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 Alumni Sandstorm Archive ~ June, 2001
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15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/01/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 16 Bombers sent stuff: Mike Clowes (54), John Northover (59), Shirley Sherwood (62), Betty Noble (63), Alexandra Manolopoulos (64), Jennie Parchen (64), Linda Reining (64), Maren Smyth (64), Patty de la Bretonne (65), Betti Avant (69), Janet DeVine (69), Steve Piippo (70), Peggy Roesch (71), Dave Painter (72), Greg Alley (73), Dave McAdie (79) ******************************************** ******************************************** Duct Tape Contest: Stuck At Prom - TIME TO VOTE!!! Put WA -- in the "view by state" box.... Our Bombers are the only ones on the WA page... Click the little magnifying glass to see a larger view. Click the "cast your vote" box below their picture. Then click the gray "Submit Your Vote" box See a larger/better picture of them here: Duct Tape Seniors ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) To: Rose Boswell Smith (61) Yes, it was the Starlight. To: David Douglas (62) Believe the first was West Coast Airlines. They also held the Air Mail route from Spokane to Reno. (Maren - United has always been that way. Capitol merged into United sometime in the 70s or 80s) And finally Steve Piippo (70) asks: "So where did Bulldogs come from?" Who Cares! Bomber Cheers to all -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) ~ Albany, OR (where the weather guesser says 80+ today, but it's a humid heat.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [I sent Bob/Mike the URL from John Northover (59) in a later entry... and here was Bob/Mike's response... -Maren] Don't know if United was first into Pasco. My source, "Popular Aviation, November, 1927, gives a list of which airlines flew which mail routes. The mail route to and from Pasco was Cam-5, Elko, NV to Pasco, WA and return, flown by Walter T. Varney. The article further states that as of the time of the writing passenger service was "available from New York to Boston over the Colonial airways, Chicago to Dallas and intermediate points via National Air Transport, Chicago to San Francisco and intermediate points over the Boeing Airways and from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles over the Western Air Express and from Los Angeles to Seattle via the Pacific Air Express." The Smithsonian book on the National Air and Space Museum states that in 1928 Transcontinental Air Transport merged with Western Air Express to become Transcontinental and Western Air, or TWA. In the same year United bought out National Air Transport. Based on mail contracts let by the Postmaster General in 1929 United was awarded the northern transcontinental route, TWA the central and American Airlines (a former gaggle of small carriers in the south) got the southern route. Now whether Walter T. Varney flew passengers between Elko and Pasco was not stated by either source. I like my crow medium well, how do you like yours? BCs, bc" ******************************************** >>From: John Northover (59) For all you Bombers ... Pasco in relation to United Airlines ... the entire History.,10017,2281,00.htm Yours in Flights of Fancy ... from San Diego with it's "haze gray May day's" john -John Northover (59) ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Sherwood Milani (62) To: Rosalie Lansing Haag (63) Rosalie, Thank you for your kind words about my sisters, mother and me. I had forgotten that we used beer to style our hair. I think I may try that again. I do remember how well it worked and it would certainly cost less than hair gels today. I remember well your big, handsome brother. I didn't even have to get the annual out and look at his picture. I'm so sorry to hear of his experiences in Viet Nam and hope that he is able to enjoy his life and place his memories in a small spot in his heart where it can only surface on an infrequent basis. I can't remember what year of school I was in, but I had a cousin (Dolores Dawson) who had transferred to Kennewick Schools from Richland when my Aunt and Uncle moved there. My parents had gone out of town and I stayed with her overnight and went to school with her one or two days. There was a really good looking boy in her class by the name of San Francisco. I was intrigued by the name. He was really nice and I momentarily fell in love. But I had to go back to Richland and never saw him again. There couldn't be two guys by that name could there? Do you suppose that was him? -Shirley Sherwood Milani (62) ******************************************** >>From: Betty Noble Giedd (63) Hello Alumni Sandstorm, I thought I would chime in here and let people know I am faithfully reading all the entries and find you all so fascinating. Some of the topics of conversation really hit the memory banks. Things I hadn't thought of in years. Thank you Maren for all the work you do. I don't know all the "ins & outs" of all this but I am finding out that there are a lot of grads doing their fair share and then some. To: Linda Belliston Boehning (63) You are a kind person to do so much for the alumni and our '63 class in particular. Thank you for your invitation to lunch. I will be sure to let you know the next time I will be coming to the Tri-Cities. To: Linda Reining (64) We were childhood neighbors and still good friends! Thank you, Linda, for enlightening me on the alumni lingo. And the WW onions at Costco. To: Larry Noble (60) and my nephews who made this possible. They put together the computer I use for e-mail. Bless you guys! I didn't realize how much this way of communication would fill my day. Not just sitting at the computer but thinking throughout the day about the memories that come from reading all the alumni entries. To: Lynn Noble Paden (72 - my little Sis) Keep those jokes coming. They give us very "healthful" guffaws. To: Sharon McDermott (63) Congratulations on beating the "C" - it's been too long since school days, let's e-mail. To: Rosalie Lansing (63) I read your stirring entry about your illness and then you got me again when you wrote just recently about your brother Craig's (62) action in Viet Nam. I had seen Craig on the History or Discovery channel and I told my husband I had gone to school w/him and graduated w/his sister. The last time I saw you was at the European Health Spa. I hope I remember this correctly. You were a trainer? An inspiration then and now. Keep up the good fight. To: Susie Shaver (63) I can believe you were/are a risk taker. You were always open to do things and a friend to everyone in school. By the way, thank you for your encouragement in Chorus class (Jr. High). I was so terribly shy and you suggested a way for me to be able to sing in front of a classroom full of students. And I believe it was you who suggested I use a pad of tissue under my brush hair rollers to keep them from digging into my head at night - important information for a light sleeper. Hello to all the 1963 fellow grads! So exciting to read your entries. Please write me an e-mail to start communication. I would love it. Re: Walla Walla Onions They are hard to find in the stores even this close to Washington. I usually get them when I travel to the Tri-Cities. Yes, freezing them really works. I remember going to a dinner at a country club YEARS! ago - Meadow Springs? - their cook made the best onion rings - and I didn't like onion rings at the time but I tried them and they were great! We are getting a Costco in Albany sometime in the future so now I know I can get them there - thanks Linda! To: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) Re: mint capitol Hello neighbor! How about that mint compost? good stuff! Re: MINT FIELDS I remember the smell of the mint fields and the grape vines as we went through the Kennewick highlands on the way to Oregon to visit relatives. I tended to be car sick in those days and the mint could set it off but the grapes would settle it down. Re: DRIVE-INS / BUCK NIGHT With 6 children it was more economical for my mom to take us to the movies on buck nights - she would make a pot of "sloppy joes" and pop some popcorn for our treat. To: Mike Davis (74) You get the prize for the naming of Pasco. -Betty Noble Giedd (63) ~ West of Philomath, OR off the Alsea highway snuggled up to the foothills of the coast range and another beautiful day in the Willamette Valley. ******************************************** >>From: Alexandra Manolopoulos (64) Re: Pasco Walter T. Varney, a World War I Army flier set up Varney Airlines. He got the contract with the post office to carry the mail. On April 6, 1926 the first flight of mail service took off from Pasco to Boise and Elko, Nevada and back to Pasco two days later. This round trip marked the beginning of air mail service by any of the lines and later merged into the United Airlines. -Alexandra Manolopoulos (64) ~ Redondo Beach, CA ******************************************** >>From: Jennie Parchen Gabel (64) Breast cancer 6 years ago. The radiation treatments wiped out my immune system, so on I have to have gammagoblin treatments every three weeks. But the important thing is that I have been cancer free for 6 years. I also am a diabetic so I only get to have a spudnut once a year. Re: Parchens in RSD Something that I am really proud of is that there has been a Parchen in the Richland School District continuously since 1944. My youngest great nephew is in third grade this year. My granddaughter starts kindergarten in 2 years. Maybe even at Jason Lee where I went and so did my son Bill. Re: Arts and Crafts Does anyone remember the arts and crafts classes during the summer at the Community House. My mother was one of the volunteers that taught the classes. She was also a cub scout leader and Brownie leader, and helped start the little league program in Richland. I love reading about everyone's memories. -Jennie Parchen Gabel (64) ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining (64) To: Mandy Holmes Taylor (97) Re: the bumblebee song My daughters sang that in Girl Scouts... last verse is: I'm licking up my baby bumble bee won't my mommy be so proud of me I'm licking up my baby bumble bee OUCH, she spanked me! I also enjoyed going to Church camp (ts name escapes my memory)... went with the group from Richland Lutheran and we met other kids there from Lutheran churches... think we stayed for a week... we had lots of fun and we also had a kangaroo court, which was judged by a girl and boy from each cabin... "crimes" included: not making your bed properly, not cleaning up after meals, and other "misdemeanors". ;) -Linda Reining (64) ~ going to be 104 in Bakersfield, CA today! ******************************************** >>From: Maren Smyth (64) Re: First United Airlines flight I heard from my other sister who is a United Airlines flight attendant, Tere (65). She said: "Yep - Pasco to Ely!!!" -Bomber cheers, Maren Smyth (64) ******************************************** >>From: Patty de la Bretonne (65) Mandy, The"Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee" song I think is originally from an old cartoon. I saw it on tv as a kid and for some reason never forgot it. (could be it recalled something else, but..) It was a Mama bird sending out the baby to catch some food and that's all he could get and was proud and singing this song all the way home. Silly, but it's still in the files of my brain. -Patty de la Bretonne (65) ******************************************** >>From: Betti Avant (69) Re: cousin enjoys Alumni Sandstorm I had supper with my cousin, John Bruntlett (54) and his wife last evening as they were passing through Kansas. He said he enjoys the Alumni Sandstorm and encourages me to keep submitting stories to it. His sister Jean (62) has also told me to keep writing. Neither one of them submit anything, but they enjoy reading it. I hope to see Jean this summer when I am in Richland for my vacation. I will also be visiting my nieces, Sarah Avant (94), and Jessica Avant (95). See you all later. -Betti Avant (69) ******************************************** >>From: Janet Devine Call (69) Re: the Duct Tape Prom Gal Well, just wanted to let Rachel Call (02) know that her infamy is still alive. Her duct tape prom escapade was being discussed on the radio show I listen to in the morning here in sizzling Phoenix, AZ. The woman host thought it was almost blasphemy, the guy host thought it was very clever and cool. Does anyone know whether they won the scholarship? Also, the name of her date was never disclosed... and, does anybody have a picture of this couple in their sticky attire? -Janet Devine Call (69) ~ (and I think only very distantly related by marriage) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ {Her date's name is Eric Edvalson -- see a good picture of them and the 5/2/2000 Tri City Herald article at: Duct Tape Seniors ******************************************** >>From: Steve Piippo (70) To: Dan Ham (72) From: Old Grump (70) I can think of one junior who could have been on that team. Athletics. -Steve Piippo (70) ******************************************** >>From: Peggy Roesch Wallan (71) To: Mandy Holmes Taylor (97) Re: Baby Bumblebee Song There is a third delightful verse: I'm licking off that baby bumblebee, Won't my mommy be so proud of me. I'm licking off that baby bumblebee, Mmmmmm, delicious! And just a PS to everyone about the recent stroll down melody memory lane... as an elementary school music teacher, I'm well acquainted with just about all the songs mentioned, and could have contributed source references, additional verses, historical footnotes, ethnologies, yadda yadda yadda, but hey, as of tomorrow it's JUNE and I'm sick of it already. I'm currently doing an opera unit with my middle school class... once the students realized that the full descriptive name of "opera" is "soap opera set to music," they became interested. We're experiencing Guiseppe Verdi's (aka Joe Green's) OTELLO right now, and the assignment over the weekend is to write an ending to the opera. Of the essays I've received in previous quarters for the same assignment, I've been amazed at the moralizing some of these kids do. Obviously, some of them have been listening... or, more likely, WATCHING the example their parents set for them. What a relief to us teachers! Since a large or vocal part of the population has prohibited teachers from really teaching values in school (hey, it was not a unilateral decision by teachers to "not teach values": it was thrust upon us by those who don't want their children taught "religion" or anything akin to it in school: so would you quit blaming the teachers already?) and all we can do is communicate by the example we set, it's nice to know that teaching by example really works. Can you tell it's almost June? I'm getting crankier every day. Sorry. Looking forward to R2K+1, but I'm leaving my songbooks at home... -Peggy Roesch Wallan (71) ~ Spanaway/Eatonville, WA ... where it was summer today and we hula'ed our hearts out in 1st grade music today in honor of the sun ******************************************** >>From: Dave Painter (72) Re: Pasco air mail The postmark is: FIRST FLIGHT CONTRACT AIR MAIL ELKO-PASCO-ROUTE PASCO WASH 5:30 A.M. APRIL 6 1926 WASHINGTON-IDAHO-OREGON in a typical circular stamp cancellation mark. The plane is a SWALLOW bi-plane. The company is: VARNEY SPEED LINES Later incorporated into the United Airlines group. -Dave Painter (72) ******************************************** >>From: Greg Alley (73) To: all I think the story of Pasco starts with "Come and listen to a story about a man named Jed". I think that is a song and we don't like songs any more. Do they really grow onions in Hawaii? -Greg Alley (73) ~ From snowy Richland. ******************************************** >>From: Dave McAdie (79) To: Kim Edgar Leeming (79) Hi Kim, I think the soccer player that the girls were referring to is Hope Solo, and she plays for UW. She is very highly regarded in the world of women's soccer and been on the U.S. Women's World Cup team. She plays goal keeper and has some very tough competition for one of the 2 spots on the team, but she is one of the best and continues to get invited. Her mother used to work for my folks at their camera store and when I was coaching Grid Kids football many years ago... I coached her older brother, Marcus. I enjoy keeping tabs on local area athletes... for a "small" community, we sure have a bunch who have gone on to shine in their sport. Also, just want to pass on a quick congratulations to CBC Baseball for winning the NWAACC baseball title for the first time since 1964!!!!! -Dave McAdie (79) ~ Kennewick, WA *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/02/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 15 Bombers sent stuff: Mike Clowes (54), Sandra Genoway (62), Donna Bowers (63), Fred Schafer (63), John Campbell (63), Sharon McDermott (63), Gary Behymer (64), Linda Reining (64), Patricia de la Bretonne (65), Patti Snider (65), Ric McAllister (69), Mark Saucier (70), Judy Stein (71), Rick Moore (76), Scott Frick (84) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) Re: Airlines I guess by now we know that the Smyth gang are correct in saying that it was United and not West Coast. Now for the bad news, Denny's have lowered the price on the "Grand Slam". -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) ~ Albany, OR (where it was 93 yesterday, and may hit 65 today with rain in the forecast.) ******************************************** >>From: Sandra Genoway (62) Re: Viet Nam Vets from Richland To: Major Craig Lansing (ret)(62) I remember you; I always thought you were a really good guy! To you, and to all Vets of the 60s and 70s: WELCOME HOME! (Rosalie: If your brother does not read the Alumni Sandstorm, please forward this to him.) -Sandra Genoway (62) ******************************************** >>From: Donna Bowers Rice (63) Dear Mandy Holmes Taylor (97): I need to set the record straight for Mr. Jimbeaux (63), and Stephanie Dawson Janicek (60). This is the Seattle-Sutter Creek-St. Louis version of Catalina Madelina. It is not that, but Hagdalena Magdalena Hoopensteiner Wallendiner Hogan Bogan Logan was her name. So it goes: Hagdalena Magdalena Hoopensteiner Wallendiner Hogan Bogan Logan was her name Chorus She had two hairs on her head, One was alive and the other one was dead. Chorus She had two eyes in her head, One was black and the other one was red. Chorus She had two holes in her nose, One held a daisy and the other held a rose. Chorus She had a neck as skinny as a pole, And right in the middle was a big fat mole. Chorus She had two hips big as battle ships And when she walked they both did flips. Chorus A ten ton truck hit Mag-da-lena, The poor old man had to buy a new machina. Chorus I have been singing this in hot tubs with my kids for 20-30 years wherever we have lived. I was missing the lips and ears from Stephanie. Love ya' -Donna Bowers Rice (63) ******************************************** >>From: Fred Schafer (63) Re: Bridge jumping To: Rosalie Lansing Haag (63) Yes, Rosalie, I remember the railroad bridge... spent a few hours jumping off the top and dove a few times... that may explain may lack of short term memory now. Also remember the out of town swim meets we went to but that may take up a couple of long pages in the Sandstorm. However my other sister, Susie Shaver (63): I want dates, times, and names of witness(es)... I can't picture you jumping off the bridge... I want proof. I put you in the same group as perky Anney Engel (63) who probably didn't jump off the High dive till High School. Saw a '48 Plymouth today,,, reminded me of the times we tried to water ski behind that gutless flathead 6 of an engine on those curvy irrigation ditch roads in West Richland by Carol Logston's house... dumb luck no one got hurt. Re: Church camp Jimbeaux: Just heard... what a ruse... you devil... getting Anney to stay up late to look at a Lunar eclipse, some line. I work with a lot of younger people and when I tell them some of these stories they have a hard time believing that we did this stuff straight and sober. -Fred Schafer (63) ~ Vancouver USA (where its raining buckets, always does to start out Rose Festival) ******************************************** >>From: John Campbell (63) Re: Recent trip to Baja Just a note to any fellow Bombers who happen to ride motorcycles. Just returned from a 5000+ mile, 16 day trip from Seattle to Cabo San Lucas, Baja last week. I went with my brother, Rush (52), and 2 other riders. Had good weather, and the Harleys ran like a charm. I found Baja to be long (longer than Italy), hot and mostly poor, but the people were great. Cabo was very nice, but a tourist town. You feel glad to live in this country when you have to stop at the road blocks manned by the army. I especially enjoyed our trip through Yosemite and King's Canyon parks in California. I really recommend it (even in a car) if you haven't had a chance to visit these parks. Hope to make it to the reunion/Cool Desert Nights later this month. -John Campbell (63) ******************************************** >>From: Sharon McDermott Bruce (63) Re: Spudnut shop I am really surprised to hear that the Spudnut shop is still there, I haven't been to Richland in over 30 years. The closest thing we have to Spudnuts here in San Antonio is Shipley's donuts, they are very good. After finding through here that my best friend Emajean Stone (63) is not deceased as I had thought, she and I are planning to attend our 40 yr. reunion... Hooray... I will start saving when this year's vacation is over. lol.. I certainly plan to enjoy at least one spudnut while there.. -Sharon McDermott Bruce (63) ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) Re: Duct Tape Formal... Need your votes! Please "cast your vote" box below their picture. Then click the gray "Submit Your Vote" box -Gary Behymer (64) ...from downtown Colfax, WA ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining (64) To: Betty Noble Giedd (63) Welcome aboard! Your entries were fun to read! Keep contributing. -Linda Reining (64) ~ Bakersfield, CA (where we broke the record for heat yesterday - 107!!!!!! ******************************************** >>From: Patricia de la Bretonne (65) Dear Maren and Tere, Ely, Nevada? Pasco to Ely? Interesting, when I was on the road in a band in the 70s we played a club in Ely. My impression was that it was just a muddy Brothel town. One of our guitar players actually went to one. Ah, youth! Weird memories. -Patricia de la Bretonne (65) Seattle where it was 82 yesterday and it's coming up on an overcast 62 today! ******************************************** >>From: Patti Snider Miller (65) To: Mercedes "Deedee" Willox Loiseau (64) My husband and I went to see Pearl Harbor (movie) 3rd day of opening. It was a good movie and I also felt that there should be no apologies for Hiroshima... not after what I saw in this movie! Yes, war is ugly. The love story part was great and I don't ever want to be in a war and have to dodge bullets. Except for having to sit 3 rows from the front... :) it was well made. I guess it has been a while since we were at the movies. One butter popcorn and 2 small cokes came to $11.00! Thank goodness we went to the matinee price of $5.00 to get in! No wonder we rent videos when they come out... Hope to see you all at R2K+1 on June 23rd! Bomber Cheers, -Patti Snider Miller (65) ******************************************** >>From: Ric McAllister (69) Re: Pasco Air Mail Concerning the older history about airmail, etc. I have some information taken mostly from newspaper microfilm archives in Kennewick. Anyway... there's all kinds of stuff about the trials and tribulations these pilots went through. -Ric McAllister (69) ******************************************** >>From: Mark Saucier (70) To: All the "onion people" Albeit the mentioned onions are all great, Texas sweets are as sweet or sweeter and seem to have an endless season. No matter what time of the year you get a fresh slice with your beef barbecue brisket the Texas sweets are always sweet. To: The Spudnut / Krispy what ever people For anyone to even speak of the Krispy things in the same sentence with Spudnuts illustrates how damaged the sensory receptors can become. Having tried the Krispy things in the south, they are best classified with the pre-package donuts on the grocery store shelves. Thanks, Paul, for the Spudnuts slipped in the package sent my way. We are under siege by the Krispy things (6 stores being built). -Mark Saucier (70) ~ Pittsburgh, PA (Where the hockey and baseball seasons are over.) ******************************************** >>From: Judy Stein Mitchell (71) With track season ending, I just wanted to bring notice to Jim Qualheim (70) - the Richland track coach. Baseball seems to be getting all the attention at this time of year... Jim has done a great job of building a very strong and highly competitive track program at Richland. They also run a very good meet (which is important for those of us who spend long hours in the bleachers at these things!) Although he didn't remember me, I did remember him as a track star in his own right during his high school days in a Bomber uniform. The Bombers were well represented at the State Track championship, and the program is certainly a quality one. Even though I am now a Blue Devil, I still appreciate what the Bombers are able to do year after year on the athletic field. A Bomber with a Pitchfork, -Judy Stein Mitchell (71) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Editor's Note: Judy is far too modest. Her son Kyle (01) is this year's 4A State Champion in the "one-tine pitchfork" (aka Javelin) competition (199'-5"). Aside: Kyle looks like "Uncle" Ray's twin, at least in the Wa-Hi hoops program photo I saw a while back. -Richard Anderson] ******************************************** >>From: Rick Moore (76) Re: Looking for a classmate If any one has an e-mail for John Zimmerman (76), could you send it to me. And if by chance John is reading this, drop me a line... -Rick Moore (76) ******************************************** >>From: Scott Frick (84) Re: Pasco = From the Pacific Steel Company (PAcific Steel COmpany) which was a contractor for the Northern Pacific Railroad????? -Scott Frick (84) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/03/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 13 Bombers sent stuff: Jerry Oakley (51), Dore Tyler (53), Audrey Eberhardt (61WB), Linda Anderson (61), Ann Engel (63), Vicki Monson (63WB), Larry W. Willis (65), Mike Franco (70), Lynn Noble (72), Greg Alley (73), Anna Manolopoulos (74), Mary Davidson (85), Mandy Holmes (97) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jerry Oakley (51) To: Mark Saucier (70) Haven't seen any "Texas Sweets". It's not "in character" for texans to keep their Sweets a secret. I wonder what that is all about. -Jerry Oakley (51) ******************************************** >>From: Dore Tyler (53) Re: That town across The River Geeze, I always thought that it was spelled with an I. Regards, -Dee Tee (aka Dore Tyler (53) ******************************************** >>From: Audrey Eberhardt Mathews (61WB) Hi to all, I am goofing off from housework and homework so I thought I would ask a question. And yes homework--I am one of the crazies who decided I would go back to school and I am determined to finish. Now to the question. When we were stationed at Camp Hanford (late 50s) we like to explore. I can remember driving and seeing endless wheat fields. They were so beautiful and unbroken and after a while we would see buildings sitting in the middle. Dad always said they were farm houses and out buildings. It is such a great memory along with the beautiful mountains and the rivers. Do the endless wheat fields still exist in this day of progress and building everywhere? Someday, God willing, I am going to get back to that part of this beautiful country and retrace some of those trips. Does Sacajawea Park still exist? I cannot not share a lot of your memories, because we lived in base housing at Camp Hanford, but I do enjoy reading them. Yes, I do remember the mint fields, WW onions, and the drive-ins but not the movies. Keep up the entries. -Audrey Eberhardt Mathews (61WB) ~ Central Georgia (Hot, sunny and green - we got rain yesterday. ******************************************** >>From: Linda Anderson Walley (61) Re: All Spudnut lovers We left Richland in 1983 moved to the hills of the beautiful Methow Valley on the Methow River drove 7 miles to Twisp, WA, for a "Burger QUEEN" donut occasionally... it was pleasing but couldn't even compare to a Richland Spudnut; moved again in 1991 to the Bitterroot Valley in Montana which was gorgeous but didn't have a donut to stand on for miles around: again we sold our "Little Store" and adventurously moved to Tracy, CA, where the donuts were similar to the Burger Queens in Twisp, WA, but you can't really get into any donut once you remember a Richland Spudnut. We are back in Washington... thank the Lord for I really think California is, welll.. we won't go there. Soap Lake, WA, (where we are living now) is a quiet little town and very pleasing but no good donuts. Recently I had the pleasure of visiting our daughter in Highland, UT, where she took me with great anticipation to a new "Krispy Kreme" donut drive in window place. The name was so inviting and I thought "Hmm maybe someone has finally come up with a great recipe to compare to the Richland Spudnut." BOY WAS I WRONG! Those donuts are so disgusting. Too sweet... like eating sickening sweet bubbles of air. THE SPUDNUT STILL RULES! -Linda Anderson Walley (61) ******************************************** >>From: Ann Engel Schafer (63) Re: star gazing To: All you readers out there Sorry... my husband [Fred Schafer-63] had a senior moment. It wasn't Jim Hamilton (63) and me watching the lunar eclipse... it was Jim Ott (64) and I. I have fond memories of CUP's church camp at Naches. The freezing water we tried to swim in. Betsy Fox (63), Betsy Jones (63), Anna Glover (64) to name a few... always trying to sneak out at night. It was a wonderful and happy time in my life. -Ann Engel Schafer (63) ~ Vancouver USA (where the weather right now is in between rain showers while Fred and I are trying to spread compost on our blooming gardens. ******************************************** >>From: Vicki Monson Moore (63WB) Hello to you Richland Bombers and others reading this site! I've enjoyed seeing an occasional name from my past. I attended Jefferson Grade School until mid-sixth grade when we moved to orchard farm life in Benton City and I became a Ki-Be grad. My Dad and Mom had been very active in politics in Richland and were ready for a change. My home is in Yakima now and my husband, Mel, and I are active volunteers with youth sports. Right now our attention is with American Legion Baseball. Good luck to your Legion teams all over America. I hear the Richland Bombers have a new team called the Twin City Titans. They have players from Richland, Kamiakan and, maybe, Benton City. Checking the schedule the Titans play our Yakima Beetles in Richland on June 18. Go BEETLES!!!! My allegiance to Richland only goes so far... This summer, August 24-28, the American Legion World Series is coming to Yakima! We hope one of our local or nearby teams will represent our Region. If it's not the Beetles, how about the Titans? Richland still feels like my home and I love being reminded of the Richland of my youth. Thank you, Maren, and all you writers for bringing those memories so vividly to the present. Bye for now... -Vicki Monson Moore (63WB) ******************************************** >>From: Larry W. Willis (65) Re: Airlines & Pasco OK, enough of the "erroneous" information about airlines and Pasco. Pasco was on the route of the first commercial aviation. Varney Speedlines hauled the mail in & out. Varney sold his operation to three gentlemen that included on Robert F. Six. Some of you may remember Bob Six for his famous wife, Audrey Meadows. Bob's primary claim to fame was transforming Varney Speedlines into the forerunner of one of the premier air carriers today, CONTINENTAL AIRLINES. I presented a key chain to one of Varney's grandchildren last year that all Continental employees received many years ago commemorating the fact that our first customer was mail. The key chain had a relief casting of Varney's tri-motor Vega airplane. -Larry W. Willis (65) ~ at John Wayne Airport where its cloudy and drizzle. ******************************************** >>From: Mike Franco (70) To: Judy Stein (71) (...Mitchell, whatever) It was nice to read your note concerning Jimmy Q and the Bomber track program. It was also good to hear form you... but I was shocked to read the words.. "I am a Blue Devil now..."