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 Alumni Sandstorm Archive ~ December, 2005
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16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 *********************************************** *********************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/01/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff: Mary Triem ('47), Bob Lattin ('56), Richard Anderson ('60) Mike Brady ('61), Doug Ufkes ('68) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Shirley Pittman ('52) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Lynn Johnson ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Chris Williamson ('65) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Mary Triem Mowery ('47) To: Nancy Nelson Wyatt ('69) Loved your note in the Sandstorm about your Christmas -- "... will have all 6 grandchildren here with their parents". It is so great you can look forward to such an event!!! We will have all 4 grandkids, 1 great granddaughter and all parents, but will be missing one son who is in MN. Happy Holidays to one and all, -Mary Triem Mowery, a '47 Bomber ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Bob Lattin ('56) My brother Bill Lattin ('58) recently received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 22nd Annual Technology Awards Dinner held in Portland, OR on November 17, 2005. The caption under his name in the TECH 2005 Awards- A Special Supplement to THE PORTLAND BUSINESS JOURNAL reads: "Bill Lattin is proof that nice guys can finish first when it comes to lifetime achievement in the technology industry." Those who knew Bill in High School may be surprised to learn that he received his Ph.D in Electrical Engineering at Arizona State University. Bill worked for Motorola and Intel and founded Logic Automation, Inc. He currently served on seven board of directors in the High Tech Industry. I am very proud of my little brother. -Bob Lattin ('56) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Richard Anderson ('60) Re: 2005/2006 Bomber Hoops The good news is that the season starts this Saturday, December 3rd. The bad news is that thanks to the remodel-in-place projects at both Richland and Hanford high schools, the schedules are in complete turmoil. Hanford and Richland will be sharing Dawald Gymnasium for their home games; while the varsity games are set for the most part, the feeder teams' games are a work in progress. By "feeder teams" I am referring to the freshman, sophomore, and JV squads. Ryan Lenkersdorfer ('06) runs the RHS website (which is now at; he will post the complete schedule for all the teams there as it becomes available (as of 3:00pm Wednesday the sports department staff was still working through a huge stack of changes -- those guys are earning their keep these days). Check the sports section at from time to time to see if the schedule is available or has changed. The annual hoops preview section of the Tri-City Herald will show up on Friday; it may even be available on their website -- I'll let you know the URL if it is. Hoops cheers, -Richard Anderson ('60) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Mike Brady ('61) Re: Learning from each other... Tonight I was watching Evening Magazine on KING 5 in Seattle. Their lead segment was about some Microsoft Alumni's post Microsoft life, i.e one guy spent millions to open a school in Rhawanda. Apparently, they have a group of over 2000 "alumni" who correspond on a regular basis describing projects they are involved in and sharing their ideas. What a fantastic idea. I thought, why not the Alumni Sandstorm? We've got a lot interesting, bright, creative, hard-working Bombers involved in exciting projects at one time or another in their life... both paid and volunteer service. I realize the Sandstorm was organized to talk about "touchy-feely" times in our past, but I think we would miss out on a great opportunity if we didn't take this opportunity to learn from each other. What do you think? Who wants to get the ball rolling? -Mike Brady ('61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Doug Ufkes ('68) Re: JFK I was between classes at Carmichael, walking down the hall with Buster Housley (wonder what ever happened to him) when the public address system came on and the principal announced that JFK had been killed and we were all to go home. Buster always had something to say about everything and the gravity of any situation does not really weigh heavy on many 12 year olds. He turned to me, with a puzzled expression on his face and said "Damn it, I just told them to rough him up a little bit". There were several girls within earshot that did not think that was very funny but I thought it was. 12 year old girls are more sensitive than 12 year old boys, come to think of it 55 year old women are more sensitive that 55 year old men, or so I am told. The fear did not set in until later when I realized that without a president the country was wide open for Russia to invade us but my dad assured me this was not going to happen, but in those days the whole country was sure afraid of those Russians, huh? Then, even later the sadness of us all loosing a good man. -Doug Ufkes ('68) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/02/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 Bomber sent stuff and 2 Bomber funeral notices today: Betty Hiser ('49) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Randy Rice ('73) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Betty Hiser Gulley ('49) I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy holiday season. I am leaving Saturday for Texas/Colorado to visit all my family and won't return until around January 6. I will have a dog sitter in my house. On days when I don't respond to the AS are days when my arthritis is kicking up - which it has been doing lately. My prayers are with the service personnel overseas who will not be with their families and all the Bombers/Bombettes who are going through any kind of pain or major problems. I will be doing a lot of reading when I get back. -Betty Hiser Gulley '49er - south/government Richland - it has tried to snow several days but the Blue Mountain area are getting most of the snow (as well as the passes). Hope their season this year is better than last year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ******************************************************* ******************************************************* ******************************************************* Funeral Notices >>Mike Bott ('65) ~ 7/7/47 - 11/27/05 >>Nancy Casey Walker ('68) ~ 5/3/50 - 11/28/05 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/03/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff: Tom Hughes ('56), Richard Anderson ('60), Jack Gardiner ('61) Gary Behymer ('64), Jeff Michael ('65), Art Schafer ('70) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Tom Hughes ('56) Re: Knee Surgery To: Marie Ruppert Hartman ('63) I want to thank you for your entry in the Sandstorm about your knee surgery. My wife, Agnes, learned today that she will have to have both knees replaced. They are going to do them one at a time. The left one is scheduled for February and the right after the left has healed sufficiently. She has been having problems for some time and when she went in to the doctor today the doctor said there is no more putting it off. She was very upset but we talked about it on the way home. I showed her your note from the Sandstorm and then called a friend of mine that had the same surgery. Turns out he had the same surgeon that she has. Between the two, it helped her to understand a little better and feel much better about it. It will be hard on her because she lives in her car most of the time and her not being able to drive for any length of time will drive me crazy. We are hoping for the best. -Tom Hughes ('56) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Richard Anderson ('60) Re: Bomber Hoops The Tri-City Herald's annual Prep Hoops special section for 2005/06 came out Friday -- 18 pages covering scads of teams: from the 4-A big schools, to the itty-bitty B's, through the various Oregon schools in the TCH readership area. Bombers are pre-campaign pick for third (the top four teams are significantly stronger than the "lesser seven"; my other team (Wa-Hi '60WB)..., next to last (and that may be a bit generous). Go to <> to read whatever interests you. Bombers had a bye Friday so their first game is today. The girls teams travel to Wenatchee while the Wenatchee boys invade Bombeville for five games: at Piippo Gymnasium (Chief Jo) 4:00pm Freshman 'A' -- Coach Ryan Rettig 5:45pm Freshman 'B' -- Coach Jay Bartlett at Dawald Gymnasium (Richland High School) 4:00pm Sophomore -- Coach Brian Neill 5:45pm Jr Varsity -- Coach Kevin Norris 7:30pm Varsity -- Head Coach Earl Streufert Hoops cheers, -Richard Anderson ('60) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jack Gardiner ('61) I would like to congratulate Jim Andersen ('61) and wife Vonnie on their 33rd anniversary...December 3. -Jack Gardiner ('61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: Richland House Ornaments As I was viewing the Richland House Ornaments page, I was taken back just a bit. There is one very important House missing. While I'm sure that it's much 'Too Tall' to fit on Christmas trees greater than 6'5", please don't forget it on December 7th! This House is not associated with the Bombing of Pearl Harbor but rather to the bowing down to the 'Bomb' at R2K. Happy Birthday Mr. James 'Too Tall' House... a Richland Bomber for all seasons and all classes. I salute you with my piece of the carrot cake held high and will deliver yours at a later time. -Behymer (64)...from the 'Top Notch' ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jeff Michael ('65) Re: News/Response Hey there Bomberer and Bomberettes... Well...made it back from the heat belt. Last Friday we were on the edge of the pool in Phoenix (or IN the pool), Tuesday, we were on the beach in San Diego wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Starting Wednesday around 4pm until today around 5pm, we drove through SNOW all the way to our garage door... changes in latitudes. To: Helen Cross Kirk ('62) We were in the Biloxi, Gulfport, Mobile area. Our church, Richland Assembly, put the trip with a pastor there that was coordinating the efforts. He goes by Brother Gene. He worked with other pastors in the area to find what was needed, where, etc. He directed volunteer teams from the country. Our team was 14 people. There was a another team the week before and another the week following. He was helping folks from the churches, working on the churches themselves, supporting the emergency distribution center at one of the churches and helping people the church people knew. Brother Gene did the delivering of crews in one church van. Our pastor was given another church van to move crews. Brother Gene made sure we had the tools and supplies we needed, including face masks. We were fed by the church folks and bunked at the churches. My wife and I called a Sunday classroom home! We shoved two tables together to put our air mattress on because getting up and down to the floor wasn't appealing. There was a real outpouring of help immediately following the hurricanes. But the need will continue for a very long time. I heard on the radio that folks were allowed in the 9th ward of New Orleans today, but there is still no electricity and other services are lacking. Things will never be the same... -dj jeff Michael ('65) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [You're right, Jeff. It'll never be the same. Those people who were allowed to go back to the 9th ward had to wear face masks and were NOT allowed to stay. They only went to see. I can identify with those who "lost everything" as the only thing we saved from Hurricane Camille in '69 was what we had packed in our VW Bug. People in the 9th ward can't even have a FEMA trailer put on their property because they don't have essential services (power, water, gas) like we have here on the west bank. The next entry is from Art Schafer, brother of Freddie ('63) who lived in the path of Hurricane Rita in Lake Charles, LA. This entry arrived a few days ago, but it was dated 10/9. -Maren] ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Art Schafer ('70) Re: Rita Things are slowly getting back to normal. Was in DeRidder, LA during the storm (about 40 miles) Snuck back into Lake Charles the afternoon of the storm because I was feeling guilty about leaving the cat and to check things out. It was a total mess. Lots of trees down, downed power lines, downed telephone poles, lots of damage. Cameron, LA and Holly Beach, LA were totally destroyed. After driving through a number of obstacles I made it to my house. I was lucky. No structural damage and just some fence and gates blown down and the cat was O.K. My rent house didn't do so well with a lot of roof, garage, and sheds, and tree damage but it could have been worse. My in-laws had three trees go into their roof with a lot of damage, So went back to DeRidder the next day and got my family to Houston with relatives. Snuck back into Lake Charles again on the 26th to see what I could do. Was able to contract with a tree removal company and got my in-laws' house out of the weather. I got electricity at my house a couple of days ago. Now my family, in-laws, and some other relatives are all here. It was like a ghost town for a while in Lake Charles last week but now most the people are back but many have lost their homes or can't stay there because of wind or water damage. It will be a while before things are back to normal. -Art Schafer ('70) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/04/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber funeral notice today: Terri Royce ('56), Mike Franco ('70) Gregory Dodd ('80) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Terri Royce Weiner ('56) Re: Missing Sandstorms Hi Maren and/or Richard -- I haven't gotten the Sandstorm for 3 days. Is there a problem? -Terri Royce Weiner ('56) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Terri - Yes, there's a BIG problem with Comcast. They have blocked delivery of the Alumni Sandstorm for most (if not all) Comcast subscribers. We're working on it, but can't tell you when Comcast will change this practice. Until we get it fixed, you can read the Sandstorm online at -Maren] ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Mike Franco ('70) My very best wishes and thoughts go out to a class of '70 great, Artie Schaefewr. I don't know where the "Art Schaefer" came from, I guess it came from adulthood. Anyway Artie, I sit here in Kent and watch the news and try to let all of that damage sink in... but it always hits home a little more when we hear from one of our own, as in a fellow Bomber. It is good to hear that things are slowly moving along for you and your family is safe. Keep in touch and let us know how things are going from time to time. Best wishes to Artie and all our Bomber friends struggling through this tragedy. -Mike Franco ('70) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gregory Dodd ('80) As a fellow Col-Hi Bomber graduate (1980), and a survivor of Katrina, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you that have found it in your hearts to help those so in need down here. I retired from the Navy 3 years ago and set up household in Gulfport, MS. Although we suffered moderate damage and loss, my wife and children praise all of you for helping us on the gulf coast. I also find it very nice that some of the assistance we are getting is coming from my hometown. I miss Richland very much and have not spoken to anyone that I grew up with in over 10 years. Please, if any of you find your way down here again, for whatever reason, please give me a call. I would love to meet or chat with you. I MISS RICHLAND! Once again, God Bless and have a wonderful and Merry Christmas. -Gregory Dodd ('80) ~ Gulfport, MS ******************************************************* ******************************************************* Funeral Notice scanned by Lori Raekes Chase ('81) >>Valerie Becker ~ Class of 1981 ~ 11/4/61 - 8/21/05 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/05/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff: Mike Clowes ('54), Larry Mattingly ('60) Richard Anderson ('60), David Rivers ('65) Greg Alley ('73) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: David Douglas ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Janine Rightmire ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Art Snyder ('71) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) From the "Don't Say I Didn't Warn You" Dept: Yes, boys and girls, coming to a mailbox near you, sometime in the near future, will be your copy of The Bomber DustStorm. Provided you are a member (dues paid and all that) of Club 40. So, be on the look out, and if your name and/or address isn't/wasn't totally too confusing for the mailing machine at the post office, the paper should be there in time for the holidays. So have a Happy and a Merry, and we'll try all this again next year. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) ~ from overcast Mount Angel, OR ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Larry Mattingly ('60) Re: Comcast [Broadband/cable] problems I installed a Comcast hi-speed internet connection last month. I also installed a wireless net with firewall. I belong to several networks, on safety, explosives, pyrotechnics and of course the Bombers. Based on advice from some members of those nets I don't use my comcast address. I only use comcast for access to other ISPs. Those who are having trouble getting mail from a network can set up a FREE Yahoo account [] and receive Bomber mail through there. This is not an isolated problem... many of the ISPs are cranking down their filters on multiple mailers to thwart spam. Unfortunately sometimes it is hard to get them to separate the good from the junk. About 3-4 months ago our domain was getting a total of as much as 400 spam per week! Then they got the new filter up and I see maybe 1 a day that gets through. "Happiness is the sky in bloom" -J Larry Mattingly ('60) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Richard Anderson ('60), Wenatchee 11 19 35 45 Bombers 13 26 46 67 Sean Winston 7, Hayden Rowe 2, Sam Cartmell 19, Brent Murri 16, Joe Biddle 6, D'Andre Wheeler 4, Kyle Merkley 11, Ryan McKinney 2, Garrett Sutherland, Nick Lundgren As Greg Alley ('73) reports below, this game was seriously ragged. Typical of the first game out of the chute. The best of all possible news: the K-Mart Blue-Light-Special uniforms of the past couple of seasons are gone, replaced by some really spiffy new threads. I mean REALLY SPIFFY! All white with green and gold detailing and R-Cloud logos and good looking numbers; if the program wants to raise some money it can sell team shorts to the public -- hey, the pros and colleges do it, why not our Bombers? Kyle Merkley never met a shot he didn't like; last year the ball was headed to the hoop shortly after it hit his hands. And last year Sam Cartmell waited his turn to put up shots; his brother Ben and the other seniors on the team would have strangled him if he took too many. Well, Sam is the big dog on this year's team; I'm sort of guessing that he imagined saying to Merk that, "You want to shoot, you go get the ball." Sammy put up a LOT of shots on his way to his nineteen; and, Merk went and got the misses: eleven rebounds to go with his eleven points. Hayden Rowe (one of those players who if he turns sideways, disappears --skinny dude!) had an excellent game; nice entry passes are his specialty. Anyway, the opening games rough spots will be corrected without undue difficulty and the season ought to be a successful campaign. Our main problem: we don't have any tall guys; and, as always, we will be vulnerable to opponents' wide bodies. Oh well. Issac Butts did not dress for the game -- flu or something similar --but lent nattily dressed support from the bench. Coach Streufert will use all his players; eight guys (and would have been nine had Butts been available) got into the rotation before the first quarter was over. Bomber player of the game: Kyle Merkley. Hoops cheers, -Richard Anderson ('60) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: David Rivers ('65) Re: Sweet 21 December 5, 2005 Yes indeedee... it's birthday time again. This Lady is so very special to me. She has been VERY special to me for over 40 years... even before we dated, I couldn't stay away from her... well there was that little thing about our names and being lined up alphabetically... but that's not why... as a matter of fact on graduation night... the one time I was sooooooo happy that we would march up together... we didn't... Ya see... I was always a tad naive when it came to school stuff... I had NO clue that the kids with honors would be placed at the front and that completely screwed up the ol' alphabet for the whole ceremony... I am not kidding when I say how unschooled (no pun intended) I was about school... I mean I thought it was a place where you walked your girlfriend from class to class and to her locker and stuff... I thought it was the entrance to Hi-Spot... (Course Mr. Olson had news for me in that regard... he wouldn't allow me in most of my senior year... that from my old grade school PE teacher... I was so misunderstood... "You're tearing me aparrrrrrrrrrt!" Yeah... James Dean step aside... ) I thought school was the Senior Parking Lot till the teachers took it away MY SENIOR YEAR!!!!!!! (which wasn't a total loss since the Judge took my license away for part of my senior year)... so where was I... I was so naive, I got on the bus with all my friends and took a ride like to Yakima or some place only to find out they were all taking the SAT test... How did these guys know they hadda take a test for college? Where was I when the word got passed? The only thing the counselor ever said to me was I should think about really doing well at pottery because that stuff sells real well on the Rez... (You think I'm kidding... I'm not!) I had NO clue... so anyway... to make a short story long... the birthday girl and I didn't walk down the isle together... No not that one either... but that was my fault... besides... her parents wouldn't have been very happy about that isle anyway... If there were prizes for being the best girlfriend ever this girl woulda won hands down... In Jr. high I used to LOVE to reach behind me and grab her leg and almost flip her backwards in her chair... ahhhhhhh the joys of pubescent courting... It was great till the time I reached back too far... boy did it hurt when she slapped me and BOY did she turn red... She is a wonderful horsewoman... or is that horse-person... anyway she can ride anything and it's so much fun to watch... she is a great mom and has three beautiful daughters but what else could I expect... I only hope we will always be close and never lose that lovin' feeling cuz I'd be just lost without her. Oh... you mean some of you guessed? HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANINE ELIZABETH RIGHTMIRE CORRADO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!