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 Alumni Sandstorm Archive ~ August, 2001
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16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/01/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 19 Bombers and 2 funeral notices today: Bob Harmon (51), Mike Bradley (56), Nancy Stull (59), Thora Metcalf (59) Fred Phillips (60), MLou Williams (60) Patti Jones (60), Judy Willox (61) Fred Schafer (63), Kathy Rathvon (63) Sharon McDermott (63), Susie Shaver (63) Carol Converse (64), Gary Behymer (64) Cheryl Moran (66), Chuck Smith (66) Bonnie Bushnell (71WB), Kristine Bement (71WB) Peggy Adair (72) ******************************************** ******************************************** SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FROM: Linda Belliston Boehning (63) Jim Hamilton (63) Kathy Hoff Conrad '64 The Gold Medal Class of '63, in conjunction with the "White Socks Class of '64" would like to propose an evening for all Bomber Alumni to enjoy. It is anticipated that the "Rec Hall", or the Richland Community Center as it is now known, will be sold this fall, and possibly torn down due to the construction of Richland's NEW Community Center. We would like to invite you to a Last Chance, Last Dance "Hi-Spot". We have rented the "Rec Hall" for Saturday, September 15th, 2001 starting at 6:00 'til ---------, for all you alumni to trip the light fantastic, one more time at "Hi- Spot". The only other available date was November 15th. Admission will be $5.00 for Bomber Alums and Guests. If you have your old Hi-Spot card it will save you $2.00 (which is about twice what it cost). Lions, Bull Dogs and Ki-Be Bears will be $10.00 with a co-signer. While they were one-two-three, one-two-threeing, at the Social Club, Plumbers and Steamfitters Hall and the Grange, we were rockin' it up at the "Bomber Bandstand", to the Chessmen, Grant Ross and the Royals, the Flames, the Wailers and I do believe Kit Kat and the Kasuals. At an earlier time, Joe Banana and his Bunch probably headlined. Oh the romances that sparked in that ballroom. And the thousands of girls who ran crying into the bathroom with friends in hot pursuit, to sympathize with, agree that he was a Jerk and get the name of the guy who was now available. There aren't many who don't have a memory or seven from all of those Saturday nights, let's give them one more chance. You will be able to have "Our Song" played for a buck, and we plan to raffle off the chance to name the Last Dance, and won't that just look swell in your obituary. All of the old rules will apply. No Jeans, you can only sign in one guest and the Chaperones will be at the front door sniffing everyone's breath, although the slackers will probably still sneak in the side door. And when the time comes to turn on the lights, 'cause the party's over, You will be able to say that you were there when Elvis left the building. In the famous words of The Tempos, "See you in September" . Please RSVP if you plan on attending.. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Harman (51) To: Patti Jones (60) Mark Stevens is a personal friend of mine and is the one I spoke with at first. I am sure he will work with us in any way possible. I think your ideas about meeting with him in September is a good one as is the idea of a group. Keep in touch. I think I will forward this issue of the Sandstorm to him so he can see the level of interest. -Bob Harman (51) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Bradley (56) Re: Class Ring All for it. I will certainly buy one how ever it gets done. So Put my name on the list. -Mike Bradley (56) ******************************************** >>From: Nancy Stull Jewell (59) Re: Alum Ring My daughter's father (bless his heart) took my class ring for some unknown reason and hid it, along with an opal ring given to me by an old boyfriend from Kennewick. Jim Wendland (58) looked for it in the basement of the "B" house we lived in at the time (which his parents owned), but to no avail. Paul Knutson (59) had his class ring re-sized for me 2 years ago. Is that special or what?! Bottom line is I don't have my old one and would be excited about this new one. Put me down! Sign me up! Whatever. -Nancy Stull Jewell (59) ~ Where Paul and I have eaten so many Spudnuts in the last couple of months, that diet time is upon us. Another day in Paradise. ******************************************** >>From: Thora Metcalf Ziegler (59) Re: Alumni Ring The alumni ring is a fantastic idea. Please count me in on this great memento. -Thora Metcalf Ziegler (59) ******************************************** >>From: Fred Phillips (60) To: Dorris Meloeny Alred (68) Re: The "bomb" across from Newberry's It was 1959, or maybe 1960, when the government sold the town to the people. Part of the celebration was a "bomb" in what was then an empty lot North of the Uptown. It wasn't dropped. Instead, it was just an explosive charge planted in a pit, designed by a carefully selected team of Hanford engineers to produce - what else? - a mushroom cloud. Naturally, everybody showed up to watch. We (including my buds Bill Bixler and Jeff Thompson, and apparently you, young and impressionable) were amazed when that sucker went off. The engineers had screwed up and the blast was just a bit more potent than they had calculated. It blew out a bunch of windows, broke a few knick-knacks and even cracked a wall or two in the "A" houses on Jadwin. Luckily, nobody was hurt. But hey, it was a warm Friday night. So when the smoke cleared, Bix and Thumper and I cruised off to Zip's where maybe, just maybe, we figured we might pick up some chicks. After all, it was Richland, it was summertime, and we were way too cool to care where the tax money was going. If you had been a few years older, you could have turned us down too. -Fred Phillips (60) ~ Bellevue, WA - where even ladyfingers are illegal. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Simulated Bomb ~ 12/10/58 ******************************************** >>From: MLou Williams (60) Count me in for an alumna ring - we couldn't afford rings back then either. -MLou Williams (60) ******************************************** >>From: Patti Jones (60) Re: Alumni Ring The number of Bombers wanting to buy the ring is at 41. -Patti Jones (60) ~ Browns Point, WA - Where we can't drink the water because of bacteria. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alumni Ring website ******************************************** >>From: Judy Willox Hodge (61) To: Ken Ely (49) Here's even a better thought: Pooh on the school boards permission!! LOL!! To: Larry Clark (57) Boy do you have a lot of questions Larry. *G*!! Probably questions that all of us have and that Leonard Peters (61) and I are going to find out from the Jostens representative some time this week. Leonard and Patti Jones (60) have already been in touch as has Maren and we are getting some of the questions answered at this time. We will know MUCH more when we do talk with the rep. We will keep everyone informed through the Sandstorm. We do know that the rings as far as the initials and the years of each individual can be done, so that will be specific Larry, but we are in the process of gathering designs and details from Bomber Alumni now as we want for everyone to be involved in the choosing. Leonard came up with the idea that maybe we should have three-five designs so that people could pick out what they wanted. We would have to see how cost effective that would be however. My concern, and I talked it over with Leonard this evening is that we must somehow KEEP the dies of these rings within the Bomber Camp as it were. This way we can assure ourselves that it (they) will always be there for our future generations of Bombers to come. No having to worry about having the die cast aside in 30 years. I have a real good idea of how to do this and I will in the future see what you all think of the idea. Oh, and YES, Larry, it WILL have the mushroom cloud on it no matter how we design the rest!! To: Patti Jones (60) Ya already read the above entry, so I will skip all that. Ya already know (I think) that Leonard has been in touch with Josten rep, Mike, so ya know that that has already been put into action. And I am glad to see that Fred Phillips (60) wants to join the team too. We are all just on a roll here ain't we?!! LOL!! If we do what Leonard and I discussed this evening, we won't have to EVER have to worry about a design being tossed in four years or a die tossed in thirty. It will remain in the Bombers' loving hands for our future Bombers coming up for many years to come. As far as cost effectiveness is concerned, we just must remember that not all of us are real rich and not all of us are real poor, so we need to remember those that might struggle with it should be able to afford this too. Don't you think that I am right on that score? *G*!! To: Sandra Genoway (62) Hey Sandra, did ya get moved okay? I thought about the stones like you suggested when I designed the ring, but then got to thinking just how much that could cost and suggested the green enamel instead. I saw the way that Maren changed it to the stone effect and in the words of Manuello on the new family channel show "So Little Time", "I don' hate it!" LOL!! If you ever have watched that show, he is soooo funny when he says that. When I thought of stones, I thought first of emeralds as they are such a true green, but then, again, I thought of what that COULD cost. Kinda scary!! *G*!! But, I did like it anyway! Chalk THAT up to my champagne taste on a beer budget! LOL!! To: Anonymous (God alone knows) Hey, Houston, TX: is that you Bill? Or you Brad? Come clean fella, are you just a Bomber WYW (whished you were) trying to cash in on and snag a Bomber ring? LOL!! To: Linda Reining (64) Thanks Linda, but I am afraid that the drawing honor goes to my husband James. I couldn't draw my way out of a corner! LOL!! I have to agree with you, the Richland Bombers looked best. I am getting real excited about how this is coming together and the fantastic response that we are getting to this idea. Thanks Gary!! This whole idea started with Gary Behymer (64). To: Brad Wear (71) Hey Brad, already know about that chicken place that you are talkin' about. Now, shall we discuss Whattaburger? Heh, heh!! We Northerners ain't so dumb after all is we? LOL!!! To: Diane Hartley (72) Funny that you should bring up Richard Lang. I had told Maren about him even before I did the ring. He has designed a lot of my jewelry in the past!! Have some very interesting pieces that he did for me. I had mentioned that I could contact him, but we will have to wait and see what the Josten people say. A private jeweler may be the way we have to go to assure our preservation of our design(s) and die(s). Bomber Cheers To All, -Judy Willox Hodge (61) ~ Richland ~ where the weather is great and the excitement runs high! ******************************************** >>From: Fred Schafer (63) Re: Ann's Birthday Happy Birthday, Ann. Thanks for the love, support, trust, and taking such good care of me... the years have treated you well. fred -Fred Schafer (63) ******************************************** >>From: Kathy Rathvon (63) #1. I can't believe that "Anonymous" thinks we don't know who he/she is. #2. There's a nice little restaurant called "Aioli", maybe "Aioli's" on Lee just above Howard Amon Park & across the street from the Allied Arts store. It has indoor & outdoor seating. Last year it was an Italian place & decent. This year it was very delightful. They do a lot of tapas & have a special dinner with a choice of 4 different tapas. They also have a good selection of wines by the glass & the owner even knows about the wines. The same owners also have a restaurant in Kennewick called Chez Chas. I've never eaten there, but have heard good things about it. -Kathy Rathvon (63) ******************************************** >>From: Sharon McDermott Bruce (63) To: Dorris Meloeny Alred (68) Yes, I remember the bomb near Newberry's... the entire family went down to watch it... how safe could that have been and what have the after effects been??? My dad made a movie of it and if I can find those old reels I will check into it further... they are stashed away in my brother's house now and it may take a while to find them... -Sharon McDermott Bruce (63) ******************************************** >>From: Susie Shaver Caldwell (63) My cabin was recently burglarized, and they took our jewelry boxes. In them were 50 years of collecting precious stuff, and I would like to recreate a high school ring, in an alumni fashion. That would be a great heirloom, and a wonderful memory, too. Count me in! -Susie Shaver Caldwell (63) who lost her ring when someone borrowed it in 1964... Where is my ring? ******************************************** >>From: Carol Converse Maurer (64) Re: Alumni Ring Count me in on a ring also. I think it would be neat to have one and, of course, the 'mushroom cloud' needs to be on it. I wish that I still had my class ring, but my x-husband lost it long time ago. He really felt bad, but couldn't find it. -Carol Converse Maurer (64) ~ Eureka, Ca - the fog is in as usual! We put our house on the market yesterday. Hopefully, won't be long in selling and we're on our way to Washington!!! ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) Re: Diane Hartley (72) Comments on doing business locally. That may work out the best to 'catch the spirit' of Richland. Myself... Find 4 Bomber artists... one business person and meet with a ring representative. Come up with just 'one' choice. I would like to see the Bomber Alumni Association involved... Roy Ballard (63) I would hope... along with the Alumni Sandstorm group. Go for it! -Gary Behymer (64) ~ Colfax, WA ******************************************** >>From: Cheryl Moran Fleming (66) The '66 class held their 35th reunion over the weekend and it was a great success!!! Over 100 gathered in the ballroom and phoned a Bomber Greeting to Lloyd Swain (66), wishing him the very best. My Big Thanks to all who put this event together and especially, Gail Setbacken!! It was good seeing all of you. -Cheryl Moran Fleming (66) ******************************************** >>From: Kristine Bement Clayton (71WB) c/o Re: class of '71 Hi, I'm Kristine Bement Clayton. I'm married to Dave Clayton (69) and we have six children, with two of them married, and 1 grandchild, and another on the way. The reason you're having trouble finding out about me is because I didn't graduate from ColHi. I was there for my Sophomore and Junior years. I graduated from Winchester High in Winchester, MA. Our address is [deleted for Clayton's privacy]... Kristine If anyone wants to write to Kristine, I can forward the messages, -Lois Clayton Colton (72) ******************************************** >>From: Bonnie Bushnell Robbins (71) Bonnie Bushnell Robbins (71) To: Donna Fredette (65) Are you also related to Bonnie? She and I were good friends until she moved to Bellevue. I now live in Bothell and if she is still in the area, I would love to look her up. -Bonnie Bushnell Robbins (71) ******************************************** >>From: Peggy Adair (72) Re: Looking for a classmate Does anyone know where Carol Stewart (72) is? I would like to get in contact with her soon. If anyone knows, please e-mail me. Also, if she has a computer, please give her my e-mail address. I believe she still lives in the Tri-Cities. Any help out there will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, -Peggy Adair (72) ******************************************** ******************************************** Funeral Notice scanned from TCHerald by Shirley Collings Haskins (66) ~ Ryan Allen Webb ~ Class of 1991 ~ Passed away 6/30/01 ~ *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/02/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 21 Bombers sent stuff: Anonymous WB Shirley Watts (49), Bob Harmon (51) Marilyn DeVine (52), Charles Cox (56) Janet Wilgus (59) and Tom Beaulieu (59) Patti Jones (60), Emajean Stone (63) Fred Schafer (63), Sharon McDermott (63) Hector Alvarez (64), David Rivers (65) Janine Rightmire (65), Pat Mitchell (66) Gary Christian (67), Pam Ehinger (67) Diane Hartley (72), Kim Edgar (79) Tim Lippert (79), Mandy Holmes (97) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Anonymous WB (WouldaBeen/WannaBe) Ring wise... how 'bout an all Richland ring, as not everyone was LUCKY enough to graduate from Col Hi, but would like to say where they are from... like "Born to be a BOMBER ... Richland, WA"... or just "Bomber... Richland, WA"... or "Born a Bomber... Richland, WA"... or even "Bomberville"..." Richland, WA") It is City history and not confined to high school, though I realize the alum would like to advertise... but many still have their rings anyway... that way the WBs would be included... most were moved with family and had no choice in the matter... they "Woulda Been"... It would also spread the symbol to a wider audience. OR... there could be TWO models... one that says "Alumni" and one that says "WB" -Anonymous WB ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [OR have only ONE model and let the WBs put "19--WB" where everyone else puts their class year... -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Watts James (49) I like the idea of an alumni ring. My '49 class ring is on my charm bracelet, Anna May. It wouldn't even fit my little finger. -Shirley Watts James (49) ******************************************** >>From: Bob Harman (51) Re: ALUMNI RING As I promised, I spoke with the Josten rep that I know and he tells me that we can easily be accommodated. He would guess that the price would be around $80 give or take a few depending on the style we chose. I don't know where to go from here. I think it would be good to have a list of interested folks and see what happens. I'll do what I can. -Bob Harman (51) ******************************************** >>From: Marilyn "Em" DeVine Dow (52) Hey, Maren; I haven't heard anything about the Chelan wild fire today. Hoping that means it is contained! How are you and others doing? My Dad's house is in Manson and I think of you when I take him up there. Sorry I didn't get to meet you at the R2K+1. Can't help wondering when did a bomb become a "she". Many thinks to Jim Anderson (72WB), Missy Keeney (59), Jeff Curtis (69) and the others who represent the "voice of reason" on the present logo/mascot discussion. I want to go to the School District meeting Aug 14, but wonder if it will become too hairy? -Marilyn "Em" DeVine Dow (52) ~ Richland - where it isn't nearly hot enough for my daughter, Sandra, visiting here from Alaska the past week. ******************************************** >>From: Charles Cox (56) Re: Class Ring (56) Threw my ring away after my girlfriend broke up with me while I was away in the Navy. Maybe somebody found it in PASCO. I'll buy one. -Charles Cox (56) ~ Georgetown, TX - where it is HOT! But it is great for GOLFING. ******************************************** >>From: Tom and Janet Wilgus Beaulieu (59) Re: Who says you can never come home again?? Hello from Tom and Janet of San Jose. Just had to share some news: First, we became grandparents last week, finally joining that special club to which so many of you 50's grads belong. Second, I have hesitated to share this news because I really didn't believe it until now that packing has commenced--we are heading back to Richland! We decided that our retirement years needed to include many challenges and now we can include among those the unique weather of Eastern Washington, namely the Tri-Cities! And, we can hardly wait to get there, even in August!! We'll do some cat wrangling after the movers have completed their arduous task and we will be on our way mid-week. We have a special gift of walkie-talkies so that we can stay in touch through the 780 miles that we will be traveling by caravan (2 cars, 3 cats! What fun!) I think I'll wear my 1959 class ring for good luck! Our baby granddaughter is in Seattle with her proud parents, so we'll be o're the pass travelers and "visitors" to CA Bay Area as our daughter lives in Hillsborough. Maybe we'll see you at "Hi-Spot" in September! Regards, Tom and Janet Wilgus Beaulieu (59) ~ returning Washingtonians; yes, I was born there, and Tom arrived in 1944! ******************************************** >>From: Patti Jones (60) Re: Alumni Ring If any Bomber knows the number of a jewelry store in the Tri-Cities who can work with us to design the Alumni ring could you please e-mail me their phone number. -Patti Jones (60) ~ Browns Point, WA ~ Where the weather is warmer but we are still boiling water. ******************************************** >>From: Emajean Stone (63) Re: Anonymous To: Kathy Rathvon (63) Kathy, It is obvious from the style of writing that it can only be our one and only Jim House writing from Houston. Re: Small World To: All It really is a small world. The other day as I left work I found a business card stuck in my window. On the back was written "I am a Kamiakan Brave." Since I left Richland in 1965, Kamiakan was not a familiar name, but it did sound like it must be from Washington State. I went on the internet and found that it was a high school in Kennewick. I called the gentleman and spoke to him briefly. He graduated in 1973 and the school was fairly new at that time. He has been here in San Jose for the last three years. -Emajean Stone (63) ******************************************** >>From: Fred Schafer (63) Re: Class Ring I Still have and wear mine... it is well worn so I get a new one at a discount. Ann's Mom wouldn't let her have one so sign up Ann & Fred Schafer (63) for rings and Hi-Spot in Sept.. Jimbeaux still has his Hi-Spot card and his 7th grade English notes... he never throws anything away... -Fred Schafer (63) ******************************************** >>From: Sharon McDermott Bruce (63) I am interested in an alumni ring if they can keep the cost within a reasonable price, I am anything but wealthy LOL... -Sharon McDermott Bruce (63) ******************************************** >>From: Hector Alvarez (64) Re: Alumni Ring Please count me in for the alumni ring... for years I have wondered if there was a way to get one. Back in '64 Albertson's didn't pay enough to their "Bag Boys" to be able to buy a ring. Thank you for taking over this project. Bomberrrrrrrrrrrs !!!!!!!! -Hector Alvarez (64) ******************************************** >>From: David Rivers (65) Re: 1958 How many of you remember when Richland got it's charter... Remember what we did to celebrate? That's right... We set off a huge faux BOMB in the lot north of the Uptown... Gee... I wonder why we did that? -David Rivers (65) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Simulated Bomb ~ 12/10/58 ******************************************** >>From: Janine Rightmire Corrado (65) To: Gary Behymer (64) Re: Class Ring Sign me up for one too please. Thank you so much for this great idea! -Janine Rightmire Corrado (65) ******************************************** >>From: Pat Mitchell (66) Re: Alumni Ring It's a great idea, count me in, just say when. -Pat Mitchell (66) ******************************************** >>From: Gary Christian (67) To: Gary Behymer (64) In reference to your idea of finding Bomber artists to come up with a design for the alumni ring. I have been a graphic artist and 3d artist/animator for more years than I want to think about. I would love to give it a shot. I think the whole idea is great. -Gary Christian (67) ~ Vancouver, WA - where the high will be 72 today, and the sounds from the waterfall in my front yard sound wonderful. ******************************************** >>From: Pam Ehinger Nassen (67) Re: The Ring!! Ok I still have my class ring! But I'd love to have an alumni ring! Put me on the list too! Bombers Rule -Pam Ehinger Nassen (67) ~ Thorp, WA - where its cool right now but will get much hotter later on today!! ******************************************** >>From: Diane Hartley (72) Re: Ring I have just one question on the ring. Why is it going to cost so much???? Do no know the cost right off the bat, but someone told me over $300.00. Now all the school teachers out there will have trouble with this right, MIKE????? I would love to have one, but I just think that is a bit much money. Am I wrong on the price? Clue me in. :-) [Note from Maren: I told Diane that we currently have NO cost estimate... everything has been pure speculation. Diane's response follows... ] Thanks, and I can always ask Rich Lang what he might be able to do with fake stones and 10K and if people wanted to spend more I am sure he would do whatever they asked for. -Diane Hartley (72) ******************************************** >>From: Kim Edgar Leeming (79) Re: Oldest Alumni Does anyone know who the oldest alumni is? I came across a co-worker who's Aunt Helen Caldwell (age 99 - will be 100 in April) graduated from the class of 1922. He was surprised to see her class photo on our website, under the link: RHS - Class of 1922 I saw on the news that a Crispy Kreme doughnut shop will be coming to Issaquah, just one of the first to enter this state. I personally haven't tried one, but I'm sure it's no comparison to a Spudnut. The alumni ring sounds like a great idea! Bomber Cheers! -Kim Edgar Leeming (79) ******************************************** >>From: Tim Lippert (79) Re: rings and things Hi, Just thought I'd put in a couple of thoughts about the Alumni ring. I would like to get one! I stopped by the awards place next door and got a brochure from R. Johns, ltd. Looks like any other ring manufacturer. The guy said just figure out what designs you want and bring it in and they could get a quote from the company. I assume that this will be the same for Jostens, Herff-Jones, etc. One thing I thought of is that, if my memory serves me correctly?, if there is still a jewelry store in Richland called Brothers Jewelry? it is/was owned by Scott & Mark Smith, who I believe are both grads. Maybe someone in town could check to see if they could make or get some made and then we would be supporting a Bomber business also... As an aside, does anyone out there have any clue as to why, when I use Netscape and Hotmail, I can't link out to Tripod sights from the Sandstorm? Seems like all the picture links, etc. are hosted by Tripod but I get error messages if I'm on Hotmail. Hmmm, does Mr. Gates not like Tripod? Anyway, count me in for a ring. Thanks. -Tim Lippert (79) ~ In cloudy Seattle, abusing the company e-mail policies, yet again! