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 Alumni Sandstorm Archive ~ April, 2001
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16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/01/01 ~ APRIL FOOLS' DAY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCoy (Beaver45/Bomber46), Morgan Miller (53), Ken Heminger (56), Ann Bishop (60), Larry Mattingly (60), Patti Jones (60), Toby Wheeler (65 and 66), Lynn-Marie Hatcher (68), Frank Trent (72) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick McCoy (Beaver45/Bomber46) Re: The Sixties Effective April 1, no input to the Sandstorm will be allowed from any of the classes of the sixties. There are too many Cougars among them, resulting in severe brain lock. -Dick McCoy (Beaver45/Bomber46) ******************************************** >>From: Morgan Miller (53) Re: Moses Lake Back in 1953 the Air Force Base was a blessing for me! I was stationed in Fort Campbell, Kentucky and the only way I could afford to get back to Richland was to get a hop to the base there. I would hitch hike to Richland and back. Free trips 5000 miles round trip. Bomber cheers, -Morgan Miller (53) ~ Pensacola, FL ******************************************** >>From: Ken Heminger (56WB) To: Gary Scholl (56) Gary, You're right about the base in Moses lake.. It was well known by Air Force troops to be Moses Hole. I was lucky enough to not have been stationed there. I was stationed at Geiger Field in '58. Home of the Geiger Tigers. We had F-102s on alert there. I remember the Geiger Tigers being featured in one of the comic strips sometime later. Could have been Terry and the Pirates... not sure though. Wish I'd had sense enough to keep those strips. Another out-of-the-way place to be stationed was Othello.. -Ken Heminger (56WB) ******************************************** >>From: Ann Bishop Myers (60) Re: Class of '60 Women's Lunch Hello Class of 60 Women Our monthly lunch will be Saturday, April 7, 11:30a.m. at the home of Pete and Maggie Overdahl. Please let Maggie know you are coming so she has a head count. If you need Maggie's phone number and/or directions to the Overdahl home, please e-mail me and I'd be happy to give you that information. Hope to see you there! -Ann Bishop Myers (60) ~ Kennewick, WA ******************************************** >>From: J Larry Mattingly (60) The base at Moses Lake was called Larson Air Force Base. It had another name for a while but I can't remember it. The legacy of this base has been a wonderful facility for Grant County and the City of Moses Lake. JAL (Japan Airlines) has their official pilot training base there. You can see the 747 circling for hours making approaches. The US air force also uses it to fly approaches for the C- 141 and the new C-17. There are 2-3 manufacturing plants there and more coming. They are also making a bid to be the first "Spaceport" for the coming "Space Planes". I can remember both Air Force fighters, and bombers taking off and landing while we fished and hunted in the O'Sullivan Reservoir and Moses Lake areas. To: Those of you in the Tacoma area We are doing a fireworks display for the opening night of the Tacoma Rainiers' BB club. This is Friday the 13th of April at Cheney Stadium. We (my company Entertainment Fireworks) have a few tickets left for the game. Anyone who would like tickets to this game and fireworks immediately following, please contact me. "Happiness is the sky in bloom" -J Larry Mattingly (60) ~ Tacoma, WA ******************************************** >>From: Patti Jones (60) THE BOMBER BABES All Bomber Alumni Women's Luncheon To be held monthly on the second Sunday of the month ALL RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE BY APRIL 5, 2001 Date: April 8, 2001 Where: 1:00pm Where: Best Western Executive Inn I-5 Exit 137 Address: 5700 Pacific Hwy. E. Fife, WA 98424 Phone: 922-0080 Price: Your lunch Mothers and wives of Bombers are welcome Bomber Cheers -Patti Jones (60) ******************************************** >>From: Toby Wheeler Davis (65 & 66) Re: Question??? David (the famous R. one!) mentioned Class of '66 reunion was to coincide with the Cool Desert Nights event. We received information it would be July 27 & 28th. Are these still the dates? Rob and I are planning to attend and are making our departure dates from Bogota to coincide with the July dates... however our plans would change drastically if the July dates are no longer valid. We would appreciate a confirmation of the dates. Thanks! -Toby Wheeler Davis (65 & 66) ~ Bogota, Colombia ******************************************** >>From: Lynn-Marie Hatcher (68) To: Dorris Meloeny Alred (68) Hi, Dorris - I'm a faithful reader of and occasional contributor to our wonderful online Alumni Sandstorm. I have seen postings off and on from several other '68 grads. So we're a presence here, too :-) -Lynn-Marie Hatcher (68) ~ Richland - where it is raining, complete with that great Richland "rain smell"... remember that, you who don't live here any more? ******************************************** >>From: Frank Trent (72) Re: Steve (Stubs) Neill (72) Steve, Having known you for decades, I am sure that our great RHS will benefit immensely with you at the helm. Congratulations! What's next? Superintendent? I wonder though. Do the lockers seem smaller to you, or are they about the same as they were in the 70s? -Frank Trent (72) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/02/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers sent stuff: Audrey Eberhardt (61WB), Don Peyton (63WB), Jeanie Walsh (63), Jim Hamilton (63), Rick Valentine (68), Lori Simpson (70), Jay Schreiber (79) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Audrey Eberhardt Mathews (61WB) Re: '60 Columbian This is to anyone who might be able to help me. I had and '60 yearbook and it has gotten lost. Does anyone know where there might be a spare one floating around? I would be willing to pay a small fee, because I would like to have one. It actually has my picture in it along with Sharon Tate's. Thanks for the help. I have really enjoyed reading the Alumni Sandstorm. I can even remember the park beside the Columbia and vaguely remember the wading pool. All the discussion about drive-ins brought back alot of memories, although, I don't remember seeing toooooo much of any movie. -Audrey Eberhardt Mathews (61WB) - Roberta, Central GA, sunny and very windy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [*Somebody* with a '60 Columbian needs to have it scanned and talk to the Class of '60 webmaster (Richard Anderson), about putting the scanned '60 Columbian on the Class of '60 website for all to enjoy..... -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Don Peyton (63WB) Re: Appreciation for Maren Maren, I am amazed every time I pull up my e-mail and see there there is another issue of the Alumni Sandstorm there. Boy, what dedication. I would encourage everyone who has not sent you a $12 subscription donation, to do so. Often, because of the stories and the opportunity to contact old classmates, just ONE ISSUE can easily be worth $12. Thanks for all your effort. -Don Peyton (63WB) ******************************************** >>From: Jeanie Walsh Williamson (63) Re: Calling All Bombers! Well, Bombers we out did ourselves again this week... Mike Bradbury is gone thanks to the Mighty Bombers! BUT, now they are really after me. Let's vote off Tim Gallegher. He is the publisher of the Ventura County Star. Thank you so much for all your support... Go Bombers!! -Jeanie Walsh Williamson (63) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [We'll teach Ventura County to mess with BOMBERS! -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Jim Hamilton (63) Re: 3/28 Alumni Sandstorm This is so weird - I mean what are the chances of me agreeing with Ron Richards (63) on the very same day the Fred Schafer (63) gets "modern" and goes on line. Granted I'm only agreeing with Ron on the disposition of the "George Prout Swim and P", but it's never happened before. Is there a message? What's next? The distance between the top of Frank Osgard's (63WB) "WWF" belt buckle and the bottom of his Billy Ray Cyrus "muscle shirt" shrinking to less than eight inches? Zip's getting a third Michelin star? Reed Galbraith (63) hosting a fund raiser for Hillary? or Dick Boehning (63) quitting smoking? I mean, this is just too weird. Think of the possibilities. Semper Bomberus Jimbeaux -Jim Hamilton (63) ******************************************** >>From: Rick Valentine (68) To: Dorris Meloeny Alred (68) Hi Dorris There are some of us from the class of '68 lurking out here in cyberland. Always good to see names from the class of '68 in the Alumni sandstorm. -Rick Valentine (68) ~ Cold and Raining today in Spokane, WA ******************************************** >>From: Lori Simpson Hogan (70) I can just imagine that many Bomber Alumni remember this group from their hey day. What a fun way to bring back the "good times" ;-))) -Lori Simpson Hogan (70) ******************************************** >>From: Jay Schreiber (79) Re: Morgan Miller (53) - Free Airfare [4/1/01 Sandstorm] Love those M.A.C. (Military Airlift Command) flights, one of those wonderful benefits the military offers; FTA (Fun, Travel & Adventure). In my 22 years I have ridden on everything from the big C-5As (big as the Bomber Gym I think) to Lear Jets from Hawaii to Germany. To Morgan and all the others that have served - I want to say thanks. -Jay Schreiber (79) ~ Indianapolis, IN -- About as windy today as in the Tri-Cities with out all the dust. *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/03/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 13 Bombers sent stuff: Carol Haynes (51), Wanda Wittebort (53), Bill Wilborn (54), Audrey Eberhardt (61WB), Sandra Genoway (62), Jim Hamilton (63), Leo Webb (63), Susie Shaver (63), Linda Pohlod (67), Clif Edwards (68), Brad Wear (71), Kelvin Soldat (71), Bob Ingram (73) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Carol Haynes Finch (51) Re: Moses Lake Two of my children were born at the Larson Air Force Base hospital, in 1955 and 1957 while my husband was stationed there (for nearly 4 years!). In later years they have gone through the area and wondered how I stood the isolation, etc. I thought it was a neat town, with decent shopping and friendly people. I didn't really understand isolation until many years later when we were stationed at Minot AFB, Minot, ND! Now there's a place that is on the way to nowhere! Unless you are on the train to Spokane. Of course, while we were at Moses Lake, our parents lived in Wenatchee and Richland so we always had good places to spend long weekends! Bomber Cheers from Sunny Tampa, FL -Carol Haynes Finch (51) ******************************************** >>From: Wanda Wittebort Shukay (53) Maren, I have lost your address and need it again to mail you some bucks. The least I can do and also my big thanks for the Sandstorm site it means a lot to all of us aging Bombers. The site is wonderful. Thanks to the site, I am in touch with some wonderful friends and relatives from the past. Happy Easter to All, -Wanda Wittebort Shukay (53) ~ Woodbridge, VA - Where the sun is trying to shine today (that's no April Fool); they promise that the apple blossoms are to be in full bloom this weekend around the Potomac Basin; and the blue birds are busily checking out their nesting houses. ******************************************** >>From: Bill Wilborn (54) Re: Larson Air Force Base Ken Heminger (56) brought up memories for me. In 54/55 I was stationed at Geiger AFB for about 6 months at the Air Defense Center and then transferred to the 637th AC&W Squadron at Othello. I was then transferred to the 852nd AC&W Squadron on Guam. In Dec 1957 I was sent to Larson AFB for discharge at the closest base to home. At that time Terry Beebe (54) was stationed there in the separations office and was a great help getting me through the paper work mill and out the door. Spent Christmas on leave then reported to Larson for separation in Jan '58. I was at Othello for about 1 1/2 years. I then went into the Navy in March '58 and retired in June 1975. -Bill Wilborn (54) ******************************************** >>From: Audrey Eberhardt Mathews (61WB) Re: Carnivals I have just remembered the fair or carnival or whatever that came to the park every year. It was good clean fun and they always had fireworks, so I am thinking it was for the 4th of July. Another great memory to think about and enjoy. Thanks -Audrey Eberhardt Mathews (61WB) ~ Roberta, Central GA -- it was about 75 and sunny today ******************************************** >>From: Sandra Genoway (62) Re: Navy AF men down in China Dear Bombers, Let's all remember in our prayers those Navy AF men (stationed at Whidbey Island, WA) who had to make an emergency landing on Hainan Island near the China mainland... that everything will be successfully conducted in a diplomatic manner, and that we get our men and plane back! -Sandra Genoway (62) ******************************************** >>From: Jim Hamilton (63) I'm meeting Frank Whiteside (63) about noon or 1pm on Sunday, the 22nd of April at the Central Grocery [in New Orleans] for a Mufelatta and a cold Dixie. If there are any other Bombers in the Big Easy that afternoon, you are invited to join us. jimbeaux -Jim Hamilton (63) ******************************************** >>From: Leo Webb (63) To: Jeanie Walsh Williamson (63) I just did the deed and voted for old Jim... It looks like they are on to the Bombers. Good Luck... -Leo Webb (63) ******************************************** >>From: Susie Shaver Caldwell (63) I keep reading about everyone being upset about the pool... We have a great fountain in Olympia. It is graduated spouting fountain, on concrete, that spurts out 12 foot shoots of water on a predetermined sequence. It is sooooo cool, as the children don't know when the water will squirt out of any given place, unless they really watch. It also has a sound effect, and at night, it is lighted. My granddaughter & grandson love to run in & out of this fountain, and it is a delight to see how much fun these children have (including the old grandmothers that are in there too). If Richland wants to do anything different, call the Oly City Hall, I'll get the # because Heritage Park is really cool. And you have to remember our weather, so we run into the water at 50 degrees. -Susie Shaver Caldwell (63) ******************************************** >>From: Linda Pohlod Rushing (67) To: Class of 71 I would like to know when the reunion of class of '71 is for my brother Karl Pohlod. His e-mail address is [deleted for privacy] if anyone is interested. Thanks -Linda Pohlod Rushing (67) ******************************************** >>From: Clif Edwards (68) To: Doris, Lynn, and Rick (all '68) I have often wondered why I don't see more grads from '68 on the Sandstorm - then I realized I wasn't writing anything either. So I guess we're a bunch of strong but silent types. Here is something I've wanted to write to the Sandstorm about for a long time. My parents, Clif and Delores Edwards were charter members of the Richland Elks and golf course in West Richland in the mid 50s. They went on to participate in many Elks activities and lots and lots of golf tournaments at Richland Golf and Country Club, as it was sometimes known back then. Dad passed away in 1970, and sadly, Mom passed away a year ago last January. I recently was at a golf show in Portland, OR and a rep from one of the local (Tri-Cities) courses remembered Mom and Dad. He told me the course was no longer Elk affiliated and that he had seen many pictures of my folks on the walls of the old clubhouse. He said that there were two or three older ladies who had all of those old pictures. Does anyone out there in Bomber land know of anyone who might have some of them? I would love to get my hands on anything with Mom or Dad in the picture. Dad never was very fond of pictures but loved the course and club. Mom was the ladies runner- up for the club championship at least three times that I know of, so there are pictures somewhere. If anyone finds anything please email me. Thanks in advance, -Clif Edwards (68) ******************************************** >>From: Brad Wear (71) Re: No News Yet To: Class of 71 Someone mentioned trying to do our reunion in conjunction with the R2K+1. If as a last resort we have to do that, then do it at that time. I would prefer to hold a separate event towards the end of July if possible. The reason being I would not want to dilute our time by trying to meet with '71 friends as well as from the various other years. It will be difficult enough meeting with old friends from other years, and it will keep anyone from having to make a choice of which event to go to. Although I live in the Dallas, I can and will do anything I can to help pull off a successful reunion. -Brad Wear (71) ******************************************** >>From: Kelvin Soldat (71) Re: No News Yet To: Class of '71 All, I talked to Pat Harty (71) about 3 weeks ago. He says they are working on the '71 reunion but have been having trouble finding a place, everything is already booked up. He said it looked like we would need to have it 2 different places Friday and Saturday nights (which sounded good to me) and they were looking at Aug.10-12. HOWEVER do not hold me to those dates as I have not reconnected with Pat since then. -Kelvin Soldat (71) ******************************************** >>From: Bob Ingram (73) To: Gary Behymer (64) Hit on your site from E-Bay. Richland. Born Kennewick 1954. Lived in Richland for 30 years. Graduated 1973 RHS. Bob Ingram Scottsdale, AZ Your old pictures bring back good memories. ie Spudnut shop, I understand it is still open and people still meet there. How about Zip's Drive In, any pictures? Graduated Washington State 1980. Work for Ford Motor Company in the Phoenix Area. Bye. I will be watching the site. Colfax? Used to bird hunt a lot in Colfax... -Bob Ingram (73) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/04/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff: Larry Mattingly (60), Ann Engel (63), Jeanie Walsh (63), Gail Setbacken (66), Shannon Weil (82) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Larry Mattingly (60) Audrey Eberhardt Mathews (61WB) asks about the carnival and fireworks at "Riverside Park". This was the "Atomic Frontier Days" [AFD] celebration. It started in the 40s and evolved through several changes until about '57, I think. Some of the things I remember about it (besides the fireworks), were the "midway" at the lower circle at the bottom of Lee Boulevard, where you could participate in the various games of chance. Bingo for bags of groceries, (Mom always won several bags). Spin for a large ham or a pound of bacon. Win a baby chicken (home grown earwig trap). You could also find lots of food down there. Great greasy hamburgers and an ear of fresh corn on the cob, dipped in real butter. There were about 50 booths in all. Walking that midway was an early form of "cruising". How many remember that anybody going into the 7th grade the next fall was fair game for a face full of lipstick? They had a great parade down GW Way. I can still see that big tall red-headed guy that was the drum major for the VFW drum and bugle corp. He was a friend of my Dad's and somewhere I have his autograph, but his name escapes me. In those days they didn't have the clowns that cleaned up after the horses, but nobody seemed to mind. I can still remember the big 90 and 120mm AA guns the Army would bring down from the hills of Hanford. After the parade they would set them up in the park and let the kids climb on them. In the later days the Army had the Nike AA (anti aircraft) missiles. There were usually some carnival rides but I never rode them so I don't remember much about what there was. I do remember finally ringing that bell with the big mallet. It got a bit wild in the very early days... if you were caught on the street without a beard they would "toss you in jail". This was an old wagon with bars on it and was all in fun. You had to do your time (usually a couple of hours riding around town so all could see you). Or, you could buy your way out with monetary donations to some charity. (I have some dim memories of some real problems with that money). I have a picture of my Dad and uncle with their beards in about 47/48. One year they had a flyby of F-100 Sabrejets. They broke the sound barrier right over the Columbia. And of course there was Paul Beardsley and the fireworks. I won't go into my personal fascination with them, but that is where I got my start in pyrotechnics. Ah, those were the days... We were all a little sad to see the AFD go away. AS I remember the decision was made that the games of chance were "gambling" and therefore were not legal. "Happiness is the sky in bloom" -J Larry Mattingly (60) ~ Tacoma, WA ******************************************** >>From: Ann Engel Schafer (63) To: all Bombers out there This is so much fun reading about people growing up in Richland. To: Sherry Ward Johnson's (63) niece: I am glad to know that the young kids still have pride in their high school. Thank you Maren for all the work you do to keep us all connected. -Ann Engel Schafer (63) ******************************************** >>From: Jeanie Walsh Williamson (63) To: Leo Webb (63) Cool. & Thanks! I Love all of You!! Go Bombers -Jeanie Walsh Williamson (63) ******************************************** >>From: Gail Setbacken Carter (66) Ok!! all you Bombers from the great class of (66)!!! We need help for our super class reunion that is coming up. We are having a meeting at the Hanford House (alias Red lion) April 16 at seven o'clock. We need lots of ideas!! So now is your chance to be a part of this great happening. See you all there. -Gail Setbacken Carter (66) Go Bombers!!!!!!!!!!!!! ******************************************** >>From: Shannon Weil Lamarche (82) Re: Class of 1982 Reunion in 2002 To: RHS Class of 1982 I know it is a little early for this, but with all the talk about Class of '71's reunion, I was curious. Is there a committee forming yet for our 20 year reunion? I would like to put any information you have on the Class of 1982 website when you get going to help you communicate the info to the rest of the class. -Shannon Weil Lamarche (82) ~ Plainsboro, NJ *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/05/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers sent stuff: Shirley Davis (56), Jim Russell (58), Janice Woods (60WB), Jim Hamilton (63), Pam Ehinger (67), Dorris Meloeny (68), Marlene Hawk (71), Debra Dawson (74WB), Aaron Johnson (82) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Davis Lawrence-Berrey (56) Re: Atomic Frontier Days I had to smile at the recollections of Atomic Frontier Days. I really hadn't thought about their not being held anymore. I, too, have a picture of my Dad and his attempt at growing a beard. I can remember a contest held where you could win a prize for the best dressed dog. I didn't win with my Heinz variety "Queenie," but I sure gave it a try. My one and only experience with watching a wrestling match was down in that "Midway." It was in a canvas tent. The smell was a "sweaty" one, but being with my sweetheart made it all OK. The parades were great and it was fun to dress in Western style. (Never did get that pair of cowboy boots and "six-shooters" I asked for each Christmas!) What fun to remember all the good times growing up in Richland. -Shirley Davis Lawrence-Berrey (56) ~ Parkersburg, WV (where spring has finally come today) ******************************************** >>From: Jim Russell (58) Re: Atomic Frontier Days I fondly remember Atomic Frontier Days as a time of having the license to "go a little crazy." Dad and the other gentlemen who he worked with at Parker's Hardware, as did others in the city, all grew beards as part of the atmosphere leading up to the community celebration. This was before the days of local hydroplane races and other activities that are on a much larger and "commercial" scale. Atomic Frontier Days involved the whole community, and everybody seemed to turn out. If you were not IN the parade, you were on the sidewalks waving at your friends and having a good time. Cotton candy, hot dogs and everything else good to eat was "hawked" by street venders. I remember the thrill one year when our DeMolay Chapter was represented in the parade down GWWay and we had the privilege to ride in one of those brand new Edsels. Ah, the car of the future which never enjoyed a future! On a warm August night, the carnival concessions and rides were bright with lights that lit up the sky, and the noise of diesel engines, laughter and shouted greetings adds to a childhood memory that is fading but not forgotten. -Jim Russell (58) ~ Mountlake Terrace, WA ******************************************** >>From: Janice Woods Ehrke (60WB) To: Larry Mattingly (60) Re: Atomic Frontier Days Yes, Atomic Frontier Days, what great fun! There was a dog show some years in connection with the festivities, I know our St. Bernard, Art, featured "heavily" in the show. (he weighed something like 150 pounds at 6 months). Also, there was a square on land up top of the park, in my memory it was surrounded by a bank?, City building? only about a block square, but one year I remember it was turned into an Indian village, complete with teepees, horses, and Indians. It was great for all us horse crazy lil cowpokes. I was almost run down by an actual "brave" on a spotted pony. Yikes, it was better than the Saturday afternoons at the Village theater. Keep well, Bombers. -Janice Woods Ehrke (60WB) from SF ******************************************** >>From: Jim Hamilton (63) The lovely Miss Nancy (65) and I have just returned from a wonderful day aboard the USS Ohio, a Trident Submarine based in Bangor, Washington. It was a tour made available to us, by my membership in the Navy League. Folks, I gotta tell ya', that is one impressive boat. The crew was incredibly professional (even though they were on their way into port after an 80 day patrol), and we even had the opportunity to experience the vessel submerging. I hadn't been under water for that long, since an afternoon at "The Bubbles" back in the summer of '63. Pretty sure this cowboy wouldn't want to ride on one for a living, but we sure had a blast getting another category out of the way for our "Seen it all/Done it all" merit badge. If any of you ever have the chance, it isn't to be missed. Semper Bomberus. Jimbeaux -Jim Hamilton (63) ******************************************** >>From: Pam Ehinger Nassen (67) Re: Atomic Frontier Days To: Larry Mattingly (60) I remember the Carnival down in Columbia Park down by the Lagoon. Remember the Hydro races? My Dad was one of the first rescue boots. We had a ski barge with a 100 horse Merc. on it. The boat was a flat bottom boat about 8 feet wide and 20 feet long. It would turn on a dime! REALLY! Dad had the divers on his boat, The Holy Scow. He helped save the Miss Budweiser when she went down. So we had pit passes and stayed in the pits where all the action was!! Great for a young teenage girl! Dad did this from the early or mid 60s until they moved in '68 to Ephrata where they still live. My dad is Max Ehinger, and he could tell you some Great stories about the Hydro drivers!! But then a lot of fun was had by all!! Oh the good old days!! Bombers Rule -Pam Ehinger Nassen (67) ~ Thorp WA where the sun is shinning and its about 60! ******************************************** >>From: Dorris Meloeny Alred (68) To: Clif Edwards (68) I remember you fairly well. You liked orange popsicles best, which always seemed strange to me, being a red or purple aficionado. You spoke of the West Richland Country Club which I remember, I think, through Janie Mobley (68). That will probably not help you with your search for photos of your Mom. Do you remember the comic book sales we used to put on outside our houses? I lived on Horn Avenue, I think you lived on Hunt, one street over from Davidson. You have to remember, my parents were both dead by 1968, and my memories are truly over thirty years old with no updates or contacts to refresh. I remember you as blond and a boy friend in the first or second grade. Do you remember the Warners (son Mark - our grade level) who had a greenhouse and grew orchids, which they would sometimes sell for the High School dances? They lived near you. As well as the Lamberts, a fairly strict Mormon family, whose daughter Deirdre was in our class? -Dorris Meloeny Alred (68) ******************************************** >>From: Marlene G. Hawk Register (71) Re: '71 class reunion Thanks Maren for getting me hooked up with the Alumni Sandstorm. It's been very entertaining. (By the way, my S.O. says I still look the same as in kindergarten -- spotted me as soon as the picture printed on the screen. I guess I've kept my youth! HA! HA!) About this year's reunion, I'm very much in favor of having something later in the summer even if it is in two different locations. Please let me know if there is anything I could do to help from here in Corvallis, OR. Re: Recipe Wanted Does anyone else remember making french bread for extra credit in Mr. LaBreque's classes. If you still have the recipe please put it on line. I guess that's all for now, -Marlene G. Hawk Register (71) ~ Corvallis, OR ******************************************** >>From: Debra Dawson Fogler (74WB) Another one bites the dust! I'm having a good time voting against Barbra's [aka Jeanie Walsh (63)] foes in the Ventura County survivor game, even if the stakes are low. For everyone whose personal vote didn't count in the last presidential election (the majority), this is your venue. Bombers are making a difference! Makes me think we should go to a point and click system on the people you DON'T want to be president for future national elections. Does it take less strength to push a mouse button or punch out a square of tagboard? That is the question, along with should we vote for people we want OUT or people we want IN, which is confusing in national elections, unlike on- line opinion polls. Denny's Restaurants will be hosting seminars across the country this summer to test hand-strength of voters, warning them of an inability to adequately press out a punch card hole, as well as inform them of basic voting rules so they know if their action votes someone in or out. Kudos to Denny's for civic responsibility. -Debra Dawson Fogler (74WB) ******************************************** >>From: Aaron Johnson II (82) Re: Frontier Days As I recall they had Frontier Days when I was still in elementary school or Jr. Hi, but I believe it was just an "anniversary" one. My only memory is that there was some carnival rides (of course, this would be my only memory at that age) and I think they were in the ball field where the new community center is being built. There was also a parade, (living on GWWay meant never missing a parade). Just one of the things I miss about the "old" (relatively speaking, of course) days of Richland. Now we don't even have a 4th of July celebration in town. With all the pride we have in our history, and the hard-won sense of accomplishment we feel (even if most of the world can't acknowledge this enormous feat of wonder for politically correct reasons) for our northern project, I wonder that we don't have an event to acknowledge this here. My Mom has told me many stories of the very early days here, and I've read many more in books that have been put together of those times. But most kids I've met from the X and Y (is there a Z generation yet, and what happens after Z? Maybe Brad Upton (74) already has an answer to this) generations haven't a clue about what their grandmas, grandpas and so on went through here. If I were the type to organize these types of things (sadly, I recognize my weaknesses, many more than strengths), I would. But would be very happy to help in any way putting this together, if given direction. Anyone think this a worthy idea, and up to the challenge of seeing it done? -Aaron Johnson II (82) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/06/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers & 3 funeral notices today: Dick McCoy (Beaver45/Bomber46), Mary Lou Stines (50WB), Carolyn Eaton (53), Morgan Miller (53), Sharon Chapman (57), Jeanie Walsh (63), Leo Webb (63), Clif Edwards (68), Paula Moberg (73), Brad Upton (74), Kathy Hodgson (76), Treg Owings (76) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick McCoy (Beaver45/Bomber46) Re: Atomic Frontier