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 Alumni Sandstorm Archive ~ September, 2001
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16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/01/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers and 1 funeral notice today: Patti Jones (60), David Douglas (62) Robert Holmes (62), Leoma Coles (63) Betti Avant (69), Brad Wear (71) Jim Anderson (72WB), Anonymous ******************************************** ******************************************** In case any new readers are wondering... "WB" means WannaBe or WouldaBeen ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Patti Jones (60) HEAR YE HEAR YE HEAR YE BOMBER BABES All Bomber Alumni Women's Luncheon ALL RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE BY September 14, 2001 Date: September 16, 2001 Time: 1:00PM Where: Best Western Executive Inn I-5 Exit 137 Fife, Wa 98424 Phone: 922-0080 Mothers and wives of Bombers are Welcome. Come Join the Fun. -Patti Jones (60) ~ Browns Pt., WA ~ Where the moon is beautiful shining across the water. ******************************************** >>From: David Douglas (62) I have a request to make of our highly educated alumni. In eighth grade General Languages class at Carmichael the textbook had a poem about a Frenchman trying to learn to speak English - especially words ending with "-ough". I would love to have a copy of this poem to share with my English classes, if anyone can locate it for me. -David Douglas (62) ~ Tianjin, China ******************************************** >>From: Robert Holmes (62) Re: BOMBER SURPRISE Bomber alumni owns ski areas... offering free skiing and discount packages at Schweitzer Mountain Resort in Idaho. We purchased Schweitzer in December 1999 and have made significant improvements and would like to offer alums big discount to visit the area. Great in summer and great in winter. You can get additional information o the area at Re: Real Estate Who is the best real estate person and company in Richland? -Robert Holmes (62) ******************************************** >>From: Leoma Coles (63) To: Gary Scholl (56) Do you film commercials for Microsoft in Bellevue? Do you know my son, Kevin? He was doing some work for Microsoft and now is doing some acting and some commercial spots himself....maybe he'll be a star someday!! LOL... Miss the Seattle area, but loving it here in Salem, Oregon (where the state Fair is going on right now) -Leoma Coles (63) ******************************************** >>From: Betti Avant (69) Re: Labor Day My goodness, it is Labor Day weekend already. How many of you remember not starting school until after Labor Day? Now a days most schools in this state start at the end of August and with no air conditioning they end up letting them out in the afternoons if it's way too hot. The town where I live is having their first football game tonight (Friday). They ran cross country and had a golf tournament yesterday. I guess the only thing good about the early start for the kids is that they get off for the summer in May. -Betti Avant (69) ~ Goodland KS - where it has started to cool down a bit (the 80s today) ******************************************** >>From: Brad Wear (71) Re: Audie Murphy One of Dallas' best kept secrets is Audie Murphy's old homestead that is a top ranked restaurant. It's called Dovie's, and it's located on Midway Rd. Dovie Grant was the Julia Childs of Great Britain. She moved to Dallas years ago and bought Audie's old homestead and set up shop. The house is basically the same as it was when Audie lived there, including lots of old film posters and memorabilia. I can't tell you how many clients I have taken there and they all love it. Any local alums who haven't been there need to go sometime... it'll be worth the effort. -Brad Wear (71) ~ in rainy (3-5 inches) cool Richardson, TX ******************************************** >>From: Jim Anderson (72WB) Re: Where are Greg Alley (73) and Phil Jones (69)? What with the smell of freshly cut damp grass filling the air, it seems reasonable to broach the football issue again. How are the Bomber 11 shaping up this year? Not living in the area, I'm wondering which of the Tri-City match-ups continues to be the biggest rivalry? I remember the late 60s and early 70s, when Ron Howard played at Pasco (remember how people in Richland called the Tri City Herald the Tri City Howard, because they wrote so much about him?). Do the junior highs still have football programs there? Certainly nothing like that in Seattle! I was wondering if the programs were cut when the levy failed. How come it's been so long since Phil Jones wrote in? The last time he did, I think it was related to a Pete Rose conversation on this site. Anybody see the recent article in Vanity Fair about Pete? Goodbye Hall of Fame! The article makes Jim Gray's less-than-gentle interview with Rose a while back seem cuddly. -Jim Anderson (72WB) ******************************************** >>From: Anonymous For the trivia addicts, here is a review of "Hell to Eternity" from "This standard wartime drama is divided into three chronological segments and is based on the experiences of the real Guy Gabaldon (played as an adult by Jeffrey Hunter, and as a boy by Richard Eyer). In the first segment, Guy is a homeless waif without many prospects when he is adopted by a Japanese-American family. He grows up just in time to be drafted into battle in World War II -- the bombing of Pearl Harbor has a particularly devastating effect on his family and their friends. After a wild last fling with two buddies (David Janssen and Vic Damone) and some women, Guy heads off to war where he distinguishes himself because of his fluency in Japanese. Nothing is mentioned about his family back home or whether they were put in internment camps and lost their property. -- Eleanor Mannikka, All Movie Guide" Chatless (Anonymous) ******************************************** ******************************************** Funeral Notice scanned by Jimmie Shipman (51) ~ Arthur Jones Garner, Jr. ~ Class of 1951 ~ *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/02/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff: Sherrill Hamlin (55), Steve Carson (58) Earl Bennett (63), Linda Reining (64) Patti Snider (65), Alan Lobdell (69) Pam Pyle (69), Greg Alley (73) ******************************************** ******************************************** READ THIS FIRST Laura Dean Kirby (55) had a heart attack early Saturday morning and is in Memorial Hospital in Springfield, IL. The doctor wasn't sure she would survive the trip to Springfield, but she did. They have done some emergency procedures on Laura and have her in the Intensive Care Unit at 3:30pm Saturday afternoon. The doctors are very pessimistic, but they don't know our Laura, or her Bomber friends. She has been assured that we are all thinking of her and praying for her health. She likes that and managed a smile when she heard that. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Sherrill Hamlin Savery (55) Re: Final Hi Spot Dance I read it Laura Dean Kirby's (55) contribution today that there is to be a final Hi Spot dance. When is it and where can I get more information? Thanks -Sherrill Hamlin Savery (55) ******************************************** >>From: Steve Carson (58) To: Lequita "Lea" Branum Clark (55) Yes we have winter here and everyone can empathize with the people who have to work out in it. It is a small price to pay to live here. Fortunately we have just moved into a community where all snow removal is handled by the professionals while we sit in front of the fireplace with a hot buttered rum. I recall my years in Seattle and most of those memories include very long periods without seeing the sun and rain that seemed a daily requirement. My sister Carol Carson Renaud (60) still lives there and I look forward to visiting. -Steve Carson (58) ~ Chicago, IL ******************************************** >>From: Earl C. Bennett, III, Gold Medal Class of '63 To: Leoma Coles (63) Small world - my niece, Jennifer Volkle, just started as a receptionist at Uncle Bill's Monopoly (Microsoft) in June. She said the training classes are a joke if you're even noddingly familiar with PCs - they spent a whole morning learning how to do email. I guess you have to gear things to the lowest likely denominator, but she was bored stiff. Regards, ecb3 -Earl Bennett (63) ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining (64) To: Robert Holmes (62) Congratulations on acquiring the Schweitzer Mountain Resort in Idaho. My brother and his family have been there and say the skiing is great! My mom (who just passed away in July) has a home in "Hoodoo Valley" and her mailing address was Priest River, ID. We all know the Sandpoint and Coeur d'Alene areas well. ;) Bomber hugs, -Linda Reining (64) ~ weather in Bakersfield, CA has finally gotten BELOW the 100s. ******************************************** >>From: Patti Snider Miller (65) To: Rick Valentine (68) Thanks for the site on "Little Boy" and "Fat Boy", great picture and info. -Patti Snider Miller (65) ~ Richland - where it 83 degrees and has been windy, windy all day!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [ ] ******************************************** >>From: Alan Lobdell (69) Re: Dallas restaurants To: Brad Ware (71) Have you ever tried the "Cool River", "Three Forks" or "Cantina Laredo" restaurants in Dallas? My wife's sister and brother-in-law are the CFO and CEO respectively for the company that owns these. We have eaten there on visits and they are great. Warning, Three Forks is very expensive. -Alan Lobdell (69) ******************************************** >>From: Pam Pyle Jewett-Bullock (69) To Jim Anderson (72) Great minds think alike... Listening to Washington, D.C. all-news WTOP re: the unconscionable Little League World Series age scandal yesterday afternoon, I suddenly realized we haven't seen Phil Jones (69) for a looooong time. While I enjoy giving him a bad time about being ever-so-slightly OBSESSED with baseball (with other sports falling in close rank right behind it), I also enjoy watching and reading the comic, middle-aged banter between Phil and others as they reminisce about those magnificent memories of days gone by and take pot (as in belly) shots at each other... Where ARE you, Phil? -Pam Pyle Jewett-Bullock (69) ******************************************** >>From: Greg Alley (73) To: Jim Anderson (72WB) I'm still here. I do remember Ron Howard from Pasco and he did go on to a career in the NFL. He was a real good local three sport star. Along with Dicky Johnson and his brother Noble, Pasco was hard to beat when he played. You were mentioning junior high. I live next to Chief Jo and its a middle school with grades 6 through 8. You're in high school now in 9th grade in Richland. To be politically correct they are the Eagles, not Warriors. You're probably getting your car painted at Maaco because Pete Rose said it was good. -Greg Alley (73) ~ in windy Richland and everybody's on vacation but me. *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/03/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff: Fred Suckow (55), Marilyn Simmons (63) Peg Sheeran (63), Pook Smith (63) Brad Wear (71), Todd Grabner (79) ******************************************** ******************************************** Report on Laura Dean Kirby Armstrong (55) This is NOT from a "medical person". Saturday morning the prognosis was very bad for Laura... doctors thought she would probably not survive. Saturday evening about 8pm she responded with new found energy, squeezing her cousin's hand and trying to raise herself off the bed... the doctor said that was OK for her to do and said to look at the computer screen for confirmation that she was responding with all she had. No news came through the night. Sunday morning's visit showed Laura responding to speech and recognizing family members. The nurse emphasized that they still have her on complete support systems and various chemicals and procedures and that the outlook is bad. Local family is encouraged by what they saw. Washington family was arriving Sunday and that should cheer her further. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Fred Suckow (55) Re: Irony Laura Dean Kirby (55) is the one who was organizing the Hi-Spot function [back then] and is struck by a heart attack. The last one who we would believe would have such a problem. Hang in there, Laura Dean. -Fred Suckow (55) ~ Murrieta, CA ******************************************** >>From: Marilyn Simmons Arnold (63) Re: Real Estate To: Robert Holmes (62) If you are looking for the best realtor in the Tri-Cities, we highly recommend Tom Johnson with Windemere. He is a man of high integrity, honesty, and is just a fine fellow. AND he is a [class of '61] Richland Bomber. -Marilyn Simmons Arnold (63) ******************************************** >>From: Peg Sheeran Finch (63) To: Robert Holmes (62) In my opinion, the best realtor in the Tri-Cities is my brother-in-law, Tom Johnson (61), husband of my sister, Katie Sheeran Johnson (61). He works for Windemere. Just know he's a hard worker and honest as the day is long. -Peg Sheeran Finch (63) ******************************************** >>From: Pook Smith (63) President Harry S. Truman said he did not recall getting an apology for Pearl Harbor and I will not for being a Richland "Bomber". Anyone who might be offended can meet us on the field of battle, i.e. Baseball, Football, Basketball, etc., etc. -Pook Smith (63) ******************************************** >>From: Brad Wear (71) To: Alan Lobdell (69) Alan, I'm fortunate in my job that I get to take clients to all the good restaurants here in the DFW metroplex, and in the various cities I travel to. All three of the restaurants you mentioned are great in their own way. Cool River and Three Forks are definitely "high roller" places, while Cantina Laredo has a great mix of TexMex and Cajun cuisine, with killer margaritas. Frozen, with salt please. Dallas has some great restaurants, in fact, you can go to the Mansion on Turtle Creek, have great food, get insulted by the staff, pay astronomical prices, and feel good about it when you leave. They'll even call the police and have you arrested if you complain about something, just ask Eddie "The Eagle" Belfor of the Stars. Dallas has three of the top ten rated restaurants in the nation, but give me a Denny's Super Diner any time. I'll "Grand Slam" it, race out for a Krispy Kreme, chase it down with a Starbucks and walk away with a lot of extra coin in my pocket. I guess I don't have that sophisticated of a palate, nice legs, a bit fruity, yet unpretentious is not in my lexicon. Just being flippant, Cool River is actually one of my favorite places. You can't go wrong there anytime. I'm sorry I missed Norm Bell (61) and Mike Davis (74) at the board meeting this month, I would have liked to have talked to both of you. -Brad Wear (71) ~ in cool, foggy Richardson, TX ******************************************** >>From: Todd Grabner (79) Does anyone know if the Richland Bomber alumni license plate holders are still available? If so, where are they available at and at what cost? Thanks! -Todd Grabner (79) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [ ] *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/04/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers and a report from Laura Dean's cousin: Wynell Williams (55), Ernie Trujillo (59) David Douglas (62), Ed Wood (62) Leo Webb (63), Gary Behymer (64) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Tom, cousin of Laura Dean Kirby Armstrong (55) Sent: Monday, 9/3/01 9:30am "I hope that Laura enjoyed her time here with her family and getting in touch with her beginnings if that is going to be all the time she gets on this earth." I got your message, along with a lot of other ones today when I got home to check the mail. There is no good news this day, in fact the doctors are putting the odds 80-20 against her survival. I can respond to your hope that I have quoted above. Without reservation I can say that she loved the last month in Illinois with family and surroundings of her youth. I will not make this a geographic comparison. Most of her life and good memories come from Washington State, but the last month was spectacular. Spectacular in its simple beauty. Furnishing and outfitting her new home. A visit to the ice cream stand. A view of the sunset. A lemon shake- up. Hearing music. Cooking dinner. Getting her hair cut. Visiting her family and the geography of her youth. I cannot begin to list the things that month allowed her to enjoy and me to share but if it is all we have then everyone know that it was a blessing. We discussed and gave thanks daily for this blessing and want everyone to know how wonderful it was. I will tell her all of your hopes and prayers, she needs them. -Tom ~~~~~~~ [Three pictures of Laura Dean at R2K (June, 2000). -Ed] Picture #1 ~ Picture #2 ~ Picture #3 ******************************************** >>From: Wynell Williams Fishburne (55) I would love to have an address for Laura Dean Kirby (55) if anyone has it. Will be glad to hear any updates on her condition. Thanks for letting us know of her heart attack. -Wynell Williams Fishburne (55) ******************************************** >>From: Ernie Trujillo (59) To: Brad Wear (71) Brad, I read your post about Audie Murphy's home and was surprised I didn't know about it. I live in Dallas and will definitely make a trip to Dove's... I've always been an admirer of Audie Murphy... thanks for the tip. To: Alan Lobdell (69) Re: Dallas Restaurants Alan, I've not tried Cool River yet but I have it on my list now. Three Forks and Cantina Laredo are definitely good! Between you and Brad Wear (71) you've given me a couple new restaurants to try. ...from a cool 89 degrees in Dallas -Ernie Trujillo (59) Go Bombers!! ******************************************** >>From: David Douglas (62) My web site has finally been updated with my first pictures of Tianjin. I am unable to access it from China (I think they block certain types of sites here - I can't access the alumni websites either), but I sent the files to my brother who uploaded them for me. It is at Everyone asks me about 'culture shock.' Actually, I didn't experience any. After living in Hawaii for 32 years where there are more Orientals than Caucasians, I feel right at home. It actually felt stranger moving to Arizona, where there were very few Orientals. Our favorite restaurant in Hawaii was Chinese, so I am thoroughly enjoying eating Chinese food. The most interesting experience so far was going to a bathhouse and getting a foot massage. I do most of my shopping at a store called Carrefour, which is similar to Costco, but I did buy two tomatoes at the street market. I will be teaching four classes of oral English, two of writing, and one 'audio-visual' class. My first class meets Wednesday, Sept. 12, and I am looking forward to it with great anticipation. -David Douglas (62) ~ Tianjin, China ******************************************** >>From: Ed Wood (62) Re: General Language To: David Douglas (62) I can't help you out with your poem request, but I'm impressed with your memory. Mr. Martin's class was one of the most stimulating and memorable classes at Carmichael. I've often wondered why such classes are no longer offered -- at least in the schools my boys went to. Has anyone else seen such a survey class on the structure of language, including introductions to Latin, French, and German? -Ed Wood (62) ~ Lakewood, CO ******************************************** >>From: Leo Webb (63) The Olympia, and beyond, group will be meeting for lunch October 4th at 11:45. This time we will be at the Olympia Oyster House. Again, we want any Bomber from any year to join us. To: Pook Smith (63) Also include the field of battle to include the Zip's parking lot. -Leo Webb (63) ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) I have to believe that the below listed 'pulse poll' now running on the Tri-City Herald 'web page' has garnered more total votes than any other poll that they have run. Gooooooo Bombers! Should the alumni-donated bomb be displayed in Richland High School? 1226 people have voted (;-) Thanks to you! -Gary Behymer (64) ~ Now living in Colfax, WA *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/05/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 Bombers, Alumni Sandstorm delivery report and report on Laura Dean Kirby Armstrong (55) today: Dave Tillson (50) ******************************************** ******************************************** ALUMNI SANDSTORM DELIVERY PROBLEMS.... 9/3 and 9/4 Alumni Sandstorms have been sent to the listserv, but have not yet been delivered to the list... that's probably why there's only one entry for today's Sandstorm... dunno what the problem is... Everybody needs to bookmark the Alumni Sandstorm website -- or add it to your favorites. You can always check the website to see if the Sandstorm has been sent and you just haven't received your copy in your inbox yet... ******************************************** ******************************************** 9/4/01 noon CT - report on Laura Dean Kirby Armstrong (55) She knows visitors and can manage a smile. She cannot speak because of the tubes but sometimes is awake enough to enjoy a visitor. She can move her arms and legs somewhat although the equipment limits this activity. The staff at the hospital is first rate and seems to take a special interest. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: David Tillson (50) Re: Spudnuts If any of you Bomber Alumni are traveling through Utah by car and need a spudnut fix you'll be happy to know that there are two local coffee shop chains that are spearheading a Spudnut revival, Tasty's and Tommies Doughnuts. Tasty's has three locations in South Ogden, Kaysville, and Salt Lake. Don't know where Tommies are located since I can't get past the Tasty's. If you're headed up or down I-15 you can potentially OD on spudnuts within a space of less than 40 miles. Having been a daily Spudnut junkie, along with Vern McGhan (49) during 20 plus years working on the Hanford project I can attest to the authenticity of the Utah variety. For those of you who won't be driving through Utah or don't live in Richland or have access to local bakeries that make and sell Spudnuts, there was a recipe for making your own Spudnuts published in the August 29 issue of the Salt Lake Tribune. See the article "Make your own at Home". Just in case you can't find the article I'll bring a copy with me to the Friday night session of Club 40. You will easily recognize me as the short guy with the enlarged mid section caused by eating to many Spudnuts. -David Tillson (50) - Salt Lake City, UT - where the official state snack is green Jell-O. *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/06/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff: Shirley Armstrong (61), Jim Hamilton (63) Tami Bond (63), Bill Wingfield (67) ******************************************** ******************************************** SANDSTORM DELIVERY PROBLEMS continue... 9/3, 9/4, and now 9/5 Sandstorms have not been delivered. I left a message on the server's recorder around 10am on 9/5... no return call yet... don't quite know what to do now. Will continue to put the Sandstorm up on the website... ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Armstrong Dvorak (61) (Ron's sister) Re: Laura Dean Kirby Armstrong (55) I spoke with Ron (Laura's husband) this morning. Laura is doing a little better, they are slowly reducing the medication she is on to see if she can remain stable enough to insert a balloon to help the blood flow to the heart. They are limiting the visiting as this wears her out. Laura's Mother and two daughters, Brenda and Shelly, went [to Illinois] with Ron on Sunday the 2nd. Brenda had to return to her home today and the oldest daughter, Kirby, will be there sometime today. Ron appreciates the prayers and support from the Bomber family. If you want me to tell Ron anything please feel free to email me and I will see to it he receives his messages. -Shirley Armstrong Dvorak (61) ~ Quinlan, TX ******************************************** >>From: Jim Hamilton (63) Re: Last Chance Hi-Spot on 9/15 at the Community House Has anyone taken it upon themselves to invite Superintendent Scrooge and his toadies, I mean school board members to the Last Chance, Last Dance Hi-Spot? Might be a nice opportunity, for them to have a chance to loosen up and see what being an "Old Bomber" is all about. I once went to a Texas A&M game and "sawed varsity's horns off", and have never been the same since. Just might do some good -jimbeaux [Jim Hamilton (63)] ******************************************** >>From: Tami Bond Trudell (63) To: Ann Engel Schafer and Fred Schafer, Leo Webb, and Susie Shaver [All Class of '63] I was in Olympia in July and had not seen our web site until after we returned to the Tri-Cities. My son was with me, while my husband was fishing in Alaska, and we were visiting old neighbors. We lived in Lacy from 1980-1985. I really wished we could have met and talked about old times. This web site just brings back so many memories from high school. I have enjoyed reading all the comments from old class members. I have a brother in Richland and one in Goldendale, so still come home to visit. Next time we plan a trip to Washington, maybe I can join you for lunch somewhere! -Tami Bond Trudell (63) ~ Zachary, LA ******************************************** >>From: Bill Wingfield (67) To: Maren I need my daily fix To: All Richlanders Please vote for Richard Anderson (60) for School Board. I will be coming there on Saturday to help my Dad, Truman, put a new roof on Mom and Dad's cabin in the Blue Mountains. Anyone want to help? -Bill Wingfield (67) ~ Augusta, GA *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/07/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Bombers and a "Sandstorm Delivery" Update today: Dick McCoy (45&46) and Ann Bishop (60) ******************************************** ******************************************** SANDSTORM DELIVERY UPDATE: To: Maren The Mail server was attacked with 1000 emails/minute. While this is a doable load, the emails were forwards to themselves. So none of them ever left the server. The mail server would try to process all of these emails, but the incoming was too quick. This built up until the server could take no more and stopped. The Fix: I deleted all of the emails in the queue, including ones you may have sent. The ISP is also tracking down the violator and will deny service from that address. I also believe they will report the violator. This has all been fixed today [9/6/01]. The server is back up and working. If you have any emails you would like to send again, please do. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [REsent the 9/3 Sandstorm at 7pm on 9/6 and it has not yet been sent to the list. -Maren] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick McCoy (45/46) Re: Trilogy to six months of reading Sandstorm, Sandbox, mascot Maren, Maren, Rick Burt, Keith, Ray Bomb, Bomb, Day's Pay Rings, Things, Dingalings Krispys, Spudnuts, Fat Portland, Chicago, Seattle Sings, Songs, Ding dongs Who, AKA, He? Pres, School, Board Limit, limit, Limit What? Gol Dimmit! Much Ado About Not So Much -Dick McCoy (45/46) Bronc, Beaver, Bomber ******************************************** >>From: Ann Bishop Myers (60) Re: Monthly Lunch - Women of '60 It's time again for the Class of '60 women to get together for lunch. 11:30 Saturday the 8th at Expresso World on GWWay in Richland. See you there. -Ann Bishop Myers (60) ~ Kennewick, WA *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/08/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff: Carol Carson (60), Gary Behymer (64), Kim Edgar (79) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Carol Carson (Southam) Renaud (60) rE: Single Bombers It would be interesting to know how many of our Bombers are single, i.e., never married, divorced, widowed. As singles groups go, it is difficult to find people of similar backgrounds. Maybe Bomber Singles could socialize - at least we know how great we are! LOL -Carol Carson (Southam) Renaud (60) ~ Renton, WA where it is showing signs of Fall ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) Re: Volunteers finishing Richland field -Gary Behymer (64) ~ Colfax, WA ******************************************** >>From: Kim Edgar Leeming (79) FYI - Cost of Prescription Medication & Copays I was at the Doctor's today, getting my thyroid level checked. When he wrote out the prescription he said to ask the pharmacy how much it would be without the insurance copay. The reason being, is that he's noticed in quite a few of his patients, the price of medications (especially older medications) were less than the insurance copays. The pharmacies don't have to disclose this unless you ask. I called my pharmacy, he was right, my medication was $9 cheaper than my co-pay. I wish I'd known this years ago, I'm shocked on how much money I could have saved. So next time ask your getting your prescriptions filled, ask if it's more with the insurance copay, tell them you don't want to buy it without the insurance. -Kim Edgar Leeming (79) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/09/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Bombers and Hi-Spot Announcement: Linda Reining (64) and Brad Upton (74) ******************************************** ******************************************** SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Hi-Spot Don't miss the "Last Chance" to dance the "Last Dance" at the old Community Center. It's just a week away... Saturday, September 15th from 6:00 until the "Last Dance". The Richland High Band will be there to sell Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Nachos, Cherry and Vanilla Cokes, Cherry 7-ups, and Swamp Water. Come eat dinner and support the Band. A Big Thanks to John Adkins '62 who has been gathering Hi-Spot's favorite "old" Songs. Admission will be $5.00 for Bomber Alumni and Guests. If you bring your old Hi-Spot card you can get in for $3.00. Raffle tickets will be sold for $1.00 for the chance to name the "Last Dance". Ken and Lorraine Olson, and Wanda Janos will be there to Chaperone once again, checking for fake Hi- Spot cards and smelling breaths. More old Hi-Spot Chaperones are being recruited. Any names, please let us know. Don't miss out on an evening to relive the memories of Hi-Spot. And when the time comes to turn on the lights, 'cause the party's over, You will be able to say that you were there when Elvis left the building. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining (64) To: Carol Carson (Southam) Renaud (60) Are you related to Lillian Southam that lived on Rossell? I lived at 404 Rossell till third grade when my folks moved to a "Ranch" house on Elm Street. -Linda Reining (64) ~ Bakersfield, CA - where the weather is not too hot today. Re: single Bombers - have been married twice and am now happily single. LOL ******************************************** >>From: Brad Upton (74) Hey Maren, AAAAAaaaaaahhhhh! I just got back from working on a cruise and was getting ready to read the past 5 days of Sandstorms and they weren't there!!! What happened?!? Please put me back on the list! Thanks, -Brad Upton (74) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Brad - Yes, the Alumni Sandstorm has a problem. The problem is NOT you... the new server hasn't sent it to everyone for the last 6 days... We were told it was fixed... I resent the 9/3 Sandstorm around 7pm 0n 9/6, BUT haven't received my copy yet, so I'm not sure if the problem is fixed... when you start seeing the old Sandstorms coming in, you'll know the server is fixed. ALSO, in the meantime, you can find the Alumni Sandstorm every day on the website at --bookmark that (or add it to your favorites) when you get there... you can *always* check the website to see if it's out and just hasn't arrived in your INBOX for whatever reason... Bomber cheers, Maren Smyth (63&64) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/10/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers and Hi-Spot Announcement: Carol Black (48), Mike Clowes (54) Shirley Armstrong (61) ******************************************** ******************************************** SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Hi-Spot Don't miss the "Last Chance" to dance the "Last Dance" at the old Community Center. Less than a week away... Saturday, September 15th from 6:00 until the "Last Dance". The Richland High Band will be there to sell Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Nachos, Cherry and Vanilla Cokes, Cherry 7-ups, and Swamp Water. Admission will be $5.00 for Bomber Alumni and Guests. If you bring your old Hi-Spot card you can get in for $3.00. Raffle tickets will be sold for $1.00 for the chance to name the "Last Dance". Ken and Lorraine Olson, and Wanda Janos will be there to Chaperone once again, checking for fake Hi- Spot cards and smelling breaths. More old Hi-Spot Chaperones are being recruited. Any names, please let us know. Don't miss out on an evening to relive the memories of Hi-Spot. And when the time comes to turn on the lights, 'cause the party's over, You will be able to say that you were there when Elvis left the building. ******************************************** ******************************************** >From the FIRST Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Carol Black Foster (48) Date: Sat Sep 8 12:35:56 2001 1948 Grad Hi Bombers: Just wanted to add another '40s name to your guestbook. Go Bombers!!! -Carol Black Foster (48) ******************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) For those of you old enough to remember, I'll start by using the words a then famous radio (remember that?) commentator Gabriel Heater used to open his broadcasts "Ah, there's good news tonight." Having just returned from a fine weekend in the Atomic City, I can report to all of you that Club 40 is still alive and well. Earlier reports of its demise were somewhat overly optimistic. There is a new slate of officers, and for all members, there will be a "Duststorm" coming out sometime in November. This was decided at a general membership meeting held Sunday morning at the Shilo Inn. One of the pleasant surprises during the Club 40 gathering was to meet Our Candidate for Richland School Board, Richard Anderson (60) and his versatile campaign manager, Judy Willox Hodge (61) (but, believe me, she doesn't look a day over ... mere modesty prevents me). Our own Queen of the Alumni Sandstorm, Maren, was also in attendance. I think her only complaint was that the "band" couldn't play the Queen Song Book. [Not true! My other complaint was the lousy sound system at the Shilo. -Maren] My understanding is that the schedule for next year's shindig will be finalized during the Club 40 Board meeting later in October. This will serve as fair warning for all you '62ers to get ready. Bomber Cheers to all, -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) ~ back in Albany, OR where it was hotter today here than it was in Richland yesterday. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Burt Pierard (59) is the new President of Club40. -Ed] ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Armstrong Dvorak (61) Re: Laura Dean Kirby Armstrong (55) The doctors are concerned about an infection Laura has and the fluid in her lungs. They have her heavily medicated, her blood pressure is holding and she is starting to get restless. The Doctor said the next few days should give them more information. All of Laura's girls have returned to their homes and her mother left this morning [Sunday]. Ron is hanging in there and is feeling a little more positive about the whole situation. Keep the prayers coming and thank you all for your support. -Shirley Armstrong Dvorak (61) ~ Quinlan, TX 80 degrees, overcast and cool for Texas *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/11/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Bombers sent stuff: Carol Carson (60) and Linda Reining (64) ******************************************** ******************************************** LAST CHANCE HI-SPOT ~ 9/15/01 ~ 6pm We could use some volunteers to help decorate at 4:30pm on Saturday [9/15/01] at the Community Center, and to help clean-up after the "Last Dance". ******************************************** Club40/Class of '51 -- article from Tri City Herald ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Carol Carson Southam Renaud (60) To: Linda Reining (64) Yes Linda - Lillian Southam is my former sister-in- law. She and her husband live in Puyallup, WA (south of Seattle). Re: Being single It has it good parts and some not so good, especially if your spouse passed away. Glad you're enjoying your "singlehood." -Carol Carson Southam Renaud (60) ~ Renton, WA - where it's cool this morning. ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining (64) Re: Richland Bomber Alumni Ring I have ordered my alumni ring!!!!!! How many others have done the same? Can't wait to "wear" BOMBER PRIDE!! Hey Maren, thanks for all you do for us BOMBERS!!!!!! Where would we be without you????? ;) Bomber hugs, -Linda Reining (64) ~ Bakersfield, CA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [You, too, can order YOUR Alumni Ring now!! Alumni Ring Website ] *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/12/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers and one Bomber Mom today: Ralph Myrick (51), Anita Hughes (52) Sharon McDermott (63), Susie Shaver (63) Linda Reining (64), Frank Trent (72) Wanda Janos (Bomber Mom) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ralph Myrick (51) I would personally like to thank all the people that worked on the 50th Bomber Reunion. A lot of work went into planning it and the result was terrific. I got to see a lot of kids that I went to school with that I haven't seen since high school. It was really great to see them. Thanks to Buddy for the work he put into the gold tournament. I had a great time playing with Don King, his wife, Chris, and Ginger. They were a lot of fun. Thanks again for a great time and for a superb job that went into the planning. -Ralph Myrick (51) ******************************************** >>From: Anita Hughes Hogan (52) Re: remembering How many of us are there with memories of Pearl Harbor today? I was seven years old and vividly remember my parents "shushing" us as they listened to the news of that terrible time on the radio. Today it has come back to all of us with this terrible attack on America. Our prayers are with all of those who are suffering today. Just a few of my thoughts to pass on. -Anita Hughes Hogan (52) ~ where it is cooler and somewhat overcast today ******************************************** >>From: Sharon McDermott Bruce (63) Let us all join together in prayer for the victims and all their families involved in the tragic actions of Tuesday, September 11, 2001. -Sharon McDermott Bruce (63) ******************************************** >>From: Susie Shaver Caldwell (63) To: Kim Edgar Leeming (79) Re: Prescriptions My message is to Kim Edgar Leeming (79), but also to all of you that get prescriptions filled. We always give you the best price... unfortunately, we have to run it thru your insurance first., at your request. If we are not totally paying attention, we may just let it go thru insurance. While I try to supervise at least 200 to 400 prescriptions a day, sometimes I miss things. I also have to make sure that those wonderful insurance companies are paying me at least $3 over my $100 to fill the Rx. What business could stay in business if they only made $3 on a $100 cost? When it comes to thyroid Rx, etc., I'm always looking to save you, the customer, $ MOST of the time, your insurance did give you a discount, but now I see a change. If the drug is a generic, and has been out for a long time, like thyroid, you would be best to buy #100 at a cash price, other than buying 30 at a co-pay of $5. But everything is variable, so the best thing is to talk to your pharmacist... we are not trying to take advantage of you. We don't know what your insurance will pay, etc. This is a very trying time for us with the insurance companies... as it is with you, the consumer. The best thing for you to do is complain to your insurance company, and if enough of us complain, maybe we can make a difference. If we don't complain, nothing will change. We, as health care providers, want to give you the best care that we can, but we are hampered by your insurance formularies (what drugs that they will cover). So call your congress!!!! We need to change this, as sometimes changing your Rx results in more problems. SO e-mail me if you want to discuss this further, but you can see how frustrated I am. Bomber cheers, -Susie Shaver Caldwell (63) ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining (64) Re: Attack on America Find the a_ _holes and "NUKE 'EM"!!!! I know this isn't the forum for that statement, but just had to say it!! -Linda Reining (64) ~ Bakersfield, CA ******************************************** >>From: Frank Trent (72) Re: Terror in America Our prayers go out to all those touched by these horrible acts of terrorism, and to the hundreds of heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their fellow Americans. Hope for justice ... Pray for wisdom. -Frank Trent (72) ~ Tacoma, WA - Where the sky is quiet ******************************************** >>From: Wanda Janos (Bomber Mom) To: Anyone interested I have a child's pedal car - aluminum - which is a replica of the B17s of the 50s... it may be a companion to the bomb. It is about four or five feet [long] with a wingspread of maybe four feet... a real antique... it has been painted green and silver... if anyone would like to use it as a decoration at one of the alumni events (it could hang), I would be happy to share it with you - as log as I get it back... come see it... Chris Janos (65) was a cheerleader and had to carry the bomb off the field many times. The disgruntled LOSERS would try to get it. Email me your interest and I will send you my address and phone number so you can come see it. -Wanda Janos (Bomber Mom) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/13/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 14 Bombers and 1 funeral notice today: Nancy Stull (59), Audrey Eberhardt (61WB) Mike Brady (61), David Douglas (62) Sandra Genoway (62), Gary Behymer (64) Jean Armstrong (64), Shirley Collings (66) Pam Ehinger (67), Betti Avant (69), Pam Pyle (69) Kim Edgar (79), Jil Lytle (82), James Baker (83) ******************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** LAST CHANCE HI-SPOT ~ 9/15/01 ~ 6pm We could use some volunteers to help decorate at 4:30pm on Saturday [9/15/01] at the Community Center, and to help clean-up after the "Last Dance". ******************************************** >>Tri-City Herald Re: David Hinson (51) Re: September 11, 2001 Tri-City Herald Article -David Hinson (51) ******************************************** >>From: Nancy Stull Jewell (59) Re: Attack on America - NYC terrorism Pull up the drawbridges, flood the moats and let the alligators loose. Then nuke 'em. Not exactly PC, but for today, it's the way I feel. And having recently relocated from the Big Apple, the middle of nowhere is a pretty nice place to be. (Except for the chemical depot, maybe.) -Nancy Stull Jewell (59) ******************************************** >>From: Audrey Eberhardt Mathews (61WB) To show terrorists that Americans stick together: FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 14 is "Flags Across America." All Americans are asked to display the American flag either in their homes or cars. Let's keep the meaning of UNITED in "United States". Pass this on to as many people as you know. Thanks! -Audrey Eberhardt Mathews (61WB) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Brady (61) Recently, there was an article in the Seattle PI stating that Hanford workers with any type of cancer or lung disease caused by breathing in beryllium are eligible for compensation. The number of survivors eligible for a maximum of $150,000 benefit is limited. Children of survivors, for instance, must have been dependent on the parent at the time of death. My father passed away when I was 17. According to the autopsy, his body was riddled with cancer. I submitted a claim, and I received a response stating that I was not legible for compensation because his cancers were not diagnosed prior to his death!! My Dad had been overexposed to radiation several times, and I believe his death was a result of the radiation. Question: Does anyone know how I can obtain my father's radiation exposure records? He worked at Hanford from 1943 until his death in 1960. -Mike Brady (61) ******************************************** >>From: David Douglas (62) From Tianjin, China -- I had just gone to bed a bit before 11:00 pm last night (Tuesday), as I had my very first class at 8:00 am this morning (Wednesday), when Paul Ramsey, another American teacher at Tianjin University, called and told me to turn on the channel with the Phoenix symbol. He didn't say what it was about, but it was obviously something serious. I located the station, which was showing a live feed from Fox News/WCBS in New York. Although the commentary was in Chinese, I was able to hear enough in English from the background to grasp what I was seeing. My reaction was the same as any American, I'm sure. First was disbelief that what I was seeing was really happening, much like my reaction the first time I saw films of the Challenger disaster. Then came deep grief at America's loss of innocence. What we always thought of as something that happened in other countries was now an indelible mark on the fabric of our society. I quickly checked the other channels (about 25, all Chinese). One other channel began coverage at its regular news broadcast at 11:30 pm, and a third at midnight. I watched until a little after midnight, when I decided that my class needed me awake and functioning in the morning. But it was hard to sleep. I was in my classroom by 7:30 am and students began arriving shortly after. Almost all were listening to radios as they found seats in the room. Two of the fellows assisted me in setting up the overhead projector, and then we waited for the starting bell as the classroom filled. The students seemed reluctant to speak first, perhaps not knowing what to say. I had already memorized my get acquainted speech, and I decided to stay with that. I greeted them with "Good morning, ladies and gentlemen," and they enthusiastically responded in unison, "Good morning!" I introduced myself and some of my history, illustrated with maps of the US, Washington, Hawaii and Arizona and pictures of my family. I told them about Richland's one claim to fame and some of my personal thoughts about that. When I finished my prepared introduction I invited them to ask me any questions, personal or otherwise. I was unsure how responsive they would be, as Oriental students in Hawaii tend to be reluctant to talk in class. But they responded very enthusiastically. When the first person asked a question, I told them that I had wanted to bring a small reward with me to give the first ones to volunteer to speak in class. As it had to be small and light to fit in my luggage, I ended up with chocolate candy bars, and I gave her a candy bar (I had enough for the first eight questions). I told the guys if they didn't like candy they could find a pretty girl to give it to, which brought much laughter. The third student asked my reaction to the attack in New York. It was a rather emotional moment, as I had not even begun to sort out my feelings and still had little in the way of facts. Remembering all the misinformation