 - Very well done by Jerry Dunn and committee. Everyone raved about the tours that they went on, "Tour of High School" - "Boat Cruise Down (or Up - Don't know which way they went)" Fun for all of those that hadn't been back in 50 years to tour the city and find their old homestead and also see how the high school has grown over the years. - We had a banner hanging over the doorway honoring our class, - Dick Harris and his wife Bonnie made our centerpieces which were replicas of all of our old Richland houses - prefabs, h, f, etc. houses and the Turners and Roberts saw that green and gold balloons were floating all over the room - Keith Holman had our class photo made into place mats for dinner. It was a sight to behold. Lots of old "war" stories were exchanged - embarrassing moments relived - Ted Rowden recalling leg wrestling with Bev McCleary at my house (I didn't remember that) Bev McCleary remembering what a good kisser Bob Sandusky was (I didn't know that). For those who found errors in the "Memory Book" I decided after I got home that I put them in there on purpose just to check if you were reading it or not. Sounds good doesn't it? Thanks to Bev Keller, Keith Holman, Howard Walker, Rose Weaver, Fran Lennebacker, Dick Harris - and all of those wonderful Richland people and their mates who worked on this reunion. All comments were positive - It was the best reunion yet - To quote Jerry Jernigan, "See you at the 75th" - Ray it will be interesting on seeing the other comments coming through. - To others out there I still have a few of the memory books left. If you want one let me know and for a small fee of $7.00 made out to me I will send you one. Also to the reunion committee - Thanks for the wonderful weather. I'm back in Redmond and freezing to death. -Anna May Wann Thompson (49) ******************************************** >>From: Ralph Myrick (51) Does anyone remember Miss Brown? I believe she taught music. Boy, was she a looker, a "10" for sure. How about Miss Carmichael, the girls P.E. teacher. There is another looker and I guess a pretty good teacher. Gifford Jones, chemistry, and Walt LePage, physics, weren't lookers but good teachers. Actually, I think we had a pretty good bunch of teachers at Col-Hi. I wondered what they would all think about teaching today? -Ralph Myrick (51) ******************************************** >>From: Dorothy Stamper McGhan (54) My daughter would agree with all the good things said about Mr. Mathews. He was her 8th grade teacher at Chief Jo. She has taught elementary through middle school for the past twenty years and one of her favorite subjects is math. By the way, for those of you who were at Col Hi from the 40s thru the 60's, did you know Mr. Mathews was the son-in-law of our own Mr. Haag (vice principal when I was there)? [married Helen Haag-'56]. He was a great guy, too. Their whole family was special to us. -Dorothy Stamper McGhan (54) ******************************************** >>From: Vera Smith Robbins (58) Just wanted to comment on the Club 40 reunion. This was my first reunion with the Club 40. I did not realize just how much work so few put into this reunion. I did help one day with the picture boards, but that was nothing compared to the work that went into this project. I had a wonderful time, especially on Friday night. A few of us "young ones" (class of '58 and some in '56 and '54) got with the program and dressed like we did in the 50's. At my age I put on stretchy capri pants, a shirttail blouse with the COLLAR TURNED UP, a waist length white blonde ponytail!, white bobby socks and black loafers! I had not jitterbugged since 1958 and didn't even know if I remembered how. BUT, when asked I got up and cut quite a rug. It's like riding a bike I guess; YOU NEVER FORGET! I sure found out that I was a bit out of shape. I was huffing and puffing even before the dance was over. After that I got a girlfriend to cut in to finish the dance! lol It was worth it tho. The dinner/dance on Saturday was great too. We had a wonderful "big band" group. They were great. A GREAT BIG THANKS to all those that organized this great event. I highly recommend all of you who have had your 40th class reunion to be sure to attend the Club 40 reunion next year. You won't be sorry. -Vera Smith Robbins (58) ******************************************** >>From: Mary Collins Burbage (63) I was in Richland last week on business. I was with a co-worker from Seattle. I took her for a walking tour of the south end. She was got very confused when I tried to explain how all the houses were identified by letters. We stayed at the Hanford House and took several long walks along the river. The walkway is such a nice addition to the town. We tried to go the whole distance but didn't make it. I, of course, had to take her to the Spudnut Shop and she agreed they were the best doughnuts ever! I brought some home to my husband but I must say they do not travel well. Eating them fresh at the Spudnut Shop is definitely the only way to enjoy them. It seems like the only time I get back to Richland is on business. I always come back to Olympia feeling a little homesick. I have decided that no matter where I live, Richland will always be home. -Mary Collins Burbage (63) ******************************************** >>From: Anita Kolb Alflen (64) Back in the 60's the tri-cities had five outdoor drive in theaters.... There was one in North Richland called the Skyline, one in Kennewick called the Highland drive in... What were the names of the drive ins in the Richland "Y", West Richland, and Pasco? Does anyone remember? Thank you in advance for your help.. -Anita Kolb Alflen (64) ******************************************** >>From Gary Behymer (64) Anyone from the Class of 1958 not have a Columbian from that year? Yep... 'ol Gary has an extra copy in the cedar chest waiting to be mailed. You need it? I got it (;-) Well, so much for the 'hype'.... if you never purchased a 1958 Col-Hi annual and or have lost yours, please let me know. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ A special thanks to all of you who so generously donated $ to the Alumni Sandstorm to defer the costs of the 'list-bot' and all of the time that Maren has so freely given over the past 2 1/2 years. Thanks a bunch Maren (;-) There were 133 contributors. It's 'all orchids' to The Spudnut Shop for their generosity. Next time you visit them, tell them 'Hi from the Alumni Sandstorm!' -Gary Behymer (64) ******************************************** >>From: Ron Sledge (65) Re: Christ the King Memories I only went to CtK for 2nd and 3rd grade but I remember most fondly my favorite teacher there being Mrs. Duncan (Denny's mom). She gave me a lot of hell but always for good reason. There was one nun who stands out in my thoughts but I cannot remember her name. She was in charge of our PE class and was trying to teach us to shoot jump shots on the basketball court. Looked pretty funny shooting jump shots is full habit. Most of us couldn't even get the ball up to the rim at that age. I recall her saying if you want to make the ball swish through the hoop you have to aim at the little spiral holding the net just at the back of the rim. (How did she know that?) Just about to finish my tour in Holland. Only 16 and a wakeup left. It has been a long twenty months but I've made some good friends here. It's been a lot easier having the Sandstorm to read every day. Regards. -Ron Sledge (65) ******************************************** >>From: Mina Jo Gerry Payson (68) I have been reading memories of teachers and rulers across the knuckle, etc. Mrs. Sagasuer (sp), fifth grade at Marcus Whitman, was famous for hitting students with a rolled up magazine out in the hallway. It made a terrible whacking sound. I didn't have her, but brother, Bill (71), did. Maybe that is his problem. LOL The worst part was that my Mom said any discipline we got at school would be twice as bad when we got home. We sure have changed our thinking in child rearing, too, thank heaven! Miss Koss was a real piece of work. She had me scared but never disciplined me. I think because she knew my grandfather was a respected watercolorist in the Puget Sound area. Maybe she was hoping I had inherited his talent. When I met her again as an adult, she shared the story of her childhood with me. He mother died when she was quite young and her father dumped her on an old maid aunt to raise. She only saw him one time after that as I recall, when he came to the train station in her town to get her. She ran behind a tree and hid, I think she said, so she wouldn't have to go with that stranger. What a sad story. She did mellow in her later years. I wonder if she became a teacher because it was the only acceptable way a single woman could support herself in those years. She probably would have been happier doing something else altogether. -Mina Jo Gerry Payson (68) ******************************************** >>From: Daniel Laybourn (70) Just thot I'd let everyone from the class of 70 know about a (minor) change in plans. The 70 Reunion Committee will be meeting Tuesday, Sept. 14th at RHS in Jim Qualheim's (70) office, at 7 pm. He is the activities director at RHS for those who didn't know. If there is anybody out there that would like to help, please feel welcome to just show up. The tentative dates for the reunion are July 21, 22, 23, 2000 at the Shilo Inn. -Daniel Laybourn (70) ******************************************** >>From: Steve Piippo (70) Mike Mathews taught me 8th grade math at Chief Jo which was no small task because I was/am lousy at math. Mike also did the score book with Mr. Barnard for every Chief Jo home basketball game. Mike did a lot to help Chief Jo basketball. I later had the honor to teach with Mike at Chief Jo and RHS. Mike was the consummate dedicated educator! He set a standard for us younger teachers! I remember countless hours at the xerox machine with Mike talking about the finer points of public education. Teachers like Mathews, Barnard, Schleer, Harbour, Fankhauser, Rish, Blankenship and more... inspired us as students in the classroom and later as teachers in the classroom. -Steve Piippo (70) ******************************************** >>From: Vikki Kestell (70) TO: Pam Ehinger 67 (A-Hanger) Hi Pam: Sorry - never had a brother named Andy; I'm pretty sure you're thinking of the Kafensis Kids (I'm mutilating the spelling here). Ah well, Kestell is sorta close to Kafensis. My sister, Peg, was in your class, though. She called me this morning to ask if I'd heard from Andy lately! *Chuckle* -Vikki Kestell (70) ******************************************** >>From: Stu Osborn (71) Oh my God, it's Brad Wear (71) talking about MD 20/20!!! That jogged a memory or two and prompted a post. I've been watching your comments in this forum Brad, and if you remember, our memories would've been pretty much the same. All from the time we both grew up together playing at the playground on the corner of Stevens and Van Giesen across from the CUP church all the way to the bouts with "Mad-Dog" in high school, that most versatile of elixirs. It mixed real well with 7-up (if I remember) but, hey I wouldn't touch that dusty bottle you have if I were you. It's probably fermented into 200-proof by now. Hey Brad, teaching in Texas: Your mom sure gave me the opportunity to assemble your compact stereos, TV's and everything else for your family back then if I remember right. Got me on the road to tinkering with computers, thanks. Also, somewhere in the cobwebs of my mind here is also the lesson we both learned about "kyping" stuff at Malley's. Old man Malley knew about kids and released us to our parents, remember? To this day, I haven't given doing that another thought. Lesson well learned. Sheila Davis (71) mentioned Mrs. Dewar, 3rd grade teacher at Jason Lee. The time frame must've been around 1962 when, "America's Space Age World's Fair" was going on in Seattle. Sheila and I were in the same class with Mrs. Dewar that year but I didn't remember you in there with us, Brad. So I pulled the school pictures out of moth-balls again and confirmed your picture was missing. It wasn't until 4th grade that you, Sheila and I had the same teacher, Mrs. Kibbey. I could be wrong, maybe you missed picture day or something. Please jog my memory with an accounting of a 3rd grade experience in Mrs. Dewar's class with Sheila, would you? Maren has been patient with all the personal notes here so I'll reward her with an attachment of that 4th grade picture scanned into a .jpg with as many names that I can remember. I'm sure she'll have it on the RHS website soon so maybe some of you can help me with the ? names. Click on [1971] and then look for the grade school pictures. I have more of these .jpgs from (1st-5th grade, anyway) and I'll be sending them along this month. Good to hear from the '71ers out there and I hope you don't cringe too much at the pics. -Stu Osborn (71) ******************************************** >>From: Peggy Adair (72) This has been great with the Sandstorm. I have already hooked up with three of my classmates in two days. For those of us that went to Chief Joe, I am sure there are a lot of folks who share the sentiments of Tedi Parks (72) who had Mr. Bob Barnard for math. I even got to work the school store as an 8th grader, which was not common, because he usually hired 9th graders. Later, I became best friends with his daughter, Susan, and I got to know Bob on a personal basis. I, too, got to play pool in their basement (never was any good), but got to explore Bob's fly tying gallery. He was a perfectionist. Remember the coke bottle glass lenses that he wore? Well, as I get older, I have had to succumb to the fact that I am ordering bi-focals. What's up with that, guys? Ditto Tedi's message, Mr. Barnard was a great influence to many. Good job on the Sandstorm, wish I would have known sooner. -Peggy Adair (72) ******************************************** >>From: Willard Ule (73) Diane Carpenter Kipp (72): I believe the teacher's name you're seeking is Helen Skogan. A great person besides being a good teacher. A couple other great teachers: Miss Hankowitz (English) and Ray Beason (Current Affairs). I, too, often question how we can pay people to find out the reason someone dies at or about $200,000.00 a year but we pay the person who teaches our children $40,000. What justice! ha ha ha. Willard Ule (73) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) To: Butch Meeks (73) You studying instead of the evils of MD 20/20? As I recall you thought it was the nectar of the Gods! -Mike Davis (74) ******************************************** >>From: Miriam Lewis (76) I feel lucky to have had many good teachers during my school years in Richland. Among them Mr. Mathews stands out for his sense of humor and appreciation of his students as individuals. He was also very tolerant. I used to come into his class early, right after lunch, and draw things on the overhead projector so that when he turned it on, my drawing would be projected up there on the screen. He was amused rather than annoyed. I also used to make feather earrings in his classroom (of course I did my math homework in art class); he called me "Featherbender" as a result. I can still hear his voice saying "Well hello, Featherbender." I am very sorry to hear of his passing on. -Miriam Lewis (76) ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. ******************************************** ******************************************** ****************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 9/15/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 14 Bombers and one obit: Lu Blakeney (49), Ray Gillette (49), Jo Cawdrey (49/50), Vera Smith (58) Larry Mattingly (60), Jay Siegel (61), Carol Converse (64), Jean Armstrong (64), Louise Moyers (65), Sharon Keigher (65), Mark DeVoss (67), Brad Wear (71), Willard Ule (73), Linda King (79) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Lu Blakeney Humphrey (49) To Ray Gillette (49): Anna May's letter pretty well told the story of the reunion. She was correct. It was the best one yet, mostly due to all the hard work done by those she mentioned. Her memory book is terrific == be sure you send for one -- you will really enjoy it. The food was good, decorations great, tours were very nice. We took the boat tour. It left the marina at the Richland "Y" and we went up river for 40 miles to White Bluffs. It was pretty cold that morning to be out on the water in a jet boat, but it was worth it. Our class was represented on the trip by Richard Boyd, Marian Fultz, Betty Lou Hiser, Shirley Watts and myself. As part of the decorations, they had a stand representing By's Burger and Mr. Meyers, the owner was also there. I had the pleasure of visiting with him, and found out he graduated from Wapato High and grew up in this area where I now live (Toppenish). In going over the list Anna May sent, I got to see about 75% of those who attended from our class and sorry I missed the rest, but maybe next year or at least at our 60th. Sorry you weren't able to attend this year, but I enjoyed reading about you in the memory book. Thanks to all of those who did all the work. We also ended up with a really nice class photo that we were able to pick up on Saturday. That was really fast service. To Ralph Myrick (51): Mr. LePage attended our 50th class reunion this last week-end. He still looks terrific. Also at the reunion was Mr. Juricich and another teacher. (I didn't hear his name when it was announced and didn't recognize him). I did have Mr. Juricich and really liked him. I didn't have Mr. LePage, but remember he was very well liked by everyone. I also remember, he got married while we were in school, and his wife attended the dinner with him. -Lu Blakeney Humphrey, Class of 1949 ******************************************** >>From: Ray Gillette (49) To Ann (Anna May Wann) Thompson (49) I can verify the memory of Ted Rowden (Haven't seen him for many years) concerning leg- wrestling. Didn't remember that it was your house but the parties I do remember well. Of course, it is going on about 53 years since then. Some of those who attended were Julia Giles, Charlene Quigley, Pat Rutt, Fran Lennebacker, Barbara Jonson, you and Bev, Ted Rowden, Bob FitzPatrick and probably some others whose names escape me for the moment. I do appreciate the reunion recap and will be expecting others this week. I also remember that when a leg wrestle took place between one of us boys and the lovely Beverly McCleary it was nearly always she who came out the winner. Regards, -Ray Gillette (49) ******************************************** >>From: JoAnn Cawdrey Leveque (49/50) To Ray Gillette (49): I'll share a few of my happy times and thoughts from the reunion. I only attended on Friday night because I needed to spend time with my little sister - but Friday night was the night they took the class picture!!!! So we all tottered down the steps to the lower bank in front of the Rivershore - or whatever the name is now - and posed!! Now, we are supposed to send in some money for a pic - can someone let Ray and I know how much and to who? Then we can both order one! The first people I saw when I got there were Anna May Wann, Norma Culverhouse, and Jerry Dunn at the table passing out badges (and T times). Then Fred Ouren and Dick and Carol Roberts came in and we were told to go outside to meet with our class. Shortly after that, I ran into a table of folks - one gal was waving (turned out to be Mary Raekes) so I visited with her and Phil. They have a daughter who is now practicing medicine in the Tri-Cities!!!! Board certified in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics - how about those proud parents! I then talked to Patti Ryals who was sitting at the same table and she mentioned that Rem was sitting next to her - he turned around and said "Hi, good to see you again" - smiles and smiles. Ten minutes later Patti said something that made Rem realize who I was and he got the most puzzled look on his face - "JO CAWDREY!!!!, I didn't recognize you!!" I said it was because I was leaning over and my face was falling forward (that darn loose skin). Anyway, it was really lots of fun and I so enjoyed seeing everyone. Gary Nield, I think, wins the prize for being the youngest looking guy - Bev McCleary still wins for the gals. Fred Ouren still looks pretty good - and laughs EXACTLY the same way thank goodness!!! All in all, Ray, it was GREAT and the workers and organizers deserve a huge round of applause. Plan on going next time - I know I am. -Jo Cawdrey (49 and 50) ******************************************** >>From: Vera Smith Robbins (58) All Sandstorm Alumni: Please pray for those in the path of Hurricane Floyd. I have many friends including my sister down there near Jacksonville, Florida and all of them are preparing for the worst. EVERYONE at the beaches has been evacuated. Those in and near Jacksonville are going to try and stay put and weather the storm. Thanks, -Vera (Smith) Robbins 1958 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Add my youngest sister to that list of Jacksonville residents who has evacuated. -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Larry Mattingly (60) To: Anita Kolb Alflen (64) I don't remember the name of the theatre in West Richland, but I did fireworks at all the others at one time or another. The one in Pasco was the Rivervue Drive In and the one at the "Y" was the Park Y Drive In. Wasn't there also a drive-in that tried for a year or two out on what used to be what? Highway 12? Anyway, it ran from the "Y" to Benton City. If memory serves me this drive in was out on the East side of the highway by Tri City Raceways. I didn't know about it until I saw all the posts sticking up in the sage years afterward. Also, if I may ask here, Does anyone know who is in charge of the 40 reunion of (60) next year, or what the proposed dates are? -Larry Mattingly (60) ******************************************** >>From: Jay Siegel (61) The revised class of 1961 website is up. Stop in and visit. You can find it at Click [1961] If you're from the class of '61 and haven't done so, update the information for everyone. The next major revision should have the address book entries in it. Look at the photos and let me know if you know the people. Above all, enjoy! -Jay Siegel (61) ******************************************** >>From: Carol Converse Maurer (64) TO: Anita Kolb Alflen (64) Have been trying to think of the other names of the drive-in theaters. Wasn't the one down in the "Y" called the "Island" or something like that? -Carol Converse Maurer (64) ******************************************** >>From: Jean Armstrong Reynolds (64) To: Anita Kolb Alflen (64): In response to the Drive In Theaters... Try these: Skyline (North Richland) Rivervue (Pasco) Island View (Richland Y) Highland (Angus Village) Can't recall the one in West... Also, with all the mention of the "finer" wines, such as Mad Dog and Boones Berry Farm, my favorites were Bali Hi and Mogan David Concord Grape... -Jean Armstrong Reynolds (64) ******************************************** >>From: Louise Moyers (65) TO: Patty Eckert, Vicki Owens, and other CKS'ers This is great to hear about so many memories from CKS days. The three teachers who had the most influence in my life were, as previously stated, Sr. Peter Andre; then Sr. Martin Mary (8th grade) and Mrs. Wiley Duncan (3rd grade). Sr. Martin Mary was evidently well traveled, and well educated. She could tell stories for hours, if you were lucky enough to get her started. And who woulda thought that we would be lucky to have Denny Duncan's mother for a teacher? Of course, Denny's popularity came into full height after she finished teaching at CKS. I also remember in 5th grade Sr. Michael Shawn, with whom the sun rose and set. At least I thought so. I was her class pet which really made it great that year. Does anybody remember the true artist, Sr. Joanne. Think she taught 6th grade, and tried very hard to correct my "left handedness". She did many of the drawings for programs, school projects, etc. Sr. Margaret Catherine, 1st grade, was also an artist. Last week I did confirm that she wrote the words for the school song. Somewhere along the way, I had Miss Gail Milholland for a teacher (early 5th grade I think). She was a postulant when she first arrived, and the following year, she came back as Miss Milholland and minus a veil. All of us knew she had left the convent, but never uttered a word about it. Does anybody remember these teachers: Sr. Vincent Mary Sr. Ramona Sr. Shiela Louise (killed in a car accident near Yakima) Sr. Mary Ann McGee Sr. Mary Ann Farley Sr. Joan (?) principal Last I heard a couple of years ago, Sr. Margaret Jane (1st principal) is retired somewhere up the Yakima Valley and works in some of the food banks there. I just loved my years at CKS, and I would do it again. -Louise Moyers (65) ******************************************** >>From: Sharon Keigher (65) Hey, Ronny Sledge (65), Was that possibly Sister Michael Sean who you remember shooting baskets? That cannot have been in the 3rd grade. You must have played basketball in a CYO league later on, eh?? Well, when did we have Sr. Michael Sean, anyway?? 