Days I recall the first celebration, I think in 1948. Not much went on except a lot of booze, but they did have several celebrities, Chill Wills, Janet Paige, etc. Chalky Conway (45) rented a room at the old Hanford House for party time. He came up with six or eight of those little turtles, and we painted numbers on their backs, drew a circle of chalk on the carpet, threw the critters in the middle, and had ourselves a horse race or two. The betting was going on splendidly, and much noise and cheering in addition. I glanced up across the circle, and there on his knees was Roddy MacDowall (47), about 16 at the time. He was just about ready to lay down a bet when in came mother and whisked him away. I thought, poor little rich guy. Fun times, then. -Dick McCoy (Beaver45/Bomber46) ******************************************** >>From: Mary Lou Stines Pearson (50WB) Re: A Frontier Days Memory This is so insignificant that it is hardly worth the time it takes me to type it or for you to read it, but the thing I remember about the 1948 Frontier Days is seeing an actress named Janis or Janice Paige. Ms. Paige was NOT a famous movie star of the period (as you might have already grasped since she was attending an event in Richland), but her name was a somewhat familiar one if one went to the movies frequently. I did go to the movies frequently because I was an usher and I was eager to get a peak at anyone who stood on the other side of the movie cameras. However, when I saw this "star" I could hardly believe my eyes! She had so much make up on her face that in my mind she looked almost like a clown. "Palette knife" is the term that comes to my mind now. I was terribly disillusioned -- this young woman was not a natural beauty but only a Hollywood invention! It was one step forward for me in learning the way the world works -- things are often not what they seem to be. -Mary Lou Stines Pearson (50WB) - Olympia, WA (under gray and heavy skies, with rain in the forecast ******************************************** >>From: Carolyn Eaton Hudson (53) Re: Amen! I just wanted to say let's keep our prayers going for the crew of the Navy plane that is being held in China. We heard this morning that they are going to interrogate them. I know that their families are going through a lot right now, and they too need our prayers. I think its going to get ugly before it gets better! -Carolyn Eaton Hudson (53) ******************************************** >>From: Morgan Miller (53) Re: Atomic Frontier Days The last one I remember was in 1952 it was our senior year and a bunch of us guys went to the mid-way. Jim Spears (53) Jim Williamson (53) and Donnie Morris (53- RIP). Donnie and I volunteered to ride around a large barrel on the back of a motor cycle. We must have been crazy but we did it anyway. They put us up on the stage and advertised home town boys to go around the barrel. I put my head against the back of the driver and never opened my eyes until we were back down in the middle of the barrel, I think Donnie did the same thing. I guess we have done a lot of crazy things when we were young Bombers, but it's always nice to look back. Bomber cheers -Morgan Miller (53) ~ Pensacola, FL ******************************************** >>From: Sharon Chapman McFall (57) Re: Bomber trivia I've loved reading through all of the early memories of Atomic Frontier Days. My mother once had to wash the post office steps with a toothbrush because our pokey old pet "Whizbang" lost the turtle race... and I have the picture from the paper to prove it. Haven't thought about that in many years. I also remember faces smeared with lipstick but can't remember the significance of that whole thing. However, I can remember, at the tender age of four, going to the "Grape Festival" in Kennewick. Anyone else out there remember that one? -Sharon Chapman McFall (57) ~ Mesa, AZ (where it is blessedly and unusually cloudy today) ******************************************** >>From: Jeanie Walsh Williamson (63) Attention All Bomber Alumni Calling all Bombers, Calling all Bombers, If you haven't already voted and plan on voting this week, Friday [today - 4/6/01] at 6:00pm is the deadline, and Tim Gallegher is the target... Bombs Away... Go Bombers... And Thanks. -Jeanie Walsh Williamson (63) ******************************************** >>From: Leo Webb (63) To: all Olympia area Bombers... We, the class of '63, have been getting together for lunch once every other month. We would like to expand this to all Bombers for lunch at Tugboat Annie's on Thursday, May 10th at 11:45. If you plan on joining the old gang, email me so I can reserve the entire restaurant. And Susie said she will make it to the next one. -Leo Webb (63) ******************************************** >>From: Clif Edwards (68) To: Dorris Meloeny Alred (68) Yes, I remember all those things, especially the comic book sales! I did live on Hunt St. The Warners lived on the Street behind us - I can't remember the name right now. We also ran around with Deirdre Lambert. I mostly ran around with Kenny Meek (67) and Neil Woods (67). We were famous buddies throughout jr. high and high school, then the three of us were rommies at WSU for a couple years before we all started getting married. Do you recall the one summer when the city was repaving Hunt street? I seem to remember you were involved in the watermelon incident. My mom gave us a dollar or two to buy a watermelon from a lady down Hunt street for our family. On the way home we dropped it in front of the paving crew and it broke. The guys on the crew each gave us fifty cents for a piece of watermelon and we made around two dollars. We went back three or four times that day and made BIG money. Probably three or four dollars all day. Whoopie! -Clif Edwards (68) ******************************************** >>From: Paula Moberg Bigelow (73) Re: Bonfires Does anyone remember the huge bonfires in January across from city hall, and the fire station. Everyone would bring their Christmas trees and put them in a big pile in the vacant lot, and the firemen would set them on fire? My dad took us to them every year until that lot was finally built on. -Paula Moberg Bigelow (73) ******************************************** >>From: Brad Upton (74) Re: Atomic Frontier Days My dad was the proud winner of several of the beard growing contests during the Frontier Days. I have a picture of him from about the '54 Herald accepting his award. I believe all the contestants got together on April 1st to shave and then met back up in July for judging. Robley Johnson took a nice, professional photo of the winner. Dad was also a member of the 48-49 J.A. Tertiling state champion softball team that people were talking about a couple of weeks ago that featured Eddie Feigner. I have a nice team photo of that team that I'll scan in if I ever get a scanner. -Brad Upton (74) ******************************************** >>From: Kathy Hodgson Lucas (76) Re: Bomber Green & Gold Does anyone know where in the Tri-Cities I can find green and gold striped knee socks? My 11 year old daughter, a future Bomber, is currently playing basketball with a Burbank AAU team. We tried to get the coach to order green and gold uniforms, or at least call the team the Burbank Bombers, but he seemed to resist those ideas, so it's blue and gold uniforms for the Burbank Bullets. Maybe the socks will spice things up a bit. Thanks! -Kathy Hodgson Lucas (76) ******************************************** >>From: Treg Owings (76) To: Larry Mattingly (60) My Dad was in the drum and bugle corp. His name was Chuck Owings, some called him "Red" and he was a little over 6 foot. We still have the old drum major baton. I'm not sure if he ever led the Corps. I would love to find out if that was him. He has been gone for 16 years. He told me about the Corps playing in Yakima I think. They would perform - then go to bars and play for beer. The whole Corps got kicked out of Yakima at least once. I never got to see him play. I would love to hear any stories others have who might have know him. Thanks, -Treg Owings (76) ******************************************** ******************************************** Funeral Notices scanned from TCHerald by Shirley Collings Haskins (66) ~ Joseph Gervais ~ WB Class of 1980 ~ 6/28/1961 - 2/2/2001 ~ ~ Leon Janin ~ WB Class of 1960 ~ 5/1/1943 - 3/31/2001 ~ *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/07/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 17 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCoy (Beaver45/Bomber46), Ken Ely (49), Jim Grow (51), Sandra Atwater (51), Charlotte Carlson (52), Lorraine Powell (52WB), Marilyn Richey (53), Brad Kuiper (56), Gus Keeney (57), Patti Jones (60), Cliff Cunningham (62), David Douglas (62), Jeanie Walsh (63), Jim House (63), Gary Behymer (64), Pam Ehinger (67), Tim Lippert (79) ******************************************** ******************************************** NOTICES See the 1946 Richland Day Program: Link doesn't work See the 1947 Richland Day Program: See the 1948 Atomic Frontier Days program: The "Floats" page of the '48 program has a float from the United (?) Protestant church with several tiny "letter houses" and even a tiny Protestant church -- on the float. ~~~~~~~~~ >From a Bomber: "I have just one question, what does WB mean? Answer: It means Wanna Be... or Woulda Been ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick McCoy (Beaver45/Bomber46) Re: Roddy and Chalky No, no, no! Re: 4/6/01 Sandstorm! I didn't mean Roddy MacDowell (47) I meant Roddy McDowell, the movie star! I did misspell his name and got his age wrong. He was 20. not 16, I looked it up. But he looked 16 when he was 40, so it was an honest mistake. His mother DID come and haul him away from our naughty turtle race, tho. Trouble in Richland City. Another letter seems to indicate there were turtle races later at "the Days". True? What did we start? To: Maren Smyth (64) Yes, you have the right Chalky Conway (46), but he doesn't live in Benton City any more. I think it's Kennewick, now. I don't know if he has e-mail. Maybe someone else knows. I would like to have it too. I don't live in Richland, but Camano Island. Still love ya, Richland, in spite of my absence. -Dick McCoy (Beaver45/Bomber46) ******************************************** >>From: Ken Ely (49) Re: Atomic Frontier Days Started in 1945 as "Richland Day" and lasted 3 years until the name was changed to Atomic Frontier Days in 1948. Guests from Hollywood that year were: Janis Page, Roddy McDowell, Monte Hall, Chill Wills, Jimmy Wakely, and Ray Whitley. All famous people and names everyone will remember, right? Barbara Wiltz was crowned "Miss Richland". -Ken Ely (49) ~ Orangevale, CA ******************************************** >>From: Jim Grow (51) Re: A Hanford Memory, Janice Paige, the movie star, must have liked this area because she also performed on stage in the auditorium out at Hanford in 1944. Bill Wilkins (51) and I saw her out there. That was a long time ago. Who else saw her there?...... -Jim Grow (51) ******************************************** >>From: Sandra Atwater Boyd (51) Anyone remember the Frontier Day when Kirk Douglas was there? He rode in a convert in the parade ------ how exciting that was! -Sandra Atwater Boyd (51) ~ Palm Desert, CA ******************************************** >>From: Charlotte Carlson Terry (52) Re: Atomic Frontier Days I wanted to pass on my memory of seeing Kirk Douglas at the Frontier Days - and he WAS a pretty big star then. I remember thinking he was shorter than I would imagine, but he was even more handsome!! Anyone else remember that? Must have been late 40s - early 50s. -Charlotte Carlson Terry (52) ~ Prescott, AZ (sunny, as usual - after a little rain last night - yeah!! ******************************************** >>From: Lorraine "Rainy" Powell Earp-Tanner (52WB) Re: Dick McCoy's (Beaver45/Bomber46) Atomic Frontier Days article. This brought back a bunch of memories, especially when he mentioned Roddy MacDowell. My dad (Chic Powell) who had formed a teenage club (Triple-Teen Club) had arranged for Roddy to be on our float. 'This was especially important to me because I had a super crush on Roddy from the time I first saw him in "My friend Flicka"'. I had been voted in as Queen Rainy and he, King Roddy. We as a club had worked so hard on that float with lots of hand made paper flowers and we were very proud of it. We waited and waited for Roddy to show up. We were the first float in the parade (a trophy for that) and had to start on time. We were half a block up the street and here came Roddy, he took a big leap on the float and put his feet through the side of the float knocking a hole in it. But he did make it and we were all ecstatic he was riding with us. He kept us laughing with a lot of jokes. We enjoyed his time with us , but my super crush on him faded quickly away that day as I realized he was not the actor he portrayed in all the movies I had seen of him. (Just a teenager's crush I guess). We had many of those parades to follow and like the rest of you I either stood at the side of the street and watched the parade or was in it. The 'Midway' was also fun as most of the food and game booths were run by friends, family and neighbors. I miss those wonderful days of knowing, trusting and having good clean fun with all our neighbors and friends. Hello to all of you in class of '52. -Lorraine "Rainy" Powell Earp-Tanner (52WB) ~ Modesto, CA (April Showers today) ******************************************** >>From: Marilyn Richey (53) Re: Frontier Days The Days were a activity everybody looked forward to each year. Not only the local activities but in the late 40s and into the early 50s, they had Hollywood stars come to the Frontier Days. I remember when Janice Paige, Roddy McDowell, Kirk Douglas and others attended the weekend fun. I think somebody talked to the city fathers of combining the Pasco Follies and the Frontier Days for monetary reasons in those days. I know Mr. Paul Beardsley could tell the reason why it stopped. He was one of the "wheels" of the activities. The closest thing comes to a community now is the July Arts and crafts show the weekend of the hydro races now. -Marilyn Richey (53) ~ Richland ******************************************** >>From: Brad Kuiper (56) Re: Frontier Days To: Sharon Chapman McFall (57) My recollection of the lipstick on faces was a form of "initiation" for the 9th graders who would be going to Col Hi in the fall. I think many of them were proud to be painted up because it showed they were "moving up." They were now in High School. I know Frontier Days probably didn't impress too many folks from the "big cities," but for us growing up in Richland, it was great. Next to going to "State" in Seattle, Frontier Days ranked second on my list of the year's big events. -Brad Kuiper (56) ******************************************** >>From: Gus Keeney (57) Re: Moved Hi Every One, Sue and I are getting nested in our new home in Yuma, AZ. If anyone is, or is going to be, in the area they can E-Mail us and we will send the directions to our house. Re: Frontier Days I remember The Keeney family always enjoyed the Frontier Days Parade and other activities. Dad had an acquaintance Swede Ralston a Stunt Pilot that always flew for the air show part. He had his name painted upside down on the side of his aircraft because that was the way he flew most of the time it seemed. Re: Personal note My Wife Mate Sue has one more Chemo treatment to go and she would like you to keep her in your prayers. She has a good positive attitude , but is looking forward to the end of the treatments in May. -Gus Keeney (57) ******************************************** >>From: Patti Jones (60) Re: Krispy Kremes Announcement in the business section of the Tacoma News Tribune April 6, 2001 "Krispy Kremes are coming to the State of Washington. The first Washington State store will open in either Bellevue or Issaquah in the late summer. Up to nine more stores will follow in the next five years." The news account says that people have waited in line for at least three hours to get a Krispy Kreme. We can drive from Western Washington in that amount of time to have our Spudnuts. I personally have not had a Krispy Kreme. My curiosity peaks out and races back to the great SPUDNUTS. YUM. -Patti Jones (60) ~ Browns Point, WA (where I watch big ships come in and out of Commencement Bay every day. 48 degrees, cloudy, sun breaks and light wind. Trees and flowers are blooming everywhere. ******************************************** >>From: Cliff Cunningham (62) Re: Atomic Frontier Days OK OK I give up. I've been reading the daily issue of the Alumni Sandstorm for months now but have been reluctant to send anything, but, the stories of Atomic Frontier Days have goaded me into this short note. I not only remember those days with a great deal of fondness, but I can relive them whenever I want. I recently had to sell my folks' "H" house on Mahan, after they lived in it for 51 yeas, and in the process of cleaning it out I discovered all of my Dad's 8 mm movie reels and his projector. He had a splicer and had consolidated many 50' movie reels into 200' movie reels. One of them contained several years of Atomic Frontier Days parades and the midway. One in particular had several of my future '62 classmates and me painted with lipstick. This must have been about the summer of '57 when we were about to start Jr. High. It was the tradition at that time to "paint" new 7th grader's faces with lipstick. I think I spent more time that summer removing lipstick than I did at the swimming pool (we weren't allowed in the pool with our faces smeared). Needless to say there are a lot of other memories of growing up in Richland in those movie reels. -Cliff Cunningham (62) ******************************************** >>From: David Douglas (62) My one clearest memory of Atomic Frontier Days (other than from photographs, dressed in my cowboy outfit) was also my one and only lifetime athletic accomplishment (being severely underweight and uncoordinated). I was about eight years old and was looking at the prizes on the prize table at Riverside Park - WOW! There was an absolutely wonderful giant steam shovel that I instantly coveted. I entered the somersault contest - and won!!! When it was award time - guess which prize I received! I was in heaven. It had a plastic engine in it. My older brother Walker (57), and the two neighbor kids Merton (58) and Ronnie (60) Tucker, took it out and put a firecracker under it. They wanted to see it shoot up into the air. Well, it did. In about 100 pieces. I have never forgotten that. Maybe some day I'll forgive them... -David Douglas (62) ~ Gilbert, AZ ******************************************** >>From: Jeanie Walsh Williamson (63) Re: Calling All Bombers UPDATE We are headed back to the base, my friends. They whooped us, but not by much... We had a lot of people gunnin' for us -- all the way from the Congressional seat in DC to the DA's office in Ventura -- AND, every news man who ever wrote a sentence. However (not to be a sorer loser) they kind of changed the rules. Voting (as I understood it from last week's article) was open until Friday at 6:00pm. They closed it at noon on Friday... they maintain that we were still behind at that point... I'll leave the imagination up to the readers... What a school... Bombers are the GREATEST... Wish you were all here to help in my run for Mayor... Thank You from the bottom of my heart... corny, but true!! -Jeanie Walsh Williamson (63) ******************************************** >>From: Jim House (63) Re: Our Men and Women in China Say a prayer if you wish, but do not worry about our men and women being held in China. There is one Marine with them, they will be fine! Semper Fi -Jim House (63) ~ Houston, TX ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) Take a little time and sign into There is no charge to LIST your name and email address. The Tri-Cities score, i.e. number of classmates for each 'major' high school is... 2820... Richland High School 1939... Kennewick High School 1710... Pasco High School Who says 'rivalry' is dead? -Gary Behymer (64) ~ living in downtown Colfax, WA (birthplace of Doctor Leo Bustad (64)(;-) ******************************************** >>From: Pam Ehinger Nassen (67) Hey Bombers! I made a grave mistake! Dad worked the Water Follies not the AFD! Sorry about that! Re: Getting smeared with lipstick To: Sharon Chapman McFall (57) Sharon, They used to do that when you went from the 6th grade into the 7th! You were moving up to the Jr. High school!! I don't remember us at Christ the King getting to enjoy that tradition!! LOL Bombers Rule -Pam Ehinger Nassen (67) ~ Thorp, WA (where the sun is shinning and it's 50!) ******************************************** >>From: Tim Lippert (79) Re: smear day Hi, I was reading the other day and someone mentioned lipstick all over people's faces at Atomic Frontier Days. That sparked a memory of the last day of grade school being "smear day". All I remember, through the haze of fear, is that on the last day of school at Marcus Whitman you were a target if you weren't in 6th grade. The whole thing was the "big" kids would run you down and smear lipstick all over your face as you walked home. I never walked, I ran as fast as I could. I actually don't remember anyone I knew having this done to them so maybe it's another urban legend, much like the "mummy" in the Klucas' basement across the street from the school? So anybody out there have any recollection of these things or am I slowly becoming like my father and making my life so much more dramatic than it was just for the future story telling opportunities. Really I had to walk 10 miles, uphill both ways, to school. Heading into a 50 mph wind with tumbleweeds the size of VWs, really son it happened. -Tim Lippert (79) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/08/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 17 Bombers sent stuff: Ray Gillette (49), Lorraine Powell (52WB), Curt Donahue (53), Carol Hollingsworth (55), Roger Myers (55), Don McKenzie (56), Gordon McDonald (56), Tom Hughes (56), Max Sutton (57), Janet Wilgus (59), Sandra Genoway (62), Carol Converse (64), Gary Behymer (64), Judi Wilson (65), Sherry Foreman (73), Mike Davis (74), Patty Sweetin (76) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ray Gillette (49) Concerning the "Floats" picture mentioned with the CUP float containing some "letter" houses thereupon... There is another float on the same page that depicts a Southern belle type with parasol and large hoop skirt constructed over a vehicle of some sort. My Mother (Ruth Gillette) was instrumental in designing and constructing that float our back yard. I believe it was really the 1947 Richland Days (AFD). She (my Mother) also talked me into getting some of my friends from the 1949 class to march singly in the parade dressed in costumes that represented the elementary schools in Richland at that time. We had a Marcus Whitman, a Sacajawea, a Thomas Jefferson, and a Lewis and Clark. Now if I could only remember which of my classmates were that performed as those famous persons. I'm sure that Ray King (49-RIP) and Jerry Anderson (49) were two of them. Thanks for bringing back the memories of that event. Very enjoyable for me..... -Ray Gillette (49) ~ In sunny Phoenix, AZ (where we are enjoying wonderful weather at the moment but dreading the soon to be Hotter than H... weather of our summer) ******************************************** >>From: Lorraine "Rainy" Powell Earp-Tanner (52WB) Well Dick McCoy (45/46) you have me in trouble now. My husband told me MacDowell was spelled McDowell, but I told him I was certain you were correct. Now you admitted to being wrong. Another point for my husband. You guys stick together, don't you? -Lorraine "Rainy" Powell Earp-Tanner (52WB) ~ Modest, CA (today rainy and cold a little bit of sunshine) ******************************************** >>From: Curt Donahue (53) Re: Atomic Frontier Days One recollection I have, other than either being in the parade or watching it, was either in 1948 or 1949 being in the hospital during the time of the celebration and getting a visit from Monte Hale, who was a western movie star. He gave me his autograph which I have lost through the years. He was never as popular as Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, or William Boyd, who played Hopalong Cassidy. -Curt Donahue (53) ~ Federal Way, WA ******************************************** >>From: Carol Hollingsworth Entrikin (55) O.K. Here is my two cents on Krispy Kreme donuts and Spudnuts. I have always been a big doughnut fan, ever since I was a child and the Donut Factory was within walking distance of our house in Portland, Oregon on Macadam. My folks would take a walk down there in the evenings and I can smell them yet. So far, I have never tasted anything close to their cake donuts in all my years of tasting all around the country. My husband and I always sample the local small family type (no Winchells pleeeeez!) businesses. So we do consider ourselves "in the know" about donuts. Which is probably why we are constantly trying out the newest diets etc... anyway, I think Krispy Kreme donuts are only good when they are warm! They also put too much glaze on them, too sweet! If you keep them overnight they get soggy and yukky. I can't imagine putting soft ice cream on a Krispy Kreme. It would turn to mush immediately... not so a Spudnut. So there, that is my take on Krispy Kremes vs. Spudnuts. No contest! Thank you for listening as I know this is a very important topic and some day a bestseller will be written about this. -Carol Hollingsworth Entrikin (55) ******************************************** >>From: Roger L. Myers (55) I enjoy the Sandstorm very much. I especially enjoy Tom Tracy's (55) musings. Tom - you are a very talented writer and obviously a very caring person. HOWEVER, if you are to continue to be respected for what you submit you need to check the veracity of what you write. On 23 March you commented about other great players that "could have played" for the Bombers. I have no disagreement with most of the players you mentioned - Tom Graham (55) was a fairly decent baseball pitcher, Ron Snowden (55) was a very good football player, George McDonald (55) was an excellent tennis player and had (in his opinion) "the greatest jump shot in school", Bob McCord (55) played baseball at Col-Hi and at college, Tom Groves (55) and Jerry Reed (55) were talented athletes. My only disagreement with your list was the inclusion of my name. I proved that I did not belong by being "cut" from the team(s) seven times in six years (that is another story). I made up for my lack of height by having no footspeed. I did love the Bombers and gathered a love of the sport of basketball from you, Chuck Curtis (55), Lonnie Whitner (55), Norris Brown (57), Denny Olsen (55-RIP), Dave Forrest (55), Tilbert Neal (56), etc. And, all joking aside, it was nice to be mentioned. I think the experience of trying every year gave me a real understanding of what marginal athletes feel as I coached. Re: Atomic Frontier Days As a junior high student I learned a very valuable lesson on the midway. One that I've recounted in my teaching many times. I was excited about the "wrestling" show they had on the midway. The "barker" promised $50 to anyone that could stay 3 rounds with the professional wrestler. After several minutes of "hyping" the crowd, one man "volunteered". He was dressed in work clothes, blue jeans, blue shirt, etc. We (the crowd) excitedly paid our money (twenty five cents, I believe) to watch the "athletic event". Once inside we were treated to a fairly decent wrestling match with the "volunteer" doing surprisingly well. One week later I was dumbfounded to watch wrestling on TV from Spokane and saw the same two wrestlers. At this point I figured out that not everyone was always going to be 100% honest with me. -Roger L. Myers (55) ******************************************** >>From: Don McKenzie (56) Janic Paige probably made several appearances in Richland because her aunt lived on Roberdeau at the end of Mahan street in "B" house. I remember going down there and sitting on the front porch waiting for her to appear and get her autograph. WOW a real movie star staying in MY neighborhood. Another great memory was going to see the Barnum & Baily circus which would come to the Kennewick Fair Grounds. Anyone else remember that? -Don McKenzie (56) ******************************************** >>From: Gordon McDonald (56) Re: Atomic Frontier Days Like most of the 50s - 60s graduates I have a few nostalgic memories of the Atomic Frontier Days celebration - including some other than those that have already been mentioned. Maybe some of you remember some of these things - probably from the 1954 or 1955 events. There was a wrestling ring set up in the middle of the street where all the booths lined both sides and they had some pre-WWF phonies supposedly taking on challengers from the audience. I think there was some money to be won if the challenger could beat the loud mouth in the ring. It was free, so I suppose the AFD organizing committee had to pay some bucks to get a half dozen pro wrestlers to come in and put on a show. No one has mentioned that it was the annual initiation time for entering sophomores and the practice was to 'pants' them in public - i.e. remove the pants from unsuspecting underclassmen. I don't recall that anyone attempted this with people like John Meyers (58-RIP) or Danny Neth (57-RIP). Come to think of it I don't really remember that anyone actually got 'pantsed'. I guess it was more of a threat than a reality - unless there is someone out there who can personally recall the embarrassment. The last vivid memory is a scene where a rather tall upperclassman (or maybe he had already graduated), who was under the influence of a few beers, attempted to harass Jerry Reed (55) in the middle of the 'Midway'. For those of you who don't remember Jerry: he was probably the toughest guy in school on a pound-for-pound basis, but he was only about 5'7" tall. Anyway, Jerry took it for about 30 seconds and then unleashed one straight right jab to the chin of the agitator which, I swear, lifted the guy off his feet and he landed on his back out cold. -Gordon McDonald (56) ~ Massena, NY (where the snow is still on the ground and the sun is not shining) ******************************************** >>From: Tom Hughes (56) Re: NY Times Article This is a link to a story in the NY Times about the Hanford B Reactor. -Tom Hughes (56) ~ Auburn, WA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [I had to sign in (choose a user I.D. and password) before I could see/read the article. Interesting reading. -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Max Sutton (57) Re: Atomic Frontier Days Boy what memories that brings back. I remember Monte Hale in '48 cause he autographed my cowboy hat. Wow! that made all those movies on Saturday afternoon worth while. Remember: two cowboy shows, two cartoons, and those serials every Saturday for, I believe 12 cents. I know that 25 cents got you in AND popcorn. Parents would pack their kids off and have the rest of the day to themselves. Anyone remember at Easter time, they would stop in between shows and give away little bunnies and chicks to the kids with the lucky ticket. I wonder how many of those little ones survived? Then, if they had a war movie, they would give away real G.I. helmet liners. Those were the good ole' days. No worries mate. -Max Sutton (57) ******************************************** >>From: Janet Wilgus Beaulieu (59) Re: Initiation Anyone from the class of 1959 probably remembers our Soph. initiation! There are photos in our yearbook (I think the 1957) of some of our classmates during this rite of passage to becoming (officially) a Col-Hi student! We had lipstick smeared on us, had to have at least 3 pigtails in our hair, clothes on backward among other indignities. There was an assembly where some of our classmates were "forced" into pie fights while blindfolded and some of us doing the peanut push (push that nut along the floor by the nose!) If anyone can remember any of the other humiliations that were memorable and that boosted us onto "the scene," would like to hear from you. I still have a vivid recollection of the photo of Diane Goodnow (59) and Linda Neely (59) -- still giggling while enduring the full impact of all that fun!! Judy Agen (59), Patti Ellingson (59), Mary Lou DeMeyer (59), Janie Lambert (59), Kit Bridges (59), Judy Morrill (59) and so many of my dearest friends -- we had so much fun and so much growing up to do at our alma mater!! A little aside -- I went through another initiation at the Univ. of Washington, a more solemn affair, and believe it or not, Judy Agen Azure loaned me her wedding dress in order to participate!! (How did I ever fit into that???) Anyway, it worked and I'm sure I felt like I looked lovely for the occasion! Thank you, Judy. What a friend! -Janet/Atomette -Janet Wilgus Beaulieu (59) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Thanks to John Northover (59) for putting the '57 Columbian on line... You can see the page Janet is talking about at: ******************************************** >>From: Sandra Genoway (62) To: Tim Lippert (79) Hills? WHAT hills; in Seattle, we have HILLS! I will never forget after moving to Seattle, the sore calf muscles I had while developing my Seattle walking legs. I could not afford to have a car; I was working downtown and living on Queen Anne; the bus did not go where I lived, so often times I would walk up from "downtown" Queen Anne to my little carriage house in back of the Ballard family mansion. Re: Atomic Frontier Days Our mom and dad did not take us to Atomic Frontier Days very often; we did not participate, sorry to say, and from that experience, I guess when I got older, I thought there was nothing to go to that was worth spending my time on at AFD. Like a lot of other things I missed out on during my teenage years, when I could have been having more fun. (I later made up for this when I was in about my late 30s, early 40s -- you know, during that mid-life crises thing, after you have enough money to have a little fun --just a little; not a whole lot, but enough, and some memories for when I am old, like now, and cannot go so good as I used to!) However, when I was a kid, we did go to mom and dad's "home" to Wenatchee and the Wenatchee Apple Blossom Festival almost every year, usually the last weekend in April, when all of the cherry and apple trees were in full bloom. What a beautiful sight, to look across the valley and see this. Of course, the big highlight of the Festival was the big parade in downtown Wenatchee on Saturday. We would all go together with our aunts and uncles and many cousins. One year, I remember going to the equestrian competition. That is something that is also "big" in Wenatchee -- horses! For this year's Festival activities schedule, go to: Every year, now, along with the Tri-Cities and many other cities and towns, Wenatchee enters its Apple Blossom float in the Seafair parade in Seattle, and also its horse club is usually represented with beautiful, locally-grown horses and riders. This year, there is a sad turn of events for Wenatchee. Some of its long-time fruit farmers are giving up on growing orchards and are destroying them, since they cannot compete with the imported fruit from other countries being sold in U.S. grocery stores. Perhaps, we could all do something to support these "ranchers" by calling our local grocery stores and ask for Washington fruit in our stores, again. Also, you can either go to the Wenatchee valley area during the summer months and buy fresh fruits and vegetables, or go to the Farmer's Market in Seattle and farmer's markets in other areas in Washington to get local Washington-grown food and support our State's food growers. I'll tell you what; it tastes a whole lot better than the stuff in the grocery stores! -Sandra Genoway (62) ******************************************** >>From: Carol Converse Maurer (64) To: Jeanie Walsh Williamson (63) These past weeks of voting to help you stay in the contest has been a lot of fun for all of us. Another thing to look forward to doing. Sorry to hear that you were booted out this week. Now, I wonder if there is any way of helping you for the mayership... -Carol Converse Maurer (64) ~ Eureka, CA - sunny today so far and the flowers are in full bloom in our yard. Very pretty. ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) While perusing a copy of the 1970 Kinnikinick, the yearbook from Eastern Washington State College/University, I did spy "Choir Queen', Vicki Sedlacek (68). She was a junior that year majoring in music. Vicki was a member of the Symphonic choir and Collegians. She planned to get a Masters and teach music on the college level. She is the oldest of 5 children, three which attended eastern in the fall of 1970. In the same annual is Richland Bomber Beth Pederson, guitarist and vocalist, from the Col-Hi class of 1961. She is shown performing with The Original Caste. -Gary Behymer (64) ~ living in downtown Colfax, WA ******************************************** >>From: Judi Wilson Johnson (65) Re: Krispie Kremes I picked a friend up at the airport a few months back and he came off the plane chatting with a man carrying two huge shopping bags filled with 12 dozen Krispie Kreme boxes! He talked about how long he had stood in line for them and I told him he should have gone to Richland for Spudnuts instead of Phoenix for Krispie Kremes. So the challenge was on and he gave me one. I must admit that it was good -- but Spudnuts are better. I will, however, be willing to stand in a VERY short line to buy some more. Re: Atomic Frontier Days My Mom was telling me about when Kirk Douglas was there and how nice he was (he even patted my head - I was about one). Is that when they had all the games in the park? I remember digging for money in piles of hay and three legged races. Those were fun times. -Judi Wilson Johnson (65) ~ in beautiful Lynnwood, WA (where everything is in bloom and the weather is confused with rain, hail and sunshine) ******************************************** >>From: Sherry Foreman (73) To: Jim Hamilton (63) Jim Read your bit about being on the USS Ohio. I stood on the USS Ohio when it first came into Bangor. I worked for Pan Am at the time who ran the support services on the submarine base and I sold Pan Am company stuff. So I traded an officer a Pan Am pen, a towel, and a shirt for a medallion of the USS Ohio. The medallion says USS Ohio - Commissioned in November 1981 - Fist Trident Missile Submarine. On the back it says Designed and Built by the Men and Women of General Dynamics Electric Boat Division. The submarine was pretty awesome. Can't recall for sure, but thought I heard someone say it was 5 feet shorter than the Space Needle. Don't know if that's true. Anyway, thanks for your story. -Sherry Foreman (73) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) Re: Krispy Kremes arriving in state of Washington Tedi Parks (76) will love to hear the news of Krispy Kremes expanding to the state of Washington. She has been known to shovel down a dozen with absolutely no problem. Now when she comes to visit her mother here in the state of Washington that morning ritual can continue! The Queen of the Kremes! -Mike Davis (74) ******************************************** >>From: Patty Sweetin (76) Re: Smear Day To Tim Lippert (79) Tim, I also attended Marcus Whitman. I also heard the kids talking about being smeared. I wasn't really sure what they meant by that when I heard it but I pretended I did, as I didn't want to appear to be "uncool." Later on, I learned that they were referring to being smeared with lipstick. I heard one story about an older kid being smeared by a younger one and what a deal that rumor was, as such a notion was unthinkable!! Like you, I never knew anyone who was "smeared." My guess is like yours - it's an urban legend. I also remember a rumor going around Marcus Whitman that, if Richard Nixon won the election, we would be attending school all year round, with no summer breaks! Come to think of it, I remember having my summers off. -Patty Sweetin (76) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/09/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 14 Bombers, 1 Bomber Mom and 1 funeral notice today: Tom Tracy (55), Gary Scholl (56), Gordon McDonald (56), Ken Heminger (56WB), Gus Keeney (57), Ed Wood (62), Jim Hamilton (63), Joanna Faulkner (63), Carol Converse (64), David Rivers (65), Pat "Doriss" Trimble (65), Aaron Roberts (66) and Robbin Ruth Henderson (67), Randi Newby (70) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Tom Tracy (55) To: Jim House (63) I just put a large rubber band around my head, called Beijing and put in a take out order for Chow Mein, One flight Crew and an airplane. So they'll be delivered soon. Don't worry we aren't offering any apologies and besides we're light tippers here. Our bet is that the US crew is playing Chinese Checkers, Ping Pong, enjoying some of the new Chinese Franchise specialties... two all-beef patties, special sauce, pickles, onion on a sesame seed bun... with fries and Coca Cola. They're just checking their baggage, getting their frequent flyer miles tallied on the abacus and giving them time away from the tedious tasks usually required on a military base. Can you imagine what the Chinese Commander who snapped his chopsticks in half is saying to his own crews?... "You bunch of crazy hot- doggers!" "How am I going to explain an unarmed propeller plane taking down one of our fighters?"... "They swatted us out of the sky with a single propeller and a piece of nose cone"... Bet there is no snickering and joking about America's pilots in China today. Now if we can just get CNN to quit calling it a "SPY Plane". Seems the Chinese keeping remembering our bombing of their Embassy building. The loss of any future planes and pilots will be justified by the world as risky behaviors undertaken by overactive pilots. Of course our best thoughts are with our crew. -Tom Tracy (55) ******************************************** >>From: Gary Scholl (56) Hi Everyone! Re: Krispy Kremes I lived in Georgia for several years and I like warm Krispy Kremes but they will never take the place of a spud-nut ala-mode they are the best ever in my book. The franchise is coming to WA soon I understand and then everyone can compare them to Spudnuts (still the best). Re: Atomic Frontier Days Does anyone remember the 1956 AFD and who it was that helped me let the air out of the policeman's tires with him sitting in the car? I don't remember Jerry Reed (55) hitting anyone but then he was a very capable young man. Re: Athletes Everyone talks about athletes and I remember Big John Meyers (58-RIP) playing for the Philadelphia Eagles in the 1960s and he was great. To: Carol Hollingsworth (55) Carol, Donuts are only a problem in the weight department if you eat them for dessert. Therefore, you should eat them for your meal and eat the meat and potatoes for dessert. Bomber cheers to all, -Gary Scholl (56) ~ in rainy Redmond, WA ******************************************** >>From: Gordon McDonald (56) To: Sandy Genoway (62) Re: Washington State Apples I had to respond to your plea on behalf of Washington State apple farmers. It may be that the really good apples from there get shipped to other places. I live in New York at present which also grows a few apples, but the stores here always have Washington apples. And I always buy only the Washington apples because they are the best. The NY apples are at least edible. A couple of years ago I was in Northern Indiana (Johnny Appleseed country) and tried some apples from there. The only reason I took a second bite was that I couldn't believe an apple should taste like sawdust. I spit that bite out and chucked that apple and the other five apples in the garbage. -Gordon McDonald (56) ******************************************** >>From: Ken Heminger (56WB) Re: Frontier Days ('48) Ken Ely (49) mentioning the names of the stars that were there sparked a couple memories for me. I remember Monte Hall, Chill Wills and Jimmy Wakely being there. Chill Wills was doing an autograph session at one of the stores in town, I don't remember now which one, and signed my brother's new pair of cowboy boots. A real thrill for him. Any one remember Monte Hall (or was it Monte Hale?) being at the Richland Theater? He showed up with his arm in a sling. Story was that he broke it falling off his horse while making a movie. I didn't get to see Janis Page or Roddy McDowell. I'm not sure today that I even knew they were there. I didn't know who Ray Whitley was then and still don't. -Ken Heminger (56WB) ~ Great Falls, MT ******************************************** >>From: Ray "Gus" Keeney (57) Re: Thanks for the Positive Thoughts We want to thank all of you for the positive thoughts. Sue doesn't seem as sick as she usually gets after the Chemo, so maybe the positive thoughts are working!!! -Ray "Gus" Keeney (57) ******************************************** >>From: Ed Wood (62) Re: Spudnuts! Our food critic in the Rocky Mountain News yesterday did a comparison of 10 donut shops in the Denver area, including the new Krispy Kreme that opened a few weeks ago. Krispy Kreme earned a B+ with the following review: "No other doughnut we sampled tasted like Krispy Kreme's premier product, their glazed raised. It's clear what the appeal is: The airy confection encased in glaze turns into a sweet gravy or pastry cream on contact with your mouth. There's very little 'there' there. It's less chewy and lighter than any other brand. It's a sweet treat, but it's far from being the best raised doughnut in town." The only A on the list was from LaMar's, with its "bite into a barely fried Lamar's glazed raised and the light-golden exterior collapses into a creamy pleasure. Just enough chewing is involved to make this a superior doughnut. Fully coated in shiny glaze that sticks to your fingers and flakes onto your shirt, it tastes good, not just sweet, and has no oily aftertaste." Man, what I wouldn't give for a Spudnut now! -Ed Wood (62) ~ in Lakewood, CO ******************************************** >>From: Jim Hamilton (63) I think Jim House (63) misunderstood, that the prayers for the crew had to do with protecting them FROM the Marine. Can you imagine being locked up with some guy with a size 48 coat and a size 6 hat, who has nothing better to do than tell war stories. You know the difference between a war story and a fairy tail. The fairy tail starts out "Once upon a time", and the war story in it's more family oriented form starts out "There I was.......", or in the Marine version "This is no sh.." Read today that the crew was living in some BOQ, and ordering out Chinese (natch), a lot better than I had it at Camp Eagle, or about the same as David Rivers' life style in Vagas. On another note, I've traveled to the PRC and never once saw a Chinese Restaurant, they just called them Restaurants. Semper Bomberus Jimbeaux -Jim Hamilton (63) ******************************************** >>From: Joanna Faulkner Brown (63) Re: Smearing I do have a memory stashed in there somewhere about smearing. It was, as I remember, some sort of initiation. I was a student at Marcus Whitman, probably 6th grade, when I finally got "smeared". I say finally because most all the other girls got smeared before I did, and I was worried I would be left out. It was a boy-girl thing; the boys (well, only one or two did the deed) on their bikes chased a girl down who was on foot, jumped off and wrestled her to the ground, and then smeared her mouth with lipstick, and then rode away fast on his bike. It happened to me on the playground. It was a little scary to be overcome like that but also a secret thrill. I ran home so happy that I had at last "made it" into the in-group (girls who have been smeared). I can still see that boy riding around me in circles over and over until the time came for him to pin me down. I am trying to remember his name, God bless him, and I think his first name was Ralph but I'm not sure. Cappy Haines (63-RIP) comes to mind as well. Well whoever he was - - he was my knight in shining armor... or should I say Lipstick Prince? Re: Krispy Kremes I think some flavors of Krispy Kremes are great but who can forget the Spudnut shop where you could get a Spudnut topped with soft serve ice cream and then they put a maraschino cherry on top and the red juice ran down the mountain of ice cream. I think it was 15 cents. Yum!!!!!!! -Joanna Faulkner Brown (63) ~ San Jose, CA (where the weather can't make up its mind today!) ******************************************** >>From: Carol Converse Maurer (64) To: Sandra Genoway (62) I'll have to agree with you about the Apple Blossom festivities in Wenatchee. Having lived there for 6 years, I took it all in. I never got tired of seeing the site, coming down the long hill from Quincy or going up to Leavenworth. All those orchards in bloom!! Orchardists were chopping down their orchards back when I lived there (3 years ago). BUT, they were then planting trees like pears, etc. instead of apples. I had heard, about 5 years ago, that the packing houses would all stay in town, as all around would be sending their fruit there still to be packed and shipped out, even though there are less and less orchards. Some of the problem is alot of these orchards have been handed down generation to generation. This generation just happens to think that there is more money in selling off their land to construction companies. I mean, the houses are creeping up the mountain sides all around. -Carol Converse Maurer (64) ~ Eureka, CA (rainy earlier. Sun now trying to come out, but don't think it will happen!) ******************************************** >>From: David Rivers (65) Re: Neighborhood Heroes Wasn't it wonderful growing up in a town with so many really cool guys (and girls) to emulate. I all but got chills ready about Jerry Reed (55) (My first neighborhood hero) blasting the trouble maker into orbit! Though at the time I hated moving, I know now that I was lucky enough to have gone to 3 grade schools and come into direct contact with a number of kids I might have had to wait years to know in high school or not have know personally at all if I hadn't lived in their neighborhood. Living next to the Reeds (Jerry, Billy Lipke, Sharon, Vonnie, Larry and Johnny) was just too cool... the girls were beautiful and Jerry and Billy were always the Champs, When Jerry turned pro, my Mom used to collect the newspaper articles on all his fights. Then it was off to Spalding at Acacia and Salem... Mike McKeown (60), Chuck Gardner (63-RIP) and Doug Lukens (62) just stood out everywhere they went. Terry Davis (65) and I never fail to do our Chuck Gardner walks when we get together. Then on to Stevens and VanGiesen across the street from Judy , Beth and Laura Parker... the opportunity of a lifetime to see EVERY cool car in town parked at their house at one time or another... (the house came with bragging rights... "where do you live?" "Across from the Parkers." nuff said) Re: Terrence Knox Update By the way, for any of you who watch his career, Terry Davis (Knox) is headed for Brazil on the 28th to film a movie in which he plays a black ops bad guy intent on keeping the U.S. from receiving the "cure" for some dreaded disease for "Gubment" reasons. He is pretty excited and I know it will be a blast... Sure... I've spent a ton of time with him on various sets... but do you think he offered to smuggle me down there in his luggage??????? Right! He did ask me if I would be comfortable wearing a thong swim suit... I passed. -David Rivers (65) ******************************************** >>From: Pat "Doriss" Trimble (65) To: Mary Lou Stines Pearson (50WB), Jim Grow (51), and Don McKenzie (56) Re: Janis Paige Janis Paige (real name Donna Mae Jaden) lived in Tacoma, WA, and attended Stadium High School. She was an acquaintance of my mother-in-law (Virginia Trimble), who believes Donna Mae/Janis graduated in 1940. She did have some relatives in Richland, but wasn't sure what side of the family. Regarding Janis' makeup looking like it had been applied with a "palette knife": stars in the 50s & 60s often wore pancake makeup or greasepaint when they made public appearances. Since they had an image to maintain, their contract with the movie studios often stipulated whether or not they had to be made up when they appeared "in public". To: Dick McCoy (Beaver45/Bomber46) Re: Chalky Conway (47) at the old Hanford House in 1945 Back then it wasn't the Hanford House; it was (or soon became) The Desert Inn! After it was torn down, the Hanford House (now the Red Lion Inn) was built. To: Lamont Worden (65) My condolences on the passing of your step-brother, John Perkins (61). To: Linda Drinkard Samson (65) My condolences on the passing of your mother-in-law, Dorothea Samson. To: The R2K+1 Reunion Committee Who do I contact to sign up and/or buy my tickets for this year's shindig? -Pat "Doriss" Trimble (65) ~ Richland ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [R2K+1 Contact: Linda Belliston Boehning (63) ] ******************************************** >>From: Aaron Roberts (66) & Robbin Ruth Henderson Roberts (67) Re: InsideVC "Survivor Island" contest. We were so sorry to see our fellow Bomber and our neighbor Barbra Williamson [Jeanie Walsh-63] voted off the 'Island'. Barbra represents Simi Valley extremely well. Simi Valley (by the way it is pronounced: suh ME') is a terrific community to live and work in, has a top notch school district and one of the lowest crime rates in the nation. It is a beautiful place to visit; nestled in a valley just below the Santa Susana Mountains it can truly be a Gateway for your vacation to Southern California. Good work, Barbra, in keeping it all together. Now, for those Bombers who are intrigued with the 'Survivor' contest and still plan to vote on through to the end, may we respectively submit that the best choice for the final survivor is the illustrious musical conductor Boris Brott of the highly successful Ventura County 'New West Symphony'. We know it must sound like we work for the Ventura County Visitors Bureau. We are 31 year residents of Ventura County. Having grown up in Richland, we are thankful that we had so many resources available there: Mid-Columbia Symphony, Richland Players, Richland Community Concert series, the many Festivals and Museums that existed then and we are sure more exist today. Even though many of the remaining contestants are a vital part of the community here, Mr. Brott is a 'true winner' and has our vote. -Aaron Roberts (66) & Robbin Ruth Henderson Roberts (67) ~ Camarillo, CA ******************************************** >>From: Randi Newby Tucker (70) Re: Smeared I was just wondering when was it that the kids moving up out of grade school stopped getting smeared. Some think it is a way to let everyone know that you are moving on up. Of course now that they have middle school from 6-8 it might be a bit different. I remember looking forward to seeing the kids who were smeared and knowing that it was their time to be moving on up. -Randi Newby Tucker (70) ******************************************** >>From: BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) Mike Davis (74) wrote about Tedi Parks Teverbaugh (76) in the 4/8/01 Sandstorm: "She has been known to shovel down a dozen with absolutely no problem. Now when she comes to visit her mother here in the state of Washington that morning ritual can continue! The Queen of the Kremes!" That's OK, Tedi. You run 5 miles a day so you can eat as many Krispy Kremes as you want. Go, girl!! ...and I might add Tedi is about the size of Christie Brinkley! -BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) ******************************************** ******************************************** Funeral notice scanned from 4/8/01 TCHerald by Shirley Collings Haskins (66) ~ Richland ~ John Paul Perkins ~ Class of 1961 ~ 1/12/43 - 03/26/01 ~ *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/10/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NOTICE: R2K+1 Denny Damschen (62) has set up a Website for the June 23rd "All Bomber R2K+1 Gathering". Those Alumni who have responded that they are attending are listed by class year. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers sent stuff: Marilyn Richey (53), Carol Purkhiser (56), Grover Shegrud (56), Gus Keeney (57), John Northover (59), Helen Cross (62), Leoma Coles (63), Annie Peterson (69), Betti Avant (69), Theresa Horstman (78) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Marilyn Richey (53) Re: Kirk Douglas at Atomic Frontier Days I remember when Kirk Douglas was the big star that came to Richland for the Atomic Frontier Days and Beverly McCleary (49) was Miss Richland. I know she and my brother Alan (49) -- who later were married -- had the opportunity to visit with him and they expressed what a nice man he was to meet. I think that was the summer of '49 or '50 when he was here for the weekend. To: Don McKenzie (56) Are you sure about Janis Paige having an aunt that lived on the corner of Mahan and Roberdeau in a B house? I know that Norma Wesinger (54) had a cousin named Alene Robberts that was a movie star in the late 40s that visited them from time to time at their home in Richland. Her aunt ran a gift shop next to the Uptown theatre for years. -Marilyn Richey (53) ~ Richland ******************************************** >>From: Carol Purkhiser Fleming (56) Yes, yes, I remember Kirk Douglas in the parade and he waved directly at me! Do we forget these things??? Oh no! Now, I wonder if anyone out there remembers the Army drill team that was in the Parade. Incredibly spiffy (I think mostly blacks?) Anyway, helmets, boots, rifles and white belting. At the signal, they stopped and went into an incredible routine with sexy footwork, rifle flinging, and precision moves. I tell you, this girl was awe-struck. -Carol Purkhiser Fleming (56) ******************************************** >>From: Grover Shegrud (56) Re: memory jogger To: Lorraine Powell (52WB) I have been putting off writing about the Triple Teen Club for months then low and behold up it pops. I remember Chic Powell and his wife with fond memories of the good times they provided me. I remember a lot of the kids who took part and the fun nights at Sacajawea school. I seem to recall a 25 cent dues that bought a soda and other refreshments. Seems there was dancing and dancing lessons, too. I remember being embarrassed by a stunt where I sat on Jane Judson's (56) lap while she fed me coke from an eye dropper. Anyone else recall the club? I have thought many times about Chic and his wife since and recall they moved to Salt Lake City 'bout '54-'55. It was a great disappointment to see the club break up. Thanks, Lorraine, for the jog -Grover Shegrud (56) ******************************************** >>From: Gus Keeney (57) Re: Looking for George Mulligan (57) Hi every one, I tried to send a note to George Mulligan yesterday and it came back today undelivered. Does anyone know where he is these days? Last I talked with him, he was managing a facility in Walla Walla. If you can get hold of him, give him my E-Mail address. Thanks again everyone for the "Positive Thoughts" for Sue. She seems to be doing well this afternoon. -Gus Keeney (57) ******************************************** >>From: John Northover (59) Pat Hartnett (59) donated his 8th and 9th grade annuals from Chief Joe for scanning. Those annuals can be found on the 1959 page. ...or use the direct link Chief Joseph 1954-1955 - Class of '59 eight grade Chief Joseph 1955-1956 - Class of '59 ninth grade -John Northover (59) ******************************************** >>From: Helen Cross Kirk (62) To: Gary Scholl (56) Re: Krispy Kremes I was so surprised to see Krispy Kremes being sold by the boxed dozen in our local Kroger's grocery store when I was there yesterday. I had meant to buy a box to do my own comparison test (I think I'd still prefer Spudnuts), but I thought I'd give the K.Kriters a try, but I got lost on some other big decisions one must make when one goes to the grocery without enough time, so my diet is up one till the next time I must go to Kroger's, which won't be long. Happy Easter to everyone. -Helen Cross Kirk (62) ~ West Harrison, IN (where it's 84 degrees and wonderful as the humidity hasn't struck yet. I think my tulips shot out of the ground and bloomed in one day in this heat. Talked with Carol Rice Forister (62) in Kansas City, KS, last night and she said it hasn't been that hot there yet. ******************************************** >>From: Leoma Coles (63) Just saw a notice in here to Linda Drinkard (65)... are you the same one I went to school with and had a sister named DeeDee? I miss all the gang that lived out on Harrington Road in the 60s We had a lot of fun back then... where did everyone go? Haven't heard about anyone that was out there since I left town... after graduation in '63. Hope to hear from you all!! Yours truly, -Leoma Coles (63) ******************************************** >>From: Annie Peterson Shiffer (69) Re: French Bread Recipe To: Marlene G. Hawk Register (71) Here's the recipe I have from Mr. Labrecque's daughter Pierrette (69). We were classmates (69) and, later, life guards together at GPM Pool. I tried the recipe once -- it failed because I made the water too hot and the yeast didn't like it. The recipe is written exactly as I penciled it in 1967 and I don't know why the oven temperature is "450 or less." Good luck! "Real French Bread" Dissolve together: 2 1/2 C warm water 2 pkg. yeast Add and beat with a rotary beater until smooth: 2 T sugar 1 T salt 3 T butter 2 C flour Add: 1 C flour. Beat. Work in: 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 C flour. Knead until smooth and elastic (10 min). Let rest until double (20 min). Punch down. Divide in half. Either: 1) Put halves into loaf pans (greased) or 2) Roll each half into 15" x 10" rectangle. Beginning on 15" side, roll up, seal edges, and taper ends. Place loaf on cookie sheet. Brush with salad oil. Cover loosely with plastic. Refrigerate about 24 hours. Let stand until room temperature while preheating oven. With razor blade or sharp knife, make diagonal cuts on top (1/2" deep). Place in hot oven (450*F or less) for 30 min. Cool. Eat. Nowadays, we like using a bread machine and we have the cost of a loaf of bread down to $75.00/loaf. Husband, Jeff, calls it Cougar math. ;) -Annie Peterson Shiffer (69) ~ Spokane, WA (where we keep having snow squalls) ******************************************** >>From: Betti Avant (69) Re: crew in China The incident in China has hit close to home. One of the pilots is from the town I now call home (Goodland, KS). His folks live here. They got the call about it from their daughter-in-law at Whidbey Island. Believe me, there are lots of yellow ribbons on trees around here. My prayers are with them. -Betti Avant (69) ~ Goodland, KS (where the temperature is in the 70s) ******************************************** >>From: Theresa Horstman Hope (78) Re: Spudnuts vs. Krispy Kreme I am living in the deep south now (Florida) I have had the opportunity to eat Krispy Kreme doughnuts they pale in comparison to Spudnuts! Give me a Spudnut anytime! -Theresa Horstman Hope (78) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/11/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff: Don McKenzie (56), Jay Siegel (61), Dennis Strege (71), Jim Barnett (80) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Don McKenzie (56) To: Marilyn Richey (53) Marilyn, You were right about that. It was Alene Robberts. If I hadn't lost my autograph book with all the famous movie stars, I would have had a better memory. Gosh Marilyn..... how do you do it? -Don McKenzie (56) ******************************************** >>From: Jay Siegel (61) Re: Ramblings A few days ago, an occurrence caused me to remember back to jr. high school. As I was musing over what had occurred, my mind drifted back to an entry made by Gerald Larsen in my 60 annual: "My very best wishes to you Jay. You are a very engaging young man. Keep Studying!" and the thought occurred to me that maybe I didn't waste those 6 years. It would truly be a gift if I could convey all that jr. hi - sr. hi means to me, how important it is and how precious many of the memories have become. Even some that are negative in context are poignant reminders of how important those days were to me. I think about the teachers and marvel at the insight that some had: Mrs. Fellows, my seventh grade home room teacher. I was really discouraged when I received my schedule and found out hat she was to be my teacher. We had all been warned that she was really rough. Sometime during the year, I discovered that she was not only a great teacher, but a very wonderful person. I spent many an even talking with her about her dog, an enormous chow- chow, that used to charge up to the hedge around their home whenever someone went by. As soon as he'd hear me speak, he