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 Alumni Sandstorm Archive ~ November, 2009
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16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Richland Bombers Calendar website Funeral Notices website *********************************************** *********************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/01/09 - FALL BACK at 2am ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers Bill Dunton and Don Sorenson sent stuff: Marlene LARSEN ('56wb), Rich BAKER ('58) "Pappy" SWAN ('59), Derrith PERSONS ('60) David RIVERS ('65), Peter TURPING ('70) Bill Dunton (former Carmichael Teacher) Don Sorenson (NAB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Judy WILLOX ('61wb) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Micki LUND ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marlene Rose LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) This is a reply to the posting by Laura Dean KIRBY Armstrong ('55) which was in the October 30th Sandstorm. It is regarding John Ball School in North Richland. My question is: Did John Ball always have just 12 Quonset huts or were more added in later years? I lived in North Richland from 1948 through 1952 and it seemed to me that John Ball had more Quonset huts than 12. However, I saw the picture of the school that Maren just posted a few days ago and it definitely only has 12 Quonset huts. I was interested in learning that there was no "A" Street but instead just 3 rows of houses along the bluff of the Columbia River. I lived at 901 "B" Street in a duplex. Our house was on the west side of "B" Street and our back yard sloped up to the row of houses on "C" Street. We have pictures of us kids sitting on the sloping back lawn. It was also interesting to learn in another website that our 2 bedroom duplex rented for less than $40.00 a month which included all the utilities including stove oil. I remember my uncle from Coulee City who drove a Richfield oil truck coming and filling up our oil barrel, along with everyone else's barrel. It is surprising that I remembered the monthly rental charge before I read about it on the web. Why I remember that figure is beyond me. If anyone out there can tell me whether John Ball School ever had more than 12 Quonset huts, I would appreciate a reply. Thanks. One other question. Were all the houses, duplexes and trailer park removed? I saw the website of the John Ball School foundation and is it still there or was the foundation removed also? I also have heard that there are now large homes located on the site of North Richland. Does anyone know for sure? Re: More memories of North Richland in the late '40s and early '50s. I remember trading comic books and walking up and down "B" Street in North Richland, trading comic books with other kids. As a remember, the comic books cost 10 cents each. Hard to believe! My sister, Linda *'60wb), and I remember playing along the bluff of the Columbia River. One time we even made a baseball field and played baseball. Linda said she used to collect arrow heads along the river and wishes she had kept them. Another memory is when Harry S. Truman and his wife and daughter were campaigning and their train stopped in Pasco in 1948. We were there and saw and listened to him speak when he and his family were standing on the rear portion of the train. We have a picture which was taken that day. One other thing I remember was when the Uptown Richland theater first opened and how fancy it was. I especially remember the reclining seats. How wonderful! -Marlene Rose LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Rich BAKER ('58) Re: Hiroshima and Nagasaki While living in Japan, I have had the opportunity to visit both Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I had a great desire to visit Nagasaki because my Dad started as a "D" Operator in 1943 at "B" reactor. He eventually worked his way up to the "B" reactor manager. I believe it was actually called 105 building process manager. Then in the early '60s I worked in the 100 areas on one of the supplemental crews so also spent quite a bit of time working at "B." It seems like my visit to Nagasaki kind of closed the loop. Craig BUCHANNAN ('56) was on the same supplemental crew with me. Attached are some pictures of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I labeled each picture so I hope they come through. The Hiroshima Prefectural Industrial Promotion Hall was one of the few ground zero buildings that did not completely collapse and has been retained as part of the Peace Park. In one of the pictures of the Hall, you will see Dave Silver (Benton City '56) and his wife Anna who were visiting me at the time. -Rich BAKER ('58) ~ Kobe, Japan where the air is becoming crisp. I am leaving tomorrow for Shanghai where I will meet my wife who is flying in from Atlanta. We will spend the next 17 days taking in the sights and sounds of China. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: George "Pappy" SWAN ('59) Re: More Pappy's Ponderings To: Dick McCOY (the Tin Can Class of '45) Re: Monikers (or ... Turkeys Are Us) You wrote, "Why not B. Franklin's turkey, an honorable bird, and good to eat." I echo both of those admirable attributes of the Wild Turkey. They are also a very interesting bird to study and they can be quite challenging to hunt. Contrary to popular opinion, "wild turkeys ain' no dummies!" If the wild turkey could smell, as well as it can see and hear, hunters probably, would stand little chance of taking one. And, wild turkeys provide one of those lessons in life, by the fact that, they are in reality, an ugly bird, and just the connotation associated with their name, belittles them, as in, "He's a turkey." Yet, eagles are much more impressive in appearance and behavior. But as you say, "Politically correctly they now are the EWU Eagles, WHICH IS MOSTLY A SCAVENGER [my emphasis]." So, let me see now ... the turkeys work hard to raise a family, make a living, and protect their flock, whereas the eagle is more of an opportunist. The eagle does a little hunting for its own food, but mostly just soars about, watching the turkeys and other critters hard at work. But mostly, the eagle just takes advantage of another animal's misfortune or another predator's hard work, by scavenging, or in other words, the eagle mostly lives off the hard work of others. So, in reality, who is the real turkey (in the derogatory sense of the word)? The wild turkey is indeed, "an honorable bird." So, as long as we are engaging in this argument about the pros and cons of the "R Cloud" (which I support), we should also reconsider "Uncle Ben's" argument that we do away with the eagle and take on the turkey, as our national symbol. Go turkeys! To: Bonnie STEEBER Frasca ('57) ~ from sunny Tucson Re: Speaking of weather Yesterday, the rains ceased for a while, and the winds came, as they always do around here ... following a rain. It seems to be the unwritten duty of the winds, after an excessive downpour, to dry out the terrain, which actually ... I like. So, I ventured forth into the wilds (ok, one of the wildlife habitat areas along the Snake River), with my girls. We were in search of the wily (and seemingly non-existent) rooster pheasant and those diminutive, feathered, clandestine operators, known as quail. The Washington Fish and Wildlife Department reported that the population of upland birds is up this year and hunters will have great hunting. Huh? Methinks that their crystal ball was clouded, as I have not talked to a bird hunter yet, who has found this year's lauded good hunting. But, always trying to look for the bright side and maintain my sanity, my dogs and I made the best of it. We trudged about in the yet, wet grass and weeds, and did flush two pheasants, but always out of sight, behind thick brush. And, these birds were crafty, as there was no cackling, so we have no idea if they were roosters or not. And, the quail, like turkeys, are no dummies either, as they were high in the trees, waiting for the grass to dry out, and easily eluded a stumbling old guy and two eager pups. Consequently, the report is, "No shots fired." Now, one could easily ask, "So Pappy, what was fun about that?" Well, my girls and I all got a lot of exercise on a day of windy, but otherwise, great weather. In fact, the exercise turned out to be a bit excessive, unintentionally. At one point, emerging from the wet brush and pausing to decide on our next course of action, I glanced down and noticed a branch-like stick. This was no ordinary stick, as the longer I looked at it, the more it looked like a deer antler, which indeed ... it was, a 4-pt Whitetail deer antler. As I picked it up, I pondered the probability that its mate (the other side of the buck's antlers) could be nearby. As I stood there studying it, I realized that Me'a was sniffing something in the wet grass, near my feet. So, staring at the grass in front of her nose, I began to make out just the tip of the other antler, not three feet from the first one. You may wonder, "What's so great about this discovery?" Well, we found both antlers from the same buck, in the same spot, a very unusual happening. Furthermore, the antlers are in very good condition. They would have to be from last years buck, as it is too early for this year's bucks to have dropped their antlers. And, they show no sign of rodents having chewed on them (a usual occurrence by the little buggers seeking the minerals in the antlers). These "sheds," as dropped antlers are called, are highly coveted by hunters, and others of outdoor interests because they can be used for many purposes, not the least of just displaying them. I think that I will use these next year for hopefully "rattling" in another or possibly the same buck (which could be a six-pointer by then). "Rattling" is the clanking of the antlers together to simulate the sound of bucks fighting, when they challenge each other for the area and its does. This often draws in a curious buck to the site of the "fake fight," so that a hunter can get a shot at him. The only draw back in this state is that the "rutting (breeding) season," in most areas, takes place after many of the deer hunting seasons have closed. But, there are late seasons, especially for archers or the late Whitetail deer hunts in northeastern Washington. So, I praised both dogs, especially Me'a, put my antler prizes in my game pouch and happily went off through the brush, back to the task at hand of trying to find a game bird, hopeful for dad to hit and pups to retrieve. I had not gone far, when I realized that my good polarized sunglasses, that I had foolishly placed upon top of my ball-type cap ... were missing. Well, obviously I had most likely allowed overhanging branches to sweep them off of my head ... somewhere on my back trail ... but where? Instantly, I went from the euphoria of having made the wonderful find of a set of great sheds to losing my expensive shooting sunglasses. Not necessarily a "good trade!" And thus, began a long drawn out backtracking search, that resulted in nearly twice the distance that I would have normally covered on this hunt. I had circled and zigzagged so much that it was difficult to make sure that I covered the same trail previously taken. However, eventually, with old age patience and perseverance, I finally (after about and hour of wandering in circles) stumbled onto my sunglasses, still intact. Again, my pups and I celebrated, as I bought us all a drink ... of cold water from the hydration pack that I carry on my back when hunting (for man and dogs). By then, there were two pups and one old guy, all thoroughly "whupped," so we began our trek back to the parking lot and Ranger "Ricky," about a mile away. The walk was long and slow, but we enjoyed each other's company, an occasional drink of water, and we were facing into the wind. "It don't get not better than that!" Finally, arriving at "Ricky," we had our own tailgate party as we shared my cheese and summer sausage sandwich, and more water. Then the tired pups bedded down in the back of Ricky, and I drove home with no birds, but a glow of satisfaction about a good day spent afield with close friends. -George "Pappy" SWAN ('59) ~ Burbank, WA where an old turkey sits at his keyboard, gazing out the window at blue sky, waving branches, and dried out grass, while two friends contentedly snooze at his feet, in twitching dreams of yesterday, and possibly of tomorrows to come. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Derrith PERSONS Dean ('60) Happy All Saints Day!! Question: did you set your clocks back?? Class of '60 lunch... A time to get together is almost here... If your in town or from out of town Come on, we'll have a good time!! WHEN: Saturday, November 7th TIME: 11:30 am WHERE: Sterling's, 890 GWWay Come on lets have some fun!! -Derrith PERSONS Dean ('60) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: OOooooooooooooops Well, I got my B-day wish off to Bobby MATTSON ('64) for the 31st but missed Rex DAVIS ('49)... Sorry Rex, I mean Mr. Davis, my heart's in the right place... just didn't read the yellow sticky... here I am... waiting to set the clocks back and waiting for the door bell to ring... got home before dark to make sure I was here for the kids but so far only 4 have showed up... shoulda gotta candy I really like... gonna be some left... We have two birthdays today (November 1, 2009) that I even emailed to myself to make sure I didn't miss... Two Bomber-babes, my favorite kind of course... ya might even say "A-Bombers"... speaking of which... We had a nice celebration for the "Cold War Patriots" in Vegas yesterday... ours was held at the Atomic Museum at the University... they said they were holding similar events in 38 towns... wondered if they had one in Richland... well, I didn't wonder much... I know they did in Oakridge and Los Alamos... they had commemorative pins... just like the Manhattan Project pins only with an outer ring with the date of the celebration... quite nice... I got an extra for my Mom... But the purpose of this little note is to wish the two birthday girls a Happy Special Day... so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Judy WILLOX ('61) and Micki LUND ('63) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Peter TURPING ('70) Re: Sorenson's Picture #456 The tall Gary GOTTSCHALK ('70) and Joe WIRFS ('70). It appears to be a science project and I see they were awarded a ribbon of some kind. It must be around 1965 as they have their Christ the King uniforms on. -Peter TURPING ('70) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bill Dunton (former Carmichael Teacher) Re: More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Pianos Maren wrote that she had spoken to "the" piano tuner from Korten's about the "extra" Steinway grand pianos which had been charged to the Carmichael construction budget. The tuner (who did our home piano too) said there was only the Carmichael Steinway in the city. I can't swear to it now that the investigator said "Steinway grands," or if he was really asking if I knew of any grands that had been purchased for Carmichael. Remember, I came to Carmichael September, 1949. Guess I'll have to fall back on my favorite parable -- "The Blind Men and the Elephant." Blind men were selected to "view" an elephant and then describe what the beast looked like to them. One of them said "a wall," another "a snake," another "a wall," and yet another "a column." All of them were absolutely correct, depending upon his particular "point of view." Those of you who have memory of the United Protestant Churches (and there was one of those in each section of town) or the Catholic Church, or at the Civic Center (I know there was a grand there that "High Spot" used), I think you will remember they all had a grand piano on their premises. I'll wager that somewhere each piano carried the infamous "HEW" stamp denoting governmental ownership. You've got to understand the political turmoil in Washington. D.C., to understand why the furor over spending $4 million dollars for one school became a national cause celebre. Hanford and Oak Ridge were both top secret. Secret facts are continually being leaked from one source or another, so you can appreciate what a monumental task it was to deliberately keep some 35,000 workers and their families ignorant of what was going on in the "areas." People who lived in Richland and worked on the Hanford Project almost since the beginning told me that nobody really had the slightest idea of what they were creating until the bomb was used at Hiroshima. It was WWII and both Hanford and Oak Ridge were built on the fissionable material that would just cover the head of a pin! That "maternity ward" was under the football stadium at the University of Chicago. Harry Truman didn't find out about either the Hanford or Oak Ridge projects until after he become President upon the death of FDR! Part of the veil of security was that the President (through his Department of War, or Navy, or Defense) could and did ask for "black box" appropriations, i.e., very large dollar amounts for secret projects. Appropriating money for any project only gives the governmental OK for the project. In addition any projects chief contractor is then required to ask for specific requisitions in order to pay contracts and those requests would be available for the "public has a right to know." But in black box appropriations, only specific legislative bipartisan leaders who sit on the Intelligence Committee see any individual requisitions. Almost everything built or created by the government then was covered by "cost-plus" contracts, which simply meant that a contractor could bid for a certain job in the project. Unlike today when contractors must keep within their bids, contractors on WWII projects didn't have the foggiest idea how much a job would cost to complete. The government was not going to allow us to lose the war because contractors wouldn't bid on projects, ergo the "cost-plus" contracts made perfect sense. If you bid $1M on a project contract, and the government awarded you the contract, and after the project was finished you could prove to the Feds that the cost of completing the project was $2M, then you received the two million bucks, no questions asked. There was a plethora of contracts to design, build and furnish Carmichael school. One doesn't plan a new school and have the edifice immediately rise like the fabled phoenix. It took years to get Carmichael completed from concept to students entering the front door -- remember it was changed from Robert Gray JHS to Carmichael JHS and re-designed in the middle of things. Since building Carmichael was included in a huge Black Box project, what better place to hide things that had to be done "yesterday" and not go through the long legislative process of asking for individual requisitions from Congress? So, along comes Senator Bert Hickenlooper (R-Iowa) wearing his white hat and throwing accusations right and left. Headlines all over the USA were screaming about the waste and inefficiency of government projects (sound like anything we've been subjected to lately re Health Care and Insurance?). The Senator from Iowa was able to somehow delve into the costs of Carmichael