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 Alumni Sandstorm Archive ~ July, 2002
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16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/01/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers & one Bomber Offspring death notice today: Dick McCoy ('45/'46), Carol Hollingsworth ('55) Patti Jones ('60), Kathy Hoff ('64) Kellie Walsh ('77) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Richard Anderson ('60) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick McCoy ('45/'46) Re: Good writing To: Tom Tracy ('55) Hey!! That was a pleasant, nostalgic article you wrote on 6/29. As Jerry Boyd (52) said this AM, you have the knack of Blarney, which is why I again think you should take over the lead article in the DustStorm. I'm running out of material, if not hot air, and you would be a wonderful replacement. Thanks for the compliment re: Club 40, but most of the credit goes to some wonderful help, too many to count, lead by Don Richey (47), (Bless you Don), Mary Mowery (47) Ray Conley (46) John Frank (46), Dale Geier (48) Norma Boswell, (53) and Lola and Bob Yale. (48) Also hooray for Burt Pierard (59) and Bill Wilkins (51), who picked up the ball this year. (You too, Mike AKA Bob (54) Tom, did you know my brother Pat is is your Class? There goes the neighborhood. Finally, yes we do have Cabanas on Camano Island, I live in one. Bananas too, witness my breakfast this AM. -Dick McCoy ('45/'46) To all the summer reunions, R2K etc.: Have a great one! Especially Club 40!! ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Carol Hollingsworth Entrikin ('55) I was reading about cars of the fifties and it reminded me that you could tell who the boy was by the sound of his pipes. He would sit and rev them up and my friends would recognize whoever it was by the pipes. Anyone remember that? Also, they drove all slouched down in the driver's seat with their (James Dean style) collars turned up high so you could just barely see who it was driving. -Carol Hollingsworth Entrikin ('55) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) Re: Fourth of July Seattle Area - Fife luncheon for July will be held on the Fourth of July at my home. ADDITION: If any Bombers, Families and friends want to come for just the Fireworks you are more than welcome. Cake and Ice Cream will be served at 8:30 p.m. Please email me for directions. Date: July 4, 2002 Time: Noon - ? Where: Email for address and phone number. What To Bring: Come like your coming for a picnic! Bring a dish to share. BBQs will be available. Dinner: 5:00pm Fireworks: 10:15pm - Larry Mattingly's ('60) fireworks are over the water in front of my place. Pictures: Weather: Be prepared for outdoors. Picnic will go on no matter what the weather. Parking: Parking will be on the road or at the shopping center which is a minute walk from my home. Any questions please email me! Bomber Cheers, -Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) ~ Browns Point, WA Checking for the weather daily for the Fourth of July in the Browns Point area. Looks promising so far. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Kathy Hoff Conrad ('64) Re: Congratulations to the R2K+2 Committee! This year's reunion was a great success with just a couple of little glitches... okay maybe big glitches!!! There were approximately 300 Bombers in attendance this year. We appreciate all of the feedback... positive and negative via e-mail and phone calls. We will take into consideration all the suggestions that have been made... We also realize that we need to make some changes as R2K+1 and R2K+2 have operated at a loss. Each year has been a little different, but we are learning. Hopefully by R2K+3 it will be perfect!! The R2K Committee for the last three years has been the one to reserve the Courtyard for R2K Reunions on Saturday night of the "Cool Desert Nights" week-end. We encourage all classes to schedule their Individual Reunions to coincide with the R2K's. But the Saturday night Buffet is for ALL classes. If the Individual Class Reunions want to share the Courtyard at the R2K, they are more than welcome to contact us to share space.... Thanks to Roy ('63) and Nancy Erlandson ('67) Ballard and the "Bomb Squad". Burt Pierard ('59), David Rivers ('65), Nick Nelson ('56), Leo Webb ('63), Jim Adair ('66), and Dick Boehning ('63). Thanks to Darlene Huesties ('64), Maren Smyth ('63&'64), and Perry Moore ('63) for helping at the Registration table, John Adkins ('62) for the name badges and reservations & Denny Damschen ('62) for a great Reunion Website. Thanks to anyone whose name is missing from the list who helped make the Reunion a success. A special thanks to Linda Belliston Boehning ('63) for everything... -Kathy Hoff Conrad ('64), R2K's Chairman ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Kellie Walsh Patterson ('77) I few months ago I logged on to for ringtones for my cell phone. And as a die-hard WSU Coug fan and alum, as well as a RHS alum, I had them customize the Washington State Fight Song for my cell phone. It sounds great! So for all you Coug and Bomber fans out there, I had them post it on their web site in case anyone else is interested in receiving it on their phone. It will cost you $2 to have it downloaded directly to your phone. Just in time for football season! Have Fun. Go to: Click on "Ringtones", then scroll down and click on the "U.S. University" link. There at the bottom you'll see it listed. Click on the Real Audio link on the left to hear it. Then click on the song to begin the download process. Know the make and model of your phone before ordering. It might take 36 - 48 hours to receive it. However if you run into any problems, there customer service is really good. [today, it's also at the very top of the "new" ringtones. -Maren] And speaking of the Cougs, the football team this year has been ranked 13th in the nation pre-season by Lindy's Magazine. This is a first guys, I can't ever remember the Cougs being ranked in the pre-season. Can't wait to see them play down here in Southern Cal against UCLA. Originally this game was set for November 16th, but they moved it to December 7th to draw an even bigger TV viewing audience. Go Cougs and Bombers, -Kellie Walsh Patterson ('77) ~ Simi Valley, CA - where the weather is just perfect in the upper 80s. ******************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Re: Sad news King County Deputy Sheriff Richard A. Herzog, killed in the line of duty in Newcastle, WA, June 22, 2002, was the son of Beverly Brown Herzog ('52) and Frank Herzog (NAB). *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/02/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers and 1 BBA today: Anna May Wann ('49), Clif Edwards ('72) Kim Edgar ('79), Marc Hall ('02BBA) BBA = Bomber By Adoption ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ann Thompson, aka Anna May Wann ('49) Re: Picnic at Patti's July 4th Anyone want a ride to Patti's from the east side, contact me and let's go together. Thought I would head down around 3:00 or 3:30 unless someone wants to go earlier. Re: Old glasses Also the charitable organization I belong to is collecting old eye glasses and frames - If you have any bring them along to the picnic. -Ann Thompson, aka Anna May Wann ('49) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Clif Edwards ('72) To: Kellie Walsh Patterson ('77) We always have high hopes in the Cougs! It seems that every year there is something in the Cougs that brings about a pre-season ranking, then mid-way through the season our hopes are dashed against the rocks. Maybe this year the Cougs will break out of the pattern. Let's all hope and cheer! GO COUGS! GO COUGS! -Clif Edwards ('72) ~ Vancouver, WA - where the weather is beautiful. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Kim Edgar Leeming ('79) Re: Miss Washington I got a glimpse of the news last night, it flashed a picture of a beautiful young lady (age 19) who was crowned Miss Washington, they said she was from Richland. I didn't hear what they said her full name, however, I think they said her last name was "Veers. (something like that) (She most likely was Miss Tri- Cities) Did someone else see it? If she's from Richland, does anyone know if she's a "Bomber" or "Falcon", not that it matters, Richland is Richland no matter what side of town you live on. -Kim Edgar Leeming ('79) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Marc Hall ('02BBA) Re: Charlie Bigelow ('54) Update Vickie Bigelow ('76) thanks Lynn Teverbaugh ('76) very much for your kind birthday solicitations. Some of her "bestest" friends held a nice B-day cocktail party for her last Friday. They are a very nice group, they even let me tag along! The gourmet cheese tray was a big hit, along with the prawns. Usually we go to Vik's folks in Richland as part of our 1 week off to celebrate Vickie's' b-day and the 4th. This year we are here in Seattle with the Bigelow family, celebrating Vik's b-day, the 4th and Charlie being with us! Sure could have been worse, even the expected normal rainy Seattle July 4 is welcome as long as we have Charlie with us to celebrate. Charlie is moving forward rapidly, keeping us all hopping. His daily rehab schedule is keeping him busy from 9 AM to 5 PM daily, time off on Sundays only, no good behavior benefits. We caught up with Charlie on Sunday afternoon, looking over all his cards and letters that so many kind friends and relatives have sent him the last 60 days. Quite a mail bag full of correspondence, over 150 pieces! He is really in awe of the affection showered on him by all the Bombers! Charlie can whip his feet and toes around at will, and is ready for more challenges as he gets stronger and more flexible each day. Charlie stood up at the parallel bars late last week, the first time he has stood up, got the pictures to prove it! He is a bit slowed down by his trunk cast or "turtle" that affects his balance and flexibility. The turtle comes off in a few more weeks, when his spine is fully healed. He is expecting some of Kerim's Pakistani pounded Chicken, Samosas and Pergora's to show up today to supplement his Harborview cuisine, along with Kerim to present all of it, Yum! I go for the curries myself. Shirley Strege Bigelow ('54) will be heading home to Richland on Tuesday July 2 in the afternoon. She must check on the house, Rocky (Vickie's hairy brother, a German Shepherd) and get the dog and the home ready for the July 4 fireworks. She'll return to Seattle after the weekend of the 4th. I could send the Sandstorm some scanned pix of Charlie with some of his visitors if you Bombers are interested? I'd have to know where to send the big graphic files to. -Marc Hall ('02BBA) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [I told Marc where to send pictures... as soon as I get them, I'll put them on the website. -Maren] *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/03/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers sent stuff: Ann Clatworthy ('54), Barb Isakson ('58) Patti Jones ('60), Judy Willox ('61) Bill Wingfield ('67), Betti Avant ('69) Jil Lytle ('82) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ann Clatworthy Weyerts Hogshead ('54) Re: Club 40 Registration Hi Maren, I've lost my application blank for Club 40 reunion 2002 at the Shiloh Inn. I've made reservations at the Inn, but need to pay for the Friday and Saturday activities plus pay my dues. How do I get another application? I appreciate all you do for The Columbia High School Graduates... you are precious to us. -Ann Clatworthy Weyerts Hogshead ('54) ~ Fort Valley, VA where we are drying up in 90 + degrees, need rain!!! ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Barbara Isakson Rau ('58) To: Class of '58 Monthly Lunch Remember this Sunday is part of the 4th Holiday so it's the following Sunday at 1:00... but let's have it in the park and bring your own sack lunch. Think about that and we'll get back to you on the Park place. Happy Forth of July all you Bombers out there! -Barbara Isakson Rau ('58) - Watch for the Place Class of '58 ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) Re: Miss Washington Tacoma News Tribune article June 30, 2002 announced Amanda Beers as Miss Washington for 2002. Amanda is a graduate of Richland High School 2002. Bomber Cheers -Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) ~ Browns Point, WA - Gearing up for a loud 4th of July. Being as we are in the county, fireworks will go off all day. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [The article DOES say that Amanda is a 2002 Bomber... NOT SO!!! See Judy Willox Hodge's ('61) entry that follows... Are Amanda and Kippy Brinkman ('62) the only 2 Bombers who became Miss Washington??? -Maren] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Judy Willox Hodge ('61) To: All Bombers, All Classes ;o) Re: Amanda Beers (2000) ~ Miss Washington Miss Tri-Cities, now known as Miss Washington; Amanda Beers, class of 2000, Richland High School. It is official, she IS a Bomber!! Called the pageant director and got this information for sure. She is now finishing her two-year stint at CBC and will probably go to Whitwer University next year. She is majoring in Classical Piano and wants to be a piano teacher. Her talent in the pageant was the classical piano, and Dot Stewart, Miss Tri-Cities Pageant director, says she feels that Amanda has a real good shot at taking the Miss America pageant. She will also do her classical piano talent in that pageant. So, now that it is official, get ready to put on your best cheering voices, Bombers, and let's get that gal cheered into the Miss America title. It has been 21 years since Miss Tri-Cities took the title of Miss Washington and I can remember that one as my daughter was in the Miss Tri-Cities pageant that year and we went to Vancouver to cheer on Christine Weitz to the title. It has been longer still since our own Kippy Brinkman ('62) was given this honor and that she went on to the Miss America Pageant! Remember, Kippy played the harp for her talent. I promise that I won't tell them how long ago that was, Kippy, but your class year just might give it away. I do remember that she was still sporting that long blonde ponytail! lol! [I'll tell!! It was the Miss America pageant in 1965... -Maren] I think that the Miss America Pageant is usually in September, so be sure to watch this one, Bombers, and give Amanda all of our support. Good luck, Amanda, and may the best gal win! And of course, we all KNOW that the Bomber Gal will be the best! Bomber Cheers (and loudly in September!) -Judy Willox Hodge ('61) ~ Richland - Home of the Bombers and Miss Washington ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bill Wingfield (67) To: Jess Daniel ('67), Class of '67 Reunion Committee Jess, Please sign up my wife Christa Wingfield and myself for the 35th reunion. Thanks, -Bill Wingfield (67) ~ Augusta, GA - currently swimming with the fishes in sunny Grand Cayman, where it is 85 above and below the water. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Betti Avant ('69) Re: weather alert Attention weatherbees, The outlook for Kansas and any other places who get our weather patterns, the week's forecast calls for hot-hot-hot!!!!! The guy on the radio this morning said we here in northwestern Kansas are 5.96" below normal for this time of year on moisture. In his next breath he indicated San Antonio got 9.5" of rain in the last 24 hours. We would take anything we could get. In some places the wheat was a bit better than expected. Here they got a lot of dust when in the fields. Pray for rain everyone so maybe the corn crop will be better. A big red, white, and blue 4th of July to you all out there. -Betti Avant ('69) ~ Goodland, KS - where at 8:00pm I feel like I am in a sauna ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jil Lytle Smith ('82) Re: RHS Class of '82 Reunion - August 9th & 10th The next reunion planning meeting will be July 10th at 6:30p. If you are interested in attending please contact me at the above email address. We will be making the decorations... fun, fun, fun! Remember to get your registration in as soon as possible. If you know someone who hasn't been contacted please let me know so we can get a reunion packet to them before it is too late. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about the reunion. Thanks! -Jil Lytle Smith ('82) Reunion Planning Committee Member *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/04/02 - INDEPENDENCE DAY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers and 1 BBA today: Anna May Wann ('49), Margo Compton ('60) Patti Jones ('60), Helen Cross ('62) Betti Avant ('69), Michael Furner ('88) Tamara Bajich ('89), Christine Simpkinson ('92) Rob Hausenbuiller ('93), Marc Hall ('02BBA) BBA = Bomber By Adoption ******************************************** ******************************************** 07/04 Seattle Area Bomber Lunch at the home of Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Anna May "Ann" Wann Thompson (49) Re: I wanna brag!! I just got my first "hole in one" today and I want to brag. Hope its ok!!!! Happy 4th to all of you. We will be "singing in the rain" at Patti's this evening. -Anna May "Ann" Wann Thompson (49) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Margo Compton Lacarde ('60) To: Betti Avant (69) Re: Rain You mentioned San Antonio got 9.5" of rain. In some places it was closer to 12 to 13 feet of rain. Some towns around San Antonio are just washing away. We had not had any rain in ages and were praying for it. The day we went on water restrictions (only watering one day a week) it started raining and raining and raining and forecasts call for more rain through Thursday. Perhaps someone prayed too hard. -Margo Compton Lacarde ('60) ~ in wet San Antonio, TX and trying to keep my head above water. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) Re: Amanda Beers ('00), Miss Washington The following link will helps us Bombers follow Amanda Beers into the Miss America pageant. The schedule says that the Miss America pageant is September 21, 2002. It will air on ABC at 8:00pm ET Would be fun to find Amanda's email address and address to send her lots of prayers and wishes from us Bombers. Judy Willox Hodge ('61) would you call the Pageant director again to see if you could get the information for us? Please!!!!! Go Amanda, wish you the best!!!!!!!! -Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) ~ Browns Point, Wa weather is going to be cool for the 4th of July... weather people are now announcing a couple of small showers. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Helen Cross Kirk ('62) Happy 4th of July everyone from the heartland of America in Indiana!! Yes, Kippy Brinkman ('62) was Miss Tri-Cities and Miss Washington, and it was a thrill to watch a fellow classmate in the Miss America contest. Good things come from Bomberville after all. -Helen Cross Kirk ('62) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Betti Avant ('69) Re: Kippy Brinkman ('62) Kippy actually went to the Miss Washington pageant twice. When she represented the Tri-Cities she didn't win, but I believe she placed pretty high. When she won the pageant she was representing the Seattle area while attending the U of W. I think as my memory serves me also she won the talent award at the Miss America pageant. She not only played the harp but also tap danced. I recall watching the show as a teenager. -Betti Avant ('69) ~ Goodland, KS ******************************************** ******************************************** >From the OLD ALL Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Michael G. Furner ('88) Date: Sat Jun 22 18:01:38 2002 Just visiting. It looks like quite long time since anyone has signed in. Hope everyone who visits signs in, even if it's just to let others know how they can be reached. It is always nice to hear from old friends and to make some new ones. Best Regards everyone. -Michael G. Furner ('88) ******************************************** ******************************************** >From the OLD ALL Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Tamara Bajich ('89 Exchange Student) Date: Fri Jun 21 18:59:38 2002 Hello to all '89 Bombers Right from Yugoslavia. I was an exchange student having a good time during 1989. Hope you are all doing fine. -Tamara Bajich ('89 Exchange Student) ******************************************** ******************************************** >From the OLD ALL Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Christine Simpkinson Nichols ('92) Date: Sat Jun 29 20:38:03 2002 reunion or not 1992 I graduated from richland high in 1992 and I am wondering when my reunion is or if there will be one. I just moved back to the Tri-cities this February. I had been living in Eburg and then in Toppenish. When I attended Richland High my last name was Simpkinson. If any one can answer my question please email me the answer. Thanks. By the way nice web page. -Christine Simpkinson Nichols ('92) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Rob Hausenbuiller ('93) Happy Fourth of July, It is going to be my third independence day without fireworks and picnics. I will be thinking of by gone years with BBQs and or picnics at Howard Amon Park followed by a late night with fire works. I will be thinking of family and celebrating quietly I am sure. -Rob Hausenbuiller ('93)~ London, England - Rainy and cold where's summer gone? ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Marc Hall ('02BBA) Re: Charlie Bigelow ('54) update The Bigelow family was thrilled yesterday when meeting with Charlie's health care providers. We heard really good news!!! Here is the latest: Projected discharge from Harborview Medical Center is July 26!!!!!!! Charlie can go home then!!! He will return on August 8th to remove his trunk cast or "turtle." He may stay a day or two then for further tests and rehab. His physical therapist says Charlie has exceed all PT expectations during his rehab, his occupational therapist says his OT is 50% complete, he should have no problems being 100% by July 26 as well. Please be advised that these dates are projected, not hard dates. His schedule could change as he goes forward with his rehab, but all indications are very positive, so we are too. July 26 will be almost a 3 months since Charlie's glider crash, a long time to be incarcerated in Harborview. The medical staff there did a wonderful job, not to be taken lightly in such a dynamic trauma environment. What a great 4th of July we are celebrating this year! -Marc Hall ('02BBA) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/05/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff: Sandra Atwater ('51) and JD Boyd ('55) Mike Brady ('61), Helen Cross ('62) Sharon McDermott ('63), Gary Behymer ('64) Pam Ehinger ('67), Betti Avant ('69) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Sandra Atwater Boyd ('51) AND JD Boyd ('55) Boy are these Walla Walla Onions good! We are always so very excited when they come on the market every year! What could be better than Walla Wallas and BBQ steak and WWs and homemade bleu cheese dressing for dipping! Are we crazy or what? Don't answer... Ha! The Vidalia onions were not too good this due to bad weather. However, the Texas Sweets were pretty good but not as good as WWs. The 4th of July hamburgers will have WWs on the BBQ hamburgers this evening... so good! Glad Tom Tracy ('55) has found the time to write in to the Sandstorm... he is so busy on his second career, it is a wonder that he has time. I don't remember how we kept our beer cold in the old high school days, does anyone... or did we drink hot beer... or did we know the difference... or did we care? I do remember bottle or can openers... no twist tops or easy open cans. I can remember opening bottles on the bumpers of the old cars, (that is when we had real bumpers), or punch a hole in the can of a screwdriver. Please, put both of our names on this entry, I don't want people to think that I was the one riding around town drinking hot beer. Sandra Time to hear something from Dort Hickey Fisher ('51), Dottie Sargent Rath ('51) and Ann Pearson Burrows ('50)... all the good Bombers of 40s and 50s! -Sandra Atwater Boyd ('51) AND JD Boyd ('55) Palm Desert, CA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mike Brady ('61) I was in the Navy stationed in Southern California when Kippy Brinkman ('62) was in the Miss America contest. I just happened to walk into the rec room, turn on the TV and the emcee announces, "most talented, Kippy Brinkman." What a surprise! Kippy played piano during the two years I was in choir at RHS. Speaking of choir, I loved hearing Beth Pederson ('61) sing... especially, "Up a Lazy River." I would give anything to hear her sing again. -Mike Brady ('61) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Helen Cross Kirk (62) To: Rob Hausenbuiller (93) Re: Being in lovely London, England My curiosity is getting the best of me, so I have to ask, what brought you to England and is keeping you there? Yes, you will miss our 4th of July parades and fireworks, we saw a lovely one over a private lake community near us tonight. But, you will have Guy Fawkes night celebration which we don't have. There is enough that is lovely and interesting in England to keep you occupied I know. But come and visit us stateside whenever you can, as being able to live on both sides of the pond is truly the best of both worlds. Or so it seemed to us in our three years we spent living in London, while making frequent visits to the U.S. Give our regards to jolly ole' England and smile next time you are by the Thames River for me please, as I'm not sure when my next trip to London will be. -Helen Cross Kirk (62) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Sharon McDermott Bruce ('63) In response to San Antonio rain. I was fortunate to be out of town this week. Thankfully I have a good friend to check in on my cats and bird and my house and all is well. I am very grateful for that. I am sure many people there need everyone's prayers at this time. -Sharon McDermott Bruce ('63) ~ Up in N.E. Texas at this time but living in San Antonio, TX ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) SURFING THE WEB AGAIN Re: Red Robin mentions Richland Bombers When you get there, hit Ctrl/F and find "Richland Bomber" Re: Richland Baptist Church History Re: Christ the King website Re: Knights of Columbus Officers Dan Haggard ('57): Is that you??? -Gary Behymer ('64) ~ downtown Colfax, WA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Pam Ehinger Nassen ('67) To: Ann Thompson, aka Anna May Wann ('49) Way to go Ann! That is the greatest!! I wish you may more Whole in Ones!! Happy 4th to all!! Bombers Rule -Pam Ehinger Nassen (The Blue Ribbon Class of '67) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Betti Avant ('69) Re: San Antonio, TX rains To: Margo Heiling Barron ('57) Margo, I know how those San Antonio rains can be. I was stationed at Ft. Sam Houston in 1974 for my AIT while in the Army. Our barracks were close enough to the school so we walked most of the time. It usually was a pleasant stroll as it wound through base housing. I know sometimes we would get caught in a cloud burst and had no where to hide (they only provided one bus to and from school and it wasn't big enough for everyone to ride in). At times when it was raining and we were in the barracks, we would turn on a radio and they were warning people to stay indoors as certain underpasses were closed due to high water. Pray for northwestern Kansas and pass some of the rain up our way, OK???? -Betti Avant ('69) ~ Goodland, KS - where today it is overcast with a cool breeze *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/06/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff: Anna May Wann ('49), Mike Clowes ('54) Keith Hunter ('63), Dennis Hammer ('64) Ray Stein ('64), Ken Staley ('68) Barb Belcher ('72), Greg Alley ('73) Mike Davis ('74) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ann Thompson - aka Anna May Wann ('49) Re: Fireworks at Browns Point, WA Those of you who did not make it to Patti Jones Ahrens' ('60) to see the Larry Mattingly's ('60) fireworks o the 4th, missed a great show. The food was great the fireworks beautiful and the company fantastic. Irl Davis brought fresh oysters. Patti had a great "Bomber" cake and ice cream for dessert. Great summertime picnic. We missed Tom Hughes ('56) and family to take the traditional pictures of our group. But hope they make it to Battleground in August. Speaking of picnics don't forget the Oregon/ Washington picnic to be held at Battleground State Park on August 10th. Patti and I will be there