('65) -David Rivers ('65) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Greg Alley ('73) Re: Bomber hoops I attended the first game of the boys basketball season last night. It was a ragged first game with Richland winning and neither team playing well overall. As you know things will never be the same with the old gym gone and the new under construction. When you walk into the foyer its a lot smaller with the construction boarded up and a narrow path to walk through. The wall of fame is not there and I am not sure where that is going to be in the future. The top set of bleachers on the north side are not available as that is the temporary weight room. I talked to principal Steve "stubby" Neill ('72) and he indicated the new gym will be done in March and then they start working on Dawald gym. The biggest obstacle of the night, going to the bathroom. You have to leave the gym and go to Mac Hall. It was a cold walk but walking the hallway brought back a few memories. -Greg Alley ('73) ~ It's cold here in the desert *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/06/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ Important Advice for Comcast/Cox Customers 5 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCoy ('45), Doreen Hallenbeck ('51) Helen Cross ('62), Jim Hamilton ('63) David Rivers ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Terry DeVine ('52) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Marsha Lawell ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Lamont DeJong ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Linda McKnight ('65) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* Problems With Email Distribution Of The Alumni Sandstorm December 5, 2005 By Richard Anderson, Deputy Editor FAQ: Q) My ISP is Comcast or Cox and I am not receiving my Sandstorm. What's going on? A) They are blocking ALL email sent from our email distribution service. Q) What can I do? A) Get an email account at Yahoo or Gmail or Hotmail and have your Sandstorm sent there. Here is a relevant experience related by Larry Mattingly ('60) in December 2005: I installed a Comcast hi-speed internet connection last month. I also installed a wireless net with firewall. I belong to several networks, on safety, explosives, pyrotechnics and of course the Bombers. Based on advice from some members of those nets I don't use my comcast address. I only use comcast for access to other ISPs. Those who are having trouble getting mail from a network can set up a free Yahoo account and receive Bomber mail through there. This is not an isolated problem...many of the ISPs are cranking down their filters on multiple mailers to thwart spam. Unfortunately sometimes it is hard to get them to separate the good from the junk. About 3-4 months ago our domain was getting a total of as much as 400 spam per week! Then they got the new filter up and I see maybe 1 a day that gets through. Click here for more information about this problem ******************************************************* ******************************************************* ANNOUNCEMENT: Christmas ornaments are available, now and throughout the year. We have Richland Bombers, Hanford Falcons, and Richland House ornaments (A, B, C, F, H, R, Prefab, Precut, and Ranch). They may be purchased at the Richland Community Center GIFT SHOP (open 9-3 weekdays) for $5.00. Or they be ordered by mail for $6.00 each (includes shipping/handling). If you want one sent directly to a family member or classmate, just give us the word--no extra cost. Order form available at: Proceeds benefit the Richland Community Center. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dick McCoy ('45) Re: Gonzaga I watched the Gonzy Husky game Monday nite, which my Huskies barely won, a great game. This guy Morrisey is incredible. He scores from everywhere and from every out-of-balance position. Over one guy or two, he had an uncanny ability to put the shot in. He reminded me much of a certain guy from Richland, Ray Stein ('64). Also like another shooter, Johnny O in the early fifties. Mr. Morrisey also is as deft as a pick pocket at robbing and has educated elbows which seem invisible to the refs. -Dick McCoy ('45) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Doreen Hallenbeck Waldkoetter ('51) Re: Sandstorm Delivery It doesn't appear that comcast is the only one not sending the Alumni Sandstorm. We're on and they aren't sending it either. -Doreen Hallenbeck Waldkoetter ('51) ~ Green Valley, AZ ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Helen Cross Kirk ('62) I want to wish a Happy Birthday to my dear friend for over 50 years now, Cathy Wood Stevens ('62) on the right day I hope, December 7th!! And I also want to wish a Happy Birthday to fellow "best" class mate, David Douglas. (AT least all of us from the class of '62 think so!!) Where are you these days, David? You used to write so often of your happenings in China? -Helen Cross Kirk ('62) ~ at home by the little lake in West Harrison, Indiana where it is cold and the little pond by my house is frozen. It's about 27 outside and mostly cloudy, but at least it is dry!! ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim Hamilton ('63) You probably won't find it on every calendar, but today is the first day of "Goldmedalmas", a three-day celebration of the personality of the Gold Medal Class of '63. On December 6th, it's the birthday of LaMont DeJong, a treasured friend to everyone. He's proof that one can "grow up" and still be a lot of fun. December 7th, is the birthday of Jim House, #32 on your program and number one in your hearts. He is the conscience of our class, and if only he would smile. Thursday, December 8th will be Anita Cleaver (there was some other name in there) Heiling's birthday, with enough candles on her cake to warrant a "no-burn" designation in the middle of the rainy season. You'll notice that out of respect for her advanced years, I took no cheap shot at her penchant for blue eye shadow, white lipstick and Aqua Net hair spray. In fact, Anita's concern for the environment and her eschewing the use of her normal six-can-a-day, high school Aqua Net habit, has probably saved the ozone layer and our planet, such as it is. Pictures at eleven. Happy Birthday to all of you, and thank you for being our friends. jimbeaux -Jim Hamilton ('63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: David Rivers ('65) Re: Kool Kats and Slick chicks In case you didn't know, it's not just girls who have birthdays ya know... guys have them, too... really we do. Having a birthday on the 6th is one of the very coolest guys I ever knew. he was a big kid like Jimbeaux ('63) so it was like watching a star from 2 years behind. But now and again I'd get up enough nerve to say something really cool like "say man" and nod my head... you know the way we did... kinda like the wave from your car... your hand was on the steering wheel and you didn't remove it... you just lifted up the fingers so the guy in the car coming your way could tell he'd been acknowledged and he did the same to you... so I'm sure he was impressed with the style with which I gave him the greeting... since then he's let me walk with him on the dike with his lady and his pals like Number 32 ('63) I mean he's let me know I'm in the big time now... So let's all give a HUGE "Say man" HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LAMONT DEJONG ('63)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And... as an added bonus... the '65ers have a birthday on the 6th. This girl is always there to lend a hand and has more class spirit than most of us combined... she is fairly recently married so I won't go on and on about her... she's one of the best friends any of us ever had... HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDA McKNIGHT ('65)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David Rivers ('65) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/07/05 ~ PEARL HARBOR DAY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers and 1 NAB sent stuff: Gary Behymer ('64), David Rivers ('65), Jeff Michael ('65) Don Sorenson (NAB = Not A Bomber) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jim Hoff ('57) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ed Borasky ('59) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jim House ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jerry Spears ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Karma King ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mike Davis ('74) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) This information is still considered as "draft" in that schools have until Thursday, December 15, 2005 to make any corrections in their enrollment count or to declare their intent to "opt up" to another classification. Final classification of schools may be subject to change. WIAA 2006-08 Draft Classification Enrollment Data -Gary Behymer ('64) ~ Colfax, WA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: David Rivers ('65) Re: on the 7th, aka Pearl Harbor day, and Bo Belinksy's Birthday Ok, so Hamilton ('63) already spilled the beans and it's not a secret any more... but the Birthday boy today is one of the best. I think we all agree on that. I'm sure there are some guys from other towns who played a little ball back in the day who might feel differently in some ways but that's only because they were up against the best and I'm sure they will admit that. He was and is a leader... I'd follow him anywhere... he's a friend and a friendly fellow... he is the poster boy for esprit de corps in virtually everything he does... gusto should be this guy's middle name... it is always 110% and always was even tho we all know ya ain't spozed to be able to give more that your all... with guys like him... all is just more than all He makes me proud to be a Bomber, Proud to be a Marine and proud to call him my friend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NUMBER 32 JIM HOUSE ('63) -David Rivers ('65) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jeff Michael ('65) Hey there Bombers and Bomberettes... The guys and I had a great retreat at Ghormley Camp (above Yakima) over the past weekend. About 45 of my church brothers and I really enjoyed the fun and beauty of the snow covered forest. I saw the biggest herd of elk I've ever seen in my life; 50 to a hundred, and some of them boys had huge racks! There's a feeding station beside the White Pass Highway. They say the have around 500 head come to feed daily. I'll be heading back south Thursday. Got a couple Christmas parties to do in San Diego... so I'll miss the Bomber gathering this Saturday. Maybe next time. Have fun! dj jeff Michael ('65) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Don Sorenson (NAB = Not A Bomber) Re: Pearl Harbor To: All Bombers December 7th, 1941, a date we should all remember, pass on what we know and encourage others to learn its importance. My Thanks to all Veterans and their families who have made the ultimate sacrifice and those who are alive today. -Don Sorenson (NAB = Not A Bomber) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/08/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff and funeral notices for 1 Bronc and 1 Bomber today: Diane Goodenow ('59), Freddie Schafer ('63) Gary Behymer ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bernie Qualheim ('56) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Anita Cleaver ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bethany Hagan ('00) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Diane Goodenow Rhodes ('59) 11/21/05 was the last Sandstorm I received. Hope I can be reinstated- pls -Diane Goodenow Rhodes ('59) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Diane - You're not off the list. Your ISP is and they have been bouncing all Sandstorms. You might want to get a FREE email account at for delivery of the Sandstorm until Comcast gets the problem fixed. -Maren] ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Freddie Schafer ('63) Happy 61st Birthday to Anita Cleaver Heiling ('63). You are one of our good friends that make the class of '63 golden. Anita, you have reached the age of skirted swim wear... the age of Accessorizing with reading glasses and the age of I can't name anyone on the radio. -Freddie Schafer ('63) ~ from chilly and windy Vancouver USA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: Alumni Sandstorm Bombed? Here it is December 7th and no... I mean NO Alumni Sandstorm... this may be the first time for me? Help... where are you? Have you been attacked? Re: Telephone Books from 1946 Sharing a handful of numbers from the November 1946 Richland phone book. Anyone wanting their folks number, at that time, please feel free to contact me. I have promised these books to Judy W... I D Behymer Work - 135 Home 1304 Mahan - 47 R B Bixler Work - 3376 Home 1112 McPhearson - 635W P A Burnside Work - 353 Home 1107 Potter - 1303W H A Carlberg Work - 1577 Home 505 Barth - 1511 L M Castleberry Work - 720 Home 1509 Marshall - 471 W M Compton Work - 7841 Home 96 Van Giesen - 1660J W R Conley Work - 5547 Home 802 Symons - 1797W J E Mattingly Work - 725 Home 206 Casey - 1326J J P Pierard Work - 81 Home 1208 Thayer - 559J B B Rivers Home 1324 Stevens - 1600J W D Smyth Work - 6663, 5563, 4463 Home 510 Symons - 1448W If my folks were calling home... Nashville Tennessee... the cost would have been $3.25/minute Monday thru Saturday - daytime hours (;-) Note... There was a family with the last name of Boomer. They have him listed as "Dupus" Boomer. No... it is not Dick Donnell. Anyone know the Boomer family that lived at 1722 Malcomb Place? Second question would be... Anyone know the significance of the home phone numbers? P.S. These books once belonged to Claire Leonard 1874J. March, 1946 - Richland phone Book Cover November, 1946 - Richland phone Book Cover -Gary Behymer ('64) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* Funeral Notices scanned from the TCHerald by Shirley Collings Haskins ('66) >>Robert J. Hansen ('42) ~ 8/8/23 - 12/05 >>Clifford R. Irwin ('70) ~ 12/6/51 - 10/16/05 *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/09/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCoy ('45), Dicksy Poe ('50) Jerry Swain ('54), Larry Mattingly ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ruth Miles ('59) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dick McCoy (the Tin Can Class of 1945) Re: Dupus Good grief! I thot everyone knew who Dupus Boomer was. -Dick McCoy (the Tin Can Class of 1945) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dicksy Poe Creek ('50) To: Gary Behymer ('64) I knew the family who lived at 1722 Macomb Place. The Dick Donnell family lived there. I know because we lived at 1722 Hunt Avenue and the Donnell's were our "back door neighbors". Their house overlooked the Columbia River. As you probably know Dick Donnell created the Dupus Boomer cartoons. I knew your father, Ivan Behymer, when I worked in 100 N Area. He was the Payroll Manager. One day he saw a mouse in the administration building hall and he chased it yelling "What is your payroll number?" We all had a good laugh about that. -Dicksy Poe Creek ('50) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jerry Swain ('54) Re: Sandstorm Status The last Sandstorm I received was on December 1, none since. Are you off publication or do I have some other problem? -Jerry Swain ('54) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jerry, Not your problem. Looks like has joined in bouncing the Sandstorm for all their customers. Until we get it fixed, you can get a FREE email account at where we can deliver the Sandstorm. Yahoo won't bounce it. -Maren] ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Larry Mattingly ('60) Re: 1946 phone numbers Hey Gary (Behymer 64)... thanks for picking my family's number as one of your examples from the '46 phone book. That will go into the family scrap book. I didn't use the phone much at 4-5 years old, but I do remember if I picked it up the operator would say "number please". I remember how strange it seemed to have to dial the number as the system was improved from the old pre-war equipment that was all that was available during the war years. Dad would always place a call to relatives in Kentucky around Christmas. Sometimes it took 4-6 hours for the operator to find a line and call us back. Often it was all you could do to understand what was said. I have seen an old phone bill from those days and the annual call of about 5 minutes was like $24. Now I have 1500 anytime minutes anywhere in the US including AK and HI for $40 per month. How times have changed. By the way, where is Malcomb Place? My memory may have slipped a cog, but I cannot recall ever hearing of it. And... OK I will bite, what is the significance of the home phone numbers? Speaking of phones, a bit of a rant if I may... I find the "Do Not Call" list is practically worthless. It didn't bother me until a couple of weeks ago when I started telecommuting from home 3-4 days a week for the winter months. I was averaging 30 or more calls a week on my answering machine. Today I managed to talk with 2 supervisors of the solicitors to find out what's happening. Both have computer dialers in an office and hundreds of men and women working out of their homes. They can be anywhere in the US, or offshore. When you answer the phone, there is a delay while the computer gets one of them on the line to do the spiel. They tell me there is so little enforcement of the list, it is not a concern. Aarrrgggggg! As of 8:10 PM when I started writing this there were 11 calls today. I have had it! I have a special effects event this weekend, but first of next week I am going to get one of the interceptor devices that answers the call and will not let it through unless the number calling is on the "approved" list. I just located the instructions for my high-tech phone-answering device and I have turned the ringer off and the volume down. Ok I have ranted and raved enough, but I can't believe others don't have some of the same problems. At least with computer spam you just hit delete. "Happiness is the sky in bloom" -J Larry Mattingly ('60) ~ from home near Tacoma after a sunny and warm day. *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/10/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff: Tom Hoffman ('47 & '48), Marilyn Peddicord ('53) Charlie Cox ('56), Ann Engel ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Cathy Wood ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Larry Wersen ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jeff Michael ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Loretta Jensen ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mary Vallely ('69) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Tom Hoffman ('47 and '48) To: Dick McCoy ('45) I think we have lived too long... even Pearl Harbor was news to some. -Tom Hoffman ('47 and '48) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Marilyn Peddicord Whitley ('53) Macomb Place is now called Gaillard Place. Mother, who will be 90 December 30, still lives in her house two doors from the Donnell house. The street is more like an alley between the houses on the river and the back of the houses on Hunt. Happy Holidays to all you Bombers. -Marilyn Peddicord Whitley ('53) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Charlie Cox ('56) Re: Mary Kliebenstein ('56-RIP) I missed the obituary notice when Mary Kliebenstein passed away. Does anybody have any information about her passing? -Charlie Cox ('56) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Ann Engel Schafer ('63) Hurray, We received our Sandstorm today. Maybe the time Fred ('63) spent on the phone worked or did all people on comcast finally receive it too. -Ann Engel Schafer ('63) ~ from chilly Vancouver where the temperature this morning is 25 but sunny this afternoon with a high of 40. *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/11/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff: Barbara Powell ('58), Larry Mattingly ('60) Helen Cross ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jim Qualheim ('70) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Evelyn Evans ('64) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Barbara Powell Beaudry ('58) If anyone has any knowledge of how one would go about purchasing a '57 and '58 year book, I would love to have them. It would be so nice to look up some of the familiar names and once again put a face with the name. Thanks. We are in Phoenix where it is cool in the mornings, but gets up into the low 70's during the day and has been perfect weather for golf with only a couple days with an hour frost delay. We look at the weather in the rest of the country and feel fortunate. Congratulations to Bill Lattin ('58. I have know him since junior high at Carmichael. What a wonderful success story and no wonder Bob is so proud of him. Have a great Holiday Season -Barbara Powell Beaudry ('58) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Larry Mattingly ('60) Re: Trees, ornaments, and Christmas stuff I woke up at first light this morning (Saturday) and decided to get a early start on my weekend "to do" list, as I have an all- day set up for a private fireworks gig tomorrow evening. Jackie is away for her job as a Marketing Consultant for a couple of weeks but I have plenty to keep me busy. I wanted to put a tree up this year, as last year we just had a 2 