JHS and discovered almost $4M had been spent on a school for 750 students! The GOP disputed the costs; that's why the pianos were on the check list of the investigating agent. The GOP wanted to see if those pianos had been purchased or if somebody had pocketed the money and disguised the expenditures under the guise of buying the instruments. They wanted to hang Harry and the Democratic Party with the reputation for being high- spenders who didn't care how much anything cost. The very fact that Hickenlooper didn't come up with anything substantial caused the US Senate to quietly drop the investigation. But the damage had been done, and Carmichael JHS would be forever tarnished with the brush of "something must have been wrong." I found a quotation the other day by Adlai E. Stevenson (who ran for President and lost twice to Ike), "In America any boy may become President and I suppose it's just one of the risks he takes." I have a hunch that HST would have roundly approved that sentiment. And that's the way it was! -Bill Dunton (former Carmichael Teacher) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Don Sorenson (NAB) Re: Another Installment of 8 To: All Bombers, First one has me stumped. It kinda looks like the old bus lot next to Chief Jo, Richland Community Center. Looks like a G. E. comic book in the lad's hand, End of day shift 703 Building, This might be a toss up between a 100 area building or 2101 M, Looks like Albertson's?, 100 Area Section of the Bus Lot, 2704-B office building, Federal Building. I attended the Cold War Remembrance ceremony on Friday. Saw a few folks I knew. CREHST Museum had a few pictures from early Richland and war time construction. Speakers were okay but I felt they could have been a little better prepared for the Hanford folks. Not a criticism just an observation. Should have been more photos of workers in action. That certainly would have created more conversation amongst those who worked there and the uninitiated. A good start to honor the Veterans. To: Dee Wilkerson, aka Willo Dean EDENS ('56) The special incinerator you mentioned were the Power Houses. In the next few weeks there will be a photo of the burning of classified scrap. Thanks for your reply. -Don Sorenson (NAB) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/02/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers and Don Sorensen sent stuff: Laura Dean KIRBY ('55), Marlene LARSEN ('56wb) Bonnie STEEBER ('57), "Pappy" SWAN ('59) Donni CLARK ('63), John CAMPBELL ('63) Gary BEHYMER ('64), Shirley COLLINGS ('66) Mike FRANCO ('70), Don Sorensen (NAB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Norma LOESCHER ('53) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Tom BEAULIEU ('59) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Richard JACOBS ('75) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Laura Dean KIRBY Armstrong ('55) To: Marlene Rose LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) I found a copy of the Tri-City Genealogical Society Bulletin Volume 39, Number 1 containing a history of John Ball School. It is too lengthy to place here, but it reads in part: "The school opened on Feb. 16th 1948 with 11 teachers, a principal and sixty pupils. The next year twelve units were added." The accompanying photo is extremely dark, but appears to show 28 Quonset huts and the large one in the middle that was the auditorium, cafeteria and gym. My mother taught first grade there 1948-1951. I found this information among some of the papers I kept after her death. -Laura Dean KIRBY Armstrong ('55) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) I am looking for a friend of mine from North Richland. Her name was Joan COOPER (''56). I have located her picture in the 1956 Columbian year book that is on-line. See this website She is also shown in one of the John Ball classroom pictures that are posted under Class of 1956. I believe it is the 7th grade class of Mr. Harding that her picture is in. If not, it is in the 5th or 6th grade picture. Joan, if you are reading this, please e-mail me at My name was Marlene LARSEN (now it is Marlene LARSEN Hegseth). We live in Modesto, CA. We left North Richland in 1952 and moved to California and have lived here ever since. I lived in the houses along the Columbia River and I remember you living in the trailer park. Do you remember me? Hope to hear from you and hope you are doing fine. -Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bonnie STEEBER Frasca ('57) Re: Pappy Swan ('59) Speaking of weather. Way to go, Pappy! I knew you could do it! Thanks for the entertaining episode of your excursion into the wilds with your "girls." Now, what should the next subject be? -Bonnie STEEBER Frasca ('57) ~ back to the eighties today in sunny Arizona! **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: George "Pappy" SWAN ('59) To: Maren, "Our Sandstorm Leader(ess)" Re: Pre-Obits Maren, last night, as I was coping with the task of setting our excessive number of clocks back an hour, I had to stand on a little stepstool in order to reach one in our dining room (I am shrinking, you will recall), when the top of my thinning hair covered head inadvertently, violated the radial arc of close proximity of the ceiling fan. No harm done, except for my hair now parts on the other side of my head. And, I should have known better, as a long time ago, I did work around helicopters (which are sort of like giant ceiling fans). But, it did ring my bell for a brief instant, bringing with said incident, the reaffirmation of the fact that time waits for no man. And then it hit me! Oh my gosh! I have not completed the writing of my pre-obit. However, I have not heard much mention, lately, in Sandstorm of this most sensible Bomber endeavor. I seem to recall that a few Bombers took interest and submitted their personal pre-obits. So, I am wondering, is the idea of pre-obits still alive and well in the realm of Bomberdom and Alumni Sandstorm? If so, are these pre-obits being stored or posted anywhere for one to read? Or, are we just doing our own, for doing them up ahead of time? What was the consensus ... or was there one? Personally, I like this idea of writing one's own obituary prior to one's discharge date and separation from service, here on earth. It provides the vehicle for one to leave behind some notes of what was important to him or her and even allows one to stretch the stories a bit, if so desired. Just wondering? -George "Pappy" Swan ('59) ~ Burbank, WA where today, this first day of the eleventh month of 2009, dawned partly cloudy, but no wind nor rain. By golly, its a short term milestone! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Pappy, not too much interest in PRE obits... needs another name... too confusing as "pre obits"... any ideas? -Maren] **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Donni CLARK Dunphy ('63) In answer to some of the questions regarding John Ball. There was a book put out in 1988 for the John Ball reunion. In this book prepared by Jane MATTOON Carlson ('62wb), there are about 5 pages on the history of John Ball plus many interesting copies of newspaper articles and lots of school pictures. I received a copy because I did go to John Ball a couple of months at the end of the 1950 school year. In the history pages it mentions that the "original construction included 12 hutments." Then it says that at the beginning of the next year "the facilities had increased to 15 double hutments and a cafeteria which also served as an auditorium." This is such a fun book to read because many of the students shared some really fun memories. I see Laura KIRBY Armstrong ('55) name in the back so maybe she knows where those who are interested can get a copy??? I have enjoyed all the information about Carmichael which was my junior high school. I'm afraid I missed you Mr. Dunton. I joined chorus in 9th grade when Mr. Phelps came as the new teacher. All of us girls were in love with him. Some of my fondest memories of Carmichael were: Shelly McCOY ('63-RIP) singing "Great Balls of Fire" at our 8th grade party/dance, Terry Webb ('63-RIP) walking me to class every day with his arm around me, the day I held a real snake at one of our assemblies, the sock hops in the gym and winning first place in 7th grade for the Fox Trot (got to go to the music store in Uptown Richland and pick out a record for a prize. I chose "April Love." Going to the Walla Walla State Penitentiary for our field trip in the 8th grade. Can you believe that they let us do that?! I can remember walking right through all those prisoners and thinking what if one grabbed me! Yikes, that is a memory I will never forget. And then there were all the fun carnivals, and games. I was a cheerleader in 9th grade and it was so much fun. I got to wear the same cheerleader uniform that Katie SHEERAN ('61) wore (they were passed down in those days) and the skirts almost touched our ankles. Horrors! It was fun riding the bus to the Walla Walla games with the boys and stopping at the junction to eat and making the boys sandwiches and cocoa to eat after the game. Those are just a few of some very special memories of days I will never forget. We were the Cougars and I still have some of the "Cougar Tails" our newspaper. -Donni CLARK Dunphy (the golden class of '63) ~ From Southern Calif where the nights are chilly and the days are still very warm. Oh, and I have to share this. Some of you may remember several years ago when I first connected with Sandstorm, I told you that our turtles had laid some eggs. Well, after about 3 years of trying to incubate Ayla's eggs (outside, inside, at the reptile store) we had our very first little baby turtle hatch on October 17th! It is so cute and we called it "Cookie" because it is so tiny. Can't know until they are much older whether it is a boy or girl. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: John CAMPBELL ('63) Re: Johnny Rivers Show Per Jim "Pitts" Armstrong's ('63) suggestion, Marilyn and I and another couple went down to the Lucky Eagle Casino (south of Olympia) and saw Johnny Rivers. He put on a good show and I was impressed that he still has the same voice and is an accomplished guitar player. I ran into Pitts and one of the Wersen "girls" while waiting in line for an autograph. Got the autograph, but didn't win any money. I'm always amused when the band leaves, and you know they'll be back with minimal appreciation since they haven't played their signature song yet .... in this case "Secret Agent Man". A good show though, Pitts knows his music. -John CAMPBELL ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Gary BEHYMER ('64) Re: Lady Shopping at Albertson's Sorry... don't know who she is... BUT it does remind me of what ladies wore back in the '50s and early '60s. My Mom ALWAYS wore a skirt & blouse or a dress to the store + vacuumed the house in same. Whenever we went to Spokane or Seattle, it was a dress up affair for guys & gals. Halloween... (300+)... yes... three hundred plus trick or treaters showed up at our home Saturday evening. Not a record but with the very nice weather it was a good crowd... -Gary BEHYMER ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) Re: TCHerald 11/01/09 Coca-Cola Expedition 206 RHS alum, Brendan Madden ('95), member of TEAM WOW entry for contest Brendan Madden ('95), who lives in China, is part of TEAM WOW, a group of three hoping to be chosen to be Coke's "happiness ambassadors" so they can travel to 206 countries where Coke is sold. Their mission? To find out what makes people happy. "What I need is for everyone in the world to vote for my team, TEAM WOW!, so we will have a chance to do this incredible opportunity," Madden said in an e-mail to the Herald. Voting for the video TEAM WOW made continues until Friday. Cast your vote at or on the Coca-Cola Facebook page at GET THOSE VOTES IN, PLEASE. -Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Mike FRANCO ('70) Happy Birthday to Coach Rex Davis ('49). Rex started a lot of us in tennis in the early '60s with his lessons at Riverside Park. Those lessons and quarts of A&W Root Beer gave me my start. I still play three times a week. The knees feel a little different but the game is still fun. Thanks Rex for all the good (and plenty of bad) tennis! - Mike FRANCO ('70) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Don Sorenson (NAB) Re: Another Installment of 8 To: All Bombers 200 or 300 Area Fab Shops, Iso Chem I Q Program late '60s 200 Areas, Weather Group?, ?, General Electric 700 Area?, ?, 700 Area, G.E. Mail Room? To: Rich BAKER ('58) The date you mention for your father working at B must be August or September 1944. Construction forces left the 1st or 2nd week of September. It's possible he was part of a shake down crew prior to actual start up. To work himself to 105 Process Manager was quite an accomplishment. That