stop barking and stick his nose through the hedge to have it scratched. Or we'd talk about why I didn't do better in class, not with a negative tone, but with a positive, caring note. There were others in jr. hi: Holland St. John, Gene Bernard, a home ec teacher whose name I can't remember. Then came high school, what a treasury of individuals, most of which wanted only to help students. Don Wick, what an individual, always stoic, but warm. Ray Juricich, honest, straight forward, caring, Calvin Gentle, a man out of place; brilliant, caring but not emotionally equipped to cope with high school students. Mrs. Buescher and Miss Skogens teaching math with excellence and insight. Ida Mecum, how fortunate we were that she shared her mind with us. Warren Scott and Bob Henrich: what special people! It is said that it is too bad that youth is wasted on the young; but, in my case at least, I don't feel that it was wasted, just not appreciated. I think back and wish that I'd not been so nave, so unsure of myself. But in spite of insecurity, I had a pretty good time, and made some really great friends. The saddest part is that we have all drifted apart. The personal computer has made things a bit easier, but there is a large period of my life when I didn't know where anyone was. They came to mind on many occasions, especially the ladies, but it was usually with the question "what if?". Some where along the line it dawned on me that Id grown and survived, and that many simple memories became very precious and important. -Jay Siegel (61) ~ Poulsbo, WA ******************************************** >>From: Dennis Strege (71) Re: Class of '71 Reunion Meeting This is an invitation for all Class of '71 Bombers to come to the reunion meeting on Wednesday, April 11, 7:00 pm, at the Towne Crier. See you there. -Dennis Strege (71) ~ Richland ******************************************** >>From: Jim Barnett (80) Re: Smear Day Yes, I remember it too. It wasn't a figment of your imagination. I remember being warned for days before - that "Smear Day" was coming up. I think I was in 4th or 5th grade at Marcus Whitman. The 6th Graders would broadcast on the play ground their warnings and their intentions. The hype built up day after day. Finally when the day came, I was a little late leaving the building when a 6th Grader came up to me with a magic marker, grabbed my hand, pulled my arm out straight, and smeared a 3-4 inch dash across my forearm. He jumped back, hooped and hollered, and ran off to terrorize some one else. As I remember, it was some little girls - probably in 2nd grade. They screamed and ran too fast for their little feet to carry them and fell face first. They too got "Smeared". I looked down at the mark and thought - "Is this all there is to it??". What a disappointment - then again I really hate lipstick. Glad it was just a marker. -Jim Barnett (80) ~ Sierra Vista, AZ *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/12/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff: Marguerite Groff (54), Barbara Farris (59WB), Audrey Eberhardt (61WB), Irene de la Bretonne (61), Carol Converse (64), Steve Piippo (70) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Marguerite Groff Tompkins (54) Re: Kirk Douglas I really hate to differ with my fellow bombers; but, there is the visit of Kirk Douglas that I remember very differently than those of you who have written in. I'm not sure the year he was here (between '52 & '54), but I do remember that it was not for Atomic Frontier Days. Kirk Douglas was here to present the city of Richland an award for the number of US Savings Bonds we sold. There was a special ceremony at Howard Amon (then Riverside). Some of you may remember the band concerts at the band stand in the older part of the park. That was where Kirk Douglas was when he said wonderful things about the city of Richland and presented the award (probably a plaque or something similar). I and some friends were there, sitting very close to the band stand, staring up at him and so excited that we were mostly just speechless. However, in the class of '54 were two very brave young women. Pat Nordman and Debbie Holden went to the Desert Inn and told the person at the desk that they were from Col Hi's Sandstorm staff and their task was to interview Mr. Douglas. I don't know the exact process they went through, but they finally ended up at his door and knocked. He came to the door - in his bathrobe. They introduced themselves and told him that they wanted to interview him for the school paper. He was very gracious and friendly. I don't know if the interview ever reached the Sandstorm, but, to this day, I'm still very proud - and very jealous - of the bravery (gall?) of those two gals. For those that say they saw him in a parade, there may have been one. All I remember is sitting on the ground in the park and staring up at him. It was wonderful! I still think Kirk Douglas is great and I admire his coming back from the devastating stroke he had. If someone wants to dispute me on this - we could probably get the answer at the CHREST. They seem to have a good handle on our city's history. Maybe someone out there can back me up on this. Please!! I know that my memory doesn't begin to come up to the likes of Marilyn Richey (53), Tom Tracy (55), or one of our own from '54, Robert Carlson aka..., but this time, I'm willing to bet the farm on it (except we sold the farm 34 years ago). To: Class of '54 If there are any of you lurking out there in computerland and your e-mail address isn't on our '54 web page, please send it to me and I will add it. We need as many e-mail addresses as possible for when we start sending out 50th Reunion messages; like in about 1 year when we begin pleading for your ideas and your HELP. Any of you gals living in the Tri-Cities, or who might be visiting on April 20th - don't forget that's the day we all meet at Granny's Restaurant for lunch. Always happens on the 3rd Friday of every month. My 8 year old grandson thinks it's a fun joke: "Granny's going to have lunch with the other Grannies at Granny's!" Lucky for him - that's the only time I'm referred to as Granny. We would love to see you all there next week or any time you can make it. Until later --- Marguerite Groff Tompkins (54) ~ Richland (where it rained most of the day and now at 6:00 pm the sun is shining.) ******************************************** >>From: Barbara Farris DeFord (59WB) Re: 4th of July Hi Richland Bomber People, When thinking of memories of Richland, another one other than Frontier Days that comes to my mind was the 4th of July. We would take our blankets and lawn chairs to the football field [the Bomber Bowl, aka Fran Rish Stadium] at Col High and watch the fire works display. I did it as a kid and then we did it with our little kids. I remember thinking what a fun thing to do and remember all these years later. It was a neat family feeling!!! Its a beautiful spring here in the Ozarks. Springfield, MO. Our Redbud tree is great!!! -Barbara Farris DeFord (59WB) ******************************************** >>From: Audrey Eberhardt Mathews (61WB) Re: Wondering Jay Siegel (61) talking about jr. and sr. hi memories brought back the faces and names of some of the teachers. When I transferred from California my homeroom teacher was a lady names Mrs. Smith, she passed away during our sophomore or junior year. The French teacher at the Chief Joe -- I think her first name was Sonya, she was Russian by birth and later taught a Russian language class. Then at Col Hi there was a history teacher Mr. Wheeler, the first day of class he told us that he would lecture without notes and we would not catch him making any mistakes. He was good he only made two in my class and when a couple turned in the same report he split the grade between them. A biology teacher I can see but not remember her name -- she was older short, plump and absent-minded. She was a great teacher, of course, there were a lot of great teachers in the system. -Audrey Eberhardt Mathews (61WB) ~ Roberta, GA temp about 90 and sunny. ******************************************** >>From: Irene de la Bretonne Hays (61) To: Jay Siegel (61) Thanks for your "ramblings" of yesterday and for speaking from the heart. I share some of your memories. Another special teacher who comes to mind is Ora Cottrell -- a fine teacher and caring human being. What a gift to be able now to reflect on the richness and continuity of experiences and the value of people who were our teachers. -Irene de la Bretonne Hays (61) ******************************************** >>From: Carol Converse Maurer (64) To: Jay Siegel (61) I enjoyed reading your piece in the 4/11/01 Sandstorm. I have to agree with the whole heartily. You're not the only one who felt insecure, etc. etc. I think most all of us felt that way. Thank you for the insight. -Carol Converse Maurer (64) ~ Eureka, CA (it's clearing up from a night of rain) ******************************************** >>From: Steve Piippo (70) To: Dennis Strege (71) Dennis, Are you still wearing that huge bouquet of tightly curled bushy hair? -Steve Piippo (70) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/13/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers sent stuff: Al Parker (53), Mike Clowes (54), Gus Keeney (57), Nancy Stull (59), Audrey Eberhardt (61WB), Jeff DeMeyer (62), Gary Behymer (64), Kathie Moore (69), Brad Wear (71), Sarah Murdock (96) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Al Parker (53) Re: Can't do it any more. (Regrettably) Dearly Beloved Maren, I really hate to say this, Maren, but due to a continually accelerating array of responsibilities, and after long and careful consideration, I have come to the inescapable conclusion that I can no longer serve as THE SANDBOX moderator. I am really enjoying my life out here in PA, but often I come home from work, eat, go to bed, then get up and go to work again. As I say, what I am doing here is most enjoyable, but I need to really keep running in order to keep everything running right. Since I am unable to provide the time on a regular basis to keep THE SANDBOX regular any more, it is only fair both to myself and SANDBOX contributors that I withdraw. It's been great fun, (most of the time), but the time has come for me to move on in order to concentrate adequately on other essential demands. It's always been great working with you, Maren, and having you as a very important friend. Best wishes to you, all SANDBOX and Sandstorm writers and readers as well as all who have proudly cheered the good old green and gold! Always your friend, -Al Parker (53) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Come on, Bombers, let's have a volunteer!!!!! -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) To: Marguerite Groff Tompkins (54) Lucky you already sold the ranch, because if you depended on my memory of Kirk Douglas' visit to Richland, it wouldn't be safe. I do recall that he did visit, but the exact circumstances I couldn't swear to, but it was probably something more than a film promotion. Maybe Pat Nordman (54) or Debbie Holden (54) can enlighten us. Re: Drill Teams in AFD Parades I remember participating as a member of the drill team the Army Reserve unit from Pasco during the 1954 Atomic Frontier Days parade. Wayne Fisher (54) and I had just returned from a lovely two week vacation at the Yakima Firing Center (our obligation). We were in formed by a "gung ho" lieutenant that the unit was forming a drill team and we had been volunteered to be in it. Think he bought the beer afterwards. Other than that the memories are a bit hazy. Bomber Cheers to all -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) ******************************************** >>From: Gus Keeney (57) Re: Lynn Dunton Sue and I got a note from Bill Dunton's wife, Lynn. Bill was the choir (Vocal Music) teacher at Carmichael Jr. High. He seemed a Giant of a man to me as a seventh grader. I think his faith in me turning around and into a useful human being was the turning point in my life. He gave me a sense that life had some value. Does any one else remember him? Got to go throw some gravel around while its still in the 70s. Gonna be low 80s tomorrow!!! -Gus Keeney (57) ******************************************** >>From: Nancy Stull Jewell (59) Max Sutton (57)!! Did you used to date Myra Tadlock (60)? Did you have a maroon '49 or '50 Ford convertible with a continental kit? For some reason (god knows why!) I've been trying to think of the guy's name for over a year. I haven't seen or talked to Myra for a hundred years. I moved back to Richland about a year and a half ago after having lived elsewhere for 40 years. What a rush of memories. Anyhow, was it Max Sutton or someone else? -Nancy Stull Jewell (59) ******************************************** >>From: Audrey Eberhardt Mathews (61WB) Re: Mrs. Cotrell (spelled wrong... I am sure) To: Irene de la Bretonne Hays (61) Thanks for reminding me of her, I remembered her yesterday after I signed off and didn't want to take up too much space. She was a very special lady with the same maiden names as mine. Do you by any chance remember the names of the home ec teachers? One was an older lady very prissy... she attempted to teach me sewing in the 7th grade, I think. The other was younger, tall and slender... I keep thinking her name was Mrs. Gilbert. I could go on for days, but I'll sign off for now. Audrey Eberhardt Mathews (61WB) ~ Roberta, GA (85, partly cloudy and peaches are on the trees) ******************************************** >>From: Jeff DeMeyer (62) Re: '62 in '02 - Lost Classmates Help-Help, We have lost the whereabouts of the following classmates for the year of 1962, from Richland High School. Carol Buchanan Krinkle ~ Doug Burns ~ Judy Clarke Tembrell Keith Crownover ~ Gary Curtis ~ Mary Jane Douglass Maxine Dowd ~ Ron Dykes ~ Ken Elliot ~ Roger Farber Randy George ~ Margaret Gibson Tucker ~ Patricia Hahn Clark Hall ~ Linda Hanson Toth ~ Tom Harmon Faye Heneghen Dukes ~ David Henry ~ Doug Hildebrant Gearld Hooper ~ Lesie Lang Dalton ~ Freddie Lenhart Richard Llyod ~ Helen Lund ~ Patty McCue Huthinsoin Ben Miles ~ Bob Mitchell ~ Anona Niles Carvetti Paul Pedersen ~ Carole Petterson ~ Linda Rawlings McCleary Chuck Smith ~ Margaret Smith ~ Chuck Stade (William Charles Ward) Judy Stewart Hunt ~ Mildred Strode Drake ~ Suzann Tabbert Llyod Taylor ~ Sue Tomlinson Yount ~ Carl Vance Laurel Vlacil Murry ~ Mary Wamsley ~ Walter Webb Linda Whitaler Kadlec ~ Harold White ~ David Wilson Julie Wilson Benson ~ Kathy Wilson ~ Mike Wooten Valeree Workman Offerman ~ Yvonne Wright ~ Darris Yeager If you have any info. on these people, please contact me. Bomber cheers, & thank you. -Jeff DeMeyer (62) ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) The following relates to Mike Alexander (64-RIP). Mike was stationed on the USS Pueblo when it was captured by the North Koreans. Joe Barr "A man who worked for me, CT2 Mike Alexander, decided he wouldn't mind a PCS, so he took my place. I'm saddened to see that Mike passed away in 1994. I've always wanted to make contact with him and talk about what happened. To apologize, perhaps, for him having taken my spot on that fate-ful cruise." -Joe Barr -Gary Behymer (64) ~ in downtown Colfax, WA ******************************************** >>From: Kathie Moore Adair (69) Here is a web page for this year's Cool Desert Nights, June 21-24, including a registration page. If you're coming home to Richland, bring your street rods or your favorite old car, this event is open to all years of vehicles. In today's (4-12-01) new style Tri-City Herald there is an article on B3, offering Hanford tours. Tours are: April 21, May 5 and 19, June 2 and 23, July 14 and 28, Aug. 11 and 25 and Sept. 25. The tours are free, but preregistration is required. The tours are from 8am to noon which includes an hour tour of the B Reactor. The July 28 and Aug. 25 tours do not visit the B Reactor. Must be 18 for the B reactor tours and 16 for the other two. Must be a U.S. citizen and bring legal photo ID. To register you should call: Jacquie Lewis at 509-376-0213. Hope to see you all in June. -Jim Adair (66) and Kathie Moore Adair (69) ~ West Richland (where the sun is hiding and the breeze is blowing, but on Bombing Range Road that is normal) ******************************************** >>From: Brad Wear (71) To: Steve Piippo (70) Now, Now be nice. Dennis is working on the '71 reunion so "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." (Mrs. Thumper) -Brad Wear (71) ******************************************** >>From: Sarah Murdock McCreary (96) To: Steve Piippo (70) Mr. Piippo, I took your class in 1996. I wanted to express my appreciation for a wonderful semester in your class and the fond memories I have from that time. Thank you for making my senior year one that I'll always smile about! By the way... I still have the laminated and signed front page of the newspaper that you and Mr. King signed from graduation. It's a treasured part of my senior souvenirs! -Sarah Murdock McCreary (96) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/14/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 13 Bombers sent stuff: Marguerite Groff (54), Millie Finch (54), Ramona Miller (54) and Larry Bruggeman (54), Denny Kline (57), Myrna Branum (57), Janice Woods (60WB), Irene de la Bretonne (61), Mary Ray (61), Sandra Genoway (62), Gary Behymer (64), Linda Reining (64), Dave McAdie (79) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Marguerite Groff Tompkins (54) To: Class of '54 In today's Tri-City Herald [4/13/01] there was an obituary for Max Williams (54). He has been living in Seaside, OR, but the funeral will be held in Kennewick a the First Baptist church. There is no date listed for the funeral. It's possible it may already have taken place; he died April 10. More information will be available when Shirley Collings Haskins (66) scans the obit onto the Funeral Notice page. Just wanted to give a heads up for those of you who might have had a history with Max back in the good ole days at Col High. Have a great day -- -Marguerite Groff Tompkins (54) ~ Richland (where the wind just doesn't seem to stop) ******************************************** >>From: Millie Finch Gregg (54) Re: Mr. Bill Dunton To: Gus Keeney (57) Oh yes do I remember Bill Dunton. You are right in your assessment of him - he was a giant of a man, and bigger than life. He showed us how to care for one another, but most of all to have confidence in ourselves. I know he has many many "old Bombers" who remember him well - and it was our privilege to have him as a teacher. Thanks for your memory, Gus. Bomber Cheers -Millie Finch Gregg (54) ******************************************** >>From: Larry and Ramona Miller Bruggeman (54) To: Al Parker (53) We are very sorry you are no longer doing THE SANDBOX stuff. You have done a great job and -- though we rarely sent anything in -- we always appreciated reading the thoughts of those who did. If no one picks this up it will be very disappointing. Thank you so much for your tireless effort. To our famed "flowers in the sky" guy [Larry Mattingly-60] I'm surprised you were not in Hawaii yesterday giving a wonderful light show for the returning crew -- I keep expecting to see you pop up, so to speak. Will we see you doing your stuff on Whidby Island? Hope so. -Larry and Ramona Miller Bruggeman (54) ******************************************** >>From: Denny Kline (57) I join Gus Keeney (57) in saluting Bill Dunton and his interest in helping some of us who were having difficulty getting focused on life. I remember well his "magic paddle" - which was probably 6 inches long and appeared to be a joke until he placed it in the palm of his rather large hand and gave swats when and where they would do the most good. Other than his asking me to sing softly at contests (because I was/am a horrible singer), all my memories of him are fond. I also seem to remember that he would play the organ on a local radio show. What a great guy! -Denny Kline (57) ******************************************** >>From: Myrna Branum Willard (57) To: Gus Keeney (57) Yes, I remember Mr. Dunton. I wrote previously of the fond memories of him and the musical productions he produced at Carmichael. When I looked at the annual there were so many voices and personalities to manage but he pulled out the best in kids. He was a giant of a man in many ways and sitting at the piano, as well as directing was no small task. We sang lots of Broadway songs as well as some serious music - a song in Latin impressed me. -Myrna Branum Willard (57) ~ Dundee, OR (where it's going from gray to sunny by Easter) ******************************************** >>From: Janice Woods Ehrke (60WB) To: Don McKenzie (56) Yes, I remember the Circus... my Mom took us kids. Truly, then it must have been the greatest Show on Earth. Hundreds of horses, each ring had a different color horse. Black, Palomino, Grays, and the costumes! Glitter and sequins galore, I've loved twinkly lights and sparkles ever since. Mom caved long about the end tho, due to the onset of a familiar Tri-City sand and tumble weed Nor'Wester. The enormous tent pole right in front of our seats began to jump around suddenly seemingly dangling from the tent instead of supporting it. That was all it took, we were outta there! What year was that anyway? To: Jim Walton (60) I had been gone from Richland for some years; but in 9th grade? there was a big Music Festival in Richland. Kids were bussed in from all over, Pasco included, and all the combined choruses, bands, and glee clubs performed together at the end of a long day practicing, practicing, and having fun. Do you remember, I think I met you at Zip's, or some burger joint and you saw me off back to my bus. Never forget it, one of the popular tunes then was "Why do fools fall in Love?" Still think of you and all the Bombers every time I hear it. What was that fest called? I only remember it happening that one year even though I stuck with Acapella until graduation. You'll be pleased to know I didn't become a singer. What did you become? To: Marilyn Richey (53) Do you remember Judy Geil from Pasco ('60PHS)? She was quite a pitcher. She was the only girl I knew who played Little League in 3rd grade. A long time friend, she lives in Kennewick now, still plays baseball! Must sign off, Willie wants me to do some work now. -Janice Woods Ehrke (60WB) ~ in beautiful SF (although there are some clouds in City Hall) ******************************************** >>From: Irene de la Bretonne Hays (61) To: Audrey Eberhardt Mrs. Gilbert is the only Home Economics teacher I remember from Chief Joseph. Seems she was more interested in making certain we didn't shorten our skirts by rolling them at the waistband than she was about our skills in homemaking. -Irene de la Bretonne Hays (61) ******************************************** >>From: Mary Ray Henslee (61) To: Al Parker (53) Re: THE SANDBOX Suffice it to say, we will all miss THE SANDBOX and I know that everyone deeply appreciates all of the time and effort that you generously devoted to the forum as our moderator since its inception. THE SANDBOX has been a great gathering place for Bomber minds to exchange views on subjects that affect all of our lives. Through THE SANDBOX, we have gained a better understanding of each other and the world around us. Priceless! Hopefully, the sandbox will be resurrected in the future so that this great exchange between people with common roots can continue. Like members of a family, we may vehemently disagree at times, but at the end of the day, the Bomber bond remains intact. Good luck in all of your new endeavors Al and thanks again. -Mary Ray Henslee (61) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Mary -- Wanna take over THE SANDBOX??? -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Sandra Genoway (62) Happy Easter and Pascha (Eastern Orthodox Easter) to everyone! The people on Whidbey Island's Oak Harbor Navy Station really have something to celebrate: the home coming from China of the 24 reconnaissance plane crew men and women, starting Saturday at 1:00 p.m. The crew is expected to walk off their arrival plane at about 4:30 p.m. There is an expected crowd of 10,000 people; if you're interested, better start early. -Sandra Genoway (62) ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) To: Class of 1964 Come see Terry Liechty's (64) "Then & Now"... (Other classes may look!) Please 'bother' to send a current pic to Maren Smyth so that this web site might be updated to show 'all' of the Class of 1964. While you're at it (;-) Take/make an effort to find at least one (1) class member this year who is NOT familiar with the Alumni Sandstorm or the Richland Bomber Alumni pages... The size of this group will more than double if effort is made. more time... my thanks to those of you who are making an effort to sign into No, there is no $ gain for us BUT it opens the door for more Bombers to show up. A most treasured Easter to all of you. -Gary Behymer (64) ~ downtown Colfax, WA ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining Pitchford (64) Re: Bill Dunton Gus Keeney (57) asked if anyone remembers Mr. Bill Dunton, the choir teacher from Carmichael. I do!!!!!!!! We lived on Rossell... Lynn and Bill lived on Roberts. My folks and Lynn and Bill and the rest of the neighbors (Nobles, Connors, etc.) would have "block parties" in the alleys between the houses. They moved to Fullerton, CA in 1958.? When I moved to Southern CA in 1974, I got re- acquainted with them. I think Bill is still a member of the school board there. He retired from teaching at La Habra High School as their choral director and my daughters and I saw a lot of the musical productions that he put on. Lynn worked on the "sets" and Bill was famous for getting the "jocks" in the school to perform in his production of "South Pacific". I am living in Bakersfield, now, but still hear from Lynn in e mail; she also writes in to the Sandstorm on occasion. -Linda Reining Pitchford (64) ~ Bakersfield, CA (where the weather is cool and we just finished having a "winter" storm) ******************************************** >>From: Dave McAdie (79) Re: Cool Desert Nights!! To: Rich Crigler (70), et. al. At the risk of opening up a real big can of worms, I took a look at the Cool Desert Nights web site, specifically the registration form and I offer up the following; Saturday Night, June 23rd - 8pm - midnight - Street Dance at Howard Amon Park. Featuring Two Acts: Popular Demand & MERRILEE RUSH! (Secured parking for participants). I suppose we will all be able to ask Ms. Rush about that legendary kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) -Dave McAdie (79) ~ Kennewick, WA *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/15/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11 Bombers sent stuff: Marilyn Richey (53), Karen Cole (55), Darlene Trethewey (56), Fred Phillips (60), Jan Bollinger (60), Larry Mattingly (60), Jay Siegel (61), Mary Ray (61), Lyndy Wheeler (62), Gary Behymer (64), Mike Davis (74) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Marilyn Richey (53) To: Janice Woods Ehrke (60WB) Yes, I remember Judy Geil when she was very young and I thought she had as good as gift for playing softball that I had seen in awhile. She came out for a team when she was a young teenager but she had other interests that took priority. I never did see her play in little league at a very young age. I met her later on when she played for the J.P. Head team in the tricities. Janice, I remember your dad Bill very well. I pitched for the Rainbow Service team in 1948 when I was 13. A long time ago. He was the coach and a very nice man to the girls who played for the team. They won the city league in 1947 and I went to the state tournament in Spokane with their team and pitched in my first state tournament at the age of 12. If you ever see Judy, tell her hello for me. -Marilyn Richey (53) ~ Richland ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Got any pictures, Marilyn???? Check out this 1949 picture/story: Let's get more Women's Softball pictures on the web! -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Karen Cole Correll (55) Re: Mr. Dunton I too remember Mr. Dunton, as he was my favorite teacher ever. He was always encouraging his students and building self confidence at an age when we were children one day and so "grown up" the next. I always felt like I was "Teacher's pet," and I'm fairly certain everyone else felt the same. -Karen Cole Correll (55) ~ Nine Mile Falls, WA (Sunny and a beautiful day for an Easter egg hunt with 8 of my 11 grandchildren) ******************************************** >>From: Darlene Trethewey Dunning (56) To: Linda Drinkard Saw your name... Do you remember me? I was your babysitter for many years. -Darlene Trethewey Dunning (56) ******************************************** >>From: Fred Phillips (60) To: Janice Woods Ehrke (60WB) Re: Jim Walton (60) You mentioned that Jim Walton would be pleased to know that you didn't become a singer. Then you asked what he became. Jim Walton became a singer. It happened on a Saturday night in 1965 when Walton and I, and a guy from Kennewick named Hinkley, stumbled into a cantina in the smallish Mexican border town of Piedras Negras. The place was hopping, the band was on fire and the dance floor was full. But the singer wasn't so great. She was hard to understand. Her lyrics were in Spanish. Somebody suggested paying the bandleader a few bucks to fire the singer. He was agreeable, so we got up on the stage, grabbed the microphone and sang Boney Maroni ("... she's as skinny as a stick of macaroni ..."). The crowd, clearly awed by Jim Walton's talent, cheered wildly and danced with sweat drenched abandon. Jim probably wouldn't tell you about his spectacular singing career. Perhaps that's his natural modesty but, considering the amount of tequila we drank that night, maybe he just doesn't remember it all that well. -Fred Phillips (60) ~ Bellevue, WA (where the bar regulars don't realize that karaoke was invented by a couple of Bombers and a Kennewick Lion. ******************************************** >>From: Jan Bollinger Persons (60) Re: Bill Dunton To: Gus Keeney (57) Sure do remember Bill Dunton and what great fun those musical productions were! I remember wearing khaki pants & shirt in "South Pacific," and learning to polka for "The King and I" in the 1955-1957 era. Wasn't it Mrs. Ingersoll who led the band for those shows? Anyone who took chorus in those days has surely never forgotten the song that 95% of the boys chose to sing for the required chorus tryouts: Tennessee Ernie Ford's "Sixteen Tons." Another music teacher who staged some amazing productions was Miss Keller at Spalding, who married another teacher, Mr. Kingsley. We did the Charleston, Virginia Reel, square dancing... even the tango and a little bit of tap dancing! I spotted Miss Keller at a Spokane restaurant in the early 70s and had a brief visit with her. She seemed unchanged, but said that she had undergone throat surgery that, sadly, had taken her singing voice. Great teachers and great opportunities... we were lucky kids! -Jan Bollinger Persons (60) ~ Spokane, WA (where night temperatures are still in the 20s, and the forsythia isn't even blooming yet! ******************************************** >>From: Larry Mattingly (60) To: Larry Bruggeman (54) Within hours of the notice that the air crew from VQ-1 had been released, the offer went out. Both NAS Whidbey and the Oak Harbor C of C have received a verbal offer for a free fireworks show. We have done the Oak Harbor 4th of July for several years. The official celebration with parade and all the trappings will be the 28th of April. I am off to Alaska for a week long swing through SE Alaska. (looking forward to meeting a couple of Bomber Alums there). So one of our staff pyros will be in Oak Harbor Monday to find out how we can serve them. Thanks for thinking of us. "Happiness is the sky in bloom" -Larry Mattingly (60) ~ Tacoma, WA ******************************************** >>From: Jay Siegel (61) Re: Home Ec Teacher To: Audrey Eberhardt (61WB) and Irene de la Bretonne Hays (61) The other Home Ec teacher at Chief Joseph was Miss Saylor, such a sweet person that she should have been a regular on "Mayberry, RFD". I remember her well because they had an "exchange program" where the girls went to wood shop and the boys went to home ec. She was the teacher for the class that I was in, bless her, she encouraged me to keep cooking. I can't imagine the joy that I would have missed if I hadn't continued cooking. To: Mary Ray Henslee (61) [Mary -- Wanna take over THE SANDBOX??? -Maren] [Go for it! - Jay] -Jay Siegel (61) ~ Poulsbo, WA ******************************************** >>From: Mary Ray Henslee (61) To: Maren Re: THE SANDBOX Thanks Maren! Seriously, if I had the time and didn't enjoy contributing so much, I might consider it. You and Al are both to be commended for making the forums that we have all enjoyed for so long now possible. I envy such commitment. Surely there are others out there who would be up to the task. Maybe? Huh? I am confident that someone will step up to the plate and save the day or shall we say THE SANDBOX. It would be such a shame to lose either one of our forums permanently. To: All Bombers Although bringing THE SANDBOX and The Alumni Sandstorm to us has been a labor of love for both of our moderators, I think that the moderators deserve more then just our thanks for their time and efforts. Monetary compensation is definitely in order for the moderators of both forums. We have already started a subscription process for The Alumni Sandstorm and I think that the same should be started for THE SANDBOX at such time as it is up and running again. A million dollars sounds fair to me. Just kidding of course. Your thoughts? -Mary Ray Henslee (61) ******************************************** >>From: Lyndy Wheeler Myers (62) Re: Mr. Dunton To: Jeff DeMeyer (62) DO you remember the song I think you helped with featuring Mr. D's overshoes. What a man always larger than life even after we were all grown up. -Lyndy Wheeler Myers (62) ~ In sunny HOT Orange Park, FL ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) Requesting flood memories of 1948! Searching for any 'old' Bombers to send in stories of the 1948 Flood. Here is the present website. I would like to add some memories to it. -Gary Behymer (64) ~ downtown Colfax, WA ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) My heartfelt sympathy goes out to Bombers Scott, Kathy, and Jim Feaster. They lost their mother, Donna, to cancer on Friday. I remember Donna as a free spirit that supported her children's activities wholeheartedly. A wonderful lady who was never short of smiles or hugs. I'm thankful for having had the opportunity to know her. We'll miss ya, Donna! -Mike Davis (74) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/15/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff: Mary Triem (47), Tom Tracy (55), Maren Smyth (64), Kerry Rhoten (71) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mary Triem Mowery (47) Re: Flood of 1948 When the 1948 class celebrated their 50th reunion along with other Club 40 members, one of their memorabilia displays featured the big flood. I'll bet Bob Yale's (47) lovely wife, Lola (a WA high grad) could put her hands on more pictures of that historical event and that John Adkins (62) could get them to the proper web page for her. If not, perhaps Maxine Kirklin Faubian and/or Dale Gier, both '48, could find some photos. -Mary Triem Mowery (47) - Ft. Lauderdale, FL and Richland (the "season" is over for snowbirds in South FL. Temperatures are rising and the hurricane season is around the corner.) ******************************************** >>From: Tom Tracy (55) To: Gary Behymer (64) Re: Mike Alexander (64-RIP) I visited with Mike Alexander in Sun Valley, ID several years after the Pueblo crew came home. The U.S. Navy did itself proud during the recent incident, but needs to dust off its epaulets and clear its deck after the way it treated the Pueblo crew. Mike had been given the 3rd degree, like all the others. Beyond the abusive treatment dealt to them by the North Koreans, the U.S. Navy did it about as proud during the Pueblo prisoner release as it did in the Tail Hook actions in Las Vegas. The prisoners were ostracized and treated with disdain. It was not a proud moment. Mike was working at the ski resort. I tried to visit with him, but he was very withdrawn and justifiably upset about his treatment in America. I believe he moved to Northern Idaho.. His parents were dedicated members of our church. He had a fine family heritage. Naval Officers who debriefed Mike and the Pueblo servicemen discredited their uniforms and the U.S. Navy. My best memories of Mike were when he was a young lad at Bible School and Summer Camp at Deer Lake in Spokane. He always carried himself with dignity, manners and tolerance for others... just like he was taught. Mike seemed to want the best for others around him and was always willing to put others first. He was a credit to his family, community and country. He carried a true Richland Bomber spirit. I am proud to have known him. I'm sure his family, friends and neighbors are too. -Tom Tracy (55) ******************************************** >>From: Maren Smyth (64) To: ALL Bombers Re: 1945 Columbian is now online Heads up, Classes of '45, '46, '47 and '48!! Thanks to Ray Conley (46) who submitted his 1945 Columbian and thanks to Burt Pierard (59) for scanning it. The 1945 Columbian is now on the website at: If you'd like a CD version, contact Burt. -Maren Smyth (64) ******************************************** >>From: Kerry Rhoten (71) To: Dave McAdie (79) and Rich Crigler (70) Re: Cool Desert Nights Did you know that the group ticketing is being handled by me? If any of the class wants to sit together at the street dances it can be arranged by me. The tickets are $2.50 less than when purchased at the gate and groups of 50 or 100 can have a reserved seat as well. Also I'm doing another concert: THREE DOG NIGHT at the Red Lion Inn in Richland on the 26th of July. The tickets are selling already. There are still a few rooms left. I can't wait to ask Merrilee about that KISS!!! -Kerry Rhoten (71) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/17/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers and 1 Bomber Booster today: Don White (50), Gus Keeney (57), Shirley Sherwood (62), Betti Avant (69), Kerry Rhoten (71), Kim Edgar (79), Vernon Holt (Bomber Booster) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Don White (50) To: Gary Behymer (64) Re: 1948 Flood Hi, Was a Sophomore at Col Hi and lived on Abbot St. at the time. My brother and I were the last ones to cross the road to the "Y" before the river washed out the road. We had to wade across. The tragedy several days later in the area was the death of the owner of the Dutch Mill Restaurant who was electrocuted while checking out the damage to the place after the water subsided. -Don White (50) ******************************************** >>From: Gus Keeney (57) To: Jan Bollinger Persons (60) See if you can coerce Gary (57) into being at the Club 40 deal!!! My schedule might be tight, but I'm gonna try to make that one. -Gus Keeney (57) ~ Yuma, AZ (where the temp today was in the 90s, clear, sunny & light breeze. YAAAAHOOOO!!!! ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Sherwood Milani (62) To: Audrey Eberhardt (61WB) There was a Miss Swain that was a Home Economics teacher. I can't remember, however, whether that was at Chief Jo or Col Hi. -Shirley Sherwood Milani (62) ~ Grants Pass, OR (where it is hazy, but warming up) ******************************************** >>From: Betti Avant (69) Re: Chief Jo Home Ec The teacher I remember who taught Home Ec. at Chief Jo was Mrs. Finch. I didn't have alot of talent for sewing, but some of the things she taught me (way back in 63-64) I still remember to this day when I get an urge to sew. -Betti Avant (69) ~ Goodland, KS (where we have a freeze advisory for tonight) ******************************************** >>From: Kerry Rhoten (71) Re: Correction to 4/16/01 Alumni Sandstorm Hi all The concert is not Three Dog Night it is TOWER OF POWER should be as good or better then the Three Dog Night. -Kerry Rhoten (71) ******************************************** >>From: Kim Edgar Leeming (79) Re: Fireworks at the Tacoma Rainier's Opening Day I had the pleasure of meeting Larry Mattingly (60) last Friday. He generously offered me and my family free tickets to the game and gave us a tour of the fireworks display. A lot of hard work and passion go into these shows. What an awesome display. It was one of the best I've seen, besides the one at the R2K. My son was so excited, I lost track of how many times he said "Look, Mommy". Great job, Larry. Have a wonderful time in Alaska. -Kim Edgar Leeming (79) ******************************************** >>From: Vernon Holt (Bomber Booster) Re: 1948 Flood pics The dikes were built with bulldozers and dirt haulers rushed to Richland before, during and after the 1948 flood crest with subsequent building up of the high berms or dikes, and extending them all along the rivers. The highway bridge over the Yakima River was washed out and replaced with a delightful WWII Bailey pontoon bridge that could make you a bit seasick at times driving over it! It was years before evidences of the flood disappeared. -Vernon Holt, Booster 1947 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/18/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCoy (45), Dick Harris (49), Jack Lowrey (49), Loretta Ostboe (55), Larry Mattingly (60), Patti Jones (60), Mary Mike Hartnett (61), Helen Cross (62), Sonny Davis (62), Deedee Willox (64), Gail Setbacken (66), Dennis Strege (71) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick McCoy (45 Beaver/46 Bomber) Re: 48 Flood Don White (50) wrote about the guy who was electrocuted at the Dutch Mill. His name was Vernal Nield (46-RIP). He was an electrician, I think, and I don't believe he was the owner. For those of you who were around at that time, I saved the day. I worked long shifts at the Rose Bowl, and we were successful in keeping the water out and the you know what in. -Dick McCoy (45 Beaver/46 Bomber) ******************************************** >>From: Dick Harris (49) To: Gary Behymer (64) Re: '48 Flood The young man who was electrocuted at the Dutch Mill Restaurant was the brother of Gary Nield (49). His name was Vernal Nield (46-RIP), as I remember it. He had just returned from a tour of duty in Korea in the U.S. Army and went to check out the damage for his parents, who were co- owners with the Barron family. As I recall, he had access it by boat, and then the accident happened. It was a very tragic event for that family, obviously! My brother and sister-in-law were living in a small trailer house just east of the "Y" and located very close to the Columbia. He was working on McNary Dam at the time. He came to borrow our Dad's car (that had the trailer hitch on it) and got their trailer pulled into town, just before the rising waters would have flooded it! My sister-in-law and I were both working at the "Mug Inn" drive-in in Kennewick at the time. Following the closure of the highway from Richland to the "Y," we had to drive to Benton City and then east to Kennewick to work. It wasn't long before the drive-in closed temporarily, due to lack of traffic and the flood, so our long commute was ended. -Dick Harris (49) ******************************************** >>From: Jack Lowrey (49) Re: Flood of '48 The person electrocuted at the Mill was the son of the owner and a student at Col Hi. For the life of me I can't remember his name, but I think he was in the class of '47 or '48. Several of us from the CAP spent a lot of time at the old airport helping load and unload passengers who were flown from Pasco and Kennewick while Richland was isolated. (Ken Ely (49), Dick Schultz (49), Felix Shaffner, Clarence Kent, Dale Meader) Those of us who had a pilot's license picked up a lot of free flying time shuttling people back and forth and sightseeing. A lot of fun for a few but very traumatic for many. -Jack Lowrey (49) ~ Layton, UT ******************************************** >>From: Loretta Ostboe Fraser (55) Re: Flood of '48 We lived at 712 Abbot street, I was 10 or 11 at the time, and my parents, Viola and Ozzie Ostboe, had always said we were the first ones to cross after the '48 flood subsided!!! I remember water up to the hubcaps and higher going from Richland to Richland Y... before they built up the road to prevent it being flooded any more... I always wondered what happened to that barn (the dutch mill?) because I wanted to go to it when I got older!!! Yes, Memories!! -Loretta Ostboe Fraser (55) ~ now West Richland (back from Yuma for the summer) ******************************************** >>From: Larry Mattingly (60) Re: Flooding and freezing memories Somewhere in my boxes of "old stuff" I have some newspaper stories about the "miracle mile" dike. Can't remember all the details but it was something like one mile of dike raised 1 foot high per hour? Machines and trucks were moving so fast... dad wouldn't let me out of the car, so I had to watch from a distance. Every evening that spring we would drive down to the river and see the flood and note how high the water was. I remember we couldn't go near the river for a month or so after the water went down. Somebody reported seeing a rattlesnake or two drifting by on pieces of wood. They were caught by the rising waters. There was an article about it in the paper. Someday in my old age I will have to take time to sort through all of that stuff. I haven't touched most of it since my father died 15 years ago. The earlier frozen Yakima river provided some entertainment that winter. The small tugboat from the White Bluffs, or Vernita ferry came up the Yakima and tried to loosen the ice jam just below the old bridge. While they knocked off some big chunks, the jam held fast. There was quite a crowd watching from the Richland side of the river. A day or two later I think it was Army demolitions guys that dropped charges through holes in the ice upriver from the jam. The charges were supposed to float down to underneath the jam on a time fuse. About all that did was to weaken the old bridge piers. Everybody cheered when the charges went off and nothing happened. They finally used some surface charges that broke enough loose to allow the river to flow more freely and take some of the pressure off of the bridge piers. They made all of us move way back. I remember we were so far I had to stand on the car to see. I can't remember what actually did in the old bridge. I thought it was a combination of the ice and the explosives. But now I'm not sure. I do remember going via "Bombing Range" road to get to Kennewick. To their credit Army Engineers wasted no time getting that Bailey bridge across. We watched them for an hour or two a couple of times. It wiggled a bit but worked fine. Somebody fill in the gaps here... did the present bridge replace the one that was lost? Was that about the time they were raising the road bed in preparation for McNary Dam? I can clearly remember the differing routes we took to favorite fishing spots but not the sequence in the changes in the road. Some 50 year old items of memory can be so clear and other simple things so cloudy. I was 20 feet from him when President Ike dedicated McNary Dam, but I can't place the year, 1954? "Happiness is the sky in bloom" -J Larry Mattingly (60) ~ On the road in Ketchikan, AK (A pleasant day with scattered showers, great scenery and a good dozen large bald eagles circling over the "inside passage" just outside my room window in the Super 8) ******************************************** >>From: Patti Jones (60) Re: THE BOMBER BABES LUNCHEON The Bomber Babes Luncheon is canceled for May as Mother's day falls on the normal luncheon meeting time. Next luncheon will be June 10, 2001. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all Bomber mothers. Bomber Cheers, -Patti Jones (60) ~ Browns Point, WA (Temperature 58 degrees, cloudy and some rain, weather getting better for beach walks) ******************************************** >>From: Mary Mike Hartnett (61) Does anyone remember an attractive, single Miss Twing at Chief Jo?? -Mary Mike Hartnett (61) ******************************************** >>From: Helen Cross Kirk (62) To: Shirley Sherwood Milani (62) and Audrey Eberhardt (61WB) Re: Home Ec at Carmichael I also took 7th grade Home Ec, and I thought our teacher's name was Mrs. Swain or McSwain. I still remember Carole Johnston Berg's (62) biscuits when we had to prepare and eat a breakfast. She had gotten the baking powder and baking soda mixed up. (Carole went on to become an excellent hostess and cook, as I have been fortunate to be a guest at her home several times over the years coming into and out of SeaTac Airport and always enjoy her homemaking skills.) Mrs. Swain taught us quite a bit as I remember, like how to hem by hand. Something I still have to use now and then, as I still don't have the right kind of hemming foot for my machine. Helen Cross Kirk (62) ~ outside Cincinnati, OH (where we had quite a dusting of snow last night, it's gone now, but is due to go down to the 20s tonight, and then warm back up to the 80s... not the best thing for spring blooms this year) ******************************************** >>From: Sonny Davis (62) I have been perusing the Alumni Sandstorm for a couple of years now and it has become a habit. I always felt that growing up in Richland was a very unique experience and your newsletter more than proves that. It is a priceless resource for memory jogging, warm feelings, and plenty of laughs. This is my first contribution. Not so much to inform, but having reached that age where my memory can't be trusted, to find out if anyone else remembers it the same way. Of the hundreds of memories provoked, I picked out three to toss off. Re: Atomic Frontier Days I had an autograph book with the signatures of Monte Hale and his horse Bob, Janis Paige, Jimmy Wakely, etc. But my favorite one, bar none, was that of my hero, Lash Larue! He dressed like Zorro and carried a bullwhip! Cool. Re: Col Hi Gym For a 9 or 10 year old growing up in Richland, going to an event at the Columbia High Gym was like going to Madison Square Garden! I remember going twice, in forgotten order, sometime in '54 or '55, I think. One night, completely unplanned, my Dad decided that he and I were going to see the Bombers play basketball! We had never done so before. It seems that an acquaintance's son was quite a star, Tom Tracy (55), and the team was very good. I was unaware. We got to the school about the time the game started and had to park blocks away. There was a crowd of 30 or more people around the front entrance. The game was sold out and as many people as possible were watching what they could, through the door. I could hear the squeak of sneakers, the screaming of the crowd, whistles, groans, etc. but couldn't see a thing. We left after a few minutes, but I was sold at a young age on Bomber basketball. The other memory of Col High Gym, around the same time period, I think, is of sitting in the packed bleachers, wide eyed, in open mouthed wonder, watching the original Harlem Globetrotters. Anybody else there? I had seen the movie of Abe Saperstein's efforts and success in forming the team. I'm pretty sure it was called "Go Man Go". So these were real people to me because I knew where they came from and what they had gone through to get there. As good as the 'Trotters have been and are now, none was better than the original. Goose Tatum was literally a giant talent of his day. Could he really palm TWO basketballs in one hand, or is this a myth. Problem is, I think I remember seeing him do it! In a child's eyes they could do no wrong that night. They actually made EVERY trick shot they attempted. The field goal kick, shooting at the baskets rolled up to the ceiling out of the way, half court hooks, etc. Watching them do their warm up routine to "Sweet Georgia Brown", I consider a privilege to have seen in person. The only other guy's name I can remember is Marcus Haines, greatest dribbler of all time. Remember any other players? Re: Local DJ One last quickie and then I'll shut up. Again around the same time period, I remember a guy who I think was from Col High. He was very talented and became a DJ on (I think) KORD radio. I listened to him a lot. He was cool and played all the right tunes. He was known as "Lynner the Spinner" and I think his name was Lynn Bryson. He wasn't around for long and the last thing I ever heard was that he was going to California to work for a company called Hanna Barbera. I had never heard of them before then. Does anyone know what became of him and his career? Keep tickling the memories and the funny bones and appreciating our uniqueness. -Sonny Davis (where were you in '62?) ~ 60 degrees & cloudy in Conway, WA ******************************************** >>From: Deedee Willox Loiseau (64) Re: Flood of 1948 To Don White (50) I remember the flood even though I was only two at the time. I can still picture the water across the road after the flood was actually over. The Dutch Mill Restaurant also had a bar. My folks used to stop in there and leave my sister and I in the car. The owner would come out and talk to us. He told us he was superman and of course I believed him. He is the one who died when he grabbed a hot wire while cleaning up after the flood. For years you could see the foundation of the place when driving to the Y. I don't know why I remember all that as I was so young. -Deedee Willox Loiseau (64) ~ Burbank, WA (a beautiful sunny day today) ******************************************** >>From: Gail Setbacken Carter (66) Hey!! Bombers we need help in finding our classmates of '66. If anyone can help us please e-mail me. Evelyn Rendon Lira, Robert Flores, Patrick Mahoney, Pat Welch Noe, Karen Taylor Skelly, David Sutherland, Diane Copeland Warren, Lanelle Fusman Graves, Dave Mason, Kathy Anderson McDowell, Jean Ellerthorpe Countyman, Christine Simek Peterson, Barbara Jo Sandford Kendall, Suzanne Forbes Raymond, Richard Erickson, Kathy Pleasant Allen, David Farnsworth, Bill Mitchell, Candy Scott Gill, Tim Correy, Theresa Sadler Alden, Joe Rowe, Richard Brent Thompson, Joanne Ruppert Crook, Bonnie Zwicker Stromberg, Kirby Lane, Elizabeth Hetrick, Donna O'Neal Reyes, Karen Rotan Carson, Sue Ray Woodard, Cindy Oates Pond. Thank you for your help!!!!!! -Gail Setbacken Carter (66) ******************************************** >>From: Dennis Strege (71) Re: Class of '71 Reunion To: Class of '71 Bombers Our 30 year reunion will be held on August 10, 11, and 12. Details to follow after the next meeting which will be held on Thursday, April 19, at 701 A The Parkway in Richland. Everyone is invited. -Dennis Strege (71) ~ Richland *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/19/01 ~ HAPPY 56th BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 13 Bombers sent stuff: Richard Roberts (49), Dorothy Stamper (54), Mike Clowes (54), Gus Keeney (57), Sharon Panther (57), Tom Matthews (57), John Northover (59), James Johnson (60), Janice Woods (60WB), Carol Converse (64), Connie Hanson (64), Jean Armstrong (64), Linda Reining (64) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Richard Roberts (49) Re: The Dutchmill Vernal Nield (47-RIP) was the brother of Gary Nield (49). Their parents owned the Dutchmill. -Richard Roberts (49) ******************************************** >>From: Dorothy Stamper McGhan (54) I moved to Richland the day the bridge closed - I believe May 17, 1948. What a first impression of my new home! It was the beginning of a whole new life. I am still in Richland and it is truly 'home', now. -Dorothy Stamper McGhan (54) ~ Richland ******************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) Re: '48 Flood While I have no personal knowledge of the flood in Richland, I do remember the Bailey Bridge across the Yakima. To my then 12/13 year old eyes it looked like a relic of the past ice age. As memory serves it did last for quite a while, but how long did it serve? I vaguely remember it while in high school, but did it go before I graduated in 1954? And of course there was the "lovely interchange" at the intersection of the by-pass and GWWay. Almost as much fun as an LA freeway. Nearly sideswiped someone one evening, should have paid less attention to the girl and more to the road. Bomber cheers to all -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) ~ live and direct from Albany, OR (where it has been 60 or so and rainy for the past few days) ******************************************** >>From: Gus Keeney (57) To: Larry Mattingly (60) Talking about eagles reminded me of a few years ago. I was crewing for a good Friend, Bob Otto, taking his 50 foot Ocean Alexander North for the Summer. While we were in Uclulet in the North reaches of Barclay Sound, we were sitting in the Bar overlooking the entrance to Uclulet when a couple of bald eagles started diving at the water out there. Before too long there were 26 eagles diving at that spot in the water. We actually counted them. An old fisherman at the table next to us said he had been fishing out of there for 30 or so years and had not seen that spectacle before. He said it must have been a "herring ball" that came in on the storm we rode in on the last of the evening before. Anyway, it was a fantastic sight that I will thank Bob (May he Rest In Peace) for giving me the opportunity to be a part of. -Gus Keeney (57) ~ In Yuma (where the temp was 96 today!!! Gonna have a "Cold Snap" Tomorrow in the in the low 80s, then a few days in the 70s May warm back up to the 80s on Monday. ******************************************** >>From: Sharon Panther Taff (57) Re: Bill Dunton I have great memories of him at Carmichael and the summer talent shows. I played the piano for several of the "acts" as well as our choir class. I also remember, vaguely, performing some type of "black light routine" using Vaseline on our black clothing for the talent show. He was my very favorite teacher at Carmichael - could motivate us so well to do our best and go beyond what we were comfortable with. Re: Home Ec teachers Mrs. Anderson was our home ec teacher in Carmichael. Half of the year was dedicated to sewing, i.e. making a gathered skirt, and the other half to cooking. I remember her turning our garments inside out and checking all the seams, hems, and waistbands, to be sure they were neat and hand stitches were evenly spaced and we were graded accordingly. To this day, if I'm purchasing a garment, I look inside to see how it is finished and if the design matches at the seams. To my daughter's chagrin I still did that when she was sewing her clothes. At 10 she was a fantastic seamstress. Much braver than me. She could see a dress in a magazine, go buy the fabric, lay it on the floor, cut it out without a pattern, and sew it up. Albeit, she usually was in such a hurry to wear it so she scotch taped the hem. Her excuse was she wasn't sure what length she was going to want it - had to wear it to be sure. It is amazing how those lessons we learned from grade school and on up stood us in good stead later in life. We were truly blessed to have grown up in Richland in those early days. -Sharon Panther Taff (57) ******************************************** >>From: Tom Matthews (57) Re: Larry Mattingly (60) and McNary Dam Dedication 1954 was the year of the McNary Dam dedication. I was there as a sophomore playing in the Band. I found a copy of the program a few years ago which gives the details. It was September 23, 1954 and the program has the Bomber band scheduled at 8:20 a.m. "Richland High School Band, under the direction of Prof. Gordon W. Pappas." We were to be followed 5 minutes later by a Blue Angels show. We were scheduled to also play at 1:30 for 10 minutes. Other school bands were from Umatilla, Kennewick, Pasco, Hermiston although Richland and Kennewick were the only ones scheduled to play twice. I got a pretty good picture (for a simple box camera) of President Eisenhower standing in his limousine as he was driven away. -Tom Matthews (57) ~ Kirkland, WA ******************************************** >>From: John Northover (59) Sonny Davis' (62) reference to a local DJ popped a dusty memory muscle... anyone remember Rick Johnson (59)... spinning the hot hits on one of our local stations? Believe he was sponsored by Dawson's Cleaners or Dawson's Clothes... I think I remember it was a call in request type of show... Fridays or Saturdays... Bee-Bop-A-Boo-LAAaaaa!!! -John Northover (59) ~ In sunny San Diego (where the lights go out before the sun sets) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Sonny was asking about "Lynner the Spinner" maybe named Lynn Bryson... I remember an entry from some time back from (I *think*) whoever that guy IS in real life... a Bomber... Anybody else remember that?? -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: James Johnson (60) Re: Major General James Mattis (68) I've learned from Tom Mattis (66) that his brother, Jim (68), was nominated on February 20th for promotion to Major General, USMC. This June he will be Commanding General, 1st Marine Expeditionary Brigade, based at Camp Pendleton. Jim had been stationed at the Pentagon, serving as Senior Military Assistant to the Deputy Secretary of Defense. I met Tom and Jim while looking into circumstances surrounding PFC Mark Black's (66) death in Vietnam. Thanks in large part to General Mattis, we've been able to assemble quite a few facts about Mark's service in the Marines. As most of you know, 18 year old Mark was wounded on March 29th, 1966 and died March 30th, 1966. He was a member of K Company, 3rd Battalion, 9th Marines. Mark and other 3/9 Marines who perished in Vietnam are honored at [click the Tribute link - then Mark's name]. We also want to thank William McIntosh, David Rivers (65), Peg Kestell Hume (67) and Rick Maddy (67) for their assistance and encouragement in this project. As soon as we complete Mark's biographical sketch we plan to share it with the Sandstorm readers. -James Johnson (60) ~ Marietta, GA ******************************************** >>From: Janice Woods Ehrke (60 WB) Sey Hey: I was at the Giants game last night and was there to witness Barry Bonds' 500 career homer. What a thrill! Actually, I had to watch it on TV while I was standing in line at the Garlic Fries booth, oh well. God Bless Barry, 41,000 were there to mark the occasion. It was a grand night! Just as important, he actually won the game for us as it turned out (SF 3, LA 2). Willie McCovey and Willy Mays (660HRs) were also there. Wanted to go paint the town Giants Orange down in North Beach after the game but my social skills were even more inhibited than normal, thanks to those **** Garlic Fries. -Janice Woods Ehrke (60 WB) ~ from Bond'sville ******************************************** >>From: Carol Converse Maurer (64) To: Larry Mattingly (60) I enjoyed reading all about the flood, etc. in today's Sandstorm (4/18/01). The Green Bridge is not the original bridge? I always thought it was. I can't say that I remember anything about the flood. To: DeeDee Willox (64) Wow, you remember the flood, eh? I don't remember it at all. I lived on Douglass though, far removed from the flood area (I think?). I don't remember the Old Dutch either, but I remember seeing the foundation for years and years. I always wondered what it had been. I remember telling people about the foundation and how there were horses down there for quite awhile also. That area has always been a fascination to me for some odd reason. -Carol Converse Maurer (64) ~ Eureka, CA (where it's cloudy and about to rain) ******************************************** >>From: Connie Hanson Lincoln (64) Re: Globetrotters To: Sonny Davis (62) I remember going to see the Globetrotters about that same time with my brother Lowell (55). I remember being so impressed with their skills. Whenever they come to Seattle it brings back memories of the original team. I went several years ago to see them again and I agree with you, I think the original team was definitely the best!! -Connie Hanson Lincoln (64) ******************************************** >>From: Jean Armstrong Reynolds (64) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAREST MAREN, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! -Jean Armstrong Reynolds (64) ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining (64) Sonny Davis (62) mentioned seeing the Harlem Globetrotters at the Col Hi gym in '54 or '55; well I didn't see them at that time, but I did see them in '63 or '64 at the gym and one of the players that I remember the most was "Meadow Lark Lemon". He was the greatest! I also have a "memory" of seeing a country western singer, but can't remember if it was Ferlin Husky or Faron Young, at the gym in about '51 or '52. My Mom was a huge country western fan and she took me to see him. Don't remember a lot, but do remember that he wore a cowboy hat and black