foot tree on the kitchen counter. We seem to live in my kitchen and office/family room. Between us we have a couple of artificial trees acquired over the years. The 4 footer was in front of the storage closet so I brought it out, unpacked and assembled it and plugged in the light cord. As I began to hang the various ornaments on it, memories of past trees and Christmases flooded my head. I have only a few items left of my childhood Christmases. A rather plain red plastic star with a light in it for the top. A blown glass spire for the top, and one delicate clear glass ball about 2 1/2-inches in diameter with red, yellow, blue, and green in horizontal stripes painted on. Remember: Real foil icicles? These were hung one by one all the way down every branch patiently until all 5-6 boxes were on the tree. We had a lady in the other end of our "B" house when we lived at 206 Casey who would spend 2-3 days on a tree hanging 20 or more boxes of foil. Every year she changed the color of her bulbs. Red one year, blue or green the next. Even after we moved we would always go back to visit and see that beautiful tree. She always had homemade cookies all decorated for the season. If my memory is right her name was Mrs. Langdon. Not sure of the spelling. She had a daughter named Geri, I think. Remember: Strings of popcorn, fresh each year? We didn't have corn-poppers in the '40s. You had to stand there and shake the pan to keep it from burning. We only strung the big fluffy ones, you had to eat the rest... *grin* Remember: The green Christmas wreaths hung in the window with a red light bulb in the center? And the spray-on snow on the windows? We used a single edge razor blade to trim the snow into winter and Christmas scenes. Remember: The wonderful variety of Christmas cookies and candies? I haven't had light fluffy divinity for years. And the wonderful little ball cookies rolled in powdered sugar, sometimes with rum in them? The mouth-watering fudge full of walnuts? We used to make old-fashioned dark fruitcakes. Shot of whisky at all. We would make several and wrap a couple of them in cheesecloth soaked in Mogen David Concord wine and put them in a tin box in the bottom of the icebox till Easter. Remember: The groups of carolers that used to go from door to door in various neighborhoods? In those days we knew everybody, and cups of hot chocolate, or a Christmas toddy would get you a couple more carols. Being from Kentucky my dad always had a bottle or two of bourbon in the cupboard over the icebox (being from the south that is what it was called in our house) and friends and neighbors would drop in just because. There was always an appreciation for a "touch" of fine old Kentucky bourbon. I was prompted to write this when I opened a box I didn't recognize. It was dad's old, original "Tom and Jerry" set, of bowl and cups from back in the '40s. Except for occasional wine with dinner, I drink very little and don't care for "Tom and Jerry". But that bowl will go on the dining room table full of many colored Christmas tree balls and adorned with some of the beautiful holly, full of bright red berries from the bush in my back yard. While I am the last person to try to live in the past, Christmas and all it's accoutrements seems more gaudy now... too much glitz and glitter. It's Ok, as times will change whether we accept them or not. But I just take it in smaller doses as I get older. Most of the last few years I spent Christmas Eve in a small, isolated Japanese restaurant that I have favored over the years. It always ended up being the same 5 of 6 of us with wives or ladies from the scattered corners of Puget Sound. One is a fish broker, one is a manager of a large retail operation, another is a manager in a software company, another owns a construction company, another is a Special Agent friend of mine. Kenji-san and mama-san would dote on our company with delicious and delightful food presentations. I don't eat sushi but mama- san was a master of salads and her tempura was to die for. And she always seemed to find a nice piece of steak for the grill. I would present them with the usual large jar of garlic. They loved it and treated it like nectar of the gods. I grind it in the food processor with olive oil, lemon and some select spices. There is a story behind this gift, perhaps related another time. Alas, Kenji-san has sold out for another endeavor. One tradition I will likely do is to attend midnight mass Christmas Eve at the Catholic church at the old St. Edwards Seminary site near the NE corner of Lake Washington. It is a Gregorian style church. The elevated pews face the center aisle not the alter. Because of the crowd, the usually open wide center aisle will be nearly full with chairs. If you are not there by 11:30 you will not find a seat. I take a book and wander in a little after 11 and get the seat of my choice. The pastor is a large robust fellow. He has been known to step down from the pulpit and walk down the center aisle a little ways. He has a deep booming voice not needing a mic for his usually short sermon. Here's to all Bombers, and their families near and far. I wish you all of the joys of the season, and the hopes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year. "Happiness is the sky in bloom" -Larry Mattingly ('60) ~ At home with bright, warm sun streaming in the windows, shining on my plants and making the Christmas tree sparkle. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Helen Cross Kirk ('62) Some time ago I wrote about Virginia Ehrig Worthington's ('58) illness. My friend (NAB) in Twisp, WA informed that she spoke with Virginia recently. While Virginia is very weak and still receiving treatment, she appears to be very at peace and comfortable with her situation. Virginia expressed to my friend, that she really appreciated the cards and wishes she had received from Bombers, and asked her to call me to relay this. She would appreciate hearing from anyone, but as she is so weak, she won't be able to respond personally. She has given me Virginia's PO Box in Winthrop, WA. So again if anyone wishes to write to her, please email me and I will be happy to give you her address. I plan to send her a Christmas card tomorrow, if not yet tonight. -Helen Cross Kirk ('62) ~ from the little house by the little frozen lake here in cold West Harrison, IN. It got up to 35 today, after a low of l0 last night, and it feels that cold again as I ventured out to go to a Christmas program at church. Our foster cats are staying inside these cold nights. *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/12/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff: Bev Smith ('52), Donni Clark ('63) Jeanie Walsh ('63), Linda Reining ('64) Pam Ehinger ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Janet Martin ('53) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Burt Pierard ('59) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Rick Morrell ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Becky Alexander ('77) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Lanette Powell ('79) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Bev Smith Jochen ('52) Re: Christmas at 204 Casey To: Larry Mattingly ('60) Larry ~ I believe that the lady who lived at 204 Casey in Richland and who tweaks your memories of her beautifully decorated trees and Christmas cookies was probably the "unsinkable" Mildred LANGAN... She was the wife of "Big" Jim Langan and mother of Geraldine (Geri) Langan ('48). Does that sound about right? She was also a close friend of my Mother, Connie Smith, as they shared a mutual bond which was the participation in some experimental treatments of Multiple Sclerosis... As I recall, Jim Mauzy ('52) lived directly across from you at 201 Casey and we lived straight behind him (across Craighill Playfield) at 201 Craighill. In the mid '40s, EVERY DAY for 41 days, Mildred and my mom would report to one of the treatment rooms at Kadlec Hospital and lay on side-by-side gurneys while metered I.V. drips of Histamine were induced into their systems for five hours. They were soon fondly dubbed "The Histamine Twins" by the doctors and nurses and is no wonder that they were practically soul mates by the end of the ordeal... This was originally conducted by a Dr. Taylor, who died in a swimming accident at Seaside, OR, midway through the series, and concluded by (probably) Dr. Al Corrado. Why the odd number of days and/or hours, I haven't a clue. I was only about 10 or 11 at the time, but I do remember that Geri was kind of like a big sister and would "oversee" my activities in the case school got out early before our Moms got home. I believe that the hoped-for results of this Histamine "Marathon" was that it would halt the rapid progression of the M.S. in both participants, but as far as I know--while it did no harm--there were no obvious benefits. Anyway, thanks for the memories of Mildred Langan and I wish you all many happy memories of Holidays gone by! -Bev Smith Jochen ('52) ~ Richland ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Donni Clark Dunphy (Gold Metal Class of '63) Re: Memories of Christmas To: Larry Mattingly ('60) Larry, I so enjoyed your sharing about Christmas. Now that my mom and dad are gone, I have been doing so much reflecting on the good and wonderful childhood memories I have and cherish. The first time I saw Richland it was covered in snow. The year was '49. My first visual memory was Uptown Richland and the white and red lighted candy canes hanging on all the street lights in the parking lot. What a treat to see the city lights after coming in from West Richland. My mom taught me so many songs through the years but I think the first Christmas song was "Silver Bells." I remember going somewhere between Uptown and Downtown Richland to an area that was filled with big evergreens that were lit up and listening to choirs sing. I also loved going to the Bon Marche at Christmas to see Santa. I thought he only came there for about a week to hear all of our Christmas wishes and then went back to the North Pole to pack up his bag. But maybe that is what my mom told me. I remember standing in line to see Santa and watching the ladies that wrapped gifts curl all the ribbon. I was fascinated at how they could wrap gifts so fast, so beautiful and curl all that ribbon perfectly. We never could get it to do the same at home. Someone at school told me Santa was really my Mom and Dad when I was 11 but I chose to continue on believing in him. My grandkids today, think I am silly because I still believe in Santa. We never had a fireplace and I always wanted one, so every year mom would buy the corrugated red brick paper and we would make a fireplace out of our card table. We sometimes hung our socks on it and usually put our manger scene on it too. I remember the tinsel well. I hated doing it the most but the tree always looked so pretty when it was done. I remember, too, the little bird clip-on ornaments, the little cardboard house ornaments that lit up, the angel hair angel tops, the bubble lights, the foil reflectors and so much more. Like you, I think we go way over board decorating, I'm guilty too, but I do like the simple things and I still decorate with red and green and all the old fashioned ornaments from our grandmothers' and great aunts' trees. My mom made gumdrop cookies every year from the old Joy of Cooking cook book and they are still a hit with my kids today. Christmas was the only time we made fudge, puenche and I, too, loved divinity, which we didn't make but lots of our friends made. Every year we couldn't wait to get a box of See's candy and the usual dried fruit basket from a relative in California. The stuffed dates, and dried apricots and figs were great. We always got a fruitcake too but "ick"... I never liked fruitcake. I did make it for my husband for years after we were married and soaked it in whiskey as he loved it, still does! On Christmas we always went to Candlelight services at church and then went home and opened presents from our grandparents. In the morning Santa came and that was really special although 2 or 3 gifts was all we got. When I got older and we got a T.V. it was so much fun watching all the wonderful holiday shows and if we had snow - which we often did - there was always sledding, making snowmen and playing fox and geese and having snowball fights. On beautiful, clear nights it was so wonderful to take a moonlight walk and see the fairy tail trees and the diamonds sparkling on the snow and sing songs like "Walking in a Winter Wonderland," and then come home and toast our hands in front of the old oil stove and have hot cocoa with marshmallows floating on the top. A very Merry and Blessed Christmas to all Bombers everywhere. -Donni Clark Dunphy (Gold Metal Class of '63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jeanie Walsh (Gold Metal Class of '63) To: Larry Mattingly ('60) Merry Christmas Larry, What great memories you shared with us. I remember almost everything you spoke about. My Mom would put tinsel on the tree one strand at a time. Oh my gosh, I remember that like it was yesterday. I also remember listening to the Cinnamon Bear every evening for fifteen minutes beginning at 4:45............ My sister Kellie ('77) moved to New Jersey and last year my son, Matt, and I flew there to spend Christmas with her family. On Christmas Eve we had this bright idea to go Christmas caroling, so we donned on our heavy coats got a glass of wine... I think we also had antlers on our heads that blinked... help me out here, Kellie... and off we went. People we so surprised to see us. One house even wanted to pay is... *LOL* Merry Christmas Everyone........... -Jeanie Walsh (Gold Metal Class of '63) ~ Simi Valley, CA, Home of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Linda Reining ('64) To: Larry Mattingly ('60) Re: Christmas' Yes, I remember those boxes of foil icicles... my mom would spend hours putting them on every branch and they had to be "just so"! One year, she decided to let my brother and I do them... well, we got tired of putting just TWO strands on each and every branch, so we stood back, and started throwing them on! Man, was she mad... she took off every one of them, we were sent to our rooms (can't remember how long we had to stay in there). She bought more boxes of icicles and finished the tree! Re: spray-on snow... she would decorate the windows in the Ranch house on Elm and she always had every pane covered... always looked so pretty... my mom was a perfectionist, so IF it wasn't done right, she would scrape it all off and start all over! Sometimes, she sprayed some of that snow on the tree, too. Re: popcorn strings... we never did this, but we did make the chains out of red and green construction paper. Cookies: always had oodles of home-made ones... never store- bought! gingersnaps, snicker doodles, a crescent-shaped cookie that had nuts in it, but for the life of me, I cannot remember the name of it... it is Scandinavian. also made rosettes and, of course, lefse. sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and many others that I can no longer remember (lots of them were traditional Norwegian ones and I don't have her here anymore to ask the names of them). She would also make divinity (I tried making that a couple years ago and it turned out good, so make it every year now). Do you remember the fake, white, plastic Christmas trees that would have a colored wheel spinning behind it? One of our neighbors on Elm, Alice Mueller, had one and she would always position it right in front of the window and that tree would change colors all night long--always loved watching the colors change. Thanks, Larry, for the trip down memory lane. This is my most favorite time of year... the crowds, the music (even though I cannot carry a tune, I can be found singing along with the music in the stores... much to chagrin of others, I am sure... and the smells bring back lots and lots of wonderful memories and I can even put up with all the rude people at this time of year and not let them get me down. Merry Christmas, Bombers!!!! -Linda Reining ('64) ~ it is cold and foggy in Bakersfield, CA at 7:41 A.M. this Sunday morning ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Pam Ehinger (The Blue Ribbon Class of '67) Re: Larry Mattingly's ('60) Memories Yes, Larry, I'm a few years younger but I do remember all of it! We strung popcorn for our tree back in the mid '50s and up until 1975 or so Momma use to put it on the tree. The bug finally go to it. I strung my own popcorn with my kids back in '83 and I still have it and I still hang it. On Christmas morning the TV never came on... we played with the games we got for Christmas. The big family dinner and all the goodies that go with it! HMMMMMMMMM... what sweet thoughts you brought back! Thank you Larry! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all out there in Bomberville. Bombers Rule -Pam Ehinger (The Blue Ribbon Class of '67) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/13/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 18 Bombers sent stuff: Mary Triem ('47), Richard Roberts ('49) Jim Gilson ('51), Dick Pierard ('52) Jim Bobo ('56), Larry Mattingly ('60) Patti Jones ('60), Patti Mathis ('60) Shirley Sherwood ('62), Jim Armstrong ('63) Fred Schafer ('63) and Ann Engel ('63) Jim Hamilton ('63), Roy Ballard ('63) Bill Scott ('64), David Rivers ('65) Betti Avant ('69), Nancy Nelson ('69) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Mary Triem Mowery ('47) To: Larry Mattingly ('60) Christmas memories! Although we are several years apart in age, memories you have are so close to the ones I have. Beautifully written note - thanks! -Mary Triem Mowery, a '47 Bomber ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Richard Roberts ('49) I know a lot of you RHS sports fans will remember Kay Connolly ('47). He was a starter and finisher of some memorable basketball games. Carol Tyner Roberts ('52) and I were RVing and we met Kay in Tucson, AZ, where he and his wife now live. We shared some stories, one about Gene Conley ('48), one of Kay's team mates. It had to do with a bus trip to Walla Walla for a game and the team manager had to relieve himself and the only solution was Gene's size 13 shoe. Gene discovered the problem when he suited up and, like the gentleman he always was, didn't make much of it. The next practice, however, the manager's pants were run up the flag pole, his other clothes were cached in Gene's locker and the manager had to wait until after dark to retrieve them wearing only a towel. Kay entertained us with a few more stories. A nice visit. Picture of Kay, Carol and I attached. Cheers, -Richard Roberts ('49) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* The following entry came from Norma Myrick Nunamaker ('54). Norma's brother, Ralph ('51), requested she send this to the Sandstorm: ---------- >>From: Jim Gilson ('51) 12 Dec 05 Dear Ralph: Thanks for your e-mail and your Christmas internet greetings. That was nice. If you know of any married teaching couples that want to opt out of the Washington state public schools, have them visit our website ( and apply to teach with QSI (and have them send an e-mail letting me know). We have something on the order of 30 couples needed for 2006-2007. I wish you and Judy a blessed Christmas holiday season. Margery and I are scheduled to fly to San Diego and then go with Marcus and Jamie (and our grandkids, Aleyna and Andreas) to Carson City, for two weeks of holidays. Sincerely, Jim in Ljubljana -Jim Gilson ('51) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dick Pierard ('52) I too was fooled by yesterday's date. I had intended to send the message on December 12th but got a day off. Anyway, I want to wish brother Burt Pierard ('59) a glorious and happy 65th birthday. He can now go get his medicare card like the rest of us in our "second adulthood," as we in the category were labeled in the magazine section of yesterday's Boston Globe. I trust he and his mates had a good time celebrating in the reopened Jack's Place (his basement), and I for one greatly appreciate how he keeps us straight on historical matters about the Hanford project and early Richland. Go to it, Bro! -Dick Pierard ('52) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim Bobo ('56) Hi, I haven`t been receiving the daily entries since 12-1. Are you doing maintenance or is my server messing up? Same for my wife's email address. Thanks for all you do. Merry Xmas to you and yours and the best for the New Year. -Jim Bobo ('56) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Jim -- I thin all the bounce problems we were having in recent days have been fixed. If you still don't get your Sandstorm today, let me know and I'll look into it further. -Maren] ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Larry Mattingly ('60) Re: Christmas and thanks Thanks to all who made comments both in the Sandstorm and directly via email. Many of you brought up things I didn't even think about. I am delighted it helped some remember nice things about Christmas in Richland. Several asked about my "private gig" in fireworks. It was a private party at the Canlis restaurant in Seattle. For you who are not familiar with it, it is a Seattle landmark, quite expensive, with a great view, looked upon by some as being only for the rich and snobbish. Actually, Chris and Alice Canlis are kind and wonderful people to deal with and far from being snobbish. While it is a bit pricey, it is worth it upon occasion. The service, food, and view are incomparable. They were reflecting on how many marriage proposals had been made and accepted there since Chris's father Peter Canlis opened it in 1950. Several US Presidents and Vice Presidents as well as foreign leaders have eaten there. I was the "pyro official" for a dance performance (using sparklers) for Chinese premier Deng Cho Peng during a dinner at Canlis circa 1980. This was my second display there. The first was on the 2000 New Years. That was a $5,000-a-plate charity function and was sold out well in advance. The one this weekend was a $1,000-a-plate a charity event and was also sold out. We did a miniature display that I designed and assembled with precisely engineered materials and fired right outside the windows, over a garden with 200 year old bonsai. We fired 120 effects in 100 seconds. All effects were