!!!! If I could bring Dr. Sutch back from the grave we would put him to work on you! I am extremely concerned that you would ever utter such a statement... is someone holding you hostage forcing you to such utterings? I would like to suggest that we may need to start a "deprogramming fund" for you. How could a member of one of the great Bomber families ever become a Blue Devil??? Please, help me understand. -Mike Franco (70) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Mike -- I think Judy really MEANT to say that her CHILDREN are Blue Devils... after all, she DID sign her entry "A Bomber with a Pitchfork". -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Lynn Noble Paden (72) Re: Mark Saucier's (70) entry in the 6/2/01 Sandstorm Mark is right about attempts to compare Spudnuts with Krispy Kreme donuts. Just don't even try it because it isn't possible! I've felt obliged to sample the Krispy donuts in several states and most recently in Las Vegas where I demonstrated it is possible to continually pull the slot lever while ralphing down one of "those donuts". And, while they seem to satisfy the donut urge, they'll never replace my Spudnut high when I go to the T-Cities. -Lynn Noble Paden (72) ~ perched above stinky downtown Oregon City, OR, where occasional wafts from the pulp mill remind us that we are definitely in Oregon City.) ******************************************** >>From: Greg Alley (73) To: Judy Stein Mitchell (71) Congrats to your son's state track results. He's a real Wa-Hi Bomber. Thanks for mentioning coach Qualheim. He was a fine high school athlete, a college decathlete, a fine teacher, and a real good coach. I feel bad for my love of track and not helping out on all the fine meets he has held in Richland and his promotion of the sport and his dedication to young people. -Greg Alley (73) ~ Its cloudy and cool. ******************************************** >>From: Anna Manolopoulos (74) Re: Pasco I am confirming what my sister, Alexandra Manolopoulos (64) wrote about the United Airlines flight from Pasco. She just beat me to it in sending in the confirmation. I also work for United and the company just celebrated 75 years of service and the first one was from Pasco. Hello to all from the new headquarters for Boeing (Chicago). You should all come and visit. Great place to live. -Anna Manolopoulos (74) ******************************************** >>From: Mary Davidson Coates (85) The Richland Bombers Girls Softball team that got 4th at State this this year consisted of 5 Seniors, 7 Sophomores, and several Freshman. We have a very young team and should do very well over the next few years! All of the Sophomores and most of the Freshman on the team have been playing Competitive City league ball during the summer for the past several years! Dale Hill, Congratulations on a job well done! Go Bombers! -Mary Davidson Coates (85) ******************************************** >>From: Mandy Holmes Taylor (97) I don't mean to harp on the Catalina Madelina thing, but I've been reading with interest all the different versions and appreciate all the feedback. Also, thanks for the conclusion to the Bumblebee song from all those who wrote about it. I've finally decided that the version of Catalina Madelina I remember most best coincides with the Hagdalena Magdalena version that was proffered. The name I sang as a child was: Catalina Madelina Upside- Downside Hogan Bogan Logan was her name. The rest of the verses triggered great memories of growing up in Richland. Perhaps I will dust off my Richland files and crack my knuckles and write something about growing up in Richland in the eighties, and being a little kid when the N Reactor was shut down. I remember writing letters to President Reagan, written on the board and dutifully copied in childish penmanship to be sent off with the idea that something would be done because, darn it, we were Americans and had a say in what happened to our economy. And watching friends move away because their fathers lost their jobs and though young I understood there was something wrong with that. Could have happened anywhere, I suppose, but there was always something about a nuclear town that made it all the more unjust. Too many people afraid of us. I recently went on a game show where I advertised that I grew up near a nuclear power plant... I was asked if certain body parts glow, and I said something to the effect that everything does but I can't show you.. I'm too bright. Didn't get a chance to plug the Bombers, but I tried. I think my favorite memory is the B-17 flying over for my graduation (class of 1997) and just the feeling that there was nothing quite like being a Bomber, a distinction that no one can take away from me. Hmm... the next story? Wearing Bomber clothing in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum's Enola Gay exhibit! Until next time... Green and gold forever, -Mandy Holmes Taylor (97) P.S. How were green and gold selected as colors? And the colors for the other area high schools? *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/04/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11 Bombers sent stuff: Sandra Atwater (51), Irene de la Bretonne (61), Sandra Genoway (62), Shirley Sherwood (62), Bonnie Timmerman (63WB), Jeanie Walsh (63), Jim Hamilton (63), Rosalie Lansing (63), Sharon McDermott (63), Janine Rightmire (65), Diane Hartley (72) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Sandra Atwater Boyd (51) Re: Onions! When we lived in Othello, WA, we would be so happy when the Walla Walla onions came on the market. We used to eat them every afternoon when we would get home from work dipping them in homemade bleu cheese salad dressing (lots of bleu cheese)! Also, a good way to lose weight - for breakfast I would have a WW onion sandwich, which was two toasted pieces of whole wheat bread and several thick slices of WW onions. That would be enough to last until the afternoon treat of WW and bleu cheese. Now we eat Walla Walla onions or the equivalent (almost) year round. After the WWs are no longer available we eat Mayan sweet onions from South America. These are available at Costco until late spring. Then the Texas Sweet onions (1015) are available. If the Texas Sweet are not available, you might look for Mexican Sweets or the Imperial (CA) Sweets. There is another sweet onion from Hawaii which is over priced and over rated (most things from Hawaii are over rated). The other well known sweet onion is the Vidalia Sweet onion from Georgia. This onion is on about the same time as the WWs. They used to have a taste contest between the WW and the Vidalia each year. Sometimes the WWs would win and sometimes the Vidalia does. Does anyone know if they still have this contest? There are many ways to eat sweet onions, but one of our favorites is on top of a prime cut of a steak. All of the above may or may not be factual. -Sandra Atwater Boyd (51) - JD Boyd (55) ~ Palm Desert, CA ******************************************** >>From: Irene de la Bretonne Hays (61) To: Audrey Eberhardt (61WB) The endless rolling fields, shining and shadowed and colored from gold to green and mauve, can be viewed as you drive north by northeast from the Tri-Cities toward Connell, Kahlotus, Washtucna, Colfax, or Pullman. When you return for your visit, take the drive more than once to catch the light at different times of the day. I'm sure one of those views will bring back the magic of your childhood experience. Yes, Sacajawea Park remains -- and many additional parks beside and between the three rivers that grace this area. Some of the "wildness" has been traded for the control provided by designated park lands. Nevertheless, you'll find enough of the old, untamed beauty to stoke your memories. Good to hear you have returned to school! Enjoy! -Irene de la Bretonne Hays (61) ******************************************** >>From: Sandra Genoway (62) To: Mark Saucier (70) Re: "The Spudnut / Krispy what ever people" For my part, since there have not yet been any Krispy Kremes stores opened in the Puget Sound region, I have yet to taste one. So, I really have not compared them to the Spudnut. I only know what other Bombers have observed. Still waiting for a Spudnut shop in Snohomish County.... -Sandra Genoway (62) ~ Edmonds, WA (about ten miles north of Seattle City limits) ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Sherwood Milani (62) To: Linda Anderson Walley (61) I'm really curious where you were able to find a donut in Tracy, CA. We lived there from 1987 to September of 1999, and we had a tough time just finding a restaurant there. Maybe it was because we lived south of town and drove to and from work in Livermore on I-580. Shirley Sherwood Milani (62) ~ Grants Pass, OR (Where a few days ago it was 102, and now having trouble getting out of the 70s.) ******************************************** >>From: Bonnie Timmerman Glover (63WB) Because of your Sandstorm I was able to connect to a very dear friend of mine from the past, Vicki Monson... we were such good friends at Jefferson grade school. To: Vicki Monson Moore (63WB) Vicki, I am so glad that you wrote to the Sandstorm... we were doing so well in the communications by E-Mail, but we moved and I lost your E-Mail address. Please write to me and we will catch up again. Hope all is well with you and yours.., I so love the Sandstorm News. -Bonnie Timmerman Glover (63WB) ******************************************** >>From: Jeanie Walsh Williamson (63) To: Gary Behymer (64) Hi Gary, If any alumni knows the importance of voting, and the support of all Bombers, it's this Bomber. Count me in! -Jeanie Walsh Williamson (63) ~ where it's drizzling in Simi Valley, CA ******************************************** >>From: Jim Hamilton (63) Boy I thought I'd lost it. I've got all these great memories of church camp (all secular), and Annie Engel (63) wasn't one of 'em. I thought that pint of $12.00 Popov Vodka that I bought from Kenny Wright (63) at the Camlin in '63 was the culprit... now I can blame Freddy [Schafer-63] for gettin' me all riled up. I recall those second week of June romances up at Camp Naches, most of which didn't last as long as the taste of a Costco hot dog. The classic had to be when Jan Bell (64) and Jim Stull became an item. If Frank Osgard (63WB) has got all the pine pitch cleaned off by now, he might well be able to shed some light on Camp Naches. On another note. The Catalina Madalina controversy, while far from being dead is in fact some diabolic hoax (worthy of an Art Bell listener) perpetuated to keep young minds in turmoil. When in fact there are several versions listed, which is why when the song is sung the first couple of words sound mumbled, like Frank Whiteside (63) is singing. I am more that a little concerned about Donna Bowers (63) singing it in a hot tub. I hope it was at home and not at Club Med. or heaven forbid at the DesertInnHanfordHouseRedLionDoubleTree-RedLion. My Uncle- in-Law once removed, Don Winston (63), sent a version that he found on the web, which proves me correct. So my campfire song merit badge is safe and my credibility (on this matter, anyway) has been unbesmirched. Semper Bomberus jimbeaux (in Kirkland, where yesterday's weather kept me off of 520, as I just knew it was November and there had to be a Husky game) -Jim Hamilton (63) ******************************************** >>From: Rosalie Lansing Haag (63) Re: I'm on my way in to that Pasco airport!!!! Yes, I have decided I can't stay away. So I am flying home on the 23rd. The reunion and the Spudnut temptation got me down. You can only resist for so long. It is good to have such an understanding hubby. He lets me do whatever I want. Sometimes I think He is really happy to have me still kicking!! Re: Gordon Towne I am so sorry to have almost started a horrible rumor. Thank God Gordon Towne is still alive and in good standing. I did know that Betty, his wife, had died. I better talk to my mom before I make any such announcements again!!! To: Shirley Sherwood (62) Yes, that is the one and only San Francisco. He surely was a magnificent specimen. I sure pray that they will one day be able to bring home his remains. He deserves to be here with the people who love him. Say Hi to Susan from me. To: Jim Hamilton (63) Jimbeaux, I hope you found your tickets. I cannot believe I'm herE in Texas, wHere A-rod is... and I can't even get a game on the T.V. .. I would love to take my big ole Grandsons to a game... they are both great athletes like the rest of the Lansing clan. They E-mail me with the news and I find that just fantastic. Go Mariners!!!! See you soon my Big Sweet Man-Child!!! Re: Onions I don't know about Texas onions. They have vidalias down here, Yesterday we ate at restaurant here and they serve baked vidalias... it was so goood!! I also get the Mauis... my cousin lives on Maui and she started me on them. They don't have Costco's here, so there are none of my birthplace onions. Yes, all of us Lansing kids were born in downtown Walla Walla...a great place to be born, but thank you God, that mother and dad had enough sense to raise us in Richland. I already had enough devil in me... why in the world would I have wanted to be called a Blue Devil. Sorry to all my cousins who were and are Walla Walla'ites. Well this is sunday so I'm out of here and on our way to Galveston to swim in the gulf of Mexico waters... I can't believe how hot it is here... the humidity keeps my glasses steamed up all the time. Oh, by the way, next week we are out of Houston and back down to McAllen, TX... it is 7 mile off the border of Mexico. It is not only unbearably hot but it is almost like being in Mexico. The population is 600,000 and we are definitely in the minority. We have lived in CA and this beats that. I'm not at all prejudiced since my daughter is Spanish (American born), and we have two 2 half black nieces, who are gorgeous, but they won't speak English so life becomes quite different. I really need to learn Spanish, I guess. Can old dogs do that??? See you all at the reunion!!!!! -Rosalie Lansing Haag (63) ******************************************** >>From: Sharon McDermott Bruce (63) Hi, I have a question: Does anyone know where Jackie Piper (57) might be found? My sister, Deanna McDermott Jones (57), is interested in contacting her. Weather is great here, not too humid yet but know it will be here soon. San Antonio at least isn't as bad as Houston... -Sharon McDermott Bruce (63) ~ San Antonio, TX ******************************************** >>From: Janine Rightmire Corrado (65) To: Larry Willis (65) Yes, Larry, right you are with regard to Varney Speed Lines and Continental. However, the first airline service that Varney started was called Varney Air Lines. It was a mail service in 1925 that went between Pasco, Elko, NV and Boise, ID. It expanded to Spokane and Seattle. Then was actually bought up by United in the 30s. Varney Speed Lines was started (Walter Varney's fourth airline) in 1934. This is the one that Robert Six bought and then came Continental Airlines. So, I think both you and whoever it was who said United Airlines were both right. Same guy, but he actually started four difference airlines. I worked for CAL from 1968 through 1983. I have some wonderful memories and marvelous friends from those years. -Janine Rightmire Corrado (65) ******************************************** >>From: Diane Hartley (72) To: Lynn Noble (72) Hey, You go girl!!!! I did the same in Vegas on the Krispy Kremes. They were good and, as a fat person, I enjoyed every bite while playing the slots and Monopoly games, but never do they compare with Val and her Spuddies. :-) -Diane Heartless (72) AKA: food taster in another life.) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/05/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers and 2 funeral notices today: Jack Lowrey (49), Sandra Atwater (51), Gail Henderson (53), Robert Kennedy (60), Audrey Eberhardt (61WB), Helen Cross (62), Jeff DeMeyer (62), Sandra Genoway (62), Janine Rightmire (65), Patti McLaughlin (65), Ted Cadd (66), Mike Davis (74) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jack Lowrey (49) To: Larry Willis Don't think they ever made a Vega Tri-motor. Probably a Ford, Folker or Stinson. -Jack Lowrey (49) ~ Layton, UT (where it's sunny and 66) ******************************************** >>From: Sandra Atwater Boyd (51) for JD Boyd (55) Just to let everyone know, JD Boyd (55) was also involved in writing the story [in the 6/4/01 Alumni Sandstorm] and all the good info about onions!! He must get some credit for all that knowledge!! -Sandra Atwater Boyd (51) for JD Boyd (55) ******************************************** >>From: Gail Henderson Renner (53) To: The person looking for Mary Henderson (55) Help! Not long ago a friend of my sister, Mary, contacted me wanting to know how to get hold of her. I tried to forward her msg to Mary, but Mary said it was blank, I am not sure what happened. And having a senior moment, I have forgotten the person's name who was looking for Mary. Of course, I deleted it. Please send me a note, and I will give Mary's email. So sorry. -Gail Henderson Renner (53) ~ Milton, FL ******************************************** >>From: Robert Kennedy (60) Re: Howard rides again Many Alumni Sandstorm readers will remember a news article about last year's R2K that featured one of the class of 1960 Bombers who rode from Bainbridge Island to Richland for the reunion. Howard Kirz (60) is at it again, this time riding across the US from Virginia to Bainbridge Island. He and his wife, Stephanie, have been on the road for about three weeks, are now in western Kentucky and have traveled over 1000 miles. (They preceded the ride with 2600 miles of training rides in Arizona during the winter and early spring.) At the present rate of travel, they should reach Richland in early August. Howard had intended to make this trip immediately after retiring a few years ago, but a serious biking accident during training caused him to postpone the trip. He set a new goal to make the trip before age 60, which still gives him a year of slack. He is having a wonderful time, offering great descriptions and enthusiasm, undampened by early summer rain and thunder storms. Check out this URL: -Robert Kennedy (60) ~ Wauwatosa, WI hundreds of miles north of Howard's route ******************************************** >>From: Audrey Eberhardt Mathews (61WB) To: Irene de la Bretonne (61) Thanks, I am so glad to know the wheat fields and park still exist. They say you can't go home again, but I'll bet I could get close. Is there an active airport in Pasco? How long has it been there? Forever that is one of the many things I never knew or had forgotten.. Re: Soap Lake, WA I can't remember who said they were now living in Soap Lake, but I remember we went there simply because of the name. My Dad loved to explore new areas and see different things. -Audrey Eberhardt Mathews (61WB) ~ Middle Georgia 94 today thunderstorms tonight -- God is showing off. ******************************************** >>From: Helen Cross Kirk (62) To: Linda Reining (64) Re: Baby Bumblebee I sing that with my preschoolers and we use a book of wee sings. 2nd verse is: I'm squishing up a baby bumble bee Won't my mommy be so proud of me I'm squishing up a baby bumble bee Yiks, it yukee. I'm wiping off a baby bumble bee Won't my mommy be so proud of me I'm wiping off a baby bumble bee Now my mommy will be proud of me! The actions to the last verse is act like you are wiping your hands on your jeans. The kids and I always say "Our mommys won't be proud of us, they will be mad." -Helen Cross Kirk (62) ******************************************** >>From: Jeff DeMeyer (62) Re: Class of '62 - 40th class reunion in 2002 We have lost or misplaced the following personal. Dave Bell, Carol Brown Westphal, Carol Buchanan Krinke, Doug Burns, Judy Clarke Tembreull, Mary Jane Douglass, Maxine Dowd, Ron Dykes, Ken Elliot, Roger Farber, Margaret Gibson Tucker, Patricia Hahn, Clark Hall, Linda Hanson Toth, Tom Harmon, Fayne Heneghen Dukes, David Henry, Doug Hildebrant, Gearld Hooper, Leslie Lang Dalton, Freddie Lenhart, Richard Lloyd, Patty McCue Huthinson, Ben Miles, Bob Mitchell, Jan Nelson Lattin, Anona Niles Carvetti, Carole Petterson Graham, Rod Shanks, Chuck Smith, Margaret Smith, Judy Stewart Hunt, Suzann Tabbert, Lloyd Taylor, Sue Tomlinson Yount, Carl Vance, Laurel Vlacil Murry, Mary Wamsley, Walter Webb, Linda Whitaker Kadlec, Harold White, Dave Wilson, Kathy Wilson, Mike Wooten, Valeree Workman Offerman, Yvonne Wright, Darris Yeager. Any information on their whereabouts, please send to Jeff DeMeyer. Thank You ~ Bomber Cheers, -Jeff DeMeyer (62) ******************************************** >>From: Sandra Genoway (62) Re: Bomberette Needs Help from Bomber Family, Please Dear Bombers and Bomberettes: I need to ask you a favor for myself and my husband; we are both disabled with fibromyalgia and arthritis, asthma, allergies/sinusitis, and possible heart/stroke diseases (family history and George has had some heart attacks in late '70s). Any RHS alumni living in the Puget Sound region who are physically able and willing to help us move before June 15 are needed; we need help with packing. We have Mike the Mover scheduled to move us on the 15th (a Friday); however, we need help getting things packed in time and some of it put down into our two garages on the complex grounds, right in front of our current apartment. So, it would just be a matter of walking it downstairs. Of course, when we pack things, it must be done in a certain manner, according to Mike's instructions, and labeled. So, you have to be able to follow instructions to do this job right. This should all start taking place about Monday, June 11. If you have any clean boxes with lids that can be taped shut that you want to donate, we could use them; any size. They will be labeled -- written on with "Marks-a-lot" felt pens; so, if you need them back, they will be written on. Or, we could use masking tape to label them with, I guess. If you are interested in helping us, we are in Edmonds, just off Hwy. 99 N. at 238 S.W. Please write me an E-mail and I will fill you in on the details and give you a phone number to call me, if you want. Compensation will be in the form of treating you to a barbecue at the beautiful Edmonds City park (steaks, chicken, salmon, etc.), and we will pay for gas charges during the packing/moving for anyone who has to come more than 20 miles to Edmonds and back. Thank you! -Sandra Genoway (62) ******************************************** >>From: Janine Rightmire Corrado (65) About Larry K. Willis (65) I have to tell you all about this funny day in my life. Back in '78 or close, I had a flight to Honolulu and then turn right around and fly back to Seattle. I was working in one of the back aisles and the fellow I was to work with that day I didn't know. So, "Larry" and I worked together for like 14 hours. On landing in Seattle that night, we were standing in the galley and I started actually talking to him about himself. He told me some things and then I asked him where he was from and he says RICHLAND, WA. Well, you gotta be kidding! When did you graduate? 1965. NO WAY!!!! "Yes, way, and what do you mean no way?" he remarked. Well, can you believe it. We didn't recognize each other and never used last names and here we were with so much in common. I couldn't get over it. What a hoot!! (Well, shoot, it was a BIG class 535, what can I tell ya?) Well, I made a little change in my life after that (thank you, Larry), I started to really look at people I met. I didn't want to make that mistake again. "Hey, do I know you? Are you a BOMBER?" Glad to know you are well and still with CAL, Larry. I miss many things about those days. Now, with regard to the Spudnut Shop. David Rivers (65) got me back in there last August. Now, I am not a connoisseur of good donuts, but I have tasted a few from all over the country in my time and I have to say... NO CONTEST, THEY'RE THE BEST!!! -Janine Rightmire Corrado (65) ******************************************** >>From: Patti McLaughlin (65) A Krispy Kreme shop is opening in Gillman Village in Issaquah. I am looking forward to making the comparison test. -Patti McLaughlin (65) ******************************************** >>From: Tedd Cadd (66) Re: Pasco and Jean-Luc P. I have some new information with respect to the naming of our neighboring city and how that is tied to the formation of the first commercial airline route out of that city. It also helps clear up why Kennewick Man (aptly renamed Pasco Man after the release of the documents by the National Security Agency) looks so much like Jean-Luc Piccard. According to NSA records recently declassified, it seems that the site was originally a colony of the Plutonian Astro-galactic Science Cooperative (or Company- the records use both terms). Originally founded about 12,000 years back, the outpost was officially disbanded following that auspicious first flight in the 20s. The documents relating to the history of the colony provide some enlightening reading. The professed goal of the Company was to enlighten primitive mankind on the joys and benefits of flight. The process was a long one, however. They felt their job was accomplished when the first commercial flight that doubled as a mail carrier was complete. They subscribed to Popular Mechanics and could see all the predictions on how flight would benefit mankind (and even contributed a few themselves). They knew we were on the right track. There are some rumors that a few of them went to work for Lockheed in the infamous Skunk Works where some of our most advanced aircraft were built in deepest secrecy. CAPT Piccard comes in as a hero in the story. It seems that he found the piece of our galactic history that made reference to a single individual being responsible for the prevention of a disaster that would have led to earth being at least 10,000 more years in the development of flight than had actually happened. It intrigued him to such an extent that he did one of the time-travel things and arrived to witness the historic event. There was to be a demonstration of a new Light and Knowledge grenade that day. As the grenade was about to be set off in the middle of the assembled crowd (they all wanted more light and knowledge) the inventor suddenly realized it was the wrong grenade. As he rushed to smother the blast that would kill all those present, Piccard, realizing that even the loss of even one Plutonian may alter the future disastrously, selflessly threw himself on the device muffling the explosion. His body was thrown all the way across the river and buried in a mudslide on the bank. The Plutonians were saved to teach earth people to fly. -Tedd Cadd (66) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) All this Krispy Kreme business was started months ago by a displaced Bomber in the community of Benbrook, Texas. I'm speaking of '76 graduate, Tedi Parks Teverbaugh. Months ago, on these pages of the Alumni Sandstorm, I disclosed that during her day as batgirl (couldn't crack the cheer leading squad. Ever see Tedi do a cartwheel? It's not pretty!) Tedi took a foul ball off the melon. She bounced back pretty quick and we were all relieved that there was no apparent damage to her noggin. But, now it is obvious that there has been some sort of "delayed" reaction and the girl seems to be "slipping" a touch. The Texas doctors have tried to help by keeping her calm, out of direct sunlight, and weekly sessions with the "head" doctor. For all of you that knew Tedi before the melon shot know what a lovely lady she was - inside and out. But, now she just ain't right! Let's all keep Tedi in our thoughts and prayers and hope that she beats this "Krispy Kreme" fixation. Hoping for a miracle, -Mike Davis (74) ******************************************** ************ FUNERAL NOTICES *************** ******************************************** >>Funeral Notice from: Betty Conner Sansom (52) Re: Norman Ross Gordon (53-RIP) I received word that Norman Ross Gordon died last week, and his funeral was to be held today (Monday). He lived in Kennewick, and his obituary was (I hear) in the Tri-City Herald. He was part of the group I ran around with my Senior year and afterwards. Neat guy. Please include him in the obituaries. Thanks. -Betty Conner Sansom (52) ~ Goldendale, WA (where the weather can't make up it's mind) ******************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** >>Funeral notice from: Jim Howard (66) Re: Homer Spencer (RIP) Richland business pioneer and civic leader, Homer Spencer, passed away on Saturday, June 2nd. He is survived by his wife Peg, and daughters Christy Peterson (67) and Patti Spencer (65), four grandchildren and one great grandchild. Homer was preceded in death by his son, Jim Spencer (62). You will be missed, Homer. -Jim Howard (66) ~ Spokane, WA *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/06/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11 Bombers and 1 Bomber Mom today: Marian Howser (51), Ralph Myrick (51), Irene de la Bretonne (61), Denny Johnson (62WB), Dick Boehning (63), Susie Shaver (63), Connie Hanson (64), Gary Behymer (64), Linda Reining (64), Tedi Parks (76), Treg Owings (76), BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Marian Howser (51) To: Sandra Atwater Boyd (51) I can't wait until time for the Walla Walla sweets to be available to buy. I saw some that were advertised at a fruit market in Gig Harbor but they looked like WW sweets but they were only look alikes. I am still waiting, I buy the vidalia ones when I can't get WWs, but not at the fruit market. Bye Bye from Marian -Marian Howser (51) ******************************************** >>From: Ralph Myrick (51) I have a question about a person who went to Marcus Whitman in the forties. Her name was Mitsy Green. I remember that she would go out of her way to beat up a boy and beat them up she did. Does anyone know what ever happened to her? -Ralph Myrick (51) ******************************************** >>From: Irene de la Bretonne Hays (61) To: Audrey Eberhardt (61WB) Yes, the airport in Pasco is active, providing ample parking and a sufficient number of flights per day to support recreational travelers as well as the large number of business travelers who effectively commute for work (if not daily, then weekly) to Seattle, Washington DC, and other points in all directions. There are fewer flights per day than most would like but you can travel Delta in and at least 3 times per day by way of Salt Lake City and link readily to Seattle or Portland by way of United or Horizon double or triple that number of times each day. I fly in and out of Pasco regularly and have for a couple of decades and find the airport easy access and quite pleasant, including the small shop selling Chukar Cherries, a local delicacy of nuts and berries. -Irene de la Bretonne Hays (61) ******************************************** >>From: Denny Johnson (62 WouldaBeen) To: Larry W. Willis (65) I believe "dose Folkers vas Fokkers"... could have been a Junkers also... very similar to the FORD tri, but a low wing mono as opposed to the high wing exhibited on Henry's Tin Goose. Both in that stylish corrugated metal skin that was prevalent back then (used for its strength, not beauty). Nonetheless... Vega was a single... that's what Wiley Post went down in (the "Winnie Mae") along with his good friend Will Rogers. I'm not aware that Lockheed ever made a trimotor of any kind... Electra (Amelia's bird) and Neptune being the most notable of the twins and the Constellation representing the 4-engine classic, extra-plush prop-engined airliner of the pre-jet passenger service. When I used to fly my M5-235 Maule (on Edo amphibs) over to Anchorage, there was a guy trying to restore one of the Ford Trimotors at a small hangar near Lake Spenard... a true labor of love for him... it needed a lot. Plenty of old birds (planes) up in Alaska - even some remnants of crash sites you can hike to if you're hardy enough. Most pilots know where they are, and fly "newbies" over them just for a bit of sobering thought. Enough for now... saw a letter in here a few days ago from somebody I know... but probably isn't speaking to me... but I still think about her a lot... she can say something in a later missive if she cares to. -Denny Johnson (62 WouldaBeen) ~ in 105 Las Vegas, NV ******************************************** >>From: Dick Boehning (63) The arrival of the Northern Pacific Railroad was instrumental in bringing a rush of settlers to the Washington Territory, which led to statehood on November 11, 1889. The railroad town of Ainsworth and the county seat, had moved to Pasco in 1886. Pasco was named by Virgil C. Bogue, a construction engineer for Northern Pacific who helped build a railroad in the Andes Mountains near Cerro de Pasco in Peru. -Dick Boehning (63) ******************************************** >>From: Susie Shaver Caldwell (63) Re: mesothelioma AKA asbestosis After I talked about me Mum getting married in the mornin' goin' up in the balloon, and how my Dad died, I have received e-mails. Alas, I have been gone to Albuquerque, NM, celebrating, so I want to answer them this way as to make it easier for me. My Dad originally had chest pain. Then the doctor took 8000 ml of fluid out of his lung, which made me do some research. The MD said he had a hole in his lung, maybe from pneumonia last winter. I came up with mesothelioma, which I did not tell Mom, but unfortunately was the correct answer. Malignant Mesothelioma (a malignant tumor arising from the pleural mesothelium) is strongly linked to asbestos exposure. (Government buildings) Insidious nonpleuritic chest pain and dyspnea (difficulty breathing) are the symptoms. Irregular thickening of the pleura occurs. Needle biopsies are difficult to interpret (impossible with my Dad), so a VATS is needed to establish diagnosis. Sorry to say, but prognosis is dismal, as poor response is seen with surgery, chemo, and combo... However there is a benign fibrous meso, rare, that produces the same symptoms. This one is curable. There is class action litigation going on against the Government for people like my Dad, but I doubt that anyone will win (other than the lawyers). If I can be of any help to any of you, e-mail me or come see me at the COOL desert nites... I doubt that I can give you any more info than this... keep in mind that my Dad had type I diabetes from age 35, a heart problem at 70, and this finally took him... every M.D. that saw him couldn't believe that he had lived that long, and he was so healthy. So you have to keep all the disease states in your total synopsis, and my Dad did very well to reach 80!!!!! Love to you all, and hope to see you in 3 weeks, -Susie Shaver Caldwell (63) ~ Olympia, WA (where the moon is big & high above the water, amidst some clouds ******************************************** >>From: Connie Hanson Lincoln (64) Re: New Grandchild My hubby and I were blessed with our fifth grandchild on May 31st. He is a strapping 8 lb 12 oz little boy named Jonah Hanson Beeman. He is the fourth for our daughter Wendy and son-in-law Keith. He has twin brothers who are 3 1/2 and sister who is 16 months. Our other daughter, Katrina, and her husband have a little boy 15 1/2 months. It is great being Grandparents!!! We feel especially blessed to live so close to all of them. -Connie Hanson Lincoln (64) ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) Re: "Merry Makes A Choice" by Alma Heflin McCormick. The author was a school teacher in Richland, WA. She had been a test pilot for Piper Aircraft. Anyone familiar with this lady? Gary Behymer (64) ~ now living in downtown Colfax, WA ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining (64) To: Helen Cross Kirk (62) Re: Wee sing books I have a whole set of those little books and sing them to my grandkids; we have "Bible songs"; also have ones for around the campfire; "rounds"; "patriotic"; "silly songs"; and I can't remember the name of the 6th one. Do you know they also have video's for those books? I really like the little books cause they show the hand movements to go along with the songs. -Linda Reining (64) ~ cool and breezy in Bakersfield, CA ******************************************** >>From: Tedi Parks Teverbaugh (76) To: Brad Upton (74) Dear Brad: It looks like Mike Davis (74), is looking to follow in your footsteps by canning the teaching job and looking at a career in comedy. If you've read his recent Alumni Sandstorm entries, you'll notice his lame attempts. Have you noticed that when Mike tells a joke, often times he's the only one laughing!?! I've also received word from a Spudnut Shop regular that this slap-happy, funny-man- wanna-be is slimming down quite a bit. He's even trying to copy your awesome physique, Brad!!! (But don't worry, you've still got the best back side of any '74 graduate). Poor Mike has even shaved his head!! And get this, he goes out jogging every night and fake pulls a hamstring... just like you Brad!! Do you remember years ago when I confronted that comedian in Kennewick for stealing your almond roca joke? He wanted to be like you too. It's an epidemic!! And, Mike's got your CD MEMORIZED!! Now, this is the man that can't even find the bathroom at Denny's! Last time I was home, I caught Mike looking in a mirror. He was crying and blubbering; and then he whispered with tears streaming down his face, "I just want to be like Brad... I can be funny, too... I'll show 'em!!" I just hope the Alumni Sandstorm doesn't ban him. I don't think he's paid his subscription money yet either!! Brad if you know of a 12 step program for Mike, let me know. Maybe there's hope. What a shame... Poor, pathetic, Boo Boo... the demons he must battle... so sad. -Tedi Parks Teverbaugh (76) ******************************************** >>From: Treg Owings (76) Re: Lettau 2001 bike trip Just a note for folks interested. Randy Lettau (73 or 74) and his Dad and nephew are riding from North Bend, WA to Wisconsin. They have a web site w/journal and pictures of every day. Drop by and check it out. -Treg Owings (76) ******************************************** >>From: BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) To: Tedi Parks Teverbaugh (76) Go get him, Tedi! I can hardly wait for your reply to my rascal son [Mike Davis (74)] and no disloyalty to Val but I love Krispy Kremes too. -BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/07/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11 Bombers and 1 funeral notice today :( Gloria Adams (54), Mike Clowes (54), Ron Richards (63), Sharon McDermott (63), Gary Behymer (64), Larry W. Willis (65), Toby Wheeler (65/66), Vicki Owens (72), Brad Upton (74), Mike Davis (74), Piper Peterson (84) ******************************************** ******************************************** Duct Tape Contest: Stuck At Prom - TIME TO VOTE!!! Out of 50 States, only 32 have entries and none that begin with "A"... Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas and Arizona... trivial pursuit today. Now SEVEN entries from Washington state... go to our Bomber website, so you know what our Bombers look like. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gloria Adams Fulcher (54) Re: Mitzi Green To: Ralph Myrick (51) Yes, Ralph, I remember Mitzi very well. We were in the 6th grade together at Marcus Whitman in 1948. We were good friends at that time. She was tough but warm hearted to those who didn't intimidate her. As we've all heard before, most people who display that aggression do so to cover other feelings. She really could beat the boys up and she did. As I remember, her family moved away from Richland sometime before we went to Carmichael in 1951. -Gloria Adams Fulcher (54) ******************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) To: Tedd Cadd (66) There are two errors in your hypothesis about Kennewick/Pasco man (Jean Luc) and the origin of these people. 1). It wasn't really Jean Luc, but instead it was James Tiberius Kirk. The reason it looked like Picard, was that the force of the explosion blew Kirk's wig off, and the aging process really took over. 2). They weren't Plutonian, they were in fact Ferrengi. It would seem that somehow the Ferrengi name was more than likely spelt the the "ph" rather than the "f" that is more commonly used today. Apparently in Ferregian past history, they were more helpful and giving; at least until they interbred with a tribe of itinerant used car salespeople from the nearby settlement of Kolumbiave (across the river). Re: Milestones An eventful week has past. Tonight I attended the graduation of my oldest grandson. This was not something I thought of all those years ago. I think the betting was against my even getting to having grandchildren. This was more from choices made and not other factors. The other event that started this train of thought was in becoming eligible for Medicare. Now, there you could have gotten good odds that I would not make that milestone. But, to the consternation of family, friends and enemies, I did it. I was saddened by the fact that my children are not Bombers, nor are my grandchildren. The oldest grandson is a Bulldog, but of the Woodburn specie (still blue and white), ah well. I was impressed on the variety of his graduating class; predominately Latino and Russian (now there is an interesting mix); and from the way they acted toward one another, there seems to be hope for the rest of us. Bomber cheers to all, especially the Class of 2001 -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) ******************************************** >>From: Ron Richards (63) Hello from Hanover, NH, where my wife and I will soon be celebrating the end of college tuition payments. Are any of you Bombers near here? I did escape from Midland, Texas, a few weeks ago. I tried to respond to the many helpful suggestions that I got on how to survive there. But Maren censored my response, perhaps because it was too political. Can you imagine that? Anyway, it's better to now be very close to the home state of a very courageous United States Senator. -Ron Richards (63) ******************************************** >>From: Sharon McDermott Bruce (63) Re: Looking for... Hi, Does anyone know where Kathy Whiting (65), or JaLene Henry Nelson (64) are? I would like to get in touch with them if possible. Thank you, -Sharon McDermott Bruce (63) ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) Copies of Bomber Mania are still available. If you are planning a reunion for this summer, I still have box full of Bomber Mania... The History of Richland High School Basketball 1953-1980 By Ernest Z. Jensen and Richard W. Swanson. Less than cover price! Great for reunion give-a-ways.Bomber Mania -Gary Behymer (64) ~ now living in downtown Colfax, WA ******************************************** >>From: Larry W. Willis (65) To: Jack Lowery (49) Re: the Varney Speed Lines airplane. It was actually a Lockheed Vega Tri-Motor. Sorry, I left the Lockheed out. To: Janine Rightmire Corrado (65) Thanks for mentioning our "chance" meeting in the aft galley of a Continental DC-10. A lot of miles (literally) have passed since those days of being a Flight Attendant. Now my feet are firmly planted on the ground in sunny So. Cal. as the General Manager of our airport operations at John Wayne Airport. One quick note, I'm Larry W. Willis. Larry K. Willis was also part of our class of 65. Good Bomber times to all. Sorry I'm going to miss R2K+1. -Larry W. Willis (65) ******************************************** >>From: Toby Wheeler Davis (65 and 66) To: Susie Shaver Caldwell (63) My dad, Bob Wheeler, also died from mesothelioma in 1991, at the 'too young' age of 72. He was a research scientist for Battelle, and also earlier for GE. We lived in Richland since 1949. No one knows where or how he was exposed to asbestos... anyone remember the brand new gym with the asbestos blown in ceiling in the 1960s??? One of the first games several balls made it into that ceiling and little flakes of ceiling (with asbestos) peppered the crowd (did anyone inhale???) My dad was extremely active and played 4-6 sets of tennis a week until 1 1/2 years before his death. It was not a nice way to die, gradually suffocating to death. I was on the swim team for forever and he used to row up the Columbia, (in a rowboat he built) while I a swam against the current for hours at a time. He used to chat about the warm water releases into the Colombia from the water that cooled the nuclear reactors... who knows what when why we may have been exposed to. In the end it does not matter at all, he was a wonderful, loving dad and I miss him every day. -Toby Wheeler Davis (65 and 66) ~ Still here in Bogota, Colombia, trying to avoid car bomb attacks in the city. ******************************************** >>From: Vicki Owens (72) To: Ralph Myrick (51) I never knew Mitsy Green. But from your description, I'm guessing she became a roller derby queen. -Vicki Owens (72) ~ needing a sweater in Kampala, Uganda ******************************************** >>From: Brad Upton (74) To: Tedi Parks Teverbaugh (76) Re: Mike Davis (74) First of all, Tedi, I am the one who introduced Mike to the Alumni Sandstorm so I have to take a lot of the responsibility for his postings. Mike said that maybe you "weren't right in the head" and after reading your message yesterday, I have to agree with Mike. I spit coffee all over my keyboard and monitor after you reported that Mike was jogging every day. Yeah, right. You also reported that a slimmed down version of Mike had been spotted at the Spudnut Shop. No slimmed down versions of anyone has ever been spotted at the Spudnut Shop. You think Mike wants to be a comedian? He's always been a comedian... you know that. If Mike really wanted to be like me you'd think he'd email me and ask him to join him at a Mariner game sometime. We could sit in the sun with our shirts off and let the ladies admire our washboard abs. (Actually, Mike is getting a tattoo of a washboard stomach, but close enough). I hope this clears things up... By the way, I know all the words to the Denny's theme song? Want to read them? -Brad Upton (74) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) Re: Entry from Tedi Parks 6-5-01 After reading the entry from Tedi Parks (76) yesterday I found myself in tears. Poor girl! Her condition has apparently taken a turn for the worse. I hope the pain for her is minimal. Whoever hit that foul ball that "scrambled" her noggin - I hope you are happy! Look what you have done. So pathetic, so sad. Come back to us, Tedi! We miss you. Hoping and praying, -Mike Davis (74) ******************************************** >>From: Piper Peterson Evans (84) Re: Congrats Just wanted to say congratulations to my Dad, Kenny Peterson (64) for completing his second major marathon in San Diego, CA, this past weekend... 26 miles. Also to my mother, Robin Peterson, who is a breast cancer survivor for 10 years now. Proud of you both! Hi to all the '84 grads as well. -Piper Peterson Evans (84) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Linnea Gates Williams (66) To: Gary Behymer (64) Gary, Probably everyone in Richland who has been involved with baseball knows my Dad - Floyd Gates. He passed away suddenly last night while he and my Mom were at their mountain cabin in Packwood, WA. We are still in a bit of a shock, but plan to have some sort of celebration of his life in the next couple of weeks. My mother, who had a stroke in December, is having a great deal of difficulty dealing with it all right now... While my brothers, sister, and I think he was a pretty remarkable man... I am sure my family would enjoy any memories that others might want to share... I am hoping with your connections, you can get this into the Bomber network somehow... Thanks for all that you do... Linnea *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/08/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers and one bulldog today: Janice Woods (60WB-Bulldog), Ron Richards (63), Hector Alvarez (64), Tedd Cadd (66), Debbie Bennett (72), Diane Hartley (72), Kerry Steichen (74), Mike Davis (74), Jim Rice (75) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Janice Woods Ehrke (60WB)(60 Bulldog) To: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) Bulldogs, blue and white?? No way. "Purple and White, fight, fight" is the way I remember it. -Janice Woods Ehrke (60WB)(60 Bulldog) ~ from SF where its another disgustingly beautiful day! ******************************************** >>From: Ron Richards (63) To: Brad Upton (74) I'm still laughing over your Alumni Sandstorm entry from yesterday. When are you going to do another show in Denver? I can guarantee you that at least two people would attend one of your shows there. -Ron Richards (63) ******************************************** >>From: Hector Alvarez (64) Hi, class of "64" I'm back on the Sandstorm e-mail, after a gaping two years off, due to loosing my AOL rights, my wife took it with her plus all my $$$, which wasn't much (sobbing). If you guys forgot who I am, I was the strongest guy in the school, except for Milton. I'll be here waiting to heard from all of you, happy to be back on the loop. The Cuban, Hector -Hector Alvarez (64) ******************************************** >>From: Tedd Cadd (66) To: Bob Carlson aka Mike Clowes (54) Balderdash!! Hogswiggle!! (Sorry, I just made that last one up in a paroxysitic fit of intergalactic disappointment) I have the documents from NSA right here in the pocket of my swimming suit. They explicitly state... um, they're a little soggy... I'll get back to you when I get them dried out and reconstruct the lemon juice-written hidden code. In any case, remember that I received these documents from the GOVERNMENT! If you can't trust the government, who can you trust? (Wait! Maybe it was the Weekly World News. Or was it that Oprah magazine?) -Tedd Cadd (66) ******************************************** >>From: Debbie Bennett Bayoff (72) Does anyone know what ever happened to Mark McClanahan (72). I went to Jefferson Elementary and Chief Jo with him. He was a really nice guy and I wonder how he is doing. Thanks! -Debbie Bennett Bayoff (72) ******************************************** >>From: Diane Hartley (72) To: Mike Davis (74) Hey Mike - You had better be careful with Tedi or she will vote you off the island!!!!! The tribe has spoken :-) -Diane Hartley (72) ******************************************** >>From: Kerry Steichen (74) To: Linnea Gates Williams (66) Linnea, I was talking to my dad last night Robert Steichen who lives in Packwood and he told me of the passing of Floyd Gates. He said that Floyd was one of his first friends when he moved to Richland back in the 40s. Your mom and dad stopped by and had dinner with all 25 of us that were at High Valley over the Memorial Holiday. I still remember Floyd in his Green baseball hat and sweatpants leading his little league team. After I began my family and I would see Floyd I would have a question on how to teach some aspect of the sport to my kids. He would always have an inspiring story or example that helped me understand a better way to teach the game. We even talked about knee savers for catchers this last holiday and about how he hates them because it makes the catchers lazy and then they get hurt. I have read many stories about coaches that helped Bombers in the Alumni Sandstorm. And your dad made a life out of helping many young boys become men with new attitudes and direction from all the time and years he spent in Little League. I take my hat off to your dad and say he was a great teacher of baseball in Richland and hope to read many more stories. -Kerry Steichen (74) ~ Kent, WA ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) Well, well, well! The funny man from Seattle is back! I'm speaking of course of Brad Upton. The same man that decided his career .125 batting average was good enough to qualify him to play adult hardball in Seattle. For those of you who were not aware, a few games into the season Brad was rounding second and pulled two, not one, but two hamstrings. Now how could this have happened to a guy like Brad who used to go through an hour of stretching before each American Legion game - as if he was actually going to play. I've always been a firm believer in "safety on the bases". That is why I routinely stretched my doubles into singles. RETIRE BRAD!!! I ran into one of Brad's old students the other day. (Denny's shift manager) and we got to talking about Mr. Upton. He was not aware that Brad had become a professional comedian telling jokes for a living. He said, "Hell, I thought he was a joke way back in the third grade!!" As for the "just ain't right" Tedi Parks Teverbaugh (76), in Texas I understand she is doing much better - solid foods now, a little tapioca pudding. I was thinking back to that incident when she took the ball off the melon and I kept thinking it was Upton who hit the ball. But then I realized it couldn't have been Upton. He never hit the ball!! Good day, -Mike Davis (74) ******************************************** >>From: Jim Rice (75) To: Maren I don't know if you're tempted, but please don't consider censoring or cutting off the Abbot & Costello (er, Davis and Upton) routine. It's quickly becoming my favorite part of the Alumni Sandstorm -- worth the price of admission right there. (Although I have to admit, the thought of those miles of washed-out abs on display made me spew my early-morning Krispy Kreme.) -Jim Rice (75) ~ rainy Mt. Rainier, MD *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/09/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 15 Bombers and that Bulldog again today: Doreen Hallenbeck (51), Ralph Myrick (51), Mike Clowes (54), Janice Woods (60WB/Bulldog), Mike Lewis (60), Roger Fishback (62), Sandra Genoway (62), Linda Reining (64), Monica Thornton (65), John Wingfield (66), Rick Maddy (67), Steve Edwards (68), Greg Alley (73), Brad Upton (74), Mike Davis (74), Teri Haffner (86), ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Doreen Hallenbeck Waldkoetter (51) Re: Tradition Lost? Whatever happened to the homecoming celebrations that included a parade through Richland with floats by the various school clubs, the Pep Club marching and school band playing? And then there was the homecoming bonfire at the base of the hill near the school. I seem to recall that each year a certain class that had already graduated was recognized and invited to the football game. Has this tradition gone the way of so many others? Re: Hi-Spot The Hi-Spot Club was a fabulous place; I believe the original one even served hamburgers, had a room for card games, and, of course a room for the great dances, jitterbug included. Though my memory bank is being depleted, there are a few things that are unforgettable. -Doreen Hallenbeck Waldkoetter (51) ~ Green Valley, AZ ******************************************** >>From: Ralph Myrick (51) To: Those who replied to the whereabouts of Mitsy Green Thank you. I remember she was cute as a bug's ear. Most of the boys of Marcus will not forget her. I never did get to know her. That I regret. -Ralph Myrick (51) ******************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) To: Janice Woods Ehrke (60WB) You mean "Bulldogs" come in different flavors? Just goes to show how the memory cells have deteriorated over the years. It's just that blue and white have sort of evil connotations of "devils". At any rate, welcome back to the "right" side of the river. To: Tedd Cadd (66) Well, I gotta tell ya, Pilgrim, my information comes from highly unclassified documents released from Area 52. They wuz Ferrengi, and it was Kirk. How else can you explain the pictographs found near the body, which, when deciphered, read: "Jim, you're dead! Give it up!" "And peace will guide the planets..." Bomber Cheers to all -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) ******************************************** >>From: Janice Woods Ehrke (60WB/Bulldog) To: Suzie Gunderson Chiles (60) Are you back from your travels? I thought I saw an entry the other day. Jest jump right on in between the Camp Jingles and the Davis/Upton Conflict! (I've GOT to meet these combatants, and maybe Clowes, Schafer, Jimbeaux, et al). This is so great! Maren, I had more beads than badges, so what can I say? Thanks. -Janice Woods Ehrke (60WB/Bulldog) ~ cold, foggy and very windy SF - this is more like it. ******************************************** >>From: Mike Lewis (60) Hm, the dialogue in the Alumni Sandstorm is beginning to sound like the Col-Hi I knew back when. I need a job. -Mike Lewis (60) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bomber "Yellow Pages", Mike! ******************************************** >>From: Roger Fishback (62) To: Mike Davis: (74) You are the weakest link, "good-bye." -Roger Fishback (62) ******************************************** >>From: Sandra Genoway (62) To: Janice Woods Ehrke (60WB)(60 Bulldog) Re: The Bulldogs I graduated later than you, but I remember the Pasco Bulldogs' colors as blue and white. Did they change them between 1960 and 1962? Re: Bomber humor To: Upton (74) and Davis (74) / Clowes (54) and Cadd (66) Keep it up! I love it! You guys (and participating gals) should go pro (oh; I guess one of you did). Put it in printing -- I'll buy it. -Sandra Genoway (62) ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining (64) To: Hector Alvarez (64) Welcome Back!!!!! -Linda Reining (64) ~ where the heat is back, in Bakersfield, CA ******************************************** >>From: Monica Thornton Hayes Bishop (65) Re: Krispie Kremes Just brought back 2 dozen for my office staff in Seattle. They went nuts tasting them even after two days on the road and in an airplane. Try not to eat them myself, but did attempt 2-3 (just for taste comparison) while on the east coast. What a shame they are!!!! -Monica Thornton Hayes Bishop (65) ******************************************** >>From: John Wingfield (66) Re: Kennewick Man Hi All, I had a feeling those anthropologists had is all wrong from the start. I'm sure they were just trying to put a feather in their cap or caps. My sources have told me that the Kennewick man was indeed a Pasco man, who drank too much one night and went to a Kennewick-Pasco basketball game. He was so obnoxious that he riled up many Lions and on the way home he wandered out past the parking lot and down to the river. They never heard from him again. Then... thirty or forty years later his remains were found. My sources, primarily the Smoking Man from X Files and his underlings, followed that with the caveat that Pasco won the game on a last second shot from the top of the key. I hope this clears up the matter. (If you have any questions on this version of the story, feel free to contact the Smoking Man.) Does anyone, who lives in or near Richland, know the conditions of The River. I am interested in canoeing from the Vernita Bridge around Hanford Reach to River City this summer. I'm wondering about how low the River is and especially if there are any rapids. I have an old Maple Leaf wooden canoe, but if we'd have to negotiate rocks in rapids I'd rather not. Happy in Paradise! -John Wingfield (66) ******************************************** >>From: Rick Maddy (67) Re: Da Onion 5/31/01 Alumni Sandstorm entry from Dave Miller (67): "Where is Rick Maddy (67) who is on Maui and should be able to enlighten us about Maui onions compared to Walla Wallas." Hey Dave Miller, see you in Sept. for a cold one. I have eaten Maui onions. Usually just fry them in a little butter as a side dish. Da Kine! How's that for enlightenment? ha. The recall button in my brain still yearns for one of those thick cut Walla Wallas, thick cut Beefsteak tomato, Wonder Bread white, mayo sandwiches. My father and Mr. C., Phil Collins' (67) dad, both grew these grapefruit sized beefsteak's every year. Awesome sandwich that has no equal, IF, of course, you like tomatoes and onions. I have yet to see an onion field on Maui. Some kinda secret place, yea brah? Driving into Walla Walla, I recall smelling those onions just a ways past College Place when in season. Go Walla Walla... Thee Onion. Does onion and knotted pantyhose ring a bell? -Rick Maddy (67) ~ Kihei, HI, Maui (where every day is summer) ******************************************** >>From: Steve Edwards (68) To: Phil Jones (69) Hey Phil, what's the report on this Bonderman kid? Has he got the "right stuff"? The paper here in Tacoma made him sound kind of flaky, but maybe that would just make a normal MLB pitcher, eh? -Steve Edwards (68) ~ Eatonville, WA ******************************************** >>From: Greg Alley (73) To: Mike Davis (74) and Tedi Parks Teverbaugh (76) Like all the great ones. Burns and Allen, Abbott and Costello, Martin and Lewis, Mike and Tedi live from the street dance, I'm booking the duo. I need advice from the king, Brad Upton (74). Give 'em 20 minutes. Mike has jokes that could last forever. -Greg Alley (73) ~ Live from Spudnutville ******************************************** >>From: Brad Upton (74) Re: Mike Davis (74) Just a warning to all the Sandstorm readers. My dear friend, Mike Davis, is about to complete his 22nd year teaching school in Finley. This means that Mike will have the summer off and plenty of time to write to the Sandstorm... a thrill for us all. Hopefully my first statement about Mike caught your eye... 22 years in Finley. Mike has spent the past 22 years commuting from Richland to Finley. Most people would have spent a couple of years in Finley and then looked for a job in a better school district much closer to home (like, RICHLAND). Not Mike, he knows that by having a full set of teeth and a home that doesn't require an axle, he will be held in high regard in Finley. Some of Mike's best students have gone on to become some of the best meth cooks in the Tri-Cities... it's a proud heritage in Finley and my friend Mike should be proud of his adopted city. Today is graduation day at RHS. Congratulations to the class of 2001! Enjoy that summer vacation! -Brad Upton (74) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) And one more thing, Upton! When you speak of spending the afternoon at the Mariners' game, bare chested, displaying our washboard stomachs, you must be misinformed. I not only have the washboard but the entire @*#&%*# Laundromat! Good day, -Mike Davis (74) ******************************************** >>From: Teri Haffner Bartol (86) Re: Camp Fire Boys & Girls A couple weeks ago some of you mentioned your memories of being a Camp Fire Girl growing up. I also fall into that category and am still involved. I have started a club for my daughter who is just finishing up kindergarten and have also served on the Board of Directors for over seven years. Most of my CF days were spent in Richland as part of the local Chinook Council of Camp Fire Boys & Girls. In August National will be setting out a new campaign to introduce the new name: Camp Fire, USA. So, I thought some of you who have memories of your CF days might be interested in the CF Alumni web sight. I just got a postcard on it yesterday. It seems to have interesting things on it such as history, alumni news, and memories. There is also supposed to be a way to search for "long-lost CF friends." -Teri Haffner Bartol (86) ~ Richland *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/10/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers sent stuff: Char Dossett (51), Jerry Oakley (51), Suzie Gunderson (60), Judy Willox (61), Sandra Genoway (62), Rick Polk (70), Tedi Parks (76) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Char Dossett Holden (51) To: Doreen Hallenbeck (51) Thanks for the memories. Interesting how I had forgotten the bonfire, etc. Those were the simple but great days. Look forward to our Reunion. -Char Dossett Holden (51) ******************************************** >>From: Jerry Oakley (51) To: Ralph Myrick (51) Hi Ralph, Remember me?... Yes, I knew Mitsy Green and you're right, cute as a bug's ear. I knew when I was in grade school at L & C. She lived just two blocks from me. Then when we went to High School at Col Hi, I lost track of her... but in '51 or '52 we saw each other when I was home on leave from the Navy. She was even prettier and and very popular then. I must tell you that I tried very hard to turn our friendship into something more, but to no avail. Our meeting was brief during my leave that year and she may not remember me, but I remember her... -Jerry Oakley (51) ******************************************** >>From: Suzie Gunderson Chiles (60) To: Janice Woods Ehrke (60WB) Janice, We got sidetracked again this year, and didn't make it out of Okanogan County this Spring. What with my mom's heart attack, our friend's knee surgery (they go with us), three trees falling on our home 2 weeks ago, and on and on and on. I will e-mail you with all the gory details. Bomber Cheers, -Suzie Gunderson Chiles (60) ~ Omak, WA (breezy, overnight rain, but still great Omak weather! ******************************************** >>From: Judy Willox Hodge (61) To: Brad Upton (74) and Mike Davis (74) RE: Tedi Parks Teverbaugh (76) Boys, I TRIED to tell you all months ago that Tedi needed help with her Krispy Kreme problem and ya ignored me, didn't ya? Nobody thought that "Grams" knew what the heck she was talking about - had me chalked up as one losing all her gray cells and a know-nothing! NOW look at the poor little thing; gone down hill fast in these last few months and will probably have to be institutionalized. LOL! It's all your fault - ya should have listened to me and helped her back then! *G*!! Now I see another member of the Bomber family that is going to need help as he confessed to having one of those KK things yesterday; and in the early morning for heaven's sake!! This COULD be another serious case. Maybe we could put him in the same institution with Tedi and he could learn from her! LOL!! Now, just one more thing before I let you two go. This dissin' of one another has got to stop! You boys get along now ya hear me?!! And you two girls; Tedi and Diane, get along with them too! LOL!! To: Jim Rice (75) Young man, I think all that rain in rainy Mt. Rainier has sogged your brain, fella! Gonna put you in rehab along with Tedi if you don't get ya some help! LOL!!! To: Ted Cadd (66) After much research, I came to the conclusion that it was NOT the government, the Weekly World News or the Oprah Magazine that you got those documents from. It was from The National Enquirer and EVERYBODY knows that they are so believable and one can really trust them!! LOL! Bomber Chuckles to All, -Judy Willox Hodge (61) ~ Richland - The best town to be in on June 23rd! ******************************************** >>From: Sandra Genoway (62) Re: Kennewick Man To: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) Hey Bob, Are you sure that isn't Area 51? (You know, like, next to where Art Bell lives?) -Sandra Genoway (62) ******************************************** >>From: Rick Polk (70) Re: 2001 Graduates Congratulations to all the 2001 Graduates from Richland High and welcome to the ranks of the Bomber Alumni. :-) -Rick Polk (70) ******************************************** >>From: Tedi Parks Teverbaugh (76) To: Brad Upton (74) One day I was talking to Mike Davis (74) and he said to me, "Ted, y'know why I'm still teaching school at Finley? It's because Elvis lives there... he's our janitor. Shhh! Don't tell anyone." -Tedi Parks Teverbaugh (76) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/11/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers sent stuff: Jerry Oakley (51), Jim Grow (51), LaVerne Osterman (51), Mike Clowes (54), Sandra Genoway (62), Keith Hunter (63), Judi Wilson (65), Glenna Hammer (66), Linda Thomas (68), Betti Avant (69), Mike Davis (74), Chris Webster (78) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jerry Oakley (51) Does anyone know the story of Bob Silver (49-RIP)? In school, he was a great guy, I wonder what went wrong... -Jerry Oakley (51) ******************************************** >>From: Jim Grow (51) OK that's enough. I refer to Jerry Oakley's [51] letter to Ralph Myrick [51] and how Oakley was trying to get a gadget on some sweet little innocent Mitsy Green. It was also only about a week ago that he was in here again looking for the where abouts of some other sweet young thing, I forget her name. If my memory serves correctly there was also another similar incident earlier. I know this Oakley and I suggest that all you young ladies steer clear. He is up to no good. A word to the wise should suffice. -Jim Grow (51) ******************************************** >>From: LaVerne Osterman Newstrom (51) To: Doreen Hallenbeck Waldkoetter (51) Doreen, I'm just an old - literally old - classmate of sorts Can I pay the Saturday night meal ticket Friday night? I didn't mail in the $100.00 because who knows if I'll get there or not... I mailed an initial amount... will truly be nice seeing everybody... -LaVerne Osterman Newstrom (51) ******************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) To: Sandra Genoway (62) Sorry, Sandra, but as the information was so Highly Unclassified, it had to come from Area 52 (which is so secret not even the Smoking Man knows about it, and he knows Everything.) To: Tedi Parks Teverbaugh (76) OMG!!! Not the "old Elvis in Finley" story again. Tedi, this is even more proof that Krispy Kremes have turned your brain to mush. It is a well documented fact that Elvis is the night clerk at the 7-11 in Big Falls, MN, when he is not subbing as a roving Denny's cashier. Bomber Cheers to all, and welcome to the 2001 Bomber alumni -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) ~ Albany, OR (where it has been cloudy all week.) ******************************************** >>From: Sandra Genoway (62) Re: Houston, TX How are our Bombers doing in Houston and other parts of Texas and Louisiana? We've been praying for you. Let us know how you all are, when you are able. I am moving on Friday and my computer will be down until Saturday or Sunday. Later. -Sandra Genoway (62) ******************************************** >>From: Keith Hunter, Gold Medal Class Of '63 My parents, Mr. and Mrs. Keith Hunter, Sr. celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary last month. They used to own the A&W that many of you knew! My siblings, Jim (66) and Debbie (72), and I put a little party together.. -Keith Hunter (63) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hunter's 60th Wedding Anniversary ******************************************** >>From: Judi Wilson Johnson (65) Any Bombers in Fairbanks, AK? I'll be there Aug. 17th-20th. I'm part of the medical crew (nurse) for an AIDS vaccine fund-raiser bike ride from Fairbanks to Anchorage. I've met some of the riders and they're pretty amazing people. I certainly couldn't make it five miles a day much less 100. Anyway, I have some training classes on Sunday and maybe something on Saturday but I'd sure like to meet up and say hi - maybe even share a beer with some Bombers. And if anyone wants to help out with a donation I'd be more then happy to tell you how!!! :) Bomber Cheers, -Judi Wilson Johnson (65) ******************************************** >>From: Glenna Hammer (66) As the Chairman of "Evening for the Angels", a champagne-and-chocolates gala benefiting the Tri-Cities Chaplaincy, I'm pleased to announce that Jennifer Jacobson (79) will be one of two featured guest artists. Jennifer will be perform at the fifth annual "Evening for the Angels". This fundraiser for the Chaplaincy's hospice and counseling programs is Friday, July 13, at 8 p.m. in the courtyard of the Richland Red Lion (Hanford House). A spinto soprano, Jennifer (now of Plano, TX) and Erich Bucholz will perform Broadway hits and classic opera. Erich's father is Karl Bucholz (54), and his aunts, Karen (58) and Joann (65). Jennifer, a popular soloist with Dallas-area civic, church, college and symphony groups, is rebuilding her singing career after being a "stay-at-home Mom" for 15 years. Last year, she sang opera on two separate trips to Germany. She also teaches choral music at a Carrolton, TX middle school. I'm sure that Jenn would love to see some of her former classmates at "Evening for the Angels". Cost is $35. For reservations, call the Chaplaincy at 509/783-7416. -Glenna Hammer (66) ******************************************** >>From: Linda Thomas Richardson (68) Re: Bomber memories As a member of the class of '68, I am somewhat of a silent participant of this website... I do remember Doris Meloeny (68)... even from grade school... Jefferson, I think... I attended Jason Lee, Sacajawea and finally Jefferson. (My parents liked to move!!) I know there are fellow classmates out there... I have heard from Janet Clark (68), Bonnie Hopkins (68), Sharon Boness... guess we are the quiet type! I remember Cliff Edwards (68) too... I think... I remember him as being blond... from grade school... and then added Steve Edwards (a brunette) during our high school days. The only home ec teacher I can remember from Chief Jo was Mrs. French... who always wore a "french roll" type hair style... and made our entire class sew aprons... I'm not sure I have seen any to compare to those recently... I remember Terry Davis (65) ... wasn't he married to Susan Knox (64)? Where is she... and did she remain Susan Davis while he became Terry Knox? I remember vaguely Lynn Bryson (57)... my sister, Jeanie (62), dated him briefly... he was an "older Man"... and my parents did not approve... my dad (Sgt. Jim Thomas) was on the Richland PD (I remember your mother working there, Betty)... a real source of embarrassment to have your dad working the juvenile department during my junior high school days... Because my brother, Jim (60), and sister, Jeanie, graduated before me I have memories of some of their friends and experiences as well... they both used to slide down the flu on the Columbia River (the same one where Joe Castleberry broke his back); fortunately I believe their worst experience was when Jeanie tore the seat out of her shorts... a preventative measure to save the swim suit... other memories... she was a cheerleader with Sonny Davis (62) and Ronnie Hoglen (the only two males on the squad I think) and they may well have ended the tradition... she also dated Jim Walton (60) for several years... he had many unique talents, but I don't remember singing as one of them... I do remember his attempts to sing "Hello Walls"... which I believe he thought was "Hello Walt and Hello Wendell"... strange what we remember... great to hear about all the news from Richland.. -Linda Thomas Richardson (68) ~ Harrison, AR (where it is 85 degrees and 80 percent humidity ******************************************** >>From: Betti Avant (69) Re: Denny's To: Mike Davis (74) Imagine my surprise when I opened my Sunday paper to the ad section and on the front page were three coupons to eat at Denny's!!!!!!! Granted there aren't any here, but I am traveling to Richland later this month and I just may cut them out and use them (at least two any way as the third is for a kids' meal). Happy eating. -Betti Avant (69) ~ Goodland, KS (where it was in the 90's yesterday.) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) To: Tedi Parks (76) If you are going to run off at the mouth, get it right. Elvis works in the Finley Elementary kitchen!! Geeez, go knock back another dozen Krispy Kremes. -Mike Davis (74) ******************************************** >>From: Chris Webster (78} Re: Floyd Gates (RIP) I remember Kevin Alley having Floyd Gates as a baseball coach. If they would miss a fly ball with a glove on in practice, you would have to catch 2 fly balls with your bare hands. Kevin never missed a fly ball again. I never met Mr. Gates because I played with the National Little League below Columbia High. He must have been a good teacher of the game. -Chris Webster (78} *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/12/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers and that Bulldog again today: Jerry Oakley (51), Mike Clowes (54), Janice Woods (60WB/Bulldog), Jim House (63), Linda Belliston (63), Sharon McDermott (63), Shirley Collings (66), Brad Wear (71), Jim Rice (75), Kim Edgar (79) ******************************************** ******************************************** Duct Tape Contest: Stuck At Prom - TIME TO VOTE!!! ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jerry Oakley (51) To: Jim Grow (51) Hey Jim, you got me all wrong. These attempts of yours to paint me as some ogre preying on pretty young things is absolutely misdirected. I, and I'm sure, Ralph remembers very well some of the "amours" you were involved in. The names escape me right now, but that doesn't diminish the facts. So, what was that adage about glass houses? -Jerry Oakley (51) ~ Stockton, CA ******************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) To: Judy Willox Hodge (61) and Mike Davis (74) You guys have got me worried to the point that we may have to have a Krispy Kreme Intervention for Tedi Parks Teverbaugh (76). I had hoped that when I invoked the "Green and Gold Handbook" in the case of Teverbaugh v. Spudnuts a few months back. You may recall her ranting about a "Krispy Kreme Festival" or some such nonsense. I greatly fear that her latest ramblings have shown that she has really gone over the edge. I have personally checked with Elvis Headquarters in Mankato, MN, and can report to you that Elvis never was, never has been and/or never will be in Finely. The person Tedi was referring to is Elvis' illegitimate twin Melvis. Enough said about that. I think, Judy and Mike, that if you are going to be at R2K+1, you might lead the congregation in this important intervention. It is bad enough that some of "our family" have defected to Texas. However touting what has been called "brain food for blondes" is really too much. We must, of course, remember that Tedi is young and impressionable, and has certainly fallen amongst evil companions who believe in Dallas cowpersons. Bomber Cheers to all, -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) ******************************************** >>From: Janice Woods Ehrke (60WB) To: Sandy Genoway (62) The Yell went: "Purple and White, fight, fight. Purple and white...." Also, the homecoming corsage was a sparkling white giant Mum with a big old fuzzy purple P in the center. The only blue and white I know is Davis, CA Sr. High School, Davis Blue Devils. Some then trade in the white, for the Blue and Gold of the Cal Aggies at Davis. Wasn't Walla Walla also Blue Devils? To: Mike/Brad et al Oh yeah, Finley. I had some step-kin there but haven't dared to go back in 25 years or so, after my last visit, which involved, if memory serves, a pitchfork, a driveby, and "other" stuff. And that was just a family gathering, no outsiders. Ha! -Janice Woods Ehrke (60WB) ~ from WillyBrownsville by the Bay. ******************************************** >>From: Jim House (63) Re: R2K Karma It is my strong believe that Rosalie Lansing's (63) improved health is the result of the outpouring of Bomber love she received at R2K last June. I now also believe the negative Karma of R2K+1 is just as powerful. As one who should be EXPECTED to attend R2K+1, I chose instead to spend this past last week on the Mississippi gulf with several friends from Alaska rather than planning a trip to Richland. The R2K gods spoke loud and clear as I returned to the Houston airport to find my car in water up to the dashboard. (yes Jimbeaux, only the fuzzy dice were saved) Speaking of Rosalie Lansing (63), Alumni Sandstorm readers are aware she recently visited Houston and had hoped that we would get together. Although we exchanged phone numbers, I never did get to see her. I suggested to my wife that we drive to the Clear Lake area to meet Rosalie and pose for photos at the NASA Space Center in our Bomber gear. My wife argued that I had no class if I didn't invite Rosalie to visit our home instead. Unfortunately while we debated, Rosalie returned to Richland. I regret that I missed the opportunity for a member of the Gold Medal class to confirm the existence of the beautiful Mrs. House. Now I must continue endure the whispers of classmates that the family pictures I proudly displayed at R2K are the ones that came with the wallet I bought 20 years ago. Lastly, did anyone else see Terry Davis (Knox) (65) in the Walker Texas Ranger episode? I saw it this weekend and thought he was a great bad guy. When his hoods asked what they should do with his wife, he responded, "Take her out and kill her." I think that ranks right up there with Bogart's "Play it again, Sam." I won't forget it. -Jim House (63) ~ Houston, TX (hot, sunny and still impossible to get a tow truck) ******************************************** >>From: Linda Belliston Boehning (63) Re: R2K+1 Only 12 more days until R2K+1. Have you signed up yet? We will be ordering the food for "The Gathering" on Wednesday. the 13th, and want to make sure we are ordering enough for everyone. We also have name tags to make, so if you plan on coming, please e-mail me and let me know. -Linda Belliston Boehning (63) ******************************************** >>From: Sharon McDermott Bruce (63) Hi, Are there any Bombers down here in San Antonio, TX? With so many military bases in town would think there might be a couple at least. Continues to be humid here, as always. -Sharon McDermott Bruce (63) ~ San Antonio, TX ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Collings Haskins (66) To: Caroline Stanfield Boetes (66) Caroline found this picture and asked if I would put the print of the famous local band "The Isle of Phyve" in the Sandstorm for her: [URL no longer works. -Maren] What do you think, Caroline? -Shirley Collings Haskins (66) ~ Richland ******************************************** >>From: Brad Wear (71) To: Sandra Genoway (62) Sandra, Thanks for your concern about your fellow Bombers down here in Texas and Louisiana. I have to admit that here in the Dallas area we have not received any rain, but the storm did have a devastating impact on the area. The Second annual Krispy Kreme parade was canceled due to the "possibility" of rain. As you know the KKs melt in your mouth and it was feared that if it did rain most of the floats would dissolve into a mass of sugar. It truly was a shame it was canceled. Tedi Park Teverbaugh (76) last year's reigning Queen, had practiced the hand off of the Scepter and looked absolutely magnificent. I'm sure Frank Hames (69) was disappointed as well, as he had written and arranged most of the music that was to accompany each float in the parade. I was probably the most disappointed as I was to ride the float with Ricky Martin and be one of his guest dancers. I guess the skin tight leather pants and my glistening rippled chest will go to waste. The only consolation is that all the Krispy Kremes were given away in the local Denny's parking lots. Long live Krispy Kremes. -Brad Wear (71) ~ in sunny and dry Richardson, TX ******************************************** >>From: Jim Rice (75) To: Judy Willox Hodge (61) Re: Food of the gods Okay, I confess. When I claimed to "spew" Krispy Kremes at the thought of the dynamic duo exposing their pounds of flesh at an M's game, I was lying. I never eat those vile concoctions. I'm a dyed-in-the-wool, true-blue Spudnut fan. (Around here, the closest we can get is Dunkin Donuts. Not even Tedi "Parks" Teverbaugh (76) would try to compare them to the real deal.) A highlight of our year here was when a "care package" was shipped from Richland with four or five dozen Spudnuts enclosed. Even after the "3-day ground" shipping lag, they were still great. (Thanks Mama Isaacson!) -Jim Rice (75) ~ Mt. Rainier, MD - Sunny, heading into the mid-90s. Oh, oh. Summer's here. ******************************************** >>From: Kim Edgar Leeming (79) Re: Boy & Girl Scouts I never did attend any Girl Scout meetings, however, I did attend "The Blue Birds" for a short while during my 5th grade year. I also was a "Rainbow Girl" for a while as well, I believe that was thru the Masonic Lodge/Temple(?) To: Mike [Davis-74] & Brad [Upton-74] Who needs to go to for a few laughs, when all I have to do is read the Alumni Sandstorm. My co-workers keep giving me funny looks and asking me what's so funny, when they look over and see me snickering as I'm reading the Sandstorm. -Kim Edgar Leeming (79) Just another rainy day in Poulsbo, WA *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/13/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 15 Bombers 1 Bomber Mom and 12 funeral notices scanned today: Carol Hollingsworth (55), Pete Jensen (57), Margo Compton (60), Mike Brady (61), Denny Damschen (62), Richard Trujillo (62), Fred Schafer (63), Peg Sheeran (63), Susie Shaver (63), Pam Ehinger (67), Frank Hames (69), Sharon Benedict (71), Lois Clayton (72), Tedi Parks (76), Sean Lewis (77), Vi Rowlette (Bomber Mom) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Carol Hollingsworth Entrikin (55) The Pasco Bulldogs were Blue and White. In 1955 anyway! Period. I remember making a homecoming float and made blue and white bulldogs on it. Also My Dad wrote a song "How Much Is That Bulldog in the Window"? a fight song and referred to the green and gold beating the blue and white in the song. Wazzup? -Carol Hollingsworth Entrikin (55) ******************************************** >>From: Pete Jensen (57) Re: Duck (sic) Tape Contest Edvalson/Call ATTENTION BOMBERS!! Just checked out the Duct Tape contestants. Our kids shoe VERY well... but, my friends, there is a LOT of competition out there. Keep in mind, when you vote once, you have the chance to go back and vote over, and over, and....! Keep in mind that you can vote more than once... in fact, the contest seems to encourage it. But watch out! When you do the "re-vote" you have to start over having to choose your state. By the way, I also found out the Dynamic-Duo on the "Results Pages" number 4. DON'T FORGET THAT THE CONTEST ENDS 6/15/01 (Friday). GO Rachel!! GO Eric!! Go Bombers!! -Pete Jensen (57) ~ Richland (Temporarily) Soon to head for Cool, Calm and Collected Sequim, WA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ******************************************** >>From: Margo Compton McCord Lacarde (60) To: Sharon McDermott Bruce (63) Sharon, Yes there are other Bombers here in San Antonio. I have been here a little over 28 years now and love it. I actually live in Converse, just outside of San Antonio. I work for a CPA in San Antonio and am in the process of trying to pass that darn CPA exam. There was another Bomber in Universal City, but last I heard, he was moving to Arizona (I think). Don't know of any others but would love to hear from any if they are here. -Margo Compton McCord Lacarde (60) Here in (it's getting hot) beautiful San Antonio ******************************************** >>From: Mike Brady (61) Re: Someplace to stay? I am planning on attending the Class of '61 reunion June 22-24 but didn't make reservations for a place to stay. Any suggestions from you Tri Citians? I will be coming alone. Thanks, -Mike Brady (61) ******************************************** >>From: Denny Damschen (62) To: Jerry Oakley (51) Re: Glass Houses Jerry, I hate it when I'm stupid. Always have. I don't know anything about 'glass houses', but I heard about an island people who lived in grass houses and loved their good, kind king so much that they built him a fine throne of gold and jewels. The king was so happy that the people loved him so much that he didn't want to tarnish the throne by sitting on it so he stored it in the loft of a large grass warehouse he had built next to his bedroom. Every night he would go out and admire his throne and bask in the love of his subjects. One night a terrible tropical storm blew over the island. Rain, hail, fierce 100 mph winds, etc. The king grew very worried about his beautiful throne. He went to the warehouse to check on it and as he was looking up at the throne a gale of a wind toppled the throne onto the king and killed him. The moral of the story is of course that people who live in grass houses shouldn't store thrones. later, -denny damschen (62) ******************************************** >>From: Richard Trujillo (62) To: Sharon McDermott Bruce (63) Sharon, Sharon, where have you been? There are several Bombers in the San Antonio area. As a matter of fact there are Bombers all over Texas. About a year ago I asked the same question and got responses from Bombers in S.A., Dallas, Richardson, Ft Worth, Austin, Houston and many more. In fact, there are so many bombers around Texas, maybe we ought to move the Bomber reunions to Texas or AZ. You just never can tell where a bomber will pop up, right? -Richard Trujillo (62) ~ Universal City, TX (right outside of San Antonio, TX but just as hot and humid) ******************************************** >>From: Fred Schafer (63) To: Jim House (63) Jim The Bomber Gods were with you... the fuzzy dice stayed dry. I thought Nash Ramblers were water tight. Send some of that rain to Vancouver USA... we are in a drought. LOL with your car you will be missed at R2K+1. WARNING: the ones that are not there get talked about the most. Rosalie - I get the first dance. -Fred Schafer (63) ~ Vancouver USA ******************************************** >>From: Peg Sheeran Finch (63) To: Sharon McDermott Bruce (63) Don't know about San Antonio, TX, but my brother, Mike Sheeran (66), now lives with his wife in San Angelo. -Peg Sheeran Finch (63) ~ Omak, WA ******************************************** >>From: Susie Shaver Caldwell (63) To: Keith Hunter (63) Your parents gave me my first real job at age 15, at A&W. They were great people and I loved it, but can remember how hot it was, taking all those trays full of root beer mugs out to the cars. We did get to drink all the root beer we wanted, so on my break, I chugged cool wonderful root beer, and I can still remember how great it tasted. I made $1.00 an hour, so it was easy to figure out my paycheck! Tell your parents congrats for me, and happy anniversary! To: Judi Wilson Johnson (65) You can train to ride!!! In March of '93, some friends talked Mark and I into doing the 200 mile Seattle to Portland bicycle ride. We had previously ridden maybe 2-3 miles at a time. I laughed. But Mark was serious and we started training. We did the first day from Seattle to Centralia, had dinner with friends who live there, went in their hot tub, drank wine, and got up at 6 am to go the distance to Portland. The next year we did it again. Point is, you may scoff, like I did, but you CAN do it. I laughed when our friend asked me to join Mark & him to climb Mt Rainier. Well, we did it, and I'm no athlete. So don't put yourself down, just do a little at a time, and you will get in shape, and DO IT!!!! Go Judi! Bomber cheers, -Susie Shaver Caldwell (63) ******************************************** >>From: Pam Ehinger Nassen (67) To: Jackie Hanson Hewitt (67) Jackie, I need you to drop me a line. I'm having trouble getting your email address on the Class of 67's email list. I hope to hear from you soon. Bombers Rule -Pam Ehinger Nassen (67) ~ Thorp WA (I think our Summer lasted 2 days! Been windy, cold and rainy for Much Too Long!) ******************************************** >>From: Frank Hames (69) To: Brad Wear (71) Re: Second annual Krispy Kreme Parade My disappointment was indeed great at the cancellation of the second annual Krispy Kreme Parade. It promised to be a real hooha. I'm consoled by the fact that I was able to sell the music for the parade to a local home for wayward cheerleaders for their next ad campaign. -Frank Hames (69) ~ in sunny Denton County, TX where it's 92 and risin'. ******************************************** >>From: Sharon Benedict Isaacson (71) To: Jim Rice Re: Food of the Gods The Spudnut "care package" was a highlight here too... I couldn't believe how many phone calls it took to find out what Fed Ex had done with the goods. I was certain there was some happy delivery guy somewhere in DC with Spudnut breath. But deliver they did! Thanks FedEx. Greetings to the whole Sojo family... especially that redheaded Isaacson lass. It's always good to know there's another Bomber close by when your kid's off on an adventure. -Sharon Benedict Isaacson (71) - Richland ******************************************** >>From: Lois Clayton Colton (72) My mother was telling me some stories of Wes Gates (68) last week. He was in Mom's Cub Scout Den. Does anyone know where he is? I'd love to share them with him. My mother has always wondered what happened to him also. -Lois Clayton Colton (72) ~ Oahu, HI - just the weather you'd expect. ******************************************** >>From: Tedi Parks Teverbaugh (76) T0: Brad Wear (71) Thanks for the account of the Second Annual Krispy Kreme parade. I was disappointed that I couldn't hand off the scepter. But, not seeing you in those skin tight leather pants and that glistening rippled chest... that was the saddest part for me. Ricky Martin has nothing on you and your dance moves. Did you know he was later seen sprawled under a table at Denny's with an empty Krispy Kreme box in his lap? I'm sure all the spuddie lovers will have something to say about that!! To: Spudnut Lovers You can't argue the fact that Krispy Kreme has exploded in this country with 180 stores in 29 states and first quarter earnings of $5.7 million dollars. When the Denver store opened, sales totaled $369,000 in their first week. So, if you love spuddies so much, you better march down to the Shop right now and start eating. Let's see you back up your talk with some serious spudnut consumption. I dare you... no, I double dog dare you... to beat Krispy Kremes record at the Spudnut Shop. "We'll never do it", you cry. But you must!! Krispy Kreme is on it's way! $369K in their FIRST WEEK!!! Val and Kevin... get your aprons on. -Tedi Parks Teverbaugh (76) ******************************************** >>From: Sean Lewis (77) Jim House (63) commented on Terry Davis Knox' (65) appearance in a recent episode of "Walker, Texas Ranger" and I immediately thought of yet another Bomber alum who has also made a guest appearance on that show a few years back (you know who?)... that's quite the odd bit of trivia, ain't it? As long as I'm mailing in, I've had a number of other episodes recently of "small worldness" that show just how prevalent Bombers alumni are... we're everywhere! I'll spare the details but it's amazing; in one case, it became clear that the guy sitting next to me at a sporting event was also a Bomber alum and even a Sandstorm subscriber... man, if we'd all just get a big green "R" tattooed on our foreheads, we'd probably run into 2 or 3 of 'em a day just running around... I was at my aunt Oleta Cowan's 90th birthday party a few weeks back [in Richland] and got another dose of how many families' roots and ties and past generations go back together. I saw people there whose families I had known of that were friends of my elder siblings long before I was even around or old enough to know. I got out to the cemetery also and was also impressed at how many family (and some individual) names I recognize from living there and from the Sandstorm as well. Really took me back. And I finally got into the school store to get a Bomber baseball cap and t-shirt -- the lady there was kind enough to open it up for me even though they'd closed a few minutes earlier. In looking at the staff photos in the entry, my final amazement was that my math teacher of old, Mike Mills, looks exactly the same today as he did then!!! (Others had aged, uh, well, "accordingly," I guess...) OK, I'm done... Go Bombers! -Sean Lewis (77) ~ Puyallup, WA ******************************************** >>From: Vi Rowlette (Bomber Mom) Re: Purple and white To: Janice Woods Ehrke (60WB/Bulldog) Am real happy to hear from someone that knows "True Colors". I haven't been to Pasco Hi since 1954, but it had purple and white then... for years... and I never heard that they were planning to change. After all, think what it would cost to exchange all those pom-poms. (not to mention uniform, band costumes, etc. etc.) Good luck with your discussion. I guess it would be cheating to call Pasco and ask. -Vi Rowlette (Bomber Mom) ******************************************** ******************************************** The following funeral notices were scanned by Shirley Collings Haskins (66): (My scanner is now working. I hope I haven't missed any notices.} May 2001: ~ Norman Ross Gordon ~ Class of 1953 ~ 1/1/35 to 5/30/01 ~ ~ June Smith Colletti ~ Class of 1963 ~ 8/11/45 - 5/14/01 ~ ~ David Isakson ~ Class of 1963 ~ 7/30/44 - 5/12/01 ~ ~ Eleanor Wilton Sams ~ Class of 1934 ~ 5/8/16 - 5/9/01 ~ April 2001: ~ Jerry Lutes ~ Class of 1952 ~ 7/2/34 - 4/25/01 ~ ~ Harold 'Cookie' Cook ~ Class of 1956 ~ 64 - 4/20/01 ~ ~ Becky Vaughn Bladow ~ Class of 1973 ~ 2/14/55 - 4/13/01 ~ ~ Max Williams ~ Class of 1954 ~ 6/16/35 - 4/10/01 ~ *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/14/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers sent stuff: Ralph Myrick (51), Mike Clowes (54), Betty Noble (63), John Campbell (63), Rosalie Lansing (63), Sharon McDermott (63), Deedee Willox (64), Ron Sledge (65), Shirley Collings (66), Tedd Cadd (66), Kathie Moore (69), Rhonda Miller (78) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ralph Myrick (51) To: Jerry Oakley (51) Hey Jerry, How come everyone is picking on you? I always thought you were a pretty good guy. They all must know something I don't. It would be interesting to know something about their past. Anyway, it has been an interesting reading. Still haven't talked to Cutshall. My wife, Judy, found out she had breast cancer and all of my time has been with her. Her surgery was Tuesday and it went well. Dr. Trotta said it looked good and he didn't think it got beyond the lump. We will know for sure on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. So, I will try to find out as soon as I can. -Ralph Myrick (51) ******************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) To: Tedi Parks Teverbaugh (76) Tedi, The major difference between Spudnuts and those other things is substance; Spudnuts has it, the others don't. The reason for all the KK sales is that one must buy them by the gross in order to equal one Spudnut. In addition, Spudnuts are like a fine wine, single- malt Scotch or an excellent brandy. They are to be savored, not "scarfed" down like one of those burger substitutes from the "Fallen Arches". Further, moderation, in all things, Tedi, is a worth while goal. But, I can see from you latest diatribe that you may be beyond saving. Therefore I urge all of those going to R2K+1 to take a moment and reflect on the "passing" of Tedi Parks; who has gone over to the dark side. Spudnuts Rule, and Bomber Cheers to all -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) ~ Albany, OR (where the sun shines this day, but who knows about tomorrow. ******************************************** >>From: Betty Noble Giedd (63) To: Any Bombers in the NW area - say from Portland to Eugene and surrounding areas. I would like to open some communication via e-mail if you are interested. I am aware of Mr. Carlson, aka Clowes (54), but I think I lost him in the "mint fields" between Philomath and Albany. To: Fred Schafer (63) I am taking your WARNING! seriously. Please be kind. I can't get to this year's R2K+1 but I promise I'll make it for R2K+2 and I'm looking forward to the class of 1963's 40th reunion. (Annie, put a few good words in for me, please!) To: Susie Shaver (63) There you go, you just proved my point I made in my last and first entry to Sandstorm. Re: your advise to Judi Wilson Johnson. Again the thoughtful, helpful you prevails. Re: Your A & W carhop days: did you ever have trouble with guys spraying you with their windshield washers? There was a fellow I knew who tried to flirt with the carhops in this manner to get their attention... he got it all right! Not quite the attention he was going for. Some closing thoughts: Life is special when... ...contacted by people from the past, you reconnect and start a new friendship. ...your parents are ages 81 and 87 years old and it tells you longevity runs in the family. Bless you Mom and Dad and bless your long-lasting marriage. ...that special childhood neighbor is still there for you. Still giving her support and love which she does so well. -Betty Noble Giedd (63) ~ still west of Philomath, OR where the rain has stopped for the time being and I'll try to go turn some dirt in the garden. ******************************************** >>From: John Campbell (63) Re: Ride to Richland next Friday Is anyone considering riding a motorcycle from Seattle area to Richland next Friday? Depending on the weather, we are considering riding the Harley instead of the '57. If so, drop me a line and maybe we can ride together. -John Campbell (63) ******************************************** >>From: Rosalie Lansing Haag (63) Re: What a wild ride this life is!!!! To: Jim House (63) OH my goodness, I can't believe how much rain fell in Houston. I was praying like crazy that all was well with you and your family. We drove out of town on Friday the 8th. The rain was coming down so hard you could not see. I was and still am so amazed. If we had waited 4 hours more, we would not have been able to get out. All of the maids at the motel we were living at near the NASA space center, could not make it into work because they were flooded out. It was devastating. I am still in shock at what we saw. I sure hope everything else is all right with you and your lovely wife and kids. Why do we put off things and then miss out on maybe the only opportunity we may have to get together. I will have to say I do not miss the humid air. And yes indeed, Jim, the R2K certainly did have a great deal in the miracle of renewed health. When I was able to go out onto that gym floor where I had spent so many splendid hours having the time of my life. Knowing what a great honor and privilege had been bestowed on me... being able to lead cheers and even doing flips and splits without a thought of how incredibly short this time would be. Well I just was breathless with joy, and absolute bliss that I could be there. There was no greater joy than to have been able to represent such a great school and outstanding teams. The overwhelming love and outpouring of school spirit carried me through the long winter. The bomber basketball game brought many tears of complete joy and pride in all the great Bomber basketball players and what they did to glue us together for life. Re: My journey continues We were called on Thursday, the 7th, and told that we needed to be in Lancaster, CA, at Edwards Air Force Base on Sunday. So we drove through TX, NM, AZ, and the Mojave Desert and arrived here in the Antelope Valley for a 2 week job. From here who knows? This is just so exhilarating. I can't tell you how much fun it is to be out of that wheelchair and hospital bed and up and trotting all over the states like gypsies. I guess Rosalie "The Gypsy", is not too far fetched.. my parents never had any idea how true that would really be. We will jump in the new Excursion and hit the road early the 22nd and drive the 1300 miles to Richland and try like the begeezes to be there before the 6:00pm starting time of the reunion. How blessed can a women of 56 be!! So see all my great fellow Bombers in a short 10 days. Woopee!!! Oh so lovely here in the Mohave Desert at about 85!! To: Fred Schafer (63) ~ Hope I can have that dance! Need a big hug and kiss, Jimbeaux!!!! -Rosalie Lansing Haag (63) ******************************************** >>From: Sharon McDermott Bruce (63) To: Margo Compton McCord Lacard (60) Hi, I live not far from you, between Windcrest and Universal City. Have been here 13 years and do like it, just not crazy about it growing so much now. Too many people now, don't want it to become like Houston... lived there 11 years too long. I am a nurse and work near the Med. Center... Hope to hear from you some time.. -Sharon McDermott Bruce (63) ******************************************** >>From: Mercedes "Deedee" Willox Loiseau (64) Re: The discussion of Pasco colors I don't know what they may have been in the past, but they are definitely purple and white now. My husband was a bulldog (notice no CAPS) and now drives bus for Pasco School District. It is with great pleasure that I watch him drive our Toyota around with Bomber plates on it. hee hee. He threatened to put bulldog plates on our Ford, but never did, thank God. Go Bombers! Re: Duct Tape Contest I voted, several times. Let's show the country what Bombers can do! -Mercedes "Deedee" Willox Loiseau (64) ~ Burbank, WA (where it rained yesterday but the sun is out today. ******************************************** >>From: Ron Sledge (65) Re: Floyd Gates (RIP) It is sad to hear of the passing of the "Best Little League Coach" ever to bless the Richland scene. He will be missed. He gave a lot of us a good start by teaching us to compete hard and fair on the field (and in life). Thoughts, prayers and best wishes to the Gates family. -Ron Sledge (65) ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Collings Haskins (66) Re: 'INTERNET COMPANIES GO GLOBAL WITH ONLINE GUEST BOOKS' By Joni Carrasco, Herald Staff Writer The article from the June 11, 2001 TCHerald seemed interesting enough that I felt other classmates might find it beneficial. Bruce Lee Memorial Chapel offers online obituaries and guest book services, but the notices will only remain on their site for about six months For a fee of $30, families can have an online obituary and photo along with a guest book that will stay online forever. Directions to the funeral are included. The service also informs Identity Guardian about the death, a service that notifies telemarketers, credit agencies and other such outfits that the person is deceased. This cuts down on identity theft, credit card fraud and junk mail solicitation. The reason for the fee is because staff makes phone calls and checks documents to verify the facts that are posted. prevents hoaxes through its verification process. Another feature of is the obituary alert, which allows users to arrange to be notified via e-mail if someone from their work, school or church has died. Jeremy Weber, funeral director at Einan's Funeral Home in Richland, said they offer online guest book services as a part of their funeral packages. In the more than two months that Einan's Funeral Home has offered the online obituaries and guest books at, more than 5,500 Website visits were logged. The obituaries and guest books are powered by Einan's keeps the obituaries, pictures and guest books online for about a week. Weber said they don't have the capability to archive the information. Online guest books are becoming an increasingly popular way for friends and family to remember the departed and send condolences to the survivors. -Shirley Collings Haskins (66) ******************************************** >>From: Kathie Moore Adair (69) Re: Here We Go Bombers, Here We Go...... In February of this year, my husband, Jim Adair (66), was on a mission. His friend, David Rivers (65), needed a streetrod delivered from Barrington Hills, IL to Las Vegas, NV. Jim took our son, Steven (08), and our good friend, Roy Ballard (63) and they set off for Illinois. On their way to Nevada, they went by a Military Surplus Yard in Provo, UT. They were intrigued by all of these old bombs just waiting to be rescued. When they got to Las Vegas, Jimmie had his heart attack (and yes he is fine, thank you.) So Roy left him in Vegas and brought our son, truck and trailer back to West Richland. He told Val Driver (72) at the Spudnut Shop about the bombs. She bought the bomb and Roy went back to Provo and picked it up... only they are not sold with the tops. Jim Adair (66) fabricated the top piece by using the equipment at Total Energy with material donated by Roger DeWitt (60). Jim Stull (62) welded the piece together with the bottom and the pipe cap that Roy Ballard (63) had found. The bomb was then welded onto a base by Corey Poynor, with Roy Ballard transporting it from place to place in the back of his truck... trust me, it's not very light. The final painting was done through Lyle Laughery (66) at P&K Auto Painting. The lettering was done by Ybarro. It is beautiful, it's just over 10 feet tall and impressive. It will be donated to Richland High School on Saturday, June 23, 2001. It will be placed in the foyer between the Bomber gyms. You need to see this. But for those of you who can't make the Reunion, here is a peek. These people need a big thank you, the bomb turned out great. Thanks for listening. Proud to be a Bomber. -Kathie Moore Adair (69) ~ West Richland (where it is 65 and beautiful.