boots and a western style suit. I too enjoy all the memories and am amazed at some of the memories that some of you have. ;) I feel good just remembering what I did yesterday! -Linda Reining (64) ~ Bakersfield, CA (where the wind is starting to blow and we are expecting another "cold front" from the Pacific Northwest) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/20/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 13 Bombers and 1 NOTICE and 1 funeral notice today: Gene Barron (47), Sandra Atwater (51), Ernie Smith (60), Earl Bennett (63), Carol Converse (64), Gary Behymer (64), David Rivers (65), Patty de la Bretonne (65), Gail Setbacken (66), Lori Simpson (70), Penny Mitchell (71), Greg Alley (73), Michael Hays (79) ******************************************** ******************************************** NOTICE ~~ R2K+1 Cool Desert Nights (same week end) schedule: THU, 06/21/01 ~ Night Cruise FRI, 06/22/01 ~ Burn Out Contest, Night Cruise, Street Dance SAT, 06/23/01 ~ Pancake Breakfast, Show & Shine with music, slow drags, entertainment, vendors, concessions, Poker Run, children's games, Bus Pull benefiting Special Olympics, Night Cruise, BBQ Dinner, Street Dance SUN, 06/24/01 ~ Continental Breakfast/Celebrity Awards Contact Linda Belliston Boehning (63) and let her know you're coming. ******************************************** ******************************************** >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Gene Barron (47) Date: Sat Apr 14 11:35:49 2001 1947 Grad Class This goes way, way back. Are any of the 47 class grads still alive? If so, I would like to hear from you. -Gene Barron (47) ******************************************** >>From: Sandra Atwater Boyd (51) Re: The 1948 Flood It was quite an experience! Ann Pearson Burrows (50) lived on Haines Ave. and I lived on Haupt. Ann's basement filled with water from the flood. Ann and I thought it would be great to swim in her basement. Fortunately Ann's Dad caught us on the way down and said, "NO". Ann and I just did not think about electrical wires, etc.! We had a bird's eye view of the building of the dike. We thought it was great! After the dike was built, no one was supposed to swim in the Columbia and one time a few of we girls decided to try and fortunately or unfortunately we got caught by the police. They were very nice and didn't give us a ticket! Ha! That is what we girls thought at the time! We used to swim in the river a lot and so we missed it. There was a man in the neighborhood that built a raft for we kids to dive off of and just have fun! -Sandra Atwater Boyd (51) ~ Palm Desert, CA ******************************************** >>From: Ernie Smith (60) Re: Richland Weather I left Richland in 1963 for California. I have returned a few times to visit my parents and to attend several class reunions. I have been reading alot in the sandstorm about the floods. To me the whole weather patterns in Richland are drastically changed. I can remember the Yakima river freezing up and having ice log jams at the bridge. Also, it wasn't abnormal to get 6" of snow several times a year to be followed by Chinook winds (warm winds) that would melt the snow. I also remember that the cold was very bitter in the winters and the summers were very hot, but a dry heat. Over several visits back to the old stomping grounds I have noticed that the winters don't seem to be as hostile and the summers are more humid now, probably because of the irrigation that took place in the projects and all the circle farming that has taken place. Does anyone out there know if the weather averages have changed, like warmer winters and more humid summers from the 60s? -Ernie Smith (60) ******************************************** >>From: Earl C. Bennett, III, Gold Medal Class of '63 To: Sonny Davis (62) and Connie Hanson (64) If the Globetrotters only came once, then Dad (resting with Jesus) took me to that same game. We were in either the top row or within a couple rows of the top - at that age it seemed a mile high! I was really impressed, and the one name I remember in addition to Goose Tatum was Meadowlark Lemon. I couldn't believe the dribbling skills. Thanks for reviving the memory! Regards, ecb3 -Earl Bennett (Gold Medal Class of '63) ******************************************** >>From: Carol Converse Maurer (64) To: Linda Reining (64) Seems we've gotten plenty of storms from the Pacific Northwest this year doesn't it? I'm not looking forward to this latest one - that's supposed to be with us this afternoon. I'm STILL waiting for spring weather. This year has been a lot colder than years past. -Carol Converse Maurer (64) ~ Eureka, Ca (cloudy still and waiting for the cold front to hit us) ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) If just 52 more Richland Bombers register at the site, we'll break thru the 3000 barrier. Not many schools registered on have 3000 or more on line. 2948... Richland Bombers 2701... Walla Walla Blue Devils 2488... Renton 2385... Lewis & Clark 2326... John Rogers 2186... Ingraham 2129... Eisenhower 2022... Kennewick Lions 1921... Moses Lake 1885... Davis Pirates 1794... Pasco Bulldogs 1416... Sunnyside 1334... West Valley 1295... Ellensburg 713... Toppenish 694... Wapato Now... the 'POP QUIZ'. Look at the above high school names and tell me what year it is? (;-) Thanks for your help with pictures and memories for the Richland Flood of 1948. There are still more to add. -Gary Behymer (64) ~ from downtown Colfax, WA ******************************************** >>From: David Rivers (65) Re: DJs Lynn Bryson was a Col Hi graduate. I wish I could remember what year but I just can't remember all that stuff any more. Dean Hoff (62) was good friends with Lynn and could fill in all the gaps. I recall that Lynn lived over in the Jason Lee neighborhood. He was the hot DJ of the late 50s and maybe very early 60s... again, Dean could fill us in on this. Lynn's theme song was "Straight Flush" by the Frantics (a Washington group), an instrumental that I have tried to find for years without success. The DJ that played "second fiddle" to Lynn was a guy we all now know from his syndicated shows, the "Real Don Steele". Lynn headed for Salt lake and we lost him. Don went first to Yakima, then Portland and finally to LA as the biggest DJ in those respective markets during his tenure in each. I spent hours upon hours listening to Lynn and can still tell you the difference between the Statues and the Clovers' versions of "Blue Velvet" before some Polka playing guy did his cover version of that wonderful song... all as a result of my nights listening to "Lynner the Spinner" aka "Lynster the Spinster". That's my memory and I'm stickin' to it! Re: News flash Toronto Terry Davis Knox (65) will be leaving Brazil where he will be filming a movie during the first few weeks of May for Toronto to begin filming his new show; "Monk" in which he stars as a rather strange detective... Filming will begin around June 5th. Sorry we couldn't go to print earlier on this but you know how superstitious actors are... -David Rivers (65) ******************************************** >>From: Patty de la Bretonne (65) The Brysons were our next door neighbors on McPherson. Lynn was one of the sons, older than all of us kids I think. He was always very nice, and I believe he went on to work as a recording engineer somewhere. Mrs. Bryson, his Mother was a short little lady with hair down to the ground which she always braided and put on her head. She got it all cut off I think when I was in high school. Mr. Bryson always had a big vegetable and melon garden that my brother Ernie and some other neighborhood boys raided sometimes. -Patty de la Bretonne (65) ******************************************** >>From: Gail Setbacken Carter (66) Bombers!! A big thank you to all who sent info on missing classmates. -Gail Setbacken Carter (66) ******************************************** >>From: Lori Simpson Hogan (70) Re: Kerry Rhoten (71) and his claim to having Three Dog Night here on Thursday July 26th at the Richland Red Lion. According to the website, Tower Of Power will be here on that night? Please clarify or are we lucky enough to have both groups performing on the same night?!? Thanks, -Lori Simpson Hogan (70) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [this from the 4/17 Sandstorm: >>From: Kerry Rhoten (71) Re: Correction to 4/16/01 Alumni Sandstorm The concert is not Three Dog Night it is TOWER OF POWER should be as good or better then the Three Dog Night." Does That answer your question, Lori?? -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Penny Mitchell True (71) Re: Mike Alexander (64-RIP) To: Tom Tracy (55) I really appreciate and agree with your statement on Mike Alexander. Having grown up in the same church I too knew the Alexanders. Although Mike was older and so I didn't know him well I knew Bill and Gail and the younger girls. The way the Pueblo Crew was treated on their return has always bothered me and I feel it was criminal. While not to detract from the 24 crew members of the recent incident I couldn't help but think about the Pueblo and their much different reception. If the term hero is to be used it definitely applies to the Pueblo crew, too. -Penny Mitchell True (71) ~ Bothell, WA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ******************************************** >>From: Greg Alley (73) To: Mike Davis (74) I want to thank Mike and everyone for thinking of Donna Feaster who passed last week and her kids and family. I went to Duncan Sinclair, Sr's service and I want to say to everyone in Bomberville that we lost some great parents. The total kids and grandkids is too numerous to count. The total of great kids, parents, athletes, friends, and people here are too many to mention. Just thought I'd say thanks. -Greg Alley (73) ~ Its spring and I'm listening to John Fogerty's Centerfield with quotes like "There' new grass on the field" and "look at me, gotta be center field". Sorry, just a baseball fan and not a Mariner bandwagon person. ******************************************** >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Michael Hays (79) Date: Wed Apr 18 15:59:38 2001 i'm out here hello to all my friends. send me something michael -Michael Hays (79) ******************************************** Funeral Notice from the 3/19/01 Tri City Herald ~ Marcia Lee Newton Denniston ~ Class of 1969 ~ *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/21/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 16 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCoy (45), Kay Mitchell (52), Morgan Miller (53), Gus Keeney (57), Pete Jensen (57), Tom Matthews (57), Fred Schafer (63), Deedee Willox (64), Dennis Hammer (64), Gary Behymer (64), Jo Miles (64), Linda Reining (64), Mike Lucas (64), Leta Ramerman (66), Lynn-Marie Hatcher (68), Kerry Rhoten (71) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick McCoy (45) To: Gene Barron (47) Hey, Gene Barron -- yes there are plenty of the class of 47 alive, and they are ornery as ever. (To me, always the sophs) Are you related to the beautiful Barron girls? Someone help this guy although I don't know why he wants to find that bunch. Re: '48 Flood No one seems to remember GWWay during the '48 flood. Closed to auto traffic, heavy equipment rumbled up and down, day and night, carrying the fill for the dike. A very fantastic sight. To: Greg Alley (73) Would you be the son of Paul Alley, the Oregon State flash? -Dick McCoy (45) ******************************************** >>From: Kay Mitchell Coates (52) Re: Atomic Frontier Days All the memories that have been shared about Atomic Frontier Days (aka Richland Days) dredged up a recollection of a time in 1948, that to me, a 14 year old girl, was one of the most special times in my life. Just to get the facts straight, I referred to an old diary of mine, and sure 'nuff, found an entry for Sunday, September 5, 1948 that verified the old memory that had worked its way to the surface. My diary states that on that date, our "A" house neighbors, Eleanor and Jim Gabriel (members of the Chamber of Commerce) recommended me to Ray Whitley and his wife as a baby sitter for their little girl. They were staying at the Desert Inn and I was so thrilled to be able to take care of their child in such a classy atmosphere. I met Chill Wills who in turn, personally introduced me to Roddy McDowell and Monte Hale. Of course, I got their autographs - what a thrill for me! At 2:30 AM I was given a ride home by Mr. Whitley's personal chauffeur. Wow! That just made my day! The entry for the day before, on Sept. 4, states that I attended a movie premier with Carol Haynes (53) and we saw Monte Hale, Ray Whitley, Janis Page, Chill Wills and Max Turbune (? - can't read my scribbley writing). I have no conscious recollection of doing this, but will never forget being hired by a movie star to take care of his little girl. I did not make an entry as to how much I was paid, but I bet it was more than the going rate of 25 cents an hour! -Kay Mitchell Coates (52) ~ Valley, WA (where the buttercups and yellow bells are beginning to bloom) ******************************************** >>From: Morgan Miller (53) Re: 48 Flood It was either June or July and I was living in North Richland, Herb Maust (53) and myself rode our bicycles to Richland and as we were coming into town on the north end there were some boys swimming in the backwater just west of GWWay. One of the boys had problems and I don't know if he drowned or not but I do remember the Fire Department working on him and his mother was there. They must have lived in the houses on the hill west of the highway. I don't remember the outcome since we were going to John Ball School that fall. Maybe someone out there can remember more about that day. I know one thing I'll never forget it. -Morgan Miller (53) ~ Pensacola, FL ******************************************** >>From: Gus Keeney (57) Re: Lynn Bryson (57) Lynn was in my class of (57). He was always active at the Dances and other activities of that sort. I lost track of him after I joined the Navy in Jan '58. Re: Sandmen How many of you are left out there? Does any one what happened to Charles Collins (57) who was our Second Tenor? Or Jim Smith (59) who was the Baritone? I got a note from Dennis Barr (58) last year, but lost his address in the last computer "episode". A note from Nadine Smith Heusser (60) jolted my memory. Thanks, -Gus Keeney (57) ******************************************** >>From: Pete Jensen (57) Re: Lynn Bryson (57) Just an observations about Lynn Bryson - a.k.a. Lynner, the Spinner. Lynn was a member of the 1957 Bomber graduating class. During his senior class he was... TA DA!!!... EDITOR OF THE SANDSTORM. With those credentials he can't be all bad! :) -Pete Jensen (57) ~ (still in sunny Richland but counting the days until I can go home to sunny Sequim, in the infamous Olympic Peninsula "Rain Shadow") ******************************************** >>From: Tom Matthews (57) Re: E-mail sent to Gary Behymer (64) Re: '48 Flood We lived about 200 yards from the dike on the corner of Haupt and GWWay. I remember watching all the trucks drive by on GWWay with the loads of dirt to build the temporary dike as the flood grew. This went on 24 hours a day. We didn't get to watch the action as much as those who lived on Hains where the dike was built over the road and in the front yards of those facing the river. I know we had no flooding in our basement. I also don't remember having any concern about our area being flooded although without the dike it certainly would have been. We do have home movies now on tape showing the trucks driving by and some also of the dike construction under way. That was probably when I took the picture of the dike taken looking south. The "H" house in the foreground is 1321 Hains, the house behind it is 1319 Hains where the road starts to curve to the west. Some equipment can be seen in the distance near houses on Gowen Avenue. -Tom Matthews (57) ******************************************** >>From: Fred Schafer (63) Re: '48 flood I have a black/white snapshot of me in a cowboy hat and galoshes trying to ride a trike in some high water... proving that I learned the value of rubbers at an early age. -Fred Schafer (63) ~ East Vancouver U S A (where it rains daily even during a drought) ******************************************** >>From: Deedee Willox Loiseau (64) Re: Looking for "Straight Flush" by the Frantics To: David Rivers (65) In looking for "Straight Flush" by the Frantics, try the site: I have found some old music favorites there. -Deedee Willox Loiseau (64) ~ Burbank, WA (where the days are lovely and the nights are COLD) ******************************************** >>From: Dennis Hammer (64) Re: E-mail sent to Gary Behymer (64) Re: Mike Alexander (64-RIP) When and where was this published? (Reference 1969 Sandstorm soon to found on Mike's web page.) When I found the Bomber Alumni site, I saw that he had died, but I never learned anything further. I did not read Commander Bucher's book as several of my shipmates did, but I did check for references to Mike Alexander and he was only mentioned a time or two. I remember being on board ship in San Diego and listening to them arrive in San Diego on the radio. About 4 months later we were a part of a task force that went to Korea when the North Koreans shot down that radar plane. With China now, things that happened over 30 years ago sound like current events. I guess it's true: "The more things change, the more they stay the same." -Dennis Hammer (64) ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) Anyone know the whereabouts of John Alexander (64), Mike's brother? -Gary Behymer (64) ******************************************** >>From: Jo Miles (64) Re: KORD D.J. The KORD D.J. I remember autographed a 45 rpm (by the Majorettes) with the name KORD "Good Guy" Rich Osborn. I remember his voice and Fabian-like hair style but I cannot remember the year - probably about 1960. Maybe someone knows the year the song "White Levis" was released on the Troy record label. But then again, the title may have never have made the charts which could explain why Rich was giving them away that day. -Jo Miles (64) ~ in sunny Toppenish, WA ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining (64) To: Carol Converse Maurer (64) Yeah, we have gotten more than our "fair share" of storms from the Pacific Northwest and at the moment the wind is blowing and it is downright cold outside! Now don't get me wrong, I am in no hurry for the heat that Bakersfield is "famous" for, but am a little tired of winter!!!!! -Linda Reining (64) ~ Bakersfield, CA ******************************************** >>From: Mike Lucas (64) Re: E-mail sent to Gary Behymer (64) Re: Mike Alexander (64-RIP) Thanks for the note. Mike was a good friend of mine and actually ran across him in Japan just a few days before he was captured. I was at sea also that day and saw the messages coming across from the Pueblo as it was being boarded by the North Koreans. I never did know the circumstances of his death. -Mike Lucas (64) ******************************************** >>From: Leta Ramerman (66) To: Earl Bennett (63) WOW - how great to see a note from you in Sandstorm. I haven't seen many notes from students of '66, my graduating class, but how delighted I was to see a note from you. Actually, I remember you more from "Seekers" than I do from our high school days. Before I get into that... I too went to that Globetrotters game with my dad and twin sister, Janet. The highlight for me was also Meadowlark Lemon. I agree, these memories are great! Now - for "Seekers" and the many happy memories from those days. I still very fondly remember your mother writing a Christmas presentation that our verse choir performed - in fact I still have my copy. What fun we used to have on Sunday evenings and the great socials. I believe the culmination every summer was our trip to Forest Home! Please, fill me in on the past few years - where is Diney these days and what is she doing?, and Cece?, How about you? Are you still in the Tri-Cities?, family? etc., etc., etc. I left Richland in '71 and spent one year working in Yakima, and the past 30 years I have been in Portland. I worked for 27 years in Hospital Administration, but 3 years ago made a change. I am now working in education administration at a private preparatory school as the Executive Assistant to Head of School and Director of Student Health. I absolutely love it! My mother is still in the Tri-Cities so I make it back about three times a years and am still in close contact with about 5 of my best friends from high school days. Some combination of us get together each time I'm there. Can you give me either an e-mail address or a street address for Diney and Cece. I'd love to get in touch with them again. -Leta Ramerman (66) ******************************************** >>From: Lynn-Marie Hatcher Foote (68) Re: Sandstorm 4-20 In the 4-20 Sandstorm, - Greg Alley (73) says ~ "Its spring and I'm listening to John Fogerty's Centerfield with quotes like "There' new grass on the field" and "look at me, gotta be center field". Sorry, just a baseball fan and not a Mariner bandwagon person." Well, Greg, I AM a MAJOR, MAJOR Mariner fan, and a big time baseball fan in general. Which CD is "Centerfield" on? I need to download it!!! One of my all time favorite songs, due to my love of baseball. I think I talked about this last baseball season, but the memories for me are great ones, so I'll bring it up again. Since I graduated in 68, I was obviously a little kid in the 50's. I was the only little girl I knew who had real, live blue jeans. My Dad used to take me to Sears, WAY over in Pasco, and buy them for me in the boys' department. Anyway, I was also the only girl I knew then who had a real, live baseball mitt. I wanted to play, but "no girls allowed" back then. So Daddy taught me how to hit and we played a lot of catch across the street at Lewis and Clark. Next I started going to Little League games - there was a Little League field at Lewis and Clark then. I remember Woody Kesel (67) catching for some team. Eric Hanson (68) and Phil Jones (69) were both playing then, too. Can't remember any others right at this moment -- can anyone add to the list? This would be about 1960-1962. Okay I learned some baseball watching there. But the greatest thing was when Wes Gates (68) and I were going together, and he was playing American Legion baseball. Bob Utecht (68) was on that team... who else?? Help me out here. Anyway, sometimes I used to travel with Wes and stay with his Mom and the other team Moms in their hotel room when they had out of town tournaments. I especially remember a trip to Roseburg, OR - spring of '68. And, of course, when they played in town as was at all the games. Ruth Gates and that Richland baseball legend, Floyd Gates, taught me so much baseball. How to announce a game, how to keep official score, how to call an error as opposed to a base hit, on and on. (To you non- fans, this will probably seem trivial -- but this is IMPORTANT STUFF!!!) I have two sons, and I put them in soccer only to keep them active and busy until they were old enough for baseball. They both live in Seattle now, and every year we take in a few Mariner games together. Plus we "watch" them together on the phone pretty often. I am hoping to be setting up a private psych nurse practitioner practice in Roslyn in a few years. The first thing I am going to buy is season tickets at Safeco field! Just up and over the mountain, and I'll be there! Anyway, thanks for bringing those memories back in full force again, Greg. And let me know about that Fogerty CD! -Lynn-Marie Hatcher Foote (68) ******************************************** >>From: Kerry Rhoten (71) Hi Maren Thanks for clearing up the information about TOWER OF POWER [July 26, 2001]. The "gold seating" is almost sold out and the show looks really good. I have 4 seats in the "heart of the gold" A section left. -Kerry Rhoten (71) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/22/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff: Jerry Jernigan (49), Gus Keeney (57), Gordon McDonald (56), Gary Behymer (64), Bob Thorson (69), Bruce Strand (69), Greg Alley (73), Mike Davis (74) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jerry Jernigan (49) Re: Richland of old To: Richard Roberts (49) Richard I don't know how to send to Alumni Sandstorm but how well I know and remember the flood of '48 and the bailey bridge. One night during the flood both Steve Douglas (48) and I talked our way into driving the 10' wide, open top, military dump trucks being used to haul material from the Richland "Y" railroad gravel pit toward Pasco about a mile and dumping onto a dike being built in the fields down by the river. The man in charge was truly a nice person who I'm sure didn't believe our story of all the experience these two 17 year olds had on dump trucks. He showed us the controls etc. and turned us loose. We hauled about 8 loads each when another kid forgot to lower his dump box and upon entering the highway pulled down all of the power lines, along with about 4 poles, and of course the mess was all over the highway. I believe it was 3 lanes at that time. Didn't matter if it was two, three or four lanes, since all were covered with poles, wire and sparks. Sure ended our dump truck experience quickly. "The bailey bridge" I remember it well. I was meandering out from Richland to the "Y" and crossed the bridge at 85 mph. The deck sure made a lot of noise "bz- bz-bz-". All was well until I exited the other side and saw a Richland cop standing there. Well all was well until that evening when he came to the house and issued me a traffic ticket for reckless driving. Wasn't possible to explain to the folks that there was a mistake. The judge threatened to revoke my license for life if I were to get another ticket of any kind during the next year. I stayed clear of tickets for just over a year. Was tough. -Jerry Jernigan (49) ******************************************** >>From: Gordon McDonald (56) Re: Globetrotter Memories All of the talk about the Harlem Globetrotters visits brought back a personal memory of when I participated in a half time entertainment routine when they came to town. Since I didn't have the money to buy a ticket I had gone down to the gym early and just hung around the entrance area hoping somehow to get in. As luck would have it some guy from the Globetrotters staff came up and asked if I would like to be their 'water boy' or something like that. Of course - my dream was answered. It turned out that the guy was actually the clown and he had solicited me mainly to be part of his half time routine. We rehearsed a couple of times in the locker room. Then, just before the first half ended I went back out and stood somewhere in the crowd off to one side. Then he came out and 'randomly' selected me as a somewhat reluctant kid out of the audience. The basis of the routine was that he was going to teach me how to shoot free throws. I don't remember that he was actually saying anything, but rather relying on pantomime gestures to explain what I was supposed to do. That was in the days before wireless microphones -probably in 1953. I think I was in the 9th grade at the time. Anyway, he positioned me on the free throw line and demonstrated how to do it - with an underhand style (ala Rick Barry). Then he handed me the ball and pointed to the basket. As I was coming up with the ball he reached out and blocked the shot before I could release it! With a lot of gesturing he indicated I should take my jacket off - which I did with his help. I then stepped back to the line to shoot, but he again blocked my shot and gestured that I need to take my shirt off - which I did. This process continued through my undershirt, socks and shoes. Finally, he reached for my belt and started to unbuckle as the pants were to be the next thing to come off! At that point, I took off running and ran back to the locker room. I have a vague recollection that Jay McCue (56) was also 'hired' by the Globetrotters that night - maybe to sell programs. He probably actually got paid while all I got was a priceless autographed program with Goose Tatum and Marquis Haynes signatures. Another memory from the same era was how myself and others like Ken O'Connor (56) and Ron Stephens (56) always found a way to get into the gym almost every Sunday to play basketball - at least during the winter. There were no decent outdoor courts and it was too cold anyway. Of course, the school was closed and locked and not even a janitor was there. With a little planning we always left one or more of the many doors so that it wasn't latched and usually a couple of windows into the locker room were left so that all you had to do was push on it and climb through. Many times there would be a dozen or more of us playing. Even though it was technically 'breaking and entering' and we were caught a few times, we were never arrested as we never damaged anything. Most of the time we would be back inside playing within an hour after being chased away. -Gordon McDonald (56) ~ Massena, NY ******************************************** >>From: Gus Keeney (57) We heard about a Basque Restaurant in Tachna, AZ the other day, so we thought we would try it out this afternoon. The special today was Lamb Shank, so we thought we would try it. Not my cup of tea!! It would be worth the 30 mile trip for the Burgers by the looks of the ones that the guys at the next table were having. Looks like they were the "Kick it up Another Notch" Chef Meril Type where the juice runs off your elbows!!!! They also said the special last night was Prime Rib that was to Die for. We'll give it another try later on. Re: Cold Snap Hi Maren, I forgot to add the Yuma Weather. The Cold Snap is here. It actually rained today and I found out that we have to actually take off our windshield wipers down here!!!! Mine were crumbling away and would hardly keep the rain streaks thin enough to see through. Gonna change em on both cars Monday!!! -Gus Keeney (57) ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) Re: "Straight Flush" by The Frantics Attention: Nevertowed Class of 1965 I spotted a copy of this record at GEMM: -Gary Behymer (64) ******************************************** The following entry is from 3/20/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >>From: Bob Thorson (69) As per basketball discussions I would like to add a couple points. No pun intended. Ray Thacker was the coach at CV (not Heathcote. Jud was at West Valley prior to WSU and Michigan state.) Thacker's son, Jim, coaches at Wa-Hi. When Heathcote went to MSU he took Don Monson, who got his coaching start at Cheney Junior High where he coached several of my fraternity brothers, with him and, as the story goes, Monson was the person who recruited Magic Johnson. Ray Thacker was cut from the same cloth as rish, Monson and Heathcote... Politically incorrect, very volatile and outspoken, but guys loved them, loved playing for them and they won a ton of games. You could throw Teverbaugh and Troxel into that group. I know, Rish and Troxel were not hoop coaches. To continue on with these Musings, I believe Ray Thacker is one of the top five winningest high school hoop coaches in Washington. Irv Leifer, Al Hairston and probably, Ed Pepple are on the list. Not sure about Dawald, Teverbaugh or Gene Smith. I met Pepple many years ago through some other fraternity brothers who played for him at M.I. He's got a great gig going there, has turned out some good players (Steve Hawes, Brian Schwabe, and Quin Snyder come to mind) and has won at least two state titles exclusive of Shadle game. Mano made the right call. Speaking of refs, ran into Dick Cartmell at a number of Zag games this year. His biggest problem at those games was trying to keep Heathcote and Monson quiet. Also, saw Dick on tv this weekend reffing a NCAA tourney game. Where was he and will he go to next round? Back to Thacker for a moment, I know and have played with or against many of his players over the last several years. They all are fundamentally sound and brutally competitive. My wife and I were at Thacker's last game. It was a mean nothing third-fourth place regional game against Richland at the old Spokane coliseum. CV was getting thumped, one of Thacker's better players was playing horribly, Ray called a time out, met the aforementioned player with a solid slap across the face... End of career. Re: On to a few other subjects. Jeff Curtis (69), you have a wonderful talent. Stick with it. Mike Davis (74), I enjoy your style. I knew "Bear" some from Showie's in Cheney. Don't believe we've met. S.H.I.