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 Alumni Sandstorm Archive ~ August, 2002
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16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/01/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers sent stuff: Dick Pierard ('52), Burt Pierard ('59) Patti Jones ('60), Fred Schafer ('63) David Rivers ('65), Shirley Collings ('66) Lynn-Marie Hatcher ('68), Betti Avant ('69) Art Schafer ('70), Jil Lytle ('82) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ann Engel Schafer ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dennis Haskins ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Kim Edgar Leeming ('79) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick Pierard ('52) Someone had better tell the Spudnut Shop to lay in an extra supply this Saturday. Sounds like business is going to be brisk. -Dick Pierard ('52) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Burt Pierard ('59) To: All Club 40 Reunion attendees Re: 100-B Reactor Tour during the Reunion We have just received approval by the DOE of our request for a tour of the 100-B Reactor during the 2002 Club 40 Reunion. This is the first general public tour approved since 9/11. If you are interested in taking the tour during our Reunion, a separate Tour Application must be completed and returned to us by August 28, 2002. This is necessary to obtain additional information, like Social Security Numbers, for obtaining Security Badges from Hanford Security and the badges must be applied for at least a week before the tour. General Requirements: U.S. citizenship and Photo ID (Drivers License, Military ID or Passport ONLY). Club 40 Requirements: 2002 dues must be paid and you must be registered for either the Friday or Saturday night Reunion activities. We are also collecting a $5.00 fee per person ($10.00 per couple) to cover Club handling expenses and to provide nonalcoholic refreshments on the tour buses. Complete information and a printable Tour Application Form are available on the If you have already registered for the Friday or Saturday night reunion activities and you are interested in going on the tour, send the completed Tour Application form (with the tour fee) to the same address as on the regular Registration Form. If you have not registered yet, just complete and send the Tour Form along with the Registration Form. Remember the August 28, 2002, deadline!!! If you know of somebody who might be interested and is not on the Sandstorm, please pass an Application Form on to them -- we will not be sending out a DustStorm before the reunion so we will have no way to contact them. We will be mailing a post card notice to those who have already registered, though. Bomber Cheers, -Burt Pierard ('59), President - Richland Club 40 ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) To: Steve Carson ('58) You're welcome, Steve. Will be watching for the Bomber fun in Chicago. Don't forget pictures. To: Lynn-Marie Hatcher ('68) Good luck in your getting the on going Bomber luncheons for Spokane going. You can do it! Set a time and date and it will happen. Re: Portland Area Picnic at Battleground August 10th is rapidly approaching. Please send your reservations to Ann Thompson, aka Anna May Wann ('49) To: Susan Erickson Kuntz ('59) Is the next luncheon in Wenatchee planned yet? Want to get it on my calendar so Bomber friend and I can attend. To: Marilyn Baird Singletary ('61) How are you doing with the starting date of the Bay Area Bomber luncheons? Last we emailed it looked like you we're getting a good number to start. Re: Fife [aka Seattle Area] Bomber Luncheons Fife Bomber luncheons will be back in Fife September 15, 2002. The week after Club 40. Puget Sound Bombers and travelers mark your calendars. Re: All Bomber luncheons I'm willing to support any Bomber luncheon start- ups by email, attend others when I can. I have taken notes which have been edited by Maren of what I did to start Fife. The outline will help any Bomber get started. Commitment is the word most needed for on going Bomber luncheons. Contact me any time. Email any one of the Bombers above that you're interested in attending or if you want to help. Bomber cheers, -Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) ~ Browns Point, WA - The winds have been good to the sailors the last couple of nights. Usually I get to watch but instead had a delightful three hour sunset sail with my grandsons Jeremie 13 and Tristan 12 on the Lady Washington. Graceful lady she is we had fun with a crew singing to all of us. The crew works hard to give the passengers a lot of fun. Especially when they took her almost into a 360 turn. To see her go to -Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Fred Schafer ('63) Happy Birthday Ann Engel Schafer ('63) Like a fine wine you get better every year. The best years are ahead of you love fred -Fred Schafer ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: David Rivers ('65) Re: Birthday girl Da da da da da da da da dunt... da da da da da da da dunt...... Oh yes... another Bomber babe birthday! Love those Bomber babes and this one is a particular favorite... One a them there "gold medal" babes... course she's married to one of them there gold medal guys so... I mean... ya know what can ya say that's fit to print! She's one of those girls that you saw the first day you walked into Col-Hi and you just said "duh" tho no one said "duh" back then but in Mad Magazine they did have a guy that said "Daaawk" So maybe it was "Daaawk" that ya said back then... Anyway, I was a lowly Sophomore so it wasn't like I could walk right up to her and say: "Daaaaaaawk"... but I could watch her from afar and think it... So who is this lovely lady you ask? Well, duh... or daaaawk depending on your preference... It's Ann Engel Schafer (63) of course... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANN! (8/1) -David Rivers ('65) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) I would like to send a happy birthday greeting to a wonderful man. Who else ... but Dennis Haskins who is also a fellow classmate of 1966. I love you!!!!! -Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) ~ Richland ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Lynn-Marie Hatcher ('68) Re: Spokane area Bombers gathering Hi, all - I am gratified at the immediate e-mail responses I have received relative to beginning a gathering for Bombers in the Spokane area. Rather than write to each of you individually, I decided to post info here for now. We won't get started until September, but I would appreciate hearing from anyone else who wishes to be on the mailing list for date/time of the gathering. You can just e-mail me direct. My thoughts are for once every month or every other month. Any ideas you may have on this will be taken under advisement! Be seeing you soon - -Lynn-Marie Hatcher ('68) PS -- PLEASE be sure to include your name and class year in the e-mails you send to me. Right now I have several e-mail addresses without names associated. Thanks :-) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Betti Avant ('69) Re: vacation Look out Tri-Cities here I come. I leave today for the drive to the best place in the world, my home town of Richland. Vacation time is a fun time and this time around I get to meet a great niece, Idaly, daughter of Sarah Avant ('94) and granddaughter of Robert Avant ('69). -Betti Avant ('69) ~ Goodland, KS ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Art Schafer ('70) Re: Birthday Greetings To: Ann Engel Schafer ('63) Happy birthday to my #1 sister-in-law. You deserve the gold medal for putting up with Fred for all these years and for putting up with the rest of us as well. Hope you enjoy your day. -Art Schafer ('70) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jil Lytle Smith ('82) Class of '82's last Reunion planning meeting will be August 5th at 6:30pm. We will be finalizing everything so if you haven't mailed your registration packet please let me know as the last day for mailing registration was July 31st. If you still would like to attend but missed the date, you can email me or call me and we can work something out. I have been told some of the alumni think that the Friday night social is a freebie... IT IS NOT FREE FRIDAY! We are having it catered and your registration fee covers the Friday night social.. Upon entrance you will need to pick up your registration packets..... you can pay at the door but we prefer to have it all taken care of before the event. Email me at the above address for information. Looking forward to seeing you all there! Thanks, -Jil Lytle Smith ('82), Reunion Planning Committee Member *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/02-03-04/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers sent stuff: Ed Weasner ('51), Sandra Atwater ('51) Anita Hughes ('52), JD Boyd ('55) Barb Isakson ('58), Patti Jones ('60) Judy Willox ('61), Betty Noble ('63) Gary Behymer ('64), Linda Reining ('64) Mike Howell ('68WB), David Flaherty ('76) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY 8/2: Dennis Strege ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY 8/3: Larry Noble ('60) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY 8/3: George Horne, aka George Zielinski ('65) & Debra Anne Crane Horne ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY 8/4: Jim Heildebaugh ('65) ******************************************** ******************************************** 08/04 '58 Lunch - 1pm Francisco's, 3321 N. Court, Pasco ******************************************** ******************************************** GOING ON NOW - '52 Reunion ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ed Weasner ('51) To: Jack Dawson ('52) Re: Saturday Golf Scores Jack, You should be ashamed of yourself, not trusting your golfing classmates to give the correct score AND asking Dick to check them. Shame, shame, shame. By the way will you or "some one else" post the scores? Anyway have fun and if you come to the Club 40 in September, I'll see you then. Keep it clean!!! -Ed Weasner ('51) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Sandra Atwater Boyd ('51) and JD Boyd ('55) So glad that some of you Bombers enjoyed the Bleu Cheese Salad Dressing. Hoping all goes well for the class of '52 reunion this weekend. Talked to Jerry Boyd last night to wish him a happy 69th birthday. Sounds like they have a full schedule of events to keep them busy! Since so many enjoyed the recipe for the salad dressing that we sent in----here is another completely different one: BOYD'S FRENCH SALAD DRESSING 2 cups extra virgin olive oil l 1/2 cups seasoned rice vinegar 1 tsp. granulated garlic or garlic powder or salt 1/3 cup sugar 1 1/2 tsp. paprika 1 1/2 tsp.dry mustard 1/4 tsp. cayenne 6 drops of Tabasco 1 bay leaf Combine all of the above ingredients, leave the bay leaf whole. There are several different seasonings of the rice vinegar, whichever you like the best. -Sandra Atwater Boyd ('51) and JD Boyd ('55) ~ Palm Desert, CA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [French Dressing] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Anita Hughes Hogan ('52) Re: '52 Reunion Here's wishing all of the 1952 Bomber Class a wonderful 50th reunion!! I am sure it will be. "Hello" to those of you I know, and to all of those I did not get the chance to know. Also a very special thanks to Marc Hall ('02BBA) for all of updates on Chuck and Shirley Strege Bigelow ('54) - and pictures. It has been appreciated very much. -Anita Hughes Hogan ('52) ~ Siskiyou County in No. CA - where we are still "smoked in" from all the forest fires in Southern OR and No. CA. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Barb Isakson Rau ('58) Well Class of '58 its our Luncheon on August 4th this Sunday at Francisco's, 3321 Court, Pasco, WA. (in the same parking lot as of K-Mart on Court.) At 1:00pm and we are sitting in the bar area for the room. We had Burt Pierard ('59) our Club 40 President came to our luncheon last month. Would some of you other classes like to join us??? Would like you to join us if you do. Bomber cheers, -Barb Isakson Rau ('58) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) Re: Happy Birthday To: Sue Erickson Kuntz ('59) Happy Birthday The years seem to pass by so quickly until magical moments happen as it did in the recent time that you came to the Fife (Seattle) area luncheon. I think it was the month of March. Even after 41 some years of not seeing each, talking to one another, not knowing where each other was until the Sandstorm, it was if we had never been apart. I won't ever forget that magical moment that no years could have separated us. The endless talk, saying good-bye with more to talk about. True friendship has no beginning and no end. We Bombers really know the truth of friendship. Remember we are only as old as we think we are! The young spirit is what counts. Wishing you a magical year ahead in all you do and the Happiest Birthday ever. -Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) ~ Browns Point, WA - The wind has gone for a bit and the temperatures are dropping. What a weird summer we are having. Wonder if it will ever stay warm for a while? ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Judy Willox Hodge ('61) To: Bombers All, All Classes Recently we have seen an emergence in the Bomber Camp of people that we know would have made a grand Bomber and that we would have been proud to call a Bomber. We now are calling those people "Bomber's By Adoption". No longer do we think of these wonderful people as "WBs", which stood for "Wanna-Be's" or "Woulda-Beens". The "Woulda-Beens" are those who did not make it all the way through with us, but whom we still think of as one of us. Those who had to move away before they graduated from CHS/RHS. The "Wanna- Be's" I am not sure what category they would be in. However the "Bomber's By Adoption" we well know what category they are in. They are those that have taken the time to devote to the Bomber Camp that which they have given; their time, energy and caring for us. They have fully illustrated how much they care and how much they have embraced us. Recently we made a wonderful young man one of us by adoption, Marc Hall ('02BBA) for all his time and effort to make sure that we kept up with Charlie Bigelow's ('54) recovery and progress. Now I would like to have another adopted by us for all that he does for the Bombers and the help he gives me through everything that I do Bomber related. He is a Bomber at heart and loves this alumni. He wears the true Bomber shirts and hats, sports the Bomber license plate frames on his truck as well as the R/Cloud in his window and even has his very own Bomber alumni ring that he wears proudly! He has given voice to how the new Bombers should not erase the older Bombers' history and heritage as well as he taped that infamous school board meeting that covered that subject. He is a Bomber at heart and I would love to see him adopted into the Bomber Camp. He is none other then my loving husband and my Bomber partner, James M. Hodge, class of '71. Thank you, Honey, for all you are and all that you do for me and my Bomber friends! You are the greatest! And hey Bomber Ladies, he loves to dance and when I am busy at the reunions that I go to, I loan him out for dancing! Huh Maren? You will have to understand though that Maren always gets first choice! After all, she is our Queen! ;o) Bomber Cheers from Richland where the weather is beautiful and we are welcoming class of '52 to town for their reunion! I STILL DON'T HEAR YOU, CLASS OF '61! -Judy Willox Hodge (Classic Class of '61) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Betty Noble Giedd ('63) Re: for 8/1 A belated Happy Birthday to Ann Engel Schafer ('63). A good friend in high school and a wonderful friend now. To prove how great people are that are born on August 1st I added one of my own: Jason Unser, my youngest son. Happy (belated) to Jason! (I was expecting this to be in the Alumni Sandstorm today but I forgot it was sitting in my "mail waiting to be sent" file. So you see, I thought ahead but the follow through was too slow. Must have been the belated birthday dinner I went to last night with friends. DUH! Or would "Daaawk" be appropriate in this case David? For 8/3 Happy Birthday wishes to my brother Larry Noble ('60). Larry is 60 years old today and deserves the very best life can give him. He's a devoted husband to his beautiful bride, Mary and great father to 3 sons, 1 daughter, & a son-in-law. He doesn't stop there on gathering children. He has also been a mentor to my sons for all the years they have lived in the Tri- Cities and continues to support his children's friends in the true nature of how a father should be & can be. Larry allowed me to be a part of his life when most brothers would have never thought to ask their little sister along. He started teaching me about the great outdoors when he would let me go with him to the Wellsian Way "wilderness" area in our childhood. He taught me how to skip rocks at the banks of the Columbia below Howard Amon Park, and bow hunt in the back waters of the Yakima. Just to mention a few of many great times together. I consider myself special to be a part of his life. I looked up to Larry for advice & guidance. He's one of those special people that enter your life and you can only feel blessed he did. I know there are many of his classmates out there who will agree for they have told me so & they were along on a lot of those adventures. Larry: You have made the most of your 60 years & I wish for you many more wonderful years to come. Love, Babe -Betty Noble Giedd ('63) ~ Enjoying the warm breeze, soft sunshine, and aromatic scent of forest & flowers. Does it get any better than this? ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: Joy (?) Rides What famous Richlander uttered these words? "Nowhere in the world have so many people ridden so many buses such a long distance so consistently and uncomfortably, and seen so little and said nothing about it, as in Richland." P.S. Noticed that Richland has a junior American Legion team playing in Colfax, WA, this weekend. Any Richland Bomber parents or grandparents coming over for those games? -Gary Behymer ('64) ~ downtown Colfax, WA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining ('64) HAPPY BIRTHDAY Larry Noble ('60) from the little brat that lived next door to you on Rossell. *grin* -Linda Reining ('64) ~ Bakersfield, CA - still hot and the fires are still raging in the Lake Isabella area... figure the McNally fire will still burn for a few more weeks. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mike Howell ('68WB) Hi Group; By the time you are reading this, We (my wife and I) will be on our way to Reno, NV for Hot August Nights. Lots of Sun and Heat (YEAH) and all the Casinos. I am setting up the booth there and looking forward to it. I am going to miss my daily computer fix and all the email til I get back. When we return on the 13th I will catch up, before I check into the VA Hospital in Tacoma for six weeks. So I am going to be out of the chain for a while, but don't count me out just yet. I am coming back a completely different person. (I hope). Drop a word in for me to the great one. Talk to you all in October or so. -Mike Howell ('68WB) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: David Flaherty ('76) Re: Michael Peterson ('77) New Album I have had the opportunity to listen to Michael's new album. (His single "Modern Man" was the most added single [means that for that week "Modern Man" picked up the most radio stations to play it] on radio last week) First off the music stands alone as great, but to the "Richland" listener it is going to be even more enjoyable with it's references to streets in Richland, the Football team, Coach Covington, some folks by name etc. etc. Michael is such an amazing writer and performer. I hope and believe that this new one will excite the nation like his first one did and we will see some more #1's coming off it. It should be out in the next couple of months but I would suggest that you who enjoy country music call your radio stations and request "Modern Man" for your own enjoyment as well as giving our classmate as much assistance we can. Best of luck Michael.... -David Flaherty ('76) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/05/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff: Anna May Wann ('49), Mike Clowes ('54) Dave Henderson ('60), Betty Noble ('63) Gary Behymer ('64), Shirley Collings ('66) Pam Ehinger ('67), Jil Lytle ('82) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Yesterday: Susan Erickson Kuntz ('59) ******************************************** ******************************************** 08/05 6:30pm ~ '82 Reunion Planning Meeting Email Jil Lytle Smith ('82) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ann Thompson, aka Anna May Wann ('49) Re: Battleground Picnic - August 10th Plans are going great and reservations are starting to come in. Wont you please join us? If you cant for the whole day - just drop by and say hello. -Ann Thompson, aka Anna May Wann ('49) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) Attention All Bombers (Class of '82 excepted) A friendly reminder that this coming Saturday, August 10, 2002, a picnic will be held at the Battleground, WA, State Park. Any and all Bombers, wives, sweethearts, significant others, children and grand-children are invited. In particular, those Bombers living in and around the Portland/Vancouver (USA) area. The geographic limits are only what you are comfortable driving. If I had my Washington State Highway map handy, I could give you the exact Exit numbers off I-5. If you are coming from the north, you will want to get off at the Battleground Exit (may also be State Route 502), and follow the signs to Battleground, and then to the State Park. If you are coming from south of Portland, I would reluctantly recommend taking I-205 and get off on State Route 503, then follow the signs. There is construction on I-5 in Portland in and around the Rose Center complex, and it maybe closed. Portland area people will know how to get around that mess. And, please, do check-in with Ann Thompson, aka Anna Mae Wann ('49) to let her know who, and how many in your party will be coming. That way, there should be sufficient hamburgers and hot dogs for all. Do bring something to drink, eat off of (and with), and, perhaps a dish to share with others. Now Ann and Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) may wonder why I have taken it upon myself to exempt the Class of '82; according to the "new and improved" Bomber Calendar ( they are having a reunion that weekend. Something tells me their planning doesn't include the picnic (which means more for the rest of us). Bomber Cheers, -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) ~ from slightly damp Albany, OR P.S. Great job of perseverance and patience done by Maren in getting through the latest computer fizzle. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dave Henderson ('60WB) Re: Happy Birthday To: All Bombers born in the month of August I wish you a "Happy Birthday". For those special Bombers, born in 1941, I send you a hearty "Happy Birthday". We only have one more year to early retirement. -Dave Henderson ('60WB) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Betty Noble Giedd ('63) Re: Alumni Sandstorm entry for 8/4 Happy Birthday to Jim Heidlebaugh ('65)... a very special guy and good friend. -Betty Noble Giedd ('63) ~ Visiting with older brother Dan ('58), who rolled into our fair community tonight after gold panning in "them thar hills!" ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: Stephanie Kleren ('02) new Sonics cheerleader -Gary Behymer ('64) ~ Colfax, WA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) Scanned from the 7/28/02 Tri-City Herald ~ Steve Stull ('69) Makes Cut at Sr. British Open -Shirley Collings Haskins ~ ('66) ~ Richland ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Pam Ehinger Nassen ('67 Re: Judy Willox Hodge's ('61) husband James ('71BBA) He is a great guy and he did the running for Judy while she was tied up to the table at our Class Reunion! The Blue Ribbon Class of 67! So I'm all in favor of making James a BBA!! Hip Hip Hurray! Bombers Rule -Pam Ehinger Nassen (The Blue Ribbon Class of '67) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: '82 Reunion Planning Committee Final Class of '82 Reunion Meeting is Monday August 5th at 6:30pm. Please get all your registration packets in immediately. We need to turn in our count on Wednesday! Looking forward to seeing you all there. The committee has put in a lot of time and effort into making this a successful reunion. Hope to see you there. Your '82 reunion Committee: Heidi Hogan Gottshalk Tracey Wood Peloquin Teresa Dunham Johnson Craig Hall Jil Lytle Smith *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/06/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers and 1 funeral notice today: Anna May Wann ('49), Dorothy Keys ('52) Hugh Hinson ('52), Jack Dawson ('52) Marilyn Devine ('52), Cheryl Moran ('66) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Caroline Westover Gerneglia ('52) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Kay Lynch O'Shea ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mike Sheeran ('66) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ann Thompson, aka Anna May Wann ('49) Re: Battleground picnic A large portion of my entry was left off. I feel it is necessary for the following information to appear. We have plates and napkins being furnished. All you need to bring is your own pop to drink. So far we have 2 desserts and 2 salads, all of the condiments for the hamburgers and hot dogs. We could use some more desserts, salads, chips, veggies, deviled eggs, etc. Take your pick and let me know what you are bringing. Remember there is no electricity. Dont forget your swim suits if you want to swim. From the South take exit 9 off of I-5, follow the signs to Battleground drive through the city and follow the signs to the park. From the North take exit 14 off of I-5 and follow the directions above. All roads lead to the park. Please try to get there before noon as the parking fills up if it is a nice summer day. To: Ed Borasky ('59) Where is your reservation for the picnic? To: Marji Brewder Brown (69) How about coming to our picnic also? -Ann Thompson, aka Anna May Wann ('49) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dorothy Keys Harding ('52) Re: birthday greetings Is it too late to get birthday greetings in for tomorrow, 8/6? If not I'd like to have birthday wishes extended to Caroline Westover Gerneglia ('52). Thanks. -Dorothy Keys Harding ('52) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Hugh Hinson ('52) To: All reunion class mates of 1952 What a great reunion we had this past week-end. It was great to see all of you and my wife and I really enjoyed ourselves. Looking forward to another one in 5 years. Take care all of you and we'll meet again. Hugh and Dorothy Hinson -Hugh Hinson ('52) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jack Dawson ('52) Re: 1952 class reunion golf I know that Steve Stull posted a great come-from- behind charge at the European senior tournament and that Tiger shot a 81 in England but the really big news on the golf front is the results of the 002 scramble in the desert. We had to sift through hundreds of applications to get the cream of the crop of a truly amazing group. Only 20 persons of quality made the final cut. Team #1 Hugh Hinson, Bill Zilar, Bill Large, Vern VanDusen Team #2 LuAnn Binns, Bob Duvall, Dave Rhodes, Alice Rhodes. Team #3 Don Lyall, JoAnn Lyall, Jack Dawson, Jack Young. Team #4 Lois Wagner, Tom Hoag, Mary McMillin, Darrell Goldsmith. Team #5 Dick Lewis, Lurene Bernhart, Sally Ann Morris, Bob Potter The winner Team #4 ---- (it was noticed each of our three field marshals had their tabs taken care of for the three days of the reunion but who's watching) At this time I would like to thank our field marshals for their dedication to their duties and I am very glad that the young lady who drove around the course selling cold beverages had a very fast cart so she could avoid the many hazards she encountered. Take a bow (take a look at the dictionary) Jim Blake, Ev Waining, Jerry Boyd. You added greatly to the fun of the day. The K.P's and longest drives were won by Tom Hoage, Don Lyall, Dave Rhodes and Jack Young. Congratulations... they were really very good shots. Too bad we didn't have a way to measure the most consistent putter of the day. My vote goes to JoAnn Lyall who saved our bacon time and again. The breakfast gallery who at times seemed to be indifferent to the event that was unfolding before them. Thanks to Ron Snow and Jim Davis who came out to protect the best looking bunch of ladies to grace the West Richland Golf Club in a very long time. A great day with good friends. -Jack Dawson ('52) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Marilyn "Em" DeVine Dow ('52) Many heartfelt thanks to that superb committee who put together the 50th Reunion for the great class of '52!!! It was a wonderful, fun-filled weekend. Fifty years... wow, so much has happened during that time and yet it was as if the years melted away, allowing for the renewing of old friendships with an ease I would never have thought possible. There is never enough time to catch up with everyone, and I'm especially sorry I didn't get time with Betty Connor Sansom and Doug Sansom. Hey, Betty, would it be okay if I drive down for a quick visit one weekend soon? Maybe toward the end of September? I've promised myself I'd go to the Maryhill Museum, and you are on the way, aren't you? I'll drive my RV and maybe bring some grand-kids. Just another month and we'll be enjoying more visiting during CLUB 40!! What a great way to finish up the summer! Again, special THANK YOU's to all who made the weekend so incredible! -Marilyn "Em" DeVine Dow ('52) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Cheryl Moran Fleming ('66) Jim and I attended a wedding on Saturday. At the reception dinner, we ended up at a table with a '73 Bomber. Instantly we had things to talk about. -Cheryl Moran Fleming ('66) ******************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Funeral Notice scanned from the TCHerald >>Ron Gaines ~ Class of '62 ~ 1/23/43 - 8/2/02 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/07/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff: Mike Clowes ('54), Brad Wear ('71) Mike Davis ('74), Kim Edgar ('79) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER ANNIVERSARY TODAY: Fred & Ann Engle Schafer ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) To: Jack Dawson ('52) Then there was no truth to the report that surfaced on both NWCN and Fox Northwest Sports that the official scorekeeper of the golf tournament was a former Arthur Anderson employee. To: Hugh Hinson ('52) Hope you're not to tired from the "Scramble in the Desert" to make it to the Battleground Picnic this Saturday. If you are, that's understandable considering. Bomber Cheers -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) ~ in slightly soggy Albany, OR ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Brad Wear ('71) To: All prior, and current Marines, and AmeriCal Division members: August 7th is the 60th anniversary of the first offensive land battle of WWII., the Battle of Guadal Canal, one of the most defining battles fought during WWII. It was also the battle that earned the AmeriCal Division the right /honor not to be called "Doggies" by Marines. Clem Parkhurst ( Alan '71 and Nora '73's dad) was a participant and a great influence on me to join the Corps. Where did the name AmeriCal come from? and what is their other non-battle claim to fame? -Brad Wear ('71) ~ Richardson, TX - where we've only seen 100 once. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis ('74) Hey, my friend, Brad Upton ('74) told me that the 28th year reunion for the Class of '74 was to be held at the Frontier Tavern last Saturday night, August 3rd. I went down there but nobody was there! What gives, Brad? The only thing going on down there that night was Boog Alley ("73) playing Hendrix on the small stage with four or five middle-aged women throwing their undergarments at him! -M. Davis (74) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Kim Edgar Leeming ('79) Re: mosquito spraying Hi All, We just got back from camping in Leavenworth. The first morning we were there, (about 5:45am) we awoke to a helicopter overhead flying back and forth for twenty minutes or so, it was so close we thought it was going to crash. To our surprise, it flying just at the top of the trees, spraying for mosquitoes (whatever it used, it was clear, no fog). I have to admit that it brought back memories of the days as a kid, when we would run through the fog behind mosquito truck. Have a great day! -Kim Edgar Leeming ('79) ~ Poulsbo, WA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [You ARE aware that the West Nile Virus is spreading fast?? One confirmed case in WA (the guy came from Louisiana)... Wonder if they were spraying for that reason? -Maren] *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/08/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers sent stuff: Carol Black ('48), Cliff Judd ('49) Emajean Stone ('63), Donna Fredette ('65) Jeff Curtis ('69), Art Schafer ('70) Carol Boyd ('72), Greg Alley ('73) Brad Upton ('74) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: W. Gordy Edgar ('78) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Carol Black Foster ('48) Re: Battleground Picnic Saturday - 8/10/02 I am planning to drive to Battleground for the picnic Saturday and have 2 seats available in my car if anyone on the East side wants to ride along. Email me if you want to go with us. -Carol Black Foster ('48) ~ Bellevue, WA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Cliff Judd ('49) To: Brad Wear (71) Re: AmeriCal. The American Division, Could it be Cavalry??? The 1st Sqd, 1st Cav. F Troop, 8th Cav. F Troop, 17th Cav I really don't know. Just guessing... -Cliff Judd ('49) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Emajean Stone ('63) Just a short note to let all the Bombers in Silicon Valley know that this Saturday (8/10/02) at the San Jose Jazz Festival on the main stage in front of the Fairmont Hotel in Caesar Chavez Park, our own Larry Coryell ('61) will be performing at 4:00pm. Hope to see some Bombers there. -Emajean Stone ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Donna Fredette ('65) Re: Miss Swain (RIP) I was sorry to hear of the passing of Miss Swain as we called her in High School. I remember taking a class from her and sewing a beautiful blue wool dress even though I couldn't sew a stitch by myself. I never did like sewing but somehow I made that dress in her class! I have always remembered the wonderful "tea" that she gave for us at the end of the year. She wanted us to learn how to give a perfect "tea" and she served little tea cakes and it was wonderful! My best to her family. Re: Mosquitoes Also I wanted to pass on to everyone that taking extra B vitamins can keep mosquitos from biting. The whole B complex everyday and lemon oil also can ward them off. It is always something, and the West Nile Virus is the next thing that we can all worry about. So take your B's! I also remember running behind the mosquito truck with everyone else in the neighborhood on Chestnut Street! But, I never got very far because I got the worst nose bleeds from the chemicals so I had to go inside and watch TV! I never thought we would go back to those days but it looks as if it is coming to that again! I think most diseases that mosquitos carry we thought were eradicated but here we go again! So get out the mosquito repellent, lemon oil and B vitamins. Does anyone else know of anything that repels mosquitoes? Bomber Cheers, -Donna Fredette ('65) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jeff Curtis ('69) Re: Rock of Ages Some folks play golf (Steve Stull ('69), some play poker (Bob Thorson or Len Paris ('69), some hike, bike or rollerblade (probably those from classes '75 and higher). Some never learn. That may apply to us. We play in a band. The link included here points to my band's website which just proves how un-photogenic we all are. Nonetheless, we are all (with one exception) RHS grads and therefore reserve the right to foist anything even remotely pertinent upon the Sandstorm habituals. Mitch Huntley ('72), his big brother Scott Huntley ('69), Mark Schmale ('69) and I (again '69) all walked the hallowed halls, were sprayed by the mosquito man, pulled goat heads from our tires and our feet, stared at the summer through bloodshot, chlorinated eyeballs and partook in all that was the norm for a kid growing up in the All-American Atomic City. Even the BBA "Robo" is firmly associated with E. WA as a grad of Wazzu and actually spends more time in Richland these days than any of the rest of us in his capacity as a state Dept. of Health radiological expert. Anyway... Dudes, we rock! Or at least try. Those living in or planning to be in the greater Seattle area in mid-September can click on the site's "Appearances" link and note that we have a couple of upcoming performances that are totally catchable. If you do happen to stumble into one of these events, don't be shy. Come up and say howdy. We will sign autographs. Even if not asked. -Jeff Curtis ('69) ~ Seattle, WA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Art Schafer ('70) To: Fred and Ann Engel Schafer ('63) Happy 38th Anniversary! Wow! Hope your next 38 years work out as well. Best wishes from warm & muggy Lake Charles, LA. -Art Schafer ('70) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Carol Boyd Breckenfeld ('72WB) To: Steve Carson ('58) I live in what is considered a Chicago suburb, Lake Geneva, WI. I would love to get together with any Bombers in the Chicago/Milwaukee area. Feel free to email me with any time and place! -Carol Boyd Breckenfeld ('72WB) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Greg Alley ('73) To: Mike Davis ('74) That was not me at the Frontier but I am left handed and I do like Hendrix. I heard your good friend Brad may be coming back to town for a show. You may want to get your crow bar and open up your wallet and come and see some real entertainment. I hope you have not brought the West Nile Virus back from Arkansas as some of your entries have been a little cloudy. -Greg Alley ('73) ~ comfortable Richland - where 100 the whole month of July was not comfy. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Brad Upton ('74) To: Mike Davis ('74) I'm so sorry I stood you up. I got booked short notice on an Alaskan Cruise with Norwegian. I'm currently writing this email from crew quarters in the bowels of the ship while docked in Skagway, AK. I performed on the first night of the cruise and right after I leave the stage Carla Delvin ('77) and her new husband stop me and talk for awhile. I then headed up to the buffet (jealous Mike?) and run in to Don Draper ('70) and his wife! Bombers everywhere! Gotta go, it ain't exactly cheap emailing from the boat. -Brad Upton ('74) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/09/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers sent stuff: Tom Hughes ('56), John Worrell ('59) Sandra Genoway ('62), Joe Ford ('63) Patti Snider ('65), Tedd Cadd ('66) Dave Miller ('67), Karen Schildknecht ('67) Mike Franco ('70), Brad Wear ('71) Barb Belcher ('72), Kim Edgar ('79) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY 08/07: Michael Peterson ('77) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Tom Hughes ('56) To: Brad Upton ('74) Congratulations on being selected to go to Las Vegas for the Comedy Seminar. My nephew (Lenora's ('55) son), Chuck Bejarano, was the guy running around with the camera at the Seattle try outs. He was born in Richland and lived there for several years. He tried to get time to get to talk with you but he was pretty busy. Maybe he will see you in Vegas. Good luck. -Tom Hughes ('56) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: John Worrell ('59) DATE: 7/25/02 To: Glen Rose ('58) Re: Mystery Picture #3 I forgot to mention: The concrete targets were located off of Bombing Range Road, above West Richland. -John Worrell ('59) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Sandra Genoway Re: Mosquito repellents To: Donna Fredette ('65) Hikers and mountain climbers like "Cutters" insect repellent; I have heard on the news, lately, that anything with a level 10 - 12 deet is the best for mosquitoes. Use something with a less amount of deet, below 10, for children. -Sandra Genoway, aka Sandra Jeneaue ('62) ~ Edmonds, WA where we are starting to warm up today. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Joe Ford ('63) Re: AmeriCal Division (AKA 23rd Infantry Division) The American Forces in New Caledonia Division was created during WWII as an infantry force in the South Pacific. It's unit patch is the Southern Cross. I believe it's the Army's only named division. Colin Powell was once its commanding general when the AmeriCal was in Vietnam. Former Lt. Governor and US Representative Joel Pritchard was with the AmeriCal in the South Pacific. At least two Richlanders; Art Nelson ('64), and yours truly ('63), served in the AmeriCal in Vietnam. -Joe Ford (GMC '63) ~ Olympia, WA - where summer's back for a few days ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Patti Snider Miller ('65) To: Jeff Curtis ('69) I looked up your band's website. Now I see who you are... as you are much younger than I and didn't know you at RHS :) Too bad you guys aren't booked over here in Richland somewhere. Do you have any CDs out? Re: Miss Swain (R.I.P.) To: Donna Fredette ('65) Yes, Donna, Miss Swain was awesome. I remember I made a pink double breasted suit (like one Jackie Kennedy wore), and I was a little slow in getting it done in time. She had me go over to her house two different week-ends to finish the suit. She wouldn't let me work on it at home. She fixed us a very nice lunch on this beautiful china, had tea also. At the time I felt like a queen. Yes, I finished it on time and appreciated her help. Her adopted daughter, Yvonne, was very nice too. My condolences to her family... I will always remember her. Bomber Cheers, -Patti Snider Miller ('65) ~ Richland - where it is 86... perfect!!!!! ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Tedd Cadd ('66) Re: AmeriCal 1. Americans in New Caledonia = AmeriCal 2. It is the only Division with a name instead of a number. -Tedd Cadd ('66) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dave Miller ('67) To: Emajean Stone ('63) Thank you Emajean for mentioning the San Jose Jazz Festival this weekend and the fact that Larry Coryell ('61) will be back again at 4pm Saturday. San Jose Jazz Festival is the largest free Jazz festival in the USofA, if I can believe the esteemed San Jose Mercury, our local news paper. I will see you there and I hope other Bombers will be there too. {WEAR BOMBER APPAREL] Sorry I missed the Class of '67 reunion as I had only started a new job three and a half months ago and couldn't get any more time off. My wife and I will be in Maui for our 25th anniversary 9/7 to 9/21 and good old Rick Maddy ('67) will not be there to show me the sights as he did two years ago and I was going to teach him to snorkel the next time. Speaking of Rick where are you now? I haven't seen any of your messages in a while. So Wild Bill Wingfield ('67) you were saying bad things about me and Don at the reunion. Well I hope you have an overabundance of ear wax and navel lint in the near future. Emajean and I hope to see any other Bay area Bombers at the San Jose Jazz Festival. -Dave Miller ('67) ~ You know Mrs. Latta (9th grade) always said my punctuation wasn't worth diddley squat. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Karen Schildknecht Mateo ('67) To: The Davis family Please accept my sincere condolences on the unexpected passing of your husband and father. Mike, you were so lucky to have gone on that vacation with your folks... those memories of your dad and the happy times you had must be so very helpful to you now. Please know my prayers are with you all at this time. -Karen Schildknecht Mateo ('67) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mike Franco ('70) To: Brad Upton ('74) How did you know it was DON Draper???? Just checkin'. -Mike Franco ('70) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Brad Wear ('71) The AmeriCal Division was formed in '42 from units from America and New Caledonia thus the AmeriCal Division. They are also the only Division that does not carry a numerical designation. They arrived on Guadal Canal and were fed into the Marine lines within five hours of hitting the beach, they turned the tide of battle in their first action. -Brad Wear ('71) ~ Semper Fi ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Barb Belcher Valinske (72) To: Jennifer Harden ('96) Happy Belated Birthday! You are now a quarter of a century old! Sorry to be late, but was out of town fishing at Twin Lakes - will fix you a trout dinner if you'd like! -Mom -Barb Belcher Valinske (72) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Kim Edgar Leeming ('79) To: Michael Peterson ('77) Mike, happy belated birthday, (Aug 7th) Last night as I was driving home from work, I heard on the radio (KMPS) that Michael Peterson has been added (amongst other well-known singers) to the "KMPS Country Fest". It will held at the new Seahawk Stadium - Tuesday, August 20, 2002 5:00PM. KMPS hasn't updated it's website to include Michael's name yet, but if you'd like tickets, here is the website link: All proceeds from Country-Fest will go to benefit Pediatric Oncology Research at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Help kids fight cancer... and catch some great music at the same time! Re: County Fairs With all the county fairs coming up Statewide & Nationwide, thought it would be a way for Bombers all around to connect. Most Fairs have Carnival rides, how about if your a Bomber, hang around the Ferris Wheel around 7:30 pm (whatever night you are there), if you have a Bomber T-shirt wear it so your easy to spot, if not be creative. Anyway here is the link for the Benton County Fair: It will be on August 20th-24th. (I may be in town that weekend, if so, I'll be at the Ferris Wheel, Friday or Saturday, hope to see some of you!) Bomber Cheers! -Kim Edgar Leeming ('79) - Poulsbo, WA *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/10/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff: Ray Gillette ('49), Dick Pierard ('52) Mike Clowes ('54), Mary Ray ('61) Sheila Davis ('71), Tedi Parks ('76) April Miller ('92), Mandy Holmes ('97) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY 08/08: Jennifer Harden ('96) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Yesterday: Gay Wear Miller ('69) 08/09 thru 8/10 -- '82 Reunion ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ray Gillette ('49) Very much saddened to hear about the passing of one of my classmates from the class of 1949. Jerome "Jerry" Dunn has been a good friend for more than 53 years. When I would make one of my many trips to Richland during the '80s and wanted to look up my friends Ray King (RIP) and Jerry Dunn I would head to one of the watering holes at Uptown Richland (Town Crier) at quitting time in the afternoon and would usually find Ray and Jerry there sipping a "cool one". Now that Jerry had "joined" Ray, I certainly hope that they are (again) renewing their friendship. Also wish to send condolences to Jerry's spouse of more than fifty years, Rose, and the rest of his family. -Ray Gillette ('49) ~ hot Phoenix, AZ - where we need rain and less heat. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick Pierard ('52) I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed our class of 1952 reunion last weekend. I was only able to be around briefly but it was a memorable occasion, and I appreciated seeing people that I had not seen for many years. Also, it is a great to have a standing pad in town again, now that brother Burt ('59) has reclaimed the old family homestead on Torbett St. We can be assured that Club 40 is now in good hands with a resident prexy. In fact, the two of us had a great time digging around in library collections together, and finding stuff about our early history. There is far more material available than I had imagined. One thing we accomplished was to put to rest the Day's Pay myth. Funding the construction of that B-17 by Boeing in July 1944 was a venture of the Hanford construction camp and mainly supported by the building trades. Richland Village had little involvement in the venture, other than probably some of the people donated money to it. Another thing we turned up in an early 1943 document was that the planned new school was to be called Columbia River High School. But the "river" part must have been dropped almost immediately, as we never saw it again in any subsequent material, and it would just be Columbia High. Also I looked at Villager Editor Paul Nissen's memo to Col. Matthias about the streets being named after army engineers. [] That is an informative document (photocopy in Richland Public Library, with a scan on our site) but I am still curious as to where he found the information that he submitted to Matthias. Anyway, the old '52ers had a good time, and there are still lots of us around. -Dick Pierard ('52) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, AKA Mike Clowes ('54) Re: 3000 Area There was a question asked a few days ago about the 3000 Area. If memory serves, wasn't the warehouse/motor pool/bus lot area along the by-pass between the Jadwin junction and North Richland? May have also included the steam plant in North Richland Bomber Cheers -Bob Carlson, AKA Mike Clowes ('54) - Heigh ho, Heigh Ho, it's off to Battleground we go! ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mary Ray Henslee ('61) A few Factoids that may be of interest. Re: Mosquitoes Only female mosquitoes bite and only the females of a few species attack, so things could be worse. I read that sun screen provides protection, which might be a safer alternative for children. Re: Chinooks In Rocky Mountain country, the warm westerly wind called a Chinook was so named because it always seemed to come from near the mouth of the Columbia River where the Chinook Indians camped. That's all I know for today! Looking forward to the new TV program coming up this fall called American Dreams. I think there are going to be other new shows this fall based on the fifties and sixties, but I can't remember their names off hand. Pray for protection of our country from further attack. -Mary Ray Henslee ('61) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Karen Davis Scheffer('76) Hello it's been a long time for me to visit this site... I have missed it. I imagine Mike let everyone know about the loss of our Dad, Norm Davis. Thanks already to the many that who written, called or dropped by with sympathies for my Mom, Billie [BJ] and the rest of us... it is greatly appreciated. Dad was the best... they couldn't of come any better. As kids growing up... we were blessed being guided by him. So many values were gained just by being a part of this family that he reared. He unconditionally loved all of us so fervently... next to Billie, his lady, us kids and then grand kids and a great granddaughter, were his life. I recall growing up and all my friends would talk about things they had or places they went and I thought wow they were rich and so fortunate. It wasn't until later in my life did I realize... no, I and my siblings were the rich ones and so very fortunate because we had acquired such an incredible foundation of good values, morals, integrity but foremost, love from our daddy. He set such an amazing example of a husband, friend, worker, brother, son, grandpappa and primarily a father. His love was never ending... even when we had done wrong... and knew it... daddy was there and stood beside us... or in my case, many times in front of me or backing me up completely. He protected me in so many ways... never wanting me to get hurt. There were times when I did fall... and it wasn't any time at all that he was there helping me up. No greater love could be felt each time I walked into his home and nothing felt better than to have his great big arms holding me and not ever letting go... yesterday, he had to let go and I know that now he has given me the reins that I can go at it alone and that although he is not here physically with us... he is still beside me and I will, in time, smile knowing he is up there with the "Bear" ('72RIP) smiling down at us... probably tipping a beer together... wondering if the Bombers will ever be the mighty team they once were... but thank God that we all have been blessed with his presence and his time that the good Lord gave him here with us. He will be missed by so many and time won't ease that pain, but as with the loss of "Bear"... we will move on. Thanks again Bombers and I ask that you keep my Mom, Billie, and the rest of the Davis family in your prayers. -Karen Davis Scheffer('76) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Tedi Parks Teverbaugh ('76) I just wanted to extend my heartfelt sympathy to the Davis Family (B.J. (Bomber Mom), Sheila ('71), Mike ('74), Karen ('76), and "Wig" & "Jumbo" ('82), and their families) in the loss of Norm Davis. He was a quality guy... A genuine, solid man of integrity. We'll miss him. -Tedi Parks Teverbaugh ('76) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: April Miller ('92) Just wanted to say Happy (Belated) Birthday to Michael Peterson ('77). Please come to Spokane for a concert : ) -April Miller ('92) ~ Spokane, WA - where it is 85 and unusually 'cold' this time of year!! ha ha ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mandy Holmes Taylor ('97) Hello all Bombers (and those related to or associated in any way with Bombers)! I've been catching up on the Sandstorms and just wanted to thank everyone for keeping in touch this way. It's always nice to hear what's going on in Richland and to hear people's takes on different subjects. Re: Looking for Mitch Pickett ('97) I'm looking for a classmate of mine that I can't seem to find anywhere. His name is Mitch Pickett, from the class of '97. I lost touch with him about four years ago and it's like he's vanished. If anyone knows how I can get in touch with him, please email me. Re: Leslie Road Also, does anyone know when Leslie Road was built in South Richland? I grew up in a development called Canyon Terrace down the hill from Badger Mountain Elementary and can vaguely recall Leslie Road being built when I was in first grade, or somewhere around there. That was 1985-1986...I'm writing a personal history and just want to get the time line right. Thanks for your help! Green and gold veins run deep! Bomber cheers, -Mandy Holmes Taylor ('97) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/11/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff: Marguerite Groff ('54), Kathy Lamb ('62) David Rivers ('65), Tim Van Doren ('75) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Marguerite Groff Tompkins ('54) To: Class of '54 Well, here I go again, logging on to send sad news. I wanted you to know that Jerry Swain's ('54) wife, Janice LaRayne Swain ('56 - Kennewick High), passed away August 3rd. Her Memorial Service, August 7 in Tacoma. Her obituary was in the TCH on 8/7. I have Jerry's address and information about memorials. If you email me, I'll send whatever information you want. I'm trying to get in touch with Jerry's brother to confirm the address. That's why it's taken me so long to get this news to you. Someone send in some happy news for all of us, please!! One thing: Club 40 is coming up. Of course, yours truly hasn't signed up yet but I have the registration ready to put in the mail. It'll go out Monday. See you there!! {Remember, if you want to go on the 100B Reactor tour, applications for that *MUST* be received by 8/28 -Maren] -Marguerite Groff Tompkins ('54) ~ Richland - where it's currently 85 in the shade of my patio roof. I love this kind of weather. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Kathy Lamb Brown ('62) Re: Birthday Celebration Notice!! My brother, Mac and I are planning a celebration for Mom's (Kay Lamb - L & C 4th grade teacher) 90th birthday. The best way to let any and all those from Bomberville who may remember her and would like to say hello is through our wonderful Sandstorm. She is doing ever so well, still living in our house on Craighill. The celebration will be at the new Community Center in Howard Amon Park in the Activity Room, Sat. Aug. 24, from 2:00-5:30 PM. Drop by and tell her "HI". She will remember you - Mac and I rely on her memory when we have our senior moments - and will love seeing you. So neighbors, students, co-teachers, church folks, and friends -- we look forward to seeing you. -Kathy Lamb Brown ('62) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: David Rivers ('65) Re: I hate it when I do stupid things Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh, sorry but I just had to borrow that line... Do you know how carefully I try to make sure I remember birthdays????? Do you know that Heidlebaugh ('65) and I were at our Saturday Donut Delinquents last weekend and I didn't remember to say: "hey tomorrow is your birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY"... Oh nooooooooo I was too absorbed in the new t-shirts he designed for the DDs... all the guys loved them... especially Pete, whose car adorns the charter T-shirt. I was too busy taking order for the shirts and enjoying my breakfast and talking about who was going to Speed Week and all that other stuff!!!!!!! When our new project was delivered, did I say... Jimmy... yesterday was your birthday... how was it?... No... we just jumped in that little two seater and roared off with huge grins on our faces and bugs in out teeth (the windshield is about chest high)... No I just did what I always do when Jim and I are together... Cherished his company and had a blast. So for my thoughtlessness, Jimmy I say I am sorry. For our friendship I say Thank you. For your birthday I say... Oh... didn't I tell you? Those Speedweek plaques and Muroc tags were your birthday present... Geeeeeeeeeeeeeez don't think I forgot do you... Oh yeah... and the Von Dutch gearshift knob and pin striping box... they are your presents too... ha ha sure fooled you... boy did I put one over on you... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMEEEEEEGO (go ahead and cry messrs Brigs and Maruca... I butchered it then and I still can't speak it fer... squat). -David Rivers ('65) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Tim Van Doren ('75) To: The Norm Davis (RIP) Family Even though I'm a long-lost family acquaintance (like 25 years), I want to extend my condolences to you quality folks after reading about your father. We lost my dad, the Reverend Gerald, on July 30th very suddenly after a seemingly successful open heart surgery. This is easily the toughest, saddest time that my family's been through. But what great accomplishments our dads have achieved if we really take the time to stand back and look at the things they did with their lives. Pretty inspirational stuff and a tough act to follow, but one that we need to follow if we want to keep adding to those accomplishments. Your family is in my prayers. -Tim Van Doren ('75) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/12/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff: Wanda Davidson ('56), Steve Carson ('58) Larry Mattingly ('60), Patti Jones ('60) John Campbell ('63), Kathy O'Neil ('63) Beth Young ('81), Teresa Dunham via Heidi Hogan ('82) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Wanda Davidson Turner ('56) Re: Mrs. Lamb's birthday Party 8/24/02 - 2-5:30pm My best to Mrs. Lamb on her 90th birthday. She was my 4th grade teacher at Lewis & Clark. I have very fond memories, and pictures, of that year. -Wanda Davidson Turner ('56) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Steve Carson ('58) To: Marguerite Groff Tompkins ('54) A short note of greeting. I have been back to Richland a couple of times over the past two years and it is always nice to see your Mom's Library at the RLC. My Mom is still in Richland and I saw Phil and Dorothy on a Seattle trip this Spring. 85 in the shade (but its dry) sounds nice. It is 90 in Chicago with 50% Humidity but lots to do. Be well. -Steve Carson ('58) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Larry Mattingly ('60) Chomp, chomp. Here I am with 2 of my favorite things. Alumni Sandstorm and cucumbers and onions steeped in seasoned rice vinegar for a couple of hours in the refrigerator. The cukes are fresh picked from the garden and the WW Sweet onions are from a mysterious benefactor who left a 25 lb bag on my back porch sometime during the past 9 days while I was in Fargo ND at a fireworks convention. I have nine days of the "Storm" to catch up on. I/we have the ever- diligent Maren to thank for the "Storm". We all too often take for granted our ability to push a couple of buttons and be in contact with friends and acquaintances. To read of their past and present, their successes, pains, memories and families, along with current news. It is a simple thing to remember them in our prayers. It is also a simple matter to say THANKS Maren for making all of this possible. You are a special and dear person and we owe you much. Re: Larry Noble ('60) Congratulations to Larry Noble on his 60th. Larry doesn't know it but he has a particular distinction in my life. I grew up to around 7-8 years old not having met another person named Larry. I knew several Bills and lots of Jims, Jerrys and so on, but no Larry. I can't remember why after all these years, but I do clearly remember the joy at meeting another Larry (Noble). Thanks Larry. Re: Busy The last three months have been some of the busiest in my memory. I managed to hurriedly read the Alumni Sandstorm with no time to sit down and answer or comment. 75 days and nights on the road since March, including the orient, a short stop in Hawaii (all business), the Southwest, Midwest and several trips to Alaska. I did take time for a short visit with number 2 daughter Sandra in Honolulu. She is enjoying her position as Special Assistant to the President of Hawaii Sports Broadcasting. This coming Wed. I am off again to Alaska for 17 days. I will be teaching pyro classes, meeting with prospective clients and firing displays for the State Fair in Palmer. Then I am off again to national fire code meetings and will be in San Diego in late Sept. for American Pyro Assoc. I am going to try to make one day of Club 40. But I digress too much..... Re: Charlie Bigelow ('54) Congratulations to Charlie for his near miraculous recovery from the crash. Having had a close friend in a "turtle shell" for several months after reconstructive surgery and helping to provide home care for her at night for several weeks 3 years ago, I can still only barely imagine what you must be going through. I hope it helps you to know that all those Bombers, some who you haven't even met, are pulling and praying for you. Re: The Good Life My commiserations and prayers go out to all those who have lost loved ones and friends. How we dislike these reminders of our own morality. The older I get, the faster I lose friends and loved ones. I just have to keep the faith and look for the good in life and keep going. It is a bright spot in my life to see the Sandstorm in my incoming mail. I always read it quickly first and then hold it to later savor the postings. I will also say thanks to all of you fellow Bombers for your contributions of news, important and trivial to our far reaching Bomber family. In my travels and participation in many celebrations I see a bonding in America that I haven't seen before in my lifetime. Yet few outsiders would understand, it is barely equal to the bond of being a Bomber. God bless you all. "Happiness is the sky in bloom" -J Larry Mattingly ('60) ~ At home South of Tacoma, on a very nice day. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) Re: Battleground, WA Portland area picnic~ August 10, 2002 Anna May Wann Thompson ('49) and I tried to buzz out of the Puget Sound area to arrive at Battle Ground for a good night sleep. Traffic took Anna May 2 l/2 hours from Bothell area to arrive at Browns Point to pick me up. We finally got to Battle Ground about 10:30 p.m. after a brief stop for dinner. Normally this would be about a three hour drive. By this point, Anna and I were talking about this better be one heck of a Bomber picnic. IT WAS!!!!!!!! Anna's daughter, Terry, and son-in-law, Jim (who is the park ranger) provided us sleeping quarters for the night. Terry announced at 7:00am she was on the way to the park to reserve our picnic space. This gave Anna and I a little longer to stop at the store, for more supplies, grab breakfast, and arrive at the picnic ground by 9:00am. As soon as Anna and I arrived we began hanging up signs and covering the tables with green and gold table cloths, which Anna so lovingly provided. First Bombers in said, "it was easy to find us". Terry and Jim we're always checking to see if there was anything we needed. A warm thanks to them for providing the space for a great Bomber get together. The excitement of the Portland area Bombers showed enthusiasm immediately to the future luncheons in the area. Jo Heidelbaugh ('72) learned quickly that I was listening for who the Bomber or Bombers would be doing the next luncheon. Jo and I we're going through the food line next to each other when Jo said quietly, "I think I will do the luncheons". I yelled, "YEAH!" and announced to everyone that Jo and her sister Lola Heidelbaugh ('60) would take on the future of on going luncheons in Portland. After a great team of Bombers met, the luncheon dates we're set to begin in October. Not wanting to leave out any Bomber names and years, being as I forgot to get the list before I left, I will wait until it is sent to me by Lola. Pictures will be ready later this week for the Sandstorm. All the names will be on them. The conversations we're so fun as always. Fred Schafer ('63), my sister, Nina Jones Rowe ('65) found in our conversation that we had grown up within blocks from each other. Nina and I at 1307 Birch, Fred at the 1000 block of Cottonwood. Fred said he was the paper boy for the area. We started talking about who lived where. My mom, Norma Jones (82 years - oldest at the luncheon) sat down right by where we were talking. The next few minutes ensued into a conversation about who lived where in the 50s in the Ranch houses. What family one couldn't remember, the other remembered. We all agreed it would be fun to set up a memory map of the houses where everyone lived in the growing up years in Richland. To make it more fun is to see as the house families are added to, how many Bombers lived in the house when other Bomber families moved out. Now no one said who was going to do this project so we will see where it goes to **GRIN** When Alan Sargent ('56) was leaving with his wife, Durrell, he said he would be at Club 40 in September if his new wheelchair arrived. Alan asked me if I would pray for it to happen. I responded with, yes I would, as well as ask everyone reading the Alumni Sandstorm to pray for the wheelchair. So please give Alan the support. Big thank yous to Anna May Wann ('49) for all of her hard work to bring the group together. When everyone was leaving the excitement was tremendous with thank yous of the day, as well as looking forward to the October Bomber luncheon. New friends, old friends and Internet friends encompassed the day of many stories smiles, conversation and fun. Bomber Cheers -Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) ~ Browns Point, WA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: John Campbell ('63) Re: Back from Sturgis, SD My wife and I just returned from Sturgis to Seattle Friday (2700 miles round trip - thank God for gel pads!). Any other Bombers make it there this year? This was the first time for us... something you're almost obliged to do at least once if you buy a Harley. It wasn't quite what I expected, mostly a lot of middle aged folks shopping for T-shirts, drinking beer and talking bikes. Even the local paper said things were getting tamer. Scenery was cool - especially Devil's Tower in Wyoming. We had seen Mt. Rushmore several times previously, so skipped the 4 hour stop and go trip there. Really enjoyed Deadwood about 12 miles from Sturgis - a Western gambling town. It can be a bit tense passing trucks in the wind and rain, but on the up side, there's nothing like going through Yellowstone on a bike (powered or not) or through a 9600 foot pass in Wyoming with the wind in your face. Riding can be dangerous, however. Our hearts go out to the family of Mike Coffee a local fire fighter up here who was killed on his cycle doing escort duty. Two people were killed outside of Sturgis while we were there as well when a bike came over into the path of another bike on a turn. I guess you prepare as well as you can (e.g., experienced rider course), know your limits, and trust to God. -John Campbell ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Kathy O'Neil Childs ('63) Re: Ruth Swain (RIP) I want to send my condolences to the family of Ruth Swain, dedicated home economics teacher at RHS. I took tailoring from Miss Swain during the '62-'63 school year. I learned so much from her. I was also involved in FHA and Miss Swain was our advisor. I went on to major in home economics at Central. I have taught home economics for over thirty years. Miss Swain and my Chief Jo home economics teacher (I wish I could remember her name!) were instrumental in encouraging me to pursue my interest in teaching. I wish that I had contacted her to let her know how she influenced me. My thoughts and prayers are with her family. -Kathy O'Neil Childs ('63) ~ Los Altos, CA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Beth Young Gibson ('81) To: Mandy Holmes Taylor ('97) Re: Leslie Road Though I lived in central Richland, I had friends in the Canyon Terrace area. You had to get there via Leslie Road. This was late '70s so the road has been there since at least then. At that time Keene Road didn't have a jog in it like it does now, it came straight across and intersected with Leslie. And of course there was nothing but sagebrush around. I believe they started building the Meadowsprings area in about 1972, so I would venture a guess that Leslie has been there since at least that time too. This is probably easy enough to confirm with the City Public Works department. -Beth Young Gibson ('81) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Teresa Dunham Johnson via Heidi Hogan Gottschalk (82) Re: Class of '82 reunion! I am submitting this note for Teresa! -Heidi Dear 20 Year Bomber Graduates, Most of you that know me, know that I am terrible with words, but I wanted to let you all know what a great success our reunion turned out to be and to thank each one of you for attending and having a good time! We had a wonderful group of ideas and talents that contributed. I wanted to say a special thanks to everyone that was on the committee, you sometimes hear horror stories of groups getting together to do these things with all sorts of disagreements and frustrations. We all threw in ideas, made all our decisions together, and made new friendships :) Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will always have special memories of this weekend. Our last count of actual graduates was around 170, which is a great achievement. We were excited to see all you late comers, even though it did make us a little nervous (so get your registrations early for the 30th!) We started this reunion planning with no financial backing. All the first funding came out of our own pockets until registrations started to come in. We have opened a no interest account for the 'Class of '82 and have left over funds so we will able to start planning a bigger and better 30 year! As some of you may already know our dear fellow graduates Jumbo and Wig Davis lost their father at the time of our reunion. On Sunday we delivered the salads, watermelon, chips and veggies left over from the picnic on Saturday to the Davis family from the Class of '82. Remember to keep them in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. We are still working on the class photo catastrophe. The photographer is diligently working on retrieving our photo from his hard drive. As you can imagine he feels awful and got back to us ASAP to re- shoot the photo as a back up, but many of us had left so that was not possible. Being the professional that he his we are confident he will succeed and you will be receiving your picture ASAP. If you are interest in the Video contact Heidi Hogan Gottschalk at for the details. Thank you again for coming to the 20 year reunion. Hope that you had safe travels home and we'll see you in another 10 years. Love and Friendship, -Teresa Dunham Johnson ('82) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [I heard that the Class of '82 was treated to the Club 40 Traveling Card Table full of Bomber Stuff to Buy by July Willox Hodge ('61). We don't have the website up yet, but we're working on it... -Maren] *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/13/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers sent stuff: Anna May Wann ('49), Betty Conner ('52) Wally Erickson ('53), Gloria Adams ('54) Derrith Persons ('60WB), Gary Behymer ('64) Linda McKnight ('65), Shirley Collings ('66) Lynn-Marie Hatcher ('68), Don Draper ('70) Bonnie Bushnell ('71), Mary Horton ('75) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY 8/10: Dennis McGrath ('63WB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jim Clementson ('57) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Gary Persons (57) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ann Thompson, AKA Anna May Wann ('49) Re: Vancouver/Portland picnic Tried to convince everyone at the picnic that '49 was my age not the year I graduated. Don't think it worked. A couple of details that Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) left out is that she is the brains behind all of these get togethers. She is also a good organizer. Did you notice how she gets people to accept responsibility without really even asking them to do so? We also had a good crowd from the Fife area Bunch that attended this picnic at Battleground State Park. They battled the horrible traffic on I-5 Saturday morning. John "Irl" French ('51). Carol Foster Black ('48), and Char Dossett Holden ('51). Thanks for traveling the distance to make this picnic such a great success. I put Patti right up there with Maren in making "being an alumni" of Col-Hi (Richland High or whatever) so much fun. Thanks to both of you. -Ann Thompson, AKA Anna May Wann ('49) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Betty Conner Sansom ('52) Re: Renewals of Friendships, Sharing of Memories, and other bits 'n' pieces of nostalgia....... Now that I've recovered, and digested all that went on during our Class of '52 Reunion week, I must thank all those that put so much work into this event. It's more than just "keeping a list" of names and addresses. It's searching out, and trying to find the missing ones, and contacting them, and then waiting for the recalterants to answer. None of us were probably as prompt as would be efficient to have a 'business-like' negotiation. Luana, Sharon, Carol, Bev, Dorothy, Jack, ... the list goes on. Thank you SO much for making our lives richer by far for this experience!! I wonder just how many classes of graduates have kept this well in touch with one another - and over so long a time!! It's a marvel, and I am appreciative and amazed at how smoothly the end result went off. The Friday night get-together was a hub-bub of excitement of trying to put names with faces - and enlightenment that so much and yet so little has changed. We had a Saturday Breakfast at the West Richland Country Club, and there were 27 women (and 2 brave and stalwart men) there. What fun we had! Next reunion - and I do hope we have one soon - before another ten years has robbed us of even more of our group - let's do that again! Sorry, Hero Golfers. From our 'vantage' point from the windows of the dining room, not one golfer of our group was visible. We really looked. Saturday evening, more meetings and associations, and enlightenments. Memories. Memories. Memories!! What a HIGH that was! I came home with some real warm feelings, and laughs from some of the really funny things that happened! We had some there that had never come before. We had most of the 'regulars'. We missed the ones that weren't there. You that opted not to participate missed so much. I know there was a brunch on Sunday, but that wasn't possible for us in our time frame. Hope that went well, and I'm sure it did. Again, thank you for all the work that went into this. Sorry we live at a distance so that we don't get to be in on the work and planning. You do it so well. Give yourselves a pat on the back and a big hug from A Happy Graduate of Class of '52! -Betty Conner Sansom ('52) ~ Goldendale, WA - where we're watching smoke and hoping the fires keep their distance! ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Wally Erickson ('53) To: Marguerite Groff Tompkins ('54) First my condolences to Jerry Swain ('54) and the family for the loss of Jerry's wife. I knew Jerry Swain when we were playing in the Band. He was first chair clarinet and I was somewhere in the back playing the clarinet. His Dad was the manager for CC Anderson's and my parents were very good friends with his parents. They played many games of bridge together. Jerry was a Test Pilot for Boeing. One of our good friends worked with Jerry during the same time also a Test Pilot. It's sad that Jerry has lost his wife after only having been retired for a couple of years. I wanted to tell a little about Jerry, because he might not do it himself. Our prayers and thoughts go out to him and his family. -Wally Erickson ('53) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gloria Adams Fulcher ('54) Re: Addresses To: Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) We lived at 1309 Birch from 1964 to 1971. What years were you there? -Gloria Adams Fulcher ('54) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Derrith Persons ('60WB) Re: Chief Jo home economic teachers To: Kathy O'Neill Childs ('63) In 1957 Mrs. Gilbert started the year and then left due to illness, Mrs. Lusebrink replaced Mrs. Gilbert. Also Miss Twing was there that year.I don't know how long each of them stayed. I hope this helps. Memories are so good to have. I thank you all for the memories you write about, its such good reading. Re: Birthdays I'd like to wish my OLDER brother Gary Persons ('57) a very Happy Birthday!!! Im sure glad its not on a Friday the 13th this year! I do remember some that were, do you Gary? I love you, bro!! -Derrith Persons ('60WB) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) Re: Name seen on eBay... some kind of record Anyone recognize the following individual? Is he from Richland? His name is Duncan Pryce Kirk. -Gary Behymer ('64) ~ Now living in downtown Colfax, WA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Linda McKnight ('65) To: The Davis Family I have read all the wonderful stuff that Mike Davis ('74) has written and his mom BJ about their family and I almost feel like I know them or wish to heck I did. But, the most stirring of all messages is from Karen Davis Scheffer ('76), Norm and BJ's daughter, and the Davis' boys sister. What a wonderful tribute to her Daddy. I was so very moved. It was so true. For those of us who had really good Dads, and most in Richland probably did, the legacy we got from our fathers is that we in some way carry on better for their teaching and sometimes preaching... I was so moved by this because I recently lost my Daddy, Ray S. McKnight. I am hopeful that I am carrying on in his memory. My step mom, Darleen, told that I am an over-achiever. At 55 years of age, hey I love that title, for that was my Dad. My best regards to the Davis family. I know very well what you are going through, and I can say that my Daddy isn't missing anything; he is right there by my side helping me. For, like one man said at his funeral, he is probably organizing the angels so they get a better work schedule!! To: the Class of '82 I heard first hand from my friend, Janice Wilson Loynahan ('82) that the recent 20th class reunion was wonderful. Janice says the memory book was outstanding. She and her hubby, Kevin, indulged in Spudnuts and also Zip's burgers. She is pumped for the 30th. Wonder if you guys should have a 25th! Or, maybe you should all come to the All Class reunion in June for Cool Desert Nights. Bombers Rule!! -Linda McKnight ('65) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) Re: Fireworks If you aren't able to see one of Larry Mattingly's ('60) fireworks displays, perhaps you will enjoy this site. Jim Adair ('66) sent it to me. Just click your mouse anywhere in the black, as often as you like... Click here: May the flowers in the sky bloom beautifully for all of you. -Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) ~ Richland ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Lynn-Marie Hatcher ('68) Re: Spokane Area Bombers Meeting - SPAM :-) To: Spokane Area Bombers - (and anyone else interested in getting together with us) - Have you noticed how fall-like the air is suddenly feeling? The Duncan Garden annual flowers (at Manito Park, by which I live) are in full blown, and will soon be fading. The shadows are longer much earlier suddenly, and an extra blanket is on my bed already. Yes, September (and back to grad school time for me, at least) fast approaches. And with it, I hope, our first Spokane Area Bomber Meeting. (I like "Gathering" better, but could not resist the acronym "SPAM"!) So I ask that all of you who have contacted me regarding Spokane area Bomber gatherings please make an effort to write to me again, with your thoughts on where we should meet. Also interested in what time of day -- lunch, afternoon, dinner, evening? The consensus among those who have provided input thus far is Sunday dinner or evening. I look forward to word from each of you! -Lynn-Marie Hatcher ('68) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Don Draper ('70) To answer Mike Franco ('70) Re: Brad Upton ('74) recognition How could I have been mistaken for Lonnie? I was with the same woman for a whole week! Re: The professional comedian on our cruise to Alaska Brenda Stull ('71) and I boarded our NCL cruise to Alaska and were surprised to find the Guest Entertainer for the week was Bomber Brad Upton (74). Here is proof that a small town boy can make it. I've seen a lot of comedians and most aren't funny. They just try to shock you with foul language, etc. Brad is along the lines of a Cosby in that he is funny and entertaining without that crutch. See him when he comes to town because in a few years you won't be able to afford him. I'd also like to thank Brad for making me look important. I can't tell you how many people approached me to say they'd seen me having dinner or drinks with Brad and ask if I knew him. Of course, I told them Brad was very nice and that I met him when he dated my brother Lonnie in high school. By the way, the only joke that bombed was the one he told about the Richland Bombers. How appropriate. -Don Draper ('70) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bonnie Bushnell Robbins ('71) Any '71 Bombers in the Atlanta area? I'm in town until the 16th and would love to get together. Staying at the Hilton Garden Inn. Hope to see you! -Bonnie Bushnell Robbins ('71) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mary Horton Finch {'75) To: Tim Van Doren ('75) Dear Tim, So sorry to hear about the sudden loss of your father. Wasn't he the pastor at Northwest United Protestant Church, back when we were really little? I was on the cradle roll there and attended with my mom, Virginia Horton, until I was about 5. Then we moved out to West Richland and went to Bethany U.P.C. I lost my dad back in our Jr. year of high school and lost my Mom, suddenly, a year ago April, so I understand some of the pain and sadness that goes with losing a parent, or any loved one for that matter. May God bless you and bring you comfort and peace at this time. -Mary Horton Finch {'75) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/14/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11 Bombers sent stuff: Char Dossett ('51), Laura Dean Kirby ('55) Burt Pierard ('59), Patti Jones ('60) Irene de la Bretonne ('61), Shirley Collings ('66) Lori Simpson ('70), Greg Alley ('73) Karen Davis ('76), Jil Lytle ('82) Paul Briggs ('82) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jimmie Collings ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Richard Swanson ('64) [Happy Birthday to my Chemistry Lab Partner. I would have failed Chemistry without you!! -Maren] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Char Dossett Holden ('51) Re: Portland/Vancouver, WA picnic Thank you Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) and Anna May "Ann" Wann Thompson ('49) for all your work in putting together a wonderful picnic. I was especially happy to meet Don Andrews ('67wb) who was a friend of my nephew, the late Sam Dossett ('67RIP). What a wonderful person you are, Don, and I loved the visit. -Char Dossett Holden ('51) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dean Kirby Armstrong ('55) Catching up on some old/current news as reported in the Alumni Sandstorm To: Jerry Swain ('54) Re: the loss of your wife Jerry, Please accept my condolences. You and I were in band at Carmichael, and Thespians at Col High. Your dad gave me my first job opportunity when he was manager at C.C. Anderson's. Re: Fireworks To: Larry Mattingly ('60) You certainly keep busy making happiness for everyone. I was impressed at the first R2K reunion and I love the site in today's Sandstorm. Makes July fourth available any time. Thanks To: Charlie Bigelow ('54) Still thinking of you and know you are working hard to recover the life you had before your accident. Hang in there! Re: Steve Carson ('58) Re: Looking for Bombers in the Chicago area Do you know of any in the central part of the state? I am in Springfield, IL and would enjoy seeing others in that area. -Dean Kirby Armstrong ('55) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Burt Pierard ('59) To: Club 40 2002 Reunion Committee Re: Committee Meeting reschedule Due to a breakdown in communications, the meeting will not be held today, August 14, but will be held on August 28, 12:30pm, at the Country Buffet. Bill Wilkins ('51) has assured me he will call everybody. BTW, apologies to Luana Ivers Portch ('52) - Bill didn't contact you about the last get-together because he felt you had plenty to handle with your 50th coming up. He won't leave you out this time. To: All Club 40 2002 Reunion attendees Re: The 100-B Reactor Tour Remember that we must RECEIVE your Reunion Registration & Tour Application by AUGUST 28th to order your Security Badge. For Tour Applications received after that date, your reservation will be null and void and your tour fee will be refunded. Also, it was brought to our attention that for those who already registered for the Reunion and wanted to go straight to the website for the Tour Application, our PO Box was not indicated on the Application. That has now been corrected. Send the Application to our regular address, Richland Club 40 PO Box 1832 Richland, WA 99352 See you in September. -Burt Pierard ('59), President - Richland Club 40 ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) Re: Ranch Houses To: Gloria Adams Fulcher ('54) 1309 Birch 1964-1971 The Jones, Harold, Norma, Joe ('58), Patti ('60) and Nina ('65), lived at 1307 Birch from January 1948 - 1958. We moved to Kuhn the summer of 1958. I'm sure we knew some of the same neighbors on Birch. Pauline and Bart Marsh, mother and father of Mary Marsh ('56) we're living there when you moved in. There may have been others but I have lost track over the years. I will compile a list of where everyone lived in Richland through the years if the Bombers email me. But from there I would have to find a computer guru to set up the map! Would be fun to refer to. The couple of Bombers who have emailed me have made it fun to continue the conversation from the Battleground picnic conversation about who lived in the Ranch Houses. As Pat Davis ('65) said from my emailing her back and remembering more Bombers in the Ranch Houses "thanks for the memories". It does bring up the memories. During R2K my mother Norma Jones, Joe Jones Winterhawk ('58), Nina Jones Rowe ('65) drove to her home at 1307 Birch. It was the first time we had been there all together probably since we moved in 1958. Wished I had taped the conversation. Again one of those what one couldn't remember the other one could. We also drove by every place we lived in Richland. Rochefontaine, prefab by Wright (can't remember which street, Nina help!) and Kuhn. Not going to include the "A" house which we lived in on Lee that we lived in for 24 hours. The traffic noise was too much so dad decided we should move back to Birch. Birch was the longest place we lived. Moved to Richland in 1944 from MO. Anyone from Koshkonong, MO or know where it is? Re: Luncheons Be prepared, Bay Area!!! Your luncheon date will be announced soon. Hopefully the first will be in September the Second Sunday of the month. Marilyn Baird Singletary ('60) is working on getting the place. To: Anna May "Ann" Wann Thompson ('49) You are young! It was so fun to get to know you. Your endless plans and doing keeps you young at heart! Your enthusiasm for the Bombers shows in everything you do. 14 years (? right) as a Club 40 member is to be congratulated. (Ask Anna and she will tell you everything about how great Club 40 is). As you said "the elderly are in their 80s or more". Thanks for the fun doing the Battleground picnic that I will always remember. Through the week-end Anna was always telling me where she had been and where she was going. Maybe Singapore next? -Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) ~ Browns Point, WA - The waterway is filled with sail boats because of the great weather. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Irene de la Bretonne Hays ('61) To: Mary Horton Finch ('75) So sorry to hear about your mom, Mary. She was a writer, as I recall. I remember you well as a student in my class and a neighborhood friend. Didn't I take my daughter to see the newborn kittens at your house? My best wishes to you. -Irene de la Bretonne Hays ('61) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) Just want to wish my "big brother," Jim Collings ('62) a wonderful birthday today. Love you, Jimmie! -Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) ~ Richland ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Lori Simpson Hogan - ('70) To: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: Duncan Pryce Kirk There is a Duncan Pryce who is an acoustic guitarist and plays on a regular basis at the Frontier Tavern in Richland. I have one of his CDs. -Lori Simpson Hogan - ('70) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Greg Alley ('73) To: Gary Behymer (64) If the Duncan Pryce (check spelling or year of graduation) you are speaking of is the musician of the Tri-Cities you are seeing on the internet, then I have to say he is a fine guitar player. He plays in the Tri-Cities at many establishments in many different capacities. He has played in a blues band called Black Cat Bone, played with another player Steve Cary (check spelling), and has played various charity and acoustic shows around town. He has recorded some music and in my limited time seeing him live is a fine talent and may have some success if he gets a listen by many people. To: The Davis family I would like to give my condolences, prayers, and all my best to the Davis family. -Greg Alley ('73) ~ Richland - where it's still hot but I am not ready for winter. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Karen Davis Scheffer ('76) To: Timmy Van Doren ('75) Sorry to hear about the reverend. I know what a loss it is... thank you for your kind words about our loss of daddy... he was the greatest!!! We went out to view him last night and he looked good. So at peace and I know he was okay... resting with brother Steve "Bear" ('72RIP) and probably your brother, Jimmy--wasn't it? It hurts so bad to have such a major part of my life now gone, but as I promised daddy last night, he will forever live in my heart and that I WILL pass on to my 2 daughters. Timmy, may God bless you and your family in this second loss for you too...a brother and now a daddy... it doesn't get any easier, but they would want us to go on, huh? I, too, live in Spokane, Timmy, and yes, all of us Davis' remember you VERY fondly... you and Nanner Hoff. Thanks again for your thoughts. -Karen Davis Scheffer ('76) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jil Lytle Smith ('82) Re: Class of '82 Reunion It has taken me a while to get this out but I just wanted to thank all of those who helped and put so much effort into putting the reunion together. To: Shannon Weil Lemarch ('82) Your work on the memory book is to be commended!! You put so much time and effort into putting this book together... Thank you for ALL your work. To: The committee Thank you for all your hard work. All of our efforts, time and money paid off... it was a great success. I enjoyed working with you all. Keep in touch with one another. We don't have to wait for reunions to get together. As we all know, life is way too short. Family and friends are important parts of our lives! Best of luck to all and I look forward to the 30th. Bomber Cheers! -Jil Lytle Smith ('82) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Paul Briggs ('82) Just a Big Thank You to all that were part of putting on the 1982 Class reunion... it was a frigging blast... couldn't have been better unless more of the old faces would have showed. I am truly thankful for all that you folks did. It was a smashing success, you all should be very proud of what you did. Thanks again -Paul Briggs ('82) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/15/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff: Steve Carson ('58), Ed Wood ('62) Carol Converse ('64), Kathie Roe ('64) Don Andrews ('67), Kim Edgar ('79) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Judy Boggs Carlson ('64) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Steve Carson ('58) To: Laura Dean Kirby Armstrong ('55) No, I don't but Maren has a list of Illinois Bombers from the subscription list. I get downstate from time to time and send me an email with your phone number and I will call you for a meet. -Steve Carson ('58) ~ Chicago, IL ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ed Wood ('62) Re: Denver area Bombers lunch this Saturday! We will have our first Denver area Bombers lunch at Marlowe's Saturday at 11:30am. If you can join us and haven't yet confirmed with me that you are coming, please e-mail me or call me so I can ensure we have the right size table for the group. We have mostly grads from the '60s and '70s who have reserved so far. See you Saturday! -Ed Wood ('62) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Carol Converse Maurer ('64) To: The Davis Family Please accept my condolences for your loss. You are in my prayers. -Carol Converse Maurer ('64) ~ Eureka, CA = where we are getting smoked filled skies. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Kathie Roe Truax ('64) Re: Happy Birthday to August Bombers Congrats first on 8/13 to Jim Clemetson ('57), our neighbor, golfing buddy, super friend, and a really all-round nice guy. And 8/15 & 8/17 congratulations to Judy Boggs Carlson ('64) and Gary Carlson ('64), also very good friends, golfing buddies, and a very handsome couple. Happy 8/26 birthday wishes to Richard Twedt ('64), who is wowing the art community of Palm Desert/Palm Springs, where he is currently Director of Public Art. -Kathie Roe Truax ('64) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Don Andrews ('67) Re: Battleground Picnic To: Anna May "Ann" Wann Thompson ("49) and Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) Thank you for getting those of us in the Portland/ Vancouver area started. Last Saturday was a lot of fun; meeting people that I have gotten to know through the Sandstorm and now can put a face and a voice to a name, and watching and listening to people relive their youth and renew friendships. To: Char Dossett Holden ('51) You are such a special Lady... meeting you was truly a special treat. Our common bond, your nephew, Sam Dossett ('67RIP), is truly missed but always in our hearts. The next time you talk to the girls, Linda ('68), Charlotte ('71?), and Eileen (Bomber Mom), give them my love. To: Maren and the Sandstorm Thanks again for this wonderful highway that we travel, called "Alumni Sandstorm", which allows us to visit the "BOMBER WORLD" that we have in our hearts and minds. This world lies right at our fingertips with a stroke of a key and a click of a mouse we can travel to points all over the world, "BOMBER WORLD". Thanks to all. BOMBER CHEERS -Don Andrews ('67) ~ Ridgefield, WA (14 miles north of Vancouver, USA) - HOT! HOT! HOT! 102 yesterday, only 93 today ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Kim Edgar Leeming ('79) Re: Washington State "IDENTIFICATION CARD" for kids Hi Maren, I don't know if this is worthy of putting in the Sandstorm, what do you think? Washington State has an "IDENTIFICATION CARD" for kids and folks that do not drive. My son, Scott, has had one since he was 14 months old; he is now eight years old. A lot of parents are unaware this is available, when I show them my son's card; they are surprised and go and get their kids one. I'm sure most states have ID cards available, if you're interested, check with your state department of licensing. It's also another tool to help authorities find missing children. The ID card gives law enforcement (nationwide) 24 hours access to a database with a photo & description of your child in case he/she is lost or missing. It allows them to get fax a copy of the photo/description to other Law enforcement agencies and media in an expedient manner. (Military ID dependant cards for their kids are nice however, law enforcement agencies do not have access to it). The ID Card is also very useful for traveling (airports love them). The ID cards are also very convenient for crossing the Mexican & Canadian Borders... using the ID card you don't need to carry a birth certificate of the child with you. It's also a great way for school-age kids to have ID on them when they go on school outings and/or summer camps. (Most kids don't have identification until they get their driver's permit/license). You can obtain the ID card at through the Department of Licensing. I renew my son's once a year around his birthday. (Babies should have theirs renewed every six months, since they change so much). When first applying for the ID card, a parent or legal guardian needs to bring the child's birth certificate along with the height and weight of the child; to renew the card, bring in the old card and the child's current height and weight. I have attached a copy of my son's ID. Bomber Cheers! -Kim Edgar Leeming ('79) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Washington ID card for kids] *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/16/02 ~ 25 years ago today... Where were you when you heard Elvis died??? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCoy ('45/'46), Dick Lohdefinck ('52) Carol Carson ('60), Joe Ford ('63) Judy Boggs Carlson ('64) and Gary Carlson ('64) John Wingfield ('66), Treg Owings ('76) Kim Edgar ('79), Heidi Hogan ('82) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Kathie Roe Truax ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Kirby Belcher Taylor ('75WB) ******************************************** ******************************************** TODAY: Girls of '54 Lunch 3rd Friday 11:30am Granny's Buffet on Canal Drive in Kennewick ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick McCoy ('45/'46) Re: Bob Snapp ('48 RIP) The name of Bob Snapp appeared today in the Seattle PI. Bob arrived in Richland in the summer of '43, and left as a Freshman in 45. He came back again in 47 but did not graduate in Richland. However, once a Bomber, always a Bomber. He went back to Virginia, but he later graduated from UW and remained thereafter in Seattle. He was a Korean War vet. The family, including sister Mary Jane (about 5 years younger), lived on Merrill Court just behind us on Thayer Drive. Later, Bobby. -Dick McCoy ('45/'46) - Bronc/Beaver/ Bomber See ya in September. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick Lohdefinck ('52) Hi guys! Sure nice to know there are a few of the "old timers" around. Sure appreciated the opportunity to pick up on the old "52" (class of '52) group. I copied that photo of Ms. Baudendistal's old class at the Lewis and Clark school for my photo gallery. Try to think back on the old days occasionally. When we moved up here from Salt Lake City in 1943, there was no "finished" housing available in Richland as yet, so they put us up temporarily in a recently abandoned farm house in White Bluffs. Guess I was around 8 years old at that time. Well, we went to great lengths to get that place "livable" (plastering walls and ceilings etc). After about five months, one day, the government security arrived and told us to be out by four o'clock that evening. They backed trucks up to the old farm house, loaded us up lock stock and barrel and as we drove off towards Richland (where housing was just made available) a bulldozer arrived and leveled our farmhouse. Cement trucks had been running by our place for the entire time we were there so we knew something was being built somewhere (B- Reactor) nearby. We moved into a "B" house at 318 Abert Ave. where EVERYTHING was still freshly graded dirt. (No lawns, paved streets, etc.) Went to school at the Jefferson School because Lewis & Clark School had yet to be built. In fact the original Richland high School was where the present Lewis & Clark School Stands. Eventually Lewis and Clark School was built and we started going there. In those days you went from Lewis and Clark straight to "Richland Columbia High School" (no Jr. High etc.). The "52" grad. Class photo in your data base shows us graduating at Lewis and Clark preparatory to going to High School. I'm just tickled to death that someone had that class picture saved because I never got one. Also, I never received a year book from Col High at graduation time either, so I'm glad someone did a page by page production of that book available on your web site. I'm not in it (one of the "camera shy" one the mentioned in the back), but it's really neat to be able to look back on some of my old friends in school. After "52" graduation, I enlisted in the Navy for four years and went to a couple of schools before being stationed out of Boston, MA serving eventually on two heavy cruisers (The USS Salem CA-139 and USS Columbus CA-74). I Met a beautiful young lady in Weymouth, MA and in just over a year were married and are about to celebrate our 48th wedding anniversary. Jane is still as lovely and outgoing as she was the day we met. We have four lovely daughters and life has been a real neat challenge and experience. Got out of the Navy, went to work for Hanford Security as a Patrolman in the outer 100-K Area for several years till myself and about 400 other plant workers were caught in a large area ROF (reduction of force). Went immediately to Seattle to work for the Boeing Airplane company in their Fire Department. After four months there, Hanford called me back to Richland to work Security on the Hanford Site) I took their offer under one condition. That being that I come back to work on the Richland Police Department. They permitted this and after several years The City of Richland was born and separated from Hanford Security. I worked up through the ranks (Ptm, Cpl. Sgt) and was finally unable to progress higher than Sgt. I asked why that was the case and was told that if I wanted to progress higher, it would require that I upgrade my formal education in preparation for management positions. Well, like anyone with a family I desire the best for them so I returned to school full time. I'm sure you all know how challenging that can be, with four small children, working two jobs in addition to the Law Enforcement job and trying to go back to school full time. Don't even like to think about it now! Well, I graduated at CBC in their law Enforcement Program with an associate degree. Also at that same time my sweetheart and companion Jane also graduated from the Nursing program there and two of my other girls were still attending Brigham Young University in Provo, UT (hence the need to be working three jobs to make that all possible). Well, as if that weren't enough I also enrolled in Evergreen State College for their BA Degree program in Law Enforcement and subsequently (in a couple years) finished that as well. Well all of this opened the promotional doors and I proceeded up to Lieutenant, and finally Captain in the Richland Police Department. After serving four years in the Captain position, I decided that after 29 years with the City it was time to retire from the Richland Police Department, and accept an offer from the Hanford Site Security Organization. Proceeded to take over the outer area Security including 200 East Area, 200 West Area and 100 N Area with oversight in the 100 K Areas. Worked at that for about five years then decided to go back into the "Investigations" arena on the Hanford site. I worked that till retiring (2nd time) in August 1995. Now, I just kinda bum around and try not to get underfoot around the house. Kinda miss the hectic life, but I'll be 70 years old 1-3-03 so I'm just gonna slow down a little and enjoy life a little more and make certain my sweetheart and life companion can do the same. She retired from Nursing after twenty years and is entitled to enjoy life a little more. Looking back, I miss the opportunities to associate with some of my old classmates and still keep a lot of the old memories alive. Sure miss a lot of those guys & gals and of course some have already passed on so I cannot get with them again in this life. I sincerely hope now that things are finally slowing a little that I can find time to chase down some of my old classmates and get together one more time. Thank you for trying to keep in touch with all of us and keeping the old "spirit of 52" alive. Sincerely, -Dick Lohdefinck ('52) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Carol Carson Renaud ('60) Re: Richland Maps OK - Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) has artfully "volunteered" me to work the map project showing who lived where in Richland. (I don't quite know how that happened - maybe because she called me a guru *Grin*.) Anyway, I would be happy to take on the job - only problem is I don't have a street map of Richland. Does anyone know where I could get one? I could possibly scan it in sections, i.e., North, South, East, West, etc. -Carol Carson Renaud ('60) ~ Renton, WA - where the weather has turned perfect with high 70s-low 80s ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Joe Ford ('63) Re: Another AmeriCal vet from Richland Mike Quane (GMC '63) reminds me that he was with the AmeriCal Division, too, in the 11th Light Infantry Brigade. Ought to have remembered Mike, since we've talked about our experiences. A sure sign of brain fade in the aging. Any other AmeriCal vets out there among Col-Hi alums? -Joe Ford ('63) ~ Olympia, WA - summer's here again! ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Judy Boggs Carlson ('64) and Gary Carlson ('64) To: Kathie Roe Truax ('64) Back at ya Kathie!!!! Happy August 16th Birthday to you who actually introduced us 40 some years ago. Thanks for being a great friend, neighbor and golfing buddy. Hope your day is a special one!!!!!! -Judy Boggs Carlson ('64) and Gary Carlson ('64) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: John Wingfield ('66) Re: Sledding Carmichael Hill Yesterday I brought my family back home to Richland. We (my wife, three children and dog) came over to celebrate my parents' (Royce and Jean) 55th anniversary. After dinner and a nice game of croquet in their back yard, with my brother, Jim ('71), his daughter Jenny (2003) and his grandson Zachary, my wife and sons and I went to Carmichael Hill to go sledding. When I left Saint Louis in May an acquaintance sent me a summer sled for riding down hills on the grass. In Olympia the ground is too soft so we waited until we got here. The ride was great, rolling down the hill just like we did when I was a kid (only in the winter with cold snow). Last night what impressed me was after the first run there were about two dozen blocks of ice on the hill. Then people started showing up and riding the blocks of ice down the hill. Big kids, little kids and various descriptions were doing the original summer sledding on ice. It seemed so innocent and fun. Meanwhile we were having a great time on our sled, laying down, sitting and my sons both tried standing up, since one is a surfer. We even discovered the luge style. That was fun. Walking back home to my parents' house on Farrell Lane we walked through Col Hi campus and I showed my family the Bomber mural. I for one am proud of the "Days Pay" and like to think of that as the reason we carry the name Bombers with pride, because of good people's sacrifices to end the menace of war. In the context of stopping the aggression of war mongering tyrants, building the bombers was good. [NOTE: See our Nickname Time line at: Bomber Mascot Website RHS changed our nickname from Broncs to BEAVERS after Day's Pay was purchased by (mostly) Hanford Construction Camp workers... and we changed to BOMBERS (just a year later) barely two months after "our" plutonium "Fatman" was dropped on Nagasaki. -Maren] This morning I enjoyed another walk along the River with my Dad. It is so beautiful in the morning. Good to be home. Peace, -John Wingfield ('66) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Treg Owings ('76) To: Tim Van Doren ('75) and Karen Davis Scheffer('76) I was sorry to hear about both of your losses of your Dads. Tim, I grew up in NWUP and enjoyed your Dad's sermons. I still have good memories from way back then. Karen, from what you have said I know your Dad will be missed very much. I lost my Dad almost 18 years ago. I still miss him. A number of times in the close years after he was gone I remember thinking about calling him and remembering he wasn't there. It is a hard thing but sooner or later we all go through it. God bless you both and your families. -Treg Owings ('76) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Kim Edgar Leeming ('79) Re: Country Fest Concert w/Michael Peterson ('77) Is anyone planning on going to the Country Fest Concert - Tuesday, Aug 20th in Seattle, if so, email me and let me know, I'd like to hook up with some Bombers if I go. Updated link with a list of music singers performing. -Kim Edgar Leeming ('79) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Heidi Hogan Gottschalk ('82) Re: '82 Reunion The 20 year reunion was awesome! The Shilo was hopping all weekend long! Friday night was elbow to elbow! I lost my voice the first night due to so much jaw flapping, which those of you who know me well know that is one of my talents! The weather was perfect and hors d'oeuvres were a life saver... too many and tasted good to boot! The school tour Saturday morning was a walk down memory lane complete with Spudnuts! How fun to see everyone in their parent roles with their children at the family picnic Saturday! Teresa Dunham Johnson put a lot of work into the piatas and games for the kids! I heard even the adults participated in the three legged race, tug-of-war and gunny sack races! Saturday night was beautiful with the recognition of the deceased and prayer by Marty and Amy Golladay Evans followed by Shannon Goodey Turner's cello solo (not a dry eye!). Thanks to Steve Sullivan (he had both his eyebrows on!) and Rich Buel's humor we were set back into the mood for fun! The video with the history of Richland schools was educational... I learned some new things! The food was tasty... even the roasted pig with the apple still in the mouth!! The decorations were fun! The beach theme was perfect with the leis, palm trees and cute table decorations! The door prizes were fabulous and in abundance! Last but not least the music and dancing... what can be said! It was so great to reminisce and see everyone! To the many that did not respond or show up, especially the locals, you were missed, many names were mentioned with wonder as to where and what they were up to. Hopefully more of you will come out of the woodwork for the 30th, or at least respond! Thanks again to all those who attended; it was really great to see everyone, and all those who put so much time and effort in making our 20th a memorable event! TTFN Heidi -Heidi Hogan Gottschalk ('82) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/17/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11 Bombers sent stuff: Kay Weir ('37), Dick McCoy ('45/'46), Carol Hollingsworth ('55) Jeanie Walsh ('63), Dennis Hammer ('64), Charlie Gamet ('65WB), David Rivers ('65), Pam Ehinger ('67), Betti Avant ('69) April Miller ('92), Mandy Holmes ('97) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Judy Boggs Carlson ('64) ******************************************** ******************************************** TODAY: Denver Area Bomber Lunch Marlowe's, 16th Street mall at Glenarm, across from the Denver Pavilion. Ed Wood ('62) or Wanda Davidson Turner ('56). TAKE PICTURES!!! ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Kay Weir Fishback ('37) Re: TUT TUT Somebody talking about moving into an ABANDONED White Bluffs farmhouse. Those houses were not abandoned. The owners were forced to move... given only thirty days to do it and no money to do it with. The only explanation given was "The man we work for doesn't tell what his business is". Granted it won the war but it needn't have been done in such a way. May it never happen to you. -Kay Weir Fishback ('37) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick McCoy ('45/'46) Re: Jerry Dunn ('49RIP) I am saddened to hear of the death of an old friend. Jerry, of the deep melodious speaking voice, and of a beautiful wife, Rose. What a wonderful long time marriage... He was a major help in keeping Club 40 alive. I agree with Ray Gillette('49)... it is not hard to imagine Jerry and Ray King ('49RIP) tapping a keg in that way up yonder. later, Jerry -Dick McCoy ('45/'46), Bronc/Beaver/Bomber ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Carol Hollingsworth Entrikin ('55) Re: 08/16/77 ~ Where were you 25 years ago? I was grocery shopping in Bellevue, WA at Fred Meyer, my husband came in and said he heard it on the radio... I was so shocked! -Carol Hollingsworth Entrikin ('55) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jeanie Walsh ('63) Re: 08/16/77 ~ Where were you 25 years ago? I was sitting at my desk in the note department of Bank of America, in Chatsworth, CA. -Jeanie Walsh "Gold Medal Class of 63" ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dennis Hammer ('64) Re: 08/16/77 ~ Where were you 25 years ago? Where was I when I heard Elvis died? I was at work... had been out of the office for a short time, don't remember why. When I got back to my drawing board the guy whose board was just behind me said, "Well Dennis, today will be known as the day Elvis died." How I first heard of Elvis. In class (6th grade??) I remember the teacher asking the class, "Well, do you want to study, or talk about Elvis Presley?" It seemed like everyone said "Talk about Elvis Presley!!" I lived in a little Podunk town, I didn't have a radio of my own, my parents must not have listened to the stations he was on, or something, because I remember thinking, "What is an elvis presley?" I didn't even know he was a who, not a what. Of course it seemed like just days later that you couldn't miss Elvis, because he was everywhere. And yes, I did see him on the Ed Sullivan Show. I bought this at an old car swap meet just three months before he died, paid $3.50 About 15 to 20 years ago saw a book that said it was worth $75. Daughter wore it once at a car show with a poodle skirt I made her, but it is made of aluminum and turned her blouse black. Elvis medalion (?) Well, I'm "All Shook Up" in Kennewick, -Dennis Hammer ('64) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Charlie Gamet ('65WB) Re: links and stuff Greetings RHS Bombers The Alumni Sandstorm always brings back great memories of the "oasis in the desert"... we lived in Palm Springs for 6 years and always commented on how much we missed eastern WA... finally we moved back... this time to the Palouse. Re: Question What happened to the horny toads?? Seriously... they we're everywhere when I grew up? Re: What happened to the monster tumble weeds You know, like the one we hit back in the 50s on the way to Vantage that literally stopped my dad's Nash... he tried to dodge it but it outsmarted him. :=) We spent 2 hours digging it out of the engine and drive line. Did anyone ever see Fats Domino at the Kennewick Civic Center? To: our glorious Webmaster I noticed Pasco Alumni have linked the Sandstorm..can we link them especially since we all cruised the Arctic Circle and A&W. *smile* I asked Charlie about this last paragraph -Maren: "Arctic Circle and A&W are in Richland???? Your last paragraph sounds like you're a Bulldog???" Charlie's answer: "Everyone knew about's just across the river. ;=) The Arctic Circle and A&W were legendary hangouts (ask anyone who had a car from Richland in the 60s) in Pasco.. *everyone* in the Tri-Cities cruised there mainly because it was part of the "cruise" scene between Zip's in Kennewick and the AC in Pasco... 100s of hot rods would show up on Friday and Saturday (just like American graffitti) then go out to north Pasco spud sheds for drag racing... of course all this happened in the '50s, '60s and early '70s. I'm surprised you're not familiar with this. BTW... I went to RHS for a year... I did not graduate from RHS (Mercer Island HS near Seattle) but I did spend junior and sophomore years there while my father was there on a project. -Charlie Gamet ('65WB) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: David Rivers ('65) Re: Kathie Roe Truax ('64) Hey... did you guys know it was Roe's (64) birthday yesterday? It was... really... know how you could tell? Cuz she wished people HB for the whole month of August on the 15th so no one would remember she was gonna be a year older on the 16th... pretty sly those Roe girls... ya gotta get up pretty early in the morning to beat them at the game... and... since I did get up very early every day for the last couple of weeks to go listen to some lawyer go on and on and on in what should have been hour long depositions... that each lasted all day... I was a little woozy on the evening of the 15th and forgot to write my HB to the Sandstorm... Sooooooooooooooooo... . Ms Birthday girl... enjoy an extra day on me! Happy Birthday, Kathie! -David Rivers ('65) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Pam Ehinger Nassen ('67) Re: Where you when Elvis died 8/16/77 Well I was almost 8 months pregnant with my 3rd child! Living in Mt Vernon, WA. Back at a Maren where were You?? Bombers Rule -Pam Ehinger Nassen (The Blue Ribbon Class of '67) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Heard it on the radio... and was in my living room in Sitka, AK... it was hard to believe.... -Maren] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Betti Avant ('69) Re: good ole Richland Well, I just returned from a 10 day visit in Richland. My, it has even gotten bigger than last year. I see they are expecting more people with the new "plant" being built. My sympathies to the Davis' family. Hey Mike I stopped at a couple of Denny's while traveling and they are everything I remember them to be. -Betti Avant ('69) ~ Goodland, KS - I put about 2800 miles on the new car) and Richland was cooler than it is supposed to be here today ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: April Miller ('92) Re: 08/16/77 ~ Where were you 25 years ago? Where was I when Elvis died... let's see... I was 3 and well... you will have to ask my Mother, Patti Snider Miller ('65) HA HA!!! -April Miller ('92) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mandy Holmes Taylor ('97) Hello all Bombers! Greetings from Southern California where it's supposed to cool off to the mid 90s for the weekend in California's Inland Empire. (If I recall correctly, Eastern Washington is also referred to the Inland Empire, no?) Re: 08/16/77 ~ Where were you 25 years ago? I was not on this earth yet and was a little less than two years away from making my appearance. My family was in California still, as they moved up to my birthplace of Richland in December of 1977... I hope I don't make anyone feel too old... Re: Looking for.... I did find my friend Mitch Pickett. Thanks to all those who helped us resume contact. It's always nice to get back in touch with old friends... One more person I'm looking for, just to see if he's still alive and well, is a teacher from Carmichael, Mr. Frank Flynn. He taught a number of history courses as well as Outdoor Life, which was geared toward hunting, fishing, shooting, etc. that many girls did not take and in which many did not succeed. He retired the year I left, in 1993, and I haven't seen or heard anything about him in a long time. If anyone knows anything, please let me know. Bomber cheers to all! -Mandy Holmes Taylor ('97) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/18/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCoy ('45/'46), Janice Woods ('60WB) Bob Rector ('62), Earl Bennett ('63) David Rivers ('65), Patti Snider ('65) Penny Mitchell ('71), Holly Hultgren ('85) Robert Hausenbuiller ('93), Tim Cowan ('95) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jack Moorman ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Gary Carlson ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jacki Shipman McKinney ('75) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick McCoy... From the Tincan Class of '45 Re: 08/16/77 ~ Where were you 25 years ago? Where was I 25 years ago? I dunno. Probably listening to some Sinatra records. What was it that happened on that day? -Dick McCoy... From the Tincan Class of '45 ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Janice Woods Ehrke ('60WB) To: Dick Lohdefinck ('52) Do you remember a Lauraine Woods who was a security guard at Hanford? He was my grandfather and I remember he always road the bus out to work. Always had to adjust holiday meals, etc around his schedule of work, graveyard, swing, etc. -Janice Woods Ehrke ('60WB) ~ Woodland, CA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Rector ('62) To: Kay Weir Fishback ('37) Good Morning Mrs. Fishback, This is Bob Rector, class of '62 with Roger. Cliff Cunningham ('62) is also up here visiting. You mentioned White Bluffs... well, just this morning, Cliff and I and my brother-in-law, John Williams, got into our power parachutes and flew out over White bluffs. It was a beautiful morning. Man, there has been a lot of erosion of the cliffs. Anyway, we could look out over the Hanford Area and it looks as desolate as ever... beautiful in it's own way. Always enjoy your history lessons... keep on writing. Take care. -Bob Rector ('62) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Earl C. Bennett, III, Gold Medal Class of '63 Re: 08/16/77 ~ Where were you 25 years ago? 1977 - not sure where I was when I heard Elvis died, probably someone at the office mentioned it, as I did not watch much TV or pay much attention to radio. I also didn't pay much attention to pop icons. My wife, however, a big Elvis fan, remembers clearly that she was driving down the road in her orange beetle with her two youngest kids in the car. When she heard the news on the radio, she pulled over and cried - the kids remember it vividly, too, as they were 8 and 12 at the time (I adopted them six months after we married). It was probably a week or two after I asked her to marry me, as I recall we set the wedding date for Sept. 23 and thought six weeks was enough time to prepare. We will celebrate 25 years next month with a big party and renewing vows, followed by a real honeymoon for a week at Niagara. What I remember most about Elvis' death was seeing a Richland High School '63 classmate, Ray something I think, on TV a few months later commenting on the medical testing his lab had done on the tissue samples sent by the forensic team investigating the death. Regards, ecb3 - from Reva, VA, where we need rain but the day has been rather pleasant, mid-80s and not the usual high humidity. -Earl Bennett ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: David Rivers ('65) Re: 08/16/77 ~ Where were you 25 years ago? - Elvis Elvis isn't dead... I just saw him last night on Fremont Street in Vegas... and at the Buffet at Caesar's... man can he eat... and I'm sure that was him eating that huge peanut butter and chocolate sunday at DQ... Really... I wouldn't make this stuff up... Well, the Zenians are here waiting to take me back to their world... sounds so exciting... 7 moons and 2 suns... dang! -David Rivers ('65) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Patti Snider Miller ('65) To: April Miller ('92) O.K. you were 3 when Elvis died... but you were brought up on his music, huh. I have a new book on Elvis and watched most of the day Friday6 (8/16/02) watching everything on Elvis :) Let's see, I was home taking care of you, April. :) Re: Dominic Woody ('96) Just wanted all of you to know, that Dominic, a Bomber who went to State in 1996 (and the Bombers got 2nd place( is in town through Monday the 19th. He is a catcher for Everett Aquasox who are playing the Tri- Cities Dust Devils. My husband and I got to see him play last night (16th). We hung around and got to talk to him. What a great guy! Can't believe the Tri-City Herald hasn't even said anything about him being here, they would if he were from Kennewick, I'm sure. Yes, I called and left a message to the sports writer and nothing in the paper today. Dom, if you are reading this, you did a great job last night and it brought back memories when you and Robert Miller ('96) pitched and you were the catcher all those years. Congratulations on being in the 'big leagues'!! Also thanks for signing the baseballs for me. To: The Tri-City Herald My note on no article in paper on Dominic Woody ('96). I must need new glasses as there was a very nice article on Dominic Woody. Thanks, Tri-City Herald. Kevin Uresky also noted it on his sports news. I apologize for being a ding-a-ling. Bomber Cheers, -Patti Snider Miller ('65) ~ Richland - where it is a nice 85 at 11:45pm ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Penny Mitchell True ('71) To: Dick Lohdefinck ('52) I enjoyed the letter from you... Lohdefinck is a well known name around Richland! My dad, W.W. Mitchell was also a Richland policeman in the early fifties until the city was incorporated and he chose to go out to Hanford Patrol. He retired as a Captain. One story my dad told us about when he was a policeman was one time a fellow officer followed a car into the Zip's parking lot intending to give a traffic ticket and it ended up with the crowd at Zip's turning the patrol car over! I don't know who the officer was or the details anymore. I have been waiting to see if the incident ever cropped up in the Alumni Sandstorm but it hasn't. I ran into your daughter at a yard sale in Bothell last year. Heard her talking about windchimes and the wind in Eastern Washington and asked her where is Eastern Washington and when she said Richland and then said her name we talked a little bit about our dads. -Penny Mitchell True ('71) ~ Bothell, WA (Just tried spell check and Richland comes out Riceland and Bothell comes out Bottle) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Holly Hultgren Singh ('85) Re: Looking for Frank Flynn I don't know where he is today but I took Mr. Flynn's Outdoor Life Class at Chief Jo in about 1980 and he was the greatest. I had to be tough and brave because I was the only girl in the class. I didn't dare gag or faint when he brought in dead pheasants or deer to clean in the classroom. Along with fly fishin' practice he regaled us about his time in the south, once getting chased by the KKK and also accidently meeting a hen-picked ex-president Harry Truman and his wife running a gift shop behind the governor's mansion in Texas. Mr. Flynn, wherever you are, I wish you the very best!!! -Holly Hultgren Singh ('85) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Robert Hausenbuiller ('93) I know I was a bit late with this response. I seem to be getting to my e-mail less and less lately. Re: 08/16/77 ~ Where were you 25 years ago? 25 years ago when Elvis died... Well, I was 3 1/2 years old and living in Puyallup, WA. I'm afraid I don't have any more details than that. My mother, Marcia Wade Hausenbuiller ('67), if she's reading, might be able to fill in some more details if she remembers. The first 'where were you when moment I remember is the Challenger exploding in January of '86. Actually I take that back because I vividly remember Regan being shot as well as John Lennon. Hope everyone is looking forward to a nice Labor day! -Robert Hausenbuiller ('93) ~ London, England - where it's aunny for a change and summer has finally graced our fine shores for a week before the rain starts again. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Tim Cowan ('95) Re: Spokesman-Review - B Reactor heritage must be protected Dear Sandstorm, Since my graduation in 1995 from RHS, I went on to architecture school at WSU where I graduated in 2000. As a thesis, I designed the Enrico Fermi Interpretive Center for the long-term preservation and exhibition of the historic Hanford B Reactor. Below, is a link to an guest column I recently had published in the Spokesman-Review newspaper. I would like it if the Alumni Sandstorm could make a link to this article: Click here to read the article Thank you! -Tim Cowan ('95) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/19/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers sent stuff: Kay Weir ('37), Charles Cox ('56) Patti Jones ('60), Ed Wood ('62) Sharon McDermott ('63), Guy Lobdell ('66) Shannon Weil ('82) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Kay Weir Fishback ('37) Re: More History Somebody mentioned Enrico Fermi [That was Tim Cowan ('95) in the 8/18 Sandstorm. -Maren] Did you know he was here? He was known as Mr. Farmer. Only a few people knew that. He stayed at the Desert Inn... do you remember that? My mother babysat for a few of the big "I am"s including the Duponts and we used to hear things but we knew to be discrete. My brother was in high school then and one of the DuPont little girls had a big crush on him. We kept telling him to follow that up. I was working in Spokane when Pearl Harbor was bombed and I went to the newspaper and got the paper as it came off the press... still have it and all the other big headlines. I was just a few miles away from Mt. St. Helens the day before it blew... I worked for the Gallup Poll company and watched the mountain steam away still everybody was surprised when it blew one Sunday morning. So I saved some more historic newspapers. Another thing I've saved for each of my grandchildren a catalog from the year in which they each were born. -Kay Weir Fishback ('37) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Charles Cox ('56) Re: 08/16/77 ~ Where were you 25 years ago when Elvis died? I was in my Office at Coldwell Banker at Corp. Headquarters in downtown Los Angeles, CA closing a deal on some Computer Equipment. -Charles Cox ('56) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) Re: Picnic at Battle Ground - Portland Area Our Queen Maren has done a great job of putting up the pictures from a gathering again. My camera and scanning is getting better when it comes to capturing the faces. Of course Maren's putting her great touches on them. Tom Hughes ('56) please come back in September to take your great pictures while I practice some more. I've missed a couple of names so please Portland group email Maren and she will put the names in. Thanks again for the fun. Re: Fife/Puget Sound Luncheon Fife/Puget Sound Area we will be moving luncheon place in September. The hotel where we met has closed. They will be reopening again with new owners but it will take about four months for this to happen. I will be announcing the new place in early September for the 15th luncheon. It looks like we will only be a half mile from where we were. Re: Tucson Get ready Bombers! Tucson has a Bomber that wants to put on luncheons. Bomber Cheers -Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) ~ Browns Point, WA - The moon is glowing gold over the water. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ed Wood ('62) Re: Denver area Bomber Lunch 9 Bombers and BBAs enjoyed a 3 hour lunch and conversation at Marlowe's in downtown Denver on Saturday. Many others said they planned to come, but summer events kept them away, insisting they be let in on when the next gathering will be. Wanda Davidson Turner ('56) promises to let us know soon on when that might be. Celebrants at our first gathering were: Mike Waggoner ('60), Cindy Ryan ('62), Paulette Lawson Sicilia ('73WB), Jim Collings ('62), Ron Richards ('63) and his wife Nina, Jerry Hurley ('62) and his son Rob, and Ed Wood ('62). It's amazing how events unfold. Paulette and Ron learned they live in the same neighborhood, and Paulette met Cindy again, who was her hairdresser in Pasco before Paulette's wedding! These events really are easy to set up, and well worth it. For those of you in areas with enough concentration of Bombers who haven't done one of these yet, give it a try. You're sure to enjoy it. -Ed Wood ('62) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Sharon McDermott Bruce ('63) Re: 08/16/77 ~ Where were you 25 years ago? Where was I when I heard Elvis had died? I was in Houston driving down the street after picking my son Kevin up at day care, when it came over the radio. I was very surprised and saddened that his life was so short. -Sharon McDermott Bruce ('63) ~ In hot, beautiful San Antonio, TX ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Guy Lobdell ('66) Re: Dick Lohdefinck ('52) in the 08/16/02 Sandstorm Now for the unauthorized biography of Dick at the Richland Police Department (snicker-snicker). I worked with Dick from July 1974 until March 1984 and enjoyed every minute of it. He was, by far, the best Shift Commander, I ever worked for. Don't worry, Dick, I won't give anything away, but do ya remember 'Super C Shift'? Do ya remember our lunches at the station? (heh-heh). -Guy Lobdell ('66) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Shannon Weil Lamarche ('82) Sorry this is so late in coming. We've been travelling for a week after the Class of 1982 reunion and just got home to New Jersey last night. I wanted to thank all those involved in planning our 20th reunion for their dedication and hard work in making it a success! Everything was well organized and executed... even the slightest glitch went virtually unnoticed! The picnic was a blast! My kids had fun getting to know the other kids, and my son had so much fun dragging me into the 3-legged race ;-)! The luau theme was perfect - not too formal and fun. As I get older, dressing up is not as appealing as it used to be. Also, a special thanks to Judy Willox Hodge ('61) from Club 40 for bringing all that great Bomber stuff for sale. For those of us who live out of town, it was great to be able to buy a Bomber t-shirt (my old one is in tatters) and my daughter proudly wears her Bomber bandana (I can't wait until her teachers at school see THAT!). I am working on getting a reunion photo page on our Class website, so if any of you have a great picture you'd like to see on it, please email me a copy. -Shannon Weil Lamarche ('82) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/20/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCoy ('45), Jeanie Walsh ('63) Larry Stephens ('63), Paulette Lawson ('63WB) Ray Kelly ('63), Marcia Wade ('67) Cecily Riccobuono ('77), Kim Edgar ('79) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mary Jean Mattson Foley ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jerie Ehinger Broze ('69WB) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick McCoy (from the Tin Can Class of '45) Re: Brother Weir ('47) To: Kay Weir Fishback ('37) C'mon Kay, I've known your brother Gordy, for 59 years this September, and, except for his wife, Lou, I have never known any gal, DuPont or otherwise, to have a crush on him. He was far too fickle. -Dick McCoy (from the Tin Can Class of '45) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jeanie Walsh ('63) To: Earl Bennett ('63) Your memory serves you very well, Earl. Ray Kelly ('63) was the person who actually worked on the forensic testing. I think it was at our 10th Class Reunion, Ray and I got into a conversation and - to make a long story short, we lived two blocks away from one another here in Simi Valley, CA, for about 5 or 6 years. He didn't recognize me because of my married name... and I also go by Barbra now. Our families got together for dinner a couple of times, and the subject of Elvis and the drug testing came up... Ray didn't just work for the lab that did the testing, he was the lead guy in the research. He moved to Las Vegas back in the late '80s, and from there I kinda lost track. His father was also the Mayor of Richland back in the early 60s... Re: Mrs. Grossenbacher's class There are still a lot of missing names from Mrs. Grossenbacher's 4th grade class at John Ball Elementary in North Richland, so any graduate from the class of '63 who attended John Ball, you might want to check and see if you know anyone or if you recognize yourself... -Jeanie Walsh (Gold Metal Class of '63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Larry Stephens ('63) Please pass on to Gary Carlson ('64), my belated best wishes on his recent Birthday. Cheers, -Larry Stephens ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Paulette Lawson Sicilia ('63WB) Re: Denver area Bomber Lunch I just wanted to make one change to Ed Wood's ('62) note about the Bomber gathering in Denver on Saturday, August 17th. I WISH I could pass for a '73 grad... you did have it right on the pictures, Ed! It truly was an amazing experience meeting with everyone and hearing stories about Richland and the many friends we have in common. Imagine my surprise to find out Ron ('63) and Nina Richards are our neighbors just around the corner... we've probably been at some of the same neighborhood functions and passed each other while out walking. We've all been in this subdivision since '93 so I guess we should make more of an effort to meet ALL of our neighbors! And I also discovered that Cindy Ann Ryan ('62) lives very close by and we attend the same church! It is a small world! Thank you to Ed Wood for arranging things and I look forward to meeting more Bombers in the future. -Paulette Lawson Sicilia ('63WB) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ray Kelly ('63) Re: 08/16/77 ~ Where were you 25 years ago? To: Earl Bennett ('63) I resemble that remark about the "Ray something" who was "on TV talking about Elvis". Our lab, Bio-Science Labs in Van Nuys, CA had indeed tested his post-mortem samples. And I got the "rare" pleasure of being interviewed by the inimitable Geraldo Rivera, who at that time was on ABC's "20/20". He sent me an autographed picture of him and me together, but I seem to have misplaced it somewhere... Oh well, probably wrapped a fish in it or something. I am still making my living as a forensic toxicologist all these years later. -Ray Kelly ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Marcia Wade Hausenbuiller ('67) Re: 08/16/77 ~ Where were you 25 years ago? Boy, I didn't want to say it, but I have no idea what I was doing or where I was they day Elvis died. Wouldn't have even commented if my eldest [Rob Hausenbuiller ('93)] hadn't thrown his two bits in the ring. I guess I know I was in Puyallup, WA and had one kid... a three and a half year old! I think there have just been a few other more important milestones in my life than the day Elvis died. Plus, I was married to a musician for a whole lot of years and he did some back up work for some Elvis impersonators, so maybe I never figured Elvis was really dead. (Some of those guys were just a bit on the strange side...) Love to all, -Marcia Wade Hausenbuiller ('67) ~ Glad to report from good old Richland that our weather in nicely in the 80s for a few days instead of the 90s & 100s. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Cecily Riccobuono McClanahan ('77) Re: New e-mail address Hello fellow Bombers. My home computer has been down for quite some time, and I have been unable to read the Sandstorm, or get any of my e-mails. It looks like it may be down for a while longer, so I am using my work e-mail address for now. Months ago, before my computer went down, some of us from class of '77 talked about a 25 year reunion. I was hoping to help plan the occasion, but have been so busy with other things. Did anyone plan any get together? Did I miss it? I hope not. It's not to late to still plan one if anyone is interested. Let me know. I feel so out of touch with everyone. Please feel free to write me at my work e-mail. It's great to be back in touch. -Cecily Riccobuono McClanahan ('77) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Kim Edgar Leeming ('79) Re: 08/16/77 ~ Where were you 25 years ago? I was working at Zip's that day. -Kim Edgar Leeming ('79) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/21/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers sent stuff: Kay Weir ('37), Rex Hunt ('53WB) Burt Pierard ('59), Bill Johnson ('61) Bob DeGraw ('66), Guy Lobdell ('66) Chuck Crawley ('67), Mike Davis ('74) Karen Davis ('76), Kim Edgar ('79) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Kay Weir Fishback ('37) Hi, Dick McCoy Hey, the DuPont LITTLE girl was a Little girl about 6 years old and she had a crush on a teen age boy. But I really want to tell you all an "OOPS" story. The first divorce related to Sept 11th terrorist attacks has been filed in New York. It appears a guy with an office on the 103rd floor of the World Trade Center spent the morning at his girlfriend's apartment with his phone turned off. He wasn't watching TV either. When he turned his phone back on at 11am it rang immediately. It was his hysterical wife. "Are you okay? Where are you?" He said "What do you mean? I'm in my office of course." -Kay Weir Fishback ('37) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Rex Hunt ('53WB) Re: Club 40 Reunion When is the last day to register for the OLD fogies reunion in September. It was not mentioned on the application I received. I see the Doc Friday or the Vet. Monday and one or the other may let me attend. Also, there was no phone number to contact the hotel to reserve a non smoking room with queen size or larger bed. -Rex Hunt ('53WB) ~ beautiful downtown Hanford, CA - where our reigning MISS Hanford won the butt ugly award at the Miss California Contest ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Note from Burt Pierard ('59), Club 40 President: There is no deadline for regular Reunion registration - registrations are accepted at the door (no additional charge). If you want to go on the 100-B Reactor Tour, a tour Application Form & Fee MUST be received (by us) by AUGUST 28, 2002 - Security Badges have to be ordered a week before the tour. See the website for Tour Information and Form. The Shilo Inn phone number is (509) 946-4661 - mention Club 40 to get our room rate. -Burt] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bill "Lane" Johnson ('61) Does anybody out there from the class of '58 have a valid e-mail for Linda Mitchell ('58)? The one on the '58 web page does not work. Thanks -Bill "Lane" Johnson (Classic Class of '61) ~ Bay City, TX ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob DeGraw ('66) Re: Looking for Jerry Smith ('66) To: All You '66ers Does anyone know the whereabouts of Jerry Smith? If someone has an address or email I would appreciate it. Also, how many Bombers do we have here in Las Vegas? Bob DeGraw. ps Maren did you get my picture? -Bob DeGraw ('66) ~ Las Vegas, NV ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Bob -- Yes, I got the picture... I'll let you know when I get it online. -Maren] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Guy Lobdell ('66) Re: 8/16/77 Where were you 25 years ago? In case y'all missed my 8/19/02 comment to Dick Lohdefinck ('52), I was working as a Richland Police Officer. It's very possible that when the news of Elvis' death was announced I was giving some other former Bomber a ticket (heh-heh) -Guy Lobdell ('66) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Chuck Crawley ('67) Elvis is dead??? -Chuck Crawley ('67) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis ('74) Re: 08/16/77 ~ Where were you 25 years ago? Watching Upton perform at Denny's! -Mike Davis ('74) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Karen Davis Scheffer ('76) Hello Hey, just a request to all you Bombers who remember the Davis era and mother, B.J. You probably realize we lost poppa, Norm, on the 8th of August and it's been tough on all of us, but especially Mom. She lost her best friend, lover, right arm and husband of 52 years. Coping and continuing without him has been and will be difficult. Tomorrow, Thursday, August 22, is her 69th birthday. One thing dad always did was make a big deal about her birthday the whole month of August. He had started before his death with a new computer chair and some awesome house plants... but I'm sure all the other stuff he had planned will never be known. I ask any of you that can and will to please e-mail her a note or something. She spends a lot of time on this here machine and I'm sure she will probably increase the time now that she is alone, unfortunately. (or here in the Alumni Sandstorm). I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could drop her a line... keep her (and the rest of us, too) in your prayers, please. Daddy will greatly be missed and I still cry, it seems, on a daily basis... he was so important and the most influential person in my life... I loved him so much!!! Thanks to y'all in advance, -Karen Davis Scheffer ('76) - Oh... and also a big thank you to all you folks for putting up with my brother Mike ('74)... I know that's difficult I have had to for 46 yrs!!!!! *smile* ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Kim Edgar Leeming ('79) Re: Back To School Memories (New School Year) Does anyone remember their favorite thing about going back and starting a new school year? Mine was being back with friends and of course wearing my new school clothes and meeting my new teacher. The other day as we were school shopping, my 8 year old son said he couldn't wait to start school. I said "Why? Are you looking forward to seeing your friends?" He said no, he wanted to use his new school supplies! You know the fun stuff when you're in 2nd grade: color crayons, markers, paints, and let's not forget the "Sponge Bob Square Pants" folders, pencils, lunch box and back pack to carry it all in. (He did pick out a few "Star Wars stuff as well). I remember the "in" thing, during my school era was: Brady Bunch, Barbie, Speed Racer, The Osmond & Jackson 5 lunch Boxes and others I've forgotten. The lunch boxes were made of metal, and the thermos would break if you dropped it. (I have to admit the thermos kept things hotter than these plastic ones do). Bomber Cheers, -Kim Edgar Leeming ('79) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/22/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff: Norma Culverhouse ('49), Patricia Badger ('53) Loretta Ostboe ('55), Sue Garrison ('58) Dick Pierce ('67), Clark Riccobuono ('71) Mike Davis ('74), Jil Lytle ('82) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Kathie Moore Adair ('69) BOMBER MOM BIRTHDAY Today: BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) ******************************************** ******************************************** 08/22 '58 in '03 Planning Meeting - Richland Library Seminar Room 7pm - 8pm Email Joretta "Sue" Garrison Pritchett ('58) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Norma Culverhouse King ('49) A Big Happy Birthday to BJ Davis (Bomber Mom). I know this won't be your happiest birthday so soon after losing Norm. But hang in there. I know it must help having the big wonderful family you have. Best wishes. -Norma Culverhouse King ('49) ~ Still in Richland enjoying the wonderful summer except for the few days that go over 100. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Patricia Badger Keller ('53) ALERT! ALERT!! ALERT!!! Old Bomber Gene Keller ('50) will celebrate his 70th birthday on Monday 26th of August. Please surprise him by sending a note, card or anything with your memories of those days that you have shared together in that unique town of Richland, WA. Gene attended Lewis & Clark and Columbia High School... he also taught at Chief Joseph, was principal of Spalding school, Director of special Education for Richland, Kennewick and Pasco. We have fond memories of so many people, it is always the people who make our lives great... so get out the pen, and that includes McCoy, Davis, Tracy, Richardson and all other Bombers. Send an email to me and I'll give you a street address... and/or put a note in the Alumni Sandstorm. Go Bombers. -Patricia Badger Keller ('53) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Loretta Ostboe Fraser ('55) Re: My birthday Darn, you forgot my birthday, and it's the Medicare one!!! Was looking forward to seeing my name in "Lights"!!.... oh, well, you can't get us all..... :D -Loretta Ostboe Fraser ('55) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Loretta -- When is your birthday??? -Maren] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Joretta "Sue" Garrison Pritchett ('58) To: Class of '58 Re: Reminder - 45th Reunion Planning Meeting Where: Richland Library, Conference Room When: Thursday, August 22 Time: 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Please come and help plan our Reunion. One decision (at least) will be made this week, and you can help with it whether or not you can attend the meeting. We must choose the date for the Reunion. Would you rather have our Reunion connected with R2K+3 and Cool Desert Nights (June) or with Club 40 (September). Still a third option would be to have our Reunion totally separate from either of those functions. Please give us your input on this issue. You may contact me or Barb Isakson Rau. Thanks everyone. Hope to see you Thursday night. -Joretta "Sue" Garrison Pritchett ('58) ~ Richland ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick Pierce ('67) To: Chuck Crawley ('67) Right on! Elvis is dead? I don't think so. Saw hundreds of him at "Elvis Night" at SAFECO Field in Seattle. One of them, sitting two rows in front of me, kept turning around looking directly into my eyes. It was him. Thankyouverymuch. -Dick Pierce ('67) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Clark J. Riccobuono ('71) Re: Zodiak Hello to all my fellow Bombers. Thought I would share this moment with you in Seattle. This is a picture of the Zodiak. These tall masted ships came to Seattle last Thursday and was an amazing site to see. Something like this event does not happen very often. Sailboats were everywhere escorting them into the harbor and then thru the Ballard Locks. If you have never been there, its really a neat part of Seattle to see. Plus the 30 and 40 pound Chinook Salmon coming up the fish ladder. Take a look. Go Bombers and long live the BBA, -Clark J. Riccobuono ('71) ~ Puyallup, WA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis ('74) I'd like to wish a happy birthday to the most beautiful lady I know - my mom! Happy Birthday, Billie! I love you! Re: 8/21/02 Sandstorm my sister, Karen signed off with the following >>from: Karen Davis Scheffer ('76) >>"Oh... and also a big thank you to all you >>folks for putting up with my brother Mike ('74). >>I know that's difficult... I have had to for >>46 years!!!!! *smile* " 46 years, huh? That's amazing seeing how Karen is only 44 years old! Yeah, Karen pushes on the "Pull" sign a lot! -Mike Davis ('74) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jil Lytle Smith ('82) Re: Class of '82 Reunion This is so late, but I just returned from our family vacation and I really wanted everyone to know how much I enjoyed working with the committee to put on such a fantastic reunion. Thank you to all of you who came forward at the last minute to help out. I hope you know how much we all appreciated you. To: Judy Willox Hodge ('61) and club 40 Thanks for everything! It was such a nice touch to have the [Bomber] memorabilia there on Friday night for everyone to enjoy. Everyone was so happy to see the Bomber merchandise for sale both nights as well. I hope everyone enjoyed the reunion as much as I did. Take care class of '82! -Jil Lytle Smith ('82) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/23/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers and 1 funeral notice today: Don Fisher ('50), Dave Alexander ('61) Rich Henderson ('62), Deedee Willox ('64) Bill Wingfield ('67), Kathy Kraemer ('67) Kathy Hartnett ('69), Spencer Houck ('71) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY 8/20: Loretta Ostboe Fraser ('55) BOMBER BIRTHDAY 8/20: John Choate ('64) Bomber Offspring Birthday Today: Marc Shipman ('83NaB) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Don Fisher ('50) Re: Happy Birthday Gene Keller ('50) I'm sure you have some great memories of our Bomber Days and Bomber Friends. It's always very pleasing to me to read the Bomber news and see the remarks of the "younger" Bombers... what they're doing and how they feel towards each other. We were the same in our days I'm sure. Since I am one year and five days older then you, I'm hoping we will have many more birthdays to enjoy with our families and friends. Bombers Forever. -Don Fisher ('50) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dave Alexander ('61) Re: k-l-e-z virus One of the easiest ways to prevent most if not all of the virus problems is to stop using the worthless junk Microsoft e-mail programs. I have always used Netscape and have never been bothered by a virus, although I see them in my e-mail often... much easier than buying an antivirus program. -Dave Alexander ('61) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Dave is right... I'm a Netscape user and that's why my computer didn't get the virus!! It was written so to attack Outlook/Outlook Express users.... -Maren] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Rich Henderson ('62) Re: Your Recent Virus E-Alert To: Maren Smyth ('63 & '64) Maren: Thanks for the timely e-alert, in the most recent Alumni Sandstorm newsletter, about the recent virus that attaches to e-mail. I, too, have been hit with a number of goofy sounding e-mails that have been infected with the same virus you mentioned. Have been hit with a notable increase in junk e-mail advertisements that mostly relate to gambling online. Both the e-mail virus traffic and junk e-mail traffic were, apparently, a result of some e-advertising I downloaded last month from Publishers Clearing House (PCH). After receiving PCH advertising there was an almost immediately a flood of junk e-mail; along with an immediate increase in suspicious e-mail traffic with the virus, you mentioned, attached. I have had my Norton anti-virus service activated numerous times; as it identifies, stops, isolates, and deletes such. Called my ISP, (Earthlink), and they suggested that I use an alternative website to preview, read, and dispose of any unwanted e-mail before attempting to download to the hard-drive. Check out It is a free service. -Rich Henderson ('62) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Deedee Willox Loiseau ('64) To: Clark J. Riccobuono ('71) A couple years ago, The Tall Ship came to Pasco. My husband and I went to the docks to watch it come in. Like you, we thought it was great and were excited to see it. They had spent a lot of money to build it just like they built them in the old days, no modern tools or materials. It was something to behold! They actually sold rides on this one, but we didn't take it (too spendy for us retired folks). Several days later, with a full load of riders, The Tall Ship was going under the railroad bridge which came down on top of them, smashing their masts and pretty much messing up the whole ship. It seems that the captain was on the wrong frequency and didn't hear the warning that the bridge was coming down. Oops! After that we called it "The Not-So-Tall Ship!" Re: Benton-Franklin County Fair We took three of our grandchildren to the Benton- Franklin County Fair yesterday. If you plan to do the same, be sure to take them to the Kid Zone and through the Omsi exhibit. My grand kids, ages 4, 6, and almost 8 (as she constantly points out) were fascinated with the whole thing. It's really hands-on, lots of stuff for the adults, too (most of whom I couldn't figure out!). We also rode the tram out to the horse area. To the kids, this was like a carnival ride in itself and they loved seeing the horses. The tram is probably the only thing in the whole fair that is FREE. We took them through the animal barns and some of the owners let them pet their animals. They LOVED it. The almost 8 year old was especially taken with the animals. Some of the rabbit owners had their rabbits out for them to pet; I have to admit, I enjoyed that too. The carnival rides are EXPENSIVE. $1 per coupon (ticket) and it takes a minimum of 3 tickets for the kiddie rides, 4 or 5 for the big rides. The best buy is $17 for 24 tickets, so we passed on that part. Later the mom of the 4 and 6 year olds came and got them. Alanna, Grandpa and Nanna went back to the fair after dinner. Someone gave Alanna 12 tickets, so she was really excited. We went home around 11:30, happily tired. It was a fun day. Nanna will sleep today! The Fair is worth the entrance fee just to see the Omsi stuff in the Kid Zone and the animals. If you plan on rides, take MONEY. The food is also a little spendy, but not as bad as the rides. Have fun! We did! -Deedee Willox Loiseau ('64) ~ Burbank, WA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bill Wingfield ('67) To: Mom Davis Happy Birthday, we love you. To: Mike Davis ('74) Welcome back. Don't pay any attention to your sister, we missed you. -Bill Wingfield (Blue Ribbon Class of 67) ~ Augusta, GA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Kathy Kraemer Fisher ('67) Re: K-L-E-Z virus Luckily my Norton [Anti Virus software] catches all of these before I even come close to opening them (and I have gotten a bunch too, Maren). However, you should know that if the virus is contained in a file that is sent via HTML e-mail formatting, it can be embedded into the e-mail itself and you can get it just by looking at the mail in the preview screen. You don't even have to open an attachment to become infected!! [NOTE: This is ONLY if you are using Outlook or Outlook Express... doesn't work that way with Netscape. -Maren] One thing I have been doing (and it seems to work) is this [for Outlook/Outlook Express]: (1) After the infected attachment is long gone (thanks Norton!), right click on the infected email and go to properties. Go to the "details" tab, to "message source" ... highlight all of it and hit "Ctrl-c" to copy. (2) Open a new blank e-mail. "Ctrl-v" to paste the entire message source into new email. Put something like "Virus Alert" or "You sent me a virus" in the subject line. (3) I also open Norton Anti-Virus and get the report on the infection and copy/paste that info into the email as well. You can start the email with a paragraph that says something like "below is the source and virus information regarding an email that was sent to me containing the K-L-E-Z virus." (4) Send this e-mail to the return-path person it came from (the "From" name and address is a phony). Also CC it to abuse@domain it came from (if the return path says, send to I've been going to the websites of the domains, too, and adding any more domain addresses I can find to the CC line (support@domain, admin@domain, etc.) For the most part, I don't get repeat attacks after doing this (I got many repeat attacks before I started doing it, though) and more times than not, I get an email back from the domain that says "thank you for bringing this to our attention... we have informed this person that their email is compromised..." The K-L-E-Z is particularly nasty because you don't even know it's there, working it's little tricks in the background. Hope that helps! -Kathy Kraemer Fisher ('67) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [ANOTHER NOTE: I've even received KLEZ-infected email that *supposedly* contains an anti-Klez cleaning tool as the attachment!!! -Maren] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Kathy Hartnett Mitchell ('69) Re: My Elvis Story You know I don't really remember where I was when I heard that the" King" was dead and I've been away