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First picture of our AWESOME new Mascotg ******************************************** >>From: Tedd Cadd (66) Re: Pasco Man To: All unbelievers Here is proof it was Jean-Luc: A photo of the reconstructed face! -Tedd Cadd (66) ******************************************** >>From: Rhonda Miller Williams (78) As a Bomber who married a Pasco grad (class of '77) and is being forced to raise her children as Bulldogs, I can ASSURE you that the current colors are indeed purple and white, and have been as long as I can remember! Is there really a question about this? I guess I missed the origin of this ongoing conversation... Our children are ages 8 and 11, and do at least know the words to the Bomber fight song, much to Hubby's dismay. I then challenged him to go right ahead and teach them the Pasco fight song -- but he didn't know the words!! Turns out that it wasn't for lack of school spirit. Having always been in the band, he NEVER sang it and, hence, never learned the words. Amusingly, one of his business/civic associates, a Pasco grad and staunch supporter herself, learned of this and not only mailed him a copy of the words, but issued a challenge that he "stand and deliver" at a subsequent meeting! Nothing like a little high school spirit and rivalry, even if it is almost 25 years later! To: Linda Reining (64) I saw a while back you were remembering attending church camp through Richland First Lutheran, but you couldn't recall the name. I wonder if that might have been Camp Lutherhaven, which is located near Coeur d'Alene, ID? We are making plans to send our kids there for the first time this summer and have always heard terrific things about it. It drives me nuts when I can't remember something such as a name or place, etc., so I sent this info along in case you'd been trying to remember. -Rhonda Miller Williams (78) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/14/01 ~ FLAG DAY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >>From: Jay Schreiber (79) Just a little something to share on Flag Day, I read this at the National Cemetary in Seattle on Memorial Day 1995, while the honor guard from the 124th Army Reserve Command, did the folding. There were many requests for a copy of this after the ceremony. Something to think about... WHY THE AMERICAN FLAG IS FOLDED 13 TIMES Have you ever wondered why the flag of the United States of America is folded 13 times when it is lowered or when it is folded and handed to the widow at the burial of a veteran? Here is the meaning of each of those folds and what it means: The first fold of our flag is a symbol of life. The second fold is a symbol of our belief in eternal life. The third fold is made in honor and remembrance of the veterans departing our ranks who gave a portion of their lives for the defense of our country to attain peace throughout the world. The fourth fold represents our weaker nature, for as American citizens trusting in God, it is to Him we turn in times of peace as well as in time of war for His divine guidance. The fifth fold is a tribute to our country, for in the words of Stephen Decatur, "Our Country, in dealing with other countries may she always be right; but it is still our country, right or wrong." The sixth fold is for where our hearts lie. It is with our heart that we pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States Of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all. The seventh fold is a tribute to our Armed Forces, for it is through the Armed Forces that we protect our country and our flag against all her enemies, whether they be found within or without the boundaries of our republic. The eighth fold is a tribute to the one who entered into the valley of the shadow of death, that we might see the light of day, and to honor mother, for whom it flies on Mother's Day. The ninth fold is a tribute to womanhood; for it has been through their faith, their love, loyalty and devotion that the character of the men and women who have made this country great has been molded. The tenth fold is a tribute to the father, for he, too, has given his sons and daughters for the defense of our country since they were first born. The eleventh fold, in the eyes of a Hebrew citizen represents the lower portion of the seal of King David and King Solomon, and glorifies in their eyes, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The twelfth fold, in the eyes of a Christian citizen, represents an emblem of eternity and glorifies, in their eyes, God the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit. When the flag is completely folded, the stars are uppermost reminding us of our nation's motto, "In God We Trust". After the flag is completely folded and tucked in, it takes on the appearance of a cocked hat, ever reminding us of the soldiers who served under General George Washington, and the sailors and marines who served under Captain John Paul Jones, who were followed by their comrades and shipmates in the Armed Forces of the United States, preserving for us the rights, privileges, and freedoms we enjoy today. The next time you see a flag ceremony honoring someone that has served our country, either in the Armed Forces or in our civilian services such as the Police Force or Fire Department, keep in mind all the important reasons behind each and every movement. They have paid the ultimate sacrifice for all of us by honoring our flag and our Country. ~~Author Unknown~~ ******************************************** ******************************************** Last year Jim and Janet Voorhies McCord (57/61) sent an entry that I suggested they hold until Flag Day, 2000. The original entry said something about "never really paying much attention to the words before, but seeing it in print was a pretty nice summation of our proud flag and for all the veterans who so ably fought for our country and its red, white, and blue." Please check out the following website: Thanks to Jim and Janet for sharing. ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for Flag Day, 2001 ******************************************** *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/15/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers sent stuff: Hugh Hinson (52), Vera Smith (58), Linda Reining (64), Gail Setbacken (66), Steve Piippo (70), Kim Edgar (79), Tony Valdez (84) and Becky Martin (86), Jenny Smart (87) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Hugh Hinson (52) To: Ralph Myrick (51) Ralph, I read your note and I hope all is well with your wife. I'll keep both of you in my prayers. Bomber cheers, -Hugh Hinson (52) ******************************************** >>From: Vera Smith Robbins (58) To: Ralph Myrick (51) You don't know me, but my prayers are with you and your wife for her breast surgery to be a complete success. God bless you both. -Vera Smith Robbins (58) ~ Richland ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining (64) To: Kathy Moore Adair (69) The Bomb looks great! thanks for keeping "Bomber Pride" alive and well!!!!!!! To: Rosalie Lansing Haag (63) Have a safe trip from here to Richland. Edwards AFB is just a "hop, skip, and a jump" from Bakersfield -where it is hot and so far the "rolling blackouts" are staying away. To: Betty Noble Giedd (63) Hope to see you in Fullerton sometime this summer. ;) -Linda Reining (64) ******************************************** >>From: Gail Setbacken Carter (66) I just heard from a dear friend of mine that her husband is dying. She is bringing him home to care for him. I wish her well. I wish I could be there for her. The Bombers as a whole have always been there for each other. I have had this thought for awhile. A Bomber Assisted Living Resident. What do you think? -Gail Setbacken Carter (66) ******************************************** >>From: Steve Piippo (70) Re: Flag Day Thank You. Should be required reading in public education. Maybe it is? -Steve Piippo (70) ******************************************** >>From: Kim Edgar (79) Re: Braces Does anyone remember having to wear braces on their teeth during school? If so, any funny stories to share? I had to wear mine for 3 1/2 years, 5th grade thru summer before my 9th grade year. It seemed like an eternity. I didn't get too much teasing other than being called "Tinsel Teeth". Every now and then, I'd have a rubber band break and shoot across the room. They sure have changed a lot since I had them, now you can get them white ones that glue on to your teeth and just have a wire or there is a clear mouthpiece that you can wear. My son is going to need them, as he gets older, we found out through x-rays that he's missing two top lateral teeth. They are the teeth between the front tooth and canine tooth. The dentist said it is very common. There are several options, move all the teeth forward and shape the canine teeth to blend in, (That's what he suggested)( He said it's the least expensive way) the rest is considered cosmetic and the insurance won't cover it. The other ways are to make spaces where they are suppose to be, and have bridges put in or implants. I'm not sure what the best option is, has anyone had any of these procedures and what would you recommend, if you had to do it over again? (Any Alumni Orthodontists?, if so, what would you recommend?) Also, does anyone have any photos of their smile if they had the first procedure done? (Teeth moved and shaped) My son wants to see what it looks like; he's worried that it will look funny. -Kim Edgar (79) - Poulsbo, WA ******************************************** >>From: Tony and Becky Martin Valdez (84/86) Re: Flag Day Thank You. -Tony and Becky Martin Valdez (84/86) ******************************************** >>From: Jenny Smart Page (87) Re: Flag Day God Bless America! Thank you for sharing the 13-Folds article, and associated links. Remembering that it doesn't have to be a holiday to display our country's colors, -Jenny Smart Page (87) ~ West Richland, WA -- where the Stars & Stripes are flying high at our house today, just like every other day. *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/16/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff: Jerry Oakley (51), Jan Bollinger (60), Sharon McDermott (63), Charlotte Nugent (64), David McAdie (79), Kelly Weil (81) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jerry Oakley (51) To: Denny Damschen (62) You are right, Denny, that was the adage I was referring to. "people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones" and I think Jim Grow (51) lives in one. That was an interesting play on "glass"... -Jerry Oakley (51) ******************************************** >>From: Jan Bollinger Persons (60) Re: Braces I can remember only two classmates who wore braces and have often wondered if that's because (1) my memory is faulty; or (2) orthodontia was not "in vogue" in the olden days (!) and crooked teeth went untreated; or (3) the human jaw was still large enough to preclude crowded teeth? Both of my kids had to have teeth extracted prior to receiving braces, yet neither of their parents had crowded teeth. Seems a major change in just one generation, but look at the number of kids in treatment these days. How many orthodontists practiced in Richland during the '50s versus the '70s and today? I'm a little skeptical of the hereditary factor claimed by some. I remember waiting in the orthodontist's office with a puzzled mother of four adopted children, all of whom were in braces. She related a conversation with the doctor wherein she lamented four out of four kids requiring braces, and he responded that "it tends to run in families." I'd say it tends to run in generations since the 50s! Now that I'm beginning to feel like Neanderthal Woman, I think I'll leave this topic... -Jan Bollinger Persons (60) ~ Spokane, WA (where it is finally sunny and calm but cool.) ******************************************** >>From: Sharon McDermott Bruce (63) Since I have been out of touch with Richland for many years, did any of our Bombers die in the Vietnam war? I am class of '63 and would like to know of any from that class who paid with their lives. Thanks, -Sharon McDermott Bruce (63) ******************************************** >>From: Charlotte Nugent Hardy (64) What an incredible message for Flag Day. I just printed it off and put in my file so I would have it permanently. THANK YOU FOR SHARING THAT. -Charlotte Nugent Hardy (64) ******************************************** >>From: Dave McAdie (79) To: Kathie Moore Adair (69), Jim Adair (66), Roy Ballard (63), Val Ghirado Driver (72), Roger DeWitt (60), Jim Stull (62), Lyle Laughery (66), Corey Poynor (8?.....) That bomb is awesome. To each one of you, I offer up a huge THANK YOU!!! That will be a very nice - and fitting - addition to the decor at Richland High! Awesome!!!!! -Dave McAdie (79) ******************************************** >>From: Kelly Weil Austin (81) To: Kim Edgar (79) Yes, I remember having braces AND glasses! Actually, I got the braces when I was 9 (kept them on until 14, then retainers until 20). I had a horrible overbite (I could fit my entire thumbnail under the space between my upper and lower teeth). Getting teased because I was a "bucktoothed beaver" was bad enough. Then, I got more teasing once the "railroad tracks" were attached. In those days all you got was a full metal jacket for the mouth! I had a couple of months overlap between the time I got my braces off and the acquisition of my glasses. Of course, by then I was used to the braces (and all the teasing that came with them). Maybe it was the fact that my mother insisted on impairing my social life by choosing the frames I wore (they were olive green, huge ovals, like something my grandma would wear). Enough of the reminiscing. In all practicality, I had a great smile for graduation and into my wedding pictures. Then when I was 26, I tripped and fell on my face. After all this time and healing (3 root canals, and several stitches later), the dentist says I need braces AGAIN! Of course, they are quite a bit more expensive now. But, at least I'll only have to wear them for 18 months - 2 years. And, they are fashionable. Unfortunately, I don't qualify for the "Invisilign" (sp?) braces. Looking forward to having railroad tracks soon (it'll be worth it!). -Kelly Weil Austin (81) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/17/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 15 Bombers sent stuff: Dave Brusie (51), Jerry Oakley (51), Marilyn Richey (53), Verla Farrens (61), Susie Shaver (63), Linda Reining (64), David Rivers (65), Sandi Lasater (66), Vicki Schrecengost (67), Joyce Stinsman (68), Betti Avant (69), Rosie Valenzuela (69), Mike Franco (70), Vicki Owens (72), Beth Young (81) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dave Brusie (51) Re: Pasco Colors To whom it may concern I looked into many a basketball jersey that said Pasco on them in my Basketball Days at Richland, and they were definitely Purple. This of course was 1948 to 1951. Take it from there. -Dave Brusie (51) ******************************************** >>From: Jerry Oakley (51) Re: Joe Adair Does anyone know the whereabouts of Joe Adair. I lost track of Joe many years ago. To: Ralph Myrick (51) Your wife has our prayers, Ralph, and please keep me posted, and yes, you are right, they are picking on me. Looks like we will have to get our old gang together and "change some attitudes". That reminds me of one night a bunch of us were going to go to Pasco to change some attitudes at their "Hi Spot" (or whatever they called it) and I wound up under some bushes in the snow and out cold. Were we "rowdies" or not? -Jerry Oakley (51) ******************************************** >>From: Marilyn Richey (53) Re: Pasco Colors I watched games from 48 'til? and their colors were then and have been purple and White always. Sometimes you look at the new purple and if it is very dark in color, it looks like a Navy. But they were those colors in those years and I don't think they have changed. -Marilyn Richey (53) ~ Richland ******************************************** >>From: Verla Farrens Gardner (61) Re: Braces Having braces on one's teeth became more available when this expense was covered under medical insurance provided by employers. That is why the increase in patient loads having teeth straightened. At age 40 I had my overbite corrected and needed 4 teeth removed. I would have had to have more removed but my wisdom teeth had already been removed. My husband's employer provided us with dental coverage for braces. My dentist stated to me that the number one reason for dental braces was too many teeth crowded into a small space, which causes various dental problems. If one has ever been around anyone with bridge work in their mouths you will hear them mumble and complain and then remove the bridge several times in a day. A bridge would probably be my last choice in a dental decision. -Verla Farrens Gardner (61) ~ Oregon City, OR (where it is 63 degrees at noon and no rain has fallen for several days.) ******************************************** >>From: Susie Shaver Caldwell (63) Here's to a happy Fathers Day to all you Bomber Dads out there!!! We hope you all are going to have a great day, from all the Bomber MOMS, luv ya, Sus & the rest of us wherever you are... we had a great day with the grandchildren at Super Saturday in Olympia at TESC. (The Evergreen State College, where you see everything..) -Susie Shaver Caldwell (63) ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining (64) Re: Braces I never had them, but my two daughters had something called "activators" (they looked like "retainers) and were supposed to work better than braces and be less expensive! Well, am not sure that they were either! Traci was 12 and Ronda was 8 when they started wearing them and was told the whole process would only take 2-3 years to straighten their teeth! Since Traci was just starting 7th grade, she did not want to be in braces in high school, so the thought of only being in them 2-3 years didn't seem like a such a "bad" thing... needless to say, the dentist kept dragging out the time and finally she was beginning her sophomore year and refused to keep wearing them!!!!!!!!! had less "fighting" with Ronda over wearing the "appliance", but for the amount of money and aggravation we all went through, I would "opt" for plain old braces any day!!!!!!! and, no their teeth are not straight!!!!! they shifted right back to where they were before I spent the time and money on the "activators"!!!! These "activators" had a "roof" piece that had a small opening and we had a little "key" that we inserted into the "slot" and turned the wire three times every day! they also could not eat with them in; cannot tell you the number of times they were "fished" out of the trash cause they would be wrapped in a napkin and then accidentally thrown into the trash!!!!! Of course in Traci's case, I was not always convinced that it was accidental!!!! -Linda Reining (64) ~ Bakersfield, CA - going to be 102 today ******************************************** >>From: David Rivers (65) Re: That's Entertainment! For those of you who haven't seen it.......... Jimmy VanWyke's (66) latest movie - Swordfish - MUST SEE! -David Rivers (65) ******************************************** >>From: Sandi Lasater Sleater (66) Re: Alton Spencer (67-RIP) I know from the memorial page that Alton Spencer passed away, but does any one know when or what happened. I got to know Alton when I took a craft class when I was a senior. He dated a friend of mine from Spokane. I would appreciate hearing from someone who knows. Thanks! -Sandi Lasater Sleater (66) ******************************************** >>From: Vicki Schrecengost Carney (67) All this chat about braces sure brought back memories. I, too, wore braces. Dr. Woofter in Kennewick was my orthodontist. I had to wear one of those contraptions that goes around your head AFTER I spent time using a tongue depressor for 30 minutes every hour to try to push one of my teeth forward enough to have the braces put on. Ugh! The best memory, though, was getting them off just in time for the big dance at Carmichael and having the best looking guy there ask me for the first dance! He shall remain unnamed so all of you Cougar males can think it was you. -Vicki Schrecengost Carney (67) ******************************************** >>From: Joyce Stinsman Komac (68) I never had braces growing up even though I needed them. The price for braces for one in a large family prohibited the purchase plus I think straight teeth weren't a high priority to my parents. They got dentures in their 30s and expected we all would. I got braces in my 30s along with major jaw surgery (both upper and lower) because my teeth were dying from not having contacted another opposing tooth in my mouth. That's how far out of alignment they were and progressively getting worse. Upper jaw tilted up and out and lower jaw back. This could have been solved by braces in teen years from what my doctor told me. I made sure my daughters got their braces on early and the jaw adjustments with spacers, head gear, etc. forced the teeth and jaws to conform. It is interesting that my orthodontist said my youngest daughter was the only one who didn't get the same jaw problems. He didn't know she was adopted. Guess it may run in families. -Joyce Stinsman Komac (68) - peaceful Port Orchard, WA where the sun is trying to peek out. ******************************************** >>From: Betti Avant (69) Re: Flag Day tribute The explanation of the 13 folds of the American flag was quite inspiring. I always wondered (as I had never counted) how many folds there were. When my father passed away, he being a member of the Army during WW2, and a member and past Commander of the local American Legion post had a flag given to my mother at the time of his death. The local police department planted a tree in Howard Amon Park in honor of my mother who had worked for them for 22+ years. When I am home in a few weeks I'll have to see if I can locate that tree. A Bomber forever, -Betti Avant (69) ~ Goodland, KS (where it has been 100 this week and in the low 40's at night (good sleeping weather) ******************************************** >>From: Rosie Valenzuela Preston (69) To: Sharon McDermott Bruce (63) I do know that George Rodriguez (68-RIP) died in the Viet Nom war. It was so sad and one of the biggest funerals I had ever been to. I know a lot of the Bombers were there. Hope this helps you out. -Rosie Valenzuela Preston (69) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Franco (70) I join others who expressed memories of Floyd Gates. I believe his son Tim is a member of our illustrious class of 1970... our best thoughts to you... Ron Sledge (65) referred to Floyd Gates as "the best little League coach" there was. While I agree in his legend, it seems Richland had more than our share of great youth coaches... I will toss in a few names: Rex Davis, gave most of us our start in tennis and ran the Riverside parks program way back. He also did a little gymnastics work at Bomberville. "Mr. Davis" was a great guy to be with and I will always be thankful for getting me started in tennis... back when it was not a real "hot" sport. And another little league coach I would put with any was Mr. ("Van") Van Wyke. He coached Desert Inn teams in the same league as Gates. Mr. Van Wyke was kind, gentle and as understanding a man as I ever met. I am sure those who lived in the north end and knew him would agree. I would like to hear from others about what coaches and leaders made an impression on them in early youth sports and activities. I will see everyone next week... Hogan, Dana, Sinclair et al... start shaken' your beer money out of those piggy banks!!! One last note... (***ALERT***) to all Bombers in the Puget Sound area... One Janelle Franco is starting drivers training and will actually be behind the wheel of a real car. Please drive with caution and I hereby issue an advance, blanket apology to everyone for insurance rates, which I am sure will climb immediately!!! Best wishes to ALL Bombers -Mike Franco (70) ******************************************** >>From: Vicki Owens (72) To: Jan Bollinger Persons (60) You had some interesting thoughts on orthodontics. So let me throw in my two bits. I got my braces when I was 29, long after my RHS days (though we're Bombers to death, right?!). The first time I went to a dentist outside of Richland, he accused me of not having been to a dentist in years. I had been to my childhood dentist in Richland just a year before, and he couldn't believe me. When I insisted, he asked if my dentist had been older, close to retirement age, and he was. Apparently the dentists of the previous generation were more into filling cavities than preventative dentistry. So I guess it could be a generational thing. That first trip was a shock to the system. The young and thorough dentist recommended four caps, four fillings, and four wisdom teeth extractions -- to begin with! Thank God for dental insurance! I don't know if others had similar experiences with any Richland dentists. I won't mention any names -- to protect the guilty! -Vicki Owens (72) ~ on the beautiful Makerere University campus in Kampala, Uganda, where we finally have internet access! (Note my new address) ******************************************** >>From: Beth Young Gibson (81) To: Kim Edgar (79) Re: Braces Hi Kim. Don't know if what you're talking about is the same as what I have, but -- I have two teeth in my mouth that are still baby teeth! The permanent ones just were never there, so never pushed the baby teeth out. Both on the left side, both one tooth toward the middle from the canine. At the time the dentist said, "Well as long as you don't get cavities (I haven't so far), there is absolutely no reason to pull them." I guess if I had to have them pulled later, I would just go for a bridge because the fix would be faster and require far less trips to the orthodontist. Well, just my two cents worth from another former flag girl... -Beth Young Gibson (81) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/18/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 13 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCoy (45/46), Anita Hughes (52), Marla Jo Lawman (55), Doris Brinkerhoff (57), Larry Mattingly (60), Donna Bowers (63), Marilyn Thorp (63), Ron Richards (63), Linda Reining (64), Brad Wear (71), Dan Ham (72), Greg Alley (73), Beth Young (81) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick McCoy (45 Beaver / 46 Bomber) Re: Fathers Day I heard verification this morning of something I have long suspected: Of all the days in the calendar, Fathers Day leads all the rest in COLLECT PHONE CALLS!!! Father/Grandfather Cheers! -Dick McCoy (45 Beaver/ 46 Bomber) ******************************************** >>From: Anita Hughes Hogan (52) Re: A new Alumni Sandstorm Reader Hello Everyone, I just discovered the Alumni Sandstorm, and am enjoying it very much - from the beautiful mountains of northern California - near Mt. Shasta. Have a great week. -Anita Hughes Hogan (52) ******************************************** >>From: Marla Jo Lawman Kenitzer (55) Re: Pasco's Colors I asked my husband, Harold (54), if he remembered Pasco's colors and he said purple and white - then I told him about the comments I had been reading and that some of the alumni remembered blue and white. He said that Walla Walla was blue and white - and Pasco was purple and white. So from an ex footballer and tracker who also remembers dear old "Col Hi" but forgets my birthday routinely, it musta been purple and white. I just started reading these pearls of wisdom from Alumni and get a kick out of recognizing people from our era - not too many though, as we graduated in '54 and '55. I was in Richland High last year and roamed the halls - it sure has changed, as has the name, but the "feeling" is the same - thank heaven the Bombers remain Green and Gold. The one thing that stood out when I toured the site was the dress code and informality. I love today's freedom - when I went to high school girls could only wear pants or shorts on designated days - what a crock - I bet the kids learn just as well in a pair of shorts and are a lot less inhibited than we were. Better quit "thinking and writing" or this could become boring. I look forward to reading about the crazy stuff people remember and come up with - like white suede shoes, jeans what rode so low on the hips that a sudden intake of breath could drop them, matching Jantzen sweaters and skirts, etc. etc. etc. -Marla Jo Lawman Kenitzer (55) ******************************************** >>From: Doris Brinkerhoff DeFord (57) Re: Braces I never had braces, growing up in the era before they were popular. But our youngest son did and they were a pain in more ways than one. After an eternity of battling the braces, he graduated to a retainer which held the two teeth which replaced the ones he was born without. One warm summer evening we were driving along and my son was leaning out the open window. He sneezed and the next thing I saw was that $2000 retainer rolling down the highway embedded in the tire of an 18 wheeler. That was Friday evening and we were leaving on vacation at 6am the next morning. We called the dentist at home and he said not to worry about it because it should be OK for two weeks. Well, two weeks later the dentist saw the situation in a different light. He told us the teeth had moved much more than he had expected and we would have to start the whole process over again. My son is still toothless in Seattle. -Doris Brinkerhoff DeFord (57) ~ Vilnius, Lithuania where it is 75 degrees and the sun is shining, after days of drizzle. ******************************************** >>From: Larry Mattingly (60) Just caught up on my e-mail for the last couple of weeks. Over 140 "readables" amongst all the spam and junk. Of course I read the Alumni Sandstorm first. It got my attention when I read postings from a couple of Bomber friends that there was an article on my dad Joe, in the "Duststorm" (Bomber Club 40 paper). So I dug it out of the 10 day pile of mail and read it. That Joe Mattingly who left Hanford right after the war, was not my dad. I have no knowledge of him and never heard my dad mention him. Dad was from Louisville KY just across the Ohio river from Evansville where the other Joe was from. Dad too arrived very early at Hanford (badge #1100 something). Small world.... I have a book of Mattinglys with over 6,000 listed in the US but I could not find any info on the the other "Joe". Re: Flag Day Another great flag item is Red Skelton's very emotional interpretation of the Pledge of Alligence. About 20 years ago I used this in a sound track for fireworks choreography. I recorded it in a "voice-over" to a soft rendition of America the Beautiful in the background. With red, white and blue fire in the sky and an American flag in fire, there wasn't a dry eye in the crowd. (including mine). I have it in writing but just don't have the time to look for it right now. "Happiness is the sky in bloom" -J Larry Mattingly (60) ~ my office near Olympia, WA where we are at a fever pitch 18 hours a day, 7 days a week. 16 days until the 4th, and preping for over 100 displays in 6 states in one night. ******************************************** >>From: Marilyn Thorp (63) Re Hanford Reach Article in Sunset Magazine - July 2001 This month, Sunset Magazine ran an article about Clinton designating National Monuments before he left office and noted, in particular, Hanford Reach. The class of '63's last reunion featured the trip to Hanford Reach. The guide knew where all the wildlife was "hiding out." So beautiful now. Others might want to take advantage of the guided trip up the Columbia when they visit Richland. I hope you can at least e-mail the contact information to the Bombers, if copyright rules won't allow reprinting the whole article - which follows: Excerpt from Sunset Magazine July 2001 The Hanford Reach National Monument is a natural paradise with a twist. On one hand, it contains the only remaining free-flowing, nontidal stretch of the Columbia River in the United States, which winds 44.5 miles through some of the best-preserved country in south- central Washington. Its clear, cold waters teem with fish - 80% of the Columbia's Chinook salmon spawn here - and flow beneath towering bluffs. On the other hand, the deer and elk drinking from the riverbank are dwarfed by the decommissioned nuclear reactors nearby. Hanford Reach is one of the most beautiful - and controversial - areas set aside by the Clinton administration. The 195,000 acre monument was established on land surrounding the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, a Department of Energy Facility created in 1943 as part of the Manhattan Project. Over the last half century, nine giant plutonium production reactors were built along the water's edge, cooling their cores with the Columbia's chilly waters until they were finally shut down in 1989. The nuclear site remains off-limits; areas open to the public are safe to visit. Ironically, it is because the government cordoned off the area that the region is worthy of national monument status today. Since 1994, at least three (new) different species of plants and 40 insects have been discovered within its boundaries. Jet boat tours down the Columbia provide excellent opportunities for viewing birds and wildflowers in the 165,000 acres of the new monument that are designated a National Wildlife Refuge. On a sunny day, landlubbers hiking downstream from the White Bluffs Boat Landing will be able to see the 600-foot White Bluffs, Mt Rainier to the