5th grade? I recall learning softball and . . . what was that awful game where you threw a big inflated rubber ball so hard you got welts? Hit ball!? Ahh, those wonderful feminist nuns. Sr. Michael Sean would hike up her habit and throw herself into those games, which was dangerous since those nuns wore those awful white gauzy horse blinders on their heads. They were an inspiration for girls basketball too, I have to tell you. Women who seemed able to overcome anything! Hey, I love this. -Sharon Keigher (65) ******************************************** >>From: Mark DeVoss (67) I, too, have fond memories of Mr. Mathews. I had him for 9th grade algebra at Chief Jo in '63-'64. I believe this was his first year of teaching at CJ. His classes were held in the huts beyond the gym. One mannerism I remember well: Mr. Mathews would always tip the class to a pending test or quiz on that particular day. If he was wearing a fluorescent lime green tie it "preannounced" a test and if it was a fluorescent pink tie it "preannounced" a pop quiz. It could have been the other way around, my memory may be confused but I'm still not color blind. He was a very good teacher. -Mark DeVoss, RHS '67 ******************************************** >>From: Brad Wear (71) To Stu Osborn (71): I did have Miss Dewer in 3rd grade and Kibbey in 4th, so that is probably why I'm not in the pic. What I remember most about Jo Anne Dewer was she could whistle like a meadow lark and have them calling back and forth, pretty amazing. I'm not a teacher, I'm a VP for Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) $ 1.8B outsourcing firm. I coach high school hockey is the confusion. ( 24 varsity teams, 18 jv teams in our league) We're not UIL sanctioned yet so we do not have to be teachers. I work with the school administrative staff and the teaching staff in that role so I'm very familiar with what they are going through both financially and managerially. We follow the "No pass, No play" rule with the players so I'm at various schools throughout the season to make sure we're in compliance. -Brad Wear (71) ******************************************** >>From: Willard Ule (73) TO Anita Kolb Alflen (64) The Richland Y was called Star Lite. The one in Pasco was the Twight Light. No idea of the Tumble Weed Plaza in West Richland. Hope this Helps. -Willard Ule (73) ******************************************** >>From: Linda King Goetz (79) To: Irene de la Bretonne Hays (61) I had you for a couple classes but the one that stands out the most was a class taken my junior year called "Free to be me" (I think). You probably don't remember me, I wasn't exactly a student who stood out! Anyway, as I recall, I took it thinking it would be an easy and fun class. Well, it was fun but not so easy. You took the subject matter very seriously. What I remember the most is learning about stereotypes and how we needed to learn to judge people and things on an individual basis, not on gender, race or religion. One of our assignments was to rewrite popular fairy tales to make them, I guess, politically correct (not a term used at the time!) The group I was assigned to rewrote "Snowhite" and titled it "Coalblack". I learned a lot from that class. I remember learning later that you had quit teaching and thought what a shame the profession had lost a good one! I graduated with your son, Mike. He was a great guy and a talented musician, too. I'll never forget our senior assembly when he performed "Revolution". It was lots of fun!! Thanks to all of you teachers out there! I am now married to one and can appreciate the dedication, time and energy that is put into the profession. -Linda King Goetz (79) ******************************************** ******************************************** Funeral notice scanned from TCHerald by Shirley Collings Haskins (66) Mrs. Margaret Bjorklund, Carmichael Jr. High School Teacher ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. ******************************************** ****************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 9/16/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 15 Bombers sent stuff in: Ralph Myrick (51), Sharon Panther (57), Byron Kolts (57) and Judie Worcester (59), Linda Houck (61), June Smith (63), Kathy Hoff (64), Leona Eckert (65), Billy Didway (66), Mike Sheeran (66), Pam Ehinger (67), Lee bush (68), Phil Jones (69), Val Ghirardo (72), Jim Rice (75) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ralph Myrick (51) To Lu Blakeney (49): LePage was really a good teacher. We all had a lot of fun with him. He went from teaching to potato farming because he couldn't make a living teaching. And he was very successful at it. I saw him last year at Evergreen Tire in Pasco. I wasn't sure it was him until he said something; then I knew. He then looked the same and had that same small voice. He is now in seeds. That guy never quits. I made an error in that I said that Miss Brown was in music. She was and English teacher. Do any of the old timers remember her? -Ralph Myrick (51) ******************************************** >>From: Sharon Panther Taff (57) RE: SPUDNUT WANNABE recipe I just came across a very old recipe for Spudnuts from a 1971 Benton County Rural Electric Association monthly magazine. I know they aren't the same as the real ones, but aren't too bad for those of you too far away. SPUDNUT WANNABEES - Makes 80-100 2 pks. yeast 1 C lukewarm water 3 C oleo (margarine for you younger people) 1 C sugar 2 C mashed potatoes (I've used instant on occasion) 2 C lukewarm milk (I've used instant also) 4 eggs 10-12 C flour 1 tsp salt Mix dry ingredients and 10 C of the flour together. Dissolve yeast in 1 C lukewarm water (adding 1 Tbs of the 1 C sugar speeds action) add with remaining ingredients. Continue to add the remaining flour up to the 12 cups total. Mix dough, sticky as possible - this is when your Bosch or Kitchen Aid mixer comes in handy. Grease large bowl, put in dough, cover, and let rise until double in bulk. Roll out on lightly floured board, cut with donut cutter dipped in flour, let cut donuts rise again on the board, and fry in deep fat that is really boiling. GLAZE: 1 box powdered sugar, milk as needed, 1 tsp. vanilla. Mix runny. Dip donuts, let drip on wooden spoon handle in bowl. Yummy. I used this recipe when I cooked for church camp high schoolers - the kids loved it because a lot of them didn't know "you could make donuts". They thought they all came from a shop or store in a box. I have cut the recipe in half, except for the yeast, and it works well. -Sharon Panther Taff (57) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Sent a note to Val Ghirardo Driver (72) about this Spudnut Wannabe recipe. See Val's response later in this Alumni Sandstorm. -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Byron Kolts (57) & Judie Worcester Kolts (59) To: Vera Smith Robbins (58) Thanks for your prayers. They must have worked since Floyd stayed 100 miles off the coast. Living 10 miles from the ocean, we had wind gusts up to 45 miles per hour. We stayed home and had no damage other than minor broken tree limbs. Judie remarked that it probably ranks with Mount St. Helen's as a scare. -Byron Kolts (57) & Judie Worcester Kolts (59) ******************************************** >>From: Linda Houck See (61) Yes Maren, I did locate the John Ball school and thank you for the TCH article, etc. Thank you. The first annual "Bomber Booster" BBQ was great! Well attended -- look for it next year a day or two before the first home football game. We did beat Pasco quite handily and are ready to take on Kamiakin this Friday at their Lampson Field. It should be a good game. Richland has some "weight" this year. South Ridge got their first win last weekend against Kennewick. I am really glad the win was not against Richland! As I am typing our own Tri-Cities Pro Baseball team, the Posse, are playing for the championship. They are in the 9th inning and ahead 10-3 against the Chico Heat team of Calif. Way to go Possee!!!! Thanks for all you do. -Linda Houck See (61) ******************************************** >>From: June Smith Colletti (63) For those who have said prayers for Florida (they were answered). There was a lot evacuation along the beaches. Several people around me (we are about 40 minutes from the beach) evacuated also. But, as always, prayers were answered. Some had water damage and without electricity. But, thank God the devastation wasn't even near what they first thought. Wind and rain damage we can live with. I saw on TV where the beautiful walk way dock in Daytona Beach collapsed there in front of my eyes, just as the Jacksonville Beach pier did. But, that too can be rebuilt (lives can't). I say thank you and also ask you to pray for the Carolinas and Georgia. People..... prayers do get answered! Forgive with a mind of over half a century old (boy, doesn't that make some of us really feel old)..... Mr. Juricich. Wasn't he the one that taught Washington Government (and Safe Driving)? Or am I headed for Alzheimer's? Speaking of which....... I'm ready for the big "A".... with all the great memories of Richland, I will have a life-time of reliving a fun life!!!!! Of course, there is that small percent that will trigger "bad" events...if that be the case, I'll tell Miss Koss "hi" for you all!!!!! Subject of outdoor theater. Which one had the swing sets and merry-go-round at the base of the screen? I got my foot caught under the merry-go- round and passed out. I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to eat the popped corn (from home along with the green kool-aid) and see the movie. Whew! I was fine. Never did the merry-go- round after that!!!!! Why chance the popcorn and green kool-aid!!!! -June Smith Colletti (63) ******************************************** >>From: Kathy Hoff Conrad (64) Our 35th class reunion was great! We had about 10 classmates come to a reunion for the first time. It was wonderful to see them. Milly Peredo came all the way from Bolivia - of course, she won the prize for who came the farthest. And to think, we have about 100 classmates living right here in the Tri-Cities who didn't come. What's the deal!?! Where's that BOMBER SPIRIT!?! A highlight of the reunion was having Gary Behymer and Maren Smyth meet. These two "really neat" people spend sooooooooo much time working on this Sandstorm for us. (and Richard Anderson '60) Thank you again, Gary, Maren and Richard. There are expenses for the Sandstorm, so let's all help. The check's in the mail, Maren, really it is! I would like to thank all of the classmates who helped put this reunion together. Great Job!! And I would like to thank all of you who attended. And thank you to all of the local businesses that helped us make this such a special event: Arlene's Flowers (Paula Beardsley Glenn '62), Eagle Printing (Mary Lou DeMeyer Gnoza '59), Fabric Mosiacs (Leslie Jacobson Beck '64), The Shilo Inn, Columbia River Journeys, The Spudnut Shop (Val Ghirardo Driver '72), RHS (Vicki Steichen Buck '67), McDonalds, Abby's Pizza, Blackberrys, Emerald of Siam, Godfathers Pizza, Lee's Tahitian, Dairy Queen, Casa Chapala, Baron Beef-N-Brew, Hanford House, Horn Rapids Golf, Columbia Point Golf, and the Tri-Cities Visitor Center. -Kathy Hoff Conrad (64) ******************************************** >>From: Mari "Leona" Eckert Leahy (65) The drive in between the Y and Benton City... The Circle Drive-in. It was triple X and each car had it's own screen. Not that I ever went there or anything. ha ha -Mari "Leona" Eckert Leahy (65) ******************************************** >>From: Billy Didway (66) To play basketball on the junior high or high school teams was limited to a very select few. Richland had one of the best church basketball leagues ever. If you joined a team, you played. The Catholic church must have had five teams and the LDS church had as many. At any one time, and I am just guessing, there must have been 20-30 teams involved. Nearly all churches had one or two teams. One for junior high ages and one for high school ages. All the people involved volunteered their time. The games were held all over town in various schools. Near the end of each season there was a double elimination round robin championship. Some of the teams that played were good enough they could have been a school team for smaller school district. The churches paid all costs and supplied uniforms for each team. All the parents and volunteers that made this league work made Richland a special town. -Bill Didway (66) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Sheeran (66) To Louise Moyers (65) The words to Christ the King song are: We'll march along together With our banners held on high The regiments of Christ the King True loyalty our cry. From truth we'll never waiver As a long life's path we trod, In honor to our own dear school Our country and our God. Christ the King Our voices ringing Pledging loyalty anew Happy hearts will ever praise Thee... And our colors gold and blue -Mike Sheeran ('66) ******************************************** >>From: Pam Ehinger (67) TO Sharon Keigher (65): That "Awful ball game" was called war ball. We had red rubber balls that weren't quite filled with air so you could grab them and throw them OOOOOOH so VERY Hard! Yes they would leave big red welts if you got hit on bare skin! Maybe this was a way to take out our frustrations?? At any rate I don't think they play that game any more! It's..... shall we say NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT!! LOL But what fun we did have at CK. Although I must admit that it was hard to tell NON-CK'er about Recess. How many public kids had recess in the 7th and 8th grade? We did, but I must admit it was nice to get some fresh air, even if it wasn't cool! Bombers and CKers Rule -Pam Ehinger 67 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Pam - It was called "Prison Dodge Ball" when I was in 8th grade at CK. I still have a scar on the finger that BROKE trying to catch a ball thrown by Kerry Kelly (64). See, if you could CATCH one, you could get one of your teammates out of 'prison'. I shoulda known better than to try and catch one thrown by Kerry!! -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Lee Bush (68) To: Anita Kolb Alflen (64) I concur with Jean Armstrong Reynolds (64), the outdoor theaters were: Rivervue (Pasco) Island View (Richland Y) Highland (located on land bordered on south by W. Kennewick Ave., north by W. Clearwater Ave., east by Hwy. 395 & west by N. Huntington St.) Skyline (North Richland) and Mountain View (West Richland - below Flattop). To: Larry Mattingly (60) From my days working at Richland Police Department and patrolling the area in question, I believe the drive-in you are referring to between the Richland Y and Benton City off Hwy. 12 was nicknamed the "Circle Jerk" theater (Sorry, I don't remember its legitimate business name). It was an adult, outdoor theater with small screens located in a circle around the projection camera. Each car had its own screen and you would dial in the sound on your car radio. We had complaints from people driving by the theater and picking up the movie sound transmission on their car radio. The old location is approximately where the ARCO Am/PM at Queensgate & Kennedy is built (roughly), which is across the street from the new City of Richland Shops. That's All! -Lee bush (68) ******************************************** >>From: Phil Jones (69) To Anita Kolb Alflen (64): I'm sure many will respond to your inquiry about the names of the Drive-in theaters in the Tri- Cities, but I'll put my 2 cents worth in anyway. You had the Skyline in N. Richland (interestingly we thought that was WAY north of town. It was actually on the corner where the 7-11 is now, SOUTH of Hanford High) and the Highland Drive-In in Kenn. The one across the road to Bateman Island, at the Richland Y, was the Island View. I recall them showing some nude scenes or some such offensive (to some folks) material that could be seen from the freeway. Their free speech case went all the way to the Supreme Court, I recall. The one in Pasco off the freeway at Sylvester, I recall, was the Riverview Drive-In. The one close to Flattop, in West Richland, was the Skyview. I couldn't remember that one so I called Bill Dunwoody, the long time Richland teacher, who managed the Skyview in his younger days. He came up with the name for me. The real porn drive-in theater was a little later up around Bombing Range Road somewhere, called the Tri-Circle Theater. As you can tell. I must have enjoyed Drive-ins in my youth. -Phil Jones (69) ******************************************** >>From: Val Ghirardo Driver (72) RE: Spudnut Wannabe Recipe To: Maren Smyth (64), Sharon Panther Taff (57) and anyone else: That Spudnut recipe looks good to me, but no spices are mentioned. I don't know what the real Spudnut Company uses for spices, but that's what makes them special. I get the mix and just add yeast and water. If yours tastes good, I don't think there are any copyright laws prohibiting publishing it. Also, for those who care, by the end of the month I will have purchased the business from my Mom along with the building, so don't believe anything (crazy) Rich Crigler (70) tells you. This guy has no credibility. I think he still has some little insurance shop somewhere in town; I'm not sure how he's doing with it and no one ever sees him there, but I heard he has been buying a lot of snowmobiles or jet skis or something so he must be O.K. It's sure nice reading about your Spudnut Shop memories on the Alumni Sandstorm. My Dad would have been very pleased to know that the little business he started back in 1948 has played such a memorable part of so many lives. -Val Ghirardo Driver (72) ******************************************** >>From: Jim Rice (75) To: Vicki Owens (72): You wrote: "I don't remember the "real" name of the Hazen team." They were the Hazen Highlanders. And that WAS a great game. All the Lincoln fans (and the Lincoln team, who had won the first game) left by half time, and they couldn't believe we came back and won. That game was one of my favorite high school memories (although AFTER the game was fun too. Hi Marilyn.) -Jim Rice (75) ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. ******************************************** ******************************************** ****************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 9/17/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 13 Bombers sent stuff in: Mary Triem (47), Norma Culverhouse (49), Ann Pearson (50), Carol Haynes (51), Dottie Sargent (51), Tom Hughes (56), Cyndy Brooks (68), Lee Bush (68), Steve Piippo (70), Vikki Kestell (70), Jean Eckert (72), Matt Crowley (75), Carianne Siemens (94) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mary Triem Mowery (47) Club 40 had its most successful attendance this year since its beginning in 1987! A huge THANKYOUVERYMUCH to all the hard workers for planning, performing and working on this year's celebration. As the years roll by and other classes become "eligible" to join us, we look forward to even larger attendance. This year we welcomed the class of '58 and even a few from '59. We had so many folks that tables were set up on the patio at the Shilo. What a great thing we have going here. Hope to see more folks next year, and those of you who live here should contact the "locals" who don't attend to pump some enthusiasm into them. We have a great heritage from being Bombers and Tri-Citians and enjoy renewing old friendships and remembering them as well as those who have departed. See you in 2000! -Mary Triem Mowery - 1947 ******************************************** >>From: Norma Culverhouse King (49) Ray Gillette (49): I have a class picture for you and will send it soon. Richard Roberts told me he got all the free stuff for you. You were right I should have put the memories in right away cause I am sure I forgot a lot of them. My brother Fred Culverhouse was here (class of 54) so I was busy entertaining him till Wednesday (as if he needs to be entertained). It was an outstanding reunion. My only regret is I didn't get to talk to everyone. You know how it goes at these reunions. You start talking to one person and never finish a conversation because all of a sudden you see someone else you are excited to see and start another conversation you never get to finish. It was so great to see everyone. So many that haven't been here for a while from the greatest class (49) to graduate from Columbia High. Great turn out. Thanks to the committee that put so much time and effort. The only problem was the PA system. Nobody's fault. Sorry to our MC Phil Raekes who is so witty. A shame everyone couldn't hear him. Anna May (sorry can't help calling you by that name) thank you for the work you put in to the memory book - its great. Thanks to your son for the mugs. I didn't get home with mine unfortunately. And thanks to Jim Doyle who helped you on the art work. Thanks to Barbara and Jim Doyle for the great performance from their granddaughter Arin's group. I won't take the space to mention everyone's name that helped but thanks to all of you. It was a group effort with the leadership of Bev Marcum. If anyone from the band "Swing Unlimited" is on the Sandstorm (some did graduate from Richland High) you were great as you could tell as the dance floor was always full. Thanks to Club 40 for their support. A memorable occasion that I will never forget. Proud to be a 1949 graduate. -Norma Culverhouse King ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Norma--You are not the first to mention the PA system at the Shilo. Class of '64 had the same problem with the PA system and we were at the Shilo, too! NOBODY in the back could hear. BUMMER. Class of '70 is planning their reunion at the Shilo next summer. Maybe they will suggest to the Shilo that they improve their PA system!!! -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Ann Pearson Burrows (50) To: Ralph Myrick (51) Of course we all remember Mr. LePage - I remember well making a display about clouds, weather etc. Miss Brown was also my English teacher - must have done some good, cuz I didn't have to take bonehead at WSU!! To: the Class of '49: Glad to hear you had such a good reunion - the names mentioned were all people I remember well. You know who I haven't heard mentioned is Dick Quiqley - what class was he? Didn't he lead cheers with you Dick R.? I left out about 7 pictures of some 49ers that I sent up with my sister. Anyone (Dick R, Rex, RJ, etc.) want them. Let me know. -Ann Pearson Burrows (50) ******************************************** >>From: Carol Haynes Finch (51) It was really great to read the comments from those lucky enough to attend the Club 40/'49 Reunion. I wonder if those of us to follow can do as well? A real challenge from the sound of things. Does anyone remember roller skating on the tennis court next to the old cemetery on Williams, just below Sacajawea? Nancy Griffin Cutshall '51, and some others, maybe Kay Mitchell Coates '52, and several other girls who lived nearby but moved before High School, joined us. I still have those skates and a rusty old skate key. I understand they are collector's items now. I will never forget the lovely sound of the meadow larks in that field