reported after the Murrah Building bombing in Oklahoma City, I did not want to speculate on why it happened or on what America's response might be. Many of the students expressed their great sympathy for me and for America. We made it through the rest of the class, with many still wanting to ask questions. I am having my first "open house" Thursday evening, so there will be further opportunity to talk with them. As soon as I returned to my apartment I received a call from the government liaison officer for the foreign faculty inquiring if I had any relatives in New York. She also expressed her great sorrow at what had happened. After class I ventured off campus on my bicycle to meet Beatrice Maberry Jacobsen (62) for a planned visit to the shops on "Culture Street," and the sidewalk newspaper vendors were doing a very brisk business. Being illiterate in Chinese, I do not know what the headlines said, but the pictures were of smoke billowing from the World Trade Center Towers. On the evening news the Chinese Premier and Foreign Minister expressed their condolences to the victims and the American people, and reiterated their condemnation of any form of terrorism. The Chinese people are aware of what happened, and the reactions I have seen on the news have been most positive in sympathy toward the United States and condemnation of terrorism. The Chinese are a very gracious people, always helpful and polite (well, with the exception of the ones I have run into with my bicycle). I feel very safe here (safer than in Arizona, in fact - I would never go walking on the streets of downtown Phoenix after dark, which I feel very comfortable doing here). So, it was a day of very mixed emotions. I feel most unfortunate that the day I have looked forward to for many weeks with such great anticipation -standing before my first class as "Professor Douglas" - had to be marred by senseless tragedy. But such is life. -David Douglas (62) ~ Tianjin, China ******************************************** >>From: Sandra Genoway (62) Re: Fly Your Flags Draped In Blue Something that has started in Seattle. We are flying our flags (half-staff, if possible) and wearing flag pins draped in a blue ribbon (tied at the top of the flag, or a little lapel blue ribbon worn like those for AIDS campaigns). Blue is the color for JUSTICE! -Sandra Genoway (62) ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) Re: Attack on America ~ September 11, 2001 'Pulse Poll' in the Tri-City Herald... "How should the United States react to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon?" Vote... -Gary Behymer (64) ~ Downtown Colfax, WA ******************************************** >>From: Jean Armstrong (64) Re: Attack on America ~ See the flag fly See The Flag Fly!! -Jean Armstrong (64) ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Collings Haskins (66) Re: September 11, 2001 ...from a favorite song: "Let there be wisdom, let there be peace." -Shirley Collings Haskins (66) ~ Richland ******************************************** >>From: Pam Ehinger Nassen (67) Dear Bombers; On 9/11/01 was the second worse day in history, the first being Pearl Harbor. I have a special request. My son, James John Walsborn, is in the Army. They are locked down and on stand by. Which means they are ready to go at a minute's notice. I'm asking all my Bomber Family to Pray for him and other sons and daughters who are in the military. As a Mom this is killing me not knowing where or if he will be going. I have not been able to talk to him. I did talk with someone on the base and was reassured that he is fine. But I still want to hear my baby boy's voice. This is a parent's worse nightmare. Jimmy only has one year left out of the 6 he's served. I keep asking myself "Why now?". I'm praying for the people in New York. But I'm also Praying to God that our government finds and takes care of Bin Laden or who ever it might be. We must show the world we are not a country to be MESSED WITH!! God Bless and keep you all safe. Bombers Rule -Pam Ehinger Nassen (67) ~ Thorp, WA ******************************************** >>From: Betti Avant (69) Re: good to have you back It is so good to have the Alumni Sandstorm back where it belongs (in my mailbox every morning). I had been reading it through the Richland High School page with the All Alumni Link, but heck this is alot easier to get to. Thanks for all the great efforts. -Betti Avant (69) ~ Goodland, KS ******************************************** >>From: Pam Pyle Jewett-Bullock (69) Re: U.S. Attack ~ September 11, 2001 Dear Friends & Loved Ones: Thank you - ALL of you - for your calls and e-mails yesterday and this morning. I have finally, just now, sorted through and read the e-mails; for, as you might have guessed, yesterday (Tuesday, September 11) was clearly one of the most bizarre and shocking days of my adult life. I did get home, finally and safely, at around 5p.m. (1700) yesterday afternoon, having been dismissed from work at 10:00a.m. I started my new job at the U.S. Department of Labor, about two blocks from the U.S. Capitol Building, on Monday, September 10. It was also my first day at commuting via train. The commute was AWFUL the first morning and evening (trains late both directions, rain downtown, etc.) Then, I learned that, in spite of the many flexibilities of the Department of Labor's work schedule programs, it is possible and likely I will have to alter the work-week and schedule I kept successfully at Department of Commerce for nearly two years. The combination of these two, but largely as a result of the looooong day precipitated by all the train delays, I returned home in tears Monday night. Although I wondered, out loud to Charles, whether the terrific people I met and the promise and challenge of stimulating work could be WORTH all this grief, I closed the sad tale to him this way, "I have to give it time. Surely, tomorrow can't POSSIBLY be any worse than today." Enter a small army of terrorists. I reported to an offsite training location, 200 N. Capitol Street (across the street from the Capitol and about two blocks from Union Train Station), ON TIME, at 8:30a.m. yesterday morning. We began the task of learning all about the new EEOICP, Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program, meant to compensate victims (and certain survivors) of carcinogenic and radiation exposures associated with production of nuclear weapons and power. (My home town is one of the identified locations of such exposures.) At about 9:50a.m., one of our facilitators exited the room briefly and returned to tell us about a report that New York's World Trade Center had been "hit by terrorists." Just minutes later, he exited and returned again to inform us that airliners had crashed into the two New York towers and that the Pentagon had been similarly attacked and was now engulfed in flames and smoke. I exited the building to try to contact Charles, at home (retired just two weeks ago), via my cell phone. Sirens were blaring as a parade of emergency vehicles sped past. The cell phone lines were jammed, making outside contact impossible on this otherwise picture-perfect late summer day. I re-entered the building and was informed we were ordered to evacuate. All federal buildings were being closed. I quickly grabbed my briefcase and sweater and headed for the train station. The timing seemed wonderful, as the early southbound Amtrak train was there and ready to board for the 10:20a.m. regular departure. As I sank into the seat, I counted myself lucky that the day's location had positioned me so that I could be among those first to the train station. I would be home in just an hour or so, I thought. Then, the announcement, "Ladies and gentlemen, please disembark immediately and exit the station. All train service is canceled, and we are evacuating Union Station." After the predictable moment of disbelief, I and the other passengers on the packed train did exactly as instructed. Some tried to stop and ask, "But what are we supposed to do NOW?" These questions were met with sternly repeated instructions to exit the train station building IMMEDIATELY. Clutching her little daughter's hand as she walked along side me, a young African American woman burst into tears and said to me, "What will we do NOW? My mother has just had a heart attack and I'm trying to get home to her...this is the first time I've ever traveled away from my husband..." I put my arm around her shoulder. Pulling her along with me, I advised, "Listen to me. We're going to do EXACTLY as we've been told, and you'll be just fine. You'll get to your mother when it is safe to travel. This is a national emergency, and this is the Capitol of the United States. These officials have our safety and well-being in mind, and they are trained to handle our needs." Once out of the building, we were moved back onto Union Station Plaza, across the street. We were instructed to remain away from the building and away from the U.S. flag standards. There were thousands of pedestrians out there, and whatever vehicles were in the street (cars, buses, cabs) stood frozen in gridlock. Sirens blared in the background, cutting an otherwise quiet atmosphere. One woman had a radio and headset, and she readily accepted the task of repeating, out loud, all the details she heard from news radio. Bathed in warm sunshine and surrounded by the always impressive buildings of the Capitol City, the shattering news was all but impossible to accept. As it became clear that none of us was going anywhere, some people in the crowd reacted angrily toward the many law enforcement and security types surrounding the massive train station building. Others decided to try to seek hotel rooms. Many availed themselves of cold drinks and snacks from any of several of the always-present street vendors. I continued to try to contact ANYONE on my cell phone directory, especially out of state folks who might be able to contact Charles or Chris for me (a communications strategy we learned as a result of California's frequent earthquake interruptions), but found the lines jammed. I have never seen so many cell phones in use at one time as on that plaza yesterday! And so I sat, plopped on top of my briefcase, employing my brand new London Fog umbrella for shade, observing the reactions and behaviors of thousands of my fellow captives. And that is exactly what we train commuters were...powerless captives. Nothing left to do here, I thought, but pray for the grace to accept God's will for all of us. ALL of us. And I must tell you that I never felt any fear for my own safety. Perhaps it was the sunshine, the relative calm of the crowd, the absence of VISUAL evidence of disaster or crime (even though we could see wisps of smoke in the general direction of the Pentagon), or the presence of so MANY public safety officials. At one point, I confess recalling a couple lines from the absurd and wonderful Mel Brooks' film, "Space Balls." After ordering his ship to "ludicrous speed" and then ordering its abrupt and screeching, crunching halt, film nemesis Dark Helmut is asked by his First Officer, "What shall we do NOW, Sir?" "Are we stopped?" asks the rumpled leader. "Yes, Sir, we're stopped now, Sir." To which Dark Helmut responds, pitifully, "Well...why don't we take a five-minute break? Smoke if you got 'em!" Funny what goes through a person's head in the face of incredible adversity. Minutes became hours, and news "sound bites" included announcements of the cancellation of ALL train and plane service on the East Coast. My cell phone rang, and there was the very welcome sound of my son's voice. It was about 11:15a.m. Chris informed me that Naval Station Newport, Rhode Island had gone to full alert and "total stand down status until at least Thursday" (emergency personnel only on base). He agreed to take up the task of contacting Charles to let him know I was unable to call out on the cell phone. Eventually, Charles was able to call me and then continue calling me, to check my status, at regular intervals. Our conversations were brief and business- like, since I needed to preserve the cell phone battery. Still, this was some MAJOR "hand-holding" activity! At about 1:30p.m. (1330), I purchased a cold soft drink from a vendor, then crossed First Street and "badged" my way into the Bureau of Labor Statistics building to use the rest room. Checking with the Amtrak Police on the way, I was told a 3:00p.m. (1500) train southbound "might" run. Exiting the BLS building at about 1:45p.m. and feeling myself ready for "another few rounds," I saw a trickle of pedestrians entering Union Station as police began to roll up the bright yellow plastic security ribbons put in place several hours earlier. Unclear on the meaning of this activity, I fell into line and asked another woman what announcement I'd missed. Were trains running again? "We're being allowed into the station now, to use the rest rooms," she informed me as we walked. Figures, I thought to myself. Still, waiting inside the train station seemed a more hopeful location. Then, as I walked toward the train waiting area, I heard an announcement about a southbound (Fredericksburg) train boarding. I quickened my pace and headed for the platform, where the conductor assured me his train was, indeed, headed for Fredericksburg shortly. What a relief! When Charles called for the next appointed check-in, I reported I was now seated on a Virginia Railway Express train awaiting departure. We agreed that, if necessary, he could drive to any station SOUTH of Washington, D.C. to pick me up if I was eventually unable to return to my car at the station at Quantico Marine Base. At a few minutes past 2p.m. (1400), the train departed Union Station, allowed to proceed at just 15 miles per hour "for security reasons." Amtrak Police and other law enforcement officials were present at every bridge crossing as the train conductor made good natured announcements about the "blistering speed" at which we were allowed to proceed. Crawling past the Pentagon was reminiscent of riding Disneyland's "People Mover" tram, although the scene that unfolded before us was anything BUT entertaining. Some six hours after the plane crash, smoke and flames still billowed from this "citadel of American military power." Stunning, maybe. Incredible, certainly. Sobering, absolutely. South of the Springfield/Franconia train station, we were allowed to double our commute speed to 30 miles per hour, and our conductor quipped, "Now, folks, we'll get home TWICE as fast," his attempt at humor lost in the sudden realization of what fate we lucky passengers had obviously escaped. I disembarked at Quantico Station shortly after 4:30p.m., the commute having lasted just about twice as long as is normal for the run. The roadway exiting the base was lined with clusters of Marines, at full attention, scrutinizing each exiting vehicle. At the entrance, those queued up for base entrance were being asked to exit their vehicles while other guards and canines performed mandatory searches. Eerie. I arrived home shortly after 5p.m. (1700), some eight hours after having been dismissed from training. Here, I found a crew repaving our driveway and remarked to the workmen that seeing them work was the best thing that had happened to me all day. They nodded soberly and said, "Welcome home." The cold reality of the fate which did NOT befall me and the thousands of my fellow train travelers didn't become real to me until Charles informed me of all your concerned calls and I witnessed the television accounts of what can only be described as hideous evidence of the human capacity for evil. I didn't get to the computer and many e-mails until this morning, as previously stated. Maybe yesterday's denial and shock are waning, I thought, as I found myself in tears over your expressions of love and concern. So, having exercised my option to take leave today, my first order of business is to thank all of you and to let you know that yesterday's events have only served to reinforce our our understanding of the importance of living each moment as though it were our last. Love always wins. And, as for my Monday night comment, "Surely, tomorrow can't POSSIBLY be worse than today," well... I stand corrected. Love to you all, -Pam Pyle Jewett-Bullock (69) ******************************************** >>From: Kim Edgar Leeming (79) Re: America's Tragedy ~ September 11, 2001 As to what happened:, "NO" words can describe the way I feel, I cried throughout the day. My thoughts and prayers are not only with the victims, their family and friends, but to the whole nation. I heard fighter jets over the sky last night about 9:30 or so. To those who want to help: Blood donations are desperately needed, especially, "O" positive & "O" negative. If you've been told in the past that can't donate blood because you had "Hepatitis A", check again. You can now donate after so many years, check with your local the blood bank. Don't be discouraged by the long lines, call a head, make an appointment. -Kim Edgar Leeming (79) ~ Poulsbo, WA ******************************************** >>From: Jil Lytle Smith (82) Re: Attack on America ~ Show support I think it would be a terrific show of support to our nation if we were all to fly our American flags. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone during this tragic time. -Jil Lytle Smith (82) ******************************************** >>From: James Becker (83) Re: September 11, 2001 ~ terror To: Frank Trent (72) With all due respect sir because I'm sure your heart is in the right place, but when enough information is gathered, and our direction clear... the time is past for meditation and hope. Act with wisdom, but struggle for justice, crawl, scream, and bleed for it. -SFC James Becker USAR (83) ******************************************** ******************************************** Funeral Notice scanned from TCHerald by Shirley Collings Haskins (66) Dale Collins ~ Class of 1952 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/14/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 15+ Bombers and lotsa links today: Dick McCoy (45/46), Gene Barron (47) Anita Hughes (52), Mike Clowes (54) Roger L. Myers (55), Patti Jones (60) Annette Hall (62), Linda Belliston (63) Gary Behymer (64), Linda Reining (64) Robert Shipp (64), Jeff Curtis (69) Rob Peutz (73), Sean Lewis (77), Kim Edgar (79) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick McCoy (45/46) Re: Trip We were on our way on a long-planned trip to the east coast including DC and NY. We were to be gone six weeks. We got 2 nights out, and in the AM, turned the radio on and heard the terrible news. We turned around, not knowing the situation with gas supplies, or possible attacks on the power grids. Besides our enthusiasm was eliminated by the tragedy. Maybe next year. Re: Club 40 On a lesser note, congrats to Burt Pierard (59) and the new slate at Club 40. Club 40 lives on. -Dick McCoy (45/46) ~ Bronc/Beaver/Bomber in sorrow ******************************************** >>From: Gene H. Barron (47) To All: Question for all! Does anyone now living in Richland know Jay W. Buckholdt (49)? I have been trying to find him for the past few years. He has a sister living in Richland (Annette Herford). He and I worked at Boeing Flight Test Center (Moses Lake, WA) back in 1958. My sister Barbara Barron Doyle (50) said that he is somewhere around Richland, but she has not seen him in a long time. -Gene H. Barron (47) ******************************************** >>From: Anita Hughes Hogan (52) To: Jean Armstrong (64) Thank you for the beautiful website. I have sent it on to all of our family and friends. -Anita Hughes Hogan (52) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [The website from Jean ] ******************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) Re: Club 40 I realize that what I write here is trivial in light of the events of Tuesday, last. However, President Bush has urged that "life" go on. On the Friday evening of the Club 40 week-end, it is my understanding the Rich Semler, Superintendent of Richland Schools, paid a visit to the gathering. During this visit he was shown the pictorial records of Richland, Hanford and White Bluffs that had been put together by Lola Riley Yale. He was accompanied by then club President Dale Gier (48). Upon seeing the displays, he made Dale an offer to provide storage for them. Dale accepted. During the meeting on Sunday morning, Dale brought up the fact that Rich had offered the storage. Following the election of the Board of Governors for the Club, a quick board meeting was held to elect new club officers. This being done, newly elected President Burt Pierard made several appointments to certain positions. A quick discussion was held on the offer made by Rich Semler, during which it was found that an other offer of secure storage was made. The Board elected to accept the latter offer. Following announcement of the new Club 40 officers, Burt put to the members present the Board's decision on what to do with the "historical archives". Those present favored this move, several citing some inadequacies of storage of other items and documents by the school. It was also expressed by some Board members that the Club memorabilia be either photographed or scanned onto a disc, copies of which would be available to the membership, all Bombers, the high school, and the school district. A letter of this intent has been sent to Mr. Semler, and thanking him for his offer, but declining that offer. As I stated previously, The DustStorm will make an appearance in a mailbox near you sometime after the October board meeting. Be of good cheer in these times, -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) ******************************************** >>From: Roger L. Myers (55) As a classmate of Laura Dean Kirby (55), I have her in my thoughts. After reading about her heart attack, I researched the 1955 high school paper (the Sandstorm) for articles that mentioned her activities. She was (as she is now, I'm sure) quite active. The October 1 edition reported that Laura Dean was elected president of Thespians as well as entertainment chair of Hi-Spot. The 14 January issue featured her in a column entitled "KNOW YOUR LEADERS": Laura Dean Kirby is this week's featured leader. President of Thespians and VP of Hi-Spot, she is also active in Quill and Scroll, Pep Club, FTA, Student Council and Rainbow. Laura Dean is probably most well known for her song leading. She is one of six girls who try to get the student body to sing at the games. Short and blond, Laura Dean is 17 and hails from South Bend, Indiana. She has lived in Richland for 7 years and likes it. She named fried chicken as her favorite food. Columbian is her favorite class. Laura Dean also was mentioned in the lead article for the 4 March 1955 edition when she was selected as one of the leads in the play: "TIME OUT FOR GINGER". In the 18 March edition it was noted that she won a "KEY" award and five (5) merit awards in the Scholastic Art Award Exhibit. The article notes that 35 schools were involved in the exhibit. Hopefully, someone will share this with her and it will remind her of some great experiences in HS and cheer her up. On a personal note, I remember her as an active, involved classmate that "got things done". Look forward to seeing you at the next reunion, Laura Dean. -Roger L. Myers (55) ******************************************** >>From: Patti Jones (60) Hear Ye Hear Ye Hear Ye Bomber Babes All Bomber Alumni Women's Luncheon Please E-mail me if you will be at the Luncheon Date: September 16, 2001 Time: 1:00pm Where: Best Western Executive Inn I-5 Exit 137 Address: 5700 Pacific Hwy. E. Fife, WA 98424 Phone: 922-0080 Mothers and Wives of Bombers are welcome Bring an inspiration to share. God Bless Everyone -Patti Jones (60) ~ Browns Point, WA - where the weather is beautiful but the quiet skies are eerie. Planes are beginning to fly. A normal night I can watch an endless stream of planes coming into Sea Tac