northwest, the glistening river, and, across the water, the silent shells of Hanford's nuclear reactors. WHERE: On the Columbia River off State 24, about 50 miles northwest of the Tri-Cities (Richland). WHEN: Year-round; birding the wildflowers best in spring. COST: Free ACTIVITIES: Jet boat tours are offered May through October by Columbia River Journeys (509/734-9941). A half-day, 80-mile trip starts at $42 per person. Hiking is permitted on the river's north bank in the Wahluke Slope Unit. There are no trails; contact the monument for directions and access updates. CONTACT: Hanford Reach National Monument: 509/371-1801. Tri-Cities Visitor and Convention Bureau: 800/254-5824 Article written by - Justin Ewers Sunset Magazine -Marilyn Thorp (63) ******************************************** >>From: Donna Bowers Rice (63) To: Kim Edgar (79) Dear Kim: I am a dental hygienist and have been one for over 23 years working with a number of dentists in 3 states. You say that your orthodontist said to move all the teeth forward to replace the spaces left by your son's congenitally missing laterals. I have seen that fixed in a number of different ways, braces are used to assure good spacing and proper occlusion for all the teeth to mesh together correctly so they are necessary. Keeping cuspids lined up with cuspids is very important because they are specialized teeth with especially long roots designed to withstand lateral forces best. Did your orthodontist offer you implants to replace the laterals? This way you are not moving the cornerstone teeth of your mouth (cuspids) and reshaping them. Insurance companies have accepted this in the past, but it may require a letter written by your DDS as your orthodontist is telling you that this won't be covered by your ins. I have worked with a lot of dentists so I know that there are often other ways of handling things. Sincerely, -Donna Bowers Rice (63) ~ Here in St. Louis where it was perfect weather yesterday 85 and going to be 92 and humid today - oh great! Give me Tri-City weather any day. ******************************************** >>From: Ron Richards (63) To: Vicki Owens (72) There could be an explanation for your orthodontics experience that casts Richland dentists in a more favorable light. A dentist in Denver once told me that I very desperately needed oral surgery to correct a supposed gum problem. Just by chance, he happened to know the best orthodontist to perform the surgery. But a busy schedule (and maybe a little reluctance to proceed with oral surgery) prevented me from following up on that advice for a couple of years. By then I had moved to Port Angeles and had found a new dentist. When I told him of the previous diagnosis, he said there was absolutely no indication I needed any oral surgery. Because my previous dentist was so certain of his advice, I obtained a referral to an oral surgeon anyway. The oral surgeon took one look at me and said I was wasting his time and my time. I had no need, and never did have any need, for any surgery. And he wanted the Denver dentist's name to report a possible scheme for obtaining kick backs in return for referrals for unnecessary dental procedures. Perhaps your four caps, four fillings, and four extractions were all necessary, perhaps not. Maybe you got a second opinion, maybe not. From my experience, however, I would highly recommend a second opinion where a significant amount of dental work is being advised. Ron Richards ('63) P.S. My former dentist in Denver is still practicing. For those good Bombers in Denver, be careful. P.P.S. Twenty-seven years later I still have all my teeth. P.P.P.S. O.K., I expect to hear a whole bunch of lawyer tales now. But just don't bash commercial fishermen. -Ron Richards (63) ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining (64) To: Vicki Owens (72) Re: Richland dentists The dentist I saw in Richland when I was a kid left me with horrible memories of him!!!!!! he could have used some lessons in bed side manner. I was afraid of dentists, and still am to this day, and do not go unless I am in so much pain that I can't stand it!!!! I have more metal in my mouth than enamel... every back tooth has a "silver" filling. I remember going to his office one time and he needed to fill a tooth, and the novacaine had worn off and when he started drilling, I started crying, and he stopped drilling, called me a baby, and told me if I continued to cry, he would give me something to cry about... never did "re-numb" the area. But, I got my revenge... when he put his thumb in my mouth, I bit it!!!!!!!! Needless to say, I never went back to him! My mom found a dentist in Kennewick that used "gas". ;) -Linda Reining (64) ~ Bakersfield, CA ******************************************** >>From: Brad Wear (71) Re: Braces Wow, this topic is taking on a life of it's own. To: Linda Reining (64) I had a similar device called an "Appliance" that my dentist provided. It was great, you could take them out and clean them. Each tooth had its own wire to force the tooth in or out. The day I got them (Spring break 8th grade) I was riding a mini bike by Jason Lee and flipped it right in front of two guys in a car parked at a stop sign. I wasn't hurt, but when I was flipping through the air all I could think of was that I was going to save all that money on braces and have my teeth knocked out. The guys wanted to know if I could do that again? No thanks. Technology has improved substantially in the past several years in this field. My youngest son had braces that were guaranteed to fix his teeth in one year or less, and they did. The only problem was he failed to wear his retainer and his teeth shifted back so he's in braces again. The technique is called "Fast Braces" and was invented by an engineer that became a dentist. They consist of small triangles bonded to the tooth and wires applying stress at key points. The results are staggering, people that had teeth in sideways and backwards are in a semi normal position in three months or so. No pulling teeth either. Pretty impressive. He's patented the process and tours the world half the time giving seminars on the technique. Probably coming to a Dentist near you in the near future. Hey, Bonnie, remember "Brace Face" and "Tin Grin"? -Brad Wear (71) ~ Sunny and Hot Richardson, TX ******************************************** >>From: Greg Alley (73) To: Mike Franco (70) I know my brother played for Floyd Gates and I used to think his tactics were closer to gestapo than real baseball... I now know that he taught fundamental baseball to a lot of kids. I was cut from Desert Inn when I was 11 and probably deservedly so, but coach Van Wyck was still a nice guy. There was a guy named Mills Mueser (check spelling) that coached Dawson Richards but I played for John Cartmell. He did a lot for me that year besides he and Trudy giving me all those rides to Bomber hoops games to see Dan and Dick play. Hope to see you this weekend. -Greg Alley (73) It's time for Cool Desert Nights and summer heat. ******************************************** >>From: Dan Ham (72) Re: Bomber Alumni Lost In Viet Nam To: Sharon McDermott Bruce (63) I believe another one of our own who was lost in Viet Nam was William David Dowd (65-RIP). Please forgive me if I'm wrong but I think his younger sister was Sue Dowd (70). -Dan Ham (72) "******************************************** >>From: Beth Young Gibson (81) To: Vicki Owens (72) Your story about what your dentist told you is interesting... you know I had an "older, close-to-retirement" dentist tell me I needed these fillings (because my teeth had unnaturally deep pits) just to MAKE SURE they didn't get cavities. What? Then he told me I needed cleanings four times a year because my teeth were supposedly in such sorry shape. What? I'd never needed more than annual before. This was a guy in Kennewick. I got referred to him after my Richland guy retired early because of a nervous disorder. I went to another guy, in Richland, who said, that that was all ridiculous, he was just after my money. This was almost ten years ago and I still have no cavities and no problem with cleaning. I guess my point is, don't just believe what they tell you, when they start talking all those big ticket items. When they know you have insurance, they'll grab for it. I would get another opinion before I went through all that aggravation and time off from work. I wouldn't knock Richland dentists or doctors - we lured some great ones here because Hanford workers' insurance kept them in big bucks! -Beth Young Gibson (81) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/19/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers sent stuff: Dick Epler (52), Marilyn Richey (53), Barbara Farris (59), John Northover (59), John Adkins (62), Betti Avant (69), Rosie Valenzuela (69), Barb Fichter (72), Kim Edgar (79) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick Epler (52) To: Ron Richards (63) I can relate very well to your dentistry experience in Denver. Upon graduating from college, my first job was with General Dynamics/Astronautics in San Diego. I don't believe most employers had dental insurance in those days, but GD/Astro, a government contractor, paid well and many entrepreneurs in the area sensed an opportunity to get their fair share of all this new money produced by the "cold war." Well, I picked a dentist out of the phone book and went in for a checkup. Marvelous offices as I recall. He took maybe 3 minutes to check my teeth and then turned me over to a pretty assistant who escorted me to a special room with a screen and projector where I watched a short film extolling the virtues and services of modern dentistry. After the film, the dentist, a very personable fellow, came in to outline a program of needed services. This time, he took a reasonable amount of time to explain the consequences of delay if I didn't get all this work done promptly. So I had to ask, "how much?" As I recall, it was about $3500, or approximately 35% of my first year's salary ... which he knew ... so he proposed a "reasonable" payment plan ... "just sign here and we'll get started immediately." No used car salesman could have done it any better. Like you, Ron, this guy set off all my alarms, and so I left and found another dentist who, I believe, found two cavities to fill. And like you, I still have all my teeth... save one that got knocked out in a military pickup basketball game in '57. Unlike you, however, my San Diego dentist retired a long time ago. Indeed, probably only a few short years later. Let's see, 35% of GD/Astro's new-employee payroll ... Hmmm ... yeah, shouldn't take too long to retire. -Dick Epler (52) ~ Mt. Vernon, OR ******************************************** >>From: Marilyn Richey (53) Re: Viet Nam I think the first soldier from the TriCities was one of the Neth boys. My brother went to the memorial when in Washington, D.C. and saw either Danny or Ted's name. Both were Bombers and played sports for RHS. One was a teacher at CBC for years. I'm sorry I don't know which one passed away from that war. -Marilyn Richey (53) ~ Richland ******************************************** >>From: Barbara Farris DeFord (59WB) Re: 50s Hi, all you Richland people, I saw Doris Brinkerhoff DeFord (57) write in on Jantzen sweaters. For some of us who were short on funds, we could go to C.C. Anderson's downtown and buy the Webb foot brand that were 2nds I think! That way we could wear Jantzen sweaters and only we knew the difference. Do any of you remember the Pixie and rabbit shoes? At Carmichael on certain days we would ware our Bobby Socks in two colors one white and one blue. What fun days they were. God Bless. -Barbara Farris DeFord (59WB) - P.S. remember the checked shoelaces too!!!! ******************************************** >>From: John Northover (59) To: Charlotte Nugent Hardy (64) A couple of links about Vexillology. Executive order 10834 - with links to Flag laws in the United States and U.S. Title 4 Section 1 -John Northover (59) ******************************************** >>From: John Adkins (62) Re: Casualties I believe this is an accurate list of Bombers lost in South Viet Nam Neth, Danny A.; SP5, Army, Class of 1957 Dowd, William David; SPA Army, Class of 1965 Black, Mark Stephen; PFC, USMC, Class of 1966 Love, Kerry Brent; 2LT, Army, Class of 1966 Wagenaar, Daniel Leonard; PFC Army, Class of 1967 Rodriguez, George; LCPL, USMC, Class of 1968 Green, Charles Dee; PFC, Army Murr, Clyde Edward; PFC, Army Nelson, Richard Dean; CPL, Army Pick, Donald William; MAJ, Air Force, Class of 1948 Savare, Howard Leroy; PFC, USMC Schook, George Washington; PSGT, Army Taylor, Thomas Eugene; PFC, Army -John Adkins (62) ~ Richland - The weather is getting Ready for Cool Desert Nights and R2K+1 ******************************************** >>From: Betti Avant (69) Re: others in VietNam To: Sharon McDermott Bruce (63) There are at least three others I can think of who lost their lives in VietNam. Danny Neth (57), Mark Black (66), and Danny Wagenaar (67). If you go to the Alumni Sandstorm website there is a page listed under veterans of those who lost their lives in different wars. -Betti Avant (69) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [That last paragraph isn't true... there is no link from the Alumni Sandstorm website, but here's the website Betti is talking about: this site is maintained by Sandi Cherrington (66) -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Rosie Valenzuela Preston (69) To: Dick McCoy (45/46) You sound down about your kids calling you collect on Father's Day. I have children that live out of the country, and we are always very happy to hear from them. I guess what I mean, be happy that they still call you and care. I just wanted to send you a little happiness from a '69 Bomber class mate. -Rosie Valenzuela Preston (69) ******************************************** >>From: Barb Fichter Jenson (72) Re: Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance To: Larry Mattingly (60) This soundtrack can be found at In the first paragraph where the words "Music of Your Life" are underlined, click on that; on the next screen, click on the word "Next;" then scroll down the page - Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance is the 19th item down. It can be played on your computer via MP3 (which I discovered "skips"), or RealAudio. I listened to it... it really is moving. -Barb Fichter Jenson (72) ******************************************** >>From: Kim Edgar (79) Re: Braces I want to thank all of you who responded to my inquiry about missing teeth and braces (either by input in the Alumni Sandstorm or emailed me directly), you've given me some insight so that I can make an informed decision. I'll definitely get a second opinion before we start any procedures. Bomber Cheers! -Kim Edgar (79) ~ Almost sunny in Poulsbo, WA *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/20/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers sent stuff: Betty McElhaney (57), Max Sutton (57), Irene de la Bretonne (61), Jim Hamilton (63), Deedee Willox (64), Gary Behymer (64), Tedd Cadd (66), Rhonda Miller (78), Gil Gilstrap (79) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Betty McElhaney Hudspeth (57) Re: Braces I, too, had a bad experience with two Richland dentists. In my teen years not one of them ever said a word about my crooked teeth to my parents or myself. It was after I was married and had moved to Las Vegas that an oral surgeon, after removing my wisdom teeth, wanted me to see his brother who was an orthodontist. We were in the process of a move to another state so I put it off. After the move to New Mexico the dentist there said nothing could be done, It was after returning to Richland that a wonderful dentist here said yes it could be done. It took two years and a retainer from now on. I was determined to have straight teeth before I leave this world. LOL After reading about the young ones and all the pain, I'm glad I waited. I think you can stand more pain as you get older. I was 52 when I had mine done. -Betty McElhaney Hudspeth (57) ******************************************** >>From: Max Sutton (57) Re: Dentists Having read a least a couple of articles in today's Alumni Sandstorm concerning dentists, I felt I needed to respond. I have a wonderful dentist, Dr. George Stephens (58). George has been our dentist for over twenty years... through braces, retainers, etc. and we have nothing but the best of care from him. I really recommend anybody in the Renton area dropping by to see George. He gets a kinda kick talking about Richland and remembering old times with you. -Max Sutton (57) ******************************************** >>From: Irene de la Bretonne Hays (61) To: Marilyn Richey (53) Ted Neth is alive and well and considered by many to be the Tri-Cities "artist-in-residence". For several decades he was a teacher and educational leader at Columbia Basin College. His sculptures and paintings can be found in many public and private settings throughout the area. Now recently retired (ostensibly), he continues to teach and produce fine art work for civic events and causes. -Irene de la Bretonne Hays (61) ******************************************** >>From: Jim Hamilton (63) To: All you Gold Medal Bombers who are not going to a part of the Clam Bake in Richland this weekend, I'd like to serve you up an alternative. Our favorite ex-pat, BundesBilly Wilson, will be passing through Sea-Tac on Saturday the 23rd. He's arriving on Alaska 2403 from Edmonton at 6:40p and will be leaving on Alaska 79 at 8:01pm to Sitka. Last time I saw him, he was at our 30th reunion, wearing a suit that made me realize that somewhere between Cologne and Richland there was a horse getting real cold. I'll be missing both Herr Woodrow, and the free eats at the Desert Inn, due to a scheduling conflict (I've chosen to watch a good friend dance with his daughter at her wedding). I'm gonna catch him on his return flight On Thursday, the 28th. He's arriving at 10:31am on AS72 from Juneau and leaving at 12:11pm on AS2345 to Calgary. Semper Bomberus, jimbeaux -Jim Hamilton (63) ******************************************** >>From: Mercedes "Deedee" Willox Loiseau (64) Re: Dentists To: Linda Reining (64) I sure identified with your entry of 6-18 regarding the Richland dentist. We must have had the same one! My sister and I had a pet name for him! He was just plain mean. I was afraid of dentists for YEARS afterwards. My mom also took me to one in Pasco who used gas. In fact, he gave me a shot in the arm to relax me before I would even get in the chair. Then he used gas while he worked on my teeth. Eventually mom discovered that he was supposed to have oxygen on the premises in order to use the gas, so she switched to a dentist in Kennewick. I went to him until 1976 when I started going to my husband's dentist. At that time, I still had to take valium before I could get in the chair. After all this time, I can finally go to the dentist without Valium, thank God. But I'm still a little nervous. OK, I'm a wimp! Re: Fireworks To: Larry Mattingly (60) Are any of those July 4th fireworks shows going to be in the Tri-Cities? -Mercedes "Deedee" Willox Loiseau (64) ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) B Reactor: museum or mausoleum? - story published 6/18/01 -Gary Behymer (64) - Colfax, WA ******************************************** >>From: Tedd Cadd (66) Re: Braces? I had braces back in the 60s... the old fashioned kind with wires and twisted fine wire to hold the larger wire in place. Each brace was cemented to the tooth. I try not to dwell on the hammering that it took to get them off finally! There were two noteworthy lessons in my braced-teeth-encumbered years: Lesson 1. Do NOT eat crab (particularly if it is in a sandwich). Brushing just doesn't work with that stringy meat in your teeth--I mean wires. Tweezers became part of my oral hygiene equipment. I suggest I need not fill in any details about what it must have looked like when I smiled. Lesson 2. Always wear a football (boxing, hockey, or whatever) mouth guard. Gary Bush (66) and I got in line to see a movie at the Uptown Theater. He pointed at something above us and turned to me (I was behind him). His raised elbow caught me right in the mouth. I learned that braces - at least the old style ones - were very effective for grinding the inside of the lip into little shredded... well, no details need to be added here either. Despite all the adventures of wearing them, I'm glad to say I can no longer make a square bite with my upper teeth. -Tedd Cadd (66) ******************************************** >>From: Rhonda Miller Williams (78) To: Ralph Myrick (51) You were my fifth grade teacher at Jefferson Elementary, and oh, how we adored you! We even came up with a "MAD" day (Myrick Appreciation Day), and had a party to let you know how much we liked having you as our teacher. Reading the comments on 6/17 from Jerry Oakley (51), I had to smile. It made me remember overhearing you and another teacher talk about meeting at the "GL" for an attitude adjustment one Friday, so long ago. As a fifth- grader, I had no idea what you were talking about. But when I was "of age," and the good ol' Gaslight (or, "GL") was still a great Richland hangout, it struck me what my good and upright teachers had been up to! But back in 1969-1970, we never pictured our teachers as having ANY social life. Now I am acquainted with some of the teachers at my children's elementary school, and have learned that they occasionally pass the word, in front of the children, that there will be a "POETS" society meeting on Friday, after school. (Gosh, I think everyone knows that one, but just in case, it's "P*** On Everything, Tomorrow's Saturday"...!) It's fun when teachers have a spark of humor, and I'm all for the occasional attitude adjustment as well! I have so many fond memories of my fifth grade year, all because of the great teacher we had. God bless you and your wife; we all pray for her swift recovery. To: David Rivers (65) Forgive my *senior* moment please, but could you refresh my memory on Jimmy VanWyck (66)? I think I remember an article in the TCH about him, but can't recall the particulars. I have seen trailers for the movie "Swordfish" though, so I was interested to know of his role in it. Re: Dental Stuff It seems that the topics of dental work and orthodontia do indeed strike a universal NERVE... To: Kelly Weil Austin (81) My heart goes out to you for having to endure all that dental work, especially after having been through so much of it already! I have some empathy for you, because I fell and knocked my two top front teeth out in third grade -- it still gives me the shudders to think of ANYONE falling and knocking teeth out! Throughout my entire schooling after that, I was always nervous taking a drink at the drinking fountains, because I was afraid someone might shove or bump into me and knock them out again! I was fortunate though, because they were actually able to get them re-implanted and I have both teeth to this day, with no discoloration or any visible signs of the "trauma." Also, it was in fact, SO traumatic that I have no recollection of the actual procedure, as I basically blanked out after the fall. I just remember a teacher swooping me up in her arms and RUNNING with me to the nearest building... then it's mercifully blank. I thank heaven for everyone's swift response that allowed me to save those teeth! To: Linda Reining (64) I, too, have horrendous memories of the dental work I endured as a child. In fact, your description of your experiences could have been an EXACT narrative of my own, complete with the "give you something to cry about!" I think it's a wonderful thing about Bombers that we obey our (correct!) instincts not to name names when relating negative experiences like these, though I, of course, had to wonder whether we might've had the same dentist! But, as someone said earlier, we shall let the "guilty" go unnamed. Like you, my later dental experiences have all been tainted by the early ones. I finally found a dentist (Dr. Spence Jilek, Pasco) who handles my "phobia" (Irrational fear, remember!!) in a way that doesn't scare me off, but I am still so uptight during visits that they've even given me gas during cleanings! But after all I (and my parents!) went through for me to have a beautiful smile, I persevere and go regularly, and even get the "big" work done when my "old" work wears out (four porcelain crowns, two root canals and counting...). Haven't had any "new" work since I "grew up" and started paying my own bills! I certainly agree with all those who say a second opinion is the way to go when faced with recommendations of extensive dentistry and even more extensive bills! One thing that's obvious from this running "conversation" is that most of the people sharing their experiences here do understand the importance of keeping and taking care of your teeth, which is something earlier generations did not place a lot of emphasis on. I do feel fortunate to have had parents who at least tried to get our teeth taken care of, even if the dentist WAS a sadist! (Ooh, did I say that out loud...?!) BTW, my children have been having their routine dental care from the time they could walk and have NEVER had a bad experience at the dentist. I have had my husband take them for the check-ups and the small amount of work they've needed done, because I didn't want to even unconsciously transmit my own fears to them. Having a kind, gentle dentist, they have never known any reason for fear. So while my own "echoes" of scary dentist(s) remain, I feel terrific about breaking that cycle with my kids! I'll bet your kids do a lot better too! To: The running dialogue about having had braces and our children's need for same... Yep, had braces too, from ninth grade until junior year of high school. Unlike the dentistry I had experienced, my mom managed to find a WONDERFUL orthodontist, Dr. Dexter Brown, who had a very new practice in Kennewick. This was in 1975. He had a great "bedside manner," which included communicating directly with ME, not just talking about me, in front of me, to my mother. As a teenager, that was something I appreciated very much. Like many (most?) people, the problem was more teeth than jaw, overcrowding that had my lower front teeth displaced to the point of teeth-behind-teeth, so that meant four teeth to be pulled, the full tracks on the bottom, and only some tracks up above. All in all, I was VERY appreciative of having my teeth straightened, and didn't find the experience at all traumatic, especially when compared with going to the regular dentist. I wore my retainer faithfully, had my wisdom teeth pulled as soon as they even hinted at coming in, and have nice, straight teeth to this day. Makes me stop and count my blessings! Now we have an eleven year old son who is certainly going to need braces. Boy, did that kid inherit my mouth! He's had some teeth pulled to alleviate overcrowding; based on my own experience, that can be a great preventive measure. His teeth are not nearly as crowded (no teeth-behind-teeth) as mine were. So when the time came for him to start seeing the ortho, who did I find but Dr. Dexter Brown, still practicing in Kennewick, albeit in a much larger, nicer office! We Bombers may not name names when saying something negative, but we're happy to do so when we like what we get! It gives me a nice feeling to take Tyler to the same orthodontist as I went to, especially when I'm so happy with the results. So that's my way-more-than two cents worth. As I said earlier, dentistry is a topic just about everyone's got something to say about! Thanks for "listening...!" -Rhonda Miller Williams (78) ******************************************** >>From: Gil Gilstrap (79) Hey just a comment about all the talk about braces and dentists, here in Shelton, WA we have a traveling dentist who comes to do nothing but pull teeth, he can't make any money doing anything else, and where else in the world do you call a tooth brush by its proper name, but in Shelton, anywhere else you'd call it a teeth brush. It reminds me of Finley gilly 79 -Gil Gilstrap (79) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/21/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCoy (45/56), Mary Ann Vosse (63), Rosalie Lansing (63), Brad Upton (74), Debra Dawson (74WB) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick McCoy (45/46) Re: Father's Day Phone calls To: Rosie Valenzuela Preston (69) I'm not unhappy with the collects, just stating a fact. What would be do without the birdies, in and out of the nest, with their mouths agape? Re: Vietnam deaths Is there no memorial to the fallen of all wars in Richland? There certainly should be. I believe the first death from atom Richland was Merle LaGrow (44) in WW II. -Dick McCoy (45/46) ******************************************** >>From: Mary Ann Vosse Hirst (63) Re: Braces All of this talk of braces surely brings back memories for me, having worn them in my sophomore and half of my junior year. I do recall that I had four teeth pulled in order to make room for my other teeth to move correctly into place. I, too had Dr. Woofter, and I still to this day brush my teeth an average of three to four minutes having been drilled upon arrival in his office for checkups to brush my teeth until the sands in the 5- minute egg timer ran out! Other than snapping rubber bands and aching teeth for one or two days after each wire tightening, the whole affair didn't seem too bad, although I remember smiling with a closed mouth in order to hide them. I realized later that after a while, nobody noticed that I had them - they were just part of me and no one gave them a second thought. However, I did not know this until the braces came off - I went to school the next day and smiled at everyone, and no one noticed that my braces were gone! To: Doris Brinkerhoff DeFord (57) Your story about your son's retainer landing under the 18-wheeler made me chuckle. Our youngest son's retainer is at the bottom of Hanauma Bay on Oahu - he got so used to wearing it, he didn't notice it anymore; so into his mouth went the snorkel gear and out came the retainer! -Mary Ann Vosse Hirst (63) ~ Liberty Lake, WA (where we are finally getting weather that approximates summer!) ******************************************** >>From: Rosalie Lansing Haag (63) Re: I found Spudnuts I cannot believe it. But yes indeed I found Spudnuts in downtown Lancaster, Ca. My husband were just out driving around seeing the area, and there was a spudnut shop. I when in leery to be sure, but indeed they are made from potato flour and this is a chain store. The lady who owns it talked to me and she gave me a free spudnut so I could see if they were the same . Wow what an incredible discovery. I guess there are 3 stores here the Lancaster, Palmdale area. But its still not like going to our Spudnut shop, It lacks the ambiance and the memories. So excited to get up north and see everyone. 