to set up the picnic area for our group. We promise good weather. There will be swimming in the lake, if you so desire. If we could get an idea of how many might be there, we could be sure and have enough barbecues set up for us. Happy 4th to all of you and Thanks to those who congratulated me on my hole in one. -Ann Thompson - aka Anna May Wann ('49) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) Re: 4th of July at Brown's Point, WA Seems only the faithful (or is that die-hards) came out this time, and we know who we are. The pity was that a few had to leave early, not wanting to drive in the dark, etc. To those of you who DIDN'T (and WE know Who You are), you missed a great time. Not only did we get the full particulars about a certain hole-in-one, but had a grand barbecue on the patio. Then came the grand finale to the end of the day. To: Larry Mattingly ('60) The sky was definitely in bloom over Commencement Bay, about 25 minutes worth from you, and who know how much from the others (mostly private parties). We had great seats, and Patti was very appreciative of the barge location this year. It was truly a great show. To: J.D. Boyd ('55) As I remember it, a bag or two of ice from one of the many ice machines around town was sufficient to keep the beer cold or at least cool. Hot beer was too messy, and sometimes you couldn't get the smell out of your clothes which usually meant trouble from the parental units. Bomber Cheers to all, -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) ~ back in sunny and warm Albany, OR ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Keith Hunter ('63) Re: WALLA WALLA ONIONS To: Sandra Atwater Boyd ('51) AND J.D. Boyd ('55) How do I get some of these down in California? Help! -Keith Hunter ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dennis Hammer ('64) To: Sandra Atwater Boyd ('51) AND JD Boyd ('55) Re: How to keep the beer cold Most of the cars built from the late 40s to about '59 had the spare tire sitting upright in a little well in the trunk. Take the tire out and lay it flat, fill the well with ice, and put the beer in it. They even came with a convenient drain hole punched in the bottom of the well. Usually came from the factory with a rubber plug in the hole, but all you have to do is knock that out. And that is one way to keep the beer cold. Or so I have been told. (That was also in the days when we had real spare tires.) -Dennis Hammer ('64) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ray Stein ('64) Re: Old Football Film Someone gave me an old 16mm football film and said, "I think this is some Bomber game". It turned out to be a game between Fleet City (Navy) and the 2nd Air Force (Bombers). The players aren't wearing face masks and I would guess the game was played in the mid to late 1940's. The film has text at 3 places between plays. It reads: (1) "After 4 downs the Bombers still on Fleet City's 6 yard line, lose the ball to the Navy." (2) "Bull Dog Turner intercepts O'Rourke's attempted pass, laterals to Sinkwich who runs 32 yards." (3) "Juzwik of Fleet City goes around his own left end for 32 yards putting the ball at midfield." The film only shows about 20 plays from the game and ends by showing the score: Fleet City 7 2nd Air Force 0 I have no idea why this film was in the coach's office at Central Valley High School, but I think if Bull Dog, Sinkwich, or Juzwik are still around, this film would be a great remembrance for them (or their kids or grandkids). Is there anyone out there from America's Greatest generation who might know something about this game? Also, I'm putting this in the Alumni Sandstorm because I know some of you have looked at other teams with the name "Bombers". Anyone run across this 2nd Air Force team? -Ray Stein ('64) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ken Staley ('68) Re: Up in smoke As I left the court club early this morning [7/5/02], I noted a large pillar of smoke rising from an area close to my father's house. It saddens me to report that the former Mayfair Market on the corner of Williams and Thayer, now serving as a Salvation Army Thrift Store, was going up in flames. I sat in the park behind the old fire station on Williams, wondering if the city, in its wisdom, had simply upgraded the station rather than close it, the fire would have gotten so large so fast. As it was, most of the ceiling of the building was involved. I can only guess at the interior. Still in all, it was an old building that held many, many cherished memories. I couldn't stay long. Too many of my childhood haunts... first Spalding, now this... seem to be going up in smoke these days. -Ken Staley ('68) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Another Sandstorm reader in Richland reported to me: "The old Campbell's Market (corner Williams and Thayer) was engulfed in flames this morning [7/5] about 6am. Last I saw it was about 9am, from the corner of Roberdeau/Perkins. Fire trucks were still there. Looked like a complete loss. I'll drive by it later today and give you a progress report. We can smell the smoky ruins from here. It was a HUGE fire... was afraid they wouldn't be able to contain it. Pennywise was remodeled in last 8 or 10 months and there's a small business in there. Hope they didn't get damage." Nothing in the Online Tri-City Herald... yet... Stay tuned..... -Maren] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Barb Belcher Valinske ('72) To: Bombers Class of 1972 Re: Our 30 year Reunion - July 19th and 20th It's not too late! Please call, e-mail, or send a check ASAP to reserve yourself a spot at our 30-year Reunion! We need to know so that we can order enough food for everyone. For more info, check our website at: Thanks! -Barb Belcher Valinske ('72) ~ West Richland ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Greg Alley ('73) To: Mike Davis (74) Where is our Bomber Razorback? Is he in a town somewhere in America? We should be getting the daily diary from the road. Re: Old Mayfair On another subject that will be reported by others, the old Mayfair and Salvation Army building on Thayer and Williams is toast. Woke up this morning to billowing black smoke rising out of the middle of Richland. Went by late morning and the walls are standing but the middle is gutted out and the water was still being poured on it. It will be interesting to see how it started because if its fireworks we may be the latest town to get them banned because everyone else has. What will they actually build there when not many places are succeeding in town as the malls and big chains are the ones taking the business away from the small companies? -Greg Alley ('73) ~ In hot-and-getting-hotter Richland ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: M. Davis (74) I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! -Mike Davis ('74) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/07/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11 Bombers sent stuff: Lu Humphrey ('49), Anna May Wann ('49) Ann Clancy ('50), Tom Tracy ('55) Tom Hughes ('56), Burt Pierard ('59) Gary Behymer ('64), Linda Reining ('64) Pam Ehinger ('67), Tim Van Doren ('75) Kellie Walsh ('77) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Lu Humphrey ('49) Does anyone have an address to send cards to Charlie and Shirley Strege Bigelow ('54). I'm sure you put in on before but I missed it. Would appreciate your help. Thanks, -Lu Humphrey ('49) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Harborview Medical Center 325 Ninth Ave. Seattle, WA 98104 ATTENTION: Charlie Bigelow, Patient ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ann Thompson, aka Anna May Wann ('49) Re: mistake in my last edition [7/6/02 Sandstorm] Those darn senior moments!!! Irl's last name is French not Davis, in case any of you are wondering who I was talking about. To: Irl French ('51) My apologies Irl, I knew who I was talking about and so did Maren, even if nobody else did. -Ann Thompson, aka Anna May Wann ('49) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Irl "brought fresh oysters" to the 4th of July picnic at Patti Jones Ahrens' home. -Maren] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ann Clancy Andrews ('50) Re: Walla Wallas If you are in my neighborhood, Walla Walla onions are available at Winco Super Market in Antelope/ Sacramento, California. Re: Spudnuts I would walk on a mile of Krispy Cremes to get to one Spudnut. Well, maybe 20 feet for that good old Richland treat. Re: Campbell's (Williams & Thayer) burned Really enjoy the Sandstorm entries. Brings back lots of memories. Sorry to hear about the Campbell store burning down. Been there forever. Use to walk over there from my home on Wright Ave. Most of my girl friends lived in that area. It is 98 and I am heading for the pool. Which brings to mind, swimming in the water canals and picnics on the banks of the Yakima. Great times with great friends! Temperature: Hot and getting hotter!! 108-110 coming Tuesday or Wednesday. -Ann Clancy Andrews ('50) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Tom Tracy ('55) To: Ray Stein ('64) Re: Old Football Film A long time ago, seemingly like yesterday, but not too far away, there were some football teams put together on military bases. Loosely organized to appease the over-testosteroned troops and officers who needed acceptable physical activities. They weren't publicized much, but lots of stories were bandied about regarding the military athletes at North Richland (Army), Moses Lake (Air Force) and Pasco (Navy). Perhaps it could be one of the games organized to give the hardened military troops some sports activity instead of just letting them watch local high school teams. Some of us will remember the between inning talk at softball fields near North Richland, when a guy pitched for a local softball team and demonstrated his ability to pitch blindfolded from 2nd base... and even center field. Yep, It was Eddie Feignor. Later the King and His Court - the four-man team that toured the U.S. for decades. We overheard stories of The North Richland Army teams' games, but most of us didn't get to see them play. ...[many of us can remember the gigantic, indoor Navy training pool that remained open for many years and later housed lovely lifeguards like Ann Pearson ('51). Ann was a few years ahead of our class of '55. Just remembering how kind and friendly she was would put a smile on anyone's face. "There is a race track not far from here where you can run". "Please walk in the pool". "Would you boys mind returning to the shower and showering before you come into the pool or should I show you where the shower is"? We even remember the strongly chlorinated foot pools positioned to be the last thing you stepped into before you entered and the first thing you re-entered when you left the pool. (We weren't quick-thinking enough to respond to such a gentle caution as Ann's. All of us who swam there from time to time considered it an ocean of fun. It was used to train navy pilots in the early 40s. I'm not sure, but I think Sandra Atwater ('51) was also a life guard there. Ann held a special spot in my family's heart. She dated my brother Bill ('51) and was one great catch for any guy. Bill was my first athletic hero and a good one. Gene Conley ('48) was and will always be my biggest athletic hero. Besides, being a marvelous pitcher and basketball player, he had a quick wit and great sense of humor. He also exercised the power of prayer when times were tough... and it paid off. Something about prayer. Don't understand it. But until it quits working, we can exercise it like the fast break or long distance phone call to our banker or broker. Whoops, sorry... I almost lost my place and got carried away. Other heroes who might be able to identify the film's cast would be Dale Geier ('48), Dick McCoy ('45/'46), Ralph Myrick ('51), Don Fisher ('50), Don Lyall ('52), Dave Brusie ('51), someone from the Richey Family (including Marilyn ('53), Ray Juricich, Fran Rish and others from the time when we had our US Army camp at North Richland. Two of the military stationed there came to our church; one named "Tiny" - because he wasn't and the other "Sarge", both Korean vets who served together. Tiny told us why Sarge couldn't stay in church when kids cried... had been in charge of moving orphans in Korea through enemy lines and always panicked when kids began to cry. He said it is the same reason older women always look around when they hear a baby cry in church... they remember the nights when their child needed help, were sick or frightened... Sarge loved kids and we were glad to know why he had to leave church when kids cried, whimpered or were restless during services. Sarge had to go out on the porch and smoke a cigarette to get over it. It was nice to understand the reason he did that. So, Ray... if you can find Tiny or Sarge, I bet you can find out who some of those players might have been. Perhaps former GIs who were stationed at North Richland live in the area. Bet they'd love to see that film... Perhaps a local news channel could play the clip. It might generate a floodgate of memories from some people in the Tri-Cities... like blowing the cavalry charge at the Old Soldiers' Home!!. The Air Force Base in Moses Lake had an armada of airmen and perhaps they played against the Navy (Pasco) or Army (N. Richland). One of our '55 classmates learned how quickly the Air Force could respond to the North Richland area if needed. One day he crossed the fence while hunting jack rabbits near the 300 area. After a small spotter plane buzzed him and he failed to get out of the fenced area, it was only a few minutes before the Sabre Jets buzzed him and flew back over again just in time to see him picked up by the police. He returned home and was greeted with a public posterior application of superior force, applied to the seat of understanding by his Father. The fact it was in public was his biggest humiliation and it also seemed to satisfy the authorities who also gave his gun back. I remember the street pickup games with my brother Bill, Billy Griffin ('54), Joe Valdez ('54), Kenny Plumb, Fred Thurman, Ralph Myrick ('51), Gerald Hostetler ('51) and others who gathered to be part of the Norman Rockwell Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse on Iry Street or Marcus Whitman playground, but none were ever filmed... thankfully. Thanks for the memories. Good luck and I hope someone will capitalize on the magnificent media gold mine you have in that piece of athletic history... when sands blew easily along the banks of that cool, wide bend of the perpetual river in our city where great minds bent and shaped elements into the most powerful force known to mankind... except, Motherhood, love and the Art Dawald Fast Break. best regards -Tom Tracy ('55) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Tom Hughes ('56) Re: July 4th Well, Patti and friends. Finally made it back from Kalispell this afternoon (Saturday). It was a long, hot drive but we got everything taken care of and Agnes' Dad is over here now. Jessica spent 7 days in her own heaven having a yard sale to get rid of a lot of old stuff that Agnes' Dad didn't want to keep. She would badger people into buying "Just one thing" and keep lowering the price til she had it sold. Sorry we had to miss the party and fireworks (by Larry Mattingly ('60) but I guess some things just don't work out. Anyway, hope to see everyone next month. Ann, I have been playing golf (playing at it anyway) for 52 years and have never had a hole in one. Congratulations. Tom, Agnes and Jessica -Tom Hughes ('56) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Burt Pierard ('59) Re: Historic Building Fire Attached: 7-6-02 TCH Pic & 6-22-44 Construction Pic It is interesting (to me) that everybody associates the building at Williams & Thayer to the era that they grew up in. The first report mentioned the Salvation Army and the Mayfair Market. Maren's note mentioned Campbell's Market but nobody said anything about the original use which was Randall & Doyle's Groceteria (they moved from their temporary digs in the old red brick building at Lee & GWWay when the new store was completed in early 1945 [I believe]). I have included the June 22, 1944, construction pic to show the foundation work at the site (also our "B" house across Thayer from what was to become Pennywise Drugs). As I recall, Kit Campbell took it over in about 1954. I have no idea when Mayfair moved in but the TCH article about the fire said that the Salvation Army came in in 1985. McCoy ('45/'46), the milkman, should jump in here since he was living just up Thayer during the construction. Bomber Cheers, -Burt Pierard ('59) ~ Richland ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: Campbell's Market Fire From our 1304 Mahan 'B' house, on the corner of Williams and Mahan, Mom would walk, in her high heels (;-), to the Campbell's Market, at least 3 times per week. Carrying home 2 large grocery bags was no easy task for Mom who was but 5'2" and weighed all of 105 lbs. Mahan, Marshall, McPherson, Thayer. I believe it was Mom's social life. She would stop at most any yard where another Mom's face was visible. Kids and dogs filled the yards on both sides of Williams, a very busy street, even in the 50s. I believe I returned many a pop bottle for 3 cents each with the quarts a nickel (;-) to the Campbell's store. Appears that I will have to find somewhere else to take those 'Bubble-Up' bottles. -Gary Behymer ('64) ~ Living in downtown Colfax, WA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining ('64) To: Keith Hunter ('63) Re: Walla Walla onions in California Do you have a Costco near where you live? We have one here in Bakersfield and they carry WW sweets in 20# bags. I used to buy them from a farm in WW and he would send them to me down here, but I have long ago lost his address. Re: TP Does anyone view toilet papering as vandalism? In today's paper, a teacher whose home had been toilet papered by some teenage girls, was saying she viewed it as vandalism and disrespect and she thinks the girls should be prosecuted (she and her husband "caught" the parents sitting across the street in a van, so she knows who they are). We have been toilet papered in the past... in fact, they made so much noise, that my oldest daughter and I watched them do the entire yard... we just laughed, took a pictures, then I made my daughter clean up the mess... they were her friends!!!!! *grin* and, I have also been guilty of doing the same act of "vandalism"... toilet papered a 16 year old's parent's house and her car!!!! Thought toilet papering meant you LIKED the person!!!!!! How 'bout it Bombers? -Linda Reining ('64) ~ Bakersfield, CA - hot, hot, hot ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Pam Ehinger Nassen ('67) Re: Campbell's Gone?? That was a land mark! I'm so very sorry to hear that we have lost it. Hey Class of 67 Our 35 year Class Reunion is this month! On the weekend of the Water Follies. Now you that still live in the Tri-Cities area it would be nice if you came! I know a lot of you think hey what for! Well the What For is for us Out of Towners so we can see you again! We that have left haven't seen some of you in 35 years! So it would be nice to see you again and trade stories of what we have been doing in all these years gone by! So with that said I hope to see all of you on July 26th!! Bombers Rule -Pam Ehinger Nassen (The Blue Ribbon Class of '67) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Tim Van Doren ('75) To: Greg Alley ('73) Re: Old Mayfair building Thanks for the depressing news this morning about the fire. I think there was probably more than one occasion when you strong-armed some change out of little Timmy when we were all at that store with the gang from Rice's house. Re: fireworks ban They've been outlawed in Spokane for the last decade or so and it's kinda sad to have to take my kids out of town to let them play with sparklers. We always spend the day at one of the lakes north of town and the kids get to experience what we used to do in our driveway. Although we arrived at home the other night on the 4th and my neighbor was lighting some aerial howitzers in his driveway - but he's from Pasco, think about it............ -Tim Van Doren ('75) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Kellie Walsh Patterson ('77) To: Keith Hunter ('63) re: Walla Walla Onions Vons Market in Southern California carries Walla Walla Sweets. I just bought some today. To: "Crone Helmet" I've been thinking about what you said -- maybe it is better to remember all the good times, instead of moving back, hoping to re-live them. It was great seeing you and Shelley. Come down our way soon. I'm sure Mom will have a lemon pie waiting for you. -Kellie Walsh Patterson ('77) ~ Simi Valley, CA *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/08/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11 Bombers sent stuff: Ken Ely ('49), Mike Clowes ('54) Margo Compton ('60), Judy Willox ('61) Sue Elliott ('62), Jim Hamilton ('63) Larry Stephens ('63), Dennis Hammer ('64) Bob Gustavson ('70), Steve Piippo ('70) Larry Stone ('71) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ken Ely ('49) To: Ray Stein (64) Headquarters 2nd Air Force was at Barksdale AFB, LA so I would assume this would be the home of the 2nd AF Bombers. You might want to write to the History Office at Barksdale to see if they might be interested in the film. The 2nd AF has been disestablished and is no longer is existence but Barksdale is now the home of the 2nd Bomb Wing (B-52). -Ken Ely ('49) ~ Orangevale, CA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) Re: August Picnic To: All Bombers in the I-5 corridor (Albany, OR to Bellingham, WA), and any brave east-of-the-mountains Bombers. I don't know if it has been etched in stone, but there will be a picnic at Battleground State Park, near Battleground, WA (which is north of Vancouver, USA, WA. As previously reported, Ann Thompson, aka Anna May Wann ('49) and Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) will be getting there bright and early on the morning of Saturday, August 10th, to stake a claim on the area. I understand that parking is NOT reserved, and if you want to be somewhere near the area, arrange your arrival before noon. Now, as memory serves, there are a bunch of Bombers between Albany, OR, and the picnic site. There are also a whole heap of Bombers in the Portland/Vancouver area, so the "faithful Fife For Lunch Bunch" is looking forward to seeing new faces. Detailed descriptions of how to get there will be forthcoming in later issues of the Alumni Sandstorm. Bomber Cheers, and see ya at the picnic. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) ~ Albany, OR - where the weather guessers are promising 90 warm degrees by the end of the week (if it doesn't rain). ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Margo Compton Lacarde ('60) Re: Campbell's Market In 1963, I lived on Potter just about two or three blocks from Campbell's, so did most of my shopping there. But I do have a very vivid memory of it on a day in November of that year. I had just been home a couple of days after having my little baby boy and needed to go to the store. My neighbor came to stay with the kids and I took off to Campbell's. I had just finished checking out when they announced that President Kennedy had been shot. I am sure everyone old enough remembers where they were on that day and I was in Campbell's. Hate to hear it is gone. -Margo Compton Lacarde ('60) ~ soggy San Antonio, TX but starting to dry out. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Judy Willox Hodge ('61) To: Any Bomber (Any Class :o) There is a bumper sticker that is in big demand here and I appeal to any Bomber, Bomber class, or any Bomber club to come forward and lay claim to the pictured bumper sticker. It was sold at the original R2K in 2000 (have NO idea how I could have missed it... I was scooping up everything for sale there!), and there are some that would love to have one and others looking to replace theirs! So, anyone out there who can help, please email me and let me know where to latch on to these. If there are no more left to sell, please let me know that, too. Thanks, Bombers! Bomber Cheers -Judy Willox Hodge ('61) ~ Richland - a cooling trend has hit, but it is soon to heat up again! ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Sue Elliott Homan ('62) Re: '62 Reunion photos A special thanks to Jeanie Hutchins Simon ('62) for sending additional pictures for our 40-year reunion website - they've been posted on the 'More Pictures' page - check 'em out. You'll recognize more familiar faces when you do! Also coming soon: John Adkins' CD with LOTS of pictures - which we're also hoping to make available on the web. Stay tuned. P.S. Living near the corner of Thayer and Torbett during my school days, I made many trips on foot to Pennywise Drug and the old Mayfair store - sad to see another remembered landmark disappear. -Sue Elliott Homan ('62) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jim Hamilton ('63) Are there any other Bombers out there besides Dean and Anita Newlywed, The forever young and always lovely Miss Nancy and myself who will be participating in the Summit to Surf later this month. It would be fun to squeeze together for a picture and have Dean buy you a cold one in Hood River when it's over. Semper Bomberus jimbeaux -Jim Hamilton ('63) ~ Kirkland, WA - where our allocated 48 hours of summer has come and gone, and it's too cold and ugly for trick-or-treaters. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Larry Stephens ('63) To: All Alumni Bombers. I remember it was hot sometimes in Richland, but the temperatures someone quoted is just ridicules. My Brother George ('58), who resides in Kent, complains to me: He can't visit us here in Florida because of the heat... maybe it's the same reason or excuse he uses for the reasons he can't visit my other Brother, Ron ('56), who now lives in Richland. To: Kathy Hoff Conrad ('64) Kathy, I am trying to get in contact with Gary Carlson, Class of '64. Can You please help me. Cheers, -Larry Stephens ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dennis Hammer ('64) To: Tim Van Doren ('75) Re: fireworks ban I do find in amusing that the government now thinks that I am too stupid or too careless to play with firecrackers, of even a sparkler. From 1968 through 1972 the government didn't seem to have a problem with me playing with things like 500 pound bombs. -Dennis Hammer ('64) U. S. Navy (68-72) A Bomber now living in Lion Country ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Gustavson ('70) Re: Dave Roberts' ('68) Musical Benefit Recently, '68 Bomber Dave Roberts and his family experienced the unexpected tragedy of the death of his 21 year old son, Beau. Dave is a well known local musician and his wife Carol is a Benton City native, which is where they make their home. The local musician community is going to help with Dave and Carol's unplanned expenses by hosting two musical benefits. There are two shows planned, so come out, enjoy the music and help out our friends. 1. Friday July 12th, Frontier Tavern, Richland 8:00 pm to 12:00 midnight, four bands: 8:00 - 8:30, Pryce Cary & Company 8:30 - 9:15, Terry Roberts Band 9:30 - 10:15, Big Daddy & The NightCrawlers 10:30 - 11:15, Blender, featuring vocalist Sarah Sayer 11:30 - 12:00, Pryce Cary & Company $2 minimum donation suggested. 