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Actually Tim, it is exactly the opposite. Tripod simply detests Mr. Gates. What Tripod does NOT like is for people to store images and whatnot for use by other content services; so, when they discover an interloper they send out their "nasty page". Slowly but surely we shall get the images incorporated into mini web pages you can link to; then Tripod is happy as a clam. Bomber Cheers, Richard Anderson -- Asst. Editor, Alumni Sandstorm ******************************************** >>From: Mandy Holmes Taylor (97) Greetings Bombers! I've been out of the loop for a bit but have caught up and have noticed the interest in the alumni class ring. I still have mine and am wearing it at this moment. I thought I had lost it when I moved from Richland to California (the ring, not my sanity) but found it among miscellaneous "junk" my mother sent to me not too long ago. Anyway, in 1997, Herff Jones was the proprietor of choice for rings and they offered a Bomber "pride side" that has "BOMBERS" across the top with an R and the mushroom cloud in the middle and a bomb below that. I'm afraid I can't explain it much better than that, but it takes one side of the ring and you have the other side available for whatever you want. I think you could also get a mushroom cloudburst in the middle of the ring (inside the stone) if you so desired, but I could be wrong. If that has any bearing on the design of an alumni ring, I'd be more than happy to try and get a picture of the side and scan it so everyone can see what that looks like. I don't know what Josten's may have had or may still have, but I think Herff Jones may still have that available. I'll see what I can find out if whomever is designing the ring, if anyone, is interested. I'd love to help even though I'm in California. Green and gold veined, -Mandy Holmes Taylor (97) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/03/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 24 Bombers and one funeral notice today: Jack Lowrey (49), Marian Howser (51) Anita Hughes (52), Margo Heiling (57) Vera Smith (58), John Northover (59) Janet Pfohl (60), Suzie Gunderson (60) Tom Hann (61), Roger Gress (61) Jackie DeVries (62), Earl Bennett (63) Jeanie Walsh (63), Kathy Rathvon (63) Marilyn Thorp (63), Carol Cross (64) Gary Behymer (64), Nancy Mallory (64) Janine Rightmire (65), Cheryl Moran (66) Andy Ward (68), Penny Mitchell (71) Tedi Parks (76), Anne Mitzlaff (77) ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Ring website ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jack Lowrey (49) Re: Alumni Ring Count me in. -Jack Lowrey (49) ******************************************** >>From: Marian Howser (51) Once I had a ring, but I don't have it anymore, It would probably fall off of me now. What will the ring look like, like the ones we had? When you find out, describe it to us. Re: Atomic Frontier Days Say, does anyone remember Atomic Frontier days? My Father always had our pictures taken on that day, in our western outfits. Bomber cheers, -Marian Howser (51) ******************************************** >>From: Anita Hughes Hogan (52) Re: Alumni ring I would love the Alumni Ring. Please put my name in for one. What a wonderful idea. -Anita Hughes Hogan (52) ******************************************** >>From: Margo Heiling Barron (57) Re: Class Rings If the cost is reasonable AND somehow could have the class year on it (57), you can count me in. If it's to be just an alumni ring without the class year, I would consider that too. I think Tom Lippert's (79) idea to contact Brothers jewelers is a great one - especially if they are Bombers. I've had them do work for me in the past and have been fully satisfied. Think it would be great to give Gary Christian (67), a professional graphic artist, a shot at designing it. It's encouraging that Bob Harman (51) found somebody that thinks you might be able to get a ring for less than $100. -Margo Heiling Barron (57) ******************************************** >>From: Vera Smith Robbins (58) Re: Col Hi Ring Count me in on a ring. My ex took mine and never gave it back. He probably threw it away. Thanks, -Vera Smith Robbins (58) ~ Richland ******************************************** >>From: John Northover (59) To: Patti Jones (60) Re: Alumni Ring Patti, Would like to be counted... + one for the ring thing! take care -John Northover (59) ******************************************** >>From: Janet Pfohl Williams (60) To: Patti Jones (60) Re: ring Just to let you know that I am interested in a class or alumni ring. Will be glad to help if you need me. Trying to get time off to go to Club 40... might have see if I can fly if I can't get off before 4pm... will let you know. -Janet Pfohl Williams (60) ******************************************** >>From: Suzie Gunderson Chiles (60) Re: Alumni Ring An alumni ring is a wonderful idea. Please count me in. Am looking forward to further information. Thanks to all of you working on this project. -Suzie Gunderson Chiles (60) ~ Omak, WA - hearing the sounds of the Omak Stampede Suicide riders as they practice coming down off the Suicide Hill on their courageous steeds. ******************************************** >>From: Tom Hann (61) To: Patti Jones (60) Hi; I also am interested in a Alumni Ring. As I read some of the entries in the Sandstorm my initial assumption of an Alumni Ring came into question. And you know what happens when you Ass-U-Me. My first thought was for one design with one variable that being the year of graduation. How close did I assume correct?? My other thought just for Grins-n-Giggles is what happened when a committee got together to design a horse; That's how the camel came into being. Good luck designing an Alumni Ring.! Please let me know details as your time and energy permit, OK? Thanks -Tom Hann (61) ******************************************** >>From: Roger Gress (61) To: Patti Jones (60) Good Morning Patti, I agree Judy would be a good choice for the ring and I want to get one to, so put down on your list. -Roger Gress (61) ******************************************** >>From: Jackie DeVries Brown (62) Re: Alumni Ring I really like the idea of an Alumni ring, so count me it. I will be there for the RSD meeting on August 14, I think its important that we be there for whatever they have planned for their agenda. Bomber Cheers to all -Jackie DeVries Brown (62) ~ Richland - where it is beautiful again today!! ******************************************** >>From: Earl C. Bennett, III - Gold Medal Class of '63 Re: Class Ring/Alumni Ring: I thought I saw a mention of Josten recreating class rings for those whose rings are lost or damaged. That would be my first interest. If that is not true, I would be interested in an alumni ring. Regards, ecb3 -Earl Bennett (63) ******************************************** >>From: Jeanie Walsh Williamson (63) To: Patti Jones (60) Hi Patti, If you can get the ring company to work with you and design another 'Bomber" ring for all of us who lost theirs, well, count me in. Bomber Cheers -Jeanie Walsh Williamson (63) ~ Simi Valley, CA - where it is always Chamber of Commerce weather... and Home to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library ******************************************** >>From: Kathy Rathvon (63) Re: Alumni Ring My husband graduated in June with a Masters in Health Administration (MHA) from UW. He received information about rings, I think from Josten's, and the rings cost anywhere from $500 - $800. So if you can get rings for $300 or so, consider it a deal. -Kathy Rathvon (63) ******************************************** >>From: Marilyn Thorp (63) Re: Class Ring To: Patti Jones (60) Patti, I would like a class ring also. Let me know how much they are. Thank you. -Marilyn Thorp (63) ******************************************** >>From: Carol Cross Llewellyn (64) To: Gary Behymer (64) Hi Gary Has anyone thought to ask John Crigler (64) for input on design of the ring? He is very talented, and the one '64 class reunion I attended (20th) he designed the t- shirt and I think a map showing where everyone came from for the reunion. Hope this email finds you well. -Carol Cross Llewellyn (64) ******************************************** >>From: Janine Rightmire Corrado (65) To: David Rivers (65) Hey David, I remember that faux bomb in Uptown Richland. Wow, I could not believe it! I wonder if any other city ever did that? We had just moved to Richland from Seattle that year. We never had a bomb in Seattle. But I do remember B-52 Bombers flying over my house sometimes in the earlier fifties. I thought that was pretty cool. -Janine Rightmire Corrado (65) ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) To: Patti Jones (60) Re: Class of 1964 I would certainly purchase a class ring. Rather than a certain year... how about a Richland Bomber Ring... BIG one (;-) -Gary Behymer (64) ******************************************** >>From: Nancy Mallory Johnson (64) Re: rings I enjoy reading the sandstorm every day. Wish I could be closer to Richland. In June I moved from Mississississippi (who knows when to quit with the iss's) to Tennessee. Had to, my kids moved here. Would like to have a ring (never had one) if the cost is not too high. -Nancy Mallory Johnson (64) ******************************************** >>From: Cheryl Moran Fleming (66) Iwannaringtoo. -Cheryl Moran Fleming (66) ******************************************** >>From: Andy Ward Stewart (68) Re: Alumni Ring Dear Maren, I, too, would be interested in an alumni ring. Sounds wonderful. Well, if anyone has been watching the news, we have been having our share of fires. I work at the Jackson Hole Airport and we have been able to watch the biggest fire, The Green Noll fire from work. It has been quite an experience to see these young kids -- and older ones, too -- fight their hearts out to save homes and land. Not one structure has been lost, so far, to the fire. They have the heli-tac base located at the airport so we are able to see the Chinooks, Blackhawks, etc. coming and going all day and night. This is definitely a blessed community here in Wyoming. The kids and adults alike have tied green ribbons on trees along the highways and there are posters telling the firemen just how grateful we all are. Many of the homes were well over million dollar homes and needless to say, the sight of these homes, which were: 1) slimed with green slime retardant, 2) red, with the red flame retardant, or 3) white with the foam. As one homeowner put it, "A little clean-up is not a problem. Rebuilding, that would be a problem." Well, guys, have a good day. It's supposed to be over a 100 degrees here for the next three days. UGH! -Andy Ward Stewart (68) ******************************************** >>From: Penny Mitchell True (71) Re: alumni ring The idea of an Alumni ring is great! I would love to have one. I still have my class ring - even though it doesn't fit any more. Too small for the ring finger and too big for the pinkie. So I wear it on a chain. Always Proud to Be A Bomber -Penny Mitchell True (71) ~ Bothell, WA ******************************************** >>From: Tedi Parks Teverbaugh (76) I received a letter today from the Univ. of WA, Occupational and Environmental Medicine Program. They sent it to me because I'm a former employee of a U.S. Department of Energy's defense nuclear facility (aka Hanford worker). They are asking me to participate in a "project" to evaluate my DOE workplace exposures and monitoring of potential health risks. They say I could have been exposed to "asbestos, beryllium, and noise"!! Geez, I only worked on the sixth floor of the Federal Building. I think I'll pass on the "Former Hanford Worker Medical Monitoring Program". Now, if they want to study former Bomber Bat Girls who have been hit in the shoulder with baseballs, count me in. To: Maren Smyth (64) Maren: I would like an alumni ring but I can't tell by reading the Sandstorm who is keeping track of the list of those that want rings. Do you know who it is so I can get my name on the list? Most everybody that wants a ring is just writing to the Sandstorm. Is that enough? -Tedi Parks Teverbaugh (76) ~ Benbrook, TX - where the bird bath needs a little water... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Good question, Tedi... we're keeping track of all those interested in an Alumni Ring... by whatever means we receive the information, including a Sandstorm entry. -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Anne Mitzlaff Gerken (77) To: Patti Jones (60) Re: rings An alumni ring would be neat, or are you talking remakes for certain years? I got confused in all the ideas sent in. Would they engrave the graduation years? It's all in the air, but just wanted you to add another interested grad. -Anne Mitzlaff Gerken (77) ******************************************** ******************************************** Funeral Notice: This is to tell the class of '64 that Virgil A. Bishop (64) passed away in South America yesterday (08-01-01) He left a wife and two sons. -Larry L. Bishop (61) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/04/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 18 Bombers and 2 Not-A-Bombers: Richard "Dick" Roberts (49), Ann Pearson (50) Judy Crose (58), David Henderson (60WB) Larry Mattingly (60), Patti Jones (60) Marilyn Stewart (62), Vicki Monson (63WB) Linda Reining (64), Maren Smyth (64) David rivers (65), John Foster (65) Peggy Jones (67), Rick Maddy (67WB) Dorris Maloeny (68), Anna Durbin (69) Molly Hinkle (79), Aaron Johnson (82) ******************************************** ******************************************** Bomber Mascot Crisis - Issue #11 will be sent Monday, August 6, 2001 ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Richard "Dick" Roberts (49) Carol Tyner Roberts (52) told me she would like to have a class ring now that she can afford one. It seems to me that you are getting enough inquiries to do some heavy duty negotiation with companies that make class rings. Someone out there in Bomber land must know enough about this process and be willing to volunteer some time to help. I would be thankful if they did. To: Bob Harman (51) Thanks Bob, for stepping out and doing some preliminary work. I suggest you get a committee started to check out other ring companies for a competitive bid and to select a design. Maybe a design contest would get it started. Re: Class ring If a $5 surcharge was added to the purchase of each class ring, the money could be used to defray expenses required to return the bomb to the RHS campus; or, it could be used to initiate a recall campaign. -Richard "Dick" Roberts (49) ******************************************** >>From: Ann Pearson Burrows (50) Maren - Tried to contact you through the "interest in the [alumni] ring" site, but kept getting those "you have committed the ultimate sin" messages... wanted to let you know that I am interested in the alumni ring - #1 or #8 are my choices if that is of any interest. Also, is anyone putting this info out at the Club Forty meeting? Lots of people are planning on being there - also the Class of 51 is having their 50th at the same time - second weekend in september. Any help needed there Please let me know. -Ann Pearson Burrows (50) ~ San Diego, CA - where the weather is perfect as always. ******************************************** >>From: Judy Crose Snowhite (58) Re: Class Rings Please count me in on the alumni ring. Lost my 1958 ring in 1959 or '60. Left it on the kitchen window sill while washing the dishes. It just disappeared.. -Judy Crose Snowhite (58) ~ Richland ******************************************** >>From: David Henderson (60WB) Re: Cool Book to Read To: All Bombers I suggest you read the book "Downfall: The End of the Japanese Empire" written by Richard B. Frank. I obtained a copy at Barnes and Nobel for $20.00. For those "Bomber fans" that do not like to read. I suggest that you watch the program "The Final Battle" on the The Learning Channel. I got a totally different perspective on the closing months of W.W.II. -David Henderson (60WB) ~ sunny and nice San Jose, CA ******************************************** >>From: Larry Mattingly (60) Re: Alumni Ring Please put my name on the list for an alumni ring. Previously scheduled professional obligations will keep me nearly a thousand miles from Richland the night of the big meeting. However my thoughts and good wishes will be with those who would beard the lion in his den. Regardless of the various feelings and arguments of exactly what is at stake or not... it seems to me that it would be foolish not to be prepared to defend our proud mascot name "BOMBERS", as well as our beloved bomb. Someone mentioned "recall" which I presume refers to a recall election of some or all of the Richland School Board. Is my memory playing tricks or wasn't there a recall election in Richland back in the 60's? Now I can't remember if it was School Board members or city council members. If I can get an early flight from Anchorage, I will pick up my car at Sea-Tac and drive over and should make it at least for Friday night of Club 40. I will be off to Minneapolis, MN that Sat. PM. Any Bombers in that fair city? I will be there all week for the American Pyrotechnics Association annual conclave. I am told there will be 2-3 very nice fireworks displays that week. "Happiness is the sky in bloom" -Larry Mattingly (60) ~ Tacoma, WA - where the much needed rain is rattling on the skylight ******************************************** >>From: Patti Jones (60) Re: Alumni Ring Many communications have been transpiring in the last week since the Alumni Ring idea from Gary Behymer (64) was born. Involved in the discussions are Maren Smyth (64), Judy Willox Hodge (61), Leonard Peters (61), Gary Behymer (64) and Patti Jones (60). What has come from these communications is the following: 1. Saturday August 4, 2001 Judy Willox Hodge and Leonard Peters will meet with Mark Stevens, Jostens representative. 2. Two communications have happened with Mark Garland (78). Roy Ballard (63) called him as well as myself. Mark has been designing jewelry for 20 years. He is working on a design(s) that he will submit to us on Thursday August 8, 2001. His store is the Garland Gold Works in the Tri- Cities. 3. Judy Willox Hodge has talked with Lang Jewelry in Richland at the recommendation of some Bombers. 4. A committee will be formed to choose the design(s). 5. Possibly we will have a choice to order from a Jeweler as well as a company like Josten's. 6. Maren Smyth (64) has contacted Herff Jones. 7. Prices have also been discussed. Having two places to order from, such as a jewelry store and Jostens will keep the price in range for everyone. Thanks for everyone's input, from "I want one" to jeweler's names and numbers. Keep the "I want one" coming. Bomber Cheers -Patti Jones (60) ~ Browns Point, WA - where it rained today and cleaned the air ******************************************** >>From: Marilyn Stewart Stephenson (62) Count me in on an alumni ring... my hubby thinks it would be a great Christmas present for me. I agree. -Marilyn Stewart Stephenson (62) ******************************************** >>From: Vicki Monson Moore (63WB) Re: WB Ring? Hmmmm, what about us WBs for the Bomber ring? It would be great to have a memento from all those Bomberites I have met via e-mail. Re: Tournament How many Bombers are there on the Twin City Titans playing in the American Legion State Tournament starting tomorrow in Yakima, Saturday the 4th? Any of you Bombers coming to town? Doubt the Titans stand a chance against our Yakima teams... (: -Vicki Monson Moore (63WB) ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining (64) Re: the passing of Virgil Bishop (64) I remember Virgil and am saddened to hear of his passing. -Linda Reining (64) ~ Bakersfield, CA - we are in triple digits, again!!!!! ******************************************** >>From: Maren Smyth (64) Re: Alumni Ring Project Alumni Ring Website We're making progress... Right now what we need/want are more designs. Sketch... drawing... graphic design... WHATEVER... You don't have to be an artist... sketch what you think our Alumni Ring will look like... scan it and send it to me... I'll get it up on the website... need to get those designs submitted by Thursday, August 8th... -Maren Smyth (64) ******************************************** >>From: David Rivers (65) Re: Birthday Boys Wow... another year for two great Bombers. The first guy I've know for ever... well really only since 6th or 7th grade... so Hoff (64) has known him longer than I have as she happily points out now and then... so yes, Kathy... you've known him longer... since "Kinneygarden". He was always such a cool guy though he often couldn't "come out and play" because he had to baby sit his little sister, Jo. Jo isn't so little any more... and she can locate him in a crowd with some kind of little sister radar so at least she comes in handy now and again. He lived in a giant prefab next to Terry Davis (65) and Kathy Flynn (65) when we were growing up, across from Jason Lee. He, Ricky Warford (65) and I were the last kids our age I know to give up duck tails.... actually, I don't think he ever did give his up...but his hair is gone now so it's hard to tell. Anyway, he just moved from Alaska to Las Vegas and I should see him for lunch or dinner on Saturday... his big day... the big 55... IF he can come out and play... Happy Birthday today [8/4], Jimmy Heidlebaugh! The other Bomber was a year ahead of me and I never knew him very well when we were growing up. I just knew that he was a rival for the love of my life during my Jr. year. She tells me I had a bit of a wandering eye back then but I know better... he got the girl and I... hmmmmmm, what did I get? Anyway, they now live up state, have 3 beautiful daughters (Oh yeah... I did get a beautiful daughter too) all of whom I've had the pleasure of meeting, and I am a day late in wishing him Happy Birthday. So, Happy Birthday [8/3], John Corrado (64)! -David Rivers (65) ******************************************** >>From: John Foster (65) Glass Ring, Count me in too. -John Foster (65) ******************************************** >>From: Peggy Jones Snow (67) Re: Alumni ring I would love to have an alumni ring. When I graduated in 1967 all of the other paraphernalia was so costly that the ring was the first to be crossed off the list. Please keep me informed (via this forum?) as to when to actually ante up the bucks, etc. Hello to the fellow Bomber who lives in Espanola, NM... I'm just 'up the hill' from you and we should get together sometime! To: Betsy Fox (63) Did you ever receive my email?? -Peggy Jones Snow (67) ~ Here in Los Alamos, NM in the middle of our 'monsoon' season with glorious thunder and lightning storms most days. (But I still long for the dry Richland heat and the juicy cling-free peaches that must be ripe about now.) ******************************************** >>From: Rick Maddy (67WB) Re: ring Is it true, in today's market, a ring for under $199.99 will turn your finger green? I thought I read that somewhere... maybe not. I left Richland half way through my senior year and graduated from North Kitsap High School in Poulsbo after spending my entire school life in Richland. I, of course, returned for the graduation party and never really thought about being a wanna be, but I believe that be what I be. Moved back in 73 and left for good in 79. I will start here with the WB on my name. Sorry about the confusion in previous posts. -Rick Maddy (67WB) ~ Kihei, HI 88/70 88/70 88/70 88/70 degrees ******************************************** >>From: Dorris Meloeny Alred (68) Re: Bomb Commemorates Richland Cityhood I am interested in any recollections of the "bomb" set off in the then empty field next to Uptown Shopping district. I have gotten several and I am compiling them, which I will forward along to Rick and Maren. Please send me your memories. -Dorris Meloeny Alred (68) ******************************************** >>From: Anna Durbin (69) I am interested in a ring, too. -Anna Durbin (69) ******************************************** >>From: Molly Hinkle Millbauer (79) The All-Class ring sounds great! I would like to suggest Garlands Goldworx. James Garland is a 78 Bomber graduate and does excellent work. Bomber Cheers -Molly Hinkle Millbauer (79) ******************************************** >>From: Aaron Johnson (82) Re: class ring Count me in! I lost mine my first year at Wazzu (I think I gave it to a sorority girl I proposed to at a frat party; can't remember clearly what it was I proposed!). -Aaron Johnson (82) ******************************************** >>From: Kristi Wilson (Not-A-Bomber) Dear Maren, I got your e-mail address from the Richland Bombers website and I am trying to locate Carol Ann Stewart (72) who went to your high school. I know that she had two older sisters and one younger. I'm hoping that maybe you knew her or one of her sisters. She is not listed on the web site for your high school and there aren't any e-mail addresses for any other Stewarts. If you have any information I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You -Kristine Wilson (Not-A-Bomber) ******************************************** >>From: Lee Gnatzig (Not-A-Bomber) Re: Day's Pay Mural Website I'm Lee Gnatzig, webmaster for the original 381st site. I recently began making items with 381st info on them (mouse pads, coasters, clocks, etc.). I came across your site and very much enjoyed the story. I also thought that this mural would make a great mouse pad, clock or other similar item subject. If you think so too, please let me know and maybe we can supply something for you. -Lee Gnatzig *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/05/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 15 Bombers sent stuff: Shirley Watts (49), Carol Carson (60) David Douglas (62), Frank Osgard (63WB) Leoma Coles (63), Marie Ruppert (63) Jim Adair (66) and Kathie Moore (69) Andee Creighton (67), Karen Schildknecht (67) Linda Thomas (68), Larry Stone (71) Jim Anderson (72WB), Jeanette Dyken (73) Anne Mitzlaff (77) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Watts James (49) Dick Roberts' (49) idea of a $5.00 surcharge [8/4/01 Alumni Sandstorm] is a good one. I'd do it. -Shirley Watts James (49) ******************************************** >>From: Carol Carson (Southam) Renaud (60) Re: Class Ring To: Patti Jones (60), et al I still have my 1960 class ring but think, as do most others, an alumni ring is a great idea. Lots of folks are saying "count me in" and, in the end, I know you'll need a real count. How about putting the designs on the website (when a short list is chosen) and let people vote. Anyway - count me in too! -Carol Carson (Southam) Renaud (60) ~ Renton, WA - where it is sunny/cloudy/sunny/cloudy, etc. Cool & great! ******************************************** >>From: David Douglas (62) Count me in for the alumni ring as well. I was too poor (or too cheap - it's hard to tell the difference with me) to buy a class ring at the time. I also vividly remember the 'mushroom' cloud at the Richland charter celebration. There was an essay contest as part of that celebration, I think I got 'honorable mention.' My mom saved a copy of the newspaper article for my scrapbook, which is stored away in Hawaii. -David Douglas (62) ~ Gilbert, AZ (for two more weeks - then Tianjin, P.R. China) ******************************************** >>From: Frank Osgard (63WB) Re: Bomber Rings I gave my ring to some tomato in a romance that started at Hi-Spot and never saw the sun rise on Monday. It might have been me calling nine times between the roast beef and the pineapple upside down cake at her Sunday supper. Or maybe it was her keen clairvoyance in which case she should have won the lottery several times by now. Her loss, but also her gain, I was too crushed to ask for it back. Hell, I'm still waiting for her to change her mind. You know who used to have great rings, and should be considered is the Hollywood Diamond Exchange. They advertised in Sad Sack comic books when I was one of "Uncle Sugar's Finest", and were the source of easily half of the letters of indebtedness received and responded to by Company level officers. They had a tasteful little number with at least 1/16 of a carat of imitation zircon chips that was a real favorite of little Sammy Oatmeals looking for Saigon Brides, and or making an honest woman out of their Korean paramours. Are we looking for the old time Bomber (won't this look great on a gold chain hanging over and in front, hopefully way in front of a fuzzy sweater), or the faux Westpoint, with the rear reflector from a Schwinn, ruby stone look. Doe's anyone have a picture of what the ring for the Gold Medal Class of 63 looked like? I recall it had a green stripe across the front, but under the mushroom cloud. It was in the display case by Lyda's office (I saw it every day, some times twice), and then we voted on it. How much did they cost? I'll bet jimbeaux still has his, and the box it came in. Frank p.s. Can we throw pennies at the bad boppers at the Last Chance, Last Dance Hi-Spot? Will little sisters be fair game now that they're probably 45? -Frank Osgard (63WB) ******************************************** >>From: Marie Ruppert Hartman (63) Count me in for an alumni ring. Couldn't afford one back in '63. Great idea! -Marie Ruppert Hartman (63) ~ rainy & sunny Bremerton, WA ******************************************** >>From: Leoma Coles (63) Re: Virgil Bishop (64-RIP) It makes me very sad to hear of his passing! We had lots of good times dancing in my High School days... I'm sure he will be missed by a lot of Bomber grads... I will be thinking of his family. In sorrow, -Leoma Coles (63) ******************************************** >>From: Kathie Moore Adair (69) and Jim Adair (66) Re: Class Rings I still have my 1969 class ring, dark green stone, mushroom clouds on both sides, surrounded by Columbia High School. Lost my senior key right after graduation on the beach of Bateman Island, where 50-60 acres burned yesterday. Jimmie wasn't able to purchase his class ring. So, put us down for two rings, sounds like a great idea. -Kathie Moore Adair (69) and Jim Adair (66) ~ cloudy and cool in West Richland ******************************************** >>From: Andee Creighton Mansfield (67) Re: Alumni Ring To: Patty Jones (60) "I want one" too. My class ring was stolen by someone who broke into our home in about 1971 in San Bernardino, CA. It seems our rings have been a hot commodity thought the years. Alot of people must wanna be Bombers (I'm sure it's not just the $$$)! -Andee Creighton Mansfield (67) ******************************************** >>From: Karen Schildknecht Mateo (67) Re: Alumni ring Count me in too. I couldn't afford one in high school, so I'd love getting one now. Maybe we could use one of Gary Christian's (67) designs, and James Garland's (78) jewelry shop. (Hoping that might guarantee us a much lower price than Josten's.) Just a thought. To: Peg Jones Snow (67) Haven't heard from you in a while. Are you doing okay? Drop me a line and let me know how things are going. I'll see everyone else at the school board meeting. Bomber Pride! -Karen Schildknecht Mateo (67) ~ Richland ******************************************** >>From: Linda Thomas Richardson (68) Re: alumni ring I, too, am interested in an alumni ring... I still have my ring. I remember ordering in the Commons at the high school... I had to pay a five dollar deposit and the balance of $30.00 was due when the ring came in. I think it was one of the first years we had a choice... either the circular type or the traditional style with a choice of colored stones rather than the solid gold. I was working at Zip's at the time to finance my "wants" and was thrilled I could purchase the ring which I still proudly wear!! -Linda Thomas Richardson (68) ******************************************** >>From: Larry Stone (71) I might be interested in a class ring also. -Larry Stone (71) ******************************************** >>From: Jim Anderson (72WB) To: Mike Davis (74) and Diane Hartley (72) Re: ring discussion HELP! -Jim Anderson (72WB) ******************************************** >>From: Jeanette Dyken Yarger (73) Re: Lyle Dyken - A Real Bomber Lyle was my Dad. He was a true bomber. Even though he was not a real alumni he was a Bomber since 1947 like my Mom, Anna Mae, wrote it. [Bomber Mascot Crisis - Issue #2 - 7/25/01] I was raised to be proud of the our country, our flag, and yes the CLOUD. The Bomb is Richland's history. History will not be replaced. I am proud of all the Vets and the men and women who worked at Hanford. Miss you, Dad. -Jeanette Dyken Yarger (73) ******************************************** >>From: Anne Mitzlaff Gerken (77) Is there anyone who lives near Burnet, TX who wouldn't mind doing a small favor for me there? I need an annual page copied from years ago. Someone particular's picture. Any possibilities? -Anne Mitzlaff Gerken (77) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/06/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers sent stuff: Max Sutton (57), Paula Beardsley (62) Jake Tate (66), Micky Hemphill (66) Suzanne Lindberg (71), Mike Davis (74) Vicki Young (76), Carla Delvin (77) Kellie Walsh (77) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Max Sutton (57) Re: Alumni Ring To: Patti Jones (60) Patti, me darlin', Count me as one of those who would be interested in a Alumni ring also. -Max Sutton (57) ~ Renton, WA - where it is cool and cloudy. ******************************************** >>From: Paula Beardsley Glenn (62) Count me in for a ring-Didn't get one-no money and no inclination in those days. Now I have the inclination and will work on the money. Great idea, Gary! Loved the drawings, Judy. -Paula Beardsley Glenn (62) ******************************************** >>From: Jake Tate (66WB) Re: Alumni Ring Will us "would've been" individuals also be allowed to purchase one of the alumni rings, or will the offer be restricted to only CHS/RHS graduates? -Jake Tate (66WB) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Yes, WBs will be able to purchase... will NOT be restricted to only CHS/RHS grads. Also, no reason why "WB" can't appear on the ring. -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Micky Hemphill (66) What a great weekend we had celebrating our 35th reunion. It was so good to see all those special people. Thanks to all who put it together for us. The other special event that happened for me that week was being accepted for a position with Fluor Hanford... I WILL BE COMING HOME IN A FEW WEEKS. I hope the rest of you "homies" are prepared? I had an opportunity to share some memories of our childhood and wish I would have been prepared. I left out so many things that are near and dear to me... our parents, our teachers, friends who are no longer with us. Mr. Rex Davis... you never age. Thanks for being there. I know we had a good time Friday night because of the way I felt Saturday morning for the golf outing. I know my teammates appreciated the steady hands and the keen eye I provided for our last place finish. 