across the street. Don't think I've ever heard them since. Kay and I used to ride our bikes out toward Benton City with a lunch, hike up those big old hills as far as our strength would take us. Also we would go horseback riding on those plodders who walked as slow as possible away from the stables, then nearly ran back to their home, probably for food. And in the deep winters we would gather a group to go ice skating on some ponds out in the country. Never the best skating, but we never grow up to be Sonja Heine either! All this talk about teachers made me pull out my Columbian and make sure I had names correct. Remember Joe Barker, sometimes a controversial figure on the School Board? Mr. MacIntosh and Mr. Chisholm, the Principal and Vice Principal? Mary Lou Hill and Don Landers the Counselors? Some of my favorite teachers were Helen Skogan and Naomi Buescher, both math teachers; W. B. Wheeler, English; Edgar Haag, Social Studies; and Vanetta Johnson, Home Ec. Yes, Betsy Carlile was a 'looker' as was Harley Stell (music) and Francis Rish (PE and Coach). Anyone remember that George Richardson '51 was the only male on the student office staff? Whatever happened to Robley Johnson, our class photographer? He never did come up with (as far as I know) the composite photo of the individual Seniors. Those in our age group should also remember when the US Army came in to N. Richland and brought all those young 18-19 year olds to compete for the high school girls. A lot of intense dislike there, but we defied our boyfriends and went to the softball games between town teams and the Army teams and flirted for all we were worth. Remember when Eddie Feignor (sp?), the King of the fast pitch, would bring his small group in to compete with the Legion team. What a sight to see! We also enjoyed the church league games. Well, enough for now; keep those memories coming, they help all of us to look back with fondness. -Carol Haynes Finch, '51 ******************************************** >>From: Dorothy "Dottie" Sargent Rath (51) To Ralph Myrick (51) Well, I most definitely remember Miss Nadine Brown, English teacher extraordinaire. She was a little fireplug who wielded a big stick. One thing for sure, she could really teach English. She was a "no-nonsense" teacher. Our era really had some great teachers. Another lady by the name of Brown was our typing teacher. I thought she was the "witch" of all time. I'll never forget her tirades against some of the football players in class. I guess they were all thumbs. She showed no mercy. I'd also like to say "Hi" to another classmate who wrote in the other day - Carol Haynes. It was nice to hear from you and what you've been up to all these years. Hope to see you at the next reunion. -Dorothy "Dottie" Sargent Rath (51) ******************************************** >>From: Art "Tom" Hughes (56) The Highland drive in had the little train, a merry- go-round and swing sets below the movie screen. Several of us, I can only remember Doyle Hankins name, and a friend of Rex Davis' (49) gave a trampoline exhibition down in front of the screen at one of the annual openings. Rex's friend was the clown of the group, with baggy pants and make up. He ran over and jumped on the back of the little train, fell off and broke a rib. He finished the show, including flying off the end of the trampoline to be caught by Doyle and myself, without telling us he was hurt. He walked back stage and fainted before we knew anything was wrong. Maybe Rex can remember his name. He owned the trampoline we used and drove a Triumph TR-3 sports car. -Tom Hughes, Class of 56 ******************************************** >>From: Lee Bush (68) Re: Island View Drive-in To: Phil Jones (69) The "nude" movie you mentioned being shown at the Island View and being challenged all the way to the Supreme Court was "Rosemary's Baby", if I'm not mistaken. I believe one of the nearby residents complained because you could see the screen from his place (note: name me one place in the Richland Y east of the Drive that you couldn't see the screen [Duh, the forest is on fire, Bambi!]). Wonder why this person didn't complain about all the other free movies his family and friends got to see? Also, all this drive-in movie talk, reminds me of the time Doug Allred (68), Doug Carlisle (69), Cliff Holden (68) and I went to the Highlands Drive-In on the night of Cliff Holden's birthday. We told him to hop in the trunk of Allred's GTO and we'd sneak him in for free. So, just off Kennewick Ave., Holden gets out of the car and into the trunk, trying to hold the trunk lid down without locking it. Right after he gets in and pulls the trunk lid down, a Kennewick cop pulls in right behind us and follows us to the ticket booth. Thinking the cop saw the whole thing and that we were busted, we told the ticket seller that we had four in the car. Of course she could only see three. We told her is was a birthday prank on Holden and she bought the story. Nothing happened to us, but we waited until about half an hour into the movie to tell Holden it was okay to come out! He wasn't any the wiser -- to this day, he probably still thinks he got in free! Those were good and fun days, -Lee Bush (68) ******************************************** >>From: Steve Piippo (70) To: Bill Didway (66): are exactly right about the church league basketball teams! Also, there were quite a few Bomber basketball managers over the years who could really play and could have probably played on other high school teams. 'War Ball' - I still have roundish red marks on my face and back from seniors, Scott Woodward and Mark Painter. Rish yelled "Baseline to baseline." and this lowly sophomore experienced rubber at high velocity. Thanks 'Woody' who teaches now, directly above me. -Steve Piippo (70) ******************************************** >>From: Vikki Kestell (70) RE: "War Ball" or "Prison Dodge Ball" at Christ the King We played that game (I remember using both names) all through CK, although we often just used slightly deflated basketballs. Ouch. Many, many jammed fingers and bruises. Mary (Lofty) Loftus was one of the best players in our grade. Pam Ehinger (67) is correct in writing that the game is probably no longer "PC", but most of what we grew up with (including faith in God, fidelity, morals, etc.) is no longer PC either. Guess I'm just "doomed" to be eternally politically incorrect - and proud to be so. CK never had any built in playground equipment so CK kids grew up being more sports minded and, I believe, more creative in our recreation. I also remember that in seventh and eighth grades we took our recesses on the unpaved, dirt playing fields. When those famous Richland wind storms came up, our bare legs would get peppered with grit and stickers, so we'd hunker down with our skirts tucked around our legs to protect them. Anyone remember "cheese sticks" from the CK cafeteria? The sea gulls ALWAYS knew which days we had cheese sticks, and they'd be waiting around outside like vultures for us to surreptitiously drop the cheese from our pockets, sleeves, or other creative hiding places. (Sr. Aurelia Maria would ring her bell at you if she saw you dropping cheese.) Sometimes the gulls got a bit over zealous and, if they thought you had cheese, would just about attack when you walked out the door. -Vikki Kestell (70) ******************************************** >>From: Jean Eckert Imholte (72) I am truly amazed that Mike Sheeran (66) knew all the words to that old CK song. Where do you file such incredible trivia in the old gray matter, Mike!? I had long forgotten that song even existed, let alone the words. But there is a certain little wave of warm fuzzy feeling that creeps in when I read these recollections of Christ the King days. Am I weird? Any other CK "kids' get that? Thanks to Sharon Panther Taff (57) for the Spudnut Wannabee recipe. I'll try that next time I have to come up with a massive dessert for my kids' activities. In our fat free culture, kids are growing up with no idea what they missed. It is incredible to scan my class of '72 (usually all I have time for) comments and hear from Africa to Alaska - thanks for this fun link. For the record, when you all read entries from my brothers and sisters, remember there were 10 of us and we are a very "diverse" group - not all of us even knew about the XXX drive in!! -Jean Eckert Imholte (72) ******************************************** >>From: Matt Crowley (75) To Ralph Myrick (51): You're right, Ralph, Miss Nadine Brown taught English... and one doesn't have to be an old-timer (relatively speaking, I guess) to remember her. She was my English teacher for one semester of my junior year, and that was '73- '74. That was her last year of teaching, as I remember. What a character! And a great teacher, too. If others are having trouble remembering her, let me jog your memory: she was about 4'10" short, quite heavy, and always seemed to have applied her make up with a trowel. She had a truly fine sense of humor about herself and about life in general, and she was as smart as a whip - I believe she had a master's degree from Whitman College. One of my brothers who had her as a teacher in the '60s remembers that she pronounced "Beowulf" as "Beowoof"! She may have been in her late sixties by the time I had her, but her rapport with teenagers was genuine. I'm not likely ever to forget her. -Matt Crowley, '75 ******************************************** >>From: Carianne Siemens Shuster (94) I remember playing warball at Marcus Whitman. Mr. Ken Olsen was our PE teacher. I thought he was a great guy. I remember hoping that you were on the team with the ones who would throw the hardest. I seemed to have been one who could throw fairly hard - which helped out. I, too, remember all the welts. -Carianne Siemens Shuster 1994 ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. ******************************************** ******************************************** ****************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 9/18/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers sent stuff in: Bev Keller (49), Ralph Myrick (51), Ken Heminger (56), Paula Beardsley (62), Leona Eckert (65), Phil Jones (69), Diane Hartley (72), Mike Davis (74), Jennifer Tomaszewski (94), Trinity L. Webb (95) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bev Keller Marcum-McMullen (49) Dear Maren, Would you add my name to the Sandstorm Web Site? Beverly Keller Marcum-McMullen, Class of 1949. We have just finished a 50th Class Reunion this past week end. It was delightful. I would like to pass along to anyone of our class that there are 6 extra class pictures at $10.50 each if anyone wants one. Also, I'm sure Anna May "Ann" Wann Thompson (49) has extra copies of our Memory Book if someone wants one. There are extra copies of the place mats which were made from our class picture, but reduced to place mat size and if anyone wants a place mat we have extra copies of these. Please let us know by E-Mail or call if anyone wants any of the above. Also, we would need to collect $1.00 -- I suppose for postage. Thanks, -Bev Keller Marcum-McMullen (49) ******************************************** >>From: Ralph Myrick (51) To the ones that answered my question about who is Miss Brown. It wasn't Nadine Brown. I certainly remember her because she told me that I would never make it though college because I did so poorly in her class. When I went to WSC in l951, I had to take bonehead English. I did have trouble with English all the way through college. However, when I student taught 6th grade in Portales, NM, English finally made since. I still am not an expert at it but that student teaching stint help me pass the English comprehension test that everyone had to take before graduating. I taught for three years in Aztec, NM and then went back to Easter New Mexico U. to get my masters. I am sure glad that I never listened to her. The one I was referring to was a cute one. Her name could have been Smith, I don't know. Maybe I should ask, was there a cute English teacher, then? Probably in my dreams. Thanks for responding. -Ralph Myrick (51) ******************************************* >>From: Ken Heminger (56) I've been waiting for someone to identify the old Drive-in located in West Richland. It was the StarVue drive in. I was fortunate enough to be one of the original employees. I remember that we (about three of us) went to the North Star theater in North Richland to apply for jobs never thinking we would get one. I'll never forget opening night we were out in the field directing traffic into the stalls when a Road Runner cartoon started. It was the first time any of us had seen one and we were all laughing so hard we had real difficulty directing traffic. Cars coming into the theater were all rubber necking trying to see the screen and were laughing also. We did manage to get everyone in without an accident. It was quite a time for us keeping all the local kids out who would try to sneak in. One of the favorite tricks was to sneak into back gate or climb the fence and turn up the last row of speakers, then they would sit outside the fence up on the side of Flat Top and watch the movie. That is until we came back there and turned the speakers back down. But then as we all knew each other (and to remain friends) there were times we just couldn't find time to turn them down. I have many fond memories of the StarVue drive-in. BTW, when it was built there wasn't a West Richland. It was built close to the irrigation ditch which was considered the border between then Heminger City and Enterprise. The drive-in itself was on the Heminger City side of the ditch. -Ken Heminger (56) ******************************************** >>From: Paula Beardsley Glenn (62) Thought I'd throw my two cents worth on the drive-in names. My hubby worked for SRO for a number of years and he says the names are: Pasco - Riverview North Richland - Skyline -(I remembered that one) Richland Y - Originally the Park-In-Y then the Island View (which he disassembled) Kennewick - Highland Drive-In West Richland - Starview closed in the mid 60's Re: The Spudnut recipe - Thanks anyway - I think I'll stick to the real thing and I'm glad Val is planning to be around for awhile to keep frying em up! That's the big advantage of living in Richland- FRESH SPUDNUTS!!! Re: Reunions - I spent time at the '64 and the Club 40 with my Dad who was selling his book. They were both great and wonderfully organized. Congrats to both committees for doing such a great job to make everyone feel welcome. Didn't know as many at the Club 40 but had a great time visiting at Janice's reunion. Was nice to see all the "kids" we grew up with. We're off shortly to the Sausage Fest at Christ the King. What a great celebration of community that has grown to be. You see so many people and the food ain't bad either. I'll sip a cold one for you that can't make it but I refuse to do the Chicken Dance. -Paula Beardsley Glenn (62) ******************************************** >>From: Mari "Leona" Eckert Leahy (65) RE: Jeanne Marie Eckert Imholte (72): Girl, you are SO FUNNY!!! Your mention of there being ten of us Eckert kids and the diversity of our group! Have to admit I chuckled pretty good on that remark. Did you happen to notice that I had the name of the drive-in not quite right? I forgot the "Tri". Sorry if I embarrassed you, sis. -Mari "Leona" Eckert Leahy (65) ******************************************** >>From: Phil Jones (69) To Lee Bush (68): Thanks for the information on the movie that caused the problems at the Island View Drive-In being Rosemary's Baby. I would have figured it was "I Am Curious Yellow" or some such semi-porn type flick. Also great story of sneaking into the drive-in in the trunk. We always considered sneaking someone in the trunk at the Skyline Drive-In where it cost 2 dollars a carload. -Phil Jones (69) ******************************************** >>From: Diane Hartley (72) To Matt Crowley (75) Matt, Your brother, Pete, would be so happy to hear what you had to say about Nadine Brown. Some of the kids made fun of her because she was short and very heavy and, as you said, the make-up, but I agree with you: she was so good. Anyone who had her was lucky. Thanks for not bashing her. I told you that I teach with Pete, and I also knew Tim. Have a good weekend. -Diane Hartley 72 ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) I see some of the War Ball stories are returning! I still say Ron Hall (72) would have to qualify as the War Ball God of the Millennium. I can't tell you how many times we poor defenseless Sophomores left that gym with "Voit" tattooed across our face from receiving one of Ron's missile shots. Many societies have their different rituals and ceremonies to honor the passage of youth into adulthood and we, as Bombers, are no different. Our ritual just happens to be getting pulverized by a rubber war ball and having no feeling in your face for a couple hours!!! Oh the joy!!! -Mike Davis (74) ******************************************** >>From: Jennifer Tomaszewski Seidl (94) This is from Jennifer Tomaszewski Seidl, class of 94. I don't know if you want birth announcements, but I will submit it anyway. Ryan and Jennifer Tomaszewski Seidl (Ryan is also class of 94) would like to announce the birth of their second daughter, Lauren Marie, born on 9/9/99 at 10:55 pm in Richland, WA. She is warmly welcomed by Mom, Dad, and big sister Abigail Elizabeth, who will be 3 on October 11. Hello out there to all the Bombers and especially the class of 94. Thanks for the great way to keep in touch! Jenn ~~~~~~~~~ [Hey, Jenn! Sounds like FUTURE Bombers there! Big Bomber WELCOME to Lauren Marie and Bomber HELLO to Abigail. -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Trinity L. Webb (95) Re: WARBall I, too, remember the days of RHS P.E. I think every guy lived for WARBall. It was a good way to take out aggression on people, and have fun hurting someone w/out getting in trouble for it. I remember taking a shot to the face. Although red for awhile, I don't remember the stinging as much as the older T.A. gunning for me because they knew me. I do recall those infinite words of wisdom, which Mr. Phil Neil spoke so eloquently. "Head shots and Jock shots: Extra credit!" I don't have to tell you where 99% of the balls thrown were headed for!! But if someone happened to tag someone in the face, it was still quite funny!! I will never forget the look on a poor kid's face when they called "Wall to Wall" and there were one or two guys left on a team, and 10 guys where running full speed, arms cocked all they way back, ready to let those little red bullets (I call them bullets, cause some could throw them as fast it seemed) fly and to be on the receiving end was not fun!! I was disappointed to hear that the next year they had done away with this long lived tradition because one of the boys got hurt and told his parents and they complained. Now whether that story is entirely true, I don't know. Thanks, -Trinity Webb (95) ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. ******************************************** ******************************************** ****************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 9/19/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11 Bombers sent stuff in: Lu Blakeney (49), Rex Davis (49), Jo Cawdrey ( 49& 50), Tom Matthews (57), Kathy LeCount (62), Jim Hamilton (63), Donna Seslar (68), Brad Wear (71), Kathy Wheat (79), Dave Burks (80), Mark Paris (80) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Lu Blakeney Humphrey (49) To Carol Haynes (51): Eddie Feigner was just here in Yakima playing an exhibition game. He said this is his farewell tour. He is now 74 and still pitching softball with his 4 man team. He only pitches a couple innings a game, but still has the touch. He has had a heart attach and hear surgery, I believe. We were sure dazzled by him back in the 40's when he was first starting out. To Dottie Sargent (51): I really remember Mrs. Brown the typing teacher. She used to whack our knuckles with a ruler when we didn't keep our wrists up. I still have sluggish wrists. -Lu Blakeney Humphrey '49 ******************************************** >>From: Rex Davis (49) RE: Trampoline at the Highland Drive In To Art "Tom" Hughes (56) I had to think a bit about the man who got hurt at the demonstration you recall taking place so long ago. It must have been Dick Peekama who worked out in the area and had been a Gymnast at the University of California at Berkeley. He and I and Doyle Hankins gave several demo's during the time he lived in Richland. While I'm on line I must say what a great time we all had at the Club 40 reunion. It was our 50th and it was amazing how many people were back from our class. The site of our picture had the Columbia River in the background which seemed appropriate because when we attended high school it was called Columbia High School. Many many thanks to all those who did all the work. We all will be ever grateful to Ann "Anna May" Wann Thompson, Bev Keller Marcum-McMullen, all those who worked the registration desk, Dale Gier, Norma Culverhouse King, Phil Raekes, Jerry Dunn, and others I may have missed. Most of the guys I ran around with in high school were there and it was great seeing them. Last but not least to Lola Yale, my sister in law who did most if not all of the pictures and other visual memories a GREAT BIG THANKS. -Rex Davis (49) ******************************************** >>From: JoAnn Cawdrey Leveque (49 and 50) TO Bev Keller ('49) Thank, Bev, for info re '49 Class Pic. I'll send you the $ if you'll save one for me - just need an address!! Also want to comment on the drive-in movie case that went to the United States Supreme Court - am I wrong, or didn't our Rem Ryals (49) argue that case in Wn DC??? -Jo Cawdrey ('49 & '50) ******************************************** >>From: Tom Matthews (57) Re: Miss Nadine Brown As a Senior I took an English class from her which was evidently designed for those not going on to college. I remember her making it clear that she would teach the class as if we were planning to go to college and she assumed we all were capable of making it. In my case she was a positive influence and was one of my favorite teachers at Col-Hi. -Tom Matthews (57) ******************************************** >>From: Kathy LeCount Sciamanda (62) to: Gary Behymer (64) Hey, Gary, saw were you somehow came up with an old year book. I graduated in '62, and lost my annual to a house fire back in 83. Now that I've found the Bomber page I am really missing it. How did you go about getting hold of an old annual? I probably should just see if somebody would photo copy our class mug shots so I could put names that ring a bell with faces. I was only at Col Hi for a year and a half but was also in Richland for three grade school years (John Ball - 3rd; Jason Lee - 4th; and Lewis and Clark - 5th) so I get a great kick out of all the recollections. How lucky we all were to grow up so safe. Let me know if you have some magic over old annuals. Thanks, -Kathy LeCount Sciamanda. '62 ******************************************** >>From: Jim Hamilton (63) Feel like I've been stuck somewhere betwixt Oprah and Jerry Springer reading about "Mean and insensitive teachers". Where was I, when all of this was going on? Guess I missed it AND the sexual revolution. After much soul searching, I guess I misunderstood my grade school teachers, I didn't realize they were mean, I thought they liked me. That tends to happen when you try to assign the fifties paradigms to the 90's. I had my share of lumps from teachers, one of whom left a ringing in my right ear, that sad to say, wasn't quite enough to keep me out of uniform in the 60's, damn it. I was fortunate to have great teachers at Lewis and Clark. Collectively Mrs. Lamb, Mrs. Brinkman and Mrs. Lester were all icons in their own unique way. Caring individuals and in no way willing to compromise themselves for another 11 year old friend. There was real continuity, and they were an extension of your family. In their own way, they were much more honest and sincere that some of the practitioners of today's "warm and fuzziness". I recall some assembly in the gym, where out of the blue