2. Sunday July 14th, The Palm, Benton City 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Jam session hosted by local musicians. Jammers welcome. Call 946-5292 for information. $2 minimum donation suggested. -Bob Gustavson ('70 Bomber) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Steve Piippo ('70) To: Mike Davis ('74) Your daughter was a treat to have in class this year! Great stories. Excellent academics, outstanding humor, positive attitude, enthusiastic... all characteristics of a quality kid resulting from excellent parenting. -Steve Piippo ('70) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Larry Stone ('71) Re: Papering Yards I never got involved in papering anyone's house or yard, but I do know that whenever I heard that a papering was planned, it was planned as an act of vandalism. There are occasions, such as a birthday, that someone might paper someone's house as a joke. But it still makes a mess, not to mention the waste of good toilet paper. -Larry Stone ('71) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/09/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCoy ('45/'46), Dorothy Hickey ('51) Dorothy Keys ('52), Donna McGregor ('57) Janice Woods ('60), Jean Turner ('61) Donna Nelson ('63), Roy Ballard ('63) Bill Edwards ('64), Joanne Boyd ('67) Betti Avant ('69), Mike Davis ('74) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick McCoy ('45/'46) Re: The big fire Thank you, Burt Pierard, ('59) for mentioning the Randal and Doyle [Groceteria] days of the old store on Williams and Thayer. I worked there for a while in High school, and also in their original store on GWWay and Lee. For That matter I also worked at Kit Campbell's store in the south end and was working there when Roosevelt died. Gosh, I guess I worked a while at Garmo's up on Symons. No wonder I didn't have time to date anyone. Cheez!! Now I tell me... -Dick McCoy (Beaver45/Bomber46) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dorothy Hickey Fisher ('51) To: The Boyds [Jim ('55) and Sandra Atwater ('51) Boyd] Good seeing your comments in the Alumni Sandstorm. Thought maybe all the '50/'51 grads were a fading group. A few thoughts for you: Fry your WW onions with bell peppers for your hamburgers. Great! And please send your Secret recipe for the blue cheese dressing! And to answer your question about hot beer; beer never lasted long enough to get hot! And you did not drive around drinking beer; we were always at Nelson Lake! Hope this refreshes your memory! -Dorothy Hickey Fisher ('51) ~ Auburn, CA - beautiful foothills but hitting 110 this week ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dorothy Keys Harding ('52) Re: Radiations Can someone put me in touch with the person or persons who sing with the Radiations, offshoot of the Sweet Adelines? We are interested in speaking with them about singing at our class reunion ('52) the first week end. of August. Thanks for whatever help you can give. -Dorothy Keys Harding ('52) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Donna McGregor Salazar ('57) Re: Walla Walla Sweets Found some Walla Walla sweets bedding plants at WalMart this year. Got some, planted them without too much hope, but they are coming on strong here. Bomber Cheers -Donna McGregor Salazar ('57) ~ Espanola, NM ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Janice Woods Ehrke ('60WB) I don't remember much about the inside of Campbell's Market, but I do remember riding up to the back of the store on our bikes and getting one of those 50/50 bars on hot lazy summer afternoons. Sorry to hear it's gone. -Janice Woods Ehrke ('60WB) ~ hot, hot, hot Woodland, CA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [I think Janice is thinking about the Village Market cuz I don't remember anything at the back of the Williams and Thayer Campbell's -- and we lived across the field from that Campbell's. -Maren] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jean Turner Anderson ('61) Re: Williams/Thayer Fire I took my dad up to see the fire damage at the Salvation Army building Sunday morning. It was so sad to see. My dad, Lou Turner, sits on the Salvation Army board and has been very active in helping them. We saw the pictures in the Tri-City Herald but seeing the damage in person was harder to deal with. I only hope and pray that it was an accidental fire and not arson. The Salvation Army had just had a $30,000 air conditioning system installed. Re: Days Pay Mural After that sad trip, we stopped by Col High and I got to see that beautiful painting of Day's Pay. Wow, what a mural! What a lovely campus too. My dad is also active in Key Club and comes up there once a month during the school year. He thinks the kids are pretty neat. -Jean Turner Anderson ('61) ~ Vancouver, WA - where the weather is going to really heat up but not as hot as it does in Richland!! ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Donna Nelson ('63) Re: Vanilla Coke I just had my first Vanilla Coke after 35 years. Now you can actually buy it "canned" by Coke and it's good. While growing up, I remember asking for the syrup to be added. It almost reminds me of a cream soda only heavy on the caramel. Re: Weather The Wenatchee area experienced one huge thunder and lightning show last (Sunday) night about 11. My granddaughters and I watched it move from the south and within minutes it was over the top of us and gone. It reminded me of some childhood vacations to North Dakota and my Dad saying we were safest in the car. I mostly remember lightning without the rain while growing up in Richland. It poured last night and hopefully the cherry crop is harvested. -Donna Nelson ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Roy Ballard ('63) To: Judy Willox Hodge ('61) Re: Proud of the cloud Bumper Sticker The bumper sticker that you are looking for is in the hands of our lovely caretaker of R2K Kathy Hoff Conrad ('64), so just give her a call. To: Larry Stephens ('63) Gary Carlson ('64) lives in the Horn Rapids development with his wife Judy. -Roy Ballard ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bill Edwards ('64) Kathy, I don't know how many Gary's there are, but you might try right around the corner from you. I'll call you with his day time phone number. Stay cool this summer. -Bill Edwards ('64) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Joanne Boyd ('67) Any Bombers in Boston or NYC? Or anyone have travel ideas around the Boston area? I'll be there in August for a short visit. My daughter is working at a day camp in Concord for the summer. Also, my son talked to a Bomber this summer at Bloedel Donavan. He graduated with my brother, Larry in 65. It was at the Parks and Rec picnic, he was a friend of Mike Love's? Let me know... Hope to see LOTS of people at our '67 reunion [7/26-27, 2002]. Have the registrations picked up, Jess? -Joanne Boyd ('67) ~ Bellingham, WA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Betti Avant ('69) Re: rain I guess sometimes it helps to ask for something. Here in northwestern Kansas we had some light drizzle today. The last I saw we had gotten .2 of an inch, hey at least it is a start, OK? Keep those thoughts coming about more of the wet stuff, even though the week's forecast is for dry and hot. -Betti Avant ('69) ~ Goodland, KS ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: M. Davis (74) To: Steve Piippo ('70) Thanks for the kind words about my daughter, Nikki ('02). She spoke of you and your class often. She has made her Mother and I very proud. I think I'll keep her! Enjoy the summer! Aren't you about ready to quit, Plan Oner? -Mike Davis ('74) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/10/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers and 1 NAB today: Ann Pearson ('50), Dottie Sargent ('51), Sandra Atwater ('51) Patti Jones ('60), Larry Stephens ('63), Veronica Yates ('64) Spouse of Pat Eckert ('68), Jamie McDevitt ('81) ******************************************** ******************************************** 07/10 - '82 Reunion Planning Committee Meeting 6:30pm Email Jil Lytle Smith ('82) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ann Pearson Burrows ('50) To: Tom(mie) Tracy ('55) Thanks for the memories Tom (and to me forever Tommie). Glad you thought I was a year younger than I am - would have hated it back then, but love it now :-). And, yes, Sandy Atwater Boyd ('51) was also a life guard at the old Navy Pool - being qualified for that job is mind boggling to me now!! Swimming a mile fully clothed (including tennies), surviving the Delbert Dumpster, swimming through fire etc. Before that test I could not float (at that time no body fat!), but after the long swim I think I not only floated but went to sleep!! Sandra and I were there when the chlorinater broke and we had to get everyone out of the pool - we ended up in the hospital in Pasco with chlorine poisoning - when I came to - saw a nun over me and thought I had "bought the farm"! Now we have a pool in the back yard that I don't even go into anymore!! Keep us all in the "memory box" Tom, you do a good job and I second McCoy's suggestion that you become the Club 40 writer - Is Dick still trying to get out of the job? -Ann Pearson Burrows ('50) ~ Here in Southern CA where the weather is perfect and the taxes high! ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dottie Sargent Rath ('51) To: Sandy Atwater Boyd ('51), Jim Boyd ('55) Hey, guys, are you sweltering down there in sunny CA? It's pretty balmy here in good old Port Townsend, WA. It's the time of year when everybody stays home. I enjoyed all the comments too. Sandy, we just bought some Walla Walla onions for .69 cents/lb. They are good... I had to make batter-fried onion rings, fattening but good! We were recently sent some fresh Yakima Valley cherries (Rainiers) from our orchardist brother-in-law and sister. They are a real treat over here. Re: Nelson Lake With regard to Nelson lake. Was I ever there? I seem to have blocked it out. Sandy, I'm sure you will refresh my memory. Don't embarrass me now. To: Dort Hickey ('51) Dort, You do remember how we used to "cruise a gut", don't you? I'm sure we didn't have any beer in the car though. I don't remember "hot" or "cold" beer being a problem. All the best to my '51 buddies! And you, too, Jim. -Dottie Sargent Rath ('51) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Sandra Atwater Boyd ('51) To: Dorothy Hickey Fisher ('51) Really glad that it is getting to the right temperature in Auburn! I loved your Sandstorm entry ---- really good! Nelson Lake will always be a wonderful memory! Remember that we left school during an assembly? Do you remember who was performing at the assembly? Never did try the green peppers cooked with the Walla Wallas. Answering your request: Bleu Cheese Dressing 1 cup sour cream 1 cup mayo 1/2 teaspoon garlic salt 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder 1/2 teaspoon worcestershire sauce 1 teaspoon BBQ sauce 6 drops tabasco sauce (or to taste) cayenne pepper to taste LOTS of bleu cheese Better when it stands for 24 hours. (we don't wait that long) Usually always double the recipe so you have it for a while. Enjoy! -Sandra Atwater Boyd ('51) ~ Palm Desert, CA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) Re: R2K+2 pictures Maren has put the following pictures that I took at R2K+2 in a slide show. The excitement comes alive again of R2K+2 in pictures. Excuse the redness in some. Haven't quite mastered my new scanner. Next on the agenda. Patti's "slide show" of pictures To: Margo Compton Lacarde ('60) Glad to hear your not knee deep in water there in San Antonio. Between your Sandstorm entries and the news paper I've followed San Antonio's flooding. Re: Portland Area Picnic [8/10/02] The Fife luncheon group hasn't heard from the Bombers that are putting it together as of late. Ann Thompson, aka Anna May Wann ('49) and myself will make sure that it comes off if we don't hear from them. The date is August 10, 2002 at Battle Ground, WA Entries will be in the Alumni Sandstorm in a week announcing all the pertinent information. Portland Bombers be ready for a fun Saturday and Sunday. Brunch in the Vancouver area is also planned for Sunday, August 11. The Brunch will probably be at the Vancouver Red Lion. If any Bomber knows of a good Brunch place besides the Red Lion that will hold a good size group please let me or Ann Thompson ('49) know. Some Bombers who do not live in the Portland area say they are coming. Re: Fourth of July Thanks for all the fun to the Bombers that were here. It was a loud day of lots of fireworks set off by the neighbors and visitors at the point. The food was good and plentiful. The fire department didn't hassle us as they did last year. Being in the county fireworks are legal, except. Then it becomes a question of where did the the fireworks come from? I passed on the raw oysters Irl French ('51) brought but everyone else seemed to enjoy. I like my food cooked. The weather wasn't anything like the news kept announcing. Barely showered. It was cool, though. Oh well!! We all braved it! Larry Mattingly's ('60) company's fireworks we're outstanding. I've seen many of their shows at the Emerald Queen, Muckleshoots and out here on the water. This was the longest fireworks show I had seen in years and the best. I timed it at about 25 minutes. I don't know if it was intentional from Larry but I counted at least seven or eight, green and gold blooms in the sky. The music was wonderfully choreographed to coincide with all the fireworks. A new special highlight was lots of fireworks that went off on the barge lower than normal and the sky ones going at the same time. It was a very American 4th of July after 911. Seemed to take on a whole new meaning. Bomber Cheers -Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) ~ Browns Point, WA - the wind has finally calmed down, temperatures heading for the 80s ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Larry M. "Dobie" Stephens ('63) Re: Interesting Bombers I must say, a little town where we all grew up, has certainly produced some very interesting people, with a lot of interesting stories. I definitely enjoy reading their stories in the Sandstorm; and then as an added bonus, I recognize some of the Names. What a Blast! Cheers, -Larry M. "Dobie" Stephens ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Veronica "Ronnie" Yates Jones ('64) Re: "Q" House for sale Anyone interested in buying a "Q" house on Willis street? It has occupied by the Yates family for 54 years... we moved into in new in July 1948. My mom just listed it for sale... we're delighted she's moving to sunny (and dry) Aurora, CO, to a retirement village. She'll be close to us, her grandson and wife and great-grand daughter. It has a fabulous 14' X 40' basement family room expertly finished in real knotty pine paneling, and a wonderful oversized detached garage. Let me know, and I'll give you the scoop on listing agent. -Veronica "Ronnie" Yates Jones ('64) ~ Aurora, CO ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jim Weyers (spouse of Pat Eckert Weyers ('68) Re: Leavenworth, WA - the Bavarian Village We would like to hear from other Bombers on some inside advice on good places and restaurants, RV parking and overnight staying, etc. We have loved the Wenatchee area for years but thought this may be another way to hear about special places and shopping and accommodations we haven't tried. After last summer's terrible forest fires in that region some things have changed for sure? Any information will be welcomed! I am married to a Bomber and thought the Alumni Sandstorm might hold some helpful first hand experiences.. Thanks for any help from Bomber Land Alumni. -Jim Weyers (spouse of Bomber Pat Eckert Weyers ('68) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jamie McDevitt ('81) Re: Bombers in Boston To: Joanne Boyd ('67) I live in Northborough, MA a western suburb of Boston. The greater Boston area is a wonderful place to visit with a large variety of activities to suit everybody. What type of travel do you want to do? There are a number of ways to see the highlights (tourist attractions) of Boston in a day or two. Do you want to spend time on the cape? There are also a number of things to see within a couple hours of Boston. Getting around Boston via the T (subway) is very easy and economical. It is probably the best way to make the most of your time in the city. Thanks to the Big Dig, driving in Boston is a mess. Parking is expensive in the city and difficult to find during the week. I don't work in the city but when I go in on the weekends I always take the train. Boston proper is small and if you enjoy walking, many of the tourist activities are within walking distance of each other. This is also a nice way to see the beautiful homes of Boston. Of course, you're visiting in August and if it is hot and humid as it has been the last couple of weeks, walking may not be the most comfortable mode of transportation! There is also ferry service to Provincetown (the tip of the cape) from Boston. I've not driven to Provincetown but understand that traffic is a mess during the summer. Some of the ferry service to the islands (Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, etc.) will already be booked for car passage. If you're interested in exploring these areas you'll want to plan to walk on the ferry. I've not been to any of the islands but understand that Martha's Vineyard has excellent bus service. I moved here from Richland six months ago and have seen a lot of Boston. I've also collected lots of information on what to see and do in New England. Feel free to contact me and I can give you more information. I'm sure you'll enjoy your time in New England. It is a beautiful part of the country. -Jamie McDevitt ('81) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/11/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers, 1 BBA (Bomber By Adoption), and 1 NAB today: Dick McCoy ('45/'46), Jim Blake ('52) Jane Walker ('62), Sandra Genoway ('62) Larry Stephens ('63), Christine Woodward ('72) Marc Hall ('02 BBA), Mike Ford (NAB - Not A Bomber) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick McCoy ('45/'46) Re: Cherries I am a Bing Cherry nut. I don't know why so many buy into that Rainier Cherry scam. They, like Krispy Creams, are over priced and overrated. -Dick McCoy ('45/'46), Bronc/Beaver/Bomber ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jim Blake ('52) Re: Walla Walla Onions Just found Walla Walla onions at the Safeway in Dillon, CO. I am staying at a condo in Breckenridge, CO for a couple of weeks while working my way across country to the class of '52 reunion the first weekend in August. Had to get out of Brownwood, TX which is under water from the Texas floods. Thing are much better here at 9600 feet as long as the fires don't get me. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion. -Jim Blake ('52) ~ Staying cool in Colorado ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jane Walker Hill ('62) Re: Class of '62 Memory Books There are still a few Memory Books left from the 40th reunion of the class of '62. Sue Elliott Homan ('62) created them and they are great! If you would like pictures, information and current addresses of your class mates I will send you one. They are $10. Please email me if you are interested. -Jane Walker Hill ('62) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Sandra Genoway, aka Sandra Jeneau ('62) Re: Places to See and Go to in Washington State To: Jim Weyers (spouse of Pat Eckert Weyers ('68) I have a web site with pictures and links to Internet pages that describe places to see in Washington State, including good places to eat, if you look into the links. The Wenatchee/Leavenworth/Chelan areas are included, of course. The web site can be found at: I send this to my friends who live in other states, and I invite them to take a vacation in our wonderful State. (There are a few pictures of Canadian and Alaskan Lodges, too.) -Sandra Genoway, aka Sandra Jeneau ('62) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Larry "Dobie" Stephens ('63) To: Ray Stein ('64) Re: message in the Sandstorm from Ken Ely to You about something about B-52 Bombers Here at Eglin AFB, near where we live, we have a modest Air Force Museum, with a small array of Aircraft. Amazingly enough, one of the Aircraft on display is a B-52. Anyway, as Ken eluded to: You should get in contact with the History Office at Barksdale for further information on what you might want. Therefore, the phone number for the History Office at Eglin is: 850-882-3532. I am sure any questions you are inquiring about, should be answered by this Office, which obviously, has a wealth of pertinent information on any Aircraft You might be interested in receiving. -Larry "Dobie" Stephens ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** The following is from the 7/6/02 Alumni Sandstorm: >>From: Ray Stein ('64) Re: Old Football Film Someone gave me an old 16mm football film and said, "I think this is some Bomber game". It turned out to be a game between Fleet City (Navy) and the 2nd Air Force (Bombers). The players aren't wearing face masks and I would guess the game was played in the mid to late 1940's. The film has text at 3 places between plays. It reads: (1) "After 4 downs the Bombers still on Fleet City's 6 yard line, lose the ball to the Navy." (2) "Bull Dog Turner intercepts O'Rourke's attempted pass, laterals to Sinkwich who runs 32 yards." (3) "Juzwik of Fleet City goes around his own left end for 32 yards putting the ball at midfield." The film only shows about 20 plays from the game and ends by showing the score: Fleet City 7 2nd Air Force 0 I have no idea why this film was in the coach's office at Central Valley High School, but I think if Bull Dog, Sinkwich, or Juzwik are still around, this film would be a great remembrance for them (or their kids or grandkids). Is there anyone out there from America's Greatest generation who might know something about this game? Also, I'm putting this in the Alumni Sandstorm because I know some of you have looked at other teams with the name "Bombers". Anyone run across this 2nd Air Force team? -Ray Stein ('64) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Christine Woodward ('72) Re: Thank you I would like to thank all of the Bombers out there that made my brother Scott's ('68) retirement from way too many years at the high school a great success. I am sure his future is full of fishing with some of you. See some of you next weekend at the reunion. It is 10 years right? -Christine Woodward ('72) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Marc Hall ('02 BBA) Re: Charlie Bigelow ('54) update I'm back from Orondo and a wonderful few days of real hot sun! But, it's 89 today in Seattle, so I guess I brought the heat with me. I'm headed to Harborview today to watch Charlie do some real cool Occupational Therapy. He gets in his high octane wheelchair and goes to the entrance of the Medical Center. Vickie Bigelow ('76) will have her car waiting to check his ability to get into a car from his wheelchair! I encouraged her to drive around the block before letting him back out, we'll see if she has the nerve to have a little fun with the medicos and her dad. "What are they gonna do, shoot our your tires as you drive off?" Best news is that Charlie is scheduled to now escape from his cell in Harborview on July 24, 2 days earlier than previously scheduled! Gotta run today, more news tomorrow! -Marc Hall ('02 BBA) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mike Ford (NAB) Re: Spudnut Shop website I just wanted to write and say that back in the 1955-56 in Fort Texas I used to sell Spudnuts door to door... I was about 10 at the time. Just thinking of Spudnuts brings back fond memories. It is true they are the best pastry around. The fastest seller back were the glazed ones followed by the cake ones. It is nice to see that spudnuts still exist. I live in Portland, OR... maybe I will get up to Richland some time and rekindle my taste buds with Spudnuts. Cordially -Mike Ford (NAB) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/12/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers and 1 BBA {Bomber By Adoption] today: Sandra Atwater ('51), Rex Hunt (53WB) Barb Isakson ('58), Missy Keeney ('59) Jan Nelson ('60), Larry Mattingly ('60) Fred Schafer ('63), Kim Edgar ('79) Marc Hall ('02 BBA) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Yesterday: Rex Hunt (53WB) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Sandra Atwater Boyd ('51) To: Dottie Sargent Rath ('51) You talk about my memory... what is "cruise a gut"? I don't remember that at all! Of course, you were with us at Nelson Lake, even Dort Hickey Fisher ('51) remembers that you just had to be cause you were always with we gals! To: Dort Hickey Fisher ('51) With all this onion talk, do you remember when you and I made fried onions at your house? Made the whole dinner with our folks there to witness a special thing. -Sandra Atwater Boyd ('51) ~ Palm Desert, CA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Rex Hunt ('53WB) Re: surgery Thanks to all your good wishes and concerns. My open heart surgery went fine... was released from the hospital today 7/10/02 just in time for my B-Day 7/11. I am supposed to be in bed a sleep... but apparently one of my medications is rejecting me. I have huge hives all over me about the size of nickels... big swollen lumps and each lump is trying to out ITCH all the other lumps (one right in the middle of my back is winning). It will be 7/16 before the staples are removed (which I have running from both wrists to my elbows and down my breast bone). Well, have to go now... my daughter is yelling at me to get back down in bed. She's not a Bomber so how would she know how important it is to make this posting. *-* -Rex Hunt ('53WB) ~ beautiful downtown Hanford, CA where it is so hot. Hell moved out of town for a vacation. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Barb Isakson Rau (58) Re: Class of '58 Luncheon Well, hope everyone had a safe and fun Forth of July! Our Luncheon date this month (July) is on the 14th because a holiday fall on the first Sunday (or we should say ended on the Sunday) and people would be coming home from a fun 4 days of holiday. Were going to be a Francisco's, 3321 Court, Pasco, WA. Phone number is 509-545-0152. Also, it's near the Pasco K-Mart on Court. Date: July 14th - Sunday Time: 1:00pm Come join us. Bomber Cheers, -Barb Isakson Rau (58) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Missy Keeney ('59) Re: It's a Small World after all! I just returned to Richland from Roanoke, VA and the Kinsey-Dixon family reunion beautifully organized by my sister, Patricia "Patty" Keeney ('63) of Forest Grove, OR. My mother Gladys Keeney was a Dixon and cousin to the Kinseys. My mother's cousin, Josephine Storey has a son, Tim, who married Jane Browning ('65). She had no idea that the family she married into had ties to the Keeneys from Richland. She brought with her to the reunion a photograph of her being escorted as homecoming queen by my brother, Jack Keeney ('65). Jane was a delight and we had such fun talking about Richland. Jane was not on line with The Sandstorm but I hope she will be shortly!! -Missy Keeney ('59) ~ Richland, WA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jan Nelson ('60) To: Sandra Genoway ('62) Really enjoyed your collection of places in Washington [7/11/01 Sandstorm]. Beautiful job. Just hope it doesn't encourage too many more people to move out here. I like sharing the scenes but the roads are really getting crowded. Thanks -Jan Nelson ('60) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Larry Mattingly ('60) Well we are out of "intensive care" and into the "recovery" stage after 125 displays in 5 states on the 4th. My partner calculated we entertained about 2.6 million people on the 4th. You could hear an audible sigh of relief in my office when the last technician reported in. No reportable incidents or problems, all displays were a success. We do about 50% of our business on the night of the 4th. A big "thank you" to all Bombers who took the time to write me and comment on the various displays they attended. The Tacoma 4th of July was my personal effort in display design. This year's display was probably one of my best ever. The actual display was faultless, as perfect as I have seen in years. The sponsor called me about midnight with 2 comments. "Magnificent" and "you're hired for next year". As Patti Jones ('60) noted, there were several very large gold shells with green centers. These were a special purchase of a rather expensive group of large shells. I too thought of the Bombers when I saw them break. I had timed them to break with the words "God" and "Grace" during Lee Greenwood's "America The Beautiful". Have any alumni been invited to the special private party at the new Seahawk Stadium on the 27th of July? I am doing a special display from the 3rd level for that party. The Seahawks take possession of the stadium the next day. I have to spend several days in Anchorage either next week or the following. Can any Alaska alumni recommend a lesser expensive motel? I will have a fair amount of free time and will be available for fun social lunches or dinners. Happiness is the sky in bloom -J Larry Mattingly ('60) ~ From my office South of Olympia, WA - where it is going to be a hot day. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Fred Schafer ('63) I agree with you Dick: Bings are the best and Crmes don't hold a candle to Spudnuts. -Fred Schafer (gold medal class of '63) ~ from sunny and hot Vancouver USA entering about our 5th day of summer ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Kim Edgar Leeming ('79) Re: Leavenworth, WA - the Bavarian Village To: Jim Weyers (spouse of Pat Eckert Weyers ('68) We enjoy the KOA campground in Leavenworth. It accommodates both RV as well as tents, they also have cabin rentals. We are planning a trip there the end of this month. Enjoy! -Kim Edgar Leeming ('79) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Marc Hall ('02 BBA) Re: Charlie Bigelow ('54) update Charlie passed his test yesterday, he got in and out of lovely daughter Vickie B's ('76) automobile with some difficulty. His body cast or "turtle" kept his torso stiffly upright (as it is supposed to, keeps his spine/neck in proper orientation while the bones heal), causing him to have a tough time getting into the vehicle. He can only bend at the lower waist down, so hard to scrunch into her modern mid-size car. I may bring one of my '60's big Chryslers to Harborview to make the transfer easier for Charlie, no problem with space/access in those behemoths. Charlie may also ask one of his buddies to bring their larger cars in for practice and a spin too. Drivers can take Charlie to drive in meals (Dicks!!!, a Seattle icon) and movies, wait a minute..... does Texas still have drive thru Liquor Barns? Vickie did not drive off with Charlie once he was in, she was blocked by other cars, nuts, would have been fun!!!! But... the physical therapist encouraged short trips (at first....) in the cars he is practicing with to get Charlie out and about, he has seen enough of Harborview's walls and staff, don't cha think? Looks like tours of Seattle are in the works for Charlie for the rest of his incarceration, when not in PT or on restriction! Any volunteers for this chauffeur duty can phone Charlie and get in line, lots of friends and relative in the front of the line. Charlie's direct phone # is 206-731-2774. He is out of his room doing PT and OT quite a bit during the day, so he may not catch the phone during the day. Go ahead and call him if you feel the urge, he appreciates the calls... helps the day go faster for him. Charlie's turtle #2 is being traded in on a new improved more svelte #3 version to match his lighter self. He is 100 pounds lighter than when he was swollen with fluids after his 4 surgeries, what a change indeed. He will come back to Harborview in early August to remove the darn thing, if anything will make him smile, getting out of the turtle will do it! Since Charlie is scheduled for ejection from Harborview on July 24, I encourage all to make plans to visit him at home a few days after he gets home. He will need some rest from the long trip, so give him a day or so before you stampede thru his (oops, Shirley's) living room. Keep reading the STORM to check on his schedule, he may surprise us again and move up his escape if he makes another leap forward in his truly fabulous recovery. Thanks again to all, you have been tremendous in helping Charlie and his family get through this terrible but touching ordeal. It has brought a lot of friends and family together, not a bad event there. I'll try to load some pix soon, sorry for the delay, can't get my mitts on them. -Marc Hall ('02 BBA) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/13/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff: Claris Van Dusen ('48), Char Dossett ('51) Ed Weasner ('51), John Northover ('59) Linda Reining ('64), Ken Staley ('68) Diane Carpenter ('72), Kirk Catt ('79) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Lorin St. John ('55) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Claris Van Dusen Troutman ('48) To: Dick McCoy ('45/'46) Re: Cherries & Krispy Cremes Hi Dick I totally agree. I, too, am a Bing cherry nut -- love 'em! And for sure the krispy creams are WAYYYY overpriced and overrated. I've tried them twice and they don't compare at all with our Spudnuts. The krispy creams are NOT crispy and there's no CREAM in 'em at all that I could find. Anyway, thanks for sending in your opinion. I do believe many Bombers agree with us. The Tri-Cities always grew great Bing cherries and wonderful Spudnuts. No comparison anywhere! Will you be at the September 6th get together? My brother ("Bud" Van Dusen ('52) and I will be there on Friday evening). Hope to meet again. Take care -- and big Bomber Cheers! -Claris Van Dusen Troutman ('48) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Char Dossett Holden ('51) How come I never heard about Nelson Lake? I do remember "cruising the gut" which was around the drug store and theater. Pat Young Haigler ('51) and I did it, when we could borrow a car. Nelson Lake?? Must be because my uncle was Captain of Police and I couldn't make a move without my parents being informed before I returned home. Hope all is well. -Char Dossett Holden ('51) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ed Weasner ('51) Re: Cherries and confusion!!!! To: Dick McCoy ('45/'46) Re: Cherries Are "Rainiers" the same as "Royal Anne" or "Golden Anne" cherries? We used to get the later type cherries in Richland and the taste was about the same as bings (don't remember the per pound price then). In San Jose, CA today the price is $5.99/pound and the taste is just so much pulp, no cherry taste at all. The cherry season is almost over in SJ, CA and the price is pretty reasonable and a much sweeter and larger cherry is to be had. To: Club 40 Officers, etc. Re: '52 Reunion date I get confused pretty easy these days, due to lots of things (not just senior moments) and I'm confused as to when the '52 reunion is set for. As two other Bombers (Lois Keyes ('52) and Jim Blake ('52) have indicated it is to be the first weekend in August. Then I retrieve my "DustSorm" and I think It states on the last page that "Club 40 2002 Reunion - Celebrating the Classes of 1947, 1952 & 1957, and Welcoming the class of 1962" on Sept. 6-7-8 at the Shilo Inn". So which is it? The first week end in August or the first week end in September? To: Ann Pearson ('50) and Sandra Atwater ('51) Re: Life guards Were either of you ladies life guards at the Pasco Naval Station Pool when one of our fellow Bombers tried to dive from the above pool platform through a tractor tire inner tube, misjudged things a bit and broke his neck as the story at the time went? I do remember seeing Bob Watts in a neck brace of some sort in school, but not the specific time. That's enough for today and it still hot and muggy in the whole Bay Area. -Ed Weasner ('51) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Ed - Class of '52 wanted to do a separate thing (from Club 40) for their 50th this time around and chose to celebrate that in August. In September Club 40 will celebrate '47, '52 & '57 and will be welcoming '62 into the club as they have now had their 40 year class reunion. '62 and '57 have both already had their separate class reunion (at the same time as R2K+2 last month). Trying to get everyone to have their reunion at the same time (R2K happens June -- before it gets too hot) has been a struggle... Remaining Reunions as follows: Class of '72 ~ July 19 - 20. 2002 Class of '67 ~ July 26 - 27, 2002 Class of '52 ~ August 2 - 4, 2002 Class of '82 ~ August 9 - 10, 2002 Class of '92 ~ August 23 - 25, 2002 Club 40 ~ September 6 - 8, 2002 Hope this clears things up. -Maren] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: John Northover ('59) I am a happy 62 on the 13th ... and this site echoes my sentiments!!! As my wife takes the train everyday from Solana Beach, CA to downtown Los Angeles ... I will be on the train between Solana Beach, CA and Oceanside, CA all day ... Could not have a better life in Sunny San Diego ... where all the women wear red, white and blue thong bikinis, all the men watch all the women and drink Tecate beer, and all the children are tan, intelligent and approaching maturity with alarming ignorance!!! Yours in numerical indigestion john -John Northover ('59) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining ('64) To: Rex Hunt ('53WB) Re: heart surgery Congratulations on success!!!! That is so great! Glad to hear you are doing better! Just can't keep a good Bomber down! Take care, rest, and mind your daughter!!! Remember our kids may one day select the home we live in. LOL Re: News on Charlie Bigelow ('54) Three cheers for the Bomber in the turtle suit! *Grin* -Linda Reining ('64) ~ Bakersfield, CA - hell must have decided to vacation in Bakersfield!!! It is over 109 here!!!! ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ken Staley ('68) Maren, Although you don't use this sight to promote shameless commercialism, I thank you for allowing me to post my web site here. I operate a small business out of my home writing grants for Non Profit organizations like Meals On Wheels, Humane Society, etc., and for small municipalities that cannot afford a grant writer on their administrative staff. My current clients include elementary schools, a public library, EMS services, a fire department, and a community theater. Bomber Alum with needs can reach me through my web site at: Thanks, -Ken Staley ('68) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Diane Carpenter Kipp ('72) To: Christine Woodward ('72) Christine (Chris?), I hate to have to break it to you, and I know it's impossible to believe, but it's actually our 20 year reunion. (There may be some who will try to convince us otherwise, but ignore them, it's just a vast mind- manipulation conspiracy.) -Diane Carpenter Kipp ('72) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Kirk Catt ('79) Re: On the lookout for Caprice Letourneau Hello, I wanted to send out a second request to see if anyone had any information on Caprice Letourneau. She finished her junior year at RHS in 1978 and then moved to Ann Arbor, MI. I received a little help last time and think I have found her father, but if anyone has more info please pass it on. To: Sandstorm folks My email address has changed. We have just moved to Chula Vista, south of San Diego, CA and am enjoying year round 75 whether. Hope everyone else is as comfortable as we are. Re: Do you know someone named Catt? Hello everyone. My name is Kirk Catt. I was born in Richland, WA to Dennis and Sherry Catt. Dad was born in Ft. Peck, MT to Floyd and Viola Catt. If you share the last name Catt or if you know any of the people above, please get in contact with me so I can put together a group of families who share this name. This is not being done for a book or for profit. I simply want to find some of my relatives and this seems like a good way to start. Thanks for your help. -Kirk Catt ('79) - born 1961 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/14/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCoy ('45/'46), Ann Pearson ('50) Mike Clowes ('54), Gloria Falls ('58) Janet Wilgus ('59), Patti Jones ('60) Barb Belcher ('72) ******************************************** ******************************************** 07/14 '58 Lunch - 1pm Francisco's, 3321 N. Court, Pasco ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY 07/13 or 14: Glen Rose ('58) BOMBER BIRTHDAY 7/13: John Northover ('59) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick McCoy (Beaver45/Bomber46) Re: Answers To: Claris Van Dusen (48) Yes, I'll be at the Club 40 party in September, and will see you and your bro. To: Char Dossett (51) The lake we called Nelson was out beyond Hunt's Point, and wasn't a lake at all. It was a small finger of the Columbia left when the river went down. I don't think the river recedes far enough to form the lake any more. To: Ed Weasner (51) Royal Anne and Golden Anne are somewhat tasty, but not as good as Rainiers, which, as I said, are not in a class with Bings. Also, FYI, there are no cherries grown in California. None, nada. Like peaches and strawberries, they are manufactured in an old airplane hanger in South L.A. That is also, so I've heard, where they make processed cheese out of plastic. -Dick McCoy (Beaver45/Bomber46) - Much cooler today on Camano Island, WA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ann Pearson Burrows ('50) To: Ed Weasner ('51) Sandy and I agree that we do not remember anyone breaking their necks at the Pasco Plunge - It most certainly didn't happen on "our watch"!! -Ann Pearson Burrows ('50) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) To: Ed Weasner ('51) I think the main reason why the Class of '52 is having their 50th in August is that during their early planning stages Club 40 was rumored to be on its last legs and there would not be a gather in September of 2002. I have heard that some other classes were thinking along those lines also, but that is only in the wind for right now. I do recall a class last year having a reunion on the same weekend as Club 40, but at the Desert Inn (or whatever) instead. I do believe there was some intermingling between the groups. To the best of my slender font of knowledge, Club 40 does not insist that a class hold it's reunion at the same time and place. The Club does encourage the practice as it cuts down on expenses for both groups, but as someone said: "What ever floats your boat." Bomber Cheers to Charlie Bigelow ('54)!!! Way to go Big Guy!!! -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) ~ It is cooling down in Albany, OR, only 80 something today after a few days of mid to upper 90s (and remember it Is not a dry heat) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gloria Falls Evans ('58) To: Glen Rose ('58) Have a happy birthday Glen from all the gang in class of '58. Have a happy day and many more. -Gloria Falls Evans ('58) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Janet Wilgus Beaulieu ('59) To: John Northover ('59) John, Let me be a fellow Bomber (Bombette, I think, too) here to wish you a Happy Birthday. Hmmm, 62, you ARE OLD!! I checked the website and it looks as though you will get a yearly dose of fanny fun. Here's hoping they will mostly be young, nubile and plump ones and that you'll have a window seat!! Regards, -Janet Wilgus Beaulieu ('59) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) To: John Northover ('59) Between moons and bikinis have a Happy Birthday! I did write this on the thirteenth! Re: Bing Cherries Sandie Romeri Rutherford ('60) and myself stopped at a fruit stand on the Vantage highway coming back from R2K+2. It was the first time in years that I had fresh bing cherries from the Richland area. When I arrived home I wanted to hoard them. Did break down giving my neighbors a very few. The big eyes of my 6 l/2 year old grand-daughter Sabryna of course broke me down to give away a lot. Every five minutes she would ask for more cherries. Now I know next year that I will buy a heck of a lot more of them when I am in Richland. The fresh "Raw Desert Wildflower" honey that I bought at the same stand is absolutely delectable. Talking to Sandie on the phone as I write this. She agrees about the cherries also. -Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) ~ Browns Point, WA = Temps in the 80s! Yeah! ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Barb Belcher Valinske (72) To: Chris Woodward (72) and Diane Carpenter Kipp (72) Thanks, guys, for setting me straight! I'm glad it's only our 20th, 'cause I was a whole lot thinner at our 20th!! Whichever one it really is, it's not too late to send in your RSVP! We want everyone to come along that can possibly make it! Contact me ASAP and we'll get your name on the list. It's going to be the best one yet! -Barb Belcher Valinske (72) ******************************************** ******************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/15/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff: Ray Conley ('46), Ken Ely ('49) Dick Wight ('52), Mike Lewis ('60) Patti Jones ('60), Jim Hamilton ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ray Conley ('46) Re: Ray Stein's 7/6/02 old football film entry. Seeing the names of the football players listed on Ray Stein's 7/6/02 submission brought back memories of my junior high years. Some observations! Frankie Sinkwich - U. of Georgia -MVP of 1942 Orange Bowl and of 1943 Rose Bowl. Won Heisman award in 1942. Played briefly with Detroit Lions. Clyde (Bulldog) Turner - Drafted by Chicago Bears in 1940. Played 13 years and was all-pro and played in several league championship games for them. Was recently inducted posthumously into hall of fame. Steve Juzwik - Played 1939-1941 at Notre Dame. Our own Fran Rish - while in service - coached an Air Force team 1943-1944 in Amarillo TX. During Korean war there were several service teams on west coast. The Fort Ord Warriors, Camp Pendleton Marines, Fort Lewis plus some others. The Fort Ord and Camp Pendleton teams scrimmaged against the 49ers and the Rams. That's how good they were due to some pros and great college players. Some of the names I remember were: Don Heinrich - U. of Washington/49ers Ollie Matson - St. Louis Cardinals Ed Henke - Los Angeles Rams Les Richter - U. of California Can hardly wait for football season and Richland Bombers and the Washington State Cougars to begin play. Go Bombers. -Ray Conley ('46) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ken Ely ('49) Re: Francis Coelho (RIP) When I was a freshman at Eastern Washington, Francis initiated a new class called "History of Painting" and convinced several of us to enroll so he would have enough students to justify a class. Maybe he was just a "student teacher" as his obit said his first teaching assignment was in Richland. He was fervent about art, I know that and it was good to read he had a very accomplished career in art. -Ken Ely ('49) ~ Orangevale, CA - where the temperature is finally dropping below 100. After all, we are not Phoenix. (Sorry about that, Ray) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick Wight ('52) Re: Club 40 et al Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) has it about right... at last year's Club 40 (which I attended), Class of '51 had a concurrent reunion but a couple separate events. Club 40 looked "on the ropes" to some observers. Club 40 leaders needed/wanted "fresh blood" to take over, I think, and there was a somewhat trying and emotional meeting that resulted in a reorganization/continuance of Club 40 under what I observed to be good and positive circumstances. Our class got it's first official rep on Club 40 board at that meeting, but we already had momentum for our 50th which the class evidently agreed to have in August (2- 3-4) before the results of the Club 40 meeting occurred. I expect our class will be more involved in Club 40 in the future, which I think is a good thing! I've been to 2 Club 40 events so far, hope to attend a few more before total senility sets in! Bomber cheers, -Dick Wight ('52) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mike Lewis ('60) To: Larry Mattingly ('60) Larry, The Ivar's display this year featured smiley faces... Apparently a matter of timing, several other possible simple things came to mind while watching but cannot remember them... -Mike Lewis ('60) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) Re: Birthday To: Glen Rose ('58) Happy Birthday! Being a day late to wish you a Happy Birthday Glen, I'll make up for it Club 40 week-end with Spudnuts and Ice Cream! Re: Francis Coelho Art Teacher at Columbia High School As I read Mr. Coelho's obituary a flood of memories of this outstanding art teacher came to me. I was on the Columbian staff for two years. Mr. Coelho was the instructor. What a kind gentle understanding man he was. He enlivened the mind with his different art. Allowed everyone to be creative. If you weren't, he had his ways to stir the students into being creative. The creativity did not have to be in drawing, sculpting so forth. Using the imagination was his way of teaching. Reading his obituary was a delight to hear that he continued to touch so many lives in art throughout his years. May he rest in peace knowing that he stirred a lot of creative minds. -Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) ~ Browns Point, WA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jim Hamilton ('63) So it's Sunday afternoon, the cars are washed, the lawn is mowed and I'm perusing Parade Magazine. I've already stretched, taped my ankles and am all set to do battle with Marilyn Vos Savant. Then I notice that the question was sent in by Vic Hubbard of Richland, Washington, or someone signing his name. Now I'm wondering if this is the one and the same Vic Hubbard who had me permanently ensconced right below Ralph (Bless his sainted soul) Lee on the curve in second period chemistry. Hadn't thought of the guy for years, but he gave me enough learnin' to make a pretty dang decent barbecue sauce. Jimbeaux - Here in Kirkland, where yesterday was too hot, tomorrow will be too cold, but right now it's just right -Jim Hamilton ('63) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/16/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers sent stuff: Ray Gillette ('49), Dick Pierard ('52) Joretta "Sue" Garrison ('58), Vera Smith ('58) Larry Mattingly ('60), Mike Brady ('61) David Douglas ('62), Helen Cross ('62) Pam Ehinger ('67) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY 7/15 or 7/16: Barbara Rau Isakson ('58) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ray Gillette ('49) To: Ken Ely (49); You may have noticed that I have not been bragging about our "wonderful" Phoenix weather of late. After having averaged about 110 high temperatures for the last month and not having any measurable rainfall since the beginning of the year, I am not inviting anyone here for their summer vacations. But last night we had our first BIG "monsoon" rain and electrical storm and it nearly has put us out of commission. Felt good to have some rain though (we were about to dry up and blow away). To: Maren This last week I noticed that Jane Pauley's "Time and Again" TV repeat on the local NBC affiliate had a full hour about the life and accomplishments of the famous Jimmy Buffett. Since my musical tastes were formed about fifteen years earlier than yours, I had never really been acquainted with some of his works. But now after watching this show, I must admit that had I been born later, I might even have become a "Parrothead" myself. But, alas, the die is cast and I think I will go put a stack of LPs (78s) (or even a few 45s) on the old record player and listen (again) to Frank Sinatra. When I was an active Bomber, that was a good way to entertain the young ladies. Long before "Margaritaville" (??) -Ray Gillette ('49) ~ Phoenix, AZ - where we will be digging out from the damage Mother Nature inflicted on us last night. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick Pierard ('52) Re: Comment in 07/07/02 Sandstorm I second brother Burt Pierard's ('59) account of the building on Thayer and Williams. The first occupant was the Randall & Doyle Groceteria, and next door was the Pennywise Drugs. I couldn't say who the subsequent occupants were, however. -Dick Pierard ('52) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Joretta "Sue" Garrison Pritchett ('58) Re: Class of '58 Hey there... all you Class of '58 Bombers. Our 45th Reunion will be held next year. But we'll need help putting it together. An initial planning meeting has been scheduled at the Richland Library on Thursday, July 25, from 7pm to 8pm. We'll be in the Seminar Room... sorry, no food or beverages there. Please come to the planning meeting... we need your input. We've also scheduled a second meeting for August 22, same time and place. If you can't attend the July meeting, you can catch up with us in August. Whether or not you can attend meetings, your ideas and suggestions would be welcomed by classmates who are trying to get this started. Write me at the above address, or Barb Isakson Rau ('58) We'll see that your classmates get the message. Thanks, everyone. Hope to see you next week. -Joretta "Sue" Garrison Pritchett ('58) ~ Richland ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Vera Smith Robbins ('58) To: Barbara Rau Isakson ('58) HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hope you have a wonderful day! AND, many more birthdays! -Vera Smith Robbins ('58) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Larry Mattingly ('60) To: Mike Lewis ('60) Smiley faces are in a group of effects called shape charge shells. It started a few years back with rings, and quickly went to stars and hearts. Some of them can be quite expensive, as much as $200 ea our cost per shell. We fired several hundred of these kinds of shells this year. But not all of them in all displays. Also available are butterflies, shamrocks, letters, numbers, and a variety of pictures. The successful design and manufacturing of these shells requires some of the highest skill levels in pyrotechnics. One long-standing problem has been to get them to face the audience when they break. I have been part of a research project to stabilize these shells in the sky. We have tried everything from fins to various kinds of tails to both. Results? Nada. It is a lot of fun to see them break facing the audience, but it is just plain luck. -J Larry Mattingly ('60) ~ At Sea Tac waiting for my flight to Anchorage. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mike Brady ('61) Re: Mr. Coelho I remember one day at Sacy when Chuck Wittebort ('61WB) and I painted our faces with tempera paint in the back of the art room of Mr. Coelho's class. He was painstakingly trying to teach art to a bunch of 4th graders. He marched us down the hall to the principal's office without letting us remove the paint. I bet that later in his career he would have praised us for our creativity. Mr. Coelho was one in a million. We were lucky to have another excellent teacher in Richland. -Mike Brady ('61) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: David Douglas ('62) Well, my China adventure is over. Back to reality in the US. I was homesick for Tianjin before my plane landed in San Francisco. I was able to take a last trip before I left - to Xi'an, a city with 6000 years of history. I went with Vicky (Shu Yi), one of my students. The train ride was 26 hours (we had a "soft bed" sleeping compartment), but well worth it. We saw many historical and scenic sites, but my favorite was the "army of terracotta warriors". I still remember hearing the news when that was discovered back in the 70s and got to see a small touring exhibit at the Bishop Museum in Honolulu several years ago. But seeing it in person was awesome. I may get to the Tri-Cities later this month to see my mom for her birthday and my brother Jim ('72). -David Douglas ('62) ~ Phoenix, AZ ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Helen Cross Kirk ('62) Jim Hamilton ('63) mentioned Vic Hubbard as his chemistry teacher. I hadn't thought of Mr. Hubbard for years. But I took chemistry from him in my junior year, and I remember trying to do experiments by the book and not understanding why they didn't work. Mr. Hubbard couldn't figure our my lack of chemistry genius either. I was glad to complete the science class, and I'm sure he was glad to see me complete it and leave his lab intact also. I'll have to see if I can find his name in the Parade, as I didn't notice it. -Helen Cross Kirk ('62) ~ West Harrison, IN - where we've had some hot and humid days, but quite pleasant nights after the sun has set lately. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Ummmmm, we also have Victor Hubbard ('69) and Brad Hubbard ('72) - Chemistry teacher's sons? -Maren] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Pam Ehinger Nassen ('67) Re: Our State is a Dumpsite Hi Bombers! Well a few weeks or days time just moves so fast any more! Someone wanted to know about the tape "Our State Is A Dumpsite" by Dana Lyons. Well I was cleaning out my old tapes and I found it! Now there is an address in the jacket where you can write to and it's Reigning Records P.O. box 45451 Seattle WA 95145 You can give it a try or I would be willing to copy my tape for anyone as long as they sent me a blank tape and a return self addressed envelope with the proper postage on it. This tape is only one sided only has 4 songs on it was made in 1985. In fact I'm listening to it and it causes a Big Grin! LOL He even sings Warshington! LOL! Bombers Rule -Pam Ehinger Nassen (The Blue Ribbon Class of '67) Can't wait to see all the Class of '67 on July 26th for Our 35 year Class Reunion!! *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/17/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers, 1 Bomber Mom, and 1 BBA (Bomber By Adoption) today: Mary Triem ('47), Jim Grow ('51) Marguerite Groff ('54), Derrith Persons (60WB) Sharon McDermott ('63), Ginny Quinley ('73) Marc Hall ('02 BBA), BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY 07/12: Jan Bollinger Persons ('60) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mary Triem Mowery ('47) To: Dick Wight ('52) I thoroughly enjoyed your entry of 7/15 regarding Club 40. Your analysis of the Club's reorganization meeting was right on target. We old timers never wanted the organization to be a "dying members" type. So, most of us are ecstatic that our younger fellow Bombers are taking over leadership. Now we can sit back and enjoy the reunion weekend... meeting and enjoying new club members, with maybe a little help here and there. Look me up at this year's bash - would like to meet you personally. -Mary Triem Mowery ('47) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jim Grow ('51) Hello Last week someone put a Blue Cheese or Roquefort Salad Dressing recipe in here and I did not make a copy. Can someone put up a copy so I can get it..... Thanks Very much -Jim Grow ('51) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Recipe came from Sandra Atwater Boyd ('51) and it was in the 7/12 Alumni Sandstorm. -Maren] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Marguerite Groff Tompkins ('54) Re: I've a few reasons for sending a message today. First - a major BIG THANKS to all of you that were so kind to take time to send me cards, e-mails, and/or phone me when my husband died. Each time I heard from one of you, it was like a nice warm hug. It helps to ease the pain. Thanks!! Now - I have a sad newspaper article to tell you about. Today's Tri-City Herald had a short news story on page A3, titled, "Recovery of Alaska crash victims begins." On Friday, there was a plane crash in southwestern Alaska that killed 4 men. Among the dead, one name listed is Harold "Ted" Marney, 65 of Renton. I expect that many of you may already have heard or read about this. It was the first I heard of it. I remember Ted very fondly. He was a sweet young man - always with a big smile. The last time I remember seeing him was at our 40th Reunion. My condolences to his family. Hopefully there will be an obituary in the Tri-City Herald. If so, it will be published in a future Alumni Sandstorm. If you want to send a note to Ted's family, I have an address in Renton. I can only assume it's correct. Send me an e-mail and I'll send you the address. Finally: On an upbeat note: NO. 1: Looks like Charlie Bigelow ('54) will be home next week. Hopefully he will feel good enough so he and Shirley can attend the Club 40 Reunion. However, they'll probably have to wait until next year before they can get out and jitterbug. NO. 2: This Friday is the monthly lunch for Class of '54 gals. To remind you: we meet at approx. 11:30am at Granny's on Canal Dr. We have a good (sometimes even silly) time and are hoping you Richland gals can come - and send a special invitation, to all of you that don't live here but are within driving distance. We would love to see you. Don't forget to sign up for Club 40 2002 Reunion (September 6-8). If you don't have a form, the web page is: -Marguerite Groff Tompkins ('54) ~ Blessings from Richland where we have finally cooled off to the 90s. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Derrith Persons Dean ('60WB) Re: Francis Coelho (RIP) I have my 1952-1953 year book from Jefferson... Mr. Campanelli's class... there is a picture of Mr. Coelho... I remember being in his class... good memories! Re: Birthdays I forgot to send good wishes to Jan Bollinger (60) July 12th, so Happy belated Birthday Jan!! Yes! I just had to say something! -Derrith Persons Dean ('60WB) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Sharon McDermott Bruce ('63) Re: store at Thayer and Williams Hi, Was there once a C&H grocery store there? When I was very small we lived on Black Court off of Thayer and I thought we shopped at that store. -Sharon McDermott Bruce ('63) ~ In wonderful San Antonio, TX - where we were floating away two weeks ago and now it is pouring again!!!! ******************************************** ******************************************** >From the old ALL Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Ginny Quinley ('73) Date: Sat Jun 29 21:30:21 2002 Re: Hydroplane races and more Hi All! Great site! If you happen to be in town for the hydroplane races and Sidewalk Show, you might want to check out "The Sound of Music" in the CBC amphitheater (July 19,20, 25-27, Aug 1-3) at 8:00pm Nice way to appreciate the cool desert nights! -Ginny Quinley ('73) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Marc Hall ('02 BBA) Re: Charlie Bigelow ('54) update Sunday July 14 was Charlie's official day to celebrate Shirley's ('54) birthday. Vickie B. ('76), Donovan B. ('74) Shirley B. and I met in Charlie's room for a party. We kicked out his nurse, whipped out the very scrumpy Pakistani pegora, samosas, pounded chicken and chicken curry, all made up for us by long-time friends Kerim and Missour. Charlie, Donovan and I all enjoyed a MGD beer with our food, and topped off the afternoon with a nice chocolate birthday cake for desert. At Vickie's suggestion, we only put 4 candles on the cake so we would not set off the hospital's fire alarm and so Shirley could get up enough wind to blow out the candles. We then took Charlie out for some air and enjoyed the palatial view of Seattle's downtown, waterfront, industrial district and West Seattle from next to Harborview's helicopter pad. All in Seattle's famous cloudy and cool summer weather, as Mark Twain noted, "the coldest winter I ever spent was summer in Seattle!" It has been gorgeous here Monday and today, with no clouds and 80ish degrees, so take that, Mr. Twain! Charlie is practicing his maneuvers for getting in and out of vehicles, since Vickie's car was such a tough test for him earlier. The infernal turtle is not making the movements easy, so practice is necessary for proper execution of mounting and dismounting. The Tahoe practice is set for today, with perhaps buddy Bowls showing up in his Lincoln later in the week. One way or another, even if he has to hitch hike, Charlie will be getting home to Richland on July 24! Shirley will leave this Sunday to get the Bigelow estate ready for the lord and master's return on Wednesday. -Marc Hall ('02 BBA) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) Mike has been a bit under the weather lately so hasn't been his humorous self in the Alumni Sandstorm. We got back from our 5300 mile trip a little over a week ago most of which Mike drove. It made a very relaxing trip for his Dad and I and what a great traveling companion he is. We visited family graves all over the South and he acquired lots of new data on the family history. Funny thing though, we took pictures of all those graves and forgot to take pictures of the living relatives. He got to reconnect with his cousin, Dale Gore, who is famous with all of Mike and Steve's friends. He has turned into a pretty mild guy. All the aunts loved Mike of course so he was treated pretty royally... many pecan pies and other southern cooking. Are you jealous, Brad? Back to the club and the old diet now though for all of us. That Southern fare can wreck you. But we are home and glad to be back reading about all of you in the Sandstorm. Thanks to Mike. And, all those rumors about him driving slow are not true. He is a speed demon -BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/18/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff: Doreen Hallenbeck ('51), John Northover ('59) Helen Cross ('62), John Adkins ('62) Rosalie Lansing ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Doreen Hallenbeck Waldkoetter ('51) Re: Blue Cheese Dressing To: Sandra Atwater Boyd ('51) and Jim Grow ('51) Sandy, That recipe for blue cheese dressing is superior to anything I've ever had before. Sure must be lots of good cookin' at your place. Hope you'll submit it again to the Alumni Sandstorm so everyone can get a second chance at it. Re: Nelson Lake Also, just two weeks ago we were in the Tri- Cities. Gerry Orren Strickland ('51) and I were talking about Nelsons Lake. Gerry lived near there, as did Ann Yale Dawson (RIP) and there was a vineyard nearby. I believe the lake and vineyard were within walking distance of the Yale house. Right Gerry? -Doreen Hallenbeck Waldkoetter ('51) ~ Green Valley, AZ where we're truly appreciating the monsoon rains each afternoon ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: John Northover ('59) Re: Richland Yacht Club burgee Anyone have any information about the Richland Yacht Club? Mike Bradley ('56) has a burgee from the club. On the burgee is the atomic symbol. Please feel free to email me with any information. thanks john -John Northover ('59) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Helen Cross Kirk ('62) We leave tomorrow for our 7 week trek out west. I had to laugh at Mike Davis' ('74) mother's comment about taking pictures of dead relatives. We will try to remember that as we will be visiting some grave sites too. Northern aunts cooking will be great too, I'm sure. I'm looking forward to attending my Cross Family Reunion outside of Portland, OR, on August l0th. Must be about the 25th I've attended almost in a row. I'm starting to feel a little withdraw at the thought of not being able to access my daily dose of the Alumni Sandstorm. (As I've not had good luck at accessing much from non home ports.) But I'll try to catch up some when I'm in the Tri-Cities a few days on the trip. Re: Cousin My Bomber cousin, Allan Cross ('59) will be 61 July 31st!! Sorry we won't be able to visit more people on this trip. Particularly I'm sorry I won't be able to see Jeanie Dahl ('62), as we head to Powell Lake and a houseboat trip, but 7 weeks is pretty long to leave the old homestead for one time, we thought. I am hopeful to see Billie Cummings Bammer ('62WB) and Cliff Cunningham ('62) in California on the way. Adios, -Helen Cross Kirk ('62) ~ I'd write more Spanish, but I am not sure even Adios is spelled right. Oh, we hope to see Carol Rice Forister (62) in Kansas City, KS on our way back too. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: John Adkins ('62) Re: Class of "62" photo Album Attention Class of '62 The CD Photo album from the recent reunion is now available. There are about 150 pictures... "reviews have been positive"... I think you will like it. I need to cover costs of CDs, printing, mailing, ink, envelopes & stuff... I think I need $5.00 to cover my costs. (not too bad for 150 pictures). A note to the class members who donated their own pictures to this project: Your CDs are already in the mail. You can e-mail me for an order - and I will reply with my mailing address for your $5.00. -John Adkins, class of "62" ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Rosalie Lansing Haag ('63) Hello Dear Friends; It has been just 3 weeks since the reunioun gathering and I am still happy in my heart at having seen my old friends. It was so lovely to spend a little time with Rada Lund, my longtime dear love and second mom... it is just amazing how wonderful this sweet little lady is... she enjoys all of us "kids" so much. May she live and enjoy several more years with Micki Lund Anderson ('63) and all her splendid family and friends. We just arrived in WA D.C. area on Monday. We are staying in Falls Church, VA. All I have done so for is try to get my house in order. We had a truly wonderful trip across country this time. We were traveling across 90, thru ID, MT (absolutely gorgeous) and down into Yellowstone the first day. We stayed at the little cabins in the Falls Bridge area. This was my 4th time thru Yellowstone, the last was in '89, a year after the terrible forest fire. The forest is rebuilding itself slowly but so beautifully. My hubby (Chuck), is a forestry minor, and so he points out all the facts and forestry do's and don'ts. It will take at least 50 years or more for the trees to stand tall again. They are only about 6 feet now. I am still in awe of the wild life. This was the greatest abundance of animals we have ever been able to enjoy. We saw at least 1500 head of Buffalo. It was just incredible. They were all over the fields, roadways. Walking so slowly down the highways and right up to our cars with their huge ole heads right in our windows. They slowed us to a total stop for an hour here and hour there several times. It was just fabulous. We have lots of amazing pictures to develop. The only little lovelies we missed were grizzlies, black bears and wolves. Darn I love the bears. We then traveled through SD and stayed in Mitchell, the home of the only Corn Palace in the world. Then on thru MN, which is pure bliss... into MI... down into IL and stayed in Bloomington, IL on the 3rd day. On the 4th day we did the rest of IL... thru IN... passed right by the speedway... on thru Ohio and into PA... then into WV and the night in Morristown. Needless to say by now we are draggin' our shoes in mud, like an old Bomber up and at 'em and onto MD... and into VA and into Falls Church, VA at about 3:00 on Sunday the 14th. So now that the house is in order it is time to play. I know that Earl Bennett ('63) is living here. Are there any more Bombers here in D.C.? What a heck of a way to spend one's days at the company's expense. Will keep you in touch with my little adventures, as they come and we go. Have my Bomber Plates [license plate frame] and we are proud and happy. -Rosalie Lansing Haag ('63) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/19/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff: Missy Keeney ('59), Patty de la Bretonne ('65) Jil Lytle ('82) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY 07/17: Denny Lytle ('66) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Missy Keeney ('59) Re: Burgee? To: John Northover ('59) What the heck is a "burgee?" If you misspelled "burger" it must be really gross by now! Actually, Gus Keeney ('59) or his partner in "yacht crime", Doug Stiles ('59) should have an answer for you! -Missy Keeney ('59) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [That's what I asked, too... here's John's answer: "...a burgee is a small triangular flag used by the yachteee crowd. You hoist it on your starboard side when you visit another yacht club so they can see the yacht club you belong to. Each club designs it's own burgee. Clubs trade flags and mount them inside each other's club for a real yachty look ... when you trade burgees you also trade privileges ... i.e. you can go to another yacht club in some other area and have a drink ... dinner... whatever. Juan the sailor ... '59 ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Patty de la Bretonne ('65) To: Rosalie Lansing Haag ('65) Wow Rosalie, It sounds like a wonderful trip you had. I love the wildlife too. I saw a bunch of Buffalo years ago in Minnesota but not close up. looked at them through binoculars. love them. and there is so much beauty in this country. thanks for sharing your trip on the site! -Patty de la Bretonne ('65) ~ in Seattle ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jil Lytle Smith ('82) Re: Birthday wishes Just wanted to wish my Big Brother Denny Lytle ('66) a Happy Belated birthday! July 17th. Hope it was a good one. I was in the hospital with a ruptured disk, Den... it's not like I just blew it off or something! *lol* Re: '82 Reunion Also, Class of 82 final reunion planning meeting is August 5th at 6:30pm. If you are interested in attending, please contact me at the above email address for information. It's time to get your registration packets in. THE MONEY IS DUE NOW!! If you have any questions about just attending one or more of the functions please email and I will let you know the different prices. Looking forward to seeing you all real soon! -Jil Lytle Smith ('82) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/20/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff: Anna May Wann ('49), Curt Donahue ('53) Gus Keeney ('57), Missy Keeney ('59) Earl Bennett ('63), Rob Peutz ('73) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ann Thompson, aka Anna May Wann ('49) Re: Summer picnic Bomber picnic at Battleground State Park now that sounds like a winner doesn't it? It really should be quite peaceful just lots of laughter, talking and food. The "Fife Bunch" is challenging the "Oregon bunch" to join us for a picnic at beautiful Battleground State Park, just 14 miles northeast of the City of Vancouver, WA off of I-5. This is our initial effort to get a Bomber group started in the Portland area. Come join in the fun and take advantage of the opportunity to meet fellow Bombers. Date: Saturday, August 10th Time: Anytime after 9:00am until you all go home!!! Who: Anyone who would like to join us. Bring your kids, grandkids, neighbors... Show them the true Bomber spirit. There is swimming, play areas for the kids, picnic tables and benches. No motor boats allowed, but row boats are. I (Ann) will furnish the hamburgers and hot dogs. Asking the rest of you to furnish, condiments, buns, chips, salads and heck if any of you have the old crank ice cream makers why not bring the makings for homemade ice cream? If we are missing anything the city of Battleground is just 3 miles away from the park and they have a nice Safeway. Patti Jones Ahrens ('60), myself, my daughter and son-in-law (he is the Park Ranger) will be there early to reserve our space. Parking is limited so get there early to enjoy the fun. Please e-mail Patti or myself to let us know that you are coming and how many there will be in your group. We need to know this, not only for food, but to also know how many tables to latch on to. We will not be in the over-night area as that has all been pre-reserved by other groups. There are other parks in the area if you want to bring trailers, RVs, etc. Just get on the internet and search out Washington or Oregon Parks. If you need more information contact me directly. I'll answer as soon as I get off of my "Pogo" games. -Ann Thompson, aka Anna May Wann ('49) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Curt Donahue ('53) To: Rosalie Lansing Haag ('63) I too enjoyed your account of your trip, but am real curious how you drove from Minnesota through Michigan to Illinois. I think you intended to say Wisconsin in lieu of Michigan. Buffalo are interesting creatures. -Curt Donahue ('53) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gus Keeney ('57) Re: Burgee To: Missy Keeney (;59) and Juan the Sailor ('59) I had a special halyard to hoist the Club Burgees and the assorted CRYA, Club Officer, Blue Gavel and other assorted burgees on my sailboat Music. On all of my power boats I had a staff on the bow rail to fly my Club Burgee and other staffs and halyards as required for the other burgees. -Gus Keeney ('57) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Missy Keeney ('59) Re: Yesterday's "news" OOOOPS! Gus Keeney and Doug Stiles are class of '57, not '59! -Missy Keeney ('59) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Earl C. Bennett III (Gold Medal Class of '63) To: Rosalie Lansing Haag ('63) Rosalie: By the way, there is a buffalo farm half way between where I live and where I work, just south of Madison right off US29 (but they don't wander loose and block the roads), and the chef in the cafeteria where I work builds a super Bison Burger one day a week, Wednesdays, I think. Also, there is a Spudnut shop in Charlottesville. So you can relive hometown AND your cross-country trip at one fell swoop, whenever you decide to tour Monticello or UVa or both. And if we're home, you and I can REUNION. All we're missing is the dry heat of Eastern Washington, where 50% humidity is muggy (a distant dream from June, we'll not see it that low again until September here)! There are numerous Bombers in the area, but we haven't done much congregating yet as far as I know. I delivered some Spudnuts to a Pam Pyle Jewett-Bullock ('69) in Fredericksburg through her son a year or so ago, but I've not actually met her - her gratitude resulted in a stupendous, huge appleberry pie (handpicked raspberries and blackberries) that fattened me up a bit more. My wife and I did spend an afternoon with Joe Ford ("63) in downtown DC when he came to a convention in the winter of 2001. Welcome to VA, and serious traffic in your neighborhood. See ya sometime soon, I hope. Regards, ecb3 - from Reva, VA - where the brief thunder shower cooled off the 95 day but did nothing to dry up the moisture we breathe for July and August. -Earl Bennett ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Rob Peutz ('73) Re: And there it was Okay, so I had to see it for myself. Went to the Smithsonian with Jeanette Haberman ('73), and there was the Richland Bomber "T" shirt. Gave us both a chuckle. Interesting exhibit. Jenny, headed to the Rock N Roll hall of fame, this weekend, wanna ride? -Rob Peutz ('73) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [ Bombers in the Smithsonian] *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/21/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers and 2 funeral notices (sorta) today: Tom Tracy ('55), Kathy O'Neil ('63) Gary Behymer ('64), Michael Furner ('68) Betti Avant ('69), Peg Adair (72) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Tom Tracy ('55) To: Ray Conley ('46) Kudos for your clear memory and refreshing our thoughts of the great players who graced our area during WWII and the Korean conflict. Your class and the next few were the ones who inspired our generation at RHS. The note about Fran Rish was a good one. Coach Rish was a First Class educator who brought experience, maturity and good humor to our school. He also played against some classic early professionals like Paul Christman and others. I remember hearing how he intercepted one of Christman's passes once and he said it hit him so hard it nearly knocked him into the next county. Rish was also a musician and could play the piano. If he'd taken time to sing, he'd have been another Perry Como. If you recall he had the voice of Perry Como/Dean Martin. All other things aside; Rish was an excellent role model for our students. If he'd been in the field of science, he'd have been a Nobel Prize winner. I am glad to know him and was thrilled to know Richland named the football stadium after him. He deserved it. I still remember him adjusting my tie before we left for the State Tournament... reminding the basketball team members... "Now get over the hill and do your stuff. Remember you are representing all of this city, your parents, your classmates and teachers." He and Ray Juricich had a way of inspiring players to achieve above and beyond what kids thought they could do. Hope we find a memorial for Ray Juricich. He's one great man and a superior educator. (But he'd really chew me out if he could see me drive on the LA Freeway). He was a spectacular driver's ed coach too.) If you see Ray, tell him I wasn't prepared for the wrong side of the road in Sydney. He left out that chapter. Art Dawald was fortunate to have Ray Juricich coaching beside him. We all loved to listen to Juricich tell about WWII on our basketball trips and how he'd grumble about Dawald's speed through towns... "He drives fast through towns and then slows down on the highway!". Hope Ray is still enjoying golf with friends. He and Fran Rish always treated us with respect, dignity and did their best to keep us in the straight and narrow. They are real men and were admired by students more than they know. (I used to sneak down and watch Rish's practices when I was in the 5th-7th Grade. The years when we still had a few leather helmets on the field and guys who knew how to wear them. I especially remember big guys like Wilbur Meicenheimer ('50RIP) who looked like they should have worn license plates instead of numbers on their jersey. To: Ray Gillette ('49) Thanks for the memories, Ray. Now take back your Phoenix weather and give us our cool Northwest temperatures... It's still in the 90s but cooling at the foot of Boise's Mtns where the golfer's are wiping their brows as they lumber past our back yard and the river's running fast to help fill up the Snake and mighty Columbia and everyone's looking for footprints of Lewis & Clark. With best thoughts of cool summer nights, a sack full of Spudnuts and the wonderful days when a Spudnut didn't insist on redistributing its calories in undesirable locations. -Tom Tracy ('55) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Kathy O'Neil Childs ('63) I really enjoyed seeing the news about the Bomber T-shirt and the reactors in the Smithsonian. The picture and write-up were great. [ Bombers in the Smithsonian] To: Jan Nelson ('60) I think that my sister, Patty O'Neil Lopez ('65), and I performed with you in the dance recitals which were put on by dance teacher Jean Smiset. There were five or six of us in that Dutch girls number. Isn't that the one where we wore those blue and white Dutch girl hats and the blue skirts? Patty and I were also in a couple of other numbers. I have a large picture somewhere in my scrapbooks. We also took from Mrs. Wallagura. I had lunch with my Dad today and he said he thought she lived on Robison, up near the Catholic Church. Later she moved to Haupt Street near our home on Haines. We took dance lessons for several years, both tap and ballet. We both loved the lessons. I had forgotten all about those pictures. I don't have a scanner either, but I will look for the pictures. -Kathy O'Neil Childs ('63) ~Los Altos, CA - where it has been sunny and in the high 70s all week, while cooling down to the high 50s at night ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Jean Smiset School of Dance from 5/18/51] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) RE: SAD NEWS I don't usually pass on sad news like this, but sometimes we need to pause and remember what life is all about. There was a great loss recently. Larry LaPrise, who wrote the song "Hokey Pokey," died this week at age 83. It was extremely difficult for the family to keep him in the casket. They'd put his left leg in and..... well, you know the rest. -Gary Behymer ('64) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Michael G. Furner ('68) Re: Trip Down Memory Lane - Fire at the Salvation Army Bldg Yesterday I drove over to my folks house (still living on Winslow Court after all these years) and drove by the burnt out hull of the, now, Salvation Army building. I remember when it was a Mayfair market and I was a 12, or so, years old young man. I used to walk there to spend my allowance on such things as "Superman" comics and candy. I think my mom and dad knew the manager of the store because around the time of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays my Mom would set up a booth and I sold candle center pieces that she made. She was and still is quite the artist. The memories that came flooding back were delightful and it makes me sad to see that piece of history end in a terrible fire. The people that counted on the structure and all that it stood for are rightfully sad. Does anyone know if there are any plans to rebuild, or are they just going to move? I hope they are able to rebuild and also hope that the community supports such an effort, not just vocally but financially and perhaps even by donating time to further that cause. -Michael G. Furner ('68) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Betti Avant ('69) Re: weather HOT and DRY for northwestern Kansas. I'm asking that everyone out there in Bomber land to do their best rain dances, please. Maybe when I escape to Richland in a couple of weeks it will be cooler there (I hope so anyway)!! -Betti Avant ('69) ~ Goodland, KS - where it was over 100 again today ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Peg Adair ('72) Re: 30 Year Reunion To: All of you who worked so diligently to put on our reunion A big thank you is due. I had a wonderful time, especially Friday. There are friends we lose touch with, but they are icons forever. The hugs are a genuine touch friendship and it has been a long time since I have felt so much warmth and happiness. To: Those of you that hung out with Dee Zeitler and me I cherish you all. I could not have asked for a nicer time. You guys are great and it is too bad that it takes a reunion to bring us all together. I wished I would have had more time to talk to more folks and geez I wished I would have remembered more faces. Sorry to John Sullivan for thinking he was someone else! "Remember when..." was the most common phrase heard; it was such a joy when they said back to me "I remember that"! They were little things I thought I would only remember; like the Twilight Zone and camping out in the back yard in the summer time. To: Alumni who traveled a distance to show up Thank you. There are a lot of memories that get brought back to life so hang on and treasure each and every one. Those memories will make you smile in the future. -Peg Adair ('72) ******************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Article & Funeral Notice scanned from the TCHerald by Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) >>Harold "Ted" Marney ~ Class of 1954 >>Wilmer Alderman ~ Class of 1949 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/22/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers and 1 Bomber Mom today: Sandra Atwater ('51) and JD Boyd ('55) Donna McGregor ('57), Maren Smyth ('64) Diane Carpenter ('72), Jenny Smart ('87) BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Paula Vinther Case ('69) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Sandra Atwater Boyd ('51) and JD Boyd ('55) Re: Blue Cheese Dressing To: Doreen Hallenbeck Waldkoetter (51) Thanks for the great compliment you gave for the bleu cheese dressing that Jim B. '55 and Sandra Atwater B. sent into the Sandstorm. To: Jim Grow ('51) Finally getting around to your request for the bleu cheese dressing! So here goes: Blue Cheese Dressing 1 cup sour cream 1 cup mayo 1/2 teaspoon garlic salt 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder 1/2 teaspoon worcestershire 1 teaspoon BBQ sauce Add: LOTS bleu cheese and tabasco cayenne to taste. We checked the brand of bleu cheese that we use and we get it from Costco and the name is: Stella Crumbled Bleu Cheese. This recipe was perfected by both of us in the "good old restaurant days". We use to make five gallons at a time -- people loved -- just like we do! We have a special request of the class of '52. Please watch over JD's brother, Jerry, during this festive reunion coming up in August!!!!!!!!!!!! He tends to get out of control like his old high school days, when he is around his old buddies!!!! Still love you, Jerry... will that go both ways after this????? Ha!!!! This next sentence is from JD----not Sandra. There something else I wanted to comment about and I seem to have gotten a foggy brain and don't recall----should be forthcoming in a day or two----I hope!! Ha! Take Care Bombers -Sandra Atwater Boyd ('51) and JD Boyd ('55) ~ Palm Desert, CA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Donna McGregor Salazar ('57) To: Kathy O'Neil Chiles ('63) Re: Dance lessons I also took lessons from Mrs. Wallagura, (Helen). She was my aunt, once or twice removed. She was married to my Grandmother's stepson. We had lessons in her living room, yes, on Robinson. I also had dance lessons with another instructor. I went with my friend Mary Ann McIntosh ('57). Mary Ann was the dancer, not I. I was pretty stiff compared to her. Re: License Plates Are there Bomber license plates AND plate frames out there or is it just the frames? In New Mexico we only have to have one plate on the back, so the front space is free to put whatever you want. So would like the Bomber plate if it is available. Bomber Cheers -Donna McGregor Salazar ('57) ~ On the Rio Grande watching the rain clouds pass high on over. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Maren Smyth ('63 & '64) Re: Forest Fire NE of Chelan No, I'm nowhere near the fire... not even smoky here.... Re: New BOMBER CALENDAR This might turn out to be a pain in the patootie but for now it's working... Let me know if you want anything added... Bomber cheers, -Maren Smyth ('63 & '64) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Diane Carpenter Kipp ('72) Re: Class of '72 reunion A very grateful "thank you" to all who worked so hard to make our reunion this weekend the best yet (in my opinion.) I shouldn't mention names as I don't know everyone who was involved and so will leave out someone important, but I know Barb Belcher Valinske and Peter Brandt did a huge amount of work, also Sharen Manolopoulos, Rick Anderson, and Gary Spanner. I know there were others and hope someone else mentions their names. Anyway, I had a wonderful time; thank you all so much for what will soon be great memories. I only wish there had been more time to do more in-depth visiting and catching up. Haven't we all turned out to be cool people?!! I hope all of us who didn't recognize all our former classmates and friends will be forgiven; I assume we're all in the same "diminishing memory power" boat. (I prefer to think of it as "information overload".) Keep on truckin'! -Diane Carpenter Kipp ('72) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jenny Smart Page ('87) Re: Salvation Army Building On the day of the fire, I stopped by to see the damage at The Salvation Army building at Williams and Thayer. It was heartbreaking to see the remains of what was a very nice youth center and chapel. While there, I spoke with someone from their Seattle headquarters, and according to him, they would rebuild at the same spot. It's an excellent location for the youth activities they run, and the chapel for the Sunday worship services is also a nice addition to the neighborhood. I gave him a check, telling him to either use it for the re-build project, to buy some cold drinks for the firefighters, or to send the local Salvation Army officers out to dinner. I, too, hope that everyone gives generously to this organization that has helped our community time and time again, during this tragic event. -Jenny Smart Page ('87) ~ West Richland, WA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) To: Peg Adair ('72) Re: '72 Reunion Not only good memories for the Alumni, Peg. One of our "kids" came by to visit while he was here for the re union. Paul Caudill (Whoopee) How great to see one of "my kids" grow up to be the man I knew he would. We enjoyed his visit so much. And thanks to Mike and Dee Shipman... the memory of Steve was there, too, in the book Mike put together for Steve's girls. You were a great class and I have so many fond memories of The Bear's friends. -BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/23/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers and 1 BBA (Bomber By Adoption) today: Ray Hall ('57), Rosalie Lansing ('63), Pam Ehinger ('67) Scott Hartcorn ('67), Mike Howell ('68), Tom Storms ('69) Barb Belcher ('72), Christine Woodward ('72), Marc Hall ('02BBA) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ray Hall ('57) Prayers are needed as I go into surgery, first ever, this afternoon at Kennewick General. Prostate problems... the doctors say it is a fairly simple procedure that I should be out in a day or so; but I need prayers for the doctors and staff and myself to get through this. Thanks -Ray Hall ('57) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Rosalie Lansing Haag ('63) To: Curt Donahue ('53) Yes, Curt, you are right. I did say Michigan instead of Wisconsin. We went south at Madison, down into Indiana. I seem to get confused more easily these days. To: Larry "Dobie" Stephens ('63) Hello ole friend! Yes we are going to visit Biltmore House in SC. I drove right by it back in '89, on my way from Chattanooga, TN to NY to visit with my hubby's family. I was always sad that we were not able to stop and see that most fabulous of estates. We will be going up and down the east coast visiting as much as possible this next year. We now have 4 weeks of vacation so will pack in as much as possible. This last Friday we went to the Smithsonian and visited the Natural History Museum, which houses all the dinosaurs and the Hope diamond and etc. The humidity is so nasty here now that it is far too uncomfortable to walk around outside much. Also the air quality is very unhealthy, nasty, ugly stuff. However, riding the subways here is much better than in NY... these are really clean and nice. Also was in Nordstroms on Sunday at the Tysons Corner Galleria. Felt like Seattle... well sorta!!! -Rosalie Lansing Haag ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Pam Ehinger ('67) Maren!! That Calendar is GREAT!! Keeps us all posted up to date and tells us when the next birthdays are! Now Do ALL the Bombers have their birthdays on file? Or would you like us to send them to you? LOL Bombers Rule -Pam Ehinger (The Blue Ribbon Class of '67) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [ -- There's a link to click and send us information to be added. -Maren] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Scott Hartcorn ('67) Re: Really Important Stuff!!! T0: Anyone Who Knows... 1. What time does the Spudnut Shop open this Saturday? [4AM -- see their website at:] 2. My doctor says I should drink red wine to help my cholesterol level. Will the wine offset the effects of a spudnut, or is it just un-cool to wash a Spuddie down with a good full-bodied Cabernet...fearing that it may be offensive to the spudnut? 3. Where is the Class of '67 playing golf this Saturday and what time? 4. What is the appropriate time to start drinking on the day of a 35th reunion: a) After the first tee? b) When it's noon in Sydney? c) Anytime, because no one will recognize you anyway - drunk or sober - much less care! Serious responses only please.... -Scott Hartcorn ('67) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mike Howell ('68) Re: Darrington Blue Grass Festival Hi gang; I just returned from Darrington and The Blue Grass Festival. It was Awesome. I have never attended such a well run show. I had too much fun and it will take a while to recuperate. I will be at Ocean Shores this weekend for the Harley Davidson Convention, then a Quick Repack and I will be off to Reno for Hot August Night. If you have never been to the Darrington Blue Grass Festival It is something you are missing. I will be there next year and every year I am able to attend. I do hope to see you there next year. -Mike Howell ('68) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Tom Storms ('69) Re: Gary Behymer - Hokey Pokey Authorship I am not sure where you got your information about the author of the "Hokey Pokey", but it is my understanding that the authors of that tune are the father and uncle tandem of our very own Bomber Alum Tony Macak ('69). I have actually seen the royalty checks that Tony used to get as an heir. Imagine that! - Someone has to pay good money to use that song. -Tom Storms ('69) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Barb Belcher Valinske ('72) To: Class of '72 Thanks so much to everyone who helped put our 30th Reunion together. Some of you weren't on the committee, but were there helping out every time I turned around. Thanks also to those of you who traveled so far to join us. It was great to see so many old friends reliving their youth. The Red Lion/Hanford House did a great job. The food was excellent and the staff went out of their way to be helpful. July 2012 will be here before we are ready! Please keep in touch via the websites. It would be great to find everyone on the lost list! Continue looking, and send me a note whenever you find someone. One thing we learned at this reunion: next time we will have larger name tags! -Barb Belcher Valinske ('72) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Christine Woodward ('72) Re: Class of 72 Reunion I would personally like to thank all of the people that dedicated so much volunteer time and effort to making the Class Reunion such a great event. There is so much work that goes on behind the scenes that goes unnoticed. Great job ,you guys! -Christine Woodward ('72) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Marc Hall ('02BBA) Re: Charlie Bigelow ('54) Pictures Maren, Here, finally, is the pix of Charlie: Charlie #3 is him doing rehab in the pool... he really likes the pool. Charlie will be out and on the road home by 10AM Wednesday. July 23! Thanks again, -Marc Hall ('02BBA) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/24/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers sent stuff: Jack Dawson ('52), Craig Buchanan ('57) Roma Harrold ('57), Glen Rose ('58) Jeanie Hutchins ('62), Gary Behymer ('64) Linda Reining ('64), Cheryl Moran ('66) Pam Ehinger ('67), Anne Mitzlaff ('77) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BY ADOPTION BIRTHDAY Yesterday: Agnes Hughes (BBA) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jack Dawson ('52) Re: Keeping watch over Jerry Boyd ('52) To: Sandra Atwater Boyd ('51) Don't worry.... I have asked Jack Young ('52), Jerry Cravens ('52), Ev Waining ('52), Bill Zilar ('52), and Jack Morrow ('52) to keep a eye on Jerry. Don't worry... be happy... he will be in good hands. -Jack Dawson ('52) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Craig Buchanan ('57) Re: Ray Hall ('57) and his request for prayers that his prostrate surgery will go well. Ray, Old friend from '57. I certainly will honor your request. Please keep us Bombers informed relative to your recovery. -Craig Buchanan ('57) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Roma Harrold Jensen ('57) To: Ray Hall ('57) You've got it... prayers on the way for you and the staff at the hospital. Hold a good thought. God Bless you and family. -Roma Harrold Jensen ('57) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Glen Rose ('58) Re: Famous Landmark I was out running around in the desert last week and I came across this famous Tri-Cities landmark so I snapped a picture of it. Can anyone guess what it is? My cousin, Dave Clem ('58), is not allowed to guess because he and I ate lunch in the shade of this thing several times when we were kids. Maybe Burt Pierard ('59) can fill us in on it's history. -Glen Rose ('58) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jeanie Hutchins Simon ('62) To: Betty Neal Brinkman ('62) My warmest thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time, Betty. I just learned this evening of the passing of your Dad, and of the service that will be held tomorrow. Please know that you have many Bomber friends who sympathize and care. God Bless, -Jeanie Hutchins Simon ('62) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) To: Tom Storms ('69) Re: Hokey Pokey Wait for the music to load up... Lyrics there, too! In case anyone forgot them! -Gary Behymer ('64) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining ('64) THREE BOMBER CHEERS FOR CHARLIE BIGELOW ('54)!!!!! To: Marc Hall ('02BBA) The pictures of Charlie were great! Thanks for sending them for all of us to see the remarkable recovery and progress that Charlie has made! -Linda Reining ('64) ~ Bakersfield, CA - temps are hot, and the Lake Isabella area is burning up... lots of homes and business have been destroyed and the fire is still raging! We NEED a rain dance, soon!!!!!! ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Cheryl Moran Fleming ('66) It's been a while since I was able to read the Sandstorm and I feel like I did in Riverside Park when the merry-go-round was whirling fast and you had to run with it and hop on. It'll take some time to catch up with the topics you've been discussing. By the way, those merry-go-rounds are no longer put in parks for safety reasons............ -Cheryl Moran Fleming ('66) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Pam Ehinger Nassen ('67) To: Scott Hartcorn ('67) Dear Scott; Never Ever wash a good Spuddie down with Wine, red or any other color!! Only a good cold glass of milk will do!! You must savor the flavor of the Spuddie! Wine.... YUCK... will kill the Spuddie!! Re: Golf As for Golf, well not being a golfer I don't know and sorry but I don't really care! *Grin* Re: Start Time Now as to when to start to Imbibe well it's always NOON some where in the World!! We only live once so lets enjoy!! Looking forward to seeing every one in a few days! Re: New All Bombers' Calendar Oh, don't forget to send in your birthdays and Bomber Combo Anniversaries to the Bomber Calendar. There's a link to click and send us information to be added. Bombers Rule -Pam Ehinger Nassen (The Blue Ribbon Class of '67) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Anne Mitzlaff Gerken ('77) Maren, I tried the link to see the calendar, and it would not load. Could you send it to me so I can try it again? Thanks, -Anne Mitzlaff Gerken ('77) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [I have trouble myself sometimes. Keep trying... -Maren] *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/25/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 26 Bombers sent stuff: Phil Belcher ('51), Ralph Myrick ('51) Grover Alexander ('52), Curt Donahue ('53) Bob Lattin ('56), Tom Hughes ('56) Dan Haggard ('57), Richard Perry ('58) Steve Carson ('58), Sue Garrison ('58) Burt Pierard ('59), Larry Mattingly ('60) Denny Damschen ('62), Charles Keiser ('63) Mike Lahrman ('63), Myrna Bolin ('63) Mike Funderburg ('66), Tedd Cadd ('66) Pam Ehinger ('67), Scott Hartcorn ('67) Sherri Daugherty ('67), Michael Furner ('68) Debbie Bennett ('72), Marion Agar ('72) Tim Lippert ('79), Jil Lytle ('82) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Betty Noble Giedd ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** TODAY: '58 Reunion Planning Meeting - 7pm - 8pm Richland Library Seminar Room Email Joretta "Sue" Garrison Pritchett ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Phil Belcher ('51) To: To: Glen Rose ('58) Re: Mystery Picture #3 No mystery, it was a target for the bombers from the Navy base in Pasco during WWII. In the late '40's we would find old practice bomb casings laying around near the target. Kids have spent a lot of time trying to tear it down over the years. -Phil Belcher ('51) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ralph Myrick ('51) To: Ray Hall ('57) Hi, Ray. Prayers work. My wife Judy has gone through breast cancer last summer and as of now, she is free from the cancer. She had a lot of people praying for her. You bet, you will get our prayers. Hope to see you this fall at the bowling alley. -Ralph Myrick ('51) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Grover Alexander ('52) To: To: Glen Rose ('58) Re: Mystery Picture #3 Looks like the target on the old bombing range on top of flattop. Was used for aerial target practice during WW2. Must be an old picture, as that area is now pretty well built up. -Grover Alexander ('52) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Curt Donahue ('53) To: To: Glen Rose ('58) Re: Mystery Picture #3 That, my friend, is the target at the old Navy Bombing Range. Spent a few hours of my youth in that area hunting jack rabbits for rifle target practice. To: Jack Dawson ('52) Who is going to watch over that bunch? -Curt Donahue ('53) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Lattin ('56) To: To: Glen Rose ('58) Re: Mystery Picture #3 Rumor is that it is an old world war II bomb target use for training pilots. Hence the road near this monument is called Bombing Range Rd. You guys were hard up for shade if this was the best you could do. I hope is wasn't at high noon. -Bob Lattin ('56) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Tom Hughes ('56) To: To: Glen Rose ('58) Re: Mystery Picture #3 Is this the target at the bombing range? -Tom Hughes ('56) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dan Haggard ('57) To: To: Glen Rose ('58) Re: Mystery Picture #3 That concrete structure is a target used by the Navy Air Corp, flying out of Pasco, for strafing and bombing practice during WWII. It is located about .5 miles SSE from FlatTop hill in West Richland. This area was a US Navy bombing range. The old dirt access road was named Bombing Range Road and the name is still used today. The road today is paved and the area is highly developed and populated. -Dan Haggard ('57) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [A "strafing" run is where they use the guns in the wings of fighters. -Maren] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Richard Perry (58) To: To: Glen Rose ('58) Re: Mystery Picture #3 It is a bomb target off of Bombing Range Road. -Richard Perry (58) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Steve Carson ('58) Re: Chicago Area Bomber Lunch I am a little envious of the Fife and Richland groups that get together for lunch. Anybody in the Chicago area interested in organizing a lunch? To: To: Glen Rose ('58) Re: Mystery Picture #3 Mystery picture 03, it looks like a wall left standing on the bombing range South of West Richland. -Steve Carson ('58) ~ Chicago, IL - the world's most dynamic city. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Joretta "Sue" Garrison Pritchett ('58) Re: Class of '58 Reminder - 45th Reunion Planning Meeting Where: Richland Library, Seminar Room When: Thursday, July 25 (and again Thursday, August 22) Time: 7:00pm to 8:00pm Please come and help plan our Reunion. We need help from all classmates--and their mates too, if they wish to help out. Thanks. Hope to see you there. -Joretta "Sue" Garrison Pritchett ('58) ~ Richland ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Burt Pierard ('59) To: To: Glen Rose ('58) Re: Mystery Picture #3 Well, Glenno. You stumped me on this one. I don't know that I've ever seen the object in question. How big is it? If I knew the exact location, I might have a chance to dig up something, but I strongly suspect that you know all about it already. Let us in on it. You have aroused my curiosity. Bomber Cheers, -Burt Pierard ('59) ~ Richland ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Larry Mattingly ('60) To: To: Glen Rose ('58) Re: Mystery Picture #3 This looks like the WW2 training target on Bombing Range Road. This target and at least one other like it out off of Glade road in Franklin County were bombed and strafed by pilots from the training base at what is now the Pasco/Tri-Cities Airport. -J Larry Mattingly ('60) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [A "strafing" run is where they use the guns in the wings of fighters. -Maren] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Denny Damschen ('62) To: To: Glen Rose ('58) Re: Mystery Picture #3 It's a bombing target off of Bombing Range Road in West Richland. -denny damschen ('62) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Charles Keiser ('63) To: To: Glen Rose ('58) Re: Mystery Picture #3 That picture would be of the target for bombing practice that was used in the forties. I remember riding my bicycle up there in the late fifties and even picking up chunks of iron (shrapnel) near this landmark. This target is what gives Bombing Range Road the name. -Charles Keiser ('63) ~ South San Francisco, CA - where the sun is actually shining without the normal Golden Gate fog. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mike Lahrman ('63) To Betty Neal Brinkman ('62) My sincere condolences to the Neals... losing a parent is never easy. My prayers are with you. To: Ray Hall ('57) We'll be praying for you also. Medical Science does wonders with prostate cancer these days. My doctor tells me this is real common for men. If I live to be a hundred, I have a 100% chance of getting it. -Mike Lahrman ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Myrna Bolin Turner ('63) Re: Donna Norwood Does anyone remember Donna Norwood I believe from the class of 1963? She was great pals with Kris Kratzer Tine ('63RIP). Donna, I believe, lived in a Bauer Day house with her parents. Maybe she moved in her junior or senior year? I've never seen her name mentioned in the missing classmates section. -Myrna Bolin Turner ('63) ~ Boonsboro, MD - 40 miles from Camp David ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mike Funderburg ('66) To: To: Glen Rose ('58) Re: Mystery Picture #3 - Landmark Xtra/Mystery03.html Hey, even us young ones from the class of '66 know that one. That's the Bomber practice target out at West Richland for the planes out of Pasco Naval Air Base. They used cast iron bombs that were loaded with a single shotgun shell. I've seen several of the shells that apparently just went into the sand and didn't fire. Re: Another landmark While you are on the landmark thing, does anyone remember the steel water tower up on the hill near Sanford Street? We used to play in the cone top of that thing with the Whitehead kids after it had been disassembled. -Mike Funderburg ('66) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Tedd Cadd ('66) To: To: Glen Rose ('58) Re: Mystery Picture #3 Just off Bombing Range Road. It is an old bombing target. I think the Tri-City Herald should do a story. -Tedd Cadd ('66) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Pam Ehinger Nassen ('67) Re: ALL Bomber Calendar Thank you all for the response we are getting to the Bomber Calendar! If you've sent in an entry go check the Calendar and see if you are there on your Birthday! I'm sorry I can't answer you all as there has been SO many! I love it! So please go check at and make sure I didn't goof up! Maren is checking in on me too! I need it! LOL Bombers Rule -Pam Ehinger Nassen (The Blue Ribbon Class of '67!!) Reunion time coming up in 2 days! YIPPIE!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [THANK YOU, Pam, for taking on the job of entering the calendar information!! I thought I was gonna have to do it all myself!! You're a life saver!! -Maren] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Scott Hartcorn ('67) To: To: Glen Rose ('58) Re: Mystery Picture #3 The long-lost missing link to Stonehenge! -Scott Hartcorn ('67) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Sherri Daugherty Cooper ('67) Re: 35th reunion for the class of 1967 I read the Alumni Sandstorm daily, and I so enjoy the trips down memory lane through the pens of fellow "alumni-ites"! I am not attending our upcoming 35th reunion due to too many obligations that have been dropped at my feet this year at this particular time. One happy obligation is that my son and his wife just had a baby boy... he was due the 29th, but poked his little head and body into this world Monday the 22nd at 9:15pm. I will be in Big Bear, CA this week end meeting him for the first time. I have lots to share with old friends, as life happens every day and very quickly! I will miss doing this at the reunion. I will be there in thought, however, having a ball, dancing to the oldies (you will be playing oldies, I hope!), and laughing at what used to be. The best to all of you! -Sherri Daugherty Cooper ('67) ~ coming from Valley Center, CA... which is North County San Diego... where it is going to be HOT today after a lovely summer of 70 degree weather!) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Michael G. Furner ('68) To: To: Glen Rose ('58) Re: Mystery Picture #3 It is located up off Bombing Range Road in West Richland. I used to see it all the time when Bombing Range Road was gravel and I used to go hunt agates, after a good rain. The old story is that there was a target range up there during WWII when there used to be a military presence at the Tri-City airport and this object was a target of those practice fighter and bombing exercises. Hence the name Bombing Range Road. Is there any truth to the legend??? Don't Know. Anyone else? Best Regards & Bomber Cheers; -M.G. Furner ('68) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Deb Bennett Bayoff ('72) I want to thank Barb, Cindy and all the '72 Bombers that helped put together a great 30th reunion. I haven't had that much fun in years. In the last few get togethers I have learned several things: 1) I have made new friends and found that old enemies were all a state of mind. 2) There is no such thing as a nerd... just an incredible person waiting to blossom 3) Success has more to do with integrity than money. Finally and most importantly, to Peg: Cream Cheese, Woody, Baird, Boyd and Polster (in abstentia), and all the "hill" gang. It is an honor to have such close friends and good people like you in my life. To: everyone in the class of '72 It's fun to grow old with you guys. -Deb Bennett Bayoff ('72) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Marion Agar Kreiter ('72) I too have to thank all the '72 Bomber classmates that worked on our 30th reunion. I wasn't going to make the trip but I am so glad I did. The food was great and the company was even better. It was like going back in time! I was especially excited to see Ginny Peterson. It has been way over 30 years since I last saw her and have often wondered "What ever happened to her?" Lots of Campfire memories came back. Remember how much fun we had Karleen? The entertainment was great, as usual. We really have a funny bunch of classmates! Isn't it amazing how we all look the same, except for maybe a few extra wrinkles? I can't wait for the next reunion! I hope all the '72 graduates that "couldn't make it" this time, will make it to the next one! Just remember, we're all the same age, and nobody weighs what they did in 1972. And besides, aren't we beyond caring about that by now? -Marion Agar Kreiter ('72) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Tim Lippert ('79) To: To: Glen Rose ('58) Re: Mystery Picture #3 Is that one of the targets on Bombing Range road? -Tim Lippert ('79) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jil Lytle Smith ('82) Reminder Class of '82 Bombers Your registrations are due if you are planning on attending the reunion this August 9th and 10th. Our last meeting will be August 5th to finalize everything. If you are interested in attending the meeting please email me at the above address for information. Thanks! -Jil Lytle Smith ('82), Reunion Planning Committee Member *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/26/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 18 Bombers sent stuff: Bob Harman ('51), Sandra Atwater ('51) Ron Pollock ('53), JD Boyd ('55) Jim Hoff ('57), Glen Rose ('58) Vera Smith ('58), John Northover ('59) John Worrell ('59), Jeanie Hutchins ('62) Jeanie Thomas ('62), Donna Nelson ('63) Leoma Coles ('63), Gary Behymer ('64) Kerry Forsythe ('64), Mary Bevacqua ('67) Brad Wear ('71), Vicki Owens ('72) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Judy Moyers Lash ('67) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Harman ('51) To: To: Glen Rose ('58) Re: Mystery Picture #3 About the bombing range target. While exploring the area as a teen we found a small lead bomb laying around out there. We took it home and were in the process of sawing it up to melt down for the lead. My dad came over and discover the camp in it had not exploded. He insisted that it be tossed into the Columbia. So much for the lead. -Bob Harman ('51) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Sandra Atwater Boyd ('51) and JD Boyd ('55) To: Jack Dawson ('52) All of the guys you referred to yesterday could not keep my brother, Jerry Boyd ('52), under control during the high school years. You are probably being optimistic that they will be able to keep him under control for your 50th reunion. One suggestion is that you might contact Dutch Haag and have him baby-sit you guys during this event. He was able to throttle you guys down somewhat 50 years ago and probably could do it again. It would be good to have more input from classes of the forties and fifties!! Is everyone too busy to talk about the good old days?? -Sandra Atwater Boyd ('51) and JD Boyd ('55) ~ Palm Desert, CA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ron Pollock ('53) To: To: Glen Rose ('58) Re: Mystery Picture #3 Hi, I've been reading the comments about this landmark, and although it probably was used for target practice, it looks to me like it was an early prototype of a Spudnut. Respectfully, -Ron Pollock ('53) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jim Hoff ('57) To: To: Glen Rose ('58) Re: Mystery Picture #3 Old bomb target for practice bombing from the Naval Air Station at Pasco. When I arrived in Richland in '47 my dad would take me and a couple other neighborhood kids out to shoot our 22 cal. rifle at targets we'd put on the structure. We used to find lots of stuff around it that - as third grade boys - we thought was pretty neat stuff. Used to go out to West Richland and turn off near FlatTop mountain and cross the KID canal and the up an old dirt road to the bombing range site to get to the target. Once in a while we'd even shoot at jack rabbits there, but that was not our place for jack rabbit hunting. Lots of good memories and fun stuff for young guys to do. -Jim Hoff ('57) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Glen Rose ('58) Re: BOMBING RANGE TARGET Congratulations to all the Bombers who recognized that old concrete target! My cousin and I spent many hours out there in the late 40s and early 50s looking for agates along the gravel road and for shell casings and bomb fragments. My family didn't move to Richland until 1946 and, by then, the bombing range was no longer in use. I have talked with people that can remember seeing the planes making their attacks on it, however. To: Grover Alexander ('52) The target is still there. I took that photo about two weeks ago. The hole in it is much larger than I remember from when I was a kid and it has suffered some from the graffiti craze. Houses are springing up around it though, so I suspect it will not last much longer. To: Bob Lattin ('56) We were hard up for shade! There was nothing out there but a sea of sagebrush and the temperature had to be in the 90s. The target, which is about 12 feet high and 12 feet wide, was comforting. To: Scott Hartcorn ('67) Nice try!!!! My cousin, Dave Clem ('58), ate a lot of peanut butter sandwiches back in those days. He also liked milk with them. Being the innovative person that he is, one day he decided to fill his canteen with milk. After riding our bikes from Richland, through West Richland and up over that bumpy Bombing Range Road, can you imagine what came out of that canteen when he opened it? I shared my water with him! -Glen Rose ('58) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Vera Smith Robbins ('58) To: To: Glen Rose ('58) Re: Mystery Picture #3 The mystery picture is the target that the military used to use for bombing practice. I think it's located off of Bombing Range Road. Am I right? -Vera Smith Robbins ('58) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: John Worrell ('59) To: To: Glen Rose ('58) Re: Mystery Picture #3 These were concrete monoliths erected for bombing and strafing practice by Navy planes out of Pasco. I recall digging .50 cal. bullets out of the concrete in the late 40s and early 50s. -John Worrell ('59) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: John Northover ('59) To: To: Glen Rose ('58) Re: Mystery Picture #3 Believe that was Bomber Stonehinge ... When the summer solstice would come to the desert ... and the sun would rise ... the sun would illuminate the rose bowl ... where all would be chanting "Serenity NOW"!! -John Northover ('59) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jeanie Hutchins Simon ('62) Re: Class of '62 Photo Album CD I've recently received my 40th Reunion Photo CD and I want to thank John Adkins (62) for his time and effort put into this. It truly is a "Fun Memories" CD ~ it even matches the cover of our Reunion Book. If you haven't already ordered one, (whether you attended or not) I encourage you to do so. It's also a fun gift to send to a friend who was unable to attend the reunion. If you email John with an order, he will reply with his mailing address for your $5.00. Thanks again, John ~ -Jeanie Hutchins Simon ('62) ******************************************** ******************************************** >From the new ALL Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Jeanie Thomas Engelland ('62) Date: Thursday 07/25/2002 9:32:10pm Comments: THANK YOU to all those who worked on our 40th Reunion. I appreciate all your time and effort. I loved seeing everyone (although "seeing" depended on proximity as I am at the bifocal and approaching the trifocal stage!). The Sunday memorial was especially meaningful. Thanks to all for ALL the memories. Growing up in Richland was a unique experience and better understood in retrospect. I'm working on ways to explain to my granddaughters how sliding down moss covered flumes into a beautiful river containing a questionable variety of ugly contaminants was Nana's idea of a fun time on a sunny summer day in Richland! I look forward to more reunions and hope to accompany my sister Linda to her 35th reunion next summer! -Jeanie Thomas Engelland ('62) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Donna Nelson ('63) To: Myrna Bolin Turner ('63) I remember Donna Norwood because she and I used to sit together if any teacher at Sacajawea put us in alphabetical order. I remember her Dad being very gray and her Mom stylish. Donna was blonde and wore all the "hip" clothes they wore in Grease (way before they even thought of making the movie). Re: Bomber Picnic Hey, there's another group of Bombers that met in Wenatchee that need to be included in the picnic invitation too. Right, Maren? -Donna Nelson ('63) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Donna -- ALL Bombers are already invited... the location indicates where most attendees live... you can go if you want to!!! Are you gonna to drive to Portland for a picnic??? -Maren] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Leoma Coles ('63) Special Happy Birthday wishes to Betty Noble Giedd ('63)! We should get together again... Hope you are having a great summer! -Leoma Coles ('63) ~ Super Sunny Salem, OR ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: Surfing the net -- again Richland, Ukraine students explore 'nuclear legacy' -Gary Behymer ('64) ~ downtown Colfax, WA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Kerry Forsythe ('64) To: To: Glen Rose ('58) Re: Mystery Picture #3 This is the concrete target near bombing range road above West Richland. I used to hunt agates in this area when I was about 12 years old. My dad bought an acre of land near this under some type of veteran's program. He eventually sold it. -Kerry Forsythe ('64) ~ Enjoying nice cool balmy weather in Camarillo, CA. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mary Bevacqua ('67) To: Pam Ehinger Nassen ('67) Take lots of pictures. If Ron Wilson is still around, let him know that I still appreciated him carrying my books home for me after school. I was memorized by the gentleman. Your friend, -Mary Bevacqua ('67) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Brad Wear ('71) To: To: Glen Rose ('58) Re: Mystery Picture #3 Glen, It's a target wall from Bombing Range Rd. It probably has a number of my bullets in it or around it. I have heard they used to have "keggers" by it, but I wouldn't know about that. -Brad Wear ('71) ~ Richardson, TX - where we've yet to see 100. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Vicki Owens ('72) To: State Champs Class of '72 Yes, it was a grand and glorious 30th reunion. Let me add my vote of thanks to Barb, who headed up the monumental task of organization, and to the team of Brandt, Anderson and Manolopoulos who spent mega hours putting together a phenomenal night of entertainment. I doubt that I was the only one in the crowd who shed smiling tears as old images and songs and names brought back great memories. I left home in Richland at 10:30 Monday morning and arrived home in Kampala at 9:30 Wednesday morning (which is really only 37 hours different due to all of the crossed time zones). That was two night flights, which don't make for good sleeping. The present task at hand is keeping my eyes open until bedtime, to try to beat jet lag. Classmates, it was great to see so many of you again. You're all far younger, slimmer, smarter, sweeter, wittier, handsomer and more beautiful than I remember you. I learned that there are a lot of closet Sandstorm readers in the group, and think some of you need to come out into the public glare and throw in your two cents every now and then. Looking for you on line... -Vicki Owens ('72) ~ on the beautiful Makerere University campus, Kampala, Uganda *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/27/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCoy ('45/'46), Millie Finch ('54) Pat Vach ('60), Patti Jones ('60) Judy Willox ('61), Helen Cross ('62) Mike Lahrman ('63), Mike Funderburg ('66) Mike Carney ('72), Brad Upton ('74) Mike Davis ('74) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ellen Bohringer Kuklinski ('66) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick McCoy ('45/'46) Re: Recipe To: Sandra Atwater Boyd ('51) I tried your Blue cheese recipe. Now I know why ol' AKS ('51) considers you such a fine lady. As for us old timers putting more stuff in the Sandstorm, just this little tapping exhausts me so much I have to take a nap. I'll try to get up the strength to get to Club 40 in September. -Dick McCoy ('45/'46), Bronc/Beaver/Bomber ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Millie Finch Gregg ('54) Re: Charlie Bigelow ('54) Hurray - the Bomber has come home. Last night on the 6 O'clock news they interviewed Charlie and of course you know what he said - oh give me 6 months and I will be flying again!!! The news reporter said however, that Shirley had told her all the keys had been taken away!! We know his determination, and that is one of the reasons he is home and the outlook is positive. Even though it will be long and tedious therapy, nevertheless, when you look at his plane, you thank God that he is home talking to us. Go Bombers. Thank you Marc Hall ('02BBA) - your news letters keeping us informed of Charlie's incarceration at Harborview was really helpful for those of us who couldn't get over to see him. It would be nice if you continue giving us bits and pieces if you so desire. Thanks again. This is a happy day for Bomberville - one of our own has returned home after a tragedy. Until later, -Millie Finch Gregg ('54) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Pat Vach ('60) Re: On the value of friends Maren I usually do not forward this type mail, but as I read it I thought of the importance of the Sandstorm and the value you bring to people with roots in Richland. ***** Some things you keep. Like good teeth. Warm coats. Bald husbands. They're good for you, Reliable and practical and so sublime that to throw them away would make the garbage man a thief. So you hang on, because something old is sometimes better than something new, and what you know is often better than a stranger. These are my thoughts, they make me sound old, old and tame, and dull at a time when everybody else is risky and racy and flashing all that's new and improved in their lives. New careers, new thighs, new lips, new cars. The world is dizzy with trade-ins. I could keep track, but I don't think I want to. I grew up in the fifties with practical parents -- a mother, God bless her, who washed aluminum foil after she cooked in it, then reused it - and a father who was happier getting old shoes fixed than buying new ones. They weren't poor, my parents, they were just satisfied. Their marriage was good, their dreams focused. They stayed together through thick and thin. Their best friends lived barely a wave away. I can see them now, Dad in trousers and tee shirt and Mom in a house dress, lawn mower in one's hand, dishtowel in the other's. It was a time for fixing things -- a curtain rod, the kitchen radio, screen door, the oven door, the hem in a dress. Things you keep. It was a way of life, and sometimes it made me crazy. All that re-fixing, reheating, renewing. I wanted just once to be wasteful. Waste meant affluence. Throwing things away meant there'd always be more. But then my father died... and on that clear April day I was struck with the pain of learning that sometimes there isn't any 'more.' Sometimes what you care about most gets all used up and goes away, never to return. So, while you have it, it's best to love it and care for it and fix it when it's broken and heal it when it's sick. That's true for marriage and old cars and children with bad report cards and dogs with bad hips and aging parents. You keep them because they're worth it, because you're worth it. Some things you keep. Like a best friend who moved away or a classmate you grew up with, there's just some things that make life important....people you know are special....and you KEEP them close! -Author Unknown **** -Pat Vach ('60) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) To: Steve Carson ('58) Re: Bomber Luncheons Your entry about luncheons reminded me of a recent situation that happened at one of our luncheons in Fife. After hosting the luncheon for the past year and a half at times I questioned the doing it every month. Mind you it is not a lot of work. It is the repetition month after month that gets wearing. Some months I would start asking myself questions like, will there be enough Bombers in attendance? Do I move it to another location? When the group started to fall into place all those questions didn't matter. Just having a room where Bombers could share there stories and talk openly became the key. The experience every month, whether it is the same group, or new Bombers attending has become special from month after month. Paul Phillips ('49) summed it up back in May. Paul said, "if we weren't having these Bomber luncheons every month I would not have run into two Bombers that I hadn't seen in 53 years". One last month and one this month. Paul had tears in his eyes when he told the group about this. The group was so quiet while Paul spoke that you could hear a pin drop. (Now that takes something for a Bomber group). He then turned and acknowledged me for doing the luncheons, then I had double tears in my eyes. My suggestion, Steve: set the date, time and place and do it! You will love every minute of it. Along will come support that will help you to future the get togethers. Maren supported me when I first bore the idea. We emailed back and forth for a couple of months. I set the date when I first wrote her about it. Thanks to Maren it gave me that support to get going. Maren recently asked me to take notes about what I did to set up a luncheon. It was fun to reflect on what transpired as I wrote the notes. I didn't think it was much work but was amazed to see the amount of steps it took to get the luncheon set. My notes can help you make it easy. Correct me if I am wrong Maren, but I do think you would be able to tell Steve how many Bombers are in his area approximately? I would be happy to support through email if you would like. Good Luck to you in getting the Chicago Bombers together Steve. -Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) ~ Browns Point, WA - after two overcast days the sun will be returning if the weathermen are right! **grin** ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [I only count 6 Bombers in Chicago... there could be others that I don't know about... or some who live in a city that's a Chicago suburb. -Maren] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Judy Willox Hodge ('61) To: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: "Nuclear Legacy, Students of Two Atomic Cities" I first saw that book over a year ago at the Bookworm here, picked it up and just as quickly put it down as it is a bit spendy. But I never forgot about it as it looked like an interesting book. About a month later, I was at CREHST museum ordering 2 bricks for the walk and getting my Dupus Boomer book and I saw it again. I knew then I was going to get it there as I am a member, so get a discount. I also am supporting the museum this way too, so I bought it and spent the better part of that night pouring through it. It was fantastic and I recommend it highly! A very unique format of English and Russian and the kids did a great job. I was looking at it again just the other night. I am proud to have it in my library. To: Class of '61 Okay guys, I know I must hurry and catch up with you all for I am your leader! *G*! As your class representative in the Club 40, it is my duty to put a fire under you all and get you motivated into taking a look at the Club 40 reunion website and take a look at the fun we're going to have at the reunion on September 6, 7 and 8th. The link is: and you can see all the activities we have going plus there will be a wonderful BIG, heartwarming surprise that will thrill us all... I promise! There is a link to click on for the registration form to print off for you to send to the Club 40 address along with your check. All of you who read this, please pass the word to those that you know don't or would not hear unless we tell them. Last year there were four of us there; Me, Jim Otey, Leonard Peters and the then MaryMike Hartnett (now MaryMike Hartnett Peters). See what you can find when you attend these things? A whole new life with a classmate you over looked 41 years ago! Better luck this year Jim! *G*!! Let's make the class of '61 proud this year and show a strong attendance! It is a great way to see people every year now and stay in touch through our "older" years! And it is a lot of fun and good food. And then too, you can't beat the company - Bombers galore! I hope to see a great many of you there - ya gotta make me look like a rip- roarin' rep! *G*!! See you in September! Bomber Cheers from Richland where it remains hot, crowded and busy! Boat race weekend! And, most importantly, 10 where Charlie Bigelow ('54) has returned! Welcome home Charlie, you looked good even with a tear or two in your eyes on the news last night! I knew you had it in you to get back up! You are a miracle walking and talking! But then, you know how the old clich goes - "Only the good die young!" *LOL* JUST kidding Charlie - you ARE the best! And you got the best at your side - Shirley! God bless you both! -Judy Willox Hodge ('61) ~ Richland ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Helen Cross Kirk ('62) To: Maren Smyth ("63 & '64) Just wanted to tell you I was finally able to get in and read last week's Sandstorm editions, so I don't feel so much withdrawal. We are having a great time traveling across the States. We just visited some of my husband's relatives in ND and they took us to see an old family homestead from l9l2 near Regent, ND. As my folks are also from ND, finding all these family roots on both sides is interesting. I also found a Scandinavian Folk Festival to be held in October in Minot, ND. I am sorry I'll miss this year's performance. Now we're visiting old friends in Billings, MT. Linda and I have been friends since we struggled through our Masters at UW. To: George and Betty Neal Brinkman ('60/'62) Warren and I would like to send our condolences also on the passing of your father, Betty. I just leaned of it reading the Sandstorm today. With our love and prayers, Helen and Warren Kirk -Helen Cross Kirk ('62) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mike Lahrman ('63) To: JD and Sandra Atwater Boyd ('55/'51) I think all of those forties and fifties Bombers are busy playing golf, or eating Spudnuts. To: Jim Hoff ('57) Re: Bomb target Look at all the damage you guys did to that bomb target... you must have had some powerful 22s. Best, -Mike Lahrman ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mike Funderburg ('66) Re: Hey! I think Ron Pollock ('53) is on to something. It's either a Spudnut or a Crispy Cream "Prototype"... Probably a WWII Secret project. -Mike Funderburg ('66) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mike Carney ('72) Re: Let's Go Camping and Fishing! Dear Bomber Friends, What a great class reunion we had last weekend! Wow! It sure was great to see all of you and get to talk with you for a little while. I'm sorry to those of you I just started chatting with on Friday evening, and then someone else pops up, and then I lost you to continue our conversation. That always seems to happen at these reunions! I hope there was no hard feelings to whoever I did that to. I know and heard of others that I would have loved to spent some time talking with, and didn't even get to see them. Thank you so much Barb and Peter and Sharen and ALL the others that made our fun-filled weekend possible! Talking with Peter Brandt, sober of course, lol, late Saturday nite, we came up with the idea of a camping, skiing, and last but not least, fishing trip, for the Class of '72 next spring/summer. Possibly a 2-3 day venture over too Banks Lake. My wife, Julie, and I, used to put on a Bass Tournament out of our pond on a yearly basis for kids. We had a ball and maybe we could set something like that up for next year. If anyone is interested in the idea please email me. I'm curious if our great class of '72 would be interested in an adventure like that. Anyway, it sure was fun getting the opportunity to see you last week and I can't wait to do it again! Take care and God Bless! -Mike Carney ('72) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Brad Upton ('74) Re: Mystery picture #3 The old bomb target may have still been there a couple of weeks ago, but after seeing the picture Mike Davis had it taken to his house where it is now being used as his toilet seat. -Brad Upton ('74) PS. I am going to see Mike later today at Frank and Berta Teverbaugh's 50th anniversary celebration! ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis ('74) Re: Mystery Photo #3 After much in-depth research, and referring to local history guru, Greg "Boog" Alley ('73), the identification of the mystery photo has been determined beyond any reasonable doubt. It's the remaining foundation wall to a prehistoric Denny's. Geez, how 'bout a hard one next time! -M. Davis ('74) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/28/02 ~ 9 of 9 CAME OUT ALIVE! "GBA!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers and 1 Bomber Mom today: Paul Phillips ('49), Betty Conner ('52) John Adkins ('62), Betti Avant ('69) Larry Crouch ('71), Barb Belcher ('72) Carol Boyd ('72), BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Laura Dean Kirby ('55) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Paul Phillips ('49) I don't write in very often, so I'm going to unload. To: Ray Hall ('57) Had one about 6 yrs ago, successful. And now I've got to go in again for another one and a biop on growth in bladder, on 28th of August. Re: 1943 Chevy A while back Marilyn Richey ('53) asked if anyone remembered Alan Richey's ('49RIP) 1932 chevy... I sure do. When he and I both worked at cafeteria in North Richland we enrolled in the DECA class so we could get out of school an hour early and get a credit for working. Alan furnished the car and I bought the gas. I rode in the car many times. Re: 3000 Area I was under the idea that part of north Richland was called the 3000 area. Maybe Dave Tillson ('50) could confirm or deny that To: Dave Tillson ('50) Whenever I read in the Alumni Sandstorm about a basketball game, I can hear you up in the back row of the gym beating that drum. I think one of the tunes was "Hey Hold That Tiger". Re: Navy Planes One day when Frank "Bud" Craig ('51WB-RIP) were riding horses out north of riding academy, we watched two navy planes shoot down a balloon. I think that was in 1945 maybe '44. Re: Fire of Randle & Doyle grocery store I thought they moved up there from GWWay & Lee in 1943, Dick McCoy, The Bronc-Beaver-Bomber, ought to straighten me out on that one. To: Anna May "Ann" Wann Thompson ('49) Congrats on Hole in ONE... sorry I won't be able to be at the August Bomber Picnic in Battleground, WA Have fun tell any '49ers "HI!" for me. Re: Big fire in Lake Issibella, CA When I saw Lucille Bravard ('49) 18 months ago, she and her husband, Don, were selling there business in Landcaster, CA and moving to be near their daughter in Lake Isibella. If anyone has heard from her I would like to know. Much of the town is destroyed. Think Good thoughts for them. To: Maren Please let me know when to send donation and where and thank you and all involved for keeping this wonderful communication open!!!!!! -Paul Phillips ('49) ~ Maltby, WA (look that one up!) Weather is just the way I love it: 70 to 80 and cool evenings. Sorry we can't share with Ray Gillette ('49) in AZ ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Betty Conner Sansom ('52) To: Class of '52 Ladies Would any of our Class of '52 ladies like to meet somewhere (Denny's?) for breakfast, Saturday morning, August 3rd? A lot of us don't get to the Tri-Cities very often, and this would be a good chance to get re acquainted. Say 9am? -Betty Conner Sansom ('52) ~ Goldendale, WA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: John Adkins ('62) To: Mike Lahrman ('63) To: Jim Hoff ('57) Re: That big ol hunk of concrete Those 22s were pretty powerful - but let us not forget Jim's "Ol black beater"- which was good for other good stuff like "collecting cherries" - "cruizin the uptown" - gettin us to the West Richland Golf Course - findin the "flumes" and "portaging" the Oly. -John Adkins ('62) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Betti Avant ('69) Re: rain Hey -- I awoke to a bit of rain this morning. Granted it was only .04, but at least it was something after several days of 100+. Maybe if we are lucky it will keep the dust down some. Unfortunately we are almost 8" down this year. Look out Richland as here I come, at least by week's end. -Betti Avant ('69) ~ Goodland, KS (the topside of Kansas) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Larry Crouch ('71) To: Brad Wear ('71) Re: Mystery Picture #3 Brad... You're right about mystery picture, or it might be bin friggin laden's headboard ................. I also had heard of those kegger parties at the bombing range. But like yourself I never attended one of them. Hope all is well in Texas. We have almost got our state to stop burning. -Larry Crouch ('71) ~ now in smoldering Colorado ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Barb Belcher Valinske ('72) To: Class of '72 Re: Loose Ends Hey Guys! We were having so much fun last weekend at our 30th, we forgot to take a vote on when you want the next reunion! Do you want a 35th or do you want to wait for the big 40th? Send me an e-mail, snail-mail, or phone call to register your vote! A lot of people ordered and submitted input for the Memory Book. The very last deadline for orders and entries is August 3. In order to get this book finished, printed and mailed in a timely fashion, we have to have your orders and input ASAP! Keep in touch through this website: Thanks for the great weekend! -Barb Belcher Valinske ('72) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Carol Boyd Breckenfeld ('72WB) To: Steve Carson ('58) I live in what is considered a Chicago suburb, Lake Geneva, WI. I would love to get together with any Bombers in the Chicago/Milwaukee area. Feel free to email me with any time and place! -Carol Boyd Breckenfeld ('72WB) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) You would think the way Mike Davis and Brad Upton (both '74) describe each other that they are UGLY but after just seeing them both together at Frank & Roberta Teverbaugh's open house, I can only say "Those are two good looking dudes, folks." I'm proud of them both. -BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/29/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11 Bombers sent stuff: Donna Snyder ('52), Jack Dawson ('52) Marilyn DeVine ('52), Mike Clowes ('54) Grover Shegrud ('56), Missy Keeney ('59) Judy Willox ('61), Jim House ('63) Lynn-Marie Hatcher ('68), Duane Shults ('70) Mike Franco ('70) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Tom Hughes ('56) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Donna Snyder Courtney ('52) To: Betty Connor Sansom ('52) I like your idea of having a ladies breakfast, or brunch, on Saturday (August 3, during our 50th reunion weekend). We had a ladies' luncheon at our last reunion and it was lots of fun. -Donna Snyder Courtney ('52) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jack Dawson ('52) Re: 1952 reunion breakfast Hi Betty Conner Sansom ('52) If you get something going you might meet at the West Richland Golf Cub and watch the heroes come limping in. They will be open at 6am. We will Tee off between 7:30am/8:00am. They might be able to get you a window seat. Doug come on out and maybe I can put you to work. -Jack Dawson ('52) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Marilyn "Em" DeVine Dow ('52) To: Better Conner Sansom ('52) Sounds great to me!! Shari's is also a good place. Denny's might be impossibly crowded, but we can surely check it out. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend after all these years! I'm scheduled to pick up a grandson in Seattle Friday morning at 5:00, so I may be dragging by Friday evening... but I'll be there! (God willing, of course, but that goes without saying.) -Marilyn "Em" DeVine Dow ('52) ~ sunny and hot Richland ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, Mike Clowes ('54) Re: Good News in General The last couple of days have given all of us something to cheer about. First the news that Charlie Bigelow ('54) got busted out of Harborview and is back home. Shirley may have hidden the keys, but it will take more than that to keep Charlie in check. And, last night (7/27) came word that the nine miners were found alive, and have been brought out. The only thing topping that would be for the Bombers to take the state championships in football, basketball, baseball and track (just to be greedy). Bomber Cheers -Bob Carlson, Mike Clowes ('54) ~ Albany, OR - where anything over 80 is too hot. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Grover Shegrud ('56) To: Paul Phillips ('49) Maultby is easy... 'bout 5 miles from my place near Martha Lake. -Grover Shegrud ('56) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Missy Keeney ('59) To: Ken Neal ('57) and Betty Neal Brinkman ('62) I would also like to express my condolences on the loss of your father. The Keeney Kids lost our Dad in March and no matter the length or fullness of their lives, it is a tremendous loss! I hope it helps to know that others care. It did for me! -Missy Keeney ('59) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Judy Willox Hodge ('61) To: Blue Ribbon Class '67 I attended a reunion this weekend for the class of '67 and had a blast! Now, I am sure you are wondering why an "old" broad from the '61 era was attending the youngster's class reunion. Well, that is another story- -a little long--so I will not go into that here. Will I Burt (Pierard '59)? *LOL*! I must say here that to all of you that missed your class of '67 reunion; you did yourself a disservice as it was one heck of a party and should not have been missed. Can't imagine why you would not get together with this group of fun, funny and wonderful people that I was around this weekend! To all of you that did make it, I want to let you know that I would DEFINITELY award you the first prize blue ribbon as you are worth it. You made me feel so warm, welcomed and good about what I was doing for you. And I had a ball too being there with you as you all involved me with your reunion and conversed with me like I really belonged there! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your graciousness. And Pam Ehinger Nassen ('67) I loved your personal little note to me and so enjoyed visiting with you - you are so much fun and so funny! And thanks for the loan of the tape. As soon as I get another song to add, we will make you a new copy! Pam's broke at the reunion, so gotta get her a new one! To: Class of '61 I DON"T HEAR YOU!! September is just around the corner guys, I want to hear some noises soon now! Thank you Bill for your response. Thank you Leonard and Mike for your input! Where ARE the rest of you? *G*!! Bomber Cheers from Richland where it is too too quiet now after this weekend's events -- AND windy! What's new? *LOL* -Judy Willox Hodge (Classic Class of '61 - Been thus named by our very own great country singer, Bill "Lane" Johnson ('61)... And I love it and totally agree! Even if anyone likens us to old hot rods, ya gotta remember that them there classics had GREAT lines and curves!! LOL!! Good job in the naming, Bill!!! ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jim House ('63) To: Larry Stephens ('63) Larry, Your recent note brought back fond memories of good times. I remember rushing over to your house after school to work case studies in probability. Fellow Gold Medal Class statisticians Boehning, Gardiner (RIP), Lee (RIP), Smith, Webb (RIP), et al., were so kind to help me learn about combinations and permutations. All those possibilities for a sample of 5 or 7 in a population of 52. Those guys were really smart because I recall I always paid them for my lessons. I hope to see at our reunion in June. Regards, -Jim House ('63) ~ Houston, TX (125 murders to date and counting) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Lynn-Marie Hatcher ('68) Re: Spokane Bombers? I know Fran Teeple and Rick Valentine are here in Spokane. Any other Bombers nearby? Interested in gathering for dinner or coffee or drinks? Re: Class of '68 gathering? Are we having a 35th reunion next year? Jeri Collins Sandberg has always made these happen in the past, so far as I know. I haven't been since our 20th... would like to reacquaint, now that we are a bit older and wiser (I hope!) Look forward to hearing back on both counts! -Lynn-Marie Hatcher ('68) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Duane Shults ('70) To: Glen Rose ('58) Re: Mystery Picture #3 Old Navy practice target. Located East side of Bombing Range Road. -Duane Shults ('70) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mike Franco ('70) To: BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) who recently stated about Mike Davis ('74) and Brad Upton ('74)... "you would think they are ugly... but those are two good looking dudes folks..". If Bear was with us today to hear such utterances... well, there is not enough Dramamine in the world... never mind. Anyway, I know a mother has to say those nice things about her own kids but why would you ever say something that flattering about Upton? It is great to hear of Coach Frank's 50th. We all remember Dawald's accomplishments often (which we should) but I don't think anyone did a better job coaching than big Frank. I'd like to hear from Boog and the boys on that subject. Cheers to all Bombers. -Mike Franco ('70) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/30/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 15 Bombers, 1 Bomber Mom & 1 BBA (Bomber By Adoption) today: Phyllis Cason ('45?), Betty Conner ('52) Dick Pierard ('52), Mike Clowes ('54) Steve Carson ('58), Wally Carlson ('61) Jim Hamilton ('63), Bill Wingfield ('67) Pam Ehinger ('67), Tom Storms ('69) Phil Pearson ('70), Brad Upton ('74) Mike Davis ('74), Brian Denning ('77) Jil Lytle ('82), BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) Marc Hall ('02BBA) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Marti Jo Drewery Shipman ('71) ******************************************** ******************************************** TODAY AT THE SPUDNUT SHOP: 11:30am Ladies of '63 & '64 Lunch Guys welcome, but you might be outnumbered. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Phyllis Cason Rhodes ('45?) Re: Old alumnus I came to Richland in about 1942-3 with my parents when I was a junior in high school. My father was a construction foreman at Hanford and neither he nor any of his workers knew what they were building. Top secret. In fact, no one knew until the construction was completed and ready to become operational and by that time we were already back in the East at another plant. It was an exciting and fun time... the town and the school were built where there had been nothing. So I am now old enough to be grandmother to all of you Bombers. Incredible. I would love to contact some of my schoolmates but don't know how. A lot of them left but maybe some of them will connect with this site. That would make my day. Thanks for the opportunity to try. Your web site is pretty neat. Good luck. -Phyllis Cason Rhodes ('45?) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Betty Conner Sansom ('52) Re: Class of '52 Breakfast Looks like we've generated enough interest in a breakfast on Saturday, August 3, for it to become a fact. A table is now reserved (for 20) BY THE WINDOWS SO WE CAN WATCH THE MACHO HEROES (and/or heroines) PERFORM THEIR RITUALS on the golf course, at the West Richland course... 9am. In order to make sure we have enough tables/chairs, it might be a good idea if you would get the word around, and let me know how many we will have. I'm getting good response. The 20 spaces could go very quickly, and we might want another table (or more). We can always add more later, for those that have no way (i.e., the glorious Internet) to find out about the event, nor to sign up. This will be an informal affair for us, and we'll hope they have good food. I hate to bomb out on the suggestion I made at first of Denny's, but I think they'll make it just fine without us, this time. What they don't know won't hurt. They can save the food for next year - or for those affecionadios of grease-stuffed carbs for anytime. A negative is that the golf course is much farther away from Spudnuts, but we could always stop by there on the way home! I saw a sign there the last time I was in Richland that those that need Spudnuts for their offices should order them at least a day in advance! I remember running in and buying a few dozen for friends to come over. Didn't have to order them ahead. They were 69 cents a dozen in those days, and were much bigger. Now, they're 69 cents EACH or more for them. Remember getting them hot, taking them home, via Tastee-Freeze, and pouring the soft ice cream over them for an evening's treat for family or friends? We used to do that quite often... and were still able to stay skinny. No more! We agree with whomever described how to judge the better of Spudnuts/Krispy Kremes. You buy a bag of each, put the Spudnuts' bag under your tires, run over it a few times, and then try them... and Spudnuts will still win, hands down. But if you're into sugar and grease soaked pastry - go ahead and get in line that goes around the block from a Krispy Kreme (they've opened 3 or 4 in Portland this year.) place - with those who haven't been blessed with a neighborhood Spudnut shop! We found several KK shops in Johnson City, TN (about as far east in TN as you can go) this summer!!! They are in little stores that used to be mini-marts, or in grocery stores, or any empty building. And they taste just as they do in Issaquah!! You can have our share - we'll take the GOOD ones - Spudnuts! Back in the 60s, Doug's cousin from Salt Lake City went around -- IL, Ohio, PA, NY, etc., etc., training Spudnut shop bakers and franchisers. I wonder if any of them are still going? I suspect they might have originated in Utah. Any word on that? Haven't seen the cousin for years to ask him about it. Only FOUR MORE DAYS!! See you there!! -Betty Conner Sansom ('52) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Betty -- Spudnuts are NOT 69 cents EACH... they are only .40 each... $4.00/doz (what a deal!! -Maren Link to the Spudnut Shop website] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick Pierard ('52) The only golf I play is the miniature type, and that not very well. But I look forward to seeing y'all when I get in from Boston on Friday night. It should be a great reunion. -Dick Pierard ('52) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) To: The Ladies of the Class of '52 Remember, if all else fails, the Spudnut Shop opens quite early in the morning. Of course, it may be more crowded than Denny's. To: ALL the Class of '52 A reminder that one of your number promised a large turnout from your class at this year's Club 40 gathering in September. Bomber Cheers, -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) - trying to remain cool in Albany, OR ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Steve Carson ('58) To: Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) Thanks for the note. I will do just as you recommend and see if there is anyone in this area. Make a great day. -Steve Carson ('58) ~ Chicago, IL ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Wally Carlson ('61) To: Steve Carson ('58) I'm in the Chicago area. Let me know if you can get anything organized. -Wally Carlson ('61) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jim Hamilton ('63) So the lovely Nancy and I go to Portland this last weekend for a bike ride with Dean and Anita Newlywed. The hospitality as always, was like we had never left Richland. Check out the picture. Anita being too short for the WWF, took the opportunity to punish me for all the things she perceived I've been guilty of these last 40+ years. Her idea of "Non Stop Fun", ain't kind. She said something that played out as, "if she didn't exactly know why, I did". jimbeaux ~ Back in Kirkland, where some moles moved in while we were gone. Hey Bradley ('56), I'll trade you for the pigeons on your roof -Jim Hamilton ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bill Wingfield ('67 To: Judy Willox Hodge ('61) Re: Blue Ribbon Class '67 35th Year Reunion We thank you for coming to our 35th Year Reunion and selling all the neat Bomber stuff. I can't wait to play my '67 Bomber CD. It was fun seeing all of those people who I have not seen in years. Thank God for name tags, as I hadn't been back since the 20th. To: Jess Daniels (67) and Steve Shockley (67) Thank you for organizing the reunion. I was amazed to see that we still have so many good looking class mates. It was good seeing Rita Didway, Kathy Clark, Barb Franco, Jim Nelson, Louis Yesberger (even though he always kept me from being the #1 badminton player in our PE class year after year), Dick Varvelle (Pete Dullum's ('67RIP) cousin), Natalie Meek, Diana Cook, Renea Walton, Steve Washer, Connie Mudd, Cindy (oops I forgot your last name, sitting at the dinner table with Cathy Clark Eder, her husband Dave, & Barb Franco, and Christa & me), Bob Barnett, Norm England and his bride, Pam Ehinger Nassen, Nick Thames, and so many more. To: Maren Smyth ('63 & '64) Almost everyone I talked to, had heard about the Alumni Sandstorm, a couple of people (Natalie Meeks, and Connie Mudd) wanted the address, so I'll be forwarding a copy to them, so they can send you a request to put them on distribution. Leaving God's Country, alas Bomber country, and headed back to Augusta, GA, but my bride Christa and I were able to spend some quality time with my mom & dad, Carol & Truman Wingfield, my sister Jan Wingfield McCallum ('68), her husband Grant, and their 2 teenagers Megan & Kelley, my brother Mike Wingfield ('75) and his wife and 2 teenagers Hunter & Michelle, and 4 of our 5 granddads. It was good to see my Uncle Royce and Aunt Jean Wingfield, parents of John ('66) and Jim Wingfield ('71); as well as Oren & Bonnie Dodson, parents of Mike ('65), Lynn ('66), and Janet Dodson ('70s). I was sorry I didn't see Diamond Dave McDaniels ('67), or Don Andrews ('67) there at the reunion. Maybe for the 40th? I know Don would have kicked but on the Golf course. We did get to pop into the Spudnut Shop for breakfast Monday morning, so that was the frosting on the cake, so to speak. -Bill Wingfield (Blue Ribbon Class of '67) ~ In Richland but will be in Augusta, GA by the time this is published. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Pam Ehinger Nassen ('67) Re: Class of '67 First, I would like to thank Everyone who worked on the planning committee, you all did a great job! Thank You So Very Much! Second, Thank you all that did show up we may have been small but we sure know how to party! It was so good seeing so many faces that I hadn't seen in 35 years! We talked and giggled and remembered when. We are THE BLUE RIBBON CLASS of '67!! None better! Third, for those Townies who still live in Richland and couldn't take the time to stop by you missed something very special this last weekend. I do hope you will come to the 40th reunion, as it will be a big ONE!! Right Steve?? To: Judy Willox Hodge ('61) Now I would like to publicly Thank Judy for being there and her very Handsome hubby James! They did a lot for our reunion, by being there with the Bomber things to sell us, by bringing the Bomb and the Insignia (You know the pictures of the Crest [Coat of Arms] and the big banner hanging on the wall. Thank You for all that you did for us! We The Blue Ribbon Class of '67 had a great time! I know I did! *GRIN* I'm really looking forward to the 40th oh I know it's 5 years away! But hey now is the time to plan! It will be held again at the same time, the last weekend of July. Well those are the plans for right now anyway so Jess "Weasel" Daniel says! Thank You all again for a Wonderful Time. Bombers Rule -Pam Ehinger Nassen (The Blue Ribbon Class of '67) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Tom Storms ('69) To: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: Hokey Pokey Author Isn't the web wonderful! Anything you ever wanted to know (but did not really care enough about to search out) is there at your fingertips. I suspect that the "two fellow musicians" were the uncle and father of Tony Macak ('69). I know Tony came from Idaho. The royalty checks he got were pretty meager. I'll have to contact Tony to see if he is aware of any of this. He just discovered email, and I don't think he's an Alumni Sandstorm subscriber. -Tom Storms ('69) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Phil Pearson ('70) Re: Mystery Picture #3 What is mysterious about this?. Everybody knows they used it for bomb practice during WW II on the Bombing Range Road. As a boy I used to hike around there often. As you came up the road from West Richland and got to the top -- and within about a 1/2 mile after it straightens out -- it was off to the left, on the east side of the road. -Phil Pearson ('70) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Brad Upton ('74) To: Mike Franco ('70) I'm actually now calling myself Davis Lite. Just like Mike, with one/third less body. -Brad Upton ('74) P.S. I'd like to report that Davis hasn't lost a single hair on his head, nor has a single strand turned gray. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis ('74) As frightening as it may seem, I have to agree with Mike Franco ('70) on the great coaching ability of Frank Teverbaugh. I recently saw something in the Seattle PI (I think) that had a "Top Ten" list of coaches in Washington Prep basketball history. Dawald and Frank were both on the list. What I was not aware of is that Frank has the greatest winning percentage in the state's history. (Something like 342-57(?) - not exact, but close) Maybe Boog can help me out on this. Also another fact that needs to be pointed out is the Frank years 1971-1977 were years that the Bombers were loaded. This is not to take anything away from Frank's ability to coach and win, but it does explain why Air Franco was not on the team! Mike liked to play "above" the rim!!! M. Davis ('74) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Brian Denning ('77) Re: I may, or may not, be very late on this one... (I've been on vacation) But anyone who has ever driven down Bombing Range Road before all the development should know this one. It was where the Navy fliers from Pasco Naval Air Station practiced strafing the many concrete targets built out there. I'll bet to this day, anyone with a metal detector could find numerous 50 Cal. shell casings in, around, and under people's lawns and what little remains of "the desert" out there. Who knows... maybe an un-exploded bomb or two...? -Brian Denning ('77) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jil Lytle Smith ('82) Is there anyone out there that could help me find a Grand Piano so Kari Ragan could sing at our reunion dinner? Please let me know. Thanks! -Jil Lytle Smith ('82), Reunion Planning Committee Member ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) To: Mike Franco ('70) Maybe you haven't seen them lately, Franco. Sounds like jealousy to me and "Bear" always appreciated a joke. Why do you think you were his friend? LOL -BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Marc Hall ('02BBA) Re: Charlie Bigelow ('54) Update By now most of the Bomber faithful have learned of Charlie's return to Richland! Charlie escaped Harborview on July 24 about 10am. His Seattle 12 step (you name the issue!) support group of Vickie ('76) and Donovan ('74) Bigelow, Traci McGuire (NAB), and I were there to watch Dave Bowls and Gary Bruns ('54) pick up Charlie in his Tahoe and head east to freedom and Shirley. As you can imagine, Charlie was kinda happy to go! By the time I had packed all Charlie's stuff up the back of the Tahoe, they had pitched Charlie into the front seat, knocked it back into a recline position. Bowls almost barked the Tahoe's baloney tearing out of the Harborview's entrance! You would have thought a jail break was in progress. The trip was uneventful, except perhaps a discussion of a stop for a Dairy Queen Blizzard on the way. There was quite a reception committee on hand for his homecoming, but since this faithful reporter was not in attendance, some other attendees will have to report on that occurrence. I understand that the home was decorated, as well as the crowd in a manner that suited the event, with no reports of streakers or police activity. Charlie is scheduled to return to Harborview in about 10 days to have his trunk cast (or turtle) removed, finally!!!! He will stay about 2 weeks in Seattle to continue his rehabilitation. Not sure of his living arrangements while in Seattle, I will let the Bombers know when that is sorted out. I want to stand on my soapbox and thank all of you for your kindness, support and concern regarding Charlie and the Bigelow family in our time of need. What could have been a much worse outcome was turned around to bring family and friends together into a cohesive group ready to tackle any challenge necessary to get Charlie out of danger and back to health. Y'all did an outstanding job!!! We all thank you more than we can ever express!!! -Marc Hall (BBA '02) {:-) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/31/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers sent stuff: Jack Dawson ('52), Ray Hall ('57) Robert Cross ('62), Anita Cleaver ('63) Earl Bennett ('63), Gary Behymer ('64) Nancy Wick ('65) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jerry Boyd ('52) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Allan Cross ('59) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jack Dawson ('52) Re: Reunion Breakfast - August 3rd To: Betty Conner Sansom ('52) I sent an advance scout to have breakfast at the West Richland Golf Club (Goldsmith 52) and he said they do a very good job. And the big window can be ours... it can seat 20 easy. Re: Golf To: Dick Pierard ('52) We will need some one to re-count the score cards can an old professor do that? -Jack Dawson ('52) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ray Hall ('57) Thanks for your thoughts and prayers as I went through prostate surgery last Tuesday. I am home and everything seems to be working great. Will go back to work next Monday. -Ray Hall ('57) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Robert Cross ('52) I would like to send a happy birthday greeting to my brother a fellow Bomber: Allan Cross ('59) -Robert Cross ('52) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Anita Cleaver Heiling ('63) Re: Spudnuts In response to Jim Hamilton's ('63) 7/30 Sandstorm entry, I feel I must clarify a few matters. First, we fixed dinner for Jim and the lovely Miss Nancy along with a little (okay, a lot) of wine. Then I find (in place of toilet tissue in our bathroom) an empty toilet paper roll with three dried up Spudnuts on it (what a waste of good Spudnuts!). Re: Bikes Then the next day Jim & Nancy joined us and four of our friends for our "little" bike ride (Summit to Surf - Welches, OR, up over Mt. Hood and dropping down into Hood River) only to hear whining afterwards about not finding the "nonstop fun" as advertised in the Summit to Surf brochure. Geeze! I mean what could be more fun than riding uphill on a bike? Hey, any Bombers out there willing to do that ride next year? It's a great one. -Anita Cleaver Heiling ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Earl C. Bennett, III, Gold Medal Class of '63 To: Betty Conner Sansom ('52) Betty: Spudnuts did originate in Salt Lake City, Utah, reached a peak of 70 - 80 franchises back in the 60s, and are now down to about 22 as of two years ago. There is one in Charlottesville, VA, where I work (sadly I now rarely have a reason to go the extra 20 - 25 minutes to get there, since our office moved last year closer to my home). The owner there showed me an article from a small business magazine back in the 50s about the franchise, and added a few details about the current situation. The biggest issue, apparently, is that there is only one major supplier of potato flour, which is California, so weather or other factors that disrupt shipments can be devastating. I am sorry to admit that my wife prefers KK - which lay like a lead ball at the pit of my stomach for a while after ingestion. Unfortunately my will power is nearly nil in the presence of sweets and grease, so I do eat them, too, when available. However, I agree that Spudnuts are much better, and would prefer them any day. I must note, however, that the last two visits to Richland I had to agree with one assessment by my wife: The ones in Richland must be cooked longer than the ones in Charlottesville, because they tend to be darker and a bit drier. Or maybe the climate difference is influential, in any case, I like the Spudnuts here better. There's no place like home. Regards, ecb3 -Earl Bennett ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: Richland lists risky intersections -Gary Behymer ('64) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Nancy Wick Hamilton ('65) On August 9th, along with a couple of thousand other walkers, I'll be participating in the Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk, from Enumclaw to Seattle. We'll spend out first night sleeping at Auburn High School (another green and gold school) and our second night in Bellevue. Are there any other Bombers out there who will be participating? I'd love to hook up with you to exchange stories, but not to exchange socks. -Nancy Wick Hamilton ('65) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for the month. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` June, 2002 ~ August, 2002