'Twas good to see everyone and I am excited about coming back home. See ya soon, -Micky Hemphill (66) ******************************************** >>From: Suzanne Lindberg (71) Re: Alumni ring Maren and Co.-- Please add my name to your 'interest in an alumni ring' list. Thanks, -Suzanne Lindberg (71) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) To: Jim "Bo" Anderson (72WB) I agree! The ring talk must stop! How 'bout starting a "Bomber Alumni Ring Crisis " Edition to handle all these ring comments. Hartley, we need your support here! If it doesn't stop I may hurt myself!! -Mike Davis (74) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Here's a thought: CHANGE THE SUBJECT!! -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Vicki Young Davis (76) I think an Alumni Class Ring is a great idea. I also agree that Brothers Jewelers should be given a shot. They do great work. If the cost is not too great I think that would be even better. Count me in. -Vicki Young Davis (76) ******************************************** >>From: Carla Delvin (77) Re: Bomber ring I too am interested in the ring idea. I was not able to purchase one in high school. -Carla Delvin (77) ~ Redlands, CA - hot, dry, but the oranges are ready to eat ******************************************** >>From: Kellie Walsh Patterson (77) To: the Alumni Ring Committee: This might be too expensive, but do you think that the ring company will create one version of the final design for men, and then a scaled down version for the women? Some designs would look great on a man's hand, but might be too "big and clunky" on a woman's hand. Especially if the front design remains the same size and only the band circumference changes to accommodate a smaller finger. But then again, if they reduce the front design on the women's ring, would the design even show up? Just some things to think about. How did/has each class handled this issue in the past? I'm torn between design #4b by Gary (nice job) and I like the scan of the class ring of '69. Thanks for taking on this endeavor, -Kellie Walsh Patterson (77) ~ Simi Valley, CA - where my sister shamelessly plugs our city as the Home of the Ronald Reagan Library. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [ ...yes the ring will come in a women's size with very little effect of losing the top design unless you go to the VERY petite version and then, yes you will lose it. While I was at the meeting, Leonard Peters' (61) daughter, who graduated in 1995 came in and I had a chance to view her ring and how it looked and it looked GREAT!! Small enough for a woman but big enough to be noticed. *G*!! In other words, this ring will come in a man's version and size AND a ladies version and size, but will all be the same design. Guaranteed to please us all!! -Judy Willox Hodge (61)] *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/07/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11 Bombers 2 Bomber Parents and a special announcement today: Jerry Oakley (51), Jim McDougal (57) Judy Willox (61), Fred Schafer (63) Kathy Rathvon (63), Barb Dains (64) Fran Teeple (68), Nancy Bishop (69) Diane Hartley (72), Jill Walser (81) Jil Lytle (82) ******************************************** ******************************************** SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!! LAST CHANCE HI-SPOT From: Linda Belliston Boehning (63) Jim Hamilton (63) Kathy Hoff Conrad '64 The Gold Medal Class of '63, in conjunction with the "White Socks Class of '64" would like to propose an evening for all Bomber Alumni to enjoy. It is anticipated that the "Rec Hall", or the Richland Community Center as it is now known, will be sold this fall, and possibly torn down due to the construction of Richland's NEW Community Center. We would like to invite you to a Last Chance, Last Dance "Hi-Spot". We have rented the "Rec Hall" for Saturday, September 15th, 2001 starting at 6:00 'til ---------, for all you alumni to trip the light fantastic, one more time at "Hi-Spot". Admission will be $5.00 for Bomber Alums and Guests. If you have your old Hi-Spot card it will save you $2.00 (which is about twice what it cost). Lions, Bull Dogs and Ki-Be Bears will be $10.00 with a co-signer. While they were one-two-three, one-two-threeing, at the Social Club, Plumbers and Steamfitters Hall and the Grange, we were rockin' it up at the "Bomber Bandstand", to the Chessmen, Grant Ross and the Royals, the Flames, the Wailers and I do believe Kit Kat and the Kasuals. At an earlier time, Joe Banana and his Bunch probably headlined. Oh the romances that sparked in that ballroom. And the thousands of girls who ran crying into the bathroom with friends in hot pursuit, to sympathize with, agree that he was a Jerk and get the name of the guy who was now available. There aren't many who don't have a memory or seven from all of those Saturday nights, let's give them one more chance. You will be able to have "Our Song" played for a buck, and we plan to raffle off the chance to name the Last Dance, and won't that just look swell in your obituary. All of the old rules will apply. No Jeans, you can only sign in one guest and the Chaperones will be at the front door sniffing everyone's breath, although the slackers will probably still sneak in the side door. And when the time comes to turn on the lights, 'cause the party's over, You will be able to say that you were there when Elvis left the building. In the famous words of "The Tempos", "See you in September" ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jerry Oakley (51) Does anyone remember when the "Hi Spot" was in the women's dormitories on Lee Blvd., or am I hallucinating again?? -Jerry Oakley (51) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi-Spot ******************************************** >>From: Jim McDougal (57) Re: Class/Alumni Ring After having viewed the many, many requests to be included as someone interested in a ring, I have to request that both my name, and my wife (Patti Gulley - Class of 60) be added to the list. Pat lost hers in a store in Bellevue, Washington sometime after we were married, but I never had one and would jump at the chance to be a proud owner of one. I would proudly wear it for the rest of my life. -Jim McDougal (57) ******************************************** >>From: Judy Willox Hodge (61) To: Vern Lawson (49) I may not know you, but I gotta love ya as ya is a Bomber!! Sooooo, here goes my Bomber birthday song just for you Vern. Happy Bomber birthday to you; happy Bomber birthday to you. Happy Bomber birthday dear Vern; happy Bomber birthday to you! And many more!! Have a good one Vern! To: Paula Beardsley Glenn (62) and All Others: All classes Thanks Paula! And thanks to all of you out there who have responded in such a positive manner on the alumni ring! The overwhelming response has really spurred Patti, Maren and I on and I cannot begin to tell you the hours that we have spent in the chat room, on the phone, with representatives and etc. in order to make this happen for us. We are very excited about it and how it is coming along and we can't wait to finalize everything so that we can show you all the results! Be patient with us as we are working at feverish pitch and it will be worth the wait I know!! To: Micky Hemphill (66) Welcome back home to Bomberville, Micky!! Bomber Cheers and Pride with No Fear to Fight!! -Judy Willox Hodge (61) ~ Richland ******************************************** >>From: Fred Schafer (63) Re: Happy Anniversary Happy Anniversary, Ann. Thanks for 37 wonderful years... let's have at least 37 more. Your best friend, Fred -Fred Schafer (63) ******************************************** >>From: Kathy Rathvon (63) Re: Virgil Bishop (64-RIP) I, too, was saddened by the news of Virgil Bishop's death. He took ballet classes forever from my mother and went on to study in San Francisco and then in South America. He was truly dedicated to the art and his parents supported him 100%. He became a very fine dancer and when he was in town and took classes from my mother he was an inspiration to her students. -Kathy Rathvon (63) ******************************************** >>From: Barb Dains Van Hollebeke (64) Re: Dorothy Dains (RIP) For those of you who knew my Mom, Dorothy Dains (Mother of Barb (64) and Martha (69)), she passed away at 8AM [8/6/01] in Beverly Health care in Pasco. The obit will be posted tomorrow sometime with a few family pictures if you are interested. The site is under the obituary section and then type is Dains. Just thought some of you might like to know.. oh, we moved to Richland in 1948 and Mom and Dad would have been married for 60 years on October 11, 2001..... a very long time..!!! -Barb Dains Van Hollebeke (64) ******************************************** >>From: Fran Teeple (68) Re: '68 Columbian Memories of Drill Team, anyone? I had a great time doing that, enjoyed lots of friends. We spent Saturday mornings practicing maneuvers for our moment of glory. The uniform was OK, but the big R we wore was always pulling on the sweater. I scanned in the entire 1968 Columbian for a classmate. Since I have the 2 CD set done, if other classmates would like a copy, I'd be willing to burn a few more CDs. -Fran Teeple (68) ~ Spokane, WA - Summer has arrived ******************************************** >>From: Nancy Bishop Maynard (69) Re: Virgil A. Bishop (64-RIP) I wanted to let '64 grads and others know that my brother, Virgil Bishop passed away on August 1st 2001 in Caracas Venezuela. My mother, brother's and myself are arranging to have a memorial service for him here. The time and date will be given in his obituary. Please remember my family in your prayers. Thanks. -Nancy Bishop Maynard (69) ******************************************** >>From: Diane Hartley (72) Re: RING To: Mike Davis (74) Good Lord! I tell you we get stuck on something and stay with it - I am about ready to bring back the Denny's thing if these people do not stop. I think we got it THE RING IS A GOOD IDEA -- Now let's get on to more important topics like How to retire at a young age like Mike and Diane and have money too :-) Sorry people, you just have to know us to love us - we mean well, and I do not want Mike to hurt himself (We need him for the next reunion track meet) inside joke. :-) To: Jim Anderson (72WB) Hope that was enough help, if not I will come up with something better. :-) -Diane Hartley (72) ******************************************** >>From: Jill Walser (81) To: All Bombers Re: Stained Glass Hi all, I've decided to take up a new hobby and have absolutely no idea where to begin. I'd like to know if any of you make stained glass as an occupation or hobby, and if so, if you know where I might find instruction in the Bellevue, WA area. If any Bombers have web sites with their creations, I'd love to view them! Thank you! -Jill Walser (81) ~ Redmond, WA... where it is *tada* 81 degrees at SeaTac. ******************************************** >>From: Jil Lytle Smith (82) Change the subject? OK. I have some relatives from Minnesota wanting some Bomber merchandise. Where can they get it? (Bomber stickers sweatshirts/hats etc.) Please feel free to email me the info. Thanks! -Jil Lytle Smith (82) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Buy Bomber Stuff website ******************************************** >>From: Ron and Orrel Walser (Bomber Parents) Re: Bomber Birthday From a Mom and Dad of three bombers. Randy (87) the youngest and has a birthday on August 7th. Happy Birthday son. Love, Mom and Dad -Ron and Orrel Walser (Bomber Parents) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/08/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers sent stuff: Barbara Sharp (61/62), Judy Willox (61), Ed Wood (62), Betty Noble (63), Susie Shaver (63), Paul Tampien (64), Bill Didway (66), Leta Ramerman (66), Lynn Noble (72WB), Vivian Good (74), ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Barbara Sharp Lysher Porter (61/62) Looked in on the mailings today and saw much discussion re class rings. Lost mine years ago, maybe on purpose (?)... who wanted to wear a ring with initials BS!!!! Wore Joe McCoy's (60) ring around my neck for awhile, remember how heavy it was, must have had a half roll of tape around it too. Roger, are you reading this????? l00 degrees today in Oklahoma. -Barbara Sharp Lysher Porter (61/62) ******************************************** >>From: Judy Willox Hodge (61) To: Barb Dains Van Hollebeke (64) I am very sorry Barb for the loss of your Mother. My heartfelt prayers and thoughts are with you and your family at this time of sorrow for you. May God grant her a speedy trip home to Him and you the strength to heal from this wound. God Bless you all. To: Nancy Bishop Maynard (69) I am so deeply sorry Nancy that you and your family recently experienced the loss of your brother. You are in my heartfelt thoughts and prayers now at this time of your sorrow. May God grant Virgil a speedy trip home to Him and you, his family, the strength to recover and heal from this burden. God Bless you all. To: Randy Walser (87) Happy Bomber birthday to you; happy Bomber birthday to you. Happy Bomber birthday dear Randy; happy Bomber birthday to you! And many more!! To: Diane Hartley (72) Oh Diane, tsk, tsk, tsk!!! LOL!!! To: Margo Heiling Barron (57) Yes Margo, Paul Beardsley does live in Richland and he is the author of the book you mentioned. I think that the book was also at the CREHST museum at one time and may still be for sale there. Paula Beardsley (62) is his daughter and she would know how one could get a copy of it. Her e-mail address is on the alumni site under the class of '62. Long Road to Self Government -Judy Willox Hodge (61) ******************************************** >>From: Ed Wood (62) Re: Visit with David Pugh (62) Now that I'm easing into retirement, I can travel with my wife when she goes on her needlework trips. Last week she had a conference in Durango, CO, so I went down with her to play in the San Juan mountains. This was a great chance to get together with David Pugh (62) and his effervescent wife Marcie in their log home a few miles outside of Durango. It's fun catching up after 39 years! Bombers can wind up in some beautiful places and David's home is as beautiful as they come. Thanks for the BBQ and great times, David, let's do it again! -Ed Wood (62) ~ Lakewood, CO ******************************************** >>From: Betty Noble (63) I just got home from a two week visit in the Tri- Cities. It was a WONDERFUL, busy, time. I met with fellow Col-Hi grads and celebrated birthdays with family. I look forward to seeing them all again. To: David Rivers (65) Hello and thank you on the birthday tip for Jim Heidlebaugh (65). I've sent a card and letter which will arrive a little late. I agree on all the great things you have said about Jim. I haven't known him as long as you have but I want to tell you and anyone else who reads Sandstorm that knows/knew Jim, he and his wife Judy were there for me at a very critical point in my life. Thank you Jim and Judy and thanks for still being very good friends. Re: Last Chance Hi Spot We "Oregonian Bombers" will be getting together to plan a trip to come for the last Hi-Spot dance. I remember going to Hi-Spot when I was in high school. I recall "sitting" a lot but I enjoyed watching with excitement all the good dancers out on the floor, as Linda B. put it: "Tripping the Light Fantastic!!!" (I'm a Roy Orbison fan, hint, hint.) Now I dance with my granddaughter trying to teach her what little I know about the dances we used to do. She's always a willing partner and works hard to learn new and exciting things. Aren't grandchildren great?!! Brother Dan: get your dancing boots on 'cause here I come! To: Diane Hartley (72) Hi Hartley!! I too am ready for other subjects to talk about besides the RING. I'm all for an alumni ring and say yes to the purchase and am glad that wannabe's, willabe's, wouldabeens can also get one but the "Denny's thing"? I'm not sure that's a topic I can get into since I don't know the history there. I've gotten a little dense in my old age and here I thought I was getting wiser. Perhaps it's because I am a new-comer to the [Alumni] Sandstorm. To: Fran Teeple (68) Yes, I remember Drill Team and the heavy "R." I also remember enjoying the moment of "glory" when we performed either out on the fields or in the parades. To: Ann Engel Schafer (63) I missed your birthday (Happy Birthday!!) and now you are celebrating an anniversary. It's great you and Fred have been together that long and many more to come I'm sure. We'll have to have a special toast when we get together, which will be soon I hope! Maybe we can shoot for September 27th -- that will be my husband's 65th birthday. -Betty Noble (63) ******************************************** >>From: Susie Shaver Caldwell (63) To: Dick and Linda Belliston Boehning (63) I shall try to make it for the LAST DANCE, and to view the best looking couple of the class of '63, you two. Luv, -Susie Shaver Caldwell (63) ******************************************** >>From: Paul Tampien (64) Re: Bomber in TN I was catching up on all the news and mistakenly erased the one with the person who had just moved to TN. Do you remember who that was? Also saw the one about Krispy Creme coming to WA. No, they are not as good as a Spudnut. I have a Spudnut Shop shirt and wear it all the time. Still homesick for one after all these years. -Paul Tampien (64) ******************************************** >>From: Bill Didway (66) To: Mick (Ironbutt) Hemphill (66) How was the ride back home? I am sure you were in better shape for it and really looking forward to it. The fresh air and all. No troubles with the bike? I had an enjoyable time at the reunion also. Thanks to those who put the time and effort into the reunion committees. Granny (66) be sure to give us a call when you come back up to Skagit County. I too would be interested in a alumni ring... go ahead Mike Davis (74)... hurt yourself, but not at Denny's. -Bill Didway (66) ******************************************** >>From: Leta Ramerman (66) Greetings from warm, beautiful, sunny Portland, Oregon where I am enjoying a great summer off. I must say I have been coming and going a lot and have not seen all of my e-mail, thus not read all of the Alumni Sandstorm editions this summer. However, one subject has caught my eye - that of the "ring". I sadly misplaced my class of '66 ring. Can someone please e-mail to me the information about the "ring" that is being designed for alums -very much appreciated. My e-mail is [at the beginning of this entry]. Wishing everyone as great and enjoyable a summer as I am having. THANK YOU for the information! -Leta Ramerman (66) ******************************************** >>From: Lynn Noble Paden (72WB) To: Diane Hartley (72), Mike Davis (74), Jim Anderson (72WB) Oh come on, now, you three! Why be so critical about folks getting excited about the alumni rings. To hear it from you, it's getting to be a "three ring circus". Or, a perpetual game of "ring around the rosy". But, one sure thing that "rings true" about this is that it's definitely a "dead ringer" for a boring topic! (Sorry but my dad, "MR" as he's endearing called, is the world's worst punster and inflicted many years of PUNishment on his kids. I guess I'm just a chip off this old block!) -Lynn Noble Paden (72WB) ******************************************** >>From: Vivian Good Rogalsky (74) Re: Class/Alumni Ring I too am interested in a Alumni ring. My class ring was stolen when our home in Portland was robbed in 1983. I didn't wear it a lot but I still wish I had it. Also taken was my class key and my graduation tassel. To: Fran Teeple (68) Re: Drill Team I was in drill team my Junior and Senior year and had a great time. We weren't the most popular bunch but we sure had fun. -Vivian Good Rogalsky (74) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/09/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff: Carol Converse (64), Pam Ehinger (67) Dorris Meloeny (68) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Carol Converse Maurer (64) To: Barb Dains Van Hollebeke (64) I was sorry to read about your mom's passing. God be with you and your family at this time. To: Nancy Bishop Maynard (69) I remember Virgil in high school. Such a neat person! I was so sorry to hear about his death. Such a tragedy. God be with you at this time. -Carol Converse Maurer (64) ~ Eureka, CA - Foggy today. We've decided to stay put for the time being. Perhaps a position on the east side of WA one of these years will become available. ******************************************** >>From: Pam Ehinger Nassen (67) Re: Rick Maddy Rick is not and never will be a Col-Hi WB!! Not in my book any way! Rick was there to talk to when I need advice! Besides his picture is in the 67 Annual! See that proves he was there! All kidding aside, Rick went to school all but maybe 6 months of that year. Now to me that says he is a '67 graduate of Col-Hi! So he didn't walk down the aisle with us but he was there in spirit! So that is why I say Rick Maddy is - and always will be - a '67 graduate of Col-Hi! Bombers Rule -Pam Ehinger Nassen (67) ~ Thorp, WA - the sun is shining and birds are singing. ******************************************** >>From: Dorris Meloeny (68) Recollections in which I, and perhaps other Bombers, are interested (in addition to the class ring re- issuance, of course): Devastating sandstorms across the desert Planting of the poplar wind breakage along the bypass highway Frontier Days Parade and Celebration Kippy Brinkman (spelling) wins Miss Washington Gathering Asparagus where the Sham-Nu-Pum Golf Course is now (Near old Rose Bowl Sewage Plant) Watching the great 4th of July Fireworks Display on Blankets on Carmichael (?) Hill When Sweet Tarts became the cool candy of choice (as I guess 1962 or 1963) The Uptown Delicatessen (Johnny's) that sold pepperoni by the inch, and around 1965 or so sold chocolate covered ants, etc. (some craze) Roy's Chuckwagon Buffet Toyland at Christmas time in the Uptown Thrifty Drug Store and also Newberry's Five and Dime Cherry Phosphates and Green Rivers at Johnson's Drugstore Making forts in the River Willows next to the Columbia River from Jefferson School area North Mrs. MacIntosh's First grade Class Mrs. Price, and her husband who looked very much like Ronald Reagan, as I remember The Richland Players Little Theater Group; In particular The Diary of Anne Frank, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Streetcar Named Desire, Miracle Worker, etc. Actually one of my fondest childhood memories, the greasy sardines during set construction, the cold cream smell of the upstairs dressing room, the selling of seats, the awards banquets Seeing West Side Story, or Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid at the Downtown Richland Theater Matinees for Kid's at the Uptown Theater, Stand in a long line and for a quarter see cartoon, newsreel, and Francis the Talking Mule on Saturday When Lolita played at the Uptown Theater Peyton Place and how many of us surreptitiously read the 'juicy', so to speak, parts Drive In Movies, not just make out dates, but how much family fun for so cheap When the worst thing to worry about on Halloween was the big 'bad' kids stealing your candy -Dorris Meloeny (68) ~ Johnson Space Center, Seabrook, TX - where it steams when the sun shines, which is, unfortunately, almost always. *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/10/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers sent stuff: Audrey Eberhardt (61WB), Judy Willox (61) Larry Bishop (61), Susie Shaver (63) Bill Didway (66), Bill Wingfield (67) Penny McAllister (67), Vickie Andersen (67) Greg Alley (73), Ron Harmon (77) ******************************************** ******************************************** >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Patricia Anne Lair Wiley-Lukens (57) Date: Wed Aug 8 15:19:38 2001 Class of 1957 Hi, this is a great web page your doing a great job. I found out about this web at my granddaughter's wedding, where I found the parents of the groom where graduates of Columbia High. What a small world. I would love to hear from old friends or anyone that knows of the where abouts of 1957 graduates. Thanks Pat -Patricia Anne Lair Wiley-Lukens (57) ******************************************** >>From: Audrey Eberhardt Mathews (61WB) To: Dorris Meloeny Alred (68) Thanks for the memories. Mine are a little different but somehow the same. I remember my first sand/wind storm - We lived in the old Camp Hanford base housing and a very large tumbleweed blew against the front door where I was babysitting and frightened me. I sat for many hours on the banks of the Columbia River and poured out the torments of a very insecure, unpopular teenager. I remember the Frontier Days and the fireworks. I remember seeing both Oklahoma and