kind of advancement will never happen again at the Hanford I know. To: Bill Dunton (former Carmichael Teacher) Senator Hickenlopper was all over Hanford spending. He raised concerns over U Plant conversion & 234-5 (PFP as the papers call it now) construction. There was one time he came to Hanford to see what (234-5) was taking so long and costing so much and hadn't produced a single thing. Demanded to get in but was denied access. No need to know. I've heard that story from at least 5 sources who were involved in its construction. At one point to satisfy his demands the Remote Mechanical A Line went "hot" to mark start up. This was accomplished by placing a container of plutonium in a "hood". The R M A Line went into operation a little later after it's construction was finished. As far as who knew what during the war is fairly accurate. What is not well known is all the Plant Managers of Fuel Manufacture, Separation & Pile areas knew. Pile operators, Shift support engineers, support chemists in all areas also knew about plutonium and its ultimate use before coming to Hanford. They just didn't know all the particluars. I've met a few folks who deduced what was going on but were afraid to reveal it. Those folks were college graduates who had taken physics and had heard about fission prior to the war. Love to hear your stories keep 'em coming!! -Don Sorenson (NAB) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/03/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11 Bombers and Don Sorenson sent stuff: Mary Evelyn KINGSLEY ('49), Dick PIERARD ('52) Marlene LARSEN ('56wb), Missy KEENEY ('59) James JOHNSON (60), Lola HEIDLEBAUGH ('60) John ADKINS ('62), Donni CLARK ('63) Jeanie WALSH ('63), Karen KLEINPETER ('63) Vic MARSHALL ('71), Don Sorenson (NAB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Marlene LARSEN ('56wb) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jesse MALLORY ('66) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Mary Evelyn KINGSLEY Spradlin ('49) Re: Don Sorensen's Picture 471 The man in the bottom right hand corner putting the thermos into the lunch pail is my Uncle Frank. Frank Gelvin, They lived on McPherson Street close to Swift and Thayer. He was the step dad of Peggy Personett ('51-RIP) and Kay Personett ('53-RIP). He drove a fuel truck for many years. He retired in 1982 and moved to Kennewick into a smaller house in the highlands area. Uncle Frank was a bit of a prankster, one time he and his partner has delivered coal to our house. Part of the delivery was to go into the basement after to make sure none of the boards of the coal bin had broken and scattered coal all over. It was lunch time when they finished so Uncle Frank opened the refrigerator and took out a couple of drinks and told the partner to get the lunch pails and they would just sit at the table instead of eating in the truck, never bothering to tell the man it was his sister's house. The partner did get the lunch pails but didn't enjoy the comfort or warmth of the house knowing they would be in serious trouble if anyone ever knew they had dome anything but deliver coal to that house. Whether he ever told the partner the rest of the story I don't know but he did get a kick out of the reaction of the partner, you had to laugh just hearing him tell the story. -Mary Evelyn KINGSLEY Spradlin ('49) ~ Parker, TX **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dick PIERARD ('52) Re: Don Sorenson on who knew It is interesting that college grads who had physics courses figured out what was going on at Hanford. I remember Burt's ('59) and my dad, Jack Pierard, telling me right after Hiroshima that he had figured it out as well. And he never even went to college. Shows what a smart guy he was. We greatly honor his memory even four decades after his departure from this world. -Dick PIERARD ('52) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) To: Donni CLARK Dunphy ('63) Re: Book put out in 1988 for the John Ball reunion written by Jane MATTOON Carlson ('62wb) If any of the people listed in Donni's 11/2 entry are reading this, I am wondering whether anyone has an extra copy they would be willing to part with or at least make copies of and send them to me? To: Laura Dean KIRBY Armstrong ('55) Re: Tri-City Herald Genealogy Society Bulletin Vol. 39, #1 Laura, would it be too much to ask for a photocopy of this article? Re: Another North Richland memory I have a memory of my family going to the Tri-City Braves baseball games. There was a man there who carried a cow bell and every time the Braves did something wonderful, he would ring that cow bell. Does anyone else remember this? Re: My Birthday Also, please post in the November 3rd Alumni Sandstorm that November 3rd is my birthday. -Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Got your birthday on the Bomber calendar and listed today, too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Marlene. -Maren] **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Missy KEENEY ('59) Re: Pre-obits? -- another name To: Maren How about "After Words?" -Missy KEENEY ('59) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: James JOHNSON (60) Re: Don Sorenson Picture #467 Third from left is Tom Ellis (60). On the far right is, I believe, Merle Harmon, husband of my beloved 8th grade homeroom and Russian teacher, Sonja Harmon. Re: Don Sorenson Picture #468 Th Vitro surveying crewfar left is Paul Pritchard, ?, Vern Dodd, Spencer Compton, ? (Help me out, Larry Bowls ('64)). -James JOHNSON (60) ~ Marietta, GA **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Lola HEIDLEBAUGH Bowen ('60) Re: Don Sorenson's picture #467 I believe the man in the middle is Tom Ellis ('60). -Lola HEIDLEBAUGH Bowen ('60) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: John ADKINS ('62) Re: Bombers In The Military I have uploaded the most recent update of the list of Col-Hi/RHS Graduates that have served in the Military. This file is current as of 4:00 pm, November 2nd. Have a look at it... see if you can think of any one who should be on this list that isn't and let me know. Any corrections or just plain comments are welcome. -John ADKINS ('62) ~ Richland **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Donni CLARK Dunphy ('63) Before someone corrects me, I want you to know I woke up in the middle of the night and realized that I had spelled our newspaper wrong. It was not "Cougar Tails". It was "Cougar