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 Alumni Sandstorm Archive ~ November, 2003
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16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 ******************************************** ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/01/03 Dateline: Richland ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff today: Mike Clowes ('54), Jim Hamilton ('63) Gary Behymer ('64), Linda Reining ('64) Jenny Smart ('87) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER LUNCH Today: in Las Vegas BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Judy Willox Hodge ('61) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: 11/01?? Micki Lund Anderson ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) According to the Bomber Calendar, Saturday, November 1st is the birthday of a very busy Bomber Lady. Hopefully she will have time to read this. Just want to wish Judy Willox Hodge ('61) a Happy Birthday, and let her know that by this time next year she'll be old enough to go to the Uptown Tavern. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jim Hamilton ('63) I never forget, I just sometimes don't remember. So I'll take a page out of David "Will you Big Kids, at least let me sit at the card table?" Rivers' book, and send some birthday greetings. Yesterday (October 31st) and today are the birthdays, or at least are close to the birthdays, of a couple of Southend Bombers, who helped to make us the "Gold Medal Class of 63". I can't remember which is whose. One of them belongs to Marcia Lund, she of that beautiful smile and a wonderful friend to many. The other would have been Jim Maulsby's 58th birthday. Jim was one of the first from our class to leave us on our own, but "Bats" also touched a great many lives and is the source of many, many Lewis & Clark and Troop 38 memories. Happy Birthday to you both; we are all better for knowing you. jimbeaux -Jim Hamilton ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From Gary Behymer ('64) Dear Championship Class of 1972, Several 'shots' from the 1972 Columbian were done on the basalt side of the dike. Page 33, "Columbian staff", shows the group sitting/standing on the rocks in a winter picture with a pine(?) tree in the background (right side). Anyone know exactly where the photograph was taken? "still crazy after all these years in Colfax..." -Gary Behymer ('64) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining ('64) To: Kim Edgar Leeming ('79) Re: Shriner's in Portland Thanks for the info. Even though I live in CA, it is nice to know about the Shriner's and the work they do with crippled children. I have two grandchildren who were born with Spina Bifida Occulta (Kimberlee has a small opening at the base of her spine; Kevin's closed, shortly after birth) -- Kimberlee has "fine and gross motor skill" problems and, so far, she is getting good treatment from Kaiser, but it is nice to know that my daughter has another option for treatment. Thank you for the information. To: Judy Willox-Hodge ('60) Happy Birthday to a great friend -- I love our talks. Thanks for all the work you do on Club 40 and keeping Bomber items always ready for sale! By the way, we are cooling down and I will finally get a chance to wear my Bomber windbreaker! Hope your day is fun and not too hard on ya. ;) Love ya! -Linda Reining ('64) ~ Bakersfield, CA ~ skies are still smoky from the fires in Southern California. They got a few drizzles yesterday -- not enough to help -- fire departments from Bakersfield and other parts of Kern County have sent almost 300 fire fighters to help. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jenny Smart Page ('87) Congratulations to Pete & Kelly Isakson on the birth of their first child, Colton "Cody" James Isakson, born 10/28/03 in Moscow, ID. And ..... a big CONGRATS to GRANDMA Gretchen [widow of David Isakson ('63RIP)] -- who has waited a long time to finally and officially have that title. We love you, Gretchen, and are so very happy for you! -Jenny Smart Page ('87) and family ~ West Richland, WA *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/02/03 Dateline: Richland ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11 Bombers sent stuff today: Family of Bonnie Murphy ('51), Pat Ackley ('53) Laura Dean Kirby ('55), Ron Stephens ('56) Jim Russell ('58), Janet Wilgus ('59) Missy Keeney ('59), Pat Rediske ('63) Bill Wingfield ('67), Rick Maddy ('67) Vicki Owens ('72) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER LUNCH Today: Class of '58 Lunch BOMBER BIRTHDAY Yesterday: Larry Stephens ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Norma Loescher Boswell ('53) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Tom Beaulieu ('59) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Family of Bonnie Murphy Fawcett ('51) Re: Death of Bonnie Murphy Fawcett ('51) Bonnie Murphy Fawcett ('51) died October 30, 2003, following a bout with cancer, at her home on Lookout Mountain, GA. At her side when she died were sisters Marilyn Murphy Kane and Helen Murphy Koppe ('50). Also at her side were her husband Bob, and children Julie, Paul, Brian, and Katie. In lieu of cards and flowers, the family has asked that contributions be made in her name to the Multiple Myeloma Foundation, 2 Forest St., New Canaan, CT 06840. Arrangements are by Heritage Funeral Home, 3239 Battlefield Pkwy, Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30752. -Family of Bonnie Murphy Fawcett ('51) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Pat Ackley Morrow ('53) To: Anita Fravala Griffin ('73) Re: broken e-mail address Regarding Marilyn Richey's address, the second one you mentioned was right. I've tried to send you an e- mail directly but it keeps bouncing back. Re: Marilyn Richey ('53) Marilyn is doing much better, taking her dialysis three days a week, and thanks everyone for their concern. Please keep her in your prayers. -Pat Ackley Morrow, Class of '53 ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Laura Dean Kirby Armstrong ('55) Hey to Micki Lund Anderson ('63). Happy birthday girl. Are you still singing? There was a big "Sweet Adalines" show here recently and I thought of you. Hope your birthday was great and that you are healthy and still busy as usual. -Laura Dean Kirby Armstrong ('55) ~ Springfield, IL - Where there was no frost on the punkin' last night. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ron Stephens ('56) Happy Birthday to Larry Stephens, Class of '63, on November 1st. -Ron Stephens ('56) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jim Russell ('58) Re: Shriner's Hospitals for Children Shriners Hospitals for Children is a network of pediatric hospitals, founded by the Shrine, where children may receive excellent medical care without charge. There are 18 orthopaedic Shriners Hospitals, three Shriners Hospitals dedicated to treating children with severe burns, and one Shriners Hospital that provides orthopaedic, burn, and spinal cord injury care. Shriners Hospitals are located throughout North America - - 20 in the United States and one each in Mexico and Canada. These "Centers of Excellence" serve as major referral centers for children with complex orthopaedic and burn problems. All of the orthopaedic hospitals are equipped and staffed to treat children with congenital orthopaedic deformities, problems resulting from orthopaedic injuries, and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Three also have special programs dedicated to caring for children with spinal cord injuries. The Shriners Hospitals treat children with acute, fresh burns; children needing plastic reconstructive or restorative surgery as a result of "healed" burns; children with severe scarring, resulting in contractures or interference with mobility of the limbs; and children with scarring and deformity of the face. The Shrine was founded in 1872 by Freemasons. It was originally established to provide fun and fellowship for its members. But as the organization grew, its members decided to dedicate their efforts to helping others by establishing an official Shrine philanthropy -- a network of specialized hospitals that have provided expert medical care to more than 700,000 children, free of charge. The Shrine of North America is known for its colorful parades, circuses, clowns, and red fez hats. But there is also a serious side to this international fraternity, as witnessed by the many children who have benefited from its 22 hospitals. Many of us who grew up in Richland fondly remember our DeMolay, Job's Daughters, and Rainbow for Girls experiences. These youth organizations are also sponsored by the Masons. Some of my fondest memories are anchored in DeMolay. -Jim Russell ('58) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Janet Wilgus Beaulieu ('59) Just wanted to mention that Tom Beaulieu ('59) is now as old as his wife (exactly 3 months difference). So, if anyone wants to send Tom a greeting -- perhaps former members of the Col High Rocket Club, Richland Archery Club, and/or Col High Golf Team, or from the great Class of 1959 -- I'll keep the computer on for November 2nd. -Janet Wilgus Beaulieu ('59) ~ Brrrrright and sunny Richland. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Missy Keeney Baker ('59) Oooop! Here it is November 1st and I forgot to wish Happy Birthday to the best baritone and one of the most beautiful, inside and out, people that I know. Micki Lund Anderson ('63)! Lots of people are thinking loving thoughts of you today, Micki, even tho' you are on a "trek" with your family. Can't wait until The Radiations can celebrate with you!! Love from your Bomber bass, -Missy Keeney Baker ('59) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Pat Rediske Weatherman ('63) To: Lynn Johnson Andrews ('63) Re: mid or late 50's Halloween I'm not too sure I remember that Halloween, but I do remember being able to go barefoot on Christmas day over to the Crownovers (Karen, Keith, and Kurt) to share what we all got for gifts that year. It would have been in the '50's sometime. We used to have weird weather every 10 years or so, usually with a huge dump of snow, when most of the time it was just bitter cold and dry. I used to be able to remember every house on the block and who all lived there, but I am left with a hodge podge now. This would have been the years when the Rivers were on the corner (David and Mike; is that you -- the "David Rivers"??). The house was later occupied by the Spilmans (Trudy, John, Matt), then the Crownover clan, then the Rediskes (Pat, Len, Claire, and Carol), then the McKeowns (Jim and Mike), then the Donaldsons, then the Flickengers, somebody whom I don't remember, then the Dowds (Maxine), then another family with a daughter named Desiree (I think) who owned the furniture store in Uptown Richland and had the first color TV on the block, which they were generous enough to invite all the neighbors in to watch "The Mitch Miller Show" with adorable and controversial Leslie Uggums the wonderful girl singer. Once upon a time the entire sidewalk was littered with bikes, trikes, and wagons; and every house had at least one child, but usually two or three. We all met our dads at the bus stop at night; no one talked about what they did for a living "out in the areas". Summers were spent running through the giant sprinklers on the Spalding school grounds and trekking to Densow's fountain for the best floats and sundaes this side of heaven, or all the way to the "big pool", and that huge cone at the Tasty Freeze after swimming. Running through the mosquito fogger. My mother was the "smother mother" type, we never got to do this. My memories are her yelling, "Get inside! Close the doors and windows! Do I have time to get the clothes off the line?" And does anyone remember "Corky", the sweetest kid in the neighborhood, riding his bike and swinging while he made those roaring airplane sounds? He was always so happy and so friendly! Well, better jet. I'll see you all at Fife on the 9th! -Pat "Patricia" Rediske Weatherman ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bill Wingfield ('67) To: Judy Willox Hodge ('61) Happy Happy Birrrrthday, I hope you had a very happy birthday. I'm sorry I wasn't there to celebrate with you on your birthday. I suppose you went to the Crier for broasted chicken. I say that, cause that's where I would want to go for your birthday or mine :-) Well kiddo, have a happy one. -Bill Wingfield, Blue Ribbon Class of '67 ~ In sunny Augusta, GA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Rick Maddy ('67) I know this hard working and former crazy man would not mention this, but Phil Collins ('67) retired today (November 1st) after putting thirty years into the nuke industry. I assured Phil that retirement is not as bad as it sounds. I have been retired for thirty-five years now and not everyone drops dead on the third year out. I believe Barb Gore ('67) got Phil this job interview somehow all those years back. A hearty thank you, Barb, for grounding the guy. As insane as we were after the USMC and Vietnam War (Phil and I were in boot together), Phil actually worked one job for all these years when Vietnam Vets are known to have had at least forty-three, maybe forty-four, jobs by now. JOB WELL DONE, Collins!! The best of everything to you, Lois, and the kids. God bless you and I love you, bro. -Rick Maddy ('67) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Vicki Owens ('72) To: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: 1972 Columbian Since I'm front and center in the photo you mention (just because nobody else wanted to walk down the rocks, though the photographer -- Tricky Ricky Anderson, was it you? -- was begging) let me give your question a shot. It wasn't taken on the dike, but on the RHS campus. What I can't remember is exactly where. I seem to think just below the New Gym or Mac Hall. Since you mention a tree, perhaps between the two? That's my best guess. Anybody else got a better memory? My Columbian is half- way 'round the world, but I do remember that photo. To: Barbara Franco Sherer ('67) Re: Uganda I loved your reminiscence [Sandstorm 10/10/2003] of [your husband] David's time in Uganda. It's a good thing he declined Idi Amin's kind(?!) offer to become his personal physician, or it's doubtful he would be with us today! Amin's favor was so transient that even his "favorite" wife ended up dead meat. (I won't go into the gory details, since this is a family publication.) I've got a few stories, too, as drunken soldiers were back in vogue when I arrived in Uganda in 1985. Just before the last coup in January '86 we were stopped at a roadblock and one drunken soldier was trying to read my passport upside down while another was trying to drag a friend out of the back seat for being one of "Museveni's boys". (Museveni was the then-rebel leader who was on the march toward Kampala and arrived about a week after that incident. He's been president of Uganda ever since.) What saved my backseat friend was that his girlfriend (soon- to-be wife) had wrapped her arms around his waist and was holding on for dear life. Then another soldier appeared out of the bushes and asked them what they were doing, and while they were distracted, we drove off. All of these guys had AK47s, and you usually figured that you were better off if they pointed their guns at you, since they were such notoriously poor shots! We drove home, hid the car, and didn't drive again until there had been a change of government. You also asked about the new Bomber in Uganda. Leana Johnson ('96) is here with the Peace Corps working in the education sector. At this time there are 49 volunteers, with most in education helping train primary teachers, and the rest in health. Leana and her colleagues are doing a great job! -Vicki Owens ('72) ~ Kampala, Uganda *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/03/03 Dateline: Richland ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff today: Doreen Hallenbeck ('51), Peggy Jones ('67) Betti Avant ('69), Diane Carpenter ('72) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER LUNCHES 'n stuff (in order of appearance) 11/08 Portland/Vancouver Lunch 11/09 Puget Sound/Fife Lunch BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Doreen Hallenbeck Waldkoetter ('51) I was so sorry to learn of the passing of Bonnie Murphy Fawcett ('51). She was, without a doubt, a beautiful, charming, and dear person. The family lived near both the high school and the Richland swimming pool ("L" house). The Class of '51 will miss this great person. We shared many good times together in Pep Club and Girls League and I'm certainly glad to have had her as a classmate and friend. -Doreen Hallenbeck Waldkoetter ('51) ~ Green Valley, AZ ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Peggy Jones Snow ('67) Re: Phil Collins's ('67) retirement Ron and I would like to throw in our congratulations to Phil Collins for his Nov. 1 retirement following 30- some years employment. I'm impressed. Does Phil read the Sandstorm? If so, 'Hey' to you, Phil. I haven't seen you in years (last time was at a Burger King in Kennewick I think) but I hope to see you the next time we're up in the NW. We're considering moving back up there when Ron retires -- 3-5 years tops. We'll be up there this summer scouting out some property. What's the best way to track you down? Best Regards, Peggy Jones Snow ('67) ~ From sunny New Mexico, where we did not have snow before Halloween for the first time in several years! ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Betti Avant ('69) Re: Happy Birthday I don't think my brother Robert ('69) reads the Sandstorm, but to anyone out there who corresponds with my older brother (by six whole minutes), please wish him a happy birthday on Tuesday, November 4th. Re: NW Kansas sports news The Goodland Cowgirls won the state 4-A volleyball championship on Saturday. Their record was 38-2 for the year, losing only to two teams from Colorado in an early- season prestigious tournament in Colorado. They can say no one in Kansas beat them. They start five seniors and a freshman. Someone heard the freshman could start on a division-1 college team at this point. One of the seniors has signed on to play at Fresno State. Good going. -Betti Avant ('69) ~ Goodland, KS ~ where today (Sunday) it is really foggy. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Diane Carpenter Kipp ('72) To: Jim Russell ('58) Jim, Thank you for the background on the Shriner's hospitals -- I was recently wondering about exactly that. The service they provide is amazing -- I have been very impressed. To: Vicki Owens ('72) Re: Uganda -- 1985-86 Vicki, Wow! What a hair-raising story. I suspect you have many more. Are you going to write a book someday? -Diane Carpenter Kipp ('72) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/04/03 Dateline: Richland ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff today: Gus Keeney ('57), Patti Jones ('60) Jeff Michael ('65) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: twins Robert and Betti Avant ('69) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gus Keeney ('57) Re: Sue's update Sue had her second chemo treatment today. It kind of knocks her down for a couple or three days. We seem to have the pain under control, but she still has trouble keeping food down. We are trying something different for the nausea now, so we shall see if that works in the next few days. She has been sleeping almost ever since we got home this afternoon. I guess that it's good that she gets the rest. That's all for now. I just thought I would keep you in the loop. -Gus Keeney ('57) and Sue Hoverson Keeney ('63NAB) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) Re: chili When it became so chilly in Western Washington the other day I decided to make the family recipe for chili on the week-end. My mom Norma Jones cut the recipe out of the Tri-City Herald in 1957. My dad Harold Jones made it on Christmas Eve for our open house. I continued the tradition a few years after I moved to San Jose. The chili became a great winner every Christmas for years to come. My ex-sister-in-law Nancy Burnett ('58) cooked the chili recipe at a chili cook off in Pasco in the early 80's. She won first place. As I was making the chili recipe yesterday I wondered if any other Bombers families cut out the recipe and cook it to this day? Here's the recipe: -------------------------------------------------- Chili Con Carne 6 T. butter, or salad oil 6 medium sized onions chopped fine 3 Lbs. ground beef 2 6-ounce cans tomato paste 3 one lb 12 oz. cans of diced tomatoes 3 one lb cans dark kidney beans (drain) l/2 t. tabasco 2 to 4 T. chili powder 1 T. salt 2 teaspoons accent (optional) Heat butter or salad oil in a large sauce pan, add onions, cook until soft. Add ground beef, cook over medium heat until lightly browned, breaking into small pieces with a spoon. Mix in the next four ingredients and a mixture of the last three ingredients. Cover and simmer about one hour. Stir occasionally. (I cook the chili on low for about five hours, gives opportunity for the flavor to be enhanced) 12 servings -------------------------------------------------- Corn bread goes well with the chili. The good smell might seep out into your neighborhood so expect extra guests! My pot of chili is gone for now but Christmas Eve is coming when it will be made again. I haven't written into the Sandstorm for quite a while except for luncheon announcements. So many great subjects have popped up which give me great memories through out my day. My thoughts to write in have been there but other things have distracted me. Many thanks to the great Club 40 staff who again provided a wonderful arena for all of us attending. Wonder if there is any other high school who has so many reunions all year around? -Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) ~ Browns Point, WA ~ Wondering what our weather will be next? Be glad when the chill from Arctic Air leaves. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jeff Michael ('65) Re: Shriners Hospitals Hi fellow Bombers, As you know, I like to make jokes and take pot shots at some of you all (especially David Rivers). But this post is totally serious. Those few of you who knew me in school knew that I rarely hung around the school, did extra-curricular activities, or had friends over/went to friends' houses. There was a reason that only a very few of my classmates knew about. My mom was handicapped due to one of the most feared diseases of her time: polio. What's that got to do with Shriners? Well, back about 50 years after the Shriners were founded, the Shrine Hospital in Spokane, WA. gave Mom the ability to walk unassisted for about 40 of her almost 80 years. She suffered polio as an infant -- only 9 months old. She endured full body casts, leg braces, and numerous surgeries through elementary school. By junior high she could walk with a definite limp and was very self conscious. But, thanks to the Shriners, she was mobile and even able to drive a car when, in 1954, Dad bought a brand new Chevrolet with a Power Glide transmission. Mom couldn't operate a clutch, but now she was even more mobile. Speaking of Densow's, that was one of Mom's favorite places to go. We would go to the grocery store to get a loaf of bread and to Densow's for a treat, usually an ice cream cone. She was the designated driver; I was the go- fer. Densow's was a sort of old age 31-Flavors. And they had, I think, a flavor-of-the-week. Yup, it was really cool ..... I really loved to go get bread. Come to think of it, I still enjoy getting bred. (Oh, oops. I'm serious today.) Well, Mom owed a debt of gratitude to the Shriners and always spoke highly of the crazy guys in the red fezzes and the clowns and motorcycle riders in the parades. Later, all of us got to eat special sugar cubes [the Sabin oral vaccine] at school or have the Salk vaccine shots. Now, thanks to those good folks just north of San Diego, in La Jolla at the Salk Institute, polio is not much of a threat anymore. In fact, the Shrine Hospitals turned their attention to other threats to children as polio was nearly wiped-out. Praise the Shriners and thank God. Thanks for letting me share. By the way, I used to make that walk from the "middle sidewalk" to the crosswalk in front of the aforementioned Rivers' house to go to Spalding. I recall the Crownovers very well. In fact, my dad and the Crownover dad both worked in the same "area". I think Mr. Crownover was a supervisor; my dad was an "operator". In conversation with folks who still work in the areas, I'm told they still have the "operator" designation. I still don't know what it means or really what Dad did. What I do know I learned in General Science at Chief Jo, not from Dad. He's still not talking! dj jeff -Jeff Michael ('65) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/05/03 Dateline: Richland ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers and 1 funeral notice today: David Brusie ('51), Dorothy Cameron ('55) Gus Keeney ('57), Floyd Melton ('57) Steve Carson ('58), Patti Jones ('60) Linda Reining ('64), Kim Edgar ('79) Teri Haffner ('86) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Charles Cox ('56) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: David Brusie ('51) To: Class of 1951 We lost a wonderful dear friend in the passing of Bonnie Murphy. Our prayers are with her family. To: Patty Ackley Morrow ('53) Please give Marilyn Richey ('53) a big hug from me. She certainly is one in a million. I love her. To: Jeff Michael ('65) Loved your story of the Shriners and your mother. Just goes to show you the love of God, Shriners, and the persistence of your mother paid off. -David Brusie ('51) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dorothy Cameron Powell ('55) Happy birthday lil' sister: Judy Cameron Ayers ('60). Hard to believe you are in the sixth decade of your life. You are a great sis ..... and I always look forward to times together with you. Hope you have a wonderful fun- filled day today! Love from your big sister, -Dorothy Cameron Powell ('55) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gus Keeney ('57) To: Jim and Darv Bobo Please e-mail me. I lost your new addresses when I crashed my hard drive. Thanks, -Gus Keeney ('57) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Floyd Melton ('57) I have been reading the various comments on the good that the Shriners do for children and I would like to add my thoughts. I have a granddaughter who was born with spina bifida and was to never walk, crawl, or do a multitude of things; but, because of what the doctors at the Shriners Hospital in Portland have done and are going to do for this little girl, they have put her in a position where she may just walk on her own. Of course it also helps that no one told her she couldn't do some of the things she does. The Shriners hospital and doctors have been wonderful to her and her family. I can't thank them enough. I love to go by the Shriners' fund raisers and buy tickets to their drawings but never take the tickets just to watch the reaction. I never tell them my reason. All the things they give away as part of the drawing are donated and all of the money one contributes to the drawings goes to the good of the children. One cannot appreciate all the good this organization does until they are directly involved. So, the next time you see them conducting a fund raiser, be generous. Also, I read about Densow's Pharmacy. When it closed a few years ago I thought it was a gonner but Bill Knirck ('65RIP), the owner of Malley's Pharmacy, couldn't stand to see it close so he bought it and it is still going strong. Bill died of cancer, I believe, a while back. He was a great person and a Bomber even though his children were at Hanford and he supported the Falcons. Densow's still serves my needs even though I now live in Eugene OR. A great neighborhood pharmacy that serves the people. -Floyd Melton ('57) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Steve Carson ('58) To: Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) Patti, Thanks for the chili directions. Makin' my mouth water right here at my desk. Will try it this weekend. -Steve Carson ('58) ~ Chicago, IL ~ where chili is welcome on snow days. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) Re: Puget Sound Area/Fife luncheon The Bomber Babes and Dudes No reservations necessary! If you would like you can e-mail me you will be at the luncheon. DATE: November 9, 2003 COFFEE TIME: 11:30 P.M. LUNCH TIME: 12:30 p.m. WHERE: Fife Bar and Grill In between Goodyear Tire and Day's Inn PHONE: (253) 922-9555 ADDRESS: 3025 Pacific Hwy E., Fife, WA I-5 North, Exit 136 B (Port of Tacoma) I-5 South Exit, 136 Turn left on Pacific Hwy. E. PRICE: Price range $10.00 - $14.50 includes drink and tip All Bomber Spouses and Friends are welcome! Bombers Have Fun -Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) ~ Browns Point, WA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining ('64) Re: Bomber death notice: Patsy Noble Eichner ('61) passed away at her home in Kennewick, WA, Monday night, November 3rd. Patsy was a '61 grad and I know there are numerous Bombers out there who have fond memories of Patsy. She was a great gal and will be missed by many. I know others are with me when I say to the rest of the Noble clan: Dan ('58), Larry ('60), Betty ('63), and Lynn ('72) that you have our thoughts and prayers. To: Gus Keeney ('57) Re: Sue's nausea Check with health food stores -- had a gal on our bowling league who got some relief from the nausea that way -- might help Sue, too. To: Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) Re: chili We have a tradition at our house for chili, too. We make a HUGE pot on New Year's Eve and serve it with corn bread (Marie Callendar's mix) -- have about 15 people at the house for New Year's Eve and we still have plenty of chili left over. To: Jeff Michael ('65) Re: polio I remember the sugar cubes -- we had the shots -- there were a series of 3 of them. Jonas Salk invented the shots and Sabin was the one who invented the oral vaccine. Our family doctor, Dr. Putra (his office was in Pasco), had a receptionist in his office who had been stricken with polio as a young girl -- she wore one of those leg braces -- cannot remember her name but she would wince every so often when the brace would catch her skin or the hairs on her leg. -Linda Reining ('64) ~ Bakersfield, CA ~ we have finally gotten cold weather in and I am a happy camper ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Kim Edgar Leeming ('79) Re: Airline Travel (Seat Selection Department) FYI, I came across a great website that will show you the best seats to choose from. This website includes just about every type of plane and US major airline. <> -Kim Edgar Leeming ('79) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Teri Haffner Bartol ('86) I have been reading the past couple days about the Shriners Hospital and I keep thinking I should write in about my experience, too. My daughter Sidney developed Erb's Palsy due to a difficult birth. Essentially, she has permanent nerve damage in her shoulder which affects her muscle development and mobility to some degree. When she was about 18 months old, a co-worker of mine suggested we take her to a Shriners' screening where they concluded that she qualified for care. We have been taking her to the Spokane hospital for the past seven years for check-ups. Her doctor has reassured us that hers is a mild case and she should never need surgery, thankfully. We have always kept her active in sports (she loves to swim and that is the best therapy for her) and people do not recognize her minor disability. I am very thankful for the consistency in care that Shriners has given us over the years. We always have the same doctor and the kids enjoy the trip both to Spokane and the hospital. Also, my youngest brother -- Colin Haffner ('98), who is studying to be a teacher -- volunteers at Shriners a couple days a week in their patient classroom. I believe he started his volunteer work there due to their care of Sidney. -Teri Haffner Bartol ('86) ******************************************** ******************************************** Funeral Notice scanned from the 11/04/03 Seattle Times >>Daniel Edward Raile ('72) ~ 5/23/54 - 10/27/03 <> *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/06/03 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11 Bombers and 4 funeral notices today: Anna May Wann ('49), Al Parker ('53) Gloria Adams ('54), Laura Dean Kirby ('55) Vera Smith ('58), Gloria Davis ('61) John Wingfield ('66), Shirley Collings ('66) Connie Leyson ('69), Deb Bennett ('72) Rob Hausenbuiller ('93) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Yesterday: Judy Cameron Ayers ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Becky Rulon ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Gerald Stein ('66) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ann Thompson, aka Anna May Wann ('49) Re: Airline Seat information - To: Kim Edgar Leeming ('79) Thanks for the info on plane seats. I am short, so most of the time this doesn't bother me, but to sit behind the guy who's seat won't fully recline is a God send. I hate those back of chairs in my face. Re: Shriner's Hospital Just putting in another good word for Emblem Club (female relatives of the Elks Lodge). At our National Convention in Alaska last month, we donated $20,000.00 to Shriners. They were the only organization who would attend one of our meetings to receive the award. We had offered money to other charities in the past and none of them could find the time to come to a meeting to receive a financial award from us, even though the meeting was in their city. We had close to 30 (or more) Shriners who attended, from Seattle, Texas and Anchorage, and other neighboring cities. A wonderful bunch of men to represent the Shriners Hospitals and their good work. I must say they made a lot of "brownie" points with us. Re: Emblem Club Incidentally talking about Emblem Club, we collect old eye glasses, frames and cases. We get $30.00 credit for each set we turn in. So save those old eye glasses for me. I can collect them at Board meeting of Club 40, or at the Fife Luncheon, or regular Club 40 reunions or you can mail to me and I will reimburse you the postage. We also collect old hearing aids. Thanks for letting me put in my sales pitch. For those who want to know (and those who dont give a damn) Emblem Club is the 3rd largest womens charitable organization in the United States. E-mail me and I will give you my snail address. Thanks -Ann Thompson, aka Anna May Wann ('49) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Al Parker ('53) THE COL-HI GIRL I LOVED THE MOST: The girl I loved the most When I was there When you were too- Had smiling eyes of brown Or hazel or green. Maybe they were blue. Her shimmering hair was black, Or blonde, or brown, Or of a reddish hue. The girl I loved the most When I was there When you were too- Maybe she was you! -Al Parker ('53) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gloria Adams Fulcher ('54) Re: Marilyn Richey ('53) To: Pat Ackley Morrow ('53) and Wanda Wittebort Shukay ('53) Thanks to both of you for the updates on Marilyn. The request you made for cards and prayers sure worked. She has received many cards and it sure did cheer her up to know people cared about her. I went down to see her Monday and I was happy to see she is feeling better. She said she's had five treatments now and is doing much better. She said 2 weeks ago she had serious doubts about what was going to happen. She's lost well over 100 pounds and is getting around pretty good. We had a great visit and I'm really glad I went. She's bored with watching TV so please continue to cheer her with your cards and visits, if you are anywhere in the area. She sure does appreciate it. -Gloria Adams Fulcher ('54) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Laura Dean Kirby Armstrong ('55) Re: Southern Camping We will be heading South in our travel trailer to our final winter destination in Arcadia, Florida in the next couple of weeks. I am seeking State Parks or other inexpensive places to stay along the way. We start in Springfield, IL and will have 30 or 40 days to get there. We're looking for places of interest around the Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach or Tallahassee areas. Or if you know of some other places we might enjoy between here and there, I would love to hear about them. I know there is so much to see in this beautiful land, I thought my Bomber friends might have some good suggestions. Thanks for any info. -Laura Dean Kirby Armstrong ('55) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Vera Smith Robbins ('58) Re: Patsy Noble Eichner ('61RIP) To: Dan Noble ('58) I did not know Patsy, but my deepest sympathy goes out to you. Dan, I'm so sorry to hear about your sister, Patsy. I know how you must feel as I went thru the same thing when I lost my sister, June ('63RIP). God bless you and your family. -Vera Smith Robbins ('58) ~ In very cold Richland! ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gloria Davis Tinder ('61) Patsy Noble Eichner ('61RIP) truly symbolized the Bomber spirit. She has been a great friend to many of us and has kept in touch with classmates near and far. My thoughts and prayers are with her family. Patsy will be missed so very much. -Gloria Davis Tinder ('61) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: John Wingfield ('66) Re: Royal Arch Masons The Shriners have done wonderful work for people all over the world. There is another order of the Masons that not too many people know about but that certainly came as a blessing to me and my family. My younger son was born with a heart defect. At first we were told he had a heart murmur, which I thought would go away as he grew up. It didn't. In fact, it became more sophisticated and more dangerous as he grew older. It was called Aortic Stenosis, described as a mis-spapen aortic valvue. When he was about seven his cardiologist told us it was serious and we would need to begin treatments, starting with valvo-plastie procedures, hoping to correct it. About that time my Mom and Dad (Royce and Jean) were living in Walla Walla and mentioned our dilemma to a friend who was a Mason. He told my parents about the Royal Arch Masons, an organization of dedicated people who provide financial support to families with children with congenital heart defects. My parents' friend put us in touch with some Royal Arch Masons in Western Washington, as we live in Olympia, they came and interviewed us and agreed to support us. The Royal Arch Masons paid for the heart procedure that our son went through, which included two valvo-plasties and then, five years ago a (Ross Procedure) valve replacement, which was open heart surgery. So, what the medical insurance did not pay the Royal Arch Masons picked up the rest. This was such a blessing to us, to remove the huge burden of financial debt and free us up to just concentrate on the health and recovery of our son. He was a poster boy for them. And, at one time, while he was playing soccer, I found that one of the Soccer Moms for his team had been one of the first recipients of a valve replacement when she was young with the help of Royal Arch Masons and that she too was a poster child for them. Now he is in his second year at UW, goes surging in the summer, snow boarding in the winter, enjoying a healthy and happy life. Thank you Royal Arch Masons, a true blessing to us and to many other people. I share this story, not only to praise their noble nature, but also because maybe someone in the Sandstorm readership knows someone with a child who has a congenital heart defect and could use the support of these wonderful people. Aloha, -John Wingfield ('66) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) Re: California fires Bob Grout ('66) was sent these pictures of the San Diego fire from Don Blankenship of the Mobile Riverine Force Association. Bob asked me to post them in the Sandstorm. Thanks for sharing them with us, Bob. -Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) ~ Richland ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Connie Leyson Yesberger ('69) Re: Happy B-Day Betti! Hi Betti, I have thought about you and Bob often over the years, and enjoy your descriptions of life in Kansas. Kinda makes me feel like I'm reading Willa Cather or something. What do you do there? Betti, I don't know any other way to ask this but to just ask, did Robert pass away? He has a fond place in my memories of Chief Jo and C.U.P. Fellowship, and I've wondered why I haven't seen or heard about him in a very long time. Please forgive me for being so forward or whatever it is that I feel like for asking you this! It is with all respect and affection for you both, -Connie Leyson Yesberger ('69) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Deb Bennett Bayoff ('72) Re: Danny Raile ('72RIP) Boy you could have hit me with a ton of bricks. Dan Raile passed away last week. I can't bring up the announcement from the link. [It works now. -Maren] He was a truly nice person. I Moved to Richland from Wyoming in 5th grade. Dan was in my class. His closest friends that I remember were Gary Saunders and Mark Van Wormer. I was a very insecure kid. Danny was always friendly to me. Every reunion was a great opportunity to see him again. My thoughts go out to his family. -Deb Bennett Bayoff ('72) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Rob Hausenbuiller ('93) Re: Polio vaccination I don't honestly know if I was vaccinated, as a child, against polio. I know of course that I had my MMR and related vaccinations when I was young. And definitely remember my tetanus shots. My mom would know better as to whether I had any polio vaccinations done. However, when I moved to England 5 years ago, I was registering with the NHS (National Health Service) and they asked me about my vaccination history and since I told them that I hadn't had a polio booster they gave me a sugar cube with the vaccine on it. I remember being a bit shocked by needing to be vaccinated, I have always thought of Polio much like Small Pox, that it was a disease that was no longer worried about, at least in the developed world. Well, that's my bit on Polio vaccinations. I'm off to prepare for watching fireworks tonight at the Guy Fawkes night celebrations. -Rob Hausenbuiller ('93) ~ London, England - where the weather has definitely made its turn towards winter. ******************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: The Noble siblings To all the friends and classmates of Patsy Noble Eichner (61) On behalf of Patsy's family and our parents, MR and Betty Noble, we want to let you know that our dear sister, Patricia Lea Noble Eichner, passed away November 4, 2003 at her home in Kennewick, WA during her sleep. Patsy's life will be celebrated on Saturday, November 8, 2003 at 1:30PM at a service to be held at Mueller's Funeral Home located at the corner of Union and 10th Avenue in Kennewick. A reception will follow at her home in Kennewick. Patsy would want all of her friends to attend and we hope you'll be there. If you cannot be there in person, please be with us in the spirit of friendship, prayer and celebration of her life. Warmly, Dan Noble ('58) Larry Noble ('60) Betty Noble Giedd ('63) Lynn Noble Paden ('72) ******************************************** ******************************************** Funeral Notices >>Bob Caldwell ('60) ~ 7/15/42 - 10/25/03 >>Daniel Edward Raile ('72) ~ 5/23/54 -10/27/03 >>Bonnie Murphy Fawcett ('51) ~ 1933 - 10/30/03 >>Patsy Noble Eichner ('61) ~ 8/28/43 - 11/4/03 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/07/03 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers sent stuff: Ralph Myrick ('51), Larry Mattingly ('60) Mike Rice ('60), Mary Ray ('61) Shirley Collings ('66), Steve Piippo ('70) Rick Chapple ('72) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Marilyn "Em" DeVine Dow ('52) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ralph Myrick ('51) I was shocked to hear that Patsy Noble Eichner ('61RIP) had passed away. Patsy was pretty special to me, for sure. I first met Patsy when I worked at Dietrich's Market located at the intersection of Wright Ave. and Duportail St. It was about 1952 or 1953. Patsy would never miss a day coming by the store to talk to me. When we were slow, I would let Patsy check customers out. We had the old, old cash registers at that time. And, this neat little girl of about 12 or 13 would push those big old keys, get the total, and give the correct change. One thing that I will never forget about Patsy was for the birthday present she gave me. It was a clean, ironed, neatly folded handkerchief of her father's placed very neatly into a white envelope. I had that handkerchief for many years. It really meant a lot to me. Soon afterwards, I left for the Korean War. When I was in Japan, Patsy wrote to me quite frequently. Patsy will always have a special place in my heart. To Dan ('57) and the Noble family I send my prayers. I know Patsy was not in good health. Now, she is free from all of that stuff. She is probably visiting with my Mom right now. I would also like to apologize for not being able to attend services. I am working all that day blowing out sprinkler systems. My spirit will be there. God bless you all. -Ralph Myrick ('51) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Larry Mattingly ('60) Re: Bob Caldwell ('60 RIP) It is always sad to read about the passing of our fellow Bombers. Some who we were close to are particularly stressful. I was hit hard this morning when reading about the passing of Bob Caldwell ('60RIP). I don't remember when I met Bob but it was over 50 years ago when we were like 7 or 8. He and I and Chuck McElroy ('60) were nearly inseparable for many years. Chuck, Bob, and I all three had casts on our legs in 6th grade at Lewis and Clark at the same time. I can clearly recall countless all-night Canasta card games on Friday nights in grade school, jr. hi, and high school. Even when we were old enough to date we would often meet at midnight or 1 AM and play canasta. It was usually at Chuck's house. Chuck's mother Mina is a dear friend to this day. I just visited Mina at her home in Kennewick last week. She was going in for a hip replacement the next day. When Chuck's dad Bob McElroy passed away from a long series of many ills, Chuck was not able to get home for the funeral. So Bob Caldwell and I held Mina's hand and hugged her many times all day long. Fast forward to the mid '70s. I had an apartment management business in the Queen Ann/Magnolia area of Seattle. Part of my payment from one of my client landlords was a penthouse apartment with a million dollar view. I was at home one afternoon, and when I answered a knock on the door it was Bob Caldwell. Wow, after many years we were both nearly speechless. He was looking for an apartment to rent. Had no idea I even lived in Seattle. Of course I invited him in for a beer and we played catch-up for hours. Typical of questions we asked was "How's your love life?" Bob was in love with a beautiful red head who worked at a bank. But he didn't know her name and hadn't met her. But he was going to as soon as the opportunity came up. I can remember to this day the look on his face when I said "Would you like to meet her?" Rusty (as we called Ellen) lived in the apartment below me and we were good friends and I had even dated her a few times. So when she came home that night I introduced them. They were married 24 years. I feel terrible that Bob's life was cut so short. He was one of the good guys, great sense of humor, and a gentleman without a mean bone in his body. God keep you, Bob. If anyone on this net knows their address please send it to me direct so I can get a card off to Ellen. -J Larry Mattingly ('60) ~ From my office near Olympia on a sunny clear day. Now to dry my eyes and prepare to receive several guests from out of town to discuss getting a patent on a device we have developed. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mike Rice ('60) To the family of Patsy Noble, deepest sympathy. Patsy was alway a nice person who maintain friends for life. To me she was a shining star. -Mike Rice ('60) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mary Ray Henslee ('61) Re: Patsy Noble Eichner ('61RIP) I am very saddened to hear of Patsy's passing. I remember Patsy as a very kind person, who was well liked by everyone. Judging from the email that I received from her right after I joined this forum, she never stopped being the caring person that I remembered. I appreciate so much all of the emails that I have received since I joined this forum. The warm fuzzy feeling that comes from being remembered and connected once again is priceless. I only regret that I have been too busy over the last few years to stay better connected with those that left footprints on my heart so many years ago - Patsy being one of them. My thoughts and prayers go out to the loved ones Patsy left behind. "You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late." --Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) -Mary Ray Henslee ('61) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Steve Piippo ('70) The Moving Vietnam Memorial Wall is currently assembled below Flat Top Mountain in West Richland. Listed is Mark S. Black, a former Chief Jo Warrior and Richland Bomber. Mark Black ('66wb) was the first Richland kid killed in Vietnam. -Steve Piippo ('70) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Rick Chapple ('72) Re: Dan Raile ('72RIP) Mention the name Dan Raile to any Class of '72 member and the first thing they will say is "What a great guy". Dan's passing is a real loss to our class, and I am proud to have had him as my friend during our Bomber years. We know where you went, Dan, and we will see you later. -Rick Chapple ('72) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/08/03 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCoy ('45, '46, & '02), Marla Lowman ('55) Gary Persons ('57), Margo Heiling ('57) Jan Bollinger ('60), Sandy Finney ('60) Jill Lange ('64), Jeff Michael ('65) Dave Doran ('72) ******************************************** ******************************************** LUNCH TODAY: Portland/Vancouver Lunch BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Barb Eckert Holloway ('61) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Spencer Houck ('71) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick McCoy ('45, '46, '02) To: Marilyn Richey ('53) Marilyn, fromer neighbor, good friend. I wish you the very best, get well and love. Hope you can make the Club 40 stuffing party in December. -Dick McCoy ('45, '46, '02) ~ Camano Island, WA - where we had a long hot summer, including September and early October. Then torrential rains with flooding from a "pineappe express", now cold brrr cold. 26, 22, 24, 22, 27 cold the last 5 days. What's going on? Is Jerry Falwell mad at us again? ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Marla Lowman Kenitzer ('55) & Sandy Finney Harvego ('60) Re: Northern California - Sacramento Area Bomber Lunch To: All Bombers in the Northern California and Sacramento Areas (and of course anywhere else) How about joining other Bombers for Lunch. No reservations necessary! If you would like, you can email Sandy or Marla that you will be at the luncheon. (It would give us a better count) DATE: November: 10, 2003 (Monday) COFFEE TIME: 11:30 A.M. LUNCH TIME: 12:30 P.M. WHERE: Bradshaw's Restaurant PHONE: (916) 362-3274 ADDRESS: 9647 Micron Avenue, Sacramento, CA DIRECTIONS: From Highway 50 - go South on Bradshaw - turn left at Micron (first signal light). Bradshaw's is a half block on the right. FOOD SELECTION: Regular Menu (breakfast or lunch - prices are very reasonable) All Bomber spouses and friends are welcome! Bombers Have Fun -Sandy Finney Harvego ('60) ~ Sacramento, CA -Marla Lowman Kenitzer ('55) ~ West Point, CA ******************************************** >>From: Jan Bollinger Persons ('60) & Gary Persons ('57) Re: Spokane Bomber Alumni Lunch Before everyone gets busy with holiday activities . . . LET'S GO TO LUNCH! DATE: Sunday, November16 TIME: 11:30 AM Coffee/Beverages - 12:30 PM Lunch PLACE: The Chapter (Look for green & gold balloons on their sign.) ADDRESS: 105 East Mission (NE corner Ruby/Mission) PRICE: Most lunches $6.95 - $8.95 The restaurant would like an approximate headcount, so please make reservations by Friday, 11/14, to All Bomber alums, spouses, and guests are welcome. Remember to bring any RHS yearbooks you might have. Bomber cheers, -Jan Bollinger Persons ('60) and Gary Persons ('57) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Margo Heiling Barron ('57) Re: Danny Neth: Moving Wall Vietnam Veterans Memorial at West Richland I visited the Moving Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in West Richland this afternoon and remembered a '57 classmate, Corporal Danny A. Neth, whose name is listed on Panel 5E, Line 121. He was born June 6, 1938, and died as a casualty of war on March 5, 1966. Thanks, Danny, for all of us. My prayers are with Danny's family today. The moving wall in West Richland is open 24 hours around the clock through this weekend. -Margo Heiling Barron (Class of '57 Ahead of our time) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jill Lange Peterson ('64) I want to express my regrets to the Patsy Noble Eichner Family. Patsy was always special to all of the Doris and Clarence Lange's family in Richland. We knew her from when she was in high school and later engaged to my brother, Gary. The engagement ended, but all of us felt close to Patsy. Thank you so much for calling my mother about Patsy's death. Patsy and Mom were always special to each other, and I know my mom grieves Patsy's loss deeply, as we all do. I send my sympathies from Roseville, MN, a suburb of St. Paul. Patsy was a special woman, and I cared for her very much. I so appreciated that she came to my dad's funeral. Rest in Peace, Patsy. Love, -Jill Lange Peterson ('64) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jeff Michael ('65) Re: Cool Desert Nights To: Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) and others... Well, since you have given me the opportunity to walk through this door, I will. Hopefully, when the time to count the votes comes, there won't be any hanging chads or other reasons for a recount! When I first saw the article on moving the show, I immediately flashed back to the mayor/city council of Richland deciding it did not want to make Uptown attractive to major mall developers. My dad always reminds me... that is why the Columbia Center is in Kennewick. Now, I don't want to be in a Tri-Cities community hassle all these many years later... but I think Cool Desert Nights should remain a Richland thing. I may have mentioned in a previous post that many of the SoCal communities have WEEKLY car shows. It brings people to the area every week. Folks buy stuff at the shops and bars and restaurants. Sometimes folks see stuff and come back another time to buy (antiques, furniture, clothing, etc.). Exposure (except in very cold climates) is rarely harmful to merchants. What's cheaper... to have folks come to the car show and see your shop or buy an ad in the TC Herald every week? My self, I love the car shows, and I'm not even a merchant that can profit. But I am a dj that would be happy to be involved with the show... AND have it remain a Richland show. There, that's better. Thank you for letting me share. dj Jeff Michael ('65) ~ Richland - where it is STILL unseasonably COLD! Or is it just my thin blood? ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) Speaking of the Virtual Wall this is a link to the information about Mark Black class of 1966, and our first Vietnam casualty: May you rest in peace, Mark, and all those who gave their lives in Vietnam. -Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) ~ Richland ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dave Doran ('72) Re: Dan Raile ('72RIP) Dan looked great and played in the band at our recent 30-year reunion and now he's another of the classmates we've lost way too soon. Being 49 or 50 years old is not enough excuse for leaving so early and we just lost Matt Napora a few months ago so what's up with that? It makes me want to get in touch again with the old friends left along the way and now I can realize how important those connections are. Dan was a truly good regular guy that was one of the only kids to befriend me when I moved to Richland as a 7th grader and was genuinely nice to everyone equally as well. We'll miss him. It would be great to group together some of the old classmates for a salmon feast to celebrate our late friends and I'll be happy to supply the salmon. The N.W. must have a pile of '72 babies in residence that could swarm some local spot in remembrance and fun. What say? -Dave Doran ('72) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/09/03 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff: Floyd Melton ('57), Ann Engel ('63) Bob Grout ('66WB), Georgia Rushworth ('66) Mike Howell ('68WB), Sheila Davis ('71) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER LUNCH Today: Puget Sound/Fife BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dick Boehning ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Kandy Smith Olson ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dick Pierce ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Tom Schildknecht ('70) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Floyd Melton ('57) To: Marilyn Richey ('53) Here is wishing you the best. I remember the days at West Gate Conoco it seems so long ago. I hope you are getting better with each passing day and may peace be your constant companion. Re: Danny Neth ('57RIP) When I was in Washington DC two years ago I made a special visit to the Vietnam Memorial Wall just to look up Danny Neth. It was an emotional moment that I will never forget. I thought about Danny and football at the Bomber games. He was the only person I ever saw that could run with the ball having his chest just inches off the ground and when he hit you it was as though a steam roller had nailed you. What a guy and I had the privelege to know him from the first grade on. Then to give his life for our country. Everyone should take the time to visit the Wall where ever it is as well as the Korean memorial in DC... what an awesome site that is. -Floyd Melton ('57) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ann Engel Schafer ('63) Re: Portland/Vancouver luncheon All Bomber Lunches website Saturday the 8th of November we had our Bomber luncheon with one new person joining us. We welcomed Bill Lattin ('58). In December we are having our Christmas Luncheon on Saturday the 6th from 11:00 to 3:00 with a white elephant exchange... hope to see many Bombers there. November Attendees: Photographer, Ann Engel Schafer ('63), Alan Porter ('67), Lola Heidlebaugh Bowen ('60), Jo Heidlebaugh ('74), Bill Lattin ('58), Leslie Swanson Holman ('59), Ron Holman ('56), Tom Hemphill ('62), Fred Schafer ('63), Len Rediske ('66) & wife Linda Rediske. -Ann Engel Schafer ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Grout ('66WB) Re: Moving Wall MRFA [Mobile Riverine Force Assoc. Let's remember all Sailors and Army personnel that served in the operation Mekone Delta, Viet-Nam. Re: Fire engine #17 Southern California Wildfires Thought I would pass this video of an amazing fire tornado near Fire engine off devore freeway. -Bob Grout ('66WB) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Georgia Rushworth ('66) Re: Viet Nam Veterans Let's not forget classmate, William David Dowd ('65RIP). -Georgia Rushworth ('66) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mike Howell (68WB) Re: Moving Wall My apologies to any one that I didn't get to see while I was in West Richland on Friday. It was such a heart wrenching experience to visit and touch the wall. Thank you Judie for the coffee and Phil for the shoulder. We came back across Chinook Pass and now I remember why I like Snoqualmie better. Re: Another subject Carol and I had a wonderful visit with our monies in the week we spent in Reno but we could really use a good handy man now as we are both broke. We got home before midnight last night and finally slept in our own bed. I think the part I hate the most about traveling is not waking up in my own bed. Re: Cool Desert Nights We are gearing up for next season and have added much needed inventory to our booth and I will state out front that as a Vendor if they move Cool Desert Nights to Kennewick we won't be coming back for it. Just putting in my two cents. -Mike Howell (68WB) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Sheila Davis Galloway ('71) To: All Bombers The following was an article recently published in the RHS Sandstorm: "......Looking for a clever way to say "Happy Birthday", "Congratulations", "Good Luck" or just maybe "Hi" or "I was thinking of you"? The Instrumental Music Boosters [IMB] has just the answer: Bomber Bird "Bomb"ardment! For $30.00 you can have someone's yard decorated with green and gold "Bomber Birds". After a 24 hour landing, the cluster of birds will migrate to their next destination with the assistance of the Bomber Bird "Band"its. The IMB is using the Bomber Bird "Bomb"ardment as a fun way to raise money and awareness of the trip they have coming up in May to perform at the dedication of the WWII Memorial in Washington DC. If you'd like to order a "bomb"ardment call ... or email us ........." I thought perhaps those Bombers out there in the world would be interested in knowing about this great fund raiser. To see a picture of these green and gold creatures, go onto the Richland High School Instrumental Music page and click on Booster. These kids are doing a great job for the high school and they need all the help we can give them to get to Washington DC and represent all of us Bombers. Thanks. Maybe someone out there would be interested in "bomb"arding my brother, Mike ('74)! Let me know. -Sheila Davis Galloway ('71) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/10/03 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers and 1 funeral notice today: Jay Siegel ('61), Tom Hann ('61) Helen Cross ('62), KC Hammill ('63) Gary Behymer ('64), Linda Reining ('64) David Rivers ('65), Tami Schuchart ('68) Entry from the Noble kids ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER LUNCH TODAY: No. Calif/Sacramento Area BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bill Johnson ('57) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Carl Dvorak ('58) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dee Shipman Jones ('72) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Fred Meeks ('73) MARINE CORPS BIRTHDAY TODAY ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jay Siegel ('61) Re: Trivia Question of the day! For everyone at the Puget Sound luncheon today, how about "Dick & Jerry's Fine Foods"? Re: 10 November Until shortly after I graduated in 1961, the 10th of November held no special meaning to me except possible the day before a holiday. In 1961 I found out that the 10th of November is the Marine Corps Birthday and after that, no matter where I was or what I might be doing it became a day of remembrances, a day when I stood a bit taller and walked a bit brisker (even if I might be suffering a slight case of malaise from a Ball the night before. And so, I would like to offer a toast to all Marines, their families and their friends: Here's to our Country, our Corps and all those who are not here to celebrate our 228th birthday - Semper Fi! Clear blue skies and warm, gentle breezes -Jay Siegel ('61) ~ Poulsbo, WA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Tom Hann ('61) Re: Pasty Nobel Eichner ('61RIP) I too shall miss my friend Pasty Nobel Eichner ('61RIP) She touched so many of our lives. The message below is taken from her Memorial Folder. God Bless You and Keep You Patsy - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Don't Grieve For Me Don 't grieve for me, for now I'm free, I am following the path God laid for me. I took His hand when I heard Him call, I turned my back and left it all, I could not stay another day, to laugh, to love, to work or play. Tasks undone must stay that way, I found that peace at the close of day. If my parting has left a void, then fill it with remembered Joy. A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss, Ah, yes, these things I too will miss. Be not burdened with time of sorrow, I wish for you the sunshine of tomorrow. My life's been full, I savored much, Good friends, good times, a loved one's touch. Perhaps my time seemed all too brief, Don't lengthen it now with undue grief. Lift up your hearts and share with me, God wanted me now, He set me free. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Tom Hann ('61) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Helen Cross Kirk ('62) Re: Danny Neth ('57RIP) Whenever I see or hear about the Viet Nam Wall, I am always reminded of Danny Neth. He played baseball on my dad's American Legion baseball team, so I only knew him from the coach's kid's perspective. I add my prayers and thanks to the families of all the brave men and women who have given their lives so that we might continue to live in freedom. -Helen Cross Kirk ('62) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: KC Hammill ('63) Re: Semper Fi For those BOMBERS who served Captain Kangaroo turned 75 in June, which is odd, because he's never looked a day under 75. (Birthday 6/27/27). It reminded me of the following story: Some people have been offended that Lee Marvin is buried in a grave alongside 3 and 4 star generals at Arlington National Cemetery. His marker gives his name, rank (PVT) and service (USMC). Nothing else. Here's a guy who was only a famous movie star who served his time. Why the heck does he rate burial with these guys? Well, following is the amazing answer: I always liked Lee Marvin, but did not know the extent of his Corps experiences. In a time when many Hollywood stars served their country in the armed forces, often in rear-echelon posts where they were carefully protected, only to be trotted out to perform for the cameras in war bond promotions, Lee Marvin was a genuine hero. He won the Navy Cross at Iwo Jima. There is only one higher Naval award... the Medal Of Honor. If that is a surprising comment on the true character of the man, he credits his sergeant with an even greater show of bravery. Dialog From The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson: His guest was Lee Marvin. Johnny said, "Lee, I'll bet a lot of people are unaware that you were a Marine in the initial landing at Iwo Jima... and that during the course of that action you earned the Navy Cross and were severely wounded." "Yeah, yeah... I got shot square in the ass and they gave me the Cross for securing a hot spot about halfway up Suribachi... bad thing about getting shot up on a mountain is guys gettin' shot hauling you down. But Johnny, at Iwo I served under the bravest man I ever knew... We both got the Cross the same day, but what he did for his Cross made mine look cheap in comparison. The dumb bastard actually stood up on RED beach and directed his troops to move forward and get the hell off the beach. That Sergeant and I have been lifelong friends. When they brought me off Suribachi we passed the Sergeant and he lit a smoke and passed it to me lying on my belly on the litter and said, 'Where'd they get you Lee?' Well Bob... if you make it home before me, tell Mom to sell the outhouse!' "Johnny, I'm not lying...Sergeant Keeshan was the bravest man I ever knew..... Bob Keeshan... You and the world know him as Captain Kangaroo." -KC Hammill ('63) ~ Bangor, Maine "COLD" ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: Marine Corps birthday (11/10) "DO NOT FORGET" by Ed Evans, MGySgt.,USMC (Ret.) I sat in a movie theater watching "Schindler's List," asked myself, "Why didn't the Jews fight back?" Now I know why. I sat in a movie theater, watching "Pearl Harbor" and asked myself, "Why weren't we prepared?" Now I know why. Civilized people cannot fathom, much less predict, the actions of evil people. On September 11, dozens of capable airplane passengers allowed themselves to be overpowered by a handful of poorly armed terrorists because they did not comprehend the depth of hatred that motivated their captors. On September 11, thousands of innocent people were murdered because too many Americans naively reject the reality that some nations are dedicated to the dominance of others. Many political pundits, pacifists and media personnel want us to forget the carnage. They say we must focus on the bravery of the rescuers and ignore the cowardice of the killers. They implore us to understand the motivation of the perpetrators. Major television stations have announced they will assist the healing process by not replaying devastating footage of the planes crashing into the Twin Towers. I will not be manipulated. I will not pretend to understand. I will not forget. I will not forget the liberal media who abused freedom of the press to kick our country when it was vulnerable and hurting. I will not forget that CBS anchor Dan Rather preceded President Bush's address to the nation with the snide remark, "No matter how you feel about him, he is still our president." I will not forget that ABC TV anchor Peter Jennings questioned President Bush's motives for not returning immediately to Washington, DC and commented, "We're all pretty skeptical and cynical about Washington." And I will not forget that ABC's Mark Halperin warned if reporters weren't informed of every little detail of this war, they aren't "likely -- nor should they be expected -- to show deference." I will not isolate myself from my fellow Americans by pretending an attack on the USS Cole in Yemen was not an attack on the United States of America. I will not forget the Clinton administration equipped Islamic terrorists and their supporters with the world's most sophisticated telecommunications equipment and encryption technology, thereby compromising America's ability to trace terrorist radio, cell phone, land lines, faxes and modem communications. I will not be appeased with pointless, quick retaliatory strikes like those perfected by the previous administration. I will not be comforted by "feel-good, do nothing" regulations like the silly "Have your bags been under your control?" question at the airport. I will not be influenced by so called, "anti war demonstrators" who exploit the right of _expression to chant anti-American obscenities. I will not forget the moral victory handed the North Vietnamese by American war protesters who reviled and spat upon the returning Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Marines. I will not be softened by the wishful thinking of pacifists who chose reassurance over reality. I will embrace the wise words of Prime Minister Tony Blair who told Labor Party conference, "They have no moral inhibition on the slaughter of the innocent. If they could have murdered not 7,000 but 70,000, does anyone doubt they would have done so and rejoiced in it? There is no compromise possible with such people, no meeting of minds, no point of understanding with such terror. Just a choice: defeat it or be defeated by it. And defeat it we must!" I will force myself to: - hear the weeping - feel the helplessness - imagine the terror - sense the panic - smell the burning flesh - experience the loss - remember the hatred. I sat in a movie theater, watching "Private Ryan" and asked myself, "Where did they find the courage?" Now I know. We have no choice. Living without liberty is not living. -- Ed Evans, MGySgt., USMC (Ret.) Not as lean, Not as mean, But still a Marine. -Gary Behymer ('64) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining ('64) To: Sheila Davis Galloway ('71) Re: Bomber Bird "Bomb"ardment I wish I lived in Richland... we (my daughters and I) are always toilet papering houses for birthdays and other events, but this is such a cool idea! I hope they are very successful... maybe we will see lots of pictures in the Sandstorm of Bombers who have been "bomb"arded (geez, is there even such a word???) -Linda Reining ('64) ~ Bakersfield, CA - we had rain yesterday and into the evening... LOVE IT! ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: David Rivers ('65) Re: Vets (for November 10th and 11th) I just realized I won't be next to my trusty computer on the Marine Corps Birthday. So maybe Maren (or Richard as the case may be) can run this on the 10th as that is a day of pride and some infamy for all the Marine Bombers out there including me. I used to try and name all the Marines/Bombers but it has become very difficult for me to recall them all... At R2K, number 32 ('63) and I had planned to have a picture taken of all the Marines we could round up... he thought the Sarge was organizing and I thought is was the Captain that was doing it... as can happen when the chain of command fails, I should have assigned it to Cpl. Heidlebaugh ('65) and we could have blamed it on him... but since I thought... well, I already said what I thought... (there I go thinking again)... So... I have many of you in mind and you know I have you in my heart... Hopefully this weekend I'll be lucky enough to hook up with one Marine (Maddy ('67) for a little R&R)... So what I am saying here is that for all my fellow Juggies, For all the Doggies, Squids and Flyboys in Bomberdom and for all the Bombers in the world, let's take a few minutes and remember the folks that gave of themselves and those who gave all of themselves... let's stop a moment and murmur a thankful "Welcome Home and a Job Well Done"... That's what my Pop put on a huge Crimson and gold sign in front of his house when I came home... I've told the story before about how I didn't actually go "home" when I got back but spent a month with the Hell's Angels who had taken many of us in to help us get used to the Land of the big PX again and to shelter us from the slings and arrows and all that... my dad told me just before he died that he knew I didn't come to see them right away when I got back... he carried that with him for many years... and that's all he said about it... so for 11 of us who made it back and for the 85,000 who didn't and for all those who went before us and those who have come after us... THANK YOU! -David Rivers ('65) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Tami Schuchart Keller ('68) To: Bill Wingfield ('67) Just wanted to say "Hi", it is so fun to hear from old friends over this website. You and your family will have a great time being home for Christmas, be sure and tell Jan hi from me. I would love to be coming home for Christmas. My sister Teri ('70) and her family will be coming to my home in Scottsdale, AZ this year. It will be sunny and warm and we will have Christmas dinner out on the patio around the pool. Enjoy your trip home. -Tami Schuchart Keller ('68) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dan, Larry, Betty and Lynn Noble Re: Thank You from Patsy Noble's Family To all of our friends: We can't begin to express our thanks to all of you for the outpouring of support and sympathy given to our Noble family during this difficult time. Patsy's funeral service and life celebration on Saturday, November 8th was a wonderful tribute to her life and recognized her many civic and social contributions during her short 60 years. She had such a positive effect on the community during her life as evidenced by the many who attended her service. While Patsy will be missed by all, we feel comforted that she is with our sister, Becky ('69RIP), and finally without pain in eternal peace. Your thoughts, prayers and support are appreciated by all of Patsy's family, especially our parents, MR and Betty who send their love and a heartfelt thank you to everyone. Warm regards, -Dan ('57), Larry ('60), Betty ('63) and Lynn ('72) Noble ******************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Funeral Notice scanned >>Helen Zepp Hamanne ~ Class of 1960 ~ 1/42 - 10/1/03 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/11/03 - VETERANS' DAY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers and 1 Bomber (?) funeral notice today: Jeanie Walsh ('63), Gary Behymer ('64) Shirley Carlisle ('65), John Allen ('66) Doug Ufkes ('68), Steve Piippo ('70) Diane Carpenter ('72) ******************************************** ******************************************** Editors' Note: Well, we would like to think that we ran an item in yesterday's Sandstorm as an experiment; you know, like a test to see if all of our readers were paying attention to what appeared in their favorite newsletter. But it was not an experiment. It was a mistake. We refer, of course, to Gary Behymer's ('64) contribution of a statement written by an Ed Evans, MGySgt., USMC (Ret.). In retrospect we realize that the item was bound to infuriate many of you. It was not the sort of thing that you expect to encounter in the Sandstorm. Also, it violated one of our editorial policies: it was an opinion piece not written by a Bomber or a Bomber's relative. Please accept our apologies. ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bev Coates Karns ('52) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Don Eckert ('64) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: Jerry Boyd ('52) & Patsy McGregor Boyd ('54WB) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jeanie Walsh Williamson ('63) Happy Birthday to all the "Bomber" Marines. And a very special thank you to all the Veterans, regardless if you are a "Bomber" or not. -Jeanie Walsh Williamson (Gold Metal Class of '63) Wife of a Marine Captain ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) My thanks to those 1964 class members who served their country! Here are some that live in our hearts... Mike Alexander (Navy), Jim Judd, Bobby Keplinger John Marshall, Dennis Smith, William Trujillo Bruce Whiteside, Garry Wilson ...still others we salute! -Gary Behymer ('64) ~ now living in downtown Colfax, WA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Carlisle ('65) I just received word that my Dear Friend and class mate Barbara Hosack Busch ('65) passed away in Spokane. After graduation Barb became an Army nurse and was a Viet Nam Veteran. Barb was so proud to have served her country. I want to extend my sympathy to Barb's family. -Shirley Carlisle ('65) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: John Allen ('66) Re: Veteran's Day Message While sitting at my favorite watering hole between November and June, with some regularity, the conversation turns to who was the greatest basketball player ever to play the game. Michael Jordan's name still comes up most frequently but, as time passes, less and less does one hear the name of the man who still holds the most individual records in the game. I believe the count is still over 50 of them and, as great as Michael Jordan was, he doesn't even come close to that number owned by the great Wilt Chamberlain. The point of this comment is that, as a society, we tend to forget FAR too quickly, the history we knew so well only yesterday and very often, we fail to see what is right in front of our face. So it is for this societal failing that I make the further comment which is really the point of this Veteran's Day note..... All those Bomber Vets out there, and most of their families, already know this simple truth, but it is something for the rest to consider every November 11th, every Memorial Day, every Thanksgiving, every Christmas, or almost any day, really. Simply stated; to the extent that FREEDOM exists anywhere around the globe today, there is no organization as responsible for it during the last century, as the United States Military and those civilian leaders who have had the courage to use, or simply threaten to use, its awesome power toward that end. So, the next time you are tempted to criticize this country's role in the world, hold your tongue for just an instant while you honestly consider that undeniable fact, along with those millions who have provided, and continue to provide you, the umbrella of relative safety under which you sleep soundly at night. -John Allen ('66) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Doug Ufkes ('68) Re: Old Friends Not only do we need to remember the vets but also the folks in the field right now. Jim Mattis ('68) is still in Iraq as far as I know and still leading from the front. My prayers are with him. I see in the last edition that Tami Schuchart Keller ('68) lives in Scottsdale, AZ and I would like to extend on invitation to her to attend our next all Bomber luncheon here in Tucson... it is planned right now for sometime in February or March. Also, Tami, if you know of any other Bombers in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area please let them know about these get-togethers. Some of us are currently thinking about the idea of having a Tucson area-Phoenix area luncheon in Casa Grande sometime in the next year or so and would like to get in contact with all the folks in the Phoenix area that graduated from RHS. From what I understand they also have luncheons every so often. -Doug Ufkes ('68) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [See for pictures of both Phoenix and Tucson lunches plus information about ALL Bomber lunches (that I know about). -Maren] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Steve Piippo ('70) To: Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) Thank you for the Mark S. Black Vietnam Wall Memorial web site. I had remembered Mark Black for many years. He is buried across from HAPO in the rear of the cemetery. As a little kid early on Saturday mornings in Chief Jo gym Mark would be there with his long, lean, black curly hair and protruding ears. He would gently toss me a basketball so I could put it between my legs and heave it to the rim. Mark did this many Saturday mornings and was very patient with the coach's little kid. We made a tracing of his name. -Steve Piippo ('70) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Diane Carpenter Kipp ('72) Re: Birthday Wishes Happy Birthday to Dee Shipman Jones ('72) - this will be in the Sandstorm a day late, but oh well. I'm looking forward to lunch Wed.! (BTW, to anyone who knows Dee but hasn't seen her for awhile - she looks fantastic - always has, always will I'm sure :) Re: Marine Corps Birthday (11/10) We're flying a Marine Corps flag today; my husband is a non-active Marine. (Is that the right term? I know there's no such thing as a former Marine, or ex-Marine.) Re: The note from KC Hammill ('63) Sorry, but the Lee Marvin/Captain Kangaroo story is an urban legend. Both were Marines, and Lee Marvin did receive a Purple Heart, was shot in the posterior, and is buried at Arlington. But Lee saw action at Saipan, not Iwo Jima, and the Captain never did see action - he enlisted toward the end of the war, evidently. and are excellent sources for verifying stories that may arouse suspicions. And no one should feel bad about believing any of these stories that are so common, especially on the internet - even the most suspicious and wary of us have been taken in by different stories. They all sound so plausible. -Diane Carpenter Kipp ('72) ******************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Funeral Notice scanned from the TCHerald by Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) >>Ed Montgomery (Bomber? Class of '78?) ~ 6/19/60 - 11/8/03 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/12/03 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers sent stuff: Barbara Barron ('50), Marla Lowman ('55) Tom Hughes ('56), Helen Cross ('62) Linda Reining ('64), Patti Snider ('65) Georgia Rushworth ('66), Rick Maddy ('67) Bruce Strand ('69), Carol Lancaster ('79) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY 11/12 or 11/14: Michael West Rivers ('68) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Barbara Barron Doyle ('50) I would like to remind our classmates of two veterans of the Korean war. Jerry Dunn and Red Foster. They were in the class of 1949. Red died during the war and Jerry served and returned to his wife Rose. He died last year leaving his wife and two sons. I'm sure there were others but these two were dear friends of mine and I remember them on Veterans' Day. -Barbara Barron Doyle ('50) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Marla Jo Lowman Kenitzer ('55) Re: Sacramento Bomber Luncheon All Bomber Lunches website The Sacramento Area Luncheon was really great. We had 14 alumni - graduates from 1947 to 1960. We learned more about dear old Col Hi (Richland High) and the different areas that we all migrated from (except one who was a local - quite a storyteller). Those attending were Gordon Weir ('47), Delores Ely (spouse), Ken Ely ('49), Ann Clancy Andrews ('50), Jan Nussbaum Sinderson ('55), Jack Sinderson ('53), Patti Gant (spouse) and Phil Gant ('54), Jeanne Richardson Scott ('54) and "Scotty" Scott (spouse), Marla Lowman Kenitzer ('55), Harold Kenitzer ('54), Deanna Case Ackerman ('55), and Sandy Finney Harvego ('60). We are planning another luncheon after the holidays and will announce the particulars so that others in the area may want to join us. This was a fun day and we are looking forward to seeing everyone (and any who couldn't make it this time) next year!! If you know anyone in our area who doesn't read the "Sandstorm" let them know that we would love to have them join us. Bombers do have fun and of course we recognized each other!!! -Marla Jo Lowman Kenitzer ('55) and Sandy Finney Harvego ('60) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Tom Hughes ('56) Re: Uptown I found this picture of the Deli in Uptown. I think this was taken in about 1950. Is this the one that was discussed at the Fife lunch? -Tom Hughes ('56) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Helen Cross Kirk ('62) I've just recovered from a fun filled 2 weeks of visiting with my Japanese friends who were here in the US visiting from Tokyo. They speeded up their plans and arrived about a year before expected, so they ended up doing NYCity alone, and I drove up and met them in Niagara Falls. We had a great tour of the Falls, except we didn't get to go on the boat as it doesn't float this late in the year. Then we drove on up to see Fort Niagara and the Indian reservation up there. We happened to be looking at the display of local American Indian art when one of their tribe came and spoke with us, and really gave them a good idea of what an American Indian feels about life in general. I'd like to thank the several Bombers who emailed me many helpful suggestions about the Falls area. It is truly a beautiful spot in our country, and I think my Japanese friends really enjoyed visiting there. I cannot say they really appreciated the American habit of long car drives. It took 2 long days of driving with many stops to get them here to Indiana, and then they just weren't up to any more long car drives, so we didn't make it to see my son and former classmate of Mica's at Purdue in West Layfayette. We did get to see the Cincinnati Art Museum, and Eden Park, and the former train museum here where we see the Omnimax film on Lewis and Clark. It was filmed from the air much of the time and give them a glimpse of the west, and I did manage to find a covered bridge here in Indiana for them to see. All too soon my husband and I drove them to Pittsburgh where they took Amtrak back to NYC, as they wanted their last day to be in the Big Apple before returning to Toyko. My friend had studied about Pittsburgh when she was in school in Japan, and wanted to see it. I'm hopeful they somehow caught a glimpse of the Amish on the train ride back to NYC, as I was able to find a town with Underground RR history and a walking tour, but no Amish close to Cincinnati. One other interesting side light: on my drive to Niagara Falls to meet them, I found a family related museum I'd heard about in western NY. Colden, NY turned out to be about a half hour from Buffalo, NY where I stayed with a friend who'd just moved from Cincinnati. Well, Bobby ('62), Allan ('59), Carol ('64), Roy ('65), and Duane ('78?), Sheri ('80?), Scott ('84?), Cameron ('01?), Whitney, and MacKenzie, (almost forgot my younger cousins who are also Bombers), I'm a Buffum, you're a Buffum, we all are Buffums since Issac Cross married into their family in l861. Among other things Delores Richter, the museum curator and distant cousin to us showed me was a picture of our Cross grandparents. Imagine my surprise when I didn't recognize them. I promised to send Delores a correct copy of a photo of the Cross grandparents I knew. We do have some interesting ancestors. I hope to do some research on them and report back. One was quite involved in the Underground Railroad, and one was involved in the Great Locomotive Raid in l862 when Union soldiers stole a RR engine from the Confederate Army. He went to prison for it too and got a Medal of Honor. Sorry, Maren I don't know the year all of my cousins graduated. The last two are still in high school -Helen Cross Kirk ('62) ~ from West Harrison, IN - where it is threatening to give us a dusting of snow later this week, but it's been a beautiful fall all in all A few frosts, but not a real hard killing frost yet. The little lake has been visited by a few migrating ducks this fall. How about those Cougs?? They may make it to the Rose bowl again this year!! ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining ('64) To: John Allen ('66) Re: 11/11/03 Sandstorm entry I have one word for what you wrote: AMEN!!!!!!! -Linda Reining ('64) ~ Bakersfield, CA - I am slowly getting things ready for our Christmas Bomber gathering at my house on December 7th, 2003... I will be adding a reminder, along with directions to my house, in a few more weeks. I'm looking forward to meeting and greeting all the "newbies" who have said they plan on coming to this one. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Patti Snider Miller ('65) I am so sorry to hear about the passing of Barbara Hosack Busch ('65). My condolences to her family. A moment of silence today for her and the other veterans who have fought to keep "our land of the free". I was at the Wall on Saturday in West Richland and was amazed how many men and women we have lost and had the courage to fight for our country. Like Steve Pippo ('70) I looked up Mark Black ('66RIP) on The Wall. I took a photo of his name with a digital camera and the pictures turned out great. I was very impressed with the presentations and the help the volunteers were to help find a name, and to just talk. Thank you all who were involved with getting the Wall so we could see it. Thank you veterans and all servicemen and women for serving our great country! -Patti Snider Miller ('65) ~ Richland - where it's 51 at 10am ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Georgia Rushworth ('66) Re: Mark Black ('66RIP) How many of you remember what a hard time Mark Black used to give Mr. Harvey (and vise versa) while we were going to Chief Jo? What really sticks out in my mind was 9th grade math class. Just the name "Mark Black" always makes me smile. Mark was a character, and someone we have all grown to greatly respect. I have been to his grave several times over the years. He is buried at Resthaven Cemetary just off of Williams. RIP our friend. I want to pay tribute to my dad, George Rushworth, a Marine who was there when they raised the flag on Iwo Jima. I miss you. -Georgia Rushworth ('66) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Rick Maddy ('67) Re: There is always that 10% To: Diane Carpenter Kipp ('72) Hi Diane I am a former Marine. The once a Marine, always a Marine is very true... and non-active Marine is same-o same-o. The Marine Corps is the same today as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow. And just because one survives the nature of the beast doesn't make them a hero. Although I am an old man and can only hope such a day will never arrive, I can still pull a trigger for the Corps. In other words, for the other Marines around me. I am not as sure about pulling a trigger for country, God, or apple pie, but that is only because I am a cynical, untrusting, no such thing as truth, Vietnam Vet with his PTSD kicking in. Where are those pills? I suppose one would need only to be out in the middle of no where with their only world being the twelve with you, dying for your country, while the folks at home are dumping their frustration on... well, you know that story. Nevertheless, one function remains the same. When a young man or woman joins the Marine Corps, the Marine Corps tells them where they are going and who they are shooting - no questions asked - do or die - sir, yes sir (hence: what does country, God, or apple pie got to do with it?). Of course, this is me and certainly not the opinion of other former, non-active Marines. The only ex-Marine I know is Lee Harvey Oswald and they are still not sure about him. Hope all had a great Veterans Day. Our servicemen and women are in one hundred twenty countries worldwide spreading our good cheer and winning the hearts and minds for whatever reason. Yes, rumor is we are spread thin. Do your best to support these brave souls in whichever way you deem right. Do not send boot camp recruits cookies. Watch your six. We are at war, even if you want to pretend we are not. It's a good day to be alive. Semper Fi, -Rick Maddy ('67) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bruce Strand ('69) Re: Phoenix-Tucson lunch To: Doug Ufkes ('68) I am interested in a Tucson-Phoenix luncheon in Casa Grande. Anytime is fine by me. Please add me to your list. Thanks, -Bruce Strand ('69) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Carol Lancaster ('79) Re: Trying to find Jim Davis Hello fellow Bombers, There was a guy that went to Col-Hi for only 2 years I believe. He was a gymnast his name is Jim Davis. He attended the Mormon church next to Dairy Queen in Richland. Could anyone happen to know where I might find him? Maybe some of the guys from that Branch? Reed Swallow, Randy Rhoten, or ladies Lisa Roos, Dawn Olson, Nette Perkins, Lynette Powell. I used to live next door to Bishop Worth. Does any of this ring any bells for anyone? Thank you for your help. -Carol Lancaster ('79) ~ in Central Oregon *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/13/03 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 14 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCoy ('45), Jack Dawson ('52) Tom Hughes ('56), Gary Persons ('57) Jan Bollinger ('60), Richard Anderson ('60) Betty Neal ('62), Lynn Johnson ('63) Gary Behymer ('64), Bob Grout ('66WB) Georgia Rushworth ('66), Pam Ehinger ('67) Doug Ufkes ('68), Fran Teeple ('68) Ruth Russell ('71) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Carol Carson Renaud ('60) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick McCoy ('45) Re: Veterans Lot's of impressive stuff on veterans the last couple of days. To: beautiful Barbara Barron Doyle ('50) I did not know that Red Foster died in the Korean war. I didn't know him well but honor him now. I did know Jerry Dunn very well and miss him much. Another good friend, Hibert Askew ('45RIP) is still missing in action in Korea. God bless all. -Dick McCoy, from the Tin Can Class of '45 ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jack Dawson ('52) Re: Col Hi Veterans Another of the Korean War veterans was Sid Foreman (51). Sid once said he never was so cold for so long as during his tour of the Korean front. Although Sid was a horn player for the Col Hi marching band he never learned to appreciate the North Korean trumpets during their build up to an attack. Sid died two years ago after a long career at Battelle as a designer of special transducers. -Jack Dawson ('52) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Tom Hughes ('56) Re: November Puget Sound/Fife Lunch All Bomber Lunches website We had a good turnout this last Sunday at the Fife lunch. One thing that we tried for the first time, and I think it was great, was to have everyone talk a little bit about something they have done that was interesting. This started a number of very interesting conversations and brought up memories of things over the years. Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) announced that she is quitting smoking so everyone needs to get behind her and give her encouragement. I quit a 2-pack-a-day habit in 1985 and have not regretted it one bit. It was good to see Len ('66) and Linda Rediske who came up from Portland. They talked Len's sister Patricia Rediske Weatherman ('63) into attending along with Patricia's husband, Jim. Tom Hoffman ('47 & '48) was back and it was great to see him again. Al Stephens ('66), Allan Avery ('54), Jay Siegel ('61), Jim McDougal ('57), Ann Thompson, aka Anna May Wann ('49), Irl French ('51), John Zimmer ('66), Agnes Hughes, Jessica Blessing and Tom Hughes ('56_ were all there as well. Hope to see everyone next month. -Tom Hughes ('56) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gary Persons ('57) and Jan Bollinger Persons ('60) Re: Reminder - Spokane Bomber Lunch on Sunday DATE: Sunday, November 16th TIME: 11:30 AM Coffee/Beverages - 12:30 PM Lunch PLACE: The Chapter (Look for green & gold balloons on their sign.) ADDRESS: 105 East Mission (NE corner Ruby/Mission) PRICE: Most lunches $6.95 - $8.95 The restaurant would like an approximate head count, so please make reservations by Friday, 11/14, to Bomber Cheers, -Jan Bollinger Persons ('60) and Gary Persons ('57) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Richard Anderson ('60) Re: tumbleweed Well, well, well. Things sure have changed here in Bombeville over the years. A couple of days ago we had a pretty good breeze spring up around here and a bunch of tumbleweeds got uprooted and ended up strewn about the Tri-cities. So what, you ask? Well, that second worst of all daily newspapers, the Tri-City Herald, deemed it to be of such import that they wrote it up, complete with a color picture, on the *front page* of the rag. I remember one day back in the fall or winter, probably about 1957 or '58, when one of those Chinooky- type breezes ran through the area and deposited a crop of tumbleweeds along the west side of Uptown from sidewalk to roofline maybe six-weeds deep. I was in Thrifty Drugs and went back to the lunch counter until somebody came by to dig us out. Don't think it made the paper. -Richard Anderson ('60) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Betty Neal Brinkman ('62) To: Ken Neal ('57) I'd like to wish my big brother, Ken, a very happy birthday on November 14th. Enjoy your special day in Texas style --- make it the biggest and best! -Betty Neal Brinkman ('62) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Lynn Johnson Andrews ('63) Re: Ute Richter, Col High exchange student ('60) Dear Sandstorm, During the school year 1959 to 1960, my family had the privilege of having a German foreign exchange student live with us for a full year. The year that I was in 9th grade at Chief Joe and my sister Kay (61) was a junior at Col High, Ute Richter became a special addition to our family. When she first came to Richland, we tried to give her a flavor of the US. We didn't want her to think the whole country was like Richland and eastern Washington, so took several trips, to California and Lake Tahoe, showed her a taste of the old West at the Pendleton Round-up, and also went to Seattle for Thanksgiving and holiday shopping. Ute loved languages. She studied French as well as English while at Col Hi. I have many memories of Ute asking about the meanings of words and their usage as she worked on perfecting her English skills. She constantly asked the fine shades of meaning between words. I remember her asking to explain big, large, huge, and great. When she asked me to explain a Peanuts cartoon strip verbal exchange between Lucy and Charlie Brown, it was difficult to explain the wry, low-key humor. When she didn't know a particular word, she would try a similar one. One evening she told us that there was an animal in the bathtub. On investigation, it turned out to be a spider, a word which she quickly learned! Ute graduated with the class of 60. After her return to Germany, she was hired by Lufthansa Airlines and worked several years as a stewardess, traveling to many countries. My parents lived in New York State in the late 60s and early 70s, and Ute was able to visit them several times on flight layovers. Later, Ute went back to college in Germany and got her teachers credential. For many years, she taught English and French to students at the mid-school level. On a couple occasions I made the mistake of trying to write to her in German, with my scraps of vocabulary I picked up in four years studying the language. Like a good school teacher, she returned my letters to me, complete with grammar corrections! Ute retired from teaching about four years ago. Not content to sit back, she did what she enjoyed most, learning languages. She went back to college and studied Greek, which she had always wanted to learn. My mother, Phyllis Johnson, kept in close touch with Ute over the years, and was able to visit Ute in Germany on a couple occasions and meet Ute's parents. In 1998, Ute and Mom met in London for a week and I was fortunate to go along, at my mothers expense, as general organizer and suitcase carrier. The last time that we saw Ute was in the autumn of 2001 when she visited Mom in Bellevue. During that trip Ute, my mom, sister Kay (61) and I ate together at a restaurant, and we realized that was the first time that the four of us had been together since Ute left the US in the summer of 1960. If you have read this far, you are probably wondering why I am writing to the Sandstorm now and reminiscing about Ute. Last year, when my father Douglas Johnson, was diagnosed with terminal cancer, I wrote to Ute to let her know about his illness. In the course of exchanging letters, she told me that she had also had a bout with cancer, but thanks to treatment, she seemed to be clear of her cancer. Apparently that was not the case. A couple weeks ago I received a short note from some people in Germany who were probably friends of Ute. With my almost-forgotten German, I will try to translate: "Wenn die Kraft zu Ende geht, ist Erlosung eine Gnade. Nach langer, schwerer Krankheit verstarb am 24.09.2003 Ute Richter geb. 24.02.1941 Es trauern um sie ihre Freunde. Gerda und Klaus Rau." "When strength is at an end, deliverance is a blessing. After a long and difficult illness, Ute Richter passed away on 24 September 2003. Born 24 February 1941. Her friends are grieving for her. Gerda and Klaus Rau." Unfortunately there was no return address on the envelope, so I have no way of contacting her friends or learning anything more about Ute. I hope that some of Ute's friends from Col Hi remember her. Goodbye, my friend. -Lynn Johnson Andrews ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: Washington Business Magazine Nov/Dec 2003 Noticed a nice piece in the Washington Business magazine for this month entitled "Tri-Cities" An Island of Prosperity", with mention of Sam Volpentest. Wasn't it Sam that 'ran' his cigar shaped boat, with a bizillion horsepower, up and down the river? -Gary Behymer ('64) ~ Now living in obscure rural America, i.e. Colfax, WA... home of the Codger Pole and 3 stop lights. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Grout ('66WB) Re: Veterans Day I want to thank Georgia Rushworth ('66) for remembering Mark Black ('66RIP). Thanks so much and I do remember him when I was in 10th grade at Col Hi. -Bob Grout (U.S.N.) 67-71 ('66WB) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Georgia Rushworth ('66) Re: Uptown ~ To: Tom Hughes ('56) Thank you for the pictures of Uptown! I love anything that has to do with the history of the Tri- Cities. Every Saturday night the three of us kids would go to Johnny's Delicatessen with my dad. We would come home with 2 beers (for my parents) and 3 Bubble-Ups (for the kids). Then we would watch the TV and eat popcorn. Johnny's was right around the corner from the Spudnut Shop. My friends and I would buy "Near Beer" there when we were kids! Oh such memories! The world was good back then. Remember when all it took to get into the movies was a receipt? Saturdays we would go to Thrifty Drugs, buy a bag of sunflower seeds for a nickel (to get the receipt) and go to the scary movies, where we would scream our brains out! -Georgia Rushworth ('66) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Pam Ehinger Nassen ('67) Re: Veterans Day Well I seem to be a day late and a dollar short... but then that's me! Maddy you're my favorite Marine or ex Marine or what ever you call yourself! You've been my friend way to long to worry about it! I'm just so very glad you made it home from that Place. You my friend are the Best! Thank you! Now I need all the Bomber Prayers there are out there! My son is leaving for Iraq on November 13th. He'll be going to Kabala. So please keep him in your prayers. Also on the 13th my mother is have surgery, so one more for the prayer chain. Thank you all! Most of all thank you to the men and women that fought to keep us free. Bombers Rule -Pam Ehinger Nassen (The Blue Ribbon Class of '67) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Doug Ufkes ('68) Re: Jim Mattis ('68) Maren, As you may know a 1968 grad is in Iraq right now, the Sandstorm has printed some things about him. I just ran the Google Search Engine entering General James Mattis and found many new articles regarding him and his Marines from March up to Mid Sept. You may want to print this in the Sandstorm. -Doug Ufkes ('68) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Fran Teeple Wolf ('68) To: Rick Maddy ('67) I have appreciated all the Veterans Day submissions. My husband, John, left for Da Nang on New Year's Day, 1969. He spent most of his three years over there, on the river, calling in co-ordinates for the bomb launchers. I thank him often for his service for all of us. Thank you to those Bombers, men and women, who also served. Rick - why did you say not to send cookies to boot camp? And what does "Watch your six" mean? -Fran Teeple Wolf ('68) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ruth Russell Pierson ('71) To: The class of 1967 Here is a challenge. Can anyone identify any of the second graders in the Marcus Whitman photos I am attaching? I don't even know the teacher in the class photo, just my brother, Lloyd ('67), and Peggy Sundberg ('67), a family friend. My brother is in Arizona, or I would ask him to help. The snapshot is of the 1957 Christmas play, and the kids in the choir robes are '67 alumni. If anyone comes up with any answers [click the link on the page and let the webmaster know]. -Ruth Russell Pierson ('71) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/14/03 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 13 Bombers sent stuff: Jack Lowrey ('49), Dick Pierard ('52) Tom Hughes ('56), Howard Kirz ('60) Bob Cross ('62), Ed Wood ('62) Helen Cross ('62), Joanna Faulkner ('63) Gary Behymer ('64), David Rivers ('65) Bob Grout ('66WB), Georgia Rushworth ('66) Brad Upton ('74), Kerry A. Steichen ('74) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ken Neal ('57) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Michael West Rivers ('68WB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mary Jo Garrison Miller ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Duane Cross ('79) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jack Lowery ('49) Re: Vets Like to mention Don Pick ('48). Lost in his F-4 out of Da Nang sometime in the late '60s or early '70s. Used to build models with Don when we both lived at Camp Hanford in the '40s. Great guy. -Jack Lowery ('49) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick Pierard ('52) Speaking of tumbleweeds, one of my favorite pictures is one the folks took of brother Burt ('59) standing beside a huge tumbleweed that was bigger than he. It is nice to remember here in cold and rainy New England that such dry land plants still exist. -Dick Pierard ('52) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Tom Hughes ('56) Nick Nelson ('56) called me the other night to tell me that his Daughter-in-Law, that is stationed in the Pentagon with the JAG offices, worked for the Warrent Officer, CWO 5 Sharon Swartworth, that was one of the people killed in the Blackhawk that was shot down in Tikrit. Command Sgt. Maj. Cornell Gilmore also from the same unit as CWO 5 Swartworth was also killed. The next day my Grandson, Chris Blessing, called his mother from Baghdad. He had been with a convoy to Tikrit and saw the explosion when the Blackhawk went down. Chris has been in Iraq since last March and will not be home until next May. We pray for him all of the time. -Tom Hughes ('56) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Howard Kirz ('60) Re: Remembering Ute Richter (exchange student '60) Thanks so much to Lynn Johnson Andrews ('63) for the lovely memories of Ute Richter, German exchange student who graduated with our class. I remember Ute well, her laugh, her irrepressible desire to speak "American" and her multinational Bomber spirit. I know a number of our classmates join you and Kay in grieving her loss. Thanks again for writing. -Howard Kirz ('60) ~ Bainbridge Island ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Cross ('62) I would like to wish my "little" brother Duane ('79) a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today (the 14th). Since he is a younger brother, he must be celebrating his 20 something birthday because I cannot be much older than 40. Anyway, have a good time on your birthday brother and know that your siblings are all thinking about you. -Bob Cross ('62) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ed Wood ('62) Re: Long car drives Helen Cross Kirk's ('62) comment on the effect a long car drive had on her Japanese friends brings to mind an experience I had in college. Four of us drove from Claremont, CA to New York in the summer of '65. This took four days, as the interstates were just getting up to speed at that time. One of our group was an exchange student from Taiwan who had little travel experience. Driving across the nearly empty expanses of the Mohave Desert, parts of Arizona and New Mexico, she was filled with wonder. Why didn't we do something with all this empty land? -Ed Wood ('62) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Helen Cross Kirk ('62) I remember Ute Richter ('60RIP) well, as I was a member of CUP church and youth group, and I was also an ICYE exchange student myself. I am sorry to learn of her death, and I thank you Lynn for the lovely reminder of her life. -Helen Cross Kirk ('62) ~ West Harrison, IN - where the temperature dropped almost 30 degrees yesterday evening and we had a tornado watch for several hours. The wind blew like it came from the Arctic Ocean last night. It's still blustery, but sunny today, and cooler outside. I'll soon be venturing out, but right now I can watch the little waves blow across the surface of the little lake that is so blue with the sunshine and blue skies. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Joanna Faulkner Brown ('63) To: Dick McCoy ('45) Thank you, Dick, for mentioning my brother, Clyde "Red" Foster ('49), in the Sandstorm. I was a very little girl living on Long St. directly across from Col-Hi when the two army officers rang our doorbell one night and presented my mother a yellow Western Union Telegram of some sort, and let her know that he was missing. I shall not forget that moment although as a little girl I had no idea what the impact would be on me. I was an only child from that moment on, and I lost my mother that night also, as she never recovered from the loss of my brother and spent the rest of her life grieving for him. A few Bombers have written to me with their memories of my brother. It has meant a lot to me as you might imagine. Anything you could share would be welcome and appreciated. -Joanna Faulkner Brown ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: The Augusta Chronicle - Hanford Engineer Works 11/09/00 -Gary Behymer ('64) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: David Rivers ('65) Re: He ain't heavy......... Another Birthday! This one is pretty cool. I've known this kid all his life. Honest. I met him 54 years ago November 14th! He what an ornery little cus. When he was little he used to "wander" away from home. One time, when he was three, he decided to wander over to the Uptown. Grandma Libke used to walk over to the Uptown during the day. On this occasion, the birthday boy decided to follow her. He did so at a safe pace so she wouldn't see him. After she crossed GWWay, he crossed. Guess he didn't understand the distinction between red and green. Kapow... car nailed him good and threw him completely over the car. When they asked him what happened, he said "Grandma Libke pushed me!" One time, when he was maybe five, we had gone to Portland to shop at the Lloyd's Center. On the way back at a gas station, when the folks had gone to the restroom or something, he decided to wander. They came back to the car and off we went. Things musta been too quiet in the back seat because somewhere around Hermiston they noticed he wasn't there... Like I was gonna tell them? Not my job! Another time, Terry Davis (Knox)('65) and I were supposed to go to the Chief Jo Halloween carnival. Well, While waiting for Terry to show up, I decided to try a little acrobatics... Kinda Lucy Charlie Brown style... I said "Jump on my back... I won't move"... well he did, I moved and he landed head first on the concrete floor! He yelled "I can't see... I'm blind"... Just then Terry knocked on the door... hadda send him to the Carnival by himself in his cowboy outfit, cuz I hadda stay with the blind kid... bummer... and there was the time Allen Green ('65) suggested he stick an air rifle in the dirt, put it up to his eye and pull the trigger... he did... blind again! And who could forget the day I was walking home from school and the fire engines were raising by. I always worried that it could be my house when they would go screaming on their way... I chased them and sure as heck... they turned on my street... when I got there the birthday boy had turned in a false alarm (another Allen Green suggestion)... he didn't even get in trouble... they gave him a piece of gum to stop his crying... I won't even tell ya how I hadda bribe him not to tell when I lit the Densow's orchard on fire... borrowed that dime from Keith Peterson ('65)... so now ya know... I am a prince of a guy and it's this kid's birthday! So Happy Birthday to my little brother, Mikey Rivers ('68WB) -David Rivers ('65) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Grout ('66WB) Re: Fires in Southern Calif. Slide Show I thought I would pass this on to the Alumni. Excellent pictures taken of the Fires. Capt. Bob Grout, Disneyland fire dept. -Bob Grout ('66WB) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Georgia Rushworth ('66) To: David Rivers ('65) David, I just have to say here that you are my favorite Marine (besides my dad). Please forgive me for leaving you out. All better now?? Let's go back to Jr. High and go steady... we can even dance together at noon. -Georgia Rushworth ('66) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Brad Upton ('74) To: Class of '74 Does anyone know if there are any plans in the works for a 30-year reunion this summer? -Brad Upton ('74) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Kerry A. Steichen ('74) Re: 1974 30-year class reunion support needed! The class of 1974 needs a willing group of Bomber/falcon '74 grads in the Tri Cites to start forming a reunion planning committee. We have started the movement from people outside of the Tri-Cities. * Kim Carter has made the initial push to begin the journey. She will be the contact to sign up and support this opportunity. * Rob Piippo will setup the golf tourney when our dates are finalized (in the Tri-Cities) * Margaret Gilstrap O'Hara can support office supplies at her company in Alaska (reimbursed) * Brad Upton will share his talent and interest if we schedule him in time (reimbursed?) * Kerry Steichen is updating the '74 web pages and can attach new items to the site. It's been 10 years and as time moves forward so does the opportunity to say hi to old classmates. Please reply to Kim or myself if you have any opportunities to help with knowledge and support or can help us find many of the old classmates. We would really like some of the recent classes that have gone though this experience if they can lend a hand on the logistics and lessons learned. -Kerry A. Steichen ('74) ~ Kent, WA *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/15/03 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers sent stuff: Laura Dean Kirby ('55), Barbara Brown ('57), Helen Cross ('62), Earl Bennett ('63) Mike Howell ('68), Brad Upton ('74) Mike Davis ('74) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Janet Tyler ('61) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: John Campbell ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Laura Dean Kirby Armstrong ('55) Re: Fire Photos To: Bob Grout ('66WB) Thank you for sharing these amazing photos. They are beautiful in a haunting way. Kind of like a mesmerizing car wreck. It is hard to imagine the grief and devastation they represent. My heart goes out to all those involved. My dad was a fireman for thirty years at Hanford and I am certain he never faced anything like this. Thank you again for putting together this awesome display. -Laura Dean Kirby Armstrong ('55) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Barbara Brown Webster ('57) Re: Message from Bob Grout ('66WB) Just reviewed the pictures of the California fires. It makes my heart hurt to see the devastation and how hard the people were working to end it. We watched the Mt. Lemmon fire from our patio and thought that was terrible. The California fires are beyond description. -Barbara Brown Webster ('57) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Helen Cross Kirk ('62) I'd just like to join in the wish to my little cousin, Duane ('79) for Happy Birthday today (11/14), so he'll read this tomorrow (11/15). I've been trying to remember was it the l2th, l4th, or the 20th. Hope you had a happy day. Your cousin, Helen. -Helen Cross Kirk ('62) ~ West Harrison, IN - where it's just above freezing outside today. I'll take above zero to below zero any day. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Earl Bennett ('63) Sorry to be late with my Veterans' Day input, but translating Arabic for the Army and cleaning up the property after hurricane Isabel doesn't leave me a lot of Internet or even Sandstorm time. Our church gave me the privilege of leading the portion of last Sunday's service when we honored veterans (I retired from the Naval Reserve only a year ago, so I was still able to wear the uniform). I was a little surprised that there were no gold star mothers in the congregation, but I know of two who have children in service who were recently deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. We wanted the children to know that we truly appreciate the sacrifices of veterans to procure our freedoms - and they have heard how few freedoms are enjoyed in many other parts of the world, in the trip reports by members who have participated in mission trips in recent months. We owe the vets so much. All the reminiscences of Mark Black have been moving - I had a wonderful opportunity to trace his name from THE WALL shortly after it went up and send a copy back to Richland Lutheran Church where he had attended. God be with our troops! Those of us who can't do it any more still wish we could, because we know the value of that service. Regards, ecb3 - from chilly, rainy central Virginia. -Earl Bennett ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mike Howell ('68WB) To: Mike Rivers ('68WB) Happy Birthday my old Friend. I will always remember walking through the Halls singing "Martins' Sunday School" Take care of yourself. Hopefully we can have coffee someday. -Mike Howell ('68WB) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Brad Upton ('74) To: Kerry A. Steichen ('74) Pleeeeeze take off the "reimbursement" part next to my name concerning our class reunion!! I appreciate the offer, but come on, it's our class reunion. There will be no monies exchanged!! Just let me know what the date is. Thanks. -Brad Upton ('74) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis ('74) Just wanted to wish Steve Cassidy ('73) a happy birthday! Davis ('74) and Ibatuan ('74) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/16/03 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff: Richard Johnson ('55), Jeff Michael ('65) Bob Grout ('66WB), Betti Avant ('69) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER LUNCHES 'n stuff (in order of appearance) 11/17 1940's Ladies & Spouses Lunch 11/19 Girls of '63 & '64 Lunch 11/21 Girls of '54 Lunch BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Richard Johnson ('55) Re: Veterans A little nostalgia, brought on by talk of all of our veterans. This is from the "Sage Sentinel" dated Friday, November 24, 1944. Give 'DAY'S PAY' Crew Names For Mailing Christmas Cards That DAY'S PAY, with the Eight Air Force based in England, is paying big dividends in successful bombing missions over Nazi targets was the news carried last week in The Sage Sentinel "extra" issued early Thursday morning. "Since the news of "our bomber" and its missions in support of Allied ground forces as well as its bombing missions against Nazi war industries deep in Germany, H.E.W. employees have shouted "more." Certain of the tie that binds the workers to the crew of DAY'S PAY, The Sage Sentinel has secured a complete list of names of her combat and ground crew members. This because so many DAY'S PAY contributors have expressed the wish to write at least a Christmas note to "our boys." First Lieutenant Arlys Winiger, 24, of Tribune, Man., is pilot of the bomber, and says of DAY'S PAY, "She is a top flying plane, and she's surely paying for herself." Staff Sergeat Salvadore Leto, of New York, N.Y., ground crew chief of the plane, reports; "So far flak has knocked out an engine, a gas tank, and the nose, but DAY'S PAY always comes back. The regular combat crew of DAY'S PAY, in addition to Pilot Wieinger, is: 1st Lt. Robert M Neal, 25, co-pilot, Junction, Texas; 2nd Lt. Seymour Deutsch, 23, navigator, Brooklyn, N.Y.; 2nd Lt Frank E. McCann, 22, bombardier, Newark, N.J.; T/Sgt. Rudolph E. Krack, 22, engineer and gunner, Garfield, N.J.; T/Sgt. Allen N. Cohen, 23, radio operator and gunner, Philadelphia, Pa.; S.Sgt Charles A. Purcell, 23, ball turret gunner, Laurinsburg, N. Car.; S.Sgt. Edwin A. Stewart, 22, waist gunner, Pensacola, Fla.; S/Sgt. Chester W. Piergies, 22, tail gunner, Lorain, Ohio. Among the more than fifteen missions carried out by the crews of DAY'S PAY have been: direct support to our ground forces on the Continent, blasting gun remplacements outside Rotterdam to aid the Allied airborne invasion of Holland, and twice participating in attacks on marshalling yards at Cologne to cut off Nazi supplies from Aachen. The Tiger tank factories at Kassel, the I.G. Farben chemical works at Ludwigshaven, an ordnance depot at Dusseldorf, oil refineries at Hamburg, are a few of the Eighth Air Force targets that DAY'S PAY has attacked." After almost sixty years, we are still remembering the young (very young) men and women who have served our country. Where did the time go....... -Richard Johnson ('55) ~ beautiful, and wet, warm (72) Dripping Springs, Texas, 181911, where I am watching the deer in my front yard and trying to decide if I want to go out and plant a tree. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jeff Michael ('65) Re: Headlines Hey Bomber Sports Fans... For those of you that might have missed it... seen in the November 17, 2003 Sports Illustrated (NOT the swimsuit edition) is a 2-page spread about Washington sports stuff. In the "Numbers" section: "Two. Pro sports in which Gene Conley ['48] of Richland won titles: basketball (as a Celtics center, 1959, 60, 61) and baseball (as a Braves pitcher, 57)." Always cool to see good stuff about the old hometown in the national journals. I'll have a belated Veterans Day tidbit for you all in a few days... just have to find the clipping from the TC Herald to refresh my memories. Now, where did I put that clipping? dj jeff Michael ('65) ~ where I'm back home again... in Richland. Just doesn't have the ring to it that Indiana has. Course, the Indy 500 doesn't have the same ring, either. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Grout ('66WB) Re: Fire fighters Thought I would pass this on to any Fire fighters who might be interested: Disneyland Resort wants to honor California's fire fighters for their service during the recent fire storms in Southern California. Website is: -Bob Grout ('66WB) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Betti Avant ('69) Re: Brad Upton ('74) Brad did his thing at our 20th reunion and everyone loved it. He would have been in junior high when we were seniors. I remember him at the bowling alley in leagues when I was in high school. His mother was one of the coaches for the junior leagues. Way to go Brad, did you have any inkling that your chosen profession would be one of being a stand up comedian? If not, when did it strike you that would be it? Bombers rock, -Betti Avant ('69) ~ Goodland, KS - where today was sunny and warm (especially for mid November) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/17/03 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff: Ralph Myrick ('51), Laura Dean Kirby ('55) Dennis Smith ('63), Dan Ham ('72) Jean Albaugh ('72) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER LUNCH TODAY 1940's Ladies & Spouses Lunch BOMBER BIRTHDAY Yesterday: Barb Hogan Ham ('72) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ralph Myrick ('51) Re: Hanford Site For those Bombers that are interested in the history of Hanford go to It is really interesting. All kinds of information is available. -Ralph Myrick ('51) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Laura Dean Kirby ('55) Re: "Days Pay" I enjoyed the entry about "Day's Pay". When I was recovering from my heart surgery one of the doctors had a picture of similar aircraft on his office wall. I related the story of "Days Pay" and how my home town was involved. He was very impressed when we discussed Sandstorm and our Bomber mascot. He was from Pekin, IL and their athletic teams were named the "Chinks", their mascots were very proud to be elected and to parade around the gym prior to games in their Chinese costumes. A few years ago the good citizens of Pekin made changes to the rules governing such things and all references to those names were discarded in favor of something less inflammatory. I hope the Bombers never give in to the pressure to make similar changes. I am still proud to be a party to the importance of those times and the efforts our government and our parents made in the past. History should be preserved. Just my opinion. -Laura Dean Kirby ('55) ~ Springfield, IL - where it is warm and sunny. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dennis Smith ('63) Re: Death of Florence Foster FYI, For those who knew her, Florence Foster, mother of Connie Foster McLean ('63) and Lucy Foster Smith ('65) passed away on November 7. She was a Home Ec teacher at Carmichael for many years before retiring to Sunriver, Oregon. You may remember their pink house on Hunt Point. -Dennis Smith ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dan Ham ('72 Re: Happy Birthday Just wanted to wish the love of my life, Barb Hogan Ham ('72), a very happy 50th birthday today. Thanks for putting up with me all these years! Should anyone out there see her out and about, give her a bad time. Love ya, hon. Dan Ham ('72) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jean Albaugh McKnight ('72) Re: Dee's Birthday Ditto on Diane Carpenter's ('72) Happy Birthday note to Dee Shipman ('72). Dee (my fellow 5'9" and over club member), I'd forgotten you were a '53 baby... How does it feel? I'm not too far behind you... March. My son, Lee, turns 16 on 11/19... can't wait to have him driving. I traded in my second car, a suburban, for a pick-up truck so he wouldn't have such a "roomy" vehicle... if you know what I mean. Speaking of vehicles, I gotta go plug in the car... its -5 in Anchorage tonight. Why do I live up here? -Jean Albaugh McKnight ('72) ~ Anchorage, AK *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/18/03 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCoy ('45), Jim Jensen ('50) Jan Bollinger ('60)Lola Heidlebaugh ('60) Audrey Eberhardt ('61), Janine Rightmire ('65) Vic Marshall ('71), Gale Waldkoetter ('72) Mike Davis ('74) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Nancy Riggs Lawrence ('51) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Rebecca Lester Cleavenger ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Peggy Hartnett ('72) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick McCoy ('45) Re: Day's Pay Thank you, Richard Johnson ('55), for the trip back in time from the old Sage Sentinel [11/16/03 Sandstorm]. Did anyone else notice that the oldest of the crew was the pilot at 25? And he was only a 1st Looie? -Dick McCoy, from the Tin Can Class of 1945 ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jim Jensen ('50) Re: Re: Ralph Myrick's ('51) 11/17 contribution Just ran the site. It WAS really interesting. Ralph, ya' done good! Thanks for sharing. -Jim Jensen ('50) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jan Bollinger Persons ('60) and Gary Persons ('57) Re: Spokane Area Bomber Lunch All Bomber Lunches website Sunday's weather was windy and wet, but that didn't put a damper on conversation and camaraderie at the Bomber alumni lunch in Spokane. There were fifteen Bombers and spouses from the Spokane area, plus Maren Smyth ('63/'64), who drove 2 hours to join us. Considering how late at night Maren gets the Sandstorm published, it was a very early morning for her! That gal is a Bomber through and through! There are usually some new faces at each lunch and this time they went with the names of Jim House ('63), Ray Stein ('64), Bill Johnson ('57) and Joyce Green Johnson ('57). Also attending were Ralph Bean ('58) and spouse Barb; Gloria Falls Evans ('58) and Spouse Jim; Denny McDaniel ('60) and spouse Kathy; Rick Valentine ('68); Richard Coates ('52) and spouse Kay Mitchell Coates ('52); Gary Persons ('57) and spouse Jan Bollinger Persons ('60). It had been six months since our last gathering--far too long--and we agreed to set a schedule to meet on the 3rd Sunday of every other month. So the next Spokane lunch will be on January 18th of the new year. No matter how large or small the group, most every time someone will remark, "This is a nice size group." And it's true: it doesn't take many Bombers to make a fun party, and you can never have too many Bombers! -Jan Bollinger Persons ('60) and Gary Persons ('57) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Lola Heidlebaugh Bowen ('60) Re: Portland/Vancouver Bomber Christmas Luncheon DATE: Saturday - December 6 TIME: 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. WHERE: DoubleTree/Columbia River I-5 Exit #308 - Jantzen Beach Exit WHO: ALL BOMBERS AND GUESTS ARE WELCOME - TELL ANYONE WHO MIGHT NOT HAVE HEARD ABOUT THE LUNCHEONS - EVERYONE HAS A GREAT TIME! There will be a "White Elephant" gift exchange - $10 maximum RSVP -Lola Heidlebaugh Bowen ('60) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Audrey Eberhardt Mathews ('61WB) After reading the article about the radioactive materials release, it makes me wonder if some of the my minor yet annoying health problems could be related. While stationed at Hanford my dad bought a boat and we spent many wonderful days boating, swimming, fishing, and trying to water ski in the Columbia. I still think about the river when I am stressed. At Camp Hanford it was a peaceful place for a teenaged girl to think and sometimes cry. -Audrey Eberhardt Mathews ('61WB) ~ in central Georgia where the weather was in the 80's today and expecting stormy weather tomorrow and a cool down to the 60's. Half of everyone is sick. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Janine Rightmire Corrado ('65) To: Lucy Foster Smith ('65) & Connie Foster McLean ('63) Lucy and Connie, I am so sorry to hear of your mom's passing. We were so lucky and blessed to have such sweet parents. Please know all of us Bombers are thinking of you and loving you. I absolutely was thrilled to see you Lucy at last year's reunion. -Janine Rightmire ('65) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Vic Marshall ('71) To: Brad Upton ('74) Brad- I think Kerry and the reunion committee are moving your reunion to Bomber Bowl (or Fran Rish stadium or whatever they call it now)-now that you have agreed to perform gratis- your classmates might as well profit from your benevolence. If they can sell enough tickets- the reunion will be on you!! Actually- you might just cover a few other expenses reunions for everybody- ON BRAD. No thanks necessary Brad- just trying to help Regards -Vic Marshall ('71) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gale Waldkoetter Skaugstad ('72) To: Jean Albaugh McKnight ('72) As I drove home this evening at -30, it's hard for me to work up much sympathy for -5 in Los Anchorage. Hang in there Jean. It's only six months until mosquito season. -Gale Waldkoetter Skaugstad ('72) ~ Fairbanks, AK ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis ('74) Happy Birthday to Barb Hogan Ham ('72). Anybody who can put up with Dan ('72) as a husband and Mike and Brian as brothers is either a saint or really stupid!! -Mike Davis ('74) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/19/03 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 13 Bombers, 1 NAB, and 1 funeral notice today: Jack Lowrey ('49), Pat Ackley ('53) Judy Allan ('54), Mike Clowes ('54) MLou Williams ('60), Helen Cross ('62) Julia Alexander ('65), Bob Grout ('66) Karen Schildknecht ('67), Rick Maddy ('67) Lynn-Marie Hatcher ('68), Frank Hames ('69) Jean Albaugh ('72), Earl Thompson (NAB=Not A Bomber) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER LUNCH TODAY Girls of '63 & '64 Lunch BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Don Ehinger ('55) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Richard Trujillo ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bill Wilson ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mike Lahrman ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Yesterday: Lynn Schildknecht Ibatuan ('74) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jack Lowrey ('49) Re: days Pay That's the way it was in WW II... I was 24 when I got my Wings in '53. -Jack Lowrey ('49) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Pat Ackley Morrow ('53) Re: Marilyn Richey ('53) Just wanted to let everyone know Marilyn Richey is responding well to the kidney dialysis treatments. She thanks those who remembered her with cards and prayers. She's getting around much better in her house. I was over there yesterday and went grocery shopping for her. -Pat Ackley Morrow ('53) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Judy Allan Brothers ('54) Re: Class of 1954 Reunion Hello, Please give information on the 50th Class Reunion in 2004 for the Class of '54. Thanks, -Judy Allan Brothers ('54) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ['54 in '04 Dates: September 10, 11, and 12, 2004 -- and watch the '54 home page at As soon as more information is available, it will appear on the '54 website. -Maren] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson aka Mike Clowes ('54) Re: Day's Pay Crew What? The pilot was a 25-year old Lieutenant? Was this guy Mr. Dumbjohn? From tales told of the dear old Army Air Corps, this guy was way behind the bubble. If he hadn't made Major by age 25, he was way behind his peers. -Bob Carlson aka Mike Clowes ('54) ~ from windy and rainy Albany, OR ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: MLou Williams ('60) I've been enjoying the fusion jazz of Bomber Larry Coryell ('61) over the years and realized I've not seen anything about him in the Sandstorm. Doesn't mean I couldn't have missed it! [Trust me, you missed it! -Maren] Anyway, here's a bit of the (copyrighted) data you can find about him if you go to Barnes and Noble's music section and input his name: a biography under "Spotlight on the Artist" by All-Music Guide 2003. According to Coryell, his interest in jazz took hold at the age of four, and after his family moved from Galveston to the state of Washington three years later, he began to learn the guitar, studying records by Tal Farlow, Barney Kessel and Johnny Smith. As a teenager, he played in a band led by pianist Mike Mandel, and by 1965, he gave up his journalism studies at the University of Washington to try his luck in New York as a musician. Before the year was out, he attracted much attention jamming in Greenwich Village and replaced Gabor Szabo in Chico Hamilton's band. In 1966, he made a startling recorded debut on Hamilton's The Dealer album, where his blues and rock ideas came to the fore... Coryell's name spread even further in 1967-68 when he played with Gary Burton's combo, and he was one of the most prominent solo voices on Herbie Mann's popular Memphis Underground album (recorded in 1968). ... In 1975, Coryell pulled the plug, concentrating on acoustic guitar and turning in a prolific series of duo and trio sessions... In the mid-'80s, Coryell toured ... and has taped Brazilian music with Dori Caymmi for CTI; mainstream jazz for Muse; solo guitar for Shanachie and Acoustic Music; and (for Nippon Phonogram in Japan) an album of classical transcriptions of music by Stravinsky and Rimsky-Korsakov. This was written (in much longer form) by Richard S. Ginell Go Larry! -MLou Williams ('60) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Helen Cross Kirk ('62) In this time of remembering President John Kennedy, I found a brochure that my father had saved of an address Kennedy made before the UN General Assembly on September 25, l961. Guess what the title of that address was? "Let Us Call a Truce to Terror". In it it states among other things that we must create worldwide laws and enforcing agencies "as we outlaw worldwide war and weapons". It goes on to suggest that each country earmark special peacekeeping units to be used in this world wide peace keeping task. Sounds like it hasn't changed much in the 42 years since that speech was written. Re: Birthday Greetings I'd like to add my birthday greetings [belated] to Nancy Riggs Lawrence ('51). Your parents are two of my most favorite people in the world. I am so glad I met them years ago when I attended CBC Junior College. -Helen Cross Kirk ('62) ~ West Harrison, IN - where it is a very warm 60 outside this morning. Gray and overcast, but much warmer than those temperatures we were given from Alaska. I'll try to put that in perspective when it gets to below freezing around here. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Julia Alexander ('65) To: Lucy Foster Smith ('65) My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.. My mom has been gone just a year and there never is a day I don't think of and miss her. Re: radioactive release To: Audrey Eberhardt Mathews ('61WB) I have always wondered like you what the effect of the releases had on those who grew up in Richland. It makes my heart grieve when I see the numbers of fellow Bombers who have died of cancer. I lost my brother, Mike ('64RIP), in '94 of prostate cancer and three years later I was diagnosed with ovarian and two separate breast cancers. I thank the Lord he healed me. I read the Sandstorm and watch the number of my classmates who have succumbed to cancer. November is the time set aside to be thankful and I take this time to be thankful of the time I did have with my brother and those other Bombers who have fought cancer. Does anyone have information on any studies (other than thyroid) that have been done? Has anyone kept track of how many Bombers have died of cancer who grew up in Richland during that time? (and does anyone wonder why there are so many Bombers with MS?) -Julia Alexander ('65) - in REALLY rainy Forks, WA (the second most NW point in the lower 48 states) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Grout ('66WB) Re: Color Test Just a little test, Like to know how we think after so many years since we left high school. Re: Happy Thanksgiving to the class of 66 Hoping to see WSU Cougars play at the Rose bowl. -Bob Grout ('66WB) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Karen Schildknecht Mateo ('67) First of all, I want to wish my little sister, Lynn Schildknecht Ibatuan ('74) a very happy birthday! (Even if it is a little teeny bit late by the time this is sent out.) Have a wonderful day Sweetie! I love you! Next, I don't know how many of you out there in Bomberland, who are also confined to wheelchairs, know this, but Carmike Theaters offer anyone who is in a wheelchair, and their caregivers, free entrance to the movies. This theater also has very comfortable handicapped seating. This offer is not advertised, though, so you have to mention it to take advantage of it. I've been enjoying movies more now than ever before and I have the fun of watching my sisters fight over who gets to be the caregiver that day. Hope this helps some of you get more enjoyment out of your days! -Karen Schildknecht Mateo ('67) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Rick Maddy ('67) Vic Marshall ('71) made an interesting suggestion about Brad Upton ('74) performing in the Bomber Bowl... finally, Bomber Bowl or not, a class reunion that I may need to crash. I don't know how Brad feels about coming 'home' to an audience though. I hear home town crowds are tough. A friend of mine, Matt ('84 Chewelah -- yes, I have a friend), played basketball against the Reardon Indians. While visiting Matt one day in Seattle a few years ago we went to see Alexi Sherman (poet, lecturer, author - movie 'Smoke Signals' he wrote) who was in town. Sherman played ball at Reardon and told us he was the only real Indian on that team. If I recall correctly, Sherman is half Spokane and half Omak/ Colville Indian - actually, I have no idea what the Native Americans call themselves from these tribes... I digress... Anyway, Sherman said when he comes back to "the rez" he is now a rich Hollywood celebrity in the eyes of The People and it is a tough act to follow being home at times. And back in Hollywood he is... an Indian. Fame has it's pitfalls. I believe Jesus also had a tough time with the home crowd. I will just patiently do a wait-n-see on what Brad comes up with on crunch day. I haven't crashed a party in years. I was in Hollywood yesterday watching Britney Spears (getting a photo for my granddaughter) having her star put on the Walk of Fame in front of the Kodak Theater. Hollywood is forty miles from HB. I can only say I am thankful to be a nobody. Being an ordinary nobody is thrilling enough! -Rick Maddy ('67) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Lynn-Marie Hatcher ('68) Re: Spokane Bomber Gatherings Here is note to the Persons (Jan Bollinger Persons ('60) & Gary Persons ('57), one to Ray Stein ('64), and one to all others who attended (and will attend) the Spokane Bomber Gatherings. The note is B-sharp. (Ha, Ha. Graduate school is OBVIOUSLY destroying the higher functioning areas of my brain.) Seriously, the notes are these: (1) A couple of years ago I had the bright idea that I would get these Spokane meetings going, right after I moved up to Spokane to attend grad school. Then reality emerged its fearsome head, and 'no way' became the answer, relative to my schedule. So I say "THANK GOODNESS for Jan and Gary, who picked up the ball and ran." The photos make it look like you are having a good time at these gatherings! (2) Ray Stein ('64), you may not remember me, but your parents and mine (Dorothy and Merrel "Mick" Hatcher) were friends through Richland Lutheran Church -- so we used to see quite a lot of one another at social functions there. (Remember those pot luck Sunday evening dinners once a month? They were called "Fellowship for All". LOTS of tuna casseroles and Jell-O salads!) Of course, being 4 years ahead of me in school, you were a MUCH older man back then. :-) But I remember once at about age 7, I fell running down the hall in the Sunday school wing, and you picked me up and dusted me off and comforted me until my sister (Sally Hatcher - '60 - who was supposed to have me firmly by the hand) could retrieve me. (3) I need to escape from school and get out more, beyond Sunday Mass! I'm starting yoga this week, and it is my firm intent to see you all starting in January at the monthly [Spokane] Bomber gatherings! -Lynn-Marie Hatcher ('68) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Spokane has scheduled the 3rd Sunday EVERY OTHER month starting in January. -Maren] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Frank Hames ('69) Re: JFK Bombers; Wednesday, November 19th, (tonight), national PBS will broadcast the film "JFK: Breaking The News". Check your local listings for air times. The musical score was composed by my company and me; Bryant-Hames Music. This is one of the best documentary films we have ever scored. I think you will enjoy it. -Frank Hames ('69) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jean Albaugh McKnight ('72) To: Gale Waldkoetter Skaugstad ('72) Gale, You Fairbanks people are much tougher than us city slickers down in Anchorage. We complain about sub zero weather... Looking forward to seeing you again on another Alaska Airlines flight. -Jean Albaugh McKnight ('72) ~ Anchorage ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Earl Thompson (NOT a Bomber or Alumni Sandstorm reader) Re: North Richland The Army moved personnel into N. Richland in March of 1950. I was in a contingent of about 150 GIs that were sent from Fort Lewis for 30 Days TDY to establish Communications and forward positions in preparation for a semi permanent position. While we were there, The Korean Conflict started and we were left behind when our units at Fort Lewis were deployed to Korea. Several of the 120 mm AAA Battalion from Ft. Lewis and several National Guard Units were assigned to Hanford. I was permanently assigned to the 15th AAA Operations Detachment. We lived in the barracks closest to the power plant. I stayed at Camp Hanford until my discharge in February 1953. I thought that this could add a little more to the history of N. Richland. -Earl Thompson (NAB=Not a Bomber) ******************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Funeral Notice >>Nate Peterson ('91) ~ 5/6/73 - 10/17/03 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/20/03 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers sent stuff: Jack Lowrey ('49), Audrey Eberhardt ('61WB) Ed Quigley ('62), Paula Beardsley ('62) Keith Hunter ('63), Gary Behymer ('64) Ray Stein ('64), Jeff Michael ('65) Bob Grout ('66WB), Connie Leyson ('69) Steve Piippo ('70), Brad Upton ('74) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER LUNCHES 'n stuff (in order of appearance) 11/21 Girls of '54 Lunch 12/06 Portland/Vancouver Lunch More information: Click the lunch you want to know about. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jack Lowrey ('49) Re: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) and "Days Pay" crew Contrary to what a lot of people believe, fast promotions during WW II were not the norm, automatic or necessarily a sign of superior ability. Those who were on active duty at the start of WW II or came in shortly after the start of the war, enjoyed fast promotions as the force began to mobilize. They were in the position to advance to higher positions as new groups were formed and the AAC expanded at a great rate. There were a few 21 year old Colonels, etc., as a result. The majority of the AAC that fought WW II were 2nd lieutenants, 1st lieutenants and Jr. Captains. As I recall, the first B-17 that finished it's required 25 missions without being shot down (1943), was the "Memphis Bell," commanded by a Jr. Captain. The norm was a new crew, commanded by a Lt., with a 2nd Lt. as copilot, right out of combat crew training. Most finished their missions as lieutenants, POWs or MIAs. It should be noted that, The 8th AF had the highest KIA of any unit in the US armed forces during WW II. I think the "Days Pay" finished their missions and returned with honor. I would surely not call the aircraft commander "Mr. DumbJohn." I had the privilege of serving with several of those WW II lieutenants that went on to serve in Korea and Nam and they certainly weren't "Dumbjohns." A couple to mention: Chuck Yeager (Flt Officer in WW II), Robbie Risner, Korean Ace and recipient of the Air Force Cross. -Jack Lowrey ('49) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Audrey Eberhardt Mathews ('61WB) To: Julia Alexander ('65) Thank God, I have escaped any cancer; however, my younger brother had surgery for prostrate (very early stage) last year. He is fine, but again it does make you wonder about exposure. -Audrey Eberhardt Mathews ('61WB) ~ In central Georgia where it is cool and windy today. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ed Quigley ('62) To: MLou Williams ('60) Re: Larry Coryell ('61) Larry cut his first record (remember them? Those little black things with a hole in the middle, that you used to play on a record player? Taped a nickel, or a quarter, to the "arm", if the scratch was bad enough, to keep it from skipping?), a 45 rpm, called "Thunder Wagon" (if my memory serves me correctly!), when he was in the 9th grade? I think that Don Ott ('61RIP) and Grant Ross ('61) were the other 2 players... It was an instrumental, fashioned after Link Wray's "Rumble"... Ah, those old 3 chord progressions sounded sooooooo cool! He got a very nice write up, in Playboy, sometime in the '67 - '69 time frame, in which he was tagged as "THE" up and coming jazz guitarist, in New York City. But you DID leave out the most important thing about Larry; he's a really wonderful, warm person, completely unimpressed with his own massive talent! Would that more "stars" were cast in that mold. . . -Ed Quigley ('62) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Paula Beardsley Glenn ('62) Hello fellow Bombers- Just to let you know that my Dad, Paul Beardsley, will be celebrating his 91st birthday this Saturday, November 22. It will be a quiet celebration with the family this year. He is doing well although the Alzheimers is affecting him more and more each day and he is getting a little frail. His memory of the "old days" is still pretty sharp and he remembers quite a bit about the early Richland Days and his friends from that time. If you are so inclined to send him a quick birthday greeting & I would be happy to print them off and share them with him. Be sure to include how you know him, parents, etc. Thank you for your encouragement to him and my sisters. It means a lot when we meet or talk and you ask about him. He is a wonder!!! -Paula Beardsley Glenn ('62) ******************************************** ******************************************** [Editor's Note: The following isn't something that you will normally see in the Sandstorm... I couldn't resist... -Maren] **************************** >>From: Keith Hunter ('63) Re: The new seal of California -Keith Hunter '63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: Larry Coryell ('61) Larry was the lead guitarist for Jimmy Hanna & The Dynamics, one of the earlier 'rock' groups out of the Seattle area. He also taught guitar when he was in high school. One of his students was Harry Wilson (1964 would have been). Harry teamed up with Tom Warren ('64) to play for assemblies, etc. at Chief Jo. Harry followed Larry as lead guitar with The Dynamics. Too bad Gary didn't take guitar lessons at the same time. It would have been the Larry, Harry & Gary Band (;-). -Gary Behymer ('64) ~ working near the 3rd stoplight going south, in downtown Colfax, Washington. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ray Stein ('64) To: Julia Alexander ('65) Re: Studies on Medical Problems Linked to Hanford I am currently part of 2 studies. I was one of 2000 people born between 1945 and 1951 who were randomly selected to participate in the Hanford Birth Cohort Study (HBCS). I was contacted in February 2003 and my participation consisted of a 30 minute telephone interview about my general health. The stated purpose of HBCS "is to explore the relationship of radioactive releases to the environment, and the prevalence of auto immune diseases and cardiovascular diseases within Washington state". I think results are pending. I'm also part of the Former Hanford Worker Medical Monitoring Program. I worked 2 summers ('66, '67) in the 300 areas and thus, I'm at risk for health problems related to beryllium, asbestos, and noise exposure. My exam for this program is scheduled for the end of Dec. I was NOT a part of the Hanford Thyroid Disease Study. They selected 5199 people born between 1940 and 1946 to mothers whose usual place of residence was one of 7 counties (Benton, Franklin, etc.). I wanted to be in this study since it included a complete thyroid exam by experts in the field. Unfortunately, on my birth certificate, my mother put Dickinson, ND as her "usual place of residence". I guess the 2-BR prefab on Willard didn't seem like a "usual residence" (my mother has now "resided" in Richland for over 60 years). Julia, I remember your brother Mike ('64RIP) very fondly, he was a good fellow. -Ray Stein ('64) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jeff Michael ('65) Re: Armed Forces Day So... Bombers and Bomberettes... I promised something special for you all and I found it. My scanner is not currently available, so I can only describe the picture and tell of its significance. Sorry about the lapse in technology. I have a clipping from the TC Herald, date not included, but it was June '65. The bold caption under the photo reads: Tri-Citians Form Air Force Flight. The shot was taken in the office of USAF recruiter MSgt. Foy Hopkins. Pictured with MSgt. Hopkins are Steve Upson ('65), Dennis Erlenbach, Larry Gross ('65), Stan Hill ('65), Larry Willis ('65) and yours truly. (Dennis, poor lad is from Pasco). We are in our last days in civilian clothes, signing our 4 year commitment, set to begin at Lackland AFB, Texas. I stayed in to October, '72. I don't know squat about the other Bombers' careers. If anybody would like to share info about themselves or knows what's up with my fellow recruits, it would be cool to hear. We sure look young and innocent. To: Bob Grout ('66WB) Thanks for the color test... it's nasty!! dj jeff Michael ('65) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Grout ('66WB) Re: First War Ship to enter Vietnam port USN Information for veterans who served in the Vietnam War. Click on the website. -Bob Grout ('66WB) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Connie Leyson Yesberger ('69) Re: atomic effects On effects of growing up in and around Richland, read "Atomic Farmgirl" by Teri Hein. Like a lot of life, if it wasn't so dang funny it would break your heart. Great book. -Connie Leyson Yesberger ('69) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Steve Piippo ('70) To: Steve Compton (73?) Thank You to Steve Compton for your role in replacing the letters on the west wall of Chief Jo gymnasium with new, permanent, shiny, metal letters stating: TOIVO PIIPPO GYMNASIUM. Your coordination with the RSD, especially Robin Emmingham, facilitated the effort with the letters being installed on Veterans' Day. Thank You, Thank You to the people who installed the letters, and all the many, many contributors. -Steve Piippo ('70) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Brad Upton ('74), To: Rick Maddy *'67) & Vic Marshall ('71) Nice of you to suggest me doing a show in Bomber Bowl... about 10000 empty seats wouldn't look pretty. More like Bomber Bowling Alley. I like coming home and working in Richland. I thought the comparison about my home crowd and Jesus' home crowd was a bit of a stretch. If I sat down to eat and drink with 12 of my closest friends, I know who the betrayer would be... Mike Davis! -Brad Upton ('74), P.S. I'll get to work on booking a show in Richland. *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/21/03 Dateline: Richland ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff today: Jim Jensen ('50), Stan McDonald ('53) Richard Anderson ('60), Leo Webb ('63) Jackie Hanson ('67), Dan Ham ('72) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER LUNCH TODAY: 11/21 Girls of '54 Lunch ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jim Jensen ('50) Re: Richland Medical Matters A number of Bombers have recently commented on radiation exposure and cancer. My father, James A. Jensen, worked in the "areas" for fifteen years -- 1942 through 1957. He was closely associated with the installation and activation of at least six reactors; and, in the earliest days, protection from radiation was not the number one consideration in the process. He went through a surgical procedure in 1954 which involved removing part of his stomach. The biopsy report was not retained. In 1985 a procedure for prostate cancer was performed which was thought to be wholly successful. In late 1995 he suffered a recurrence -- medically attributed to the 1985 cancer -- which invaded his entire body cavity and, early in 1996, at the age of 91, he died. The issue of "remission" and/or "cure" is not an exact science -- is it? Re: Weather Report It wasn't as bad as the tail end of a hurricane a few years ago, but it'll do. November 17-18 hit some Houston locations with over 10" of rain; the heaviest for the first 24 hours was 6.65". We had 11 tornadoes rip through the area and between those things and the high winds 1,372 homes and other buildings were destroyed or damaged. Remarkably only one life was lost. Here in suburban Katy we received 2.76" the first 24-hour period and only about 4.5" for the whole storm. We were blessed. BOMBER CHEERS, -Jim Jensen ('50) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Stan McDonald ('53) My wife Dorothy and I enjoyed our class's 50th reunion this year. It was fun to see and talk to so many of our classmates, some of whom it was difficult to recognize. It was a double treat because we were both in that class. We took another short vacation in September (6 days) and saw 11 shows there [?] in 4 1/2 days. Whew! We went on a tour with many people that we have know for 27 years. The shows included Yakov Smirnoff and one segment of the Osmond Family (3 of the brothers). It was nice to have some positive things after a year in which I had a prostate cancer seed implant procedure (successful; clear of cancer now) and flooded our house accidentally (fell asleep in a chair with water running in a guest bathroom; indirectly because of my cancer) while Dorothy was in Arizona. It took us four months to complete the repairs and some extra remodeling and changing things. It is good to hear that Marilyn Richey ('53) is doing better. Keep it up Marilyn .... you must know that MANY people are plugging for you and love you. We are anticipating a potential trip to Slovakia and other parts of eastern Europe next year, assuming we are well and my son and grandchildren are still in Bratislava, Slovakia. My eldest son Jon and his family were evacuated twice during the recent horrible fires. The so-called Cedar Fire started about three miles from their home east of them in San Diego Country Estates. The damage in that area was awful. I think fire danger is more scary than earthquakes and even tornadoes. I have been in both of those last perils and witnessing the horrible 100 foot flames in places during these recent fires was much more scary for me and the smoke we had for several days was really bad. Notwithstanding all that, we are blessed and it is Thanksgiving time and the season to be grateful no matter what our lot in life. My best to all, -Stan McDonald ('53) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Richard Anderson ('60) Re: John Zaring (Wa-Hi '60) John died on Monday, November 17th, at Kadlec Hospital. To three classes of Bomber footballers ('57- '60) he was Nemesis; a real thorn in their side. He was also a class act. Or, perhaps, a class act-up: in our Sharpstein 5th Grade class photo I am to John's immediate left; he, in turn, is to Miss Nelson's immediate left. Miss Nelson was of the old school: if you did not behave she would apply the pinch-the-earlobe treatment (you have *no* idea how effective that is!) to restore proper decorum. There was probably a very good reason why Miss Nelson wanted the two of us to be close to her. After Wa-Hi John went to Wazzu (yeah, he was a Coug - - probably because our Jr Hi -- Pi-Hi -- was crimson and gray and had the Coug song); then, in 1963, he enlisted in the Marine Corps. He ended up a Captain, an F-4 flyboy. Which brings us to John's memorial service yesterday at CUP on Stevens in Richland. The place was packed! John had become a Richlander through and through; an avid (and good; there is a difference) golfer, he was sort of Mr. Meadow Springs. So most of the memorial speakers dwelt on his humanity (and his golf), his community service (and his golf), his devotion to kids (and his golf), and his love of telling stories (mostly about golf, and some of which could be told in mixed company; well, maybe a couple of which). And then it came to the end. John's casket was draped with an American flag. Two Marine sergeants were detailed to raise the flag above the coffin while a bugler played Taps. Then the two men folded the flag into the familiar triangular shape and passed it to the presiding officer who in turn presented it to John's widow. During this ceremony, if a mouse had coughed, the cough would have resonated as a cannon shot. I have never heard so many people make so little noise. Dead silence. Re: Hoops! Practice for the 2003-2004 hoops season commenced on Monday (the 17th). So the Jamboree will be a bit past Thanksgiving and a couple of days later the season will begin. Now that the "Big Nine" has become the "Elephantine Eleven" there is no "pre-season"; all twenty games (home-and-home against the other ten teams) are league counters. But that's down the road. There are *real* games right now! The junior highs (none of this "middle school" terminology for this kid) are in full swing. So I (and Mr. Frick and Mr. Goslin and various parents and friends) have been off to watch the Chief Jo 7th grade team strut its stuff. Mixed results so far: one "smoker" and one "smokee" in the two games. All in all great fun. [Last evening's game sighting: Chief Jo "traitors" James Castleberry ('58) and Phillip Neill ('66) coached the Carmichael "Limp Kittens" against their alma mater. Also spotted: Claren .... uh, CW .... Brown ('58) whose grandsons seem to play for the "Limp Kittens".] About the Chief Jo gym (Toivo Piippo Gymnasium): when I was there it was *much* larger; in fact, it was huge. I have no idea how it has shrunk as much as it has. I'll toddle by Bomber (Dawald) Gym over the next few days to bother Pearl and get (maybe) an early assessment of this edition of Bomber hoops. (Then again, I might get thrown out.) -Richard Anderson ('60) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Leo Webb ('63) To: Rosemary Qualheim Guse ('63) Happy Birthday .... to a Gold Medal Classmate. -Leo Webb ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jackie Hanson Hewett ('67) To: Class of 1960 Re: Robert (Bob) Cowan ('60) For all of you that know Bob Cowan ('60) I wish to pass along to you very sad news. Bob is currently battling cancer. He is not expected to return home to Kenai. I know that Bob has many good friends still in the Richland area and am sure your prayers will be with him. He was several years ahead of my class and I really didn't get a chance to meet him until I moved here to Kenai, Alaska. He will be greatly missed by his many friends and associates here. I read the e-mails regarding the curiosity of why so many of our classmates have developed certain illnesses. I have wondered this many times myself. I had a bilateral mastectomy due to cancer at the age of 26. Survived that. I developed thyroid cancer six years ago and have survived that. I have had an immune system and arthritic disorder for over 12 years. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be anything they can do about that. But more than anything, I am still here while so many have not survived. One thing I know for sure: as much as I love my country, Uncle Sam is never going to admit and take any responsibility that they goofed. On a lighter note to Brad Upton. We like comedy in Alaska too. We need some humor during our long winter nights. If you are looking for a gig, I bet we could get you one up here. Rick Maddy, are you still "Muck-Mucking" on salmon and moose? Take care all my Bomber friends, -Jackie Hanson Hewett ('67) ~ from Kenai Alaska, where the sky has been as blue as a robin's egg during the day, the Northern lights wild at night, and currently a warm 6 degrees. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dan Ham ('72) In reading the various entries about Larry Coryell I am reminded of all the 'garage bands' that formed in the mid to late '60's (not that any of these bands were in the same league as Mr. Coryell). How many remember the 'Battle-of-the-Bands' that was held in the gym at Col-Hi? Undoubtedly sponsored by 96 KALE (which I think was the only "Rock 'n Roll" station in the area at that time). I can't really remember any of the names of these bands off the top of my head, although I think Bob Dana played drums in one of them and Mike Land fit in there somewhere. I do remember a band called "The Parrots" that cut a 45RPM with a guy named Greg Rieten (not sure about the spelling of the last name) as the lead singer. Maybe some of you out there can remember some of the other bands' names. Some of the bigger name bands that played "The Gym" were "The 5th Dimension" and "The Grass Roots". I remember them as being a lot of fun, does anyone else? -Dan Ham ('72) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/22/03 ~ 1963 ... AND A NATION WEPT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers and 2 funeral notices today: Jim Jensen ('50), Ralph Myrick ('51) Stan McDonald ('53), Larry Mattingly ('60) Linda Reining ('64), Bruce Strand ('69) Jeff Curtis ('69) ******************************************** ******************************************** Where were YOU, 40 years ago today - 11/22/63????? 