Carousel at the theater with a group of girls and a man snoring during one of the saddest part. I remember horseback riding and skating on Saturday afternoon and evening. I remember the drive-in movies and the great time we always had. Well enough for now I just could not help myself I have not written in a while and I really enjoy reading everyone's comments and I am saddened by deaths and illness. -Audrey Eberhardt Mathews (61WB) ******************************************** >>From: Judy Willox Hodge (61) To: Dorris Meloeny Alred (68) "These are a few of my favorite things!" And besides Peyton Place as a juicy read, there was always Lady Chatterley's Lover to grab our attention and fever our fantasies! LOL!! And oh that Lolita! But MY favorite was always the Brigitte Bardot movies! So racy then, so tame today! Ah, the good ole' days!! And the oh so much fun we had growing up here in Bomberville!! They can't take that away from us!! -Judy Willox Hodge (61) ~ Richland ~ where the fight team is gearing up! ******************************************** >>From: Larry Bishop (61) Re: Virgil There is going to be a memorial service in Richland for Virgil Bishop (64-RIP). Check the Tri-City Herald or call David at Ganzell's Barber shop. He had a heart attack at work and was gone in minutes and did not suffer according to the Doctor. I talked with his wife this afternoon. They are not on line but are working on it so if you want to send me something I will save it until they are on line and I will forward it to them. He will be missed by all that he touched. -Larry Bishop (61) ******************************************** >>From: Susie Shaver Caldwell (63) I would like to change the subject also, as a few of you have suggested. Let's go to the present, and talk about favorite vacations, as it is August, and Mark and I are heading out in the boat to one of our favorite destinations, the Gulf Islands in Canada. One of our favorite places is Bedwell Harbour, on South Pender. Go to for info and a beautiful picture. We discovered it by accident one evening, and have returned several times. Also, how about hobbies that we have, as many of us (unfortunately not me) are retired!!! I'm hooked on stamping, sewing, gardening, running, boating, kayaking, cycling, and this silly computer. Let's go BOMBERS! -Susie Shaver Caldwell (63) ~ Olyville - where the sun just came up and the water is calm with lots of seaweed, due to the hot weather. It may reach 85 today! ******************************************** >>From: Bill Didway (66) When I was mowing the lawn yesterday I thought back to the days of mowing lawns earn spending money in Richland. I believe I made fifty cents a lawn. Used an old power reel mower and dads' gas. The yards were rather small in the area of Stevens Drive and Wilson where I was raised as compared to where l live now. The one time I had my lawn cut by a neighborhood kid it cost $25. Inflation. The lawns always seemed so green in Richland. I suppose the brown and gray desert surrounding the town made people want to have a green oasis and something to keep the dust down and the dirt out of the homes. -Bill Didway (66) ~ we hit 80 degrees here in Sedro Woolley, WA. yesterday where we just broke a 52 day cool streak of below average temperature... welcome back summertime. P.S. I hope this satisfies the gang of three for subject change. ******************************************** >>From: Bill Wingfield (67) To: Pam Ehinger Nassen (67) I am glad you said that about Rick Maddy (67). Rick, please drop the "WB", it just isn't the Rick Maddy that I remember. Rick, if I ever get to Hawaii, I'll be sure and look you up. -Bill Wingfield (67) ~ Augusta, GA ******************************************** >>From: Penny McAllister D'Abato (67) To: Rick Maddy (67) I agree you are a Richland Bomber ALL the way... and a graduate from our class of 1967!!!! -Penny McAllister D'Abato (67) ~ Southern CA where it is HOT!!!!!! ******************************************** >>From: Vickie Andersen Simmons (67) To: Rick Maddy (67) You are a Bomber through and through, no 'WB' about it. I don't care where you actually graduated. -Vickie Andersen Simmons (67) ******************************************** >>From: Greg Alley (73) To: Dorris Meloeny Alred (68) You have remembered some fine stuff from our town. The old theatre in the parkade now has many fine plays and productions but I remember seeing some fine movies there. At Christ the King we got to see The Sound of Music there and other fine parental Christian rated films. My fave was 2001: A Space Odyssey. I was so enamored of that film I saw it 3 times there. You also mentioned Roys Smorgy, the one on Wright street. In 1969 our CK 8th grade party was there and I have played hoops in their gym/church room there. I don't want a alumni ring. Maybe Bomber tattoo on a spot chosen by my peers. -Greg Alley (73) ~ From the hot box known as Richland (Hot August Nights) Not a Neil Diamond tribute. ******************************************** >>From: Ron Harman (77) I figured if my dad [Bob Harmon-51] is posting here, I may as well... To: Dorris Meloeny Alred (68) Thanks for triggering some memories! Sandstorms: We lived on the flood plain with a great view of Rattlesnake Mountain. Occasionally you would look up and the mountain was gone... just a blank, brown-gray wall moving toward you. I remember one particular storm during my senior year. I was working at J.C. Penney at Columbia Center and, even though the store closed and we locked the doors, the sand sifted through the cracks and got everywhere in the store! It got in the escalator and shut it down. The whole crew spent the better part of a Saturday cleaning up. You got so that you could just feel a change in the air and know one was coming. I remember driving my dad's mustang convertible near Umatilla one day and just pulling over. My wife asked why the top had to go up... it was a perfectly clear day. "You'll see." I told her. She was amazed... she had never seen anything like it. The Uptown Theatre: Strange what you remember... my strongest memory of the pre-multiplex Uptown is that wonderful, rich burgundy carpet with the indian heads... and so much padding you could practically twist an ankle on it! And those kiddie matinees! Watching a movie with shadows of thrown candy boxes flitting across the screen... Richland Players (and RLOC): I was a theatre and band geek, and in '77 that was about as bad as it got! Thank God for Swing Choir or I would have been completely ostracized! Richland Light Opera and the Players validated my existence. First show I ever saw... "Sound of Music". First show I actually remember seeing... "Fiddler on the Roof", with one of my dad's best friends, Bob Campbell (51) as Tevye. My first show outside of academia... "Hello, Dolly" in 1975 with RLOC. The beginning of a long and not to lucrative career. (So nice to be a professional in a profession that doesn't pay the bills!) More on the fun, dark days of RHS theatre later... Still acting... still singing... (hey, it's what I do..) -Ron Harman (77) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/11/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff: Ralph Myrick (51), Tom Hughes (56) Judy Porter (61), Carol Converse (64) Deedee Willox (64), Dena Evans (64WB) Susan Hurst (65), Mike Davis (74) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ralph Myrick (51) I have been reading about the Hi-Spot in the old community building. I have a question. Later on, wasn't that same place used for dances for unmarried, out-of- high-school young people? I think it was sponsored by General Electric. Les Kurtz (50-RIP) and I would frequent it in hopes of meeting one of the dorm girls. The dorm girls lived in dormitories off of Lee Blvd. One incident that I recall was when I saw a nice looking blond just sitting at a table. I walked over and asked her to dance. She looked me up and down and then she said sure. She stood up and she kept going up and up. We danced and my nose came to her naval. I swear, she was the tallest girl I had ever seen. Good dancer, too. -Ralph Myrick (51) ******************************************** >>From: Tom Hughes (56) Re: Mr. Bonjorni Many Bombers who attended Carmichael may remember Mr. Duncan Bonjorni. I had him as a teacher in the 9th grade. Attached in an article from the Auburn Washington paper about Mr. Bonjorni. He has been honored for a great life and career in the Auburn area but I remember him as a great teacher who showed a lot of patience and concern for his students. Mr. Bonjorni article -Tom Hughes (56) ******************************************** >>From: Judy Porter Cox (61) Y'all have great memories but - I MISS THE WEATHER the most! We are in very sunny, sweltering hot Georgetown, TX, and there is a much better place to be and that is the Tri-Cities. Even though this must be a golf mecca, as my husband Charlie (56), seems to think, who likes to sweat the minute you walk out the door? So far I think the only thing that has survived in this weather is our 18 year old cat. He, of course, really hasn't known any other type of weather and cold might put him out for good. I can't wait until September, to be able to take off my shoes and walk through a GREEN grass lawn, even if my Dad says it is mostly weeds. It doesn't grow stickers, fire ants, & stinging caterpillars. And it cools down at night. Richland here we come... even if only for a short visit! Do I sound homesick? Well, after all our moves - Texas is a nice place to visit, once, and I think we forgot to leave. We do have fall (has gotten as 'cold as 30 degrees') when you have winter and get a few northerner's. I surely hope I don't offend any Texas lovers, but I surely do know I have lived in a much better place! I have enjoyed my Texas friends, nothing against them, just their weather! And it seems like it is US and THEM when it comes to Texas accents, which 4 of our grandchildren definitely have. Hope y'all have a great day! -Judy Porter Cox (61) ******************************************** >>From: Carol Converse Maurer (64) To: Ron Harmon (77) Cool web site. One of my favorite hobbies is genealogy. I have my family traced by 12 generations here in the US. I have lots of information from England as well. I recently put a book together of my line of the family - a culmination of many years of hard work. I also love to garden and read. I remember going to the theater on the Parkway. Those movies with the newsreels and cartoons. Yes, I also remember "2001 A Space Odessy". those were the days. -Carol Converse Maurer (64) ~ Eureka, CA ******************************************** >>From: Mercedes "Deedee" Willox Loiseau (64) To: Ron Harman (77) You mentioned Bob Campbell. His wife, Midgie Pool, used to babysit my sister (Judy Willox Hodge-61) and me when we were kids. They lived three doors over from us on Craighill, right next to the Lambs. Ray Lamb was principal at Spalding elementary school and Kay taught at Lewis and Clark. My sis and I played with their daughter Kathy (62) and admired her big brother Mack. I have a snapshot of all us neighbor kids in our back yard. Joanne, Nancy, and John Allen Pierce are in it too; they lived between Pool's house and ours. I hung out a bit with Midgie's younger sister Beth also. I'm pretty sure she had brothers, too, but can't remember. My sis would remember of course as she is 2 years OLDER than I (neener, neener, neener, Judy - LOL). What great memories. Growing up in Richland was a unique experience. I have some very bad memories, but have realized that I have some very good ones too. I value the experience and have re-connected with some great friends from that time. (You know who you are!) -Mercedes "Deedee" Willox Loiseau (64) ~ Burbank, WA - where it is HOT! ******************************************** >>From: Dena Evans (64WB) After reading yesterday's submissions, I could hardly wait to see the responses made in today's. I was not at all surprised with what was said. I lived in Richland for about four years, but I have to let you know that I had more pride in being a Columbia High Bomber than being associated with any other school that I attended. Even though the thoughts have been varied, the one thing that I have found in the Alumni from Richland is that they all have an emotional tie to their schools heritage. This is wonderful! I have never heard of any other school that has been so dedicated to the history of the city or its industry. (Even though many may think that we should not be). There was reference made to Chief Joseph... The Peaceful Chief. History has told us that he moved his people as far away as Canada to keep them safe from harm. I just realized that Richland had taken the roll as a PEACE KEEPER. Chief Joseph and the Bomb... they both did what was best for their people. To: Judy Willox Hodge (61) You didn't fail me!!! LOL! Re: The good ole' days I just had to jump in here with a couple of memories that I have of Richland. I can remember the times that I would walk to school, from the far end of Douglas Drive, and half way there (to school) a sand storm would hit. I think that's the reason that I don't have to shave my legs today is because the hairs were sand blasted away. LOL!! I remember that it hurt so bad that I would run into a yard that had some protection and sit there until the burning stopped. Needless to say, I was tardy quite a few times. Many Saturday nights you could find me and a few friends at the skating rink, flirting with the older more experienced - in skating - young men. I can still out skate my children. I truly miss the happiness I had when I lived in Richland It was a great place to live. I have lived in California for 37 years and will return to the Oregon/Washington area when my son is gone from home... he's only 14 so I have about 4/5 more years. I just realized that all the while I've been typing this, I have had a broad smile on my face. Therapy over the internet and it didn't cost a cent. I am truly grateful to have lived in Richland. I met a lot of wonderful friends, and thanks to the Sandstorm I have been able to rekindle some of the friendship. -Dena Evans (64WB) ~ The wind has cooled us of here in Pittsbug, CA ******************************************** >>From: Susan Hurst (65) Re: Favorite places to cruise in the Gulf Islands To: Susie Shaver Caldwell (63) Hi Susie, When I read about how you enjoy Bedwell Harbour in the Gulf Islands, it made me think about the places my husband and I have enjoyed in the Gulf Islands. We only stopped at Bedwell Harbour to clear customs, but the swimming pool in front of the restaurant always looked inviting. We discovered Otter Bay a few years ago and I wished we had discovered it years ago. I loved the adult swim in the pool from 4 to 6 every afternoon with the piano player playing the old piano outside of the store. Sometimes he would be joined by a saxophone player from the ship called The Horn Blower. I had my favorite book store just up from the docks in Nanaimo. We found it was easier for us to go to Victoria by bus from Sidney than to try to take our boat around to Victoria. The marina at Sidney was always clean, with beautiful flower pots and I enjoyed exploring the shops in Sidney. We only went to Maple Bay once, but discovered it was fun mooring on Dock A and meeting the locals when the guest dock was full. Last year we went to Ganges for the Saturday market and attended a small dinner theater where we were treated to the history of Saltspring Island in song and dance. Four years ago we discovered the 3rd of July at Poulsbo. For three years in a row, we anchored our boat just outside of the safety buoys and enjoyed front row seats for the fireworks displays. I don't know if this is one of Larry Mattingly's (60) displays, but it was enjoyable and the closest I have ever been to fireworks displays. We sold our boat this past December so we missed the 3rd of July this year and will not be cruising in the Gulf Islands this August. In a few years we hope to buy a motor home and do some land yachting. I would enjoy hearing from anyone who has tips for buying motor homes or places to suggest we visit. -Susan Hurst (65) ~ sunny Woodinville, WA where I found shade on my deck today and watched two deer find some shade among the bushes in my side yard. I am now waiting until I can watch the hot Mariners on TV tonight. ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) To: Bo Anderson (72WB) and Diane Hartley (72) We are being addressed as a "gang of three!!" Let's get jackets! -Mike Davis (74) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/12/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers and THE SANDBOX #129 today: Bonnie Beardsley (56), Judy Willox (61) Larry Bishop (61), Jim Hamilton (63) Bill Didway (66), Dorris Meloeny (68) Shelley Williams (84) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bonnie Beardsley Sandahl (56) Re: Mr. Bonjorni To: Tom Hughes (56) Thanks for the heartwarming article about Duncan Bonjorni!! After all of these years he looks nearly the same in the picture that you transmitted! I, too, had Mr. Bonjorni and treasured my experience with him as my 9th grade teacher. The following year (10th grade) I went to high school for brief period in Washington, D. C. Mr. Bonjorni and I connected and we actually went to a little nearby drug store where we had a Coke and great discussion. Such an intelligent and caring gentleman! -Bonnie Beardsley Sandahl (56) ******************************************** >>From: Judy Willox Hodge (61) To: Judy Porter Cox (61) Howdy Judy! Nice to see you here. Get yourself outta that thar hot hole and get yerself home girl! LOL!! My husband is from Texas and he would now rather live here too. Loves our city, loves the Bombers and loves this little ole' Northern gal! Says he will never go back there to live now that he has been here. We have been back four times and I usually can't wait to get outta there! Too humid for me and too durn big. Gotta travel a hundred miles just to get to the next town it seems. LOL!! See ya when ya get back here?! To: Mercedes AKA Deedee Willox Loiseau (64) Okay, so ya beat me to the punch with this entry. Fine! However, gotta say here that even though I AM two years older then you, I AM also two years smarter. I REMEMBER the Poole boys; Richard (49) and Johnny (59), Richard the oldest and Johnny the youngest. Jim (61) and Brian (58) and Kathy (65) Fitzpatrick. And oh, that Wendell Briggs (50)!! Don't ASK me to name all the Sullivans, cause I can't! LOL!! Just Mary (63/64) and Denis (62). But there was always Cary (61-RIP) and Chuck (64) Groff too. See, I can name that tune in ONE note! (neener, neener, neener backatcha honey! LOL!) To: Dena Evans (64WB) Ya didn't really think that I would fail ya did ya! LOL!! Ain't changed a lick since ya came to our house as a youngster a couple of years ago! LOL!! To: Mike Davis (74), Diane Hartley (72), Bo Anderson (72WB) Too hot for jackets!! Be a part of the "bigger gang" and buy rings instead!! LOL!! Bomber Cheers and Pride with No Fear to Fight! -Judy Willox Hodge (61) ~ Richland ~ hotter even than Burbank ~ *G*! ******************************************** >>From: Larry Bishop (61) I would like to thank everyone who sent family and I Email about our brother, Virgil (64-RIP) and I know that we shall miss him. To know him is to love him. Thank you all -Larry L. Bishop (61) ******************************************** >>From: Jim Hamilton (63) The forever young Miss Nancy (65), just received a phone call from Ed Lincoln, the husband of Connie Hanson Lincoln (64). Ed told Nancy that Connie had been involved in a very serious automobile accident last week. She is on the mend at home, but is facing a long recovery for some extensive vertebra damage. She's going to be OK, just has to take it real slow for a while. Connie is not much for sitting still, so cabin fever should start setting in as we speak. She has a great family, very many close friends in the community, but I'm certain she would welcome all messages and calls from "Them Bombers". Ed says they've got enough flowers to open a florist shop, and enough food to open a restaurant. If you can find the time, send Connie a message or give her a call. She'll appreciate it and you'll feel better too. Jimbeaux -Jim Hamilton (63) ******************************************** >>From: Bill Didway (66) I think Greg Alley (73) came up with a great idea! A Bomber alumni tattoo sounds like just the thing. It has a lot of positives going for it. 1) you can't lose it... 2) can't be easily stolen... 3) you could really have green and gold in your veins... 4) much cheaper than a ring... 5) could wear as many as you wanted... 6) don't need to worry about out growing it and having it (them) resized - the bigger we get the bigger it would grow... 7) could have one saying Bomber, one saying Beaver, and one saying Bronc... 8) would not need to own a motorcycle to have one... Just a great idea Greg... my congratulations on a fine idea. -Bill Didway (66) ******************************************** >>From: Dorris Meloeny (68) Gosh, Thanks for the memories. They meant a lot. I saved many off to review again later. A few more follow: You could rent a horse and ride for an hour for a dollar. I rented a horse in 1962 or 1963 for and entire week for $15. This was shortly before my parents bought me my own horse. I loved riding over the desert; there is nothing like the wildflowers in say March-April when the snows have melted and the hot, dry eastern Washington heat hasn't burnt out all potential blooms. Miniature Golf used to be a more than valid activity. I loved it. Does anyone remember the local artist (painter, Marie Tomlinson)? Baby-sitting was maybe 25 to 50 cents an hour. Personally, I did little enough baby-sitting or any other kind of work, but I have since made up for my youthful laziness with the remainder of my life. Many a day I watched the River and dreamed, and dreamed; somehow proximity to water has always made those things hard to bear, easier. I have always found great comfort from bodies of water, be it the Columbia River, Puget Sound, the Pacific Ocean, or the Gulf Coast. I think this roots back to growing up next to the mighty Columbia River. (I too was an insecure, not so popular teenager. Perhaps we were not so alone.) I remember seeing the band the "Sonics" (of 'Season of the Witch' fame) at the roller rink during one of my parents' infrequent lapses of judgment. Since the roller rink had a fairly rowdy crowd during the 1965 to 1968 time period they hardly ever allowed me to go. Heck, I was hardly allowed to skate there, except Saturday afternoons. (I remember a few roller rink regular 'bad boys' I thought were terribly exciting and attractive) To: Ron Harmon (77) So, Ron - still acting, still singing? Would love to hear more! By 1977 I was the mother of one year old twins, and thinking I was crazy, so we don't know each other, but I am interested. Fiddler on the Roof is one of my favorites. As well as Cabaret, and of course West Side Story. Are you related to the Harmans, or possibly Harmons, that were very active in the Church of the Latter Day Saints (aka Mormons)? Probably not. I now am raising three young boys (12, 10, 9): each play two instruments and sing quite well together, and all love the old musicals. So what are you doing? More inconsequential memories: We used to dig clay by the Columbia River and make pots and figures and such, then set them out to dry on those docks that anyone could get on (1961 - 1964 range; before they manicured the waterfront north of Riverside Park). Does the round wading pool still exist in Riverside Park? Remember buying creamsicles at the school store at Chief Jo, and then eating them on the way home through the field (east of Chief Jo)? I don't think anything has ever tasted so good. Is the Lagoon of the Columbia River still the coolest place to go to swim? I remember in probably 1960-1962 range my mother making my brother take me with him (my brother was eleven years older than I). He told me there was an octopus living in the warmer sections of the water. I, of course, believed him, was forever terrified, and left him and his par-amour de jour alone, believe you me! Still only enjoy swimming in a pool, where I know for sure there are no octopus. What a ninny I was and am. Hobbies: There was a question of personal hobbies. I am finding the time to return to art, and have started painting again. Lawn care: Got a kick out of Bill Didway's (66) recollection of lawn mowing. I encourage my boys to earn money in various ways, but, living here on the Gulf Coast of Texas, draw the line at lawn care - we 'pet sit', we 'water', we 'take care of pools', and most any other vacation services but we DO NOT do lawns. We do not even do our own lawn. Those of you familiar with the gulf coast in August will say - 'nuff said'. Those of you not familiar, may I quote General Sherman of Civil War time frame: "If I owned Hell and Texas, I would live in Hell and rent Texas out". -Dorris Meloeny (68) - from next to the Johnson Space Center in Texas (aka Purgatory at 95 degrees and 95 per cent humidity, talk to me again in October if you expect civility - it is too hot) ******************************************** >>From: Shelley Williams Robillard (84) Re: gang of three To: Mike Davis (74) If I'm a 'gang of three' wanna be, can I get a jacket too! : ) -Shelley Williams Robillard (84) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/13/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers sent stuff: Dorothy Cameron (55), Lorin St. John (55) Craig Buchanan (57), Sharon Chapman (57) Tobe Roberts (61), Sandra Genoway (62) Mary Collins (63), Deedee Willox (64) David Rivers (65), Diane Hartley (72) Jim Anderson (71WB), Mike Davis (74) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dorothy Cameron Powell (55) You travel around the world and you find Bombers EVERYWHERE. We were on a Rick Steves, "Europe Thru the Back Door" adventure in France and sure 'nuff there was another Bomber on board. Sue Garnder (74) with her darling family ... husband, Tyler and twin daughters, Kendall and Lauren. Sue and I had convinced the tour that if the lights went out on the bus we would "light up" and do " light tricks" with all the radiation that we had received as children. Great group and great fun!! We sampled our way thru French food and wine... wheee!! Bombers are a special kind of people... kind, loving, interesting, fun loving, industrious, and creative. C'est le viv!!! -Dorothy Cameron Powell (55) ******************************************** >>From: Lorin St. John (55) Re: Mr. Bonjorni Mr. Bonjorni was our 9th grade home room teacher at Carmichael Jr. Hi. during the 51-52 school year. He was a great sports fan at the time. He liked to go the WSC football games and then the following week, he would tell the class all the "hi-lights" in his own unique style. But the one event that still really stands out is the day that Bobby Thompson (New York Giants) hit the home run off of Ralph Branca (Brooklyn Dodgers) to win the play-off game for the 1951 National League pennant. We had just finished lunch and were walking down the hall way (I suppose to return to class), when all of a sudden Mr. Bonjorni came running down the hall way yelling at the top of his lungs "The Giants WIN, The Giants WIN, The Giants WIN." He was that kind of a guy. He knew how to identify with the kids. -Lorin St. John (55) ******************************************** >>From: Craig Buchanan (57) Re: The Passing of a Bomber and old neighbor I was saddened to see in the Tri-city Herald today (Sunday) the announced death of Mary Halloran (53) graduate. She was living in Woodinville, WA when she died at the age of 66. Mary and her good parents, Tom and Mary, lived next door to us on Farrell Lane in the 1940s and early 50s. Her folks were wonderful, soft spoken people with Irish background. A few years ago when we held an old neighborhood reunion I invited Mary to attend, but due to health reasons she was not able. The world has lost a sweet person, born of kind parents. -Craig Buchanan (57) ******************************************** >>From: Sharon Chapman McFall (57) Re: Alumni Ring Me too, me too! -Sharon Chapman McFall (57) ******************************************** >>From: Tobe Roberts Taylor (61) Re: Limits Just wondering ---- Has any consideration ever been given to limiting the number of contributions to the Sandstorm to say, 3 times per month from any one person? There are a couple folks who it would be nice to hear from a little less often. The Tri-Cycle Herald has some kind of limitation, I think once/month, but I would never want to hold up the TCH as a model ! :-) Thanks for all your work and for keeping Bombers in touch!!!! -Tobe Roberts Taylor (61) ******************************************** >>From: Sandra Genoway (62) Re: Bomber alumni tattoo Just one word