Tales." -Donni CLARK Dunphy ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jeanie WALSH Williamson ('63) To: Donni CLARK Dunphy ('63) Donni, Perhaps you will share a picture of your new baby Cookie? Bomber Cheers, -Jeanie WALSH Williamson ('63) ~ Home of the Ronald Reagan Library where it is expected to be 90 todayYUK **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Karen KLEINPETER Kroger ('63) To: Don Sorenson (NAB) picture #467 I finally found someone I know! The man sitting down and wearing a suit is Merle Harmon, dad of Sandy "Sasha" Harmon ('62), and husband of Sonja Harmon. Merle and Sonja were close friends of my parents (Jack and Nita) and we shared many holiday celebrations with them over the years. He was a wonderful person. -Karen KLEINPETER Kroger ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Vic MARSHALL ('71) Re: WARNING: 2010 Census - Cautions from the Better Business Bureau Maren, I don't normally forward things like this but this looked like a solid piece of info that might keep someone from making a bad mistake. If it is appropriate to publish in the Sandstorm, feel free. If not, I also understand. Thanks. -Vic MARSHALL ('71) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Don Sorenson (NAB) Re: Another Installment of 8 To: All Bombers ?, School Teacher, ?, 300 Area Fuel Manufacture meeting, 300 Area delivery, Mobile Whole Body Counter, Large NaI detector used to find gamma emitters. -Don Sorenson (NAB) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/04/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers sent stuff: Anna May WANN ('49), Kay MITCHELL ('52) Lenora HUGHES ('55), "Pappy" SWAN ('59) Patti JONES ('60), Judy WILLOX ('61) Donni CLARK ('63), Betti AVANT ('69) Darlene NAPORA ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Paul WEICHEL ('51) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Karyn GROB ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Twins: Betti & Robert AVANT ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Darren McINTYRE ('82) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Ann Thompson, aka Anna May WANN ('49) I hope it is okay to print a correction for the DustStorm in the Alumni Sandstorm as we don>From: Kay MITCHELL Coates ('52) Re: Sorenson Photo #465 The uniformed fellow standing at the rear of the boat is Harold "Tommy" Thomas, Hanford Patrol. I am almost 100% sure of this, and husband Dick COATES ('52) agrees with me. Tommy and his wife Elizabeth were friends of my parents Mildred and Art Mitchell. He was also very involved in CAP, as was my dad who served as commander for a number of years. -Kay MITCHELL Coates ('52) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Lenora HUGHES Bejarano ('55) Re: Las Vegas, NV Bomber luncheon Hello all. It is time for another luncheon in Las Vegas. Hope many of you can attend. DATE: November 7, 2009 PLACE: Marie Callender's located at 8175 West Sahara Avenue TIME: 12:00 Noon If you would like some information you can e-mail me. (Maren, you have permission to include my e-mail address): Please join us if you can. We have a great time and share some great memories!!! BOMBER CHEERS!!!! -Lenora HUGHES Bejarano ('55) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: George "Pappy" SWAN ('59) To: Maren, "Our Sandstorm Leader(ess)" Re: Pre-Obits (By any other name) "[Pappy, not too much interest in PRE obits... needs another name...too confusing as "pre obits"... any ideas? -Maren]" Maren, well let's see, off the top of my ol' gray head, the following meanderings came to mind: "Pre and Post Reports," "Pre- passing Ponderings," "Early Withdrawal," "Early checkout report," "Betcha didn't know this about me," "A legend in my own mind," "Pre-planting planning," "I really did this stuff!," "I had my chance, and this is what I did with it," "What I did with my opportunity at life," "My best shot," "I got down and gotta funky," "I coulda been a contender, but...," "How I got-r-done," "Things I did, didn't do, and wish that I had done" "The life and times of _____," "What I did," "What have I done?," "So, there I was...," "Preview to a passing," "The passing lane," "Passing on the right side," "Pre-Passover," "Could this be me?," "I did too!," "Once upon a time," "This is no baloney," "The fairy tales, sea stories, and tall tales of ____, " "Well, I tried, but...," "It was an adventure," "It's a long story," "Before I make that final slide into home," "The elves made me do it," "How did I do?" "Life leavings," "Before I go," "The part I played," "My role," "Curtain call," "Anti-climax," "Just in case," and "Things I did." Whew, I need a breath. And moving on, "Oh ye of little faith in me," "High point histories," "The highs and lows of weathering a life," "Imperfect Storm," "Lord, I tried," "Not yet, but just in case," "Not gone but not forgotten yet," "The forks in my road," "'Twas a long and winding road," "Getting ready for takeoff," "Up till now, it was just training," "In preparation for closing," "Closing statements," "In near summation," "Winding down," "Before rewinding," "Send Later," "Before the leaves are all gone," "Replay," "I can see clearly now" "I'm glad you asked," "Because you asked," "The way it was," "The first part of the story," "My Bucket list," "Everything you wondered, but didn't really want to know about me," "My life short and simple," "I did it my way!," "My life, short and simple," "What was I thinking?" "What?," "While I'm thinking," "Any day now," "As the world turned," "While you were doing something else," "I went that away," "Life's leaps and lurches," "Until then," "Goodbye old Paint, I'm leaving Cheyenne," "I'll be leaving," "We were Bombers once, and young." Ok, I got my second wind now for the big finish: "Grow and glowing," "Looking back," "Looking back to see, if you're looking back to see, if...," "Happenings, before it happens," "Happy days, yea or nay," "It coulda happened this way," "My ticket to ride," "Before going forth," "What, where, and how before when," "To have been, and to be or not to be," "Did and done before I do," "Review prior to launch," "I'll get it right next time," "Recap before the clock runs out," "But, still miles to go before I sleep," "Looking fore and aft," "While I can still remember," "Where I've been ... before I go," "The wonder of it all," "Looking back and thinking ahead," "This is my story and I'm stickin' to it," Or, something else. My wild imagination