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   Alumni Sandstorm Archive ~ December, 1999
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17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 31LAST ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/1/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 14 Bombers and one Bomber spouse today. Dick Harris (49), Irene Smith (59), Spouse of Judy Cameron (60), Dave Hanthorn (63), Jim Hamilton (63), Mary Lou Watkins (63), Charlotte Nugent (64), Robert Shipp (64), Jim Qualheim (70), Kerry Steichen (74), Matt Crowley (75), Darcy Doyle (77), Doug Lemke (77), Teena Stoner (79), Beth Young (81) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick Harris (49) Greetings to Bud ('47) and Mickey Firney ('48) Row! Nice to hear from you! Bud, I didn't know that you had come from Colorado, either! I think I knew, where just about everyone in the eighth grade class at Sacajawea and later, Marcus Whitman were from. However, as we moved along in high school, that didn't seem to matter so much. We came to Riceland in late August of '44. My dad had come in March of '44 and lived in a dorm, until the three bedroom prefab was available at 1800 Longfitt. We had moved from Johnstown, CO, which wasn't too far from where you were born in Boulder, CO, to Denver in the summer of 1941. Actually, we lived at 4401 South Sante Fe, which was between Englewood and Littleton for the summer. Then, we move to 3272 Newton, in Northwest Denver. This is just a few blocks south and east of the World Famous Elitches Park (amusement park). Dad started as a machinist at Colorado Iron Works in Englewood, but followed the better pay available at DuPont's Remington Iron Works. DuPont was selected by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to supervise the building and operation of the Hanford portion of the Manhattan Project. So, my father was offered a chance to go to Richland for again, better pay, and the challenge of being part of a top priority project to support the war effort. With three older brothers in the service, my parents were interested in doing anything they could to help with the war effort. Since DuPont furnished all the machinist tools my dad needed, he loaned his precision measuring tools (micrometers, calipers, hones, gauges, etc.) to a North Denver machine shop and automotive garage operator, that he knew and who couldn't purchase such items during the war. When he notified my Mom of the housing available and that she should pack up the '36 Ford Sedan and trailer and the family and head for Richland in the State of Washington, he told her to go by the machine shop and pick up his tools. She approached the owner, Herb, and told him of our plans and that she had come after her husband's tools. He said, "What tools? I don't know about any tools!" The next day she went to the City and County of Denver Prosecuting Attorney and told him of her problem. He inquired as to whether she had any documentation of her husband having loaned this man these tools. Her reply was, "Well, no! Carlton always did everything with a handshake!" To this he told her that, "He was sorry, but that he didn't think she had a leg to stand on!" She returned to Herb's shop and approached him with, "I've been to the Prosecuting Attorney and I know exactly where I stand and you better have those tools to me in the morning." He did! And, we hauled them with us in the trailer and Ford with my mother and sister-in-law (War bride from Texas) driving and my sister, Ethel (Ethelyn or more recently, just Lyn Crowe) '47 and I as passengers. After my father passed away, in Iowa, in the '60's, I hauled those same tools to my home in Wenatchee. Just a couple of months ago, I delivered them to a college (WSC) roommate in Oregon for his use in his machine shop during retirement! Mickey, I don't know where you and your sister (Beverly, wasn't it?) were from. All I can remember is that both of you were just about the best looking girls in high school and we all knew why Bud had his eye on you! You two remember a couple that married from my class, Glenn Turner '49 and Bonese Turner '49. One of these days, we should get Bonese to tell the story of her father, who was one of five physicists, who helped Enrico Fermi, perform the first sustained chain reaction at the reactor built underneath the University of Chicago Stadium Bleachers. He subsequently was sent to Richland to transfer that knowledge of a crude atomic reactor to commercial scale reactors to produce plutonium at Hanford. It is an inspiring story, yet tragic as he, as did the other four (I believe) assistants died very early in life of radiation exposure. Bud, we just had memorial services for my eldest brother, who spent most of his life in Colorado, earlier this month. I still have another brother and a sister in the Denver area, so Colorado has meant much to our family over the years, too! However, we all had a very unique experience coming to Richland and being part of that opportunity to contribute to a special effort for this great country of ours. And many of our special friends there, became extended family for us! Sorry, I made this so long! -Dick Harris '49 ******************************************** >>From: Irene Smith Goodnight (59) To Sharon Greer (62): Hi, Sharon, I'm sorry to hear of Malcom's passing. I was in his class and I remember him, and his smile. I remember he wore glasses, as did (and do) I. I think he was pretty shy. I send condolences and blessings to your family. Irene Smith Goodnight (59) ******************************************** >>From: Spouse of Judy Cameron (60) TO Annie Parker (57) Hi, Annie! You missed my brother-in-law, Joc Cameron (58), who was a running back along with Ken Ryan (58). Jock has been one of the best orthodontists in Bellevue for the past 30+ years, while Ken Ryan is both an MD and PhD, currently in administrative positions at the University of AZ medial school. Ted Kuykendal (58) also lives on the West Side, somewhere between Bellevue and Renton, I believe. Jock has treated at least one of his kids. I am married to Judy Cameron ('60) Now, I've added one more for you. -Lee Ayers (Edmonds - '52) ******************************************** >>From: Dave Hanthorn (63) I just reread my previous entry and realized that my comment about the Seattle Time's scant coverage of the Bomber's football game may have caused some confusion. The one paragraph article I was referring to was the pre-game coverage in Saturday morning's Times, which had a much larger article on the semi-final game played on the west (wet) side of the state. To be fair, the Sunday times had a somewhat longer article on the outcome of the Richland game, though still a larger and more detailed article on the "other" game. Well, I guess when the Bombers win the State Championship next week, they will have to give it some better coverage. GO BOMBERS. -Dave Hanthorn, Gold Medal Class of '63 ******************************************** >>From: Jim Hamilton (63) If you never put peanuts in a nickel coke, read no further. Last Saturday night I watched a Doo-Wap special on our local PBS station. It was celebrating 50 years of doo-wap music, and took the Forever Lovely Miss Nancy (65) and me back to Hi-Spot and beyond. It ran for a couple of hours, with those infernal Pledge Breaks. I checked my Channel Nine Guide and found that it is being rebroadcast a couple of time in December at some rather bizarre times (so maybe no "We've got phone lines open", for all you Channel Nine Cheaters). In Seattle it is to be rebroadcast 12/3 at midnight, 12/16 at midnight and 12/21 at 11pm. If you want to pony up some money you can watch at 11pm on 11/5. Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-wah -jimbeaux ******************************************** >>From: Mary Lou Watkins Rhebeck '63 RE: Bomber reunion of two Hey to all you Bombers... just a note to tell of a mini reunion yesterday in Dana Point, California. I met Billye Conley Drew (61) at the marina for coffee and LOTS of catching up. She and her husband were visiting from their winter home in Palm Desert, and we have met up with each other whenever we can through the years. We share a history... born in Muskogee Oklahoma (no comment, please), raised in Richland, of course, and became Bombers, attended WSU living together in the same sorority (we still know the songs, so ask us to sing!), lived in Seattle after graduating and marrying... getting together as young couples there... AND shared New Year's together when the Cougars went to the Rose Bowl (Ellen Weihermiller Anderson (63) was with us too), and now keep in touch by email and getting together when we're in the same vicinity.... Anyway, after a morning of sitting in the sun and enjoying each other (we were joined by another Cougar friend and my oldest daughter who was born in (gasp) California) I am reminded of the Bomber bond.... and thankful for it! hm-m-m.. or maybe it is the Muskogee thing.... nah... no way... Have a blessed holiday.... Love -Mary Lou Watkins Rhebeck '63 ******************************************** >>From: Charlotte Nugent Hardy (64) To Kathie Roe Truax (64) Your plans for the summer "Bomber Reunion" make it an event that will be hard to miss. We will, however, be leaving for our annual trip to see our family in California on the 23rd. If there is any interest by others to purchase a video of the events and, in particular, the basketball game, please let me know. This Alumni Sandstorm site has brought back a lot of old memories that I didn't even remember I had.... it is a great site and I truly appreciate Lori Hogan and Maren for putting me in touch with it. -Charlotte Nugent Hardy (64) ******************************************** >>From: Robert Shipp (64) Re: "Elephant" Pep Band Music To Billy Didway ('66) The song you are thinking of was probably "A Swingin' Safari" by Billy Vaughn. I remember that one because it had a great trombone part. There was a song, "Baby Elephant Walk" by Henry Mancini, from the John Wayne movie, "Hatari," which came out - I think - in 1962, but I don't remember playing it. I do remember "Peter Gunn," and, of course, a lot of John Phillip Sousa. Speaking of band, was there ever anyone better than Mr. Harry? The first year he came to Col Hi, there were only about 30 kids in the band - just those who were really serious about music. By my senior year (his fourth year there) we had over 100 and he was turning people away. He made us work hard, but he made it fun at the same time. He put together fantastic half time shows during football season and took us on some great trips. Does anyone know where he is now? -Robert Shipp (64) ******************************************** >>From: Jim Qualheim (70) Richland High School Request: Our current Bomber Band Director, Allan Eve, is looking for the music to the old Alma Mater. The lyrics begin with.... "We love our fair Columbia.....". The sheet music has been missing since the late 70's or pre Warren Hopkins era. We hope one of our alums still have it and can fax it to RHS 509 942-2512. Maybe it can be played for the R2K or some other nostalgic event. Help us out if you can. Jim Qualheim (70) ******************************************** >>From: Kerry Steichen (74) RE: Kentwood vs Richland To: Phil Jones (69) Living in the Kent, WA school district for the last 8 years, I have heard from many of the Kentridge parents about how they hate Richland for beating them in the State playoff in '81 and now I hope I can continue to share my Bomber joy with Richland beating Kentwood this weekend. Kent has 4-4A High Schools in the same district with a rivalry that matches those against Pasco. Kentwood has a handful of seniors going to D-1 Schools, they are well balanced with a great defense and will run and pass. They have a sophomore QB that at times is their weak link. Richland will have to adjust to playing indoors at a warmer climate and tighter playing surface. When the Bombers adjust to KW as well as they did with Bethel then its another championship for the BOMBERS. I will enjoy watching the game from the couch. Go Bombers!! Your good is better - Your better is best! -Kerry A. Steichen (74) ******************************************** >>From: Matt Crowley (75) To Billy Didway, '66: I'm pretty sure the tune you're thinking of is "Baby Elephant Walk," written, I think, by Henry Mancini, the same man who brought us "Moon River" and "Days of Wine and Roses." -Matt Crowley, '75 ******************************************** >>From: Darcy Doyle Hupf (77) RE: Bomber championship To current bombers... Just heard the news here in Seattle... I'm very proud of you boys!! Way to go... You have lots of support on the West side and Richland will be well represented!! Once a Bomber, always a Bomber. To: Erin Boolen (2000): I'll see YOU there! Don't you just hate having relatives all over the state?! :) Better me than your mom! (kidding, Shawna (75) ) -Darcy Doyle Hupf (77) ******************************************** >>From: Doug Lemke (77) Being in Richland for the Thanksgiving holiday was great, because it gave me a change to go to the semi-final football game against Bethel. For all of you who missed it, it was great game. Both teams fought hard with the better team coming back in the second half to win despite some questionable calls by the refs. I really want to express how great the Bomber coaching staff is. I know a few of those guys and it was nice to see the their hard work and dedication payoff. Go Bombers -Doug Lemke '77 ******************************************** >>From: Teena Stoner Giulio (79) RE: Don Alder (60) and Don Stoner (53) Hello everyone. I'm trying to find some of my uncle's friends for him. (I come from a long line of Bombers) His name is Don Alder (some of you may know him as "Duck") and graduated in 1960. We tried having some of you write to him at his son's email address but, unfortunately, that isn't working out very well. So, if any of you remember him and would like to get in contact, please write to me and I will be sure to pass them on. Be sure to include your snail mail addresses and phone numbers as this is the only web access he has for now. He's told me some pretty wild stories and I'm looking forward to helping him remember even more! Also, my dad, Don Stoner (53), has been asking if any of his friends write in to the Alumni Sandstorm. Obviously, I couldn't tell him as I don't know who you are. But he will have internet access very soon and I will be signing him up to receive the Sandstorm. In the meantime, if you would like to get in touch w/him let me know and I'll pass on all information. Thanks, Teena Stoner Giulio, Class of '79 P.S. Thanks to all of you computer whizzes who keep the Bomber sites up, running and updated. You do a great job. -Teena Stoner Giulio (79) ******************************************** >>From: Beth Young Gibson (81) To: Bud Row (47) It is very interesting that you and Dick Harris (49) both came here from the Denver area. My dad's family came from that area also in 1943. They lived at Longmont. As with many others they couldn't find a place to live when they got here and lived in Walla Walla. My grandfather commuted from there every day until they finally got a place in Richland. My father went on to work at Hanford, and now so do I. I am the third generation to work here. This year I found a neat book on the internet that is about the history of Longmont, that I am going to give my dad for Christmas. -Beth Young Gibson (81) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/2/99 ALL Bomber Alumni Links site has had 69,168 Bomber hits. 205 days left till R2K ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers sent stuff in: Bud Row (47), Dick Harris (49), Norma Culverhouse (49), Ray Gillette (49), Dean Enderle (57), Dennis Robertson (60), Maren Smyth (64), Pam Ehinger (67), Clark Riccobuono (71), Kathy Wheat (79) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bud Row (47) RE: Hanford housing!! To Beth Young Gibson {81} When I got to Hanford, we had (mom, dad & I) had two mansions to stay in? My mom was in the womens barracks, dad and I shared a bunk bed, in the mens barracks, of course I had the top one, dad said he couldn't stand excessive heights. On top of that he claimed seniority. I have been to Longmont many times, what was it 9 or 10 miles, from Boulder. Also I had a very close friend that lived in Longmont. He's gone now, but you did bring back some nice memories, thanks. -bud row {47} ******************************************** >>From: Dick Harris (49) Small World We Live In - I mentioned Johnstown, Colorado, in an Alumni Sandstorm contribution and I hear from Barbara Parker Grant '62 and learn that her family came from Milliken, just a few miles east. Then, since she mentioned Central City, CO, I mention alumnus, Roy Thomas '47, who came from Central City. It turns out that Roy Thomas is her first cousin! 'Tis a small, small world! I propose that we consider contributions to the "Small, Small World Items! Here is one for a start: In 1995, my wife, Bonnie and I were in Anaheim, CA, for eight days of training for me to become a District Governor of Rotary International. One day, I was seated at a luncheon, where the then President of R.I., Bill Huntley, had arranged for a "big wheel" of R.I. or of The Rotary Foundation, to be at each table. The "big wheel" at our table was Jiichiro "Frank" Nakajima, a Trustee of The Rotary Foundation, from Osaka, Japan. As we got acquainted, I told him of my having led a Rotary Foundation Group Study Exchange Team from our Rotary district in central Washington State and Central British Columbia to Tasmania, Australia the previous year. I knew that he would be interested in this as the Group Study Exchange is a function of the Foundation of which he was a Trustee. He said, "Isn't that interesting, I led a GSE Team from Osaka to the same district 1982." As we continued to talk, we learned that we had both been hosted for a week in the same sheep rancher, Rotarian's home outside Evandale, Tasmania, Australia. We subsequently met his wife in Nice, France; saw both of them in Calgary, Alta, Canada; in Indianapolis, Indiana; and in Singapore, last summer. Bonnie and I have subsequently visited in that home in Australia, twice, and these Aussies have visited us in Wenatchee. We plan to visit the Japanese friend's home in the near future. It is truly a small, small world! What were they for? 1. The holes in the top of the white partition, that served as a banister and privacy partition on the front porch of a two-bedroom and three-bedroom prefabs? 2. The stack protruding above the roof in the picture of the Col-Hi building? -Dick Harris '49 ******************************************** >>From: Norma Culverhouse King (49) Saw the comedy competition at the Tower Inn last week with Bomber Brad Upton (74) as MC. He was also the funniest comedian, I thought. Maybe I am prejudice cause he is a home town boy. Enjoyed it Brad. Dan King (75) was home this weekend and laughed a lot when we played your CD. Kevin King (75) asked me to bring the CD when I go to his house in San Luis Obispo for Christmas. Guess I should have bought a CD for him. Huh Brad? Merry Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you Bombers out there. Congratulations to the Bombers. On to State and good luck! -Norma Culverhouse King (49) ******************************************** >>From: Ray Gillette (49) To all the Bombers who are also Cougars: From all Bombers who are also Gonzaga Bulldogs (Zags) The (so far) undefeated Zags (3-0) who last year made it to the Elite Eight in the NCAA tournament last night defeated the WSU Cougars 73-63. Go Zags..... -Ray Gillette '49 and Gonzaga Alumnus 1957 ******************************************** >>From: Dean Enderle (57) Just got around to reading all the latest Sandstorms and have had a good time with some of the memories that have been revived. I was a classmate of Annie Parker's (57) and I played baseball against her husband in the old "Pony League", here are a couple of more names for Annie, Kip Jones, Danny Neth, Dwayne Mueller, Keith Jones, Scott Lybeck and then there were her cheerleader pals who I cannot think of at the moment, some of this may be from our days at Carmichael but after all these years things get a little muddied and I don't have my old high school yearbook to reference handy. Anyway will sign off with that, great to hear all about the old place, keep the memories coming, I need a good nostalgia fix once and awhile. Take care all of you, and if I don't get back to this thing before the holidays you all have a great Christmas and New Year. -Dean Enderle (57) ******************************************** >>From: Dennis Robertson Beatty (60) Was catching up on my reading of the Sandstorm and what to my surprise read about the DooWop show on PBS. As I was browsing the net as well as the channel changer what to my surprise, the same DooWop show I had been reading about with envy was on the Univ of Utah PBS station. If you haven't seen this show, never danced in your socks in the old gym, never played the radio at the Submarine races till the battery was almost dead, never spent a Saturday nite at the Hi-Spot, then you would not appreciate this show. It is truly a walk thru memory lane. Best Wishes to all the Bombers and to all the ex Sandmen out there. Go Bombers........ -Dennis (Robertson) Beatty, Class of 60 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [DSS dish?? "Doo Wop 50" will be on PBS at 5pm pacific time ~ 12/7/99 ~ channel 384 - Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Maren Smyth (64) I found two sheets of paper in my hand today. Have NO IDEA where they came from. If anybody knows, send me a note and I'll give you credit for the info on the sheets that I added to the Bomber website at: Hanford Construction Camp Stats Some pretty amazing statistics about the Hanford Construction Camp... and a couple of pictures, too. Bomber cheers, Maren (64) ******************************************** >>From: Pam Ehinger (67) HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL BOMBERS AND FAMILIES! I have a quick question. Am I the only one, that while reading the Sandstorm, that people are in their teen years instead of in their 30tys, 40tys ,50tys, 60tys and on up? I sit here reading and I'm 18 or all over again! Is this a time warp or what?? It's great to be young... even if it's all in my head!! Was just wondering if I'm the only strange one out here in Bomber Ville!! Maren, Gary, Richard and all the rest that work so hard on the Sandstorm, keep up the good work. Bomber's Rule Pam Ehinger 67 ******************************************** >>From: Clark Riccobuono (71) To all the football team: Go whip the Conquerers. The team you are playing is my daughter's. I will be wearing green and Gold. I will also be sitting on the Richland side. It should be fun. I know this will be alot better than the Curtis game, do what you did to Bethel. Also, I hope the band leaves a day early so they do not have time to relate to any problems that might occur along the way ??? Remember last time? Snow??? Suggestion: Maybe the football team should follow to help push. GO Get Em, GOOD LUCK, 71' will be there. -Clark j Riccobuono (71) ******************************************** >>From: Kathy Wheat Fife (79) To Richard Anderson (60): I'm a few days behind on catching up and saw you inquiry about Hanford. My sister Lori was in the first graduating class and graduated in 1974. -Kathy Wheat Fife (79) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/3/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 19 Bombers and 2 obits today. Mary Triem (47), Dick Harris (49), Shirley Segrest (52), Carol Hollingsworth (55), Larry Mattingly (60), MLou Williams (60), Verla Farrens (61), Gail Cyphers (62), Carol Converse (64), Gary Behymer (64), Maren Smyth (64), Donna Pardee (65), Billy Didway (66), Kathi Clark (67), Rick Maddy (67), Jacqueline Tallant (69), Pam Pyle (69), Rick Polk (70), Mary K. Row (72) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mary Triem Mowery (47) To: Burt Pierard (59) and his non-Bomber friend: What a great trip down memory lane showing the very beginnings of our Richland/Hanford heritage. So much history is lost when we forget to "pass it on" to the younger generations. Thank you so much. I could just see my dad reading the r & r's before he brought us out from Denver (yes, he was a Remington Arms employee, too). As a matter of fact, there is another 1947 Bomber who came from Denver and we went to the same junior high together - Skinner J.H. in North Denver - Shirley Stanley Gross (47). -Mary Triem Mowery - 1947 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [See what Mary is talking about!! -Maren] 1943 Highlights of Hanford Booklet ******************************************** >>From: Dick Harris (49) To: Beth Young Gibson (81) Re: Your Comments on Longmont, CO I enjoyed reading your comments on both Bud Row and I coming from Colorado, near where you were from, Longmont. Your mentioning Longmont and Bud's mentioning Boulder, brings back many memories for me. When we lived in Johnstown, CO, during the '30s, just 20 miles or so from Longmont, we went to Longmont and the neighboring towns of Mead or Berthoud for coal, to fire the stove in my father's Welding, Machine Shop, and Automotive Garage and our home furnace. My older brothers would either take a car pulling a trailer or later the pickup that my dad had made from a '28 Chrysler Sedan. One time, my dad took me with him to Longmont for a farm implement show and I got to walk around the displays with him. Then, there was a special treat; we got to purchase lunch, that probably cost all of $.25 each. Another time, one of my oldest half-brothers, both were born in 1916, took me with him to get coal from the mine in the pickup. My dad had loaned him his pocket watch to keep track of the time, which had a black shoestring attached Dad used to fasten to his belt-loop. My brother had the watch suspended from the choke button on the dash of the pickup and he taught me to tell time on that trip! I was very proud of myself, upon returning home, that I had learned to tell time. Dick's Trivia Corner Previous Q&A QUESTION #1. What were they for? The holes in the top of the white partition, that served as a banister and privacy partition on the front porch of a two-bedroom and three-bedroom prefabs? ANSWER #1 - 1. For flower pots to be placed. 2. Access to the black widow spiders that liked the space inside! QUESTION #2 What was it for? The stack protruding above the roof in the picture of the Col-Hi building? ANSWER #2 To direct the smoke upward from the coal-fired boiler in the furnace room. New questions: QUESTION #3. The number of modular units that got bolted together to make one, two, and three bedroom prefabs were? QUESTION #4. The water heater in a three- bedroom prefab was located in? QUESTION #5. Windows that opened in prefabs had what mechanism for opening? QUESTION #6. Linoleum in prefabs came in blue and brown colors. True or False ANSWERS 3 thru 6 tomorrow.... Bomber Cheers, -Dick Harris (49) ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Segrest Telford (52) To Dick Harris (49) RE: Small, Small World My mother was also from Central City, Colorado and Roy Thomas (47) is also my first cousin - Roy's dad was my mother's brother. Roy's mother and Barbara Parker Grant's (62) mother were sisters. Also, Barbara's mother and my mother were best friends growing up in Central City and remained best friends until they both passed away in 1996. I remember many Saturday night card parties with Roy's and Barbara's parents in our little 3-bedroom prefab on Sanford Street. -Shirley Segrest Telford (52) ******************************************** >>From: Carol Hollingsworth Entrikin (55) Regarding Pam Ehinger Nassen's (67) comments about the age thing. When I first started reading the Sandstorm and saw a name with the class of 64 or 67 or class of 72, I immediately thought of them as you would a kindergartner. I have to stop and realize that I am reading something from someone who is in their forties, or fifties. EGADS! YOU CAN'T BE, YOU GRADUATED many, many years after me and I am still just a kid. -Carol Hollingsworth Entrikin, 55 ******************************************** >>From: Larry Mattingly (60) To Dick Harris (49) The holes in the white partition on Prefabs porches were for planter pots for flowers. And, in fact many residents used them for that. I remember a lady down on Abbott used to yell at me if I broke off a flower throwing the newspaper on her porch. I haven't seen the picture of Col-Hi that you refer to, but all of the original schools had boilers to generate steam. Some of then were "Bunker C" (very thick oil) fired and that required a big stack. Yesterday someone showed me a list of festivals in Washington State in the mid 50's. Right there along with Seafair and the Daffodil Festival, was Atomic Frontier Days in Richland, the "Atomic City". As I drove away from the meeting I had attended, memories kept going through my mind. For AFD in the 40's my dad had to grow a beard or risk being "jailed" if the sheriff's wagon caught you on the street at certain times of the day without one. They always had a great parade. With the VFW Drum and Bugle Corps, the big AA guns and later Nike Missiles, that the Army would bring in and the horses and lots of floats. The fly-overs by the early models of jet planes. The "midway" down at the traffic circle at Riverfront Park. And of course the fireworks! Sigh... -J Larry Mattingly (60) ******************************************** >>From: MLou Williams (60) RE: Historic Video I just read about an old movie, "War Construction in the Desert," That's being shown this month at the Columbia River Exhibition of History, Science, and Technology. Copies are to be available in Tri-Cities libraries at the end of the month. If you're interested in having a copy for yourself, contact Joe Pots at the CREHST Museum in Richland and he'll put your name on the list. Cost is expected to be about $16.00. -MLou Williams (60) ******************************************** >>From: Verla Farrens Gardner (61) Unfortunately I deleted the e-mail of the individual who told about his Mother getting his Father's tools from the Father's employer - something like I know my rights... it sounded so like something my own Mother would have said. My Mother's motto was never lie, but you do not have to volunteer the whole scenario. So whoever sent in that contribution, thank you. I have been smiling about it for days. The women in our family were taught to be foxy - though I am sure most of my classmates would realize that side of me - maybe Barbara Breedlove ('61) - as I was shy at school and felt like I had 2 heads and 4 legs..... The holes in the front step dividers of prefabs - for flower pots!!!!!!! Though one never saw many flower pots in them and as soon as the houses were sold the dividers seemed to quickly come down. After I left Richland I was not sure I wanted anyone to know I had lived there but with time I "grew up" and decided that either people could like me for who I am or ignore me. Through the Sandstorm I was contacted by a cousin from way back who filled me in on Farrens Family history. Rich Farrens married a Richland graduate - Darcy and knew my Father from the Richland Riders Club. So this is a great media to learn Richland history but also family history, and connect with those whose friendship we shared in a time past. Cheers -Verla Farrens Gardner ('61) ******************************************** >>From: Gail Cyphers (62) RE: 18 years old To Pam Ehinger (67): I thoroughly enjoyed your note in the 12/02 Sandstorm. I've been eighteen for the past thirty- seven years, I just didn't know it until I started reading Sandstorm. Other than that, I'm completely normal..... I have shown Sandstorm to many people here in Colorado and with no exceptions they are all amazed at the diversity of subjects discussed and the level of effort that is put forth to create the issues......... they just don't quite understand the 'Bomber' thing however, and explaining it to them does not seem to alter their opinion that we Bombers must all have been raised by barbarians or wolves. But that's there problem and not ours. Very good work to Maren, Gary and Richard and all the others that help with Sandstorm...... the Veterans Day issue was particularly good. -Gail Cyphers (62) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [When non Bombers look at me funny, I just tell them "I was nuked."!! -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Carol Converse Maurer (64) I was watching the news a couple nights ago and there was a deal about Richland making a new garbage machine of sorts to eliminate future land fills. Does anybody know anything about it? It really sounded interesting. -Carol Converse Maurer (64) ******************************************** >>From Gary Behymer (64) Another Annual up for grabs! Ok 1953ers. I have come across a 1953 Columbian that I would be willing to part with. If you have interest in this annual, please contact me. (Mrs. Boswell (;-) was the editor. -Gary Behymer (64) ******************************************** >>From: Donna Pardee Strasser (65) RE: Bomber photo Here's a photo for you of my son Joey, #66 on the 1999 BOMBER football team on his way to STATE this weekend at Tacoma. Joe is one of the awesome 0-LINE. (Big guys) The TriCity Herald ran an article about them this AM. I'll try to scan it too. BOMBER CHEERS, -Donna Pardee Strasser (65) ******************************************** >>From: Billy Didway (66) RE: pep band Thanks to all that responded with answers to my question of the pep band music. The majority answered it was "Baby Elephant Walk" that was played at the basketball games. Now if you could only humm it. -Billy Didway (66) ******************************************** >>From: Kathi Clark Hartley (67) RE: On to State Bombers! Hi Bomber Alumnis! This is Kathi Clark Hartley ('67) and I'm on my way to the Tacoma Dome this Saturday (12-4-99) to see the Bombers try to win the State Championship AGAIN! We are so good. The team is hot this year! How about the WTO demonstrations... in Seattle.. .remind anyone of the late 60s and the anti VN demos? Greeting of peace and joy to each of you this holy season. -Kathi Clark Hartley (67) ******************************************** >>From: Rick Maddy (67) To: Pam Ehinger (67) No Pam, you are not the only one. My brain is still 12, my age is 50, and what's left of me is about 84 now. -Rick Maddy (67) ******************************************** >>From: Jacqueline Tallant Rohlf (69) To Pam Ehinger (67) No Pam, you're not the only one! I think if truth be known, we all revert to teenagers (if not younger) while reading the Sandstorm. What a wonderful reprieve from our sometimes hectic lives. If this is "strange" behavior, then I for one am glad to be afflicted with "Sandstorm- Syndrome". -Jacqueline Tallant Rohlf (69) ******************************************** >>From: Pam Pyle Jewett-Bullock (69) To Dick Harris (49) Re: Bannister holes on the pre-fab porches Dick, my mom used those holes to support flower pots. I have to assume that was the intended use, as I can't think of another reason why they were there. The openings went straight through to the ground, which allowed for the flower pots to drain without damaging the porch structure. As for the bannister itself, I used to "saddle" it up with layers of towels, blankets, or what have you, in preparation for regular and glorious "rides" into the western sunset. Or, to annoy the heck out of my Dad, I'd drape and attach the same towels, blankets, etc. to the screen door and front window moldings, thereby creating a really COOL hideout - and rendering home access/egress virtually impossible! Ah, those were the days! Limited television, no Gameboys, Sega Playstations, Nintendo, computer games... A few rags, some clothespins, a brick or stone (or several), a big box or picnic table - real imagination toys! -Pam Pyle Jewett-Bullock (69) ******************************************** >>From: Rick Polk (70) To Bomber Football Team: Good Luck at State I'll be rooting for you from here at home, just as I am sure all Bomber alumni will be doing. GO BOMBERS -Rick Polk (70) ******************************************** >>From: Mary K. Row (72) I haven't sent anything in before so, I don't know the format. I'll check with my Dad this week end (Bud Row (47). Dean Enderle (57) mentioned the Pony Leagues and I had such a wave of memories. I remember going to Little League, Pony League and American Legion games as well as the minor league Braves games with my Grandfather Red Row. We always had baseball. When we moved to California I saw major league baseball, but it just wasn't the same. My kids love minor league ball, too. -Mary K. Row (72-in california) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/4/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 18 Bombers sent stuff in: Bud Row (47), Dick Harris (49), Dick Roberts (49), Ken Heminger (56), Dean Enderle (57), Irene Smith (59), Fred Phillips (60), Norm Bell (61), Don Winston (63), Kenny Wright (63), Carol Converse (64), Donna Pardee (65), Donna Adams (66), Pam Ehinger (67), Rick Maddy (67), Phil Jones (69), Jeanne LaCroix (77), Dave Edgar (81-KINDA) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Check out Phil Jones' entry and Dave Edgar's entry for two ways to listen to the Bomber game tonight. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bud Row (47) RE: trivia ?? To Dick Harris {49}: All kidding aside, why did the first group of ranch houses have roll around closets?? and no builtin ones? I sure hope the Bombers, win the state championship tomorrow. Go get 'em, guys. bud {47 & mickey {48} ferney-row. hello mk. dad -bud row {47} ******************************************** >>From: Dick Harris (49) RE: Dick's Trivia Corner QUESTION #3. The number of modular units that got bolted together to make one, two, and three bedroom prefabs were? Answer: 1 bedrm. - two units 2 bedrm. - three units 3 bedrm. - four units QUESTION #4. The water heater in a three- bedroom prefab was located in? Answer: The kitchen QUESTION #5. Windows that opened in prefabs had what mechanism for opening? Answer: They were sliding horizontally in wood grooves. Dowels protruding from the top and bottom of the sliding frames engaged in the grooves in supporting structure. They could be slid to the extreme end of the grooves and removed for washing. QUESTION #6. Linoleum in prefabs came in blue and brown colors. True or False Answer: False, they came in blue only. The brown was just the color of the floor following the frequent sandstorm. Have fun! -Bomber Dick Harris '49 ******************************************** >>From: Dick Roberts (49) To Dick Harris (49) Your story about the Eastmont High School students, Tom Brokaw and Rotarians was great. These are such positive activities and what makes our country so great. I know you are proud of your community and proud, as a Rotarian, to be a major contributor. Good show! -Dick Roberts (49) ******************************************** >>From: Ken Heminger (56) To: Pam Ehinger 67 Your not the only strange person in the crowd..... I too become young again reading some of those Sandstorm memories. It really takes you back.... The mind is a wonderful thing. I perty much feel young (emphases on 'feel') anyway. My only real enemy is the bathroom mirror when I get up in the morning. -Ken Heminger (56) ******************************************** >>From: Dean Enderle (57) I have re-reading some of the previous Sandstorms and like many of you I too revert to my teen years when reading all these entries, at least mentally, unfortunately the physical side gives me a sharp reminder if I pass a mirror and happen to look. Anyway all the talk of football reminded me of one night coming back from a game at Walla Walla, when my car, (a convertible) developed a hole in the top along with a severe front suspension problem that only allowed me to go about 35 mph and to make matters worse it was cold and the heater died, needless to say when we got back to Richland we were about frozen, and worst of all, we lost the game!! Just one of those little things that stick in your mind My family and I also came to Richland by way of Colorado Springs to first Yakima, (where my dad had relatives) and then on to Richland. The place did seem a little strange at the time with the A,B,C, etc. etc. houses and of course the wind and sand just really was impressive. Looking back though it was not a bad place to grow up and since I left I have come to appreciate that a little more as I have seen some very bad places that I don't think anyone should live in. My career in the Military and later with the Govt took me to all the states and a lot of overseas locations and believe me, they are not all wonderful. Well enough of that, How about some of the old Bomber Basketball squads with people like Tom Tracey (55), Norris Brown (57) and his brother C.W. (58) and John Meyers (58), and one of the Burkes brothers, do they still have the Texaco station in town? Also to Mary K. Row (72), did you ever go watch the Tri-City Braves in action? Dean Enderle (57) ******************************************** >>From: Irene Smith Gostnell Goodnight (59) Oh, Dear, it's the 1959 annual that I've not seen since the last day of school when we all traded autographs! My Senior Yearbook disappeared! Got any of those 59's floating around? (My own would be an absolute miracle!) I've given up hope long ago ... What a different world it is reading those old pamphlets, and trying to step into the shoes of our parents when they were deciding to move out West. To the unknown. Pioneer blood are we. I am struck by the simplicity of life then. We have taken on a lot more baggage by being part of these current times - no wonder we get muddled sometimes! I refuse to succumb to the concept of "senioritis"! -Irene Smith Gostnell Goodnight '59 ******************************************** >>From: Fred Phillips (60) To Bud Row (47) and Mary Row (72): Your father/grandfather - the legendary umpire, Red Row, was my dad's good buddy. To this day, my mom is still a bit miffed that he would usually show up for dinner on Friday night, which we'd always finish just in time for the TV Friday Night Fights. Why didn't Oma cook? - she would ask. I didn't know and, like my dad, I didn't care because, for us guys at least, it was always a treat to be around Red and to hear his stories. -Fred Phillips '60 ******************************************** >>From: Norm Bell (61) Regarding 3A Hanford's victory over the 4A"Bummers"!!!!! We former Bombers, now proudly teaching at Hanford (in my case since 1972 when it opened) extend our sincere condolences to all true greenbloods who must still be suffering from their loss to the Hanford Falcons. We felt "a twinge" of compassion for our alma mater, who never led in the game following their first couple of buckets. Hanford's smothering defense clearly had the boys in green and gold confused and bemuddled. The following former Bombers now teaching at Hanford aren't losing any sleep over this Bomber defeat! Teresa Devine Knirck (64) Pam Hall Kehret Linda Einan Stairet Peggy Stewart Painter Lindsey Tucker Greg Kelly Greg Sevigny David Neumayer Norm Bell (MEEE) James Wilson Karla Sevigny Good luck this weekend in the football state championship in Tacoma... And better luck on the basketball court in your 4A league! Disclaimer: Don't want to offend anyone (especially the turncoats who have transferred from Hanford to RHS, such as Vickie Buck (Stephen), Jon Richard son, Ben Jacobs)--just playing the cross-town rivalry with a healthy competitive spirit! -Norm Bell (61) ******************************************** >>From: Don Winston (63) RE: Baby Elephant Walk To Billy Midway (66) and anyone else interested: You can download and play a midi file of "Baby Elephant Walk" (along with hundreds of other songs) at: Just click on the title, and your Windows media player should open, download and play the song. Have a nice trip down memory lane. -Don Winston, Class of '63 ******************************************** >>From: Kenny Wright (63) RE: from a kid A few things I thought one of the older old- timers would have mentioned by now that was unique to early Richland but has not commented on yet: It was in the late 40's on a hot summer weekend that our family went down to Columbia Park to partake in the "Kansas" picnic. Because everyone was from some place else, "friends" from the same state would organize a big pot luck picnic and make it a Richland family affair. I quickly made friends with another little kid from Kansas; we ate BBB hamburgers, hog dogs, and other dishes I had never tasted at home. We played all day on the merry-go-round and in the wading pool (we were too small to go in the "big pool" in Columbia Park). Somewhere during that day I heard about the Oklahoma picnic the next weekend. Quickly realizing an opportunity, we decided to blend in with the other kids the next weekend and we became Skies. Colorado had a pretty good picnic that summer too as I remember. Utah's was subdued. If my little friend from Kansas is reading this, please Email me, maybe we can have another Kansas picnic next June 24th in Columbia Park. A couple of other memories of a little kid in Richland were a black face minstrel show in some big school auditorium and GE's Science Show in collie's auditorium. First time I had ever seen a strobe light freeze a rotating disk. It seemed these were big events for isolated Richland. Does anyone else remember these uniquely early Richland things? Kenny Wright (63) p.'s.: For those who do not have the opportunity to see the "Atomic Comic" in person, you can catch him on NCR's radio "Rewind Show" which originates from KNOW in Seattle. Brad Uptown (74) is a frequent guest and the show is well done and a "little" humorous. But you have to remember that he runs around in those funny little shorts. -Kenny Wright (63) ******************************************** >>From: Carol Converse Mauler (64) TO: Dick Harris (49) Were the water heaters in pre fabs in the kitchen? And there was a handle on the windows in the pre fabs to open them. You had to turn them clockwise to open them. -Carol Converse Mauler (64) ******************************************** >>From: Donna Pardee Strasser (65) RE: LOIN Here's today's Tri City Herald article on the BOMBER O-LINE with Joe and friends. By the way, Ryan Brooks (far left) just got a call from UW coach Neuheisen (sp). So now the Bombers can boast a Div 1 player too!! GO BOMBERS!!!!!! -Donna Pardee Strasser (65) ******************************************** >>From: Donna Adams Verstrate (66) Just received a copy of the 11/24/99 Sandstorm from my sister (Carol Adams Collins, '69). Please add me to the mailing list. I enjoyed reading it. Would like to hear from anyone in the class of '66. I look forward to learning more about R2K. We're starting to plan a trip to Washington next summer; will see if it can be arranged to be in the area at the time of the reunion. Happy Holidays to everyone and I look forward to hearing from other members from the class of '66. Sincerely, -Donna Adams Verstrate (66) ******************************************** >>From: Pam Ehinger (67) I'm so glad to find out that I'm normal..... well as normal as a person can be! You know most people think that we who grew up in Richland have a second head or arm or leg or what ever hidden some where on our bodies! That our kids glow in the dark or that we must live a Si-Fi life of sorts! LOL! But thank you all for letting me know that I'm OK! Yes Rick, I agree, my mine says I'm 18-21 but the body says something else, (can't print it)! But I'm glad I'm a Bomber and grew up in Richland! I still call it Home Town! I haven't lived there since 1968, but it's still HOME! Kathy, yell hard for me when you're at the State Game! GOOOOOOOOOOO BOOOMMMBBBEEERRRSSSSSSSSS!!! Bomber's Rule!! -Pam Ehinger 67 ******************************************** >>From: Rick Maddy (67) RE: I lived to tell a Carmichael Hill story It is getting real close to Winter and Christmas. After living in Washington state my whole life, I cannot tell you how odd it feels listening to Christmas songs in a mall on Maui. I know a lot of you out there live in or near the tropics and are used to it, but I am not. I'm not complaining, but I'm telling you, it is weird. I was standing on Carmichael Hill and I believe it was David Hill (66), or a friend of his, who had this really nice seven man toboggan. I suppose they call them seven person toboggans these days. Rudy Ruiz (66) was involved (Rudy was my neighbor and I ran around with him and Hill for awhile). I could be wrong, but it seems David Bush (66) was there too. And three or four girls from the class of 66. I have no idea who they were. I was the youngster. David Hill invited me along for a ride. Not wanting to miss a chance of a lifetime, seven of us pile on this toboggan in a real tight, interlocked, position. We knew we had to get past the end of the left field fence of the baseball field, so we pushed off at an angle. This sled instantly heads, dead-on, like there was track laid down for it, to the very large tree just on the outside of the ballpark. Most of you remember "that" tree. Someone in here probably planted it. There was no way to get off the sled. Panic. And most of us know how useless we are during panic. Half trying to bail out one way, the other half the other way. Interlocked, we hit it real hard. Hard enough that bodies flew. Nobody got hurt. Nothing. It was amazing. Lesson learned, I never took another sled down that hill. -Rick Maddy (66) ******************************************** >>From: Phil Jones (69) For those of you interested in listening to the Bomber Championship game Saturday night but not living locally, I'm told by Frank Murray, who does the radio play by play, that KONA radio will carry the game on the internet. The URL is Frank instructs me to "follow the am track" on this website. bon appitite -Phil Jones 69 ******************************************** >>From: Jeanne LcCroix Grant (77) To Miriam Lewis (76): Miriam, I don't know if you remember me or not, Jeanne LaCroix Grant (77) But Congrats. A baby girl how neat! She was born the day before my oldest turned 21. Enjoy her while she is little they grow so fast! Take care and thanks everybody for all the great memories! To Mike Lloyd (77 Falcon) So nice to hear that you will cheer for the green and gold even though you graduated from the purple and gold. My kids are at the yellow and gold and the crimson and gray. I would love to meet up with you if we were coming over your way for the game but not this time. Say Hi to all your family, and if you get over this way look me up would love to meet your family and have you meet mine. Best of luck to the BOMBER football team. Kick some west side butt!!! -Jeanne LcCroix Grant (77) ******************************************** >>From: Dave Edgar (81-KINDA) Maren, Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you, but its been a hectic week at work. I did grow up in Richland, I went to Jason Lee, Chief Joe, and Col High for my sophomore and junior years. My family moved to Issaquah the summer after my junior year and I ended up graduating from Issaquah High in 1981. I haven't seen any of the Bomber pages yet but I'll have to look into them. Did you see that the football game (4A State Championship Game Richland vs Kentwood) is on Fox Sports Northwest, channel 17 in the Seattle area, at 7:30 on Saturday? Go BOMBERS!!!!!! -Dave Edgar (81-KINDA) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/5/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1999 AAAA STATE FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP Richland Bombers, 21 ~ Kentwood Conquerors, 18 WAY TO GO BOMBERS!!! What a way to close out the millennium!