12/9/63 Sandstorm ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Sandi Cherrington ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dawn Bell Rich ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jo Clark Donahoo ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Brent Christi ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Brad Wear ('71) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jim Jensen ('50) Re: Bomber Passed Away Don't mean to jump the gun, but I noticed that Richard E. "Dick" Vogel ('56) passed away on November 18, 2003. When our family lived at the corner of Thayer Drive and Torbett the Vogels lived across the street on the south side of Torbett. "Dick" was short and strongly built - as was his dad, Ed. As a kid of 12-14, I used to watch all of the softball games at Richland's then major park on the north side of town. Ed Vogel was the catcher for the "Eagles" (F.O.E.), one of the premier teams in the "Classic League." I knew the Vogels to be friendly and courteous people. Dick's sister was an occasional baby sitter for my brother, Tony (WB'66). When any of the Bombers go a little bit of us goes, too. -Jim Jensen ('50) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ralph Myrick ('51) Re: Compensation Regarding parents that worked in the Hanford area and have or have died from cancer. I submitted a claim, for my Dad, to Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA) on behalf of my mother, who has since died, because he died of a cancer of the lungs that is related to the type that radiation causes. It has been almost two years, now, and they are still processing my claim. The DOE Office of Worker Advocacy keeps me posted regularly via phone calls or letters. They have sent me forms to fill out regarding anyone else that I know that may have or have died from this type of cancer or any other illness that may have been caused by being exposed to radiation. This group wants more people to apply. If any of your parents, living or dead, worked in the area and is a victim of cancer or any other disease related to radiation exposure, submit their names. You can call 1-800-790- 6728 to get more information. Tell you what, it is worth the effort. You may be awarded up to $150,000. It both parents are dead, and have been dead for years, this will be awarded to the siblings. This office really wants you to apply. Evidently, not enough people from this area are applying. Take time to do it. You have nothing to lose. -Ralph Myrick ('51) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Stan McDonald ('53) Re: Branson, Missouri and environs In my e-mail of yesterday, I neglected to say where it was that we saw all the shows in September... it was Branson, Missouri. If you ever go there, you have to see Paul Harris, an Arkansan, who is funnier than any other performer we saw there. Never heard of him... but he is a real "crack up." He sings too. -Stan McDonald ('53) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Larry Mattingly ('60) Re: Veterans Reflections in the wee hours of the night. I was gone all last week and part of this one and will be on the road again all next week so I am taking the day off tomorrow to do nothing. I got home a couple of days ago from 10 days in Washington DC. One of the Special Agents I was working with had the "on call" duty that week and a "On duty 24 hours" black Suburban with black windows. Similar to the 300 pound gorilla sleeping wherever he wants, that vehicle could park virtually anywhere he wanted in the entire WA DC area. So in our spare time a couple of evenings it was easy to visit some favorite places. Ignoring the variety of street people and the bureaucracy that we shake our heads at, there is something awesome in walking among the massive buildings and monuments comprising the center of our government. I always like to spend a few minutes sitting on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in some quiet thoughts of what it all means and how fortunate we are to live in America. At 10:30 at night there were probably a dozen or so others doing the same thing. A little before 11 I wandered the short distance to the Viet Nam Wall to visit a couple of friends names. Again there were 10-12 others there. Some were tracing names, some were looking for names, some were stoic, and some were quietly wiping tears. My point here is that we need to take pride and participate in America, and no matter how we may feel about war and battles, we cannot forget our military, and especially the veterans and those who lost their lives in service to this, our country. Again this year my company will be doing the fireworks display at Coeur d' Alene Idaho. As always it is the Friday after thanksgiving. The budget went up very substantially this year and we will be firing from 4 barges (2 at each of 2 positions) and over 1000 feet of the boardwalk simultaneously. The show immediately follows the parade that starts at 5 PM. The crowd size sets a new record every year so come early if you want to attend and dress warm. The best viewing area is from the park next to the resort (On the West side). I will be on the boardwalk firing that material and so will be inaccessible until well after the show is over. To all bombers where ever you are, have a warm and pleasant Thanksgiving. "Happiness is the sky in bloom" -J Larry Mattingly ('60) ~ From home South of Tacoma where there are 1 of the 3-inches of snow left and still melting at this late hour (1 AM Friday) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining ('64) WHAT: Bakersfield Bomber Luncheon WHEN: Sunday, December 7th, 2003 TIME: 1:00 P.M. WHERE: Linda's house [Linda's street address deleted for her privacy--write her if you want it. -Maren] Come and join us for a good time... lots of "goodies" to eat and good stuff to drink, too. Directions: [directions deleted from the Sandstorm, Write Linda for directions. -Maren] -Linda Reining ('64) ~ Bakersfield, CA ~ finally gotten cold enough to turn off the a/c and turn on the heat. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bruce Strand ('69) Re: Bob Cowan ('60) To: Jackie Hanson Hewett ('67) I know Bob Cowan ('60)! (And, I know he's no relation to Pat & Myrna Cowan of formerly Cowan & Cowan Insurance, now Birch Ridge Golf Course fame.) I lived in Kenai/Soldotna for six years but never knew Bob was a Bomber. I guess I missed his glow in the dark "Bomber glow." Sorry to learn of his condition. It is always tougher when it is someone you know. God bless you, Bob... -Bruce Strand ('69) ~ Tempe, AZ -- Where its supposed to cool down to a brisk high of 65 this weekend. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jeff Curtis ('69) Re: The Day of JFK Maren and Richard, I don't know if you reprint stuff but, in that Saturday is the 40th anniversary of that horrible day, I took a look at that submission I wrote several years ago about Kennedy's visit to Hanford and decided it needed a little re-writing. So I cleaned it up a bit and offer it now, again, should you think it appropriate. I know that some of the Sandstorm's audience has changed so there's probably some folks who haven't seen it before. Anyway, I corrected some stuff that has always bugged me like the spelling of Det Wegener's name and the correct year he graduated; the term "full-on" instead of "fallen" and some other general reworking of what now seem to be clumsy or unclear passages. And I finally put in some paragraph breaks too. I had even misspelled Khrushchev (who would think that sh and ch would go together - those crazy Russians!). So repost this version for the Saturday's edition if you think it worthwhile. Or you could replace the original in the Stuff by Jeff Curtis link with this one. It is more accurate and improved, I think anyway. By the way, I went to George Dana's ('70) memorial at the K of C Hall on the bypass last month. It was like a mini-reunion. Francos. Sinclairs, Nickolas, Hogans and many others were all there. All had fond memories to share. George was well loved. You guys have a good T-Day. I'll be over in Richland for the feast at my brother Greg's ('74) house with my parents, Marge and Ernie and my brother Mike ('71). Probably try to hit the Spudnut Shop Saturday morning before heading back to the West side. My Best -Jeff Curtis ('69) ******************************************** ******************************************** Re: The Day of JFK by Jeff Curtis ('69) [Originally in the 3/15/00 Alumni Sandstorm - Revised 11/22/03] It was the Fall of 1963, the waning days of September. The leaves on the miles of sycamores that lined both sides of Cottonwood Street were not falling yet but had begun their annual flame-on. The days were still bright and hot but the nights had that crisp, cool edge that spelled the immanent change of seasons. Bob Avant ('69) and I would reenact line-for-line scenes from the best selling album by Vaughn Meader, "The First Family". We were actually getting pretty good at some of the voice impressions. We even tried out for the part of the President in Chief Jo's production of "The Mouse That Roared" using the New England accent that was so famous. God, we must have seemed like idiots. The Beatles wouldn't be wanting to hold anyone's hand on Ed's "really big shoe..." for another five or six months. Khrushchev and his minions were the bad guys. Jack and Bobby were the good guys. No shades of gray, no mitigations. The global and national situations were very easy to get your arms around. It was the immediate dynamics of my first month of seventh grade that were unimaginably complex. I was at the bottom of a pretty tall learning curve that I was going to have to climb whether I liked it or not. Yes, the local scene was much more of a concern for me than anything Washington or Moscow could muster. However, that particular week one thought dominated my mind. He was coming. The President. The same guy that had Nixon sweating like a pig at a luau on the television debates. The guy that stared down Khrushchev and sent him and his missiles packing back to the Kremlin just the previous October. He was going to stand up in front of us and speak, live and in color, right there in the middle of the desert. Wow. This was huge. That Wednesday, as usual, I went to my Boy Scout Troop meeting in the basement of Christ the King school. I wasn't in the best of moods that evening. I was already way behind on a speech assignment for Mr. St. John. I hadn't even gotten around to picking up any 3 X 5 cards at Densow's yet. Mom made liver and onions for dinner I think and, you know, that pretty much sets an ugly tone for the rest of the evening. Plus, before the Troop meeting, Mike Crawley ('69) had put me in a full-nelson for about 10 minutes and I was sure that my shoulders were lining up about two inches behind where they should have been. Ed O'Claire, our Scoutmaster, started the meeting and informed us that First Aid merit badge classes were going to start the next week. Also, we had a camp out scheduled in two weeks at our "if-you- can't-find-anywhere-good-to-camp-then-just-go-here" campground in the Russian olive groves behind the Rose Bowl. And lastly, our troop had been selected to provide support services to the pending JFK visit. My shoulders immediately popped into normal position. What was that? Did he say we were going to do something when Kennedy came? Mr. O'Claire continued that our troop had been tapped to direct traffic in the parking lot for the event. The parking lot? Not good. Although I was not familiar with the layout of the site (or even where it was for that matter) I was fairly certain that the parking lot would be about as far away from the action as you could get. Well, we could only park cars till the thing got started because everyone should have gotten there by then, right? At least that's what I was hoping. If I had to traipse around in the hot sun for hours, waving people right an left in a dusty parking lot and then didn't get to see the President, well.... it was going to fall in line with the way the rest of the month was shaping up. And that just wouldn't do. When the day arrived Mom and Dad and my brothers got into the sky- blue '59 Ford station wagon and we headed off into the sage. The parking lot WAS hot and dusty. I was stationed at the far end of the lot and didn't even have a good view of the crowd much less the speaker's platform. I was in uniform and because of the weather was in the "summer-shorts" version. I had severe doubts about the amount of respect or impression of command that could possibly be generated in the minds of approaching motorists by the sight of a twelve year old boy in knee socks and a neckerchief. Nonetheless, I dutifully flagged folks left and right for a couple of hours until the traffic subsided. I had no further instructions and no one was around to tell me what to do at that point so I wandered over and into the crowd. It was Aich-Oh-Tee: H O T! And I was a dusty mess. People had taken their programs and folded them into these funny looking, triangle shaped, pirate hats to get some relief from the scalding sun. Jeez, there were a whole lot of people with those paper hats on. I wondered if how to make them was one of those common knowledge things. You know, like paper airplanes or something? Or did a few people know how and, everyone else thinking it was a pretty good idea, just up and figured out how to copy the process. Either way it still looked like some kind of low budget Water Buffalo Lodge meeting. But in all fairness, who was I, in my olive drab knee socks with green-tasseled garters, to judge? One of the local organizers spotted my uniformed self and grabbed me by the arm. He told me to head up front and help usher. Up front? OK, no problem. Someone had constructed a seating area for the media and local dignitaries right up by the speaker's platform. There were several rows of chairs and a two-by-four railing between them and the podium. I was positioned at the head of one of the isles and walked folks to their seats for the next twenty minutes or so. This was great. I was actually in the front of a sea of over 30,000 (mostly paper-hatted) folks in the crowd. I was going to get to see everything. There was a distant humming, that became a louder whirring, that turned eventually into a whoop-whooping roar as the President's helicopter came in from Moses Lake. The wash from the rotors blew the hell out of everything. Dust, tumbleweeds and paper pirate hats were flying everywhere. There were a couple of large flags on the stage and the American flag, old Stars and Stripes went down with a crack. The wooden flagpole had snapped in two on impact. Nowadays, this would have been associated with some kind of poetic irony. But in the Rob-and-Laura-Petre innocence of the early '60s, this was just an unfortunate turn of events that required action. Det Wegener ('65), with whom I would be a fellow Explorer Scout in a few years, was actually on the stage and immediately picked up the flag and the broken pole. He put them back together, set the flag upright in it's original spot and proceeded to hold the pieces in place with both hands for the rest of the proceedings. I'll never forget how great an accomplishment I thought that was. He had to have been very hot and very tired but he never let go of the standard. The potentially embarrassing problem became a non-incident due to his diligence. There are probably a few folks still around that were in the front of it all that day. And a few of them might remember the flag blowing over. But I'll bet only a handful remember how that flag got upright and stayed that way. Sometimes the good stuff is really good stuff because its so transparent with no special recognition required. Det saw a problem and acted to correct it quickly and quietly. Nice job. John F. Kennedy stepped out of the helicopter ducking below the rotors with his hand over his head like I had seen virtually everyone on the TV show "Whirlybirds" do several times an episode. Man, did this guy look action packed. He was introduced to the roaring approval of around 30,000 onlookers. Some with the paper pirate hats still on their heads. I don't remember a thing he said. I really didn't even know why he was there till years later reading about it. That wasn't the point anyway. This was like a rock concert or something. And I had front row seats. He went on for a while and finally wrapped it all up. Cool. I had seen him from about 30 feet away, much closer than I ever had thought I would get. But wait! He was coming down to the front of the railing! He was starting on the right side and working his way left, shaking the hands of the front row group. I managed to turn sideways-left and squeeze in between to rather rotund men. As the President went by I could hardly see him through the guys in front of me. I stuck my left hand out and I watched as he came into view. As it wagged hopefully between the two large tummies of the men in front of me, the president somehow grabbed and then shook my skinny little protruding left hand with his right. He kind of shook the back of my hand which I quickly retrieved...for posterity. JFK now having passed us by and gone further down the line, the two burley boys on either side of me pealed away. I was kind of dazed. I had really managed to shake his hand. Wow! Then I noticed that as he reached the far end of the railing, the President started working his way back. He was making another pass! This time there were no obstructions. I was going to get a full-on, up front handshake. I really wanted to have something clever to say to him. I couldn't let this kind of opportunity pass without trying to engage him in some kind of witty banter. I was not particularly known for bantering wittily with national leaders but you have to start somewhere, right? And the President of the United States would be a pretty good place to start, in my mind anyway. I remembered listening to the radio in the car while on the ride out there that day and heard a news report about some nut (or maybe a student driver) that had rammed his pickup truck into the front gates of the White House. While absorbing that bit of disturbing information I thought about what it must be like to find out about stuff like that happening to your house on the news while your traveling around giving speeches and such. I couldn't imagine. But it gave me an idea. When he approached and was standing right in front of me I put out my (appropriate right) hand as I boldly looked directly into...uh...his right ear. He was talking to some lady to his left and had his head turned. But then he turned and looked right at me with those powerful eyes, in which I thought I could see a touch of sadness and a touch of mirth, and firmly took my hand. "Uhhhh.... Mr. President" I clearly heard myself saying in a kind of out-of-body-experience kind of way, "I heard somebody tried to park their truck in your living room....", my attempted cleverness sounding much flatter than intended. He paused and looked at me for a moment. All he replied was "Yeah" but his eyes twinkled and he smiled. Then he moved on. I stood there pretty much out of it for a while staring at my hand. The President wrapped up all the glad-handing, his helicopter wound back up and moments later he was gone from the desert. Eight weeks later he was gone from the Earth. I was in Carl Schleer's homeroom class that November day when the horrible news came over the PA system. The school officials didn't let us go home but they didn't expect us to do much of anything the rest of the day either. I remember a lot of crying. I remember a lot of anger and uncertainty. I really did not know true sadness till then and I still think that a lot of us were too young to have had to get that kind of a dose. It would be a lot better if you had the time to ease into the knowledge that downs can follow ups and sometimes in direct proportion to each other, sometimes not. We really got thrown into the deep end of the pool on that one though. The ensuing weekend that November was terrible. We watched Jackie Kennedy step off of Air Force One back in Washington DC still wearing the bloodied clothes she had been wearing in the tragic motorcade earlier that day. We watched a guy get murdered on TV. We watched the horses pull the coffin down the street to incessant drum rolls. We heard the bugler hit a clinker when he played Taps at Arlington and I think we all died a little bit seeing Jackie and Caroline watch John John's innocent but brave salute as his father's procession passed by. The holidays that year were the most somber I hope I ever have to endure. Time could not pass too quickly. My parents never played Vaughn Meader's album again and Bob Avant and I started memorizing Bill Cosby's "Why Is There Air" instead. Eventually I washed my hand. -Jeff Curtis ('69) ******************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Funeral Notice scanned from the TCHerald by Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) >>Richard E. 'Dick' Vogel ('56) ~ 04/26/38 - 11/18/03 >>Barbara Hosack Busch ('65) ~ 1947 - 11/9/03 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/23/03 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff: Bob Harman ('51), Ralph Myrick ('51) Richard Anderson ('60), Mary Mike Hartnett ('61) Jeff Michael ('65), Marcia Wade ('67) Betti Avant ('69), Mike Davis ('74) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY 11/21: Rosemary Qualhiem Guse ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Gayle Dawson Muir ('65) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Harman ('51) I want to second what Ralph Myrick ('51) said about the DOE benefit, if you have the benefit coming, you should apply. (I don't know why we are encouraging folks to do so, the fewer who apply the better our chances, eh Ralph!) I am in the same situation as Ralph, waiting to hear. I have gotten to the point of having a telephone interview. Haven't had it yet and the ball is now in my court to arrange it. That cash would sure come in handy about now. Have a great Thanksgiving all you Bombers! -Bob Harman ('51) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ralph Myrick ('51) I can remember the day that JFK was assassinated. I was teaching fifth grade in Aztec, NM. My wife, Judy, called the school and asked to talk to me. That is how I found out. What a blow. I can remember how solemn it was among everyone that day. I know Oswald's brother said that he was alone, but I wonder? -Ralph Myrick ('51) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ricky The Richland girls' soccer team won the 4A State Championship -- 3-0 over Bellermine (Tacoma). I went to a few games; they are *GOOD* and richly deserve the championship. (Oh, and they will be just as good, if not better, next year.) Bomber Cheers, -Richard Anderson ('60) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mary Mike Hartnett Peters ('61) Re: A Bomber Funeral Maren, I have watched and watched the Sandstorm for the Tri-City Herald's obit on Dick Vogel (56), who passed away 11/18/03. Did I just miss it? He was a very good, kind friend to my husband, Leonard ('61) when he lost his wife, Rose Wildenborg Peters ('66RIP) in 2000. I can honestly say we never saw Dick angry or in a bad mood. His memorial service is this Saturday morning at 10:00 at Einan's. He leaves many good friends and a wonderful family. He will be missed by all of us who had the very good fortune to have known this wonderful person. -Mary Mike Hartnett Peters ('61) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jeff Michael ('65) Re: JFK To: Jeff Curtis ('69) Thanks for writing and sharing the Kennedy piece. And thank you to Maren/Richard for running it. I wasn't a Sandstorm reader (or even aware of it existence) until a few months ago, so didn't see this item on the first pass. I had also completely forgotten that JFK had been here just before Dallas. Boy, but I sure do remember the announcement on the PA system at Col-Hi (I was in the cafeteria). And I remember watching all the sad stuff on TV. That event and it's attachments, and the shooting of John Lennon were two of the saddest times on TV that I recall. Det Wegener ('65). and you, Jeff, and the rest of the Boy Scouts that got that close, even touched JFK, had quite a special life experience at a very early age. I know how special those experiences are; I've had a few, too, but never a US President while in office. dj jeff Michael ('65) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Read ALL of Jeff's stuff in one file at: ALL of Jeff's stuff ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Marcia Wade Hausenbuiller ('67) Re: The Kennedy/Curtis Connection. Thanks, Maren, for reprinting, and Jeff Curtis ('69), for re-working, and suggesting the reprinting! I remember that day in the sunshine in the middle of the desert--tho I was now where near enough to see anything but 'zillions' of other people in front of me. And you got to shake his hand with both of yours! How exciting. As I said, I doubt that I even was able to see the top of his head--I know I heard none of the speech, but just being there, and knowing that our president was there was a thrilling event! Thanks for the memories. -Marcia Wade Hausenbuiller ('67) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Betti Avant ('69) Re: 40 years ago Speaking of 40 years ago (written on Saturday, 11/22/03), did any of you out there catch the History Channel Friday evening? They had one hour blocks of programs about various theories of who or what was behind the assassination of J.F.K. One of them was I had never heard of, but perhaps some of you have. They say the "big guy" that plotted it was none other than Lyndon Baines Johnson, his VEEP. They said he wanted the "power" position and the only way to get it was to eliminate the one who had it. They also said he was probably behind at least 7 other "mysterious" deaths. A lot of the evidence of it was completely destroyed and there was 1 fingerprint in the school depository that they were never able to trace. It made for some interesting listening. Well, I better run and get some groceries as it is supposed to only get in the 20s today with snow starting this afternoon. Albeit only 1-3 inches but hopefully it will be wet, as we are behind 6"+ for the year. -Betti Avant ('69) ~ Goodland, KS ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis (74) As usual, Good job on the writing of JFK's trip to Hanford by Jeff Curtis ('69). As many, I have watched with interest the JFK "overload" on the History Channel this week as they presented "The Men Who Killed Kennedy." For those people that missed it this was a series of one-hour shows that explored all the conspiracies that have formulated over the years. I, like many, had thought for years that the world really didn't know the truth of what happened that day in Dallas, but after watching ABC's "The Kennedy Assassination, Beyond Conspiracy," hosted by Peter Jennings (Thursday night, I believe) I now realize there was and is no proof of any conspiracy to kill the President. Using updated computer analysis they pretty much proved that Oswald acted alone. Now there was a time that I was convinced there was more to the story and I even considered myself an amateur "buff" on the subject, but I'm now convinced otherwise. If you have the chance to see the program sometime (if they repeat it) tune it in. It is very convincing. Sorry, Big G, I know you must be turning over in your grave hearing these things I am saying. -Mike Davis (74) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/24/03 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers and 1 death notice today :( Betty Ely ('47), Phil Belcher ('51) Bill Berlin ('56), Charles Cox ('56) Max Sutton ('57), Dave Vallely ('60) Donna Bowers ('63), Linda Reining ('64) Patti Snider ('65), Georgia Rushworth ('66) Doug Ufkes ('68), Betti Avant ('69) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Gary Christian ('67) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Betty Ely Trainor King ('47) Re: Meeting JFK in 1960 I attended my first Democratic State Convention in 1960. After Kennedy spoke, Izzy Burrus and I rushed the stage and got behind the curtain to stop Senator Kennedy. I forgot that a Johnson person at my table had pinned a Johnson pin on me. I said that I was 100 percent for him. He looked into my eyes and shook my hand, and said, "Thank you very much". He signed the program for Izzy and me. He was off to California to celebrate his birthday, and I was going back to Richland to celebrate my son, Rick Trainor's birthday on the same day. I sent a letter to the national Christian Herald magazine, saying that I WAS A 100 PER CENT PROTESTANT FOR KENNEDY FOR PRESIDENT. My letter was printed in this publication the October before the election with my name and address. I had hate letters sent to me from all over the United States. I gave them to Herb Davis who was the Benton County Prosecuting Attorney. He had been Senator Henry Jackson's roommate in college. Senator Jackson became the head of the National DNC after Kennedy was elected. Boy, one of the highlights was having that great man look into my eyes. He sure knew how to look people straight in the eyes. -Betty Ely Trainor King ('47) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Phil Belcher ('51) Re: JFK I was working at PRTR in 300 area when JFK was killed and we couldn't believe it. Everyone's wife was calling to tell us about it. I connected the radio to the PA system throughout the entire building and we all walked around in a daze, not believing what we were hearing. Its something the older ones of us will never forget. With regards to PRTR, would there be any interest in having a Bomber PRTR coffee after the holiday? If so, drop me a email. -Phil Belcher ('51) ~ In Prosser where snow is sometimes forecast. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bill Berlin ('56) Re: Bombers and Bellermine Nice article in the Sunday Seattle Times Sports pages on the lady Bombers 3-nil [as they say in the UK] victory over Bellermine of Tacoma in the Girls 4A State Championship game on Saturday. A friend of mine, who has a daughter playing for Bellermine, said Richland was awesome, the best "woman's" team he has ever seen. That coming from a Brit expat is quite a complement. He said Richland's passing was nearly perfect and that they had a real view of where their players were and in anticipating where they would move to set up the field. Congratulations to them and their Coach, who seems to really know the game. Re: Cougars and Huskies I was at the WSU/UW game so I could not go to the Richland soccer game, but I have to admit that for the first time since I left Col High (it was that name when I graduated in '56) that I have had anything but dislike for the Cougs. Mike Price and his continual whining and sniveling was one main reason, as he has proven during his (what?) eight minute stint at Alabama, but I REALLY like Bill Doba. What a great Coach and Gentleman. He just sucks up a big loss like this and looks to the future for the team. Man, I wish he was at UW. My feeling is that WSU will recruit very well in the State of Washington's top ranked 4A and 3A players. The only guy that the Cougs have left to whine and snivel now is Old Jimbeaux Hamilton ('63). -Bill Berlin ('56) - just a few weeks to moving to Anacortes after the Christmas holidays, where I find Bomber Dave Preibe ('57)lives with his wife. Have a great Thanksgiving to all Bombers, wherever you are. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Charles Cox ('56) Re: Dick Vogel ('56RIP) Sorry to hear about Dick. I played quite a few Softball games with him an against him. Great guy. Re: JFK 40 years ago. I was bowling in a Shift Worker League at the Atomic Bowl and I believe it was around 10:30 am. The next two or three balls rolled were gutter balls. -Charles Cox ('56) ~ Georgetown, TX - Where a cold front just blew in an it dropped from 72 to 54 in a matter of minutes. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Max Sutton ('57) Re: DOE Benefit I am also in the process of a claim and I am to the point of the interview. My father passed away in 1980 from Hodgkins cancer in the liver. It's kinda hard to remember answers to all the questions they want to ask because most didn't know what our fathers or mothers did out in the areas anyway. And how am I supposed to remember any of my father's bosses or work mates? My dad would be 83 now and most of his friends would be gone also. Anyway it's sure worth the time to apply. -Max Sutton ('57) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dave Vallely ('60) Re: Special thank you!! To a very special person, Evelyn Evens Vallely ('64) for having put up with me for 36 years as my wife and life partner. Good on Ya!! love!! -Dave Vallely ('60) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Donna Bowers Rice ('63) Re: DOE Benefit for Survivors. I am not in this for the children to receive money for their father's demise, but to point to the fact that our fathers were exposed sometimes to something that at the time may not have been be adequately protected against or measured. My father died at the age of 59 with amelonotic melanoma, from a hangnail that would not heal, that spread to his lymph nodes and finally all organs, which he died of 1 1/2 years after initial diagnosis. He had 6 overexposures, two of which were to the left hand, the last being 20,000 counts per minute to the thumb that eventually turned cancerous 7 years later. We are waiting to see if he qualifies for the benefit. His family has for generations lived until the '80s. Do I think that my Dad died early to his exposure- you bet I do?!? In researching this, I have found an interesting site that others may want to go into. It is the ICRU-the Journal of the Commission on Radiation Units. It documents how they measured radiation in those years, what devices they used, how accurate measurements were, the differences in machines and sites measured. I find it highly interesting that the studies done by some epidemiologists show that the exposures to Hanford workers were higher than other sites and sometimes these epidimeologists lost jobs and careers over this issue. There is no oversight in this area except the government and the contractors. Back copies of these articles are only available in 12 libraries in the entire US, none of which are in Washington state. I travelled to the University of Illinois at Champaign- Urbana as even Missouri lacks a library with this journal. I can tell you that that engineering library is absolutely magnificent-we have nothing like it in Missouri. The place was filled with foreign students (3 to 1). It makes you wonder why we are producing 4 lawyers for every engineer and Japan does just the opposite producing 4 engineers for every lawyer. Do you suppose the rest of the world has a better handle on the long term future than we do? I will keep you posted as to our progress-we have been through the oral interview and are now into the dose reconstruction period. Then another government official decides whether you get the remuneration. $150,000.00 does not compensate for a shortened life. -Donna Bowers Rice ('63) ~ St. Louis, MO - where it was 65 yesterday and we are just now getting that storm that was in Seattle 2 days ago. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Linda Reining ('64) To: Mike Davis ('74) Re: JFK Conspiracy Theory I had always believed that Jack Ruby just had to be involved... figured that is why he shot Oswald... to keep him from talking... also wondered about Lyndon Johnson--especially after watching a program that said JFK originally was going to have his brother, Bobby, as his Vice President, but then was told he needed Johnson to "carry" Texas... JFK sent Bobby to tell Johnson he was "off the ticket", but by the time Bobby arrived at his office, JFK had already called and changed his mind, so Johnson told Bobby "he was out of the loop"... just sounded like he was a bit of a snit! anyway, back to the subject... I watched the program on ABC with Peter Jennings and it really was interesting and helps prove that there was no conspiracy and that Oswald was alone... the computer enhancing made it very easy to "see" exactly how he was shot and how the bullet passed through JFK and into the back of Governor John Connally. very interesting--it is definitely worth watching, again. -Linda Reining ('64) ~ cold in Bakersfield, CA - I swear we had "arctic winds" from Alaska yesterday ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Patti Snider Miller ('65) I would just like to wish everyone a blessed Thanksgiving. Maren and Richard thanks for the Sandstorm to keep all we Bombers in contact. I would also like to mention that at Albertsons we have another Bomber working for us, it is Richard Bowen, from the great class of '65, come say 'hi' to him! -Patti Snider Miller ('65) ~ in Richland where it is soooo cold, brrrrrrrr ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Georgia Rushworth ('66) Re: President Kennedy I just have to get my 2 cents worth in here! My dad, George Rushworth (RIP faithful Bomber dad of three Bombers) designed the wand that President Kennedy held to start the first nuclear reactor at Hanford. It is on display at Columbia River Exhibition of History Science and Technology in Richland. Re: DOE Reimbursement Just before my dear dad passed away of lung cancer in 2002, I was able to get information from him concerning his work history in order to file the claim. Even though he was extremely ill, he went into great detail.. so much so that I didn't understand most of it! My dad was truly a genius. My mom and I went through the phone conversation phase about two months ago and have not heard anything since then. I have Bomber friends who are going through the same thing with one of their parents who worked at Hanford and also died of cancer. -Georgia Rushworth ('66) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Doug Ufkes ('68) To all you '68 grads who went to Carmichael, recently there was an article from Bob Grout here in the Sandstorm. I wrote him and ask if he was related to Nelly Grout and sure enough he is her brother. Subsequently I got in touch with Nelly who lives in Arkansas. They moved away around our 8th grade year. She, of course, remembered all of us when I wrote and was happy to hear from me I remember walking home from school with a large group that included Nelly, Andi Bayless, Mike Helgerson, Sharon Smithwick, Greg Moray, and several others. Nelly was and is such a nice person. -Doug Ufkes ('68) ~ Tucson, AZ ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Betti Avant ('69) Well, we did get some snow, perhaps an inch or so (I don't know how much moisture). While looking out my window there are tumbleweeds blowing across it. Congrats to the soccer team on your state championship. Yesterday afternoon I caught the entire show I mentioned about J.F.K. I guess they did finally identify that one print on a box in the sniper's nest (98). An expert found 34 points of similarity, but the government said he had to be mistaken. The one who the fingerprint was tied to died a mysterious death shortly after the assassination (again attributed to L.B.J.). The other interesting fact besides L.B.J.'s involvement was that J. Edgar Hoover and Richard Nixon knew of the plot according to these experts. That's how the evidence disappeared with the F.B.I. Bomber cheers to you all, -Betti Avant ('69) ~ Goodland, KS ******************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Death Notice >>Bobby Cowan ('60) ~ 1942 - 11/23/03 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/25/03 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 16 or 17 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCoy ('45, '46, & '02), Dick Harris ('49) Ray Gillette ('49), Ralph Myrick ('51) Gary May ('58WB), Barbara Farris ('59WB) Fred Phillips ('60), Patti Jones ('60) Ed Wood ('62), Helen Cross ('62) Georgia Rushworth ('66), Janice Klusman ('66) Rick Maddy ('67), Brad Upton ('74) Mike Davis ('74), Kim Edgar ('79) Larry "latter bruce" ('82) ???? ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Fran Teeple Wolf ('68) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Gary Turner ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Leon Rice ('82) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Shelly Strege ('98) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick McCoy ('45, '46, & '02) Thank you, Jim Jensen ('50) for the kind remarks re: Dick Vogel (RIP '56), a great guy. We once had a pickup softball game between the Young Studs and the Old Men of the Uptown Tav. Dickie pitched for the Studs, and I hit a triple off him. I never, never, never let him forget it. We are heading to the Coast for Thanksgiving, and happy holiday to all you Bombers, especially you, Maren To all you Cougs: Gosh, we feel bad for you. Better luck someday in the far future. (I wuz there Saturday) Later, Dickie. (And JFK, too.) -Dick McCoy ('45, '46, & '02) AKA Daniel Cooper. Bronc, Beaver, Bomber. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dick Harris ('49) Re: Applying for DOE Cancer Related Benefit I really have a problem with encouraging persons to make claim against the government for possible Hanford- related deaths or illnesses. If there is a legitimate claim, that is one thing, but encouraging persons to apply, because "This group wants more people to apply" and "This office really wants you to apply" and "Evidently, not enough people from this area are applying," are very poor reasons! Of course, government employees, whose job depends on paper to process, are going to encourage people to apply. It is their livelihood and part of the "something for nothing" syndrome that our country suffers from! (Yes, I know Mrs. White, I ended that sentence with a preposition!). My father was a machinist, who came from Denver in early 1944 to provide his expertise to an important and top priority need. With three sons, overseas in the service, he had a stake in doing whatever he could to shorten the war. Of course, he didn't know what the product was at the time. All he knew was that it was top secret and was of top importance to the War effort! He endured an operation for cancer of the prostate in the late '40's or early '50's and finally died of cancer at the age of 77. Applying for the possibility of a benefit from his having died of cancer is the last thing I would think of considering. He was proud of his contribution to the country's war effort and so am I. One of my Richland schoolmate's father died at a very early age. He was part of Enrico Fermi's group, who constructed a nuclear reactor and successfully performed a sustained nuclear reaction at the University of Chicago. He was one of a few, who came to Hanford and performed the miracle of getting a commercial-scale reactor, producing material in just thirteen short months. This was the material needed for the bomb that was dropped at Nagasaki. He sustained radiation exposure during those early primitive experiments. His daughter related to me, many years later, that her father died at a very early age from that radiation exposure. Previously, I had no knowledge of why she lost her father at such and early age. She further related that persons had tried to get her mother to apply for compensation for his early death. She commented that her mother had determined that she would never do that. She said her husband knew the risks that he was being subjected to and that the effort was important, enough. She further indicated that her husband considered himself, no different than thousands of others, who made the supreme sacrifice for our freedom! Applying for compensation would be the last thing he would want her to do! These are just some thoughts that came to my mind as I read the contributions on this subject and I thought I would share them. -Dick Harris ('49) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ray Gillette ('49) Re: JFK Reminiscences of the day that President Kennedy was killed brings back the day clearly for me. I was working in the 703 building (for those who even remember the 700 area around the present Federal Bldg) and I took the short walk across the street (Knight St.???) to where my friends Rem Ryals ('49) and Dick Quigley ('47) were sharing law office space. It was in the building that had been the Cafeteria (and had several other occupants over the years). It was indeed a sad for us all. Amazing how quickly those 40 years have whizzed by. I still get emotional when I think of that weekend that followed. I wonder if we learned anything from those experiences. -Ray Gillette ('49) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ralph Myrick ('51) Re: prefabs There were five colors of the prefabs, white, yellow, red, brown, and green. Is this correct? I know I lived in a yellow one. Were there white ones? I think the one, two, and three bedroom prefabs were all painted the same colors, right? -Ralph Myrick ('51) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gary May ('58WB) Re: JFK I was stationed in Mannheim, Germany when JFK was assinated. Had just gotten out of the tub when a lady called upstairs, in a civilian house I was staying in, and said that the President had been shot. I said that if she was trying to be funny to stop it as it was not funny at all. At that point she came upstairs and was crying to inform me that this was on the Germany TV/Radio. I turned AFN (Armed Forces Network) Radio Station and there was simply music. Shortly a young E-4 announcer broke in and said that the President had indeed been shot and at that point started crying and stated that he, the President, had died. Most of the Troops in Europe went to the units, in full combat gear, believing that a Russian or at least a Russian sympathizer, had killed our President. After 3 days of waiting the Commanders told everyone to go home but to be ready to move out at a moment's notice. -Gary May ('58WB) ~ Our prayers for the men and women serving our wonderful country during the Holiday period coming up. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Barbara Farris DeFord ('59WB) I too am waiting for the dose reconstruction for the suit that is in progress. We had the phone interview 3 weeks ago or so. I wonder how many of our Dads died of some kind of cancer? Has any one out there received any money as of yet, or are we being strung along? It seems like a long drawn out process huh? -Barbara Farris DeFord ('59WB) ~ Springfield MO ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Fred Phillips ('60) Re: Bob Cowan ('60RIP) I met Bob in 1958 when vice-principal Haag dragged us into his office at Col-Hi and declared that both of us were "under-achievers." Maybe he was right. In 1960, Bob was riding shotgun for Mel Brisendine ('60) when Mel hit my car. Of course there was no way any of us would call the cops, so we settled it on the spot. I fixed the damage to both cars in Col-Hi's auto shop and, in return, I got to use Bobby's Oldsmobile "flipper" hubcaps for three weeks. During that time, I was (at least in my own mind) one extremely cool dude. A year later, the Grange hall in Pullman burned to the ground and Bob immediately transferred from WSU to San Diego State. I wasn't there, so I suppose we should just let sleeping dogs lie. If you're curious, you might ask Keith Arndt ('60) about that. But some things never change. At halftime of the R2K basketball game, Bob and I were drinking champagne on the trunk of Kathy Graham's ('60) car, in the Col-Hi parking lot. Take care my good friend. I'll see you again, soon enough. -Fred Phillips ('60) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Bob's Memorial Page] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) Re: Bobby Cowan ('60RIP) The angels have called you to heaven all to quickly. Your great kindness and smile will be missed. I know when I look up to the heaven you will be there smiling. The reunions won't be the same without you, Bobby. Bomber Tears, -Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) ~ Browns Point, WA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Bobby's Memorial page] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Ed Wood ('62) Re: NBC special on JFK Before NBC aired their special on the JFK assassination conspiracy theory, they hired an outside expert to review the technology and results of the video simulation that was the basis for their conclusion. They hired Z Axis, a 20 year old firm in Denver that I previously used to support a successful litigation in which I was involved many years ago. Z Axis specializes in the same kind of technology, and has experience in video simulations of airline crashes, terrorism and accident recreations. They worked for the government, for example, in the Oklahoma City bombing trial, and it was their simulation in court that convinced the jurors that Timothy McVeigh rented the truck that was involved in the explosion. As you might imagine, there are very strict procedures to be followed in creating a video simulation such that it can be used as evidence in court. Z Axis is clearly an expert in this field. I spoke with the CEO of Z Axis just before the NBC special aired, and learned that he and his chief technology officer spent a day going through the work done by NBC's firm, and were satisfied that all work was done correctly, and that it was of the caliber required to be used in a court of law. They are currently working on simulations of the 9/11 disaster as part of an insurance claim, and I've been able to see some of the simulations that have been released by their client. It's amazing to see how the airplanes were sliced into ribbons by the reinforced concrete floors, with big chunks of the airplane flying simultaneously across several floors of the buildings. -Ed Wood ('62) ~Lakewood, CO - trying to figure out what happened to the Broncos yesterday) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Helen Cross Kirk ('62) Re: JFK Just had to add my bit to the where were you when saga: I had just walked into an empty classroom for a class at CBC. I was standing there wondering what was up, when another student came into the room, and said that the president had been shot, and there was a TV set up in the lounge area. I went down there, (I think it was in the same building then) and saw the sad events and heard about it. Later I saw Jack Ruby shoot Oswald on TV when watching some more coverage. I'm not an expert, but aren't there still some files on this case that were sealed from the public for at least 40 years. If there was nothing damning in these files, why would that have been done?? I still feel there was a conspiracy, and my engineer husband felt that the diagram showing how the bullet traveled from the school warehouse to the car was inaccurate. So after all these years, it's still a mystery in my mind. -Helen Cross Kirk ('62) ~ West Harrison, IN - where the lake is steel gray as the sky is, and the little waves are whipping across it in the cold hard wind. We went from shirt-sleeve almost 70's weather yesterday afternoon to freezing by 6am as there is frost on the deck. Officially now it's 40 here, but winter has come suddenly. ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Georgia Rushworth ('66) Re: David Rivers ('65), Our Birthday Boy I just want to make everyone aware that David's birthday is on Thanksgiving Day! Is he a turkey?? You be the judge. Happy Birthday to you! -Georgia Rushworth ('66), Part of the "Harem" ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Janice Klusman McCurdy ('66) Re: radiation dosages I would like to say that our family too was affected by overdoses of radiation. My father worked out there from 1944 to 1981. He spent his entire life out there and trusted the government to make sure he was not "over radiated". I remember the green urine testing cans placed on the front porch and later picked up. And I was one of those children who ran to meet their dad at the bus stop each evening. Dad passed away at an early age, and I am absolutely sure the radiation played a big part in this. My Mother too, has been with the NIOSH program. She has been informed the oral interview will be coming very soon. Then the reconstruction will begin. I also believe I have been affected by the air releases in the early years. I have an enlarged thyroid with lumpy cysts on it. They sometimes have to be aspirated. No, I don't think my family is "just out to get money" from the government. There have true suffering by the workers and their families for many years that need compensation. That is the only way the government will become accountable for its decisions and actions. -Janice Klusman McCurdy ('66) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Rick Maddy ('67) Re: radiation My father had something splash on his shoulder at the 300 Area that gave him minor burns through his protective suit. After thirteen years in the Tri-Cities, dad came home and told my mother we were moving, and we did. He died at the age of 70 of COPD... they said. I always wondered about that "splash." Russell Browns ('66RIP) death always bothered me. I rented a room in Russells house in the early '70s for three and a half years. After the movie about the woman getting run off the road with a folder of bad press on a nuke plant - what is the name of it?... Her name was... grrrrr!!!! Anyway, I often thought Russell should get a Geiger counter to have lying around the house for me. He would laugh and I was serious. While hunting with his brother, Russell, a Hanford pipe fitter, fell and broke a hip. Bone cancer. One in four die of cancer nationally. Is that number higher in TN or WA with certain types of cancers that one would attribute to radiation exposure? I had a suspicious spot on my lower lip removed six months ago. Did you know they can remove up to one third of your lip before looking for replacement parts from other areas of your body? Way back in '99 Dick Epler ('52) posted some interesting facts about the radiation (8/9/99). I believe this subject started with a question or comment from Vicki Owens ('72) in a previous post (8/7/99) about the badges. A little education never hurts, I suppose. I actually kept the post because... well, because. I haven't said anything to Dick or Vicki about this, and I hope they do not mind me mentioning this... Therefore, moving into uncharted waters, instead of re-posting messages, you can go back for another look at some of the radiation topic samples of past in the Online Bombers Alumni Sandstorm (8/7/99 -- 8/9/99) and ensuing posts after (for example, Trinity Webb ('95) 8/11; Cecily Riccobuono McClanahan ('77) 8/18; Dick Epler ('52) again 8/19; Debbie Lien Gieszler ('69) 8/19; Cecily Riccobuono McClanahan ('77) again 8/22). Mike Lewis ('60) and Larry Brackenbush ('58) posts I also copied but not sure of the dates for Mike and Larrys posts talking about the Hanford and Los Alamos fires and release scenarios. Excellent posts on a follow up, I believe, on Dick Epler's excellent post. Could be wrong, but I cannot find them in the back issues. Just a few of the Bomber Alumni posts I found extremely interesting reading, enough interest to save, on this subject of radiation exposure. [MAYBE some responses were in THE SANDBOX. -Ed] As was my observation a few years ago when the subject came up, Hanford still seems safer and longer lived than being a New York cab driver, Alaska crab fisherman, all firemen and police officers, west side Boeing worker, California governor... actually a very long list of hazardous jobs. And, I dont know how anyone else feels, but Im one of those that likes electricity. Hanford... a wolf in sheeps clothing (okay, I know... cynical)? Anyway, thanks to all on a subject in the back of the mind of every Bomber that has drank water down stream... just in case I forgot to thank you in '99. -Rick Maddy ('67) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Brad Upton ('74) Re: Kennedy Conspiracy Theory In September of 2000 I had the ultimate thrill in being able to interview Walter Cronkite for nearly an hour and half. Here's how it happened: The National Electrical Contractors Association held their national convention in Seattle. They wanted their CEO, CFO, VP, etc. to address the 2000+ members, but not in the same boring fashion with a guy behind a lectern. They rented the Paramount Theater (as well as the Convention Center) and turned the stage into a TV show stage just like we were doing the Tonight Show or Letterman. They built a very nice set with desk and couch, hired a band, used a big screen and 3 television cameras. I was the host. I came out delivered a 6 minute monologue, we played stump the band, I made a few announcements and then I brought out the guests just like the Tonight Show. The first day of the convention I brought out the CEO and VP and fed them questions so they could get their agenda out. On the second day we did the same thing. I brought out the CFO and then the very special guest, Walter Cronkite. So there I am on stage with Walter Cronkite. He was 84 at the time and is/was as sharp as can be. A truly wonderful, nice man. I asked him a number of questions and then we opened it up to the audience. I think the second question they asked was about Kennedy/Oswald. Mr. Cronkite said that after the Warren Commission came out, CBS spent a million dollars (back when a million dollars meant something, he said) poking holes, or expanding holes in the report. They hired a sharpshooter who proved that you could get off 3 shots from a single- shot, bolt action rifle from that angle. There was an echo effect that could give the illusion that a shot could be heard from in front of Kennedy, etc. None other than Walter Cronkite said that Oswald was the lone gunman. What they could never know was what was his motivation. The CIA had botched an assassination attempt on Castro and Castro knew it. Perhaps Castro could have ordered an assassination on our leader. He also said that the people in the news know that conspiracies almost always unravel over time. The secret can't be kept and here it was nearly 40 years later and nothing else had come out. He was sure that it was Oswald acting alone. I have a video copy of the 90 minute interview that I did with him and I feel like I own a very important historical document. His stories were fascinating. One of the interesting notes that he said was that he knew every president back to Roosevelt. He even said he got to know Hoover quite well after Hoover retired. He said the sharpest, brightest mind of any of the presidents probably belonged to Jimmy Carter. I also asked him why the press hounded the current president (Clinton was still in office) about his extracurricular activities, when 40 years ago they all knew what Kennedy was doing and they kept it hush-hush. He gave a long, brilliant, 10-minute answer that covered the history of the press in this country, but what I wanted to note was that he felt that almost all of our presidents in our history had a little "something extra" on the side. He said Clinton's mistake was being so brazen and getting caught... so lighten up, Clinton bashers. I'm getting long-winded. As Walter Cronkite was getting ready to leave he leaned over to me and told me to say 'hi' to Mike Davis ('74). -Brad Upton ('74) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mike Davis ('74) To: Anne Mitzlaff Gerken ('77) and family Annie, Our deepest sympathy to you and your family with the loss of your father, Bill. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. You know we all love you very much. The Davis Family -Mike Davis ('74) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Kim Edgar Leeming ('79) Re: The feeling of Home I headed over to the Tri-Cities last week to visit my mom, Carolyn Edgar Halstead ('61WB). I always get an antsy feeling when I get just outside the city limits. I knew I was home when a huge tumbleweed rolled across the highway to greet me. Bomber Cheers! -Kim Edgar Leeming ('79) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: "unsigned" We have this email address belonging to: Jean Ell (Bomber Mom and '45 KHS grad) Date/Time: Sat 11/22/03 8:29pm Anybody remember the old(?) Navel training pool next to the pasco airport? I have a video of us(Eric Straulsund skateboard team members)ripping it up on our skateboards around '76-'81. It had perfect cement once the bits of broken tiles were swept away.We used to wear (dyed) blue camo clothing to avoid getting caught when the airport guard made his rounds. All we had to do was hold our bodys up against the blue walls and he would never see us.We would park about a 1/4 mile away and make a "commando" style raid from building to building working our way to the pool. Once safely inside we would push the limits of what could be done with a skateboard and an empty pool.One day an airplane circled over head and by the next weekend the port people filled the pool with piles of railroad ties to make skating imposible. It never stopped us! We got together and moved to ties into piles as to make for lanes for us to ride. And ride we did! We were so far more advanced than the "jocks" at richland high.What we were doing was riding the cutting edge of the skateboard revolution. We never got the credit we should have. It was REAL undergound.We new one day it would become bigger than the other boring sports that everyone else did. We took a lot of crap for what we did and didnt get the pretty girls at the shcool BUT we were real AND right about what was to come.How many here can say that about their high school years? "Unsigned" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Sent the following - Sun 11/23/03 2:39am -Ed] "OK... I don't believe this, so I'm holding this entry til I get confirmation. This entry was not "signed" and I have this address associated with a '45 Lion/Bomber Mom named Jean Ell.... the entry does NOT match that person... I just can't see that Bomber Mom skateboarding and worrying about not getting "the pretty girls" at RHS. I'm guessing it's really from one of Jean Ell's kids... but which one?????? Gary ('67), Kathy ('70), Janet ('72), Judi ('76), David ('81), Linda ('83) -- OK... none of the girls, so is it from maybe Gary or David??? Bomber cheers, Maren Smyth, classes of '63 and '64" ~~~~~~~~~ ["sorta-signed" answer Sun 11/23/03 10:54am -Ed] "Whats the problem? Free speech is still alive no? That story is mild.Many more like it only to wild for you I guess.You see....Its so boring to read about the same old stuff everyone else did.There were different people there and they were proud to be themselfs.We were model kids and well liked! We beat the school sports guys hands down in PE. Larry "latter bruce" PRINT IT!" ~~~~~~~~~~ [Response Sun 11/23/03 11:11am -Ed] ""Free Speech" ain't the point..... WHO IS TYPING???? WHAT'S YOUR CLASS YEAR???????? Bomber cheers, Maren Smyth classes of '63 and '64" ~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Next: Sun 11/23/03 8:26pm -Ed] "Larry class of 82." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [More Sun 11/23/03 10:21pm -Ed] "THANKS! That looks like half your name.... I don't see Larry Ell on the class of '82 class roster... are you another of Jean Ell's sons??? Is your last name Ell? Bomber cheers, Maren Smyth classes of '63 and '64" ~~~~~~~~~~ [Next still-unsigned response Mon 11/24/03 3:34am -Ed] "Geezzz....I feel like I am being questioned by the FBI-:) If you dont want to print it then oh well.Its just it seems its just old fogys posting and I thought some younger classes would enjoy it.I will still check back a couple times a year to see if there are any Jeff Curits entries.That man captures what it was like to grow up in richland.I have so many great high school stories about Richland High but I guees they will just remain in my head-what a pity.You should be able to post." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Latest response in this series... publishing because I'm tired of trying to figure out who "Larry" is 11/24/03 Mon 10:47pm -Ed] "Bomber mom was typing.Its here computer and she backed us back them-team mom so to speak.She was like the brady bunch mom back them-SUPER! looking forward to seeing it." *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/26/03 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11 Bombers and one funeral notice today: Shirley Watts (49), Jim Grow ('51) Tom Tracy ('55), Fred Schafer ('63) Jim Hamilton ('63), Bill Scott ('64) Bob Mattson ('64), Jeff Michael ('65) Mike Howell ('68WB), Karen Davis ('76) Lisa Lysher ('79) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Roberta Adkins Shipman ('52) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bill Berlin ('56) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Eleanor Attwood Roberts ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: CB Lih ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jill Walser ('81) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Shirley Watts James ('49) To: Dick Harris ('49) Dick, I certainly agreed (and enjoyed) your letter in regard to "getting something for nothing" syndrome that seems to be plaguing the nation. It is difficult to know what is cause and effect in this case. Too many other things can cause cancer. I presently live in an area that has some of the highest cancer rates in the nation. In fact I served on the Indiana State Board of Health's Cancer Control Data Study, and I learned there is very little that can be done in demonstrating cause and effect considering our present-day science. At this time, the EPA sets limits as to what toxic elements an industry can put into the air and water. However, these limits do not take under consideration how that industry's effluent interacts chemically with other industrys' discharges. This is known as the "synergistic effect" and could be the chemical element that causes the increase in cancer rates. I asked, "Does the EPA set these limits based on the synergistic effect of all industries in a given area?" The answer was, "No, it is too expensive to do that". I then asked, "If that is the case, how do they know what limits to set for each industry if they don't know the actual effect of all the industries?" They couldn't answer me. In our area, we have refineries, plastic plants, heavy agriculture, and drug manufacturers. All of these industries release toxic chemicals that are known to cause cancer into the air and water. How they combine to make new and unknown elements is not yet established by the EPA so who do you sue--all of them or pick the one you think has the most money or the most to lose. At any rate, you certainly cannot determine which industry caused the effect of cancer in a court of law. What you get is a sympathetic jury or judge who will give outrageous settlements because they think the "supposed villain" can afford it or will settle quickly so as not to allow the publicity to adversely affect their business. What outraged me in relation to Hanford was the fact that we castigated Hitler for his dreadful and insane experimentation on the Jews and at the same time our government was experimenting with the entire Pacific Northwest populace when it released radioactive iodine indiscriminately without knowing its potential effects. According to the National Geographic much of this was done in the '50s when we were having an arms race with Russia and not during wartime. -Shirley Watts James ('49) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jim Grow ('51) Re: Dick Harris' ('49) Letter... Applying for something you have not earned or are not entitled to. Dick's letter was 100% on the mark. We won the war with the output from the area and that was good. What came afterwards was not so good. I refer to the Give- me-something-for-nothing attitude that exists out there today. There is no free lunch in our society. You always pay in the end. If you are in doubt look at our government as it exists today. -Jim Grow ('51) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Tom Tracy ('55) To: Paula Beardsley Glenn ('62) Congratulations to your Dad. He and your family were good neighbors across the street at the end of Cedar. 