within 15 feet of windows. For the finale we dropped silver waterfalls just outside and in front of the entire 80 feet of windows. The applause was spontaneous and enthusiastic, and the Inspector/Captain of Seattle Fire Department was pleased and complimentary. We cleaned up and I was home just after midnight with the good feeling you get after accomplishing the very difficult. "Happiness is the sky in bloom" -J Larry Mattingly ('60) ~ From gray and chilly Tacoma, WA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) Re: All Bomber Luncheon Nine attended the luncheon. What a chattery group. Not always easy to keep up on all the conversations. In attendance were - Derrith Persons Dean ('60). Hopefully Derrith will continue to be at the luncheon and take the pictures. Learning to work with the light in JD's isn't easy as it is such a bright place. Thank you Derrith. Karen Hopfinger Mossett ('76) and sister Marsha Hopfinger Sork ('67) both of whom have returned to the Tri-cities after living away for many years. Sharon Panther Toff ('57) always brings some great conversation. Mary Judd Hinz ('60) got there early as did Sharon. When I arrived they were talking away the time. I was early, they a little earlier. Dave Rhodes ('52) and wife Alice. What fun they always are. Lora Homme Page ('60) parents allowed her to leave home a little early this time so she was almost right at 1:00 p.m. Her parents are 87 and 98 years old and require her attention. Hope to see a lot more Bombers in January for the luncheon. Mark your calendars for 1:00 p.m. on the second Saturday of the month at JD Diner, West Richland. Re: Club 40 At many of the luncheons and other times talking with Bombers I get the question about where to find out about Club 40. Go to At the top left hand corner of the classes is the Club 40 link. The dates of Club 40 week-end are always the same -- the week-end after Labor Day. Put it on your calendar when you start the year 2006. Will help you be prepared to go next year. Club 40 is a do not miss. Invite your class. Good time for a mini reunion. Great Club 40 team will do the work so all Bombers and spouses will enjoy. Sometimes friends show up also with a Bomber. Re: Annuals Someone asked about a week ago about getting an annual. Any time you do not have an annual go to -- scroll down the page till you come to "SITES OF INTEREST" and click the "Columbians" link. I do know many of the annuals have been scanned so it is easy to find those classmates' pictures to refresh your memory of what they looked like. Last I know I think classes up to 1965 have been scanned. Maren can you put in a statement here. [Scanned and online: 1944 thru 1964 inclusive; parts of 1966 and 1968; all of 1970. -Maren] Re: Memories of Christmas in Richland and now This morning when I awoke, I looked outside thinking something looked a little different than the past icy mornings. Sleepy eyed I wandered into my morning to get ready to go Christmas shopping today. Being a night worker I'm not ever in a hurry in the morning. As I backed out of my driveway the Winter Wonderland that I was about to see was just beginning. When I got to Bomber Range Road the icy painting before me became alive across the desert looking east. Turning right the painting continued. As I drove down into the trees of West Richland they became bigger in the ice covered dresses. God had been there in the night to paint one of the most beautiful sights that could ever be imagined. Every tree and sagebrush was painted in the icy wonder. The homes covered with ice played a warmth of a divine Christmas. Driving slowly I didn't want to miss a bit of the beauty laid before me looking all the way out to Hanford. Even the birds seemed to bring the painting more alive. Crossing the Yakima river the winding river seemed to lay still with ice forms. Christmas became alive with memories of the past as I drove on into Richland where the ice had melted some. Our Christmas tree was always covered with icicles, which I learned at an early age could be fun. I continued the tradition of the family doing the ice cycles until about 1990. Even my children seemed to make it a part of Christmas by diligently helping me put the icicles on. Working at C.C. Anderson's/The Bon Marche' was a wonderful time at Christmas. I did wrap Christmas presents a couple of times during Christmas at a counter by the yardage. Yardage is where I usually worked. Floated when necessary to other departments. (To Linda Reining ('64): Even I couldn't curl ribbon at home like I did when wrapping presents at the Bon). My memories of the Bon were delightful happy Bombersville people shopping for the gifts for family and friends. My mom, Norma Jones, made the best divinity I have ever had. Wish she could make some now. Maybe my sister Nina Jones Rowe ('65) can help her make some. Mom's fudge was the very best. If my family wasn't in Richland for the holidays, mom always made some and sent it to us. When my youngest daughter Katrina was about 30 years old we went to visit mom. Katrina was delighted that Grandma had finally agreed to give her the recipe. When mom handed Katrina the Kraft marshmallow jar she was so disappointed. What I know it took my mom's special hand at cooking to make the fudge so special. So matter where the recipe comes from it's that special someone who makes it even more special. Katrina does make great fudge now. Christmas Eve was fun in our family as we had so many relatives who lived in Richland. We had the older cousins, middle cousins and the younger cousins as well as many Aunts and Uncles. When the younger cousins were still between about 1 year old and 6 years old approximately we would travel from house to house delighting each family with the Jones family Christmas Caroling. We were always invited in for a hot cup of something then onto the next relative. When the younger cousins were old enough to travel on Christmas Eve dad decided to hold a Christmas Eve Open House. Dad had to do all the food and set it up as mom was busy getting ready for the 25 or so Christmas day. Dad would serve chili, anchovies, crackers and cheese and anything he thought was fun. Let me tell you there were always some interesting things on that table. Don't think chocolate covered ants ever graced the table though. I always helped him set up so I became a taster right along with him. Even became fond of anchovies because of dad. No sushi though. Many more memories but time to move on to the now of Christmas and traveling to see my kids, grandkids, brother Joe Jones Winterhawk ('60) next week. Then onto southern Washington to see my mom and my sis. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all Bombers and their families. Bombers Have Fun -Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Patti Mathis Wheeler ('60) Re: Fake White Trees Oh my, I do remember those trees... got one when I was first married, but the color wheel didn't seem to focus enough light on the tree. Well, in the wisdom of youth I got a bunch of aluminum foil and put it around the color wheel to focus the colors more on the tree. Hmmm, the heat from the aluminum foil caused the color wheel to melt into the rug. My husband was so pleased. *LOL* -Patti Mathis Wheeler ('60) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Shirley Sherwood Milani ('62) Re: Richland High School "Alumni Archive" Maren, is this on the up and up? Just received it and have not responded to it. I want to flag it as 'junk' mail if indeed it is. -Shirley Sherwood Milani ('62) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Shirley - These folks are sending out "invitations" to join again. Lots of Bombers get this invitation and several have asked about it. These people are NOT Bomber alumni and we don't know anything about them. They don't appear to be doing any harm... just want to make money. You can register if you want to. I didn't. -Maren] ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim "Pitts" Armstrong (Gold Medal Class of '63) Re: Toy trains Merry Christmas! Does anyone remember Paul's Inc. in Downtown Richland on GWWay near the old Post Office and The Desert Inn? I loved it when my Dad would take me down there when I was a little kid to see the electric trains. I loved 'em. Also Carters House of Christmas near the old bridge in Kennewick. My Mom and I would go there every year and get an Idaho White Pine for a Christmas tree. Loved that stuff. Haven't had a tree myself in years but I still have great memories of Christmas while growing up in Good Ol' Richland. -Jim "Pitts" Armstrong (Gold Medal Class of '63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Fred & Ann Engel Schafer (Gold Medal Class of '63) Re: Portland/Vancouver Bomber Lunch A good time was had by all at the Bomber Lunch,we exchanged stories and gifts. Those in attendance (in no special order): Barbara Crowder Hopkins ('51), Grandson Kain, Alan Porter ('67), Marilyn Mabee Welter ('61), Leslie Swanson Holeman ('59), Ron Holeman ('56), Peg Wellman Johnson ('66), Ann Engel Schafer ('63), Fred Schafer ('63), Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54), Karyl Carlson (spouse), Linda McKnight Hoban ('65), Denny Hoban (spouse), Cecily Riccobuono McClanahan ('77), Irl French ('51), Jo Heidlebaugh ('74), Mom Heidlebaugh (Bomber Mom), Lola Heidlebaugh Bowen ('60) -Fred & Ann Engel Schafer (Gold Medal Class of '63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim Hamilton (Gold Medal Class of '63) Just a reminder that the Gold Medal Class of '63 Marching, Chowder and Caroling Society's Christmas Party will be held this Saturday, the 17th in Olympia. The festivities will commence at 10:30am and we're usually thrown out of wherever we've mustered by 1:00pm or so. If you are planning to attend, and have not checked in with Brothers Leo or Joe B. Ford, please feel welcome to contact me for directions or other pertinents. Looks like our usual great turnout this year, so be there or be a topic of discussion. jimbeaux -Jim Hamilton (Gold Medal Class of '63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Roy Ballard (Gold Medal Class of '63) To: Jeanie Walsh ('63) And to think that I thought that you could sing. I do believe that you did a wonderful job though. Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and to all a good night. -Roy Ballard (Gold Medal Class of '63) ~ Richland where it is snowing frost and I had to chase a herion out of my pond ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Bill Scott ('64) Re: Christmas memories To: Donni Clark Dunphy, Class of '63 The area between Uptown and downtown Richland you saw with decorated evergreens and choirs singing was undoubtedly John Dam Plaza across the street (now) from the federal building. Me, I used to consider it my Christmas mission to wake up early on Christmas morning and sneak out before anyone else woke up, to see what Santa had left. I never made it - except once. I got out to the tree undetected one Christmas morning to find my fondest wish underneath the tree - a new cap rifle. Excitedly, I held it to my cheek, aimed, and pulled the trigger. BLAM! The blasted thing was loaded! From my parents' bedroom I heard, "Bill! Get back in bed!" One year when I was quite small, I had grown weary of missing Santa Claus's yearly visit, and I was determined to stay awake to see him. I put a bright light by my bedside, got a book to read, a hard chair to sit in in case the bed proved too comforting, and a pin to stick myself with in case my eyes started to droop. I didn't last an hour before I decided sleep was more inviting, and gave up and turned out the light. Then there was the year as a toddler when I ventured out alone Christmas morning, saw a tempting package sitting in amongst the branches, and reached for it. My parents heard a crash as the tree hit the floor, and came rushing out - with me nowhere in sight. I was under the tree! I had pulled it down on top of myself. I'll never forget the morning I came out and there were two beautiful new Schwinn bikes - one for me and one for my sister. I had to try that bike out that day, even through the streets were covered with ice. -Bill Scott ('64) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: David Rivers ('65) Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh... I'm losing my mind... no maybe just my memory... I missed three birthdays and two of my Sandstorms said 12/10... I'm sooooooooooooooo ashamed... please forgive me Loretta Jensen ('65), Jeff Michael ('65), Mike Botu ('65), Larry Wersen ('63) and Uncle Burt Pierard ('59)... Let's see... I was painting a car this weekend... maybe the fumes got to me before I could put my mask on... yeah... that must be it... oh wait... I didn't put my mask on... that's another thing I forgot to do... I've given myself OldTimers... yes that's gotta be it... it ain't agent orange it's paint fumes... .(Hope Brian Johnson ('65) doesn't read this... he called me one time just to warn me not to use white chalky deodorant... and when he found out I was using paint thinner to clean my hands he 'bout hadda fit... I figger if I didn't kill all the cells with 25 years of drinking, a little white deodorant isn't gonna put me away...) So now that I have made amends to my 2nd grade pal and my life long girl-friend (friend that's a girl), my bud from 6th grade on (and the guy who painted "Lil' Brown Jug" on my '54 Ford Club Coupe which I am in the process of re-creating), the King Chessman and brother to the three of the best looking girls in three classes and my long lost Uncle I can get back to work... -David Rivers ('65) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Betti Avant ('69) To: Larry Mattingly ('60) Larry, Thanks for the memories of Christmas. My brothers and I were always taking the icicles and simply throwing them on the tree. Mom and Dad were never happy about it but it is usually how it stayed. I still have an ornament somewhere I got from a relative as a youngster. It is plastic and had a little "helicopter-like" rotor blade in it. You always had to hang it above a light as the heat from it would cause it turn. Mine was orange, Robert's was blue, and Howard's ('72-RIP) was green. One year my folks broke down and bought one of those metal trees with the light for underneath that rotated and turned the tree colors, not one of my favorite trees of all time. Happy holidays to all of you out there. -Betti Avant ('69) ~ Lacey, WA, where it is cloudy and damp ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Nancy Nelson Wyatt ('69) Re: Christmas Christmas is a very special time for all. The memories that are shared and the stories that are told to the grandkids as what I did for Christmas with my parents and brothers. Mom would be baking goodies in the kitchen for 2 weeks and the smell of fresh candy and cookies would linger in the air for weeks. Bobby and I would make the construction paper chains and hang them on the tree and also the chain of gum wrappers we made all year long just for Christmas. Christmas Eve the family would load up in the car and go look at all the decorations and visit special friends and bring them their gifts from one house to the other. Then back home in time to have a snack and go to midnight mass. One Christmas, December 19, was my brother's birthday. My other brother was killed 8 days before that and buried on Bobby's birthday. We were going to Minnesota for the funeral and arriving back home on December 25th. We didn't put up a tree or decorate or even have time to do our Christmas shopping. But when we got home and in the house and turned on the lights. Lo and Behold, we had a Christmas tree put up with all the trimmings and presents under the tree. Now how do you suppose that all happened. I really knew how, (the neighbors and great friends came in and did it all) but I believed that Santa was watching over me and my family. And guess what. I still believe in Santa and the grandkids love the stories we tell at Christmas Time. A time for miracles and wishes to come true. And this is a little note to Pam (you know who I am talking about) I hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas and years or happiness. Am going thru the chemo again and will again beat it. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND ALL A GOOD NIGHT -Nancy Nelson Wyatt ('69) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/14/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff: Jim Jensen ('50), Jay Siegel ('61) Dennis Hammer ('64), Gary Behymer ('64) Robert Avant ('69), Shelley Williams ('84) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dick McCoy ('45, 46, '02) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Carole Novotny ('58) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: Dick Coates ('52) and Kay Mitchell ('52) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim Jensen ('50) The recollections of Christmas related by you Bombers are heart warming and I sincerely appreciate the time taken to share them with the rest of us. It brings the joy of family into sharp focus... the love for one another... the unselfishness... kinder, sweeter times... traditions that have carried through the years... happiness brought by the simple things of life which became the most precious. My thoughts drift back to the 1930s, when gifts were few - but were received thankfully and treasured. During the early '40s we hoped for peace and a return to "normalcy" - which never came... because the definition changed. The late '40s and '50s were a time of incredible prosperity... a time for renewal... a time for growth. Through these times and beyond the common thread was family and the remembrances so beautifully expressed by Bombers during this season magnify that relationship. Thank you to each of you. Merry Christmas. Re: Randy Fullmer ('68) I'm probably the last person on earth to know about the remarkable Mr. Fullmer. It took an article in the Houston Chronicle of December 12, 2005, to get my attention. Many of you have likely commented on his exploits, but I completely missed the boat. The article indicates he grew up in Richland. Played the guitar as a boy and at 11 became part of a rock bank as the lead guitarist. Later went to Washington State. Became interested in animation and attended CalArts (Valencia, CA) a school of film and video production. Started a company to make educational films. Provided animation for "Sesame Street." First Disney project was one of the animators for "Who Killed Roger Rabbit?" Helped produce "The Little Mermaid," "The Lion King," etc. Wow!!!! A giant of a man. The "Mini Page" article by Betty Debnam, copyright 2005, indicates Randy, his wife and four children live in Florida. Bombers truly rule! -Jim Jensen ('50) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jay Siegel (The Classic Class of '61) Re: Christmas Memories Christmas is always a time for very poignant memories of Christmas- past. For me, they start just before Thanksgiving as I go through my mother's recipes looking for "goodies" to make for Thanksgiving dinner. Sorting usually stops as I come across some of those very special recipes such as divinity (the recipe willed to my daughter by Mom), that special fudge that used 5-cent Hershey bars in it, spiced walnuts, almond stuffed cherries - the list goes on. Mom would start cooking in mid October, preparing for parties and gifts to send out all over the world. The freezer would go from almost empty to over flowing. There was seldom a day that I wasn't greeted by one enticing fragrance or another when I came home from school. Many a friend or relative has commented on how much it came to mean to receive their annual box of treats from Mom. While cleaning out things after Mom was gone, I came across a list of friends and families "favorites" and "dislikes". The joy that Mom felt with each package was reflected in the comments added from time to time next to some of the items. More of this item in this box because someone liked it so well, or send separate box to this person because everyone else eats them before the intended is able to get any. I came across Dad's old Santa Claus suit and work stopped as I remembered those many trips that he made to bring joy to others. I have heard from several alumni who remembered him visiting. No one ever really dies when they leave behind remembrances like that! Christmas is such a special time of the year, for the memories that we have are the most precious gifts that we can ever receive. As the world changes, these memories gain in value as they can never be duplicated, only added to. Even as time dims our remembrances, some how those special memories become even more brilliant, if not more accurate, reminding us that it is a good life. Clear blue skies and warm, gentle breezes -Jay Siegel (The Classic Class of '61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dennis Hammer ('64) Re: The Ghost of Christmas Past I remember my dad always went up in the mountains and cut our own tree. I remember snow on the ground and I was cold. He always had to find the perfect tree, but I was cold kept thinking, "Come on, cut one down and let's go." When we got TV in 1955 and I saw the TV families going out and actually buying their Christmas tree; I thought that was weird. We cut our own and I just assumed that everybody else did too. The first Christmas I remember I was playing with a toy truck when my parents told me it was time for bed. I parked the truck under the sewing machine and went to bed. I woke up first and went in the living room and saw all these new toys. I didn't know if I was supposed to touch them or not, so I went back to playing with my old truck. When my parents came in they thought it was so funny that I had all these new toys, but playing with an old one. The little town I lived in when I attended grade school would let out early the last day of school before Christmas vacation and all the kids got to go to the theater for a free movie. When it was over Santa was at the snack bar with a small brown bag of hard candy and an orange. I knew those kids in 3rd were all wet when they said there was no Santa. Santa couldn't possibly be my parents because one night we were in the living room when my dad said he thought he heard something outside. He went outside and came back in with Santa. I sat on his lap for what seemed like quite a while and told him what I wanted, then just before he left, he dug into his bag and gave me a box of cracker jacks. At a later Christmas we went to a movie on Christmas Eve. I remember dad had to go back in the house for what seemed like a long time and I kept thinking, "Come on, lets go to the movie." When we got home from the move I was really surprised to find that Santa had already been there. So my parents couldn't possibly be Santa because they were at the movie with me. I wondered for a long time how Santa could get down the chimney and come through that oil stove, especially with the flame in there. At our house gifts from family and friends were wrapped, but Santa did not wrap what he brought. I was surprised when my wife told me that at their house Santa wrapped the gifts he left. I really loved the bubble lights, but my parents hated them. I remember a store in Walla Walla that had a tree that was just covered with yellow bubble lights. There were so many that you could actually hear a faint roar coming from the tree. I like the old style better. They had a shorter fat base that was all one color with the color of the liquid matching the base. The new bubble lights, when you can find them, are three colors. My favorite Christmas tree light was a plastic Santa Claus about four inches tall. We had it in the '50s and starting in 1960 or 1961 my parents stopped getting a tree. When dad retired in 1977 I got their Christmas decorations and started using that light again. It burned for several more years, then what I always feared happened. It burned out. I couldn't bring myself to throw it away. I thought about cutting into it with a moto-tool to see if I could put a new bulb in it but I am afraid I might ruin it. I have just put it on anyway and left it there unlit. To: Betti Avant ('69) Re: "helicopter-like" ornament I had one of those ornaments with the rotor blade in it, mine was green. There was a small florescent light on the wall over my desk. After Christmas I set it on top that light for a year or two or three. It was balanced so good that even with the light off, a lot of the time there was just enough heat rising that it would slowly turn. I may very well still have it, but it is not with the Christmas stuff. To: Donni Clark Dunphy ('63) Re: Fruitcake Fruitcake makes a reasonably good door stop, but if you take a chain saw and cut it in half it makes a great set of bookends. Tried using a skil saw once but the fruitcake was just too much for it. -Dennis Hammer ('64) ~ from a Bomber outpost in Kennewick ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: One Ringy-Dingy (Requested phone information...) Larry Holloway ('64) wrote: Gary would you please send me the information you have for Joe Holloway, Carl Eckert, and Robert Rowan. This is my father and Barb's father and step father. Thanks and keep up the good work. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We are currently living in Casa Grande, AZ where it is windy and in the 60s today. We're just glad we are here and not at home this winter. If it is possible could we buy a complete listing of phone numbers and addresses? (Someone will get it up on a web site (;-) Joe Holloway - No Listing Carl Eckert - 400 Smith - 643N Robert Rowan - 904 Adams - 1431W ***** Marguerite Groff Tompkins ('54) wrote: I would like to know what my phone # was in 1946. My dad's name was Harold Groff. Many years ago my husband and I moved to Michigan. I took the Richland Directory (1956) with me. In the following years I lost it and because of a faulty memory, I don't have any idea what any of my phone numbers were in those days. Thanks in advance for my phone #. Harold Groff - 1532 McPherson - 1131W ***** Lynn-Marie Hatcher Peashka ('68) wrote: Made my first eBay purchase from you back in 2/00 which is when you turned me on to the Sandstorm. Many thanks again! Could you look up the listing for HATCHER in those phone books of yours? Also PEASHKA? M.E. Hatcher - 501 Cullum - 1163J Peashka - No Listing ***** Suzie Gunderson Chiles ('60) wrote: Was just wondering if you would mind looking up Roy C. Gunderson at 518 Douglass, and Robert W. Chiles at 4?? Delafield (or any address... there was only one R.W. Chiles in 1946) in the old Richland phone books that you have? Thank you very much. R.C. Gunderson - 709N R.W. Chiles - 422 Delafield - 1074N ***** Joanne Boyd ('67) wrote: Hi, Would love for you to look up my parents phone number. I'm not sure they'll be in that book, but it's Jack L. Boyd. Jack Boyd - No Listed ***** Janet Tyler ('61) wrote: Hi Gary, I enjoy your entries in the Sandstorm. Thanks for all you research and add to our enjoyment. I just looked at the old phone book that I have. There is no year listed. Maybe the front cover is gone. The outside front and back sheet are pink and the whole thing appears to be mimeographed. The address listed for my family is the home we moved out of in late 1948 or Jan. 1949. Does this sound familiar to any you have seen? Thanks for any help you can give me. P.S. Oh, by the way Dupus Boomer is also listed in the book I have. I fondly remember Dupus Boomer and my Mom gave copies of it to each of us kids when it was republished the first time. Then just about two or three years ago it was republished again and I bought copies for some folks who I knew didn't have it. ***** The anonymous brother of a frequent 1965 graduate (;-) wrote: I have been trying to find information on the phone numbers with letters, from those from the 1946 Richland phone book... zip, nada, not a thing... However, I was thinking, the ones without letters, appear to have all been "staff" of some sort or other. My mom had said that firemen had to have a phone and so people would use theirs, as not everyone had one. Perhaps the letters have some connection to position. Do you know if the "J" was used on firemen, policemen or other service Departments? I do not know who were firemen, except R. C. Saunders and I have no idea if he is in that phone book. Too bad they have no index to abbreviations... Just a thought... R.C. Saunders - Not Listed (Beardsley & Young...Police & Fireman were both J's so maybe there is some in what you say?) ***** Many of you remember the Whitehall prefix... http://krookmcsmile.*****.com/whitehall.html [Replace *s with the word tripod] ***** Re: 1962 Cougar Yearbook I came across a 1962 Cougar yearbook from Carmichael Junior High School... April Snoeberger - Editor. This copy once belonged to Pamela Jean Hall ('66-RIP). -Gary Behymer ('64) ~ Colfax, WA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Robert Avant ('69) Re: Christmas memories I remember caroling parties with the Youth Group from CUP... It was a total blast! As to "throwing" those silly icicle things versus placing each of them individually... I personally think it is a retentive type thing... Merry Christmas all! -Robert Avant ('69) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Shelley Williams Robillard ('84) Re: Canlis Restaurant Larry Mattingly's ('60) entry about fireworks at the Canlis brought back a really pleasant memory. While in college, my husband/then boyfriend did an internship with Rhone Polaunc (sp?). They made artificial vanilla. Anyway, this company was always very generous in their celebrations in that they let their intern bring his girlfriend on several very nice excursions. One was on the Foss shipping company's yacht, previously owned by John Barrymore. Another was at the Canlis Restaurant. I will never forget getting all dressed up and pulling into the valet parking in my now husband's Ford Escort with the paint rubbed off on the top, and the cardboard shoved in the grill to keep it from stalling in cold air. The valet never even raised an eyebrow and that was GREATLY appreciated! -Shelley Williams Robillard ('84) ~ Moses Lake, WA *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/15/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff: Jim Jensen ('50), Mike Clowes ('54) Burt Pierard ('59), David Rivers ('65) Betti Avant ('69), Daniel Laybourn ('70) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dorothy Stamper ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jim Smith ('58WB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Marsha Goslin ('65) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim Jensen ('50) To: Dick McCoy ('45, '46, '02) Many happy returns to one of the "Founding Fathers" of Club 40. I had the pleasure of meeting you at the 1996 gathering and found you to be pleasant, good company and a font of Bomber history and information. I appreciate your hard work in making Bomber fellowship what it is today. I wish you many more "returns" ....around the pool. -Jim Jensen ('50) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) All this talk about colored light wheels behind Christmas trees got me to wondering if these were the same color wheels one put in front of a black/white television to get color television. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) ~ from cold and foggy Mount Angel, OR ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Burt Pierard ('59) To: Gary Behymer ('64) & the "anonymous brother of a frequent 1965 graduate (;-) " Re: Ancient Phone Numbers It's hard to believe that it's only been a month since my 11/13/05 Sandstorm posting explaining the original phone numbers (indications are that nobody read it). Hey guys, I put in a fair amount of time in my postings and to be ignored really hurts. Granted, I was not referencing any documentary sources, but my rudimentary knowledge of how old "relay type" phone switches worked led to a very reasonable (to me) explanation of what the numbers and letters meant. Maybe I did not go deeply enough into the technical details which I will do today. But first, to save your digging into the Sandstorm Archives to see what I posted (fat chance!), I will repeat an excerpt here. "Now as to the phone numbers, the original exchange was made up of human operator-controlled plugging-in of patch cords to various electromagnetic relay switches (anybody remember the, "Number, please?" inquiry from the operator?). These old switches could not handle very many numbers so I assume the "Letter" designated the switch that the operator connected to and then selected the number from that switch. I don't know for sure, but I think the "Five Numbers" came with the "dial phones" and their electronic switches that could handle all the numbers in the Village. I believe the WHitehall prefix (WH) came with The Direct Dial Long Distance Capability." Before I start, I remind you that the residential phone numbers were 2, 3, or 4 numbers followed by a "letter" (like "J," "W," etc.). The commercial stores, in-town offices, and some of the outer area phones were pure numbers (2-4 digits, I believe). Most of the outer area phones were a capital letter followed by numbers. To simplify the discussion, I will pick up the process at the main Operator Switchboard. When one picked up their phone to make a call, a buzzer would go off and a light (usually red) would light next to one of the patch cord plugs (the patch cord was a spring retractable cord with a phone plug sticking up in the Operator's console). There was also a toggle switch next to the plug which the Operator would switch and ask "Number, please?" When she had the number (and letter, if applicable), she would pull out the patch cord and plug it into a jack (hole) on the board in front of her (the line to the "relay switch" that you requested - this is where the letter - or lack of same - comes in). She then would dial the numbers you requested on a small rotary pad to pick up the proper relays in that "switch" to connect your line to the intended recipient's phone. Then she would push another toggle switch to send the ring signal to the recipient's phone (it would ring as long as she held the switch "On"). Thus she would switch it, wait a few seconds and switch it again until the party answered or she would say "they are not answering." If the relay you wanted was already picked up (the phone was off the cradle), a "Busy" signal was automatically returned. To disconnect, she simply pulled the plug out and allowed the spring to suck the patch cord back into its spot. Please read this this time - if I made a mistake or you don't understand, please challenge or ask. Bomber Cheers, -Burt Pierard ('59) ~ Richland ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Burt -- You're entirely too hard on fellow Bombers!!!!! -Maren] ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: David Rivers ('65) Re: Bomber-babe birthday 12/15/05 It's that time again Boys and Girls... time for Uncle Jimmy's Club house... let's see who we have with us today... well I do believe it is one of those great looking Bomber-babes from the class of '65! I've known this girl I think since around Kindergarten or maybe a little later. She was always with the gang doing this and that and whatever else we had going on. I remember one time I was headed down Lee hill for Zip's and I saw her boyfriend kinda of hanging in and out of the driveway of Zip's. There was a little Honda 50 lying behind the car and two kids sitting on the curb. Something funny sticking out of the top of the BF's '56 Chevy... hmmmmmm do believe they looked like somebody's front teeth... yup... I could recognize them from the time I knocked Terry Davis ('65) out at a party over at Kandi Grubb's ('65)... yup... that's shore what front teeth look like... the BF was a little upset because he was driving without a license... as in he didn't have one... not like he'd left it at home... I musta just got mine back from the Judge over in Pasco because he asked me if I'd say I was driving... "be a good Joe" were his exact words... those were always his words when he wanted you to do something incredibly stupid for him... well... as Tony Harrah ('65) and Jimmy Heidlebaugh ('65) are fond of saying... "I wuz all lickered up" and so it seemed like a good idea at the time... besides the kids on the Honda would never know... Indians and Mexicans all look alike, right?... so I say sher... and I waited for the cops and explained in great detail how the young people behind me had failed to notice my proper signal into Zip's and had plowed right into me with their little bitty motor bike ("it's not a big motor cycle just a groovy little motor bike... ")... Course I would be willing to give the boy's teeth back if we could pry them from the top of the car... cops bought it and I was on my way for another night of fun and frolic... I remember at one of our reunions the birthday girl and I were both stag... Tony Harrah thought we'd make a lovely couple and suggested we get together... we looked at each other and just broke out laughing and shaking our heads... nah... we got too much history to try that we explained... Oh well... she's still a great looker and a wonderful friend after all these years... (tho it can't have been that many years... she looks too young)... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARSHA GOSLIN BREHM ('65)! -David Rivers ('65) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Betti Avant ('69) Re: Christmas tree In thinking back I believe the best tree we ever had was when my younger brother, Howard ('72-RIP), went with a neighbor to their cabin. I can't remember for sure where it was, somewhere out of Yakima because our family went for a few days one summer. Anyway back to the tree. The neighbors had trees around their cabin and that one year Howard went with them and was allowed to pick out a tree for our home. It was just the right size and very full. That was the only year he went with them and I only wish we could have done it more often but that one time was great. -Betti Avant ('69) ~ Lacey, WA - still no rain just damp ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Daniel Laybourn ('70) To: Betti Avant ('69) and Dennis Hammer ('64) Re: Helicopter Ornament I think that ornament probably looked like this... -Daniel Laybourn ('70) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/16/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff: Anna May Wann ('49), Mike Clowes ('54) Missy Keeney ('59), Dennis Hammer ('64) David Rivers ('65), Daniel Laybourn ('70) Vic Marshall ('71), Jake Atwell ('07) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Joan Campbell ('57) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jack Keys ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Tim Smyth ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Terry Davis ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ruth Russell ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mary Raekes ('79) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Ann Thompson, aka Anna May Wann ('49) Re: Club 40 Since I have received inquiries regarding Club 40 dues, I would like to state that those dues coming in this month are for your 2006 dues. If you will look at the label on your DustStorm you will see a number after your name. That signifies where your dues paying stands. If after your name there is an 04 it means you did not pay 2005 dues and if there is an 05, it means you paid 2005 dues. If there is a number like 07, it means you have paid in advance through 2007. If there is no number after your name it means "mail me a check". Regardless of past status, if you mail a check (or you can send cash) you will be credited with 2006 dues. Also Sandstorm subscribers, January 1st is coming around and our $24.00 is due to Maren to continue getting your Sandstorm... that is if Comcast will keep their darn fingers out of the mix and we can get our Sandstorms. Both of these are small amounts to pay for the benefits we derive from them. Now that I have finished lecturing, I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!!! -Ann Thompson, aka Anna May Wann ('49) ~ From COLD Bothell, WA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) Re: From the Obscure Facts Dept. Do you realize that if it weren't for fruitcake Bomberville as we have come to know and love it would not exist. That's right, boys and girls, the fruitcake was instrumental in keeping what would become known as the Manhattan Project on track. Let's flash back to those early days. Here at the Univetrsity of Chicago, physicists are constructing the world's first reactor. Only they had a problem. There wasn't enough graphite to complete the "pile". Dr. Enrico Fermi was beside himself. Without the graphite, his group could not prove to the government that nuclear fission was possible. What to do? One of the people working with Dr. Fermi suggested using fruitcake as it had much the same shape and consistancy as the graphite "bricks" they were using. After a bit of trial and error, the scientists concluded that it would be best to use the fruitcake as the middle layer of the pile. Placing fruitcake on the outside would not make a favorable impression; and placing it as the inner layer created too much of a dampening effect. But, putting it in the middle got the whole thing working. And, thus, the "atomic age" got off to a good start thanks to fruitcake. You see, there is some good in fruitcake. When that reactor was torn down, it was discovered that while the graphite blocks were radioactive in varing degrees; the fruitcake for some reason unknown to science was not. But to be safe, the fruitcake was one of the early burials at the Nevada test site. Dr. Fermi did not want it on the Hanford Reservation. Merry Christmas to all, -Bob Carlson, aka Mike Clowes ('54) ~ from Mount Angel, OR, where the frost lingers in the shaded areas. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Missy Keeney ('59) Re: Burt's [12/15/05] Sandstorm entry The history of our city and The Manhattan Project are subjects dear to his heart and he invests a lot of time and energy in study and research to "get it right" and to educate people. It is reasonable that he would be disappointed when it seems that people have ignored his input. Also . . . I have knowledge that he has been in physical pain the last couple of days and we all get a little "cranky" when we are hurting. He just celebrated his 65th Birthday so, not only is he cranky, he is officially "old and cranky." -Missy Keeney ('59) ~ Richland, WA where it has been below freezing forever! The Yakima River is almost frozen over. P.S. Burt has that "engineer" thing going on, too. That has to be a burden! ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dennis Hammer ('64) To: Daniel Laybourn ('70) Re: Helicopter Ornament That is the ornament that was talking about. It seems like the green rim around the base was the same as the one on the top. Either a different year's model, or faulty memory on my part; probably the latter. -Dennis Hammer ('64) ~ from the icy Bomber outpost of Kennewick ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: David Rivers ('65) Re: A star is born... or so he tells me Birthdays... we got Birthdays we got lots and lots of birthdays (on the 16th)... first lemme say Happy Birthday to Tim Smyth ('62). I may not know you but you gots two great sisters so you gots to be the man! The next birthday boy has been my bud since 6th grade... I've told so many stories about him it's hard to remember which ones I haven't told... then again there are many which should remain untold... There is a special one that I may not have shared yet... When my Pop died a few years back... The Boy and Jimmy Heidlebaugh ('65) let me know they would be there come hell or high water for the funeral... Jimmy showed up on time but the birthday boy fell asleep in the airport and missed his flight... Jimmy and I were at the airport here waiting for him when my secretary called and paged me... said the boy was on the next flight... now we were cutting it pretty short but we waited... The boy landed and we headed for my car to get to the funeral... not sure how we worked it because I was in a Porsche but anyway... we ran to the car with the Boy changing into his suit as we ran... when we got to the car, the Boy informed me that I would know that I had "arrived" when I too could wear Armani suits... I gasped... a nice loud stage gasp... "What? buy off the rack" I exclaimed... "No way I'm giving up my tailor mades" I think it was the first time I've seen the Boy speechless... As we drove to the funeral the boy explained that he stayed up all night to write a one man play about my Pop... instead of the eulogy, he thought he might do the play... no... we decided he should just do the eulogy... When we got there, the Governor was there and walked up to us... I said Hi and started to introduce him to the boys when he said: "It's good to see so many Bombers showed up to send the ol' boy off"... we all just stood there with our mouths open... turned out he had been a construction worker at Hanford in the '40s!!!! Later, on Christmas Eve, the Boy did the play for me and I bawled like a baby... it was a darned good thing he didn't do it at the funeral... there wouldn't have been a dry eye in the place... Since that time he has been writing and rewriting his little play and polishing it to make it better (how it could be better I don't know)... so the other day he called to tell me it was finished and would I mind if he had it published... corse not I said... then he told me he doesn't have a printer so he was not sure how to get a copy to me (ever heard a email??)