Airport. ******************************************** >>From: Annette Hall Bundrant (62) In concern for America, I hope with all my heart that we can find it in our hearts to not condemn all the people who share the same nationality. Pray to God to help them change in their hearts and quit hating the Americans. And to pray for all the victims of the attacks. -Annette Hall Bundrant (62) ******************************************** >>From: Linda Belliston Boehning (63) Re: Last Chance Hi Spot: Just 2 more days!!! .......Saturday, September 15th from 6:00 until the "Last Dance". A big Thanks to Jim Hamilton (63) for his great idea many months ago to have the "Last Chance" to dance the "Last Dance" at the old Community Center. Don't forget to come eat dinner. The Richland High Band will be selling Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Nachos, Cherry and Vanilla Cokes, Cherry 7-ups, and Swamp Water. A Big Thanks to John Adkins '62 who has been gathering Hi-Spot's favorite "old" Songs. See ya Saturday night!! -Linda Belliston Boehning (63) ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) Re: Surfin' the web The Seattle Times: Richland's Conley was 2-sport tower of power Best teams, players of the century Irish add Puyallup to football schedule -Gary Behymer (64) ~ Colfax, WA ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining (64) To: Pam Ehinger Nassen (67) Re: prayers I will keep your son in my prayers. I have a nephew stationed at Fairchild AFB and he has been told he will be going to Saudi in November, unless this latest event changes his "orders". We are keeping him in our prayers, too... had an e mail late Tuesday and I have two young cousins who are on the East Coast: one works in Washington, DC - she could see the Pentagon from her office window - they were told to go home... she could still see the devastation from her apartment; the other attends college in New York, 10 blocks from the twin towers - they were evacuated - she could see the clouds of dust from her apartment window. Needless to say, the families were on "pins and needles" till we heard that they were "safe and sound". -Linda Reining (64) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Pam heard from her son... He was a little upset with Pam because she was so worried! He told Pam to settle down... that he was fine! -Maren] ******************************************** >>From: Robert Shipp (64) Re: Black Tuesday - September 11, 2001 Rage, disbelief, sorrow, commiseration... I've been feeling them all for the past three days. I don't suppose I'm any different than most Americans in that regard. With all due respect to Pam Ehinger Nassen (67) - and I pray that your son comes through this in good health - this was worse than Pearl Harbor. Without in any way justifying Imperial Japan's actions, the Japanese attacked military targets in a territory far from the heart of America (Hawaii is closer to Tokyo than it is to Washington D.C.) Their primary targets were ships and planes. The clear intent of this week's fanatics was to kill as many Americans as possible, whether they be civilian or military, men, women or children. But, as in all tragedies, something positive may have come out of it. Americans have, at least for now, largely forgotten their political, racial and philosophical differences and have come together. Perhaps the country can enjoy the some of the same unity that Bombers from the class of 1945 to the class of 2001 and beyond share. Follow the link below to the best commentary I've yet seen on Tuesday's cowardly attack. Miami Herald Editorial -Robert Shipp (64) ******************************************** >>From: Jeff Curtis (69) Sheesh, what a week. You go through several (hopefully few) of these events in a lifetime and how long it takes the sadness to stop creeping into the idle unfocused moments that lie between daily endeavors is in direct proportion to the magnitude of the tragedy. I get the feeling that this one is going to hang on for a while. Maren put a link in today's edition of the Sandstorm that points out some of the reasons that Americans are so great. Not perfect, just great. a Canadian's View about America Heroic actions happened that day, are happening now, and will continue to happen as a result of this tragedy. We are witness simultaneously to the worst and best humanity can offer. So fly the flag. Give some blood. Wear a ribbon. Talk to your friends and associates about it to exhaustion. Learn to live with the memory. My band, The A-City Youths, were scheduled to play in Seattle at the Wallingford Wurst Fest, St. Benedict's School (we might very well be the wurst band there) but were unsure if the venue would be canceled due to ..... well, you know. I called the event coordinator and he said they had decided that enough was enough and folks needed diversion. I know I need diversion. I can't watch my favorite sports teams win or my favorite stocks lose. So the Wallingford Wurst Fest endures. Admission is free, so if you're in the area of 49th St. and Wallingford Ave. in Seattle tomorrow around 7:30PM, stop in and don't be too critical. Mark Schmale, Scott Huntley, and I, all Col-Hi Class of '69, will be performing till about 8:30 if we don't get the hook. Come up and say hi. -Jeff Curtis (69) ~ Seattle, WA ******************************************** >>From: Rob Peutz (73) Re: Honor For the first time in my career of 28 years, the Navy takes a wartime posture off of our own coast. The message traffic that comes across my desk has a clear message for all Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airman. I am proud to serve with these men and women, and we stand prepared to answer any call that our Commander in Chief my ask of us. In our frustration, we ask to send men and women into harms way. It is a job they gladly accept. With Old Glory flying, they will go into battle, carrying the torch of freedom, for the entire world to see. They do this with honor, courage, and commitment. I am proud of the men and women of the USS Cole, who refused to let a terrorist attack sink their ship. They fought, bled and died, to keep a her afloat. This is the heart and soul of the United States. We will not give up, what is ours. I have a small favor to ask. Add these men and women to your prayers. God Bless those who serve. God Bless America. -Rob Peutz (73) ******************************************** >>From: Sean Lewis (77) Folks, if you're new to "flying the flag," don't feel that you need to do it only in times of tragedy or on Independence Day. I've been flying one from my front porch for a few years now, every day, taking it down at night, as a consistent little visual reminder to my two boys not to forget what our country stands for, and to honor the countless people who have suffered and given their lives for the simple freedoms we enjoy today. I'm not a veteran, and I haven't traveled much, but I consistently hear that nowhere else in the world are people as free as we are here in America, and we just cannot take that freedom for granted. It's been paid for with the blood of our families, and payments will continue, in one way or another, as long as we have it. I had a hard time explaining this the other night to my eleven year old but I got through it, with a tear or two in my eye. You all know damn well that this world would be an entirely different place without the sacrifices of Americans past and present. We live free every day; we are Americans every day; I urge you to get a flag and fly it proudly, every day of the year. -Sean Lewis (77) ******************************************** >>From: Kim Edgar Leeming (79) Re: First-Hand Account of Pentagon Attack Maren, Below was in an email forwarded to a coworker who used to work in the Pentagon as well as to my Boss "Captain William Hahn, who is a retired Captain of Bangor Naval Base (Bangor Washington), who still has many friends from the Pentagon where he once served, he came to work for us about six years ago. I don't know if the sandstorm is the place for this, if it is and you want to put it in here it is: -------------------- Subject: First-Hand Account of Pentagon Attack The following email is a first-hand account of the attack on the Pentagon, written September 12 in an e- mail by LT. Chris Ludmer, who is currently serving in the Pentagon as the Flag Aide to Rear Admiral (RADM) Donald Guter, the Judge Advocate General (JAG) for the US Navy. _____________________________ From: Ludmer, Chris Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2001 8:20 AM Subject: Pentagon Attack Sir: As you already know by now, all of us in the front office made it out safely after yesterday's attack. I wanted to relate to you something of what we all experienced, from a first-hand perspective. At 0900, Admirals Guter and Lohr, all the Aides and EAs [Executive Assistants], and several AJAGs [Assistant Judges Advocate General] were in Admiral Guter's office for the weekly AJAG meeting. We were discussing several issues, when word came in that the World Trade Center had been attacked. We turned on the TV in the Admiral's office, and saw live the scene of horror as the second plane smashed into the South Tower. Everyone in the room let out a collective gasp and stared in momentary disbelief. After coming to grips with what we were watching, Admiral Guter quickly took control of the meeting. While leaving the TV on, we moved to the next issue for discussion. Several minutes later, with a warm DC sun shining through the windows of what we all considered was the unassailable fortress of our defense establishment, a deafening explosion sounded. Just as we heard the loud crash, a shock wave ripped through the building, shaking the walls and jarring our bones where we sat. "We're under attack," and "We've been hit" were the first audible responses after a split second of stunned silence as our minds came to terms with what our bodies had just felt. What we were watching on TV in New York had just happened to us. Sir, you have been in this building. The plane struck the OPPOSITE side from where our spaces are, and still we were battered around with tremendous force. That should give you an indication of the strength of the blast. Immediately, the word spread through this massive complex to evacuate. We all left the office, calm mostly because we were still in shock over what was happening. For the most part, the evacuation was orderly. But we heard shouts and screams, voices shouting, "Oh my God!" and "Get the hell out!" "Out!" "Out!" Panic was spreading through some, many running in all directions through the corridors. One area of the building had lost power, was dark, and black with choking smoke. Word of the fires, and collapsing ceilings and bulkheads were carried throughout. Balls of flame and swarms of debris shot through rings E, D, and C at the affected area, tearing through bulkheads, people, and even the sprits of those anywhere in the building. Through the mass of bodies, pressing against each other from every direction, I found my Admiral up ahead. We had been separated by the sweeping current of blues, greens, and khakis. Fighting through the press, I reached him. He was calm, and resolved. As we headed down the ladder well from the 5th deck, he told me to make sure we had everyone out. We had. We finally made it outside, through the river entrance. Crossing the grass yard with thousands of others, we felt the warm sun and saw ahead of us the gleaming white of the Washington Monument across the Potomac. Turning around, I looked upon a war zone. Thousands were still pouring out of the building. From our angle, it seemed half the building was throwing huge clouds of black smoke into the air, covering much of the sky. After staring at our burning building for a few minutes, it was really setting in that we had been attacked. My mind thought of the trip to Pearl Harbor a few short weeks ago, and our tour of the ARIZONA Memorial. Was this what those sailors had felt on that day-the shock, confusion, surprise, and then horror at the slow realization that they had been attacked suddenly and without warning? I didn't know, but I imagined it must have been somewhat similar. The crowd assembled stared aghast. The shock was fast turning to anger, and a temporarily impotent desire for vengeance. Then soldiers and sailors were running past the throng, shouting for doctors, medics, and corpsmen. They had turned the North entrance by the POAC [Pentagon Officers Athletic Center] into a morgue, triage, and temporary care facility for the injured. There would be many of them. Shortly after the call for medical help went out, word spread that another plane was detected headed straight for the Pentagon. The ETA [estimated time of arrival] was 10 minutes. Just as the World Trade Center was hit twice, so were we to be, it seemed. We were too close to the building. Orders were passed to get even farther away. In a scene from a movie, literally thousands of Navy, Marine, Air Force, and Army officers and enlisted ran from the building grounds, hopping bushes and low walls, jumping down steps two and three at a time. Along the river the hill slopes down away from the Pentagon, and it was there, in that natural trench, that thousands threw themselves, hitting the dirt and laying down -- taking cover from the imminent second attack. Just as some were screaming, "Why do we have no air cover?", F-16 fighters out of Andrews AFB [Air Force Base], their wings visibly packed with missiles, screamed overhead. They flew in circles over the Pentagon and the District, with word, we were told, to shoot down ANY airliner that came into the area, no matter how many were onboard. I looked up and thought, this indeed was war. Thousands of my fellow citizens were dead in New York, my headquarters was burning and collapsing in smoke and rubble before my eyes, and jet fighters were flying combat air cover over our capital for the first time in history. I myself saw two people collapse outside from apparent heart attacks as we took cover and awaited the imminent second attack. Thankfully, it never came. Personally, I suspect that that plane that crashed outside of Pittsburgh was headed not for Camp David, as the press had speculated, but for us at the Pentagon. Sirens from police cars, fire engines, and ambulances screamed everywhere. Helicopters, military and police, filled the sky over head and deafened our ears. Busses packed with medical personnel brought in from Bethesda and Walter Reed skidded around armed barricades and raced to the center of the carnage. We ran into RADM Craig Quigley, the Pentagon spokesman, and he stuck with us for awhile. He was as confused as the rest as to what was happening. Dozens of us surrounded a man who had a portable radio, thirsting for ANY news as to what was going on. A report came though, later contradicted, that the State Department and the Treasury had also been hit. No one knew what was going to happen next, or when the attacks might end. We were gathered outside the Pentagon, watching it burn, still feeling the shock of the blast, and we felt impotent. No one knew what to do. We could only make sure others were safe, help those who were injured, and rage inwardly, pining for a deadly retribution. We had somehow survived a sneak attack while too many others working very close to us had paid with their lives. We would never be the same. Late last night, Admiral Guter called me at home. His message was simple. "Chris, we're going in tomorrow." "Aye, Sir," I said. We sent the message to the rest of our troops. My apartment building is only a few blocks from the Pentagon, and I walk here to work everyday. This morning, at 0545, in the same uniform I had worn when we were attacked, I headed across the street to my office. Parts of the building were still burning, smoke billowing upward in the pre-dawn hour. Police, military and civilian were everywhere, letting no one near the building without a Pentagon pass. But DoD workers, military and civilian, were heading in. We were sending a message. "You will not frighten us, you will not stop us, no matter what you do." Passing through security, I entered the south entrance of the building. Smoke and black soot were everywhere, a cloud choking me as I passed through. I walked through the NATO corridor, the end of which I could not see through the smoke. But I was not alone. Others were walking in alongside me, faces grim with determination. No one spoke, no one laughed. Only the echo of footsteps on the ash-covered floors could be heard throughout. Passing through SECDEF [Secretary of Defense] corridor, the smoke cleared. I could see through the windows into the inner courtyard, jokingly referred to as "Ground Zero." It was no longer a joke, but had become reality. I stopped in my tracks and stared. Fire engines were in the courtyard. Smoke was still pouring off the roof, and fires still burned on the opposite side. The grassy areas of the courtyard were being turned into makeshift morgues, body bags covering the lawns under the trees laid out in rows like at the national cemetery not far away. They weren't full, but were obviously ready for what the rescue crews would find in our building once the collapsed wreckage was cleared away. All along the walk to our office, corridors were covered in black ash and cordoned off with yellow police tape. But I am here in our spaces, as is the ENTIRE front office. We smell smoke, we have soot all around, and firemen are yelling at us to leave, but we are here for now. It is amazing that we have power in our part of the building. I want to, please, Sir, ask you to pass on my thanks for all my friends down there who called my home and left messages for me yesterday. I could not return all the calls, and the phone lines in the area are still jammed and not working properly. Please thank everyone for their concern and prayers. May God be with those who yesterday and today gave their lives in this, America's latest war. Very respectfully, Chris Ludmer LT, JAGC, USNR Aide & Flag Lieutenant to the Judge Advocate General ----------------------- -Kim Edgar Leeming (79) ******************************************** ******************************************** This came from several Bombers today: Re: Flags Across America Day ~ Friday, Sept. 14, 2001 All Americans are asked to display the American flag either in their homes businesses or autos. Let's keep the meaning of UNITED in "United States". ******************************************** ******************************************** Re: U.S. Pride Day ~ Friday, Sept. 14, 2001 Everyone wears U.S. colors. Wear as much red, white, and blue as you can. In memory of all those who perished; the passengers and the crews on the United Air and AA flights, the workers in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the firefighters, police and emergency workers and all the innocent bystanders. Our prayers go out to the friends and families of the deceased. ******************************************** ******************************************** This came from several Bombers today: Re: Unity Against Terrorism - Friday, Sept. 14, 2001 Friday Night at 7:00pm step out of your door, stop your car, or step out of your establishment and light a candle. We will show the world that Americans are strong and united together against terrorism. The message: WE STAND UNITED - WE WILL NOT TOLERATE TERRORISM! ******************************************** ******************************************** The following link came from a gal who was born in Richland but moved away when she was 2 years old: 81 pictures... September 11, 2001 These links were sent by one or more Bombers... Leonard Pitts' Editorial ~ 9/12/01 A Canadian's View About America America Stands Strong "You're A Grand Old Flag" by George M. Cohan Tribute to our Flag The Origin of Old Glory "Ragged Old Flag" by Johnny Cash Make a 5-pointed Star in One Snip *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/15/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers sent stuff: Barbara Isakson (58), Frank Osgard (63WB) Dick Pierce (67), Gary Christian (67) Pam Ehinger (67), Roxanne Southard (71) Spencer Houck (71), Diane Carpenter (72) Mike Davis (74), Kim Edgar (79) ******************************************** ******************************************** SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Hi-Spot TONIGHT Don't miss the "Last Chance" to dance the "Last Dance" at the old Community Center. It's just a few days away. TODAY, September 15th from 6:00 until the "Last Dance". The Richland High Band will be there to sell Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Nachos, Cherry and Vanilla Cokes, Cherry 7-Ups, and Swamp Water. Come eat dinner and support the Band. A Big Thanks to John Adkins (62) who has been gathering Hi-Spot's favorite "old" Songs. Admission will be $5.00 for Bomber Alumni and Guests. If you bring your old Hi-Spot card you can get in for $3.00. Raffle tickets will be sold for $1.00 for the chance to name the "Last Dance". Ken and Lorraine Olson, and Wanda Janos will be there to chaperone once again, checking for fake Hi-Spot cards and smelling breaths. More old Hi-Spot chaperones are being recruited. Any names, please let us know. Don't miss out on an evening to relive the memories of Hi-Spot. And when the time comes to turn on the lights, 'cause the party's over, You will be able to say that you were there when Elvis left the building. Hope to see many of you there!!! Any questions e-mail us...... Dick Boehning (63) and Linda Belliston Boehning (63) ******************************************** >>From: Barbara Isakson Rau (58) To: Pam Pyle Jewett-Bullock (69) Thank you for sharing you thoughts and the day with all of us. We as Americans just can't hardly believe what has happened. They've been calling that day also as 911, Sept. 11, 2001. We as Americans need to pray for our leaders and our fallen Americans and our helpers at this time at the cleanup sites and keep them safe. To: Kim Edgar Leeming (79) Re: Firsthand account of Pentagon attack Thanks for sharing. I just started to get the Sandstorm. Bomber Sympathy -Barbara Isakson Rau (58) ******************************************** >>From: Frank Osgard (63WB) Re: Last Chance Hi-Spot Damn those guys. Two years ago I miss R2K 'cause of some dang axle thing, and now this. And the timing was so right. We could catch the early bird special at Denny's, get to the dance and 6, go down by the river and park (it gets dark by 7:30 probably) and still be home and in bed by 9:15. We wouldn't have to miss a beat. Hope everyone has a great time, wish I could have made it. -Frank Osgard (63WB) ******************************************** >>From: Dick Pierce (67) Today, here in Saipan, I went to work with a blue pair of slacks, a white shirt and a red tie. Lots of people asked why in the world I was wearing a tie. It's a tropical island and no one wears one unless they are in court or getting married. When I told them why, no one said a thing. There is not a soul here that does not respect and feel what has happened. All the eligible people of this island (about 20,000) began to apply for their U.S. passports in 1986, when President Reagan signed this insular area's inclusion into the American family. People cried here like they did when JFK was killed. I tried talking about what had happened with my wife and children after the tragedy when I could control my emotion. I think it was the most attentive they have ever been with me. I tried to explain what this means, and what could happen. I had no idea. I was talking about me and my fears. What I have seen in the eyes here, not those of any expatriates, is of genuine need. This part of America is totally dependent upon America where you are. People are really scared. People all over the world must be this way right now. Tonight at 7pm, my wife, Marian, and my daughter, Rebecca, and her cousin, Oceania and me went outside our home and lit 4 candles thanks to my friend's (Mike's) message on the