of precaution on tattooing: make sure you know the tattoo artist well... his/her reputation... other people who have gone there and been tattooed. It is being found that much of the hepatitis B viral infection that can be lethal is being spread by tattoo needles (also, hepatitis A can be this way). -Sandra Genoway (62) ******************************************** >>From: Mary Collins Burbage (63) Re: Your Assistance Please I am reaching out to all Bombers in the Tri-City area. My daughter-in-law has a severe heart problem. She is not comfortable with her cardiologist in Yakima and has agreed to see a doctor in the Tri-City area. I would appreciate your recommendations on who the best and the most caring cardiologist in area is. I told her that I knew I could locate one through the [Alumni] Sandstorm since Bombers are the most caring people in the world!! -Mary Collins Burbage (63) ~ Olympia, WA - where it is hot and I am vowing to get air conditioning before next summer ******************************************** >>From: Mercedes "Deedee" Willox Loiseau (64) To: Dorris Meloeny (68) I loved to ride horses also. I would save my babysitting money till I had the one dollar per hour fee and then go on a Saturday. One time I got back to the stables 5 minutes early. When I asked what time it was and discovered I still had 5 minutes left (not long enough to go anywhere), I said, "well, we can sit on the horses for 5 minutes." The guy started laughing and asked me if I was Scotch. I didn't know what he meant so he told me to ask my parents. When dad came to get me, I asked him if I was Scotch. He said, "why?" When I told him, he started laughing too. I still didn't get it. Actually I didn't get it till many years later. As it turns out, we are Scottish (my dad's side). Not only that, but in Scotland when they infer that someone is *thrifty* (read: *cheap*), they say that they are an Aberdonian and yes, my grandfather came from Aberdeenshire. So I guess I'm supposed to be cheap, but my husband just laughs at the concept of me being tight with a dollar. Says he's never seen it! (But what do you expect from a Bulldog) -Mercedes "Deedee" Willox Loiseau (64) - Burbank, WA where it is still HOT. ******************************************** >>From: David Rivers (65) Re: Bravo and Congratulations To: Janine Rightmire Corrado (65) Way to go, JE! Congratulations on taking the Evergreen Classic Horse Show by storm this week! What a wonderful accomplishment! Champion... it just doesn't get any better than that! Just goes to show that whether it's basketball or Hunters, Bombers are really the best! You showed 'em what you are made of and what Bombers are made of! Speaking of which, I am almost as proud of you for becoming the poster child for the Superintendent's "Form Letter" response to concerned Bombers. Now that's something! Why, if Uncle Tom was still around you, too, could hear those wonderful words that just used to make my day: "Turn in your books!". Of course my short term memory was such that in those days I was not quite bright enough to remember that the next words I would hear would be from my Dad when he would string expletives together like I never could... with "Again?!" thrown in there some where in the middle. I gotta say, though, that when I would peel those well done books off the package tray of my car with a putty knife and slap them on the office counter... the look on Uncle Tom's face made the punishment facing me at home almost worth it! So for your athletic prowess, and for joining the ranks of the "Shelley-McCoy-(63)-I-got-thrown-out-again" Club, Congratulations! -David Rivers (65) ******************************************** >>From: Diane Hartley (72) To: Mike Davis (74) I think the idea of a gang jacket would be great. SHOULD WE USE THE BOMB????? I still have my pep club jacket, but have to get rid of 60 pounds before it will fit again. :-) -Diane Hartley (72) ******************************************** >>From: Jim Anderson (72WB) Re: alumni gear Greg Alley's (73) idea for alumni tattoos was fantastic. Imagine having "Bombers" permanently etched in bright green across your forehead! I know some people at a few memorabilia companies, and without much trouble we could put together an entire catalog of items for all us as Bombers! My friend sent me some possible items which could be available: 1. "Lil' Bomber" baby pajamas. These soft and cuddly little jumpers would look just look military pilot outfits, including special goggles. $35.00 2. "My First Bomb". Three feet long and pretty as a picture, this bright gold velvet pillow with green trim functions as a cushiony little pillow, while letting the whole world know that baby is proud of it's city! $20.00 3. "Home-Town Piercings" What better way to show your loyalty to your school and your town than with facial piercings! For the traditional at heart, consider the small, 24K gold mushroom cloud ear studs, perfect for wear in pierced ears. For the more adventurous and "young at heart", choose from small silver replicas of "fat boy", just right for the pierced noses and tongues. Silver $60, Gold $90. 4. For the revisionist-at-heart, how about a "Day's Pay" brooch for the ladies or tie-pins for the men. These elegant little replicas of the plane pays tribute to the men and women of our storied past, and will let everyone know about your school pride! Silver $60, Gold $90. 5. "Fat-Boy Gas Grills". Be the envy of your neighborhood when you invite all the gang over for a barbecue on your "Fat-Boy" Gas Grill. Shaped just like the bomb, this is a real summer sizzler! Open it up, and you'll find the highest quality gas grill, perfect for thick burgers, giant sausages, or mammoth steaks. $145. You may have seem some of the clever Richland T-shirts and bumper stickers around recently, and of course, my friend has them all. Some of the newer logos just out are "Glad I'm Not From Kennewick", "My Other Car is a Nuclear Device", or the most popular logo in recent times, "I'm Nuts About Nukes!" Price varies on these items. -Jim Anderson (72WB) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) To: Shelley Williams Robillard (84) Re: "Gang of Three" The more the merrier!! Re: Greg Alley's Tattoo Suggestion Simply put, the man is gifted!!! -Mike Davis (74) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/14/01 56 years ago today: PEACE ~ 1945-08-14 Villager Front Page ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 18 Bombers and 1 Bomber Spouse today: Dwain Mefford (56), Carol Carson (60) Patti Jones (60), Beatrice "Tris" Maberry (62) Bob Rector (62), Jackie DeVries (62) Jim Armstrong (63), Marilyn Swan (63) Rosalie Lansing (63), Candy Longworth (64) Carol Converse (64), Patricia de la Bretonne (65) Dick Pierce (67), Brad Wear (71) Janell Johns (71), Jim Anderson (72WB) Vicki Owens (72), Greg Alley (73) Spouse of John Donley (82) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dwain Mefford (56) Re: Duncan Bonjorni I also had Mr. Bonjorni as my home room teacher in the ninth grade at Carmichael. He was one of my favorite teachers although I'm sure I wasn't one of his favorite students. In those days teachers were still allowed to give swats. I was on the receiving end of one of those swats which I am sure I deserved. I remember him telling me and the rest of the class that he was disappointed in me [I forgot for what] but only because he knew I could do better. It has been almost 50 years, but I still remember that lesson. He was an outstanding football coach, and liked to show us how to block and tackle rather than just tell us. He had a great sense of humor which I am sure he still has. I can still recall one of the jokes he told a group of us, which I will leave for another time. -Dwain Mefford (56) ~ Portland, OR ******************************************** >>From: Carol Carson (Southam) Renaud (60) Re: Entry Limitations To: Tobe Roberts Taylor (61) I regret seeing a post like yours regarding "limiting the number of entries to the Sandstorm." If you don't like reading the "excessive" posts, skip by them! Sort of like a bad TV show, don't complain about it -that's what off switches are for. Respectfully, -Carol Carson (Southam) Renaud (60) ~ from beautiful Seattle where are summer has finally arrived ******************************************** >>From: Patti Jones (60) To: Tobe Roberts Taylor (61) Re: Limits Not much ticks me off. The word LIMIT does. This newspaper called the Sandstorm belongs to each and everyone of us Bombers. I would definitely not want to be limited to when to write, what to write, and how many times to write. In the last 1 l/2 years that I have hooked up with the Bombers; after many years of being separated, everyday on the Sandstorm has been a joy. From the shortest phrase to to the longest sentence. Every Bomber who writes does not seem LIMITED in what they want to say or how they say it. Every morning through the past years I have read the newspaper. Newspapers are full of negativity. It is a delight to now read the Sandstorm every morning. The Sandstorm is full of births, tears, laughter, old friends hooking up and much, much more. NO LIMITATIONS Re: Alumni Ring The Alumni Ring team is an outstanding experience of Bombers coming together. Even though we are separated in miles we are a team looking out for the Bombers interest. We have talked endlessly through the days as well as night. The team members viewpoints have been diverse, but we have pursued through hours of discussion to reach decisions to expedite the arrival of the final goal; an alumni ring on each of your fingers. Thanks to all Bombers for all your praise and suggestions. It really helped to move us to the step of getting the ideas to the to Jostens Art Department. Proud to be a Bomber and serve with a great team. Re: Our Queen Maren (63/64), Richard Anderson (60), and Gary Behymer (64) During the last year I have spoken with Maren quite often on the internet. The Alumni Ring has brought me to more behind the scenes goings on. The endless work that goes on is a process of endless love by Maren, Richard and Gary. Wish I could be at the Richland High School Board Meeting tonight. Will be there in spirit. GO BOMBERS!!! Bomber Cheers -Patti Jones (60) ~ Browns Point, WA ~ Loving the hotter weather, not so much wind. ******************************************** >>From: Beatrice "Tris" Maberry Jacobsen (62) Re: Bomber Mascot Crisis -- Issue # 15 Greetings from Beijing, China. I am having a wonderful experience teaching at a Chinese foreign language school two hours train ride from Beijing. Chinese students in my language school are hand picked by the administration of the school in accordance to their English capability. The junior high/high school students are VERY motivated because they know that this school is their ticket into the "best" university, Beijing University. I have done substantial travel in China during free time. This coming summer, I plan on traveling the Silk Road along the border of Inner Mongolia, for two to three weeks. During a part of my Winter Holiday (Chinese New Year), I may travel to Vietnam before coming back to US for a couple of months. Which means I may or may not be in US for the Class Reunion. With best wishes to all -Beatrice "Tris" Maberry Jacobsen (62) ******************************************** >>From: Bob Rector (62) Re: Please Video Tape the evening of the 14th I like the idea of Kim Edgar Leeming (79) to video the meeting. I will be out of town and will be very interested in hearing and seeing voice inflection, eyes, and faces, etc. of my School Board Members... you know... the ones I voted for. Thanks, -Bob Rector (62) ******************************************** >>From: Jackie DeVries (62) To: Mary Collins Burbage (63) I would recommend Dr. Wadhwa in Richland. He is the best cardiologist in the Tri-Cities. I had a heart attack earlier this year and he was wonderful. I really didn't believe that I was having a MI because it wasn't the big pain in the chest that I would have expected, just light muscle spasms, light headed and nauseous. Dr. Wadhwa very patiently proved to me that it was an MI. After a quick flight to Spokane - where they did angioplasty and inserted two stents, they released me to go home the following day. I have followed his advice and I'm feeling good and back at work. Modern medicine is wonderful, your daughter in-law will be in good hands. Happy to be alive with Bomber pride! -Jackie DeVries (62) ******************************************** >>From: Jim "Pitts" Armstrong (63) To: David Rivers (65) and all other patrons of the arts You will be glad to know that "The Fabulous Wailers" were in fine form last Thursday at The Grays Harbor Fair in Elma. Just like many of us Bombers, slightly paunchy and graying but still rockin'. Pitts (63) P.S. Look for their new cd out in about three weeks. "Cadillac to Mexico". -Jim "Pitts" Armstrong (63) ******************************************** >>From: Marilyn Swan Beddo (63) Re: Limits I feel the need to respond to any or all of those whose would wish to limit how many times any person writes in to this forum. Is this not an open forum for all, regardless of what they have to say? The down arrow on your keyboard works great to dismiss what you don't want to read. Thanks again, Maren, Richard, Gary, and anyone else who makes this a great part of everyone's daily life! -Marilyn Swan Beddo (63) ******************************************** >>From: Rosalie Lansing Haag (63) It is good to be back in touch. The last time I wrote in we were leaving Lancaster, CA and heading home for a Bomber reunion visit, plus a few days with the kids and grandkids. Count me in on a new class ring. Since leaving Richland on the 13th of July, we drove down Route 1, all the way to Carmel, CA. We were there for two wonderful weeks. The beautiful drive all along Hwy. 1 is so incredible. From Carmel we went to Temecula, CA and we were there for another three weeks. This is an absolutely beautiful city. It's the wine country of southern California. Then this weekend we came up to Ontario. What a horrible jolt. We will be here for about 8-12 months. The smog and the heat and the traffic are ugly, ugly. I did find a Nordstroms so I may be fine for a while. Plus I am writing again so I fill my days with words, and visions, and memories. The price one pays for being on a sojourn with one's husband, yet the travels are so full of beauty and surprises. We have been in all the states and I never get tired of traveling. This truly is the most beautiful country. With a Bomber license plate we travel the highways and byways proudly. Go BOMBERS!!!!!! My heart will be with all who represent us at the school board meeting. May your words be full of wisdom and grace. Love you all !!! -Rosalie Lansing Haag (63) ~ From Ontario, CA where it's at least 100, and way too smoggy to breathe or see the San Gabriel Mountains ******************************************** >>From: Candy Longworth (64) I'm so glad to be back in Richland! In June, I bought a great home here... busy getting settled in. Looking forward to meeting with old friends and meeting new ones. It certainly has grown a lot since I've been gone! -Candy Longworth (64) ******************************************** >>From: Carol Converse Maurer (64) To: Mary Collins Burbage (63) Dr. Zuroski is a very good cardiologist. My husband had him for a doctor until we moved down to CA. He seems very reasonable on his prices also. -Carol Converse Maurer (64) ~ Eureka, CA - Thick fog today. Probably won't see the sun today. ******************************************** >>From: Patricia de la Bretonne (65) oh my god! Now we're moving on to Bomber jackets? Dare I say 'Get a life"! ps. I should have read a little further - thanks Jim Anderson for the "catalog" of "wonderful" Bomber items for those who just can't get enough. -Patricia de la Bretonne (65) ******************************************** >>From: Dick Pierce (67) I would love getting the word from Bomberville. I live on Saipan, 4 miles from Tinian. I wish I could get a copy of the first Sandstorm of 1967 where my '59 Chevy was Heap of the Week. -Dick Pierce (67) ******************************************** >>From: Brad Wear (71) To: all of you at the 30th Reunion who said I was a prolific writer. Thanks, someone has to represent the Class of '71. I'd bet Nadine Brown would have bet against you on the idea that I would write very much, but things change. To: the Gang of Three: I figured you guys would have settled on meeting at a Denny's to design your jackets and rings, and to plot how to open a Krispy Kreme franchise in Uptown Richland. I like the design of a winged Bomb stuck in the middle of a KK donut. Drop the "Days Pay" script at the bottom, it only confuses the issue. I'm in town through Saturday if you need adult supervision, or guidance on the KK issue. -Brad Wear (71) ~ basking in the dry heat of Kennewick, WA ******************************************** >>From: Janell Johns (71) Re: 30 year reunion I want to extend a huge thank you to all who worked in putting together our 30 year class reunion. I, for one, had a great time. It was incredible to see everyone again. Thanks for making it happen. -Janell Johns (71) ******************************************** >>From: Jim Anderson (72WB) Re: Memory Lane Chief Joseph was not a warrior, he was a peace- lover. All Native Americans were not rampaging murderers. My first year in Richland was eighth grade, and I showed up at Chief Jo in my brand new green slacks and green plaid shirt with dark dress shoes. All the cool guys had on saddle shoes and jeans with white t-shirts, and I looked like the biggest dork in town, or at least I felt that way. I soon learned to look like everyone else and quickly learned to wear the proper "cool" uniform, but I always felt for the boys and girls who either didn't have the means or desire to dress like everyone else. In retrospect, maybe they were the true individuals, the ones with the courage to be themselves and ignore the pressure to conform which is such a strong shaper for junior high kids. -Jim Anderson (72WB) ******************************************** >>From: Vicki Owens (72) To: Craig Buchanan (57) I never knew Mary Halloran (53), but was privileged to have her parents as next door neighbors after they moved from Farrell Lane to Birch. (They were at 641 when we arrived at 639 Birch around 1958.) Everything you said about their goodness and kindness is pure understatement. From your description of Mary, she was definitely cut of the same cloth. Tom and Mary Halloran were gentle people, and used to tell some glorious stories about Ireland. Tom used to talk about his visit to Blarney Castle as one of the highlights of his life. I still hope to visit there one day, and maybe even kiss that old rock! To: Mercedes "Deedee" Willox Loiseau (64) I certainly understand why you didn't turn that horse around for the last five minutes of riding time. Once they were "in", there was no turning "out"! Their idea of a good time was far different than ours. The horses wanted to sit home and do nothing, while the kids wanted to walk around sagebrush. For the kids to sit home and do nothing and the horses to walk around sagebrush was life at its worst. No wonder that riding those old plugs was conflict of interest. To: Diane Hartley (72) Ok, Hartley, if you don't like talk about the ring, and you don't like talk about the bomb, then cut the talk of the 60 pounds! If I remember correctly, you were always about 40 pounds UNDERweight in high school, anyway. Of course, I'm using myself as the standard, so look who's talking. I've never been into the "anorexic look" in beauty. Anybody who doubts that can look at any of my "pleasingly plump" photos from Christ the King on through Carmichael and Col-Hi. I was virtually the same size ("large") at high school graduation as I was in fifth grade. And if you think you're going to use that as an excuse to miss our 30-year reunion, I'll personally lead the lynch squad that comes to drag you on down to the party. Is there anyone else out there who is willing to sign on for this noble task?! To: Jim Anderson (72WB) Sign me up for a ring, and a "Fat-Boy Gas Grill". To: All of the Class of '72 Now that the Class of '71 is wrapping up their reunion, isn't it time to get started on planning ours? As you've seen above, I'm already volunteering to head the "Get Hartley to the Reunion" committee. Let me know when you set some dates as, after missing the 20- and the 25-year reunions, I'm going to do my best to make the 30! -Vicki Owens (72) ~ sorry about your heat wave; the weather's great in Kampala, Uganda! ******************************************** >>From: Greg Alley (73) To: Tobe Roberts Taylor (61) I think me and Mike Davis (74) should be limited to twice a week and maybe some holidays. Friday the 13th and Boxing Day (Canadian holiday) or just when we are wanted and needed. To: Jim Anderson (72WB) Twenty bucks for a bomb. Your prices are a bit high. I may try the Bomber Mart, Fred Dawalds, or the Columbia High Mall. Will you be a participant in this protest tomorrow? Or will you be a Martin Sheen, Peter Fonda, Bonnie Raitt type of I will go to jail for my principles. -Greg Alley (73) ~ Where it is still hot and I hope for a Bomber donation for my utility bill. ******************************************** >>From: Elizabeth Donley, Spouse of John Donley (82) Re: 1982 school annual Hi, I am looking into the possibility of finding a copy of the high school annual for 1982 school year. My husband John Donley was a graduate in 1982. His annual is missing and he is quite upset about losing it. I thought as a surprise I could try and replace it. Could you please let me know if you have any ideas about finding a copy of the class of '82 annual. Or maybe even the 3 school years preceding this one. Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior years. Thank you so much!!!! -Elizabeth Donley, Spouse of John Donley (82) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/15/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers today: Dorothy Keys (52), John Northover (59) Marilyn Thorp (64), David Rivers (65) Dick Pierce (67), Mike Davis (74) Kim Edgar (79), Tracey Wood (82) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dorothy Keys Harding (52) To: whomever is keeping track of interest in the ring My daughter (LeeAnne '83) and I are both interested in an alumni ring if they aren't too costly. Norm and I are looking forward to the Club 40 reunion. We're also anxiously awaiting the news of tonight's school board meeting. -Dorothy Keys Harding (52) ******************************************** >>From: John Northover (59) NO ... LIMITS ... Absolutely NONE ... On submissions. However, perhaps Maren should charge for each word... like a telegram ... then people might not type and talk and type and talk on and on and on and on ... yatty, yatty ... about subjects that they pretend to know something about ... but as each Sandstorm word is read... the reader knows the writer is simply showing their politically incorrect lack of knowledge ... but, they just keep going on and going on and going on ... as you read on and on and on looking for the bottom line ... wondering if the point or a point will ever be made ... Yatty, etc., yatty, etc. ... .. . Having to pay for each word might work ... but I doubt it. Yours in cosmic dis-information, john '59 ... In sunny San Diego where all the women wear bikinis, men sail, surf or go to the desert and the kids are tan and bright! -John Northover (59) ******************************************** >>From: Marilyn Thorp (64) Re: Tattoos: A friend (within the last couple of weeks) almost died -- almost had to have a liver transplant -- due to a tatoo. It was not the needles, but the ink that spread the hepatitis virus. So -- do be careful if you get one. Make sure the artist is reputable and uses a new bottle of ink ..... as well as sterile needles. -Marilyn Thorp (64) ~ Portland, OR where it is verra verra hot ******************************************** >>From: David Rivers (65) First off, thanks Pitts (63) for making me envy you one more time by letting me know I've missed another Fabulous Wailers' event. Now ..... to the topic at hand. There are a bunch of "ex" Marine Bombers around, and of course if you know Marines, you know that there ARE no "ex-Marines" and no "former Marines" ..... we are just Marines. Now, other than the rather dull wittedness we all share for being there in the first place, we also share a pride that transcends time and space. But have you noticed, too, that there are no Ex-Bombers or Former Bombers? There are just Bombers ..... and Bomber Wanna Be's. Nuff said. -David Rivers (65) ******************************************** >>From: Dick Pierce (67) Got my second look at the on-line Sandstorm. I'll look forward to reading it every day. Questions, please. I've lived overseas for 20 years. Re: Bomber Mascot Crisis #15: What is the Bomber mascot? I moved to Saipan in 1980. My first sightseeing of the island included visiting old Japanese bunkers on an island where the Marines landed and eventually secured the surrounding islands including Tinian where the Enola Gay rolled out one day carrying the Bomb. I was respectful of the Japanese tourists visiting the same bunkers. My dad worked at Hanford and their dads worked there in the bunker. We acknowleged one another silently. Sixteen years later, at the American Memorial Park in Saipan, I attended the 50th anniversary of the invasion of Saipan. I saw 70 to 80 year old men, both American and Japanese, that originally scorned one another, break down in tears and literally heal that day. It was moving. I am proud to be a Bomber and still have to tell myself it was right. Even the Smithsonian wrestles with it. I have other expatriate friends here, especially the ones from Oregon, that chastise me about our name. When's the next reunion for the Class of '67? I only went to the 30th and I'm still a chicken shyt. -Dick Pierce (67) ~ from the most equable temperature in the world (Saipan in Guiness Book). ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) To: Tobe Roberts Taylor (61) Hey, let's come clean here! You have me on pins and needles! Who are you talking about when you say certain people need to be limited on their Sandstorm entries? Are you the Sandstorm cop? -Mike Davis (74) ******************************************** >>From: Kim Edgar Leeming (79) To: Dick Pierce (67) Saw your entry. I've been to Saipan. My father (David Edgar '56) used to live there before moving to the Philippines. I had a wonderful time, the water is so beautiful. Great for snorkeling and boating. As I remember it was very small, 7 miles wide and 11 miles long. I also went to the island of Tinian. I believe this is where the plane actually loaded the Bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima. Have a wonderful time, and don't forget the sun screen. (It worked well for me, except where I couldn't reach on my back where I ended up with a nice little sunburn.) Bomber Cheers! -Kim Edgar Leeming (79) ******************************************** >>From: Tracey Wood Peloquin (82) I too would be interested in a Class of '82 yearbook. I have also misplaced mine. Re: 20 year reunion Has anyone been thinking about planning or getting the committee together? I would be interested in helping. I will stayed tuned to the Sandstorm. -Tracey Wood Peloquin (82) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/16/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11 Bombers today: Pat Lair (57), Sue Garrison (58) Rose Boswell (61), Roger Fishback (62) Diane Hartley (72), Lisa Lysher (79) Carolyn Schneider (81), Jeff Osborn (82) Dwayne Bussman (98), Kelly Johnson (01) Scott Hartcorn (??) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Pat Lair Wiley-Lukens (57) From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: Hi, this is a great web page; you're doing a great job. I found out about this web at my granddaughter's wedding. Where I found the parents of the groom were graduates of Columbia High. What a small world. I would love to hear from old friends or anyone that knows of the whereabouts of 1957 graduates. Thanks, Pat -Pat Lair Wiley-Lukens (57) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Joretta "Sue" Garrison Pritchett (58) My daughter and I just returned from a "get-away" at Long Beach, Washington. We stayed in a condo owned by Rebecca Manolopoulos (70). It is the premier location in Long Beach -- right on the beach, overlooking the boardwalk. I'd highly recommend her place. It has two bedrooms, large living/dining area, kitchen -- all you need to take is your own clothing and food. If you want to know details (cost, etc.), I'll give you Rebecca's e- mail address. If you'd like to see the view, check out this site: <>. The camera is located on a restaurant about 300 yards south of Rebecca's place. We love the ocean, and feel totally renewed after our brief stay. -Joretta "Sue" Garrison Pritchett (58) ~ Richland ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Rose Boswell Smith (61) Well, I guess if Maren doesn't mind typing long drawn out essays, then I don't mind seeing them here. I don't have to read them and neither does anyone else. I skip to the Class of '61 most of the time anyway. But they seem few and far between. Was in Richland last weekend with the cream of the '61 alumni. Had a great breakfast with them and enjoyed the visit. Maybe the bomb could be in the park if the narrow minded school board doesn't want it. Heck I would put it in my yard if I lived in Richland. -Rose Boswell Smith (61) ~ from Everett where it's foggy and looks like fall wants to creep in and wipe us out. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Roger Fishback (62) Subject: Support the Bomber Teams The bomb has been diffused [sic] and it was very inspiring to notice how many alumni were so excited about the presence of the new mascot. We will still be the Bombers just the same. One last comment; how about all you great Bombers getting just as excited about attending the sporting events? We could use a few thousand more at the home basketball games. Attending these events shows real Bomber pride, just like the old days. I am quite sure it won't change, just a few hundred old Bombers who like to watch and support the kids. -Roger Fishback (62) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Diane Hartley (72) To: Vickie Owens (72) OK Vickie, I think that you must not have remembered that I am a smart mouth and do try to use some humor in all I do, too much at times. So really just teasing and helping out Mike Davis. Yes, in high school I was Twiggy -- and how well you already know the story -- I have a family wedding and our 30 yr reunion coming up and I have never been to one yet, so in one year I should be able to get rid of 5 pounds a month and be looking good. Ya think I can do it???? I guess the choc covered sunflower seeds will have to go right???? Now just try to be nice the next time you write-:-))))))) -Diane Hartley (72) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Lisa Lysher Fuller (79) From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: Wanted to say a great job on the guestbook. I really enjoy reading it and seeing who keeps in touch. After many years living in Oklahoma we've moved back to Richland and how surprising it is to see how much has grown; our daughter who will be in Carmichael this year is surprised at how big the schools are. We look forward to settling here and I look forward to a future class reunion since I missed the big R2K this year. Hello to the Class of '79, hope is all well. -Lisa Lysher Fuller (79) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Carolyn Schneider (81) I had a nice time catching up with everyone at the '81 20-yr class reunion last Friday. I did not attend the Saturday and Sunday festivities due to other plans, but I was just curious as to who got all the little "award" thingies (e.g., travelled farthest to the reunion ..... flirt and wolf ..... friendliest ..... and all the others.) Anyone have a report? -Carolyn Schneider (81) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jeff Osborn (82) To: Tracie Wood, Elizabeth Donley I have a 1982 yearbook. I'd like to keep it but would be happy to let you borrow it. Let me know. Looking forward to our 20 year reunion next year. See ya then. -Jeff Osborn (82) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dwayne Bussman (98) I would like to be signed up for the class rings. Let me know when you get all the info. Thanks. Plus, if there are any '98ers out there it would cool to hear from you. -Dwayne Bussman (98) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Kelly Johnson (01) From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: Hi, even though I just graduated, I feel like it was forever ago that I was in high school. I'm even starting to forget people already. Anyway, did you all know that we now have JV and Varsity ice hockey at RHS? My senior year was the inaugural season and it's only a club sport, but with enough support it may very well become school sponsored. I was the only girl that played! It was quite an honor! Maybe I'll see you all at an all-class reunion sometime. -Kelly Johnson (01) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Scott Hartcorn (??) To: Dick Pierce (67) Dick, Go back to bed! The mascot, as you will soon discover from all the responses, is the bomb. Do you remember once after a home basketball game that some Davis High (Yakima) fans took "temporary possession" of the bomb. I believe we were either Sophomores or Juniors at the time. Anyway, quite the scene took place in the parking lot to get it back ..... but the Bombers prevailed. Come to think of it, you probably don't remember this, since you were usually hanging out at the Atomic Lanes. Regarding your '59 Chevy ..... nice, but the real hot car was Leo's 4-4-2. Did you ever put the air filter back on so that next time he drove it, it sounded like a normal car? Still waiting for that golf game. Regards, -Scott Hartcorn (??) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/17/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers and one funeral notice today: Dick Wight (52), Norma Loescher (53) Delores Larg (56?), Patti Jones (60) Bob Mattson (64), Alan Lobdell (69) Lelah Walley (81), Sally Ledbetter (82?) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick Wight (52) Hi, some of us who are attending Club 40/Class of '51 festivities Sept. 7-9 are ol' ex Civil Air Patrol cadets. We'd like any of those ex-CAP folks attending, or in the area, to meet for breakfast at 0930 (or so!) in Shilo Inn's Ambassador Room #1 on Sunday 9-9. Spread the word, and we hope to see you there! -Dick Wight (52) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Norma Loescher Boswell (53) A memorial photograph of my classmate and friend Mary Halloran Colgrove (53) arrived in today's mail. Mary is smiling, her blue eyes crinkled, her black chin-length hair blended with white. Ever-lovely and graceful is this woman who once shared a Milton-Freewater apartment when we worked in a pea cannery one college summer. The card reads, "Mary died in her home at Cottage Lake on August 6, 200l. Please join us for an open house [1-4 p.m.] in honor of her life on Saturday, August 25, 200l at the family home." [Woodinville, WA] The card is signed by Mary's four children and spouses. To receive the open house address, or for those who can't attend the open house and want to send a card or message to the family, just send me an email. -Norma Loescher Boswell (53) -- missing her friend Mary ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Delores Larg (56?) Looking for friends Hi! I'm looking for those who graduated from RHS in 1955-1956. Would love to hear from you. -Delores Larg (56?) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Patti Jones (60) HEAR YE HEAR YE HEAR YE THE BOMBER BABES All Bomber Alumni Womens Luncheon ALL RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE BY September 14, 2001 Date: September 16, 2001 Time: 1:00PM Where: Best Western Executive Inn I-5 Exit 137 Address: 5700 Pacific Hwy. E. Fife, WA 98424 Phone: 922-0080 MOTHERS AND WIVES OF BOMBERS ARE WELCOME Bomber Cheers -Patti Jones (60) ~ Browns Point, Wa. Where the temperature has dropped. It feels like fall. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Mattson (64) Well, talking with my sister Mary Jean (60) last weekend at Seaside, OR... made everything clear as glass. She simply stated that she was and is a Bomber, as I am, and so are all the grown children with whom I shared my childhood. I'm sure that some of the school district pods use the word "donut." Remember ~ The TV show, "YOU ARE THERE" with Walter Cronkite... yes some do. It's a drab brownish stage set. ~ Our fathers walking off the hot box busses, back from a 60+ mile round trip from the areas. ~ The piss box set out with the milk bottles on the porch. Not knowing just what he did for a living... ~ Racing behind the DDT truck... ~ eyes red, burned by chlorine swimming in the big pool... going off the high dive... ~ the cool autumn night football games.. ~ the action going around and around uptown. It's all there still, the hamburger and mashed potatoes lunch at Christ The King, a Zip's special, Spudnuts, Saturday mornings at the Uptown Theater, Muscles, Giving the Arlo (before the finger). When I go back there I still see everyone. They drive by... I look for them. There is the fiber, the one fraction that makes us unique. We were, and will always be, Richland Bombers. Anything else will just be a fabrication, another blunder of political correctness, embossed in fiction. My bomb bay doors are open,peace and love. Bomber Bob, senior boys '64. The beaver's huh? hummmmmm -Bob Mattson (64) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Alan E Lobdell (69) To: all BOMBERS that live in King County As of July 4th I have been running for the position of King County Executive. I would be interested in hearing from the BOMBERS that live in King County as to what their concerns are for the coming election and what they would like to see addressed within King County. -Alan E Lobdell (69) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Lelah Walley Martin (81) Subject: reunion pictures or memories Hi to all you '81 alumni. I couldn't make it to the 20 year parties. I am very disappointed. I would like to get any info on what happened or, if possible, any reunion memory photos or classmates info. Would appreciate some feedback! Thanks, -Lelah Walley Martin (81) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Sally Ledbetter (82?) So does anyone have any info on the Class of '82 20yr reunion? If so please let me know so that I can forward to Laura Dibbern. Thanks, -Sally Ledbetter (82?) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/18/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers today: Joan Eckert Sullens (51), Gloria Falls Evans (58) Vera Smith Robbins (58), Terry Davis, aka Terence Knox (65) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Joan Eckert Sullens (51) The alumni ring is such a good idea .... but can we also look into smaller versions for charm bracelets and perhaps pins? Some of us have osteoarthritis and regular rings are out. -Joan Eckert Sullens (51) ~ Redding ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gloria Falls Evans (58) Re: The debate about Krispy Kreems and spudnut donuts. We have just returned from Nashville, Tenn. The Krispy Kreems are very over rated -- they are not near as good as the spudnuts that we all love in Richland. I just had to try one so I could see for myself. -Gloria Falls Evans (58) ~ Spokane Wa. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Vera Smith Robbins (58) Re: Entry limitations from Tobe Roberts I guess I just had to put in my three cents worth. It's too bad you feel that the entries should be limited. Like Carol Carson said, "If you don't like reading the excessive posts; skip them." I know sometimes I don't have the time or inclination to read absolutely EVERYTHING, so I just kinda skip over what doesn't interest me. There are a lot of Bombers that read this site that want to read and hear about everything. Limitation is NOT the way to go. Like anything you're not interested in; e.g., newspaper stories, TV commercials, movie re-runs, etc., you either don't bother to read it, watch it, or listen to it. If you really feel strongly about the entries you see in the Alumni Sandstorm, UNSUBSCRIBE! Ooops, ya'll got my 4 cents worth. Oh well .... Everyone has their say, good, bad, or ughly! lol That's what our wonderful Sandstorm is all about. -Vera Smith Robbins (58) - Richland (where it's extremely hot right now!) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Terry Davis, aka Terence Knox (65) My name is Debi McAndrew and along with my partner, Rozane Sutherland, we are the webmasters for The Official Terence Knox Website. Last year for Terry's birthday we asked his fans to send us stories about a favorite show or movie he had done and we complied them into a memory book for him. It was touching to read the stories that his fans expressed in appreciation of all his hard work and he too seemed extremely moved by what they had written about him. His 55th birthday is fast approaching and this year we have come up with another idea. We would like to make a kind of "This Is Your Life" book for him. It will include memories from his friends and also people he has worked with over the years. Working on his website we have already gotten to know a few of the people he has worked with on "Tour of Duty" and even a few of his Richland friends. I am amazed and impressed by the bonds that exist with his childhood friends even after all these years. I am sure there are a lot of Bombers with wonderful stories and memories of Terry. These stories will not be posted on his Official site -- these are for his eyes only. If you would like to share a story or memory about Terry for his birthday surprise please email me and I will let you know the details. Again, anything you send us will be kept private. For any of his friends who may be looking for a copy of a show or movie Terry did, we have nearly all his work on video. Just let us know what you are looking for. We even have even found a few things Terry has been looking for -- amazing the power of the internet! I would like to thank Maren for her help and advice on several things over the past year and her offer of letting us post in the Sandstorm. -for Terry Davis, aka Terence Knox (65) ~ Debi McAndrew *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/19/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers and two NABs (Not-A-Bomber): Jim Doyle (49), Marian Howser (51) Darlene Thretheway (56WB), Dena Evans (64WB) Gary Behymer (64), Jack Spanner (70) Cecily Riccobuono (77) Debi McAndrew (NAB), Mike Cline (NAB) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jim Doyle (49) To: Irene Hays (and your pal Jim Anderson, WB) Oh........... never mind! -Jim Doyle (49) ******************************************** >>From: Marian Howser (51) I agree with Joan Eckert Sullens (51) about a smaller version of the Alumni ring... I could add this kind of trinket to the chain on my music pin. Thanks for the idea, Joan. See you later at our reunion. Love, -Marian Howser (51) ******************************************** >>From: Darlene Trethewey Dunning (56WB) I sit here at this screen, reading for the last couple of hours, as I have been on vacation and in my old age it takes me sometime to catch up on my reading. If I don't read anything else I read the Alumni Sandstorm!!! Brings back so many memories, and every once in awhile I see someone that I knew. I also don't write to often but I wanted to put my name on the list for the Alumni Ring I also want to say HELLO to Delores Larg (56)... was sure glad to see her name and note. We have many memories to share. I almost delivered one of my children in her living room, Was an experience to say [the least], but she got me to the Hospital fast!!!! Well I'm rambling on so its time to sign off. -Darlene Trethewey Dunning (56WB) ~ Gresham OR - Where its partly cloudy ******************************************** >>From: Dena Evans (64WB) Re: Tri-City Herald After sending my vote in on keeping the mascot, I went into the TriCity Herald Newspaper Archives. How many of you have read any of the articles under keyword- bomb? There are at least 11 pages that have articles with the word "bomb" in them. I didn't have the chance to read all of the articles on the first page, but what I did get to read was very enlightening. Talk about the "bomb" being part of our history. If it wasn't for the "bomb" the city of Richland would still be desert area, with few inhabitants. -Dena Evans (64WB) ~ Pittsburg, CA - where it is in the mid 90s, and getting hotter as it nears the weekend. ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) The Tri-City Herald has removed the 'pulse poll' that was running 92% in favor of accepting Roy Ballard's 63) 'bomb'. -Gary Behymer (64) ******************************************** >>From: Jack Spanner (70) Re: A&Ws Believe it or not there are A&Ws here in the deep South (North Carolina). The closest one to me was in a Shell gas station but it closed after a year. Presumably because it didn't serve cole slaw and hush puppies. But it is more likely that the burgers didn't taste anything like the ones I remember. They were not served in the foil bags. It did not have car hops but it did have a drive thru. But I heard a rumor that when when Yankees came to visit, like Mike Franco (70), they would get confused, pick the wrong lane, and go thru the car wash instead of the drive thru. Mike, y'all gotta keep your window up in a car wash and down for a drive thru. It's a Southern thang. See ya at the next reunion! Go Bombers!! -Jack Spanner (70) ******************************************** The entry below appeared yesterday, but the crucial email address was deleted in the online version. Since you need that, I decided to run it again today .. with the email address. -Maren ******************************************** >>From: Cecily Riccobuono McClanahan (77) Hi all! Monday I am to Disneyland with my son Mitchell. He is 10 years old, and has no idea he's going. I just wanted to take the time to wish my brother, Clark Riccobuono (71), a very happy birthday! That big 50 is getting closer, and closer. Love ya, Bro! -Cecily Riccobuono McClanahan (77) ******************************************** >>From: Debi McAndrew (NAB) Re: Terry Davis, aka Terence Knox (65) My name is Debi McAndrew and along with my partner, Rozane Sutherland, we are the webmasters for The Official Terence Knox Website. Last year for Terry's birthday we asked his fans to send us stories about a favorite show or movie he had done and we complied them into a memory book for him. It was touching to read the stories that his fans expressed in appreciation of all his hard work and he too seemed extremely moved by what they had written about him. His 55th birthday is fast approaching and this year we have come up with another idea. We would like to make a kind of "This Is Your Life" book for him. It will include memories from his friends and also people he has worked with over the years. Working on his website we have already gotten to know a few of the people he has worked with on Tour of Duty and even a few of his Richland friends. I am amazed and impressed by the bonds that exist with his childhood friends even after all these years. I am sure there are a lot of Bombers with wonderful stories and memories of Terry . These stories will not be posted on his Official site - these are for his eyes only. If you would like to share a story or memory about Terry for his birthday surprise please email me and I will let you know the details. Again, anything you send us will be kept private. For any of his friends who may be looking for a copy of a show or movie Terry did, we have nearly all his work on video. Just let us know what you are looking for. We even have even found a few things Terry has been looking for - amazing the power of the internet! I would like to thank Maren for her help and advice on several things over the past year and her offer of letting us post in the Sandstorm. -Debi McAndrew (NAB) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Cline (NAB) Re: Bomber Booster Club Just wanted you to know that the Bomber mugs and mouse pads website has been re-vamped with shopping cart capabilities across all mugs and mouse pads. Hope you like the changes and maybe be willing to give us a plug in your newsletter. click on memorabilia Mike Cline (NAB) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/20/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff: Anna May Wann (49), Steve Carson (58) Jim Hamilton (63), Leo Webb (63) Linda Reining (64), Clif Edwards (68) Joyce Stinsman (68), Jim Anderson (72WB) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Anna May "Ann" Wann Thompson (49) Re: Small World I was riding on the State Elks' Float in a parade in Shoreline Saturday, when one of the Parade Marshals asked our Driver if his granddaughter could ride on our float. She was a little doll, her name is Julia, she is in 4th grade and she goes to Jefferson, lives on Putnam. I didn't get her last name, she was in Seattle visiting her grandparents and she let me know that she wasn't a "Bomber" yet but she is going to be one. When she said she lived in Richland I couldn't believe it. If her mother is one of us, or if any of you are her neighbors, let me know and I will send pictures of her on the float. She was so thrilled to be able to be in the parade and she had the "wave" down pat. Nice to know that even the grade schoolers are looking forward to being a "Bomber". -Anna May "Ann" Wann Thompson (49) ~ In Sunny Redmond, WA where golfing weather is perfect. ******************************************** >>From: Steve Carson (58) To: Dick Wight (52) Dick, As an alum of the CAP Cadets I would love to attend. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend but please include my regards to the Squadron from '53 - '58 and special recognition of Maj. Florence Moeller for her leadership and influence on so many of the cadets. -Steve Carson (58) ~ Chicago, IL ******************************************** >>From: Jim Hamilton (63) And now for something entirely different. Today's edition of the Seattle Times (Sunday, 19 August), had an interesting article by Erik Lactis in the A&E Scene regarding the top "summer driving tunes". He had polled most of the program/music directors of the top Seattle radio stations for their favorites. I was all crapped out on their picks, until I found ZZ Top's "La Grange", howhowhowhowhow, on the second page along with "Born to be wild". Would be interesting to hear other Bomber's favorites. jimbeaux (In Kirkland, where I'm putting horseshoe taps on my weejuns so I throw sparks when I bop at the Last Chance, Last Dance Hi-Spot on September 15th). Hey, Osgard, are you comin', I got a pocket full of pennies? -Jim Hamilton (63) ******************************************** >>From: Leo Webb (63) 3 photos of the June 12th Bomber lunch in Olympia -Leo Webb (63) ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining (64) To: Candy Longworth (64) HI, Candy, glad to "see" you. hope to see you next summer when I come home for R2K+2. ;) To: Betty Noble (63) Am really glad that we were able to connect while I was in town... had a great visit... was just like being back in the "neighborhood". loved reminiscing about the old times. thanks too for the warm hugs on the loss of my mom... you were and are a great friend. To: Nester Wise (63) What can I say???? had a great visit and the breakfast and dinner were absolutely great... thanks for the shoulder to cry on... don't forget, we "twisted" your arm, and you and Cindy "committed" to going to R2K+2 next June. ;) Still would have loved to have had a Spudnut or two, but with this damn heart condition, the doctor said NO fats or salt, so am trying to be a "good" girl. ;) miss my two pots of coffee a day, too. -Linda Reining (64) ~ Bakersfield, CA - where it is hot and muggy!!!!!! ******************************************** >>From: Clif Edwards (68) Re: A&W We have an open and operating A&W burger joint right here in Vancouver, WA. It is about the only one I have seen in a long time. Same root beer, same burgers, same coney dogs! Once in a great while when I get the urge for some real upset stomach we stop in there. Always have to have a coney dog. Yech! But good at the moment. Only this is, they don't call them Mamma and Pappa burgers anymore. Or am I thinking of somewhere else? Another thing I always have to do when I am in the Tri- Cities - which is very rarely these days - is stop at Zip's. Now that I think of it, it has been three or four years since I've been there. Is Zip's still there? Re: Forest Fire We are burning all over the state of Washington and Oregon! We count ourselves as both Washingtonians and Oregonians since we live in Vancouver and are a bedroom community of Portland. Looks like we will get some rain this week, though. -Clif Edwards (68) ******************************************** >>From: Joyce Stinsman Komac (68) My husband and I going to California in late Oct. early Nov. for his retirement trip. We are expecting to spend a couple of days in San Francisco and one day in wine country as we drive to LA. Also a day at San Simeon. We would like recommendations from Bombers out there for B & B's in the central San Francisco area, wine country or near Hearst castle. Can you help us out? -Joyce Stinsman Komac (68) ~ Got my irrigation running in peaceful and warm Port Orchard, WA ******************************************** >>From: Jim Anderson (72WB) Re: your nice thoughts To: Jim Doyle (49) Thanks, Jim, for your warm thoughts... my pal Irene Hays and I appreciate your support. In this crazy, mixed-up world it's always nice to know there are people out there like you to help us through! -Jim Anderson (72WB) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/21/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff: Carol Ann Powell (52), Sandra Ferency (55) Bill Didway (66), Gary Christian (67) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Carol Ann Powell Olson (58) Hi, My name is Carol Ann Powell Olson. Most knew me as Carol Powell, as there were two Carol Ann Powells in my class of '58. I've heard about the [Alumni] Sandstorm on the internet. Friends have sent me things from it throughout the past few years. Somehow I just didn't think anyone would remember. chuckle/sigh. Though I have many memories. I saw a note from Ann Pearson (50. Ann, your mother was my art teacher in 7th and 8th grade. I just loved her. She was an excellent teacher, and mentor. When I look back she was my only real introduction to art, or inspiration to continue. She spurred my imagination, and what little talent I had. Chuckle/sigh, she was the one who entered several things of mine, and I won ribbons for them. Who would have thought. Please send her my love. Tell her many remember her, and are thankful for her input in our lives. I remember running around our neighborhood, we lived on Sanford... Totten was right behind us, clanging pan lids together, telling anyone who would listen that the war was over. I remember the excitement. The relief, the joy, that at last the war was over. I was only 4 at the time. But that memory has always stayed with me. It's been interesting explaining to children and grandchildren, through the years, just what part the Hanford areas played in the end of the war. It's been interesting to, explaining my own pride in the part we played. They don't understand the horror of that war, or of the years many of our loved ones were involved in it, or we in the solution. Does anyone know where Danny Crabtree (58) is now? Would enjoy e-mailing with anyone interested. cao. -Carol Ann Powell Olson (58) ******************************************** >>From: Sandra Ferency Welch (55) Hi, We would love to be added to the Alumni Sandstorm list. The memories the others have stated really brought back thoughts of the old days. Those termination winds were really something. My Mom would say us kids would never go hungry, all we had to do was open our mouths and we could fill up on sand. Also we grew like weeds because we had the best growing dirt around. Hi to all Bombers. -Sandra Ferency Welch (55) ******************************************** >>From: Bill Didway (66) To: Jim Anderson (72WB) Jim Just wondering which high school you graduated from and does it have an alumni "Sandstorm"? What are the comparisons between it and the Columbia/Richland High school spirit? I was raised in Richland and went through its school system -- Jason Lee, Chief Jo, Columbia High -- so have no comparisons. Don't know if it was/is just the Tri- Cities that has so much post school spirit. Just curious. -Bill Didway (66) ******************************************** >>From: Gary Christian (67) To: Clif Edwards (68) I too stop at the A&W here in Vancouver, WA sometimes. It is less than a mile from my home. A true gut bomb if I ever had one. But the sign reminds me of Richland and Lee Blvd. As to your reference to being both a Washingtonian and Oregonian. Well, you might consider yourself both, but I sure do not. I mean it is kind of like saying I am a Bomber and a Bulldog. It just doesn't work for me. I am a Washingtonian all the way. And as for being a bedroom community to Portland! Vancouver is now the fourth largest city in Washington. It is located in one of the fastest growing counties in the nation. (over a quarter million people in