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 29 Bombers sent stuff in: Bud Row (47), Mary Triem (47), Dick Harris (49), Dick Roberts (49), Mary Winston (50), Al Parker (53) Marguerite Groff (54), Chuck Holtz (55), Bill Groff (61), John Adkins (62), Jim House (63), Kenny Wright (63), Maren Smyth (64), Linda Reining (64), Leona Eckert (65), Rod Brewer (65), Lloyd Swain (66), Tedd Cadd (66), Dan Gregory (66) and Judy Green (68), Larry Brunelle (67), Betti Avant (69), Mary Jane Smith (70), Stu Osborn (71), Dave Trent (75), Judi Ell (76), Miriam Lewis (76), Michael Peterson (77), Anne Weldon (98) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bud Row (47) RE: The Red Head To Fred Phillips (60): I want to thank you for letting us know we had the right Fred. I didn't know dad mooched a meal from your mom & dad. I have a picture of him from about that time. Sure doesn't look like he needed another meal. Also you are right on, he had more b---, stories than Carter had little liver pills at that time. He did enjoy life and the people around him. Thanks again Fred -bud row {47} ******************************************** >>From: Mary Triem Mowery (47) RE: It's a small world! I attended a funeral today for the grandmother of a friend of my son, Greg, here in South Florida. We were early, as Greg was a bearer. I was sitting in the Catholic Church waiting for the start of services and a priest stops by to chat with me. In the chat, I discovered that he was for 40 years a cleric in Spokane and that he was very familiar with the Tri-Cities - and he asked which one I was from. I told him Richland and he said "oh, so you are a Bomber, eh?" Of course I proudly lifted both thumbs up and said "you bet - Go Bombers". He said they have a unique pride down there and I told him he was certainly right about that. This priest's home is in Ireland, and he chose WA to serve - what a small, small world. -Mary Triem Mowery - 1947 ******************************************** >>From: Dick Harris (49) To Bud Row '47: What do you mean, "All kidding aside, and why did they have roll around closets and no built-in ones, in the first ranch houses?" Ans: Since the streets were curved, roll around closets were the only thing that would follow the curves, such as on Cottonwood and Cedar. It was the only thing that "wood" work! To: Carol Converse Mauler (64) Re: Prefabs - Water heaters and sliding windows. Yes, Carol, there really was a water heater in the kitchen, at least in the three-bedroom type. And, it took up a lot of the meager floor space there. You are right that the sliding glass windows had a metal handle for locking and unlocking the window in its place. Do you remember that the windows had a cream colored hard plastic weather stripping on the outside that was supposed to be slightly flexible to form a seal against the window. The sun soon oxidized this strip and it became harder and less flexible and eventually broke and there wasn't any seal and thus the sand sailed right on into the house frequently! We would use a whisk broom to sweep the sand out of the grooves the windows were sliding in. Lots of fun! -Dick Harris '49 ******************************************** >>From: Dick Roberts (49) To Norma Culverhouse King (49) I was wondering what had happened to you. I just figured that some dark and handsome man in Mexico had whisked you away to his paradise retreat. I see that you will be visiting Kevin King (75) over the holidays in San Luis Obispo. We are 15 miles to the south in Grover Beach and it would absolutely be criminal if we didn't get together. So either you or Kevin should give us a call [phone number deleted for Dick's privacy-Ed] and we'll do something spectacular. I have talked to Kevin on the phone and we promised each other to get together for some holiday cheer. Glad you're back safe and sound. Dick Roberts (49) ******************************************** >>From: Mary Winston Wymer (50) To Fred Phillips (60) I remember the friendship between your dad and Red Row since I spent a good number of hours at your house "babysitting" you. You were quite a handful! I lived across the street from you, between the Howe's and Whitesides. -Mary Winston Wymer (50) ******************************************** >>From: Al Parker (53) RE: Bomber Champs Al (in Pennsylvania) Listening with Maren Smyth (in North Dakota) to the Washington State Football championship in the Tacoma Dome between Richland and Kentwood that is being broadcast on the Internet by station KONA in Pasco, Washington. I am listening to the game now... that is a really cool website... and the game is coming in really well... amazing... what an age we are living in... This is getting to me, I am feeling 1949 through 1953 all over again.... gotta go by By's and pick up a burger after the game. I can feel the chill in the air, smell the hot dogs, etc.... THIS IS WONDERFUL.... Hooooooooooorayyyyyyyyyy -Al Parker (53) ******************************************** >>From: Chuck Holtz (55) Maren, Bombers just won.....21-18. Go Bombers!!!!! I was watching it on TV. It was close. Kentwood turned it around in the 3rd quarter and had the momentum, but the Bombers prevailed. It was exciting. I was yelling my head off. Hooooorayyyyy!!!!! I'm real happy for the team and all Bombers. The kids did themselves proud! Chuck Holtz (55) ******************************************** >>From: Marguerite Groff Tompkins (54) THEY DID IT!!! CONGRATULATIONS - RICHLAND BOMBERS FOOTBALL TEAM! They just won the Washington State 4A championship, 21 - 18. Richland's last State Football Championship was in 1981. Landon Kafentzis was named "Most Valuable Player." A lot of you have seen the Kafentzis name connected with football many times over the years. A regular dynasty! And finally - we can watch all the action right in our living room, as it's happening. That works for those of us that don't like to drive across the passes this time of year. I want to congratulate those of you working on the All Bomber Reunion 2000 (R2K). Just working on our 45th reunion this past year was a pretty big job - I am in awe of you. Could be your youth helps!! Looking forward to all the action. We turned on "Walker, Ranger" TV show after the game was over and who did we see as a guest star(?) - our very own Michael Peterson. This was a rerun, but the first time I've seen it. He looks as good and sounds as good on TV as in person. Hope he is able to make it to the reunion - especially for those of us that got to see only part of his stage show at the County Fair last summer - before the lights and sound died. Hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season. Got your shoppin' done??? Better hurry!! -Marguerite Groff Tompkins (54) ******************************************** >>From: Bill Groff (61) RE: class ring Greetings to all and GO BOMBERS! Many years ago I found a class ring from the class of 1945 but at that time it was impossible to locate the owner. Over the years I've forgotten all about it and lost track of it. As I was digging around a little junk box I found it and it occurred to me that this web site is way to hopefully find the owner. Like I said, it's a 45 , probably a boys ring with initials JB. -Bill Groff (61) ******************************************** >>From: John Adkins (62) RE: State Champs Richland 21 Kentwood 18 -John Adkins "62" ******************************************** >>From: Jim House (63) RE: Bomber Championship Thanks to the tip from Phil Jones (69) I was able to listen to the championship game on in Houston, Texas. Amazing technology, amazing team and amazing school. -Jim House (63) ******************************************** [Note about Kenny's entry (below). I messed up Kenny's entry yesterday so badly that I'm running it again today. What a GREAT story about the picnics! Had my mouse stuck on REPLACE instead of IGNORE when the spell check picked up "Okies" as a misspelled word. It offered "Skies" and I wasn't paying attention.... Then it picked up Col-Hi's as an error and I let it replace with "Collie's"... I let it change NPR radio with NCR... and KUOW radio station was changed to KNOW.. Bomber apologies, Kenny. I hope everyone will read Kenny's entry below as it should have appeared in yesterday's Sandstorm. -Maren] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >>From: Kenny Wright (63) A few things I thought one of the older old- timers would have mentioned by now that was unique to early Richland but has not commented on yet: It was in the late 40's on a hot summer weekend that our family went down to Columbia Park to partake in the "Kansas" picnic. Because everyone was from some place else, "friends" from the same state would organize a big pot luck picnic and make it a Richland family affair. I quickly made friends with another little kid from Kansas; we ate BBQ hamburgers, hog dogs, and other dishes I had never tasted at home. We played all day on the merry-go-round and in the wading pool (we were too small to go in the "big pool" in Columbia Park). Somewhere during that day I heard about the Oklahoma picnic the next weekend. Quickly realizing an opportunity, we decided to blend in with the other kids the next weekend and we became Okies. Colorado had a pretty good picnic that summer too as I remember. Utah's was subdued. If my little friend from Kansas is reading this, please Email me, maybe we can have another Kansas picnic next June 24th in Columbia Park. A couple of other memories of a little kid in Richland were a black-face minstrel show in some big school auditorium and GE's Science Show in Col-Hi's auditorium. First time I had ever seen a strobe light freeze a rotating disk. It seemed these were big events for isolated Richland. Does anyone else remember these uniquely early Richland things? Kenny Wright (63) p.s.: For those who do not have the opportunity to see the "Atomic Comic" in person, you can catch him on NPR's radio "Rewind Show" which originates from KUOW in Seattle. Brad Upton (74) is a frequent guest and the show is well done and a "little" humorous. But you have to remember that he runs around in those funny little shorts. ******************************************** >>From: Leona "Mari" Eckert Leahy (65) RE: Thank you, Don Winston, class of '63 for the wonderful website you gave us! Have just finished several moments of "listening wonder" and plan to go back to that site many, many more times! The Christmas music was terrific too. Thanks again. -Leona "Mari" Eckert Leahy '65 ******************************************** >>From: Rod Brewer (65) I just want to say thanks to everyone involved in making this awesome connection to our past part of our present. -Rod Brewer (65) ******************************************** >>From: Dan Gregory (66) and Judy Green Gregory (68) WAY TO GO BOMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 21/18 WIN ALSO CONGRATULATIONS TO LANDON FOR PLAYER OF THE GAME YEAH BOMBERS!!!!!! -Dan and Judy Gregory, 1966 & 68 ******************************************** >>From: Lloyd Swain (66) Hi Carol Converse (64)... I just shot some video of the device you are talking about which literally will take away all landfills.... I am working on a program for Tridec.. our economic development firm... on new businesses helped with 3161 funding... The device can take any kind of waste.. and convert it to fuel and a glass material which can be used for a variety of uses from tiles to road aggregate... It's a huge melter... using Joul and plasma heating to convert the molecules to hydrogen gas or glass.... It's pretty cool because it can produce more fuel or electricity than it uses. It was developed at battelle and MIT and then formed into a company through an entrepreneurial leave program. I am just finishing photography and production of this program which will air on Channel 3 on Falcon cable over the next month. The program is called the 3161 update and features not only this melter but a number of other start up companies who have benefited from our local economic development and diversification efforts... Anyway.. that's all the news that's fit to print... oh.. the company is called Integrated Environmental Technologies... I would probably buy the stock when it goes public.. -Lloyd Swain (66) ******************************************** >>From: Tedd Cadd (66) RE: Holes on the "banister" We used them for flower pot holders. -Tedd Cadd (66) ******************************************** >>From: Larry Brunelle (67) TO: Pam Ehinger (67) Howdy Pam: You wrote yesterday that "You know most people think that we who grew up in Richland have a second head or arm or leg or what ever hidden some where on our bodies!" Well Pam, It's true. Most of us have 2 arms and 2 legs and a few that I remember seem to have had 2 heads also. Here in Prosser the local high school just won STATE in their division. 3A I think. Prosser will never be big enough to play against the Bombers. Happy holidays to one and all. !!!!! ( o o ) ----oOO----(_)----OOo---- -Larry Brunelle (67) ******************************************** >>From: Betti Avant (69) Hello to all you 69ers out there. Also a special HI to any 72ers who remember my brother, Howard - GO Bombers!!!! I heard about the website while home last summer for my 30th reunion, my how time flies!!! I am living in northwestern Kansas where , when the wind blows, it reminds me of good ole Richland after the wheat fields were plowed- can you spell DUST???? I love the small town atmosphere, though, we even have a super WalMart!!! Well, everyone take care and I hope this finds all of you eagerly anticipating the year 2000 AD?! -Betti Avant, class of 1969 and a BOMBER forever!!!!! ******************************************** >>From: Mary Jane Smith Poynor (70) RE: Bombers in the Frozen North! As I sit here typing I am hearing the Bomber game on TV upstairs! No matter how far you travel - we're in Alaska! - the Bomber spirit is still strong. Thank goodness for Sports Northwest cable channel! May your holidays be bright and your winter warmer than ours! -Mary Jane Smith Poynor ('70) ******************************************** >>From: Stu Osborn (71) RE: RICHLAND WINS State! Let me be the first to congratulate the 1999 Richland Bombers and their impressive victory over the game Kentwood Conquerors!!! You boys make us all proud! Great job! It was a victory well-earned and well-played on both sides. Those boys from Kent just had no answer for Kafenzis. If anyone needs a tape or aren't happy with the way theirs came out, I could be persuaded to burn a few copies of my beautifully edited copy recorded at fast speed of the Bombers clamping down and outscoring those pesky Conquerors. -Stu Osborn (71) ******************************************** >>From: Dave Trent (75) Stayed up just to listen to the 99 Bombers win it all! Thanks KONA radio for the link. -Dave Trent (75) now in Philadelphia area. ******************************************** >>From: Judi Ell Dahl (76) RE: State Champs Now I remember why it's GREAT to be a Richland Bomber! You've gotta love these guys! Kudos to all the coaching staff too! -Judi Ell Dahl (76) ******************************************** >>From: Miriam Lewis (76) To Jeanne LaCroix Grant (77) Yes, I remember you. Thanks for the congratulations - I can't believe your oldest is 21 - I really am a late bloomer! I think I am enjoying my high school memories more than I actually enjoyed things while they were really happening. Thank goodness for some perspective. -Miriam Lewis (76) ******************************************** >>From: Michael Peterson (77) Hey Bombers! Wow! Another State title game! Wish like the dickens I could be there to cheer you on! It's wild to think that so many of the guys who were part of the first team in Richland history to go to the finals are now a part of the coaching staff for this team. Lonnie Pierson - if you read this please know that I am pulling for you in the only way I can! Wish I was coaching there today with guys... or at least watching! Go Bombers! Sincerely, -Michael Peterson, Class of 77 ******************************************** >>From: Anne Weldon (98) To Clark J Riccobuono (71) I was percussion section leader in the band that year when we never made it to the state game. We did give it our best try to get there but Mother Nature and a bus driver prevented it. We did have fun though with snowball fights, and watching the last 1/4 of the game at the ski place at the top of the pass. Believe me, we all wanted to be there. I think the football team could have won if they could have seen all of us in full uniform playing the fight song. Best of luck to the band and the football team. Go Bombers! -Annie Weldon (98) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/6/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 17 Bombers and 1 Bomber offspring today. Bud Row (47), Ann Pearson (50), Dean Enderle (57), Jeanie Turner (61), Dave Hanthorn (63), Frank Osgard (63), Carol Converse (64), Bill Yandon (68), Mina Jo Gerry (68), Rick Polk (70), Mary K. Row (72-CA), Mike Davis (74), Michael Peterson (77), Kati Ash (78), Tony Ott (80), Craig Ostrom (81), Jim Wheeler (81), Kent "Wig" Davis (82) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bud Row (47) RE: closets. Thanks a million Dick. I knew you would have a ?? [logical]! answer. -bud row {47} ******************************************** >>From: Ann Pearson Burrows (50) Saw Michael Peterson on "Walker" last night - didn't know it was a rerun. We also bought his latest CD awhile back - he acts just like he sings -personable, down-home and close!! Also saw bits and pieces of THE game - it did bring back lots of memories of screaming our lungs out in the cold!! Southern Cal doesn't have the same feeling - but the surfing is great! -Ann Pearson Burrows (50) ******************************************** >>From: Dean Enderle (57) RE: 4A Champs Just wanted to say Congratulations to the 1999 Bomber Football team and all associated with them, way to go!!!!! Also, Richard Roberts (49) if you are tuned in, yes I did know about Danny "buying the farm" as we used to say in the military. It is always so sad to be reminded of these things, I lost a lot of good friends over there and looking back it seems such a waste now. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me and have a great Christmas and New Year. Hey! how about those 1999 football champs!! -Dean Enderle (57) ******************************************** >>From: Jeanie Turner Anderson (61) Congratulations Richland Bomber football team, coaches, fans and parents of all. Way to go! You make us all proud. Warmly, -Jeanie Turner Anderson (61) ******************************************** >>From: Dave Hanthorn (63) Unfortunately my wife and I were at the hospital all day yesterday while my sister-in-law was having an operation, so I was unable to go to the Tacoma Dome for the 4A High School State Championship Football Game. However, I did get home last night in time to turn on the TV and see the second half of the game, in which the BIG GREEN MACHINE ground out a magnificent victory over a tough and stubborn Kentwood team. Exciting? Hell yes, even after all these years it is still exciting to see the Green and Gold excel at the statewide level. The Richland kids were great. Even with the Kentwood team inching ever closer on the scoreboard, the Bombers never lost their cool, never panicked, they just stuck to their game, grinding it out, throwing when they needed, piling up those first downs. Although the momentum was with Kentwood, the Richland kids seemed to "know" that the game was theirs, and they just kept playing strong and hard and smart. What an effort. What a great coaching job. What a great team. Way to go, BOMBERS!! To Rod Brewer (65): A special "Hello" and welcome to the Sandstorm family to Rod Brewer. It's been a long time since we played "hoops" on the little eight foot basket at the playground on Perkins Street. The "sandlot" sports we played there are still some of my best memories of growing up in Richland. I still remember most of the names (though my memory for names is otherwise terrible) Denny Casto (63), Tim Smyth (62), Terry (63) and Gary Webb (64), Bobby McClellan (66), Jon Burnley (63), Jay Williamson (63), me, you, and a few others were the "regulars", but there were always plenty of others dropping by. I can remember clearing the snow off the "court" so we could have our basketball games. Playing football with nine inches of snow on the field. Playing basketball, football, or baseball until nearly ten o'clock at night when the last glimmer of twilight faded from the sky. What great times we had. I never would have admitted it then, but I was proud of you, Gary Webb and Bobby McClellan for playing for the Bombers on some of the State Tournament teams in the middle to late sixties. You guys were great. I hope all is going well for you and yours and that you have a happy holiday season. -Dave Hanthorn (63) ******************************************** >>From: Frank Osgard ('63WB) RE: Christmas Tree Went out to buy a Christmas tree for the first time in some while, and was shocked, SHOCKED at the price. If I can be Frank (no pun intended) for a minute eighty-five bucks is a bit much. I don't mean to say we haven't had trees, only that I haven't been privy to the purchases, what with cable and all. There is a genetic deficiency in or our family wherein the male of the species can't pick out or decorate a decent tree. We are however blessed, with the good sense not to say anything about the one we end up with. My old man, would make his own trees. We'd all head down to the Buck Private and buy a couple of "Charlie Brown trees". Back then there were only Christmas trees, and the occasional X-Mas tree. No Ponderosa Pines, Mountain Balsams or other Boutique species. He'd tie the trees to the top of our Buick and bring 'em home, like he'd shot a deer. Then out would come the drill and pocket knife. He'd find the first bald area and drill a hole in the trunk, cut a branch off of the "Donor Tree" sharpen the end and stick the limb in the hole. Of course come December 26th not all of the tree was equally fresh. But all the better, ours was always the first tree for the Christmas tree fort. One year my Mom wanted to flock the tree, with some stupid recipe she found in McCalls. We used starch and food coloring and tried to blow it on with the vacuum cleaner. Not good, not good at all. The yard and fence were OK by spring. I think there was too much wind. Had to make a second trip to the Wild Bill's this time and buy a couple more. Mom also got all ticked off one year and sprayed a tumble weed pink and put little angles on it (no lights, as those little twinkly jobs had not yet been invented). Hung it from the ceiling. The cat had a problem with it, and pulled it down and tore it up in the middle of the night or so the legend goes. Never had an artificial one, but I'm thinking about it. I do have a question: is it true that they quit having those Christmas programs at the schools, when parents quit buying their kids bathrobes? I thought I read someplace that with no readily available source of costumes for the Shepherds, they just started canceling those annual pageants, where the Kindergartners "Withed You A Merry Cwithmuth". Maybe I'm wrong, and it was the popularity of colored sheets and there was no supply for those sappy looking choir capes made out of old white sheets, with the big red plastic bow. Gotta go, the Bay Watch Holiday Special is coming on and I want to tape it. How 'bout them Bombers, huh -Frank ******************************************** >>From: Carol Converse Maurer (64) TO: Linda Reining ('64) THANKS for a Christmas card that you sent to all of us Bombers!!! Great idea you had. Now I wonder how many cards will be sent to this site from other Bombers. I know I plan to. TO: Lloyd Swain (66) I really appreciated what you had to say about garbage machine being built. Very interesting and sounds like it would do the job nicely. Now I remember the news did say that the company was named Integrated Environmental technologies. Too bad we can't get stock in the company now BEFORE it goes public. Thanks again for sharing the information with me. GO BOMBERS!!!!!!! I was anxiously awaiting news on how the football team did Saturday night. I should have known that EVERYBODY would be writing in about it today. If only I had known about the broadcast on, I would have listened to it. Oh well, there's always next year, right? Again, go BOMBERS!!! -Carol Converse Maurer (64) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Carol -- Phil Jones (69) gave everybody the URL in the Sandstorm where we could all hear the game. What? You didn't read that Sandstorm???? -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Bill Yandon (68) RE: Bombers victory Congrats to the Bombers, was great to be able to watch them down here in Portland on the tube on Fox sports. Only thing better for me would have been if they had been playing my other high school, Olympia Bears, but I guess we can't have it all. Thought I recognized a couple of last names which brought back some memories. Wishing all a very happy, joyful Christmas and New Year. Hope this season brings a lasting peace to all. -Bill Yandon, Class of '68 ******************************************** >>From: Mina Jo Gerry Payson (68) BOMBERS RULE!! I was band director when the Bombers played Foss in 75. I know we lost, but all I remember about the game was the we froze, literally, on the field. It must have been the coldest night on record in Seattle. Trumpet valves were frozen, slides were frozen, hands were numb, and the poor majorettes! That was my introduction to the Big Show as a fledgling band director, fresh out of college. Proud (?) mom here: My son, Adam (2000), designed the Bleacher Bums current T-shirt. I had to fill him in on the glorious (??) history of the group. And the holes in the porch dividers: Mom kept flower pots filled with cactus in them. She babied the cactus all the way back from New Mexico one summer. She used to sit on the ledge and watch the world go by in the neighborhood. One day she forgot about the cacti and sat on one of them!! It was never the same. I don't think they lasted the winter. -Mina Jo Gerry Payson (68) ******************************************** >>From: Rick Polk (70) I may be a little late BUT WAY TO GO BOMBERS....1999 4A STATE FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS Caught the game on TV and it was great. CONGRATULATIONS -Rick Polk (70) ******************************************** >>From: Mary K. Row (72) To: Fred Phillips (60) Hi there. I DO remember your dad. He and Granddad Row took me to so many baseball games it's no wonder my boys tell their friends to ask mom about baseball. I also remember great trips to the dumps with them. They always found something great to bring home. I'm sorry my grandmother made your mom's Friday evenings so difficult. Granny could burn bacon well. Thanks for reminding me of great memories. I also got to visit your mom's classroom one time when we came back to Richland to visit at Christmas time. Your mother was sweet to me. Take care. Also, yes, I went to Braves games with Fred Philips and my Grandfather. -Mary K. Row (72) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) What a game! It was great watch the Beavers, uh I mean Bronks, no no I mean Bombers win it all! And what a crowd - I saw Franco up there in a luxury box sitting with the Kennedys. And Merilee Rush and Crigler on the sideline - wasn't their National Anthem duet brilliantly done? -Davis (74) ******************************************** >>From: Michael Peterson (77) Hey Bombers! Go Bombers! Atta Way! Wow! Can't wait to high five the guys I know on the coaching staff! This is so great! -Michael Peterson, Class of 77 ******************************************** >>From: Kati Ash Noehrenberg (78) Congratulations to Miriam Lewis (76). Isn't it nice to be a late bloomer? I became a first time mother four months ago when my twin girls were born. I appreciate the patience that comes with age, but I could sure use the energy of my youth. Now that I am thinking of ways to entertain young children, I have been recalling the fun I had as a child at the railroad depot in Pasco. I loved watching the trains arrive and depart. It was almost as good as actually going for a train ride. I also enjoyed watching the boxcars run up and down the tracks by the roundhouse without being attached to locomotives. I think Pasco had one of the few automated switching yards where boxcars could be controlled in that manner. Perhaps there are some train buffs out there who can tell me if this was as rare as I have been told. -Kati Ash Noehrenberg (78) ******************************************** >>From: Tony Ott (80) WAY TO GO BOMBERS!!!!!!! STATE CHAMPS!!!!!! PROUD OF THE CLOUD!!!!!! -Tony Ott, Class of ''80 ******************************************** >>From: Craig Ostrom (81) Congrats to the Bombers on another state championship. WAY TO GO!!! -Craig Ostrom (81) living in Atlanta, Ga. ******************************************** >>From: Jim Wheeler (81) RE: State Champions!!! I would also like to congratulate the Bomber team on bringing back the state title to Richland. I was lucky enough to attend last night's game and was very thrilled to see the way the team battled. Again, way to go Bombers!!! -Jim Wheeler (81) ******************************************** >>From: Kent "Wig" Davis (82) Congrats 1999 Bombers -Kent "Wig" Davis (82) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/7/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 15 Bombers sent stuff in: Mary Triem (47), Ralph Myrick (51), Hugh Hinson (52), Betty McElhaney (57), Carol Carson (60), Larry Mattingly (60), Jack Gardiner (61), Marilou Ingram (62), Patti Snider (65), Vikki Kestell (70), Sheila Davis (71), Darcy Doyle (77), Sandy Shively (77), Kim Edgar (79), Amanda McDevitt (92) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mary Triem Mowery (47) RE: Pearl Harbor - 12/7/41 Today is the 48th anniversary of a "day that will live in infamy" as stated by our then President, Franklin D. Roosevelt. The following day, 12/8/41, the U.S. declared war upon the Japanese, the nation which committed the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. Let us not forget that this, along with many other contributing factors, led to the 1945 attack on Hiroshima, Japan. -Mary T. Mowery, 1947 ******************************************** >>From: Ralph Myrick (51) I am having a house built in Birchfield Meadows. This is located on Gage across the Street from the fire station and Gage and Keene Rd. Today I thought that I would finish painting the outside but that blasted wind came up and blew so hard it almost blew me off my ladder. The dust was rolling and filling every orifice in my head with sand. I thought I was reliving the 40's and the famous termination winds. All that land is under construction so you can imagine the sand and, oh yes, the tumbleweeds. Some of them are four feet in diameter. -Ralph Myrick (51) ******************************************** >>From: Hugh Hinson (52) Congratulations to the Bombers. What a ball game. We were able to watch the game on TV and it was super. Way to go......... -Hugh Hinson (52) ******************************************** >>From: Betty McElhaney Hudspeth (57) To Bud Row (47) Re: Closets The architects forgot to design them into the plans. It wasn't noticed until the houses were ready to move into. They worked the builders overtime making the portable closets. To Dean Enderle (57): Have you kept in touch with Darrel Cowgill (57)? He was talking about you not to long ago? Way to go Bombers!!!!!!!!!! -Betty McElhaney Hudspeth (57) ******************************************** >>From: Carol Carson Renaud (60) Re: Ranch House Closets To Bud Row (47) I was always told the reason the Ranch Houses had portable closets was that the designers forgot to design closets in, except for the living room closet. Adding the portables was their "fix." I also had heard that the reason some of the "C" houses along Wright Street have the back (kitchen) door to the street is that the buildings built them backwards. Having known a lot of engineers, this seems entirely plausible. Anyone have more information? -Carol Carson Renaud (60) ******************************************** >>From: Larry Mattingly (60) Someone asked about the Pasco RR yard. Sorry, I dumped the file before looking for the name of who was asking. Anyway the Pasco "Retarder" yard was one of the most advanced in the US when built in the early 60's. They backed the train over a "hump" (that's why some call it the humpyard) and release the individual cars to roll down and be switched to whatever piece of track the destination train was on. They controlled the speed of the car by the use of magnetic retarders against the wheels. Thus the name "Retarder Yard". This was one of the first uses of "Bar coding" for computer tracking and sorting. You can see the red, white, and black barcode on the sides of the cars. I read an article a couple of years ago that this process of making up trains is now almost totally automated. The only thing the car knockers (yard workers) have to do is re-connect the air lines. The exception is that some very long tank or other special cars, cannot be "humped" Once rare, there are now automated retarder yards somewhere in the area of most major cities. -J Larry Mattingly (60) ******************************************** >>From: Jack Gardiner (61) RE: Red Row As a kid going up in Richland I played a lot of youth baseball: Little League, Pony League, American Legion. I would like tell Bud Row (47) and Mary K. Row (72-CA) that your father/grandfather was one of my favorite umpires. I always enjoyed it when Red umpired one of my games. -Jack Gardiner (61) San Jose Ca. ******************************************** >>From: Marilou Ingram Aeschliman (62) To Bud Row (47) Bud, I remember my brother-in-law, Gary Nield (49) telling us that the closets were "forgotten" in the ranch houses and the portable units were an after the fact addition. But then, Gary has always been one for tall tales..... Actually, I think he also had a part-time job helping with construction of the ranch houses. -Marilou Ingram Aeschliman (62) ******************************************** >>From: Patti Snider Miller (65) CONGRATULATIONS BOMBERS - TEAM AND COACHING STAFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I watched the game on t.v. and it was great! I've never seen replays before during a high school game :) Way to go -Patti Snider Miller (65) ******************************************** >>From: Vikki Kestell (70) I am so proud of the Richland Bombers and their impressive state win. Go Bombers! Way to carry on. -Vikki Kestell (70) ******************************************** >>From: Sheila Davis Galloway (71) Happy Birthday to Michael Wayne Davis (74)!!!! Better known as Boo Boo... You finally made it to 43, you have been acting your age for so long. Hope you have a great day out there in Finleyville..... all those little kids love you so much. Hey if you know Mike wish him a happy one, he'll love it. Love ya Mike, your older, but wiser sister.... -Sheila Davis Galloway (71) ******************************************** >>From: Darcy Doyle Hupf (77) What can I say? An amazing game. I brought my kids with me to watch the "greatest school in the state" play and win! What a blast!!! From the minute you walked on the field, I could tell the game was yours! Way to go coaches! And, thanks to Sean Lewis (77) for being a familiar face when I walked in the door of the Dome! And Jeff Conley & Kathy Ryles (77).. It was like I was in Richland... but where was my big, yellow, 9 passenger station wagon??? -Darcy Doyle Hupf (77) ******************************************** >>From: Sandy Schively Buckley (77) To Miriam Lewis (76) and Kellie Walsh Patterson (77) Congratulations, Miriam, on the birth of your daughter Rose Elizabeth. I have been reading, with great enthusiasm, all the Sandstorms from the past and have now, literally, caught up with the past. Miriam and Kellie, both your recollections of your 3rd grade memories brought back and world of wonderful memories. My 3rd grade teacher at Jefferson was Mrs. Maas. She was my inspiration and role model. We were very lucky to have had such wonderful teachers throughout our schooling. Even now, I still feel lucky to have had Laure Sevigny Quaresma (76) as my oldest daughter's 3rd grade teacher and now for my kids' assistant principal at middle school. 3rd grade must be a magic year!! I also remember your beautiful drawings Miriam. I'm reminded of them all the time since my oldest draws like you do. It's a wonderful gift. Kellie, do you remember the Joe Manix turns that you and Patti Meyers did in your Mustangs? I'm having a wonderful time remembering the past for Richland. -Sandy Schively Buckley (77) ******************************************** >>From: Kim Edgar Leeming (79) RE: State Championship Wow, what a game! Seeing the excitement and the support of the crowd brought back memories of our Basketball Championship in 1979. Way to go Bombers! -Kim Edgar Leeming, Class of 79 ******************************************** >>From: Amanda McDevitt (92) RE: Bombers #1 Congrats to the 1999 State Champs! Still proud to be a Bomber! -Amanda McDevitt (92) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/8/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 16 Bombers and 1 Bomber Mom today. Evelyn Kingsley (49), Norma Culverhouse (49), Carol Hollingsworth (55), Shirley Davis (56), Vince Bartram (62), Connie Foster (63), Lee Bush (68), Mike Franco (70), Vic Marshall (71), Mark Jantz (72), Rod Peutz (73), Brad Upton (74), Mike Davis (74), Dave Trent (75), Holly Chamberlain (76), Anne Mitzlaff (77), BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Evelyn Kingsley Spradlin (49) RE: Christmas in Richland I never decorate a Christmas tree that I think of Richland. We moved there from Colorado in Nov. Of 1944. We had always spent Christmas at Grandma's therefore had never had a tree in our own home. The day school was out my sister and I went to Grandma's, where we put up the tree and all the trimmings. So here we are 1500 miles from Grandma in a place where you couldn't even see a tree let alone go to the forest and cut one. Daddy bought a tree and Marjie (46) and I were to decorate it, with what? We had no decorations and none were available in the store. We painted walnuts with fingernail polish and crayons, cut the pictures from the Christmas cards and hung them, strung popcorn and cranberries and wrapped them around the tree. The only thing that still had foil on it was yeast. I happened to like yeast so I ate the yeast so we could have the foil for a star on top. When we finished it was a pathetic looking tree to say the least. We decided to put a light under it to show up through it since we had no lights. Again the red fingernail polish worked quite well on the walnuts we painted the light bulb red, looked great we got Dad's trouble light put in the red bulb and put it under the tree. Turned it on and it was a nice red light coming up through the tree for a few seconds, then it got hot. We did get it unplugged before any damage (other than a terrible odor for a while) was done. We discarded the light idea and lived with the tree. I now have tree decorations, yard decorations, room decorations that I have gathered since then and I enjoy putting them out each year and I compare my tree now to that one lodged in my memory and mine now is much prettier but next year as I get ready to put up the tree it is the 1944 tree I will remember and laugh again at that pitiful little tree and how I hated that Christmas. Not because of the tree, and we had more presents than we had ever had before, but we had no family around us with whom to share. We didn't make candy and cookies with Grandma, and take them to friends. So it really was the family I missed. So far I have spent every Christmas with my children and their children and feel blessed. Merry Christmas to all who read this. Submitted by -Evelyn Kingsley Spradlin, class of 49 ******************************************** >>From: Norma Culverhouse King (49) HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mike Davis (74). You are still a year younger than my oldest (Steve) but a year older than Kevin. And congrats to your Mom BJ for raising such a great guy. I know from experience that it wasn't an easy job. -Norma Culverhouse King (49) ******************************************** >>From: Carol Hollingsworth Entrikin (55) My Dad (they called him Holly) was a Pony League coach for many years in No. Richland between about 1948 and 1955. The team was sponsored by the drugstore in No. Richland, Red Green's. I remember there was quite a rivalry between the North Richland kids and the Richland kids in that age group. They were around Jr. High School age. Anyone out there remember the team? I have lots of pictures I would be glad to send someone if they want to contact me. -Carol Hollingsworth Entrikin, 55 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Carol: Get the pictures scanned -- or send them to me and I'll scan them and return them to you -- and we'll get them up on the All Bomber Sports website!! -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Davis Lawrence-Berrey (56) RE: State Football Championships How often does one get to claim two state high school football championships in one day?! My kids high school alma mater and mine did just that. Way to go BOMBERS! Way to go PARKERSBURG (WV) BIG REDS! Reading about the Pasco trains brought back a long ago memory. My Dad worked for DuPont then and was transferred after the plant was built. We sold our "ole" Chevie and took the train from Pasco to Memphis Tenn. by way of Chicago. What an experience for a 7 yr. old. We returned by car, however, in '48. We lived in one of those pre-fabs the first time around - finally - living elsewhere first and waiting for housing like so many others. I had forgotten about the holes in the banister (?) on the small little porch. Don't think I was tall enough to look for spiders. Guess Mom thought flowers would have little chance in all that sand and wind. In fact I don't remember seeing any others at that time either. Sure did enjoy the left over plum trees though. Usually ate them green and wished I hadn't. Don't really remember THAT Sunday Dec, 7th, 1941, but I remember the blackouts. I remember being scared. Our Dads did a great thing back then at no small sacrifice, moving out west to "no where." Proud to be a Richland Bomber! -Shirley Davis Lawrence-Berrey '56 ******************************************** >>From: Vince Bartram (62) I attended the Bomber game Saturday night with brothers Gary (63), Dirk (73), and Chad (74). There were 13 of us there, what with wives, kids and grandkids (including some current and future Bombers), from both sides of the state. A great game and a great get together. The post mortem with several "Kentwoodites" at work Monday morning was the icing on the cake! Congratulations Bombers. -Vince Bartram (62) ******************************************** >>From: Connie Foster McLean (63) To Kenny Wright (63): Regarding 'uniquely Richland" memories. Since I was one of the "first" babies born in Richland, I have so many memories from the 18 years I was there before going off to college - then re-visiting frequently until my parents moved away in 1977. I have come back, though not as often as I would have liked, for weddings, funerals, and reunions, driving by the house where I grew up, walking the path by the river, and re- living so much of my youth. And I have so often thought of all the people who came into my life from Richland. This site has brought back many memories of experiences and people that were becoming a little foggy after all those years. Your message sparked a memory of the two of us watching the 4th of July Fireworks, held in the "Bomber Bowl" only a month or so after we graduated (July 1963). Great times! :) -Connie Foster McLean (63) ******************************************** >>From: Lee Bush (68) RE: December 7th - A Day of Infamy! PEARL HARBOR DAY On this special day, I just wanted to thank anyone whose family members