... so... his answer was while he's in Seattle visiting his Mom and his sis he would rewrite it on her computer... so he wrote it out long hand to take with him... I didn't have the heart to break it to him that he coulda just stored it on one of those little whatchamacallits that we use now instead of disks... .they only hold about as much as and old computer used to... hey... he's having fun... why spoil it. Well, there are so many more things I could say and tell about the boy. He's my pal and I love him. We've had our ups and we've had some of the lowest downs imaginable... but thru thick and thin I don't know that I'd change a minute of it... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERENCE PAUL ANGEL DAVIS KNOX ('65)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David Rivers ('65) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Daniel Laybourn ('70) Re: The Rest of the Story I believe that Jo Gardiner (Chuck ('63-RIP) & Jack's ('61) mom) gave the ornament to me when I was 7 or 8 years old... I've held on to it ever since. In fact it's the only Christmas ornament I own (the chili pepper lights are a year-round thing)... -Daniel Laybourn ('70) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Vic Marshall ('71) Re: Switch Boards In partial response to Burt Pierard's ('59) entry concerning Richland Phone Numbers [12/15/05]- I must admit my family did not "emigrate" to Richland until 1961 and the greatest inconvenience I recall was a party line until about 1965 and all the entries began with WHitehall (what the heck was a WHitehall, anyway?). Anyway, Burt's reference to switchboards triggered a "memory burp" and I suddenly recalled needing to learn how to operate an internal switchboard for my college job at the Ridpath in Spokane. I had a job as the night auditor and they did not want to pay a desk clerk for the night hours, so we needed to learn how to answer outside and inside calls and direct them to rooms in the hotel- it was all done with switches and pulling and putting wires into the right spaces. All very manual- I doubt I could operate it today and it was an annoyance to have to deal with it then but I am happy today to say that I actually was able to operate a switchboard at one time in my life..... well after the time when switchboards were a common fixture in our lives. Thanks for the memory., Burt!!! -Vic Marshall ('71) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Do we know yet why some people appear to be in a certain exchange, & have no letter. In the 1945 book, two Captains living on the same street, had no letter, others on the same street did. The 1945 book also has an exchange explanation, that really doesn't explain: The plot thickens... Stay tuned... -Maren] ******************************************************* ******************************************************* From the new ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook. From: Jake Atwell ('07) POSTED: Tuesday 11/15/2005 7:13:45pm COMMENTS: None -Jake Atwell ('07) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/17/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCoy ('45), Burt Pierard ('59) Helen Cross ('62), Lynn-Marie Hatcher ('68) Shannon Weil ('82) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Linda Rislov ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Donna Young ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Corey Boehning ('87) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* NOTE: "The Kiss" was sent to me by a gal who woulda been a Bomber had she not moved away from Richland when she was 2 years old. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dick McCoy (The Tin Can Class of '45) I had a birthday a couple days ago, and I am still blowing the candles out. I am as old as lead paint. Thank you Jim Jenson ('50) for the kind words. Buck up, Burt Pierard ('59), we still love you, and read your contributions faithfully. Re; the old phone book, would someone tell me our old number, Hugh McCoy, 1324 Thayer Dr. (Or 10R "E" St.) -Dick McCoy (The Tin Can Class of '45) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Burt Pierard ('59) To: The Anonymous Emailer (AE) & Vic Marshall ('71) Re: "Dinosaur" Phone Systems The AE (who by the way, fessed up to having read my Nov. postings) comes forward with a couple of questions, one of which pointed out an inadvertent "omission" on my part and one an error which requires more explanation. I will get into those questions in a moment or so but first I wanted to comment on Vic Marshall's ('71) experiences at the Ridpath Hotel. Vic, the phone exchange that you worked with was identical, in principle, to the municipal system we have been discussing. The only difference is that the hotel had few enough phones to assign an individual jack on the switchboard for each phone instead of having to use a switch (exchange) to select the phones. If you have ever seen any pics of the early municipal systems (like New York City), you saw operators standing in front of giant switchboards and they had to plug patch cords into individual phone line jacks, just like you did. Now to AE's questions. First a little background. I'm reasonably sure that the Corps & DuPont recognized how vital communications was going to be for the success of the Project so I believe the phone system installation started coincident with, or before, the Project & Richland ground breaking in March 1943. Remember that this original system did not include ANY "residential" phones (my Dad, the original residential phone allocator, did not arrive at Hanford until Jan. 1944). I previously stated that commercial buildings, in-town offices and some outer Project Areas were on the in-town Switch. My "omission" was that "critical" personnel also had phones on that Switch in their residences. My error was including "some outer areas" on that Switch but I'll explain that later. The original in-town Switch had pure numbers (no letters) and the critical personnel lived in different parts of the Village, thus leading to some of the apparent geographic "mixing" later on. AE requested clarification of the "Exchange Abbreviations" listed on the General Information page of the 1945 Phone Book. This was a list of 6 Exchanges (Switches) for the 3-100 Areas, 2-200 Areas, & the 300 Area which their numbers were each assigned a leading letter ("O," "P," & "M" for Olive, Pine & Maple for 100-B, D, & F), ("B" & "S" for Birch & Spruce for 200-E&W) and "W" for Walnut for the 300 Area. People were advised to use the words when giving the number to the Operator to avoid possible hearing errors. These letters are what led to my error, specifically saying that some of the outer area phones were pure numbers. I misread the leading letter "O" (100-B) as a zero, so I stand corrected. Now that we've got the phone system basics under our belts, I want to go into it a little deeper. Individual phone lines were connected directly to the switches and several lines (called trunks) were connected between the Operator's Switchboard & the individual switches. Thus it was not necessary, in fact prohibitive, to run each phone line to the Operator's Switchboard. When the general residential phones came along (early 1944), It appears from the 1945 Phone Book, that two switches were installed, "J" & "W" (indicated by the trailing letter in the number). The "J" Switch appears to be generally the northerly part of town and the "W" Switch generally the southerly part. Granted, by April 1945, there are some departures from this statement but that could be because of filling one switch or the other and needing to connect to the other (geographical) switch or maybe malfunctions required connection to the other switch. I don't know. The two switches were probably reasonably close to each other (Richland wasn't that big) and transferring circuits was probably no big problem. By 1947, other switches were added and all geographical separations became blurred. Nobody has offered to loan the 1946 Books to me for scanning so I'm not sure what had happened by then. Hope this helps. Any more questions? Send them in and I'll do my best to answer them. Bomber Cheers, -Burt Pierard ('59) ~ Richland ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Helen Cross Kirk ('62) To: Tim Smyth (;62) Happy Belated Birthday wishes!! I hope 2005 which has just zoomed by has held some more happy memories for you than late 2004 did. Sorry we missed you when we were in Vermont briefly earlier this year. As our uncle is 89 now, I don't know how often he will be able to keep going there for his summers. It's freezing cold here, and I was busy shoveling a freak snowstorm yesterday. Up where Warren goes to school in Dayton they had about 6 0or more inches. So we were lucky. I'm holed in doing a sewing project for Christmas, so my cards will be late. -Helen Cross Kirk ('62) ~ West Harrison, IN - in the warm house by the still-frozen little lake. Earlier this week I saw a red headed woodpecker, a pair of blue jays, a cardinal, and numerous small birds at my bird feeder, all within a few minutes. I moved it up high to keep the birds safe from the foster cats. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Lynn-Marie Hatcher Peashka ('68) Re: Glad to pay I am glad to pay for my Sandstorm subscription, but I am still unclear on when my $24.00 is due. Does everyone come due, now, on January 1st -- regardless of when they last paid? If that's the case, I will pay up now. Otherwise, I will wait till my old "due date", which I think was in May. Maren, would you please clarify this in the Sandstorm? (If you have already done so, sorry I missed it. But a repeat would be appreciated. Also, please post your mailing address again -- and the PayPal instructions.) Thanks -Lynn-Marie Hatcher Peashka ('68) ~ Haven Farm, Idaho ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Everybody's due date is different. Depends on when their Sandstorm started and how much they've paid so far. When you send $$$, I send an email letting you know that I received $$$ and when your next due date is. Then a month or so before your due date, you'll get an email with my address (which will not appear in the Sandstorm). If you need PayPal instructions, let me know and I'll send. -Maren] ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Shannon Weil Lamarche ('82) Re: Congratulations to Kristen Weil '08 I'd just like to say how proud I am of my niece, Kristin Weil ('08) for getting her story published in the latest edition of "Chicken Soup for the Girl's Soul"!!! Way to go, Kristen!!! -Shannon Weil Lamarche ('82) ~ From frigid Overland Park, KS where the snow finally melted, but it is still wicked cold! *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/18/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Bombers sent stuff: Burt Pierard ('59), Pete Overdahl ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Carole Clark ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Susan Nelson ('67) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Burt Pierard ('59) To: Dick McCoy (The Tin Can Class of '45) Re: Request for phone number Yo Dick. Thanks for listening. Apparently your Dad was a "critical" person. Your number (from the 1945 Phone Book) was "57" and was listed for H. P. McCoy at 1324 Thayer. Bomber Cheers, -Burt Pierard ('59) ~ Richland ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Pete Overdahl ('60) To: Burt Pierard ('59) Burt, your phone story in the 12/15/05 issue of the Alumni Sandstorm. Quite a detailed story you wrote. Where did you get your research as you don't look the Phone Operator type or look like Lily Tomlin the Phone Operator in Laugh In. To: David Rivers ('65) David, what an interesting way to pay tribute to your fellow classmates of 1965. They must pay you well. The lead in is so humorous and detailed. It sure makes interesting reading and I as so many must look forward to your Birthday Parade each and every day. I have heard of guys keeping a little Black Book of his girl friends, but never an entire class of students birthdays... Keep it up. -Pete Overdahl ('60) ~ From South Richland where it hasn't been above freezing for ages. *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/19/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff: Millie Finch ('54), Patti Jones ('60) Jim Hamilton ('63), David Rivers ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Nick Nelson ('56) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Pook Smith ('63-RIP) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Tony Harrah ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Lisa McCurdy ('86) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Millie Finch Gregg ('54) Re: Government Snow Plowing Thought you might enjoy this! -Millie Finch Gregg ('54) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) Re: Special "Snowman" Never Melts -Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim Hamilton ('63) Happy Birthday Pook, we're still thinkin' about you and tellin' Pook stories. Always will, jimbeaux -Jim Hamilton ('63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: David Rivers ('65) It's birthday time... a big kid and one of my closest buds... Both of these guys were stars in their own right... both were the ultimate in cool... one was the b-ball player and all round good guy the other was my academic and scholastic idol... I know that sounds kinda weird... since I really wasn't much for school except as a social ground but I always looked up to him for his prowess in school... all that and he still found as much time as anyone to hang out and have a ball... I hung on nearly ever spoke and tried in some ways to emulate him in his speech... not like Terry Davis ('65)... I mean I didn't use the dictionary for bathroom reading like Terry did... but the boy had a way with words and so many times I still find myself repeating something he said when we were in school... Naturally I have more stories about the '65er than the big kid even tho Jimbeaux ('63) says: "everybody has a birthday boy story"... I remember the time the '65er and I were sitting in Jim Cox's ('64) basement waiting for the police to come and get us... I remember the time we tore off the left fender to his car and convinced the kids in front of us it was their fault we hit them... he was the one who never gave up on me our Sr. year when I had such a hard time understanding why things were changing and many of our group were making new friends and setting the stage to go away to college... I just wanted everything to stay the same... it wasn't till the morning of our last class that Ricky Warford ('65) and I sat on the curb in front of Mac Hall with our faces in our hands saying: "we blew it... we really blew it" that I understood things would never be the same... we would all be going our separate ways and who knew when we'd be together again as we had been for the last 13 years from K-12... I learned very shortly that we were entering a new world... the morning after graduation I was pretty well hung over and figured I'd rest up for a while... the phone rang over at Middleton's where I was living at the time... It was Peter Joe Carroll ('65) and his Dad wanted to know why I wasn't at work... I was so stupid I guess I just thought the day after graduation was a national holiday... wroooooooooong... But I never do seem to stay on track in these things do I... so anyway... The big kid was one of those guys who had a smile and a "say man" for everybody... even lowly underclassmen such as I... He was great fun to be around and always a source of laughter and good times... the '65er was a trend setter and always in the middle of things... I first listened to the entire Rubber Soul Album at his house and I remember when he was chased out of Mexico when Keeney ('65) was deported back to the states I remember I had never seen him with hair more than a half an inch long and there he was in that grungy field jacket with hair down to his shoulders... I was in my Marine AJ Squared away stance and met him in Vegas while I was there visiting... I was just back from Nam and thought he looked very cosmo which is what I had always thought of him (remember I had my first french dip sandwich in Pasco with Rick Neil ('61) at the age of 19 and thought I was eating gourmet food)... gaaaaaaaaawd I was so naive... probably still am in many ways... so the purpose of this rambling is to wish two very special people HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVE "POOK" SMITH ('63-RIP) and TONY HARRAH ('65)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David Rivers ('65) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/20/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCoy ('45, '46,'02), Fred Schafer ('63) Gary Behymer ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Anne Collins ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Lyle Hawk ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: David Rodriguez ('69) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dick McCoy ('45, '46,'02) Re: Phone # Thanks you to Janet Tyler ('61) and Burt Pierard ('59) for two early phone numbers. Our # in 1945 was 57. and in 1949 it was 1795N. Hey Burt, didn't you notice that I got our original address wrong, I believe it was 10R "A St", not "E", which became Stevens. Merry Christmas all -Dick McCoy ('45, '46,'02) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Fred Schafer ('63) Re: Lunch - Gold Medal Class of '63 Marching, Chowder and Caroling Society The oldest Bomber Lunch, we have been meeting in Olympia since the 1970s. Those in attendance in no particular order were: Eddie Thompson, Jim Armstrong, Kathy Ravathon, Connie Foster, Joe Ford, Dave Simpson and spouse, Jim Hamilton and spouse, Jim Newell, Leo Webb, Ann Engel, Fred Schafer, Paul Hirst, Maryann Vosse, Lamont DeJong, Carolyn Roe, Rob Hills, Suzie Shaver and spouse, Reed Galibrath, Ellen Wiehermiller, Roseann Benedict, and Tony Sharpe. A great time was had by all. Many thanks to Joe Ford and Leo Webb for such a great job of handling all the details. -Fred Schafer ('63) ~ Vancouver, USA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) I'm 'long' on Chinook yearbooks from WSU for the class years 1955, 1956, 1964 & 1966. IF you were attending WSU, aka WSC, at that time and did not purchase a yearbook, please let me know. It's a first come, first serve on these items. No charge. -Gary Behymer ('64) ~ Colfax, WA *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/21/05 ~ WINTER SOLSTICE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff: Priscilla Hall ('54), Burt Pierard ('59) Helen Cross ('62), Jim Hamilton ('63) Cathy Geier ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Joanne Rolph ('59) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jeff Osborn ('82) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* From the new ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook. From: Priscilla Hall Boswell ('54) POSTED: Tuesday 12/20/2005 7:06:47pm COMMENTS: I was just wondering, when did they drop Columbia High and start using Richland instead? Seems Columbia High is lost to memory. Even all the pictures of the building are labeled Richland High. -Priscilla Hall Boswell ('54) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* From: Burt Pierard ('59) To: Dick McCoy ('45, '46,'02) Re: Phone Number Miscellany Yo Dick. Did you intentionally put the "E" St. reference in your post to catch me? If so, you succeeded. I should have been more alert, considering how many times you've told me about your "A" St. address, but I plumb missed it this time. Of more interest (to me) is what your Dad's original job was with the Project that earned (required?) a phone in his residence. Bomber Cheers, -Burt Pierard ('59) ~ Richland ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Helen Cross Kirk ('62) Greetings from the North Pole, or it feels that way here, as it is sunny and beautiful outside, but barely above zero, with a wind chill factor making it colder. It's so cold I may not even go outside to get my mail, and I love reading the mail.... But I am warm inside, and praying our heat doesn't somehow go off, in the house by the little frozen lake without a bird or duck in sight. I plan to spend the afternoon finishing up a sewing project for Christmas. Better late than never I always say. Happy Birthday Greetings to Lyle Hawk (12/20], fellow member of the best class of l962 - to us anyway. -Helen Cross Kirk ('62) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jim Hamilton ('63) To Bombers in the Washington DC area, or Bombers with relatives in the DC area or Bombers who are traveling to the DC area. I need a rubbing from the Viet Nam Memorial. I know you can do on line, but I need a real one of a friend who paid the price in 1968. I had one that has been misplaced. If you or someone you know meets the criteria, let me know and I'll fill in the blanks. jimbeaux -Jim Hamilton ('63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Cathy Geier ('66) Happy and Warm Holidays to You I just moved back to the Tri-City area. I am so glad to get reconnected with the Sandstorm. I left a full city life in Seattle to return to the wider skies and less traffic. I left many wonderful friends and activities to reseek my fortune and true place. Maybe some of my school time friends are around and single and maybe interested in yoga or contact improv dance.. or just being together to catch up on life and travels. I traveled