from the computer for a few days, so I'm a little late in posting this... but, about 6 or 7 years ago when I was still living in Albany, OR (home of the ever popular Bob Carlson aka Mike Clowes ('54). My girlfriend and I were consumed in the All- American Friday ritual of Garage Sale-ing, at one of our many stops after carefully avoiding the piles of questionable clothing items and boxes of R.D. condensed books, we came across a box of old family photo albums... most were marked $2-$5 bucks, for the books themselves. Two of them, rather tattered on the edges were absurdly priced at $100.00 each. We were in disbelief that someone could honestly expect anyone to pay that price until we opened them up... they were family photos of the King himself starting from the age of about 5 or 6 up through Las Vegas days. There was Elvis on a pony, Elvis under the hood of a car, E at a lake with a bunch of other 14-15 year olds. Apparently the woman at the sale had a cousin who grew up with him. They were just snap shots like we all have from our childhood, but they were Elvis Presley!! Well, I don't know what was going on in my life at the time, but we both walked away from them. About an hour later, we realized out mistake and decided to rob the 7-11 on the corner if necessary to get the books (she would not sell them separately) but as chance would have it, they were of course gone. It was some consolation to know that we weren't the only ones who had passed them up, but I wonder if any of the others have nearly the sore fanny I have from kicking myself every time I hear one of his songs. I hope whomever DID get them, loves them as much as I would have. -Kathy Hartnett Mitchell ('69) ~ beautiful Covelo, CA where it's finally under 100* here in the Mendocino Nat'l. Forest, the Gateway to the Yolla Bolly Wilderness ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Spencer Houck ('71) Re: Virus and Worm information To: Maren Smyth ('63 & '64) Maren and whomever else would like to know I was on the Symantec web site. They are the company for Norton and here is a web address about the K-L-E-Z virus. Also I read somewhere that if you put the following information in your address book and make it the first address and in the email address area put (worm alert) it will let you know that you have a worm and can run your virus check to find and get rid of it. The exclamation and three zeros indicates that a divide by zero to the worm and will also alert you. Hope this helps!! Bomber Cheers to all :D -Spencer Houck ('71) ******************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Funeral Notice scanned from the TCHerald by Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) >>Walter Mabrey ~ Class of 1955 ~ 01/25/37 to 08/02 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/24/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers sent stuff: Dick Lohdefinck ('52), Tom Tracy ('55) David Rivers ('65), Tedd Cadd ('66) Debbie Lien (69), Diana Fowler ('70) Peggy Hartnett ('72) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY 8/21: Don Fisher ('50) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick Lohdefinck ('52) Just checking to ascertain if anyone may have a recollection of the following '52 classmates and perhaps where they might be today??? Ronald Hardy Kirby Edwards (Indian) George Wahl If anyone has any info on the above, would appreciate getting it... Thanks -Dick Lohdefinck ('52) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Tom Tracy ('55) WARNING! TO THOSE WHO HAVE NO INTEREST IN BOMBERLAND PRIOR TO 1955 PLEASE AVOID READING THIS. IT CAN CAUSE SERIOUS EYE STRAIN, DESERT NIGHT SWEATS, SANDSTORM SLEEPING SICKNESS, DOUBLE-DYSLEXIA AND THE INCURABLE BOMBER HYPER-ACTIVITY SYNDROME (BHAS-R2K) THE UNCONTROLLABLE R2K-VILLAGE VIRUS --- (incurable but treatable by taking two Spudnuts and calling another Bomber in the morning) To: Gene Keller ('50) Gene: Congratulations. You're only 70? That's great. You've got two or three careers left in you. Here's saluting you and the example you've set for thousands of young people from Richland's playgrounds to Col Hi to the schools and communities you've served. First, thanks for being a great Bomber basketball player. I still remember that unique long shot you had and the calm, cool personality of a Christian with 4 aces you always exhibited. Certainly you wore out a lot of nets in your day, practicing. Your influence helped many of us who played later. Congratulations on your winning seasons, your successful educational career and the good life you enjoy (not to mention your ability to select and marry of one of the loveliest cheer leaders ever to wear the green & gold). You and Jack Sinderson ('53) did put a lot of pressure on me. My Dad always said, "Those guys exhibit class, determination, court savvy and the kind of floor leadership every player should have. They are winners who know how to diagnose their opponents' moves and they always show respect to their opponents after they defeat them." He made the same comments about Don Fisher ('50), our first All-State football player and other Bomber greats who I'm sure wish you a happy birthday. My brother, Bill ('51), another of my heroes, who played with you, Whitey Schell ('51 - Richland's own Pete Maravich), George Richardson ('51 - the guy with a big smile and a great sense of humor), Frank Schermer who couldn't have been much more than six feet tall and could out jump most guys 6'5" and taller), Big Ed Osborne ('50 - also a great softball pitcher as Marilyn Richey ('53) can attest) and the others we remember so well would all wish you the very best on your 70th. You were a teammate and a Bomber to remember. Hope all your Richland High friends give you a well-deserved Bomber "fly-over" and Happy Birthday salute. You always gave respect to kids who came to play in the gym on Saturdays. You treated all of us little guys with the same courtesy you gave to adults and close friends. I'm sure this is why you are such a treasured friend to everyone you helped during your teaching and administrative days. Your friendly spirit always went above and beyond the call of duty. (I was going to say you were like Will Rogers who purportedly said, "I never met a man I didn't like"... but someone contradicted that and said it was Elizabeth Taylor who really made that comment) You taught a lot of kids and parents well with your personal attitude and helped them believe in themselves, gave them hope when they were about to surrender. Few know the effort and energy required to re-charge your own battery in order to provide the spark for others. You did it for many. It's that same spark that our teachers in Richland used to keep the Bomber pride and human spirit filled with hope, courage and determination while our community re- constituted a little piece of the sun, kept secrets, built a brotherhood in the desert and built a product that won a war and kept us out of many others. A spirit well worth fueling. It exemplifies the adage: "Whoso teacheth a childlabours with GOD in HIS workshop". So, lean back and think of those wonderful times you had with good friends, kids in your classes and team mates on the court... and keep remembering the ones who came back and said, "your help meant so much to me" (because I'm one of those kids)... the paybacks that no paycheck can match... the satisfaction of a job well done... a friendship maintained... a game well played... a child well taught... a life well lived... a person encouraged in the classroom... in the gym, on the playground... a family loved. If you have a moment to turn to the inside cover of your '50 annual (it's online now too) and notice the gym full of people cheering during a 50s game... a kid on the front row with a dark sweater and two stripes running across it jumping up and down... that's me. I couldn't wait to put on a green and gold uniform and listen to the band play the song printed round the edge of the page... You helped encourage me to make that dream come true! Thanks again. (Wish you could have been there to watch our team put down Seattle's and the State's no. 1 ranked team -- Lincoln High in '55. It ranks right up there with being able to have our names carved on the same trophy with yours, Gene Conley ('48) and all the rest when we won the Yakima Valley League Championship in '54 and '55. Happy 70th. Smooth runways and happy vapor trails to you and Patty. Please remember to stay in shape... Patty has lots of "honey do" projects ahead for you... plus, you have many friendships to keep... and miles to go before you sleep". I am grateful to classmates who put together the annuals put them online. Especially Lorin St. John ('55), who kept marvelous archives of our days from 4th Grade through high school. (And I owe Maren a lot of online computer ink and re-formatting fees... and patience for having to read thru such rambling memories... thanks, Maren.) -Tom Tracy ('55) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: David Rivers ('65) Re: Kathie Moore Adair ('69) Well, my dear sweet friend... join the crowd of my screwed up birthday wishes... I have got to find a better place to keep my little list... I am becoming an old person... I've never been an old person before... my mind has always been... well... ok so maybe I've never been the brightest bulb in the old chandelier... but Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez how can I forget everybody's birthday and especially yours... So tell that old man of yours to get his rear end of that Harley and take you some place special on me... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATHIE MOORE ADAIR ('69) -David Rivers ('65) PS Twedt (64)... if I forget on the 26th... have a good one! Now I know why Kathie Roe ('64) did the whole month at the same time! ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Tedd Cadd ('66) Re: Viruses and stuff... Sorry, but the !000 thing is a well-known hoax. See the entry at Our ISP (Amerion) provides virus and spam filtering before it gets to our computer. We have excellent virus software on the computer as well but we've not had any trouble except a hacker who broke through Norton's software firewall and erased a number of important files before I was able to shut him down. We installed a hardware firewall since then and haven't had any more trouble. -Tedd Cadd ('66) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Debbie Lien Gieszler ('69) To: Mandy Holmes Taylor ('97) and Holly Hultgren Singh ('85) Re: Frank Flynn I don't know where Frank Flynn is now; but about 2 years ago he was teaching college classes at City University in Richland. I took 2 courses from him, and really enjoyed them. I liked his teaching style; he was informative and entertaining. During our class, which was in the fall, he took a week off and went to Brazil to go fishing. Shortly after that, he wrote an article for the Tri-City Herald travel page, telling about his adventure. I was never bored in that class! -Debbie Lien Gieszler ('69) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Diana Fowler Bernard ('70) To: Bob DeGraw ('66) Re: Your question about Jerry Smith. He's here in the Tri-Cities working in at Hanford in 100 Area. I lived next door to him and his family for many, many years. We are family friends. He is listed in our Hanford Telephone Directory with a current telephone number of [phone number deleted for Jerry's privacy -- email Diana and ask for it. -Maren] -Diana Fowler Bernard ('70) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Peggy Hartnett ('72) Re: KLEZ I couldn't agree more about Microsoft crap... I have a MAC at home and have never gotten a virus, but here at the museum with the new, pre-installed, fully- loaded Microsoft stuff, we got hit. It was a bit scary, especially because everyone here thinks of me as the techy because I can attach a CPU to a monitor and grew up in Richland! The Symantec downloadable fix does the job but takes quite awhile. We have Norton Anti-Virus but the updates were not current and the virus disabled the auto protect. Note to self and all of you KEEP YOUR UPDATES CURRENT. We had to uninstall and reinstall Norton before it was fixed. Nothing too challenging, just lots of download time. We were lucky and didn't lose any data. Re: 08/16/77 ~ Where were you 25 years ago? As to Elvis, unlike my sister Kathy ('69), I have no story, but they tell me that if he's out there, he'll make to Bisbee, where the mile-high desert is in full mid-monsoon bloom, the noseeums are leaving and there's water in the San Pedro. -Peggy Hartnett ('72) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/25/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers and 1 Bomber Mom: Ann Pearson ('50), Ed Weasner ('51) Jimmie Shipman ('51), Phil Belcher ('51) Dick Lohdefinck ('52), Deedee Willox ('64) BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Sharen Manolopoulos ('72) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Greg Stone ('80) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ann Pearson Burrows ('50) Re: 1950 Yearbook To: Tom Tracy ('55) To further expand the info (pre '55) those legs next to yours in the '50 yearbook picture of cheering people at a basketball game was none other than yours truly! [Refresher on what Tom Tracy ('55) said yesterday: "Inside front cover ['50 Columbian] ... kid ... front row [left side of 2 pages] w/dark sweater and two stripes running across it jumping up and down... that's me." See it at: -Maren] To: Gene Keller ('50) Birthday card on the way - can't believe we are entering another decade - you that is - not me (yet) ;)!! It all seems like yesterday on the good days - otherwise it seems like forever ago! -Ann Pearson Burrows ('50) ~ San Diego, CA - where it is always perfect weather... and why we pay a sun tax to live here!! ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ed Weasner ('51) To: Gene Keller ('50) Re: Happy Birthday I doubt very seriously if Gene remembers me from Col-Hi but he was one of the nicer upperclassmen to his younger classmates. Someone mentioned his outstanding educational background, But he also was an insurance agent with an office on the corner of Jadwin and Williams for a number of years. I'm sure one of my first insurance policies was with Gene, but I can't tell you the year. Anyway, Gene I hope you had a very happy birthday and have many more. If you are able why don't you come to the Club 40 in September. Take care, -Ed Weasner ('51) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jimmie Shipman ('51) Re: First All-State Bomber Football Player To: Tom Tracy ('55) Mel Thompson ('48) a guard was the first All-State Bomber football player in 1947. Mel was a great football player and person. Don Fisher ('50) a left halfback was an All-State Bomber football player in 1949. I knew Mel on the practice field very well as I was right across from him during scrimmage practice, boy did I get to know him. I was on the Junior Varsity football team, however I did practice with the Varsity against Mel, which I considered an honor. Gene Keller ('50) and Frank Schermer ('50) were also on the Junior Varsity team. Bombers Never Quit -Jimmie Shipman ('51) ~ Richland - where it's always just right ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Phil Belcher ('51) Happy 40th Birthday to my stepson, Greg Stone ('80) on 8/25/02. Now begins the long sloping slide for you. -Phil Belcher ('51) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick Lohdefinck ('52) Hi guys... Especially Paul Phillips ('49) for the feed back on my attempt to locate on Kirby Edwards. You guys do good work. Thanks for helping me to run down (figuratively speaking) some of the old com padres. -Dick Lohdefinck ('52) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Deedee Willox Loiseau ('64) Re: !000 and BHAS-R2K Virus To: Tedd Cadd ('66) Thanks for the heads-up on the !000 hoax. I use that website a lot; always check it before I pass something on. I got taken in a couple of times before I got smart and started checking websites. Some time back, there was a list of hoax sites in the Alumni Sandstorm, not sure what date, but it was a good list. To: Tom Tracy ('55) Love the BHAS-R2K - R2K-VILLAGE VIRUS! Somebody pass the Spudnuts, please! -Deedee Willox Loiseau ('64) ~ Burbank, WA - it's kinda hot, but it's making the tomatoes grow and ripen; there's nothing like fresh tomatoes right from the garden. Bonus: They are GOOD for you! ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) I would just like to tell you all how very much I appreciated all the letters that were sent to me in the Alumni Sandstorm and my private e mail on my birthday. It was a rough day, the first birthday to spend without Norm in 52 years. His kind and wonderful spirit lives on in all my children and they are such a comfort to me. Some of you who wrote were some of mine and Norm's "other kids", some who were at our house all the time, too. We have always loved you all... -BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/26/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers and 1 Bomber Dad death notice today: Anna May Wann ('49), Norma Loescher ('53) Tom Tracy ('55), Robert Holmes ('62) Linda Reining ('64), Christa Moore ('75) Jil Lytle ('82) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Gene Keller ('50) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Richard Twedt ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Merle Huesties Estrin ('72) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Gauin Moore ('82) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Anna May Wann aka Ann Thompson ('49) Re: Old Memories To: Jimmie Shipman ('50) Thank you for the kind words about Mel. It's nice to know that some of you remember football history about Col-Hi as well as the many basketball accomplishments. See you at Club 40 in September. -Anna May Wann aka Ann Thompson ('49) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Norma Loescher Boswell ('53) HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY on Monday to Gene Keller ('50)! I'm sending a message here in case the second e-card comes back undelivered. Hi, Pat! You two have enjoyed a long, happy marriage. It's great for you to celebrate another birthday together. I wish I could see you both at the Club 40 Reunion, but the date conflicts with my husband's 55th Reunion in Helena, MT. Let's try to meet in 2003 at the big 50th for Bombers from '53. -Norma Loescher Boswell ('53) ~ Richland - coveting a laptop computer to take downstairs to an air- conditioned room. The upstairs air-conditioner bit the dust two days ago, and our repair person is away at HIS class reunion. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Tom Tracy ('55) To: Ann Pearson Burrows ('50) Thanks for identifying the "ankles". I remember sitting by you at games and how my folks always thought you were such a bright, sweet young lady... but alas... I was in Jr. High... I adored you too. And there was a long long line of admirers at your doorstep. You were my favorite lifeguard, too. I remember once while swimming in the pool asking you what would REALLY do if someone panicked and grabbed you around the neck from behind... you said, "Try it and see". I mistakenly tried and you immediately grabbed my arm, took me down to the bottom of the pool before I could get away... what a lesson learned. A lesson learned without a word spoken. I always knew you could rescue... or saturate the lungs of anyone who tried to take advantage of Ann Pearson. Take good care of America's Other Hawaii... down San Diego way and continue keeping the Bomber spirit alive. To: Jimmy Shipman ('51) Thanks for the correction and background about Mel Thompson ('48RIP). He was certainly a great player! If I'm not mistaken, he was the guy who could kickoff a football into the next county and played as tough as Kevin Burke did from our '55 era. Thompson was a giant Bomber for sure. Mel could have worn a license plate instead of a number on his jersey. -Tom Tracy ('55) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Robert Holmes ('62) I am visiting Richland, something I have not done for years. Do you have a recommendation for dinner for business associates who will be flying in from across the Country for this meeting? Thanks. -Robert Holmes ('62) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining ('64) Just got home after being in the Tri-Cities for two weeks, so am catching up with all the Sandstorm news. Re: 08/16/77 ~ Where were you 25 years ago? I was 31, working for UPS in Santa Ana, CA and when I heard the news at lunch time, I didn't believe it at first, then started to cry, and when I got home from work, I put on all his records and cried for the rest of the evening!!!!!! My daughters were 10 and 6 and were pretty well convinced that their mother had gone over the edge!!!!!! lol Left Bakersfield on 8-10 for "home", stopped in Philomath, OR and visited with Betty Noble Giedd ('63) and her husband, Ernie. had a great visit and my grand kids, Kimberlee and Kevin... had a blast romping all over their property, playing in the creek that flows through their place, pulling up some baby carrots and WW onions (first time they had ever pulled up vegetables from a garden)! Kimberlee fed the baby carrots to my sister-in-law, Neila Culverhouse Reining's ('73) horses, and Neila and I ate the WW sweets... so good! Also visited with Nester Wise ('63) and his wife, Cyndi Karns ('72)... had a great time... next summer I won't be bringing the grand kids, so we can "party". *grin* Richland is still home and always will be!!!!!!! Drove the kids around town, showed them the Ranch house on Elm Street, Prout pool, Col-Hi, and other areas of interest, but they were bored! Must have something to do with the fact that they are NOT Bombers!!!!!! *grin* Took them to the Benton County Fair, Friday night, the 23rd... they rode the rides, played some of the games... Kevin even won a Tigger stuffed animal, ate cotton candy, corn dogs, hot dogs, and drank cokes, so they had fun. *grin* He also bought a do-rag to wear on his head, (those bandannas that bikers and football players wear), and Kimberlee bought a cowgirl hat. Got up early Saturday morning, 8-24, drove into Richland, bought a dozen Spudnuts for the trip home, stopped back by Betty's in Philomath, OR and picked up two plants that she had for me (they survived the trip just fine)... my daughter, Traci, hid them very well in amongst all the suitcases... wasn't sure I would be able to bring them into CA, but they only confiscate fruit at the AG stop, so we wouldn't have had to hide them. Drove all night, and got home at 10am this morning (8-25)! Nice to get back home, unpack, and stop living out of a suitcase! ;) Just wish I could have brought some of the weather from the Tri-Cities with me! -Linda Reining ('64) ~ HOT Bakersfield, CA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Christa Moore Kirkendall ('75) Re: Brother's Birthday I would like to wish my "little" brother, Gauin Moore ('82) a very happy 39th Birthday! Love ya! -Christa Moore Kirkendall ('75) ~ Othello, WA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jil Lytle Smith ('82) I have a collection of 78s that were from a radio station my father worked at in Wallace, ID in the late 30s early 40s. It closed down and he bought out the station. If anyone would be interested in them, please email me at the above address. Thanks, -Jil Lytle Smith ('82) ******************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Funeral Notice From: Gary Behymer ('64) >>William Harty (Bomber Dad) Special Bomber Dad William Harty passed away August 15th. ALL of his children were Richland Bomber graduates: Jane ('67), Mike ('69), Pat ('71), Wendy ('72), Dave ('74), and Tina (Mary Alice) ('??). His memorial may be viewed at the Einan's web site. (1) Click on obituaries (2) Click on View Memorial Friends of the Harty Families are asked to "Sign the Memorial Guest book". *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/27/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Bombers and 1 Bomber Mom today: John Northover ('59), Eric Lukins ('81) BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) ******************************************** ******************************************** 08/27 '63 & '64 Lunch. 