not only served during W.W.II and at Pearl Harbor but also those that sacrificed their lives in W.W.II and those that were attacked and died at Pearl Harbor. Again this year, another Christmas goes by with families remembering a member or members killed in the war or at Pearl Harbor. On Dec. 6th, I saw a show on the History Channel. Alas, after all these years, military documents show that it wasn't a "Sneak Attack" but we had advanced warnings and that President Roosevelt had knowledge of the impending attack. If you get a chance to see this show, it tells the real history leading up to Pearl Harbor. Nonetheless, we probably would have been drawn into the war anyway! Right now there is no memorial in Washington, DC honoring those that sacrificed their lives in W.W.II. We, the nation, have the Vietnam Memorial and other war memorials but no memorial for W.W.II. There is group asking for funds to build a W.W.II memorial. If you feel so led to make a contribution in the name of a family member or for just being thankful we don't live under the flag flying the Rising Sun, you can make a donation by calling: 1-800-639-4WW2 or 1-800-639-4992 I want to personally and publicly thank my father, Bob Bush - 75 years old, who served in the China-Burma Theater during W.W.II. MERRY CHRISTMAS!! -Lee Bush (68) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Franco (70) Yes Mike Davis (74)... Kennedy HAS left the building! Great win for the Bombers... For those of you not in the Seattle area, the Seattle Times published their "High School Football team of the Century" for the state. No Bombers made the first team but some "area players did": QB Drew Bledsoe Walla Walla 1989 WR Gail Cogdill Lewis & Clark 1955 PK Jason Hanson Mead 1987 DL Steve Emtman Cheney 1987 LB Michael Jackson pasco 1974 (pasco is always spelled with a small "p"!) DB Al Worley Wenatchee 1964 SECOND TEAM included John Meyers OL 1957 was he a load at 6'6", 272 in 1957?! Listed among the 15 "greatest games" was the Nov 18, 1989 Kennewick-Richland game, won by the lions 23-21. Listed among the greatest coaches were: Felix Fletcher, Walla Walla, Tom Moore, Prosser, Lee Bofto Wenatchee (we remember him don't we 60's-70's Bombers?), and Ed Troxel kennewick. Interesting to read this kind of history. I am amazed that Drew Bledsoe edged out both Phil Jones and Dick Boston for the all time QB! great victory and great for all Bombers to be pulling for our kids. To Boo Boo Davis: Happy Birthday! You may have just turned 43 but your waist has been there for years! Warning!!! I will be arriving in The A City Saturday Dec 18... I'll be thirsty so save your folding money! -Mike Franco 1970 ******************************************** >>From: Vic Marshall (71) RE: Baby Elephant Walk To: Billy Didway (66) You asked for it - here is Baby Elephant Walk... da da da da da da da da da da da da da da - ka boom da da da da da da da da da da da da da de Feel free to join in anytime, folks.... -Vic Marshall (71) ******************************************** >>From: Mark Jantz (72) When did Columbia High become Richland High? When I was in school, it was Columbia High, though it was referred to as Richland or RHS in sports. Speaking of sports, it was great catching the game Saturday on the Internet. I didn't know about the KONA broadcast so I heard the game through the link to a west side station at WAY TO GO, BOMBERS! Mark Jantz (72) ******************************************** >>From: Rob Peutz (73) RE: December 7th... I wanted to take this time to thank the WWII veterans, for their service. I have visited the USS Arizona Memorial, and have walked the decks of the USS Missouri. I wanted to thank you for literally saving the world. Freedom is not free. To Mary Lou Watkins Rhebeck (63): I don't live to far from Dana Point. I live in Santee, just east of San Diego. Any other Bombers out in San Diego? To Jeanette Haberman (73): Your invitation to visit Iowa sounds interesting. Looking at the weather picture on the internet, Looks Cold. Are there any palm trees there? I am currently at sea, going in circles, but have a plane ticket to check out Iowa, and will be in your neighborhood, this coming weekend. -Rob Peutz (73) ******************************************** >>From: Brad Upton (74) To Shelia Davis Galloway (71): This is in response to Shelia Davis wishing her younger brother Mike (74) a happy 43rd birthday. Since I've known Mike since we were both 10 and graduated with him 25 years ago... I'm pretty sure this is his 44th birthday. Happy birthday, Boo Boo. -Brad Upton '74 ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) I apologize for the senility of my much older sister, Sheila (a.k.a. Spunky). I am 44, not 43! -Mike Davis (74) ******************************************** >>From: Dave Trent (75) Couldn't watch the game in Philadelphia, but I listened on the net thanks to KONA. Brought back many memories. My folks sent a picture from the Tri-City Herald (from the semi-final) and I was surprised to see "Bombers" instead of the "R" and the cloud on the helmets. Whats up with that? When did it change from the original? How about a local drive to reinstate the cloud? Could someone from home please prepare a roster of the team, with their parents names (and years of graduation of course) in the Sandstorm? Many familiar names, with equally familiar mother's names I'm sure, would surely be a treat! Would also like to see the coaches listed if someone had the time. -Dave Trent (75) ******************************************** >>From: Holly Chamberlain (76) I have another book recommendation to add to those which have come before on the topic of the history of atomic energy. LISE MEITNER: A LIFE IN PHYSICS, by Ruth Lewin Sime, is a very well-written and well- researched biography of a gifted scientist who played an important role in understanding fission. Although I am not conversant in physics (people who know me will know that that may be the understatement of the century), I found the content understandable for a lay person. Find it at your local library or order it at your friendly neighborhood independent bookstore. To whoever sent in the recommendation for LOS ALAMOS, thanks. I am enjoying it. -Holly Chamberlain, '76 ******************************************** >>From: Anne Mitzlaff Gerken (77) I'm behind on my reading, but trying to catch up. I had to comment on Frank Osgard's (63) note about Christmas trees. $85 sounds ugly to me, too. The great part of you note was how you made your Charlie Brown tree better with the donor tree. I loved the story of your mom's attempt at flocking. The cat and the tumbleweed was funny. Just had to comment on your wonderful entry. -Anne Mitzlaff Gerken (77) ******************************************** >>From: BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) It was nice of "Sissy" to wish Mike a happy Birthday but I may be wrong, even though I remember being there, Won't the big Mike be 44? While I am at it I'd like to say a Mom couldn't have a better son... He's a winner!! -BJ Davis (Bomber Mom of Sheila (71), Steve (72), Mike (74), Karen (76) and twins Wig and Jumbo (82) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/9/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 14 Bombers and one NON-Bomber today. Farrell Janssen (53), Tom Hughes (56), MLou Williams (60), Kathie Roe (64), Billy Didway (66), Patty Eckert (68), Ben Jacobs (69), Mike Franco (70), Steve Curd (70), Diane Hartley (72), Greg Alley (73), Mike Davis (74), Sean Lewis (77), Kim Edgar (79), Sam Lee (NON-Bomber) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Farrell Janssen (53) Hi Carol Hollingsworth Entrikin (55): Carol, I remember the North Richland team which included Lefty Kunkler (very good player and quite comical). The last time I saw Lefty was at Yakima Valley Junior College about 1955-1956. Yes, I remember your father, a real professional man and a very nice person just like his daughter. In fact he took the team along with a couple of us Richland players to Spokane for a doubleheader. It was a good experience and what a thrill. Bomber Cheers (per NB) -Farrell Janssen (53) ******************************************** >>From: Tom Hughes (56) RE: History of the Bomb Several people have talked about when the secret of Hanford was made public. I have a book called "Atomic Energy for Military Purposes, A General Account of the Scientific Research and Technical Development That Went Into the Making of Atomic Bombs". by Henry DeWolf Smyth. The cover page indicates it was written at the request of Maj. Gen. L.R.Groves. It provides details of the technical foundation for the bomb. It has detailed descriptions of the Chicago pile and how it was build and tested. It has site diagrams, pictures of the Hanford and Oak Ridge Plants and surprising details of the first two bombs. The book was published originally in 1945 with the second edition (which I have) being published by Princton University Press in 1946. This would indicate that this information was generally available in 1945. -Tom Hughes, Class of 1956 ******************************************** >>From: MLou Williams (60) You guys out there don't understand about the ranch house lack of closets. It's because they were designed by men. You can believe that if there had been a woman on the design team, there would have been plenty of closet space, which we find as essential as modern bathrooms. Never enough electrical outlets either.... -MLou (60) ******************************************** >>From: Kathie Roe Truax (64) Calling all cheerleaders, songleaders, band members & fanatic fans: Jim House ('63) had a great idea -- we turn the Y2K reunion basketball game into a reunion "event", including all classes in a pep rally before the game. Could we get some you out there who read the Sandstorm every day to lead us in the school song and a series of those special cheers that would send Old Lyda into a stroke? We'd also like an all-class Pep Band to back up the cheering squad and play some "Elephant Walk" and "Peter Gunn". Oh ya, this could be so cool!! If you were a band member or a member of one of our great cheering squads, please email me and we'll see what we can put together. With everybody's help, the June 23-25 Reunion 2000 will be a remarkable weekend!! Thanks. -Kathie Roe Truax ('64) (PS -- I'm still looking for basketball players. We're hoping to have lots of players so we can have a steady stream of substitutions and no one has to play for very long.) ******************************************** >>From: Billy Didway (66) RE: football Not only did Richland win its division but of the seven division championship games that were played over the weekend six were won by teams from east of the Cascades! -Bill Didway---66 ******************************************** >>From: Patty Eckert Weyers (68) Someone mentioned the name of a business I believe, "Buck Private" and that really hit a memory yet I cannot for the life of me place it? Yet the holes in the petition on the porches of prefabs were always scary to me as a little girl, I would peer down into them and always see spider webs. Although I didn't live in one as a girl, I was fascinated by the little door under the sink in the kitchen that actually was for the garbage men to come and empty your trash.! What a concept in today's living!!! .....NOT! Yes, strolling down memory lane within this site and others on Bomber Pride and growing up in this area with the secrecy involved all add to the uniqueness we all shared. If you want another large dose on nostalgia walk through the Crystal Clinic Antique Mall in Uptown Richland. Full of the flavor of the era of decades gone by of what we had and used during our growing up years! Its a thrill to see things again that we thought were just simple and standard. Put aside a few hours to make the most of it, its unbelievably full but very well presented. I am not making a sales pitch, just walked through it the other day again with my husband and it was fun and a sneak back into our hay-days. Bomber's Rule! Congratulations! Wishing EveryOne a Blessed and Happy Holiday Season, Bombers and C the K'ers! -Patty Eckert Weyers (68) ******************************************** >>From: Ben Jacobs (69) RE: BOMBER ATHLETICS After the Bomber Football Championship, Bomber Athletics have now amassed 17 State Titles, starting with '58 Boy's Basketball. This is more than the other 5 Tri-City High Schools combined. Here they are: Boys Basketball '58, '72, '79 Boys Golf '68, '69, '71, '87 Boys Cross Country '70, '71, '72, '73, '74 Football '81, '99 Girls Cross Country '93 Girls Soccer '98 Baseball '99 -Ben Jacobs (69) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Franco (70) To Vic Marshall (71): You couldn't carry a tune in a bucket! -Mike Franco 1970 ******************************************** >>From: Steve Curd (70) Merry Christmas to all Bombers! Great win at State, Congrats! -Steve Curd (70) ******************************************** >>From: Diane Hartley (72) TO: Mike Davis (74) Hey Mike, Yes, you are 44. I remember when we were in summer school together and I am the same age as Steve. You can't hide. buddy. Also what is with everyone thinking you are such a great guy????? Boy do you have them fooled :) :) :) JUST KIDDING. Hope it was happy. Only one and 1/2 to go till a break :) Happy Holidays to you and your family. -Diane Hartley 72 ******************************************** >>From: Greg Alley (73) RE: bomber fans this is boog alley sending out birthday wishes for the man mike davis. just turned 45, and that is official. for mike franco, my favorite bomber fan, hope to have a cold one with you soon. we hit as many regional and state functions as we could in one lifetime. you still have some of my favorite lines and i remembered a couple recently. i am getting old you know. we lived in the spokane area and always waited for the paper to give us bomber scores when we couldn't make it back home. there was the spokesmen, which i still like sometimes, and the chronicle. you said if you needed to, you could line your birdcage with it. hope to stay in touch every once in a while in the computer age. -greg alley class of 73 ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) To: Franco regarding All-Time Football team from Seattle Paper Mike, You mentioned Drew Bledsoe was listed at Quarterback. Not a bad choice! He should be thankful that a certain player decided not to play football and concentrate on his basketball skills and speed or he might have been Number 2 Quarterback. We all know who I'm talking about: Dog "Montana" Soldat!!!! -Mike Davis (74) ******************************************** >>From: Sean Lewis (77) OK, I have to add my two cents to the page here... As many have said, what a great game the other night in Tacoma. Congrats to the Bomber players and coaches but also to the Richland FANS -- I heard more than one comment about how locals couldn't believe how many Bomber fans showed up and, if you were there, you saw that Richland had just as many fans in the stands as Kentwood (which is only about 20 miles from the T- Dome). Yes, it was like being in Richland at a Bomber Bowl football or Dawald Gym basketball game -- except this time without all those pesky adolescent fashion, acne, social and hormonal concerns! (OK, without most of them, anyway...) Great to see you, too, Darcy Doyle, as you walked in - that was a pleasant surprise. And good to see a number of other friends' faces from the past, too.... Everyone here in the greater Tacoma/Seattle area apparently thought Kentwood had this game sewn up.... WRONG! High school sports are undoubtedly the best -- the players AND the fans are all there for the right reasons, 180 degrees from what you find in the pros. Oh, and as my 9-year old and I returned to our seats after half time, who had taken one of them but Frank Teverbaugh, legendary Bomber hoop coach. Well I instantly grabbed him by the collar and..... (ha - right!). There were some adjacent seats empty, so there was no problem, and I got to talk to him for a while. (Gee, he seemed much better-natured than when he was barking at us in PE.....). It was an honor to talk to him; he hadn't changed a whole lot, really; still looked in pretty darn good shape and I suppose if he gave me The Look and told me to take a few laps, I still would have, without argument! I told him I almost didn't recognize him without his gold shirt and green tie... Anyway, we had a great time at the game; thanks and congrats again, Bombers AND Bomber fans. – Sean Lewis / RHS '77 ******************************************** >>From: Kim Edgar Leeming (79) RE: Columbia High/Richland High Name Change To Mark Jantz (72) I think it was changed back to Richland High in 1978. My 1977 yearbook says Columbia High School, my 1978 & 1979 yearbooks say Richland High School on them. -Kim Edgar Leeming, Class of 79 ******************************************** >>From: NON-Bomber, Sam Lee RE: hanford patrol patches do you know anyone that works out at hanford? I need some patrol patches and an old badge for my collection! Im way out here in augusta ga and have been collecting for about a year! i started collecting patches and badges from Dept. of Energy sites and am trying to get some of the old and new from hanford but don't know anyone from the sites! hope you can help me! i also would like any history books or old hanford pictures if you can locate any of that kind of stuff! let me know what you find! i need some things from hanford for a display im making also! Anything you can find let me know if you have to buy it i can pay you back i work at savannah River site in south carolina and started this craze when one of the old security guards gave me his badge as he was retiring! this started my collecting badges and patches from other sites! i also collect memorabilia from atomic sites too! just something different to collect i guess -sam lee [ask for his address. -Ed] *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/10/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 17 Bombers sent stuff in: Dick Harris (49), Ralph Myrick (51), Darlene Trethewey (56), Tony Tellier (57), Dennis Barr (58), Burt Pierard (59, John Northover (59), Don Winston (63), Linda Pohlod (67), Betti Avant (69), Vic Marshall (71), Mark Jantz (72), Vicki Owens (72), Anita Fravala (73), Mike Davis (74), Kellie Walsh (77), Ilse Janssens (90) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick Harris (49) To: Patty Eckert Weyers (68): Re: Prefab Small Doors Patty, in the three-bedroom prefabs, the small door was in the utility room, off the dining room. One could reach the garbage can that was on a narrow asphalt strip, just below this door to put things in the garbage can. We didn't keep the garbage can in the house. However, we could reach waste baskets, etc. placed in the utility room from other areas of the house, through this doorway, from the outside (after it had been unlocked and opened from the inside). I suspect the designers and contractors also met some kind of code, by supplying an additional fire escape through this portal. To: Evelyn Kingsley Spradlin (49) Re: Christmas of 1944! Evelyn, I related to your story of the Christmas of 1944. Our family, like yours came from Colorado, just a few months ahead of yours and most of us spent that first Christmas away from "home." Many families had members serving in the military and ours had a war bride living with us, the bride of my brother serving in England. Since he had met her in Texas, and brought her first to Denver, and then we brought her to Richland, she must have felt more away from family than we. I can remember how she would come home from work each day, tired from a day's work of monitoring "badges" (checking for radiation of employees). This included riding the bus from the "area" to the terminal in North Richland and then transferring to another for the ride into town. This was followed by a two or three block walk home, carrying the usual lunch pail. Each night she would eagerly ask if there was any mail from my brother, her husband, and of course many times she was disappointed. Then, too, sometimes there would be a letter, that had gone through the military censor to protect the forces from dropping important information. Of course, all of the family members wondered if she was sharing all of the letter's contents! By the way, that lady is now 80 plus years young and periodically I share with her items that I think she would be particularly interested in, from the Alumni Sandstorm! Truly, I can't remember a thing about that Christmas, but I would guess that our teachers and principal, at Sacajawea Grade School, weren't concerned about celebrating Christmas with considerable religious overtones! However, I can bet that our family was giving thanks during that Holiday Season for the safety, up to that time, of three brothers serving in Europe. We can all be thankful during this Holiday period for the sacrifice of the many, who gave so much for our continued freedom! Thanks for listening to a sentimental Bomber from the Class of '49. -Dick Harris '49 ******************************************** >>From: Ralph Myrick (51) I don't know if any of you old timers had experienced this. My date, Faith Short, and I parked near the Columbia River near the project area. We were watching submarine races when all of the sudden a number of military police vehicles appeared on the scene. Scared the H--- out of us. With a tap on the window of the car and flash lights blaring in, they wanted to know what we were doing there. Duh. Of coarse they asked us to leave which I promptly did. Thought I was going to be thrown in jail or something. So much for the submarine races. I wonder what ever happened to Faith Short. I really liked her. This was in the 40's and security was still high priority. Ah, such memories. -Ralph Myrick (51) ******************************************** >>From: Darlene Trethewey Dunning (56) The Christmas Season is here, and every year as I'm getting things ready and listening to the music of the season, I think of going down town and singing in the square, it was something that I really looked forward to. Some evenings it could get rather cold, but the Christmas music was great!! And then we never thought twice of walking. I lived on Cottonwood and thought nothing of walking downtown or uptown. Also does anyone remember Hanna's Malt shop, in DownTown, They had the best Homemade ice cream!!!! -Darlene Trethewey Dunning (56) ******************************************** >>From: Tony Tellier (57) RE: "...someone mentioned ... "Buck Private" ... I cannot ... place it?" It was out at the "Y" and sold surplus US Army gear. Like leggings and crummy "ruck sacks". It smelled like old moldy tarps. It was near or next to "Wild Bill's" "No meal is a meal without spuds" Tony Tellier (57) ******************************************** >>From: Dennis Barr (58) RE: Big Bad John To Mike Franco (70) class.. From the past class of 1958 Bombers.. I looked up a old program from the 1957 season (football) and these are some of the things that I found. I will only give you the weights of the Sr. ball players. George Stevens QB 165, Mickey Arledge RB 168, Kenny Ryan RB 162, Robert Kenner FB 168, Jock Cameron RB 163, Don Roberts RB 155, Ted Kuykendall C 175, Larry Baker DE 177, Jim Carlson E 155, Bill Porter G 170, Dennis Barr E 180, Bill Hoyle E 205, Pat Crook G 190, Darrel Fleshman G 175, Paul Ratsch G 180, John Richardson T 204, and last but not least John Meyers T 215...... this is from the program listing of the Richland - Eisenhower game. I just had to set the record straight... Big Bad John Meyers was 215 not 272 in the year 1957. We started the season ranked as #1 in the state, but with injuries that didn't last. The players of this time never heard about pumping iron, and I don't think many of the colleges with the exception of Oklahoma and a few others. There was a very popular song in 1958 sung by Tennessee Ernie Ford called "Big Bad John" and we all tacked that on Meyers.. He was a force to other players and teams, but to the guys who played with him.. a fine football player, and good friend and Bomber in every sense of the word. Richland lost a true Bomber with his passing and his memories bring back a lot of wonderful times by all those who enjoyed his company.... -Dennis Barr 1958 bomber and team mate.... ******************************************** >>From: Burt Pierard (59) Calling all "graying" Bombers/Beavers who attended Project Schools between April 1943 (dissolution of old School District #6) and Sept 1944 (formation of new Richland School District #400). What is known: A Hanford (Camp) High School existed & was eventually used as a Project Employee Training Center until the early 50's. The old Richland Grade School was used as a Project Engineering Office from the Spring of 43 until the remodeling/addition was completed & reopened as Lewis & Clark Elem in Jan 1944. The new Col-Hi opened May 1, 1944. Jefferson and Sacajawea Elems opened Sept 11, 1944. Questions: Was Hanford HS an existing building (before the govt. takeover)? Was it used for both HS & Elem (essentially a K-12)? Was the old Richland HS ever used for classes? Where did YOU go to school during the transition? Please share your memories with us (or email me directly, if you're modest). Bombers forever, -Burt Pierard (59) ******************************************** >>From: John Northover (59) RE: Bomber Cheerleaders To: Kathie Roe Truax (64) Kathie, Being a basic male pig from the 50's ... the visualization of Lady Bomber Cheer Leaders and Lady Bomber Song Leaders from the 50's, 60's and even into the 70's and 80's ... building a Bomber Lady Pyramid, Tumbling, Jumping, Leaping, Doing Hand Stands, and shaking their Pom-Poms is quite frightening... I hope no one gets hurt!!! -john '59 ******************************************** >>From: Don Winston (63) To Kathie Roe Truax (64): I noticed you did not mention Flag Twirlers (or whatever they were called - Glenda - help me on this). My sister Glenda ('53) was a Flag "Twirler". It was a group of a dozen or so girls who had these huge (well, they looked huge to me at age 7) green and gold flags they would twirl around in synchronism to the band's music. I can remember watching her practice one Saturday in the old "Girl's Gym". I'm talking two Gym Generations ago, before the Dawald Gym, when the place all of us in the 60's called The Gym was the rockin', sockin' place with the steel floor you could get rolling like an earthquake if you stomped and rocked in unison. Next door to that was a building that was the Girl's Gym in the '60's. I can remember after her practice, leaving the gym by a high door at the back of the bleachers, down a very long staircase which ran alongside the building. Descending that staircase scared the crap out of me, 'cause it was so high. Was that building also the Girl's Gym in the '50's or was it the only Gym? When were Flag Twirlers (maybe they were called Flag Girls?) disbanded? Anybody know? If my sis is any example, they could probably still get out there and show us a thing or two about the Art and Science of Flag Twirling. -Don Winston, Class of '63 ******************************************** >>From: Linda Pohlod Rushing (67) Hello, I am looking forward to a good Christmas and New year this year. I think the class of 67 has gone somewhere and they can't be found!!! I still come back to Richland a lot because of my folks. No one special there for me anymore. Have a great Christmas and New Year everyone. -Linda Pohlod Rushing 67 ******************************************** >>From: Betti Avant (69) RE: congrats to football team Congrats. to the Bomber football team. My brother (Howard, class of '72) was the manager of the the state championship basketball team in 1971-72. Coach Teverbaugh came to him and asked him to manage his team after he had managed wrestling, football, and baseball the prior two years. He went on to do the same things at C.B.C. for two years, and then on to the University of New Mexico, first as a student and later as his chosen profession. He continued there until his unexpected passing in June 1995. He was always a Bomber first, then a Lobo. God bless his soul. His sister, -Betti Avant, class of 1969 ******************************************** >>From: Vic Marshall (71) RE: Mike Franco's Musical Aptitude To Mike Franco (70): Mike you only dated Merilee Rush - this does not qualify you as an expert in music. Just because you have fallen behind the times and do not understand the nuances of good Rap music, there is no reason to come down on my artistry. Signed -The Artist formally known as Vic (71) ******************************************** >>From: Mark Jantz (72) RE: Columbia High/Richland High Name Change To Kim Edgar Leeming (79): Thanks, Kim, for the info. Wow! It was over 20 years ago, and I had no idea of the change till this week! But then it wasn't that obvious to an out-of-towner, given that we were called "Richland" most of the time anyway back in the ole "Columbia" days. If you or anyone else knows what or who prompted the change, I'd be interested in hearing about it. Did the students get to vote on it? -Mark Jantz (72) ******************************************** >>From: Vicki Owens (72) To Billy Didway (66) Great statistic on eastern Washington winning six out of seven division championships over the weekend. Just goes to show you that piles of people aren't everything. I'll take quality over quantity any day! -Vicki Owens (72) ******************************************** >>From: Anita Fravala Griffin (73) To: Kathie Roe Truax (64) What a great idea about having a pep rally before the big 2000 festivities. But, as I was singing to myself trying to remember our fight song .... I could only remember half of it!!! HELP anyone? -Anita Fravala Griffin (73) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Check it out! New "Fight Song" page: Fight Song] ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) Great to hear from Greg "Springboard" Alley (73) from Christ the King hoop fame! Welcome to the world of the "Sandstorm". For you people that are unaware -"Springboard" has more albums than Franco has brain cells! I had the honor of viewing the collection a few years back. Apple crates, full of albums, covering the basement floor. Quite impressive! Almost as impressive as his ol' CK jumper or Boog's ability to "skywalk" for boards! -Mike Davis (74) ******************************************** >>From: Kellie Walsh Patterson (77) While pondering over what to get our 2 1/2 year old daughter for Christmas, I began to think of Christmases past. And how toys have changed since I was a kid. Do you guys remember-- * CREEPY CRAWLERS by Mattel This is where you made rubberized insects from a heated mold. Considered very dangerous by today's standards, but gosh this was oodles of fun and had I many burns to prove it. * INCREDIBLE EDIBLES by Mattel as well. Similar to Creepy Crawler, but you made edible bugs as such. Oh Yum! * HANDS DOWN, TIP IT, OPERATION, TWISTER, DREAM DATE (games) * VVROOOOM! by Mattel This was a device you put on your bike to give it an engine-type sound. Battery operated. * LITTLE KIDDLES and LOCKET KIDDLES DOLLS These were small dolls that came with accessorized with a particular theme -- I had the sailor girl (she came with a sailor boat, towel and was dressed like a swabby), and the baby (this one came with a crib, bottle, etc.) * TUTTIE Doll I think she was marketed as Barbie's niece or some other distant relative * And of course BARBIE, MIDGE, SKIPPER, etc. * CHATTY KATHY DOLL Girls, you must remember this one -- she had the cord in the back of your neck that you pulled to make here talk. * And who can forget TROLLS!!!! These are just a few of all the great stuff we had as a kid. I'm sure you all have other memories of your favorite toys. So lets hear about YOUR FAVORITE TOYS as a kid. Also other priceless memories I have are of the Toyland above Thrifty Drugs in the Uptown Shopping Center open after Thanksgiving. I wish that still existed. I remember how Santa one year arrived with actual reindeer - another year he parachuted in to the then vacant field across from the old J.C. Penneys/Robinsons building. Anyway I'm rambling. Hope this jogs some memories... -Kellie Walsh Patterson, '77 ******************************************** From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Ilse Janssens (90) About ten years ago (Class of '90) I was an AFS-foreign-exchange student (from Belgium) and stayed with the Moore's. I had such a great time that I really would like to be in touch with anyone who remembers me. Have a look in our year-book and write to me. I don't have any information on the 10- year reunion yet but I would like to come. So should you have any more information on it, please let me know. -Ilse Janssens (90) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/11/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 25 Bombers and 1 Bomber Wanna Be today. Shirley Segrest (52), Ken Heminger (56), Annie Parker (57), Dennis Barr (58), Larry Houck (59), Fred Phillips (60), Richard Anderson (60), Dave Hanthorn (63), Jim Hamilton (63), Jim House (63), Linda Belliston (63), Kathie Roe (64), Linda Reining (64), Paul Felts (69), Phil Jones (69), Greg Alley (73), Sherry Foreman (73), Terry Hutson (74), Miriam Lewis (76), Julie Ham (77), Sandy Oberg (77), Kim Edgar (79), Beth Young (81), Kelly Weil (81), Guy Glazier (82), Mary Jane Deranleau (88 WannaBe) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Segrest Telford (52) Reading about the little trash door in the 3-bedroom prefab reminds me of something funny that happened to me when I was a freshman in high school. My parents never allowed boys to visit me unless they were home. One Saturday my parents went out for the evening, which I knew they were going to do. My current boyfriend wanted to come see me so he stood on the corner, and when my parents left, he came to my house, and of course I let him in (in spite of the rules). Well, my parents had forgotten something and came back, and when we saw the car pull up, my boyfriend escaped through the trash door. We had blinds at our windows but they were open and my Dad saw him leave and chased him for several blocks. My boyfriend was a skinny little kid and my dad was almost 6 feet tall and weighed 200 lbs. Apparently the kid was faster than my Dad so he didn't get caught but he didn't come back to my house for a long, long time. Needless to say, I was in a heap of trouble. I saw this old boyfriend many years later and we had a big laugh over the story. He said he was scared to death of my Dad after that. Sadly, he is one of the '52 grads who has since passed away. -Shirley Segrest Telford (52) ******************************************** >>From: Ken Heminger (56) Can someone fill me in on what the submarine races were.. I never heard of it when I was there.... I try to envision it, but all I see is water.... -Ken Heminger (56) ******************************************** >>From: Annie Parker (57) Hi this is Annie Parker Hoyle (1957) - I went into the Fight song Fight Song. I got that far but when it then says click on the wave to sing along I get a message that says can't find. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks if anyone has time to respond to me. -Annie Parker Hoyle (57) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Annie - It works GREAT with Netscape, but I couldn't get it to work with Microsoft (aka Weaselsoft) Internet Explorer, so it's not surprising AOL couldn't find it. Don't don't know how to fix it -- tried.. :-( -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Dennis Barr (58) RE: 1958 Bomber Football My apology to..Steve Carson (58) I'm sorry Steve (I missed ya big fellow) Sr. tackle 200 lbs... The 58 Bombers numbered 35.. of which 6 weighed in at or above 200 lbs. The 1999 Supper Bombers numbered 47? and at my count there were 17 at or above the 200 mark. This I believe is directly connected to the Iron pumpers, of course good gene's too. The 1999 version of AAAA Champion Bombers work (year around) sure made them winners and all of us proud. That Championship game had to be one of the very best I've ever seen... for those of you that didn't make the trip? The Bomber faithful were solid - end zone to end zone and from the field to the roof. It made you feel like you were in a time warp... Bomber Basketball in the 50's was that way.... when the town of Richland turned out the lights and headed for Seattle.... Once again Thanks AAAA Champs, and Coaching Staff.. we're Proud of you!! 1958 Bomber....... Dennis Barr ******************************************** >>From: Larry Houck (59) RE: Buck private I was going through my closet the other day and ran across a small booklet that I got from the 50th anniversary of the Hanford project and it mentions that the Buck private was a surplus store at the Richland "Y". It also has a lot of pictures of Richland as it was being built, one picture has the street sign in it the corner of Kuhn and Smith looking north any one know who lives there? There is also a picture of a tumble weed Christmas tree. A lot of people wrote short thoughts that were published in the book. -Larry Houck (59) ******************************************** >>From: Fred Phillips (60) To Tony Tellier (57) Weren't you the guy who got busted for rolling a beer keg across the skybridge into McAllister Hall at WSU? Us younger dudes worshipped you for that. We did. -Fred Phillips '60 ******************************************** >>From: Richard Anderson (60) RE: Football Championships There were six football championship games contested last weekend in the Tacoma Dome: 4-A, 3-A, 2-A, A, B-11, and B-8. Eastside teams won five of these games -- one of the Seattle rags ran the headline: "Eastside Story". The sixth championship game (of seven) won by an eastside team was not reported adequately by the news media. It was, of course, the annual contest between Davis (74) and franco (70), won this year by Davis by the score of 73-0. franco reports that his team "gave up on me." -Richard Anderson (60) ******************************************** >>From: Dave Hanthorn (63) Several people have been talking about the songs the Bomber band used to play. I remember that the pep band at the basketball games in the early sixties used to play a cool rendition of Glen Miller's "In the Mood". This was supposed to be Art Dawald's favorite, and it always seemed that when the Bombers needed a lift, this song would somehow magically get them started, and they would go on a 20-0 tear or something. If the band at the R2K basketball game doesn't do "In the Mood", it would be a huge disappointment to this ol' Bomber fan. STILL Proud to be a Bomber, -Dave Hanthorn (63) ******************************************** >>From: Jim Hamilton (63) RE: Bleacher Deportment I'm a tad confused, and no less concerned about the anticipated deportment of the alumni who will be attending the Y2R alumni game. Included among the areas I feel should be addressed are: 1. Where we used to be able to put twenty or twenty five Bomber faithful in a row in the bleachers. For planning, you might need to take into consideration that twelve to fourteen, max, would be a better number this time around. 2. When we tear up the newspapers, magazines and Sears catalogs for confetti, will it be appropriate to have "non period" publications. I don't know how "dot com" stuff will play. Since they no longer cancel checks with holes down at what used to be National Bank of Commerce (which is now an antique mall), where is the more objectionable confetti coming from. 3. Is there any truth to the rumor being circulated, that Ken Wright (63) is selling raffle tickets for the right to pat down "selected fans" for contraband. 4. Are the players going to wear the more historically accurate "short shorts", or the more contemporary "baggies". Jim House didn't exactly have decent looking legs 38 years ago, and I know they haven't improved. Please tell me this will be a Green and Gold game, and not "Shirts and Skins". I'm not as concerned about point shaving, as I'm hoping for back shaving. 5. Who's going to be in charge of the Air Conditioning. My vote is for a guy. 6. Is the tradition of standing until the first basket still in place? I hope not, my knees aren't the greatest. 7. Shouldn't someone start checking on amnesty for Pook, in case he plays the same "lack and hack defense" that made him famous. Pook on the floor and a market position with Ace Bandages, could result in returns that would make pale in comparison. 8. If the alumni band is going to be playing "The Stripper", what's the chances of Darrel Renz suitin' up? 10. Where do I lay down my bet? I'll take Dick Nelson's team and give five, if he promises to run the weave. Does anyone else have concerns that the committee should address -Jim Hamilton (63) ******************************************** >>From: Jim House (63) RE: Bomber Cheerleaders I have a different vision of the Bomber cheer and song leaders than John Northover (59). I was fortunate to see most of our (63) pep squad lead us in a few songs and cheers at our last class reunion. I admired their courage to get out in front and lead the class again. That was special. An R2K pep rally sounds even better. I don't care if they can jump, shake or get into their size 5's. I visualize their spirit. I am hopeful, if there is a pep rally, the (63) squad will be joined by their peers from the 40's to the 80's. It's their DUTY. They weren't picked as teacher's pets or selected by a coach, they were chosen by the entire student body. It's a lifetime commitment to lead us on these occasions. -Jim House (63) ******************************************** >>From: Linda Belliston Boehning (63) Just a reminder about the "All Bomber Reunion Committee Meeting" to be held Monday, the 13th at 7:00 at the High School Cafeteria. We are all busy this time of year, but if we are going to pull off this reunion, we need lots more volunteers. We need many to help out on each Committee. We still need a Chairman or Chairwoman for the Soc Hop, the Chili feed, Raffle, and Bomber Picture. To those of you who plan on attending the Reunion, and need to make reservations for Hotels or Motels, you'd better do it as soon as possible. With Cool Desert nights, and many other activities going on that weekend, they are filling up fast. We have blocked some rooms at the Shilo Inn, 1 Queen - $59.00 or 1 King - $69.00 with a Full Breakfast Buffet. Phone number for the Shilo is: 509-946-4661 We have also blocked 20 rooms at the Doubletree Hanford. Rates were $75.00. Phone 509-946-7611 If you call either of them, tell them it's for the Bomber Reunion. The Hampton Inn had a few rooms left, but not enough to block rooms. They said to call soon for availability. Their number is: 509-943-4400. Best Western Tower Inn is already filled up. Denny Damschen (62) has listed on the "All Bomber Reunion site" all the other Hotels, Motels, RV Parks, and Campgrounds, and their phone numbers. Please send us any suggestions for the Reunion to take to the meeting Monday night, and to all you Tri City Bombers, come to the meeting, and sign up to help. If you can't come Monday, please e-mail one of us and express your desire to help. -Linda Belliston Boehning (63) ******************************************** >>From: Kathie Roe Truax (64) To: Don Winston (63): Good idea, Don. The more the merrier!! If your sister and other flag twirlers want to "do their thing" at the basketball game, we welcome them. We also welcome Alexandra Manolopoulos (64) and the other majorettes if they want to put together a pre-game or half-time routine. ..............See you in June. -Kathie Roe Truax (64) ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining (64) RE: FAVORITE TOYS AS A KID I remember getting a "Tiny Tears" doll when I was 5 years old ------- she came with a trunk full of clothes and when you gave her a bottle, tears would fall down her face. She came with either brown hair or blond hair ---- I, of course, got the brown- haired one. Think I had her till I was 12 or 13 and then she went the "way" of all toys that we outgrew. Wish I had her now, though; have never seen her since the 50's -------- would have liked to show my kids and grandkids what dolls I played with looked like. I also remember a doll that was "life- size" (at least when I was 5, she was). She had long, blond curls, and wore a blue dress and "mary janes". Remember getting baseball cards with our bubblegum? -Linda Reining (64) ******************************************** >>From: Paul Felts (69) RE: state championships Ben Jacobs (69) had a nice summary of state championships for the Bombers. It is hard to believe that we did not win one in "boys tennis." Hell, we were led by Mike Franco (70)!!! -Felts (69) ******************************************** >>From: Phil Jones (69) To Dick Harris (49): What a touching, emotional snapshot you gave us into the lives of your transplanted family spending their first Christmas here in 1944. I was really taken by the sacrifice your sister-in-law made while waiting for her man to return from the war. You painted some images back in my head of our workers toting their lunch pails to catch the bus to the area. God, I hadn't thought of that in years. Nice story and best wishes to your 80 year old sister-in-law. -Phil Jones 69 ******************************************** >>From: Greg Alley (73) this is boog alley reply to the unknown hall of famer boo boo davis. no i could not jump that high but springboard was a weak nickname. you should be in the wall of fame at bomberville, but just like pete rose, you may have gambled on pasco games. you had an insight into rayford guice being able to out jump winston (refer to yearbook - sports section). yes there should be more trivia about christ the king stuff. one note in the herald today, the passing of harold morgan. i did not know him, but did meet him through the years and going to kortens music in uptown. he opened it in 1949 and i remember it burning down. anybody remember the year. it was a big fire. for real trivia, there was a band that played in the parking lot in the 60s and it could be someone like moby grape. -Greg Alley (73) ******************************************** >>From: Sherry Foreman (73) To Bev, Jeanette, Rob, and Anita ('73) Thanks for writing into the Sandstorm from the class of '73. We are kind of a quiet class, but I know we're all reading the Sandstorm regularly and enjoying the heck out of it! I plan to have copies of alot of these daily Sandstorms at the next reunion. Would make for good reading, although who has time for reading when there's so much catching up to do? Anyway, Bombers rule state!! #1. All you Bombers out there have a great New Year! Sherry Foreman ('73) ******************************************** >>From: Terry Hutson Semmern (74) I agree with Brad Upton (74) regarding Mike Davis' (74) birthday. He's right. If I just turned 44 (November 24th) then you did too. No way am I that much older then you. ha ha ha.... Happy Birthday, Mike. -Terry Hutson Semmern (74) ******************************************** >>From: Miriam Lewis (76) RE: Great toys of our childhood To Kellie Walsh Patterson (77) It's funny you should mention toys - My husband and I were just talking about TWISTER which was one of my favorite games when I was about 10. I distinctly remember playing it at Leila Goldsmith's house. I also liked the CREEPY CRAWLERS and INCREDIBLE EDIBLES and I'm still a BARBIE fan (yes, I still have them and I still play with them). I also liked MOUSETRAP and good old MONOPOLY. And don't even go into that Toyland. I have fantasies of time travel - Yes, it's shopping in the past! -Miriam Lewis (76) ******************************************** >>From: Julie Ham Froehlich (77) RE: Kellie Walsh Patterson (77) Toy Entry I do remember those toys! In fact my kids have a Creepy Crawler and an Easy Bake Oven - yum yum! Thank goodness for those cheap (Jiffy) cake mixes. I remember my friend had a toy - I can't remember what it was called. You used those small size tootsie rolls and - after you got them soft - put them in a mold and shaped them into various animals or other exciting shapes. They tasted much better than the Incredible Edibles (which I also loved). There was just something about getting to eat your toys. The great thing about most toys of our day was that they ran on imagination - not batteries. And it wasn't just the toys that were better when we were kids. The games we used to play were much more fun! Kick the Can, Fly Up, Tag - all of these games played with the entire neighborhood. Oh, what fun! -Julie Ham Froehlich (77) ******************************************** >>From: Sandy Oberg O'Doherty (77) To Kellie Walsh Patterson (77) Thanks for bringing back all those great toy memories! I loved Little Kiddle dolls and I can remember playing Trolls for days! Shopping at Griggs in Kennewick was always a highlight of the Season for our family. The store seemed amazingly BIG! (Pre Costco days!) Real Reindeer outside the store cleared away any doubts about Santa being real! Have a wonderful Christmas with the magic a 2 yr old brings! Merry Christmas to the class of '77 and all! -Sandy Oberg O'Doherty (77) ******************************************** >>From: Kim Edgar Leeming (79) RE: Flag Twirlers To: Kathie Roe Truax (64) I don't know when the flag team was disbanded. I was twirling the flag my senior year in 1979, I remember marching behind the band on those freezing nights during the half time at the football games. The uniform skirt I had was too big, so I had it altered, when I got it back it fit great, however, the seamstress decided to shorten it as well, (it was two inches shorter than everyone else's), the guys didn't mind, but boy were my legs cold. The band went to state and performed in the Kingdome that year and we marched in a parade in Seattle. Someone stepped on the back of my shoe when we first started to march. Needless to say, I had to march with a flat tire (shoe half on) through the entire parade. I wouldn't trade that memory for anything. -Kim Edgar Leeming, Class of 79 ******************************************** >>From: Beth Young Gibson (81) To: Kim Edgar Leeming (79): Looking at my 78/79 annual I don't see the school name anywhere. But my 79/80 and 80/81 annuals both say Columbia High. Kinda funny eh? To: Don Winston (63): The flag twirlers were called the "color guard," during the years I was in school. We often called ourselves the flag team, but we were known as the color guard. My sophomore year there was only a flag team, but my junior year, we added a rifle squad too. Not sure if there had ever been one before or if there still is a rifle squad, but for at least my junior and senior year there was. The color guard accompanied the marching band (pep band) to all the home football games and some of the basketball games. During the weekend of state football playoffs, bands around the state were in competition too. The winners of each division got to play half time of that division's playoff game. My sophomore year we won our division (just AA at the time, though our school was AAA). We played half time on Saturday, though I don't remember the schools in the game. Probably west- siders. We were also there for the state basketball championship game in 1979. To: Kelly Walsh Patterson (77): My favorite toy was probably my Etch-a- sketch. Funny thing is, a few years ago, my mom bought each of us a toy for Christmas even though we were all adults. She bought me a new Etch-a-sketch, which I still have. I also have quite a few Barbies, Barbie townhouse, etc., but it was more like collecting rather than toys. We did like our Incredible Edibles, Silly Sand, Legos, Spirograph, Lite-Brite, and TinkerToys too. -Beth Young Gibson (81) ******************************************** >>From: Kelly Weil Austin (81) To Don Winston (63): I was a "flag twirler" from 1979-1981 at RHS, and into my college years at WSU. Wielding an 8 ft. steel pole with dexterity and swiftness gave this otherwise "nerd" a little bit of power against anyone who might want to try anything that wasn't appropriate. As far as I know, there have always been flags with the marching band. We even had rifles! God bless those girls who could spin and toss those weapons with ease! Good thing they could never be loaded! Any recent graduates have any input? (1999? 