* . Tourney at the P.I. On the third Thursday of May. Re: Finally, last topic... I have been in Spokane since fall of '69. After hearing R2K success have been kicking around the idea of a gathering of Spokane area RHS alums. I emailed one RHS alum couple here in town. They liked the idea. I mistakenly deleted their response and names, so no follow through yet. Here is a quick list of rhs people in Spokane that I am aware of. I don't know graduation years... Lamont Worden, Karen Thorson Benham, Ray Stein, Marc Callen, Marty Salina, Diane Emmons, Steve Lindberg, Mike Kraemer, Stephanie Fredette Parrish, Wayne Riches, Cathy Hoglen Ramm and her sister, Sandra Oberg O'Doherty, Allen Gilmore, Jason Depue. Any alum who sees this or hears about it follow up with me, if interested. Add any names you are aware of to the list. I am with National Securities here in spokane. -Bob Thorson (69) ******************************************** >>From: Bruce A. Strand (69) Re: Brad Upton (74) Show We received our tickets the other day for the April 28 Brad Upton Show at the Paramount hosted by that brother act (?!). You know, the ones where "Mom always liked you best," Tom and Dick... Smothers -- yeah, The Smothers Brothers. Looking forward to seeing Bombers there... -Bruce A. Strand (69) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Bruce - The Paramount where? Seattle?? -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Greg Alley (73) To: Lynn-Marie Hatcher Foote (68) Thanks for the ink. I have never got that big of a reply. My fifteen minutes are up. Just buy the CD Centerfield by Fogerty or steal (share) it on the internet. I just like to give people a hard time about coming on board to being a Mariner fan. I have just been happy to have a franchise. After being in the Kingdome (a great place for the price) about 200 times (maybe 140 M's games) I know about bandwagon fans. When you're at a businessman special on a Wednesday when the announced crowd is 4000 and you can hear the echo of the bat hitting the ball during the game, you know they are not good but its still fun to be there. I did get to go to 2 Seattle Pilot games in '69 and was really ready for the Mariners. You mentioned Floyd Gates and although I remember not caring for his style, he coached my brother and lots of others into playing fundamental baseball (use two hands). Growing up baseball memories are watching the game of the week (my dad was a Yankee fan and Mantle fan), the American league (I still like to see some pitchers hit though), Sanders-Jacobs field (lots of soon-to-be big leaguers), and going to little league, pony league, and colt and legion games on warm summer nights. -Greg Alley (73) ~ Where I picked up a 15 year old from the Richland-Moses Lake JV game. ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) Who can identify the following: H. Guy Ammerson? Billy Bee? T. J. Close? Jimmy Nolan? -Mike Davis (74) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/23/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers and 1 Bomber Dad today: Shirley Watts (49), Max Case (57), Janet Wilgus (59), Audrey Eberhardt (61WB), Earl Bennett (63), Lynn-Marie Hatcher (68), Marion Agar (72), Floyd Dickson (Bomber Dad) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Watts James (49) To: Gene Barron (47) Gene, Remember Betty Bjorklund (49)? Well, she is coming to visit me next month. I hadn't seen her in almost 49 years until our 50th reunion. I believe you used to date her on occasion. -Shirley Watts James (49) ******************************************** >>From: Max Case (57) To: Gordon McDonald (56) Dear Gordon, Those are awesome memories... being taken in by the Globetrotters! Taken in or Taken? Thanks for sharing these memories. -Max Case (57) ~ Indpls, IN ******************************************** >>From: Janet Wilgus Beaulieu (59) Ok guys and gals, Tom and I have just returned from a quick trip to the Atomic City and we were so very proud to have our shiny, newly installed, green and gold alumni license frame on the fam vehicle! Now, the interesting part, while visiting in Richland we go to dinner in an adjacent burg which shall remain nameless... after our fine dining experience, we leave the parking area and within a few feet we hear this wrenching, clang--clurk--plack, every revolution of the rear tire. We stop to investigate the source of the glurch to find there is a huge bolt with a large washer imbedded deeply in the tire. Now, are we unduly paranoid, or what? Is it at all possible that there could be an ever-so-slight feeling of animosity toward alumni of the best HS in the Tri-Cities? Is there the possibility of a teensy weensy bit of resentment by other "locals" that the alumni of Columbia HS are known to be proud, and rightly so, of their fine scholastic and athletic heritage??? Well!!! The audacity!!!... The very NERVE!!! At the repair shop, the mechanic said the offending bolt would have had to go in "this way" and his demonstration indicated quite clearly--the bolt would have been propped or placed directly under the tire so that at the first movement, it would be "injected!" To our surprise, the mechanic fixed the tire and would not accept ANY PAYMENT!!! (We finally insisted and forced upon the young man a well deserved gratuity!) We don't want him to be subjected to any reprimands by his employer for rendering his skills without reimbursement, so we won't divulge his association (the initials of the place are, however, C... Co) but we want to say that there are some very kind folks in the "adjacent burg" after all! Well, fortunately, no harm done and we motored back to the Atomic City and in the morning went for Spudnuts... that's another story for another time. Still proudly "bumpering" the Colors of Columbia High (RHS to some,) I wish you all best regards and Bomber Cheers, -Janet Wilgus Beaulieu (59) ******************************************** >>From: Audrey Eberhardt Mathews (61WB) Re: Memories To: ALL I vaguely remember the Globetrotters, but I don't know if it was in Richland or somewhere else. What I do remember is going to Kennewick and seeing Hank Williams, Jr. and Ernest Tubb, I think. I remember so well because Jr. forgot the words to a song he had written. Do they still have a skating rink? I can remember some Saturdays a group of us would go horseback riding and then skating or a movie. It was great to be young in the days before drugs, school shootings and bombs were the problems young people have to face. We all thought we were grown, but we were so innocent. Thanks for listening (reading) -Audrey Eberhardt Mathews (61WB) ******************************************** >>From: Earl Bennett (Gold Medal Class of '63) Reading the references to the Pueblo incident leads me to chime in. I attended the Navy Birthday Ball sponsored by Naval Security Group Activity, Fort Gordon, GA, in 1999. They had arranged to have CDR Bucher and his wife Rose attend, which was a real treat. He has some physical difficulties, mostly due to age but some directly related to the "interrogations" he endured during captivity, but his voice is strong and his mind is still sharp. In addition to attending and speaking at the ball, he generously provided several personal presentations to the sailors (and soldiers, Marines and airmen as well) at the Regional SIGINT Operations Center there. I was really struck by his description of the persistent and heroic battle his wife fought with the Department of Defense and the State Department, who would have preferred the whole incident be completely forgotten. She, along with several other wives of sailors on the Pueblo, badgered senior officials so consistently that they upped the diplomatic efforts to bring the crew home in hopes of getting her off their backs. Her story, which I've not yet had a chance to acquire, appeared in a 1969 article in McCall's magazine, May I think - if you are interested, email me and I'll look it up next time I'm at the computer where those emails are stored. To: Ernie Smith (60) Re: Eastern Washington climate I heard about 10 to 15 years ago that the water table had risen dozens of feet (!) in the Columbia Basin since heavy irrigation began 40-50 years ago, and the average number of days of sunshine per year had dropped noticeably. The numbers I recall, but dimly, were from 288 or 280 down to under 270. Dad told me at that time that the potholes lakes, which he remembered on maps of the 50s and 60s, had become too numerous to chart in all the holes left from gas bubbles during the lava flows eons ago. However, that being said, Virginia State Senator Steve Martin told me that it is a mistake to draw firm conclusions about long-term matters like climate from anything less than centuries of evidence. He has seen too many knee-jerk reactions in the public policy arena to so- called major changes that, if viewed against historical averages, are really not outside normal ranges. I think he would agree that the explosion of irrigation over the past generation falls outside historic norms, but he cited examples from agricultural policy in Virginia and global warming debates on national and international levels. His primary point was to encourage decisions made on the basis of honest research over an appropriate range of data. I'll say no more, since I do not have the time or skill to revive the SANDBOX. Regards, ecb3 ~ (in Central Virginia, where Spring sprang weeks ago, today was 65 with a shower, tomorrow is forecast for near 80 and sunny, and I've been harvesting asparagus for three weeks (yummmm!)). -Earl Bennett (63) ******************************************** >>From: Lynn-Marie Hatcher Foote (68) To: Greg Alley (73) Re: 4-22-01 Sandstorm Greg, First, Joe Campbell (67), Slidell, LA e-mailed me the MP3 of "Centerfield" yesterday, which I have listened to about 35 times since! THANK YOU JOE! As for "fair weather Mariner fans", well I'm with you, friend. I even have a mitt autographed in the Kingdome by Lee Gutterman. If you remember HIM pitching for the Mariners in the 80s, then you are a real fan. Because there wasn't a whole lot to cheer for then except Alvin Davis! My greetings to your wife, Kathy. (We used to work together at Battelle -- she knew me by my middle name, "Morgan"). My condolences to your whole family, as I was sorry to learn (right here in the Sandstorm) of Kathy's mother's death. Donna was very blessed to have you and Kathy and Katelyn to love her, day-by-day. Is Katelyn really 15 already?? Wow! -Lynn-Marie Hatcher Foote (68) ******************************************** >>From: Marion Agar Kreiter (72) To: Mike Davis (74) Jimmy Nolan was Uncle Jimmy wasn't he? To this day I can't eat Dixie Cups because of that show. Watching the birthday guests licking their fingers after eating the Dixie Cups and eating the cupcakes on Uncle Jimmy's Playhouse was enough to send me over the edge. 47 years old and I still remember Uncle Jimmy. My children grew up watching and visiting The Rambling Rod Show on channel 12 in Portland. My children are grown now, but they visited Rambling Rod and will never forget it. I will never forget Uncle Jimmy's Playhouse. -Marion Agar Kreiter (72) ******************************************** >>From: Floyd Dickson (Bomber Dad) Just a follow up note on Mike Alexander (64-RIP) and the Pueblo incident. We too knew the Alexander family through our church, The Richland Church of the Nazarene, and were there during the time of Mike's experience. We know the lack of communication from the Navy and others in government was a very stressful time for the family and many prayers went up for them. On a chance yesterday I typed in the Keyword "USS Pueblo" and opened up several references to the incident. The way the military and politicians handled the whole scenario does not give you a warm feeling in your stomach. There is also a picture of the ship and more links to related information. I think this latest spy-plane incident with the Chinese has been handled with much more finesse and aplomb both militarily and politically. -Floyd Dickson (Bomber Dad) ~ Nampa, ID (where Spring has finally arrived) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/24/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 14 Bombers sent stuff: Gene Barron (47), Dick Roberts (49), Steve Carson (58), Jan Bollinger (60), Larry Mattingly (60), Gary Behymer (64), Maren Smyth (64), Susan Baker (64), Shirley Collings (66), Betti Avant (69), Debbie Elliott (71), Dan Ham (72), Mike Davis (74), Beth YOung (81) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gene Barron (47) To: Shirley Watts James (49) Hi Shirley! Yes, I do remember Betty Bjorklund (49). Yes, we dated. She was the light of my life back then. I have since married a girl from North Dakota. We have three children, 7 grand children, and 1 great grandson. Things are going well for us. I retired from Lear Siegler in 1993, and have been doing contract writing ever since. Will write again and give you a breakdown on Life since 1949. Regards, -Gene Barron (47) ******************************************** >>From: Richard "Dick" Roberts (49) Carol Tyner Roberts (52) and I recently took an RV trip to Arizona. We had a great visit with Ray Gillette (49) and we are pleased to report that he looks great and is doing very well. He told us that he recently had lunch with Phil Raekes (49) and Fred Ouren (49). It's nice to be in a spot that is popular or on the cross roads to other locations. We left Phoenix and went to Prescott, AZ, where we had lunch with Marilyn "Bugsy" Griffith (50). We had our lunch at the Prescott Brewery, a great place if you are ever in Prescott. Marilyn also looks great, is having a good time and she is, as you would expect, as entertaining as ever. She had an interesting early career life, finally settling into a teaching job in California, from which she retired. It was great to see them both. -Richard "Dick" Roberts (49) ******************************************** >>From: Steve Carson (58) Maren, my Dad was an avid reader of the Sandstorm and we lost him on Saturday. Ray Carson was 83 and had a heart attack while roto-tilling his garden. He really enjoyed the memories that everyone shares in the Sandstorm. -Steve Carson (58) ~ Chicago ******************************************** >>From: Jan Bollinger Persons (60) Re: Stephen E. Lewis (59-RIP) We were saddened to read of the passing of Steve Lewis (59) in last Saturday's Spokesman Review. Inurnment services will be held in Spokane next Saturday, on what would have been Steve's 61st birthday; I have provided Maren with the full obituary for interested classmates. Anyone wishing to send a card could mail it to the family in care of Heritage Funeral Home, 508 N. Government Way, Spokane, WA 99224. -Jan Bollinger Persons (60) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ******************************************** >>From: Larry Mattingly (60) To: Larry Bruggeman (54) You asked about fireworks for the returning flyers from VQ-1 NAS Whidbey. The city of Oak Harbor will throw a day-long party with parades and all the trappings this Sat. the 28th. The day will culminate with a large free fireworks display at approx. 8:30 PM by Entertainment Fireworks. The display will be fired from the park over the harbor. These are the little things that make life fun. Both the Navy and the Chamber of Commerce accepted our offer with considerable emotion. Alas, I have prior commitments and cannot be there. A day long fireworks safety seminar in Spokane and a hurried flight back to Tacoma for a display that evening in Tacoma. Any Alumni in Oak Harbor Saturday are welcome to stop and say hi to Mark Rorvik our staff pyro who will fire the display. Re: Bombers everywhere Spent a couple of days in Juneau, AK last week. Met Jane Walker Hill (62). What a fine lady. She took time off to shepherd me about town for my sales appointments and also to the local sights. The sun was shinning and the Mendenhall Glacier was sparkling. I was able to take them to a nice restaurant one evening and break bread with Jane and her husband, Jeff. They made my stay very pleasant. You meet the nicest people in Bomber alumni. Thanks Jane. "Happiness is the sky in bloom" -J Larry Mattingly (60) ~ Home in Tacoma, WA (for 5 days and then off again to So. Idaho and Utah) ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) Re: Mike Alexander (64-RIP) ********** Letter from: Don McClarren President USS PUEBLO Veterans Associations To: Gary Behymer Gary, Thank you for your email. I have a couple of pictures with Mike in them. They were taken at our 25th reunion in July 1993 at Pueblo Colorado. Mike was a good friend of all the crew and he is missed very much, he will always be in our thought and prayers. *********** Pictures from Don McClarren: I would like to hear from those of you with memories of Mike Alexander so that I might add them to the web page I am building. -Gary Behymer (64) ~ downtown Colfax, WA ******************************************** >>From: Maren Smyth (64) Re: 1946 Columbian The 1946 Columbian is now online. Thanks to Ray Conley (46) for donating it... and Burt Pierard (59) for scanning it. Bomber cheers, -Maren Smyth (64) ******************************************** >>From: Susan Baker Hoover (64) Re: Dutch Mill Restaurant For those who are curious about the existence of the Dutch Mill, its foot print can still be seen. After you cross the Yakima River Bridge and before you come to the first large group of trees on the right, you will see a square of dark gray tumble weeds. That is where the old concrete pad for the restaurant lies. Nothing else has the tumbleweeds on it so it looks almost like a monument. My folks and I ate there several times. Across the road and a little closer to the Richland Y stood a very small grocery store or produce stand. I remember Mom buying a wax tube full of a very sweet liquid for me. I don't remember any other buildings along there. Since I was only 2 in 1948, I probably just couldn't see any other buildings out of the car window! Remember, there were no car seats for children or seat belts back then. -Susan Baker Hoover (64) ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Collings Haskins (66) Re: Funeral notice for Rebecca "Becky" Vaughn Blade Becky was born February 14, 1955 in Richland and lived her whole life in the Tri-Cities. She passed away April 13, 2001. Is someone able to tell me if she was an RHS graduate and, if so, what year she graduated? Thank you, -Shirley Collings Haskins (66) ~ Richland ******************************************** >>From: Betti Avant (69) Re: baseball glove To; Lynn-Marie Hatcher Foote (68) I, too, had my very own baseball glove (in fact I still have it). My mom worked at the Police Department and one day brought home a brand new glove that had been turned in, but never claimed. It was just like my younger brother's glove except the leather was a different shade of color. I was always in the back yard playing catch with my dad or brothers. My senior year in high school we played 3 games with other schools in GAA and I remember the umpire grabbing my glove (since it was on top of the dugout and wiped home plate with it as he didn't have a broom with him). I was not too happy, but didn't say anything. I used it from 1979 until 1985 playing softball. The only thing replaced was the string on the webbing as one night at practice I went to catch a line drive from the coach and the string broke, at first I couldn't figure out how the ball got through the glove. The string is a different color, but that is about all. I now wonder if the glove may have been bought by Mom and Dad, so I could play catch with Dad and my brothers. I'll never know. -Betti Avant (69) ~ Goodland, KS (where we saw a bit of everything weather wise this weekend) ******************************************** >>From: Debbie Elliott Iniguez (71) To: Janet Wilgus Beaulieu (59) Do you mind me asking where you got your Green/Gold license frame? I would love to have one on my car to celebrate our Class of '71 30 year reunion. Thanks! -Debbie Elliott Iniguez (71) ~ from (where the heck is) Brisbane, CA ******************************************** >>From: Dan Ham (72) Re: Uncle Jimmy's Club House Reading the entry in yesterday's Sandstorm from Marion Agar Kreiter (hello Marion) about Uncle Jimmy's Clubhouse really brought back some memories. I was never actually on the show but sat backstage while my cousin was on. Some other after school TV we watched was Captain Cy's with the cartoon Beanie and Cecil. Either Beanie or Cecil was the "sea serpent." I can't remember which one was, does anyone out there remember that one? Another one was, and this one's a personal one, Wallaby and Jack. The show was broadcast out of Spokane on KXLY, I believe. My Uncle Jack (Bainter) was the show's host and a real live Wallaby was the attraction. I remember watching it one day when he called our house (he used to make a random phone call, on air, every day to see if he could catch some little boy or girl by surprise watching the show and they would get to talk live on TV. I also remember watching the show when some little boy saw a little Joey poke his head out of the mother's pouch. Up until then everyone on the show thought the Wallaby was a male. Ah, the silly little memories that suddenly pop up when you least expect them to. Anyway, Thanks Marion for your entry that, unbeknownst to you, let me visit and dust off a little corner of my memory that I haven't visited in too long a time. A Classmate, -Dan Ham (72) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) To: Marion Agar Kreiter (72) Yes, Jimmy Nolan was the famous Uncle Jimmy. The others: ~ TJ Close was local newscaster in 1960s, ~ H. Guy Ammerson and Billy Bee were DJs at KALE Radio in the 1960s (Fritts, you should have known the DJs!!) Next questions: Re: Captain Kangaroo These are elementary level questions. 1. Who was Captain Kangaroo's fix-it man and his two puppet friends? 2. What did the Captain always have in his oversized pockets? 3. Who was the cartoon character on Captain Kangaroo's show that wore the funnel for a hat? -Mike Davis (74) ******************************************** >>From: Beth Young Gibson (81) Re: A Bomber Success Story Hello All! Well, I've done it! My first book is published! I've been working out at "the Site" for the last 17 years, ten of it as a technical writer. So I have put those talents to use because I've about had enough of Hanford. Time to work on a freelance career! Anyway, the book is called "It Happened in Nevada." It is part of a series about each of the 50 states published by Falcon Publishing, subsidiary of Globe-Pequot. The book feature 30 short stories on events that happened in Nevada's history. It features such exciting stuff as a train robbery, a bank robbery, a miner's dispute, discovery of gold, and an Indian battle. It also includes more recent events such as the building of the Flamingo by mobster Bugsy Siegel and the testing of the A-bomb at the Nevada Test Site. The Washington State writer completely dismissed the Manhattan project, so I wasn't about to leave off the "nukes" out of the Nevada book! The book is available on-line at Barnes and Noble and Amazon and can be ordered from any book store. I hope some of you will check it out and post a review on-line for me. Especially those of you Bombers who are in Nevada. I would love to know your opinions! -Beth Young Gibson (81) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/25/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers sent stuff: Nick Nelson (56), Sharon Panther (57), Tom Matthews (57), David Douglas (62), Lyndy Wheeler (62), Ann Engel (63) and Fred Schafer (63), Marlene Hawk (71), Mike Lemler (72) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Nick Nelson (56) Re: Recent passing of two Bomber Alumni I just heard via telephone of the recent passing of Max Williams (54) and Harold Cook (56). I don't have any more info. Maybe somebody in the Tri-Cities will have more info. -Nick Nelson (56) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [See the next entry for information about Harold. -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Sharon Panther Taff (57) I was waiting for someone to report on the passing of Harold "Cookie" Cook (1956 I think) but since I haven't seen anything I will pass this on. Harold has lived all his life in Richland. He fell and broke his hip on April 17 and was taken to Kadlec Medical Center for surgery. The doctors felt he came through the surgery just fine. However, he had a heart attack, never recovered, and passed away on April 20. Inurnment is today, April 24 in Richland. His sister, Janice Tames, and his three children, Lisa Moncrief, Lonnie and Greg Cook all live in the TriCities. Our loves goes out to the family. -Sharon Panther Taff (57) ******************************************** >>From: Tom Matthews (57) Re: Gene Conley (48) Maren, This was in the Seattle Times this morning [4/24/01]. I looked at the Famous Bomber section in the Alumni links and found that the link for Gene Conley didn't work. Anyway, thought this could go there. The '46 annual is great... I took a look to see if I could find Conley in it and found him on the basketball team as a Sophomore. -Tom Matthews (57) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [You're right, Tom... CNN changed the location of Gene's stats website... hadda do some looking to find the new place... there's a link to the new place on the "Famous Bombers" web page... and added a link to the Seattle Times article you sent... there are now 7 Gene Conley links... interesting stuff... -Maren] Famous Bombers ******************************************** >>From: David Douglas (62) I was raised on radio, so I missed Uncle Jimmy's Clubhouse. But I do remember Uncle Ben's radio show every afternoon. I actually met (well, saw -was too shy to speak) him while he was doing a live show from Densow Drugs one day. I'm afraid the only thing I remember vividly of his show is the story he occasionally played, "Little Orly and the Cabbage Worm." I think there were several Little Orly stories, but that was definitely my favorite. I can still recall segments of dialog. A rich little girl finds Little Orly (after he has been changed to the cabbage worm) and picks him up. Her nanny tells her, "Put that down! Your father will buy you a PEDIGREED cabbage worm!" Well, it was cute at the time... -David Douglas (62) ~ Gilbert, AZ ******************************************** >>From: Lyndy Wheeler Myers (62) Re: Uncle Jimmy's Clubhouse Speaking of Jimmy Nolan, after he had gone to being an anchor he was at the Herald in Kennewick and I was there with my mom who worked for them. Well to make a long story shorter She kept asking him where she had seen him before and he would answer probably on the news but she wouldn't give up and in the middle of his press conference she blurted out "I know, UNCLE JIMMY" needless to say everyone was suitably mortified. I doubt that he ever was allowed to forget where his TV roots were born. -Lyndy Wheeler Myers (62) ******************************************** >>From: Fred & Ann Engel Schafer (63) To: Beth Young Gibson (81) Re: Your book: "It Happened in Nevada" Hi Beth Can't wait to read your book. All Bombers are a success. The Schafers 1963 -Fred & Ann Engel Schafer (63) ******************************************** >>From: Marlene Hawk Register (71) Re: Uncle Jimmy's Clubhouse This is one of my favorite family memories about The Clubhouse. My Aunt was over at our house and I had asked her for something. I guess I was being rude or something and she said "What's the magic word?" Well, for those of you who remember, the magic word was "DARIGOLD". So, I said "Darigold!" Of course I was expecting her to be very pleased with me because I remembered the magic word, but she thought I was being a smart mouth and got very upset. My parents explained the situation to her and as I recall she said she was sorry. Anyway, whenever the magic word is asked for, I still say "DARIGOLD!" -Marlene Hawk Register (71) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [I still sing the jingle sometimes, Marlene!! -Maren] What's the magic word? It's Darigold. What's the magic word? It's Darigold. Drink three glasses every day. You'll feel better every way. The magic word to health is DARIGOLD!!! ******************************************** >>From: Mike Lemler (72) To: Dan Ham (72) Well Dan, that was Cecil the sea sick Sea Serpent. To: Mike Davis (74) Let's see if I can dig through all of the worthless information in my head and get to the really important things like Captain Kangaroo trivia. His side kick was Mr. Green Jeans, and two of the puppets were Dancing Bear, and Bunny Rabbit. If memory serves me correctly, the Captain used to keep carrots in his pocket, and it was Tom Terrific and Manfred the Wonder Dog, that were the cartoon duo. So what do I win, a Grand Slam Breakfast? -Mike Lemler (72) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/26/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers and one NOTICE today: Betty Ely (47), Annette Hall (62), Chuck Stade (62), Guy Corrado (62), Jim Hamilton (63), Dave Miller (67), Mary Anne Grenige (67), Pam Ehinger (67), Mike Davis (74), Gil Gilstrap (79) ******************************************** ******************************************** NOTICE ~~ R2K+1 ~~ June 23, 2001 Contact Linda Belliston Boehning (63) at and let her know you're coming. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Betty Ely King (47) Re: '48 flood I was attending Eastern Washington University during 1947-1948. The only way I could get home to Richland was to fly over the flooded area. I flew on a small plane from Pasco to the small airport in Richland. I will never forget the sight of all that water which is now Columbia Park. Marilyn Wallace Hultman (47) and Ray Hultman (47) were at college with me. I just saw them today at Costco and they still are the most beautiful couple from our 1947 class. They have had huge health problems this year. Please continue to keep them in your thoughts... -Betty Ely King (47) ******************************************** >>From: Annette Hall Bundrant (62) Re: Flood 0f 1948 The flood of '48 brought back some exciting memories for me. We were still trying to get housing in Richland. The government had placed all of us in Campbell's Cabins, behind now Zip's in Kennewick. There were 9 of us: Mom, Dad, 6 kids and my Uncle. When the water came up to the door it was late at night. Out of no where a big (to me at the time) National Guard truck covered in canvas. Packed all of us, furniture and all in the back and took us to Richland to a house on old Duane Street (now Goethals). Packed us into the basement and left. Then later had to come back because the basement flooded. We wound up back in Kennewick in a house on Sharon St. I never forgot the smell of that canvas. Still hate it. Finally did get a house in Richland on Ash St. Right down from Detrick's market. Boy what a store. Loved it. And the family. They were the best. Does anyone remember the water being almost up to the bottom of Lee hill? I can remember the old pool down in Riverside Park. Dad used to go swimming there a lot. Place was covered with vines, or something like that. Those were the days. Wish we still had some of them. But the memories are good. -Annette Hall Bundrant (62) ******************************************** >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Chuck Stade (62) Date: Wed Apr 25 19:50:48 2001 Looking for anyone who graduated from RHS 1962 I am currently living in Salem Oregon where I am a veterans representative for Congresswoman Hooley. I am retired from the US. Army after 22 years. I would enjoy hearing from my classmates. Please send email. Thanks and looking forward to your emails. I would especially like to hear the latest gossip as I have been away from Richland for the past 30+ years. -Chuck Stade (62) ******************************************** >>From: Guy Corrado (62) Hello, Just want to thank all of you who wrote in when my father passed away. He was and is a very special man. I miss him very much. Thank you again. -Guy Corrado (62) ******************************************** >>From: Jim Hamilton (63) Re: Basketball games All of this talk about basketball games, reminded me of a game played at the Pasco Gym (might have been '58 or '59) when the NBA All-Stars were barnstorming and played an East-West game. I recall Bill Russell, Bob Pettit, Bob Cousey, probably at least one of the Jones Boys from Boston and my favorite Clyde Lovelette. Don't recall much else other than my Pop and I might well have gone to the game with Kenny Wright and his Dad. Re: New Orleans On another note, I just returned from a weekend in New Orleans where I had the services of Frank Whiteside (63) as a personal guide. I hadn't seen him for probably 35 years, but we were talking about the south end long before we'd finished our Dixie Beer and Muffellata at the Central Grocery. Frank is a perfect southern gentleman and a great host (even provided me a bag of Louisiana delicacies to take home) and is as vital to making it a perfect trip as the aforementioned muffellata or begnets at the Cafe du Monde. Jimbeaux -Jim Hamilton (63) ~ Kirkland, WA (where the forever lovely Nancy is still eighteen) ******************************************** >>From: Dave Miller (67) To: Dan Ham (72) Re: Bennie and Cecil The famous every cartoon line was "Help me, Cecil. Help me." The response was "I'mmm commmiinng Beanie boy"... probably Jim Backus' voice. I think my younger brother Mike Miller (69) graduated with your older brother Jack Ham (69). -Dave Miller (67) ~ getting very warm here in San Jose guess we will be borrowing power again from WA because CA can't figure it out. ******************************************** >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Mary Anne Greninge Merritt (67) Date: Wed Apr 25 14:35:36 2001 Fellow Richlanders I would love to hear from anyone from Richland that I grew up with.. I have a new email. My maiden name was Greninge -Mary Anne Greninge Merritt (67) ******************************************** >>From: Pam Ehinger Nassen (67) Re: Radio Shoes and DJs Well between the radio shows and DJs does any on remember Mr. James Loss? He was the Sophomore English teacher who moonlighted as a DJ on KORD! He was a very handsome man and very young then too, as we all were.... Back Then! Ran into his wife a few years back, in Cle Elum. They have a cabin up that way and still live in Richland! That's my two cents worth on the subject!! Bombers Rule -Pam Ehinger Nassen (67) ~ Thorp, WA (where the sun is shinning and birds are singing!) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) To: Mike Lemler (72) Actually I forgot about Dancing Bear. The other puppet I was thinking of was Mr. Moose. -Mike Davis (74) ******************************************** >>From: Gil Gilstrap (79) ...about the Captain Kangaroo, Don't forget Mr. Moose gilly 79 -Gil Gilstrap (79) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/27/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers (OK, 34 total) and 1 WELCOME today: Vera Smith (58), Frank Osgard (63), Frank Whiteside (63), Fred Schaffer (63), Maren Smyth (64) ******************************************** ******************************************** Come on, Bombers! Let's GO!! Big Bomber WELCOME for our newest Alumni Sandstorm reader: Bomber Dad, Mr. Paul Beardsley (class of '31 Drumright, OK). This is his first issue. ******************************************** >>From: Vera Smith (58) Re: Looking for... I'm still trying to find Andrea Bennett Miller (58). I have written to several Andrea's from the internet and even enclosed a self-addressed envelope for them to write back and let me know one way or the other if I have the right Andrea. The last letter came back marked, "moved - no forwarding address". Hoping someone who reads the Alumni Sandstorm knows Andrea or her sisters and will steer me in the right direction. HELP! -Vera Smith (58) ******************************************** >>From: Frank Osgard (63) On Junior High Saturdays, Norman (oooh-ooooh-oooh- oooh-oooh-oooh) Hill, Chico Taylor, I'm pretty sure Plows and I used to cross into Indian Country (you know, north of Williams) and hang out in the Uptown. We'd eyeball Chief Joe girls, go into Johnny's Delicatessen to check out the dirty magazines, sneak a smoke behind Kennell-Ellis and munch a couple of Spuddies. If you bought day olds, you could get twice as many. Herman's Men's Wear was next door to Penney's. We were a C.C.Anderson family, but on occasion my Mom would take me to Dawson Richard's. When I got out of Billy The Kid Jeans (with the kevlar knees), and into Lee Riders (some of which I still haven't grown into), they were always from Dawson's. On Monday nights, Herman's sponsored a radio show that served up top twenty tunes complete with dedications. Me thinks the host of the show was Lynn Bryson, and possibly later Tom Hunt. In the corner of Herman's over by the Penguin sweaters and skinny two buckled belts was a shoe box where you put your song dedication. On our first lap of Uptown, we would go in and pocket a couple pads of dedication slips, the smell of Lucky Tiger Butch Wax, Old Spice and Clearasil lingering long after we left. We would then go around the corner to Newberry's or clear to Thrifty Drug and get to work stuffing the box. Over Cherry, chocolate, or vanilla cokes and fries, we would get writers' cramp conjuring up all kinds of romances. We would write "to Pat, Ellen, Rosalie, Beth, (I don't recall any Mary Lous) you are so cool, I'll see you in third period. Or "to Pook, you're so cute from Susan". You could also put an end to a current romance by claiming that Tommy Hemphill was calling or being called. One time my name was on a dedication, "Twelfth of Never", and I got a lot of grief from all the slackers down at the Signal Station below Carmichael (my Mom called it the "Rat Hole"). I kinda thought Plows did it, but after 40 years I'm no longer certain. Now I'm pretty sure it was a girl, some Chief Joe tomato at that. I wonder if she ever got over me. -Frank Osgard (63) ******************************************** >>From: Frank Whiteside (63) Re: Y.M.C.A. camp With summer approaching very soon, I started thinking about how I had spent some of my summers in Richland. How many of you went to the Y.M.C.A. camp at Deer Park on Fan Lake? I think it was near Spokane. Anyway, I remember spending several weeks there over the course of several summers during the 1950s. It was a pretty neat place even though I was a little apprehensive about being away from home for several weeks at that age. It seemed as if I were being shipped off to boot camp. But any fears that I had were soon dispelled when I met my group leader and new friends (who felt the same way that I did). We were assigned to sleeping cabins under the close supervision of the group leader. We had a number of activities to participate in, and I guess my favorite ones were boating, hiking and "boondoggle" (you know, the plastic stuff you weave into a bunch of colorful but useless key chains). Eating in the mess hall was cool, too. The biggest fear I had was swimming, because the swimming area was about 40 feet deep and I had heard stories about campers drowning in the lake and being lost beneath the "false bottom." There were also stories about campers being lost in the mountains and "bigfoot" type creatures in the woods. I think the bigfoot stories must have been invented by the group leaders, because some kids wandered off into the woods on their own. But, it was a neat experience for kids. Does anyone know if the camp is still in operation today? Re: Ag. camp I also have fond memories of Mr. Evans, the ag. teacher, taking a number of ag. boys to Yellowstone Park each summer to camp and fish. I think I went every year. Mr. Evans was a saint to put up with us, because we were a pretty rowdy bunch. We took a small school bus, and I guess we were on the road for a good while. We got pretty goofy and sang songs and cut up along the way. But if we got too far out of line, we would see Mr. Evans looking very hostile in the mirror and that usually cooled our heels. He knew exactly how to control us, and we did not dare make him angry. Those few who did usually regretted it. When we finally got near the park, we loaded up on groceries for our coolers. Once we got there, Mr. Evans supervised us as we set up camp. We had a great time and even caught a few fish in Yellowstone Lake. I don't remember a lot of the things that happened, but maybe some of the other former ag. guys will remember. Re: Jimbeaux in N.O. I had a great time with Jim Ham. last Sunday during the French Quarter Festival. I was hoping that he and his wife could somehow stay over into JazzFest this weekend. My only regret was that I didn't get to meet the lovely and forever young Miss Nancy. However, her phone voice puts her well into the category of the the most charming Southern Belles. I'm shooting for the '03 Reunion and hoping to bring my own lovely and also forever young Miss Linda. Miss Nancy in person. She does have a very charming voice on the phone. -Frank Whiteside (63) ******************************************** >>From: Fred Schafer (63) Re: Famous Bombers Gene Conley (48) is mentioned in the cover story of today's [4/26/01] issue of USA today in the sports page. There is no truth to the rumor that I will be voted off Survivor tonight. Welcome back, Jimbeaux. -Fred Schafer (63) ~ Vancouver U S A ~ 70*, blue skies, spring has sprung ******************************************** >>From: Maren Smyth (64) Re: 4/26/01 "Dear Bombers..." e-mail WHEW! Lots of responses. Read on... A '64er wrote: "You should have given us the email address so we could set him straight!" A '62er wrote: "What a bring down - and I'm just about to cross the border into North Dakota on a road trip to visit ya - what do I do now - visit the Wall Drug Store? Do you have any takers on the "Sandbox"? (I'm not volunteering mind you..." A '68er wrote: "You go, girl! Been there, done that, more than once. It is not easy, it is not fun, and it doesn't always make you feel good about yourself --- but it sure sounds like you did the right thing!!!" A '64er wrote: "Hey Kid, Sorry to hear that things didn't work out for you in ND. Is it possible that you didn't train "him" properly????? Or is "he" the untrainable type? Maybe you should have left his EM address so the Bombers could have unleashed a few rockets. LOL Hope things are going better for you in GOOD OLE' WA. At least the climate is better. :) Keep the faith," A '64er wrote: " Maren... how come you didn't give us your mailing address? (;-)" A '50er wrote: "Aaah, what is a girl to do! Now this is proof of why "he" is there and you are here!" A '58er wrote: "What a turkey" A '64er wrote: "OK Maren, where did you find this guy??? We know where you left him, but he doesn't sound too nice! Not a high school boyfriend for sure :)" A '54er wrote: "Once a schmuck, always a schmuck. Say the word, and I'll have the Nunzio Bros. take care of the matter." A '59er wrote: "Dear Maren, Men are Pigs! Warmly," A '60er wrote: "Regardless of how you felt about them when you got together.., don't you just love 'em after the split??" A '66er wrote: "Hooray... back in Bomber Land!!!!! (notice I have proper respect!) Welcome back... belatedly..." A '53er wrote: "THE JERK" A '67er wrote: "If that is the Post office saying that they are DEAD Wrong!! The have to forward all first class mail for 1 year then and only then can they start to return it! So if this is post office they are in big doodoo!! A '76er wrote: "I've never sent you snail mail, but I'd like to tell "him" where he can stick his 18 extra labels! Nobody messes with our Maren!! Your Bomber Friend" A '71er wrote: "Sounds like you've had a problem with one of our mail carriers. Though you are returning, I'd like to know the address so I can try to fix the problem." A '51er wrote: "Please send me your new "snail-mail" address so I can send you a check. I really enjoy the Sandstorm, and appreciate all your hard work." A '64er wrote: "Men can be such jerks... Why is that???" A '58er wrote: "Your ex sounds like a real jewel; like in BLACK onyx. Mostly black hearted. What a creep. It doesn't take much to write "FORWARD" and an address on a letter and put it back in the mail. Good thing you left him. Where are you living now? Are you back in the TriCities?" A '63er wrote: "Who is this fool?" A '68er wrote: "How 'bout we all just send him a post card, from where ever in the world we are... no message, no addressee name, no return addresses... just that address... would that be "mean". :o) But I guess it "might' get old... after the first few sheets of "self addressed"...:o) BOMBER CHEERS!!!" A '59er wrote: "You have my sympathies - sounds like "he's" ready for an attitude adjustment, and doesn't know it yet!" A '62er wrote: "schmuck... he doesn't realize how nasty us nuclear types can get? That's why were called Bombers" A '53er wrote: "Just to let you know that "he", if you are referring to the Post Master", has to forward your First Class mail for one (1) year. He cannot return to sender, unless it says to do so by the sender, and that has to be stated on the envelope. As a retired Post Master, I am very upset that "he" would give you false information." A '60er wrote: "My sympathies. I think this comes from being caught in some kind of galactic-planetary-global pit of snarls. Makes me apologetic for that kind of writer. And to find that your only letter is something like being in the war on silicon without knowing it is a war." A '65er wrote: "WOW.. what an "*" hole... aren't you glad to be outta ND? Sounds like a backwards farmer to me... Oops, hope it wasn't a relative or x-husband!! Where in WA state?" A '65er wrote: "Please send your mailing address... By the by, are you (or someone) putting together a cookbook of "school cafeteria" recipes.... such as those sent in months ago?? Just curious!" A '71er wrote: "I still need to send you some money. What is your current address? How much do I owe you at this point? ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS (in order): Yes, Yes, No, Yes, Want to do that on an individual basis, on the net, No, I don't know, Lake Chelan area, No, He's the King of all Fools, Yes, Ya have to be a Bomber to know that, Yes, Lake Chelan area, Don't know about the Bomber cookbook, a post office box in Chelan, 12 bucks/year I'm havin' fun now!! Bomber cheers, -Maren Smyth (64) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/28/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11 (OK, 21 TOTAL) Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCoy (45), Dick Pierard (52), Chuck Stade (62), Helen Cross (62), John Adkins (62), Gary Behymer (64), Maren Smyth (64), Patty de la Bretonne (65), Mary Anne Greniger (67WB), Pam Ehinger (67), Rick Valentine (68) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick McCoy (45 Beaver/46 Bomber) To: Paul Beardsley (Bomber Dad) Hey there Cap'n Paul Junior Chamber Motorcycle Beardsley. Welcome to the Sandstorm. It is good to read your name after all these years. You know, the reason you and your buddies on the patrol lived so long is because we kids kept you in great shape chasing us all over Richland back in the mid forties. I have two questions: 1. Did you EVER find out who let the pigeons loose in the movie theater? 2. Did you EVER find out who put "ok by dick" on the water tower? The above is not to be construed in any way as a late life confession to either of those dastardly deeds. -Dick McCoy (45 Beaver/46 Bomber) ******************************************** >>From: Dick Pierard (52) It's great to have Paul Beardsley on board! He was one of Burt's and my Dad's (Jack Pierard) old friends and a gold mine of historical memories about the Atomic City. -Dick Pierard (52) ~ sunny Boston (where it is in the 50s today and the Red Sox have actually won a few games, but that won't last) ******************************************** >>From: Bill Ward/Chuck Stade (62) To: Gary Behymer (64) Thank you, Gary, for your email. I am so sorry to hear about my friend Jim [Spencer-62] passing on. I do appreciate your letting me know. I have been away from Richland for approx. 27 years. I have visited when my Dad was ill and subsequently passing on, but really haven't been back much since then. I did attend the 25 year reunion. If you come across Annette Hall (62) please give her my email address. Thanks. Now I must go back to work, or the Congresswoman might fire me. Please keep me informed. Until such time, I remain Yours Truly, -Bill Ward/Chuck Stade (62) ******************************************** >>From: Helen Cross Kirk (62) Hello Mr. Beardsley, I was in school with Paula (62)... all the way from Spalding to graduation... and you may remember me best as Ken Cross's daughter, Helen. I want to welcome you to our wonderful Alumni Sandstorm. I can hardly get through a day without reading it. I am sure you can add much insight to the historical issues we get into, and probably lots of other issues as well. Again, welcome -Helen Cross Kirk (62) ******************************************** >>From: John Adkins (62) Re: R2K+1 (June 23rd, 2001) Soon we will gather, again, during Cool Desert Nights to visit friends, classmates and make new friends in the Bomber community. This year, we will have "Bomber Rock" music playing (gently) in the background in the courtyard of the Red Lion. As part of the music presentation, I have obtained a truly classic set of music. Occasionally during the evening one of these classic songs will "pop up", and because I know you will all feel moved to raise your voices in song, I will (beginning here and over the remaining time prior to the R2k+1) provide the lyrics to these memorable musical pieces of our past. Down in the meadow in an itty bitty pool Swam three little fishies and a mama fishie too Swim said the mama fishie, swim if you can And they swam and they swam all over the Dam (chorus) Boop, Boop dittem dattem wattem - chu Boop, Boop dittem dattem wattem - chu Boop, Boop dittem dattem wattem - chu An they swam and they swam all over the dam Stop! said the mama fishie or you will get lost The three little fishies didn't want to be bossed The three little fishies went off on a spree And they swam and swam right out to the sea (chorus) Boop, Boop dittem dattem wattem - chu Boop, Boop dittem dattem wattem - chu Boop, Boop dittem dattem wattem - chu And they swam and they swam right out to the sea Help! cried the little fishie, look at the whales And quick as they could they turned on their tails And back to the pool in the meadow they swam And they swam and they swam back over the dam (chorus) Boop, Boop dittem dattem wattem - chu Boop, Boop dittem dattem wattem - chu Boop, Boop dittem dattem wattem - chu And they Swam and they swam back over the dam And they Swam and they swam back over the dam Keep watching for more Classics -John Adkins (62) ~ Richland (I think the good weather is going south tomorrow) ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) Welcome Mr. Paul Beardsley! I have found your name as part of many committees on a number of the brochures, documents and papers I have back to 1945 or so from Richland. Thank you for the re-do on "The Long Road to Self- Government". Your smile and friendly hand shake met many of us from class of '64 at our 35th reunion 2 summers ago. P.S. Betting your annual from Drumright, Oklahoma was "The Gusher"! -Gary Behymer (64) ~ downtown Colfax, WA ******************************************** >>From: Maren Smyth (64) Re: 4/26/01 "Dear Bombers..." e-mail WHEW! More responses today... Read on... A '63er wrote: "What a sweet guy! No wonder you're not high on men these days." A '74er wrote: "Who is HE? Does HE have email? If so lets start a Bomber Grass Fire to him. You know the kind. Every Bomber send him an email... kind of lock up the system for him. Let him know who he is messin' with... kind of up close and personal like. What do you say? A '46er wrote: "I received your all points missile today. I have just two statements to make. 1. The man in question is irrelevant. Good Bombers will find you even if he 'returns to senders'. No capital B? It shows his poor upbringing. No doubt he is not a true Bomber. 2. What in h*** were you doing in North Dakota? A '52er wrote: "And as for men in North Dakota, the only ones to trust are those whose numbered bank account in the Cayman Islands you have access to!" A '53er wrote: "Re: The Jerk -- I will be going through ND in a few weeks and could entertain a "contract" on this imbecile. Maren obviously made a good move when she left ND. We love you, dear." A '54er wrote: "Just put his name and address on all those "postage free" cards that get inserted into magazines, junk mail, etc. It will make "him" really think someone out there is thinking "kind" thoughts." A '64er wrote: "I think you are lucky you left North Dakota. Take care and glad you are back in Washington." A '63er wrote: "The guy is a jerk, unfortunately, too many are. So how about giving me your 'new' snail mail 'addy', I am sure I am past due on my Alumni Sandstorm donation." A '63er wrote: "Why don't you just get a P.O. Box where contributions can be sent? There should be no problem publishing that on the web. A '63er wrote: "You go girl...." ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS (in order): My EX boyfriend, Yes, No (he'd catch me), He doesn't know how to use his shift key, Don't ask me that, Already have one. I'm still havin' fun!! Bomber cheers, -Maren Smyth (64) ******************************************** >>From: Patty de la Bretonne (65) To: Frank Whiteside (63) Re: camp I used to go to Nazarene Church Camp at Deer Park, Loon Lake. Sounds like a very similar time(I recall the plastic weaving or 4 string braiding) except of course we had Chapel twice a day. I love that beautiful area, the coves to row to across the lake, peeling the bark off the puzzle trees........... My sister and I have talked for decades about going there sometime when there's no church camp to visit. Thanks for stirring up the memories. -Patty de la Bretonne (65) ******************************************** >>From: Mary Anne Greninger Merritt (67WB) To: Gary Behymer (64) My grad year was 1967 but I attended only Jefferson and Chief Jo and then went to St. Paul's School in Walla Walla, a boarding school. Some of the people I went to school with who would be great to hear from are: Kathy Hills, Barbara Clark, Bill Rightmire, Kenny Davis (all '67ers), and any others who remember me. Thanks -Mary Anne Greninger Merritt (67WB) ******************************************** >>From: Pam Ehinger Nassen (67) Re: Mr. Paul Beardsley (Bomber Dad) Welcome to the wonderful world of Bomberville!! You couldn't ask for a nicer place to live!! Bombers Rule, -Pam Ehinger Nassen (67) ~ Thorp, WA (The sun is shinning and the flowers are in bloom! That means Spring has sprung!) ******************************************** >>From: Rick Valentine (68) Re: Cheap Entertainment Maren: Just wanted you to know I was laughing so hard at today's installment of the Alumni Sandstorm that I very nearly drowned in the cup of coffee I was attempting to drink :-) Please send me your new address so I can send you some money for this year... This has got to be some of the best entertainment on the net!!!!!! -Rick Valentine (68) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Rick -- You're paid to August of 2002! I'll send you e-mail when it's time... Thanks... -Maren] *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/29/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 (OK, 13 TOTAL) Bombers sent stuff: Jerry Oakley (51), Marilyn Richey (53), Helen Cross (62), John Adkins (62), Maren Smyth (64), Patty de la Bretonne (65) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jerry Oakley (51) Anyone remember "Sonny" who used to hang around downtown and some people called him "Muscles"? -Jerry Oakley (51) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Hung around uptown, too... and rode his bike all OVER Richland.... "HEY! HEY! HEY!" -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Marilyn Richey (53) To: Paul Beardsley (Bomber Dad) Welcome to the Alumni Sandstorm. If there is a person who was involved in many activities and decisions on what was happening in the late 40s - 50s, it was you. Seems like you would turn up everywhere in Richland. I know I saw you down at the park at ball games during the summer. It's nice to see a person who watched a lot of us grow up in Richland still interested in hearing about things we remember from our youth. -Marilyn Richey (53) ~ Richland ******************************************** >>From: Helen Cross Kirk (62) Re: Fishies song To: John Adkins (62 - fellow classmate) What a great memory you have. If you ever make it out to the Cincinnati area, please let me know I'd like to have you come and help me teach that song to my preschoolers. -Helen Cross Kirk (62) ~ West Harrison, IN (where it is lovely spring weather with lilacs, wisteria, and toadflax all in bloom.) ******************************************** >>From: John Adkins (62) Re: Further R2K+1 music notes Now that everyone has re-familiarized themselves the three fish - let's move on to a summer classic. Take me out to the ball game Take me out to the crowd Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks I don't care if I never get back For it's root, root, root for the home team If they don't win it's a shame For it's one, two, three strikes, you're out At the old ball game. Take me out to the ball game Take me out to the crowd Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks I don't care if I never get back For it's root, root, root for the home team If they don't win it's a shame For it's one, two, three strikes, you're out At the old ball game. -John Adkins (62) ~ Richland Sure enough the wind is blowing and there is rain (on and off). ******************************************** >>From: Maren Smyth (64) Re: 4/26/01 "Dear Bombers..." e-mail WHEW! a few more responses today... Read on... A '52er wrote: "I love all the ideas that have been given to "get even" -- I prefer the statement, "The best revenge is to live well." HE's not worth any of the efforts." A '69er wrote: "I can't believe your ex is so nasty! I hope you stamped an "L" on his forehead before you left ND, so that others can be forewarned! I think that most Bombers could tell him where to put the address stickers... Anyway, I'm glad that you have moved back to Bomber Country!" A '50er wrote: "Maren - you are well rid of this "CREEP". He's lucky you don't put his address up. You're too good for the likes of him. Hang in there!!!" A '69er wrote: "Maren, I keep hoping you will give us the complete address, but I think YOU just like to get mail! I know I'm overdue for sending you my $12, so please give me the complete address. You have returned to a great place--Chelan--but Stehekin is better (that is the place I want to retire to if I'm in good health by then...) Thanks for putting all the comments about your return to WA--they've been fun to read!" A '64er wrote: "All those letters that came in for you about your "x"! Wow!! I'm thinking that the guy could get hurt if some of them really knew where you used to live." A '52er wrote: "Keep your chin up and "don't let the bast*** scr** ya'!! (forgive my English, but that's a really old saying....." ...And finally... this from a '56er: "I agree that this man was and is acting outside the perameters of being a decent human being, but some Bomber alumni are from ND and we are considered good (if not outstanding) husbands and fathers. "I apologize for the behavior of this person even though I don't know him. He is giving those of us who try to be decent a bad reputation. "...I realize that we all take care of Maren and would be lost without her hard work and dedication, but not all of North Dakota is bad and not all the people there are either. "Please forgive me if I sound too serious but it is just my nature I guess. "Have a nice week and Bomber cheers to everyone." OK, Bombers!! ENOUGH!! This '56er is right! Not ALL men from ND are inconsiderate... some even know that it's proper to capitalize Bombers!!! I don't think there's a Bomber born who will send anything to me at "his" address. Mission accomplished! Thanks for your support. Re: Changing the subject How about a website where Bombers and/or Bomber spouses can put their rsum? Are some Bombers out there who are looking for work? Are there Bombers out there who are looking for workers? Bomber cheers, -Maren Smyth (64) ******************************************** >>From: Patty de la Bretonne (65) Welcome to Mr. Paul Beardsley! Nancy and I went to school together and of course your name was always a familiar one around our house when I was a kid. Next time you see my folks please tell them you are on line. I would really love for them to get a computer! -Patty de la Bretonne (65) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/30/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 (OK, 8 TOTAL) Bombers sent stuff: Jerry Oakley (51), Ralph Myrick (51), Ann Bishop (60), John Adkins (62), Fred Schafer (63), Jim Hamilton (63), Maren Smyth (64) ******************************************** ******************************************** >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Jerry Oakley (51) Date: Sun Apr 29 12:11:32 2001 Drive in What was the name of that drive-in that was across the Yakima bridge and before the "Y"? I believe Susie Johnson worked there as a car hop. Does anyone know where she is? -Jerry Oakley (51) ******************************************** >>From: Ralph Myrick (51) Re: Mom's Birthday My mother, Ola Myrick, is having her 90th birthday celebration May 19th from 1:00 to 5:00. It will be held at her home [address deleted for privacy]. To those who have known Mom, you are invited to come in and say hi. -Ralph Myrick (51) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [If you need the address, send Ralph an e-mail and he'll provide his Mother's address for you. -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Ann Bishop Myers (60) Re: Class of '60 Lunch Our next Class of '60 Lunch will be Saturday, May 5 at Marge Qualheim Haggard's (60) home. We plan to meet there at 11:30. Please e-mail me for directions. Hope to see you there. -Ann Bishop Myers (60) ~ Kennewick, WA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Somebody take pictures for the website. -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: John Adkins (62) Re: Another classic for the R2K+1 Do your ears hang low, do they wobble to and fro Can you tie 'em in a knot, or tie 'em in a bow Can you throw 'em over your shoulder Like a continental soldier Do your ears hang low? Do your ears flip-flop, can you use 'em for a mop Are they stringy on the bottom or curly on the top? Can you use 'em for a swatter Can you use 'em for a blotter Do your ears hang low? Now that's class! -John Adkins (62) ~ Richland - We may get some "termination" winds today. ******************************************** >>From: Fred Schafer (63) To: Jerry Oakley (51) Re: Sonny Jerry, Thanks for the memory I had forgotten all about Sonny. I looked forward to seeing almost every day by Pennywise when I did my paper route. He was a great person... always had a smile on his face. I remember donating some of my allowance for a collection for his new bike that was given to him at Riverside Park at a ceremony in the mid 50s. -Fred Schafer (63) ******************************************** >>From: Jim Hamilton (63) Re: Bomber Green & Gold Pages On several occasions I've cogitated the viability of a "Bomber Yellow Pages" or more correctly "Bomber Green & Gold Pages". Keep the green passing between those loyal the cause. Semper Bomberus, jimbeaux -Jim Hamilton (63) ~ Kirkland, WA (where the weather today is like the 4th of July, but of course course the 4th of July is usually pretty ugly) ******************************************** >>From: Maren Smyth (64) Re: 4/26/01 "Dear Bombers..." e-mail Yesterday I said: "OK, Bombers!! ENOUGH!! ...I don't think there's a Bomber born who will send anything to me at "his" address. Mission accomplished!" "ENOUGH" means the end of the subject.... but I'm compelled to publish and respond to this from a '61er: "Surely the Sandstorm is not a place to berate an ex- husband or post threats on his safety and well-being. I'm appalled. Please rise above such public wallowing, Maren, and stick to true Sandstorm topics, staying within the bounds you yourself have set." He was my boyfriend... NOT my husband... If I thought for a second that any "threats on his safety and well-being" were SERIOUS, they wouldn't have appeared in the Alumni Sandstorm. IT WAS FUNNY!! Funny IS within the bounds set for the Alumni Sandstorm... So, enough is enough... let's all move on... OK?? Bomber cheers, Maren Smyth (64) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for the month. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` March, 2001 ~ May, 2001