1325 Cedar St. has disk drives of good memories for me and I recall how your family and ours were the last two houses at the end of Cedar St in the 4-bedroom ranch models. Give your Dad my best wishes for being such a good neighbor, Father and Fireworks Specialist Extraordinaire. He is a Richland Icon. Your brother Charlie ('56RIP) and I were self-appointed Rangers who oversaw the land beyond the land West of the 'bypass highway' and helped John Wayne get all the Wagon Trains get across the plains and settle safely along the banks of the Yakima and Columbia Rivers. With the help of the Riding Stables and the wonderful ponds, backwater and Yakima River, we solved more world problems, saved settlers and kept rustlers off the range with our Red Ryder Rifles and a few extra dollars that bought us time in saddles of our favorite horses. Your brother, Charlie caught the biggest fish ever in the tiniest stream once when my folks took us camping near the Klickatat River. Dad dubbed Charlie the 'Big Fisherman' after his catch ...and on a bare hook too. A beautiful rainbow trout. It was one of the proudest moments for Charlie as I remember. We also helped open and pioneered Chief Joseph Jr. High in '51 - '52. I remember your Mom tried to teach us the best dance steps. My best dance move became two slips a stumble and a 20 yard dash, despite her assistance. She was a good dancer and a very wonderful neighbor too. The Brightest scientific minds gathered and visited in Richland while all the world talked about the magic developed there. As Robert Frost pondered: "We all sit around in a circle and suppose; while the secret sits in the middle and knows." We all remember with pride the greatest minds gathered and most powerful project that was created in record time which has help our great nation master and maintain its position as the world leader. We are justifiably proud of all the parents like your Dad, who helped and supported us as we learned in perhaps the finest educational facilities, and with the select educators of our time. Happy Trails, Paul, and many happy returns. -Tom Tracy ('55) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Fred Schafer ('63) Re: Happy Birthday, David Happy 50 something to David Rivers ('65) on 11/27. You put the "K" in cool. I enjoy trading barbs with you on the net... it seems you are always one step ahead of me. -Fred Schafer (Gold Medal Class of '63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jim Hamilton ('63) How apropos that the rest of the Turkeys come out this year on the 27th, but birthday boy Bill Berlin's ('56) special day is the 26th. He's gotta be 65, but still thinks he can get into the Village for twelve cents this Saturday. He's been great entertainment for as long as I can remember, and we wish him the best as he relocates to Anacortes, the former home of Gary Nelson and the Seagulls. -The forever young & always lovely Miss Nancy, Cysti & Mimmie p.s. There's cussin, and then there's Bill talkin' about Roger Niva and the Lincoln Lynx. Now that's some serious cussin, worthy of them "Ivory Samwiches" your mother served up on a nearly daily basis. -Jim Hamilton ('63) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bill Scott ('64) Note to "unsigned": Yes, I remember the old Navy pool at the Pasco Airport. In fact, I remember my parents taking my sister and me over there to swim when I was very small, and it was still a functioning swimming pool. This was before the George Prout Pool was built. Re: JFK The anniversary of the Kennedy assassination brings back memories of his visit to Hanford just a couple of months before he was killed. Must have been in September 1963. He came to Hanford to dedicate N-Reactor. All the schools let out, and all of Richland virtually shut down to go out and see him. I remember standing in the crowd listening to his speech, and afterward having him pass in front of me only a few feet away as he signed autographs in the crowd. Quite a thrill. -Bill Scott ('64) ~ Santa Maria, CA ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Bob Mattson ('64) Just wondering what ever happened with the lame idea of moving Cool Desert Nights to the fairgrounds in Kennewick. If they did, I think a motorcade should run from there, up and around Uptown. I guess I could settle for that. Any word yet? -tuna bob mattson ('64) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jeff Michael ('65) Re: It's a Conundrum To: David Rivers ('65) Gosh, I hope I get this right. I want to wish David Happy Birthday on his birthday, not the day before or the day after. So if I post today, it will get published tomorrow (Wednesday). That won't work will be a day early. So, I'll wait and post tomorrow...that way it will publish Thursday. But no, Maren will be stuffing a turkey late tomorrow and will take the night off. Then she'll publish while the football games are on TV Thursday, and David won't get his greeting until Friday...a day late. So what to do?!!! I've got it. I've never said Happy Birthday to David before, so why start now? Oh, have a happy and fulfilling Thanksgiving, everyone. dj jeff Michael ('65) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Mike Howell ('68WB) I want to wish each and all a very Happy Thanksgiving. I am not going to be near a computer on Wednesday so I will send this out today. So from our home to yours Eat Hardy but try to remember to say Thank You for all you have and if possible Help someone a little less fortunate. They don't have to be homeless but maybe just alone. What's an extra plate and smile worth? -Mike Howell ('68WB) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Karen Davis Scheffer ('76) To: Anne Mitzlaff Gerken ('77) Mitz, As always, the only way I learn things is by reading this site. I am sorry to hear of the loss of your dad. I was home a couple weeks ago and it was mentioned that he was ill or something---but to hear from my family of the seriousness, nope. It is not an easy thing to lose of loved one---as you know, the Davis' have lost two adults, it never goes away. I pray for strength for you and yours. Give your Mom a hug from me and be sure she knows that the neighborhood there on Tinkle and Torbett Street are there to assist her. I don't know when the service is, but I apologize in advance for not being able to be there. I won't blame the raunchy weather up here either, I have had a medical problem myself of late and have been on I.V.s for hydration. I can't get too far away from my Dr. or the hospitals, it seems. But--again, my condolences and prayers to you all. -Karen Davis Scheffer ('76) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Lisa Lysher Fuller ('79) I wanted to take this opportunity to let everyone know that I found a great web site called "Pacific Northwest Bands [WITH SOUND -- click ENTER to hear "Louie Louie"] that hosts all the information on bands (oldies 1950+ thru new) from the Pacific Northwest. I was able to get my father's, Wayne Lysher ('57) band on there as a surprise birthday gift for him. His band called "The Royals" played from 1958 - 1961. After finding a few old pictures and the help of the webmaster his band is now recognized on the site with pictures of their record they recorded and the band. If any of the band members are still out there, we would love to hear from you and how you're doing. If you get a chance to see the web site and know my father, I know he would love to hear from you also. See you all later. -Lisa Lysher Fuller ('79) ******************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Funeral Notice >>Marjie Kingsley Moberg ('46) ~ 7/18/28 - 11/19/03 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/27/03 ~ Thanksgiving Dateline: Richland ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 17 Bombers sent stuff today: Shirley Watts ('49), Bill Berlin ('56) Kathy Graham ('60), Family of Robert M Cowan ('60) Patti Jones ('60), Audrey Eberhardt ('61WB) Mary Ann Vosse ('63), Jim Hamilton ('63) The Schafers ('63), Gary Behymer ('64) Linda Reining ('64), Janine Rightmire ('65) Patti Snider ('65), Jim Adair ('66) Terry Ganz ('68WB), Betti Avant ('69) Kim Edgar ('79) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Andrew Eckert, Jr. ('53) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: David Rivers ('65) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Shirley Watts James ('49) Re: Marjie Kingsley Moberg ('46) I was so sorry to hear about Marjie. Her sister Evelyn ('49) was one of my best high school friends. Evelyn, I've tried to reach you through e-mail, but my mail is always returned. If you have a new address, please contact me. -Shirley Watts James ('49) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Bill Berlin ('56) Re: Birthday and Pasco Pool Many thanks to Jimbeaux (Mimmie until he graduated at L&C) Hamilton ('63) on my matriculating to Medicare and Social Security. What a deal? I even qualify for Canadian Social Insurance since I paid into that slush fund for some 10 years. The Hamiltons (Carolyn and Jim), the Russells (Jim and Jack), Pat Murray, and the Berlins (Bill and Bruce), all Bomber grads except Bruce, had a lot of fun in the "Compound" just behind GWW where we lived. A couple of neighborhood circuses, outdoor movies, and a couple of car engines getting rebuilt. I remember the Pasco Pool very well. It was built by the Navy in WW-II for pilot training, air craft splash downs, etc. It was huge and the dressing room was typical Navy, all gray paint, wooden lockers, and splinter benches. Remember the big ropes hanging down from the middle rafters? What I remember the best was how cold it was, both the building and the water. With a little less heat the Tri-City Americans could have squared off at center ice on the surface. I am not sure if the Richland pool down in the park alongside the river was in when the '48 floods rolled into Richland or not, but the "Pool in Pasco" did not last long. Helen Cross Kirk ('62). I love this woman! I looked up West Harrison, Indiana just to see where it was based on Helen's great news at the end of her very interesting entries in the Sandstorm. You know my mantra for putting in where you are from and what is happening in your area, and Helen is the champion of the Sandstorm byline. -Bill Berlin ('56) ~ I talked to Dr. Dave Priebe ('57) whilst I was in Anacortes yesterday and we are getting together for coffee and to "jaw" a bit, a good deal for a retired dentist. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Kathy Graham ('60) Re: BOB COWAN, 1942-2003 (Class of 1960) Bob Cowan's sister, Suzanne, reports he passed away peacefully at 2am in Anchorage, Alaska, on Sunday, November 23. The family suggests in lieu of flowers, donations be made to Richland Dept. of Parks. Funds will be used for a memorial plaque along the Columbia River Walk. Initial plans are to place it near the Shilo Inn, the site of many reunions Bob so enjoyed. Checks should be made out to the "City of Richland-Cowan Memorial" and mailed attention Dave Bryant, Dept. of Parks, P.O. Box 190, MS 13, Richland, WA,. 99352 -Kathy Graham ('60) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Family of Robert M Cowan ('60) Dear Sandstorm, The family of Robert Merle Cowan ('60) wishes to let his classmates and friends know that condolences may be mailed to the family in care of his law practice, Cowan Gerry & Aaronson, 909 Cook Avenue, Kenai, Alaska 99611. In lieu of flowers, donations in Bob's name can be made to the Kenai Peninsula Youth Court, 145 Main Street, Suite 215, Kenai, Alaska 99611, or the local chapter of the American Cancer Society, Box 2165, Kenai, Alaska 99611. A Celebration of Life will be held on November 28, 2003 at 6pm at the Kenai Elks Lodge, 205 Barnacle Street, Kenai, Alaska 99611. Thank you. -Family of Robert M Cowan ('60) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) Re: Birthday I've always been told that men do not remember birthdays, special dates, and so on. That has been my experience with some men in my life. There is a Bomber guy who can know you for a short time then a birthday wish pops in the Sandstorm. Now this guy is a very busy man just as he was when I knew him when he was a busy little boy. I was the older girl on the block who knew all of the little kids. Babysat for a lot of them too. When David Rivers ('65), Fred Schaefer ('63) and others in their bike group buzzed down the streets of Acacia, Birch, Cedar, and all the ranch house streets, the cars got out of the way. The group probably went out of the perimeters of the ranch homes which the parents didn't know? Well that's what makes this guy David Rivers ('65) tick. I want to be one of those (probably part of his harem) to wish him a Happy Birthday. Through the Bomber reunions I've gotten to know many of the kids on the block after years of being a part. It's very special to me to catch up with these little tykes who have been busy out in the world doing such great things. Happy Birthday David Rivers ('65)! Re: Thanksgiving Happy Thanksgiving to all of the Bombers, spouses, and families. Thank-you to Maren and the many who work through the year to bring all of the reunions together. -Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) ~ Browns Point, WA. This has been the warmest day we have had in what seems like a month. 47 degrees today. Even Browns Point got snow. This is rare at sea level. The arctic air finally seemed to lift. Even the wind stopped for the day. It is so cold when the wind blows off the Olympics and Mt. Rainier down across the water. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Audrey Eberhardt Mathews ('61WB) I would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I pray everyone that can will spend time with family and remember what a great country we live in. Sure, there are problems and troubles; but, we have so much more than so many other countries. Always pray for our servicemen and women. -Audrey Eberhardt Mathews ('61WB) ~ in central Georgia where it finally feels like winter is coming. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Mary Ann Vosse Hirst ('63) Thank you Maren and Gary for starting the SagebrushRag, a very appropriate place for exchanging political thoughts and opinions. At times on 11/25 I felt I was reading the Sandstorm from Hell. I always thought the Alumni Sandstorm was for positive contact between alumni: memories exchanged, seeking and receiving help, sharing information, renewing friendships. It is no place for smart-mouthed anonymity, nor denigration of others' opinions. With that said, I want to thank you and all other Bombers who continue to make this an enjoyable daily read. May you all have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving. -Mary Ann Vosse Hirst ('63) ~ in cold, but currently sunny, Ocean Park, WA, where I am watching a very wild surf due to all the storms passing through. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim Hamilton ('63) We hope that David Rivers ('65) is appreciated by the rest of his "Card Table Friends" this Thanksgiving. He is worthy of being promoted to sit on the Sears Catalog and eat with the big kids, if for no other reason than introducing us to chorizo omelets and pumpkin bread last December. We can also vouch for his table manners being much better than expected; his thumb kept most of his breakfast on his spoon. Happy Birthday David -- to everyone you are a loyal and trusted friend. -Jimbeaux and his trophy wife, the Forever Young and Always Lovely Miss Nancy -Jim Hamilton ('63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: The Schafers ('63) We wish all of you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving and lot of family, fun, food, and football in any order you prefer. -The Schafers ('63) ~ Ann and Fred from wet Vancouver USA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: Those Cook girls ... My beautiful wife of 35 years, Janis Cook Behymer, graduated from Kennewick High School in 1965 ... if ever I could put two thoughts together I'd have thought of this earlier. She attended Jason Lee for 4th through 6th grades and later Carmichael for 7th and 8th. HER cousins attended Marcus Whitman and finished school at Kennewick. Gloria Cook ('59?) was at Marcus and Carmichael, Sharon Cook ('64) was at Marcus and maybe Carmichael, Sharon ('66) and Danny ('69?) at Marcus. Their parents were Lloyd (Buster) and Marge Cook. PS -- Moving from Richland to Kennewick, before they graduated from Richland were Duane Neitzel, Bob Beaver, and Gary Lee Kohl. Spending Thanksgiving at home with a wife who has the flu. Kids in Dupont with strep throat, bronchitis, and 2 colds. Bring out the Swanson TV dinners ALL (;-) -Gary Behymer ('64) ~ located somewhere within the metropolis of Colfax, Washington. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Linda Reining ('64) To: Lisa Lysher Fuller ('79) Re: Pacific Northwest Bands Thanks for the great site. Put it in "my favorites". To: David Rivers ('65) Happy Birthday to a GREAT turkey! Just kiddin -- ya know we all love ya and wish ya a great day! Enjoy the turkey and the trimmings along with some birthday cake. -Linda Reining ('64) ~ Bakersfield, CA ~ the weatherman is advising a freeze warning; and yes, I am finally cold enough! ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Janine Rightmire Corrado ('65) To: David Rivers ('65) "Go go go/ It's your birthday/ We're gonna party/ cuz it's your birthday." Ha!!! This birthday boy is definitely NOT a rapper fan! Let's see ..... how about "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to."? Yes, much better. Oh my goodness, do ya think he'll go out and buy himself another new street rod for this celebration? Yep, probably ..... can't have too many of those babies. Gee, will we ever see one of those cars at the Cool Desert Nights? Nah, that might take time away from visiting at the Spudnut Shop or floating down the Mighty Columbia or mingling with Bomber Buddies. Wow!!! What can you say about a guy who has his finger in all the Bomber activities? "The leader of the pack", who always makes sure we get together, who absolutely cherishes his friends and would do anything for them, who is so much fun to have around ..... even though he "cries if he wants to!", who pouts if you don't bring the right car to the reunion so he can drive it around town, and who's brought you back together with your old chums and gives you a second chance to relive your teens? Oh, I know!!! You can wish him a huge Happy Birthday and the hope that he is happy, healthy, and always around to be the best of friends! Have a great one David!!!! "Here come the judge ..... here come the judge ...." HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!! -Janine Rightmire Corrado ('65) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Patti Snider Miller ('65) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, DAVID RIVERS ('65). We are still as young as ever!!!! Don't eat too much turkey! -Patti Snider Miller ('65) ~ in Richland where it is 36 degrees at 8:00pm; had lots of sun today too ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim Adair ('66) David Rivers ('65) is a great friend and wonderful person. Happy Birthday David! We love you. We want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving. We are all so blessed. -Jim Adair ('66), Kathie Moore Adair ('69), and Steven Adair ('08) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Terry Ganz ('68WB) Just wanted to thank Lisa Lysher Fuller ('79) for the great link to the old rock & roll bands of the PNW. Had a great time cruising the site and the memories it brought back of the Richland Skating Rink, the Plumbers and Steamfitters Hall, and the Friday dances at the old community hall in West Richland. What a blast from the past. -Terry Ganz ('68WB) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Betti Avant ('69) May all you Bombers out there have a lovely Thanksgiving. Don't eat too much and just relax. Bomber rah-rahs to each and everyone. -Betti Avant ('69) ~ Goodland, KS, where it is sunny, but not too warm ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Kim Edgar Leeming ('79) Re: Bertha Halstead Sundberg ('58) Just a note to let you know that my Aunt Bertha has been ill for quite some time. She has just been moved to a hospice house; it is a hard adjustment for her, please keep her in your prayers. -Kim Edgar Leeming ('79) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/28/03 Dateline: Richland ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff today: Doris Palmer ('49), Paula Beardsley ('62) Dennis Hammer ('64) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Doris Palmer Overla ('49) To: Dick Harris ('49) Re: Applying for DOE Cancer Related Benefit [11/25/03] Thanks for voicing the opinion of many, Dick. Several years ago while I was visiting in Richland I had a very nice visit with Ray Conley ('46) and the subject came up of compensation and we agreed that our families were so patriotic and all they wanted was to serve in any way they could and for that we will always be eternally grateful. -Doris Palmer Overla ('49) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Paula Beardsley Glenn ('62) Greetings to my fellow Bombers, Thanks so much for the many birthday greetings that were sent for Dad's 91st birthday. He had a hard time understanding how so many people knew it was his birthday (modern technology is more than he understands) but was delighted to read your nice notes. Each day he continues to surprise us with what he retains in his ancient memory banks. I hope all of you had as wonderful a Thanksgiving with your families as I did. My family, including Dad, traveled to Yakima to visit the inlaws and then back to Pasco to be with sis Nancy and her gang. It was a wonderful day to travel and celebrate the blessings that continue to pour down into our lives. As always it's great to keep up with classmates and friends. Thanks Maren and happy holidays to one and all. -Paula Beardsley Glenn ('62) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dennis Hammer ('64) Re: "Conan the Bacterium" -- radiation proof microbe to clean up radioactive toxic waste Thought this article might be of interest to some. <> -Dennis Hammer ('64) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/29/03 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers and 1 deceased Bomber today: Jim Grow ('51), Dave Vallely ('60) Kathy Graham ('60), Lola Heidlebaugh ('60) Gary Behymer ('64), Rick Maddy ('67) Anonymous ('??) ******************************************** ******************************************** BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Joe Campbell ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mike Howell ('68WB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Rick Polk ('70) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Jim Grow ('51) Re: The Sagebrush Rag I was looking for the Sagebrush Rag. Can you please give me the link to click on. I have tried several times to accomplish what I want but I cannot find anything that works. Please e-mail me if possible and tell me what I have to do. Can you if possible maybe sign me in. -Jim Grow ('51) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Dave Vallely ('60) Re: Green & Gold Football Fellow Bombers I wanted to invite you all to come cheer for my adopted high school team the Evergreen Plainsmen from Vancouver, "colors green & gold" when they take on the Pasco Bulldogs in the semi-final at Pasco this Saturday at 1pm. Evergreen is 12 & 0 this season and have a great chance to be state champs. Hope all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! We were dry and in the 40s. Bombers Rule!! Good on Ya!! -Dave Vallely ('60) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Kathy Graham ('60) Re: Memorial Bench/plaque for Bob Cowan ('60RIP) I talked to Bobs mother... she read some things people wrote about Bob... obviously from the Sandstorm. It made her laugh. His mother was troubled, I understand, that he was being cremated and that there would be no place where Bob "would be to show he was here." The fund through the Parks Dept. will go to purchase a bench along the river walk with a plaque embedded in the cement foundation... right there by the Shilo. A bench w/plaque costs around $1200 but could run just a bit more if one chose to embellish the plaque with more than the standard 40 characters 3 lines. City of Richland is most cooperative and the donator can go directly to the plaque manufacturer to design something other than routine. The space along the Columbia walk in front of the Shilo is available and I told the Parks and Recs guy to hold it. I think we will get enough money. Bob's sister, Suzanne ('71) really liked the idea. It would please her Mother so to have a place in Richland where she could go. And, when it is dedicated she can be there. It was Suzanne who asked me to contact you ASAP to get this info on the memorial fund in lieu of flowers out on the Sandstorm. I gave her the details as well so she had it on and for the memorial service in Kenai and for the obituary. Connie Madron Hall ('60) told me you ran something in the "death" section. Connie said you ran a high school photo and a newer photo... one of the best she had seen of Bob. Sure would like to see some of this good stuff. It would warm my heart. -Kathy Graham ('60) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Bob's Memorial Page] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Lola Heidlebaugh Bowen ('60) Re: Portland/Vancouver Bomber Christmas Luncheon DATE: Saturday - December 6 TIME: 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. WHERE: DoubleTree/Columbia River I-5 Exit #308 - Jantzen Beach Exit RSVP: Lola Heidlebaugh Bowen ('60) WHO: All bombers and guests are welcome - tell anyone who might not have heard about the luncheons - everyone has a great time! There will be a "White Elephant" gift exchange - $10 maximum. RSVP -Lola Heidlebaugh Bowen ('60) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: TAKEN FROM CLASSMATES.COM From: JOY CHAPMAN 1995 Nov 15 2003 11:49:39PM To: ALL (1) Looking for a certain Classmate. Does anyone have any idea where Annette Reich is? I was just wanting to catch up with her and get back in touch because she was one of my best friends' when I went to Richland/Columbia High School. I did not see her listed here on Classmates so just wanted to know if anyone has been in contact with her. Sincerely, Joy E. Chapman ***** From: MERLE HUESTIES 1972 Aug 2 2000 12:25:00AM To: ALL (1) Freedom Park was liberated in 1972! Freedom Park was liberated in 1972! Would love to hear from old friends.
Edited 8/2/00 3:30:03 PM ET by MERLE96 Reply to message From: STEVE HUNTINGTON 1973 Nov 21 2003 1:16:45PM To: MERLE HUESTIES 1972 (2) Freedom Park was liberated in 1972! (in reply to 1) Merle, Rico Spitalerti and I were there if you are talking about the night of the riots in Pasco. Marlon and I escaped arrest by catching the late train to Portland from the old station nearby. My sister Chris made my father's night, when he saw her on the 11 Oclock news holding up a fist a saying ^$#^#$ the pigs. He must have just loved that. Steve ***** From: PETER BRANDT 1972 Oct 7 1999 12:31:00AM To: ALL (1) Class of '72 lives! Class of '72 lives! Reply to message From: STEVE HUNTINGTON 1973 Nov 21 2003 1:31:14PM To: PETER BRANDT 1972 (2) Class of '72 lives! (in reply to 1) Probably so, but with too much grease in their hair and in the same jean jackets as they cruised the halls in at CJ. 72 may have survived, 73 Rules. ***** From: JEAN NEWBY 1974 May 8 2000 1:13:00PM To: ALL (1) Does anyone remember the dances they ... Does anyone remember the dances they used to have at Christ The King School and the community house? We got to dance for a few hours for a couple of bucks. Sure had alot of fun. Reply to message From: STEVE HUNTINGTON 1973 Nov 21 2003 1:23:51PM To: JEAN NEWBY 1974 (2) Does anyone remember the dances (in reply to 1) Jean, Just surfing around today on old RHS stuff an saw your note. Hell yes I remember CYO dances, UMBRA, Factory, Solid Phat, in fact, saw Johnner Hughes and Dave Dean last August. I think my sister Chris was in your class year, correct? *************** -Gary Behymer ('64) ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Rick Maddy ('67) Re: Hanford Hope all [have/had/are having] a great Thanksgiving holiday. This is a news clipping out of a 1977 Tri-City Herald. I am finding stuff in some boxes I hope to eliminate. If the photo and story are worthy (readable), maybe Maren will scan it. Thanx Maren. -Rick Maddy ('67) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [1977 Herald Article Re:Hanford revisited] ******************************************** ******************************************** >>From: Anonymous Re: Larry Coryell and the Tri-City band scene. Larry 's first band was in Richland while he was in high school. I used to know the name, but memory fails me.I think they used to play from time-to-time on the old Burt Wells local TV show. They also used to play the "High Spot", which was an abandoned grocery store in the Uptown next to the old Rexall drugstore by the Uptown theater. (The drugstore also had a "Tammy's Coffee Shop" that was a favorite with our family). They soaped the front windows and used the place as a dance hall. I think its now the Bonanza $.88 store. The Dynamics were a Seattle band. Harry Wilson ('64) took over after Larry left for New York. Harry eventually ended up with Jeff Afton (sp?) in a group called the Springfield Rifle. They were very popular at the Roller Rink dances and played for our Senior Party. The Chico Hamilton album mentioned in the previous email was Larry's first big break. It was one of the first albums that presented rock/blues style guitar in a jazz setting. Larry eventually ended up in Gary Burton's small group. They were very experimental for the time, and Larry developed somewhat of an avant garde reputation in the band. It was during this period that he became a regular name in the Downbeat Poll for Best Guitarist. The "Battle of the Bands" at Col-Hi that Dan Ham ('72) remembers was a fairly big deal at the time. Most dances, etc., were held in the Girl's Gym. This BofB was held in the Boy's Gym. Greg Rietan's band at the time was the Parrots and I know they participated. Stan Reynolds played guitar, Paul Freitag played bass, etc. The only other band I remember, for sure, is the Rock N' Souls from Pasco. Jim Henning played bass, Steve Rogers played guitar, and I think Mark Gage was on keyboard. I may be mistaken, but I think the Isle of Phyve was there, also. That would have included Tom Peashka, Keith Gosney, Robert Magula, Lynn Stanfield, and Randy Fullmer. Shag Rothwell, Tony Azure, and various other guys from Pasco had a band called the Mind Museum. They may have also been there. Most of the BofB were held in Columbia Park. There was one on the back of a flatbed truck down at Howard Amon Park one year, and another was held on a flatbed in downtown Kennewick. In retrospect, it was a unique time period. Dances were held at the Richland and Kennewick Community Centers, at all three of the Catholic Churches, at the high schools for sock hops and mixers, at the Roller Rink, at CBC, etc., etc., on a regular basis. There were active, functioning bands in all three cities--and all worked regularly. Bands from Moses Lake, Seattle, Spokane, Boise, etc., came to play in the Tri-Cities every week. Paul Revere and the Raiders, The Kingsmen, Sonics, Wailers, Don and the Goodtimes, City Zu, Springfield Rifle, etc., were all bands we looked forward to seeing when they came to town. -an Anonymous Bomber ******************************************** ******************************************** ******************************************** Death Notice >>Don Richey ('47) ~ 1929 - 11/28/03 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/30/03 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCoy ('45, '46, & '02), Shirley Watts ('49) Jim Jensen ('50), Ann Bishop ('56) Shirley Collings ('66) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* *BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jeanne Turner ('63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dick McCoy ('46) Re: Don Richey ('47) I just heard this AM of the passing of Don Richey ('47) from a Dona Belt phone call. There is not enough room in this issue to tell all my feelings for this great man. High school, football, fellow founder of Club 40, best friend, on and on. I am deeply saddened at his passing, yet I know he is in a much better place. He did not have a good life these last years. I shall miss our cups, talking sports and the old days. God bless him and his family, which includes some younger Bombers. Later, Don -Dick McCoy ('46) Bomber Buddy ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Shirley Watts James ('49) I was sorry to hear about Don's passing. He suffered so much in the past few years. My condolences to the Richey's. -Shirley Watts James ('49) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim Jensen ('50) Re: Don Richey ('47RIP) I was truly sad to learn of Don's passing. He was long active in Club 40 activities. He was one of the GOOD guys - a class act in every respect. He struggled with various ailments for a number of years. It must have been, at last, time to move on to a different venue. He will be missed... -Jim Jensen ('50) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Ann Bishop Ousley ('56) Re: Bob Cowan ('60RIP) My prayers to the family of Bob Cowan. Was he related to John Cowan ('56)? -Ann Bishop Ousley ('56) ~ Texarkana, AR - Cool (31) and sunny today, but the mini roses by the fish pond are STILL in bloom. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) Re: Cool Desert Nights Location Still in Limbo The article is from the TCHerald 11/17/03 edition. -Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for the month. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` October, 2003 ~ December, 2003