2000?) I have to agree that trying to get me to pick up a pole now could probably do serious damage not only to myself, but to the basketball players, if I should let it fly by accident! And if I would be able to show up for this wonderful event in June, I'll be almost 9 months pregnant with our second child! Not a pretty site for flag twirling! -Kelly Weil Austin (81) ******************************************** >>From: Guy Glazier (82) To: Kim Edgar Leeming (79): Actually, the greatest Associated Student Body President ever to RULE Richland High, Kent "Wig" Davis ('82), and I, his lowly vice president, ensured the passage of a resolution by the student body and ultimately by the School Board during the 81-82 academic year which officially changed the name of Columbia High School to Richland High School. Long live RHS, the awesome Bombers and the MAN, Wig! -Guy P. Glazier ('82) ******************************************** From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Mary Jane Deranleau Kasey (88 WannaBe) e-mail address she gave didn't work Date: Fri Dec 10 22:44:39 1999 I didn't actually go to Richland High but am trying to locate an old good friend, Laura Smith?? We both went to Carmichael.. If anyone has any info I'd love to know where she is.. CLASS OF 88 ROCKS -Mary Jane Deranleau Kasey (88 WannaBe) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/12/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 18 Bombers sent stuff in: Don Fisher (50), Tony Tellier (57), Kathy Miller (58), Dennis Robertson (60), Frank Osgard (630, Jeanie Walsh (63), Helga Blankingship (66), Donna Seslar (68), Betti Avant (69), Nancy Bishop (69), Phil Jones (69), Brad Wear (71), Karen Leach (73), Mike Davis (74), Darcy Doyle (77), Darren McIntyre (82), James Carey (88), Dori Luzzo (92) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Don Fisher (50) To: Burt Pierard (59) The frame of the old Hanford school building is still there. We put into the Columbia River across from the Old Hanford site to go salmon fishing. During the DOE tour of the reservation you go right by the building. I finished the last half of the sixth grade there. All of the high school kids were bussed into Richland and they went to the old two story high school behind the old Lewis and Clark grade school in south Richland. When I attended Lewis & Clark, the "Beavers" were practicing football on the North end of the old school because the new high school field wasn't finished. I watched the "Beavers" play Pasco on the field down in Howard Amon Park in 1944 or 45. When I started turning out for football in 1946, we practiced below the hill (by present high school) and down where the swimming pool is now. (It wasn't there then, but there was a pool at the end of Lee in Howard Amon). Boy you talk about getting "old", but some memories never fade. -Don Fisher (50) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [For those of you who don't know this: In the fall of 1949, Bombers were the Yakima Valley Football Champs and Don Fisher was selected All State Team. Bombers finished 8th in the A.P. poll. See the new football stats from a link on the All Bomber Sports Page. -Maren] All Bomber Sports ******************************************** >>From: Tony Tellier (57) To Fred Phillips (60) Sounds like a figment of one's imagination. My attorney suggests that I keep "mum" on such alleged instances. If indeed they did occur at all. My methods had become unsound .... -A H Tellier '57 ******************************************** >>From: Kathy Miller Cotton (58) As a member of the band in 1956 (my sophomore year), I can confirm that "In the Mood" was frequently played by the band. Interesting that song shaped my love of Glen Miller's tunes from then out. We also played Pennsylvania 64000. Those were good times. -Kathleen Miller Cotton, 1958 ******************************************** >>From: Dennis (Robertson) Beatty (60) To Jim Hamilton (63) You forgot a very important couple of things for the game. I would like to have the concession for the Oxygen, first aid and padded seats for the bleachers. Some of us might need the items due to the following: 1. The laughs could leave one short of oxygen. (and you are right the baggy's would be better) 2. First aid in case anyone falls out of the stands or one someone during fits of laugher. 3. Padded seats with the Bomber Logo. Not only a good idea but does anyone out there really not know why these would be good to have. Keep up the efforts and best of wishes for a Very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and best to the Bombers for the next century. See ya in June!!!!!! -Dennis (Robertson) Beatty (60) ******************************************** >>From: Frank Osgard ('63WB) RE: Patrol Boy Christmas Party Going through some boxes this week, I found a silver dollar. Might be all I brought back from a trip to Reno. Kept as a reminder of a weekend best forgotten. But then again, it might have been the only thing I ever won. Unless you want to count the my two year vacation, when that draft board in Pasco picked my name to be one of Uncle Sugar's finest. But, I'm pretty certain this is the silver dollar I won at the Patrol Boy Christmas party on a Friday, in December of '56. As I recall we marched over to the Rec Hall from Lewis and Clark, with the patrol girls who had the responsibility of keeping order in the halls. Resplendent in our red jackets, with white Sam Brown belts (there weren't enough hats to go around), we were marshaled by our Captain, Jerry Kern (63). We mustered with all of the other Patrol Boys from all over Richland in the big games room where Ernie Curtis normally held court and passed out pool chalk and ping pong balls. There were a couple of not very memorable nor motivational speeches by Officer Lodefink (who we would all get to know better as time went by) and Captain Miller. We then had the requisite spudnuts, peppermint candy canes, watered down, luke warm hot chocolate and visits from "Tony the Atomic Clown" and probably Santa Claus. There were some drawings for door prizes. Maybe a bike from the hardware store. An extra movie pass that all Patrol Boys in "Good Order" were given as payment for daily putting their lives on the line and raising the flag. Somehow I won a silver dollar. I showed it to everyone, dropped it several times, lost it more than once and spent the rest of the day figuring out how I was going to spend it. My choice was to buy a bottle of hand cream at the dime store by CC Anderson's for the girl who currently owned my heart. No Mary Margaret, I'm not speaking of you, that was another time. During Mrs. Brinkman's noon dances, I'd noticed her hands a little rough. A nice combination with my sweaty palms during the Virginia Reel, Schottische and all time favorite "The Grand March". Wanting to be sure that a 30 cent bottle of Evening in Paris hand lotion was the proper gift, I took my time. Bobby Chipmunk took the girl, and I've still got the silver dollar. Back to the Patrol Boy Christmas party. At the end of the afternoon, we rendered a smart "Right Hand Salute" right out of FM 22-5, marched back to school for our afternoon tour of duty. Two-oh –sixxxxx (it's a Lewis and Clark thing). I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure that's someone threw up, someone wet their pants and someone cried 'cause they'd lost their candy cane. For this Y2R clambake, how about a Patrol Boy Picnic (I'll show 'em my silver dollar), and a tour of Fred English? -Frank Osgard (63 almost) ******************************************** >>From: Jeanie Walsh Williamson (63) To Kellie Walsh Patterson 77 Hey Kellie... Do you still play with all your toys? Your sister, -Jeanie Walsh Williamson 63 ******************************************** >>From: Helga Blankingship Norris (66) Hi Would you please let the committee know that Bill Blankingship, class of 62, will be there next year to play with the old timers... It would be alot of fun to see him bang on Jim House (63) again..... Thank-you ...... -Helga Blankingship Norris class of 66..... ******************************************** >>From: Donna Seslar White (68) Had to share something I ran across on eBay the other day. Two different auctions selling tumbleweeds! I could make a mint with some of them that blow in around here! They were advertised as great decorating items for a southwest theme! Any takers out there? -Donna Seslar White (68) ******************************************** >>From: Betti Avant (69) To all past, present, and future Bombers: May you all have the merriest of Christmases and the best new year!! Can you all believe it will be 2000AD? -Betti Avant, class of 1969 ******************************************** >>From: Nancy Bishop Maynard (69) I was sitting at work the other day talking with some co-workers. We were talking about being in grade school. I suddenly had a memory of taking money to school that went into savings. No one that I work with went to school here so they all thought I must be confused. I didn't think so but couldn't be sure. I called my mom who still lives here and asked her if she remembered anything about a saving account. As she remembers, we had envelopes and we could take money to school, which would then be sent to the bank and put in our account. I could just see the dollar signs. Then she said the school only did it for a few years and that my four brothers and I used to get a dime a week for deposit. When the school stopped doing this for the students their money was returned. She didn't remember why the school quit but thought it might have gotten to be a big hassle. I've been reading the Sandstorm for a long time but haven't written before. When I first started reading, a lot of people were remembering Arlo. Arlo was my cousin. He was a great guy. I used to be so happy that he called me by name on the play ground. He was just a big kid among all the little kids. He was also a great woodworker. I remember him showing the family all of the toys he used to make. Arlo lived at home with my Aunt Mildred and Uncle Wiley Beadles in an A house and he had the basement all set up for his projects. Thanks for all the good reading. -Nancy Bishop Maynard (69) ******************************************** >>From: Phil Jones (69) To Paul Felts 69 Hey Paul, did Franco actually make the tennis team in 1970 or did he just tell you he made the tennis team? -Phil Jones 69 ******************************************** >>From: Brad Wear (71) To Ken Heminger (56) Ken, I wish you were here last night (12:30 am). One of my son's friends was "at the races" and buried his jeep up to the frame. You could have gone out to pull him out and had the races explained to you. I wonder how many alum have stories of dead batteries or getting stuck while "at the races". Here's a heads up for anyone with a Rover: Check your lug wrench, they don't fit the lug nuts on your wheels. We picked up a nail while pulling them out and found out the nut covers are permanently attached and do not match the lug wrench. Made for an interesting night. I also wonder if Gary Fitzgerald, Paul Howard (71), Larry Chafin (71), or Bill Varvel remember the night we interrupted a race down below Einans Cemetery? -Brad Wear 71 ******************************************** From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Karen Leach Ludy (73) Date: Sat Dec 11 01:34:40 1999 This is great. I recognize a few names. Would love to hear from you. Finally back in Washington, after many years away. Anyone know Jeri Shaw Rodinsky's (73) E-mail? -Karen Leach Ludy (73) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) To Paul Felts (70) Re: Lack of State Championship in Tennis Paul, I, too, am befuddled as to how in the world a state tennis championship was not attained by the Bombers when led by the likes of Mike "MacEnfranco" and "Slow Daddy" Conners! Just the practice matches between Soldat and Franco used to draw thousands. All activity would came to a halt. Rish's baseball players would stop their batting practice and hustle over to the tennis court to vie for the best seating. The tracksters, in their short pants, would climb the goal posts for a better vantage point. And the swimming pool would empty as all swimmers were crammed four rows deep against the fence to watch the celebrated twosome. Yet, they couldn't bring home the hardware. So sad! -M. Davis (74) ******************************************** >>From: Darcy Doyle Hupf (77) To Kelly Walsh Patterson (77) There was no toy more wonderful than.... "Pat-a-Burp". Man, I loved that baby! You pat her back and, well, you know the rest! I've never seen one since those "southend days". To: Coach Pierson: Congratulations for making the Seattle Times Newspaper "High School Coach of the Year"! See, they DO know we exist on the east side! -Darcy Doyle Hupf (77) ******************************************** From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Darren McIntyre (82) Date: Sat Dec 11 11:51:05 1999 Great sight. Looking to hear from Steve Jordan, The Jaquish boys or the Lee boys. Keep in touch. -Darren McIntyre (82) ******************************************** From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: James W Carey III (88) Date: Sat Dec 11 00:30:26 1999 Hello Richland High!! Left town for awhile came back glad to be home. -James Carey III (88) ******************************************** >>From: Dori Luzzo Homer (92) Yes there still is a flag team... in fact a story in the Tri-Cycle Herald the other day mentioned the marching going to California? for some bowl game... Delana Russel class of 92 is the coach of the current flag team and is sending three girls along with the marching band... I guess they could not raise enough funds to send the whole team. -Dori Luzzo Homer (92) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/13/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers, 1 Bulldog & 1 Bomber Mom today. Barbara Barron (50), Carol Hollingsworth (55), Darlene Trethewey (56), Dean Enderle (57), Norm Bell (61), Dan Henry (68), Mike Franco (70), Dave Painter (72), Debbie Nelson (77), Kellie Walsh (77), Beth Young (81), Stephanie Bender (84), Sandra Green (63-PHS), BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Barbara Barron Doyle (50) To Darcy Doyle Hupf (77) What do you mean "we" exist on the East side? You have been a Seattleite for 17 years. You know those west siders are weird. Rioters and vegetarians. Looking forward to you and the clan coming over the mountain for Christmas. -Barbara Barron Doyle (50) ******************************************** >>From: Carol Hollingsworth Entrikin (55) In the "Times have sure Changed" category. I remember my friend, Sharon Bee Burks (55), the best majorette Col Hi had in the 50's strutting her stuff. She and her twirler friends were called on the carpet by the Girl's Counselor and others for flipping their skirts too high and showing too much thigh! These skirts were down to their knees to begin with and probably showed about two inches of leg above the knee at them time. BROTHER! We even thought it was ridiculous in 1955. Wonder what they would say today! Just makin' memories!! -Carol Hollingsworth Entrikin, 55 Remember? Sharon? ******************************************** >>From: Darlene Trethewey Dunning (56) I also remember taking a dime a week to school and filling a little book with stamps. Wasn't that a way of saving for bonds? It was a neat way to learn to save money. Does anyone know how a person could get a copy of the Cinnamon Bear, I tell my children & Grand children about how you just had to get home from school every day to hear the next session. -Darlene Trethewey Dunning (56) ******************************************** >>From: Dean Enderle (57) To Tony Tellier (57) Read about the keg of beer incident at WSU and got to thinking, was this the same Tony Tellier who drove a bright Lilac Ford with a fluorescent Pink interior to School? Whatever happened to that car Tony? -Dean Enderle (57) ******************************************** >>From: Norm Bell (61) RE: Frank Osgard ('63WB) and School Boy Patrol Thanks Frank for those memories ... Ah, the elite Lewis & Clark Elementary School Boy Patrol. Under the supervision of Gene Bernard (not too long out of the Navy) we were the sharpest patrol of all the schools, winning first place year after year .. no other school could come close. Spit shinning the brims on our hats and scrubbing the Sam Brown belts and of course, saluting any police officers who happen to drive by .... What an honor to be selected for flag duty for the following week. We thought we were about as sharp as any honor guard could be. This is an appropriate time to see how many old time "south-enders" recall the Indian dugout canoe which was located in the back yard of the only pre-war church (Redeemer Lutheran) that survived after the government take over. This church lot was adjacent to Lewis & Clark (west side) with a gravel parking lot serving both. The newer Southside Church bordered it to the north. I recall playing on this Indian dugout and exploring the vacant church which was occupied by plenty of pigeons. I know Carl Taylor (60) remembers as we talked about it some time ago. -Norm Bell (61) ******************************************** >>From: Dan Henry (68) To Donna Seslar White (68) When we were on the coast, we were looking in an antique mall and found a tumbleweed sprayed silver. They wanted $22 for it. Now I've been away a long time but nothing in my head told me to pay for a tumbleweed. -Dan Henry (68) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Franco (70) To Phil Jones (69) regarding ..."did Franco actually make the tennis team in 1970?". As a matter of fact I played all three years (68-70), albeit in the shadow of two of the greats.... John Yesberger (70) and Coach Ray Hall. These are the people that I learned my appreciation for a gentleman's game from. Actually I may have learned a lot from my early "coaches": Rex Davis (49) down at Riverside Park in the summers in the early 1960's and of course, the all around best tennis player at ANY level ever in Richland, Dr. Knox. What a great guy he was, and nationally ranked as a senior age group player. I appreciate all the attention guys, but if I ever need validation of my tennis career I can assure you Boo Boo Davis (74), Phil Jones (Phillies never needed a shortstop?) Goofy (Snappy) Felts may NOT be the first I turn to. Just like this Saturday when I return to The "A" City I won't be able to count on any of these cheap _______ to buy me a beer. By the way Phil, I know Hereford, Felts, Stull et al actually won a golf championship or two. Did any of your baseball teams EVER beat Davis and did you ever get a hit off of DePietro (who also played tennis for Ike)? This exchange of information is really enjoyable and shows once and for all that most of us have matured quite a bit in the last 25 years or so! -Mike Franco (70) ******************************************** >>From: Dave Painter (72) To Nancy Bishop Maynard (69) From: Pug class of 72 Nancy, My dimes and nickels went from Marcus Whitman to the National Bank of Commerce on the parkade in Richland. Now it's a lawyer's office or stock brokers, I'm not sure which. I put a silver dollar gift into the envelope once, hoping the bank would save it in my account. When I found out my silver dollar was gone forever, I began hating banks. At 13 years old I took gun safety class at night from "Red" Crass (father of Dennis '72 and Debbie '74). I took my accumulated $30 from the bank, went down to BB&M and bought a 20 gauge Ithaca single shotgun. I got my investment's worth busting the hills with Crass. -Dave Painter (72) ******************************************** >>From: Debbie Nelson Burnet (77) To Darcy Doyle 77: I still have my Baby Pat-a-Burp. And she still works! Sometimes it pays to never throw anything away. (I still keep trying to explain this to my husband!) It's amazing how paths cross again. Your sister Kelly and I are soccer moms for the same team. To Sandy Schively 77 and Miriam Lewis 76: Good to hear from both of you. Ah, memories of the halls of Chief Joseph. Loved it. Some parts we conveniently leave out when we're telling our children. -Debbie Nelson Burnet (77) ******************************************** >>From: Kellie Walsh Patterson (77) To Jeanie Walsh Williamson (63) Yes, sister dear, I still play with all my toys. I had so many of them, you know .... Mom and Dad loved ME best. Your much much much much younger sibling, -Kellie Walsh Patterson (77) ******************************************** >>From: Beth Young Gibson (81) To: Kathy Miller Cotton (58) et al In between the half time show, the fight song, etc., our pep band used to play Tequila and the theme from Budweiser. They were really great for getting the crowd involved and supporting the cheerleaders, and getting a clap-fest going. I think it was the year after I left or maybe my senior year, that the Bomber Boosters, or somebody made us quit playing them. Supposedly we were encouraging teenagers to drink by playing them. Brother. -Beth Young Gibson (81) ******************************************** From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Stephanie Bender Hoffman (84) Date: Sun Dec 12 01:55:38 1999 Great Web Site! Love to hear from anyone who might know me. My husband is also a graduate of Richland High. But it was called Columbia High when he graduated in 1981. I'm sure he would love to hear from someone also. -Stephanie Bender Hoffman (84) ******************************************** >>From: Sandra Green Reuther (63-PHS) to: Gary Behymer (64) Gary, I am from the Pasco High School class of 1963. My niece, Jamilyn Daniels, told me about the Richland 1948 flood web site and I just enjoyed looking at it. I maintain a PHS '63 web site at and I have 50-60 classmates with e-mail listed there. If you know anyone in that class - feel free to check it out and e-mail them. I really enjoyed the web site and the picture postcards. I sent an e-mail to all 50-60 classmates this morning telling them about that site... 1948 Flood "Slide Show" l I'm sure a lot of them will be checking it out. I'll probably put a link to it on one of my PHS '63 websites - probably...Memories - in a few days. Great job. Hope that is OK with you. -Sandra Green Reuther (63-PHS) ******************************************** >>From: BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) Speaking of toys of yesterday One year Mike (74) got three BOBO's (Those clowns you hit and they bounce back) I always thought that was why Mike got along with everyone so well.. He took whatever orneriness he had in him out by clobbering those Bobo's. To Guy Glazer (82): That should settle the question about when the High school name was changed from Columbia High school to Richland High. It will come up again though I am sure Happy Holiday's to all of you. -Bomber Mom BJ Davis *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/14/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 22 Bombers sent stuff: Tony Tellier (57), Jim Russell (58), Joretta "Sue" Garrison (58), John Northover (59), Larry Houck (59), Larry Mattingly (60), Mary Ray (61), Nancy Fellman (62), Kenny Wright (63), Mary Collins (63), Peg Sheeran (63), Gary Behymer (64), Phil Jones (69), Rosie Valenzuela (69), Rich Crigler (70), Vikki Kestell (70), Brad Wear (71), Lu Ann Duchemin (72), Darcy Doyle (77), Mike Mattingly (77), Sandy Schively (77), Robert Epler (80) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Tony Tellier (57) To Dean Enderle (57): Yes ... it is all too true!!! Actually that "Tahitian Rose" dash was done by the previous owner, Roger "OK" Koontz (55). The engine was stripped out for a '33 Ford and the chassis sold off to god knows where (or doesn't) -A H Tellier (57) ******************************************** >>From: Jim Russell (58) Brother Jack (60) and I took our quarters and dimes to school each week to deposit into the savings program. We each had an account with the National Bank of Commerce (NBofC), which sponsored or participated in the savings program. We later each purchased bicycles from the funds we accumulated, and these were our principle modes of transportation to and from Carmichael. (By the way, we purchased the bikes from Parker's Hardware, and received a nice discount from our uncle, Willard Parker. Cousin Al Parker (53), SANDBOX editor, probably assembled the bikes.) Because of those savings programs with NBofC, I developed great loyalty to that institution, opening an account in Seattle when I established residence there. Somehow, I identified Seattle First National Bank as "the rival bank," and always held a distaste for SeaFirst. Then NBofC decided that that name was not sexy enough, so it changed to Rainier Bank. I stayed with Rainier, until SeaFirst bought Rainier. That was enough! I could no longer deal with a bank that was once a rival to NBofC. (Like, I could never live in Pasco or Kennewick.) So I switched to US Bank, which once was People's Bank... and then it was sold to who knows who and is probably owned by Bank of America which bought SeaFirst... You know, I don't even like US Bank, anymore. The branch nearest me offers the poorest service I have ever experienced. Whatever happened to "the Christmas Club" savings plans? Oh, that's right, people don't save, anymore. But those savings programs in grade school (Lewis & Clark) sure helped to inspire some of us to save. (I don't remember stamps as being part of the package, but I do remember a little savings book and getting excited as the numbers grew each week.) -Jim Russell (58) ******************************************** >>From: Joretta "Sue" Garrison Pritchett (58) RE: more on alphabet house ornaments Please pass the word that we are SOLD OUT of RANCH HOUSE "Y" ornaments. We are also nearly out of A-HOUSE ornaments (this was our second order). We still have lots of Prefab and B-House ornaments. If you place an order, please use a current order form. You can find it, and see pictures of the ornaments, at our Web Page: Ornament Order Form We plan more ornaments in Year 2000 -- unsure just which ones at this moment. We have been ordering them based on "most built." Sales are going well (obviously). This is a fund-raising project being run by the Richland Seniors Association. All proceeds go to the building fund for the new Richland Community Center (combining old Community House and old Senior Center activities). The Bond that passed in May will construct the building and provide a moderate amount of furnishings. Our building fund will contribute toward better sound- system, more and nicer furniture, etc. Thanks for your support!! -Joretta "Sue" Garrison Pritchett, class of '58 and President of Richland Seniors Association ******************************************** >>From: John Northover (59) To: Jim House '63 RE: Your entry in the 12/11/99 Sandstorm Jim, As usual I am snapped back to reality by someone that has a pair of magical lens that are more powerful and see deeper than my bi- focal bent rim pinching ear hangers. Whether your lenses are glass, natural, some other material or laser shaped your vision has given me a view that has lengthened my standpoint! Although my comments were meant to be a comment on the lighter side, I see I hit a cacophonous nerve and trifled with the wraithlike and urbane. My apologies! Yours in befuddlement and bemusement, but learning! -John '59 ******************************************** >>From: Larry Houck (59) RE: South-enders I remember being on the school boy patrol, as I also went to Lewis & Clark. When I was there the old high school was still there. I believe the American Legion used it for their meetings. The old dugout was there and we used to play on it also. Too bad they didn't keep that for a musauem.(sp)? Mr. Bernard was mentioned I had forgotten about him. Yes we had to keep our white belts clean and shining and there were never enough hats or the wrong size the red jackets sometime there were not enough. The flags were on those aluminum poles and they got bent. Everyone tried to get a straight one but once again there were only so many. The red flag got very dirty from the pole and had to be taken off and washed from time to time. So much fun!! -Larry Houck (59) ******************************************** >>From: Larry Mattingly (60) To Norm Bell (61) You have brought back some great times. I too went to Lewis and Clark and served on the SB Patrol a couple of years. Remember "Officer Dale Metz"? We could not imagine at the time why he would want to quit being a cop and go off and open a marina at Clover Island. I later was a good customer there and used to tease Dale about his cop days. How many times did the cops run kids out of that old church? While I can remember the names of many friends in those days, I cannot recall those involved in the church escapades. They had removed the old staircase so kids couldn't get up in the loft and fall through the rotting boards. But we learned to climb right up the wall. We used to catch the pigeons in the old belfry and sell them for 10 cents each to a guy that was training bird dogs. It was less trouble and more fun then picking up pop bottles at 3 cents (1 cent for beer bottles) each along the by-pass. The proceeds from these early capitalistic ventures went for the Saturday matinee and serials at the Village Theater. Admission was 12 cents and then inflation hit and it went up to 15 cents. I had forgotten all about that old canoe. You are right, it was a great place to play and dream of voyages with Lewis and Clark. It finally just rotted away and was gone. They would never let that happen nowadays. Here's an age check.. remember the Washington State Tax Token? Do you remember how many of them to a penny? Just found several in an old box. Green plastic, and some are aluminum. -J Larry Mattingly (60) ******************************************** >>From: Mary Ray Henslee (61) Re: THE CINNAMON BEAR I have vivid memories of listening intently to the Cinnamon Bear series each year as a child, but my memory of the story line escaped me somewhere between my first childhood and my second childhood. Like others have related, I too received the tapes as a gift and am grateful to have one more memory restored. I guess at this point in our life we have seen it all, done it all and heard it all, but unfortunately we just can't quite remember it all. What a bummer! The six-hour, twenty-six episode series originated in 1937 and won prestigious awards. For those of you who are scratching your head and wishing that you could remember more about the series.... read on. The following is the plot synopsis exactly as it is written and published with the tapes: The Cinnamon Bear takes children to a make-believe world of giants, pirates, dragons and other fascinating characters. It begins in the home of twins Judy and Jimmy Barton as they anxiously await the arrival of Christmas. When their mother sends them into the attic for the Silver Star, the traditional ornament for the top of their Christmas tree, their adventures begin. There, they meet Paddy O'Cinnamon, a tiny, stuffed teddy bear that comes to life. The Cinnamon Bear tells them that the Silver Star has been stolen by the fun-loving, but mischievous, Crazy Quilt Dragon, who has escaped with it to the fascinating world of Maybeland. If the twins are ever to see their Star again, they must find Crazy Quilt. The Cinnamon Bear teaches the twins to "de-grow" to only four inches high. Together, they fly off in The Cinnamon Bear's soda-pop powered airplane, into the world of Maybeland. Their quest for the Silver Star takes them across Looking Glass Valley and over the Root Beer Ocean where they meet the Inkaboos, Wesley the Waiting Whale, Samuel the Seal, Mr. Presto the Magician, Captain Taffy, Professor Whizz the educated Owl, Fraidy Cat, Fee-Fo the Friendly Giant, Queen Melissa, Snappersnick the Crooning Crocodile, Oliver the Ostrich, Big Chief Cook'n Bottlewasher, Jack Frost and even Santa Claus himself! The five Cinnamon Bear tapes are $24.95 and can be ordered through your Barnes and Noble store. They will take about 10 days to arrive. I think that the tapes offer a wonderful way to stimulate a child's imagination in a day and age when children's imaginations are being stifled by an avalanche of passive entertainment. It would be really neat if radio stations would broadcast the series once again so that children could look forward to each day's episode with exciting wonderment the way that we did. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! -Mary Ray Henslee (61) ******************************************** >>From: Nancy Fellman Lysher (62) RE: Redeemer Lutheran Church and Dugout Canoe I remember the dugout canoe and playing in it after Sunday School. I also remember the church when it was still used (my parents Verna and Duane Fellman) were charter members. It was really cool to ring the bell, the rope would take you right on up high.... probably two feet off the ground! I also remember being a flower girl for the Sebade's wedding and finding a gift behind the front door... one of those pails with a shovel, rake and hoe. After "performing" in the Christmas Eve program, we were rewarded with a stocking filled with hard candies, nuts in the shell and an orange! My favorite part was the angel; I can still remember the words! -Nancy Fellman Lysher '62 ******************************************** >>From: Kenny Wright (63) re: epitaphs It must have been the early early '60s in Richland and it had to have been a Friday night because I was watching Jack Parr when he and his guests were discussing epitaphs. Jack said he wanted his to read, "You see, I told you I was sick." At the time I thought that was so profound that at the moment I needed to decided on one for myself. The next day I came up with mine. So if any of you out there have the power of attorney, could you please make sure mine reads: "Save my place,......I'll be right back." Thanks Kenny (63) and remember.............BOMBS away!!!!! ******************************************** >>From: Mary Collins Burbage (63) To Norm Bell (61) I remember the canoe. I remember being told that Lewis and Clark left that canoe on their expedition. However, I think that was just one of the many tall tales my two older sisters told me when we were in school. -Mary Collins - 1963 ******************************************** >>From: Peg Sheeran Finch (63) To Norm Bell (61): I think I remember exploring the remains of those buildings as I watched my brother's little league baseball team play there at the ball field. (Mike Sheeran ('66), Jimmy VanWyke, Mike Coyne, etc.). Brother, Pat ('48), had gone to high school (I think) somewhere there before Col-Hi evolved at its present location. Don't remember the Indian dugout, though. -Peg Sheeran Finch (63) ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) RE: Termination Winds Video From: Joe Potts Gary, Gwen forwarded your message to me regarding the Termination Winds video. I am certain we could process any mail orders people wanted. The shelf cost of the video is $12.95 plus tax and shipping ($1.04 and $3.30). The total delivered cost would be $17.29. We can do MasterCard or Visa, or people could send in a check with their order. Any credit card requests could be sent directly to me via e- mail. Let me know if I can be of any further assistance. Otherwise, just keep me posted. Joe Potts -----Gary's e-mail to Gwen ----- Date: Tue, 07 Dec 1999 19:01:52 -0800 From: Gary Behymer To: Gwen RE: Termination Winds This movie available by mail? If so please give the specifics and we will put it in the Alumni Sandstorm. This would be a great Christmas present for all of the 1800 people involved with the Alumni Sandstorm. Gary Behymer ('64) ******************************************** >>From: Phil Jones (69) To Mike Franco 70 I can't believe you found that much to write about your tennis career. And to answer your questions about championships in baseball, (I had to consult the resident expert, Ben Jacobs-69): We either won the Big 8 or were second to Walla-Walla in 67 with Mike Fowler (67) pitching. Won it in 68 and lost out to Wa-Hi in 69. So, we finished second twice and won it once (before the state play-off system) Bobby DePietro pitched for Ike, not Davis and we swept them our senior year. I owned him. Hope that answers your questions. And yes, I will buy ya a beer when you're in town. -Phil Jones 69 ******************************************** >>From: Rosie Valenzuela (69) Hi To all my class mates. I wish you all a very merry christmas and and a very happy new year. Please drive safely. May God bless all of you and your families. always your class mate of 69 -Rosie Valenzuela. ******************************************** >>From: Rich Crigler (70) So Billy Jean Franco will be in town this weekend -- See you at Stubby's noon Sunday - MLR and I will be there, -Crigler ******************************************** >>From: Vikki Kestell (70) To: Greg Alley (class of 73) OK, Greg, I've seen your contributions to the Sandstorm a few times now and just couldn't resist writing to remind you of how I used to baby sit you and all your siblings (nine? ten? eleven? I can't remember, and I don't think I ever got an accurate count when I was sitting!). My standard rate was fifty cents an hour, but I only charged your mom thirty-five cents and hour. I think I thought she needed the break more than I needed the money! I visited the old home site (Goethals and Torbit) in October. Your folks' place looks wonderful. Tell them "hi" for me. -Vikki Kestell (70) ******************************************** >>From: Brad Wear (71) To Norm Bell '61 Norm, Thanks for the mention of Gene Bernard, what a guy. Every time I see an old Scout, especially a blue one I think of him. What a hunter. Clint Knox and I would get kicked out of class together just to go down and talk hunting with him. I think you kicked me out of your science class at Chief Jo once or twice so I could get an "Uncle Bernie" fix. Did you ever get a Mountain Goat with Leonard Sauer? Another great hunter. -Brad Wear '71 ******************************************** >>From: Lu Ann Duchemin (72) Well I just finished reading my first memories of Richland lore...... oh very scary! I haven't thought of Col-Hi and Richland in a very long time. I do have a story to share I would go to Nancy Maquire (sorry about the last name spelling) and we would go down to the river to Nancy's dock. On the way, there was this peach tree that we would steal the peaches for our lunch of course and if we had any left over we would use them as bombs for our favorite people. I will apologize now if any of you may have been a target. I hope Nancy will remember this too, let me know thanks again for the memories, -Lu Ann Duchemin '72 ******************************************** >>From: Darcy Doyle Hupf (77) To Barbara Barron Doyle (50): Hey now! You know we only riot cause we get agitated from going without a real meal!!! It's all those dang carrot sticks! I may live in Seattle, but I'm a Bomber through and through! Didn't I tell you about my new tattoo??? It's a mushroom cloud! Gotcha! To Debbie Nelson Burnet (77): Are you sure it's not my missing Pat-a- burp?... my mom probably had it kidnapped! Evil woman, very evil woman... -Darcy Doyle Hupf (77) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Mattingly (77) Sandy O'berg's (77) entry about troll dolls reminds me of another brightly colored memory; those pastel baby chicks we use to get from J.J. Newberrys at Easter time. We used to keep ours till they got too big to be cute, and then mom would take them to some "farm" somewhere and drop them off. When I was little I used to wonder how they dyed them without drowning them. :) -Mike Mattingly (77) ******************************************** >>From: Sandy Schively Buckley (77) To Dan Henry (68) I read your entry yesterday and I'm not trying to one-up you but... I came across a tumbleweed for sale in a Sun Valley gift shop for $100.00. It was flocked and had red bows and tiny gold Christmas balls hanging from it. I'm assuming that the Christmas balls were 24k gold to justify the price! This was about 20 years ago. Imagine what inflation has done for the present day tumbleweed. : ) -Sandy Schively Buckley (77) ******************************************** >>From: Robert Epler (80) I was curious if anyone remembers some of these toys from Christmas past: Astronauts Major Matt Mason, Billy Blastoff, and the pointed eared Captain Laser; Cowboys Johnny and Jamie West; The toy robot from Lost in Space; The first fuzzy haired GI Joe dolls; And who could forget the vibrating football field that moved the players every which way? On Christmas Day, I remember rushing to all the neighborhood kids' houses on Waldron St. taking delight in comparing what we all got from Old St. Nick. I can also recall Santa flying in a helicopter over the fields (in between Uptown and the YMCA) dropping small styrofoam balls that, I imagine, were supposed to resemble snowballs. I'm not sure that would be considered environmentally acceptable in the 90's. Ol' Santa would probably be arrested and handed a stiff fine. -Robert Epler (would have been class of '80) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/15/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 15 Bombers and one announcement today. Dave Forrest (55), Shirley Davis (56), Richard Anderson (60), Kathy Le Count (62), Linda Belliston (63), Carol Converse (64), Deedee Willox (64), John Bradley (65), Mary Anne Greninger (67), Vikki Kestell (70), Greg Alley (73), Kevin King (75), David Flaherty (76), Kellie Walsh (77), Lanette Powell (79) ******************************************** ******************************************** ANNOUNCEMENT: The Bomber Booster Club now has a t-shirt and 2 sweatshirts (1 hooded and 1 crew neck) for sale on their website at: ******************************************** From a Bomber Guest Book: >>From:: David F. Forrest (55) Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: Kenmore, WA Time: 1999-12-14 04:40:20 Comments: I am a 1955 graduate of Col High. Played basketball, baseball and football. I enjoyed seeing all the 1955 team basketball photo. Was I ever that young! Go Bombers -Dave Forrest (55) ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Davis Lawrence-Berrey (56) RE: Tax Tokens To: Larry Mattingly (60) How well I remember those tax tokens. They were easier to find walking along the sidewalks than pennies. Three of them equaled one penny and most of the store clerks would let you give three tokens for a piece of bubble gum or penny candy. Ahh, for the days of the tax token! -Shirley Davis Lawrence-Berrey '56 ******************************************** >>From: Richard Anderson (60) To John Northover (59) Remember John, the words of Capt. Nathan Brittles, United States Army: "Don't apologize! It's a sign of weakness." Bomber cheers, -Richard Anderson (60) ******************************************** >>From: Kathy Le Count Sciamanda (62) Hey Norm Bell (61) I remember the dugout canoe, only I was told by and upper clansman that it was a canoe used by the Lewis and Clark party, and that where the school got it's name, might it have been you who told me that? I have shared with my kids about that old canoe and how it took our abuse as we scrambled about on it. Gad think of what kind of trouble today's youngsters would get into now if they could somehow access something as wonderful as a real dugout. I remember my imagination soaring as I sat facing west, heading to the Pacific !! Thanks for reminding me.. Happy Holidays .. -Kathy Le Count Sciamanda (62) ******************************************** >>From: Linda Belliston Boehning (63) We had our ALL BOMBER REUNION 2000 Committee Meeting last night [the 13th]. There