Clark County now). And has Oregonians flocking here by the thousands. No disrespect Clif, but Vancouver is no bedroom community. If fact, if things keep going the way they are going, Portland will soon be considered a suburb of Vancouver! lol. But bet you agree, Vancouver is a great place to live. -Gary Christian (67) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/22/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff: Mary Triem (47), Rick Maddy (67) Bill Barger (68), Diane Carpenter (72) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mary Triem Mowery (47) Re: Club 40 A reminder to all "older" Bombers. Club 40 (membership eligibility = graduation from Col-Hi 40 or more years ago) will be having their annual reunion on Sept. 7, 8 and 9. A great venue for seeing old friends and reminiscing. Our club was founded in '87, so you see we are a dedicated group. Bomber Cheers! -Mary Triem Mowery (47) ~ Richland / Ft. Lauderdale, FL ******************************************** >>From: Rick Maddy (67) To: Tobe Roberts Taylor (61) ...if Maren is going to keep track of how many posts each of us submit that she actually posts, subtracting the ones that she doesn't post except in her special cyber trash can, usually because of inappropriate language, sex and violence in my case, then she is going to possibly need one of those super sized Chinese counting systems with the different colored balls sliding on the wires I presume. I suppose this is where Beatrice "Tris" Maberry Jacobsen (62) may be needed while trekking China and Vietnam? What was that system called? Maybe sitting in front of MS EXCEL for a couple extra days a week to enter that info? I really think your down arrow is the better bet. I myself cannot believe Maren has done this Sandstorm Online work for such a stretch. Even as unbelievably hip, technologically on top of it, innovative, and modern as Gary and Marens Sandstorm is, maybe when she decides enough is enough and her work with the Sandstorm must end... that will be enough posts. -Rick Maddy (67) - I'm in the annual ******************************************** >>From: Bill Barger (68) Re: Licorice Ice Cream Just wanted to let all the Licorice Ice Cream lovers know where to find it. Cash and Carry United Grocery next to Cost Less Carpet has 3 gallon tubs for $13.21 for all of you who still live in the Richland area. I bought a tub yesterday and it is good. -Bill Barger (68) ******************************************** >>From: Diane Carpenter Kipp (72) To: Gary Christian (67) and Clif Edwards (68) Hi, I left Vancouver a year ago after living there ten years and I have to agree with Gary - I NEVER thought of myself to any degree as an Oregonian. I was disappointed that I had to give birth in Oregon, due to insurance, and have that forever on my baby's birth certificate, when she actually only spent her first 24 hours there. (Don't take that wrong, Oregonians - it is a wonderful state and if I actually lived there, I'd be proud to claim it.) It was so annoying to be bombarded by Oregon and Portland political news, with a real dearth of Washington news. Now I live in Spokane, and feel sorry for our north Idaho neighbors who have to put up with the same situation that we did in Vancouver. As for bedroom community, no way. Vancouver is no Beaverton - it's quite distinct. I'm sure there are people who would disagree with me and Gary and side with Clif however! As to the Vancouver A&W - the sign is the same, but as far as I'm concerned, if there's no Mama, Papa, Teen, and Baby burgers, and no tiny glass root beer mugs for little kids, they might as well be any other hamburger chain. There is a new A&W in the Spokane Valley, and I was excited to see it open, but again, the food is not what it used to be. And it doesn't even have car hops! -Diane Carpenter Kipp (72) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/23/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff: Mike Clowes (54), Ginger Rose (55) Judy Willox (61), Micki Lund (63) Diane Carpenter (72) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) Re: Living in Vancouver, USA There are several disadvantages to living in Vancouver: 1.) It's right across the river from Portland 2.) If you work in Portland, you have to pay Oregon income tax. 3.) It's right across the river from Portland 4.) You can't get cheap Oregon license plates 5.) It's right across the river from Portland Advantage to living in Vancouver: You can smuggle sales tax free goodies from Oregon. If you get the idea that I DON'T like Portland, I'm sorry. Portland is a nice place to be from (like Texas in that respect). The further from it, the nicer it is. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) ~ on the edge of being from Portland (Albany, OR) only 60 freeway miles away. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ginger Rose Reed (55) Re: Duct tape contest Did I miss the entry - did we ever find out who won the Duct Tape Prom contest? -Ginger Rose Reed (55) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Think we kinda let it go because our kids didn't win. Duct Taped Seniors] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Judy Willox Hodge (61) Re: Entry Addition To: Numerous Alumni I would like to see all of you that took such offense to Tobe Roberts' (61) entry pertaining to entry limits to please get off her back! I am sure that she meant no malice in her entry and for those that do not know Tobe as I do, she is really a very lovely person! I think by now that she has gotten the message, and I feel like it should now be over and forgotten, maybe even forgiven? Thanks Bombers!! Bomber Cheers, -Judy Willox Hodge (61) ~ Richland ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Micki Lund (63) Re: hobbies I enjoyed reading about Susie Shaver's (63) numerous hobbies and decided to put a plug in for my favorite hobby... Singing! I have been a member of Sweet Adelines International for about 20 years now and have loved every minute of it. For those of you who aren't familiar with the organization, it is over 30,000 women strong all over the world. I belong to a chorus here in the Tri-Cities that draws women all the way from Selah, Grandview and Prosser. It is Barbershop harmony, 4 parts, acapella and we have about 50 members. On evenings when I have to drag myself to rehearsal, I always end up with more energy and in better spirits after practice. It's been proven that singing is good for you and actually prolongs life! Because of Sweet Adelines, I have been to Austria, Germany, and Venice with a chorus from Olympia and to England, Scotland and Ireland with a combined chorus from the Northwest. But the trip of a lifetime was to Australia and New Zealand with a group of 100 women from various choruses from the Northwest and California. We got to perform in the Sidney Opera House with 150 women and got a standing ovation! What a thrill! I also sing with a quartet and we can be hired to sing for any occasion. Missy Keeney Baker (59) sings in my quartet, "The Radiations". (Guess where that name came from?) This is going to be way too long, and I apologize, and you can just skip through this if not interested or are MALE. (They have their own barbershop organization.) But if any of you Bomber alumni ladies enjoy singing, you need to look into this. The warmth, friendship, and fun you will find will amaze you, not to mention the education that this organization has available for you. There are chapters all over the country and throughout the world. Okay, I'll get off my soapbox, but I am really passionate about my hobby! Bomber Cheers to all, -Micki Lund (63) ~ Still in Richland after all these years! P.S. I would like a ring, also. One of my daughters took mine and haven't seen it since! ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Diane Carpenter Kipp (72) I was off the [Alumni] Sandstorm for a year due to a move, and was amazed when I got back on recently to see that Maren is still faithfully doing this. Many, many thank yous, Maren. -Diane Carpenter Kipp (72) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/24/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff: Judy Willox (61), David Douglas (62) Dena Evans (64WB), Donnie Dean (66) Karen Schildknecht (67), Lynn-Marie Hatcher (68) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Judy Willox Hodge (61) Here we are, once again, facing a new school year and the expense of getting the kids into school. Now, I gotta tell you, I thought that it was expensive in Middle School, then along comes High School and far exceeds ANYTHING that I have gone through before! Well, since it has only been just a short time since I was in High School (tee hee; hawr, hawr, hawr), I couldn't believe how things have gone up in the pricing department. Good Lord people, I can't even get him INTO the darn place unless and until I fork over around $110.00 and that does not even include his P.E. suit!! OR season tickets to football or basketball games!! Now of course you got to keep in mind that before we even get to the school for me to pay to take this kid off my hands for a few hours five days a week (LOL!), I have spent well in the ballpark of $1000.00 just to dress him up to look somewhat human, complete with shoes that COVER his toes and keep his socks clean! Then there are the endless mounds of supplies that are covering his bedroom floor until he can get them moved to some poor unsuspecting locker!! Seems that they have taken on a new price all there own. And did we not add our figures in our HEADS when we were in school - did we have calculators to do our thinking for us? Geez, now they have calculators that do everything but burp the baby!! And speaking of..... nah, let's not go THERE!! LOL!! Do any of you Bombers out there remember what YOU had to pay for your school yearbook (oh pardon me, they are annuals now!), your ASB cards or your P.E. suits? That would be interesting if some of you older alumni down to the younger alumni would write in and tell us and we could just see how the prices have evolved over the years! Bet it chokes some of you out there to think of a $45.00 annual, a $20.00 ASB card and a $5.00 parking sticker!! Not sure about the P.E. suit yet as it hasn't come up until the first day there, but it was $20.00 LAST year in Middle School, so take it from there! Seems like I remember that my ASB card cost me $3.00 when I went to school not so long ago (hahahahaha!), but not sure that I remember what the annuals cost. P.E. suits were pretty cheap as I recollect! Bet my parents didn't think it was all so cheap though!! LOL!! Bomber Cheers, -Judy Willox Hodge (61) ~ Richland ` where the weather is cooling, getting ready for the football season!! "We are the Bombers, the mighty mighty Bombers... ! ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: David Douglas (62) Hello y'all from Tianjin, China. Never in a million years would I have imagined riding a bicycle through an open market in China looking for fruit. What an experience, one of many I am eagerly anticipating! I was met in Beijing by one of the Chinese English professors and thoroughly enjoyed getting acquainted with him during the two-hour drive to Tianjin. Other than road signs in Chinese, the excellent highway looked like any American highway. The excitement started when we got to Tianjin. Turning off the main expressway onto the secondary highway to Nan King district where the University is located we encountered a tractor pulling a giant load of hay - going the wrong direction. Once we got onto the city streets I pretty much kept my eyes closed. Cars, trucks, scooters, bicycles and pedestrians share the street in one giant game of 'Chicken.' The concept of bike lanes and crosswalks seems not to have reached China. There is a restaurant in the hotel serving the foreign faculty. I had sort of assumed the staff would speak English. I ordered stir fry vegetables and sweet- sour chicken okay, but then she kept asking, "Mayo?" Not understanding why she would think I wanted mayonnaise with this, I just shrugged my shoulders and looked perplexed. (I have a feeling I am going to become very adept at looking perplexed here.) She finally found someone who could speak a little English. Oh. Yes, I would like to have rice with it, too. So went my first day. -David Douglas (62) ~ Tianjin, China (where it thundered and lightninged to a considerable extent my first night - just like Arizona) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dena Evans Harr (64WB) To: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) You're right on. My sister lived in Vancouver for a short time, and then moved to The Dalles, Oregon. She did all of her shopping in Portland and worked at Sailers (sp) Country Kitchen for many years, but she just didn't like the area. (You really made me laugh on the 5 reasons for living in Vancouver). Every time I go to visit friends in Portland I refuse to go "downtown" to any nice restaurant. (I only live 45 min. from San Francisco, CA and I've only been there maybe five times in 36 years, and it is just like Portland... crowded). -Dena Evans Harr (64WB) ~ Pittsburg, CA pop. 64,000+... my kinda town. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Donnie Dean (66) Re: Small World To: Bob Harmon (51) I know someone who worked for ol' Mac at Safeway. His name is Max Pendley and he was asst. mgr. at the time. He said they called you "Red" for short. He is retired from Frito Lay/Grandma's Cookies and lives in Vancouver, WA. The Pendleys used to live behind my family home on Willard. We have known them since about 1950. Max talks about the old Safeway days alot and remembers details. He recognized your name right away. We see them about 3 times a year. Max and his wife Bobbi are both 70 years old and getting around pretty good. Well', I thought you might like to hear about him. Later, ... another old Safeway man! -Donnie Dean (66) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Karen Schildknecht Mateo (67) To: Micki Lund (63) Re: Sweet Adelines I just wanted you to know I met a wonderful lady on the Internet about 2 years ago, who also is a Sweet Adeline. She lives in Maryland, and gets to travel all over. In fact, are you going to be at the huge Sweet Adeline get together in Portland this October? My friend is, so about 5 of us who've been talking on line over the years, but haven't met yet, are going to go see her sing, and finally meet. Pat, my friend, just loves the times she gets to travel and the camaraderie she enjoys with all these women. She is just as passionate about her singing as you are. I just wish I had a voice and had heard about these singing groups in my 'youth'. What fun you've all had! -Karen Schildknecht Mateo (67) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Lynn-Marie Hatcher (68) Re: I'm in Spokane A greeting to all Spokane area Bombers! I just moved up here last Saturday, 8/18, to attend grad school for two years. (Working toward my Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner degree.) Feeling rather like a fish out of water, being new here (and lost a lot so far!) So if you are in or near Spokane and willing to help a fellow Bomber make a BIG life transition, please e-mail me! Thanks in advance! -Lynn-Marie Hatcher (68) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/25/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers and 1 Bomber Mom today: Mike Clowes (54), Margo Compton (60) Patti Jones (60), Dave Switzer (61) Micki Lund (63), Gary Behymer (64) Linda McKnight (65), Rick Maddy (67) Kathie Moore (69), Kristi Wedberg (94) Wanda Janos (Bomber Mom) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) Re: You can't go home again. Several week ends ago, I spent some time with a few people I grew up with before moving to Richland. I was supposed to have a picture of the 40th reunion of the high school class I would have graduated with if the family had stayed there. They started out as freshmen at 180, coming from at least four grade schools (1-8) and graduated 146. Not too bad. Then a friend of mine from those years sent me the picture. Glad I didn't get it before the gathering. I did not recognize anyone from my grade school, with two possible exceptions (and they were guys). Makes one wonder what it is going to be like in three years. But then, through Club 40, I can now recognize many of my class. And, schedules permitting, I may attend both 50th reunions. Life can be a hoot, as long as you hope no one has physically changed in 40 or 50 years. Re: As for the cost of things Don't remember much about those bygone days, but I think the ASB card was in the neighborhood of five bucks. Annuals/yearbooks were considerably more, especially if you included the price of your picture. Don't recall any specific PE uniform, mainly shorts, tee shirts, tenny runners (no Reeboks or Nikes in those days) and proper support. But then, gas was something like two-bits a gallon, and cokes were still a nickel. Bomber Cheers to all -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) ~ Albany, OR - where the river is cleaner than in Oregon City. ******************************************** >>From: Margo Compton Lacarde (60) Ok, there has been a lot of Texas bashing going on lately. If y'all don't stop, I may have to hunt you down and do some serious damage. *G*. I have lived in Texas for over 30 years now and love it. The people are really great and friendly. Sure, there are parts of Texas I avoid at all costs, but over all, I think it is great and would not live anywhere else. I have also found that when I travel, like to New York, Chicago or Florida, when I say I live in Texas, I get a special reaction. Sometimes good and sometimes bad, but at least a special reaction. Don't get me wrong, I loved growing up in Richland and it will always be "home" and when I get cut, I bleed green and gold, but there is a little Texan mixed in with it now. And just remember, there is talk about Texas taking over the whole United States, and then y'all be Texans too!!! *LOL* -Margo Compton Lacarde (60) ~ San Antonio, TX (OK, here it is REALLY REALLY hot and no rain and everything is turning brown, but love it anyway) ******************************************** >>From: Patti Jones (60) Re: Alumni Ring The Alumni ring format will be arriving in the next few days from the Art Department of Jostens. The format will be approved quickly. Then orders will begin. We will let everyone know as the next couple of steps transpire. To: Joan Eckert Sullen (51) and Marian Howser (51) Alumni jewelry such as charms for necklaces are being checked on. Will let you know when we find out if this can also be done. -Patti Jones (60) ~ Browns Pt., WA - where three days of rain have cleared the air. ******************************************** >>From: David Switzer (61) Here is a poem I wrote to an old love of mine from there. I'm sure that some of you may have felt this as well. I'd enjoy reading the thoughts and feels of the people who have live in the land of my youth, So add me to your list. -David Switzer (61) ******************************************** >>From: Micki Lund Anderson (63) To: Karen Schildknecht Mateo (67) Yes, I'll be in Portland in October for International Competition! It is always a blast! You will really enjoy it if you are able to go. And who says you need to be younger to sing? All you need to do is be able to carry a tune. We get learning tapes with our parts, which makes it easy to learn and memorize songs. And don't forget the shopping! Anyone who knows me know I LOVE to shop and International has vendors you wouldn't believe..... Hope you have lots of fun and perhaps I'll see you there. -Micki Lund Anderson (63) P.S. I hope to see Fred and Ann Engel Schafer (63) there, too. The dates are Oct. 9-13. Hope we can get together! ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) Consider the following... The Richland Spudnuts! A change in the 'mascot' might bring to an end the 'Bomber Mascot Controversy'? -Gary Behymer (64) ~ Now living in Colfax, WA ******************************************** >>From: Linda McKnight (65) Okay, folks, it is time to hear from all the people who love Portland, and NEVER cross the border to go the Vancouver unless you absolutely have to and have NEVER stopped in Albany unless you were out of gas or had to use the bathroom. I have lived in the Portland area for almost 30 years now and I too do not go downtown because there are so many other great places to go, why go down there unless you have to? You have to pay for parking or take the bus. I don't mean to sound like a snob, but the last time I took a bus, my baby boy was 6 years old (he is now 22). I will be taking MAX (our wonderful train) downtown for the big RACE FOR THE CURE (to fight breast cancer). Portland's Race for Cure is the 5th largest in the country and we hope to have more than 48,000 participants. It is a very emotional and rewarding experience to see all those people... I don't really want to start bashing other parts of the country, so I won't. I would hope that others wouldn't either. Oh, but wait, maybe we need more bashing. Remember the Tom McCall days?? There were signs at the border that said "You Can Visit - but Don't Stay" Gov. Tom knew what we had here in the wonderful state of Oregon, and now Portland is the best place to live by Money Magazine, and now it is the most kid friendly city in the Country. I can just hear those moving vans being loaded up as I write!!!! Oh well, pretty soon we will just be one big urban sprawl all the way to stinky ole' Albany... Bomber Cheers!!! -Linda McKnight (65) ~ Where the sun is shining beautifully and I am looking at I-84 out my office window and it is crawling along at about 20mph - but you know all those folks have happy smiles on their faces because they live in Portland!!!!! ******************************************** >>From: Rick Maddy (67) To: Numerous Alumni I would like to see all of you that took such offense to Tobe Roberts' (61) entry pertaining to entry limits to please get off her back... To: Judy Willox Hodge (61) Judy, Since I was involved in mentioning this I will respond. Speaking for myself, I was merely pointing out the fact that the Sandstorm is already a ton of work reading, sorting by class chronologically, filing, editing, and posting the final product -- every single post every single day -- and Maren needs no more work... period. I am sure Tobe is a great person. I do not have a clue as to who she is, other than being in Charles Warford's (61) class, and therefore would not think of riding her back or doling out any kind of personal attack upon her. Maybe my syntactical abilities suffer, but that would be all it would be. You think that Tobe is the only one that has swallowed the bitter pill in the Sandstorm? Hardly. A person makes a statement, there are responses. I have been on the receiving end of this kind of heat since day one. I have been questioned by Bombers that took offense on issues about my teenage drunk driving, 100 mile per hour car engine checks on Vantage Highway, poetry concerning the Vietnam War, my choice of friends and exactly what was it we were really doing, a poorly written college paper, and worst of all, my loyalty to the town of Richland. Everyone concerned recovered and we are still all here. So, you are correct... let's move on. -Rick Maddy (67) ******************************************** >>From: Kathie Moore Adair (69) Re: Tri-City Herald: Send a letter to the editor Here is a quick way for those who want to send a letter to the editor for the Tri-City Herald, I think some letters aren't being published because their rules aren't being followed. -Kathie Moore Adair (69) ******************************************** >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Kristi Wedberg (94) Date: Thu Aug 23 13:23:26 2001 Hey all you Bomber Grads!! What a great site!! How exciting to see what your fellow classmates are doing. I have kept in contact with my close friends from school however there are many of you out there I would love to hear from. I graduated from WSU in 98 with a degree in Criminal Justice. I worked for Benton County Sheriff's Office for 2 years and just recently moved to Goldendale, WA, where I am a Juvenile Probation Counselor. I finally moved out of my mom and dad's!!! Actually it has been a struggle as most of you might know how close I am with my parents (Bill and Barb Wedberg Class of '70). I would love to hear from anybody who remembers me from school. Can't wait for the reunion to see you all. Go BOMBERS!!!! -Kristi Wedberg (94) ******************************************** >>From: Wanda Janos (Bomber Mom) To: Anyone interested I have a child's pedal car - aluminum - which is a replica of the B17s of the 50s... it may be a companion to the bomb. It is about four or five feet [long] with a wingspread of maybe four feet... a real antique... it has been painted silver... if anyone would like to use it, I would be happy to share it with you - as log as I get it back... come see it... at one of the alumni events. Chris Janos (65) was a cheerleader and had to carry the bomb off the field many times. The disgruntled LOSERS would try to get it. -Wanda Janos (Bomber Mom) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/26/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers and 1 funeral notice today: Mike Clowes (54), Audrey Eberhardt (61WB) Mary Mike Hartnett (61), Connie Hanson (64) David Rivers (65), Linda McKnight (65) Diane Hartley (72), Kim Edgar (79) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) To: Linda McKnight (65) There are some nice things that could be said about Portland, OR as there are several interesting neighborhoods. But you have to counter that with the "wonderful" freeways, and continuous street construction in beautiful "downtown", and not all of it due to MAX. I remember one of the adjuncts of Tom McCall's plea to only visit and not stay was an organization calling themselves the "James Blaine Society" who advocated setting up toll booths on the borders of the state with particular emphasis on the southern border. The purpose of the toll booths was to extract from out of state visitors a bond of $500.00, which was redeemable if the visitor left the state within thirty seconds. I don't worry about encroachment from the north. It is from the south (Eugene) that we have to worry about. But we still have the "MIllersburg Aroma" as our prime defense, with field burning as a back up. All things considered, if one wants to live close to a major river, I still think the Atomic City can't be beat. Especially with the nearness of Spudnuts. Bomber Cheers -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) ~ hanging tough in "smelly" Albany, OR ******************************************** >>From: Audrey Eberhardt Mathews (61WB) Re: Sharing Today I want to share a special time with old class mates. I have a dream of a mother-in-law who is 90 years young today August 26. She is one more special lady, when I married her baby I had two little girls that she embraced and loved. When her son and I had a third daughter, she never treated her any differently than the older ones. She has a very special place in my heart. Her mind is slipping some and she can't do all the work she once did, but she still manages to do most of her everyday task (a little slower) but they get done. I guess I just wanted everyone to know that Mrs. Grace Mathews Tolman is one of God's every special people and I am so thankful He has let us have her this long. By the way she takes less medicine than I do at 58. -Audrey Eberhardt Mathews (61WB) ~ Central GA - where it is every hot and dry we sure need some rain! ******************************************** >>From: Mary Mike Hartnett Arbogast (61) Re: Living in Portland, OR Good for you, Linda McKnight (65)! Portland is Great! I suppose jealousy makes people do and say strange things. I only moved here in '83 so I'm not a long time resident... I retired, moved to AZ... and now I'm back. Some things never change... Portland was beautiful before I left and is beautiful now... To those of you who feel so adversely about Portland, STAY AWAY!! We won't miss you at all. I would rather you did not come here to shop tax free, or for that fact, shop at all... Bob, Do not take advantage of the superb medical facilities on the "hill", or the Museums, parks, gardens, or zoo! Don't come to the theater, symphony, or any of our Festivals! If other cars bother you, don't come and ride MAX (faster than driving, you know) But primarily, Stop "bashing" what you don't know about!!! Bomber cheers from the "Rose City" -Mary Mike Hartnett Arbogast (61) ******************************************** >>From: Connie Hanson Lincoln (64) Re: Thank you I just wanted to thank all of you who have written to me since my accident. It is so nice to sit down at the computer and find messages. I am home and doing very well. Jim Hamilton (63) surprised me with his entry in [the Alumni] Sandstorm. I am thankful that he did that since I have heard from old friends. I have a broken neck caused by a freak accident where a truck went airborne and landed on the front of my car just missing me. So needless to say I am very thankful and feel very fortunate to be alive. I am confined to the house until September 26th when I go in for another CT scan. The doctor does not want me taking any changes with even being a passenger in a vehicle. So as you can imagine days are very long and nights even longer. Again thank you for the get well wishes. -Connie Hanson Lincoln (64) ******************************************** >>From: David Rivers (65) Re: Bomber Birthday Who is that behind those Foster Grants? Yeah, this birthday Bomber is a bad mutha... shut yo mouth... but I'm only talkin' 'bout him... Known him since I can remember... at least since he was in 7th and I was in 6th and maybe even before. I used to think he was the alter ego of one of his neighbors but I can't say which one... It wasn't any of the Deitz boys. He saved my bacon back in 62-63, when Tony Harrah (65) came boppin' back from a short stint in Portland wearing black Converse Tennis shoes. Tony insists those babies only cost 5 bucks back then but I'm pretty sure it was 8... in any event no way no how on my budget... let's remember cigs were about 20 cents a pack, gas was nearly a quarter a gallon and that's a huge expense to a young high schooler... so what to do... Then this guy found indoor track shoes at BB&M for much less than the steep Converse price and I was back into cool again... He and my good buddy Terry Davis (65) had it out one day... actually it shoulda been Lyman Powell's (65) fight but it ended up Terry and the birthday boy... I think they went in Mike Jennings' (64RIP) pink 4 door Ford... Pete VanWyke (64RIP) rode with them as I recall. None of Terry's friends were invited... (can you say... "oh crap!")