Sandstorm. Friday at 7pm here is Thursday 2am in Richland. We are where America's Day begins. It hurts to be away right now. -Dick Pierce (67) ******************************************** >>From: Gary Christian (67) To: Pam Ehinger Nassen (67) Pam, I know what you are going through. My son recently graduated from advanced training at Sheppard Air Force base in Wichita Falls, TX. He is now part of an F-16 flight crew. He too is locked down at his present base. He was not supposed to use the phone on Tuesday, but he slipped away and called just to let us know he is well and safe. His jet could be deployed anywhere in the world at a moments notice and if that happens my son goes with it. As you can imagine his mother and I are quite concerned. When I told my son of my concerns he gave me a single unrestrained response. "I have a job to do, dad. God bless America" Quite amazing when you think that just a little over a year ago he was trying to get out of going to school and hanging with the kids at the mall. To say I am proud would be an understatement. But then right now I am proud of every American in uniform and quite proud to just be an American. -Gary Christian (67) ******************************************** >>From: Pam Ehinger Nassen (67) Dear Jean Eckert Imholte (72) and Bomber Family Thank you for all your prayers. As Maren said I did hear from my son and yes he told me to settle down and to quite wierding out on him! I told him to wait until he was a parent and see how he reacts to something as scary as this is for me and the rest of the world! He's safe for now just on lock down. He promised me that I would be the first to know if he was moving out! Thanks again for all your Prayers. Hope to see a lot of old friends at the Hi-Spot dance! Peg Kestel Hume and I are going... is any one else coming from the class of 67? Bombers Rule -Pam Ehinger Nassen (67) ~ Thorp, WA - where it's turned warm again! Yeah!! ******************************************** >>From: Roxanne Southard Jenkins (71) Re: The Great Eagle Maren, I know you usually don't submit poems but please print this. We all need to read this and it does make you feel better. With all that is going on with our country. We all have to stand together. Bombers one and all, -Roxanne Southard Jenkins (71) ~ Pendleton, OR - where the Pendleton Round-up is going strong. ~~~~~~~~~~~ [Roxanne's "The Great Eagle" text seemed to fit with pictures received from several Bombers yesterday. -Maren The Great Eagle ******************************************** >>From: Spencer Houck (71) Re: Venting and Pride All, I have been lurking way too long now. This morning I had taken my wife to the hospital to have a bone spur removed from the top of her foot. I had to return home to get our boys up and off to school. As I was on my way back to Kadlec the DJ on the radio had just finished reading the link Jeff Curtis left for us yesterday. a Canadiaan's View About America. To my surprise right in front of me I saw a VERY LARGE flag flying over George Washington Way in front of the old Desert Inn from the top of Richland's Fire department ladder truck. I had a GIANT tear in my eye and almost missed the turn up Swift. Having been outside the country on a couple of occasions for extended periods of time and then returning to US soil makes me take great pride in being an American. I think it also comes with the background of also being a BOMBER. With all the events of the last few days I offer up my prayers and condolences to those who have lost loved ones in this horrific event. PROUD to be a BOMBER. Hope everyone will have as good weekend as possible. -Spencer Houck (71) ******************************************** >>From: Diane Carpenter Kipp (72) Re: link Maren provided'sView.htm The article "Canadian's view" is from a radio broadcast of 5 June 1973. The author/broadcaster, Gordon Sinclair, died in 1984. (Just in case the references to Japanese radios and draft dodgers seem a bit dated.) Thanks also to Robert Shipp (64) for the link he provided to Leonard Pitts' editorial. -Diane Carpenter Kipp (72) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) September 11, 2001 Strike us, Cripple us, Bring us to a knee. You have brought us all together, >From sea to shining sea. You broken our heart, You made us bleed. But what you have accomplished, Is the replanting of a seed. A seed of great humanity, Rekindled through the land. Now the time is approaching, When America plays its hand. America has been violated, Down to its very core. Devastation and Destruction, Right on our own safe shore. We always will remember Friends and strangers that we lost. A painful lasting heartache, It is time to pay the cost. Yes, you've hurt us deeply, Our tears in eyes do sting. But remember in this land of ours, Freedom will always ring. M.Davis (74) ******************************************** >>From: Kim Edgar Leeming (79) Re: Firefighters & EMS Personnel Today was another emotional day, as I tried to hold back my tears while the sirens from the fire engines blared at: 12:29 pm today (Friday, September 14th) in memory of our fallen firefighters and other EMS personnel (Medics, EMTs, Police, Doctors & Nurses) workers. Sitting in the fire truck brought back memories of the days I volunteered. I can appreciate how these folks feel, I was a volunteer firefighter/EMT for the City of Poulsbo, WA for 4 1/2 years, before marriage and motherhood entered my life. The bond firefighters and police feel for one another is as strong as family ties. I feel very blessed to have been a part of this family. I ended up marrying a Police Officer. They think nothing about putting themselves into harm's way to help someone. I raise my hat off to all those involved in the rescue and recovery in NY and DC, (as well as their family and friends) my thoughts and prayers are with you at this very traumatic time. If you'd like to see some amazing photos and stories, go to: -Kim Edgar Leeming (79) ~ Poulsbo, WA ******************************************** ******************************************** Re: Donation Scams As Americans across the country rally in response to attacks on our nation, unscrupulous actors have sent e- mails directing users to bogus "donation" web sites that appear to accept credit card information on behalf of the Red Cross. Actually, these sites are simply there to steal from people who desire to help their countrymen. In addition to its own web site at the Red Cross has set up partnerships with three organizations: AOL Time Warner,, and Yahoo! Inc. Many Internet users are sending each other e-mails promoting these legitimate efforts, which are not to be confused with scams. However, other organizations claiming an affiliation with the Red Cross should be treated with great care. ******************************************** This URL sent by an anonymous Bomber: *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/16/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff: Curt Donahue (53), Frank DeVincentis (56WB) Larry Mattingly (60), Mary Ray Henslee (61) Tedd Cadd (66), Class of '82 Reunion Committee ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Curt Donahue (53) To: Mike Davis (74), Your poem was outstanding. I wish I were gifted to express myself in that manner. Thank you. -Curt Donahue (53) - Federal Way WA, where people are sad and angry. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Frank DeVincentis (56WB) I was looking forward so much to meeting some acquaintances that I haven't seen for 40 or more years and to spend time with my good friend Dave Watts. All flights from Tampa were cancelled so I will miss the reunion and last Hi-Spot dance. I hope everyone enjoys themselves as much as can be expected, with the tragic happenings. I am enclosing a website that you might be interested in viewing. I look forward to visiting Richland in the near future as my job televising Florida Panthers hockey games will bring me to the West soon. -Frank DeVincentis (56WB) NB -- there is sound with this ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Larry Mattingly (60) Like many I am a bit stunned by this week's events. I did manage to obtain a nice new flag for the new company flag pole recently erected at our corp HQ. It is flying with pride even at half mast. I also managed to get an appointment and give blood. But there is still that feeling of helpless frustration and intense feelings for those who have lost friends and loved ones. My original schedule for this week was to leave Richland early Saturday AM after Friday night at Club 40. I had a flight to Minneapolis for the American Pyrotechnics Association Annual Convention Saturday afternoon. I was going a couple of days early to participate in some group discussions of industry problems. As I was crossing the summit of Snoqualmie Pass my business partner called and informed me that I had been invited to make a proposal for several very large fireworks displays in a Middle East sultanate. So I called United and re-scheduled for Tuesday AM. Saturday and Sunday were spent preparing the 2-inch thick package for the prospective client. It included a site-survey trip for me on the 24th of September. The proposal went out FedEX Sunday PM. No sooner than I had put my bags in the car Tuesday AM and was locking the door to go to Sea-Tac when my cell phone rang and our Spokane and Eastern Division manager told me to go turn on the TV. I was just in time to see the second plane crash into the WTC. Later, as I watched the building fall, my tears fell also. It is a terrible thing to watch an event that is killing untold numbers. After extensive discussion with US State Department officials and realizing that both my partner and I and every key person in our company would have to travel to, in, and about the Middle East in what could be a very tense November, I elected to withdraw my proposal. Not surprising, the other 4 bidders from other countries have done likewise. The very nice and helpful folks at the State Department had no specific fears or warnings. We just felt it was a prudent decision. After watching countless hours of TV coverage I turned it off today and worked in my garden. I am a bit drained emotionally. A long-time friend passed away in Phoenix this week and I composed a haiku in his honor. Perhaps it is also appropriate for the victims of the attack: THE SOUL TOUCHED EARTH BRIEFLY LIGHT BEYOND SHINES MEMORIES IN THE MISTS OF TIME -J Larry Mattingly (60) - Tacoma WA near McCord AFB, where I consider the increased engine noise as the sound of freedom. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mary Ray Henslee (61) To: All Bombers Re: Attack On America Due to the solemn nature of this week's events, I do not feel that it would be appropriate to update the humor categories this week. For this week, I have published material that will offer food-for-thought as we all reflect and sort out recent events in our minds. See Special Edition in the Inspirational Writings and the Quotes and Proverbs categories for writings that lend some wisdom and strength in these most uncertain times. I have also written a Special Message on my thoughts, as this last week unfolded. As I read through the material that I selected to publish, I gained a renewed respect for our forefathers and their profound wisdom. Even though many did not face weapons of mass destruction, their thoughts and feelings ran parallel to ours in many ways. I think that you will gain some strength from the writings that I published, at least I did. God Bless America and may we all remain united in these uncertain times. -Mary Ray Henslee (61) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Tedd Cadd (66) From a restaurant in Albuquerque, NM -- September 13, 2001 Along with thousands of other Americans tonight, I was waiting for my flight home. I drove to a favorite restaurant in the north of town. This is one that has a male opera singer with a beautiful, deep voice to serenade the patrons. When I entered, the man was standing up on a chair and leading the whole restaurant -- staff, servers, cooks, and patrons -- in singing "America the Beautiful". All the staff and many patrons were on their feet singing at the top of their voices. The hostess was asking me questions about my seating desires, but I only had ears for the singing. I finally was able to tell her what she needed to know and another hostess started to escort me to a table. It felt almost a sacrilege to just walk into the crowd, so I told her she could just stand and join him. It was a moment that couldn't be broken by a patron walking to his table. She sang along as the singer sang "God Bless America" twice. I could see napkins and fingers catching precious tears on many faces. There was a man near me whose singing voice was on the utter opposite end of the singing-skill spectrum from the lead singer, but in a split second his voice blended with the love and resolve I heard all around me -- indistinguishable from the amazing voice leading us. Thunderous cheering and applause and the clamorous ringing of a large bell in the kitchen followed. As the hostess seated me she thanked me for allowing her to pause for that special moment. As I sat at my table in a corner of the large room, I scanned the room to see all the nationalities and ethnic groups represented in this wonderful moment, but all I could see were Americans. -Tedd Cadd (66) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Class of '82 Reunion Committee VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!!!! The Class of 1982 is beginning preparation for its 20 year reunion. We are holding our second meeting Wednesday Sept. 19th at 7:00pm at the Shilo Inn Richland. We will be deciding on a number of ideas and your input is needed. See you there! Thanks, Teresa Dunham Johnson, Tracey WoodPeloquin, Craig Hall, Jil Lytle Smith Class of '82 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/17/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCoy (45/46), Viva Webster (53) Carol Carson (60), Dena Evans (64WB) Shirley Collings (66), Jeff Curtis (69) Diane Hartley (72), Frank Trent (72) Derek Bowls (84) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick McCoy (45/46) Re: Together In terrible times like these, we Remember the really important things; Our family and our friends... Especially old friends. Hang in there everybody We need each other. -Dick McCoy (45/46) ~ Bronc/Beaver/Bomber God bless us, everyone. ******************************************** >>From: Viva Webster Metz (53) To: Mike Brady (61) I read your message of September 13 regarding your father's dosimetry records. I can empathize with your efforts in this exercise, as I'm currently engaged in the same effort. I applied for the compensation in behalf of my mother and have been required to jump through quite a few hoops and loops to make any progress. My father was involved in what is still classified as the Worst Radiation Incident in Hanford History in August of 1976 and passed away one year ago. He was registered in the WSU U.S. Transuranium and Uranium Registries and gave his permission to have WSU conduct his autopsy and testing on his internal organs for radiation damage. We are still waiting for these results. Throughout the ensuing years, he suffered many skin cancers over the upper parts of his body along with cancer in both breasts. I was able to obtain his dosimetry records from WSU Richland, which I sent along with the medical records that I was able to obtain from various pathologists. These records went out in a box (too many of them for an envelope). I've also been notified that they need more proof, so now I'm trying to locate some of the missing records (precisely the breast cancer records). His doctor at the time has left the area and no one seem to know where those records now reside. I'm still sleuthing this effort. But now to help you. After retiring last year after 30 years of service with Battelle Northwest, I still work occasionally on an hourly basis for Battelle. Battelle now holds the dosimetry records for the entire Hanford Project and administers the dosimetry program. It just so happens I work with the manager of those records. Here's what you need to do. The office where you made your application needs to request your father's dosimetry records to the Department of Energy, Richland Operations (DOE-RL) they have the address and contact person). DOE-RL looks at the request and creates a data base for the request. They then will request the records from Battelle, who will send them to you. They will need your father's name and dates he worked, which I believe you said was 1943 to 1960. His payroll number and contractor he worked for would be helpful, but not required... DOE-RL will have this. These records should then be forwarded to the person who requested them from you. Good Luck! I hope this information will help you and I'll cross my fingers for your success. Keep me informed on your progress and I'll do the same. -Viva Webster Metz (53) ******************************************** >>From: Carol Carson Renaud (60) Re: Bomber Babes Luncheon - Puget Sound The gathering was small but robust as we enjoyed visiting for a couple hours at the first Fall Bomber Babes luncheon in Fife. -Carol Carson Renaud (60) ******************************************** >>From: Dena Evans Harr (64WB) Re: Americans To: Ted Cadd (66) I read your submission with tears rolling down my cheeks! The last paragraph of your letter made me cry. "As I sat at a table in a corner of the large room, I scanned the room to see all the nationalities and ethnic groups represented in this wonderful moment, but all I could see were Americans". I thank you for sharing that moment with us. -Dena Evans Harr (64WB) GOD BLESS AMERICA ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Collings Haskins (66) To: Gene H. Barron (47) Re: Jay W. Buckholdt (49)? I don't see an address in the phone book for Jay, but I do know that he does a FANTASTIC job as a volunteer at Kadlec Medical Center. Before that he worked at BB&M and prior to that in the furniture department at J.C.Penneys. He always has a genuine smile on his face. The last time I saw him was this past spring at Kadlec. -Shirley Collings Haskins (66) ~ Richland ******************************************** >>From: Jeff Curtis (69) Re: 9/15/01 ~ Seattle Center Memorial Maren Thought you might like to see a couple of shots taken yesterday at a memorial at Seattle Center. It was pretty amazing and beautiful. No sounds of revenge or hate. Just peace, sorrow, community and nation. Hope this didn't clog your connection for too long. -Jeff Curtis (69) ******************************************** >>From: Diane Hartley (72) To: Mike Davis (74) Mike ---- what a great poem. You do have the the gift of writing. I am proud to know you. -Diane Hartley (72) ******************************************** >>From: Frank Trent (72) Re: Terror To: SFC James Becker USAR (83) Praying for wisdom and hoping for justice was in no way an implication of pacifism on my part. It was only meant to be perambulatory to the correct response from the most powerful nation on God's green earth. Our President didn't just lash out in retaliation, even though many Americans would have turned the Arab deserts into glass within the hour, he let "Wisdom" control his emotions. President Bush has chosen to gather the world leaders, united in cause, to eliminate terrorists where ever they are. Give them no place to seek sanctuary and no place to hide. Let these terrorists live with fear in their cold hardened hearts, until they can no longer escape the "Justice" of the world. Their day is dawning, and terror will reap what it has sown. My family, and my wife's family, have proudly served in the various branches of the military during past wars and conflicts, and our sons and daughters will not hesitate to protect this great and wonderful nation with the same bravado and pride. As for my family, we will wave our nation's Stars and Stripes, the Banner of Freedom and symbol of the world's greatest power, in support of President Bush and our nation's Armed Forces. Thank you, SFC James Becker, USAR. I salute you and those who stand with you, in respect for your dedication and service to these United States America. -Frank Trent (72) ~ Brown's Point, WA ******************************************** >>From: Derek Bowls (84) Re: German support of the World Trade Center/Pentagon Crisis, I am an Army Spouse living in Heidelberg, Germany. it is no doubt that all Americans are shocked and stunned about the events that happened last Tuesday (As a result, all American military installations around the world are on high alert status). But the response to the terrorist attacks goes beyond only American sympathy. Last Friday, Mozart's "Requiem" was held at the Holy Ghost Church in the Bismarkplatz in Heidelberg. At first, I didn't know why this presentation would be held at a church on a Friday night. About 30 minutes before the presentation, some 2,000-3,000 peaceful protesters (German and American) finished a march down the Bismarkplatzstrasse at the church, and filled it to capacity. It was a very moving ceremony. No doubt that ceremonies like this one were held throughout the world. If the cowardly terrorist organization responsible believes that only the United States is mourning from this attack (with a subsequent retaliation), they are thinking very blindly. The whole world is with the United States in making sure this will never happen again to anyone. -Derek Bowls (84) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Both the following URLs (sent by Bombers) contain LOTS of pictures of Memorials in other countries... what they think about September 11, 2001... they BOTH take *forever* to load up, so click when you have some time. First site ~ Second site ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/18/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff: Dick Harris (49), Norma Loescher (53) Mike Davis (74), Kim Edgar (79) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick Harris (49) Re: We are not alone! Bonnie and I have found great solace in having received notes of condolence and support from friends around the world. One friend sent a URL that you might want to pull-up, to reinforce that we are not in this, alone! It is: Great to see so many friends at Club 40 Reunion! -Dick Harris (49) ******************************************** >>From: Norma Loescher Boswell (53) Re: Dale Collins (52-RIP Dale Collins, who died on Mt. Rainier in a hiking accident, helped develop a device for detecting concealed objects on people. This could prove invaluable at airports in this age of terrorist attacks. --------------------------------------------------------- 3-D scanners readied for airports, Energy Department says Eastern Washington scientists are working on a promising new 3-D imaging technology that can rapidly identify hidden weapons --even non-metallic ones -- on airline passengers. Click to read the full article -Norma Loescher Boswell (53) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) One more time... Bear with me. AFTER THE STORM After the storm comes the beauty, Like a rainbow after the rain. Our rediscovered togetherness, Will soon replace our pain. People helping people, Regardless of the cost. Love, compassion, thoughtfulness, Replacing what was lost. We find our strength in crisis, Helping our friends in need. Seeing past our barriers, Putting away the greed. Differences and vices, Important as they seem. Are put away and forgotten, We come together as a team. The beauty of this country, Is the passion that we share. A neighbor that's in trouble, Receives our loving care. >From this we will recover, We know no other way. Whatever the price of freedom, Together we will pay. -M. Davis (74) ******************************************** >>From: Kim Edgar Leeming (79) Re: A child's view on war My husband and I both have tried to limit the exposure to the news on TV about the Attack on America to my