were about 10 in attendance. Minutes will be available soon on the Reunion Site [see link to the site at the top of the Sandstorm]. Our next meeting is Jan. 10 at 7:00 at the High School Cafeteria. We hope with Christmas over by then, more of you will be able to come. We are in need of a lot more help. Additional Hotel Rate Information: Days Inn (formerly Nendel's) at 615 Jadwin is offering a special hotel rate for guests attending the All Bomber Reunion in June. $44 for a room with one Queen bed; and $47 for a room with 2 Queen beds. Reservations must be made directly with the Richland hotel office at (509) 943-4611 and NOT through the national 1-800 reservations number for Days Inn. The hotel has just undergone a $1.5 million refurbishment so the rooms are all very nice and new looking. Free Continental breakfast in the mornings, too. Besides offering us the great rate for a very busy weekend, they are also providing us with complimentary rooms for the crew for the fireworks display. In addition, the property is managed by the wife of Chuck Monasmith, a '65 Bomber alum. -Linda Belliston Boehning (63) ******************************************** >>From: Carol Converse Maurer (64) To Norm Bell (61) I don't remember the Redeemer Lutheran Church by Southside and Lewis and Clark Elem. School. Where was it again? The only other building I remember is the old high school being there. Yes, I do remember the Indian dugout. We used to all think that it was Sacajawea's. That was the rumor for years. -Carol Converse Maurer (64) ******************************************** >>From: Deedee Willox Loiseau (64) RE: Cinnamon Bear To Darlene Trethewey Dunning (56): Yes, Cinnamon Bear tapes and/or CDs are available from I ordered them in CD last year (I already had tapes, which I gave to my granddaughter so we can both listen at the same time; she lives in Bothell and I’m still in Tri-Cities). Such a big part of my Christmas memories and a delight to share with the little ones now. -Deedee Willox Loiseau (64) ******************************************** >>From: John Bradley (65) To: Larry Mattingly (60) Larry: I can remember well being on the patrol for the empty beer bottles. The deposit was redeemable almost anywhere in town. It would help in the allowance department, but the main reason was that my Dad made "Home Brew" in the basement. My Brother Pete (60) had the recipe also and helped supply half the senior class from his still down by the Yakima River. The Drive Inn Movies were great for finding extra bottles between the cars. A cute story about the Bradley Brewery. In the winter, my mother always hung the sheets up to dry in the basement near the wash tub, next to the furnace. One night my father had bottled a new batch of home brew and had arranged the bottles in the area Mom hung her sheets just like he had done in the past. The next day mom did laundry and got ready to hang the sheets and found out she had no room. She moved the bottles next to the furnace so she could hang her sheets. Later that night the resounding sound of explosions rung throughout the Bradley house hold. The Beer Bottles started to exploding from the heat and covered the entire basement. Mom's freshly washed sheets were covered not only in glass, but in that fine repast known as Home Brew. I really don't know who caught the most in that dissuasion, Mom, because she moved his bottles, or Dad because the sheets were dripping from the beer. It was a sight to see and hear. -John Bradley (65) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Our "L" house basement had been excavated. The filthy coal bin and that huge old coal furnace were gone making room for two additional bedrooms - Tim's (62) and mine. With the furnace gone, it couldn't have been the heat that set them off. It was home brewed root beer - left to 'cure" (I think) in the basement. They started exploding around 3am. "The Night the Root Beer Exploded" in the Smyth basement woke EVERYBODY up -- even the rest of the family sleeping on the second floor! When Dad arrived in the basement, he threw an old green blanket on top of the box that contained the remaining unexploded bottles and -- with bottles still exploding -- we were all sent back to bed. I never DID get back to sleep. Every time I got close, another bottle went "POP". -Maren] ******************************************** From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: mary anne greninger merritt (67) Date: Tue Dec 14 20:17:46 1999 message to class of 67 If anyone knows the e mail of Marcia Chapman from the class of 67 please let me know. Thanks -Mary Anne Greninger Merritt (67) ******************************************** >>From: Vikki Kestell (70) To Lu Ann Duchemin (72): Your sister, Rhonda, and I were classmates at Christ the King -- where is she these days? Tell her "hi" for me. I'm the one who broke her front teeth on the playground when my head collided with her mouth during a race where the opponents ran around a circle in opposite directions trying to be the first one back to the start. Rhonda and I sort of "met in the middle." I got knocked out and concussed, but no one even noticed because pieces of her teeth were lying on the asphalt. At least that's what I understand. I wasn't exactly too observant at that point. To Rose Valenzuela (69): Send me an e-mail; I'd like to catch up with what you're up to these days. Have a blessed Christmas! -Vikki Kestell (70) ******************************************** >>From: greg alley (73) to vikki kestell class of 70 this is greg alley writing to say that we had 9 kids and i was the oldest. the name brings back memories and although we had more than 1 babysitter in our careers, i am trying to remember your house. i am sure i got to go pick you up or something. did you live on stevens? getting old but trying to remember. -Greg Alley (73) ******************************************** >>From: Kevin King (75) Reading the Alumni Sandstorm this past year has been both entertaining and educational. Among other things, I have learned of numerous characters from the 40's to now that are still legendary, various sports stats thru the ages, businesses I never knew existed, how many rem the Atomic Man received, and that we did some underage drinking, depending on which theory is correct, where prisoners from all over the globe may have resided. (sorry class of 2000 if I have blown your cover). With the holidays here and plans to get together with family members, another thing I recall that is unique to Richland, compared to other places I have been, was/is our propensity for large families. I work with a guy who has five kids and many think he is absolutely insane. In Richland that was barely above average. I know I wouldn't trade the big family experience, even with the fist fights for using all the hot water. I raise a toast to our parents, they sacrificed much to see it through. I am curious to which family holds the all time biggest family from the 40's to present. In my generation I recall a few 10, maybe 11 children families. Also, I would like to nominate the class of 49' for the 1999 Sandstorm "Most Frequent Contributor Award". Many interesting and fun postings. -Kevin King 75' ******************************************** >>From: Kellie Walsh Patterson (77) To Robert Epler (80): I also remember the styrofoam balls that Santa dropped from the helicopter. But I seem to recall that there were silver and gold balls as well as white -- the silver and gold ones were worth $1 to $5! Don't remember who or what merchant redeemed the balls for cash ... -Kellie Walsh Patterson, '77 ******************************************** >>From: David Flaherty (76) RE: toys There has been a lot of discussion about toys lately and finally Robert Epler (80) mentioned the toys that were always my favorite. Johnny West, actually it was a whole series of Old West dolls that includes Chief Cherokee, General Custer, Sam Spade, Fighting Eagle and many others. My dad had been a cowboy growing up in South Dakota so I guess he kinda liked them as well because they always seemed to find their way under the Christmas trees and in Birthday presents. I must have had the fantasy of being a cowboy myself since they were my favorite toy, besides, Barbie totally dug Johnny West (he made "Ken" look like the wussy boy he was) and Chief Cherokee could kick GI Joe's butt so I knew I was on to something. Unfortunately, I still haven't kicked the habit I have 26 of the dolls in full gear and 10 of the horses displayed on the walls of my office. Ok, and sometimes when my kids friends bring over their new GI Joes I have to take a couple down and demonstrate the Old West's superiority over the "modern soldier". It has been a blast finding them through the years. Ebay has taken a bit of the "search" out of it but it still is a lot of fun. -David Flaherty (76) ******************************************** [This entry has been in my inbox.... waiting for a reply from Lanette. -- it seems to be missing some text at the end... -Maren] ***************** >>From: Lanette Powell Empey (79) December 6, 1999 Victory, V-I-C-T-O-R-Y! Bombers, B-O-M-B-E-R-S! Victory for the Bombers Of RHS! They did it again! Way To Go, BOMBERS! My kids cannot believe the cheers I still remember. What really embarrasses them is when I do the actions with the cheer, of course I only do it in the house and only to annoy my kids! I yell some of the old cheers at my daughters soccer games, but of course I have to say Eagles, Connell High School. I can't believe I have a 16 year old, I tell her my good ole' Richland days and she laughs and wants me to show her where the events actually took place. That is kind of fun. Those of you who know just how silly I was in school will either be happy or horrified to know that as a mother of five I am still silly. Although not in all the same ways, thank heaven I've matured a precious little. Our family does have a lot of fun though. Rick Maddy, you should have tried Carmichael Hill again AND AGAIN! We have had sooo much fun there through the years. My first memory of a fall there was on a weeknight, it was dark and icy, but we were determined to have fun, even though the hill was crowded. I was in about 5th grade. Our inner tube was a big one and we were pretty small, my sister, her friend and I. We headed down the hill, screaming. As we neared the bottom it was obvious we were going to hit the fence. However, before we reached the fence, another inner tube hit the fence directly in front of us. I was the one on the downhill side of the tube and when the two tubes collided I bounced out of our tube and straight onto the lap of the guy on the other tube. I was so embarrassed! He said, "Hey, gorgeous, where you've been all my life?" I apologized up and down and he said "No big Deal." Boys always said that especially at the 'Big Pool'. But that's another topic for memories! We still try to take our kids ice blocking on Carmichael Hill every few years. I'm glad we live close enough to share some good old Richland fun with my *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/16/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 16 Bombers and RHS Basketball Coach today. Betty McElhaney (57), Ferna Garoutte (58), Janet Wilgus (59), Richard Anderson (60), Norm Bell (61), David Rivers (65), Sandra Vandenberg (66), Anna Durbin (69), Pam Pyle (69), Linda Smith (72), Mike Davis (74), Shawna Doyle (75), Mike Mattingly (77), Sandy Schively (77), Robert Epler (80), Dori Luzzo (92), Coach Earl Streufert ******************************************** ******************************************** WANTED: Bomber in the Tri Cities with a scanner who can scan some grade school pictures for the Bomber web site. -Maren ******************************************** >>From: Betty McElhaney Hudspeth (57) Re: Dugout I too remember the dugout canoe at Lewis & Clark and was told it was used by the Lewis & Clark expedition. I was told by someone (can't remember who) that it was moved to the Sacajawea Park. Also remember the Church (was a shame it wasn't saved and restored). It was located facing Goethals where Falley street met Goethals. Goethals is now Jadwin. Have been reading about all you people who came from Colorado. It would be fun to know where everyone came from, How about it? We came here from Oklahoma. But never infiltrated the other state picnics!!!!! HaH Happy Holidays to one and all -Betty McElhaney Hudspeth (57) ******************************************** >>From: Ferna Garoutte Hicks (58) To Greg Alley (73): I was your first babysitter. I lived across the street from you and your brothers and sisters and my parents until they died lived there. I was thru town a couple of years ago and drove past the old homestead and across the street there were your parents, Ruth and Paul sitting on the porch.. stopped and chatted a little.. they never change, nice people. I used to ride to Prosser with your mom to see your grandmother and her aunt. You were little and your dad didn't want your mom driving alone.. Where have all your brothers and sisters gone? Nice to hear from you. -Ferna Garoutte Hicks (58) ******************************************** >>From: Janet Wilgus Beaulieu (59) To Carol Hollingsworth Entrikin (55) Do I remember Sharon Bee? When I was a mere child, I used to walk down Cottonwood a few houses, sit on the lawn of Sharon's house and witness a twirling practice that left me in awe. Then Sharon took a few of us little neighbor kids and put a baton in our hands (she had a challenge.) While I never mastered the art, I do remember Sharon being a beautiful teenager, and the trappings of the majorette, a high-shcooler, wearing lipstick, etc. all rather intriguing to me. Funny that later in H.S. (Col. Hi Class of '59,) never gave it much thought or attention - I think the glory days of the majorette were earlier when, as you say, Sharon was the "top twiller." -Janet Wilgus Beaulieu '59 P.S. A note to T. Tellier (57) - with all of these pranks from the past surfacing (God, did you ever think this stuff would ever be told - some apparently legendary) you'd best stay in good with your legal advisors. Do you remember Gary's red Ford coupe? I think it was a 1950 or 51. JWilgus Beaulieu (59) ******************************************** >>From: Richard Anderson (60) To: Anna Durbin (69) Hello Anna, One of the perks (?) of being Assistant Editor of the Alumni Sandstorm is that I get to see (most) of the submissions before they go to "press". A quick correction: the director of "She Wore...", "Fort Apache", and "Rio Grande" was John Ford. John Huston directed another of the truly great American movies: "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" - - "Badges? We ain't got no badges. We don't need no badges. I don't have to show you any stinking badges." Thanks ever much for your submission. It is so great to see other Bombers appreciating the finest of American culture. Bomber cheers, -Richard Anderson (60), Assistant Editor ******************************************** >>From: Norm Bell (61) To Carol Converse Maurer (64) Regarding the location of the Indian dugout canoe and Redeemer Lutheran Church: I erroneously stated that the church was on the West side of the Lewis & Clark school grounds, it in fact was on the East side fronting on Jadwin. It was located just south of the Southside Baptist church. This would have put it on the opposite side of the school grounds from the old Richland High School (AKA Legion Hall). The canoe belonged to the church and was located on its West property boundary near the gravel parking lot that served both churches and the school. I found a photo of the church in the booklet, Alive! Richland and the Hanford Project, commemorating Richland's 25th anniversary. I would be glad to get a copy to anyone wanting one. As Larry Mattingly (60) pointed out, its a shame that the dugout wasn't preserved. It would have been a nice addition for our museum. I think all of those of us who played in the canoe realized it was deteriorating and felt a bit of history slipping away. It brings back memories of the Indian beads, arrow-heads and flint chips that many of us collected on Bateman Island, "the Point" (confluence of Yakima r. with Columbia r.) and the "sand hills" (sand bluffs on North side of the Yakima river. Kind of an amazing link with the past in this era of cyberspace.. huh?? -Norm Bell (61) ******************************************** >>From: David Rivers (65) To: Terence Paul Angel Davis (Knox) (65) Da da da da da da da dunt... da da da da da da da dunt... da da da da da da da dunt... (Many more da da das but I can't really carry a tune so I can tell this isn't coming thru any better than Baby Elephant walk did the other day). Today is your birthday; da da da da da da da dunt... Happy birthday to you-oo! Can't disclose your age here because then the producers would find out you've been stretching the truth... but I can say that the "Terence Knox Shrine" has the wrong year and the 7 at the end of the year of your birth should be a 6... but what's a year or two among friends! -David Rivers (65) ******************************************** >>From: Sandra Vandenberg Jeans (66) Re: Large families Our family had eleven (not including foster children) When I was graduating we had 15 children living at my home. I think the Hodgson's and Kafentis (sp) and a few others (Voilands) had more. It was the Catholics and Mormon families that seemed to have large broods. I am grateful for the large family, others think it odd, but it is really fun to get us all together, now even the little kids are over 30! Those were the days and we lived on Thayer. The largest family that any siblings have is four.. Laverne (76) and Mary (79) both have four each. It is a trip reading the Sandstorm and having memories of so many names dropped on these pages. Ciao for now.. -Sandra Vandenberg Jeans (66) ******************************************** >>From: Anna Durbin (69) To: Richard Anderson (60) Oh my gosh! There is someone else who quotes from "She Wore a Yellow Ribbon"? I drive my kids crazy with it? "Picnicking, Mr. Pennell?" "Whose dog is that? Nice Dog, Irish Shepard." "That's not my department, sir." and many more. I have always hesitated before apologizing so as not to show weakness. I word it carefully. I was so happy when my brother Terry (62) got me the movie on video. When my kids finally saw the movie and realized what a great director John Huston (sp?) was, and that John Wayne was a splendid actor, they understood some minor part of my craziness. Ah. I think we must have seen that movie at the drive-in with my family along with something about Ma and Pa Kettle at least a million times when I was growing up. Thanks, Richard. -Anna Durbin (69) ******************************************** >>From: Pam Pyle Jewett-Bullock (69) to Kevin King '75 Re: Big families in our little hometown Kevin, my own family is really very small; there were just my parents, my sister (who is 14 years my senior), and I. Hence, I always held in awe those with whom I attended school who came from large families. You asked which family might hold the all time size record, and my guess is that the Tunnells from the south end could certainly win or at least place in such a contest. As I recall, there were 13 children in this family. I remember just one, Hillary, who was for awhile a classmate of mine at Lewis & Clark. I remember the Tri- City Herald once did an article on this family and their "standard operating procedures" for daily living. It was all pretty amazing to me! Anybody else remember more about these folks? -Pam Pyle Jewett-Bullock (69) ******************************************** >>From: Linda Smith Davis (72) RE: All Class Reunion ok, everyone seems like they really want a all class reunion - but how do you all think that a mere handful of 8-10 people can pull it off alone? That's about the number showing up at the meetings. For those of you far away, I understand but we really need more bodies to help plan. For those far away - you are welcome to volunteer time at one of the activities. So please consider some time to help this undertaking keep going. -linda smith davis '72 ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) Re: Blaine Night 2 On September 2, 1998, many of us lost a dear friend. That was the day that Blaine Teverbaugh, Class of 74, unexpectedly passed away. Last year many of us gathered at the Towne Crier during the Christmas Holiday to remember Blaine. It turned out to be a very enjoyable evening for all who attended. This year we would like to continue the tradition with "Blaine Night 2". This will be a no- host gathering again at the Towne Crier on Monday, December 27, beginning around 6:00. Willie Evans has reserved an area in the Crier for this special gathering. It is a fun time to see a lot of people you haven't seen in a while, drink a little, and BS quite a bit. Blaine would have loved it! This year we will have a special friend all the way from Texas as Blaine's wife, Tedi, will be in town for the holidays. Hope all of you can make it and spread the word. You will have a good time. See you there, -M.Davis (74) ******************************************** >>From: Shawna Doyle Boolen (75) Merry Christmas Hi Kevin, I read your entry in the Sandstorm today. I don't see much from our graduating class in there. It's great to hear from you. I enjoyed reading your comments about large families back when we were kids. I'm glad we had a somewhat large family ... and when the King and Doyle families got together on vacations and holidays it was even more fun. Some of my favorite Christmas memories are being at your house. We looked forward to seeing the outrageously huge tree that your dad put up every year. How did he ever get them into the house?! Still to this day when I pass a Christmas tree lot and I spot a tree about the size of a Richland pre-fab, I say "There's a Ray King tree!". Merry Christmas!!! -Shawna Doyle Boolen (75) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Mattingly (77) RE: All those cool toys To Robert Epler (80): Did you have Major Matt Masons' Space Station? I can still remember my brother and I putting the decals on it on Christmas morning. I also remember that Major Matt made a rather intimidating running back on the ole' vibrating metal gridiron. As far G.I. Joe, that was my brother's. I had Captain Action, who came with a bunch of different outfits including Spiderman! It doesn't get much better than that. WE also had the Lost in Space robot (DANGER!DANGER!) and Monster Magnet. Hey, enough of this virtual playroom, I'm heading to Griggs. "To infinity and beyond!" -Mike Mattingly (77) ******************************************** >>From: Sandy Schively Buckley (77) RE: large families I remember 3 large families as I was growing up in Richland. The Hodgson's had 12 children, the Voiland's (I'm not sure this is spelled correctly, sorry), had 11 or 12 children, and the Hovely's had 13 children. The Hovely's lived in Richland until the late 60's, I think, and then moved to pasco( I remembered that pasco always is spelled with a small p). I'm not sure what happened to the Voilands and Hodgsons. Hope they are still in Richland. All of these families had children that swam on the Atomic Dolphin Swim Team. The logo for the Swim Team was the atomic rings and a dolphin jumping through the rings. Maybe as controversial as the Bomber logo... but who cares. Are there other large families that have been missed? -Sandy Schively Buckley (77) ******************************************** >>From: Robert Epler (80) To: David Flaherty (76) I can hardly believe that someone still has some of those old west dolls that I used to cherish when I was a young boy. I haven't seen one in nearly 30 years. I still remember the smell of the newness of them when I got them for Christmas around 1970. It's interesting how one can remember smells so vividly after so many years. I had the whole collection. But, as in the case of all my old toys, I managed to break their arms, legs, and heads and they ended up at the city dump. So sad. But the memories live on. -Robert Epler (80) ******************************************** >>From: Dori Luzzo Homer (92 ) RE: kids To Kevin King (75): People still ask if my parents' were crazy... I'm the youngest of 13 kids. My oldest brother Tony will be attending his 20th reunion at RHS this upcoming year. Many years of attending RHS in my family that's for sure. I think the Langlois family has 11 or 12 kids? -Dori Luzzo Homer (92) ******************************************** >>From: Earl Streufert (RHS Coach) RE: 1st Annual Bomber Alumni Classic Basketball Game Attention all Bomber Basketball Alumni: It's time to break out the Chuck Taylor's, the Advil, and the oxygen mask and relive some of the 'glory days'! You are invited to join us for the First Annual Bomber Basketball Alumni Classic to be played on Wednesday, December 29th at 7:00 PM in Dawald Gymnasium. The purpose of this game is two fold. First, we want our current players to have a connection to the rich tradition that is Bomber Basketball. They have all heard the names, but many of them have not had the opportunity to meet you or see you play. Secondly, all proceeds from the Classic will benefit Bomber Basketball and allow us to run a first class program that we can all be proud of. The player fee for this game is $25 and each player will receive an official Classic t-shirt and is invited to attend a social immediately following the game. The number of players participating will determine the format for the evening. If we have 20-30 players, we will play one game consisting of 10-12 minute quarters. If the response is greater, we may need to play two games back to back. In either event, the teams will be divided so that you will hopefully be playing with at some of the players from your graduating class. We anticipate these games being very competitive and entertaining and we hope to make this an annual affair. Cost of admission to the game/games will be $2.00 per person. If you are interested in playing, please either e-mail me or you can call me at 509-546-9667 (home) or 509-942-2500. Be sure to include your t-shirt size, and year of graduation with your message. I look forward to hearing from you soon! Go Bombers!! Sincerely, Earl Streufert Head Basketball Coach Richland High School *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/17/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11 Bombers sent stuff: Bud Row (47), Donna Williams (60) Gary Behymer (64), P. de la Bretonne (65) Valerie Nielsen (69), Greg Alley (73), Maggie Gilstrap (74), Miriam Lewis (76), Carla Delvin (77), Robert Epler (80), Lisa Mayfield (87) ******************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bud Row (47) To Betty McElhaney Hudspeth {57} I was born and raised in Colorado until 1944 when we moved to Hanford --then to Richland in 1945. 309 GWWay. Except for part of 1940-41 my Grandmother needed some help, so my Mom and I went to Hollis, Okla. to be with her. We were there Hollis that is on Dec & 1941. About the only thing about Hollis that I remember is they had 3 brothers that went to O.U. all made the All American football team, not the same year of course, but darn if I can recall their name. One other item 1940-41, I was in the seventh grade, there was a senior in hi school that year, perhaps you have heard of. He made All Amer. as a quarterback at O.U. Then of all things went to Texas U. as coach then later on as athletic director. Maybe you've heard of Darall Royal, [not sure after all these years how he spelled his first name? Darrol, Darroll,] whatever. He was one fine person also a good basketball player, but football was his thing. If I had known about the Oklahoma picnic I would have gladly joined the Okies, since Darrol? and his fellow teammates, called me Coloraddi. I don't think they ever knew my name then was Buddy. Whow that was a long time ago. Hope all you Bombers have a swell holiday. ps. good going you {99}, Bomber football team, coaches, parents and all that are, were involved. -Bud Row {47}. I want all to know Mickey Ferney {48}, joins in the holiday greeting; budmick. ******************************************** >>From: Donna Williams Thompson (60) RE: large families I remember another large family, the Artz family had something like 11-13 children in 1965. The oldest (I think) was Eve. She was in my class (1960). My family was not large, even though my parents came from bigger families, my dad's family had 6 children and my mother's had 8. My brother and I were the only children until after my parents divorced and remarried. My dad married a woman from Richland that had 5 kids and then they had one together in 1960. The comments on the savings plans brought back memories. I did that at John Ball. Every week I would put a quarter in my little brown envelope and it would be deposited in my savings account. I had savings bonds too, but I don't think the savings account money was turned into bonds. -Donna Williams Thompson (60) ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) Ok... so it wouldn't make it for Christmas! How about New Years? I have come across the following annuals. You and or a friend of yours may be in one of them? Have Annuals, Will Wheel & Deal (;-) ~ John Rogers High School 1962... ~ Kennewick High School 1972 & 1981..... ~ Hudson's Bay (Craig Raymond) in this one 1963(;-)) How about it R.S., Class of 1964 (;-)..... ~ Eastern Washington State College 1955, 1956, 1957, 1959, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970 & 1971..... ~ Wenatchee Valley Jr College 1966..... ~ Pasco High School 1971..... ~ WSU 1962, 1965, 1969..... ~ Whitworth 1967, 1968, 1971, 1974..... ~ Pacific Luthern University 1968 & 1969..... ~ University of Washington 1954, 1957, 1959, 1962, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969 & 1970. -Gary Behymer (64) ******************************************** >>From: P. de la Bretonne '65 Don't forget the Eckerts for large families. 12, 14, ...?? I forget how many. Patty? -P. de la Bretonne '65 ******************************************** >>From: Valerie Nielsen Lee (69) To Pam Pyle (69): I remember the Tunnells. It seems to me they moved to Idaho and had a few more kids - 19 I think (total, not 19 more). I love reading this site. I have four older sisters who graduated from Col Hi between '49 and '62 who have me watching for comments from anyone they graduated with. Thank goodness I haven't seen anything about those Nielsen girls that I shouldn't know. To Gary Behymer (64) Thanks for the newspaper article about the class of '55, I didn't expect the original, my sis will be getting it for Christmas. It was a very nice surprise. Thanks for all the work that goes into this site. Merry Christmas to All. -Valerie Nielsen Lee (69) ******************************************** >>From: Greg Alley (73) to ferna garoutte hicks:remember your dad rufus taking me fishing on the columbia. your mom and dad were great neighbors. to vicki kestell class of 70: tried to reply to your last message and sent it to myself. i am not bill gates. to kevin king: hope to see you over the holidays and my family was bigger than yours. to mike davis class of 74. blaine 2 is a go. would not miss it. -Greg Alley (73) ******************************************** >>From: Margaret Gilstrap O'Hara (74) My fondest memories of Christmas in the Tri-Cities was driving around Christmas Eve looking at all the wonderful lights on all the houses. I did not know then it was a ploy all parents used to put us to sleep. One house in particular had a doll house with all the people on some kind of track that would take them in and out of the houses or was that a church? We would go there every year, that being the highlight of the night. One year it was not up, we wondered what had happened and were saddened to hear the owner had passed away. Does anyone else remember that house or who owned it? Living in Big Lake, Alaska on the lake, not many people put up lights. It was reading the "Sandstorm" that gave me the idea. Why could we not start a "Richland Tradition" of looking at lights? With lots of help (Vickie Andersen Simmons 67', being one) I started the first annual Big Lake "Tour of Lights". Vickie's wonderful daughter Hannah came to my house and we put up the tree and lights. Lots of lights. She hung my A House ornament up front for all to see. Keeping with the "Bomber Spirit", we sang all the songs I sang as a kid including the Chipmunk Christmas song. Over 100 people young and old toured these four homes on snow machines and in cars in temperatures down to minus 10 and lower. My favorite gift was a Chatty Cathy, maybe because she did not stutter like I did. I also remember getting Barbie doll clothes on a yard of fabric we would have to cut out and sew ourselves. My least favorite was my brothers Creepy Crawlers. Those had the smell of a new vinyl shower curtain. Then there were those paddles with the rubber ball connected to them with one flimsy staple. How many of those did we ask for until we figured out what a great paddle they made for our parents to use on us? Last but not least Santa always stuffed the bottom of our stockings with peanuts (in the shell). What a mess they would make. To this day my kids get those same stockings stuffed with peanuts. My son, who is on his second tour in the Marines, still looks forward to the "stocking". Kim Lampton 74' be looking for the "bucket". How many miles do you think this bucket has logged? Maybe we should ask the airlines for some frequent flier miles on it? -Margaret Gilstrap O'Hara 74' ******************************************** >>From: Miriam Lewis (76) RE: large families To Sandy Schively (77): Two other large families were the Guthries and the Eschbahs (I'm not sure I spelled that right). They lived right across the street from each other, down by the river. I was in school with Carol Guthrie and Genie and Katie Eschbah. There were other large families as well but I can't remember their names right now. -Miriam Lewis (76) ******************************************** >>From: Carla Delvin (77 ) RE: Large Richland families I have been reading the names of the large families and have not seen one in particular. The Steichens lived down the street from us on Birch and I believe there are 13 kids. Dana, '77, had some pretty big parties there in H.S. I, of course only heard about them from friends. :) I only knew of the Kafentzis family at 12, and did not realize there were so many others. It is great to read everyone's entries and memories. Happy Holidays to Class of 77 and all Bomber alumni! I am sure hoping to be there in June. -Carla Delvin (77) ******************************************** >>From: Robert Epler (80) To: Matt Mattingly (77) Re: The Space Station To answer your question, I did indeed have the Space Station! It was an exciting Christmas morning to find that Santa had left that under the tree! I had the whole Major Matt Mason collection. But it was Captain Laser, with the pointed ears, that was my favorite. Not only because he was so much bigger than the rest, but also because he looked a lot like Mr. Spock. And in the late 60's and early 70's, I was a BIG Star Trek fan. Does anyone remember the Aurora glow in the dark Monster Models that were popular in the 70's? I still have the whole ghastly collection out in a box in the garage just waiting for my sons to get old enough to return them to their former glory. Heck, my oldest son is six years old. Maybe I'll wrap up the whole broken collection and put it under the tree this year. I have no doubt he'd be thrilled! -Robert Epler (80) ******************************************** From the RHS Guest Book: Record 250 >>Name: Lisa Mayfield (87) Referred by: Yahoo! From: Living in New Jersey currently Time: 1999-12-16 14:56:38 Comments: Hey 87 classmates... Are any of you living in New Jersey? Just moved here.. Yikes! Quite different from the PNW. Here's what I know of the people I stay in touch with: * Pat Grimsley got married in July 99 * Cami Riddell just had her second baby (girl) * My brother just turned 30 HA,HA,HA!!!!! Lives in San Fran. * Molly Luna got married Oct. 99, is working for Microsoft. * Barb Goheen is going to be a plastic surgeon (bless her heart!!) Fetrow, if you read this give me a call [deleted from Sandstorm - find it in the RHS Guest Book]! Where are you? -Lisa Mayfield (87) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/18/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers and one Bomber spouse today. Spouse if Judy Cameron (60), Don Doud (64), Rod Brewer (65), Lloyd Swain (66), Phil Jones (69), Lois Clayton (72), Cecily Riccobuono (77), Margaret Vandenberg (84) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Lee Ayers (52-Edmonds) Husband of Judy Cameron (60) To Bud Row (47): Hi, Bud, I think the man you're speaking of is Darrell Royal, an All-American at Oklahoma, and later the football coach at the UWa, followed by a lengthy term in the same position at the U. of Texas. Royal and Jim Owens, the long-time football coach at Washington, were teammates at Oklahoma. WW 2 deterred their college education until after the war, which happened to a lot of servicemen and women, regardless of whether or not they were athletes. All of this you know, of course, since we were part and parcel to the doings of those days. (Interesting to read where you were on 7 December 1941. It would be interesting to learn where others were on that fateful morning.) I'm trying to recollect the names of the brothers who all played at UO, but I'm unable to come up with them at this time. -Lee Ayers (Edmonds - '52) Husband of Judy Cameron Ayers - '60 ******************************************** >>From: Don Doud (64) Bud Row (47) mentioned the three brothers from Hollis who were all-America at OU - I believe it was Dewey Selmon and his two brothers, who weren't named Huey and Louis I don't believe, but could have been. Dewey went on to play in the NFL for awhile. The three were quite the force in college. -Don Doud (64) ******************************************** >>From: Rod Brewer (65) RE: Annuals To: Gary Behymer (64): Gary, I work for a company that publishes out of print books to CD and print. We use Adobe pdf and make excellent conversions from all types of documents and film. If there is any interest, we could scan and reproduce annuals as well. I'd be willing to run it by the big boss if you think there is any value. -Rod Brewer (65) ******************************************** >>From: Lloyd Swain (66) HI kids.. just want to clear the correct spelling for one large family that we had in Richland.. it's not Tunnell.. it's Trunnell... they lived on Jadwin in a giant converted A house... I remember Noel and of course that great article in the Herald about them all working together to make such a large family operate.... Come to think of it.. a converted A house would have 6 bedrooms... now with 12 kids and two parents.. the bunk bed business must have been lucrative.. or someone had to sleep with the coal in the basement... oh. I think the Trunnells had pets too.. so I am sure it was one big happy... furry .. household... Happy Holidays to all you Bombers... -Lloyd Swain (66) [Note: There is also a family named Tunnell -- with 5 children. -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Phil Jones (69) To Pam Pyle 69 The Dablings had a big family. I don't know how many kids for sure but they filled up that A house at the end of Bernard Court. I've mentioned before on this site, how much fun the Sinclair household was. They had plenty of kids but there were always extra kids there. Their A house was like a fraternity house with people constantly coming and going. I suspect there were kids there who had no real attachment other than it was feeding time or they were trying to sample Mr. Sinclair's homemade root beer that we thought tasted a bit like the real thing. Merry Christmas to all. -Phil Jones 69 ******************************************** >>From: Lois Clayton Colton (72) RE: Trunnells I went their home once. I think I went with my brother, David Clayton '69. That day they had a kitten get into the dryer and that was the end. I thought at the time (incorrectly) that the kitten had died because there were so many people in the house. I have since had kittens and I'm very careful not to let them get near the dryer while I'm using it. The Trunnells lived on the south end of Jadwin, east side of the street (river side), south of the grocery store. I thought they had 19 while in Richland and then added two more after they moved. -Lois Clayton Colton '72 ******************************************** >>From: Cecily Riccobuono McClanahan (77) Re: Large families Us Catholics can tell you who the large families were. Kafentziss 13, Cliffords 7, and who could forget the Zorichs with 9 BOYS!!! Elliss had 5 girls. These families would take up complete rows at church. Some of them two. Joan Cliiford was my Godmother, (Danny's Mom 77) and I can remember going to visit at their house was sometimes crazy. You never knew what was going to happen. There has also been comments about the houses in Richland decorated at Christmas time. The one house I always looked forward to was the Sporhs. (sp?) There used to be contests, and their house almost always won. Driving around and looking at the lights at Christmas is still a family tradition in our house. Merry Christmas to everyone, and I hope to see some of you next week when I come home (Richland of course) for the holidays. And Carla Delvin (77)...... Don't think you're fooling any of us about not being at Steichen's parties! lol -Cecily Riccobuono McClanahan (77) ******************************************** >>From: Margaret Vandenberg (84) RE: Large Families I'm friends with Lynna Steichen (84), the youngest Steichen. I think they had nine kids. I'm pretty sure they had fewer than my family of 11 - I'm the youngest. Vicky Steichen Buck works at Col Hi and if she's reading this can probably set it straight. The Huff family had nine kids, as well as the Zorich's and they're all boys. All of my friends who had much smaller families always thought we had more than we did. I guess when that many people are running around it's hard for others to keep track. I now have three sisters who've hit 50. Their high school days were a lot different than ours, with the first kid graduating in '65, the last in '84. To Greg Alley (73): If your parents weren't sitting on the porch when I walked by it would have been strange. -Margaret Vandenberg (84) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/19/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 17 Bombers sent stuff today. Ralph Myrick (51), Ken Heminger (56), Betty McElhaney (57), Dean Enderle (57), Tony Tellier (57), Denniece Schnell (60), Jeanie Walsh (63), Deedee Willox (64), Gary Behymer (64), Linda Reining (64), Linda McKnight (65), Patty Eckert (68), Mike Franco (70), Marjo Vinther (77), Jennifer Jacobson (79), Linda King (79), Kelly Weil (81) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ralph Myrick (51) Boy, you talk about memories of strong winds in the 40's. I finished putting up my fence at my new house on Gage Blvd. yesterday. The wind, as all of you know who are living in Richland was terrible last night. I woke up at four and decided to see if I had any fence standing. It was still there. Was I ever relieved. I went to get out of the car to check around the house and the wind was blowing so hard I could hardly open the door. The construction john was blowing over lying across my driveway. Sure glad they had just emptied it. The street lights put enough light on my front yard so I could see door knobs, latches, strike plates, paint brushes, and a caulking gun. I also found five pieces of fencing strung out from the house into the vacant lot next to me. I went to look in the morning and the shingles weren't blown off but they were standing at attention. As of today, the electric part has been inspected and approved and the rug layer is putting down the rug. We hope we can move in soon. -Ralph Myrick (51) ******************************************** >>From: Ken Heminger (56) RE: school annuals To Gary Behymer (64) Gary, I see you coming up with all these school annuals. If you should come across one from Columbia Hi for 54 and or 55, I'd sure appreciate it if you would let me know. That idea I saw today about putting annuals on CD's [from Rod Brewer-65] sounds interesting also. It would make available hard-to-get, if not impossible-to-get annuals for those of us who were not able to get the school annual at that time..... Bomber Cheers, Ken ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Response from Gary to EVERYBODY: Got an extra 'Columbian'? Do someone a favor. Give it as a Christ-mas gift to a Richland Bomber. Lots of folks have either (1) lost, (2) misplaced, or (3) never had an annual. Let the Alumni Sandstorm know if you have an extra that you can part with.... (Sorry for that last sentence Mrs. Boswell.) -Gary ******************************************** >>From: Betty McElhaney Hudspeth (57) Does anyone remember the houses decorated on Elm St. in Richland? All the neighbors joined in and put lights up and the whole street was lit up in the most fantastic sight. Cars were lined up driving real slow to be sure they saw everything. There was even Santa Claus running around the neighborhood and out to the cars. It was in the late 50's and my brother and sister-in-law came down from Seattle and my nephew was just a little guy and we took them to Elm St. to see the lights and lo and behold Santa was there and it was Christmas eve. Rob was so excited. When we got back to NaNa & PaPa's house Santa had been there too and we all opened our gifts. Rob probably doesn't remember this, but how many of you remember Elm St? Thanks to all who lived on Elm for the memories---- -Betty McElhaney Hudspeth (57) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Cottonwood, too??? -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Dean Enderle (57) RE: Large Families I seem to remember a large family who lived near to us, we lived on Armistead, and their family name was "Dean", I knew one of the boys, Benny, I think there were 14 of them. I think they lived in an "H" house and people used to wonder how they managed for space? Also, to Maren, Sorry for not including my name and class year on previous input but I was rushing things and just forgot, I will try to do better. We hear a lot about the football team of 1958, just out of interest, was Fran Rish still coaching or had he been replaced after 1957? -Dean Enderle (57) ******************************************** >>From: Tony Tellier (57) RE: "The one house I always looked forward to was the Sporhs. (sp?)" Stan Spohr .... -A H Tellier (57) ******************************************** From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Denniece Schnell Storrs (60) Date: Fri Dec 17 15:05:07 1999 My mother, Denniece Schnell Storrs, lives in Minnesota. She will be getting online in the new year and would love to hear from anybody who remembers her. She is a scrap book, geneology FREAK! Drop her a line via Me any time and I will forward it to her... I graduated 2 years behind my class in 88. -Cindy Brown Eskeli (88) for her Mom, Denniece Schnell Storrs (60) ******************************************** >>From: Jeanie Walsh Williamson (63) Happy Holidays Everyone..... See ya in 188 Days.... and yes, I am bringing my snibbling BABY sister (77).. Mother said I HAD to!!!! -Jeanie Walsh Williamson (63) ******************************************** >>From: Deedee Willox Loiseau (64) This from the 12-7-99 issue of Tidbits: ====== RICHLAND HIGH COLUMBIAN STAFF AWARDED By: Jeff Rosenberry, Richland High Sandstorm Staff The 1999 Richland High Columbian staff won a prestigious national award for their work on the 1999 yearbook. The National Scholastic Press Association honored the Columbian with a first place award. The yearbook was judged on coverage, concept and essentials/design, writing and editing and photography. The Columbian received a score of 480 out of 500 in the concept category which earned them one mark of distinction as well as the first place award. “There was an exceptional effort in the theme development all the way through the yearbook,” commented NSPA judge Sue Ann Dye. For the past four years the Columbian has received a first class award with at least one mark of distinction. “The Columbian is the best journalistic book in the Tri- Cities. I am pleased that the students are doing exceptional work,” Columbian adviser Robin Morris said. According to co-editor Kate Holloway, senior, the yearbook is a lot of hard work that never stops. “It is very time consuming and detailed work, but when you see the final project it feels good to know that you are giving the students what they want to see,” she said. Dye also feels the Columbian is an outstanding yearbook. “You have a book of which to be very proud,” she said. “It is great to look back through the years at fashions, trends and old friends,” junior Jeremy Bohannon said. “I love all aspects of the yearbook and the way that they give us the year’s memories in such a special way,” senior April Lorenzen said. The Columbian was the only school yearbook in the Tri-Cities that received an award from the NSPA. “The Columbian is a reflection on our school and I can say that it is the best,” activities director Jim Qualheim said. End of article ====== It’s nice to know that Richland High (Col- Hi) still has it! ====== -Deedee Willox Loiseau (64) ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) Re: Richland 'Stuff' and 'Related Stuff' Three years ago when the First Richland Bomber Alumni Page was built it was done so around 6 postcards that I found in my parents' photograph box. With the help of Maren Smyth (64) the Richland 'network' has grown to include the publication 'Alumni Sandstorm', a certain wealth of 'Bomber' information and trivia. If you have had the opportunity to search through all of the web sites concerning Richland Bombers, you'll find a treasure of pictures, information and friends. With the help of James Vaché (64) I was able to locate the author of 'Bomber Mania'. So then did I purchase 200 copies of that publication at $5 per copy. Copies are sold at my $5 cost plus $3.20 for a 'priority mail' stamp = $8.20. An effort is made to get that publication into the hands of those who desire to remember that which they have forgotten. Mr. Paul Beardsley was so gracious to have his publication 'The Long Road to Self-Government" reprinted. More information for those information-starved Bomber addicts. I have searched for Richland annuals and have come across 4. If a cost is incurred, i.e. a purchase cost, then that cost is passed on to the buyer. If no cost is incurred, it goes out at no cost (;-). The college annuals have been purchased to do further research on what YOU may have done after high school. Those annuals have been offered out to see if anyone might want a 'find' from his or her past. Again, everything is done at whatever actual cost might have been incurred. If any of you have extra pictures, annuals or memorabilia that they would like to sell, donate, etc., please contact me or Maren Smyth. We will include these finds on our web pages and or find a home for the annuals. Got an extra 'Columbian'? Do someone a favor. Give it as a Christ-mas gift to a Richland Bomber. Lots of folks have either (1) lost, (2) misplaced, or (3) never had an annual. Let the Alumni Sandstorm know if you have an extra that you can part with.... (Sorry for that last sentence Mrs. Boswell.) May the Lord bless you this Christmas of 1999. -Gary Behymer ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining (64) To Earl Bennett (63): Just took time to read all the past Sandstorm entries and saw your entry to Stephen Muller - this is Linda Reining ('64) - I lived next door to Bill and Lila and remember babysitting the twins, David and Danny, and Marilyn. Lived directly across the street from Arnold McAllister; Jo Conrad lived next door to him; Nester Wise (63) lived between Dozer's and Muller's. We all went to Richland Lutheran Church, except for Arnold - he went to the Mormon Church. Do you remember the folk dancing lessons? What was the name of the twin boys that lived down the street from you? They took the lessons. too. We had our 35th reunion in August and was sorry not to see Diney there. Was the first one I have attended. Anyway, just wanted to say Hi. Also: To Elizabeth McAllister McArdle (78): Is your dad Arnold? Tell him I said hello. He was a good friend. To Gene Trosper (84): Tell your mom hello from me - we were pretty good friends in grade school at Spalding. -Linda Reining (64) ******************************************** >>From: Linda McKnight (65) Hi Maren - Here's a Christmas memory. We lived on Torbett and the next street over to the north (I'm sorry I can't remember the name of the street), anyway I remember that a house on that street used to have a live nativity scene, braying donkey and all. That silly donkey seemed to instill a lasting memory as I think of a crisp December night in Richland, Washington when I was a kid. Life was wonderful..... Merry Christmas everyone!! -Linda McKnight (65) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Next street north of Torbett would be Trippe or VanGiesen -- depends on where on Torbett you lived. -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Patty Eckert Weyers (68) HERE IT IS 'AGAIN' ---------- RE: Large Families Hey, Patty de La Bretonne 65: Couldn't resist when asked on our large Eckert Clan........ not 12 or 14 though! yikes :) ten is enough!!! really 11 however, with 10 of us still alive and kicking between 66 yrs and 37 yrs. I believe the one family that is 14 children that I know of was another 'Catholic' family named Hodson (sp?) I went to Christ the King with many of them. Also another is the Kefensis's, who like the Hodson's remodeled an 'A' house and made it into one!!! We were in an 'F' house and we were still doubled and tripled up for years in our bedrooms! Thank goodness though we had 3 bathrooms!!! Hope they get to the 'F' ornaments soon, Good Memories! Someone told me, in fact it was one of my wiser brothers; a family "the size of ours should be one of our strengths," ........ remember that one JR? - - I like to believe that is true. In today's world its rare to find them this size. So to many of our past buddies like the: de la Bretonnes; the Harris'; the Parkers; the Thornton's; the Vespair's; the Burnsides; the Dossett's; the Williams'; and All Bomber and C the K Alumni: Happy Holiday's and a Happy Year in 2000 from the Eckert Clan {~,~} -Patty Eckert Weyers 68 ******************************************** >>From: Mike Franco (70) RE: Large Families: Phil Jones (69) mentioned Sinclairs with 10 kids and how there were always extra kids hanging out, drawn by Dunc Sr. home made root beer.... I beg to differ: Coming from a small family (6 Franco kids) I spent many a night on the Sinclair couch and I was drawn by two attractions I could ALWAYS count on: 1) Flo's OUTSTANDING spaghetti (best when served reheated, about 2:00 AM after a night at Beer Falls!) 2) An ample supply of icy cold, always refreshing Animal Beer (Schmidt). I can still remember bringing my annual Christmas present to Mr. Sinclair... a half rack wrapped in newspaper! Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair are a big part of my best memories "growing up" in Richland. I know the last thing they ever needed was extra kids. We had our own little diversity program. A favorite memory was the younger Sinclairs running down the stairs Christmas morning to find gifts under the tree AND the Jewish guy (me) asleep on the couch after a night of crashing Midnight Mass. Holiday happiness to all! -Mike Franco (70) ******************************************** >>From: Marjo Vinther Burt (77) Speaking of Christmas lights, does anyone remember how the house on the corner of Basswood and Lee used to decorate (probably in the mid to late 60's)? It had two big trees out front with lights on them and one would blink off while the other tree blinked on. Drove my Mom crazy every time we went past ("someone is going to get in a car wreck!") - but I loved it! I still love to drive around looking at Christmas lights. For those of you in the Tri-Cities, drive down W. Metaline (east of Kamiakin) in Kennewick and check it out! There's one house in particular that looks like the Griswald house - but most of the houses are also lit up. Made us feel like we were driving in to the North Pole... Re: ranch houses - Did anyone else ever crawl through the air vents under the floors like we did? I remember going through the opening from one bedroom to another to trick each other. No wonder I developed claustrophobia! It gives me the creeps just thinking about it! -Marjo Vinther Burt (77) ******************************************** >>From: Jennifer Jacobson (79) I admit I haven't been paying close attention to the alum news lately... but I didn't realize how out of touch I'd become until my dad asked what the score was of the championship football game and I couldn't answer!! Help please :) Also is there an on- line article about the game I could point my dad toward? Thanks and Merry Christmas to y'all -Jennifer Jacobson '79 ******************************************** >>From: Linda King Goetz (79) RE: Large families To Kevin King (75) my brother Thinking of large families a couple that come to mind from the south end were the Nicacio and Langlois families. I'm not sure of the number but I think they both had over 11. I think they both lived in converted A houses, too. We only had 5 kids but being the only girl with 4 brothers and with our cousins, the Culverhouses, next door with 3 boys it felt MUCH larger! To Shawna Doyle Boolen (75) Thanks for the memories of our Christmas trees! It's true, they did seem like the size of a prefab. We never had room for a star because the tree was always smashed against the ceiling. We lived in a converted B house with a small living room and those trees would just about fill up the room. My family and I decided to cut our own down this year so we made the trek up to tollgate and chopped down what looked like a fine tree. When we got home and brought it in I couldn't believe what a Charlie Brown tree we ended up with!! I'm sure Dad is looking down on us with shame!! Happy Holidays to everyone and thanks for the memories. I think I learn something new every time I read the Alumni Sandstorm. Go Bombers! -Linda King Goetz (79) ******************************************** >>From: Kelly Weil Austin (81) To Cecily Riccobuono McClanahan (77): It is interesting that you should mention the Sporh's house! My parents bought their house at 653 Cedar in 1974, when we returned to Richland from Illinois. Bubble-gum pink with white shutters! Having it decorated at Christmas must have been a tasty looking treat! Reminded me of cotton candy, along with all the other candy colored houses on that street! My folks changed to gold aluminum siding shortly after moving in, and it has stayed that color ever since. I'm sure the award would continue to go to the Sporhs after they moved over to their manufactured home when Stan retired. My parents decorated, but never to the extent that they doubled their electricity bill during December! We were a CK family (my parents still attend that church, too) and I remember many LARGE families! Reisenauers, Nicacios, Steichens (Mr. Steichen was my softball coach and I was friends with Jamie), Kafentzis (I remember a story circulating about one of them making Ex-Lax brownies for Sister Lillian in the 5th grade). I also remember many mormon families that I got to know like the Muhlesteins, Talbots, Volmers (Mr. Volmer went to GU with my mom and was on the school board at one time). The one thing I appreciated about these large families was that all the kids grew up with a very strong sense of family (how could you not!), and what it meant to be a team player. Maybe that was why many of these families produced such fine athletes. -Kelly Weil Austin (81) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/20/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 18 Bombers, 1 Bomber Mom and 2 Bomber Parents Today. Ramona Miller (54), Mike Bradley (56), Bob Trethewey (58), Pete Overdahl (60), Betty Neal (62), Tony Sharpe (63), Jean Armstrong (64), Kathie Roe (64), Kenny Dahl (64), Linda Reining (64) Sharon Henry (64), Karen Schildknecht (67), Anna Durbin (69), Pam Pyle (69), Diane Carpenter (74), Jerry Sions (74), Tami Lyons (76), Sandy Schively (77), BJ Davis (Bomber Mom), Hunters (Bomber Parents) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ramona Miller Bruggeman (54) Does anyone else remember the old Grange Hall on the corner of VanGiesen and Stevens? It was the forerunner of the Lutheran Church that stands there now. In the early 40's there was also a park there with beautiful, tall trees. Us 'northenders' (Mahan, McPherson, Marshall, Torbett, etc.) all played there. Tommy Skelly -- you must remember making 'houses' out of the park benches and tables. Do you ever wonder what happened to the Richards girls, Gail and Joyce and that cute blond kid, Jimmy McSweeney? The Winchester kids, Ruth, Mary, Gilbert and Robert and Rose Gire were also in that bunch. We had to climb those trees to remind us of the beautiful states we had left behind for this desert. A suggestion for the R2K Basketball Game Half-Time entertainment in June: Norm Bell (61) and his younger sister tap dancing to the tune of "Bicycle Built for Two." According to Norm's mom, Mildred Bell, also a retired Richland teacher, it was really a class act. -Ramona Miller Bruggeman (54) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Bradley (56) to: Gary Behymer (56) RE: 1956 Columbia High School annual Gary, if you come across an annual from 1956 for the Bombers, I would be happy to purchase one. Thanks, -Mike Bradley 56 ******************************************** >>From: Bob Trethewey (58) RE: ANNUALS To Gary Behymer (64) I am looking for a 1958 Kennewick Hi and also a 1958 Col Hi. Thanks -Bob Trethewey (58) ******************************************** >>From: Pete Overdahl (60) To Ralph Myrick (51) & Marjo Vinther Burt (77) RE: Wind & Christmas Tree Lights I don't think we have wind here in the Tri-Cities strong enough to disrupt any of our natural landscape or manmade type, like Christmas Lights. I remember in the early '50s painting our regular light bulbs different colors and a friend of my dads making us light cords. What a fun thing to bring up the Christmas spirits. After many years of hanging these decorations and enjoying others I must say it is time to step back and look at what we "kids" are doing up on those ladders. Last Sunday the 12th of Dec. I flew this 60 year model bomber off the 10Ft runway and made a crash landing in my Richland homes private grass airstrip. It was more then "A Days Pay"... My wing broke and the Medical Mechanic had to put in metal parts, check out my fuselage for a small red fluid leak in it's upper cabins storage compartment. The chief mechanic has had to place numerous assorted parts on ice to check the components for future air worthiness. The plane has experienced some difficulty with it's oxygen system on certain ground maneuvers prior to it's future take offs. My co-captain has informed me after all dents, scrapes, bends are refurbished the old 60 model should be ready for future flights over the Richland International Airfield and all private runways. P.S. The Co-Captain has brought it to my attention however that Helmets, Seat Belts, and Air Cushions (and NO ladders!) are required for all future flights. A HAPPY AND BRIGHT CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL. -Pete Overdahl (60) ******************************************** >>From: Betty Neal Brinkman (62) RE: Christmas on Elm Street To: Betty McElhaney Hudspeth (57) I'm glad you mentioned the Christmas display on Elm street years ago. Just last night we happened to be in the Niagara Falls, Canada area for dinner and decided to drive by the falls to see the light display. It was so beautiful with the colored lights on the falls, the mist from the falls frozen on the trees and grass, and the Disney display in full color. All the way home we talked about Elm street and tried to remember who lived there. The only name I could come up with was Carol Rice (62). I was just wondering, since decorating the outside of the house wasn't common, who did live on Elm street and participated in the display which so many of us enjoyed. Did you get as excited putting up the decorations as we did when our parents drove us down the street? -Betty Neal Brinkman '62 ******************************************** >>From: Tony Sharpe (63) RE: WSU 1969 Annual To Gary Behymer (64) Gary, May Be interested in this one, since that's the year I graduated, although I didn't go thru commencement, and doubt that there are any photos of lil ol me in it. Quanto dinero are you asking for it? -Tony Sharpe (63) ******************************************** >>From: Jean Armstrong Reynolds (64) I am desperately TRYING to get caught up on reading my mail and get ready for Christmas.. I had been in Richland for a month and then had company when I got back home for almost a solid month.. It was great, but got me a LOT behind.. I don't think I will ever get ahead, but getting caught up will be enough.. First I want to wish all the Bombers a very Merry Christmas and a SAFE New Year.. I know here in Phoenix, it will be a crazy one.. I have chosen to stay at home and watch my grand boys while everyone else braves the evening out and about in the crowds... Words cannot express how we all feel about Maren, Gary and Richard and the Sandstorm.. But once again guys.... THANK YOU... To: Pam Ehinger (67) As my daughter says, and I prefer to look at myself... I am a recycled teenager... -Jean Armstrong Reynolds '64 ******************************************** >>From: Kathie Roe Truax (64) RE: EWSC '65 To Gary Behymer (64) Hi Gary: You amaze me!!! I'd like to purchase the '65 Eastern annual if it's still available. Merry Christmas .... -Kathie Roe Truax (64) ******************************************** >>From: Kenny Dall (64) Re: 64' ANNUAL To Gary Behymer (64) Thanks for your response. As a side note, Jim House (63) played with Craig Raymond at B.Y.U. in '68/'69, and may also have an interest in the Hudson's Bay annual. -Kenny Dall (64) ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining ('64) In the December 19th entry, Betty McElhaney Hudspeth (57) asked if anyone remembered Elm Street being decorated at Christmas - I do! My mom, Hazel Reining was one of the people who decorated. One year she won 3rd place and her entry was in the paper: she had Santa, the reindeer, toy shop, and elves - she cut them out of plywood, painted them, and displayed them - other neighbors on the block who participated were: Taylor's; Wise's (Nester--63); Muller's (Stephen--67); Conrad's (Jo--65); McAllister's (Arnold --60?); King's; Dozer's; I can't remember the names of all the rest, but Elm was one, long, block and practically everyone participated. There was one house about half-way down that had a small fence in the front and he would always take first place. Does the street still do that? Here in Bakersfield, we have a housing tract called, "Haggin Oaks" and every year they all get together and pick a "theme" and then all the houses are decorated according to that theme. They have done "101 Dalmations"; "Beauty and the Beast"; "Little Mermaid"; "Toy Story"; "The Nutcracker"; and other "Disney" characters. They have also done "The Nativity". You can rent a hay-ride to sight see; take tour busses; go "on- foot"; or stay in your own vehicle. Is really pretty and there are even a couple of houses selling hot cocoa; the money is given to the local homeless shelter. Most areas just do elaborate lighting displays - everything from the roof to the trees to the fences and anything in between. haha Hope this Holiday Season is a happy and glorious one for all; let's remember the "Reason for the Season". -Linda Reining ('64) ******************************************** >>From: Sharon Henry Eckert (64) RE: 64 annual To Gary Behymer (64) Gary, I would love to have a '64 annual. If one is available, please let me know price, etc. Thanks. -Sharon Henry Eckert (64) ******************************************** >>From: Karen Schildknecht Mateo (67) To: Betty McElhaney Hudspeth (57) I remember well the decorations on Elm street. My family lived on Cottonwood, right at the end of Elm, and our driveway was used as a turnaround for the endless parade of cars out sightseeing. The decorations were beautiful, to be sure, but what was amazing was that almost every single house on the street was involved. On Christmas Eve, when we were very young, our Mom would take us walking down the street and when we got back, Santa had been to our house (thanks Dad!). As we got older, it was the bigger kids' responsibility to take the little ones out for a stroll, while Santa delivered the bikes, fire engines and dolls. I live in the same house, now, and boy, do I miss all the decorations that street once offered. It's really hit and miss there, now, but Cottonwood Drive seems to be taking over.... there are lights all up and down the street! It's not Elm, but it'll have to do. RE: Large families There were seven kids in our family, although we were spread out pretty far, over 16 years. And, if I'm not wrong, didn't the Voilland's have 12? I think the Kafentzis' beat them by one. Man, that's a race I'd have hated to be in. But, it sure seems like there were an awful lot of 'em. -Karen Schildknecht Mateo (67) ******************************************** >>From: Anna Durbin (69) To Linda McKnight (65) Linda: I think you are remembering the Weetman's house on Trippe Street. Kathi W. - are you out there? Haven't heard from you in a long time. Merry Christmas. -Anna Durbin (69) ******************************************** >>From: Pam Pyle Jewett-Bullock (69) Re: One more time... I got behind on reading my entries, and obviously should have read ALL before preparing my response today. Anyway, it now appears the Trunnell family - with an "r" - may have had up to 21 children. Or at least that's the latest entry count, from Lois Clayton (72), whose memory is crystal clear and accurate as to where they lived ("east side of Jadwin, just south of the old Campbell's market"). (And Lois, wasn't your dad Aubrey? He was my 7th grade health science teacher at Carmichael.) Also, Phil Jones' (69) comments re: the Sinclair family "adoptees" (other people's kids always hanging out) has caused me to recall that my mother was always something of a "Pied Piper" of kids, as well. Others were always around, for one reason or another, and she loved them all as her own. In high school, my friends and their friends came to our house when things got hot at home. Her influences were healthy and supportive. Seems to me that Jimmy Jones was one of those influential types, as well. Wherever Jim went, he always seemed to have a following of young people - often in one kind of sports uniform or another. And what a GREAT smile! The guy ALWAYS had time to wave, smile, inquire about your life, etc. In a REALLY busy world, we can all stand to learn something from the memories we have of those parents and educators who managed to touch our lives in such a way as to inspire such recall. Will WE be so remembered? Now THERE'S a goal worth reaching! To Valerie Nielsen Lee (69) and others re: large families Valerie: Nice to "see" you again! Maren reminded me that the large family which you and I remember was the Trunnells - with an 'r'. There was also a Tunnell in our graduating class - Paul, I think. Maren also seemed to recall the Trunnells moved away, and that they did have WELL upwards of the 13 or so kids that I remembered them having. In an earlier mailing on the subject, I said that my own family was small. I referred to my immediate family, and other submissions have reminded me that the greater family wasn't really all THAT small. I am a product of mid-westerners - from Iowa, to be exact. I was the only one in my immediate family born in Richland. Daddy - the Pyle side - came from a family of six children, three boys and three girls. Momma, a Cooper, came from a family of - I think this is all of them - five, three girls and two boys. The youngest girl, a fraternal twin with the youngest boy, died shortly after birth. What's interesting, in retrospect, is that only a couple of all those siblings on either side had more than two children. Suppose the Great Depression had something to do with that. To clarify then, when I think of us, I think small, mostly because my family moved to Richland and away from all that extended family before I was born. At one point or another, I did meet all those aunts and uncles, as well as some of the cousins. Visits were few and far between, however, thereby limiting the growth of relationships. My father's sister, Mildred Pyle Standefer, moved to Richland and stayed. I do, therefore, have many fond memories of relationship with her, with her husband, "Uncle Bob" (once a Richland cop and then a long-time member of the staff at Einan's funeral home), and their two children, Peggy Standefer Christensen (68), and Frank Standefer (class of 71??). And we're still "relating," although they are all in Montana or over in Seattle and I am way back here in Virginia. Now that's a LOT more than anyone ever needed to know about this "small" family, isn't it? Still, I appreciate the trip down memory lane - again prompted by all of you. Thanks. Now, about Christmas traditions... Am about to start the "baking marathon." This is a tradition my mother kept. In spite of career and other occupations, it just "ain't Christmas" without a cloud of flour dust arising from the kitchen on an evening or two before the holiday. We don't eat all these goodies, but make up large trays which we deliver on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. As a result of hosting and supervising exchange kids for a dozen years, some of their tradition along these lines rubbed off, too. A couple of sweet little Norwegians in my group once told me that, in their tradition, a "good mother" never makes LESS than SEVEN different kinds of Christmas cookies/confections. Don't ask me the significance of the number seven in that. I already asked, and neither of them - nor their parents - could answer. However, MY kitchen has consistently turned out MORE than seven goodie varieties every year since then! (I think it always did, but the thing is, of course, once the "good mother" gauntlet was dropped, I was - shall we say - "off to the races?") I hope all of you are enjoying preparations for this upcoming holiday season, and wish each of you a wonderful Christmas. And, to Phil Jones (69): DON'T TOUCH THOSE PACKAGES UNDER THE TREE!! (Did you think your earlier comment about squeezing them went unnoticed??!!) -Pam Pyle Jewett-Bullock (69) ******************************************** >>From: Diane Carpenter Kipp (74) On the subject of large families, I always think of the Powells's; I think they had 10. Right Lanette? (Maybe they've been mentioned already.) I know that growing up, I did not consider our family of 5 children to be large. -Diane Carpenter Kipp, '72 ******************************************** From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Jerry Sions (74) Date: Sun Dec 19 09:20:24 1999 1974 MY 2 CENTS 1974 Just back from a trip to the TriCities. Was introduced to this site by my Bro-in-law (Jim Clemetson) and am enjoying this tiptoe through memory lane. It is amazing to me how the class of 1974 seems to stand out from the rest though. We're cursed I guess. SIONS ANYBODY I KNOW OUT THERE?? -Jerry Sions (74) ******************************************** >>From: Tami Lyons Zirians (76) I heard a rumor that the All Bomber Reunion was going to include a concert in Bomber Bowl with the headliners none other than our own Michael Peterson (77) and Brad Upton (74). Is this a rumor or is it in the making? Anybody know? Mike? Brad? Care to comment? I live in the Seattle area and can't attend the committee meetings, but this would definitely be something that I would suggest as part of the Reunion activities. -Tami Lyons Zirians (76) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Tami - Keep watching the ALL Bomber Reunion 2000 website for the latest news. The website even has minutes from Committee meetings posted. Look for a link towards the top of EVERY Sandstorm until R2K. -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Sandy Schively Buckley (77) RE: Christmas Lights To Marjo Vinther Burt (77) Oh Marjo! I do remember the two trees that alternated on and off. That was my favorite home to visit as we drove around the town to view all the wonderful lights. My dad was as patient as could be because the lights also drove him crazy. What made these trees so spectacular were that they were so big. Happy Holidays to all. Hope year 2000 is full of fantastic memories. -Sandy Schively Buckley (77) ******************************************** >>From: BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) Someone was speaking of Christmas tree's. I am reminded of the year Jumbo (82) and I were given the task of going out to find a tree. We took our job very seriously. Bev Keller Marcum (49) had some beautiful tree's out at her nursery and Jumbo and I decided a real live tree might be the way to go. Well, we measured by his height and him being over 6' we thought if the tree was as tall as he, it would be just right for our 8' ceiling. Alas, we didn't take in account that it was buried and that meant more height. Too, it didn't look quite as full out there as it did in our house. When we got it in a stand and it bushed out it covered a big part of the living room. Jumbo and I covered it with lights and lights and more lights and decorations. It looked like one of those big beautiful tree's at the mall. We were so proud of it. The rest of the family didn't share our appreciation of our tree somehow. I guess it was because they had no place to sit. To this day we still think it was the best tree we ever had. We donated it to the city after Christmas and it is thriving yet in some park somewhere in the city. Funny, though, Jumbo and I didn't get to pick out the tree anymore. Too bad.... Maybe someday he and Zak can go out and find another tree like that. -BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) ******************************************** >>From: Mr. & Mrs. Hunter (Bomber Parents) We want to wish all the Bombers a Very Merry Christmas from the Keith Hunter family. We are all very Proud of our Richland Heritage .. Signed Mr. & Mrs. Keith E. Hunter Sr. past owners of the A&W. ~ Keith E. Hunter Jr. (63), Jim Hunter (66), Debbie Hunter (72). Merry Christmas.. *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/21/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 16 Bombers sent stuff: Marilyn Peddicord (53), Ramona Miller (54), Tom Hughes (56), Ed Wood (62), Art Nelson (64), Carol Converse (64), Gregor Hanson (65), Patricia de la Bretonne (65), Patti Snider (65), Valerie Nielsen (69), Mary Jane Smith (70), Stu Osborn (71), Greg Alley (73), Cecily Riccobuono (77), Elizabeth Mcallister (78), Lori Walker (78), ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Marilyn Peddicord Whitley (53) I do indeed remember the old grange hall at the corner of VanGiesen and Stevens. It was used as the Catholic Church until the project church was built. I remember attending CCD classes there. It was the church used when Father Sweeney first came to Richland. I remember it as a particularly HOT place in the summertime. -Marilyn Peddicord Whitley (53) ******************************************** >>From: Ramona Miller (Garcia) Bruggeman (54) to: Betty Neal Brinkman (62) RE: Elm Street lighting: The main mover and shaker in that undertaking was Ivan M.A. Garcia. He built the elaborate settings that took the Sweepstakes Award for several years running. He was very proud of the fact that he used only 'unpurchased' materials' -- just pieces of things that were left from something else, therefore the cost was minimal but very creative. Ivan died at the age of 77 in January l996. He had two children that are Bombers -- Ricardo and Laura (Massey now). -Ramona Miller (Garcia) Bruggeman (54) ******************************************** >>From: Tom Hughes (56) RE: Yearbooks I have a 1953 Carmichael Cougar book, a 1954, 1955 and 1956 Bombers Yearbooks. I can scan selected pages from these books or if someone has the time to scan them in I could send them to be scanned and returned. -Tom Hughes, Class of 56 ******************************************** >>From: Ed Wood (62) RE: Christmas lights To Betty Neal Brinkman (62): Wow! I can remember the Elm street lights from the 1950s and 60s. I too recall Carol Rice lived there, and I think Terry Tate lived on that street. Anyone hear from them? Carol and I went to grade school together, and I finally lost track of her some time after she married David? Humphrey in 1964 or so. As I look at some of the lights on homes around Denver these days, I am impressed with the hundreds of hours required for each individual display, but I don't know that any can compare with an entire city block putting itself on show like they did at Elm Street in the days of yore. I expect it would be more difficult these days to find the kind of community spirit that is required for that kind of show. I also sometimes wonder if the actual display at the time could possibly have been as wonderful as the memories. -Ed Wood (62) ******************************************** >>From: Art Nelson (64) RE: A Once in a Lifetime Occurrence in December If it stays clear, this might be worth a look. (fingers crossed) Art A Once in a Lifetime Occurrence in December This year will be the first full moon to occur on the winter solstice, Dec. 22, commonly called the first day of winter. Since a full moon on the winter solstice occurred in conjunction with a lunar perigee (point in the moon's orbit that is closest to Earth) The moon will appear about 14% larger than it does at apogee (the point in it's elliptical orbit that is farthest from the Earth) since the Earth is also several million miles closer to the sun at this time of the year than in the summer, sunlight striking the moon is about 7% stronger making it brighter. Also, this will be the closest perigee of the Moon of the year since the moon's orbit is constantly deforming. If the weather is clear and there is a snow cover where you live, it is believed that even car headlights will be superfluous. On December 21st. 1866 the Lakota Sioux took advantage of this combination of occurrences and staged a devastating retaliatory ambush on the soldiers in the Wyoming Territory. In laymen's terms it will be a super bright full moon, much more than the usual, AND it hasn't happened this way for 133 years! Our ancestors 133 years ago saw this. Our descendants 100 or so years from now will see this again. Remember this will happen December 22, 1999.... -Art Nelson (64) ******************************************** >>From: Carol Converse Maurer (64) To all the Bomber Alumni out there in Bomberland. I want to wish each and everyone of you the Merriest Christmas and the Happiest New Year ever!! May you all be safe this year. Welcome to the Millennium. Carol Converse Maurer (64) ******************************************** >>From: Gregor Hanson (65) Maren - I believe the family who lived on Elm Street who won the Grand Prize for Christmas decoration of their house almost every year was the Ivan Garcia family. -Gregor Hanson '65 ******************************************** >>From: Patricia de la Bretonne (65) Happy Holidays to All my old Bomber, Warrior and Jason Lee school chums. Have a safe and fun New Years. -Patricia de la Bretonne '65 ******************************************** >>From: Patti Snider Miller (65) Hi all you Bombers out there! Can you believe it.. this year is almost over. I wish all of you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a great year in 2000!! God Bless, -Patti Snider Miller (65) ******************************************** >>From: Valerie Nielsen Lee (69) Hi Pam (69) Paul Tunnell let me know right away he only had 4 brothers and sisters and his mom would be really surprised to know they had 20. Such a difference a small "r" makes!! You had better be careful sending your genealogy to this site, it could start a whole new ball game for genealogists. Good to "see" you, too. Someone asked me if I was related to Ken Nielson, no I'm not, I get asked that a lot though. Merry Christmas to All. -Valerie Nielsen Lee (69) ******************************************** >>From: Mary Jane Smith Poynor (70) RE: More Christmas Lights Can't remember the name of the street - was only a block or so long. But on the corner kitty corner from Kaisers Market and across the street from the Downings was a great display! Every year we looked forward to driving past because of the great village scene built on the front porch! Christmas carols blared from outside speakers and the whole house seemed to glow. I spent Christmas in Richland last year and one of my great memories I hold in my heart is driving my mom all over town to enjoy the lights. Mom is gone now but the joy that we shared that night will always be with me. I wish you all peace this holiday season... -Mary Jane Smith Poynor (70) ******************************************** >>From: Stu Osborn (71) RE: MERRY CHRISTMAS / Happy New Millennium to the BOMBERS Basking in the afterglow of another BOMBER state championship, sending out a few videos of the game and finally finding the time between shopping/wrapping/boxing/sending/ booking flights and shuttles/working/playing and whatever... (deep breath) ... to send out another .jpeg of the future class of '71 taught by the voluptuous Mrs. Stewart at Jason Lee Elementary school in 1959-60. Ah, Mrs. Stewart, my first puppy love. How well I do remember her. I thought her red hair and big smile were gorgeous. Still do. Anyone know where Mrs. Stewart is these days? She would be over 60 today. You'll notice some last names are missing. That's because my Mom interviewed me in 1960 asking my classmate's names while she faithfully recorded what I could remember into the inside of the picture's cover sheet. We did pretty well but still need a little help from the '69-'71 alums... Enjoy. [Names deleted and added to picture which is located at the URL below -Maren] Click on [1971] Looking forward to the Spudnuts this Monday morning when I fly into Richland for Christmas with my 'B' House ornaments to stuff into my parent's, brother's and sister's stockings wearing the warmest layers in my closet. We're not used to the bitter cold Richland Winter weather over here in Seattle but I'm looking forward to coming home. Where's all the Bomber hangouts this week? Heard about Blaine's gathering on the 27th but how about the week before? Anyone going to the Town Crier? Any "All- Bomber Reunion" meetings happening, Linda Belliston Boehning (63)? Anyone, how about civic Christmas activities happening this week? Where are the best Christmas morning services? Heard CUP had a wonderful program but what about Christmas Eve? Any candlelight services going on? The Spudnut Shop (fairly early around 8:00) the morning of the 20th is where I'll be with my bro for awhile. Bomber classmates, come on in. I'll buy you a warm one. I'll be the guy with the Santa hat. ;-) Merry Christmas Bombers. -Stu Osborn ('71) ******************************************** >>From: Greg Alley (73) I am using capital letters for proper computer writing. To Margaret Vandenberg (84) There was a number of Vandenbergs in Richland. Would you be the ones that lived on Farrell Lane? Thanks for the plug of our family that had 9 kids. We are not leading the league in the large category, but we might be in the top 20. -Greg Alley (73) ******************************************** >>From: Cecily Riccobuono McClanahan (77) Marjo Vinther Burt (77) mentioned the house on the corner of Lee & Basswood. We had to go by it all the time, cuz we lived right around the corner on Jefferson St. We called it the "Blink Blink" house. And it drove my Mother crazy as well. The windows, and the bushes blinking back, and forth, back, and forth. As much as it drove us crazy, I can remember the first year it WASN'T there. It was something we were so used to seeing, that when it was gone, we kinda missed it. Thanks Marjo for bringing back a good childhood memory. There has been several comments about the large families. Names that I haven't heard in such a long time. Someone mentioned the Huff's. Does anyone keep in touch with them? Would especially like to hear from Val. I remember them as being a pretty darn good looking family. Anyway, if anyone can pass on some info, I'd appreciate it. Also, my ex-husband, Craig McClanahan, class of 70, wants to know if his class will be having a 30 year reunion, or if it will be combined with the all class reunion. If anyone has that info, you can pass it in to me, as Craig doesn't have a computer. He's still stuck in the 60's somewhere. Thanks. I'd also like to say a BIG thank-you to all of you who help make the Sandstorm possible, and the Bomber web page. It's always a bright spot in my day. Merry Christmas! -Cecily Riccobuono McClanahan (77) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Cecily--At the risk of repeating myself again.. check the ALL Bomber Alumni Links site for that '70 reunion link. -Maren ******************************************** >>From: Elizabeth Mcallister McCardle (78) I forget who I am replying to... but Arnold Mcallister is my older brother.... I came into the family a little latter.... he is doing well and living in New Jersey.... has three beautiful children.... sorry it took so long for me to reply -Elizabeth Mcallister McCardle (78) ******************************************** >>From: Lori Walker Wehmhoefer (78) RE: Large Families Speaking of large families, there are ten in Betty Schneider's family and they allowed me to make it eleven in '77-'78 by taking me in my senior year when my own family moved to Western Washington. Probably the nicest thing anyone could have done. Leaving Richland my senior year would have been devastating! Thank you to Betty, Carole, Theresa and Julie for being my sisters for a year! And many thanks to Mom & Dad Schneider for taking in another teenage girl of all things!! -Lori Walker Wehmhoefer (78) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/22/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 16 Bombers sent stuff: Bud Row (47), Dean Enderle (57), Dennis Barr (58), MLou Williams (60), Ron Heaton (60), Denny Damschen (62) & Denni Damschen (93), Allen Thompson (63), Linda Belliston (63), Gary Behymer (64), Linda Reining (64), Phil Jones (69), Penny Mitchell (71), Lois Clayton (72), Valerie Polentz (72), Teresa Cook (73) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bud Row (47) I have a favor to ask. If anyone sees Dunc & Flo Sinclair anytime soon, anytime at all, would you please tell them "hi" for me. Dunc and I worked together in the mid 50's to early 60's @ 200 west area, bldg 234-5. He and Flo are two of the nicest people I have ever known. Also I want to say happy holidays to all you great Bombers. -bud row {47} ******************************************** >>From: Dean Enderle (57) RE: Note from Bob Lattin (56) I didn't notice an e-mail address for you, so hope you are keeping up with your reading of the Sandstorm. Yes you guessed right, I lived just down the street from you and I remember your brother Bill also, you had a little sister named Glenda I believe? How are all of you, hope the holidays find you all well. We lived exactly opposite the Brimhalls and as I remember Carol had a pretty good singing voice, she also had a sister called "Dee" (may have been a nickname) also a brother David and two younger sisters. I was sorry to hear about Benny, he was a bit of a character in his school days as I recall. Bruce Galbraith(sp)? had a little brother, Bobby, I think and they had twin sisters as well. You had Mr. Pappas the music teacher and Col-Hi Band leader living next door to you and I think a family by the name of Wagner opposite, the youngest boy was named Frank and he had a dog named "fella" that had different color eyes. How is that for a mind full of trivia? I used to hear from Bill Ely now and again when I was still in the Air Force cause he knew my folks and I guess they gave him my addresses, lost track quite a while ago, didn't you go in the Navy, or was it Bill, I'm sure someone told me one of you had gone that route. Are you and Bill still in the Tri-City area or have you been scattered like some of the rest of us? Got to go now, hope you see this and drop me a note when you have time, nice to hear from someone from the old neighborhood. Take Care and have a great holiday season to everyone who reads this. -Dean Enderle (57) ******************************************** >>From: Dennis Barr (58) RE: Snow-Sleds Tis the season, even if we have no snow (Yet)... I'm sure all of you have memories to share with sleding. Us old guys from the late fiftys, used to live on the edge, with our flying lessons from the top of "Flat Top" in West Richland. We (most of the 58 football team) used to drag car hoods to the top, and then loading as many as could get on... push off the top. Wow what a ride!! Things would start slow, but as we raced to the bottom you never could really tell up from down. It was a rare run when more than a couple of people made it to the bottom... the hill claimed the rest, with bodies thrown everywhere. I remember one such event, where someone found the front face off of a store freezer It was about ten feet long and two foot wide. We bent the nose up to make a real sled, and waxed (as if we needed it) the bottom. John Meyers (58) was in the front with about nine of us leg locked all the way back. I lived in West Richland and was well aware of the old motor cycle track at the bottom, but the rest were unaware of it. Being of some what sound mind? I rode down half way till the sled decided to run aground, and hit a bit of the hill. This event spun the sled and down we were racing faster and faster.. BACKWARDS!!! I recovered in time to see the sled take flight and sail about six or seven feet into the air and land all aboard onto the track with a crash. There wasn't anyone walking real good after that run, and we decided we had used up our luck for the day... Just thought I'd send that little item along just in case anyone is missing a hood? What foolish things we do in our youth for enjoyment?? Merry Christmas to all you Bombers and future Bombers... best of the New Year!! -Dennis Barr (58) ******************************************** >>From: MLou Williams (60) Speaking of Christmas lights, does anyone remember Christmas Carol Lane in Kennewick? I can find it but I don't know the street names, and it's truly worth seeing, even now. Each home has decorations to match a carol, which is heard on a loudspeaker. It's in Kennewick proper, at the very top of a hill heading south, and you turn west onto the street. I hope someone in the area can give more exact directions for those visiting in the Tri-Cities this holiday season. By the way, Stu Osborn (71), CUP has 3-4 Christmas Eve services - one early enough for little ones to attend, and three later ones, with a great bell choir and participatory candle-lighting. It's a wonderful part of our traditional Christmas Eve. We used to attend the very late service, but in the past few years we have discovered that waiting so long after dinner, someone falls asleep and we have to forgo the service. Now we go right after dinner. That also gives us time to drive around and see the lights before heading home. How we settle down as the years go by! My nephew is driving over the day after Christmas from Seattle. I used to zoom over the pass and back without a thought about it, in a green Volkswagen bug with a sunroof, one ankle burning