11:30am... Spudnut Shop Email Linda Belliston Boehning ('64) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: John Northover ('59) To: Deedee Willox Loiseau ('64) DeeDee Here is the list... not sure all are still in business... INFORMATION CONCERNING VIRUSES AND VIRUS HOAXES MAY BE OBTAINED AT ANY OF THE FOLLOWING SITES: Symantec Mining Co. ( Guide to Urban Legends and Folklore Mining Co. ( Virus and Hoax guide American Cancer Society's comments about Dying Kid Hoax CERT. Coordination Center Chain letter information Data Fellows' Hoax page Data Fellow's Virus Page Dr Solomon IBM IBM Different from above - but only slightly! ICSA Internet ScamBusters AFU and Urban Legends Network Associates virus site Network Associates hoax site Rob Rosenberger's Site The San Fernando Valley Folklore Society All-New Favorite Net Hoaxes Centers For Disease Control's Health Hoaxes Page Urban Legends on symantec McAfee virus info center truth about computer security hysteria US Dept. of Energy - Computer Incident Advisory Capability f-secure - stop viruses at the gateway email reality check! How to recognize hoaxes what to do about them Pass this on ... It AIN't NO Hoax!!! Bomber OLEeeess!!! john '59 -John Northover ('59) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Eric Lukins ('81) Re: The "Big" Pool Yesterday, I took my kids to the George Prout Memorial Pool, aka the "Big Pool", for one last splash of the summer and hopefully to teach them a few tricks off the high dive. When we arrived, there was a local television station there doing a story on the fact that Sunday was the last day open for public swimming and that they are going to be demolishing the pool and replacing it with one that is much smaller. I'm sure that there are many of you Bombers that spent their summers at the Big Pool, but to me, it was a home away from home for 3 months of the year. From my first swimming lessons, to lifesaving classes, and then eventually becoming a guard, I have so many memories of things that happened at that pool, and life-long friendships that developed from a fierce water fight in the middle of the 5-foot. In the old pool, the "mandatory" shower was always ice cold, so you learned to crawl through the bars of the turnstile to avoid it, while not getting caught. Crab-walking laps around the pool became an almost second nature. Diving to the bottom of the 12-foot looking for tastee-freez money was a daily routine, as well as checking all of the empty lockers for returned change. Towel snapping skills were a must in the locker room, but how you really measured up was how big of a "bomb" you could perform. Then there was always "King of the 5-foot", the guy or gang, who could splash water so hard it would snap your neck and part your hair in the back of your head. The Konzek's always seem to come to mind. Definitely shark territory that claimed many victims. But the real dare devils were the people in line at the high dive. From the little ones mustering up enough courage to jump off for the first time, to veterans performing aerial gymnastics competitions that spurned them on to either victory or a serious back-slapper! Then there was always a Korenkiewicz who would make the guards come in and get them out at closing time. When I became a guard, my Dad always used to kid me about packing up my gear for work, some shades and a whistle. I made so many friends at that pool over the years, most of which became Bombers, but I suppose there are a few Falcons that are okay also. I saw Rod Perry ('83) there with his kids, as well as Karen Oster ('76) who was a guard there forever! I managed to throw a few gainers, dolphins, can openers, brodies, and suicides off the high dive. It was a great time, and now that I'm older, I can make one huge splash! No comments solicited. My girl learned to do a front flip as well as a dive off the high board, her brothers weren't nearly as brave. Although I'm very sore today, and I have to sit at a computer, I'm still smiling at the fact I got to go and re-live a part of the past that will soon be gone forever. -Eric Lukins ('81) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) Hi Maren I haven't received the Sandstorm for the last 2 or 3 days, Is it down? Love, -BJ Davis (Bomber Mom) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BJ -- EVERY AOLer (all 402) got bounced Saturday morning... (420 total bounces)... Sunday morning 430 bounced -- mostly AOLers.... and Monday 511 bounced... probably 402 are AOL, a few others, and about 75 Earthlink... INCLUDING MY OWN... I was on the phone with NetAtlantic (the folks who send the Sandstorm every day - after I send it to them for distribution) TWICE Monday morning... the guy told me he was going to que a resend to all who didn't get it the first time... Either not done yet, or they all bounced when he tried to send them... -Maren] *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/28/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff: Deedee Willox ('64), Greg Alley ('73) Brad Upton ('74), Sherri Fisher ('74) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dave Henderson ('60WB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Patsy Noble Eichner ('61) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Gary Behymer ('64) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Deedee Willox Loiseau ('64) Re: "Big Pool" To: Eric Lukins ('81) Yes, I remember the "big pool" well. I loved swimming. We went every day. There were no "sessions" then; you could swim all day for the dime (I think) it cost to get in. We used to swim till we were cold and then lay on our towels on the concrete till we were warm again. Then back into the pool again. It was great! I can't believe they are tearing it out for a SMALLER??? pool. How sad. Is there something wrong with it? To: John Northover ('59) Thanks again for the list of websites. One of my first lessons being online was "don't forward til you check it out!" Of course, I learned it like I learn everything: the hard way. *g* To: Maren Thanks again for keeping us all in touch. I know it's a huge job and we all appreciate your dedication to it (and to us). See you in September at Club 40. I'm registered for Friday night and the 100B-Reactor tour on Saturday. -Deedee Willox Loiseau ('64) ~ Burbank, WA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Greg Alley ('73) To: Eric Lukins ('81) Thanks for the memory update on the big pool. I have a million as I spent a lot of hours there. Some kids spent the whole day there on those hot days. A good 2 or 3 hours was good for me. The only bad memories were getting a bike stolen and getting beat up a bit for out water fighting someone's little brother. I loved talking to the hot babes (they were to me even though I was a youngster) that were life guards and making sure they were on duty when I went. I took my swim lessons there (also Chitty`s pool). The cheap price for a long session. Being brave enough to jump off that high dive (not much more for me than to jump with my nose held). When it's gone I will always think of it as I did when I went to high school and played sports in the playfields and in recent years watched games at the 4 softball fields. It used to be the place to be most days of the hot summers. -Greg Alley ('73) ~ Richland - It's still hot now. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Brad Upton ('74) Here I go, plugging a date again... this time for a GREAT cause! I am doing a benefit for Richland High School on Friday, September 13th in the auditorium at 9:30pm. Tickets are $15 and are available at RHS, or at the door. That evening the Bombers play Davis at 7:30 in the Bomber Bowl [aka Rish Stadium]. The show will begin shortly after the Pirates take a whoopin'. There will be no opener, just me doing about an hour-twenty. There may be an opening act if I can get Mike Davis ('74) some courage. Please get the word out! Falcons, Braves, Lions, Suns, Bulldogs, etc. are more than welcome and besides, I need someone to make fun of! Let's fill that place up! After the show Mike and I will be going to Denny's! -Brad Upton ('74) P.S. I will be performing at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival Sept. 5-8th. I'm not sure of the time or locations yet but I'm sure they are published somewhere. The stages are at the Stardust or the Fremont Street Experience. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Sherri Fisher ('74) Wow it's been sooo long since I checked in on you all [] but glad to see that not much has changed. The new format for reading the past months entries made it really easy to catch up on the news. A couple of comments though To: Brad Upton ('74) Re: his hair thing - receding, thinning, balding? Well I'd go for receded! But I have a suggestion. Get rid of it all - just shave it off and I'll send you a can of "Shine On", pierce at least one ear, get a cool tattoo, a 25 pound gold chain necklace and pull your shorts down so that the crotch is about 3 inches above your knees and you could have that new image you've been looking for (havent you?) Just a suggestion of course. To: Mike Davis ('74) And I hate to do this but Mike did you know that there are 13 Denny's here in Puerto Rico? I was shocked too... can't imagine what they serve... Grandioso Portazo! But anyway if you want to finance a research grant of about $300 I'll be willing to go check out them out and report back to you. I'll try and get a couple of menus too. Does Denny's have a web site? [Check this out:] Re: Trucks Now for what started my thinking of you all - I just got done pouring more money into my 1971 deathtrap truck and started thinking of "real" trucks and this led to Tim's truck! So now - what year and make was it? I remember it was dark blue - almost purple, had a green nob on the steering wheel to crank about 30 times when turning a corner, and a big "foot" for the gas pedal. It also had a faulty window defogger. And how about his Mom's car. What was that? It was that pretty robin's egg blue. It also had a faulty window defogger. Well I'm just dying to know if anyone remembers! Hi Karen, Kerry, Maggie, Carolyn and Patty. -Sherri Fisher ('74) ~ sunny Puerto Rico where it's always nice unless it's blowing a hurricane! *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/29/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11 Bombers amd 1 BBA [Bomber By Adoption] today: Anna May Wann ('49), Rex Hunt ('53WB) Missy Keeney ('59), Betty Noble ('63) Gary Behymer ('64), Linda Reining ('64) Janis Cook ('68), Mike Davis ('74) Paul Briggs ('82), Mandy Holmes ('97) Kristina Bishop (2003), Marc Hall ('02BBA) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bonnie Webb Roe ('59) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Brenda Belcher Ripplinger ('76) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ann Thompson, aka Anna May Wann ('49) To: Brad Upton ('74) Your timing is off again. I will be in Vegas 8/31 until 9:30 9/5 then fly home to go to Club 40. Maybe one of these days this old timer will get to see you again. Good luck. Re: Also about the receding hair line Just remember that men who are bald in front are thinkers, those who are balding in back are sexy, but when the baldness in front meets the baldness in back, they just think they are sexy. -Ann Thompson, aka Anna May Wann ('49) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Rex Hunt ('53WB) Re: football I see the Bombers play Davis on September 13th. Is that the first game of the season? Or is there a game on the weekend of the 6th? It would be great to take in a game while there. Been 50 years since I ogled the Bomberettes. Need to have a recharge. -Rex Hunt ('53WB) ~ Beautiful Downtown Hanford, CA where the temp. has cooled down to 93, the cotton is in bloom and the peaches and nectarines are ripe and delicious. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Missy Keeney ('59) Re: Richland Pool There was a Bond Issue to build an Olympic size pool and facility to replace the existing "Big Pool". The pool has been leaking badly for years and could not be repaired. The idea was to attract competitive swimmers to our area (increase tourism) but the bond issue failed. Therefore what we get is a smaller pool. Sometimes those of us from Richland can be short sighted... what can I say! The Keeney kids had family passes every year to the "big pool" and spent hours each day getting brown as berries and water logged. What great memories!! -Missy Keeney ('59) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Smyths had a family pass, too. I seem to remember a whopping $15.00/year for the family pass. -Maren] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Betty Noble Giedd (GMC'63) A Belated Happy Birthday to my sister Patsy Noble Eichner ('61) [yesterday]. Sorry it's late, I was concentrating on my grandson's birthday which was yesterday also: Happy 10th Birthday to you Jacob Troy Unser!!! To: Linda Reining ('64) I enjoyed both visits & adore your grandchildren. Your daughter Traci, their mom, was also a delight to meet. Traci helped with driving them up to the Tri- Cities and back to Bakersfield for this trip. To: Nadine Smith Heusser ('60) Belated congrats to Nadine & Roger Heusser on their FIRST grandbaby!! -Betty Noble Giedd (GMC'63) ~ Enjoying the gardening and ordering a huge truckload of mint compost for the gardens. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer (64) Re: Happy Birthday Robert "Bruce" Whiteside (Honorary 1964) Born August 28th, 1946. Died June 1988 "Served his Country well." Re: Which Stull? I search for help on this one but to no avail... Ron or Steve Stull are celebrating a birthday 8/28! -Gary Behymer ('64) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [And Happy Birthday to you, too, Gary... yesterday!!! We wouldn't have this Alumni Sandstorm if you hadn't started it all!!! THANKS! -Maren} ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining ('64) Re: "Big Pool" I have many fond memories of that place... my mom would buy my brother, Tim ('71WB), and I season tickets and we would swim all summer... I think the pool opened at 1 and closed at 7 and remember lots of days when we would be there that entire time. Can't believe how cold that shower water was... and those blasted swim caps... talk about a bad hair day!!!!! None of the pools down here require a shower or swim caps... if they did, guys would be wearing them, too!!!! *grin* I also remember a neighborhood pool party... don't remember all the details, but the pool could be rented for after-hour private parties, and the neighbors on Elm Street and some on Cottonwood rented the pool for about two hours on a Friday? night... great fun and great memories!!! -Linda Reining ('64) ~ Bakersfield, CA - in the 90s this week. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Janis Cook Tames ('68) To: Patsy Noble Eichner ('61) Happy Birthday [8/28]!!!! Have thought of you often... you were so kind to me and my husband when you befriended us after Becky's death. You and your husband had us to your home for dinner and even shared your family's cheese ball recipe. It is so good!!! and now it is a family tradition for me as well. Hope you have a great b-day!!! Love, -Janis Cook Tames ('68) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis ('74) Come on, Brad! Don't be shy! If you are going to plug your shows you need to plug them ALL! Yesterday Greg "Boog" Alley ('73) was reminiscing about his long summer days at the Big Pool and that reminded me of the "Big Pool Farewell Hootenanny" that you helped put together. For you people that have not heard there will be a big farewell party at the Big Pool (date undetermined at this time). Brad and Boog were instrumental in getting this event together. The highlight of the evening will definitely be Brad and Boog's "Parade Around the Pool Deck" to the cheers of their adoring fans! They will be wearing nothing but their leopard-skinned thongs. Get your tickets and get them early! Ladies half-price!!! This is goin' be a wild one!!! To: Sherry Fisher ('74) Yes, I remember the Yuma's truck. I'd have to say "purple". You forget about the old car seat facing backwards in the truck bed! That's were we used to put Upton!!! He didn't have much hair to get wind blown. -Mike Davis ('74) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Paul Briggs ('82) To: Gauin Moore ('82) Hey, sorry its late but want to wish you a happy birthday [8/26], Gauin. It was great shooting the sh// with you at the reunion. Anyway, have a great year later Paul -Paul Briggs ('82) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mandy Holmes Taylor ('97) It's good to be back reading the Sandstorm. I had my appendix out over the weekend after a surprise attack of appendicitis and accompanying unpleasantness. I hope no one had that bad of weekend! I'm on the mend, though, and feeling much better despite the stitches in my side and the inability to sleep on my stomach as I usually do. It's good to see that Bombers all over the country and world are doing well! Keep up the spirit and cheer. I did get a hold of Mr. Flynn, heard from the man himself, and thanks to all those who had memories of him and other information. Bomber cheers and love, -Mandy Holmes Taylor ('97) ******************************************** ******************************************** From the new ALL Bomber Alumni Guest Book: >>From: Kristina Bishop (2003) DATE: Tuesday 08/27/2002 9:14:14am This is a great website! I have learned a lot about Richland's past. Thanks! -Kristina Bishop (2003) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Marc Hall (BBA '02) Re: Charlie Bigelow ('54) update Charlie is back at Harborview for his scheduled 2 weeks of follow on intensive Rehabilitation. He brought the nice Richland weather with him... been lovely 80+ for the last few days in the Puget Sound area. May even be sunny for the Cougar invasion of Seahawk Stadium (for their opening sold out game vs. Nevada) this Saturday. Unlike Cougars, we Huskies root for our unfortunate WAZOO pals unless they are playing the Dawgs. Charlie is using his wheelchair and walker quite a bit, with the goal of leaving the wheelchair behind when he leaves Harborview Friday, September 13. Wife Shirley ('54) is to arrive on Saturday and spend some time with lovely daughter Vickie ('76) at her swanky penthouse condo in picturesque Mountlake Terrace. The two may even visit Charlie occasionally! Charlie is looking really good, he is a bit below fighting weight, but he is going to beef up a lot in the near future thru continued activities. Shirley is also looking very svelte as well, so they are a very cute couple of skinny senior Bombers! More on Charlie's progress later, =Marc Hall (BBA '02) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/30/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff: Karen Cole ('55), Barb Isakson ('58) Diane Hartley ('72), Kerry Steichen ('74) Kim Edgar ('79) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Kathy Hoff Conrad ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Patty O'Neil Lopez ('65) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Karen Cole Correll ('55) To: Missy Keeney ('59) I remember working with your brother at the pool in the late '50s. We had a pretty rowdy group that worked there. Pat and Colleen McDermott Crook ('58), Jon Varvel ('55), Jerry Dudley ('53), Gretchen Day ('55), Nancy Shortess ('57) to name a few. I worked there for five years with Fran Rish as our boss. He had a piano in the guard room and drove us nuts playing "The Volga Boatman." He was lots of fun and a great person and mentor. I have fond memories of Gary O'Roarke and his family coming in the pool every day, and all my brother's (Johnny Cole '66) friends. By the way, my brother and sister-in-law, Vicki, just became grandparents for the first time. Thanks for the information about the pool. -Karen Cole Correll ('55) ~ Nine Mile Falls, WA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Barb Isakson Rau ('58) To: Class of '58 Bombers September's first Sunday is a holiday so our lunch has been moved to the following Sunday at 1:00pm at Francisco's in Pasco. Other classes around our year are welcome to join us... or any Bomber who would like to come, please feel free to do so... the more the merrier. WHEN: September 8th WHERE: Francisco's, 3321 Court, Pasco (in the same parking area and across from K-Mart) TIME: 1:00pm Come join in the fun! Bomber cheers -Barb Isakson Rau ('58) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Diane Hartley ('72) To: Mike Davis ('74) Hey Mike, If you are selling tickets to the Big Pool Bash, I guess I had better loose 80 pounds so I can come and wear a thong. People should pay double to see Brad and his bald head and me in a thong... Lord the thought is scary. I used to have a season ticket to the big pool and my mom would have to come and make me come home for dinner... we also would have stayed all night if we could have. I used to see my mom coming in to get us, and go under so she could not find me (such a brat). Good memories of the big pool. Re: The heat To: Mike Davis ('74) Do you remember you were giving me a hard time about time off from school? Well I am working without air-conditioning and my room was 93.7 when I left today, so at least you could drink the WATER in Finley - PLEASE. Just had to dog you dear. I hope the water problem gets fixed and you have a good start to another year. :-) -Diane Hartley ('72) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Kerry A. Steichen ('74) To: Sherri Fisher ('74) Nice to see you have surfaced again! Tomorrow I am off to the Cabin for the Big Labor Day Flea Market in all of Packwood, WA. I will defiantly hang out at the auction Saturday night and see what I can under bid. Every time I drive by your old Ohanapacosh Cabin the old memories come back of the great summers spent running HVP#8. Riding the Honda, swimming, cards, campfires, and just hanging out. The whole family clan is expected to show up again this year. We have anywhere from 30 to 50 show up. We take up the whole street. Take care and hope the hurricanes stay away this year. -Kerry A. Steichen ('74) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Kim Edgar Leeming ('79) Re: Big Pool I remember riding my bike to the Big Pool once, my brother Gordy ('78) was already there. He didn't want to walk home, so he convinced me that we both could ride my bike. He'd pedaled and I'd sat on the handle bars, (I was 15, he was 16). It was working well, until he cut across the parking lot at Kadlec Hospital. As we hit a speed bump, my foot got caught in the front tire spokes. He carried me over to the Emergency Room, I had to have stitches on the bottom of my foot. Gordy felt like such a grown up because the hospital asked him to sign the paperwork when they couldn't reach my mother. I started my first year of high school the next week on crutches and with a bad hair cut (Naturally, the school photos where the 2nd day of school). The hair dresser at JC Penney got a call from her boyfriend (he was breaking up with her) as she was cutting my hair, she started to cry and began hacking away! I also remember that the chlorine put me out like a light. I'd be in for twenty minutes, my eyes would turn so red, I'd get out, lay on the warm cement and fall a sleep. Once after swimming (during P.E. class), the teacher asked me to stay and help. She gave me a note to take to the office for being late. My eyes were red, my hair was wet, Mrs. Ryder (Attendance Lady) took one look at me and said "You can't fool me. You're stoned!" As I was explaining "No I wasn't", the P.E. teacher came in and vouched for me. Bomber Cheers! -Kim Edgar Leeming ('79) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/31/02 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers and 1 funeral notice today: Mike Clowes ('54), Ann Bishop ('60) Frank Osgard ('63WB), Fred Schafer ('63) Betti Avant ('69), Sherri Fisher ('74) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) To: Barb Isakson Rau ('58) Just a reminder, Barb, that the '58 luncheon will be after the Club 40 meeting on Sunday morning at the Shilo Inn. Of course, the is the Club 40 gathering beginning at 5pm on September 6th. The deadline for the 100-B Reactor tour has passed, so if you were planning to go and hadn't registered, sorry. Tom Beaulieu ('59), head honcho for the Club's Golf Tourney, stated that he will not (repeat not) be using any Arthur Anderson employee as an "official score keeper." To: Kim Edgar Leeming ('79) Just read your touching story of a day at the pool. Are you sure you're not writing this material for a certain Bomber's stand-up routine? Bomber Cheers, -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) - the weather patterns are changing, the Oregon State Fair has started and not a rain cloud in sight. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ann Bishop Myers ('60) Re: Class of '60 Lunch Class of '60 Lunches will resume in September - every month, first Saturday of the month (unless it is a holiday weekend, then it is the 2nd Saturday). They will be at Las Margaritas in Richland at 11:30. RSVP to Connie (Dean) O'Neil know if you are coming. -Ann Bishop Myers ('60) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Frank Osgard ('63WB) So I'm sittin' here enjoying the evening, watching the grass turn brown and knockin' back a Pabst Blue Ribbon that I bought at Rite Aid. Now I haven't favored PBR, since what eighth grade, but $5.99 a half rack has made me a fan again. And what's the deal with the best beer prices being at a drug store? it just ain't right. What would Pook say? All this talk about the impending demise of the George Prout Swim & P, has conjured up a memory or six. Now every week night evening we South End guys would muster at the Willsean Play field about seven. We'd have a couple of heaters and then walk down the tracks to the Bowling Alley to see what was jumping on the trampolines. Couldn't smoke there 'cause of Rex, so we'd amble down below the high school to check out who was playin' hoops. Something about sitting on those cement ping pong tables probably contributed to the "Hiney Problems" some of us have subsequently suffered. Not being too keen on watching the obvious pain, that resulted from Chuck Taylors with one pair of socks on polished concrete, we'd head for the pool. Now about 8pm or so the Swim Team started practice. Don't recall all of the participants, but for sure the fairest of them all were the Sisters Roe and Rosalie. The guys we didn't care much about except for the Chipmunks who had moved up on Kimball, and of course Cliff Cunningham (he of the shortest flat top in history). Now that I'm forced to recall, I think Betsy Fox, Candy Smith and Cecile Phillips were there too. After practice we'd do our best to spread our six minutes of charm, before their car pool took them home. We'd then reverse our route. If Fritz and Piippo had split, we'd stop at Columbia Park for a Pall Mall. We'd then bypass the Bowling Alley for a Pepsi full of peanuts at the Signal station and trudge home to catch Jonathan Winters or Monty Rock IIII on Jack Parr. That is if we weren't sleeping out! But that's a whole 'nuther story, a whole 'nuther story. -Frank Osgard ('63WB) p.s. A whole 'nuther story ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Fred Schafer ('63) Re: big pool I cant believe that Monday will be the last day of the big pool. I always made a point to drive up Swift and see that the pool was still there. It represented so many wonderful sunny summer days. I couldn't wait to tell my folks how great I was the first time I jumped off the high dive. Later there were many early mornings at the pool for swim team practice with the Brunelles, Elliots, Hyatts, Baileys, Roes, and others whose names I can't remember. Also worked there for two summers for gas money for my '48 Plymouth. I feel like a part of my youth is being torn down. Have a happy Labor Day everyone -Fred Schafer (Gold Medal Class of '63) ~ sunny Vancouver USA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Betti Avant ('69) Re: big pool Ah, yes the "big pool". Many a summer day was spent there. We would get the neighborhood together and either ride our bikes or walk from the corner of Torbett and Thayer. After a long day of swimming and sunning it wasn't easy getting your bike back up the hill. Mom always got us a summer pass, as it was cheaper with three kids for a summer's worth of entertainment. In Jr. High and High School the first couple of weeks or so and the last couple of weeks of school were spent there also. As I recall it would take me all summer (being blonde) to catch up with my brothers who were both brunettes and darker complexion). I hope I don't regret that some day (we never had sun screen). -Betti Avant ('69) ~ Goodland, KS - where today is hot but rain is forecast ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Sherri Fisher ('74) To: Kerry Steichen ('74) We did have a good time didn't we! But you left out going down to the corner to watch the bats fly through the street lights and walking the "loop" to throw rocks in the Cowlitz! Wish I was there now huddled in my sweatshirt sitting around the campfire. Have a great time with your family - mine should be gathered there also. My niece Heather Sponholtz ('02) is friends with one of your nieces - last time I was there she was heading to the Steichen cabin to play cards - it's nice to think the tradition lives on. -Sherri Fisher ('74) ******************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Funeral Notice scanned from the TCHerald by Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) >>Barbara McClung Smith ~ Class of 1975 ~ 12/17/57 - 08/26/02 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for the month. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` July, 2002 ~ September, 2002