I got nailed on the side of the head by one of the above. When I asked why I got hit, I was advised that there was a disturbance down the middle of my row. While I wasn't necessarily the perpetrator (with a P as in Pook), I was the closest target. You couldn't tell your folks, 'cause they figured if the teacher hit you, you deserved it. Had a friend once who went to an all boys school, where the students were routine targets of opportunity. The philosophy was, "Hit 'em once a day, if you don't know why, they do". Rex Davis lit me up once for fighting. He had one fine forehand, damn fine. He's still one warm and caring educator, as displayed by his attendance at class reunions. He's another of the great ones, and I treasure his friendship. It's funny how after all these years, guys will still butt out their smokes, reach for the juicy fruit and hide their beer, when Coach Davis shows up. I was lucky with my teachers, they cared about me, they were consistent, gave me direction and most importantly a lifetime supply of commas. Semper Bomberus -Jim Hamilton (63) ******************************************** >>From: Donna Seslar White (68) Anyone out there remember Lee Stillwell (68)? She will be visiting the Tri-Cities September 20-25. If you want to get in touch with her or send her a message, e-mail me. I plan to see her during her visit. Donna Seslar White (68) ******************************************** >>From: Brad Wear (71) No one has mentioned any thing about Bernice Wiley. She was such a character if you really got to know her. I found her laying in the snow one time after she had fallen down the steps from the soph parking lot. She was just lying there saying she didn't want to move until she knew all of her parts were ok. Same wig, fur coat, and black dress all the time, but she really cared about the kids. -Brad Wear 71 ******************************************** >>From: Kathy Wheat Fife (79) I love reading about our teachers.... some of my favorites, Mr. Perryman at Jason Lee. I even had the privilege of introducing my kids to him about 4 years ago. He hadn't changed and remembered the hundreds of laps I ran in 6th grade. Other favorites, Mrs. Bresnahan, Mrs. Larson, Mr. Woodward, Mr. Pierson... Some not so favorites, Mr. Hepper, but I never learned more and Mrs. Mack, but I later learned, she was right. What memories. To Julie Ham Froelich (77): Yes, Scot Wheat was my cousin. He was a great guy, handsome as could be and had the personality to go with it. He married a really neat girl, Linda, in the early 80's and they moved to Alaska. He was an airline pilot for a small company and loved what he did. I believe it was 1985, he was killed in an airplane crash during a storm in Alaska. He is deeply missed... but we all cherish the memories. -Kathy Wheat Fife, '79 ******************************************** >>From: Dave Burks (80) I really enjoy reading the Sandstorm! So many people doing good things.. It's great to hear. I've also been able to get in contact with many old friends thanks to the web site. Does anyone remember Peggy Barker? I think she taught from 77-79 then moved away. How about Ms. Watulla (sp)? I think she moved to Montana in 79 or 80. They were both pretty good to me. It would be great to be able to drop them an e-mail someday. If anyone has any information they could pass on I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks, -Dave Burks (80) ******************************************** >>From: Mark Paris (80) In my opinion, no discussion of war ball can be held without mentioning the name of Roger Chambers (80). I've never seen anyone that could throw as hard as Roger could. That cannon of an arm also served Roger well on The Bomber baseball team. Mark Paris (80) ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. ******************************************** ******************************************** ****************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 9/20/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 13 Bombers sent stuff in: Rex Davis (49), Dottie Sargent (51), Marilyn DeVine (52), Darlene Trethewey (56), Stephanie Dawson (60), Patti Miller (65), Rick Valentine (68), Valerie Polentz (72), Mike Byrd (74), James Walters (80), Rod Jochen (80), Kelly Weil (81), Carianne Siemens (94) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From Rex Davis (49) To Jim Hamilton (63) Thank you for your kind comments about some of the teachers you had at Lewis & Clark. Mrs. Lamb, Brinkman, and Lester (Thompson) are still alive and very active. They are (approximate ages, but pretty close) 84, 92, and 84 respectively. They, along with other retired teachers from Lewis & Clark go to lunch at Roy's ChuckWagon the 1st Tuesday of every even month. Jim, I'm still using the forehand you mentioned, only now it's to hit Tennis balls 2 of 3 times a week. Yes, I do enjoy coming back to reunions to see many former students and athletes. It is great to find out what is happening in the lives of everyone. You invite me and I'll come. -Rex Davis (49) ******************************************** >>From: Dottie Sargent Rath (51) And while we're in the "teacher" mode, who could forget Mrs. Dighton, our great study hall teacher. She was a force. I can remember a few enlivening moments in there. She really had eyes like a hawk! I remember one time, one of my feistier friends almost took a swing at her after she got put in her place. Good thing she stopped in mid-air. I saw Mrs. Dighton years later in a Prosser cafe having lunch. She looked just the same (always had that white hair) and had to be at least 90! I made it a point to say hello to her. She seemed as lively as ever. I really enjoyed her. And I want to say again what a great English teacher Miss Nadine Brown was. I don't think they teach it like that anymore. -Dottie Sargent Rath (51) ******************************************** >>From: Marilyn "Em" DeVine Dow (52) This is for Ann Pearson (50) Dick Quigley (47) is alive and well, working as a semi-retired lawyer in Kennewick. I know this only because my youngest daughter is in the same office as a paralegal while working on her law degree. She will take the Bar in March. It's great to see all the reports of the Club 40 Reunion! I really do plan to make it next year! It sounds like too much fun to miss! Regards to all, Em (Marilyn DeVine) Dow (52) ******************************************** >>From: Darlene Trethewey Dunning (56) TO Sharon Panther (57) Gee Thanks, Sharon, ever so much for the Spudnut Recipe. I have tried several through the years, trying to find one. So far I haven't had very good luck, I make donuts every Halloween for my family, So this year - thanks to you - they should be special huh!!! I really enjoy this site, Hope to hear from more of you!! Talk about Drive Ins: I, at one time, lived just outside the fence at the Richland Y. Mom would get so mad at us for watching the screen instead of doing the dinner dishes - back before dishwashers! LOL Also Not many people knew that West Richland at one time was called Enterprise, I also had lived there. This was all while we were waiting for our House in Richland, And we were lucky, as we got a Ranch House!!! we were so excited!!! -Darlene Trethewey Dunning [56] ******************************************** >>From: Stephanie Dawson Janicek (60) RE: Planning Class of 1960's Reunion 2000 Hi! For all Class of '60 Bombers, we're having a meeting at 7:00 p.m. Thursday, September 23, at Baron's Beef 'N Brew on Lee Blvd. in Richland, to plan reunion 2000 (our 40th). Everyone from '60 who is interested in the planning is welcome to attend. Everyone who doesn't want to get involved but graduated in '60 is also welcome. Everyone who's never attended a reunion is EXTREMELY welcome! P.S. So far the Bombers have beat Pasco and Kamiakin in football this year. Caledonia, Caledonia, What makes those Bombers so hot? Woo Woo !! -Stephanie Dawson Janicek '60 ******************************************** >>From: Patti Miller (65) Was wondering if any alumnis are located in or near Orlando, Florida. I will be there on Oct. 7th for a convention of United Food and Commercial Workers Women's Network. I said a few prayers and sure am glad that some of you who live in Florida made it through the storm and lucked out on extensive damage. I was wondering how the weather is in Oct. As I need to know what clothes to bring. I would appreciate any info on that. Talking about teachers, I had a couple favorites: I had Mr. Pritchett for math, he was a good teacher even though I wasn't a scholar on the subject and now I count change back to him at Albertson's! Miss Swain was my home economics teacher and taught me a lot; I don't know if I would have finished my suit I made as a senior if it weren't for her encouragement; Mrs. Davis was great, she made us work hard, but I learned so much: then there was Mr. Harry, band teacher, I didn't play an instrument, but as a majorette we were in marching band. Would love to hear from other majorettes. Joan Cates, Janice Turner, Lyn Wheeler, Elaine Roberts anyone know of their where abouts? Thanks for the memories. -Patti Miller (65) ******************************************** >>From: Rick Valentine (68) RE: Extra "69" Year Book Available If anyone from the class of "69" is in need of a Year Book, I have an unsigned copy in very good condition. Contact me if interested. -Rick Valentine (68) ******************************************** >>From: Valerie Polentz Topham (72) Re: Interest in the wine country I was browsing in the Tri-City Herald and found reference to a booklet (free) "Touring the Washington Wine Country." Copies may be ordered. Sound like a bus tour for the [ALL Bomber] 2000 reunion [R2K}? Val ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) Bomber Quarterbacks! Fill in the blanks and correct my errors! Franco, This should be right up your alley! 1999-Adam Oakes 1998-Steve Mortimer 1997-Jared Mitchell 1990-96 Don't Know (Nate Holdren, Brian Edwards in there some where) 1983-89 Don't Know 1982-Mark Bircher 1981-? 1980-? 1979-? 1978-Gary Grade(?) 1977-Mike Neidhold 1976-Ken Cole 1975-Mark Torterelli 1974-Blaine Teverbaugh 1973-Jeff Marcum 1972-Dean Thompson 1971-Mike Aichele 1970-Dick Boston 1969-Duke Mitchell (or was that '68) Franco, Take over! -Mike Davis (74) ******************************************** >>From: James Walters (80) TO: Dave Burks (80) I remember Ms Barker she taught bonehead english and was VERY good at it too. I'd like to get in touch too. As far as the website your welcome lol...I'm the one puting all those nice email addresses on our classes website. -James Waters (80) ******************************************** >>From: Rod Jochen (80) I saw the article that Mark Paris (80) put out on war ball in P.E. He is right: Roger "Cooty" Chamber was the most devastating player there was, and boy you really hoped that he was on your team, or you would leave the gym with a cherry ball welt on your @$# or other body parts. I can still remember when we were sophs and Joel Riggle lit off some black powder in the girls gym during a pep rally, and the poor soul got his eye brows and eye lashes burned off. At the time it was really funny, but later it could have been really bad. I guess over time we all realize once we have kids of our own we really sit back and think, "OF ALL THE CRAZY THINGS WE DID DURING OUR HIGH SCHOOL YEARS, SOMETHING REALLY BAD COULD HAVE HAPPENED TO US", and now it strikes home with all of our kids. But you know the times we had were great and I miss everyone from my class. I keep hearing about the mosquito foggers, and I can relate to that riding my bike and chasing them, just like others before. We didn't know better, but now days, (Especially now that I work with hazardous waste on a daily basis out at Hanford), we know that breathing in this stuff was not good at all. Does anyone remember Carmichael Hill in the winter. Of course everyone does. This was the best!!! How about those keggers at the TREES, or the POW camp, or Gross Cup. Back then it was pour it out, now days its time in jail. Maybe for the best. Now it is our kids going through it, but boy was it sure fun!!!! -Rod Jochen (80) ******************************************** >>From: Kelly Weil Austin (81) All this talk of teachers gets me all misty! I attended Lewis & Clark in 1969 for Kindergarten. I had Miss Hosack. Does anyone remember her? I thought she was a very sweet lady. Does anyone know if she's still living (if she is, she'd probably be in her 90's or 100's)? Also, does anyone have a class picture or know where I could get one? I also attended one month of first grade, although I couldn't tell you who my teacher was. Then we moved to Illinois for 4 years. I came back in time to start 6th grade at Marcus Whitman in 1974. Anyone have class pictures from Mrs. Alleman's class? Then, when I went on to Carmichael, I had Mr. Latta for 7th grade homeroom. He was the first really "cool" teacher I ever had. He drove a Camaro (somebody correct me if I'm wrong). I was so sorry to have heard he had been killed in a car accident shortly after my 7th grade year. I learned a lot of English history from him. I also remember Mr. Moreno (art), Mr. Frick (9th grade social studies), Mrs. Shaw (English), Mr. Royer (choir), Miss Groethe (Spanish - Dave Stocker always called her Senorita Ojos de los pescos). Of course, RHS had the best teachers of all! My sophomore year, I had Mrs. England for Geometry (she was very patient with me being a student who tried VERY hard to understand such an abstract concept as postulates/theorems and proofs), Mrs. Anderson for PE (I wasn't very coordinated), and of course, there was Marcia Clement for sophomore English, who retired this year. Of all my teachers, I've managed to stay in contact with her to most. I beg to differ with the person who didn't like Mr. Hepper, though. I had him for shorthand and thought he was a lot of fun. Overall, most of the teachers I had were tough, but I appreciate them most because I had to work harder to "get it". I will always be thankful to every teacher I had. Their patience, determination, and love for their students yield them well-earned respect that is priceless. Although, they deserve to be paid doctor's salaries, they put in just as much time and effort! -Kelly Weil Austin, Class of 1981 ******************************************** >>From: Carianne Siemens Shuster (94) All this talk about various teachers has really brought back some memories. My 5th grade teacher at Marcus Whitman, Mr. Burns, Is a personal favorite. I really enjoyed his class. I remember our class playing kick soccer against Mr. Stallings class. It was always so much fun. Mr. Burns always seemed to have faith in me. I went back several times all the way into my senior year in high school to visit him. He seemed to always be glad to see me. I also had Mr. Perryman at Jason Lee 6th grade. I agree he is a pretty cool teacher. One night a lot of the sixth grade girls went to his house, which was near the school and toilet papered the whole yard. There was only one catch, HE CAUGHT US! It was still fun anyway. My favorite high school teachers were Mr. Pierson, for inspiration through my brothers death, Mrs. Hergert, for her faith in me, and Mr. Mc Donald for understanding me in his government class and helping me to realize that even when it seems as though you will not succeed in time if you let your self you can succeed in anything. -Carianne Siemens Shuster 1994 ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. ******************************************** ******************************************** ****************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 9/20/99 - SPECIAL EDITION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >>From: Mike Lange (67) Here are a few pics of what a huricane can do even after u survive the hi winds & tornados..... 1 of the pics is of our house taken before only the roof was showing. We were given 15 minutes to grab what we could becuse the water was rising that quick. went back by boat for these shots. These pics are of the Goldsboro NC area ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [I e-mailed Mike and asked if they had insurance and if Jill Lange (64) is his sister. Here's his response -Maren] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi.. Jill is our my cousin.... my 2 brothers are chuck 66 & Ed 63 i think lol. no flood insurrance in the area we live in.... fran cancelled those policies... we were at flood stage still from Dennis so all floyd did was bury us in water. we are staying in a motel for a bit longer.... excuse the format of this letter.. its been a bit hectic out here.. mind is going 90 miles per hr. we must have 40 more pics of just when the storm started to the last ones yesterday before it raised to the roof... we are just 1 of 10's of thousands of people that suffered from this. There are complete towns underwater & many injuries & deaths from this..... Mike Lange `67 ******************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** ****************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 9/21/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 23 Bombers and one Bomber offspring today: Carol Haynes (51), Jack Moorman (54), Judy Allan (54), Marguerite Groff (54), Jim Russell (58), Carol Converse (64), Gary Behymer (64), Jean Armstrong (64), Teresa DeVine (64), Georgia Rushworth (66), Tedd Cadd (66), Pam Pyle (69), Phil Jones (69), Jack Spanner (70), Robin Morey (74), Tedi Parks (76), Kathleen Ryals (77), Denny Irby (81), Cindi Moore (82), G. Paul Krueger (84), Dori Luzzo (92), Scott Stone (94), Trinity L. Webb (95), Rebecca Hart Breidenbach (Bomber Offspring) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Carol Haynes Finch (51) Ralph Myrick (51) was having trouble remembering the name of a 'cute' English teacher named Smith: I think she was Veroqua Smith, who taught briefly in '49 but wasn't there the following year. We had a lot of English teachers who didn't stay long: Mrs. Claar, who left to have a baby; Marjorie Campbell, who left because Richard Gibson (51) and I made her very nervous; Mrs. Beachner and Genevieve Lucky. Everyone's favorite character was Mathea Hanson, who also advised the Columbian staff. Remember how she loved her 'salt bread'? Someone mentioned Nadine Brown and her mangled English - you should have heard her with French! Before the '49 - '50 school year she took a summer course so she could teach the first French class offered. Paula Doctor '51 and Lorna Erickson '50 were part of that class and I'm sure none of us will forget how Ms. Brown pronounced 'Madamemoiselle'. We had a lot of fun that year and the next year, too. Mary Ann Lisewski taught Spanish, and as you can tell from her name, she was from a middle- European background. So it wasn't all that easy to learn Spanish from her. I was at a further disadvantage because she had had my brother, Igor, in her class the year before and didn't like him all that much - so she was defensive about another Haynes in her classes. I remember all the ways we thought of to circumvent having to actually study in Study Hall with Mrs. Lois Dighton. We passed notes, wrote letters, tried to get hall passes and whispered to our friends. It seemed that most of those fellow students who were in hot water, got there from cutting up in Study Hall. How long did they continue having a Study Hall at Columbia High? While looking through an old Columbian I saw the name of Korten's where we bought all those groovy new 78's; McVicker's jewelry where we got our graduation watches; and Richland Supply where prospective brides registered for wedding gifts. Do you remember in 1949 there were no more than 3 digits to dial for most stores? Some actually had only 1 or 2 digit phone numbers. Where have we gone wrong? It was good to hear that Eddie Feigner is still around, doing his fast pitch. And good to hear that Sexy Rexy (Rex Davis) is alive and kicking! Rex went on to WSU and was one of the greatest cheer leaders they ever had, plus a star on the gymnastics team. It is so good to see all those familiar names sending in memories and comments about the class of '49. -Carol Haynes Finch '51 ******************************************** >>From: Jack Moorman (54) RE: Class of 1954's 45th Reunion We just returned to Texas, from the Reunion in Richland and it was great. A big THANK YOU to all of those responsible for getting it together. Dona McCleary Belt was very entertaining. Especially as BIG RED. Those of you who don't attend don't know what you are missing. Of course without Marguerite Groff Tompkins I don't think we could have a reunion. I know there are others who helped, but just can't remember all the names. The food was very good. I enjoyed seeing all of you who attended and hope to see more of you in 2004 when we celebrate our 50th. The older we get the more important these reunions are. For the first time, I attended the Club 40 festivities on Friday night and of course on Saturday night after our program was finished. That was also great. I was able to see some friends who didn't graduate in 1954, like Harvey and Sally Chapman, Craig Buchanan and Tom and Keith Beiers to name a few. With several of us out of towners staying at the Shilo Inn we were able to have breakfast each morning and get in some more visiting. One person I was hoping to see there was Andrew Eckert, but he let me down. How about trying for 2004 Andrew? You won't regret it. -Jack Moorman '54 ******************************************** >>From: Judy Allan Brothers (54) Thanks to all of you that put in the hard work to make our reunion this year so special. I enjoyed the football game Friday night and sock- hop afterwards. The dinner dance was great and we had fun "cutting a rug" to the very end. I appreciate the "upbringing" from my parents, my friends' parents, our teachers, my peers and the community of Richland. I spent four days looking up my old haunts and checking out the new ones which included the wine country. Most treasured were the conversations with my classmates.... sorry if I missed anyone. I promise to come to the 50th.... see you then! -Judy Allan Brothers (54) ******************************************** >>From: Marguerite Groff Tompkins (54) I've been reading all about the Club 40/Class of '49 Reunion. Guess it's time I reminded all of you that there was a Class of '54 Reunion along with the other two. The whole weekend was really great. Club 40 is a wonderful umbrella organization that invites the classes celebrating their 45th and 50th reunions to join them for one big party. On Friday some of the '54 gals, who had arrived early, came to the ballrooms and helped with the decorations - that is until they could stand it no longer - they had to go get Spudnuts. They weren't alone, I understand several out-of- towners were hanging out there also. Besides Spudnuts, there were several weekend activities, including: golf; cruising up the Columbia and enjoying the scenery of the Hanford Reach; ping pong tournament; and just enjoying the reconnecting of so many wonderful friends. The Friday night event was totally Club 40's event. It was amazing - By's Burgers was recreated right there in the Shilo. As a matter of fact - the master of all hamburger's was there himself, with his lovely wife; they joined Class of '54 for Saturday night. Several Friday night attendees went to the Richland/Pasco football game and watched Richland take charge and win. Norma Myrick Nunamaker (54) wore her old cheer leader outfit to the football game and after some coaxing from the Club 40 group, she got out on the track and did "Two bits, four bits, six bits..." with splits and all. After she did the cheer Richland High students came and asked her to do the cheer in front of the students. She went where the students were and did the cheer again, again managing to do a spectacular split. She was received with great enthusiasm by the spectators. After she returned to the Shilo, she was coaxed into doing the splits at least twice more for people taking photos. We were all very impressed. The people from the Shilo were great to work with. Except that the Public Address System wasn't working for either group Saturday night, everything else was extremely successful. SATURDAY NIGHT: Club 40 and Class of '49 joined together in one large ballroom and for Class of '54 we were all by ourselves until the band started at 9:00. 