seven year old son "Scott". However, he has seen bits and pieces of it, he's seen flags flying everywhere and talked with kids and school about it. We went to Tacoma this weekend and saw a man standing on an overpass waving a flag, my son questioned us as to why he was doing this, we explained. He also asked about the firefighters on TV raising the flag, we explained to him about the emergency personnel getting trapped in the building, without giving too much detail. My husband is a Police Officer, I hope that Scott doesn't put two and two together and realize that that something like this could happen to his father. We also saw planes from McChord Air force Base practicing take-off and landing procedures. Later that day, on the news, they showed "Bin Laden" photo, my son said look Daddy, there's the "Bad Guy". By this time, I could see that he really knew more than we thought. So far, he's drawn two pictures of the towers, one is on fire, with planes flying around them. However, on the second one, he shows and American plane (going after the bad plane), a church and the American flag. Anyway, that night he said his prayer, this is what he said: Dear Jesus, Thank you for everything you've done for us, please bless; mommy, daddy, and sammie (our dog), and, "Jesus", if we go to war, "I hope our TEAM wins". I love you no matter what. AMEN! I told him that was a very nice prayer, I left the room and tears filled my eyes again. I can just hope and pray that tragedy doesn't steal our youth of it's innocents. Besides the common sense stuff, does anyone have any suggestions how to help our children cope? It's amazing how much these kids really absorb. -Kim Edgar Leeming (79) ~ Poulsbo WA *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/19/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11 Bombers sent stuff: Mike Clowes (54), Patti Jones (60) Judy Willox (61), Shirley Armstrong (61) Ralph Koontz (62), Deedee Willox (64) Linda Reining (64), Terry Liechty (64) Blanche Newby (71), Dan Ham (72) Jil Lytle (82) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) All in favor of electing Mike Davis (74) as Bomber Poet Laureate signify by the usual sign. Thanks, Mike, your words are worth more than you think. Bomber Cheers -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes (54) ******************************************** >>From: Patti Jones (60) HEAR YE HEAR YE HEAR YE ALL BOMBERS All Bomber Alumni Luncheon To be held monthly on the second Sunday of the month. ALL RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE BY October 11, 2001 Date: October 14, 2001 Time: 1:00PM Where: Best Western Executive Inn I-5 Exit 137 Address: 5700 Pacific Hwy. E., Fife, WA 98424 Phone: 922-0080 Bombers Forever -Patti Jones (60) ~ Browns Point, WA - The skies are flying again. The overcast has come in and rain's next. ******************************************** >>From: Judy Willox Hodge (61) To: All Bomber Alumni (all classes) and All Richlanders It is now around 11:00 p.m. on the 18th of September and I am pleased to announce that the votes are coming in as we love to see them. My candidate, Richard Anderson, is currently sitting at 1860 votes which is 37.11% and has him in the lead for now. Of course I think that he will stay there as I have faith in this man that he will carry through and go on to be our next elected school board member. To all of you out there in Bomberville I want to express my deepest and sincerest thank you for your votes and hope that you will continue to have your faith in Richard and vote for him in the final election. I, and my candidate, would deeply appreciate it. Thanking you all again, I am, -Judy Willox Hodge (61) ~ Richland ~ Campaign Manager for Richard Anderson ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Armstrong Dvorak (61) Re: Laura Dean Kirby Armstrong (55) My brother, Ron (56), met with the doctors today. The doctors are very concerned that the infection in Laura's lungs is not getting better, and it appears she still has fluid in the lungs. She also has an infection in her kidneys. They will start her on new medications today for the infections. She is still heavily sedated to keep her still. Ron said to thank all of you for your prayers. -Shirley Armstrong Dvorak (61) ******************************************** >>From: Ralph Koontz (62) Re: Report from the Front It has been a week since the terrorist attacks on the US and, for those of us who live and work in the DC metropolitan area, life is a long way from being back to normal (although I'm not sure what "normal" is anymore). I work in the Crystal City area, a large group of office complexes located between the Pentagon and Reagan National Airport. Here, the level of security is unprecedented. Officers from Arlington County (police and sheriff departments), Virginia State Police, US Federal Protective Service and US Marshalls seem to be on every street corner. Several buildings are in a complete lockdown and entry allowed only to those possessing passkeys. Some underground parking garages have closed off to visitor parking. The Pentagon bus terminal, a major transportation hub for Northern Virginia, has been relocated two blocks away near a large mall complex. With this relocation and major commuting routes around the Pentagon closed, rush hour traffic congestion is worse than ever. The North Parking area of the Pentagon has become a debris collection point. Dozens of individuals wearing white suits and masks sift through the rubble. The locals have responded well. American flags appear everywhere... on cars, motorcycles, trucks, bridges, overpasses, street lights... just about everything imaginable. For the last two nights driving home I've seen a man standing on the center median of a major highway, waving a large flag. People are volunteering for everything. The American Red Cross cannot keep up with the donors who have lined up for hours to give blood. Money seems to be flowing freely into funds for families of those killed and injured. Volunteers are providing support to recovery teams and grief counseling. Even drivers seem to be more courteous! Everyone, and I mean everyone, here has at least one story from September 11, 2001... either a first-hand account or they know someone who has a first-hand story from that day. One of my stories involves a friend and co-worker who happened to be on Rte 27, passing the Pentagon, when he looked up and saw Flight 77 pass overhead, impacting the Pentagon seconds later. I will not forget the look on his face when I saw him 15 minutes later. The report below is a first-hand account from the events of September 11, 2001. This one hits close to home because, in my dealings in the Joint Strike Fighter world, I work with these folks. The survivors are now refugees sharing office space with us in Crystal City until a more permanent, temporary location can be found. It will be about two years until the damaged portion of the Pentagon will be operational. ------------------------------ THE FOLLOWING ACCOUNT IS BY CDR DON BRASWELL OF THE N78 (AIR WARFARE) OFFICE IN THE PENTAGON. Ladies/Gents The 11th was a rough day, but all of OPNAV N7 got out alive. That's not a small miracle. Thanks for all of your phone calls and prayers. It's taken 3 days to get back online, but we're up and running now. A lot of you have asked, so here's our story. Probably everyone left alive in the 3/4/5 corridor has a similar story, you can forward it as you like. Just about every Navy three star in the Pentagon has an E-ring office and they all got out alive with their staff's. The majority of the Air Warfare (N78) spaces are (were) located in 5D453. For those of you who didn't see our new spaces, we had moved there about 3-4 months ago. These were part of the newly renovated Pentagon spaces. Fifth floor, D ring, between the 4th and 5th corridors. Like every other American, we were watching the footage from the World Towers. Things had settled down a bit after the President's message, and a few bubbas had mentioned that the Pentagon, White House and the Capital building were probably targets. We knew that things had just changed for the worse and that the day would be a long one in the Pentagon. Suddenly the building jumped 2-3 inches. Everyone instinctively looked out. We had probably 20-30 windows, each about 4 feet across, in our spaces. We saw nothing but fireball towards the E ring. None of the glass broke, the lights stayed on, and the computers ran for a few more seconds. In the corner, some of the acoustic roofing fell down, but that was all the damage. It's takes a few seconds to process that kind of information. You realize that a plane probably just slammed into the Pentagon. You want to call home and tell everyone you're okay. You want to grab your computer, wallet and keys that are 10 feet away. But you decide to leave everything and just get out. Everyone came to the same conclusion at the same time, and we started heading to the door. About 100 of us have an office there and we walked/ran out. You could see the smoke starting to filter in from the E-ring. Then you saw people starting to exit the E-ring. Only about 20 folks came from that direction. When the last one came through, the smoke was too thick for them to see. They came out holding hands to keep everyone together and crouched low to the ground. They followed our shouting voices and eventually broke into the clear. We exited to the center of the Pentagon and went out into the parking lot. It'll be a long time before I forget that smell. We all looked towards the Capital building and the White House, relieved to not see black plumes of smoke there. Only later did we learn that the aircraft had circled above those buildings before crashing into the Pentagon. When we left our office, it was still intact. However, the airplane had traveled directly under us on the first and second floors. When you look at the collapsed E-ring, you can see our windows behind the debris. For the first two days you could see someone's potted plant through the window. Yesterday, you couldn't. Our floor had completely collapsed and took every thing with it. You don't realize how much you have invested in an office until it's gone. Like you've heard on TV, the new construction probably saved hundreds of lives. The reinforced concrete walls slowed the airplane. The outer, blast-proof windows contained the blast and allowed us to exit with only two slight injuries instead of multiple wounds from flying glass. We're lucky to be alive and we know it. Please pray for the families, especially those in New York. -Cdr Don Braswell, USN --------------------------- Submitted by -Ralph Koontz (62) ******************************************** >>From: Deedee Willox Loiseau (64) Re: Children's viewpoint To: Kim Edgar Leeming (79) My advise, for what it's worth. Don't try to shield them too much. There's no way you can keep them from hearing about it. It's better for them to hear it from YOU than from anyone else. Then you can give them the slant on it that you want to, rather than a liberal media viewpoint or the misunderstanding of other kids. It sounds to me like your son has it all together from what you wrote about his prayer. And the fact that he said he will love God no matter what. I would have cried too. -Deedee Willox Loiseau (64) ~ Burbank, WA ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining (64) To: Mike Davis (74) Your poem says it all. Thanks for putting into words what we feel. -Linda Reining (64) ******************************************** >>From: Terry Liechty (64) Re: What to do? Dear friends, I have read all the responses on what to do about the terrorists. When you consider that many of these countries that harbor or spawn these groups are very poor and the standard of living is very low, you can sort of understand resentment and the need to grasp radical theology. The best proposal I heard for eliminating these people who hate us is to not do like Clinton did and spend $70 million to launch missiles at vast expanses of uninhabited desert but take that $70 million and invest it in the country to help the people move into the 21st century. Improving their life and giving them hope would probably cause them to invite their guests to leave. If this were repeated many times in other countries there would be no where to hide. Consider WWII what made USA great was that we poured money into Germany (our enemy), Japan (our other enemy) and guess what? When their economies recovered and they became financially secure they ended up our allies. Go figure. I think it would be much more effective than using force. Bombing through out history has only served to unite the people being bombed in resisting. Examples; English, North Vietnamese, USA. I say help those that dispitefully use you. Could it lead to understanding? -Terry Liechty (64) ******************************************** >>From: Blanche Newby Rue (71) To: Mike Davis (74) That was really beautiful and so much needed at this time. Thank you. -Blanche Newby Rue (71) ******************************************** >>From: Dan Ham (72) Re: Mike Davis Poem Mike, You are such a sensitive kind of guy. I didn't have any idea you went so deep! You want to go out sometime? You know, just to Denny's at first, then... coffee? -Dan Ham (72) ******************************************** >>From: Jil Lytle Smith (82) Reminder from the Class of '82 Reunion Committee: We are meeting Wednesday Sept. 19th 7:00p at the Shilo Inn Richland Everyone is welcome and we hope to see you there! -Jil Lytle Smith (82) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/20/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers sent stuff: Doreen Hallenbeck (51), Joan Eckert (51) Tom Hughes (56), Irene Smith (59) Walt Morgan (60), Shirley Armstrong (61) Marie Ruppert (63), Frank Trent (72) Kerry Steichen (74) ******************************************** ******************************************** September 11, 2001 - sent to me by a couple of Bombers The Binch ******************************************** >>From: Doreen Hallenbeck Waldkoetter (51) Re: Speaking of Poets "Hang Time" by W.R. Wilkins (Fithian Press) is the name of Bill's most recent publication. Bill (51) gifted this book of poetry to attendees at the '51 class reunion held earlier in September. He has dedicated several of his writing to former Bombers. It's well worth reading. -Doreen Hallenbeck Waldkoetter (51) ~ Green Valley, AZ ******************************************** >>From: Joan Eckert Sullens (51) Re: Class of '51 reunion Bomber cheers to the crew who put on the 50th class reunion for the class of 51! They did a great job. Got to see a lot of old buddies. They really didn't look "old"! They looked darn good!! I need new glasses? Many thanks to fellow '51 classmates: Wild Bill Wilkins, Buddy Bartlett, Betty Bell Norton, Ann Bradley and Don Forsythe, Nancy Griffin and Brad Cutshall, Jim Grow, Doreen Hallenbeck Waldkoetter, Joyce Liebel Adrian, Dick Lockwood, Donna Maupin Willoughby, Laurel Merkley Bell, Nancy Riggs Lawrence and Jim Shipman. A lot of planning and effort goes into making this kind of event come off. We all sincerely appreciate their efforts. -Joan Eckert Sullens (51) ******************************************** >>From: Tom Hughes (56) Re: Mr. Bonjorni I had lunch yesterday with Mr. Bonjorni who had been my 8th and 9th grade teacher at Carmichael Jr. High. We spent about 2 hours talking about the old days and the teachers and students at Carmichael and some that were from Chief Jo that he remembered. He still is in touch with Tom Sullivan and Mr. Pocernich. We talked about Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Olney, Mr. Dunton and Mr. Clayton. He recalled that he came from Ellensburg to be a Substitute Teacher in the Elementary schools and Mr. Sullivan got hurt pretty bad at a cement plant so he was asked to fill in for him at Carmichael. He said that those were the best two years of his life. He still remembers and can describe dozens of his students. We talked about many of them like Ken O'Conner (56), Polly Ann Hills (56), Jerry Yates (58), Gary Bates, and on and on. He remembered when John Meyers (58-RIP) came over from Chief Jo for a basketball game and he couldn't believe how such a big kid could move so gracefully. He wanted me to tell all of his former students and fellow teachers how much he still thinks about them and remembers them all. He said that he felt that the Richland kids were always a huge cut above the average and knew that they would go on to great things. -Tom Hughes (56) ~ Auburn, WA ******************************************** >>From: Irene Smith Goodnight (59) Re: Great Idea! To: Terry Liechty (64) Dear Terry, Your idea to "take that $70 million and invest it in the country to help the people move into the 21st century" is just what I was trying to come up with - I knew we had to give them something, but this was too simple to think of! You are a genius - and obviously listening to your heart as well. I couldn't have said it better. Keep saying it - to the tops of the government. I will carry this idea with me, and see where I can implement it as well. Thank you very much! -Irene Smith Goodnight (59) ******************************************** >>From: Walt Morgan (60) Re: Congratulations To: Richard Anderson (60) Richard: Congratulations, at last! You have reached the Primary Election. Our best wishes for a continues success. Alice and Walt Morgan -Walt Morgan (60) ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Armstrong Dvorak (61) Re: Laura Dean Kirby Armstrong (55) There has been some improvement today in Laura. She is more aware and she is answering questions by nodding her head. We are hoping this is a good sign and that she is on her way to recovery. Laura did a lot of damage to her heart when she had her heart attack, but she is tough and will work through this. Keep the prayers coming. -Shirley Armstrong Dvorak (61) ~ Quinlan, TX ******************************************** >>From: Marie Ruppert Hartman (63) I've been out of touch for some time and am wondering if any decision has been made on the alumni ring? I seem to remember something about a design and tentative pricing, but can't remember what. I don't want to miss my chance of ordering one. -Marie Ruppert Hartman (63) ~ Bremerton, WA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Alumni Ring Website] ******************************************** >>From: Frank Trent (72) To: All classes of RHS I was listening to John Carlson on KVI radio Seattle, and heard the following: President Bush was speaking to members of the Senate, and was over heard to say: "I wouldn't aim a 2 million dollar missile at a 10 dollar tent only to hit a camel in the a**." That says it all... Go get um George! Send in the Delta Force!!! -Frank Trent (72) ~ Browns Point, WA ******************************************** >>From: Kerry Steichen (74) To: Linda Sommers Evanson (57) It was great to run into some fellow Bombers at the Mariners pre-function in the middle of the Pyramid beer garden yesterday. Sharing a table with other people talking about the past week and where we all live and why we came to the game. We then started talking about high school and when I said Bombers everyone's face lit up and shared a high five and laugh about being from the same place and then talked about the Sandstorm. So I hope you enjoyed to game as much as my college buddy and I and the rest of the 45,600+ Mariners fans. The opening ceremony was overwhelming and I was glad to be at the game. Hope to see you again at the game. (let me know if you get some more free good playoff tickets and need to share). Thanks again -Kerry Steichen (74) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/21/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers sent stuff: Gus Keeney (57), Burt Pierard (59) David Douglas (62), Bonnie Timmerman (63WB) Jim Hamilton (63), Linda Reining (64) Dick Pierce (67), Darlene Napora (69) Jenny Smart (87) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gus Keeney (57) Re: T-shirt During the Gulf War, Jeff Cottrell, who owns a t- shirt company in Dayton, OH, contacted the Red Cross and produced a joint fundraiser - selling T-shirts and sweatshirts (donated all profits) and sent a $40,000 check to Red Cross. The American Red Cross National Disaster Relief Fund has approved them to help with another fundraiser in our current tragedy. They are now printing "United We Stand" T-shirts and sweatshirts. The design combines the American flag, eagle and Statue of Liberty. Please take a minute to review the shirt at You can order online (print order form and fax) or call 1-800-536-9111. The goal is to write a $1,000,000 check to the Red Cross in the next few weeks. -Gus Keeney (57) ******************************************** >>From: Burt Pierard (59) Re: Club 40 As Bob Carlson (54) has mentioned several times, Richland Club 40 is alive and well. The Shilo Inn has even been booked for the September 2002 Reunion. I have detected a real surge of enthusiasm for keeping the Club going and our first Organizational Meeting will be held the end of October. I feel that the key to continuity of the Club is to fill out the Class Representative positions which make up the Board of Directors. The Club By-laws call for two Reps per qualified year (graduated over 40 years ago -- through the Class of 1961). 11 Reps were elected at the September 9 General Meeting which leaves 21 vacancies which will be filled by appointment of the Board. The Classes of 1953 and 1954 are the only years with two Reps. That leaves at least one opening in each of the other years, several have none at all. The only requirement for Class Rep is to be a member of that class, graduation not required. Since all Board meetings will probably be held in the Tri-Cities, local residence would be a convenience, but again, not required. If anyone is interested in participating by being appointed Class Rep for their class, please send me an e- mail. Bomber Cheers, -Burt Pierard (59), President, Richland Club 40 ******************************************** >>From: David Douglas (62) Help! I ran across a cute writing assignment by a third grade teacher. She gave her class the first part of several common proverbs and asked her students to finish them. The answers were hilarious: "Better to be safe than... punch a fifth grader." "Children should be seen and not... grounded or spanked." "You get out of something what you... see pictured on the box." I want to try this with my Chinese students, who have not heard many of these proverbs. Afterwards I want to give them the correct endings, but there are a few I don't know or can't remember. Can someone help me with the following (with the children's answers)? Never underestimate the power of... termites. If you lie down with dogs, you'll... stink. Happy the bride who... gets all the presents. Love all, trust... me. I sure miss many of the website links in the Sandstorm. Most personal websites (including my own and all the alumni sites), cannot be accessed in China. I have had five "open house" meetings with students in my apartment in the evening and have thoroughly enjoyed them. Two students took me to dinner last night, another has invited me to a party at her home Sunday to enjoy dumplings, and another to visit her town (a 12 hour train ride) during National Day, China's Independence Day (which actually lasts seven days) in October. The students are just amazingly gracious and want to do anything they can for you. -David Douglas (62) ~ Tianjin Univ., Tianjin, PR China (where it is rapidly cooling off - after living 32 years in Hawaii, cold weather is going to be something of a shock) ******************************************** >>From: Bonnie Timmerman Glover (63WB) Got a message from Linda Belliston Boehning (63) regarding Dean Heiling's (63) birthday... Did not know him very well but we both have something in common. We were born on the same day. Dean, Were you born at the Kadlec hospital? If you were, possibly our mothers were roommates... Happy Birthday! -Bonnie Timmerman Glover (63WB) ******************************************** >>From: Jim Hamilton (63) It was 39 years ago today, that Jimbeaux turned on the charm and took a "softmore" to the Uptown Theater. I knew then she was special, and for the first time defied the oath I took when I checked into Carmichael and actually paid her way. Who'd a thunk that a sixty-five cent ticket, a box of Black Crows and a Mama Burger after the flick would be the down payment on a lifetime with the future "Always Lovely, and Forever Young Miss Nancy". For a couple of days back in '62, I thought she was the lucky one, but now I know that I was. Don't anyone pinch me. jimbeaux -Jim Hamilton (63) ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining (64) Re: The Binch This was GREAT!!!!!!! since it was not signed, I can only speculate on who wrote it, and two names come to mind. ;) Just want you to know that it was a wonderful "take" on The Grinch. Bomber hugs, -Linda Reining (64) ~ Bakersfield, CA - where we can hear the planes from "Edwards Air Force Base" (about 65 miles East of here) flying "routine" flights daily. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [See the entry from Darlene Napora Shuley (69) naming the author of "The Binch" The Binch ] ******************************************** >>From: Dick Pierce (67) I told everyone that asked why I was going to travel during these tense times to the U.S. that I was actually more worried about the return trip to Saipan than I was with going through Japan and onto Seattle. I rationalized that once any retaliatory action began, that's when things may become a bit worrisome. I believe this may be truer than I wanted to actually minimize my own fears with. I also liked to read that ball players like Mark Grace said it'd probably be safer now than ever before (security wise). Well, I didn't see much of a difference. This time they made me turn my laptop computer on and wanted to check-in my fingernail clippers at the first x- ray machine. Check-in time was actually a little earlier. >From an hour to 2. I was traveling alongside a former public safety official and he said he could tell which of the people in the boarding area were air marshalls. He noticed that one of them kept inching closer to me as I had my back turned until they felt safe with our conversation. (Just like the old days, Hartcorn.) The only difference on the planes were that the flights were about half full and we got plastic knives and forks. I never flinched on the flight to Japan, but out of there to Seattle, I must admit I was a bit wide- eyed. Our flight was delayed. (My paranoid partner said NWA probably did it on purpose. To confuse someone ? Right. Out of a zillion flights out of Japan to all points in the U.S. someone had chosen the Seattle one to delay.) One of our flight attendants said 300 NWA attendants quit after the terrorist attacks. The younger ones. No comment. When this is all said and done, I do know one thing. It means more for business, it'll all cost more and things will be better than before. I have faith. Bombers know these things. I'm in Richland tomorrow, and my dad and I are going to see the Cougs play Cal on Saturday. If there's a golfer out there that wants to play on Sunday around the Tri-Cities somewhere let me know. Either by return e-mail or call my folks at [number deleted for parents' privacy. Send Dick email and ask for the number. -Ed] and tell me where. I'm a 12. Really. -Dick Pierce (67) ******************************************** >>From: Darlene Napora Shuley (69) Re: For Children... This is a good way to tell young children about the disaster. The man who wrote this, Rob Suggs, is a children's author and illustrator. He works a lot with the children at Children's Health Care of Atlanta. He is able to "lighten their load" through his art and story telling therapy... he's a wonderful guy. The children obviously are asking questions about the dire circumstances we are in, as well as the adults. This is what he has written to further explain the situation to the children he is working with in the hospitals... adapted from a classic story "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". -Darlene Napora Shuley (69) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [ The Binch ] ******************************************** >>From: Jenny Smart Page (87) Re: The M's Free playoff tickets???? Where?? Who?? And What do I have to do to get some of them??? I'll crawl to Seattle if needed! :) -Jenny Smart Page (87) ~ West Richland, WA *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/22/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers sent stuff: Shirley Davis (56), Pat Aeschliman (57) Nancy Stull (59), Howard Kirz (60) Keith Hunter (63), Marilyn Swan (63) Linda Reining (64), David Rivers (65) Scott Hartcorn (67), Mike Carney (72) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Davis Lawrence-Berrey (56) Re: T-shirts To: Gus Keeney (57) The "United We Stand" T-shirts are quite nice and good quality. I bought mine this week from our local Red Cross Chapter. They are selling like hot cakes. I wouldn't be surprised if the goal of one million dollars is reached. To: Tom Hughes (56) The next time you see Mr. Bonjorni ask him if he remembers me not only from Carmichael, but as the Public Health nurse that knocked over his mailbox in Kent. Not only did I do that, but several months later while turning from a sunny highway into a shaded trailer court for a home visit, I ran smack into a telephone pole. Was cited for "failure to yield the right of way." I ended up going to night court to protest the $50 ticket - and guess who the judge was. I didn't have to pay the fine, but Judge Bonjorni had a good laugh. My husband of less than a month at the time always tells people that the first thing he had to do after we were married was to bail me out of jail. I'm a much better driver now! -Shirley Davis Lawrence-Berrey (56) ~ Parkersburg, WV - where it is a beautiful fall day. ******************************************** >>From: Pat Aeschliman Roberts (57) Re: FEMA Offers Advice On How To Talk To Children Perhaps this site will help with answers for children. -Pat Aeschliman Roberts (57) ******************************************** >>From: Nancy Stull Jewell (59) Re: Sayings To: David Douglas (62) Happy is the bride the sun shines on Lie down with dogs and you'll get fleas Never underestimate the wrath of a woman scorned Love all, trust no one I think. That last one, I'm not sure of. The rest, I am. Off to Sausage Fest in Richland, where it's in the 80s, the sun still shines and the people glow in the dark. -Nancy Stull Jewell (59) ******************************************** >>From: Howard Kirz (60) Re: A tribute worth watching Hi Maren, Don't know if you've already published this wonderful piece but if not please put the following URL in an upcoming Sandstorm. It's definitely a tribute worth watching [NOTE: This took 12 minutes to load up on a 21,600 connection. -Maren] P.S. After watching the president last night I had a feeling that, for those who voted for him as well as those who didn't, it's hard to not admire the job he's doing right now. What an unbelievably complicated situation. God bless America, George W. and all of us. -Howard Kirz (60) ******************************************** >>From: Keith Hunter (63) Re: American Flag T-shirts I saw the information On the American flag T-shirts. I thought I would mention that I have similar T-shirts available on my web site.. I ship next day, except when the rivers up.. My wife and I have sold over 500 in the last week. We are donating $5.00 for each T-shirt sold to the Red Cross. This was my brilliant wife's Idea! It's super. Child sizes: S M L - Adult sizes: S M L XL XXL. YOU CAN GET THESE on my web site at or email me directly. -Keith Hunter (63) ******************************************** >>From: Marilyn Swan Beddo (63) Re: I'm a Bad American - written by Ted Nugent Perhaps you've already seen this, if not, it's too good not to share. Bad American by Ted Nugent -Marilyn Swan Beddo (63) ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining (64) To: David Douglas (62) Re: proverbs Never underestimate the power of a woman If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas Bomber hugs, -Linda Reining (64) ~ Bakersfield, CA ******************************************** >>From: David Rivers (65) Re: Hi Spot lives on Since I haven't read anything about it in here... maybe I missed it... but may I take a moment from these solemn times to say what a wonderful time I had at the Last Chance/Last Dance at Hi-Spot? I had planned to come in on Thursday and drive down from Seattle with Janine Rightmire Corrado (65) and her daughter, Jonnie, that afternoon. Then just hang with the gang for a nice time in Richland. Needless to say, I did not get out on Thursday, so that evening I bought a few tickets (refundable of course) and headed for the airport at 6am. Well, I noticed that they must have been selling Stones tickets at the airport or something because the lines were all the way wound around the airport... Not the Stones? Garth? No... that's MY line? Oh Gawd! At 10:40, I managed to get on an airplane bound for Salt Lake with about 5 other people... now I'm wearing a shirt that appears to have been made from an American flag [see shirt on the 'slide show' -- link at the end of this entry. -Ed], so out of all those people, I think I am the only one that didn't have his or her bags torn apart... From Salt Lake I made it to Seattle and at about 4pm. we were motivating to the ol' hometown. Saturday morning it was Spuddies with Janine, Jim Adair (66), Kathie Moore Adair (69), Kathy Hoff Conrad (64), John Adkins (62), Jim Stull (?), Jimbeaux (63) and the Lovely Miss Nancy (65) and a few others... at 3pm we all met at the Community house, where Burt Pierard (59), Fred (63) and Ann Engel Schafer (63), Jimbeaux, John Adkins, Linda Belliston Boehning (63), Kathy, Janine and I (I know there were more there) set up the place in record time... At 6pm (till midnight) "the joint was a rockin' to the crazy beat"... It was wonderful! Lyman Powell (65) and Debbie Lyons (65) danced all night but never touched the ground... Jimbeaux and the Lovely Miss Nancy rocked out when she could pull him away from swapin' lies with Pook Smith (63)... Richard Anderson was a social butterfly, flitting from the football game to the dance and back... James (NAB) and Judy Willox Hodge (61) were nice enough to guard Janine's camera from... from... from... someone... And boy can they dance... was great watching them... I think I stared half the night (Janine swears it was ALL night) at Candy Longworth (64)... the face was the same... but I couldn't figure out what was so different... The hair! Much shorter... beautiful but it was shorter... I watched Doug Strasser (66) and Donna Pardee Strasser (65) dancing and I swear I could see them in the HS gym looking exactly the same back in '65! Janine and I danced just like we did back when. Tuna (64) and Maren (64) were the King and Queen and reigned over the court... I wish I could remember everyone that was there... Roy Boy (63) brought the bomb and Fred wore his class of '63 t-shirt that is a perfect replica of the handball wall... I happened to mention it and he thought I was saying he had got a little large... no way... he looked as fit as he did in '63... it was just great to see those numbers against the green again... brought back so many memories. Mostly of skipping study hall. Jerry Erwin's '58 Letterman's sweater was a perfect touch. Connie Dame (65) was just beautiful... but then, she always was! So to Kathy, Burt, John, Linda and all the others who went to all the time and trouble to put that wonderful dance together... THANK YOU! Hi-Spot -David Rivers (65) ******************************************** >>From: Scott Hartcorn (67) To: Dick Pierce (67) If you're a 12 handicap, then either I have a full head of hair or you haven't been working since that reunion where you, Rick Maddy (67) and I played (I still have the picture). That day you really stunk up the place. Looking forward to our golf outing next week where you can bet I'll be asking for strokes. -Scott Hartcorn (67) ******************************************** >>From: Mike Carney (72) Re: A Prayer Hi Fellow Bombers, My God, what a week we've had. It's so sad in the sense that we've lost so many of our fellow Americans, but it's So encouraging to see our powerful country pull together in God's love. I received an e-mail that I whole heartedly agree with and wanted to share with you. Keep your prayers going strong and keep that Flag waving high!! May God Bless all of you and America!! Unknown Author Prayer.htm -Mike Carney (72) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/23/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers and one Bomber Offspring: Pat Quane (59), Mary Ray (61) Sandra Genoway (62), Maren Smyth (63&64) Dick Pierce (67), Darlene Napora (69) Kelvin Soldat (71), Jim Anderson (72WB) Greg Alley (73), Darrell Lars Oathes (Bomber Offspring) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Pat Quane (59) Re: Old Glory Check out this patriotic site -Pat Quane (59) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mary Ray Henslee (61) To: All Bombers Re: With Mike Davis' (74) permission, I just published his poems on my site so that people beyond this forum would have the opportunity to read them. I also published some more special editions, which I think are worthwhile reading. May each of our servicemen be assigned a Guardian Angel. I am a firm believer in Guardian Angels and I think they are going to be out in full force. -Mary Ray Henslee (61) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Sandra Genoway (62) Re: American Tribute URL To: Howard Kirz (60) Thank you for sharing the inspiring American Tribute URL. I have sent it to all my cyber friends, and some relatives, too. -Sandra Genoway (62) ~ Edmonds, WA - where this a.m. there is thick fog on the Sound and we can hear the WA State Ferry horns constantly, as they cross; and, I say a prayer for all out there. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [For anyone who missed the URL in yesterday's Sandstorm: Also note this took 12 minutes to load up with a 21,600 connection. -Maren] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Maren Smyth (63&64) Re: Pledge of Allegiance by Red Skelton Takes a while to load up, but worth the wait. Re: Letter to the Editor, Tri-City Herald, 9/20/01 -Maren Smyth (63&64) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick Pierce (67) To: Scott Hartcorn (67) I AM a 12 handicap. I have more hair than you do. Yes, it is true that I have not had a real job since I laid sewer pipe at the trailer park at the end of Jadwin, but I did single-handedly carry us to the 30 year reunion tournament victory. OK, so Loughery made a few putts and drives and chip shots. You're going down next week. Go to the driving range. If it's sunny, you can't tilt your head while I'm putting. That's intentional interference. -Pierce (67) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Darlene Napora Shuley (69) Re: Afghanistan A good friend at my Office emailed this today, and although it is long, it is very interesting. My very best to everyone out there! Tamim Ansary -Darlene Napora Shuley (69) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Kelvin Soldat (71) Re: The Binch -Kelvin Soldat (71) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jim Anderson (72WB) I wanted to pass along this website, it's by movie- maker-writer-activist Michael Moore, His take on recent events is a little different that most, and I've found it most reassuring to read his work. After watching our president, it's obvious what a difficult job he has. It's unfortunate that he appears bent on actions which will impact us all and bring more terror. I pray he has the strength to hear ALL of the American people. -Jim Anderson (72WB) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Greg Alley (73) To: Mike Carney (72) Good to see an entry from you. Thanks for the salute to the heroes and I think I saw you in town coming in or out of the VFW while I was hovering near the Uptown tavern. How's the fishing? To: Mike Davis (74) Thanks for the poetry and inspiration. I watched Neil Young sing "Imagine" last night and Billy Joel sing "New York State of Mind" on the national fund raiser and thought maybe they could use your prose. It would have fit the moment. -Greg Alley (73) ~ Richland - hanging around the Sausage Fest... smelling the food... but in the beer garden talking with a lifetime full of memories and friends. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ariel DeHaviland (Bomber Offspring) Re: Merrill Lenard Oathes (60RIP) I hope you might be able to give me some information about my father. Merrill Lenard Oathes [60RIP] was my father and I would like to find anyone who might have known him. He died when I was 4 years old and I am trying to get any information about him I can. Thank you very much for you time. P.S.- my name used to be Darrell Lars Oathes. -Ariel DeHaviland (Bomber Offspring) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/24/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers today: Ken Ely (49), Dan Noble (58), Ernie Trujillo (59) Earl Bennett (63), Lee Bush (68), Class of '82 Reunion Committee ******************************************** ******************************************** URLs sent by a Bomber: ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ken Ely (49) Re: Jim Anderson (72) Jim Anderson's posting should have been in THE SANDBOX. -Ken Ely (49) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [You're right, Ken... apologies to Alumni Sandstorm readers... the remainder of your text -- explaining why Jim Anderson's (72WB) entry belongs in THE SANDBOX is in THE SANDBOX -- Issue number 132. -Maren] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dan Noble (58) Maren Attached is a picture I put together the other day. -Dan Noble (58) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Check out Dan's picture -Maren] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ernie Trujillo (59) Re: Boulder Red Cross Benefit Jam Check out this benefit jam scheduled for next weekend (Sept. 29th). My daughter (Rita Trujillo Haugland) is organizing it for the city of Boulder, CO. She'd like to get Larry Coryell (61) to play for this event; however, it's such short notice I'm sure it will be a scheduling nightmare. I've attached the press release for anyone from the Colorado area that might want to attend or help out. {See the press release -Maren] -Ernie Trujillo (59) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Earl Bennett (63) Dear Friends and Loved Ones: Several have asked, so I figure I'd better update as many friends and family as possible at once. I've selected most of the addresses in my contact list that are not military or military/federal employees - they already know most of this. The unit I command is not a commissioned unit, therefore we generally are not mobilized as a unit, but as individuals, usually voluntarily, and always based on a need for the specific skills we possess. Several of my sailors have indicated willingness - in one case anxiousness - to go on active duty for periods of 30 to 179 days. I love this unit - they are a top-performing team, go the extra mile, and I've not had a single discipline problem in the year I've known them. I characterize us as "World-class cryptology in a southern family atmosphere." As a unit we conduct a live cryptologic mission one weekend per month, to augment work done by active duty units that cannot handle the whole problem alone. In the past we have occasionally expanded beyond the one weekend per month activity, and may do so again in the near future as our capabilities are upgraded. When the FBI advertised on TV for Arabic, Farsi and Chinese linguists to call in about supporting the effort, my wife wrote down the number and I tried to call - busy. Same story next morning. Then my boss told me to quit calling - he is not releasing me to anyone without direct orders from our Commander or higher. There is good rationale - we have plenty to do in direct support of our President's (GO G.W.!!!) war on terrorism right where we are. It also makes sense that I not volunteer to mobilize elsewhere from the standpoint of continuing to lead my reserve unit, as we also contribute directly to national intelligence requirements. Please pray for our son, Larry, who is likely on tap for action considering his current assignment and special forces training. Naturally, operational security makes it impossible for us to know, at this time, if or where or when he would/is/has deploy/ing/ed. He was preparing to return to civilian status early next year, but that could be on hold as well. Our son-in-law, Hanford, who is Health and Safety Director for the Red Cross in Charlottesville, VA, is on call to assist DC or New York chapters with physical security evaluations and improvements, if needed. They haven't called on him yet, so we hope he will be around for granddaughter Ariel's third birthday party Sep 23. It is also our 24th anniversary, but we are delaying our big celebration to October 13, when the Reserve Center in Greensboro, NC (where my unit drills), will have the annual Navy Day ball. God bless you all, and thank you for your love and prayers. Please continue to lift up all our sailors, marines, soldiers, airmen, coast guardsmen, law enforcement, firemen and other uniformed services and their civilian colleagues before God for courage, tenacity, and peace. Love, ecb3 -Earl Bennett (63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Lee Bush (68) To: Jim Anderson (72WB) After reading your e-mail, in the 9/23/01 issue of the Alumni Sandstorm, [Most of Lee's text moved to THE SANDBOX #132] In ending, isn't freedom great! You feel one way and can express it. Likewise, so can I. God Bless America! -Lee Bush (68) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Reunion Committee (82) Re: Reunion '82 in 2002 The meeting last Wednesday Sept. 19th had VERY POOR turn out :( We won't be able to do this reunion without your help! Those of you that did come forward recently and volunteer your help, we appreciate it more than you know. Show some Bomber spirit.... VOLUNTEER ... it'll be fun :) Check out the Bomber '82 web page for the next upcoming meeting... I'm sure you'll want to be at this one!!!!! ;) Class of '82 Reunion Committee: Jil Lytle Smith Tracey Wood Peloquin, Heidi Hogan Gottshalk Teresa Dunham Johnson *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/25/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers and 1 funeral notice today: Patti Jones (60), David Douglas (62) Carol Converse (64), Patty Stordahl (72) Brad Upton (74) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Patti Jones ('60) Re: Richland Bomber Alumni Rings The ring team has reached its first goal with Mark, Jostens representative. The goal being that we have 20 orders. First deliveries of the Alumni Ring will be approximately ten weeks. If you haven't visited the Alumni Ring Website, please do. The ring team spent hours to bring an Alumni Ring to the Bombers in record time. I want to say a special thank you to everyone of the team for their contribution. Judy Willox Hodge ('61) Leonard Peters ('61), Gary Behymer ('64), Maren Smyth ('64), David Rivers ('65). Can't wait to see the entries in the Sandstorm when the first ring arrives. Bombers Forever, -Patti Jones ('60)~ Browns Point, WA - where fall is putting its glow during the sunshine of the day. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: David Douglas ('62) Thank you to all who assisted with the proverb endings. Those provided by Nancy Stull Jewell ('59) seemed to fit the consensus. In introducing myself to my classes, I've been telling them about Richland's history. I mention that sometimes people ask us if we glow in the dark. I tell them, "Of course not. Unless we've been exposed to bright sunlight for a couple of hours." I had my first exposure to Chinese family life Sunday when Chris, a student, invited me and several other students to her home to make and enjoy Chinese dumplings, a treat for special occasions. Her parents were very gracious, and we had a great time. I even assembled a few dumplings myself (and they were delicious). Chris had a piano and played several songs for us, in return for my playing the only song I can remember from my childhood piano lessons - "Black Hawk Waltz," memorized for a piano recital. But the most fun of all was teaching them to play "Chopsticks." Never in a million years would I have ever dreamed I would some day be teaching "Chopsticks" to Chinese students! -David Douglas ('62) ~ Tianjin University, Tianjin, China ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Carol Converse Maurer ('64) Re: September 11, 2001 It sure has been great to see all these "forwards" being past around to help us with the tragedy of Sept. 11. I'm greatly encouraged and I know others are as well. I hope this nation will be able to remain united. Re: Hi-Spot Thank you, David Rivers ('65), for letting us know about the Last Chance/Last Dance at Hi Spot. I hadn't seen anything about it until now. All those pictures are really neat also. You did good. I had wanted to go myself. We were up in Wenatchee at the time, but I really wanted to spend as much time with my daughter and grandkids as possible, being this was the last trip until next summer. -Carol Converse Maurer ('64) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Patty Stordahl ('72) Ghosts from the past. I have written in before and back slid for awhile. I am back and letting everyone who loves Karaoke to get in touch with me. Randy Hansen ('72) and Peter Brandt ('72) were at my home in Tukwila, WA last weekend. It was a memory jog and so totally fun. If there are any other Bombers out there in the Seattle Area or further South call me or email me and let's have a Bomber karaoke night my house. No one will quit their day jobs but we did have a ton of fun. We are musically challenged but what the heck. Lots of other friends were here too and we just were all silly. [Patty's address was deleted here for her privacy... If you want her address, send her email and ask . -Maren] P.S. The guys did great. Randy will bring his guitar next time. P.S.S. Thanks again for the old record with my aunt singing on it Geri Stordahl...Shannon was brought to humiliating tears by her sons Mike & Marc Shannon. I believe they were Bombers also in the late 70s. She so treasures it and wanted me to pass along the thanks. I told her I would and you know who you are. She now lives in Puyallup. Geri was wondering if anyone knew how to get in touch with a music teacher way back in the days of the Stordahl Bomber clan, 1942 - '53 I think his name Harley? I am unsure if that is his first or last name. She said she would love to hear from the class so any of you that remember the Stordahl girls who lived on Birch St. in Richland way before my time please feel free to write me and I will send her the email addresses. She is very active and still very pretty. June Stordahl is in West Richland, Lois is in New York, Marilyn, & Cristel are in CA. Shirley is with Wes in Heaven I guess. Along with Melinda and Kris their parents. Mom & Geri will be going back to visit Martha Stifter and another Bomber from '72 her son Shawn. He is doing really well as a real estate agent. They are in Kansas. I think I will get his email and post it for any who are interested in contacting him. Maybe I will get it by tomorrow from my mother. -Patty Stordahl ('72) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Brad Upton ('74) To: all you VanPort Bombers. I will be headlining at Harvey's Comedy Club in Portland next week, Oct. 2nd-7th. I hope to see some of you there! Please come and introduce yourself! As a bonus, Mike Davis will open the show with some poetry. -Brad Upton ('74) ******************************************** ******************************************** Funeral Notice scanned from TCHerald by Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) ~ Kathleen Hall Hodge ~ Class of 1961 ~ 1943 - 09/19/01 ~ *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/26/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff: Anita Hughes (52), Ramona Miller (54) Gus Keeney (57), Darlene Napora (69) Patty Stordahl (72), Mike Davis (74) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Anita Hughes Hogan ('52) Re: Old Glory -Anita Hughes Hogan ('52) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ramona Miller Bruggeman ('54) To: Patty Stordahl ('72) The music teacher's name was Harley Stell. A wonderful teacher and a very fun choir leader. My very best memories of high school are the "Choir Moments." -Ramona Miller Bruggeman ('54) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gus Keeney ('57) To: Patty Stordahl (72) Harley Stell was the vocal music teacher during that period thru '57 when I graduated. Maybe even longer. He even let me talk him into letting Doug Stiles ('57) into the Choir to help us with "Bottom". Doug turned to be one of the best Basses because he didn't have to strain to get the real low notes!!! -Gus Keeney ('57) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Darlene Napora Shuley ('69) Re: Historical Perspective I'm making all three of my kids read this one as they have no historical perspective and have been wondering what they could do about the September 11th tragedy... Historical Perspective -Darlene Napora Shuley ('69) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Patty Stordahl ('72) It is me again. I just spoke with my brother, Richard Stordahl (77). He would love to get connected and receive the sandstorm. Many of you who remember him may remember him as the cutie in the wheel chair. He still is in the wheel chair and in my eyes still a cutie in need of a hair cut. *LOL* Email me for his email address and please feel free as he is pretty much home bound now and does not go to work. He still drives and hangs with a few of his school chums. He would love to read about all the things going on and from other Bombers. Thanks to all who have responded for karaoke as well as to get in touch with my Aunt Geri Stordahl Shannon. She will be so excited. I printed out everyone's response and will fax them to her son, Marc. She will be getting in touch with you as soon as she gets connected to a computer. Or by phone one of the two. Bombers are always in my thoughts. I guess I never thought about privacy along with entering in my email. Opps. Still the same open gal I was in high school. *LOL* Take care everyone and Mike Lemler ('72) We will get the clan together and sing off key if we must but we will sing. Merle Huesties ('72): You better bring the kids. *LOL* Carol (60) you will be notified also. Peter & Randy (both '72) keep the interest coming. Later & Thanks again for the work you do to keep this paper alive. -Patty Stordahl ('72) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis ('74) To: Brad Upton ('74) Re: Opening at Harvey's Comedy Club in Portland, Oct. 2 Sorry, Brad, can't make it to open your show with a little prose. So I will offer it here now, maybe you can use it. I'm funnyman, Brad. Please, pull up a chair. You'll notice me quick, for I have no hair. -Davis ('74) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/27/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff: Dick Pierard (52), Janet Wilgus (59) Jeff Curtis (69), Patty Stordahl (72) Brad Upton (74), Reunion Committee (82) ******************************************** ******************************************** From: The Bomber Alumni Resource Services (B.A.R.S.) Re: Public Forum for Richland School Board Meet the candidates and discuss the issues OCTOBER 18, 2001 7pm. Chief Jo Auditorium 504 Wilson St., Richland Let's get involved and choose our board! Sponsored by Bomber Alumni Resource Services (B.A.R.S.) ******************************************** ******************************************** One Bomber asks: I guess I'm out of date. Please define *LOL*. Does it mean Lots of Luck?? *LOL* means Laughing Out Loud -Maren ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick Pierard ('52) I have followed with interest the many Sandstorm comments on the events of September 11. Living in suburban Boston as I do now, I have experienced firsthand the enormous pain that people in our area are suffering. Public prayer vigils and memorial services occur constantly. Each day the newspapers report the funerals of local people killed in the planes or the World Trade Center, and I find it profoundly sad reading the stories of so many promising and talented young people whose lives were so senselessly destroyed by these criminals. Our airport, from which the two hijacked planes that hit the W.T.C. departed, is hunkered down like a fortress, and airline business has fallen off dramatically. The college where I now teach canceled classes and had a campus wide prayer service, and the students spend a lot of time talking about the events that happened so close to them and for many of them directly touched their lives. Surely the best strategy is to hunt down these wretched criminals, bring them to justice, and root out this social disease that has infected our world. However, I am not convinced that an all-out war will accomplish anything other than fill the world with more America haters than are already out there. Also it would mean that the terrorists made us just like them - people who use random violence and brutality to gain their way. Thus American values are at stake here, and I wish our leaders wisdom and good sense as they struggle to root out terrorism. Anyway, I thought y'all might like a few observations from one in this part of the country. -Dick Pierard ('52) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Janet Wilgus Beaulieu ('59) To: Patty Stordahl ('72) Re: Harley Stell Just wanted you to mention that I went to my very second rehearsal of the Mid-Columbia Chorale and one of the section members mentioned singing under the direction of Harley Stell at West Side UP Church in Richland. Needless to say, that turned into quite a conversation about singing ventures from my high school days. This person thought that Mr. Stell (as he will always be to me) was in the Tacoma area, at least when he left Richland many years ago. I also know that Gordon Pappas, Col-Hi band director, is still with us somewhere in the Walnut Creek/Concord area of California. Both of these teachers were very talented and speaking from the choir and ensemble experience, pretty demanding of the students. So, pervasive rumors aside... no, I won't tell, participating in the vocal music program was fun, I made lasting friendships and learned enough to carry over to college/univ. music programs. Now, here's the pitch: The Mid Columbia Chorale is accepting new members and we are preparing a challenging and varied program for a holiday performance. The director is only just fabulously talented... (and the most beautiful voice!) so if you would like to join us, just drop me a line and I'll give you the details. Sopranos are in particular demand, but any part is welcome. I would love to see some former Col-Hi singers there. Rehearsals are on Tuesday evening at 7pm at a church on Columbia Center Blvd. -Janet Wilgus Beaulieu ('59) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jeff Curtis ('69) Re: A - City Youths I found an interesting and timely quote attributed to humorist Will Rogers the other day, "Diplomacy is the art of saying "Nice doggie" until you can find a rock". I guess in our case we will need to find the doggie too. Our band, the fabulous A-City Youths are at it again. This Saturday night 9/29, at 7:00 we will be performing at the West Fest, another sausage fest fundraiser, this time for Holy Rosary School in West Seattle. My wife has begun to refer to our musical endeavors this summer as the "Weenie Tour 2001". Its located at 4142 42nd Ave. W. in West Seattle - Fauntleroy Way to Oregon St., right to 42nd Ave., right and 2 or 3 blocks to the school. If you're in the area and have absolutely nothing else to do, drop by and say hi. It should be fun. Then again - we're entertaining but we're no Brad Upton (74). -Jeff Curtis ('69) ~ Seattle, WA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Patty Stordahl ('72) I can not thank you all enough. My brother, Richard (77) will be so happy to see some of his classmates actually emailed me for his email address. Have fun class of '77. If anyone would like to shoot pool, he has a table in his living room. Also thanks to all the assistance regarding Harvey Stell, the choir teacher. Geri would love to find out if anyone knows his where abouts. He cut some records of some of you lovely voiced classmates and now she has one of the 38's she is interested in getting more if they are floating out there. She gave me permission to give out her address and phone number to all who inquire to me via email. She is just giggling about this Bomber "paper". She does not have a computer but will use me for now and maybe I can get her over here to type her own messages. That would be fun, Again thanks for the help with the Teacher and if any one knows his last where abouts I can do the sleuthing if I get a start. Actually, If anyone wants to contact any Bomber in my family, you can contact me and I will forward your email or level of interest. All Stordahls that ever lived in the Tri Cities. Darcia Davis ('94) Rian Davis (last year as Bomber '95) He moved back up here to me in '95... graduated in the NW. Thanks, -Patty Stordahl ('72) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Brad Upton ('74) To: Mike Davis ('74) My waist is 32 inches... the same as graduation day, 27 years ago. -Brad Upton ('74) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Class of '82 Reunion Committee RE: Next Planning Meeting A date has been set for the class of '82 reunion planning meeting. It will be October 17th at 6:00p at Rattlesnake Mt. Brewing Co. 2696 N. Columbia Center Blvd. HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL THERE!!! Thanks, The Class of '82 Reunion Committee - Heidi Hogan Gottshalk - Jil Lytle Smith - Tracey Wood Peloquin - Teresa Dunham Johnson - Craig Hall *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/28/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff: Ralph Myrick (51), Marilyn Richey (53) Miriam Tyler (60), Shirley Armstrong (61) Mike Davis (74) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ralph Myrick ('51) To: Marian Howser (51) Marian, I received the pictures. I will take them to Mom to see if she can see them. Thank you for taking time to send them. -Ralph Myrick ('51) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Marilyn Richey ('53) To: Fellow Bombers I would like to thank all who sent messages, cards and flowers to me when I had some medical problems in July. They said they found out through the Alumni Sandstorm of my problem. It meant a lot to me that people took time out of their lives to think of a fellow Bomber at a low point time in their life. I would also like to tell everybody that was at the Club 40 reunion that it is going to continue with a new group of Bombers taking over the reins and will continue with it next year. Burt Pierard ('59) is the new President of the group and will lead us to still having the best alumni club in the country. I know that my brother Don Richey ('47) would be happy to know this is going to continue. I also want to express my thanks to all the persons who came over and asked about my brother and his health. I know that if his health continues to be good next year, I am going to get him to the function one of those evenings. He worked a lot of hours to help start this club and he will be glad to hear it is going to continue. Thanks again and it was good to see so many from class of '51 again after all these years. -Marilyn Richey ('53) ~ Richland ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Miriam Tyler Lane ('60) To: Ann Bishop Myers (60) Dear Ann, I am going to be walking the Astoria Bridge on the 9th of October but keep posting those luncheons. I am hoping one of these months I will get there. Love, -Miriam Tyler Lane ('60) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Armstrong Dvorak ('61) Re: Laura Dean Kirby Armstrong (55) - 9/27/01 Laura is doing somewhat better, they have been having her breathe on her own for a few hours through out each day and hopefully the doctors will take the breathing tube out of her throat today [9/27/01] or tomorrow. Things are looking up and she is eager to come home hopefully to Richland to be with her family and friends. Keep the prayers coming and thanks for the prayers. -Shirley Armstrong Dvorak ('61) ~ Quinlan, TX - where it is 55 degrees this morning, it is wonderful. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis ('74) To: Brad Upton ('74) Yeah, but I bet your hat size is smaller! -Davis ('74) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/29/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers today: Mike Clowes (54), Janice Woods (60WB) Patti Jones (60), Shirley Armstrong (61) Anita Cleaver (63), Susie Shaver (63) Maren Smyth (63&64), Pam Ehinger (67) Kim Edgar (79) ******************************************** ******************************************** A whole site full of abbreviations like *LOL* ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) To: Miriam Tyler Lane ('60) I hope that walking across the Astoria Bridge is for a worth while cause. Certainly more worth while than missing a "Bomber Lunch" in Fife. Would this be cause for your big brother to worry about? Miriam's big brother is Dore Tyler ('53), to whom I have been held up as an example. *LOL* Bomber Cheers, -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) ~ Albany, OR - where the monsoons have abated for a while. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Janice Woods Ehrke ('60WB) To: Marilyn Richey ('53) Welcome back, hope you are fine as a fiddle again. So enjoy your entries, keep them coming. -Janice Woods Ehrke ('60WB) from sunny, screwy San Francisco, CA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Patti Jones ('60) Re: The Other Side of Things This story is circulating through e-mail. I received it and wanted to share... -Patti Jones ('60) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Armstrong Dvorak ('61) Re: Laura Dean Kirby Armstrong ('55) They did take the tube from Laura's throat yesterday [9/28/01] and had her sitting up... this is really good news. However, as the doctors emphasize, she is still in a very serious condition. The next thing that would be wonderful would be when she can talk and let her tell us how she is feeling and when she wants to come home. Prayers really do work. Thanks. -Shirley Armstrong Dvorak ('61) ~ Quinlan, TX ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Anita Cleaver Heiling ('63) Re: Small world Dean [Heiling ('63)] and I are taking golf lessons and happened to mention to our instructor that we were from Richland. He (Robert Ring) went to Jason Lee but moved to Kennewick during grade school. He remembered a lot of the "kids" from the class of '65 and was tempted to come to our All Bomber reunion as he has lots of good memories of his childhood in Richland. Nice to hear! -Anita Cleaver Heiling ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Susie Shaver Caldwell ('63) Harley Stell was my teacher in '61, and maybe after he had to deal with me, he left. Anyway, he went to Mt. Tahoma, and I was crestfallen. I loved the man, and he was the best. I accompanied the choir, and he was a great instructor. I stayed with the choir, but it wasn't the same, so I quit and went into DRUGS. So I'm a pharmacist, doing legal drugs..... -Susie Shaver Caldwell ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Maren Smyth ('63 and '64) Re: the Washington Times and the Rocky Mountain News I've received this from numerous friends in recent days -- Bombers and non Bombers alike -- I was *FINALLY* able to verify this on the Rocky Mountain News website... The only trouble there was that they wanted me to shell out a buck twenty-five to read the entire article and they wanted a credit card number!!! Since I don't do credit cards, I took the beginning from the Rocky Mountain News and pieced it together with the text from other emails I've received. -Maren Smyth ('63 and '64) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Pam Ehinger Nassen ('67) Hey, I'd like to welcome to the online Bomber family, Steve Schockley ('67), Marilin Greenwell Wolford ('67), and Joyce Soehnlein ('67). Well, Guy & Gals! Since these great people are from the class of '67, let's all welcome them on board! Hope to see Steve, Marilin, Joyce on here soon! Bombers Rule -Pam Ehinger Nassen ('67) ~ Thorp WA - where fall is here! Down in the 40s this AM. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Kim Edgar Leeming ('79) Re: Message from an Ensign from The USS Winston Churchill This was sent to me, thought I'd share it. Message from an Ensign -Kim Edgar Leeming ('79) ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/30/01 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff: Anita Hughes (52), Ann Bishop (60) Shirley Armstrong (61), Gary Behymer (64) Mike Franco (70), Brad Upton (74) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Anita Hughes Hogan ('52) To: Patti Jones ('60) Thank you for sharing the letter with us. It was very interesting. To: Shirley Armstrong Dvorak ('61) Re: Laura Dean Kirby Armstrong ('55) I am happy to hear the Laura Dean is a little better. I am sorry that she has been so ill. -Anita Hughes Hogan ('52) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ann Bishop Myers ('60) Re: October Luncheon The Women of '60 will be having their monthly lunch on Saturday, October 6, 11:30 AM at Los Margaritas at 627 Jadwin, Richland. See you there! -Ann Bishop Myers ('60) ~ Kennewick, WA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Armstrong Dvorak ('61) Re: Laura Dean Kirby Armstrong (55) Laura is not having a good day today 9/29/01 apparently she is having problems breathing on her own and with fluid on her lungs, they are making her as comfortable as possible, like I said yesterday the doctors have stated that she is still in a very serious condition. She has a long ways to go. I only hope and pray for the small improvements and that the small ones all add up to big ones and that when the time is right she will get to come home. -Shirley Armstrong Dvorak ('61) ~ Quinlan, TX ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: Thank you Shirley My sincere thanks to Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) and helpers on the great job that is being done on the Richland Bomber FUNERAL NOTICES LINKS website I would suggest that ALL of us search for any obituaries or funeral notices that we and/or our parents may have clipped over the years that may be added to Shirley's listings. -Gary Behymer ('64) ~ Now living in downtown Colfax, WA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mike Franco ('70) To: Brad Upton ('74) and Mike Davis ('74) Unbelievable!!!! Brad's waist size and Mike's IQ... mmmmm.. never mind. -Mike Franco ('70) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Brad Upton ('74) Re: A Story Problem: After polishing off a couple dozen Spudnuts, Mike Davis ('74) leaves the Spudnut Shop at 11am and heads west on Williams Blvd. At the exact same time, I leave my alma mater of Spalding Elementary School and head east on Williams Blvd. Both of us are walking. Where and what time do we meet? The answer will be provided in tomorrow's Sandstorm. -Brad Upton ('74) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for the month. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` August, 2001 ~ October, 2001