from the heater, the other freezing, stopping every five miles to clean the piled up ice off the windshield. Once it took nine hours -- there was kind of a blizzard... Now, heading the other direction every Thanksgiving, one slide off the I-82 by Grandview and we head back to the Tri-Cities to the warm, safe ranch house! Which is where I'll be this Christmas. Dad is gone, my sister Susie in gone, but Mom and I and friends will enjoy the fireplace, the feast, Christmas songs on the new CD player Mom is getting, Shanghai Rummy, really good fruitcake, and visits to and from neighbors as we walk around the block to walk it all off! I wish for all of you, in whatever weather and situation you find yourself this year, the best Christmas of all -- the last of the century -- and an upbeat outlook on the one to come. There is always tomorrow, if we're lucky. -MLou Williams (60) ******************************************** >>From: Ron Heaton (60) Hi there - Ron Heaton (60) looking for Patti Schier (63). If anyone knows where she is please get back to me. Have a very happy, safe holidays & can't wait til r2k.. -Ron Heaton (60) ******************************************** >>From: From: Denny Damschen (62) Happy and Safe Holiday Wishes from Denny Damschen (62) and Denni Damschen (93) to you teenagers of all ages. See you in June at R2K!! later, -denny damschen (62) ******************************************** From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Allen B. Thompson (63) Date: Tue Dec 21 12:47:02 1999 Sign me up This is rather neat. Move halfway across the country and meet old friends there. I'm registered at the "classmate" site. Cool! -Allen Thompson (63) ******************************************** >>From: Linda Belliston Boehning (63) To Tami Lyons Zirians '76: You mentioned about the Rumor that Michael Peterson (77), and Brad Upton (74) were in the planning for the "All Bomber Reunion" Concert in the Bomber Bowl. It was (for a while) being planned by the Committee, but we were notified a few weeks ago by Steve Potter, a teacher at the High School that the Richland High School wanted to do the Concert, so the person to contact would be Steve -Linda Belliston Boehning (63) ******************************************** >>From Gary Behymer (64) RE: Large Families Though not the largest... and I thought they might be... how about the 8 K's? Keith, Kirk, Kyle, Kim, Klay, Kent, Kristy & Kline Welsch? Children of teacher, Calvin Welsch (;-) -Gary Behymer (64) ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining ('64) to: Elizabeth McAllister McArdle(78): Thanks for the info on Arnold - this is Linda Reining Pitchford - next time you hear from him, tell him hello. I have great memories of him, Stephen, and your folks. -Linda Reining ('64) ******************************************** >>From: Phil Jones (69) When I was living in California and Utah, I would try to come home to Richland every Christmas. A Christmas tradition throughout the 80's was our Christmas caroling and hay ride through Richland. The activity started and ended (and organized complete with song books) at the Hedges residence with hot cider and other select beverages. We (mostly the class of 68 +/-) caroled selected families and many of our former teachers like Fran Rish, Ken Olson etc. It was really fun. Unfortunately, the tradition has ended as families and other commitments made it increasingly more difficult to give up Christmas eve to carol. Now that I live here, I would really like to revive the activity next Christmas eve. Had it dawned on me earlier, I would have tried for this year. Interested parties would be welcome including many former participants like Fritz Strankman, the Hedges' etc. If any of you are out there, let me know if you have an interest for next year and Billy Hedges could tell me where they got the flat-bed truck for the hay ride. It would be a fun activity to revive. -Phil Jones 69 ******************************************** From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Penny Mitchell True (71) Date: Tue Dec 14 21:20:27 1999 once a bomber always a bomber Glad to find this site. I find myself on the wrong, wet side of the mountains and thinking about all the sun back in Richland. It is great to read about other Bombers and seeing names I remember... Thrilled to hear Bombers won state this year. It even make the front page of the Seattle Times which never prints anything positive about the Tri-Cities and Richland in particular. Would love to hear more about Bomber memories! Penny Mitchell True (71) ******************************************** >>From: Lois Clayton Colton (72) RE: families Yes, Aubrey Clayton, the teacher at Carmichael, is my father. He passed away in February of 1998. All this talk about large families makes me chuckle as it reminded me that my mother said that most families have a "family tree," but we had a "family stump." At one time counting all my greats, grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, siblings, and first cousins we had a total of thirteen relatives. :-) -Lois Clayton Colton '72 ******************************************** >>From: Valerie Polentz Topham (72) RE: '72 Annual To: Gary Behymer (64) Gary - put me on the list to contribute a '72 Columbian. -Valerie Polentz Topham If the postage is not over $5.00 I will mail to the first pleader. ******************************************** >>From: Teresa Cook 22Morgan (73) RE: large families and shy graduates My husband comes from a large family. There were thirteen children, though they lost the oldest many years ago. There were five boys right in a row, then four sets of twins. Seems the more children a woman has had the higher the odds she'll have twins. There were only two girls in the bunch - each half a set of twins. All are married with children of their own. Unfortunately, both sets of male twins look so much alike as to be mistaken for identical twins. I spent the better part of twenty minutes during my first family reunion speaking with one twin that I thought I'd met before only to find I was speaking with the other twin. At her wedding to one of the twins one bride was asked: "How can you tell Ron and Don apart?" She answered: "Ron is wearing the tux." Did I mention I don't care for family reunions? Yes, I'm another of the "shy" 73 graduates. I was shy back in 1973, anyway. I didn't leave the Tri-Cities for any length of time until 1984. My husband and I lived in two southern states, which was fine with me. I'm a born southerner. Though the culture and history are fascinating, I still felt a bit like an outsider, all agog at everything that was different than I expected. I thought I'd be equally comfortable in both sections of the country. I guess I've spent too much time on the west coast to want to be elsewhere. We returned to the Tri Cities in 1994. Not a bad place to raise a family. :) I'm the proud owner of two cocker puppies that are almost eight months old. I'd raised cockers before, but never two at a time. I guess you'd think I would have realized before now that twins of any kind can be more than a handful. I declare these two communicate without sound and conspire against me. Since I left Westinghouse to finish raising the children, I've been able to indulge my passion for books, words and writing. I sold my first and second books last summer. The first in the series is romantic suspense. The second is a romance that turns on a couple of strong characters and a few old ghost from the first. I have another I'm trying not to think about out with editors. This one I set in Richland around the nuclear industry. Since I'm a bit of a history buff, I decided to add a bit of a twist to the mystery. I wove in a family secret that began during the London Blitz during WWII. I had no idea until I began marketing this book that the nuclear industry is held in such wide dislike. I have a ghost book that needs a final edit before it sees an editor's face. I have a couple of books reasonably well planned (three or four chapters, characters with goals and conflict and a synopsis that has a more than a few plot holes). Has anyone else noticed that the older we get, the faster time goes. Somehow, I never thought my kids would look at me like I'm old and out of touch with reality. -Teresa Cook Morgan (73) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/23/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 18 Bombers and 1 funeral notice today. Norma Culverhouse (49), Marguerite Groff (54), Mary Winston (55), Bob Tanner and Ruth White (56), Kathy Miller (58), Frank Osgard ('63WB), June Smith (63), Janine Rightmire (65), Lee Bush (68), Patty Eckert (68), Kerry Steichen (74), Mary Foley (77), Kline Welsch (78), Beth Young (81), Kathy Valdez (84), Mike Kasey (86), Mary Jane Deranleau (88) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Norma Culverhouse King (49) Re: Large families. The Zorich family doesn't have the largest family but I wonder if they are the only family in Richland with nine boys. -Norma Culverhouse King (49) ******************************************** >>From: Marguerite Groff Tompkins (54) Holiday Greetings to all the ages of Bombers that read this wonderful publication. Many thanks and special blessings to all our wonderful angels that put this together day after day after day.... Wanted to let the Class of '54 know that we've lost another classmate. Sharon Sadler Goin passed away on Sunday, December 19. I had lost contact with Sharon, but got an opportunity to visit with her a few weeks ago. Just shows we should never put off contacting people we care about. I almost missed this chance and am sorry it took so long. Watch the "Sandstorm" for her obituary sometime in the next few days. [funeral notice link at the end of today's Sandstorm. -Maren] Christmas greetings and prayers for a wonderful, happy, and healthy New Year. -Marguerite Groff Tompkins (54) ******************************************** >>From: Mary Winston Wymer (55) RE: Lost annual My 1955 "Columbian" was lost when the military moved our household goods from North Carolina to Cleveland and I would love to replace it. Wonder what's happened to all my fellow students who wrote "they would never forget me" in the annual. A Merry Christmas to all the Bombers scattered throughout the world. This site does bring us all together. Accolades to Gary and Maren! -Mary Winston Wymer (55) ******************************************** >>From: Bob Tanner (56) and Ruth White Tanner (56) RE: Merry Christmas and Happy New Century! Hi all you Bombers! (Most of all the class of 1956!) Just a short note to all the Bombers for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I so enjoy reading the Alumni Sandstorm every morning while checking my E-mail! This site is wonderful! Just wanted to send our best wishes to everyone! Thanks to the editors! -Bob Tanner (56) and Ruth White Tanner (56) ******************************************** >>From: Kathleen Miller Cotton (58) Small memories restored. Thanks, Dennis Barr (58) for the refresher on hood sledding on Flat Top. I also lived in West Richland and my brother was a nut for old cars. I don't know if it was one of his spare parts or whose, but I also had a few hair raising rides down the mountain. Flat Top carries sweet memories as one of the weekend events was usually to climb it. Back in those days, it had a huge cross on top of it and climbing the cross was the pinnacle of the trek. As I have read the assorted memories shared on these pages, I confess I can not relate to most of them due to having living my entire Jr. High and High School years in either N. Richland or West Richland so it is great when the other side of Richland gets mentioned. I also remember Christmas Carol Lane with the music speakers. Darn if I could tell you where it is though. Cheers of the holiday season. -Kathleen Miller Cotton (58) ******************************************** >>From: Frank Osgard ('63WB) I kinda don't get it. But then again had I a few more English credits, and fewer Industrial Craft credits, not to mention the library fines, I’d have a diploma and would probably understand. What I don't get is, “If you buy or acquire a used annual, do you automatically assume the persona of the original owner”. This persona would be identified by the drivel which covers the inside in bubble letters and hormonally turbo charged sophomoric cursive. I don't have all of my annuals. Frau Frank the First, used them as evidence when trying to peg me as Frank the Philanderer, some years back. Her claim that I had shown a predisposition to wander, was supported by “Hope we can spend some time together this summer”, “Boy, didn't we have fun in Mr. Wheeler’s Contemporary World History Class”, numerous “S.W.A.K.’s”, and the killer “Good luck to you and ---------, you are a cute couple“. She failed to include “Best of luck whoever you are”, that was signed by Eileen, or Ellen or Elaine somebody that starts with a W., (cant read it, cause my eyesight ain't so hot, probably should have listened to Mr. Chitty’s warnings) in my Sophomore Columbian. That along with “Sorry about Homecoming, but I really had to wash my hair”, could have saved me some bucks. The judge ultimately bought her story, and I ended up buying her among other things, a Lifetime Membership at Lady Fitness, a Sony Beta recorder and a red ’74 Firebird with an 8-track and Mary Kay decal in the window. Then of course there are those postings, which you hope your parents or children never see. These are concerned with damage to automobiles, parents being away, expropriated cigarettes and wine, body functions, skin conditions, the Camlin hotel and are a veritable cornucopia of sexual misinformation. If today's schools really want to help kids, they would teach them that “Annuals is forever”. Sure as over 10,000 of you saw Darrel Renz that Saturday night in 1960, someone, hopefully a stranger will read what you wrote at a yard sale. I wish someone would have given me that guidance. It would have had a lot more value than, “Don't drink out of the irrigation water spigot”. I shudder to think what I probably wrote over my much practiced and very distinctive “autograph” signature (a bit of John Hancock, with Moon Eyes and flames). Those musings are probably why I don't get Christmas cards from Pook and Bob Irwin. As it says on my tee-shirt from the Gold Medal Class of 63 reunion, “Semper Bomberus” 2 cute + 2 be = 4 gotten -Frank (63) ******************************************** >>From: June Smith Colletti (63) To Dennis Barr (58): I forgot about the car hoods (remember now). But, didn't know about the freezer/refrig doors. Makes sense even after @#%&^* years!!!!!!!!!!!!! -June Smith Colletti (63) ******************************************** >>From: Janine Rightmire Corrado (65) To All Bomber Family: May you all have PEACE, LOVE, AND JOY for this holiday season and the New Year and New Century to come. -Janine Rightmire Corrado (65) ******************************************** >>From: Lee Bush (68) RE: Christmas Wishes to All Bombers! Just wanted to take a minute to wish all the Bomber faithful a Merry Christmas! Especially to Maren and Gary for all their work on this site and other sites. Plus anyone else who keeps the Bomber spirit alive! Maren, I hope you take a break from the Alumni Sandstorm to enjoy Christmas Day! Bomber Cheers, -Lee Bush (68) ******************************************** >>From: Patty Eckert Weyers (68) That's right MLouWilliams (60) RE: CHRISTMAS CAROL LANE IN KENNEWICK ...on going up Garfield Avenue past 10th Ave. and up the hill to the top and turning off Garfield on your right (street name also escapes my memory) to view and enjoy Christmas Carol Lane! Its worth the drive but can get mighty congested as I recall from years past since everyone rolls the windows down and sits to listen and watch at almost every house. Have some spare time to really enjoy it. Didn't know they still did it? Thanks for that memory. As with the passing away over the years of friends and family we find a void with their absence especially with the celebrating of the Holiday's. Thank goodness we have them in our memories. Christmas Cheer Bomber Land! -Patty Eckert Weyers 68 ******************************************** >>From: Kerry A. Steichen (74) To: Jerry Sions (74) Here is some change from your 2 cents! I too just returned from TC. Brought back my niece who flew in from the Marines. Brought the family over for the pre-Xmas family functions (9) family and 24+ grand kids. (I just have 4) My oldest was home from college (TX) and wanted to see family but spend the holiday at their hometown (Kent, WA). I had to pick up my new Bomber Sweatshirt from the Vice Principal (my sister, Vicki). She also gave me some great articles about the Football State Victory. I need the new hardware to strut around some of the school functions and share the glory since they beat one of the local schools. Saw big Jim Ellingsworth and his future wife (Feb. 12), Read about Randy Slaybough and his future hardware store in West Richland. I talked to Steve Arends from time to time. Between M. Davis and B. Upton they seem to stir up future topics all the time. So stay tune and sit back cause Class of 74 shows up close to the bottom of the e-mail. Happy Holidays to the rest of 74 > Your good is better - Your better is best! Kerry A. Steichen (74) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Entries are in class year order -- hoping they're easy to find that way. -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Mary Foley Bazzano (77) Re: Large families I seem to remember that the Griener family had 13 of their own, and foster kids besides. One year the total was 17 kids, I think. We moved to Richland from Portland, Oregon. Being one of 6 kids, I was so relieved that 6 was about average in Richland, rather than on odd-ball situation like in Portland. I still remember playing tennis at Howard Amon one day, and I was talking about drinking powdered milk. Someone asked "oh, are you Catholic or Mormon? I think the Voilands moved to California, by the by. Re: Favorite Toys Barbie was always a favorite for me. But I remember that Maureen Sullivan (76) had a "Tressy" doll, who's hair could "grow", then be "cut" by winding it back inside her with a key like thing on her back. That was the coolest barbie like doll I remember. Trolls were great though, because even doll-hating Janie Crowley would play with those!! -Mary Foley Bazzano (77) ******************************************** >>From: Kline Welsch (78) Our family wasn't the largest, but the street we lived on had quite a few kids. Some of the families in the 1300 block of Marshall were: Griners 12-13 (some adopted), Strassers 6, Perkins 5, Brickers 8, and of course our 8. I didn't include any of the "small" families that had less than 5 kids, like the Riders, Davises, Criglers, Raineys. I think every house on the block had at least 3 kids. I remember at one point there were more than 50 kids on our block alone. You should have seen the hide-and-go-seek games we'd play. We had to expand the playing area to include Mahan. There were kids hiding everywhere. The neighborhood football games in front of Raineys and Riders were fun, too. We'd have to stop the game for the occasional passing of the "mosquito man", though. Except in the winter, of course. In the winter, we'd stop for Mr. Overstreet passing by - at 5 mph. He was always great for a ride - hooky bobbing - to the end of the block. It was hilarious to see 5-6-7 kids on the back bumper of his car. Thanks for the great memories! Have a great Christmas. -Kline Welsch (78) ******************************************** >>From: Beth Young Gibson (81) To: MLou Williams (60) We always referred to it as Candy Cane Lane, but I know exactly what you are talking about. Its funny, we didn't know about some of the others in Richland that have been mentioned, like on Elm Street. But we did know about Kennewick's Candy Cane Lane. It is off of Garfield, at the top of the hill, between blocks about 22nd-27th Sts. The houses are on the west side of Garfield. Three or four years ago when we went over there, some high school kids were handing out roasted chestnuts (not really roasted over an open fire), but very good, actually. You mention the late night Masses - a neat thing that Parish of the Holy Spirit in Kennewick is doing now, instead of the traditional midnight Mass, they hold it at 10:30 p.m. The goal is to finish up by midnight. It is kinda nice, not getting home so late, but still having that same feel of the midnight Mass. You still get that same cozy warm feeling with other bundled up people. Always love the candle glow, mixed against all the poinsettias they have over there. Merry Christmas everybody! To Teresa Cook Morgan (73) What are the names of your books and where can we get them? Are they published under your own name? Why not let your fellow Bombers help you collect royalties? I too am interested in both history and writing. I have finished one non-fiction history book, due to be published Spring 2001, one possibly, two more to start next year. Do you know Mickee Madden? She is another local author who has published three historical romances (don't know if she's a Bomber though). Perhaps you can and I can commiserate off-line sometime! Beth Young Gibson (81) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Put up a home page! We'll add a link to your home page from the Bomber website. -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Kathy Valdez (84) To MLou Williams (60): Christmas Carole Lane is located at the top of Garfield hill in Kennewick if I remember correctly. When I saw you mention that, it brought back alot of memories of going up there and just parking the car and walking from house to house with our cups of hot cocoa or coffee in hand, and enjoying the music. I'm not sure if they still do as outstanding a job as they used to, but I do know that some still decorate up there. To Tami Lyons Zirians (76): It was my understanding that Yes, Brad Upton (74) was a definite for the R2K and that Michael Peterson (77) was a tentative at this point. I do know that when the Alumni people were doing the gathering of talented RHS alumni, they were going to do non professionals and professionals both, but when RHS took over, they decided that they just wanted the ones that were well known across the states and so forth. It was a bit of a disappointment for us that are talented, but haven't been discovered yet *hehehe*. But you would probably get a definite answer from Mr. Potter at the school. Re: Large Families I sit here and I read about all these large families and it brings to mind two families that have yet to be mentioned. Let's not forget about the Nicacio's and the Langlios'. They also had big families. I believe that all the Nicacio children are now in the medical field in one way or another. My sister (Jackie Valdez Dennis '86) keeps in contact with Paul, one of the younger boys. As for the Langlios', I run into one of them from time to time, so they are still around. I believe that Jeff ('84) is working on becoming a part of or is already in the law enforcement field, and the others I'm not sure about. They were wonderful, Catholic families, that I'm very proud to say that I knew. What great people they were. So nice and welcoming and warm. If any of you are out there, I'd like to say hi and Happy Holidays to your families. As for Garfield Hill, that brings back memories of sledding down it in the middle of the night. WOW..... we were sure crazy back then. Reading about all this stuff from back when I was in school, brings back some wonderful memories and makes me think of people that I haven't thought about in years. Sledding down Carmichael Hill, snowball fights, making snow angels in the new powder snow, and the quest to make the perfect snowman or woman, and in some cases, a whole family if there was enough snow. By the way, does anyone know if the High School Seniors are doing the Big "R" up on Badger Mt. still? Last I looked, it was looking a bit faded. That was one of the great senior traditions that I'd hate to see die off. If any of you Class of '84ers are out there, let us know you are still alive. To all you RHS, or CHS as it used to be, Alumni, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! May the New Millennium bring you all the joy and happiness that you deserve. 'Cause by rights, we do deserve all the happiness just for being devoted Bombers!! *hehe* -Kathy Valdez ('84) ******************************************** From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Mike Kasey (86) Date: Wed Dec 22 22:26:49 1999 class of 86 Hey to all! Life is even better than I had thought it would be! If anyone wants to get in touch please don't hesitate to e mail me. -Mike Kasey (86) ******************************************** From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Mary Jane Deranleau Kasey (88) Date: Wed Dec 22 22:32:36 1999 new e mail address Still looking for old friends. This is my correct e mail address.. and oh yeah CLASS OF 88 ROCKS -Mary Jane Deranleau Kasey (88) ******************************************** Funeral Notice scanned from TCHerald by Shirley Collings Haskins, '66 >>Sharon Ann Sadler Goin, Class of 1954 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Thank you, Shirley, for scanning this funeral notice. Sharon was our next door neighbor and used to babysit us. -Maren] *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/24/99 ~ CHRISTMAS EVE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 18 Bombers sent stuff: Bud Row (47), Dick Roberts (49 & Carol Tyner (52), Ken Heminger (56), Jim Russell (58), Mary Collins (63), John Bradley (65), Gary Bush (66), Gay Wear (69), Patty Perkins (69), Karen Strickland (70), Rick Polk (70), Sheila Davis (71), Brad Upton (74), Jerry Sions (74), Kim Lampton (74), Mike Davis (74), Terry Hutson (74) ******************************************** ******************************************** THE HILL Long past midnight hours before dawn I jumped up from my bed and pulled my longjohns on. Peeking out the window, the snow has stared to fall. Slipping on my overalls, I raced quickly down the hall. Rushing to the closet, grasping my old warp, I throw it over my shoulder, give the button a snap. Working all ten fingers, through the holes of much worn mitts, I stick my feet into the boots that thankfully still fit. Faster than is possible, I head straight for the door. Behind me I am dragging a sled for years before. The wind is loud and howling, snow is blowing all around. Already what has fallen has covered the ground. Tramping through the deepness, only my footprint to see, I head straight for the meadow; the hill is waiting for me. A few more steps, I reach my goal, as always in the past I'll be the first to sled this hill, and I'll be the very last. Breathing in the cool night air, I witness the year's first snow. Perhaps this is my favorite spot, in all sights I know. Holding tight in a world of silence, I shove off with my feet. Wind is picking up my hair, snow hits against my teeth. Traveling faster and faster, I struggle not to tip. Stretching out my snow-damp legs, I lean from hip to hip. What a big delight, this morn has given thee. As all years before have done, when it's just this hill and me. Now if I do my best to hurry, I can take another run. The sun will soon be rising, the day will have begun. But before that can happen, I must be back in bed. For whatever would the children think. ..if they knew Grandma used their sled! Betty J. Reid from "Chicken Soup for the Unsinkable Soul" Copyright 1999 by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen ******************************************** >>From: Bud Row (49) to Kline Welsch {78} The 1300 block of Marshall. A short story that a few old timers might know about. 1313 Marshall, circa, [1943-50] was the home of the Ferney family. mom & dad, Leland & Hazel, +, 4 girls, Beverly, Marilys aka Mickey, Joyce, & last but not least Marianna. not a big family compared to a lot of others, but 4 girls?? -bud row {47} ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Bud - I have 4 little sisters - total of FIVE girls - in a row even! Our two brothers are oldest and youngest in the birth order. -Maren) ******************************************** >>From: Ken Heminger (56) RE: Flat Top Liked the idea of sledding down Flat Top on a car hood. Don't think we ever tried that when I was a young'n. Did spend a lot of time on flattened out cardboard boxes. When that wasn't available we just slid down on our bellies. That was a winter sport. For a summer sport, how many of you took the time and effort to roll a tire to the top and then watch it bounce its way to the bottom. Now that was something to watch. -Ken Heminger (56) ******************************************** >>From: Dick Roberts (49) and Carol Tyner Roberts (52) RE: BOMBERS #1 The story of the century is the atomic bomb. The Richland High School mascot is still the "bomb''. We are still the "Bombers". Go Bombers! Hey you Bomber guys and gals, have a glorious holiday season and the best prosperous and healthy millennium of them all. -Dick Roberts (49) and Carol Tyner Roberts (52) ******************************************** >>From: Jim Russell (58) Frank Osgard's (63) musings about all the trivial and incriminating evidence written in high school annuals hit the mark, and are the reason I had the foresight to purchase TWO annuals my Senior year. Now I have one that I can leaf through for amusement and memories, and another I can show my grandchildren. When I get even much older, I'll probably feel the need to show them the first annual just to prove that Grandpa had a life, too.) I still have my annuals that I can refer to that include Carmichael years 1953-54-55 and Columbia High 1955-56-57-58-59-60. I was editor of the 1958 "Columbian," the name of our annual in the Columbia High School days. What do they call the annual today, now that it is Richland High School? -Jim Russell (58) ******************************************** >>From: Mary Collins Burbage (63) Merry Christmas to all Bombers. It has been great this year reading everyone's memories of growing up in Richland. We should all be thankful for the unique experience of living in Richland. This last year has given me many blessings for which I am grateful. The two biggest are my granddoughter, Samantha, who was born on June 4th and my retirement on November 30th after 30 years of working for the State of Washington, the last twenty of which were spent with Labor and Industries. So far unemployment is great! -Mary Collins Burbage (63) ******************************************** >>From: John Bradley (65) To all the past, present, and future Bomber Grads, Merry Christmas and have a great New Year. -john bradley (65) PS: Take time out to think about those who serve in the Armed Forces stationed far from home, they could use a bit of cheer this season. thanks, jfb ******************************************** >>From: Gary Bush (66) RE: Christmas Greetings I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah. May we all seek to serve God by serving those around us. I believe what has made our community special is the caring for one another, and, God's blessings. Let's move into the next century, committed to loving others as God has loved us. -Gary Bush, '66 ******************************************** >>From: Gay Wear Miller (69) RE: Christmas Carol Lane To Patti Eckert Weyers (68): I lived in Kennewick since graduating from col high in 1969. It was a yearly outing to go to Carol Lane... it is located up Garfield Hill, which is in south Kennewick. It used to be the place to go. Now with the passage of time people seem do not care as much about the Christmas scenery. It is sad to see that. But.... there is a house you have to see in Kennewick... go south on Vancouver street till you hit 12th.. I believe and turn to the left... a former welder/pipfitter has a Christmas scene that is awesome... especially for the kids. Want to wish my brother a Happy Christmas and New Year in Texas. We will be thinking of you that day ..... Love, your sister... -Gay Wear Miller (69) ******************************************** >>From: Patty Perkins Courson (69) RE: Large Families To Kline Welsch (78): Thanks for the trip down memory lane, or at least Marshall street. There were a lot of kids on our block. By the way the Perkins family had 6 kids, not 5. I remember the Welsch family dominating the Tri-City Herald as carriers for many years. Just kept passing the job from brother to brother. Don't remember if Kristy ever got the job or not. In those days it wasn't exceptable work for a girl. Times have changed. In neighborhoods now you're lucky to know maybe your next door neighbor. Well anyway Merry Christmas, please pass it on to the rest of the klan.... Keith, Kirk, Kyle, Kim, Kristy, Klay, Kent... is that it. Happy Holidays -Patty Perkins Courson, Class of 69 ******************************************** >>From: Karen Strickland Diener (70) I have enjoyed reading these entries for some time now, but have never sent anything in. Just wanted to say hello and Happy Holidays to all the Bombers out there, in particular the class of 1970!! Also, I sure am proud of the Bomber football team this year!!!! SO PROUD TO BE A BOMBER!! -Karen Strickland Diener (70) ******************************************** >>From: Rick Polk (70) I want to wish all my fellow Bomber Alumni a Merry Christmas and a Happy Year 2000. It's hard to believe it's been 30 years since my graduation from RHS. So many GREAT memories. I hope 2000 brings us all MORE great memories. HAPPY HOLIDAYS GOD BLESS US... EVERYONE -Rick Polk (70) ******************************************** >>From: Sheila Davis Galloway (71) To Linda McKnight (65) I seem to remember that the live nativity was on Trippe, in fact it was owned by the Zelleys (Loretta). If I am mistaken I'm sure that my little brother will let you know.... -Sheila Davis Galloway (71) ******************************************** >>From: Brad Upton (74) It seems I need to clear some things up. About 10 months ago, I thought it would be a very cool idea if Michael Peterson (77) and myself did a benefit concert right in the Bomber Bowl. The benefitee of course would be RHS. I contacted Michael and he quickly and graciously agreed that he was in and it would be a blast. After he and I had spent so many, many, many afternoons in the Bomber Bowl this would be the best one yet! After reading about the possibility of an all Bomber reunion in 2000 I thought it would be perfect to do it on whatever weekend that may be. I simultaneously approached Steve Potter, RHS Athletic Director, and Kathy Hoff Conrad (64), of the 2000 reunion committee with my "vision" of a big concert. I made it very clear that in order for this to be a big success that it couldn't appear to the general public that it was going to be a "Bomber only" event. I want people to attend from Othello, Moses Lake, Walla Walla, Pendleton, the Yakima valley, Kennewick and yes... even Pasco. Are these people coming to see Brad Upton? No. Are they coming to see Michael Peterson? Most definitely. I also talked to a friend of mine here in Seattle that is one of the biggest concert promoters in the country. He told me that if Michael and myself are doing it for free, he would too. How nice! I stepped back and decided to let others handle the details... I also asked that no matter what, I didn't want anyone's toes stepped on and nobody's feelings hurt. Doing a benefit as a comedian isn't that much of a sacrifice.... I drive over from Seattle and perform alone. Michael is not only performing free that evening, he's also paying his band's salary and travel expenses that evening out of his own pocket!! The concert will require promotion, sponsors, ticket outlets, lights, sound, stage, security, parking, etc, etc. I'm sure these need to be in place before a commitment can be made from Michael's management. His management needs to build some northwest concert dates around our event in order for it to be financially and logistically viable for Michael. I AM NOT SPEAKING ON BEHALF OF MICHAEL BUT FROM 15+ YEARS IN THE BUSINESS, I'M MAKING AN EDUCATED GUESS. I am not really "in" on what is going on. I do know from the Sandstorm that everyone wants to attend the 2000 reunion but very few people are attending the meetings. At one time I checked the Reunion website and saw a whole list of people that would be performing..... I thought, hmmmm? What's going on? Since I've known Steve Potter since I was 9 years old I asked him what was going on. It now seems that Steve has told the reunion committee that they will handle the concert. That's great! I think Steve just wants to make sure that this thing gets nailed down ASAP. I'm sorry, sorry, sorry if people were told they were going to be part of a big concert. That was never the plan. First of all, in order to accommodate all the talented Bombers, that would take months. Secondly, in order for this to be a big concert event for the entire Columbia Basin, the show can't run forever. From the beginning I asked that everyone get along and nobody's feelings get hurt. Let's make this thing happen. It will be a great event on a great weekend!! Merry Christmas. -Brad Upton '74 ******************************************** >>From: Jerry Sions (74) To Kerry Steichen - 1974 Good to hear from you Kerry, we enjoy your yearly holiday update. Sounds like God has been good to you. Merry Christmas to you and to all the class of 74. Jerry Sions P.S. SOME ONE PUT ME IN TOUCH WITH MY LOST BUDDY, PAT BOOTH. -Jerry Sions (74) ******************************************** >>From: Kim Lampton Kinder (74) To: Beth Young Gibson (81) Mickee Madden is most definitely NOT a Bomber. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure what planet she originates from. I have read, and have, all her books though. There actually was a 4th book, Infantel, which came several years earlier that I have also. Last time I spoke with her, she still had her "East Coast-Boston type" accent, which I don't think she will ever loose, and she wouldn't be the same if she did. Oh by the way, I love her, she is a very dear friend of mine and my husband. -Kim Lampton Kinder (74) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) Good to hear from Jerry Sions (74) and to learn that he is alive and well and still taking names. Jerry, Brian Hogan, Barry Deobald, and I (all 74) carpooled together to CBC in an attempt to expand our overall brilliance and knowledge. It didn't take! Many mornings, after an adventurous ride to school in Barry's VW, we'd end up contemplating whether or not that day's class really needed our attendance. More often than not we'd end up having breakfast (CBC served great breakfasts!) and go back home for a mid-morning nap with a committed determination that we would definitely attend class in the morning. That didn't take either! Good to hear from you, Jerry, and Merry Christmas! -M.Davis (74) PS - Jerry, my mother reads this Sandstorm so anything you say I'll deny and tell her you had a real problem with lying when we were younger!!! Tee hee! ******************************************** >>From: Terry Hutson (74) Merry Christmas fellow Bombers. Have a safe and wonderful New Year. -Terry Hutson Semmern (74) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/25/99 ~ MERRY CHRISTMAS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers sent stuff: Jerry Jernigan (49), Vera Smith (58), Chuck Crawley (67), Linda Pohlod (67), Betti Avant (69), Nola Alderman (69), Rosie Valenzuela (69), Greg Alley (73), Brad Upton (74), Jerry Sions (74), David Flaherty (76), Lanette Powell (79) Unsigned ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jerry Jernigan (49) To Dick Harris (49) It's time I sent this message because I told Santa about a half hour ago that I would be very sure to let you know that he just left Tok after arriving from North Pole, Alaska and is heading for your home and all homes south of here. He assured me that his time of arrival, your place will be well before dawn. I'm to remind you to be sure and see that all of his helpers are on the job and working hard to assemble the gifts that require finishing touches. I assured him that you can and will handle the job properly. MERRY CHRISTMAS and may Your NEW YEAR be the best yet. -Jerry Jernigan (49) ******************************************** >>From: Vera Smith Robbins (58) Well, it's Christmas Eve and I have to work a half day. Then I will run over to the Spudnut Shop and pick up my donuts and maple bars for Christmas morning. This was a ritual in our house when I was growing up. This will be my very first Christmas alone. The day after Christmas I will be the big six oh so I guess that's not bad for being the first time alone in that many years. I'd like to wish everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a wonderful New Year. Be happy and stay healthy. -Vera Smith Robbins (58) ******************************************** >>From: Chuck Crawley (67) A wish to all Bombers, past present and future, and their families, may you have a very warm and joyful Christmas, wherever you are. We also wish you all peace, good health and prosperity in the new millennium. God bless all people of good will. Go Bombers! (and CtK) Way to go '99 football team!!! -Chuck and Chris Crawley ('67 and WWHS '68) ******************************************** >>From: Linda Pohlod Rushing (67) Hello all. I have a son in the Coast Guard who is stationed in Port Angles and I was so looking forward to seeing him this Christmas Eve. But now because of the Bomb scare and the meeting of the WTI my son has to guard the coast during this holiday season! So he and his fellow shipmates will be spending their Christmas serving this state and country against terrorists. I hope all of you appreciate what our young men and women are still doing for their country. I was in the Navy during Viet Nam and stationed at Camp Pendelton Navy hospital. It was a sad time. I am putting my sons gifts in another area of the front room so we will wait. I am sure he will not be home until after the new year. I wish all of the Bombers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. -Linda Pohlod Rushing (67) ******************************************** >>From: Betti Avant (69) That poll was interesting considering everyone, especially in this day and age,are so set against the nuclear industry. It makes one wonder, doesn't it? It did get us out of a rather nasty war, however! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone. -Betti Avant, class of 1969. ******************************************** >>From: Nola Alderman Lobdell (69) To Tom Albert (69): I hear you have some pamphlets from the 30 year reunion please contact me via e-mail and let me know how much and how to get one I'm very interested even though I was unable to attend was in Portland that week-end. Thanks, -Nola Alderman Lobdell (69) ******************************************** >>From: Rosie Valenzuela Preston (69) To Phil Jones (69): Thank you for reminding me how much fun it was to go on these hay rides. My friends in Benton City and I always got together to go on these rides and sing our hearts out. That way they really couldn't hear our voices to see who wasn't on tone, ha ha. Thanks again and have a very merry Christmas. Your classmate, Rosie Valenzuela Preston (69) ******************************************** >>From: Greg Alley (73) To Brad Upton (74): Thank you Bradley for the informative message about next summer. A lot of people who know about R2K have been getting on the rumor mill bandwagon about who is coming and what is going on. In some cases its almost a Led Zeppelin reunion. I hope to get involved with Kathy in the organization of the activities. Need any help in the concert part of a show? I am an expert at going to shows and I think someday I could graduate to backstage. Thanks for including Pasco. Blaine 2 is Monday. -Greg Alley (73) ******************************************** >>From: Brad Upton (74) 'Twas the night before Christmas And above this fine town, St. Nick was approaching He was wearing a frown! As he neared The Land of the Bomber, He couldn't help feeling Just a wee bit somber, Families that numbered Nine, ten a dozen! (He'd just left Idaho, where they marry their cousin)! In most towns a quick stop, Then up and away. In Richland he makes 5 trips Back to his sleigh! So many kids, Oh what a racket! Why didn't the dads wear a rubber jacket? Another reason Santa felt so lame Every damn house looked the same! Don't they know in the middle of the night, St. Nick can't tell if it's Winslow or Wright! After all these years Santa would admit, His very favorite town This one was it! He loved watching kids make a huge spill, Whether it was Flattop Or Carmichael hill! These A-City kids never did bitch, They learned to ski in an irrigation ditch! Richland, O Richland so special every year, These little kids leave him spudnuts and beer! As his sleigh headed up it must have been fate, St. Nick was yelling Let's go Bombers! On to State! Merry Christmas everybody! -Brad Upton (74) ******************************************** >>From: Jerry Sions (74) RE: DEAR MRS. DAVIS Dear Mike's Mom, There has been something bothering me all these years and it's time I got it off my chest. Like Mike said, I did ride to CBC with Mike and the boys and I was occasionally coerced into eating breakfast with them however, it was always before school and never impacted my efforts at higher education. Mrs. Davis, I cant tell you how many times Mike tried to get me to skip school and expand my mind in other ways but, I was the strong one. I would ALWAYS say NO. As a matter of fact, I'm the one that invented that phrase that became the buzz phrase of the 80's "JUST SAY NO". Yea, that's it, I made that up. Do you think it would be appropriate for me to file some sort of "class (of 74) action suite" for the pain and suffering? It should be noted that my later admission to Harvard was adversely impacted by that whole scenario. Yea that's it, Harvard, I had problems getting into Harvard cause of Mike. Any way, great to hear from you Mike. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your Mom. Any Bombers living in Florida??????? WE'RE ALL HERE BECAUSE WE AIN'T ALL THERE. -JERRY SIONS 1974 ******************************************** >>From: David Flaherty (76) To Brad Upton (74): I think your concert idea is great. However, I seem to remember that there was a famous Bomber who was a mime. I don't know how we could have a Bomber reunion without at least an hour or so of fine mime presentation. Or how 'bout a reunion Karaoke contest at the "bowl"... hey the good thing about either one of these is that at least every one could have a picture of what "hell" will be like. It would probably cause mass growth in the local churches. Ah.... just joking "Up" an "Pete" in 2000 -David Flaherty (76) ******************************************** >>From: Lanette Powell Empey (7-7-7-7-79) RE: Catching up on my Sandstorm reading December 17, 1999 My computer date and time will not stay accurate, no matter how many times I set it..... sorry. Mark Jantz: What I remember about the name change from Columbia High to Richland High was this, my memory only, no facts. Even though it was named Columbia High School, everyone referred to it as Richland High. That was all well and good... until Hanford High was built. The people 'over there' were not all too happy about calling us "Richland" High because they were also from Richland. Then they started sharing the football stadium and not only put an 'H' for hanford, but wanted to make us change the 'R' to a 'C' for Columbia High School. Well, you ALL know how that went over! I think the football stadium was referred to as 'Richland Stadium' then. Anyway, There was a big hullabaloo between Hanford and Richland. Is that right that when the new seats at the stadium were built the name was changed to Fran Rish Stadium? Does anyone know that for sure about the stadium name change? I think that from the first or second year of Hanford having a graduating class, there was controversy about calling it Richland High. The Tri-City Herald, as I recall, was even in on the thing. They started referring to us as Columbia High School in the paper and that was really ripping us! So from then on, I think each class tried to get the name changed permanently and finally they pulled it off and changed the name... Richland Bombers never would have stood for being called 'Columbia Bombers' for very long! Anita Fravola Griffin - '73 This is the fight song we sang in '79 Fight, Fight, Fight for old Richland High - (We weren't even Columbia High in the fight song!) Win that Victory! Let it be told we'll fight for old green and gold, Best in the West, you know we'll all do our best so Fight, fight, fight right on to the end. Honor and glory we will win, (Mostly the previous two lines were loudly overpowered by R - I - C - H - L - A - N - D!) So, fight, fight, fight for old Richland High and Victory! I don't think too many people in the late seventies even knew the words that had been sung in years past while the spelling of Richland was yelled loudly. I learned the words from my older sisters when I was little and still sang them during the fight song. I taught them to lots of people who had no idea there were any words there. Did I get the words right? Anyone else remember? I'm sure they had always been done simultaneously. Favorite kid toys: My husband bought me a little kiddle when they came out again. My girls love tiny any toy and I remember that baby kiddle, as a child I cried when I could no longer find them, and the grape perfume kiddle, I can still smell them new...... Ken Heminger - '56 submarine races? We never watched them... we took flashlights down to the river and shone the flashlights on the cars of those 'watching' the races! A little risky business, I know. We were too nieve to even consider that more than kissing might be going on!.... oh, oh, spilled the beans! Sandy Shively - Sorry, I can't remember your married name. Were we in track together at Chief Jo? I did hurdles all three years. Maybe we were in P.E. together. I can still see you with your waist length dark brown hair in those cute P.E. uniforms, royal blue shorts and a white T-shirt with royal blue stripes and ribbing around the neck and sleeves..... We wore them for track practice, too. Didn't you graduate with Betty Schneider? Were you there the day she decided to 'get' me and she pulled my royal blue PE shorts down to my knees? She had no idea they would go down that far but I was fast and returned them to my waist before anyone around except a small few even saw. Bob Olsen (77 or 78) was sitting on the cement curbing watching us and he didn't even know what happened. We were all suddenly laughing, I was screaming!, and he knew he had missed something... Man, I was embarrassed. Miss Boatman was great..... Does anyone know where she is these days? I heard she was a principal somewhere a few years back. I'm sure she was a great one. I know I've gone on long enough, and that's just a few memories... Happy Christmas and a Joyful New Year to all my classmates and friends from many classes of 'RICHLAND BOMBERS'! I think of all of you as a wonderful part of my growing up years filled with fond and funny and some horribly embarrassing memories! Bomber Cheers to you all! -Lanette Powell Empey (Seventy-Nine, Seventy-Nine, 7-7-7-7-Seventy-Nine!) ******************************************** >>From: ?????? ( Merry Christmas Bombers and a Happy New Century ???? *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/26/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff: Dick Harris (49), Carol Converse (64), Patty Eckert (68), Patty Stordahl (72), Val Ghirardo (72) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: from: Dick Harris (49) To: Jerry Jernigan (49) in Alaska: Your message was read at almost 4:00 a.m. Don't ask me what I was doing at that time of the morning on Christmas Day, but it was obviously to be ready for Santa's arrival and last minute adjustments to his deliveries in this area. Yes, the other elves and I were ready for him. You will be relieved to learn that he arrived on time and we reminded him of the stops in Richland on his way to Southern California and dropping off a few things at little Dickie Robert's house. I suggested he leave a new ping pong paddle for Dick, as the professional model he brought to the '49'ers Reunion didn't seem to help. Anyway, Jerry, that was a nice way to extend your Christmas greetings and Bonnie and I send them up your way in Alaska with all the hope that comes with this Blessed Holiday and our best wishes for a most satisfying year, 2000! The same goes for all our Bomber friends! -Dick Harris '49 ******************************************** >>From: Carol Converse Maurer (64) TO: Brad Upton (74) That poem was really clever. I enjoyed reading it. I'm looking forward to seeing you perform along with Michael Peterson (77) at the All Bomber Reunion this next summer. Carol Converse Maurer (64) ******************************************** >>From: Patty Eckert Weyers (68) RE; BRAD UPTON 74 Hurray! ! !........ the poem was priceless and I have printed it off for future sharing. Thanks for such a terrific composition, I trust it was your invention, and thank you for all the great writings from you this past year in the Sandstorm along with everyone else who contributed!!! Its like a daily ritual with a steamy cup of tea or java and the 'blast from the past/present /future'. Am Up oh so early on Christmas morn' to find the SandStorm ready at 4 am and newsy tidbits and the 'Poem' has made it an eye opening good start. Merry Christmas Bomber Land (and CK'ers)! Will turn the big 50 shortly and have relished reliving some special parts through this site. Thanks again for the "Team " who work hard to keep this coming into our lives daily. Speaking of the spudnuts and the traditions at Christmas, well looks like we have set a milestone in the number of hits into this site and a tradition - especially over the Holidays - is set for me with the Sandstorm and the great memories everyone helps one not forget. Cherish The Moments.......{~,~} -Patty Eckert Weyers 68 ******************************************** >>From: Patty Stordahl (72) Merry Christmas and a Very safe and Happy new Year. Remember it is just another day with 4 new digits to remember instead of one. Do we write 1/1/00 or 1/1/2000? It is almost eerie to think we are stepping into the very first day of the new millennium. It is an awesome feeling. Say your prayers. May God keep all the Bombers safe to write another memory, another day. -Patty Stordahl (72) ******************************************** >>From: Valerie Ghirardo Driver (72) Steve Potter was nice enough to bring the State Football Championship Trophy to the Spudnut Shop last week. It will be there through next week. It's an awesome trophy, come down and see it! -Valerie Ghirardo Driver (72) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [SOMEBODY -- Take a picture of the trophy and scan it so those of us not in Richland can see it, too!!! -Maren] *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/27/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff: Jim House (63), Terry Morgan (69), Vicki Owens (72), Michael Peterson (77), Kathy Wheat (79) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jim House (63) Sports Illustrated has listed the 50 greatest sports figures for the century from each state. I did not recognize any Bombers on the Washington list. However, OUR Gene Conley (48) is on the Oklahoma list (probably born there) as the only person to have won both NBA and World Series Championships. This is the URL for the page with the lists for each state. Is it possible that no other Bomber athlete in the past 50 years has accomplished half of what Gene did professionally? I appears we may even trail our neighboring Dogs and Cats in that category. But who cares, we're Bombers. Yes, sports fans, I read all 2,500 names. Probably because I didn't get train or bicycle for Christmas. -Jim House (63) ******************************************** >>From: Terry Morgan Dart (69) To Jerry Jernigan (49): Do you have a sister, Ann? My husband and I have a friend, Don Truax. When he found out I was from Richland, he asked if I knew Ann Jernigan... apparently he went to school with her. He would like to get in contact. Just wondering..... -Terry Morgan Dart, 1969 ******************************************** >>From: Vicki Owens (72) Here we are on the verge of a new millennium. Can you believe it? I remember sitting in a desk at Christ the King somewhere in the mid-1960s, and realizing a new millennium was coming. Simple subtraction helped me to realize that I would be 45 years old when the calendar digits spun, which seemed incredibly ancient at the time. Now 45 seems downright youthful! Who is it that said, "I'm not 45, I'm 18 with 27 years of experience"? Wishing all a happy new year, decade, century, millennium... -Vicki Owens (72) ******************************************** >>From: Michael Peterson (77) Hey There! I have been noticing a lot of talk lately about my involvement in the Bomber Reunion in the summer of 2000. I regret to announce that due to reasons, mostly professional, I must withdraw my offer for involvement, at least at the level I had hoped for. I had hoped to be touring this summer with a band and could build my schedule around the event in a way that would make sense on a performance level as well as a financial one. I now believe that I will not be touring at all this next year. If something changes on that front I will gladly reconsider. I would love to be more in touch with the development of the event so I could see how I might be involved on some other level if at all possible.. I will continue to try and access the R2K sight ... I have not been able to get through yet from Nashville for reasons unknown to me. If you know another way for me to get through please let me know. Looking forward to being involved on some level! Sincerely, -Michael Peterson (77) ******************************************** >>From: Kathy Wheat Fife (79) It's been three weeks since I've sat down to read all my emails.... 49 of them today! Anyway, I lived on Elm Street from 1963- 1969, or thereabouts. We lived in the "Wise's" old house between the Muller's and the Dozer's. I remember, (I was 4 years old when we moved there), going over to Herb Muller's house (Steve's dad) and watching him create all the wonderful Christmas scenes he so faithfully put up in the front yard every year. It's amazing to me that so many of you remember all the Elm Street decorations.... I only remember the few that were on our end of the street. What I remember a bit more clearly are the wild games of hide-n-go seek and kick the can with the McCallisters, Flories, Dozers, Schildknechts and whoever else joined in.... Richland was a great place to grow up. I hope all of you Bomber Alumni have a wonderful and blessed New Year... -Kathy Wheat Fife, '79 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/28/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff: Roxanne Knutson (62), Gary Behymer (64), Kathie Roe (64), Kim Richey (74), Kim Edgar (79), Betsy Theroux (82) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Roxanne Knutson Baker Short {62} Just got a new pc and have been really enjoying the Sandstorm this holiday season. All Bombers have been so great with their special memories. To all who enjoyed flattop on a wintery day: Can you believe someone carrying skis up the mountain to ski down again in a few seconds to do it all over again. That's what my brother Paul and I did one day skimming over tumbleweeds. This being my first time on line I'm going to skip around diff. subjects I've seen in letters, o.k.! I noticed no one mentioned Mr. Bernard had passed away. He had cancer and passed on somewhere in "87- "89. Went to his funeral for he was the most wonderful person and couldn't believe the outcry of people. Standing room only, out in the hall and clear out in the parking lot. WHAT A LOVED MAN!!!! Norm Bell (61), you brought back memories of the old Redeemer Church. I went to that church as a very young girl of 4-6 and remember peeling off plaster on walls while minister was giving sermon. Oh, what a dilapidated old building it was. Talking about big families, Remember the Mexican Inn, in West Richland. The owners names were Padraza. They had some of the most beautiful girls in that family and there were 21 kids. At least one of them Isarel was in my class and that was his head count. Unreal? Have a present time story, then will get off. I have a friend in Wisconsin 106 yrs. old. She is so excited about the millennium, of sound mind. Only deficit is she is blind. She was old enough to remember the start of the last century and now facing a new one. Can any Bomber imagine what this lady has seen? Wishing all, past, present, future Bombers a HAPPY NEW YEAR! See you all next summer @ R2K -Roxanne Knutson Baker Short {62} ******************************************** >>From Gary Behymer (64) Anyone able to supply me with a scan or picture of a Richland Bomber class ring from any year? I would like to have one made and need a picture (;-) Gary ******************************************** >>From: Kathie Roe Truax (64) Coaches: I'd like to invite all the coaches who have taught and inspired us to the Alumni Basketball Game on June 24. Here are the ones I have so far; please send me the names & sports (and mailing addresses) of others you'd like to see at next summer's Reunion 2000. Rex Davis (gymnastics & tennis) Holland St. John (tennis) Toivo Piipo (basketball) Ray Juricich (basketball & golf) Fred Strankman (basketball) Frank Teverbaugh (basketball) Earl Streufert (basketball) Fran Rish Football & baseball) Ken Olsen (wrestling) Thanks for your help. -Kathie Roe Truax ('64) ******************************************** >>From: Kim Richey Dykeman (74) RE: Poor Work Slips To: Jerry Sions (74) Jerry, I would have to take sides and agree with Mike Davis (74) regarding higher education. If my memory serves me correct, I used to sign quite a few "poor work" slips for you in the eighth and ninth grade at Carmichael. I remember forging the signature of "Erma Cochran". I really don't think it took alot of convincing to any of the guys to turn the VW back to Richland after breakfast. Higher Education... yeah right! Mike: Sorry to have missed Blaine 2. My thoughts and prayers are with Blaine's family. Happy 2000 to all Bombers! Wishing you Health and Happiness -Kim Richey Dykeman - Class of 74' ******************************************** >>From: Kim Edgar Leeming (79) To Michael Peterson (77) I'm sorry you're unable to perform at the level you'd hoped for. It would have been nice to see you again. Your last year's concert in Seattle was great. If I remember correctly, didn't you play in the school band? Maybe, you could play your instrument with other Alumni band members that get together to perform for the reunion. However it works out or not, I hope you come enjoy the festivities. It's your Reunion too! I've been having trouble accessing the R2K site, hope it's up and running again soon. Are there any former Flag-Twirlers that may be interested in getting together and performing for the reunion? I have to admit, I don't remember any of the routines, however, if we could get a hold of a few flags and get together the Thursday before the Reunion, I may be willing to give it a try. Happy New Year! -Kim Edgar, Class of 79 ******************************************** >>From: Betsy Theroux Thoman (82) To Michael Peterson (77) Bummer about you not being able to play the R2K reunion! Also it is too bad that you are not going on tour this next year. I was hoping that you might hit up here in New England. Let's be specific Southern New England. Well keep us up here in mind if you do plan a tour. There are a ton of country lovers wantin' music, LIVE. -Betsy Theroux Thoman (82) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/29/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff: Ray Loescher (57), JIm Hamilton (63), Jerry Sions (74), Mike Davis (74) and Tedi Parks (76), Jeanne LaCroix (77), Mary Foley (77), Kim Edgar (79) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ray Loescher (57) RE: Farm-In-A-Day Someone inquired awhile back about the "Farm-In-A-Day" near Moses lake. My in-laws have lived in Moses Lake since 1955 and were able to provide information about the tenants of the farm since its inception in 1952. Senator Harold Hochstetter of Moses Lake gave me a copy of a souvenir program for the "Columbia Basin Water Festival," dated May 22 - June 1, 1952. The following is taken verbatim from the program: The Farm-In-A-Day is a gift to a veteran, from start to finish, symbolizing two things - the coming of water to the Columbia Basin project this year, and a tribute from a grateful America to a veteran family who served in World War II..." Everything is donated by manufacturers, individuals, labor, and the people of the community. The buildings which make up the farmstead consist of a seven room house; a machine shed and combination shop and garage, 28' X 88'; loafing shed for the cattle, 23' X 40'; and a chicken house 12' X 20'. Essentially the entire farm is to be developed in one day; Less rights of way, the farm contains approximately 122 acres... Donald D. Dunn, 30 year old war veteran, was the winner of the Farm-In-A-Day from thousands of applicants. The farm was set up as a dairy. Mr. Dunn sold the farm after several years to Ed Penhallurick. Subsequent owners included Don Swanson and LeeLoyd Pearce. Current owner is John Avila. I hope this information is helpful to the person who made the inquiry about the Farm-In-A-Day. -Ray Loescher, '57 ******************************************** >>From: Jim Hamilton (63) RE: The Queen's Birthday List What with all of the lists created for the end of the century, I would like to take minute to serve up a couple of names that won't be on any other lists, but only 'cause not enough people knew them. Outside of my family, there are three men who I feel are worthy of the title "Icon". Tom Knudsen, our Art Teacher who showed us there were many ways to see our world. More importantly, he taught us to never take ourselves too seriously. Grover Dawson, whose had such a strong commitment to community and family. He always said to give a little extra to everyone and in everything you do, and I've always tried. Charlie Mathis, always talked good sense, with an incredible grasp of right and wrong. For me, he made this world a much better place. Tom I'm still in contact with, but I grieve the passing of Grover and Charlie. As long as I'm at it, great friends like Rosalie, Pitts, Lamont, Robbie, Joe and Dave Pugh have made this century as good as any I remember. The new one would be a lot better with Bob and Billy Chipmunk and Chuck Gardiner. I am looking forward to entering and enjoying the new Millennium with the true love of my life, the forever young and always lovely Miss Nancy. When we celebrate our 32nd year (and one day) of marriage on New Years Eve (our 36th out of 37 together, damn Viet Nam), we hope you will all join with us in our toast to a kinder world. -jimbeaux p.s. Don't forget to put 2000 on your checks, I know I'll forget ******************************************** >>From: Jerry Sions (74) To Kim Richey Dykeman (74) Hi Kim, Not that I'm admitting to the heinous crime you mentioned - but, nice memory. My mother sends her sincere thanx for your help in my upbringing. I cruised your old end of town a couple of weeks ago. A lot of the group we hung with lived around you. 1st time I'd been back to the TCs since the 20 reunion. Richland seems so much smaller today (maybe I'm just a little bigger). Do you ever see anyone we hung with back then? If my memory serves me, we had a big circle of friends back then. Wonder what ever happened to Demo? My regards to Randy, -Jerry Sions 74 Liv'in till the day I die ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) & Tedi Parks Teverbaugh (76) BLAINE NIGHT TWO RECAP -- Town Crier, 12/27 First of all, Dick Cartmell ('73) paid a visit to the second annual Blaine Night Get- Together, and we enjoyed his presence. One thing that we ask of Dick in the future is that he pay for his chicken orders before he leaves. Apparently, Dick ordered two chicken dinners and regressed back to high school behavior and decided to dine and dash. Being the honest person that he is, he returned to the Crier, filled with shame and guilt, to settle up with the establishment that he was so willing to rip off moments earlier. We appreciate the fact that Dick was willing to square away his indiscretion and clear the name for future "Blaine" nights. We also like to thank Greg Fancher (Hanford HS, '75), Director of Kennewick Elementary Education, for coming down and enlightening us with some classic Fancher stories. We were mesmerized and look forward to future Fancher installments. We'd like to thank Brad Upton (74) for his 20 minute impromptu performance in honor of his old friend, Blaine. It was a show stopper and you're still a funny guy, Brad. Leave your body guards home next time... not necessary. Save it for Leno! Also, we'd like to thank the RHS marching band for surprising us all with their rendition of "Stairway to Heaven", Blaine's favorite Zeppelin tune. We were all thankful that Dave Adams (73) took the time to clarify his present and ongoing love life. We're pullin for ya, Dave! There's other fish in the sea. We'd like to thank the Towne Crier staff for their efforts in controlling the overflow crowd out front in the parking lot. We would have liked to have the opportunity to have everyone come in and enjoy the "Blaine" Two festivities, but when the crowd reached maximum capacity and the fire marshal arrived, we knew we couldn't accommodate all of you. You were there in spirit and that's what counts. Next year, we'll be speaking to the Fairgrounds for use of their facilities for future "Blaine" gatherings. Hey, get there a little earlier next time. Later in the evening, when Michael Peterson (77) showed up with his band from Nashville, and knowing Blaine's disdain for country music, we knew we had to act quick. Thank you, Brad for bailing us out of a sticky situation. Your quick wit and humor squelched an uncomfortable situation. Even if the R2K concert doesn't happen, you're still a hero in our hearts. -Mike Davis, '74 -Tedi Parks Teverbaugh, '76 ******************************************** >>From: Jeanne LaCroix Grant (77) TO Dori Luzzo (92): Dori, don't you have brothers named Mike and Bill? If so then your clan spreads further than that. I graduated in "77" with one or both of your brothers and that was 22 years ago. My how time flies. To all of the Bombers past and present have a very safe new year! -Jeanne LaCroix Grant (77) ******************************************** >>From: Mary Foley Bazzano (77) To Michael Peterson (77) Hey, you don't need a band!! It could REALLY be a Bomber reunion and the Mattinglys and John Schwinberg could back you up. You'd "only" have to come to Richland. Have to tell you, I wore my T shirt from the Benton County fair concert here on the west side of the state, and had a friend of mine here absolutely green with envy. So nice to say that my friend is famous. My mom was telling me about your appearance on "Walker, Texas Ranger". I missed it , but will watch for the rerun!! Success, hard earned, must be so sweet, at least most of the time. Happy New Year!!! -Mary Foley Bazzano, 77 ******************************************** >>From: Kim Edgar Leeming (79) RE: Help the R2K Reunion To: Kathie Roe Truax (64) I live in Poulsbo, WA (near Bremerton & across the Puget Sound from Seattle). However if there is anything I can do on my side of the mountains to help with the R2K Reunion, please let me know. -Kim Edgar, Class of 79 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/30/99 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers sent stuff: Ralph Myrick (51), Ken Heminger (56), Denny Damschen (62), Donna Woods (64), Teresa DeVine (64), Mike Davis (74), Jim Rice (75), Stephen Schraedel (79), Tamara Baird (79), Andrew Cross (85), Dori Luzzo (92), C. Elliott (97) ******************************************** ******************************************** INTERESTING: 11/19/1999, was the last day of our lives in which all the digits of the date were odd. This will not occur again until 1/1/3111. The next time all the digits of the date will be even is 2/2/2000. An all-even date hasn't occurred since 8/8/888. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ralph Myrick (51) Well, we have finally got to move into our new home. The address is 259 Thyme Circle, Richland. Our phone is 628-2565. It is a lovely home. lt. is a rambler, 1840 sq. ft., and built for senior living. Minimum maintenance inside and outside. If any one in the area is looking for a contractor that is of high integrity, honest, and tries to get the most out of your dollar, it is AJ Wade. AJ and my wife, Judy, lived within a block of each other in Dodge City, Ks. They are both flatlanders and understand each other very well. I would recommend him over any other contractor in the area, and I heard some real horror stories about some of them. If you are interested, let me know and I will put you in touch with him. -Ralph Myrick (51) ******************************************** >>From: Ken Heminger (56) RE: Farm in a day To: Ray Loescher, '57 I was the one that originally brought the subject up. At the time it was just a passing thought. I remember it happening but knew little about it. I now know all the details. Once again a void is filled.... Many thanks. -Ken Heminger, (56) ******************************************** >>From: Donna Woods Schmidt (64) Hello Sandstorm! Does anyone out there remember sledding down Hunt Point hill? The home owners there let us use their back slope to sled or ski down...on a good day you could almost make it to the river! Then there was Mr. Wilmott (lived on 1611? Hunt) that would hook our sleds up to his jeep and off we'd go down George Washington Way. I believe he got a ticket for that one! How about summer hide- n-seeks with the Lambert's (Kerick, Valkire, Deirdra, Myra) and the Manolopoulos' (Alexandra, Harry, Chris, Rebecca, Connie), John Warner, and us - the Woods' clan.. many others forgotten now. There were so many that only one game was played a night! Our family is bringing in the new year around the campfire in our front yard! On 2 1/2 acres we have plenty of room for car parking and always room for family and friends! Happy New Year to All! -Donna Woods Schmidt (64) ******************************************** >>From: Teresa DeVine Knirck (64) I always enjoy reading Jim Hamilton's (63) entries to the Alumni Sandstorm -- even better are those of his best friend and soul mate -- Frank Osgard (63wannabe). Jim, you two were really inseparable in high school. In fact, didn't you share a locker your senior year in the northwest corner of Mac Hall, second floor? You guys have exactly the same sense of humor -- of course, you graduated, and Frank, well --- a different story :) Hello to Nancy (still lovely after all these years) and congratulations on your anniversary. On a random note -- Class of 64 Jefferson alumni who had Mr. Ashbaugh in sixth grade had fun reminiscing this summer at our reunion. Any of you out there remember Idiots' Row and the La Brea Tar Pits? Jo Miles (64) has an awesome scrapbook of our entire sixth grade year -- did we peak early, or what? -Teresa DeVine Knirck (64) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) Re: Blaine Night 2 Festivities A small footnote to yesterday's recap! How could I forget??? Maybe the highlight of the evening was Crigler (70) and Merilee Rush standing on that table doing their rendition of "Angel of the Morning" - another Blaine favorite. The place went wild, especially Franco (70) and the Kennedy cousins who were sitting in the front row looking for handshakes!! Quite a night! -M. Davis (74) (Thanks to Willie Evans and his staff at the Towne Crier for accommodating us! See ya next year!) ******************************************** >>From: Jim Rice (75) Anyone know how to get in touch with Mindy Strong ('76, I think)? -Jim Rice (75) ******************************************** >>From: Stephen Schraedel (79) Recently, I was reminded of how small the world can really be, even smaller when you are from the Tri-Cities. While at a company Christmas Dinner, I noticed Jerry Lynn Duce, I think class of 78, standing across the room talking, without her husband. I hadn't seen her for nearly 5 years. We recognized each other, and she recognized my wife, and we began talking. I wondered if she was working for the same company. No, she said, but her husband did, and he walked over and put his arm on her shoulder. I instantly realize that I had been working with him for at least 6 months, not knowing that they were together. A great guy, Morgan Smith, also from Kennewick, whom I had never met before my current job. Small world, hey? -Stephen Schraedel (79) ******************************************** >>From: Tamara Baird Cullison (79) Please be patient with me, I am a virgin. This is my first sandstorm entry. First of all I want to say, "Hello", to my favorite class of 1979 Alumni Sandstorm entrants, Linda Goetz and Kathy Fife. I sure do particularly enjoy reading your entries girls. The thing about Richland that I remember fondly and think it is a crime no longer exists is the Tastee Freeze Crunch Cone. I lived on those all summer and have never had anything exactly like them anywhere else. Anyone else a Crunch Cone addict? -Tamara Baird Cullison, Class of 1979 ******************************************** From the RHS Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Andrew Cross Referred by: Just Surfed On In From: Olympia Time: 1999-12-29 17:35:12 Comments: Great Website!! I would love to hear from anyone from the Class of 85. If anyone is out there, send me an E-mail. -Andrew Cross (85) ******************************************** >>From: Dori Luzzo Homer (92) To Jeanne LaCroix Grant (77) Yes, Mike and Bill are also my brothers. I have nine in all from Tony (70) to Dan. My other brothers names are Frank, Joe, Bob, Dave, and Pat...Plus three sisters, Mary, Teresa, and Julie (91)... Sorry I don't know the other years for my family. My two eldest brothers were long gone by the time I was born (Frank served in the navy during Vietnam). I have two nephews and a niece five years older than me and a great nephew who is 13 this year. I can't keep track of them myself. If someone is named Luzzo... we're related. Unfortunately :) I married a man who is number 8 of 12 kids... he holidays are hectic!! -Dori Luzzo Homer (92) ******************************************** From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: c. elliott (97) Date: Wed Dec 29 01:47:40 1999 Looking thru the guest page I realize I am a young'n (class 'o '97), but I enjoy the historical retrospect of the page. As a former employee of the Spudnut, and Tastee Freeze, it is very memorable to read thru the description of the Richland area. Thank you for setting up such a site. -C. Elliott (97) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. *************************************** *************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/31/99 - NEW YEAR'S EVE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 15 Bombers, 1 Bulldog, & 1 teacher today. Mary Lester (Teacher), Ken Ely (49), Norma Loescher (53), Janet Wilgus (59), Larry Houck (59), Janice Woods (60-PHS), Doris Van Reenen (61), Jim Yount (61), Jeanie Walsh (63), Linda Reining (64), Rick Maddy (67), Kellie Walsh (77), Mike Mattingly (77), Cheryl Sevigny (79), Kim Edgar (79), Mary Deranleau (88), Ylana Mazurkiewicz (91) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mary Lester Thompson (Lewis & Clark 6th Grade Teacher) RE: Thank you I would like to thank all my former students for the nice comments about me on the Sandstorm web page & to wish you all a Happy New Year. I just got a new computer this fall & have really enjoyed reading the daily news from all of you. I am 84 years old now & still very active. I swim a mile a week at the Tri-City Court Club & still play golf 2 or 3 times a week in the summer. When you are in Richland give me a call or send me an e-mail. All the best to all of you in 2000! -Mary Lester Thompson (Teacher) ******************************************** >>From: Ken Ely (49) RE: Year 2000 I just want to wish all Bomber alumni a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year and a special greeting for all 49ers. It's been a blast, reading your inputs. This is a great way to keep in touch and it's my wish for the new year that those who don't have a computer, "Get off your duff and get one." -Ken Ely, Class of '49 ******************************************** >>From: Norma Loescher Boswell (53) RE: Toast A Toast For Christmas and The Year 2000 May your hair, your teeth, your face, your abs and your stocks not fall; and may your blood pressure, your triglycerides, your cholesterol, your white blood count and your mortgage interest not rise. May you get a clean bill of health from your dentist, your cardiologist, your gastroenterologist, your urologist, your proctologist, your podiatrist, your psychiatrist, your plumber and the IRS. May you find a way to travel from place to place in the rush hour in less than an hour, and when you get there may you find a parking space. May Friday evening, December 31, find you with (or thinking fondly of) your beloved family and cherished friends, ushering in the New Year ahead. May you wake up on January 1st, finding that the world has not come to an end, the lights work, the water faucets flow, and the sky has not fallen. May you go to the bank on Monday morning, January 3rd and find your account is in order, your money is still there and any mistakes are in your favor. May you ponder on January 4th: How did this ultramodern civilization of ours manage to get itself traumatized by a blip on a chip made out of sand? May you have the strength to go through a year of presidential campaigning. May you approve at least half of what the candidates propose, and may those elected fulfill at least half of what they promise. May what you see in the mirror delight you, and what others see in you delight them. May the telemarketers wait to make their sales calls until you finish dinner. May your check book and your budget balance, and may they include generous amounts for charity. May you remember often to say "I love you" to your spouse, your child, your parent, your significant other, your good friend. May we live as intended, in a world at peace with the awareness of beauty in every sunset, every flower's unfolding petals, every baby's smile and every wonderful, astonishing, miraculous beat of our hearts. -Anonymous Submitted by Norma Loescher Boswell (53) ******************************************** >>From: Janet Wilgus Beaulieu (59) RE: Happy New Year Yes, my fellow '59 grads, not an original sentiment but a genuine one - stay young at heart, healthy and enjoy yet another New Year. I've been intrigued by many of the Sandstorm entries and enjoy the recap of some wild times and meaningful experiences, (the "day in a life" i.e., more ordinary events seem to pull up some nostalgic moments - even from the old Marcus Whitman/Carmichael days.) Can't say that our group will rely on memories of old toys and reminiscences of who had the most kids in the family, but hopefully meaningful ones of our friendships and days and years we spent together in the "Atomic City." In particular, I recall the beautiful voices of the acapella choir, the quartets, among others and the talented thespians, athletes, artists and writers that Col-Hi produced... still traces of the literati coming to the electronic pages of this site - amazing. Yes, and thank you to our teachers who gave so much to nurture some of these gifts, however latent. I think we were quite a unique group of high schoolers (weren't we so very young!) And, thank you all, my friends for being just that. I wish that your hearts are full, your bodies healthy, and your homes happy ones in this next century. With fond remembrances of the fifties- -Janet Wilgus Beaulieu (59) ******************************************** >>From: Larry Houck (59) To Jim Rice (75): Mindy Strong still lives in Richland on Cottonwood St. I was reading the Tri-city Herald this morning and when I looked at the sports page look what I see but a large picture of Gene Conley (48), there is a long article about him and his career as a two sport player it is the number 2 sport story from the mid- columbia 100 stories of the century. There are a couple of pictures also one show him with the likes of Bob Cousy, coach Red Auerbach, Bill Sharman, Bill Russell, Sam Jones and Tommy Heinsohn from the 1959 Celtics NBA champs. My parents and Gene's were close friends along with the Bailey's Cal (48) was in the same class as Gene and was a good friend. -Larry Houck (59) ******************************************** From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Janice Woods Ehrke (60-PHS) Date: Wed Dec 29 12:38:42 1999 Memories Greetings from San Francisco! Bracing ourselves for the festivities. Been reading the Sandstorm and getting all sappy about the old days. We lived on Cullum, not sure of the address, but faced olive trees and playground of Lewis and Clark. I remember going to the market, Campbells I think, and getting a popsicle at the back where you rode up on your bike. There was a garage like door that folded up to reveal a counter snack bar thing. Was a real treat in the summer. My father, Bill, who had the Rainbow Station, was very active in baseball so we spent a lot of time at the ball park. He also had a "girls" softball team, only remember a few names of the women, Nina, Gabby, Irma? Would love to hear from someone who played. I know they all had to be good runners to escape the clutches of the old man! He was notorious! I can remember my Mom taking me to a beauty parlor in downtown Richland, and seeing this horrible black thing with wires hanging down, that was suppos ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [NOTE: I believe the entries to the above guest book can contain a limited number of characters. I have asked Janice for the remainder of this entry. I'm curious now... -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Doris Van Reenen Dollarhide (61) Happy New Year to all especially my fellow classmates of 1961. May your year be filled with Family love, health, happiness and all good things. -Doris Van Reenen Dollarhide, class of 61 ******************************************** >>From: Jim Yount (61) Hello! Mary Anne Lauby (Class of 1973) and I would like to hear from any classmates from either class. -Jim Yount (61) ******************************************** >>From: Jeanie Walsh Williamson (63) RE: Remembering Hunt Point TO Donna Woods Schmidt (64) I remember the days of snow sledding on Hunt. Our family lived at 1721 Hunt Point next door to the Fosters. Adele Paulsen (63) lived just down the hill, Danny Finch lived across the street as did Betsy Fuller (63). If Connie or Lucy Foster are reading this, I am sure that they can add to the list of families in the neighborhood, as can my sister Kellie (77). Although I didn't know the Manolopoulos family then, my Mother and Mrs. Betty Manolopoulos remain friends to this day and have traveled to Simi Valley for a visit. I also remember my Mother being scared to death with us sledding down those "pimple" hills. She would never allow us to go the the Carmichael Hill. Now that is really where the action was... Did I miss it or were there no memories from the John Ball reunion that took place this last summer? I attended John Ball, but unfortunately I was unable to attend due to a trip to Yellowstone. Lets see some pictures or at least some chit-chat about who attended.. Happy New to All... See you June 24th -Jeanie Walsh Williamson (63) ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining ('64) To Donna Woods Schmidt (64): Remember "Camp Fire Girls" and "Horizon Club"? Hope your Holidays were wonderful and that the millennium brings good things to you and yours. -Linda Reining ('64) ******************************************** >>From: Rick Maddy (67) To Kathie Roe Truax (64): Wow. After spending the K through 12 of my school life in Richland, I spent the last six months of my senior year at North Kitsap in Poulsbo. I was flunking out of Col Hi so my dad moved me out of Richland on Dec. 66. I of course passed my classes at NK because they needed to get rid of me, and I successfully graduated with a 1.2 at the ripe age of seventeen. And then, on the second best choice of my life during this time frame, first was using high school only as a social event, I waited until I turned eighteen and joined the Marine Corps. I think there is substance within the camp that believes there are times when a child should be held back in school. I still have these verb/noun/plural/run-on-sentence/to too two/where does the paragraph end problems today. Or did you notice? Now, not really being the total fatalist I proclaim, and with Y2K on our heels, and me way out here in the West - way out here - I thought it would be an appropriate time to say good-bye to all my classmates that have given me so much reading pleasure the last year and a half here in the Sandstorm -just in case. And with all those latitude and longitude lines they draw on the globe, it looks like I may be one of the last to go. How inappropriate. good-bye -Rick Maddy (67) ******************************************** >>From: Kellie Walsh Patterson (77) To: Donna Woods Schmidt (64) We lived at 1821 Hunt, right on the point (an H house), and I believe the house you are referring to was the Bergdahl's home. They were very gracious in letting us kids use their backyard for sledding, skiing as you said. My sled, a "Yankee Clipper" was the fastest on the block and the envy of many, although they'd never admit it .... -Kellie Walsh Patterson, '77 ******************************************** >>From: Mike Mattingly (77) RE: The Mighty Crunch Cone To Tamara Baird Cullison (79): I more than likely owe Bill Frymier a couple hundred bucks for all the change I bummed off him to buy crunch cones. We'd all walk home together after school (C.K.), and I'd always need my "fix". I remember when Baskin Robbins opened I didn't EVEN care. If you are telling me Tastee Freeze no longer exists I may need counseling. -Mike Mattingly "77" ******************************************** >>From: Cheryl Sevigny Riddelle (79) To Tamara Baird Cullison (79) First of all, Happy almost 2000 to all! I just had to comment on your Tastee Freeze Crunch Cone entry. It has always been a favorite for me. I even had to bring my kids to Tastee Freeze to try a crunch cone when we moved back to the Tri-Cities from Texas. Kathy Wheat Fife (79), you might remember a particular day of track practice that I know I won't forget. We were on our way (jogging of course) down to the river with the rest of the team. Seems we had to make a very important stop at the Tastee Freeze. Those kinds of adventures are always better if you don't get caught! Sure would love to know what the crunch part of the crunch cone consisted of -- at least I think I would. -Cheryl Sevigny Riddelle, Class of 1979 ******************************************** >>From: Kim Edgar Leeming (79) RE: Small World To: Stephen Schraedel (79) I can relate to your small world experience. I lived in Virginia some years ago, I had just moved in with a friend of mine I had worked with for a few years. She had recently taken another job with an engineering firm, a few months before. We had a New Year's Eve Party and she invited friends from her old job and her new one. Jeanette introduced me to a guy she was currently working with and mentioned that I was from Washington State. He said really?, I knew a girl that lives there, but it's a large State, you probably wouldn't know her. He asked were I was from, I told him Richland, he's eye's lit up and asked which High School, when I told him, he smiled and asked what year I graduated, when I told him, he stood there in disbelief. He said his friend's name was Carla, I asked if it was Carla Jorgensen, he's mouth about dropped to the floor. I told him she moved there her Senior year and later, after graduation, we become roommates before I moved to Virginia. He said he hadn't seen her for years, that they had lost touch. Their fathers worked for the same company and moved all over the states growing up. Well, I made his day, guess who we were talking to a few minutes later. Carla was in in disbelief as well, but was very excited when I told her someone wanted to talk to her. He later went to Washington to visit her. It was then I realized what a small world we live in. -Kim Edgar (79) ******************************************** >>From: Mary Deranleau Kasey (88) Hi!! I've lost contact some years ago with a good friend, Laura Smith.. I know she moved to North Carolina and I'm hoping someone still is in contact with her and could give me an address or something??!! Please RSVP I was Mary Deranleau in school.. oh yea and class of 88 still rocks -Mary Deranleau Kasey (88) ******************************************** >>From: Ylana Mazurkiewicz (91) To Dori Luzzo (92) Dori, Hey, I don't know if you remember me but I used to hang around with charles ballard, tessa bond, kami galloway and lisa wheeler a lot. I was also in your sister's grade (Julie). It's Ylana Mazurkiewicz, I am married but I decided to keep my last name for originality. I married Joel Braby, one of the nerds from the class the year after you, but thank goodness we all grow out of that high school mentality and grow up (or we spend the rest of our lives hanging out at rocket mart!). I was just wondering how things were going for you and if you have any new of your friends. I live in Texas trying to get my masters degree from texas A&M in microbiology but its been tough, I've been hospitalized twice at Ballard Sweedish hospital in Seattle for anorexia (each for a month at a time, once in '95 and once in' 98 {i weighed 75 lbs. each time and i'm 5'4"}. The '98 was not at all fun because i was on a feeding tube for three weeks) I really wanted to share what I have gone through with someone other than a close friend just to let people know that this is not a hidden disease and that anyone who wants to e-mail me can. Dori, and the rest of the Sandstorm thanks for listening, sometimes I need it. Once again THANKS, Ylana Mazurkiewicz class of 1991 RHS Summa Cum Laude, WSU Microbiology, 1995 Mabye somday to finish at TAMU :-) ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for the century. Please send more. ******************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** From: Maren PEACE -- it's STILL a good idea. BEST WISHES for the new century to ALL BOMBERS!! THANK YOU ALL. This Alumni Sandstorm couldn't exist without all of YOU. BOMBERS have kept the Alumni Sandstorm going since August of 1998 -- 495 issues -- We started with about 300 readers and now have a "circulation" of 1824. We Bombers are a pretty phenomenal group. Once a Bomber -- ALWAYS a Bomber... We are all bound together - as Bombers. An AP poll says the Atom Bomb is the most important story of the whole CENTURY. Our parents moved to the Washington desert and - for the most part - without extended family. We all bonded and became our own family. The reason for Hanford was - and still is - PEACE. What about Y2K? We'll all know soon enough. BACK UP your computer information... just in case. I'll be saving everything to floppy discs after this is sent. Hoping to continue the Alumni Sandstorm to 2000 and beyond. However, IF the worst happens, I must tell you all: I will miss this Alumni Sandstorm and all that goes with it. It's been a helluva ride. peace.... ******************************************** November, 1999 ~ January, 2000