1954 attendance was much smaller than in past years, 103, but we had a wonderful time. Dona McCleary Belt was in charge of entertainment and as usual was delightful. We had about 6 persons attending that had never attended a reunion and a few who hadn't been in 25 years. You can bet they'll return for the 50th. Dona borrowed an accordion and coaxed (or was it blackmailed) Larry Murphy into entertaining us -He took us back in time about 45 years. But, no matter, how we begged, he would not play Lady of Spain. Can you believe that?? We helped Iva Fravala Edens' celebrate her birthday. Dona gave out some awards. Bill Wilborn got an award as the first person to register for the reunion. He came all the way from California directly to my front door to register. Now that's what I call enthusiasm. Bob Johnson came the furthest for the reunion - from New York City. By the way, as you remember, he plays the French Horn. He now is in the orchestra for the Broadway Show, "CATS." His musical career has been pretty spectacular. He says he really is enjoying doing Broadway. Many of us enjoyed Sunday Brunch together the next morning. Our Class of '54, as usual, had a special time. It's always hard at the end to say "Goodbye" to these good friends. All of you '54 members out there in the great e-mail land, we missed you. But - you'll be hearing from us about the next one (sooner than you think). And we won't take "NO" for an answer. -Marguerite Groff Tompkins (54) ******************************************** >>From: Jim Russell (58) To: Patti Miller (65) I was amused (?) regarding your remark that "now I count change back to (Mr. Pritchett) at Albertson's." How many times have you been on the customer side of the counter and had the clerk, after fumbling in the cash drawer, hand you a pile of coins and ask/state: "Is that right?" I can't believe that the simple act of counting change has become so difficult! -Jim Russell (58) ******************************************** >>From: Carol Converse Maurer (64) Kelly Weil Austin (81) I, too, had Mrs. Hosack for kindergarten at Lewis and Clark. I really liked her. Don't know how old she was back in '52 though. I also remember Mrs. Brinkman and Mrs. Lester with fond memories. I knew Mrs. Brinkman the best, as she went to the same church as my family did, so knew her on a personal basis. Also had been to her home a few times. Remember the homeroom mothers during elementary school? My mom was a one for most of the years that I went to Lewis and Clark. Those were always fun days when the mothers were there. Usually, as it was for a party. -Carol Converse Maurer (64) ******************************************** >>From Gary Behymer (64) Howard Morgan, from the Class of 1958, was the only one who spoke up and expressed interest in the extra annual that I had from that year. Congratulations Howard that annual will be coming your way (;-) -Gary Behymer (64) ******************************************** >>From: Jean Armstrong Reynolds (64) Thinking back on some of the crazy, dangerous, and downright dumb things we did in high school, I still have MANY scars on my forearms from playing "chicken" with burning cigarettes... For those of you that don't know what that was, it was where you would find someone as dumb as you and put your arms together... Then you would drop a lit cigarette between your arms and the first one to move was a chicken... I NEVER chickened out.. I have the scars to prove it... If I would have known that I would be living in Arizona and that scars do NOT tan... Maybe I would have thought twice about it... But, probably not... -Jean Armstrong Reynolds ' 64 ******************************************** >>From: Teresa DeVine Knirck (64) I hate to further confuse the drive-in movie issue, but at one time the drive-in located across from Bateman Island in the Richland Y was called the Park-In-Y--don't know if that was before or after it was called the Island View. The one at the base of Flattop I am fairly certain was called the Star-vue or Starview. Skyline was in North Richland, I don't think there was both a Skyline and a Skyview (apologies to Bill Dunwoody). -Teresa DeVine Knirck (64) ******************************************** >>From: Georgia Rushworth (66) To Ralph Myrick (51): I, for one, remember Miss Brown as my English teacher!! We drove her crazy with our antics in class. I don't know how she ever put up with us. -Georgia Rushworth '66 ******************************************** >>From: Tedd Cadd (66) RE: Teachers and Night Hawks... Just a couple of short notes on teachers... Mrs. Finney at Carmichael was one of my favorites. I loved the Introduction to Languages course she taught. It laid a foundation for many things an may have been the beginning of my love for words. Mrs. Duesner (sp?) at Carmichael was another favorite. That was one of the classes (science was a favorite subject) where I really tested the teacher. I had a pretty poor self image and felt quite unlovable. Yet here was a teacher who seemed to care. I very deliberately set about to demonstrate I was unlovable and failed to do any homework in her class. It was a struggle that year and she kept trying to reach me. Even though it was going to be many years (30) before I began to understand the reasons behind that image of myself, I remember her efforts to help me with gratitude. Night Hawks... Yes, I know one family name they go by but there is another: Nightjar. They are related to Whip Poor Wills and Poor Wills. They are a beautiful bird close up and wonderfully graceful in flight. -Tedd Cadd (66) ******************************************** >>From: Pam Pyle Jewett-Bullock (69) To Kelly Weil Austin (81) I'd like to add a "ditto" to your positive memories of Mr. Hepper. My dear friend, Kathie Moore Adair (69) and I managed to give him LOTS of reasons to tear out the already thinning hair in our typing class. He used to yell, "Pyle! Eyes off those keys!" every time we did number drills. (I'm STILL looking at the keys when typing numbers, although I eventually managed timed writes at upwards of 85 wpm in later classes with Mrs. Georgia Burns). Once, when I whined something to him about my short fingers being the reason for my having to look so as not to miss those number keys, he came down the aisle and made me hold my hand up to his for a size comparison. His fingers were are full segment shorter than my little stubs!! Well, so much for THAT argument! And virtually every time I sit down at a keyboard, I can still hear him bellering "A! S! D! F! J! K! L! SEMI!!" Really, the point in all these teacher memories of ours is that all of us didn't respond in the same ways to the various teaching styles and personalities to which/whom we were exposed. All in all, though, I think MOST of us responded well to MOST of the teaching we received. We had some really great diversity from the teachers in Richland, and I can't think of ONE teacher that didn't really seem to enjoy teaching in those days. Today, many of my contemporaries wish they'd chosen other careers besides teaching. Sad, really. How lucky we were! -Pam Pyle Jewett-Bullock (69) ******************************************** >>From: Phil Jones (69) To Mike Davis (74) Mike, as another "baseball guy" thanks for being on my side against those tracksters, Creigler and Franco. You obviously made the decision earlier in life to move up the evolutionary sports food chain beyond the simple act of running. (How do you coach running? Tell them to stay to their left and be back as soon as you can.) Just kidding all you track folks. I don't want to start a feud, just get some digs in to Creigler, Franco and Brad Upton, whenever I can. Actually Mike, I wanted to help out with you Bomber quarterback list. With the help of Ben Jacobs, we tried to add to your list. We did have some confusion on the year(s) of participation as the football season of participation is a year before their graduation year. I think Ben and I listed the year the player played, not the graduation year. Here's what we have: 99 - Oakes 98 - Mort 97 - Harper and Moore 96 - Mitchell 95 - Mitchell 94 - Mike Evans 93 - Evans (?) 92 - don't know 91 - Jay Fetterman 90 - Edwards 89 - Holdren 88 - Holdren 87 - Jason Martinez 86 - Jason Martinez 85 - don't know 84 - Rob Fryer 83 - don't know 82 - Marty Otoole 81 - Bircher 80 - 79 - don't know 78 - Steve Chalcraft 77 - Roger Chambers / somebody else 76 - Neidhold 75 - Ken Cole 74 - Teverbaugh (Torterelli in here somewhere) 73 - Marcum 72 - Thompson 71 - Aichele 70 - Dick Boston 69 - Duke Mitchell and Phil Jones 68 - Billy Hedges and Phil Jones 67 - Chris Manolopoulos 66 and before don't remember. We can't swear to the correctness of these but these are our best guesses. I'll let you know when we get other revelations. -Phil Jones (69) ******************************************** >>From: Robin Morey Schildknecht (74) To Ryan & Jennifer Tomaszewski Seidel (94): Congratulations on the birth of your daughter 9-9-99. I also celebrated my birthday this year on 9-9-99. I went to Las Vegas thinking it might bring me luck (right) we did take a "bump" in Salt Lake and ended up with $700. in Delta miles. -Robin Morey Schildknecht, class of 74 ******************************************** >>From: Tedi Parks Teverbaugh (76) Okay all Bomber Hoopsters from the Class of '74.... Listen Up! I was going through some of Blaine's stuff and ran across a beat up folder with "EFBA" written on the outside. Apparently the acronym stands for "Eight Foot Basketball Association". I'm not sure if this particular Eight Foot League took place in Davis' backyard... or was it Sevigny's? Inside the 25 year old folder is a plethora of basketball statistics... sheet after sheet of Eight Foot League stats from 1974 with Richland hoopster names including Slater (the only sophomore) , Kindley, Stevens, Teverbaugh, and then some "spares" like Mike Davis, Greg Sevigny, Winston McCulley, Mark Ibatuan, etc. I will say for a spare player, Davis faired pretty well. According to the stats, he received "Most Points - Lifetime" honors with 2,684 out of 103 games. He also received "Most Rebounds Lifetime" with 1,046. Of course Boo Boo played more games than anyone else. Blaine Teverbaugh exhibited his greatness as well by pulling down Most Rebounds/Season (605), Most Assists Lifetime (380), and for the Season (228). Blaine also had Most Blocked Shots for Lifetime and Season at 238 and 158, respectively. The late, great, Rick Slater (class of '76) was awesome as well with Highest Shooting percentage for both lifetime and season at .589 and Best Winning Percentage for 40 games Lifetime and Season at .731. And would you believe, Mr. Roger Kindley was the winner for Most Tournament Champ at 12, and scored the most points that season with 1550. This little treasure was fun to look through. Blaine did an outstanding job with his tally sheets. They are in perfect order with impeccable penmanship, straight columns and accurate tallies. He was an awesome and serious Stat Head!!! Are there any of you who have memories of the Eight Foot Basketball Association? I understand there was some cheating that went on, but I won't mention any names... is that true? -Tedi Parks Teverbaugh ('76) ******************************************** >>From: Jack Spanner (70) In response to Mike Davis' question about quarterbacks, and to bail my classmate out (Franco), the quarterback in '68 was Jim Crittenden (SP?). I remember he used to throw deep to Woodward and Painter who were running corner and fly patterns. Then he would get buried by the defenders. -Jack Spanner (70) ******************************************** >>From: Kathleen Ryals (77) Dear Sandstorm Readers, It has been a pleasure to find this resource and to read all the entries from all the displaced (and some still at home) Bombers around the country. Sitting at my desk at the Public Defender's Office in Oakland, I am immediately transported to the Spudnut Shop, Col High or the Gaslight (etc.) by reading the eloquent memories of my hometown people. I do, at times, have trouble explaining the "Bombers" to people in San Francisco, but Del Gregor (class of 78) and I do our best to educate everyone on the mushroom cloud folks at home. I had a great time at both the 10th and 20th reunions of the Class of 77 and am only sorry I missed Mike's show at the Fair (thanks for all the stories about his visit). I have also really enjoyed reading about my Dad, Rem (Pemby) Ryals. Yes, he did take that drive-in movie theater case all the way to the US Supreme Court and won! Sounds like the 50th reunion was great. I can only hope the same for my class. Keep the cards and letters coming! -Kathleen Ryals (77) ******************************************** >>From: Denny Irby (81) Adding to the quarterback list: Class of 1981 was Greg Olson. Dave Daling filled in when Greg missed a few games with a broken finger. Both were among league passing leaders. -Denny Irby (81) ******************************************** >>From: Cindi Moore Abbott (82) RE: Chief Joseph Junior High Does anyone know if Johnnye Kiel is still around? She was one of my most influential teachers and I would love to let her know that if anyone knows where I can find her. Thanks! -Cindi Moore Abbott '82 ******************************************** >>From: G. Paul Krueger (84) The last name of the starting quarterback for '84 was Taylor. For the life of me I cannot remember his first name (Brian?). I know this sounds awful because I played on the same team. That was the year that Kennewick was penalized a game for displaying a banner at a game and forcing a mini playoff. I can't remember the exact format of the games except that they were shorter than a regular game and we played both games on the same night. We won the first one against Pasco and lost the second one against Kennewick. As far as teachers go, I have more positive memories than negative. Mrs. Clemens (Creative Writing) put up with so much stuff from our class and still made the effort to make sure everyone was making progress. Mr. Pierson (Psychology) could always get to our level of understanding and bring us up to his. Thank you both. Thank you all. My only true negative experience with a teacher from kindergarten through graduation was with Mr. ***** who taught *** grade ***** at *****. He sent me to detention for walking into his class as the bell rang. His rule was that everyone should be in their seat and ready to start working when the bell rang. (O.K no big deal) He also gave several students, myself included, an "F" for the final quarter because they skipped the last day of school. We had to take Algebra in 10th grade to make up the "F", which threw our whole schedule off. Those two things were bad enough to give me a negative memory of Mr. *****, but the time he literally pushed a friend of mine across the room and into a desk for trying to make a basket with a wad of paper is what will always stick in my mind. Individuals with that type of mindset should never be allowed in the public school system. He would have made a great drill instructor or even a prison guard. Why is it so difficult for some teachers to understand that kids will be kids. It is not the duty of teachers to exact personal revenge on a student for stepping out of bounds. Mr. ***** should have been formally reprimanded, or fired, for assault on a student. But, of course, what *th grader is going to report a teacher who made it his job to threaten and belittle students at every turn. I guess maybe I had more to say on this subject than I thought. That has been brewing inside for a little too long. Please excuse the rant. -G. Paul Krueger, Class of '84 ******************************************** >>From: Dori Luzzo Homer (92) I was so glad Marcia Clement's name came up. Of all the teachers I had in Richland schools (Jason Lee to Carmichael to Richland) Marcia was by far the BEST. I was not a very good student, horrible in fact. Managed to not get arrested but did everything else but Marcia always demanded more from me than anyone. She could see through the pink hair and black make up and really inspired me to work. I can not even imagine how my life would have turned out without her. I was to the point of thinking all teachers were judgmental and cruel and she was just wonderful to me. I only had her for one class (Mythology I think) but to this day I still remark to people I meet she was the best. I now teach myself, at Tri-Tech Skills Center in Kennewick (radio broadcasting and production). It is my hope that I if can touch one student's life like Marcia touched mine... I will have accomplished the world. Kids today are different... believe me... but why is it that it seems the teachers (you know which ones I speak of) have not changed? -Dori Luzzo Homer (92) ******************************************** >>From: Scott Stone (94) in response to Mike Lange (67) I heard the east coast was pretty beat up, I am on the ROSS (DDG-71)part of the TR. battlegroup, we had to re-route our trip back to run around the storms, hopefully I will Have a home to return to. Course we took a faster route and are pulling in 2 days earlier which might not sound like much, but after being gone for 6 months the last days seem to be like weeks. good luck! -Scott Stone (94) ******************************************** >>From: Trinity L. Webb (95) To Mike Davis (74) The Bomber Quarterback in '95 was Mike Evans. I am not sure about before. I think Mike may have been QB in '94 also. -Trinity Webb '95 ******************************************** >>From: Rebecca Hart Breidenbach ('79 Yakima grad, daughter of Walt Hart ('??) and niece of Harvey Hart (54) This is in response to [Rex Davis' (49)] comment: "Thank you for your kind comments about some of the teachers you had at Lewis & Clark. Mrs. Lamb, Brinkman, and Lester (Thompson) are still alive and very active. They are (approximate ages, but pretty close) 84, 92, and 84 respectively." Ms Lester (Thompson) is my great aunt. My grandmother's sister, who looks as young and spry as ever. It is always good to hear the good things about my aunt. I don't think we realize how far our efforts go. I thought as I saw her recently that she had the secret to staying young. That would be to teach the young. If only we all had the same patience, tolerance, love and caring she has shown all these years. My dad has always said " How long does a reputation last?" and through all the readings of the people here, the answer is clear. To my Aunt Mary Lester (Thompson): The biggest gift for me is how you captured my daughter recently and how she wanted to know how you did it at your age. You were so alive and had something she wanted. you sparked questions for which there is no real answers. I see that as people speak of you here. Some may say ... A job well done my dear. -Rebecca Hart Breidenbach ('79 Yakima grad) ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. ******************************************** ******************************************** ****************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 9/22/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers sent stuff in: Larry Mattingly (60), Carol Converse (64), Gary Behymer (64), Patty de la Bretonne (65), Lesley Wood (66), Mike Lange (67), Rich Valentine (68), Phil Jones (69), Brad Upton (74), Jim Rice (75), Janet Wokal (83), Kim Ross (88), ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Larry Mattingly (60) RE: Drive-ins A small bit of trivia about the Skyline/Skyview Drive in just North of Richland. I worked there part- time a couple of summers. A series of Richland investors, many from the "ElfinTrust" put this drive in together during the "hayday" of drive-ins. They managed to make only a modest return on the investment before TV spoiled the market. Those of you who may have enjoyed a movie there will remember that the concession stand/projection booth was at the back of the theater and not at the center like most.. At the time, this was one of the longest "projection throws" in the world. Nearly 400 feet from film to screen. The most valuable asset the theater had when they closed were the Cinimascope lenses. They were about 30 inches long and worth a kings ransom. I later heard that they sold for nearly $45,000 each which was about hat they both cost new. -Larry Mattingly (60) ******************************************** >>From: Carol Converse Maurer (64) TO: Mike Lange (67) Thank you for sending in the pictures. They are amazing! For one who has never seen anything like this can only imagine how devastating all of this is. My prayers go out to you and your family, plus all the other families that were involved. -Carol Converse Maurer (64) ******************************************** >>From Gary Behymer (64) Other Quarterbacks 1964..... Mike Byrd & Steve Denler? 1963..... Mike Byrd & Steve Denler 1962..... Doug Lukins & Mike Byrd Byrd and Denler were rivals from Carmichael and Chief Jo. Byrd had great hands and threw a good pass. Denler could dance better and was better looking. Both read the Alumni Sandstorm (;-) -Gary Behymer (64) ******************************************** >>From: Patty de la Bretonne (65) To Jim Russell, I , too am amazed that people don't know how to make change anymore. While I was running an Espresso cart near my home, I hired a young woman and didn't even think of it!! After about 2 days I realized what was happening, and luckily we had a button on the register that told you what to give back. I work for *$ now and the cash machine is a computer--so I have to ignore the automatic change return amount so I can count it back. I feel it is a great skill to have and keep. Good grief, yes!! Patty de la Bretonne '65 ******************************************** >>From: Lesley Wood Nelson (66) To Ted Cadd (66) Ted, I remember Mildred Finney teaching Intro to Languages. Were you there the day she swooped into the classroom and, in her regal way, begged our forgiveness for her tardiness? She had loaded her washing machine with clothes, grabbed a box of what she assumed was detergent, and set the machine in motion -- too late to discover that it was the dog's food that had gone in. She seemed the kind of woman who could take that and most other things in good stride. A delightful woman. -Lesley Wood Nelson (66) ******************************************** >>From: Mike (67) & Donna Lange Just want to take the time to thank everyone for their prayers and good wishes... being a Richland native all of u know... We are survivors and we will be back. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the others that have lost more than we have and may not be able to recoup enough to get back on their feet again, plus to the families out here that have lost loved ones from this disaster. Fema will assist with us so we are being taken care of....... this proves..... BOMBERS RULE. If anyone is interested in helping... contact your local red cross Thanks again. Mike Lange 67 ps: Donna is from Maryland but did live 2 years in Richland and luv's the old town ******************************************** >>From: Rick Valentine (68) RE: Extra Year Books I Had several requests for the extra "69" year book I had, but only had one copy. If anyone out there has an extra "69" year book, advertise it here, several people are looking for one. -Rick Valentine (68) ******************************************** >>From: Phil Jones (69) To Mike Davis (74): Here's my latest list of QB's, including the additions sent to me. I'm still struggling with the year they played and not year of graduation. I screwed up my own years as a matter of fact. Here goes: 99 - Oakes 98 - Mortimer 97 - Harper / Moore 96 - Mitchell 95 - Mitchell 94 - Mike Evans 94 - Evans 92 - still don't know 91 - Jay Fetterman 90 - Edwards 89 - Holdren 88 - Holdren 87 - Jason Martinez 86 - Jason Martinez 85 - Pat Hollick 84 - Rob Fryer 83 - Randy Taylor 82 - Marty Otoole 81 - Bircher 80 - Greg Olson 79 - Tim Doyle 78 - Chalcraft 77 - Gary Grade 76 - Niedhold 75 - Ken Cole 74 - Teverbaugh 73 - Marcum 72 - Thompson 71 - 70 - Aichele 69 - Boston 68 - Mitchell / Jones 67 - Hedges / Jones (somebody sent in Jim Crittendon too. I can't remember that but I'm positive that Billy and I both started games in 1967 and yes Woodward and Painter were seniors on that team) 66 - Chris Manonopolos -Phil Jones (69) ******************************************** >>From: Brad Upton (74) To Phil Jones (69): Your digs at us track guys go by us like a wild throw from a shortstop. From 1968 to 1975, the Richland Bomber track team was undefeated in duel meets. Eight years undefeated. Eight years conference champs. Eight years district champs. The Cross Country team was much better than that! -Brad Upton '74, Captain '74 track team. ******************************************** >>From: Jim Rice (75) To: Steve Curd (70) There's a rumor going around that you guys used to eat steak-and-eggs on race-day mornings. That true? I heard it from an older brother of mine, who apparently ran a few miles with you. Also: Anyone remember the "night the big house shook" party in the mansion under the blue bridge? Probably '71 or '72. -Jim Rice (75) ******************************************** From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Janet Wokal (83) Date: Tue Sep 21 00:26:09 1999 I am looking for Kevin Eugene Baird class of 1983. ******************************************** >>From: Kim Ross Nelson (88) TO Mike Davis (74) RE: RHS Quarterbacks I graduated in 1988 and can help you with a few names of the quarterbacks that you didn't know. In 1996, Jason Richardson was the quarterback. In 1987 and 1988, Jason Martinez (88) was the quarterback on the varsity team. In 1985, Rob Fryer was the quarterback. Kim Ross Nelson (88) ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. ******************************************** ******************************************** ****************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 9/23/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 15 Bombers sent stuff in: Al Hester (50), Barbara Barron (50), Craig Buchanan (57), Tom Matthews (57), Jessie Willoughby (60), Jim Hamilton (63), Lloyd Swain (66), Paula Smith (70), Rob Teats (70), Valerie Polentz (72), Mike Davis (74), Matt Crowley (75), Shannon Campbell (77), Lori Walker (78), Donna Fisher (80) ******************************************** ******************************************** ANNOUNCEMENT: Y'all are gonna LOVE this link. History - Before the Bomb This site was put together by Cyndy Brooks Cowman, Class of '68 webmaster THANK YOU, Cyndy!! ******************************************** >>From: Al Hester (50) Re: Veroqua Smith I certainly agree with the comment about English teacher Veroqua Smith being good looking. I was in one of her classes about 1948 or 49, and I would get flustered just looking at her. I believe she was Veroqua Simpson before she married Shelby Smith. She was a good friend of my sister, Virginia Hester Pickard, and I saw Veroqua about 20 years ago at my sister's house. She was still attractive! The last I heard she was living in Denver. Ah, Miss Hanson! I can remember her well as a teacher and also as librarian at the tiny Richland library downtown. As I recall she always wore long, usually black dresses. She was a fine teacher and really nice. I tried to pass off a poem I wrote as a sonnet by Shakespeare and analyzed it and turned it in for class work, and she never batted an eye. I believe she gave me an "A" on the assignment, but I don't think I fooled her. She was always encouraging. I think she also taught comparative literature and recommended that I should read Baudelaire's "Flowers of Evil," which was a pretty daring suggestion. I read it in the English translation and thought it was really depraved and wicked. As many of you have stated, we did have some good teachers (and some clinkers), but nobody worried about what was politically correct then, and life was more interesting for students, I think. I want to congratulate all my Class of '49 friends on their recent reunion and was sorry I couldn't attend. Maybe I can make the Class of '50 reunion in 2000. Hello especially to Bonese and Glenn Turner. -Al Hester, Class of '50 ******************************************** >>From: Barbara Barron Doyle (50) The Bomber quarterback in 1979 was Tim Doyle. How do I know? I'm his mother and I didn't miss a game. -Barbara Barron Doyle ('50) ******************************************** >>From: Craig Buchanan (57) This past Saturday I attended a reunion of all the old neighbors that lived in the 1300 block of Farrell Lane during the 1940's and 50's. Friends of the old neighbors who lived close by Farrell Lane also were invited. Based on all the feedback I received it was in every way a success. David Hinson (51) was one of the old neighbors and arrived in his twin engine Beechcraft with his brothers Hugh (52) and Spencer (56). About 40 of us gathered at the Old Country Buffet for a 5pm no host dinner. David Hinson, former FAA Administrator, spoke to us about his experiences. His presentation was excellent. Then we went around the room and gave each person a chance to share old memories of the old neighborhood - it was a very special time. One of the kind "mothers" of the old neighborhood who is now in her 80's shared her memory of a car that would speed by her house, "So fast that I could not even tell what color it was." The look on some of the "kids" faces from the neighborhood had a smile on their faces as they recalled who this "speeder" was. Many of the "mothers and dads" who are now in their middle and late 80's shared some memories as did us "kids" who all got into the dinner on "senior" rates. Fran Rish and his wife happened to be eating there so we invited them to drop into the banquet room and say hello to all of us - that was special. I would recommend that other old neighborhoods consider having a similar reunion. I promise you that it will be a wonderful event. -Craig Buchanan (57) ******************************************** >>From: Tom Matthews (57) Quarterbacks as listed from Annuals: 1955 - Pete Hollick, David Forrest 1956 - Dwayne Muller 1957 - George Stephans, Dwayne Muller -Tom Matthews (57) ******************************************** >>From: Jessie Willoughby (60) I cannot imagine how devastating being in a hurricane would be. We lived in Kentucky for awhile and just the warnings of possible tornadoes were pretty frightening to me. I cannot imagine actually being in a hurricane. Our prayers are with all the families. We pray that the Lord will bless and provide for all those in need and that He will give peace to all who are friends or loved ones of hurricane victims. -Jessie Willoughby (60) ******************************************** >>From: Jim Hamilton (63) RE: making changes During my tenure at Dawson-Richards, I had many opportunities to watch Gaynor Dawson make change. Now as we all know Gaynor (Stanford '69) was never in 7-5, and he made counting change an art form. Let's say you purchased a pair of tan jeans and with tax they cost $5.11. You gave Gaynor a fiver and a one. Your change would be 89 cents. Gaynor would start by giving you a nickel, that would be $5.16, then a dime to make it $5.26, another nickel would be $5.31, then a penny to make it $5.32, another dime would make it $5.42. A quarter and it would be $5.67, another nickel made it $5.72, a dime would be $5.82, a nickel and it was $5.87. "Five eighty-eight", Gaynor would say as he gave 'em another penny, another penny and it was $5.89, a nickel got you to $5.94, another nickel and you had $5.99. The last penny was "six bucks, and thank you very much". Now if you had more than a buck coming in change, you might have given serious thought to writing a check. Plastic didn't show up for quite a few more years. -Jim Hamilton (63) ******************************************** >>From: Lloyd Swain (66) Response to "Floyd" damage Hey.. you know what I think?... that all Bomber alums should run.. not walk... away from the eastern seaboard and come back to Washington... I mean really.. you guys should start building an Ark.... :-) -Lloyd Swain (66) ******************************************** >>From: Paula Smith (70) Does anyone know where Russel "Rusty" Thurman (74) is these days? My sister Patti Smith, (74-Hanford High), thought he might be living in California. -Paula Smith (70) ******************************************** >>From: Rob Teats (70) To Diane Hartley (72) I always felt that the English faculty were an amazing collection of inspiring individuals. They helped me discover a larger world of beauty and grace and I am thankful for them. I especially remember the teaching contributions of Bill Allen, Nadine Brown, Julie Davis, Zoe Larson, and Roberta McSloy. It was a pity that the noble subjects of history and government were so poorly taught by some basketball and football coaches, and PE instructors. It was too bad that they weren't given something else to teach like Driver Training. I can remember getting a mimeographed test on "current affairs" from one basketball coach that was the exact same test he had given ten years earlier. -Rob Teats (70) ******************************************** >>From: Valerie Polentz Topham (72) RE: Another 'extra' annual Okay, I will also own up to an extra annual - don't ask me why but I ordered one for a friend in CA then never sent it. Available to the first who asks, 1972, in mint condition - except for the dust. -Val Polentz Topham (72) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) To Phil Jones (69): Your QB list is close. One mistake I see was 1975 was Mark Torterelli. 76 was Cole, 77 was Neidhold (I'm going by the graduation years, not the fall years.) Keep up the good work! Also, I read a feeble barb that Brad Upton wrote about wild-armed shortstops in today's SANDSTORM. Also, referring to the success of the runners in short pants (tracksters). I think retaliation is in order. You have my full support! -Mike Davis (74) ******************************************** >>From: Matt Crowley (75) Hey, everybody, back up: the nasty movie that played at the drive-in and that caused such an uproar was NOT "Rosemary's Baby," it was a piece of cheapo sleaze called "Carmen Baby"! It seems to me that Judge Yencopal had a lot to do with prosecuting it. -Matt Crowley, '75 ******************************************** >>From: Shannon Campbell Strankman (77) It's great to read stories about all the teachers and can relate to many of them. I've had several of my past teachers stop in my Deli in Richland lately and at first I hesitated to mention I know them. Then I remembered my father-in-law, Fred Strankman, telling stories about past students who would make a point to visit with him how great that makes him feel. The next time a couple of my teachers stopped in I mentioned our past and it seemed to make their day. Keep that in mind the next time you run into one of your old teachers or are in town visiting. Even the tough ones seem to be more mellow after all these years! My husband Fritz Strankman (68) and I have had a lot of fun operating a mobile espresso business and recently expanding to a Deli in Richland. We've used Hanford terms to name our sandwiches and also sell Nuclear Wear t-shirts designed by Bill Voiland (Class of '66 I believe). For those of you who mention moving back to Richland would be nice, have I got a deal for you! Check out our website for an opportunity to WIN our mobile espresso business here in Richland, or since it's mobile you could move it to your current city. -Shannon Campbell Strankman (77) ******************************************** >>From: Lori Walker Wehmhoefer (78) Does anyone from Class of '78 know where to find Debbie Clemens? In case you don't remember her, she played a mean trumpet at our last assembly. She was at our 10 year reunion and was quite the head-turner, but was sorely missed at the 20 year. Last I knew she had married and her last name was Poppenroth (or something like that). Would love to get in touch with her if anyone knows how to find her. Hey, Karen Russell Walley (78): It was great chatting with you last night! I miss your face and hearing your beautiful voice! Sing, sing, sing..... -Lori Walker Wehmhoefer (78) ******************************************** >>From: Donna Fisher (80) Here is my share of teachers: I had Miss Hosack for my kindergarten teacher, I think she was cool. The only thing I can remember about kindergarten was going in the wrong class. I had Mr. Frick in 9th grade social studies, unfortunately my desk was right across from him so I couldn't take any naps during class. I had Mr. Labreque (probably spell his name wrong) in high school, the last time I saw him was in McDonald's and I served him breakfast. I liked him, because he would put his test on the blackboard and called you by your last name. I never had Mr. Janz (I think 9th grade math) but I see him some of time coming into McDonald's, too. I think I had Mrs. Lester, too, but I can't remember. If I did I had her in 5th grade. It so hard to remember all your teacher's names unless you see them face to face. -Donna Fisher (80) ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. ******************************************** ******************************************** ****************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 9/24/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 18 Bombers, one announcement, and one obit today: George Cooper (54), Rose Boswell (61), Denny Damschen (62), Ed Wood (62), Jane Walker (62), Gary Behymer (64), Gregor Hanson (65), Mark DeVoss (67), Pam Pyle (69), Steve Curd (70), Roxann Houck (72), Anita Fravala (73), Dave Trent (75), Darcy Doyle (77), Mary Foley (77), Tony Ott (80), Beth Young (81), Jason Curd (90), ******************************************** ******************************************** ANNOUNCEMENT >>From: Kathy Hoff Webb Conrad (64) ALL Bomber Reunion 2000 Co-ordinator Richland High School/Col Hi/Year 2000 ALL BOMBER ALUMNI REUNION June 24th, 2000 ----------------------------------- 1st Committee Meeting: Sept. 27th, 7:00 p.m. in the High School Library. How many of you remember where the library is? All BOMBERS need to attend. If you cannot attend, but have some ideas for the gathering - please E-mail them to me. More info next week. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: George Cooper (54) I remember Fran Rish running a single wing formation and the quarterback was actually a blocking back. During the fall of '53 (and '52 I believe) the quarterback was Larry Blackburn and, if memory serves me, Lloyd Kent and Harold Kenitzer were the halfback and fullback (running backs). I saw the name Hugh Hinson (52) mentioned yesterday in a note about a "street" reunion. I believe he was the quarterback (blocking back) earlier in the '50s. Memory is a little fuzzy though. -George Cooper (54) ******************************************** >>From: Rose Boswell Smith (61) Well its vacation time for me and all of you that have been tormenting me with thoughts of Spudnuts will be glad to know I'm on my way to Reno via Spudnutville. My friend has never been to Richland so I will have fun treating him to all the finer places in life. Like the old home in West Richland that doesn't even remotely look the same. The old bridge is gone so will drive across the new one. The ditch road where I walked early mornings and listened to the morning doves and jumped when scorpions raced across in front of me. The High School with the wonderful picture of Days Pay on it. The sand burs and sagebrush and the sand we called home. To people born and raised in Everett where the sand stays on the beach. And the trees obscure the view, he will probably wonder why anyone would want to live east. But we all remember the wonderful sunsets and Spudnuts and piling into the car to go to the drive-in . The car would stop and 10 guys would pile out of the trunk. Buck night you know. So many fond memories, I couldn't wait to leave that dead end place. Boy I wish I was back there. Too busy now days. Want the peace and quiet. Love to hear all the news on this site. I'll think of you when I pull out the stale Spudnut I have kept in the sack for days just to relish it later and it still tastes good.. -Rose Boswell Smith (61) ******************************************** >>From: Denny Damschen (62) RE: quarterbacks The quarterbacks (as I remember them): 1959 - Dean Lansing (60) 1960 - Doug Lukens (62) 1961 - Doug Lukens (62) -Denny Damschen (62) ******************************************** >>From: Ed Wood (62) RE: Quarterback 1960 Dean Lansing and Tom Hunt? This is from my yearbook. I remember Dean, not sure I remember Tom. Has anyone heard from our exchange students? '60 Ute Richter, Germany '60 Ayla Ozer, Turkey '61 Lauren Pizetti, Italy '61 Harald Jungmann, Germany '62 Vivian Gericke, South Africa '62 Agneta Bjorklund, Sweden Last I heard Agneta was living somewhere south of Stockholm. -Ed Wood '62 ******************************************** >>From: Jane Walker Hill (62) RE: Quarterbacks 61-62...... Bob Card -Jane Walker Hill (62) ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) RE: Quarterbacks Betting that for the 1957-1958 class year that Robbie Kenner & Mike McKeown were the quarterbacks? Gary Behymer ******************************************** >>From: Gregor Hanson (65) RE: Bomber QB's TO: Gary Behymer (64) Gary - Doug Lukens was the Bomber QB in fall of '61 (class of '62). The starting QB for the '62 season was Chuck Gardner (class of '63 deceased), with Mike Byrd and Steve Denler as backups - and in the '63 season I believe that Byrd got a majority of the starts. -Gregor Hanson (65) ******************************************** >>From: Mark DeVoss (67) RE: More quarterback stuff '64 - '65 - D. Benoliel. C. Trujillo, J. VanWyck, C. Manolopoulos '65 -'66 - J. VanWyck, C. Manolopoulos '66 - '67 - C. Manolopoulos Mark DeVoss '67 ******************************************** >>From: Pam Pyle Jewett-Bullock (69) to Carol Converse Maurer (64) Carol, my mother (Beryle Pyle) was one of those Lewis & Clark room mothers of whom you spoke a couple days ago. I believe my classmates (69ers) will especially remember classroom Valentine celebrations with "Mrs. Pyle." For every year I was in elementary school, she crafted HUGE (about 7" across) heart- shaped sugar cookies, one for each child and the teacher. Each one was coated with either red or white frosting, and then each child's first name (and last initial, if needed) was written across the cookie in the opposite color frosting. A tiny frosting puff held each cookie securely on a heart shaped paper doily. In the weeks that preceded Valentines Day, I could always count on ENORMOUS acts of kindness from my classmates - no surprise, I guess... When our son, Christopher, entered elementary school in Southern California, my mom actually expected ME to "carry on" with the Valentine cookie tradition (never mind the fact that I had a full time career going on at the same time). Egad, what a friggin' nightmare those things are to make!! It takes one whole day just to prepare the dough, another to cut them out and bake them, and one whole evening to decorate them. But the kids loved 'em, so the effort was always worth it. HOWEVER, my worst nightmare was the year Chris was in third grade. I'd finished the cookies the night before; and, when I left the house that morning for work, my last words to our housekeeper were: "Now Pat, when you leave, remember to put Ivan (worthless cocker spaniel) out in the Arizona room, and CLOSE that sliding door!" I arrived home at 1p.m., expecting to load the cookies into the back of the station wagon and deliver them to the class party. Guess what I discovered? That @*!?#%^ dog had eaten FOUR of the kids' cookies. (Every parent knows you can't leave out four kids in a gift exercise of this kind without MAJOR heartbreak!) Our exchange "son" that year was Martin Larmark, from Sweden. Martin arrived home just in time to find me in hysterics (the dog nowhere to be found, either--he wasn't so dumb!). Martin said, "Well, what about MY cookie? And, didn't you make extras for the neighbors, too?" Yes, I had, in fact; so, with the careful use of a knife, I "erased" the names off the "extras", patched the cover frosting, and wrote in the names of the four missing kids. Good thing for Ivan that Martin arrived on the scene! From her heavenly post, I'm sure "Mrs. Pyle" had a REALLY good laugh that afternoon! Anyway, thanks for bringing it up, Carol. Those WERE really good times. -Pam Pyle Jewett-Bullock (69) ******************************************** >>From: Steve Curd (70) To: Jim Rice (75) Steak and eggs - its true! We ate well and it paid off. Someone also mentioned the Spudnut Shop - Harry Rice (70), Bill Bishop (70), and I used to buy a dozen donuts and a quart of chocolate milk each and eat it all in one sitting. AC bird if you remember the local name for artic circle would give you 4 hamburgers, two orders of fries and I believe a Mountain Dew for under a buck! Jim do you remember from 68 to 70 the x-country team putting 4 varsity guys across the line first before any one else. Is that like a grand slam in baseball over and over? -Steve Curd (70) ******************************************** From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Roxy Houck Jones (72) Date: Thu Sep 23 18:01:16 1999 This is awesome. I live in north Idaho. Anyone remember me? E-mail me. -Roxann Houck Jones (72) ******************************************** From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Anita Fravala Griffin (73) Date: Thu Sep 23 17:32:34 1999 This is absolutely great! My mother, IvaMarie Edens Fravala (54), got me hooked onto this. Please add me to list. Reading all the "notes" sent in on a daily basis has sure been nostalgic. Reminds me of just how old we are getting! -Anita Fravala Griffin (73) ******************************************** >>From: Dave Trent (75) RE: Quarterbacks. I don't remember much from high school, but Torterelli was the QB in '75. He used to sit by my in Morley Paul's english class and perform one of the most amazing stunts I ever witnessed at Col-Hi. -Dave Trent (75) ******************************************** >>From: Darcy Doyle Hupf (77) Who brought up drive-in theaters!!?? Those are some of my favorite memories. My mom & dad would get home made popcorn in brown paper bags, cans of pop and candy, pack up the car, make all 5 of us kids get in our pj's at about 3:00 in the afternoon!!! and load up to go out to the drive-in. We played on the swing sets before the movie would start, somehow forgetting that we were in our pj's then climb into to the car with the seats folded down to accommodate sleeping bags and watch the movies! I will never forget the sound of the gravel under the tires as my dad slowly drove away at the end of the night hoping not to wake any of us. That was the best! PS: Cameron (77), how are those flowers doing in front of your house!? Are they still in order? One of these days..... -Darcy Doyle Hupf (77) ******************************************** >>From: Mary Foley Bazzano (77) To Matt Crowley (75) Enjoyed your description of Mrs. Nadine Brown. Made her sound like an older version of "Mimi" from the Drew Carey Show!!! -Mary Foley Bazzano (77) ******************************************** >>From: Tony Ott (80) To Rod Jochen, (80) Keg Parties!.... you got to be kidding!... These were business ventures for up and coming business people.... To Mark Paris, (80) Loved War Ball... Cooty was always on my side..... if I remember right, (memory?) Randy Stevens tossed a mean pill too... and what about DAVE BURKS... He was GOD LIKE... or something like that... To Dave Burks, (80) Is that how you wanted me to say it.... Dave and Rod dirt bike riding behind the cemetery... Rod your Nova... no fun there.... How about stuffing 13 guys into my Impala with Huck Welch hanging on to the hood... I think we were going to one of those "business meetings" .... and how about Fridays over at the Jacksons..... Homecoming, and the room we had at Cavanaughs... didn't I drive the custom van that night... and didn't we pick up a stranger on the highway... (ugly).. Dave Lemke..... wannna be rock-stars.... SCORPIONS.... Pool in Rods basement... among other things... any of this clicking:-} Later -Tony Ott (80) ******************************************** >>From: Beth Young Gibson (81) To: Rob Teats (70) I know what you mean by some of the coaches not being very good teachers. It didn't even really dawn on me what was going on until several years later, when watching an episode of "Coach" on TV, where Coach was being forced to teach a history class in the off- season. He tried to turn it into a bonehead class until he realized he actually had to give tests and grades. I had Mr. Elsensohn for Contemporary World History. I think he was coaching football at the time. Not to say he was a bad teacher, but I was pretty bored with talks about SALT and ICBMs and the PLO. So it was a welcome break when every Friday during the fall and winter the class got to "pick" the winners of all the pro football games and all the top twenty college football games. We'd go around the room and each person would pick the winner. Some of the guys were surprised when some of the girls didn't do too badly! All the classes were in competition with each other to see who would get the most right. Nobody won anything, it was just for the "honor!" -Beth Young Gibson (81) ******************************************** From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Jason Curd (90) Date: Thu Sep 23 17:32:51 1999 Just checkin' in Wanted to put my name on the list to see if anyone else in my class gets back to me. GO BOMBERS -Jason Curd (90) ******************************************** ******************************************** Funeral notice scanned from TCHerald by Shirley Collings Haskins (66) >>Mary Regimbal LeDoyea, Class of 1981 ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. ******************************************** ******************************************** ****************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 9/25/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers and 3 obits today: Tom Matthews (57), Howard "Sonny" Morgan (58), Jan Nelson (60), June Smith (63), Gary Behymer (64), Phil Jones (69), Verlie Cristman (69), Steve Piippo (70), Jim Rice (75), Dave Burks (80) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Tom Matthews (57) RE: Quarterbacks In 56-57 year Robbie Kenner is pictured in the year book as Halfback. Can't find a Mike McKeown on the team or on JV - or in the class pictures. -Tom Matthews (57) ******************************************** >>From: Howard "Soy" Morgan RE: QBs TO: Gary Behymer (64) Sorry to disagree with you Gary, but Robbie Kenner (58) was a halfback in 58 along with Jock Cameron (58) and Kenny Ryan (58). George Stevens (58) was the QB. The line was anchored by John Meyers (58) and Pat Crook (58). Pat went on to star for WSU, and John for U of W and then played pro football for Philadelphia (I think). In 57 the QB was Dwyane Muller (sp). I think Mike McKeown (60) was a QB in 59 as he was a year behind us. By the way, We won the football championship that year (1957-1958) along with being State Champs in Basketball, and we also won the Yakima valley championship in baseball. -Howard "Sonny" Morgan (58) ******************************************** >>From: Jan Nelson (60) RE: Ayla Ozer (60 Foreign Exchange Student) Hello, I talked to Ayla two nights ago in Turkey. Should say morning, I woke her up. She said they don't sleep much. She and her family are ok. Their apartment is in the Asian part of Turkey with not much damage. But their summer home is close to Ismit, where the earthquake centered. I don't think their place was damaged but a lot of people are leaving the village close by, for fear of another quake. Made me want to cry to talk to her. She said the situation is just awful. Lots of unnecessary deaths. Her daughter helped with the relief so had stories, first hand. I had visited there two years ago. Linda Seaton (60), who's family she lived with, has also been in touch with her and recently visited Turkey. I just called my local Red Cross Chapter and made a donation to the Turkey victims. You can do it with a credit card over the phone. Really easy and the volunteer there said that much is needed and any contributions are welcomed. So call and donate. Ayla would love to know her American friends support Turkey. She mentioned that she was grateful for the American quick response to the disaster. -Jan Nelson (60) ******************************************** >>From: June Smith Colletti (63) I got the next best thing!!!! My sister, Vera Smith Robbins (58), lives in Richland now. She "surprised me" by showing up at my place of work (in Florida) with 3 dozen Spudnuts from the Spudnut Shop!!!!!! If you can't go to, then it's brought to ya!!!! Not only that, she gave me a T-shirt from the Spudnut Shop!!!!! The Spudnuts were a day old, but let me tell you............ they were STILL good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, sis. -June Smith Colletti (63) ******************************************** >>From: Phil Jones )69) To Dave Trent (75) Thanks for the QB input and I'm having some fun blowin off time adding to a "Master List". There's some holes in my QB list and confusion on year of participation especially 70 through 75. You offered Mike Torterelli as playing in 75. I had Ken Cole down for 75. What was Teverbaugh's year(s) playing? NOT GRADUATION YEAR, PLEASE) Jeff Marcum 73? Dean Thompson 72 and 71? Help. Also need 92, 93 and 94. Mike Evans 94 and 93???? I know.............. who cares? But I'm having a ball communicating with everybody offering up answers. Thanks for the help -Phil Jones 69 ******************************************** >>From: Verlie Cristman Labrum (69) TO Pam Pyle (69) I remember those cookies... I never could eat the whole thing!! But they were great! It's funny how much more time our Mothers had to do those things.. I never had the time (or patience) myself! -Verlie Cristman Labrum :) (69) ******************************************** >>From: Steve Piippo (70) J.D. Covington began at RHS as a Geometry/math teacher. Bill Bishop (70) and I were in his Geometry class in 1969. Towards the end of the school year J.D. asked Bill and myself to come out into the hallway. Once in the hallway Mr. Covington said, "Steve and Bill, if both you guys will promise never to take another math class in RHS... I'll give you both a D." Bill and I accepted. We were not blessed in math skills and were real happy to pass with a 'D.' Years later I had the privilege and honor to teach with J.D. Covington and learn up close and personal all he did for kids both in the classroom, on the football field and for our community. We loved his southern accent...... Bill and I snoooooozed regularly. Thanks J.D., we made it in life. Rolled up sleeves, white shirt, cowboy boots... -Steve Piippo (70) ******************************************** >>From: Jim Rice (75) Here's one of my favorite drive-in movie stories. A sister of mine (who will remain unnamed) was getting ready to head out to the movies (she was probably about 15). She told her (my) parents that she was going to the Uptown, since she wasn't allowed to go to the drive-in. Mom asked her what time the movies started. "Dusk," she said. Oops. -Jim Rice (75) ******************************************** >>From: Dave Burks (80) To Tony Ott (80)... Do I remember? We'll let's see.. How about the snow day where school was canceled and we were wild on Rochefontainre street? Where we piled in the green bomb (seems like 15 at least) and Brian Skinner was sitting on the hood as we proceeded to drive all the way to the "Uptown" with this HUGE hood ornament! I think we went to see Kirby Jackson who was working at Artic Circle. Remember going in and cooking our own food there? To the Jackson Brothers (80)... I also remember painting the tennis wall for Duane Todish's "Presidential" campaign that turned into a major paint war.. I remember driving both of you (in the back of my truck) to the car wash and painfully removing the paint before we went back to your house. I remember circling Cedar street from 6:45 to 7:00 on Friday mornings waiting for Barb to go to work so the pre-school function, (Rick Jones doing "boilers") I mean "study hall" could begin.. I remember carrying the "Duane Todish For President Banner" in to the large gym and Duane appearing on a skateboard with a empty "Bull" 1/2 rack box on his head and his eloquent but brief speech. "I'm Duane Todish and I think I'll do a good job". How on earth did we get away with that? -Dave Burks (80) ******************************************** ******************************************** Funeral notices scanned from TCHerald by Shirley Collings Haskins (66) Bill Cloos, Class of 1962 Elmer Forrest, Class of 1931 Rod Marcum, Class of 1976? ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. ******************************************** ******************************************** ****************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 9/26/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers sent stuff in: Jim Doyle (49), Millie Finch (54), Gloria Falls (58), Jim Russell (58), Marv Carstens (61), Mary ray (61), Gary Behymer (64), Ray Stein (64), Richard Rathvon (71), Carianne Siemens (94) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jim Doyle (49) To Phil Jones, '69. Here's a couple of old-timers for your list. 1947 - Don Fisher (class of '50) He switched to HB-FB in '48 and '49. 1948 - Rick Reed (class of '49). Incidentally, '47 was the Bombers first winning season and '48 was the first time the Bombers beat Pasco. -Jim Doyle, '49 P.S. Say hi to your dad for me. ******************************************** >>From: Millie Finch Gregg (54) RE: Greetings All Bombers from '49 to '54 WOW! What a celebration we had at the reunion this year. For those of you who never attend, personally I don't understand why, but you can not begin to imagine the "warm fuzzy" that you get from being with friends of almost a life time. We have talked many times in this paper about the uniqueness (sp) of this community and these reunions refresh your mind to a wonderful, carefree time in your life that even if we are 60+ years, we still need friendships either young or old. What better friends than classmates who share your experience. I know I am a different breed (don't everyone hurry to respond to that!) but I look at life that we always need someone. We can't go it alone. Yes we are adults, and in our golden years (some of us are a little rusty) it is "healthful" to connect or reconnect with "little friends" from the past. When you enter the festivities, trust me, all of your current troubles and woes are left at the door. It is a wonderful fresh breath of friendship and memories. Yes, I was there on Fri and Sat nights and Club 40 and our gals from class of '54 did a SUPER DOOPER job,. It takes a tremendous amount of work to have these and I know it is appreciated by all. I can no longer cut a rug on the dance floor, but the band was great and the music of the 40's-50's just cannot be beat. The gals that wore there pedal pushers, saddle shoes and Georgia Chapman wearing her poodle skirt were so neat. Of course our own Norma Myrick who wore her cheer leading outfit from her sophomore year (pretty disgusting, huh??), but she can still do the splits, etc. It was wonderful. I saw friends from the earlier grades that I knew and they graduated with my brothers. You would be surprised how many people you remember, and then in talking the events that are mentioned and you remember. See we aren't completely useless yet. Don't let those young people think the seniors are history. Anyway it was wonderful to see all of you who attended. We have classmates that aren't in the best of health, and what a boost it was to see them make the attempt to attend for a time. We have one classmate who is playing with "cats" (on Broadway) that is; he also won the distance award from New York. You missed about 8-9 of our ladies who are quite the designers of hats. I won't be surprised if we don't see one of them walking down the walkway! The best award, and I received it with pride is the HOT FLASH award. Isn't it amazing as you get older sometimes the conversations turn to body parts - I guess that is because we are so happy when they work!!! Anyway, classmates, if you were not there, you missed out. You should think about our 50th for sure, but also consider the Club 40 festivities each year, they do a fantastic job. To Sue/Diane Hale; Sue McElhaney; Dennis Chapman (wife Georgia); Billy Griffin (wife Carol); Red Wood (Shirley); Rose/Dick Grabner; Phil Gant; Robby Geldner; Tom McGuire (Fran); Larry Christensen; Janet Hetzel; Judy Hoff Buxton; Judy Brothers (Pearce); Iva Edens; Jim and Jeannette Mefford; Marilyn Working; LouAnn Paulson; Marily Gulley LaFoe; on and on but it was WONDERFUL to see all of you. Also to Jeannine Houston (Paul) . We had fun decorating on Friday and all in all it is a memory that that will linger for a time and then will fade, until we reconnect again. I hope you will consider attending the next time. I would love to see you and visit with you to see how your life is. Hopefully it will be as good as mine. Thanks again to Marguerite; Norma; Donna and all who worked hard to make it happen. Bombers forever! -Millie Finch Gregg (54) ******************************************** >>From: Gloria Falls Evans (58) I believe John Myers (58) also played for Dallas Cowboys. -Gloria Falls Evans (58) ******************************************** >>From: Jim Russell (58) Tony Ott (80) recalled driving around town with a bunch of the guys on the hood of the car and referred to the gang as a "hood ornament," which reminded me of another time and a similar incident. In 1957 or 58, Bob Sandall (58) and his good friend Dave Gostnell (58) were being their totally responsible selves, with Bob driving the car and Dave ("Goose") riding the hood. They were of course spotted by one of Richland's finest, who stopped them and issued Bob a citation for having "an illegal hood ornament." -Jim Russell (58) ******************************************** >>From: Marv Carstens (61) RE: QB'S ---past To: Gary Behymer (64) Gary ... Bomber QB for the 58-59 school year was Roger Snow (59); For the 59-60 year, it was Mike McKeown (60), and as several others have mentioned, Doug Lukens (62) (as a junior) handled the snaps for the 60-61 and also 61-62 seasons. A few other names from the teams from that era: Jack Glover (61), Bill Blankingship (62), Gary Eubanks (61), Don MacDowell (61), Ray Coffman ... NOT all QB's, of course, but running backs, tight ends and one terrific lineman (Eubanks). Fun! -Marv Carstens ('61) ******************************************** >>From: Mary Ray Henslee (61) RE: Quarterback List Correction Maren, Checked out your quarterback list. Fall of 1958 needs to be corrected. Roger Snow (59) was our star quarterback the fall of 1958. I know this for a fact because I have the year book and also many newspaper clippings in my scrape book since we dated for a while. He was extremely good looking and popular. Very all around guy. I don't recognize the name Robbie Kenner (58) and can't find him in my year book anywhere. If he graduated in 1958 he wouldn't have been in school anymore to be on the fall of 1958 football team would he?? Anyway Roger led us to many victories, so credit should go where credit is due. My grown children laugh at my scrape book because kids got their pictures in the paper so much. I guess it was just the times and the fact that Richland had no crime. What else to report! Have a newspaper clipping of myself from the newspaper at my summer job in the bakery at Campbell's Grocery Store holding a chocolate cake. Too funny! Also a picture of Sharon Tate (61) and some other gals supposedly planning for summer vacation. -Mary Ray Henslee (61) ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) RE: Quarterback Correction Byrd and Dentley could not have played in the fall of 1964. They had graduated in the Spring of 1964 (;-). Also... both may have played in the fall of 1962 their junior years... I believe that Lukens got hurt that year. RE: Merchandise Anyone of the Alumni Sandstorm people sell T-Shirts? How about setting up to sell Bomber T-shirts and/or sweatshirts.. or maybe even Spudnut Shop shirts? -Gary ******************************************** >>From: Ray Stein (64) RE: Quarterbacks Your Quarterback list brought back memories of a most unusual football season in the fall of '62. Richland stumbled to a 2-4 start and was set to play unbeaten and top-ranked Gonzaga Prep. Surprise! We won 39-27 and, as they say, it wasn't really that close. The next week we played unbeaten and top-ranked Walla Walla. We shut down WW 7-0 to finish the season at 4-4. With no State playoff, the pollsters ranked Richland 8th in the State with a 4-4 record! WW was ranked 6th (go figure). The following year our football team only played 7 games because, as Rish said, no Spokane team wanted to play us. Peace, -Ray Stein (64) ******************************************** >>From: Richard Rathvon (71) To Steve Curd (70): But the REAL X-country team was the class of 71! Steak and eggs! Hooo-Ha! Remember the recommended menu coach Jenson sent home -- oatmeal with honey, a bit of toast, and possibly some tea! To Brad Wear (71): Where in Texas are you? I'm now in Houston sweltering in the tropical humidity. -Richard Rathvon (71) ******************************************** >>From: Carianne Siemens Shuster (94) RE: Quarterbacks Jim Mueller was quarterback for 1993. I think mike evens was backup that year. Hope this helps. -Carianne Siemens Shuster 1994 ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. ******************************************** ******************************************** ****************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 9/27/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 13 Bombers sent stuff in: Anna May Wann (49), Ralph Myrick (51), Jim House (63), Mike Peterson (64) / Judy Kleinpeter (67), Janis Cook (68), Brad Wear (71), Diane Carpenter (72), Dave Trent (75), Linda King (79), Linda Lawless (82), Amanda Hitt (86), Carianne Siemens (94) ******************************************** ******************************************** [NOTE: Anna May's entry just arrived in my INBOX - dated 9/15 Sorry for the delay -Maren] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >>From: Anna May Wann Thompson (49) To Jo Cawdrey (49 & 50): The pictures were paid for that evening before we had them taken. They were $10.50 each. Bev Keller Marcum-McMullen did have a few extras she was selling and I do think she can get more. Contact her - If you picked up one of the memory books, her Fax and E-mail are listed in there. Just got an E-Mail from Carol Haynes Finch (51) and she is in Palm Harbor, Florida, don't know how close "Floyd" is getting to that area. Guess our Rain in Seattle isn't so bad after all. At least we don't get blown to kingdom come. My son just installed a new scanner here for me, so if you can't get a picture, maybe I can be brave and try to scan one for you. [NOTE: The following entry from Anna May just arrived - dated 9/24. Sorry for the delay -- again -Maren] for what its worth - my husband was coach of Kennewick Lions 1958 - 1962. Don't think he ever could beat Rish. Bomber quarterback in 1958 was Roger Snow (59). Richland won 27-26 a real thriller. - Members of our team at Kennewick were Ray Mansfield and Johnny O'Brien who went on to be Husky teammates of John Myers (58) etc. of Richland fame. My husband, Mel (48), was the first Bomber to be selected for the "All State" team in 1948. He played guard for Rish. - I almost wore my old pin (its from the Jim Owens era) that says in big purple and gold letters "It's great to be a Husky in Cougar Country" - but decided at the reunion a couple of weeks ago I would have been too outnumbered by Cougars - especially since my golfing partner was Ray Conley, an avid Cougar fan. Just thought I would add my two cents. -Anna May Wann Thompson (49) ******************************************** >>From: Ralph Myrick (51) For those who know my two sons, Scott Myrick (81) and Neal Myrick (83): Scott is now a Chief Petty Officer in the U.S. Coast Guard. He will retire September of 2000. Neal is 34 and retired from Visio, a high tech company in Seattle. He retired as the Director of World Wide Facilities and Technologies. He will go to Cosa Rica at the end of October for six months and decide if wants to live there. What a decision. I am real proud of both of them. At least their Mother, Judy, will retire before one of her sons. She will hang it up February of 2000. -Ralph Myrick (51) ******************************************** >>From: Jim House (63) RE: Infamous Quarterback I have a fond memory of one play by a Bomber quarterback in the first game of the season. Wanting to impress the coaches as both courageous and cunning he called for a hand off to the halfback for a sweep to the right. However he had a secret plan that he couldn't share, even with his teammates. He faked to his halfback and whirled around for a solo dash to the left end without any blockers. Unfortunately we was crushed by the All State defensive end charging from that side. He somehow got to his feet, wobbled back to the huddle and (legend has it) ordered a mama burger and a root beer. Since that wasn't in the Bomber play book, another player call the next play for him. When he lined up behind the tackle his teammates realized he was still disoriented the escorted him to the sidelines. The sports medicine for concussions in that era prescribed dumping ice water on him and calling his mother. Sitting alone on the bench, the QB came to at half time. He later told me that although he couldn't remember anything, he thought must have played a lot because he had been sweating so much, unaware that he was soaking wet from the ice water. Because we laughed at his misfortune, my hero shall remain nameless. But I am sure his team mates can still picture him sitting there like a wounded Seagull. -Jim House (63) ******************************************** From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Mike and Judy Kleinpeter Peterson (64/67) Date: Sun Sep 26 22:44:53 1999 Please add us to your newsletter and lists for 1964 (Michael) & 1967 (Judy). We're having fun reading all about Richland! -Mike Peterson (64) and Judy Kleinpeter Peterson (67) ******************************************** From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Janis Cook Tames (68) Date: Sun Sep 26 00:36:55 1999 Great Idea! his website is great, thanks for the work of putting this together. Class of 1968, anyone from this class? -Janis Cook Tames (68) ******************************************** >>From: Brad Wear (71) To Richard Rathvon, 71, Richard I'm in Richardson, Tx. Right next to Dallas, home of the "big haired women". Anyone in Texas knows what we're talking about. I've been in Texas the last 21 yrs. I'm in Houston all the time I'll look you up. Do the same if you get up here. We just gave our hockey team a new diet they are to start three days before a game, and it doesn't have much steak on it. I wonder why? I remember the races in Washington D.C. San Francisco, and L.A. with the big steak dinners as well. Oh well live and learn. -Brad Wear (71) ******************************************** >>From: Diane Carpenter Kipp (72) To: Richard Rathvon '71 How could the real X-country team be '71 when John Blalock graduated in '69? :) -Diane Carpenter Kipp '72 ******************************************** >>From: Dave Trent (75) It was MARK Tortorelli in 75. I'm sure of this one. I vaguely remember Marcum in 73 (I was a lowly soph then). Teverbaugh rings a bell, but a small one. I think he was 74. You need to ask guys like Rice (75). He knew everything about RHS athletics. -Dave Trent (75) ******************************************** >>From: Linda King Goetz (79) To: Darcy Doyle Hupf (77) I have those exact same memories of the drive-in.. Did the Kings and Doyles go together on those excursions? I don't think I ever lasted more than 10 minutes into the feature film before I was asleep in the back of the old Ford station wagon! -Linda King Goetz (79) ******************************************** >>From: Linda Lawless LaVigne (82) Hello to the class of 82. Haven't seen any entries from our class yet but I