a lot and am going to Costa Rica next month. In any case, Happy Holidays to you all. -Cathy Geier ('66) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/22/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCoy ('45), Barbara Powell ('58) Patti Jones ('60), Donna Fredette ('65) Bill Wingfield ('67), Rick Valentine ('68) Nancy Nelson ('69) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: Bob Chiles ('58) & Suzie Gunderson ('60) Also today, we honor the 100th anniversary of the birth of Richland Civic leader/Bomber Dad, Jack Pierard (RIP) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dick McCoy (Tin Can Class of '45) Re: My Dad To: Burt Pierard ('59) Hugh, my Dad, had a job that wasn't that special to him or us. He was a procurement agent (no, not that kind), for the Army Engineers (civilian). He transferred from a plant in Minnesota. He and his buddy, who lived next door, had a Army Ford, and one of their chores was going about the state cleaning out hardware and lumber yards of their inventory. They were not very popular. We did get to meet some interesting Army types, and I once caught hell for posting "ok by Dick" in chalk on the auto of the Officer of the Day.Good times. Sigh. After the war he went to work at the Post Office where most folks knew him well. And no, I wasn't trying to trick you with the "E" St thing, I just goofed. -Dick McCoy, From the Wonderful Tin Can Class of 1945 ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Barbara Powell Beaudry ('58) Happy Birthday to Nick Nelson [on 12/19]. I have a picture of Nick and one or two of his brothers at one of my birthday parties. I remember Nick's parents having a bicycle rental at their house and I believe it was ten cents an hour. There were lots of us that did not have bicycles at that time and that is where many of us in the neighborhood learned to ride. I saw Nick's Mother and had a nice visit with her at Carolyn Brown's parents' 60th anniversary. Hope she is still doing as well as she was then. I also spoke with her shortly when Mr. Brown passed away last year... what a lovely lady. Carolyn Brown Hebert ('58)and I are meeting today and going for a couple mile walk. I heard that Yakima had an ice storm yesterday. I believe it is going to be around 73 here in Phoenix today and 75 Christmas day and hopefully we can eat outside. When we watch the news, it is hard to realize what the rest of the country is going through. Happy Holidays to all of you. -Barbara Powell Beaudry ('58) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) Merry Christmas/Happy New year Having some time tonight to reflect over the past year has brought me to realize how much sadness I have been though this year. My moving to West Richland thankfully has over ridden the sadness. Time to reflect has not been easy to find. My mom is better, my brother is in a safe place, my friend of over 20 years who died of cancer is in a better place. West Richland is the best place I have lived in a long time. Many Bomber doings this year have kept me quite active meeting up with old friends as well as new Bomber friends. Met many new people around the Tri-cities in my travels. Even gotten in touch with an old Kennewick friend who is helping me find a friend that the Lion's haven't found as yet. Yes, I was friends with Kennewick Lions. *grin* Not easy to center on what is exactly next besides normal business because of all the wonderful things this year has brought. May have three new cousins when the DNA is done (I have talked about this in the Sandstorm. My DNA is done and waiting for three other collections. Any Bomber looking to have DNA's done I have found a great company who does them.). Coming from a large family it may even be a great lot bigger than it was. Kept me busy keeping everyone together while the DNA gets done. Business has gone up. My apologies to those that I have lost contact with whom I know I will meet up with at an activity sooner or later. Finally drove in the snow yesterday after not doing it for about 14 years. Didn't have to where I lived before. Worked at home and had a grocery store a minute away. I couldn't feel more blessed in my life than I do now. The beauty of the desert is always prevalent, be it from the change of weather, or seeing something or some place I haven't ever been. Recent trip to Walla Walla with Mary Judd Hinz ('60) and her husband Ron for the Walla Walla night Christmas parade reminded me of things of the past as we drove the freeway to the old highway and on to Walla Walla. Vivid were parties at Hat Rock. Another time driving the highway at night to go out to some lake. Then the beauty of the desert looking out to what has now become covered with wine companies and vineyards. Mary and her husband belong to a Corvair club. We were in Mary's old Corvair driving to Walla Walla. Loved cheery crowd looking at the old Corvair and it was fun to hear the crowd yell their comments. All the vehicles in the parade were lit up with Christmas lights. The little children smiling and waving with their faces lit up with joy of the holidays is a memory I won't ever forget. Thanks Mary and Ron. The many visits of my children and grandchildren as well as friends from Western Washington made for a well rounded year. Western Washingtonians do love to come here to the desert for the sunshine. Still can't believe I wore shorts for a good percentage of the summer. First in a long time. Probably since I left California 21 years ago. The endless fun gives me glee to look forward to more meeting with the Bombers in the year 2006 and beyond. The every day reading the Sandstorm jogging memories of the old and looking at what I want to do next. Hawaii for a visit next year is on the goal list because of the possible new cousins. Client moving to Dayton, WA for a new job in 2006 (has never been to this state) will bring some more interesting visits to new and old places in the desert country. My ever thanks to Maren who is so generous to make sure our Sandstorm is in the inbox every day. Always bringing the wonderful tales of past and present from all Bombers, NABs so on. What we pay her is so small for what she brings us each day. Don't forget to get your monies to her. I am ever grateful that Maren also when I ask will edit what I have written. Probably doing this one without asking me? To Richard Anderson ('60) a thanks to you also for being back there when Maren needs your help. DJ Jeff Michael ('65) you'd better show up at a luncheon soon. Maybe your schedule will let you in 2006. The swings are still waiting. Maybe we can buzz to Spalding after a luncheon for a quick swing. You're probably off bungee swinging instead of doing all the things you say you are. *GRIN* Must mention before I ramble on much longer how your birthday wishes can jog memories galore David "Big Moose" Rivers ('65). Hope you find many more birthdays this year to write your memorable wishes to whomever. As we all nestle in for Christmas weekend, my wish is that all Bombers and their families are safe and well and all your prayers and wishes come true. Hope you have time in the last week of 2005 to reflect on all the good that has come your way. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! Bombers Have Fun -Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) West Richland, WA. ~ Where the snow is melting, temperatures are rising. Not surprising because it is Christmas time. My doggies and kitty cat are calling me to get ready for bed so they can go to sleep. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Donna Fredette ('65) To: All Bombers everywhere Merry Christmas and God bless you. Wishing for one day I could go back to my childhood in Richland and see the wonderful icicles hanging off my house on Chestnut street and lay in the snow and make a snow angel. Sled down Carmichael hill and watch the boys drive a car onto the ice. What wonderful memories we all have of Richland!! Love and Bomber Cheers, -Donna Fredette ('65) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Bill Wingfield (Blue Ribbon Class of '67) Here in God's country, or Bomberland, and just saw the perfect license plate today out on the bypass. It was a white Navi, turning onto Swift or Dupertail. The license plate said BOMRMAN, or something like that. I'm sure Don Andrews ('67) would be jealous seeing that plate. -Bill Wingfield (BRC67) ~ Augusta, GA, but up here in God's country for Christmas. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Rick Valentine ('68) Re: WHitehall Telephones With all this talk lately about WHitehall phone numbers and numbers before WHitehall, for anyone interested, there are some pictures of old Richland telephones with WHitehall number cards on them, posted at.. and Wishing all fellow Bombers out there a Very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year... -Rick Valentine ('68) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Nancy Nelson Wyatt ('69) For some odd reason, I have not been getting the Sandstorm daily as of last week. Is there a problem with yahoo too? I know there was with comcast. [No problem with yahoo -- that we know about -- but the problem with comcast has returned... yikes!!! -Maren] Never realized how much i missed it until I didn't get it for a while. And whomever did the ornaments, I commend you all. They are beautiful and was so excited when I received them from my mom who took time out of her busy schedule and went down to get them for me. She even got the "R" home which she did not have. Thank you again and I hope I get the paper again soon -Nancy Nelson Wyatt ('69) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Anyone not receiving their Sandstorm: Our advice is that you CALL YOUR ISP and when you do, you need to say something like: "I need to whitelist all messages that have a return-path header line in the form of: Return-Path: where the nnnnnnnn is the message serial number." All these bounces are TRYING to dampen my Christmas spirit. -Maren *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/23/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers sent stuff: Dave Rhodes ('52WB), Chuck Holtz ('55) Tom Hughes ('56), Mary Ray ('61) Pam Ehinger ('67), Gary Behymer ('64) David Rivers ('65), Jeff Michael ('65) Anita Fravala ('73) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Chuck Holtz ('55) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Craig Lansing ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bill Blankingship ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Sheila Stambaugh ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Sandy Riggins ('63) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dave Rhodes ('52WB) Alice and I wish a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY HEALTHY NEW YEAR to bombers everywhere. -Dave Rhodes ('52WB) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Chuck Holtz ('55) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours :) -Chuck Holtz ('55) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Tom Hughes ('56) Re: Hanford Picture In going through photos from my Dad's collection I came across the attached picture. The picture was taken by Robley L. Johnson, probably in the 1950s. I recognized several of the people but I only have the last names for most of them. BACK ROW: Puderbaugh, Fletcher, Pack, Borden, Dilworth, Askew, Church, Hale, Smith, Wheeler, Steckline, Gregory, Fred Hughes, Robinson, Barker FRONT ROW: Pease, Walstrom, Jess Brinkerhoff, Hartley, "Swede" Hanson, Williams, Hand, McDermott, Foelker, Pollock, McDougal, Morrow -Tom Hughes ('56) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Mary Ray ('61) The lyric for most all of our Christmas carols and songs are now on my website in case anyone needs them. Since I was last here, I have also put up a Political Trivia section and the Events and Music (all of the '50s and early '60s hit recording titles and their recording artists) that shaped the 20th Century. If it were the fifties, I would be having visions of new Janzen sweaters dancing in my head right now. I would be hanging strings of tinsel on the tree (a lost art), trudging through the snow (basking in the sun now), singing Jingle Bell Rock (singing the credit card blues now), and anxiously waiting to see what I got as well as what friends got (burning up the phones lines comparing our Christmas loot was a tradition that proved teenagers to be a materialistic bunch even back then---those who got reversible Pendleton skirts were considered "Lucky Duckies" and got the standard I'm-so-jealous response, "Oh, I hate you!" I bought my mother some Wind Song perfume for Christmas. It is still around and still has the same jingle, "I can't seem to forget you. Your Wind Song stays on my mind." Nice to know something has weathered the test of times. Have a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holiday! Have it like you want, just have a happy and safe one! Please put Richland Alumni in the subject line when emailing me so I can decipher it from my daily dose of spam. Not all of my email addresses get massive doses, but this one does for some reason. -Mary Ray ('61) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Pam Ehinger (The Blue Ribbon Class of '67) A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone in BomberVille! May God Bless and keep you and your family safe. Bombers Rule -Pam Ehinger (The Blue Ribbon Class of '67) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: American Flyer Aside from playing with my Mom's cooking pots on the kitchen floor... along side some cockroaches... in the "B" house at 1304 Mahan... at age 2 to 3... I have 'some' memory of an American Flyer train set that showed up under our Christmas tree in 1949. Dad played with it for hours on end while I was the 'observer'. I was able to claim it in 1978 when my folks moved from Richland to Kennewick (;-) -Gary Behymer (64) No...not my age! ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: David Rivers ('65) Re: two real big kid birthdays 12/23 Ok... I know how it was over at Spalding. I assume it was the same in every neighborhood when ya got to a certain age... in fact I know it was... Before I moved to Spalding I went to Jefferson and over there there were neighborhood heroes like Jerry Reed ('55), Billy Libke ('57) and Jack Clover ('61)... at Spalding it was Jack Gardiner ('61) and his younger brother Chuck ('63-RIP)... we all tried to walk like Chuck... what a crew we were... So where this thing is going is these two guys were of that ilk... (like that word? you can use it... don't need to give me any credit...) One of them is a car guy and it's always nice to see him at the DQ on the night I get home every June and I can always count on him to be there... ball cap and all... One time he came to a car show in Henderson (Nevada)... I saw him strolling across the field and hollered "What the hell are you doing down here"... he took the "stance" I recall oh so well from days gone by... You'd a thought we were in the Zip's parking lot and some Pasco guys had just pulled up... The other guy has a sis from the class of '63 (yes, gold medal) who was a blast as a cheerleader and is still one of the greatest Bomber-babes around... so anyway... these guys were the kind a guys we all grew up admiring and of course they had their own crop of guys they admired... But today is their special day and I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRAIG LANSING ('62) AND BILL BLANKINGSHIP ('62) -David Rivers ('65) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Jeff Michael ('65) Hey there, Bombers and Bomberettes... It's a day or two early, but I got lots of stuff to do and don't want to miss wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We have one child and her two girls in town now, o son and two arriving tonight and another son plus one arriving tomorrow. That's almost the whole bunch. Just leaves my Dad (in Portland area, I think) and daughter (second year in collage somewhere in SoCal, I think) not in attendance. First time in over 10 years. We are so blessed! We still don't have the interior of the house finished and the back yard is all torn up. We have a car dangling from the ceiling in the garage and no room to park the other cars indoors. But we are really happy to be here and have most all the family visiting. I'll do a New Years Eve Wedding / Party here, then be off to SoCal for three corporate events over a two week span. My wife and daughter are going to Israel in the spring... that's the next BIG THING. They will be with our pastor and some other church folks from Richland Assembly. Pastor's Mom lives there, so they get special treatment. It'll be way cool. Not sure what's on the agenda for me after the January trip. Maybe I can stay home and get some projects finished! Maybe just go swing at Spalding! We do anticipate another trip to Mississippi, but haven't set the plans in place yet. We've got some promo stuff set-up in Orlando and Hilton Head, too, but no dates yet. Just have to play it by ear. Ran into Larry Gross ('65) the other day. That was cool. All your Bombers and Bomberettes, all the best, and BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!! -dj jeff Michael ('65) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Anita Fravala Griffin ('73) Re: Yahoo To: Nancy Nelson Wyatt ('69) Last week my Sandstorm stopped coming through on my yahoo address, too. I have been going 'round and 'round with yahoo about the problem and so far they have been no help. I ended up having to use a different email address. -Anita Fravala Griffin ('73) ~ in Scottsdale, AZ, where the sun shines every day, it's blue sky and warm. There were kids swimming in the pool all day yesterday and evening!!! *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/24/05 - CHRISTMAS EVE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff: Curt Donahue ('53), Judy Willox ('61) Helen Cross ('62), John Adkins ('62) Dennis Hammer ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Marilyn Groff ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dave Miller ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Art Schafer ('70) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Curt Donahue ('53) Re: Christmas Greetings I want to wish Bombers everywhere a very Merry Christmas and a most blessed New Year. Remember that this baby whose birth we celebrate at Christmas was born in the shadow of a cross, and we can be grateful He was. -Curt Donahue ('53) ~ Federal Way, WA ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Judy Willox (Classic Class of '61) To: All Bombers and to All Our Service People We want to wish you one and all a beautiful Merry Christmas season and a great New Year to follow. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all of you having a Christmas so far from home so that we may continue to celebrate this joyous season. Stay safe when on the roads Bombers and come home or go back home safely. I have you all in the best Hands around. We send you all this beautiful card to enjoy. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2005 -Judy Willox (Classic Class of '61) & Paul Hodson ('05) ~ Richland Where the weather is damp and cold; and once again the Baby Jesus is home with us. I have Him hot wired against theft. ;o) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Helen Cross Kirk ('62) Birthday Greetings to Bill Blankingship, Sheila Stambaugh, and Craig Lansing all from my favorite class, the class of l962. I still remember fishing with Bill at the old Wellsian Lake (I think it was called) below Carmichael (think that was where it was, is) as part of a class, maybe P.E., and the walk there was exercise. Sheila and I were part of growing up together, too... right off of Swift. And season's greetings to all Bombers everywhere, to those fortunate enough to live in Bomberland and to all of us elsewhere. -Helen Cross Kirk ('62) ~ West Harrison, IN - in the house by the little lake where the lake is still frozen, but probably will melt by Christmas, as the forecast is for temperatures almost to the 50s for the next 3 days, and Christmas is the 3rd Day! ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: John Adkins ('62) Re: It's Christmas Time From my family to yours, I wish you a very Merry Christmas with your family and loved ones. -John Adkins ('62) ~ Richland ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Dennis Hammer ('64) To: Gary Behymer ('64) Re: Christmas trains Sometime in the 1980s I dug out my electric train set and was going to set it Up for my daughter (Well, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.) It was made by Marx. I still have it in the original box with the cardboard partitions for the transformer, the engine, each car, and the tracks. I had a problem though, there was hardly any track, not even enough to make the smallest of circles. Shortly thereafter I was at a swap meet and a guy had a whole box of track, but he told me that the track he had was for Lionel and would not work on Marx. I didn't buy any even though it looked the same to me. Soon after I was told that the different brands will, in fact, run on the same track. So my train has probably not been run since the 1950s. -Dennis Hammer ('64) ~ In Kennewick with a train waiting for the Highball *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/25/05 - MERRY CHRISTMAS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers and 1 NAB today sent stuff: Marlene Richter ('55), Ruth Miles ('59) Gus Keeney ('57) & Marilyn DeVine ('52) Patti Jones ('60), Carol Converse ('64) Linda Reining ('64), Penny McAllister ('67) Betti Avant ('69), Nancy Nelson ('69) Don Sorenson (NAB = Not A Bomber) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Larry Bowls ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jay Coates ('72WB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Sharen Manolopoulos ('72) Larry, Jay and Sharen are in GREAT company today. Christmas Day is also Jimmy Buffett's birthday. He's 59 years old today. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Marlene Richter Frank ('55) To: Curt Donahue ('53) MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and Ramona. I hope that 2006 will be a happy and healthy year for you and your family. Hope to see you at church sometime this coming year if you are in the Tri-Cities. -Marlene Richter Frank ('55) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Gus Keeney ('57) & Marilyn DeVine ('52) Merry Christmas Everyone Out There in Bomber Land!!!! -Gus Keeney ('57) & Marilyn DeVine ('52) ~ In Sunny Yuma, AZ where it will be in the 80s Today!!!!! I was Gonna Say, "Eat Your Hearts Out!!!" But that's not in the Christmas Spirit of things!!! ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Ruth Miles Bruns ('59) Merry Christmas to all y'all, and special thanks: to Maren and Richard, for taking such good care of the Sandstorm to Gary, for the frequent fascinating Bomberville tidbits he shares and for the fact that the Sandstorm exists at all -- connecting with old friends that for nearly 40 years I had no expectation of being in touch with ever again, and enjoying the memories we all share. -Ruth Miles Bruns ('59) ~ in Goldendale WA, where rain and sporadic sun has been washing away the snow ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) Re: Receiving Sandstorm If Bombers are still having problems with Comcast or Yahoo may I suggest msn hotmail. I have been on MSN for five years. At the max, in my memory, I have probably missed at the most 10 Sandstorms because of technical problems. Merry Christmas -Patti Jones Ahrens ('60) ~ Visiting rainy Tacoma for Christmas. The rain must have seen me coming. Gorgeous weather when we left West Richland on Genie Tours. Started to lightly rain in Yakima. By the time we got to the pass steady rain. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Carol Converse Maurer ('64) Merry Christmas: Just want to wish all of you, wherever you may be, a very Merry Christmas and most happy, healthy New Year. May God Bless you today and every day!! -Carol Converse Maurer ('64) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Linda Reining ('64) The reindeer food has been sprinkled on the lawn so that Santa and his reindeer will know this house has little ones waiting for his visit; the cake for Jesus has been made and will be eaten in the morning; the stockings are hung by the fireplace waiting for Santa to fill them; the kids are in bed, and the rest of us are relaxing, enjoying the "quiet before the storm". This is my most favorite time of year and as I sit here, I am remembering back to all the past Christmas' and the wonderful times of growing up in Richland and all the memories of white Christmas'(wish I could wake up to a white Christmas now, but ain't gonna happen in this part of CA); sledding down Carmichael Hill, drinking hot cocoa afterwards; making snow angels & snowmen; snow forts; snowball fights; learning how to drive on snow AND ice in my first car (a '49 Ford); WHAT fun remembering back to Christmas' of old! God Bless us, everyone - Merry Christmas Bombers, everywhere!!!! -Linda Reining ('64) ~ Bakersfield, CA - it is cold and damp and we have been having heavy fog for the past two mornings, but no tule fog, yet. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Penny McAllister D'Abato ('67) Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!!!!!! This is what out outside temp is at 4pm in Surprise, AZ can you believe it!! but that is in the sun... we will break records today and tomorrow (it is nice and cool in the house tho) but I couldn't believe it so had to take a picture... have a nice holiday!! -Penny McAllister D'Abato ('67) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Betti Avant ('69) You have received an eCard from Betti! View your Photo eCard now at: -Betti Avant ('69) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Nancy Nelson Wyatt ('69) Merry Christmas to all and have a very Happy New Year. I am going to do a little bragging like most of us do from time to time. Please check this site out. My daughter, Karmen, made it for all the servicemen and women who are serving our country so we may enjoy freedom and I am really proud of her. She made the poem and in the near future she will be adding my oldest brother, Melvin Nelson ('61wb-RIP), to the site also. -Nancy Nelson Wyatt ('69) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Don Sorenson (NAB = Not A Bomber) Hope you can fit these in the Christmas Edition of the Sandstorm. Oh by the way Merry Christmas! 4763-neg 1944 Santa & Reindeer on Roof Top 7916-neg 1944 sign - Church Christmas Program 7919-neg 1944 sign - Children's Christmas Party 7920-neg 1944 sign - Children's Christmas Party 7926-neg 1944 - Santa Illustration 7931-neg 1944 - Christmas Activities 7937-neg 1944 - Nativity Scene 7941-neg 1944 - HEW Christmas sign -Don Sorenson (NAB = Not A Bomber) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/26/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff: Mary Triem ('47), Cathy Geier ('66) David Priebe ('57) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Vera Smith ('58) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Mary Triem Mowery ('47) To: Don Sorenson - NAB Thanks for the great pics - you should definitely be an honorary Bomber! Let's all vote for him. -Mary Triem Mowery, a '47 Bomber ******************************************************* ******************************************************* From the new ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook. From: Cathy Geier ("66) POSTED: Sunday 12/25/2005 8:21:16am COMMENTS: Hello, What a wonderful time we had growing up. Healthy friends and things to do. I loved it so much. At the time I did not realize how much we had. Those advanced math and science classes! Tennis and gymnastics teams! Pep Squad. Me, being an alternate cheerleader.. I had wanted to be a cheerleader so much..... The Honor Society (I got to be on the Rally Squad in college) our friends... walking to school with Cathy Palmer I am back in the area again for awhile. I am still the athletic gymnast I was then.. with a few more pounds and alas, a few wrinkles. I am looking for intense yoga classes and for anyone who would like to begin a contact improv dance group. So many people to thank for those days. I have had a wonderful time providing education to many young children in other cities.. many children not so fortunate as we were. Oh yes, and if there are typing errors.. I skipped takign typing for who knows what.. and live to regret it.. when called out for my errors!!! God Bless Everyone -Cathy Geier ('66) ============================ and later (10:58am) that same day... >>From: Cathy Geier ('66) Merry Christmas Everyone I moved to Sunnyside!!! I love the sun! Where is it?? I am planning to go to Costa Rica soon.. wonder if they will have sun? Seriously, yesterday.. hanging out with an unexpected bad cold.. I watched videos.. saw Drumline. It made me reflect on our wonderful Bomber band. I had not really thought about how much work our players put in to produce the music and shows we saw weekly. Thank you Bomber Bands for the wonderful shows and your work. Sincerely, -Cathy Geier ('66) ~ from Foggy Sunnyside!! ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: David Priebe ('57) Bill Berlin ('56) has been seriously ill. Fortunately, he is at home for Christmas and is on the mend. Seems his past wild life has caught up with him, putting him in the hospital for eight days, two operations, pneumonia, and the list goes on. He says the doctors have been very good to him here in Anacortes and that wife, Sandra, has been nursey, nursey to his gimpy leg. For such a guy so full of energy, what a way to get out of putting up outdoor Christmas lights! -David Priebe ('57) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/27/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Bombers sent stuff: Bill Berlin ('56), Helen Cross ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Marilyn Schultz ('52) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jeannine Hughes ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Sharon Chapman ('57) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Patti Eckert ('68) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ray Nelson ('70) ****************************************************** ******************************************************* >>From: Bill Berlin ('56) Re: Report From The Horse's Mouth Many thanks for my good buddy Dave Priebe DDS ('57) for ratting me out. I did suffer a broken right foot and it became infected, not a good deal for a diabetic. Through some wisdom that I am not sure of, and emphasizing the term "Medical Practice", one of my doctors put me in a cast for what was to be two weeks. At week one I was running 104.4 temp and had to go to the ER, thus an eight day hospital stint. You know the drill. Lots of X-Rays, a couple of MRIs, a C.A.T Scan, the dreaded catheter, mild pneumonia, lots of IVs, etc. A real TV episode. I am back home, no pressure on the foot, sitting either at my computer or in front of the TV with my dear wife, Sandra, waiting on me hand and FOOT. I am feeling great but the recovery will be six to eight weeks. Thank God for the Sandstorm. I had my laptop in the hospital and all of the staff there, which was really excellent, were amazed that every day I would get the Sandstorm. They were truly amazed. Whilst in hospital I saw a TV program called the Bridge at Gretna and how important it was in the recovery effort during Katrina. Interesting to see some of the area before and after that storm and all the time thinking of Maren. -Bill Berlin ('56) ~ in Anacortes, WA where we are getting one big storm after another but it remains warm. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Helen Cross Kirk ('62) The photos Don Sorenson (NAB) had of old l944 Richland (Hanford) were very interesting. Did you notice that the Christmas sign they had put up back then was politically correct? After Christmas sales are calling, and I have about a dozen Christmas cards I didn't finish, as I wanted to add a personal note. I just may call them instead, it's more fun anyway... oh our instant culture... On a happy note, 3 friends who I thought were lost to me, recontacted me over the Christmas season. It reminds me of the poem, "make new friends, keep the old, one is silver, the other gold". Also Joy Hendrix Wilson, (NAB) had also surprised me with a phone call this summer. She had found me on a web search. She had lived with her sister, Eilene, (can't remember her sister's married name, but she's remarried now, anyway) in Richland in l963 and I met her at CUP church. She knew Simon, my Dutch brother... well, she has tried to find another friend from Richland without success. If anyone has any information about Glenda Gray (she thinks she was born in l949 and might have graduated in l966 and her brother Kenny Gray ('64-RIP), please contact me, so I can contact her. [I already did, folks... Grays were our neighbors when I was little.... -Maren] Our little country church adopted a family with 7 children and we took them Christmas dinner and lots of toys and clothes on Christmas Day. It does make one appreciate more all we have. We only had one week to put it together, and I was amazed that we raised over $500 for this from 70 people in church the one Sunday it was announced. Love is in the air, especially at Christmas. Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday. We were blessed to have our one son home, and to hear from our other son out in South Lake Tahoe. -Helen Cross Kirk ('62) ~ in the house by the little lake in West Harrison, IN - where even tho it's been in the 40s for the past 3 days, so we lost almost all snow on Christmas, the little lake is still frozen. It just had some water on top of it yesterday!! *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/28/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff: Steve Carson ('58), Keith Hunter ('63), Roy Ballard ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ron Stephens ('56) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Robyn Richardson ('78) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Steve Carson ('58) Re: Good to be back When my computer crashed my msn was not accessible and i have missed my daily Sandstorm. I had to delete 1069 messages to get my msn back and that included many Sandstorms. {You can read them all online at] Does anyone have a contact for Rodney Payton ('58)? -Steve Carson ('58) ~ Chicago, IL ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Keith Hunter ('63) Anyone hear anything about Jackie Sheard ('61)? She doesn't answer her emails for about a month. -Keith Hunter ('63) ~ in beautiful down town North Carolina ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Roy Ballard ('63) To: Bill Berlin ('56) If by chance you need a great foot Doc, Dr. Steve Miller in Anacortes is the best I've ever seen, He worked with me for over 5 or 6 years and if I still need to talk with him he is always there. I believe that his office is still on 20th or 21st, across from the Army of National Guard office -Roy Ballard ('63) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/29/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 Bomber sent stuff today: Betty King Moody ('53) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dot Egeland ('69) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Betty King Moody ('53) Hi. I am back on line after being down for a year. This move to Tonasket, WA has been a lonesome one. Any Richlanders around this area? Happy New Year to all. -Betty King Moody ('53) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/30/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Bombers sent stuff: Helen Cross ('62), Anita Fravala ('73) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Phil Gant ('54) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Helen Cross Kirk ('62) To: Betty King Moody ('53) Hi, I don't know what prompted you to move there, but there are Bombers everywhere, especially in Washington state. I personally think that anywhere in Washington is a pretty good place to be, so I'm sure in time you will come to know the beauties of Tonasket. So Bombers near Tonasket to the rescue of this lonesome Bomber. Wish I were there to help. Keep us posted on your adjustment. I hope to be in the area in February, 2006, driving by to see my mother-in-law in Brewster, WA... oops I checked my map and I won't be driving by, but you do live in a beautiful area of the state. As I said, Bombers to the rescue. Re: Virginia Ehrig Worthington ('58) I just had a call from my friend (who is not a Bomber) in Twisp, WA that Virginia Ehrig Worthington passed away yesterday in Wintrop, WA. There will be services held in Wintrop on January 7 at the Presbyterian church. Her daughter is still there, so cards could be sent to the address I just gave to those who wrote to me for the address. My condolences to Margaret Ehrig Dunn ('61) as the surviving member of her family. Because my exchange student Dutch brother, Simon van Houwelingen, lived with the Ehrigs in 1962-63 while I was in Holland with John Ehrig ('63-RIP), I've always sort of felt related to them. Particularly Mrs. Ehrig and my Dutch mother, Simon's mother had a close relationship, My friend, in Twisp, Mary Ann< reported that at the end Virginia was very at peace with her leaving this earth, so we can trust that she is at peace with our Father God in Heaven. Sadly we lose another Bomber, but those of us who remain are still strong. -Helen Cross Kirk ('62) ~ in West Harrison, IN - where it is misty, but at least the road are not dangerous with ice. The little lake is still slightly fozen over dispite several days getting into the 55s and some night that way. Our very little pond in front was frozen solid for days, but the fish in there somehow survived..... ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Anita Fravala Griffin ('73) My husband was transferred to Scottsdale, AZ in September for several years. I wasn't too sure I would be very happy down here being away from my kids. But they showed up for Christmas and we had a great time. Monday, my son & his girlfriend moved to Italy so I'm in the process of planning a trip to visit them in '06. Anyway, on to my story: yesterday while I was out running errands, I was waiting at the stop light at Hayden and Frank Lloyd Wright and lo and behold what do I see on the car ahead of me (but in the other lane)? You guessed it - an Alumni Richland Bomber license plate holder. I was so excited but I couldn't get close enough to get their attention. Even though we don't get to retire until 2010, I see why the "snowbirds" come down here for the winter - the weather is going to be in the 70s again today with blue sky and sunshine! That's not too hard to take after the reports about the frigid weather eastern WA has been getting. -Anita Fravala Griffin ('73) *************************************** *************************************** That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` ******************************************************* Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/31/05 ~ NEW YEAR'S EVE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff: Ken Ely ('49), Carol Converse ('64) David Rivers ('65), Cathy Geier ('66) Nancy Nelson ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Wayne Wallace ('50) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Doug Hildebrant ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: John Allen ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mikel Boatman ('99) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Ken Ely ('49) I hope everyone has a safe and sane New Year's Eve as well as a Happy and Healthy New Year. Wish we could export some of our rain to Texas and Oklahoma where they need it more. -Ken Ely ('49) ~ Soggy Orangevale, CA - where the outlook is more rain. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Carol Converse Maurer ('64) To: Anita Fravala Griffin ('73) Enjoy the mild weather in Scottsdale now, as it gets to be very very hot during the summer. Way back when, my x-husband and I had some friends who were from there and they used to tell us that they would be up at midnight swimming in their pool. Guess it was too hot before hand to be outside. Right now it sounds nice. To: Helen Cross Kirk ('62) I always enjoy reading about your adventures. Seems to me that you are traveling more than staying home by your now frozen pond. For us who can't travel like that, it's fun to be a part of yours. I hope that all Bombers everywhere have a very safe and sane New Years. I'm looking forward to another great year and, hopefully, healthy year for both my husband and I. I love new beginnings! Happy New Year, -Carol Converse Maurer ('64) ~ Eureka, CA - where it's been raining now for almost 3 weeks straight. No let up as yet. ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: David Rivers ('65) Re: Call someone! Ok... It's about the end of the year... yesterday I was in one of those "How come Billy Gibbons got to be him and I hadda be me" kinda moods. I laughed at myself and said the short recovery prayer that helps me stop thinking of ME which is by it's very nature depressing... (always thinking about me that is)... I started thinking about how so many people get the blahs during the Holidays (Which includes that wonderful day called Christmas... ha ha... I said it... Christmas Christmas Christmas!... if you don't believe in Santa, then just don't clap... or is it click your heels... )... Some people think I never get the blahs and never feel pain... not so... I'm just a trained professional when it comes to lying... (that is a JOKE... ok?)... One day I was driving into work in one of those "poor me" moods when I spied a woman walking across the crosswalk... It was a local Judge by the initials of KH... probably the poorest excuse for a person, a lawyer and certainly as a judge... my outlook brightened immediately as I thought... "Oh gaaaaaaaaawd, I could be KH!"... end of depression... so anyway, that was my mood yesterday... I tried calling my best Vegas friend... the guy who started our donut group... I had tried for two days with no response... he always calls back... always... when I got to work one of my friends who works with him called to tell me our friend hadn't been to work in 3 days and when the caller returned from Christmas vacation he learned of the no show. His calls were not being taken either... I rushed to the friend's house thinking he may have been in an accident and they didn't know who to call... car was in the garage all safe and sound... so I knew he had made it back from Christmas dinner... and I also knew what I would find when I went into the bedroom. I was unhappy that he passed but glad it had been in bed... He clearly had a heart attack and it had hurt... but I've lied and told everyone he looked as peaceful as a baby... only the coroner, metro, the mortuary people and the Public administrator know the truth... so I spent most of the day with "officials" and trying to figure out how to reach his relatives... the hotrod community learned quickly and I finally had to turn off my phone... He had been having chest pains for 2 weeks and refused to see a doctor... So what I'm trying to say here is that the holidays can be stressful... yes they can and you all know they can... if old man depression starts to set in... call someone... they will be glad you called and so will you. HAVE A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR! -David Rivers ('65) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Cathy Geier ('66) Re: Bombers Everywhere Hello, Where are the Bombers in Sunnyside? Still waiting to hear anyone into yoga or contact improv in Tri-Cities... That wonderful gymnastics experience from Coach Rex Davis ('49) stayed with me into college at WSU and still in the present. I will be taking a class or two at CBC this winter while I plan my escape.. from winter to Costa Rica. Happy Holidays and Safe Driving -Cathy Geier ('66) ******************************************************* ******************************************************* >>From: Nancy Nelson Wyatt ('69) To: Betty King Moody ('53) I am in the Colville, WA area so you are about a 2 hour drive from me. Tonasket, WA is a nice pretty town. Used to go thru there on the way to Okanogan to visit brother. But now brother moved here to Colville so don't go thru much. -Nancy Nelson Wyatt ('69) ~ where it is snowing and snowing and snowing. *************************************** *************************************** That's it for the YEAR. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` November, 2005 ~ January, 2006