4 more days!! -Rosalie Lansing Haag (63) ******************************************** >>From: Brad Upton (74) I have all 32 teeth (wisdoms included) currently in my head. They have always been straight and healthy. Does the fact that my wisdom teeth fit in my jawbone mean that I am less evolved than most everyone else? Here's your chance to find out... I will be headlining at the Comedy Underground here in Seattle next Thursday - Saturday, June 28th - 30th. Directions, show times, cost, etc. are available at There is even a chance that Mike Davis '74 may make an appearance. I hope to see some Bombers at the shows, please come introduce yourselves! -Brad Upton (74) ******************************************** >>From: Debra Dawson Fogler (74WB) We went to a dentist in Richland with not only a terrible bedside manner but BAD BREATH. I know one of my sisters will remember his name... I hated the after- effects of Novocain so badly as a child that once I insisted upon doing without. This particular dentist agreed with my request. I was somewhere between 10 and 12, and extremely stubborn. He drilled without Novocain and I never flinched, although, as I recall, tears were streaming down my cheeks. However, I never opted for "natural tooth drilling" again, although natural childbirth was a piece of cake (twice). So there you have it - dentristy as right-of-passage ritual and measurement of pain threshold for future reference. My daughter had an under bite when she was little, and in fact her first dentist told me that she may eventually need surgery to correct it. I passed this information on to her and, being an intelligent, self-preserving creature, she immediately took steps to prevent surgery. She simply pushed on her lower teeth when she thought about it, and consciously corrected her bite. In grade school, when her upper front permanent teeth came in with a space between them, she got some small (orthodontic) rubber bands from the elementary school secretary and wore one to bed at night, wound around the 2 or 4 front teeth (I'm not sure, it was her project). The space disappeared. The next time Amanda visited a dentist (and this was hit and miss because of my employment), he said, "Your teeth are so perfect, you must have had orthodontia." Her under bite was gone without braces, let alone surgery, and her upper front teeth were straight and well spaced. I kid you not, Amanda fixed her own teeth. Kids, during TV viewing time, can put enough pressure on teeth or jaws to align them. Maybe they have to be aware of the problems and motivated to correct them. Maybe they just need to know that their own actions can make a difference in their appearance. Amanda gave herself a healthy bite and beautiful smile at no extra cost to me. If you'd like to see before and after pictures and hear more about how she did it, email me. This remarkable accomplishment is typical of Amanda, but I'm sure there are others who have similar stories to share in the Alumni Sandstorm. -Debra Dawson Fogler (74WB) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/22/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers and 2 funeral notices today: Ralph Myrick (51), Dick Wight (52), Marguerite Groff (54), Helen Cross (62), Rosalie Lansing (63), Linda Reining (64), Sandra Vandenberg (66) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ralph Myrick (51) To: All of you who sent encouraging thoughts and prayers for Judy's recovery from breast cancer surgery We got the word to day from Dr. Trotta that the cancer was contained in the tumor. He took out seventeen lymph nodes and found no cancer. I know there is power in prayer because we sure had a lot of people helping her. She was diagnosed with Level I cancer. This means curing her completely is very good. She will go the doctor's on Friday to find out about her therapy treatments. To: Rhonda Miller Williams (78) Hi Rhonda. How in the world are you and where are you located now? I remember that class and most of the classes at Jefferson. I also remember the party. That was when teaching was fun and I loved as I did all of you kids. I wonder how many of the Jefferson kids remember Mr. Myrick's woodshed? Or the time that with another class, I was going to make hydrogen sulfate. I did and it stank just like rotten eggs. And, it was smelled by most of the classes in the building. Even as far down as the third grade wing. Another class I was going to demonstrate a reaction by mixing powered zinc and sulfur, placing a magnesium fuse and lighting it. Boy, did the sparks fly and we made an actual mushroom cloud. It hit the ceiling, filled the room and got out into the hallway. Jim Perkins, the custodian, rushed down the hall with a fire extinguisher to put the fire out. We all saw a reaction and some human reaction, too. It was great. Or the times I took off my belt and chased all of you in at the lunch bell. Boy, you do that today and you would be long gone. The fifty yard dash was fun, too. As was the marble contests. I still have a bag of marbles the PTA, made for the winners. There were so many pleasant memories. Thank for your kind thoughts, Rhonda. I have been reading some positive comments about other teachers. You all don't know how that makes us teachers feel. Thank you again. -Ralph Myrick (51) ******************************************** >>From: Dick Wight (52) Re Pasco's name Pasco was in no way named after a city in Peru. It as, back in the late 1800's, terminal for the Pacific Astcoria Company (steamship line) i.e. everyone went via P.A.S.C.O. Original name of the town was some guy's name. Born there. Mother was born there. No connection to a foreign country. Ha! Dick Wight '52 [Note from Maren: Sent this website to Dick: [URL no longer works] check the COLORFUL HISTORY section... here's his response:] Well, heck, I've been wrong before - but besides hearing my story as a kid from my mother (who was also born in Pasco!), I also found the following in a book entitled "Washington State Names and Places" by Doug Brokenshire, which claims the town was founded by John Ainsworth, a steamboat skipper who plied the Columbia River starting sometime in the late 1850s. He eventually had had 18 sternwheelers and made a fortune on the Columbia before his death in 1893. He was famous for navigating the rapids that existed before the dams, the first to do so. Pasco was called "Ainsworth" at first and was located a little downsteam from its current location. Brokenshire's book claims the town was named PASCO as an acronym for PAcific Steamship CO. Bills of lading on cargo going upriver was labeled Via PASCO, and Ainsworth's barges were labeled Via PASCO. Train conductors there were in habit of announcing "All Aboard via PASCO" and it became the habit of folks moving up and down river to refer to traveling "via PASCO" . These recorded incidents occurred before 1883, so sez the author. I submit it is more likely that Ainsworth and his company had more influence on the town's name than did an obscure bridge engineer who may have coincidentally reinforced the nickname for the town of Ainsworth, i.e. Pasco, as it also reminded him of a mountain in South America! Who knows where the truth lies? I like my story better and I'm sticking with it! Ha! Regards, -Dick Wight (52) ******************************************** >>From: Marguerite Groff Tompkins (54) To: Class of '54 Our loss is God's gain. Dona Strong Bond (54-RIP) died June 15. The service for her was held yesterday. Dona was diagnosed several years ago with MS. She lost her husband a few years ago. They had no children. Re: Club40 Reunion in September Hope to see many of you at what may be the Last Club 40 Reunion. There is information on Club 40 that can be found through the website - Club 40 is listed near the top of the page, just before all the list of classes or go to Happy Summer -Marguerite Groff Tompkins (54) ~ Richland where it is very warm today (currently at 5:40pm it's 85 on my shaded patio.) ******************************************** >>From: Helen Cross Kirk (62) Re: Dentists in Richland I have to put in my two cents worth about my Richland dentist of many years: Dr. Knox, Susan and Clint's father. I've had many dentists comment over the years about what a good job he did to save many of my teeth that needed large fillings. Of course, over the years many of those teeth have had to be crowned, but so it goes, I've still got all of my teeth, which is to the credit of my childhood dentists. When I was about l4 I had to have my front tooth "saved", my dad thought Dr. Otterhold could do a good job, and that he did with a root canal. Much to everybody's amazement I've still got that front tooth. A young dentist in California told me about 25 years ago that it wouldn't last long and would break off and fall out. After walking around for about a week trying to protect it with my tongue, I decided to live and let live. -Helen Cross Kirk (62) ~ near Cincinnati, OH where it was cool and rainy, but it's now getting hot and humid again. ******************************************** >>From: Rosalie Lansing Haag (63) Re: Bomber Family, This Friday, the 22nd, is the 97th birthday of Mrs. Rada Lund. She is the mother of Micki Lund Anderson (63). She was a long time teacher at Lewis and Clark, and what a grand and wonderful woman and mother and grandmother, great grandmother and friend she has been. She is still quite active in her church activities and family life. She continues to live on her own with the ever faithful loving care of the best daughter a mother could ask for. Mrs. Rada Lund and Micki still live in the same house as they did when we were growing up. Her long and lively life is a testament of good clean and involved living. Please remember her and her wonderful daughter in your prayers and send her a birthday card if you had her as a teacher or know her from your friendship with Micki. She is a true jewel, with such a great mind and wonderful memories to be shared. What a bright and shining light in our little dusty and so lovely desert. What dear and wonderful teachers and friends we share. [Click to see a 4/01/2000 Herald picture of Mrs. Lund -Maren] Re: R2K+1 Looking forward for a wonderful time at R2K+1, and a short visit with all my best friends in life. Plus a visit with kids, grandkids and my mother and brothers. And by the way, My brother Dean Lansing (60) has been a dentist in Kennewick for the last 30 plus years and has put braces on 4 of my kids. He is quite a guy, and yes, I know I'm a little prejudice. But it is always in all things medical and dental in your very best interest to get a second opinion when it comes to big decisions. I can tell you from extreme experience how very important this is. This is not about money, it is about your health and extented well being. I found out from much experience that it was good to get 3 opinions when it comes to surgery or big diagnosis. Ok enough already girl! Re: Movie "Pearl Harbor" Oh yes by the way we went to see Pearl Harbor, the movie this weekend. My father served in the navy and spent time in Hawaii and the islands during the war. How lucky and blessed he made it home. It sure made me miss him on this Fathers Day, and yes I shed some tears for him, I guess we never get over missing our daddies. I sure haven't and he has been gone 25 years. I also really enjoyed the movie. Action and love, a real good combo for me. Hi again friends: I received an email from Bill Wilson (63). He is truly one of the good ones. He is a minister and he and his beautiful wife and family have lived in Cologne, Germany for many years now. He told me that his wife has been having a 5 year long battle with breast cancer. I know the power of "when more than 2 gather together"... so please get to it, Bombers. Bill will feel the good vibes all the way over the big waters. Thanks everyone!!! Sunny and to hot in the Mojave desert at 107 today!! E gads, Why am I here? See you all soon my friends!! -Rosalie Lansing Haag (63) ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining (64) To: DeeDee Willox Loiseau (64) Re: dentists, Valium, and "wimp" The dentist that I go to in Bakersfield gives me Valium just so that I can sit in the chair and have my teeth cleaned! I have "white-knuckle syndrome" from the time I arrive at the dental office and it is ten times "whiter" when they call my name! All I have to do is "smell" the dentist office and I break out in a "cold sweat". my grandkids call me, "wimpy, wimpy, wimpy". needless to say, I do not take them to the dentist - do not want them to have my irrational fear. I was smart when my daughters, Traci and Ronda, had to go to the dentist the very first time... I made their dad take them and the dentist that they saw used "flavored" Novocain; Traci chose vanilla and Ronda chose banana. Now if I could just find a dentist who uses hypnosis - I even had that done when I was still in high school... wish I had been smart enough to tell him to give me a "post-hypnotic suggestion"... might have helped with my fear. -Linda Reining (64) ~ Bakersfield, CA (where the rolling blackouts "hit" my house yesterday and no power for two hours, and the temp outside was 104! ******************************************** >>From: Sandra Vandenberg Jeans (66) I spent a lovely sunny weekend in Tri Cities last weekend. I went down for a baby shower, but ended up at a birthing. It was my sister, Laverne's (76), first grandchild. The baby (7 lb 13 1/2oz girl... Morgan Starr Webb) has lots of dark hair and looks just like her grandmother did when she was born. The birthing mother was in labor for two days and on Sat AM she cried out for Spudnuts!!! So off went her loving aunt to pick some up... Can you believe that after she delivered she insisted on mashed potatoes and roast beef from Denny's... none of that gourmet Kadlec food for her. We all enjoyed the birth much more than a baby shower. Back in Seattle... where it was cloudy this morning, 52 degrees and up to 60 at noon and now it is 79, 80 or 82 depending on the thermometer you read. It was 82 at the pool, but clouds are forming and it was really breezy when I got out... it is going to be a nice one again tomorrow. -Sandra Vandenberg Jeans (66) ******************************************** ******************************************** Funeral notices scanned from TCHerald by Shirley Collings Haskins (66) ~ Richland ~ Dona Bond Strong ~ Class of 1954 ~ ~ Marcia Newton Denniston ~ Class of 1969 ~ *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/23/01 Dateline: Richland ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers and one announcement today: Jane Walker (62), Linda Belliston (63), Ann Engel (63) and Fred Schafer (63), MaryAnn Weiland (63), Rosalie Lansing (63), Gary Behymer (64), Steve Piippo (70), Dave Trent (75), Jim Rice (75), Aaron Johnson (82), Mary Davidson (85) ******************************************** ******************************************** R2K+1 ANNOUNCEMENT! The food has been ordered, the Classic Cars in town and the new Alumni Bomb is ready for display at the Reunion. REGISTRATION: When you come to the courtyard, please stop by at the Registration Table to pick up your name- tags. For those of you who haven't yet registered, we also need you to register and fill out a name tag. DONATIONS: There will be donation containers at the Registration Table and at the Food Tables for those of you who wish to donate. Hopefully, we will receive enough money to keep these "Gatherings" going each year during the Cool Desert Nights. NIGHT CRUISE: The Classic Cars will be cruising in front of the Red Lion Hanford House from 6:00-8:00 for those of you who would like to watch. CLASS SIGNS: Classes are welcome to bring a sign and designate an area for your class. SEE YOU TONIGHT - 6:00 P.M. Linda Belliston Boehning '63 ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jane Walker Hill (62) Re: Help! Are there any Bombers in the Ashland, OR, area? My husband and I are going down to take a 2 week course in Bicycle Repair at UBI. We are looking for an inexpensive place to stay. -Jane Walker Hill (62) ~ Juneau, AK 60 degrees and raining. ******************************************** >>From: Fred and Ann Engel Schafer (63) Fri 2:05pm Re: R2K+1 Bags are packed.. waiting for Anney to get home... then we will leave... can't wait to see ya all. -Fred and Ann Engel Schafer (63) ******************************************** >>From: MaryAnn Weiland Turner (63) To: Micki Lund Anderson (63) Wanted to send your mother a happy 97th birthday greeting today. I remember your mother like it was yesterday. She is a very kind and wonderful woman. You are so lucky. I hope you and your family have a fabulous birthday with your mother. Take good care. -MaryAnn Weiland Turner (63) ~ Seattle where it is currently cloudy and may hit 65 today. ******************************************** >>From: Rosalie Lansing Haag (63) Re: Braces and Dentists: My oh my what an out pouring. I never went to a dentist until I was about 18, then I saw Dr. Knox. He found not one cavity and they were astounded at how clean and white my teeth were. I had always brushed my teeth with Ivory bar soap. I think I got the taste from having my mouth washed out one too many times. Anyway, I was just tremendously blessed with beautiful, strong and really white teeth. My oldest brother Dr. Dean Lansing (60), has been a dentist, practicing in Kennewick for 31 years. He is incredible and very gentle and trustworthy. He had to put braces on all 4 of my kids. He has helped me deal with TMJ and many problems brought on by this nasty problem. He has many Bombers has clientele. I think I'm probably quite prejudiced, but he is one great dentist but an even greater guy. Excited to get home and see all my family and Bomber buddies. -Rosalie Lansing Haag (63) ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) Great histories of PNW bands (;-) A Seattle Lexicon: Pop History: Rock to Zero Dock -Gary Behymer (64) ~ downtown Colfax, WA ******************************************** >>From: Steve Piippo (70) Re: Floyd Gates (RIP) I first met Floyd Gates after being cut before Christmas. Turned out several Lutherans from 1969, as memory fades, were Jack Ham, Pat Maki, Keith Jeck, Tom Gore, another guy who had a cool green 57 Chev hard top, a red haired guy with a beard who is still around, Greg Burke, Dick Lee, Tim Gates, can't remember the rest, but they had a team. We had great fun. The competition was the local Mormon Ward with Rick Carlisle (? spelling) and some guy named Phil Jones and some Swallows. Floyd was a cool customer on the bench. He taught the players to hit the open guy, passing and cutting, and even let the players become involved in tactical discussion. The 'dribble' was a dirty word. We played our asses off for Floyd and each other. But most of all Floyd reinstilled the joy of the game and the fun of competing. Great games at Spalding against the Catholics too. Still have a small trophy at Toivo's house from a tournament in the Church League. Thanks Floyd. Floyd Gates - Fred Strankman - Woody Killand - Joe Hedges 'Hall of Fame' coaches in my book! -Steve Piippo (70) ******************************************** >>From: Dave Trent (75) Re: Favorite coaches Some of my best memories of growing up in Richland revolved around the great game of baseball. Of all of the coaches and teams on which I was able to play, one coach stands out. Glen Meinke. Some may remember him from his teaching days at Carmichael and that "other" high school in town, but I remember him as a great coach. Glen's son's name is Guy (Hanford 75). He and I were best friends through elementary and Jr. High. My first experience with Glen as a coach were when Guy and I were bat boys for the Richland Legion team. Later, Glen coached us through Pony and Colt League. His love for the game and depth of knowledge have stayed with me to this day (although I've moved "up" to softball (two daughters, no sons.... someone is paying me back for my misspent youth!)). I still use drills that he taught us with my girls and they are their favorites by far. Glen always told it like it was, which is all a player needed if he were to improve. Each time I come home, my first "tour" is of the High School field to relive some of the moments spent under his tutelage. -Dave Trent (75) ******************************************** >>From: Jim Rice (75) I appreciated Debra Dawson Fogler's (74WB) encouraging story of her daughter fixing her own teeth. I once performed an emergency self appendectomy with a bottle opener. I'm happy to send before and after pictures, if anyone's interested. -Jim Rice (75) ******************************************** >>From: Aaron "AJ" Johnson II (82) To: Ralph Myrick (51) OK, now I've been proven correct in my assumption that anyone worth their weight was either a Bomber, married to one, or a parent of one. I had no idea you were alumni. When I mentioned it to my mom, Beverly Sullivan Johnson (54), she stated, "What, were you undiagnosed?". I had you for an advanced reading class in 3rd grade at Jefferson. Skip Nussbaum was my regular teacher that year, the first year my best friend and I were separated in our classes. Danny Nechodom and I had been inseparable up to that point, and Mr. Lane obviously decided for the safety of the school to place us in different rooms. Unfortunately for him, we had the last laugh, as both of us had parents who had instilled a love of reading in us, and we wound up together in your class, if only for an hour or so a day. The "powers that be" must have felt it was OK to have us together in the room controlled with the fear of the world renowned "BUTT BLASTER"! The stories of this device of application to the seats of higher learning remains firmly entrenched in our collective memories, even if I'm sure it has grown to mythical proportions over the mists of time. As memory serves it was carved from the heart of a tree taken from the Black Forest, by an old crone in service of the Druids, with many a spell spoken over it during its harvest. It was then thrown into the ocean, and swallowed by a great white shark who brought it across the ocean, spitting it out on the shores of the New World. Once there, it was found by a Shaman of the Iroquois Nation, who carved it into the shaft of a magical club carried by the war chief of that tribe. Many years passed, at which time the club was captured by Davey Crockett (a distant relative of the Nechodom clan, thus the tie-in), who carved it into the butt of his favorite rifle. This of course fell into the hands of the Mexican Army at the Alamo. From there it made its way to California, where a Yankee trader purchased it from the estate of a Spanish land Don, who brought it with him to Seattle, the gateway to the Alaska gold fields. Once there, it eventually came with its new owner, Howard Amon, to the drier side of the State, where he used it to mark the boundary of his cattle field at Columbia Point. Realizing its power of persuasion, and feeling it needed to be placed in the strong hands of a person who would utilize its powers of control, he gave it the head coach of the Richland Bomber football program, Fran Rish, who passed it along to a deserving graduate. This graduate lovingly hand carved it into the 48" long, 5" wide blade with inlaid ivory handle that was to become the "BUTT BLASTER", known and feared district-wide. With holes drilled though out to allow the swifter passage through the air, and covered with sandpaper to create friction, this tool of higher learning became firmly entrenched in the collective memories of two generations of Jefferson Alumni. I'm sure there are gaps to this story I can't recall, but age dims the memory. It always amazed me how kids would, at the end of the year, beg their parents to beg, cajole, or threaten the administration of Jefferson to arrange to have them placed on the list to be in Mr. Myrick's class the following year, however I'm sure their older siblings had regaled them with stories of all the fun and games they had enjoyed in Mr. Myrick's class, and neglected to mention the mythical tool. Thanks to all those teachers of my youth who gave so much of themselves to make us better people, without the restraints placed upon the current generation. -Aaron "AJ" Johnson II (82) ******************************************** >>From: Mary Davidson Coates (85) To: Judy and Ralph Myrick (51) We have been praying for you and your family regarding Mrs. Myrick's health condition. Praise The Lord for the encouraging news! Yes, prayer does work, power in numbers! Take care and tell your family hello. -Mary Davidson Coates (85) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/24/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff: Gail Henderson (53), Audrey Eberhardt (61WB), Rosie Valenzuela (69), Mike Franco (70) Kerry Rhoten (71), Mike Davis (74) ******************************************** ******************************************** NOTICE - Some of you have noticed a slight delay in posting your entries in the Alumni Sandstorm this past week. The folks are messing with my incoming mail (AGAIN)... There were several in Saturday's Sandstorm that people had SENT on Wednesday. About 5 that were sent on Wednesday and they arrived in my inbox Friday afternoon... Bomber apologies... -Maren ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gail Henderson Renner (53) To: Jack Oakley (I think) Re: Joe Adair I don't really know Joe, but I know he is still in Richland and is listed in the phone book. His ex-wife told me this. I don't live in Richland or I would look up the number for you. Good luck. -Gail Henderson Renner (53) ~ Milton, FL ******************************************** >>From: Audrey Eberhardt Mathews (61WB) Re: Looking For Hi, just a quick request. I have seen Roger DeWitt's name mentioned and would like to contact him. I knew him way back when. I tried the email address listed on the 60 web site but it was returned as undeliverable. Anyone with the correct address or a hint please let me know. I have enjoyed all the memories and talk. Never had braces but did go through them with one of my girls. The youngest also needed them but bless her heart her teeth are so soft the dentist was afraid we would create more problems than we would solve. Now I am watching the grandkids go through them and I can empathize a little because a partial plate is no fun to wear and can be painful. Well enough from the Mouth of the South. Have a great, safe time at the reunion. I hope to make the next one -Audrey Eberhardt Mathews (61WB) ~ Central Georgia hot in the 90s with afternoon thunderstorms. ******************************************** >>From: Rosie Valenzuela Preston (69) >From Rosie class of 69 To: my bomber Family, I would like prayer for my daughter Carmen. Her doctor found lumps in both breast. On is positive and the other is not. I thank you for being there for all of us,Rosie. -Rosie Valenzuela Preston (69) ******************************************** NOTE: The following entry JUST arrived in my inbox and Mike sent it last TUESDAY... Sorry, Mike!! -Maren ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >>From: Mike Franco (70) To: Greg Alley (73) Good call on John Cartmell... good coach and another great guy. He, of course was one of the neighborhood dads out at our end of town. I am pretty sure between Bixlers, me, his nephew Buzz (from Longview, I think) his son Jack, and others Mr. Cartmell probably wandered what our generation was coming to!!! (he was right!) Anyway, I am sure I am not the only one who can remember seeing Mr. Cartmell hitting golf balls at Jefferson many afternoons. Speaking of GREAT coaches... if Chris Webster and or Pete Sinclair are out there maybe they could share who was the most influential coach in their careers. I will see everyone this weekend. -Mike Franco (70) ******************************************** >>From: Kerry Rhoten (71) Well, Cool Desert Nights and R2K+1 is here haven't seen too much about it on here of late... just thought I'd say something... -Kerry Rhoten (71) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) Re: Coaches A very memorable coach in my youth was Bob Ibatuan. I had the pleasure of playing for him in Pony and Colt League. Although Bob's knowledge of the game was unquestioned, it's what he taught us off the field that I will keep with me. He taught me that life was a helluva lot more than just balls and bats. He believed in us, not only as players on his team, but as individuals. He would support us and go to bat for us. Nothing was more important to him than his players. When we made a mistake he would chew our butts! Not just to yell, although he could, but to teach and have us learn from our mistakes. I've coached for a number of years and often find myself in the same roles as Bob once was and I often find myself asking, "How would Bob have handled this?" I'm a better man because of him. -Mike Davis (74) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/25/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers sent stuff: Jerry Oakley (51), Shirley Segrest (52), Mike Clowes (54), Vera Smith (58), David Henderson (60WB), Jay Siegel (61), Judy Willox (61), John Adkins (62), Clark J Riccobuono (71), Greg Alley (73) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jerry Oakley (51) To: Gail Henderson Renner (53) Thank you Gail and you are right, Joe Adair is in Richland. I heard from his half brother and got his phone # and I will be seeing him this coming September at the reunion. -Jerry Oakley (51) ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Segrest Telford (52) To: Brad Upton (74) Enjoyed meeting and talking with you Saturday night. Your performance was great (even if you did pick on us Cougar fans). Haven't laughed that much for a long time. Have fun on your upcoming cruise ship gig. -Shirley Segrest Telford (52) ******************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) Fellow classmate, Ann Clatworthy Hogshead (54), was wondering if I knew how to get in touch with Jan Barker (55). After looking her up on the class's web page and finding no e-mail address, I thought the next best thing would be to ask if any of her fellow classmates knew where she was. If you have an answer, e-mail me and I'll get the information to Ann. Thanks for your help, and a big Bomber Cheer to all! Have a great time at R2K+1 -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) ~ Albany, OR (where 'tis sunny and warm and promising 85+ degrees today.) ******************************************** >>From: Vera Smith Robbins (58) Re: R2K+1 - ALL Bomber Get Together What a great reunion. I hadn't planned to go, but so glad I did. The people were numerous and the food was WONDERFUL. For those of you who didn't go, you missed a fun time. I'll be sure to register next year and go again. -Vera Smith Robbins (58) ~ Richland ******************************************** >>From: David Henderson (60WB) Re: Smooth Sailing My Old Friend Last Friday, 15 June 2001, my friend retired from teaching after forty years. His retirement caused me to stop, and reflect on life. In my opinion, no other profession has the impact on society, that teaching does. Simple arithmetic shows that a teacher, who has taught for forty years, will directly impact the lives of over 1,200 students. We all know that a teacher's influence goes way beyond the classroom. There is not one of us that does not have memories of a special teacher (s) that took time to help guide us along the path of life. So I use this forum to salute my friend Rodney Ostboe (60) for his forty years as a teacher & coach. I also want to thank all the teachers for the fine job they are doing; keep up the great work you are doing. To: The next generation I challenge you to take up the baton like my friend Rodney did, forty years ago, and make teaching your career. -David Henderson (60WB) ******************************************** >>From: Jay Siegel (61) Re: Thinking about recovering! I just spent one of the most enjoyable weekends in years - at our 40th reunion AND at the R2K+1 reunion. Talk about an endorphin overload. Those of the class of 1961 that missed our reunion were dearly missed. Almost everyone who came left all "excess baggage" at home and came to have a great time, which is what happened. The R2K+1 was the "icing on the cake". After our dinner, where we had some really great entertainment, we were able to join with those outside at the R2K+1. Friendships of 40 years ago were renewed or at least reaffirmed. The class of '61 reunion was concluded today by the casting of mums upon the waters of the Columbia in remembrance of our classmates who are no longer with us. -Jay Siegel (61) ******************************************** >>From: Judy Willox Hodge (61) To: All Bombers, Specially Class of 61 ~ Hello all you Bombers out there who showed up this weekend -- JudannJudannadana here. *G*!! Well, my name IS Judy Ann after all!! What a treat I had this weekend seeing all of you who showed up to both R2K+1 and the class of '61 reunions. I am so glad that so many of you showed up and spent some time renewing and reminiscing for the few hours that we had together. I, for one, had so much fun watching all of you have fun and so enjoyed getting to visit with so many of you. For those of you that didn't show up (and you know who you are), bet your ears were burning all weekend 'cause you can bet we was a talkin' about you!! LOL!! For those of you that I did not get to see this weekend, more out in the courtyard Saturday than anywhere, I am truly sorry that I missed you. You, Rosalie Lansing Haag (63), I did so want to catch up with you, but missed. Were you down here Jim Anderson? Did YOU ever make it Mike Davis (74)? Heh, heh!! So glad I ran into you Larry Mattingly (60)!! So many of you that I had not seen in so many years and I was thrilled to see you all again!! And it is always a treat to see our illustrious Sandstorm Queen Maren!! Love ya Gal!! Bill Johnson (61)--who knew?!! Stood in choir at Carmichael for three years with you and had no clue you could sing like that!! How did our infamous Mr. Bill Dunton miss that talent of yours? Hey Lynn, ask Bill if he has an answer to that, huh? LOL!! I am still riding on the coat tails of the high that I felt all weekend with all the caring and love that I felt all around me. Not ready to quit, I have already begun to plan for our fiftieth, class of 61, and have given it the title of "Our Green and Golden Years". NO Jan, this does NOT mean that I want your job!! LOL!! I thank God that he gave all our Bomber family a safe trip "home" to us, and pray that He will give you all safe passage back. God bless you all and take care... until we meet again!! With Bomber Cheers and Love, -Judy Willox Hodge (61) ~ Richland ~ where it was THE place to be for GOOD times this weekend!! ******************************************** >>From: John Adkins (62) Re: "Ghosts of Reunions to come" It's Sunday June 24, 2001, R2K+1 reception and the class of '61 reunion have now become part of the "good old days". I am not the "one" to declare success or failure - but I sure had a good time, and it appeared that there were plenty of other good times being had at the courtyard and in the ballroom at the Red Lion. Next year, the class of '62 will be reunion host to the reception, and the class of '62 cordially invites all classes with a 2002 reunion to join us at the courtyard of the Red Lion Hanford House to help establish a "Bomber Reunion Weekend". So classes of '47, '52, '57, '67, '72, '77, '82, '87, '92 '97, and Club40, think of what bash we could throw if we just put our minds together. -John Adkins (62) ~ Richland - The "old" cars are pulling out this morning, as are some of my "long time" friends. ******************************************** >>From: Clark J Riccobuono (71) Re: Coaches Coaches: We definitely have had many great coaches in Richland. Dawald, Strankman, Teverbaugh, etc... But one of the best in my opinion that I played for was Fran Rish. Fran Rish had to be one of the most intimidating coaches of our time. Fran not only taught us to be good individuals off the field you had to one on the field too. Or you did not play! He was a good role model and made his students follow the rules. But if you stepped over the lines he made a real fool out of you. Made me do a hand stand on his knees and hands in front of the whole class. I was so nervous it lasted all of 3 seconds and I fell between his legs. Needless to say he never asked me to do that again. But one of the most memorable times that has embedded in my mind since high school was: I was pitching in the bottom of the 7th inning and two runners got on with two out. I went to a 3-0 count on the batter and Rish came flying out of the dugout, face red and smoke coming off the top of his head. Rish, says to me "Riccobuono strike this Son of B*#&t out and let's go home". Three more pitches and we were on the bus. I was afraid of having to walk home. -Clark J Riccobuono (71) ~ Puyallup, WA PS .. Long live the Twinkie!! ******************************************** The following was sent last Thursday and arrived Sunday: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >>From: Greg Alley (73) To: Brad Upton (74) Will you be headlining at the Underground? Maybe the Smothers Brothers opening for you. Would love to see that great combo, Mariners and Upton. My dentist trivia starts with my dentist now, Dean Mock. He has a few Bomber daughters. He is pleasant and easy to go to. My family's dentist growing up was abrupt and domineering. Think about the movie Running Man with Dustin Hoffman and Sir Lawrence Olivier (check my trivia) and his saying "is it safe". I will name names if I'm right, Dr. ****** (name deleted to protect the guilty.) -Greg Alley (73) ~ The Dairy Queen was packed and its nice weather for cool desert nights. *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/26/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCoy (45/46), Gloria Davis (61), Irene de la Bretonne (61), David Douglas (62), John Campbell (63), Gary Behymer (64), David Rivers (65), Pam Hunt (66), Mike Davis (74), Kellie Walsh (77), Chris Webster (78), Kim Edgar (79) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick McCoy (45/46) Re: R2K+1 I finally made it to a R2K+1 party and it was great. It was nice meeting some of the young whippersnapper Bombers like Maren Smyth (64), John Adkins (62, Richard Anderson (60) for the first time, plus many more. To my surprise, I already knew plenty of the attendees or, at least, I knew their parents... Maybe some of you can make it to the Club 40 bash, Sept 8-10. I'll be there in party mode. Bronc/Beaver/Bomber cheers -Dick McCoy (45/46) ******************************************** >>From: Gloria Davis Tinder (61) I have to "ditto" Jay Siegel's (61) words about the class of 1961's 40 year reunion. My thanks and congratulations to the committee for a job well done!! It was great to see everyone looking so good. We missed those of you who weren't there and hope you will make the next reunion. I almost didn't go, but thanks to some of your e-mails, I did. And, I'm so glad I did. -Gloria Davis Tinder (61) ******************************************** >>From: Irene de la Bretonne Hays (61) To: David Henderson (60WB) Though your arithmetic works well for the number of students affected over 40 years by an elementary school teacher (1200), it doesn't apply to most secondary school teachers. When I taught at Richland High School (Col Hi), more than 1800 students were in my classes over a mere 6- year period. If I had taught at Richland High School for 40 years (godforbid!), a small army of more than 12,000 students would have been affected by my teaching!!! The scenario (and horror) enlarges when you learn that during several of my years teaching middle school in Hawaii, classes rotated every six weeks (an education "experiment") bringing a new set of between 35 and 40 students into my six classes/day six times a year for a grand total of about 1400 students in just one school year!!! We really don't want to know this, do we????!!! -Irene de la Bretonne Hays (61) ******************************************** >>From: David Douglas (62) If all goes well (a big IF in my life) in two months I will be getting my daily fix of Alumni Sandstorm in Tianjin, China, thanks to my Senior Prom date. I am not sure if she did this for me because she's forgiven me for that, or because she still holds it against me. She says it will make me a more interesting person, so I am suspecting the latter. Whichever, I have been offered a teaching position at Tianjin University - conversational English and American Literature. It should be interesting. -David Douglas (62) ~ Gilbert, AZ (where oven mitts help prevent third degree burns from the steering wheel when the car's been sitting in the sun all day) ******************************************** >>From: John Campbell (63) Re: Cool Weekend I would like to second that... anyone not going to Richland missed out on a great weekend. Having the ALL Bomber Get Together was great. I just wish I could have stayed and talked to more folks Saturday night. Unfortunately, Cool Desert Nights had their barbecue at 6:30, cruising 'til 8 and the music started after that. I wanted to give a big thanks to all the folks who put on the Alum shindig, plus also all the folks (including Bombers like Terry and Bill) who put a lot of work into the car events. The music at the park was great - it was fun to see Merilee Rush on Saturday, and the "family band" that went on before really did a great jobs on all the old Beach Boys songs. I hope some folks got to see the "legends" on Friday night at the park. The guy who did Elton John, really had him down! Had to stop by Zip's and have a Hobo Steak - not quite like 35 years ago, but close. See you next year! Hope everyone heading back to Puget Sound had a safe trip. Unfortunately an SUV had a rollover north of Ellensburg Sunday that looked pretty bad. -John Campbell (63) ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) Thanks to Dee Dee Willox (64), for spotting me at the Wheat & Barley Restaurant... right here in downtown Colfax, WA. She and her hubby were on their way to visit grand children up 'North' but had time to say hi! -Gary Behymer (64) ~ downtown Colfax, WA ******************************************** >>From: David Rivers (65) Re: 06/23/01 - R2K+1 WOW. I mean.. WOW. No, I mean, Really WOW! If you don't know what I mean, there is always next year. Special thanks to the great committee that threw that great bash! Linda, Darlene, Gregor, John (the Music Man), Burt and all the rest... and Jim, Jim, Roy, Val (the Bomb Squad) and all that crew....... THANK YOU!!!!!! -David Rivers (65) ******************************************** >>From: Pam Hunt Cadd (66) Re: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) OK, I'm hereby willing to reveal myself as an attention deficit butterfly who dips in and out of the Alumni Sandstorm, reading, skimming and enjoying. Maybe I missed something here, but curiosity is driving me nuts! This Bob/Mike thing, what's that about? Please, tell all! -Pam Hunt Cadd (66) ~ West Richland, WA (Pleasant early summer weather here, 70ish, with killdeer nesting at the edge of the driveway and strings of ducks paddling in the irrigation canal. ******************************************** >>From: Make-believe Mike Davis (74) There have been some recent inquiries about whether or not Mike Davis was going to show up for any of the R2K+1 activities. Well, now that the weekend is over and the festivities are done it is time to come clean. There is no Mike Davis. There never has been a Mike Davis. This "person" and all his references to the Denny Restaurants was all an advertising scheme thought up by none other than Denny's favorite son, Slam. Even the name, Mike Davis, was fictitious. The word MIKE is short for microphone, an instrument we are all familiar with. We use a "mike" to be heard!! And the word DAVIS is nothing more than an acronym for Denny's Advertising Venture Increases Sales. The scheme was innocently hatched by the famous former Christ the King jump shot extraordinaire, Greg "Boog" Alley when he mistakenly referred to the Sterling Restaurant building as a former Denny's. Although his assumption was incorrect, the seed had been planted and the advertising campaign was underway. We, here at the main office in Dennyton, would like to recognize Mr. Alley and his role in launching this venture. So as of July 4th of this year, Denny's will be adding a new item to the menu in honor of Greg Alley. We will affectionately call it the "Springboard Slam." We apologize to anyone that feels they may have been misled. No harm was intended. Sales have shot through the roof and that could not have happened without the support of the Alumni Sandstorm community. You are all greatly appreciated. Thank you, Make-believe Mike Davis (74) ******************************************** >>From: Kellie Walsh Patterson (77) My husband and I gave our 4 year old and 10 month old their first "road trip" experience. We left at 9pm -- with kids in 'jammys -- drove from Simi Valley, CA (where by the way, we DO have a Spudnut shop) to Eugene for 3 days, then to Seattle for 5, down to Richland/Benton City for 3 (thanks for your hospitality, Gerkins) and then trekked back home. Amazingly enough, the kids did great. Real troupers. During our stay in Benton City we visited a few wineries, one of which was Blackwood Canyon on Sunset Road just down from Kiona Winery. I'd be curious to hear if anyone else out there has experienced this, how should I say it, "unique" winery ... Was good to be back home. Better practice up and sharpen your pool cue, Annie - you don't want to go 0-4+ -Kellie Walsh Patterson (77) ******************************************** >>From: Chris Webster (78) To: Mike franco (70) Role model coaches for me were Fran Rish for physical education. He always wanted you to give 100%. I also learned how to play baseball from my 2 little league coaches Joe Webb and Ed Winston. They made our practices fun. One year we went to the state all-star tourney in Kirkland, WA. THE field I remember was like a professional baseball field. WE WERE IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME we lost 6-5. If we had won we would have gone to San Bernadino, CA. I played for the National League O.N.B (Old National Bank). Mike, I remember you and Rich Sinclair (69) always having fun together. Good to hear from you. -Chris Webster (78) ******************************************** >>From: Kim Edgar (79) Re: Cool Educational Website A website called "How Stuff Works" was mentioned on the news last night. I checked it out, there is so much information on it. If you or you have kids with questions, this is the website to go to. It explains anything from diseases, aviation, nuclear power to computers, etc. Check it out: -Kim Edgar (79) ~ Poulsbo, WA *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/27/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers and 1 Bomber Mom today: Rose Boswell (61), Fred Schafer (63), Jerry Evans (64), Patti Snider (65), Pam Ehinger (67), BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Rose Boswell Smith (61) I just got home from the reunion for the class of '61. I was so happy I went, and equally as happy to see you all my friends. I want to thank all of you who worked so hard to get it together and make it such a precious memory for me. Jan, Jim, Glenda, Patsy, Patsy's mom, Judy, Katie, Jack, Judy K., Tobe, Bev. The book is wonderful and even though a few I wanted to see didn't show, you still have gotten address' and email so I can touch base with them. To my friends who were in grade school with me at Jason Lee. Mary Mike you are an inspiration and a delight to be with. Leonard, you grew up to be one of the nicest people I know. Rita, I was so glad you came and we could get a friendship going that had lapsed. Irene D., you are as beautiful today as you were as a kid. Bill J, yippee kio kiay. All the west Richland group. Tom, Jim, Gordon, Maggie, Dave. So glad to see you. I am proud to have known all of you, because our whole class grew up to be all of the nicest people. I was lucky enough to grow up amongst you. Patti and John, Judy W. you're so much fun to be around. Tom Lucy nice to get to know you again. The ones I didn't mention, you were great. Some of you grew better with age. I sure don't want it to be another 10 years to see everyone. I hope we can get together with the club 40. Love to you all, -Rose Boswell Smith (61) ******************************************** >>From: Fred Schafer (63) Re: R2K+1 Kudos to the ones who organized R2K+1 what a great weekend... everything was super... good eats. It was inspiring see old classmates and renewing some friendships of over 40 years. It was a pleasure and a privilege eating and chatting with Mr. Rex Davis (49) who is one of the best coaches in the northwest and he and his pretty wife, Alice, are two of the nicest people in the world and have been positive role models to thousands over many decades. I am amazed how beautiful the women of the class of '63 are... I hugged as many as I could... maybe that's why I needed Monday off from work to come down from the natural high of the weekend. Those of you who were unable to attend were missed hope to see more of you next year. Great Job everyone have a safe and sane 4th or a 5th on the 4th... just don't drive -Fred Schafer (63) ******************************************** >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Jerry Evans (64) Date: Fri Jun 22 19:40:38 2001 Re: Hanford/DOE Compensation Claims I didn't think to ask on my previous sign in whether there is anyone out there who has info on how to deal with these DOE claims, or where I can get better direction then the typical website? -Jerry Evans (64) ******************************************** >>From: Patti Snider Miller (65) Re: R2k+1 Just wanted to say how great the food was! It was a good time by all at the Hanford House. John Adkins (62), thanks for the fun music, loved the songs. It was great to visit with alumni I hadn't had a chance to talk to at last year's all Bomber Reunion. If you see Jo Ann Bushnell Hoff (65) ask her about the seagulls... I would say the class of 1965 had a lot of classmates there, thanks for coming. Everything started at the Spudnut Shop Saturday morning and I went to the 'burnout' Friday and it was so much fun! Lots of smoke going on! The cars were so much fun to see around town. I hope to see more of you next year and of you who weren't able to make it, it's worth planning for next year. Lloyd Swain (66) was through my check stand today (6-26-01) and he is coming along just fine. He is almost done with chemo and he'll really start feeling better and better. He is out and about, but still keep your prayers going for him. Bomber Cheers, -Patti Snider Miller (65) ******************************************** >>From: Pam Ehinger Nassen (67) To: Laura Benton (67) Hi Laura, I must admit when we first met at the R2K+1 I couldn't for the life of me remember who you were! Got home and pulled the ole 67 Columbian out and there you were!! I knew then who you were! I truly enjoyed meeting you! I hope to hear from you soon. Just write to the address above! Those of you who didn't go to the R2K+1 REALLY missed a great time! Good food and lots of good conversation! The Class of '67 only had a few there! We were all women! So men of '67 where were you? Barb Fecht, Marcia Parker, Nancy Erlandson, Laura Benton, Susan Shepard, and myself were there! If I missed any body from the class of 67 that was I'm sorry just didn't see ya! As you see men you weren't there! I know that many of the class of '67 still lives in the Tri Cities, but you didn't come either!! Jim Nelson, where were you? You stood me up for the hay ride and now you don't even show up for the reunion!! I guess some things just don't change!! LOL! Well those who missed out just stop and think, life is getting too short to let it just pass you by. Please come next year as you all have so many friends out there that would love to see YOU!! Bombers Rule -Pam Ehinger Nassen (67) ~ Thorp, WA ******************************************** >>From: BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) Re: 6/26/01 Sandstorm Mike Davis (74) said: "There is no Mike Davis. There never has been a Mike Davis." Where does that leave me? I was almost positive I had a loving son named Mike. What would life be like without my Mikie? Woe is me, this has jarred me immensely. -BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/28/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers sent stuff: Larry Mattingly (60), Judy Willox (61), Lucy Schmidt (61), Sandra Genoway (62), Leoma Coles (61), Debra Dawson (74WB), Kim Edgar (79) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Larry Mattingly (60) Re: R2K+1 Ahhh.. at last a few minutes to comment on R2K+1. To all of you who worked to make that gathering a success, "well done". A couple of alumni managed to twist my arm for another display at R2K+4. I didn't say no, but let's reserve that discussion till a few months out from the event. I heard a rumor that they might not have quite broke even financially. This was a donation event, anyone who didn't give their share ($10), please reconsider. Re: The new BOMB The new bomb is a beauty. My compliments to all who worked on that project. [ ] Re: BARS The BARS (Bomber Alumni Resource Services) group did a nice job with the music and the local FM broadcast unit. It was just right for the occasion. They have some great things planned for the Bomber Alumni in the future. We need to support this group. I saw lots of old friends and made a couple of new ones. The delight for the me for the weekend was meeting Eillien Kline Hamilton (61) and her husband Hobart. Hobart and I worked together on a couple of projects at Hanford and I was an usher at their wedding. They have been happily married for 37 years. I knew Eillien the minute I saw her. I talked with her for several minutes and asked about Hobart, he was standing right there and I didn't know him. But that's OK as neither one recognized me. It was great seeing such fine folks again. Re: Fireworks Displays I had lots of inquiries whether we are doing a particular fireworks display, or what are we doing in a given area? There are some strategic competitive reasons for not listing all displays on the internet. With over 120 from the 1st to the 4th there are too many to list here. Please drop me an e-mail off this list and I will be glad to give you the nearest display. Most are in WA, No ID and SE Alaska. One note, our show at Emerald Downs (Auburn, WA) on the 3rd will be on NW Cable news, live, at about 10:15. My biggest personal effort is the Tacoma Freedom Fair on the 4th. A major TV network is taping the show with multiple cameras. They have not yet said if they are going to broadcast it and when. I am told an announcement is forthcoming, so we will see what happens. If it is to be live I will put it on this net. "Happiness is the sky in bloom" -Larry Mattingly (60) ~ From my office near Olympia where it is raining hard, and I have a matched pair of very soggy pyro-kitties, one on my shoulder and one in my lap. ******************************************** >>From: Judy Willox Hodge (61) To: Make-Believe Mike Davis (74) Yeh, yeh, yeh, and I've heard little ducks poot under water before!! *G*!! Gee, does this mean that your students don't REALLY have to pay attention to you when you talk. After all you are only make-believe, right? Of course kids are good at make-believe, so they probably do hear you!! LOL!! And BJ Davis (Bomber Mom), I'm sorry! I know that you worked hard to raise this kid, only to find out that it was only make-believe. *G*!! You must be proud of him anyway, huh?!! Gee Greg, nice of M.B.M.D. to give you all the credit for the booming sales at Denny's. I guess that means that YOU will get the raise instead of M.B.M.D. huh?!! And finally, as a member of this fine Alumni Sandstorm community, I thank you for the recognition and appreciation. However, if you would have shown up at the festivities this past weekend, you would have really seen what a wonderful and great "community" we are!! But then, you already KNOW that don't you? *G*!! [Later:] To: BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) Ya know BJ, my Daddy used to say to me, "Honey, when kids are young, they step on your toes. When they become older, they step on your hearts." I really never knew what that meant until I became a parent and experienced crunched toes and a crushed heart at times. *G*!! Now it appears that the "wascal writer" Mikie has stepped on his Momma's heart and left her in a terrible state of woe! Shame on you Mikie!! And for what you have done to your loving Mother, I am going to have you kidnapped and taken to the Hanford House courtyard next June and have you branded with the scarlet letters of "MBC" in the presence of all the Bomber family attending R2K+2!! LOL!! In the meantime BJ, next time Mikie asks you for a favor, just tell him that since it is all make-believe you'll just have to ignore his request! *G*!! Or, you could play make-believe with him, but never take anything he says seriously!! That'll fix him!! LOL!!! Oh, and what does "MBC" mean, Mike? Make-believe cad, of course!! LOL!! Bomber Cheers, -Judy Willox Hodge (61) ~ Richland ~ where the beautiful glow of the weekend still lingers... I'm missing those friends who went home! ******************************************** >>From: Lucy Schmidt Mahoney (61) Re: '61 reunion Would you believe I was actually considering not going to the reunion? Thank you so much Tom Hann for convincing me to go. I had a blast seeing all of you. Rose, it was good seeing you after e-mailing you all this time. Beth, I was glad to know that I wasn't the only one who didn't grow up in Richland. We both of us moved here in the summer of '59 and spent only our junior and senior years here. It was good to see Mickey, Kathy Dennis, Patsy (sorry about delaying your wedding all those years ago), Mary Mike, our inspiration, Bill "Lane" Johnson and many more that I don't have room to name. If any of you get to Prosser stop in the Food Depot and say "Hi". There is a mistake with my phone number in the book and I don't know whether it is wrong on the site. Number is [deleted for Lucy's privacy], so please change it in the book. I will be at next year's R2K+2. Bomber wishes to all of you and lets keep in touch. -Lucy Schmidt Mahoney (61) ******************************************** >>From: Sandra Genoway (62) Re: Hanford Workers' Claims hotline The program regarding the Hanford workers' claims for compensation for families of workers who contracted cancer can be learned about through the Worker Advocacy hotline. You will have to retain your own attorney for representation. By calling the program Worker Advocacy hotline you can sign up for the necessary claim forms to be sent to you. [2/7/06 - This is now under the Department of Labor: The DOL toll free number for assistance with this program is 1-866-888-3322. ] If you need more detailed information, please E-mail me and I will send you what I have from Seattle Attorney, Tom Foulds of the Hanford Litigation Office. -Sandra Genoway (62) ******************************************** >>From: Leoma Coles (63) Just a note to say I had a great time at the R2K+1 and I want to thank those who put it together... hopefully we will be able to continue to have these so we can stay in touch! It was good to see "old friends" and everyone seemed to have a good time. I really thought the food was super and want to just invite everyone to join us again next year for R2K+2, June 22, 2001!! Bombers rule! (and the new BOMB is awesome!)... -Leoma Coles (63) ******************************************** >>From: Debra Dawson Fogler (74WB) To: Jim Rice (75) If you performed your self-surgery as a nine-year- old, by all means, send before and after pictures. Otherwise, forget it, you underachiever. Re: Historical documents I've been going though historical documents saved by my father, Bill Dawson (1926-1983). Besides his WWII parachute log and assignment papers (Army Air Corp - Italy), of historical note is his application to work at Hanford dated 9/7/55. Included is an Atomic Energy Commission Personnel Security Questionnaire. Appendix A of that document "set(s) forth below ... a list of the organizations designated by the Attorney General pursuant to Executive Order No. 10450, as Totalitarian, Fascist, Communist, or Subversive, or as having adopted a policy of advocating or approving the commission of acts of force and violence to deny others their rights under the Constitution of the United States, or which seek to alter the form of Government of the United States by unconstitutional means." Included in the list: Abraham Lincoln Brigade, American League for Peace and Democracy, Chopin Cultural Center, Families of the Smith Act Victims, George Washington Carver School (NYC), Hungarian-American Council for Democracy, Ohio School of Social Sciences, Pacific Northwest Labor School (Seattle), Protestant War Veterans of the U.S., Inc., United May Day Committee, and Virginia League for People's Education. I assume that anyone belonging to any of these organizations would not be hired by the United States Government, particularly the Hanford project. The list includes HUNDREDS of organizations, too many to scan and attach the document. I know Hanford currently screens applicants for political associations, but I don't think it's anywhere near this "McCarthy Era" list. Since Dad was a skilled worker and no more threatening than a Moose Lodge and American Legion member, Hanford hired him and subsequently Richland was my home for 15 years. After years of glowing personnel evaluations, Dad saved a cartoon which was being circulated by Douglas United Nuclear employees destined for layoff during the big 1971 reduction in force. This is another historical document which I have attached to my email to Maren. Dad was a victim of the layoff, which is why I am a 74WB instead of a 1974 Bomber. We moved to Yakima where Dad found a better job, and I graduated from West Valley, Yakima. -Debra Dawson Fogler (74WB) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dawson's Cartoon ******************************************** >>From: Kim Edgar Leeming (79) Re: Court says no to downwinders Maren, I came across this article, don't know if you want to put it on the sandstorm or not. Court Says No to Downwinders -Kim Edgar Leeming (79) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/29/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers and 1 Bomber Mom: Gus Keeney (57), Margo Heiling (57), Roger Gress (61), Frank Whiteside (63), David Clark (69), George Last (71), BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gus Keeney (57) To: Maren Smyth (63/64) Was good to see you, Maren, and to share Spudnuts with you!!! -Gus Keeney (57) ******************************************** >>From: Margo Heiling Barron (57) Re: R2K+1 Thanks to all who made R2K+1 possible. It was a great time. Even though the class of '57 representation was small (Lolly Phillips, Gus Keeney, Danny Haggard, Jerry Martin, Max Sutton [sorry I missed seeing you, Max]), we made up for it in quality time. Hope next year that there might be a big turnout for the 45th. Any volunteers out there to plan something special for the class of '57, or should we just team up with the great Bomber group that did such a fine job last week? I only paid $10 - do you need more money? It was definitely a pittance for what you provided. -Margo Heiling Barron (57) ******************************************** >>From: Roger Gress (61) I just wanted to let everyone that was at Cool Desert Nights that their is a web site that show all the cars. It is and of course my car is on the front page, but I didn't put the site together... a friend of my son's did and he likes my car. I want to give Judy Willox Hodge (61) a great big ATTA-GIRL. Judy has taken on a big job. She is raising her grandson and she should be highly commended for that. For those classmates that didn't attend our 40th you missed a good one and a great performances from Bill Johnson and Linda Woods. -Roger Gress (61) ******************************************** >>From: Frank Whiteside (63) Re: Address for Norm Hill If anyone out there has an address, phone number or e-mail for Norm Hill (63), please send me an e-mail. He was one of the original "Southside Boys" and there are a few of us who would like to contact him. I believe he moved to Elk River, MN, sometime in 1963. -Frank Whiteside (63) ******************************************** >>From: David Clark (69) Re: Small world This is a small world. Paul Waggoner (66), a fine lawyer, and David Clark (69) are on opposite sides of litigation in Anchorage, AK. -David Clark (69) ******************************************** >>From: George Last (71) Re: Class of '71 Reunion - Missing classmates Our 30th reunion is planned for August 10, 11, and 12th, for more information go to RichlandBombers.comClick on [1971] We are having difficulty finding those listed below. If you know where any of these people are, please send us any information you have - address, phone no, e-mail address, or have them contact us directly. Please contact George Last or Dennis Strege. Gary Ackerman, Willard "Matthew" Airhart, Valerie Alexander Huffman; Janet Allessio, Wayne Anderson, William Ayotte, Hanan Ayoubi Mondo. David Baird, Timothy Barlen, Sheryl Bartlett Lester, Harold Bates, Marlene Batsell, Robin Beary, Kristine Bement Clayton, Sally Bennett Hoffman, Ron Bishop, John Boason, Pat Bolger, Mike Boolen, Sandy Brenden Stredwick, Scott Brittain, Darrell Brodhead, Janet Brown Dudra, Janice Brown Ward, Sandy Brusseau, John Buchanan, Leslie Buntin, Paola Calanca, Doug Carlson, Patricia Carter, Betty Childress, Maxine Childress, Janine Cleverly, Noel Clifford Jones, Tim Cobb, John "Jack" Compton, Mike Cook, Roger Cook, Michael Crouch, James Degan, Craig Destree, Linda DeVine Tisdale, Cheryl Domarotsky Billings, Charlotte Drake, Marti Drewrey Shipman, David Dumler, Susan Ellwein, Todd Erickson, Peter Esselman, Rebbeca Etheridge, Becki Feranti, Ken Gable, Sam Garman, Loria (Norma?) Gates, Donna Gauger, Deborah Gear, Vickie Gordon, Tim Gosney, Kathy Hale Brooks, Jim Handshuh, Stuart Hanneman, Gary Harmon, Patty Harris Kennedy, Lloyd Haymond, Randy Hendricks, Edna Hendrickson, Carol Hodgson Sutton, Dorothy Hovermale, Renee Huff Bjornard (Tron), Sherry Hull, Charles Humrickhouse, Steven Huntley, Chris Ingram, Joseph Jackson, Jeanne Jaske, Robert Jensen, Steve "Taco" Jimenez, Mary Kelleher, Carol Kendall, Michael Kilgore, Evelyn Knight, Kathlene Koehler, Ronald Kohlas, LuWanna Koontz Airhart, Jeffery Larson, Darlene Lasater Snow, David "Greg" Lawson, John Lee, Jack LeMoine, Sandra Leonard Day, Jacqueline Levine, Thomas Lutton, Jeralynn Lyso, Roxi Maher, Rick Marrell, Leanne Mason Lusher, Karen Matuszewski, Michael Mayouski, David McCullugh, David McGee, Jill Meinke Dyson, Duane Merrill, Mark Mishima, James Mitchell, Kevin Moore, David Moss, Mike Mudd, Richard Muller, Esther Nash Witherspoon, Patti Neibaur, Judith Nelson, Sharon Nelson Portor, Andy Newcomb, Patricia Norton, Martha O'Connell, Peggy O'Neal Barnes, Patrick Parmer, Janet Paul Dickenson, Eric Phinney, Paul Phinney, Steven Pierce, Judith Porter, Steven Preece, Vanessa Pugh, Cindy Quane Dingman, Jim Rassmussen, Donald Rector, Deborah Reynolds, Louis Reynolds, Mark Richman, Barbara Ridgeway, Dennis Riste, Bill Roadifer, Joleen Roberts Wabaunsee, Chrysti Robertson, Mary Beth Rowe, Curtis Russell, John Sams, Victoria Schirado, David Sears, Gary Sebade, Barbara Shafer, Ed Shanett, Calvin Shirley, William Sickles, Laura Sinnard Harbert, Rodney Slagle, Bryan Smith, Patricia Spencer, Terry Splattstoesser, Janice Starr, Steven Stever, Bill Stitt, Elias Suazo, Gene Swift, Rebbeca Swinney, Debra Thomas Lanz, Gary Thomas, Kurt Thompson, Lee Thompson, Tim Thompson, Marcia Thorson Jensen, Norma Thurston Crain, Harley Tuck, James Turner, Debbie Vining, Dan Waller, Roy Walston, Roger Ware, Clyde Webb, Richard Webber, Linda Weeks, George "Rick" Weetman, Mary Wellington Harris, Katherine West, Lawrence West, Ruth Wett, Elizabeth Wilcoxson, Ann Williams Maxey, Carl Wilson, Patrick Woodruff, Richard Wycoff, Debbie Yeats Harmon -George Last (71) ******************************************** >>From: BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) To: Judy Willox Hodge (61) Re: 6/28/01 Alumni Sandstorm "BJ, next time Mikie asks you for a favor, just tell him that since it is all make-believe you'll just have to ignore his request!" But, Judy, a make believe Mikie is better than no Mike at all. -BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/30/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6,l Bombers, R2K+1 Committee update, and 1 funeral notice today: Anita Hughes (52), Margo Heiling (57), Larry Mattingly (60), Judy Willox (61), Frank Whiteside (63), Gary Behymer (64) ******************************************** ******************************************** R2K+1 Committee Update: There have been rumors going around that the R2K+1 Committee went in the hole on the Reunion, and has had to take money out of their pockets to pay the bills. NOT TRUE!! We didn't take in as much as we would have liked to, but we had enough to cover expenses. We appreciated those who donated, and for those that didn't and feel guilty, you can send checks to "R2K" at 2102 Tinkle, Richland, WA 99352. Money will be used towards the R2K+2 Reunion next year during the Cool Desert Nights week end, with extra going towards the Alumni Scholarship Fund. We, as a Committee feel that the Reunion was a great success. It is always a success when Alumni get to visit with "Old Friends". Makes all the work and planning worth it. We have appreciated everyone's thank-yous and support. R2K+1 Committee Linda Belliston Boehning (63), Secretary ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Anita Hughes Hogan (52) Hi Everyone, I wasn't raised in Richland either. We moved from Ridgefield, WA to the big trailer court in No. Richland, Wa in the summer of 1948. Did anyone else live out there? Supposedly the biggest trailer court in the world. We were there one year (my freshman year at Col Hi) - then off to Arco, ID for two years, and back to the tri-cities for my senior year. -Anita Hughes Hogan (52) ~ High, dry and heading for a warm 85 today in Northern California. ******************************************** >>From: Margo Heiling Barron (57) Re: Ooops! To: Gus Keeney (57) Dick Hoff (57) was also at R2K+1. Gus noticed I had not included him with the names of others who attended. If you read this, Dick, I apologize for the oversight. -Margo Heiling Barron (57) ******************************************** >>From: Larry Mattingly (60) Re: R2K+1 Whoops. Well I mentioned yesterday that those who had not made their donation to R2K+1 finances should please reconsider. Now I get personal notes from alums asking where to send the money? Thanks for the response but I confess that after mentioning it I have no idea. Can someone enlighten us? "Happiness is the sky in bloom" -Larry Mattingly (60) ~ From my office near Olympia, WA where the weather and traffic is a darn site better today then it was yesterday. ******************************************** >>From: Judy Willox Hodge (61) To: Roger Gress (61) Thank you, Roger!! That is so sweet of you to say what you did in yesterday's Alumni Sandstorm. I guess it kind of showed a lot this past weekend at the reunion just how very proud of PJ that I am too huh? I have to say that he did me proud as he was on his best behavior. And of course he IS so tall, dark and handsome to boot!! LOL!! Chalk THAT statement up to a prejudiced Grandma huh? But, truth is truth after all! *G*!! It was really great working with you this past year on the reunion committee along with the others and renewing friendships along the way. I think that we did a great job and must give big "kudos" to us all!! To: BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) Oh BJ, I am so sorry. Of course you are right, make- believe IS better than no-believe. *G*!! Could the little stinker be replaced with a nice cuddly teddy bear do you think? LOL!! At least you could really hug that teddy bear, but with make-believe you would only hug air! Boy Mikie, guess you had better materialize durn fast or you MAY just get left out in the cold! Teddy bears are pretty cuddly and you just might get replaced if your Mom gets tired of hugging air!! LOL!!! Bomber Cheers, -Judy Willox Hodge (61) ~ Richland - where it's gonna get hot again! ******************************************** >>From: Frank Whiteside (63) Re: Great response to request for Norm Hill's address Several fellow classmates responded very quickly to my request for Norm Hill's address. I was able to call him and it seems that he is still alive and well in Georgia. He is retired from the Navy and spends a lot of his time hunting and fishing. Unfortunately, although he has a computer, he isn't into the internet so I couldn't get an e-mail address. If anyone else wants his address just send me an e-mail. Jimbeaux--he says you've been pressing him on the reunion issue, but I don't think he's persuaded yet. Maybe you can entice him with a phony hunting or fishing trip. Jim House--he seemed amazed that you still remembered him. And of course, Pitts, he asked about you. -Frank Whiteside (63) ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) Re: Cleaning the garage... Found in the garage... A 45 record from Big Sound Records at Box 546, Richland, WA. Side one is "A Girl I Loved" written and sung by Chris Ellenberger and side two is "Flem Flam" by John Long. Anyone recall the artists or the record company? -Gary Behymer (64) ~ Colfax, WA ******************************************** ******************************************** Funeral notice scanned from June 29, 2001 TCHerald by Shirley Collings Haskins (66) ~ Richland ~ Mary Jane Griffith Hunt ~ Class of 1940 ~ *************************************** *************************************** That's it for the month. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` May, 2001 ~ July, 2001