just started reading this thing. I will get the other members of the Lawless clan hooked in too. Please, no more talk about Spudnuts.... you're making me hungry!! Do they ship overnight??? -Linda Lawless LaVigne (82) ******************************************** >>From: Amanda Hitt LaRiviere (86) To Gary Behymer (64) You asked about t-shirts. I teach right across the hall from our wonderful marketing/school store teacher, Mary Kaye Hergert. The selection at the school store is quite good, and they make customized items all of the time. (They ship their orders, too, if needed.) The cutest one I've seen recently was for math/computer teacher, Renee DeBuigne, whose son goes to Kamiakin. The school store made her a fleece vest with a Bomber and Brave school emblem embroidered on it and the words "Bomber Staff/Brave Mom." Very nicely done. -Amanda Hitt LaRiviere (86) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Amanda -- Do they have a WEBSITE??? I'm sure everyone would like to see PICTURES and also know how much $$ to send for which product. -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Carianne Siemens Shuster (94) I am almost positive Kevin Moore graduated in 1995. That would mean there would be no way he could have played quarterback in 1997. I know for certain he graduated by then. -Carianne Siemens Shuster 1994 ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. ******************************************** ******************************************** ****************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 9/28/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers sent stuff in: Anna May Wann (49), Ferna Garoutte (58), Mary Lee Lester (58), Mary Mike Hartnett (61), Ken Dall (64), Anna Durbin (69), Phil Jones (69), Jim Rice (75), Tedi Parks (76), Kim Ross (88), Rick Mangan (93), Trinity L. Webb (95), ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Anna May Wann Thompson (49) For those who are curious John Myers played for Dallas 1962-63 and Philadelphia 1964-67 according to the Husky Press Books. -Anna May Wann Thompson (49) ******************************************** >>From: Ferna Garoutte Hicks (58) RE: Football, etc. I do not remember John Myers (58) ever playing for the Dallas Cowboys, does anyone else? Just wondering. I do remember my brother, Ruffus Garoutte (55) made all state tackle in 1955. I also remember the time he got his ribs broke playing Pasco. Does anyone know the whereabouts of Dan Fievez (58)? Have not seen nor heard of him since we were all friends living in Seattle. TO Vera Smith Robbins (58) Vera, who else from our class attended the over 40 reunion? -Ferna Garoutte Hicks (58) ******************************************** >>From: Mary Lee Lester Yarborough (58) For all former students of Mary Lester Thompson at L&C: She got tired of watching T.V. and bought a computer. She has her own e-mail address so you can write to her directly now. Contact me (her daughter) for her address. Also, another idea for Bomber stuff from the school store. My grandson has already had 2 green sweatshirts and one white pajama with mushroom clouds on them. Just take the garments in and they'll stitch them. As an alumni and teacher there, they knew they had a good customer in me. -Mary Lee Lester Yarborough (58) ******************************************** >>From: Mary Mike Hartnett Arbogast (61) RE: QB Roger Snow (59) Roger Snow was a good looking guy, and played fall of 58 as a senior, he graduated w/class of 1959. I believe he and my brother, Pat (59), "hung" around as we were neighbors 1500 block of Goethals. Ken Free (59) was a part of this gang of kids, too. Had a great 40th Reunion this summer! Hello to all! -Mary Mike Hartnett (61) ******************************************** >>From: Ken Dall (64) RE: Infamous Quarterback TO Jim House (63) The infamous quarterback (aka: "The Wounded Seagull") you wrote about has got to be ****. If my memory serves me right, **** was supposed to hand off to Ray Stein (64) but instead chose to bootleg left. I was ***'s roommate in college and remember many nights that **** would wake up in a cold sweat mumbling something about "I'm sorry, Coach Rish. I really thought it would work". Are there any others who can shed some light on "the hit"? -Ken Dall (64) ******************************************** >>From: Anna Durbin (69) TO: Diane Carpenter Kipp (72) Thanks for remembering John Blalock. Why didn't any of us 69'ers stick up for him? We haven't forgotten, really. And where are you, John, and what are you up to? -Anna Durbin (69) ******************************************** >>From: Phil Jones (69) Thanks to all who continue to discuss and debate the Quarterback list. Sonny Morgan [58] had George Stephens [58] playing in 1958 but Anna May Wann Thompson [49], Marv Carstens [61] and Mary Ray Henslee [61] (who claims to have dated Roger) all report Roger Snow [59] QB'ed in 58. What do you say, Sonny? To Gary Behymer [64] I have Mike Byrd [64] and Steve Denler [64] in 63 (yup that would have them graduating in 64) and Chuck Gardner [63] and Denler [64] in 62. To Dave Trent [75] You say Tortorelli in 75? I having him playing in 74 and graduating in 75. I have Ken Cole playing in 75. and finally, to Carianne Siemens Shuster [94] Sorry, Carianne, I mistakenly listed Kevin Moore instead of Ryan Moore in 97. I know both of theses super kids personally as well as their mom and dad. It was temporary insanity. I really do know that older brother Kevin played before Ryan and wasn't a QB. Thanks for pointing it out. As you can see, to keep this straight, it's best to list the players name, followed by graduation year and than when he played. To Jim House [63] Great story about the QB with bells in his attic. I would guess ****. I, too, had a concussion and tried to play. In 1967 against Pasco, Ken Mulhbeier ear-hole me. I got up, went to the huddle, got on a knee and did nothing. The entire team stared at me waiting for me to call a play and I just stared back wondering why they were all looking at me. Finally somebody called a time out and they got me out of there. I guess I then sat on the back of the bench at Edgar Brown Stadium and asked whoever was sitting next to me what the score was and where we were about every 3 minutes. As you know, Edgar Brown has a huge scoreboard in easy view. I'm told, after we returned to Richland's locker room (we dressed at our home facility) all the guys showered up and were dressing when they notice me still dressed in my uniform and attempting to get in my locker. I couldn't remember the lock combo. Concussions are funny (and scary) deals. I don't remember any of that game now but have gotten reports about what happened. Creigler [70], Franco [70] and Upton [74] could certainly attest to the fact that I suffered no permanent damage, however. Keep those cards and letters coming in, folks about your QB selections. -Phil Jones [69] ******************************************** >>From: Jim Rice (75) To Richard Rathvon (71) You wrote: "But the REAL X-country team was the class of 71!" And Diane Carpenter Kipp (72): wrote: "How could the real X-country team be '71 when John Blalock graduated in '69? :)" Sure, Blalock was The Man. (And Richard was half the man.) But don't forget, sports fans, that the Bomber X-Country teams from 1971-75 were undefeated State Champs for 5 years in a row. To: Dave Trent (75) Poor Dave. He really doesn't remember much from high school. Maybe we all ought to chip in with some Dave Trent stories, just to aid his failing memory. But I digress. Dave Trent you wrote: "It was MARK Tortorelli in 75. I'm sure of this one. Tortorelli graduated with us, in 1975 (that is, if he graduated). He was QB in fall of '74. I believe we were 4-6 that year. (Did I mention that the XC team was undefeated state champs?) BTW, here's a trivia quiz: Who's the only Bomber National Champion? (at least as far as I know) (Hint: It's not Fred Milton (66). -Jim Rice (75) ******************************************** >>From: Tedi Parks Teverbaugh (76) TO: Brad Wear, 71 I live in Benbrook, TX (southwest Ft. Worth). Your comment regarding "big-haired women" in Dallas was hilarious. Thanks for the chuckle! -Tedi Parks Teverbaugh, '76 ******************************************** >>From: Kim Ross Nelson (88) RE: Quarterbacks Sorry, I goofed on some quarterback entries because I gave their graduation year instead of the year of the season. I spoke with Jason Richardson's mom last night and she verified that he was the quarterback for the 1995 season (graduated in 1996). Also, I graduated with Jason Martinez in 1988 so he would have been the quarterback for the 1986 and 1987 football seasons. Same with Rob Fryer; he graduated in 1985 so would have been quarterback in 1984. -Kim Ross Nelson (1988) ******************************************** >>From: Rick Mangan (93) QBs - I caught on to this chat about QBs late, but here are some QBs and their years: 89 - Nate Holdren 90 - Brian Edwards 91 - Jay Fetterman 92 - Matt Holdren 93 - Jim Mueller Hope this helps and I believe Nate Holdren QB'd in 88 too, but I'm not entirely sure. -Rick Mangan (93) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Rick - are those PLAYING years or CLASS years?? -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Trinity L. Webb (5) RE: RHS Quarterbacks I graduated with Kevin Moore in '95. So he could not have played in '97. He did play football, but I do know he threw shot and discuss. -Trinity L. Webb '95 ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. ******************************************** ******************************************** ****************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 9/29/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 14 Bombers sent stuff in: Larry Houck (59), Mary Ray (61), Richard Trujillo (62), Gary Behymer (64), Paul Tunnell (69), Phil Jones (69), Mike Franco (70), Steve Piippo (70), Diane Carpenter (72), Mike Davis (74), Dave Trent (75), Pat Ruane (75), Shawna Doyle Boolen (75), Ryan Thurston (96), ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Larry Houck (59) Hi Gang, I remember John Meyers (58) playing for Dallas, then I lost track of him. I went to school with Roger Snow (59) don't remember when he was the QB. I didn't get to the 40 reunion but I got the book saw lots of faces to bring back memories. I also remember Mrs. Lester from L&C school in third grade I was in Mrs. Fellows' class and our classrooms were in the hutments. Mrs. Lester's was the only one with running water. I got hit in the head with a bat and woke up in that room with teachers putting cold compresses on my head. I have seen both of those teachers around Richland as I came back from being in the U.S. Air Force for 20yrs. My sister Linda Houck See (61) is working at the old school now. Some of you may have run across her. It's good to read the notes you send in. I enjoy them very much. -Larry Houck (59) ******************************************** >>From: Mary Ray Henslee (61) QUARTERBACK CORRECTION: I managed to find a little time to read through the football newspaper clippings in my scrape book. Mike McKeown (60) was a half-back the fall of 1958, not a quarterback as someone must have thought. He was a half-back the fall of 58' and 59'. I don't know about the fall of 57' because that was before my time. Although not a quarterback, Mike was a talented football player and a talented basketball player as well. Mike McKeown (60) and Roger Snow (59) scored the final victory points in the 27-26 Kennewick game. Columbia had to its credit a lot of talented Bombers not only in sports, but in other areas as well....Gloria Davis (61), Helen Cochrane (61), and Beth Petersen (61), a trio that called themselves the Balladettes and sang at our Talent shows and other events. Larry Coryell (61) and Doris Van Reenan (61) were also talented singers. Columbia's traditional Sandmen Quartet, which utilized the voices of the best male vocalists each year. The many talented Casts of our outstanding school plays. The Wizard of Oz with Shirley Davis (56) as Dorothy and Babes in Toyland are a few plays that come to mind. Kippy Brinkman (62), a talented tap dancer and singer. There are many others that could be added to the list from my generation of Bombers, and I am sure from other generations as well. I figure we must have had some pretty good teachers because as I recall we had a large number of high scholastic achievers in reference to the size of the school. The school must have been doing something right to have inspired so many students to achieve and make the best of their talents. I think that we all have good reason to be thankful for our Col-Hi experience. -Mary Ray Henslee (61) ******************************************** >>From: Richard Trujillo )62) RE: Big Hair TO: Brad Wear (71) and Tedi Parks Teverbaugh (76) I had to laugh about your comments on the Texas "Big Hair". This is absolutely true about the women in Texas. I live in San Antonio and am a Master hairstylist and Educator for my Company and travel all over the states, but only in Texas do we have the "forever style" of Big Hair. By the way, Tedi, we have a son who lives in Benbrook, TX. Small world, huh? You would be surprised at the number of Bombers who live in Texas. Richard Trujillo (62) ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) RE: The infamous Quarterback To those of us in the stands, the infamous quarterback play was almost equal to the 'chant from the crowd' of "Browne...Browne... Browne..." and Fran Rish sent in Mark Browne. -Gary Behymer (64) ******************************************** >>From: Paul Tunnell (69) RE: Phil Jones (69) I remember Phil when we were sophomores and he was worried about his broken leg healing right. I was next to him in the hall when he asked Fran Rish if he was walking ok or if he was limping. Rish said that he looked OK and he needed to get back to work. Typical Rich stuff. Phil was limping. Phil was a real warrior. I hope the years have been kind to him. -Paul Tunnell (69) ******************************************** >>From: Phil Jones (69) Great job to everyone who has contributed to the QB list. I have a complete list to 1954. I'm missing: 52 51 50 49 46 and earlier. When did RHS first graduate students anyway? [Phil, 1911 was the first graduating class. -Maren] (And YES it was Ryan and not Kevin Moore for the umpteenth time) -Phil Jones 69 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Check out the most current list of QBs -Maren] Click RELOAD or REFRESH to see the latest changes. ******************************************** >>From: Mike Franco (70) To Phil Jones (69) Actually you are right, you didn't suffer any permanent damage in that game in 1967.... you were seriously damaged well before 1967... and then we finished the job during the glory days of the Farmers Insurance Softball team.... When I think of great moments in Bomber football I remember at Wa-Hi in 1967 we sophs kickin the **** out of the seniors in a peanut fight... that was much more physical than any Bomber tackling. -Mike Franco (70) ******************************************** >>From: Steve Piippo (70) John Meyers (58) played for the Philadelphia Eagles. Bob Lilly, of the same era got the Dallas Cowboy spot - if I remember right. -Steve Piippo (70) ******************************************** >>From: Diane Carpenter Kipp (72) TO Anna Durbin, '69 John Blalock (69) is my step brother. He lives in Spokane and has worked for some years at the State Hospital in Cheney and is a part time farmer, which is his true love. He didn't attend the class reunion this summer but last Dec. was honored at Richland High for the Wall of Fame. He looks much like he did 30 years ago, just short a few hairs - hasn't put on an ounce I don't think. And John would be the first to admit that he acts pretty much the same too! I'm not sure if he has e-mail but if anyone would like his home address, e-mail me and I'll send it to you. -Diane Carpenter Kipp, '72 ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) Enough already on the Quarterbacks! These are bona fide correct answers - no argument: Fall 1970 - Mike Aichele Fall 1971 - Dean Thompson Fall 1972 - Jeff Marcum Fall 1973 - Blaine Teverbaugh [74] Fall 1974 - Mark Torterelli Fall 1975 - Ken Cole If I'm wrong may I be run over by Crigler and Upton in their short pants wearing their track spikes (which by the way resemble ballerina slippers!) -Mike Davis (74) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Check out the most current list of QBs -Maren] Click RELOAD or REFRESH to see the latest changes. ******************************************** >>From: Dave Trent (75) Please accept my apology. Mark Tortorelli (75) PLAYED in 74, and GRADUATED in 75. I hate trick questions! TO Jim Rice (75): You were always right then, and you're still coming through. Are you still in DC? Please no stories. My Mom reads the Sandstorm!!! -Trent (75) ******************************************** >>From: Pat Ruane (75) RE: '75 QB To Jim and Dave, You both are kind of right. Torterelli started the season as the starting QB but due to a knee injury Ken Cole finished the season. -Pat Ruane (75) ******************************************** >>From: Shawna Doyle Boolen (75) RE: Mrs. Lester To: Mary Lee Lester Yarborough (58) I read your entry in the Alumni Sandstorm regarding your mother who taught at Lewis & Clark elementary. I was in her 6th grade class in 1968/69. I would appreciate it very much if you would pass on the following note to her. Dear Mrs. Lester, I am happy to have the opportunity to let you know that I have very fond memories of my experiences in your classroom. I remember being just a little frightened about being assigned to your class because I had heard that you were a very stern and strict teacher. What I soon learned about you was that you simply expected the best out of us. The enthusiasm you had for teaching us, the encouragement you gave us, and the genuine love that we felt from you, made us want to give you our best. I thought it was so funny when I would see the looks of fear on students from other classrooms when you were nearby (they were probably hoping you hadn't seen what they had just been up to). I thought, "They don't have any idea that she is really the nicest teacher in the whole school!" What I remember most about what you taught me had nothing to do with academics. The most important lessons I remember are those regarding respect and honor and patriotism. Not only do I clearly remember the stories you told us about the bravery of your husband in the war, I have told them to my children many times. When we stood as a class and recited the pledge of allegiance, it was not just some rote memory exercise, the words had meaning to us because of what you taught us. Thank you for that. I hope that all is well with you and you are happy and healthy. -Shawna Doyle Boolen (75) ******************************************** >>From: Ryan Thurston (96) RE: RHS Quarterbacks Kevin didn't play in 97' but his little brother did. And I think he played QB. -Ryan Thurston 96' ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. ******************************************** ******************************************** ****************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 9/30/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers sent stuff in: Vera Smith (58), Alan McMurtry (61), Gary Behymer (64), Lee Bush (68), Steve Piippo (70), Dave Trent (75), Darcy Doyle (77) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Vera Smith Robbins (58) To: Ferna Garoutte Hicks (58) In response to your questions about the Club 40 reunion and who attended. Those that attended, that I saw were: Danny Noble, Barb Isackson, Sandra Van Wey (who is alive and kicking), MaryPat Keegan, Eileen McCabe, Jerry Parker, Sam Curry, Charlie Rafferty (not sure he was class of '58) and me. The Friday Sock Hop was so much fun. The dinner dance on Saturday was great except I think they should have had NEON name tags for the single guys and gals. We girls wanted to dance so bad, but didn't know who was single and who was with his wife. The food was good tho, so we enjoyed that. Sure would like to see more class of '58 next year. It would be worth your while to sign up and go. -Vera Smith Robbins '58 ******************************************** >>From: Alan McMurtry (61) RE: Bombers in Texas To Richard Trujillo (62) You're right, Richard. I'll bet there are as many Bombers in Texas as there are in California. What do you think? -Alan McMurtry, '61 - Houston ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) RE: Shirts for sandstorm ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From: Jana Sheehan To: Gary Behymer Re: Shirts for sandstorm I am writing to Gary Behymer per the request of a fellow sandstorm member. Hello, my name is Jana and I am the owner of Canyon Ridge Designs. We are an embroidery and heat transfer business located in the Tri-cities. I was told that you are looking for someone to do hats, shirts, ect. for this organization. We have done work for RHS in the past and would love a chance to provide embroidery and transfers for this group. We have also designed some very nice logos and recently gained the skills of a talented graphics artist. If we can be of any help, our number is 1-888-877-2877, or 509-627-0520. Thank you. Jana Sheehan ******************************************** >>From: Lee Bush (68) Re: School Custodians With all the entries regarding football quarterbacks, I am left with a look to the future. Now that we almost have the All Bomber Quarterbacks list complete, what is next? I suggest listing all the custodians that have been at Richland High School (and Columbia High School) from 1949 to present.! Talking about "sweeping" around left or right corners, no one can hold a broom to this group. Also, "mopping" up the opponent. Who else can come close. Talk about "cleaning up"! Every time they stepped into the building. These are only a few reasons I can think of to honor this group next. Thoughts? -Lee Bush (68) P.S. Don't "brush" this topic off as silly. It could be a "brilliant and bright" entry into the Alumni Sandstorm annals. ******************************************** >>From: Steve Piippo (70) Mike, wasn't Dick Boston a quarterback too in 1970? -Steve Piippo (70) ******************************************** >>From: Dave Trent (75) Thanks Pat Ruane (75), but I would never have known if Rice (75), or I had it right. Too long ago, and proof that too much of a good thing can hurt you! Its great to hear something from other 75'ers. (Hi Shawna, I asked your kid sister about you a while back. Great to hear something from you first hand!). My high school memories are there, just neatly tucked away I guess. One thing I do remember well were the bus trips with the baseball team (especially to Moses Lake, what a great place to play baseball). Never fought so hard for a straw before or since! Any of you recent baseball playing grads.... is Moses Lake still the nicest stadium in the conference? Rod and FiFi, I think about you often. Save a place for me! -Dave Trent (75) ******************************************** >>From: Darcy Doyle Hupf (77) To: Shawna Doyle Boolen (75) Re: Ms. Lester Dearest Sister, I am so glad to hear the great memories you had of Mrs. Lester. I also thought she was great. I seem to have some foggy memory about her war stories and what America & freedom really means, too. However, she did scare the *** out of me when I first ventured down that dark long hallway to the 6th grade class. Is it just me, or did they remove the light bulbs in that hallway on purpose!? What scared me even more, though was Mr. Lane. As I've said before, I'm positive that he was 8 feet tall! I think I was that scared, panic stricken kid you were talking about and yes, I probably did just get caught at something. But Mrs. Lester made you feel really proud when you did a good job and she made you know she was proud of you too.... Have they put light bulbs in that hallway yet? -Darcy Doyle Hupf (77) ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for this month. Please send more. ******************************************** ******************************************** August, 99 ~~~~~~ October, 1999