... Terry and the birthday boy still remember the fight better than anyone else and you can ask either one of them for a blow by blow... Mike's car had been the limo for another fight a few months before, when a buddy of his decided he was gonna whip this "Arapaho's" behind... (didn't have a chance to tell him I'm Apache), anyway, they all pulled up to my frond door where I was waiting... I threw the front door open like a crazed bull and stormed the car... they all jumped back in and... well you can't say they sped off in Mike's car... but they putted away rather smartly... funny how we all became friends in the end... Mike and I saw some good days in Richland and better nights... but I digress... The birthday boy became quite an artist and still matches Davis bolt for bolt in the fine threads department... in fact... they were almost twins at R2K... So, from all of us to you, Richard Twedt (64) a HAPPY BOMBER BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! 8/26/01 -David Rivers (65) ******************************************** >>From: Linda McKnight (65) Hello to Chris Janos' (65) mom, Wanda, and God Bless. I still affirm that we should get the old Bomb and submit it the Richland School Board. What kinds of arguments could they possibly have about the real thing, the true relic that this entire controversy is about. The Bomb that Jim House (63) kissed at R2K, where is it now????? It needs to be in the school. It is the true antique. I am so sorry guys, but I still cringe at the words "oldies but goodies" and "antiques". Bombers For Ever!!!! Green and Gold Forever!!! -Linda McKnight (65) ******************************************** >>From: Diane Hartley (72) Re: BOMBERS To: Gary Behymer (64) Hey a great idea!!!!!! The Richland Spudnuts or Spuddys - I love it. Val would become RICH and give me money and then I would live high on the hog (spud) and retire and be so happy, I might even dress up in a Spudnut suit and go to all the games and pass out free Spuddys for all. LOVE IT - Hey MIKE DAVIS (74): I will give you 1/2 the money and we can do this together. :-) -Diane Hartley (72) ******************************************** >>From: Kim Edgar Leeming (79) Re: You know your getting old when: Boy, do I feel old, my 18 year old neighbor is going to house sit for us, while we are on vacation. I told her she could watch the TV in our bedroom at night if she wanted. She looked puzzled as she gazed at the TV. I had to show her how to turn it on, it's the kind you actually have to walk over and pull the knob. However, she was relieved that she could still use a remote control through the VCR. She then made the comment that she see had seen one of "those" at her grandma's house. I think she'll prefer to watch the more modern TV in the living room. Anyone else feel old lately? Bomber Cheers! -Kim Edgar Leeming (79) ~ Poulsbo, WA ******************************************** ******************************************** Funeral notice scanned from August 22, 2001 TCHerald by Shirley Collings Haskins (66) ~ Richland ~ Dennis Dullum ~ Class of 1982 ~ 3/15/65 - 8/22/01 ~ *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/27/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers and 1 funeral notice today: Mary Ray (61), Ann Engel (63) Rick Valentine (68), Jill Walser (81) William Wildenborg (81), Rachel Peters (95) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mary Ray Henslee (61) To: Margo Compton Lacarde (60) Re: The Great Lone Star State Boy, Howdy! It is back to defending Texas again. I bet Davy Crockett never had it so hard defending the Alamo right here in sunny, picturesque San Antonio. If you need some help tracking them down and doing some damage, let me know! LOL When people love a place that is as hot as Hades, with potholes big enough to down a Mack truck, you know it can't be all bad. To: All Bombers I am slowly getting it altogether and will probably be posting every week now, for those who are interested. I have a lot of neat stuff archived from friends and fellow Bombers and look forward to sharing it on my site. Ernie Smith (60) and Leonard Peters (61) have both been sending great stuff on a regular basis. Thanks guys!!! I posted one of Ernie's contributions today, 8/26/01, in the Interesting Facts category, that I think all of you men folk will really enjoy. I hope to have a Great Web Deals page up in the near future. I have found many that offer free online services for signing up or great incentives to use their products and services. Right now it is a matter of getting the word out and gathering statistical reports so that I can be in a position to add sponsors. I am always looking for material to add to my database for future publishing on the site, so if anyone has some humor or inspiration that you would like to share, please do. -Mary Ray Henslee (61) ******************************************** >>From: Ann Engel Schafer (63) Re: Vancouver, USA Here's to beautiful Vancouver, USA. Fred and Ann Engel Schafer (both '63) have lived in Vancouver since '74 and yes it has changed a lot but its still a wonderful city to live in. We have a great Saturday market, a walkway along the Columbia River and lots of music group performing in our parks for free. Fred and I love to go into Portland and walk the water front and across the Hawthorn bridge to the new walkway on the east side of the Willamette River and back across the railroad bridge. We are about 2 hours from the ocean, 2 hours from Mt. Hood and an hour an a half away from the beautiful Columbia River Gorge. The only thing that still gets to me are our gray cloudy days in the winter time and then I long for Richland with its cold, crisp sunny days. To my wonderful friend Micki "63" of course Fred and I would love to come and see your group perform and maybe go out to dinner one night. Let us know your schedule. -Ann Engel Schafer, Gold Medal Class of '63 ~ It's a beautiful sunny day in Vancouver and about 80 degrees. ******************************************** >>From: Rick Valentine (68) To: Kim Edgar Leeming (79) More about feeling old. My neighbor's phone was not working so he came over and asked if he could use mine (I still have an old dial phone in the living room) to call the phone company repair service. While he was on the phone, his 13 year old son came to the door looking for his dad. The 13 year old was checking out the old "Dial Phone" his dad was using and remarked, "gee that's cool, how does it work?" -Rick Valentine (68) ~ Spokane, WA - Where the weather has cooled off some and the last week has been "Simply Marvelous"!!!!! ******************************************** >>From: Jill Walser (81) To: Kim Edgar (79) Re: Feeling Old I had to laugh at your entry regarding the "old fashioned" manual television. I have that same feeling on a daily basis when I interview a "mature" young person (I'm a recruiter) and get them set up for a job, only to find out that they were born AFTER I graduated from high school! So much for my happy little delusion that I'm just a teensy bit older than they are... I am now officially the age of my parents! (Who never get older, only better... Hi Mom! Hi Dad!) :) Jill Walser (81) ~ Redmond, WA ******************************************** >>From: William Wildenborg (81) To whom it may concern My dear uncle Bob Wildenborg died last Thursday morning... I believe he was in the class of '51 or '52. If you knew him, there will be grave site services at Sunset Memorial Gardens on Swift Ave. (across the bypass highway) at 2:00pm Monday the 27th of Aug. -William Wildenborg (81) ******************************************** >>From: Rachel Peters (95) To: Mary Mike Hartnett (61) Mary Mike, You couldn't have said it any better! I love Portland, as you know, and would probably give anything to take some time away from here, and live down there for a while. It's a great place to "find yourself" which is what I feel like I do when I go there with my dad (Leonard Peters, '61) My dad, mom (class of '66) sister (class of '97) and myself, have made Portland our home away from home. Unfortunately, since my mom passed in December, I have only been back once, but it just makes me miss it even more. I hope to be going back within the next couple of months, just to RELAX... Not many people see Portland as a "tourist" city, or even as a place to "vacation" with the family, but if you haven't tried it, don't knock it... There is so much to see, and do, and friends and family to spend time with. If you don't think that you have "family" there, just look at the postings from YOUR BOMBER family that has made Portland their home. There is always a friendly face, and careless laugh, and even some interesting things to see in Portland. As Mike mentioned, not only do you have a BEAUTIFUL zoo, but there is OMSI, wonderful restaurants just waiting to be sampled, festivals all year long, Broadway shows, Sports entertainment in the form of a hockey team and an NBA team. So for all you people who think that Portland doesn't "Have it all..." Take a week off work, give me a call, and I'll give you so much to see and do it'll make your head spin... :) as a final note: on August 23, Robert Wildenborg (my uncle) passed away. He would have been Col-Hi class of '52 I believe... a wanna-be... he left high school at 17 to join the Marines, and ended up serving in the war. He got his GED in the Marines, and has called Richland home since 1944. He worked out in the area until about 10 years ago when he was offered early retirement. He was 67. Please, continue to keep the Wildenborg family in your thoughts, as this is the second brother/sister to pass on since December... Much appreciated... With all my Bomber Pride just oozing out of me, I will bid you adieu. Until another time, and place, -Rachel Peters ~~ Proud member of the Class of 1995 ~~when yearbooks (not annuals) were about $20.00, ASB cards were $7.00, PE uniforms were $15.00 (I think) and the pride of being a BOMBER, was PRICELESS.. ******************************************** ******************************************** Funeral Notice: Bob Wildenborg ~ Class of '52 3/28/34 - 8/23/01 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/28/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Bombers and one special announcement today: Sandra Genoway (62), Vicki Owens (72) ******************************************** ******************************************** SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FROM: Linda Belliston Boehning (63) Jim Hamilton (63) Kathy Hoff Conrad (64) The Gold Medal Class of '63, in conjunction with the White Socks Class of '64 would like to propose an evening for all Bomber Alumni to enjoy. It is anticipated that the "Rec. Hall", or the Richland Community Center as it is now known, will be sold this fall, and possibly torn down due to the construction of Richland's NEW Community Center. We would like to invite you to a Last Chance, Last Dance "Hi-Spot". We have rented the "Rec. Hall" for Saturday, September 15th, 2001 starting at 6:00 'til ---------, for all you alumni to trip the light fantastic, one more time at "Hi-Spot". Admission will be $5.00 for Bomber Alumni and Guests. If you have your old Hi-Spot card it will save you $2.00 (which is about twice what it cost). Lions, Bulldogs and Ki-Be Bears will be $10.00 with a co-signer. While they were at the Social Club, Plumbers and Steamfitters Hall and the Grange, we were rockin' it up at the "Bomber Bandstand", to the Chessmen, Grant Ross and the Royals, the Flames, the Wailers and I do believe Kit Kat and the Kasuals. At an earlier time, Joe Banana and his Bunch probably headlined. You will be able to have "Our Song" played for a buck, and we plan to raffle off the chance to name the Last Dance, and won't that just look swell in your obituary. All of the old rules will apply. No Jeans, you can only sign in one guest and the Chaperones will be at the front door sniffing everyone's breath, although the slackers will probably still sneak in the side door. And when the time comes to turn on the lights, 'cause the party's over, You will be able to say that you were there when Elvis left the building. In the famous words of The Tempos, "See you in September". Please if you plan to attend, RSVP to Linda Belliston Boehning (63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Sandra Genoway (62) Re: Portland and Vacations Well, Portland is "okay", but when was the last time you visited the improved Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo, or the Seattle water front seafood restaurants, import houses and art galleries? Or, walked Greenlake, or Golden Gardens Park, Shilshole Bay and Carkeek Park by Puget Sound, or EDMONDS' beaches, quaint little shops and international cuisine restaurants. Have you ever taken a WA State Ferry to Kingston or Whidbey Island? When was the last time you spent any time on Lake Washington, or at Kirkland or walked the UofW campus or the Arboretum? Then there's always West Seattle with its beaches, seafood eateries and rows of water-front beach houses. Just north of Seattle: How about a drive through beautiful Snohomish County, if you don't like the Seattle traffic; it's changed and is growing fast. Take the "back roads" scenic route from Edmonds to Everett (just drive through; don't stay). -Sandra Genoway (62) ******************************************** >>From: Vicki Owens (72) To: All the Zangar family, and especially my friend of 41 years, Terri (72) I'm so sad to hear of the death of your VERY special father. I know his body just wore out and it was time to go, but I will forever carry memories of his big loving heart. Some of my best memories are of him in the kitchen cooking up a BIG pot of his special spaghetti sauce for the family and any stray kids might be around. Or in the summer he was always out puttering in the backyard next to the dike and picking mountains of fruit off your mini orchard to share with everyone. He was a gentle, caring man, and I see so much of his goodness in each of you. Truly he was a dad to us all! To: Kim Edgar (79) Re: Feeling Old I think I've got you beat. I'm 46 (going on 47) and in Uganda I'm called "elderly". No jive! Even to my face! I guess when you consider that the life expectancy for a woman here is 41, and for a man it's 38, then indeed 46 is pretty darn old! But, as I like to say, "I'm not 46, I'm just 18 with 28 years of experience!" -Vicki Owens (72) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/29/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers today: Mike Clowes (54), Laura Dean Kirby (55) Steve Carson (58), Linda Reining (64) Tedd Cadd (66), Diane Carpenter (72) Esther Dawson (73WB), Mike Davis (74) Jenny Smart (87) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) Facts not otherwise placed in evidence: According to Time, Krispy Kremes have announced a 65% increase in quarterly profits. Their net income rose to $5.9 million. At the same time Time announced that 798,000 new cases of diabetes are diagnosed each year. Coincidence? You be the judge. A Big Spudnut Cheer to all -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) ~ Albany, OR - where we are currently a "Krispy Kreme Free Zone." ******************************************** >>From: Laura Dean Kirby Armstrong (55) Re: Last Chance Hi-Spot on 9/15/01 Great! As soon as I leave the area someone comes up with the idea of a final farewell dance for Hi Spot fans. I don't believe I ever missed a Wed. or Sat. night in the old Rec. hall. The Martins were my favorite chaperones and I served as an officer in either my Junior or Senior year. I wish I could be there to absorb the memories one last time. Would have to request "Tenderly" for old times sake, the Chordettes version of "Mr. Sandman" for the first "ex" and of course I hope you would end the evening with the Mills Brothers "Dream". I see Micky Lund Anderson (63) is still singing and I wonder if she has run into my '55 classmate Carol Hollingsworth Entrikin or her daughter in her musical adventures. To my old online friends, Please note that I have moved from the desert to the plains of Central Illinois where the corn grows tall and the humidity is a killer. We will see how I fare in the winter. -Laura Dean Kirby Armstrong (55) ~ Lincoln, IL ******************************************** >>From: Steve Carson (58) Let's get along out there. Portland and Seattle are beautiful cities and worthy of the pride being expressed. If you can't get along I am going to have to start talking about Chicago. -Steve Carson (58) ~ Chicago, IL ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining (64) To: Dick Pierce (67) Re: "From Hell to Eternity" I have seen the movie and I am pretty sure it is about Audie Murphy's escapades during World War II - I thought Guy Gabaldon was his best friend and when he was killed, Audie charged up the hill and single- handedly wiped out the bunker that was firing on all of them. (it has been a long time since I have seen the movie, so I could have my facts wrong)... the movie is usually shown on "TCM" or "TNT" during Memorial Day weekend. -Linda Reining (64) ~ Bomber Pride is alive and well in Bakersfield, CA!!!!! ******************************************** >>From: Tedd Cadd (66) Re: Old? When your daughter tells you she feels old... that makes you...? Our daughter (now 29) found herself feeling old when she brought out a record player for the Junior High group she led. They had no idea how it worked, which direction it should turn, or where the arm with the needle went (inside and tracks out or outside and tracks in?). -Tedd Cadd (66) ******************************************** >>From: Diane Carpenter Kipp (72) Re: Rob Carpenter, class of '81, Hanford To any of you RHS alumni who may have known my brother, Rob (he went to Hanford but had a lot of RHS friends)... he and his wife Alethea had their first baby a week ago on the 22nd. Makenna weighed 5-10; her parents are convinced they have produced the most perfect baby ever. Rob was disappointed to miss his 20 year reunion this last weekend but as his daughter was only 2 days old, they couldn't make the trip (they live outside of Coeur d'Alene.) Their e-mail address is: [deleted for Rob's privacy - ask Diane if you want Rob's email address]. -Diane Carpenter Kipp (72) ******************************************** >>From: Esther Dawson (73WB) To: Vicki Owens (72) Vicki, Three cheers for your attitude ("I'm not 46, I'm just 18 with 28 years of experience!") Do the Ugandan's who think you're a "Senior Citizen" laugh when you say this?!!! My own motto is, "I'm a 28 year old trapped in a 46 year old body!" Either way, I think we can agree that age is really attitude vs. physical health - the smart people who took good care of themselves (like you, I'm sure) probably have a pretty close ratio. Then there are those of us who now have to say, "If I had known I was going to live so long, I'd have taken better care of myself!" I just thank God that our own children are not growing up in an age with a "Viet Nam War" attitude - "Well, we're all going to die before we're 30 anyway, so what's the use..." although I suppose they struggle with that attitude somewhat in regards to Columbine, etc. Global Warming, etc.... but each and every one of us who lost a loved one in Viet Nam can and should be thanking God that our own children are not marching off to a war, and pray for peace so that they will never have to know the horrors of war. Well, I'll get off my soapbox now and just send you and your family many happy "Labor Day" greetings! Labor Day, indeed - I know I'll be in my classroom most of the day either grading papers or filing and getting organized! -Esther Dawson (73WB) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) Re: Bomber Mascot Controversy Can't we all just have a "Grand Slam" and relax? -Mike Davis (74) ******************************************** >>From: Jenny Smart Page (87) Re: Olympia A plea to the alum in the Olympia, WA area: In a few weeks, I will be attending a wedding in Olympia, and then visiting with family (also from out of town). We all have little kids (9 kids, all age 10 and under -- mostly preschoolers). Can you please tell me about anything that is available for kids of that general age (parks with playgrounds, events, etc.?) that is relatively inexpensive (free is better!), that we could do on a Saturday evening/Sunday morning. Any help you could lend is greatly appreciated. -Jenny Smart Page (87) ~ West Richland, WA -- where we are getting ready for school to start on Wed. 8/29! *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/30/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers and one funeral notice today: Mike Clowes (54), Jim Hoff (57), Judy Willox (61) Sandra Genoway (62), Deedee Willox (64), Gary Bush (66) Karen Schildknecht (67), Jim Gulliksen (68) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) Re: Audie Murphy movie If memory cells are correct the title of the movie is "To Hell and Back", and is Audie's biography. Of local interest, part of the movie was filmed on the Yakima Firing Range, and part at Fort Lewis. To the best of my knowledge, this is probably the only "war" movie Audie made, all the rest were westerns. Go Spudnuts! -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) ******************************************** >>From: Jim Hoff (57) Re: Audie Murphy Movie Noticed a recent submission on the film starring Audie Murphy. The film that was actually about his life is titled "To Hell and Back" He was the lead playing himself and a side note is that a large part of it was filmed on the firing center out of Yakima as well as up the tieton river. -Jim Hoff (57) ******************************************** >>From: Judy Willox Hodge (61) To: Mike Davis (74) Why sure, Mikey Pooh!! Ya buying?!! *G*! And by the way, how come ya didn't come up and introduce yourself at the school board meeting huh? Honest, I don't bite!! Met your niece Sarah Davis the other day--what a Sweetie she is! Wonder where she got it from? Hmmmmmmmm!! LOL!! To: All Bombers in Richland To all of you that are truly interested in saving our heritage, our mascot and our Bomber name, I need your help. We have the means at our disposal to start the process by seeing to it that the candidate that would vote our voice plus become a real asset to the school board (no one-trick pony, this one) becomes a school board member. If there are any alumni out there from different classes that would be willing to get in touch with other alumni friends that live here in Richland, please contact me and help me organize a phone tree. Or begin to call these friends and ask them to vote for Richard Anderson (60) for the recently opened chair on the school board. I would really appreciate your help on this matter and thank-you in advance for any help you give. Bomber Cheers, -Judy Willox Hodge (61) ******************************************** >>From: Sandra Genoway (62) CHICAGO?! Where's that? -Sandra Genoway (62) ******************************************** >>From: Deedee Willox Loiseau (64) To: Mike Davis (74) You buying? -Deedee Willox Loiseau (64) ******************************************** >>From: Gary Bush (66) Re: Trying to reach Jim Van Wyck (66) I'm trying to contact one of the guys I graduated with: Jim Van Wyck. If anyone knows how I can reach him (mailing address, e-mail, phone number, or whatever) please let me know. Thanx, -Gary Bush (66) ******************************************** >>From: Karen Schildknecht Mateo (67) To: Mike Davis (74) Re: Bomber Mascot Controversy Hey, I'm all for that!! You buying?? -Karen Schildknecht Mateo (67) ******************************************** >>From: Jim Gulliksen (68) Re: A&W I am happy to report that I have found A&W Root Beer sites in both Oregon in a small town just east of Corvallis called Sweet Home. Having eaten there, I assure you that the Root Beer, Burgers, and Onion Rings are just as good as they were growing up. I have also found a few sites here in Michigan, but have not had the opportunity to check them out. -Jim Gulliksen (68) ~ Adrian, MI ******************************************** Funeral notice scanned from 8/29/01 TCHerald by Shirley Collings Haskins (66) ~ Richland ~ James Dale Sasser ~ Class of 1962 ~ *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/31/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff: Mike Clowes (54), Lea Branum (55) Gary Scholl (56), Mary Mike Hartnett (61) Jeanie Walsh (63), Deedee Willox (64) Rick Valentine (68), Mark Paris (80) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) Meeting at Denny's for a "Slammer" only works if you have had your Spudnut and coffee first. Nothing like ruining the old taste buds doing the other way around. Bomber Cheers -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) ~ in culturally deprived Albany, OR, where we don't even have a Denny's, let alone Spudnuts or A&W. ******************************************** >>From: Lea Branum Clark (55) To: Sandra Genoway (62) Re: CHICAGO! It is the Siberia of the USA. Every time I have been there, it has been 20-25 below zero. The poor airport service workers have frozen beards and wear 50 lbs. of winter clothing! That's not for me! Just give me the good old northwest any time........ -Lea Branum Clark (55) ******************************************** >>From: Gary Scholl (56) Hi to all, I am in the process of filming a commercial for Microsoft. So keep your eyes on the tube for a '56 grad in the commercials. To: All '56ers Sorry I'm going to miss this years 45th reunion but I have a family emergency right now and must spend this next month in Nebraska. Please pray for my step dad Wes. Bomber cheers to all -Gary Scholl (56) ******************************************** >>From: Mary Mike Hartnett (61) To: Sandra Genoway (62) Re: Where is Chicago? Illinois. And another great city also!! -Mary Mike Hartnett (61) ******************************************** >>From: Jeanie Walsh (63) Knowing all to well what an election campaign can cost these days, where do we send our contributions for Mr. Anderson? -Jeanie Walsh (63) ******************************************** >>From: Deedee Willox Loiseau (64) To: Gary Behymer (64) Yes, I voted and the yes column is 90% at present. -Deedee Willox Loiseau (64) ******************************************** >>From: Rick Valentine (68) Re: "Littleboy" and "Fatman" Photo For anyone who is interested and has never seen a photo of the "Littleboy and "Fatman" bombs, I have posted a photo of them at -Rick Valentine (68) ******************************************** >>From: Mark Paris (80) Re: Audie Murphy Audie Murphy made at least one more World War 2 movie. This one took place during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines and was called "The Battle at Bloody Beach." -Mark Paris (80) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for the month. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` July, 2001 ~ September, 2001