can probably think of a couple more. I'm sure that other Bombers will come up with some other possibilities. If not, I will just pick one for myself, and run with it ... to the finish line. I figure that none of us will get out of this life ... alive, so why not have some fun with it, while we're still here. Good times are like money, and we can't take either one with us, so let's spend them now! Missy KEENEY ('59) suggested, "After Words?" Good one, Missy! That triggered some more thoughts for me such as, "The last word," "Next to the last word," "Prior to signing off," & "Before here after." -George "Pappy" Swan ('59) ~ Burbank, WA where today, the autumn of my life fits so nicely with the sunny blue sky and colors of the current season. It's my time (and my pups time too) of the year. We're having a good time! **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Patti JONES Ahrens ('60) Marie RUPPERT Hartman ('63) Re: All Bomber Luncheon Richland Reservations aren't necessary. Many Bombers do like to let us know they are coming so please email if you wish. WHEN: Saturday, November 14, 2009 WHERE: JD Diner, 3790 Van Giesen, West Richland, WA 99353 Used to be Coney Island Gray building with red trim just past the Yakima Bridge on the right. Heading west from Richland on the right side. TIME: 1:00 P.M. PRICE: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served all day. Prices range from $4.50 - $13.95 (add drink, tax, and tip) Bomber spouses and friends are welcome! Looking forward to also seeing out-of-town Bomber visitors. Bombers Have Fun, -Patti JONES Ahrens ('60) ~ West Richland, WA -Marie RUPPERT Hartman ('63) ~ Richland, WA **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Judy WILLOX ('61) Re: Don Sorenson's Picture #467 There is definitely one young man I would recognize anywhere and at any angle. He has been a part of my life for more of my life then any other except Myrna BOLIN ('63), and will remain loved by me until the day I die. His name is Thomas W. Ellis ('60) and that is him the third man from the left. He is the one with all that beautiful hair and that gorgeous dimple. Tommy, my high school sweetheart and beyond, you are still loved. This summer my sister Deedee WILLOX Loiseau ('64) and I took a great road trip to our Father's home town of Fort Collins, CO. I, having been born in Denver, relished a trip over to Denver to see the old place where we used to stay on our trips back "home" as we were growing up. What a delight that was; complete with one of Colorado's famous lightning storms, to take this journey once again. It was especially nice to be with one of those who had made this journey with me so many times before. And so neat to have made it with someone I love so much! Hey Sis, wanna do it again? We did have one heck of a good time and learned so much. We also came home more loaded then we ever left here. Not an inch of space in that car was to be seen by the time we hit back into the Tri-Cities. Now I have one new wonderful memory to add to the old ones from all the trips there before. -Judy WILLOX (Classis Class of '61) ~ Richland ~ where the weather has been quite nice the last few days. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Donni CLARK Dunphy ('63) To: Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) Marlene I would gladly copy the history for you and some others that contacted me regarding the John Ball book, but I wonder if Laura Dean KIRBY Armstrong ('55) would know if any books are still out there anywhere. Others would like one too. If Gay EDWARDS ('64) reads Sandstorm she might know as her mother also helped on that reunion. To: Jeanie WALSH Williamson ('63) As for "Cookie" who is just beginning to eat, I will try to send pictures next week as this week I am getting ready for a big yard sale! You know, we will be moving up to Washington in the spring and I will be excited to be back much closer to Richland! -Donni CLARK Dunphy ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Betti AVANT ('69) Re: Twin brother Robert & me at 40th high school reunion Happy birthday, "big bro". It was great seeing you at our 40th high school reunion in August. "little sis", -Betti AVANT ('69) ~ Lacey, WA **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Darlene NAPORA Shuley ('69) To: Betti AVANT ('69) "Happy Birthday" and have a wonderful day! Bomber Cheers, -Darlene NAPORA Shuley ('69) ~ Austin, TX where it is sunny & 78 today ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/05/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCOY ('45), Marlene LARSEN ('56wb) Tom HEMPHILL ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Charles COX ('56) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Judy CAMERON ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Curtis GUNTER ('61) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Gerald STEIN ('66) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dick McCOY (Tin Can Class of '45) Re: fun Pappy Swan ('59) I just read something that Abe Lincoln said just for you... I's not the years in your life, But the life in your years. -Dick McCOY from the Tin Can Class of 1945 **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) To: Donni CLARK Dunphy ('63) Re: The John Ball book that you have I would love to have a photocopy of the book if Laura Dean KIRBY Armstrong ('55) or Gay EDWARDS ('64) don't respond. Of course, I would reimburse you for the postage. If you will make copies and mail to me, I would really appreciate it. Just e-mail me at and I will forward my mailing address to you. [Laura Dean made a copy -- it's more like a small booklet -- for me and I'm working on putting it on the John Ball website. The book Donni has sounds like it's much different --- many more pages -- with pictures. I'll keep everybody posted. -Maren] Thanks in advance. -Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tom HEMPHILL ('62) Re: Life Stories To: George "Pappy" SWAN ('59) Hey dive buddy, your "short list" of pre-obit alternatives was amusing. I like to think that "my karma made me do it." I've been working on a couple of books, one of my life and family history, and one about my life in the underwater world. The dive story book is entitled "The Water Made Me Do It." George, you mentioned "Sea Stories," but you left out the rules. Yep, there are rules for Sea Story Telling. Can you believe that? Rule #1 - You must first let your audience know that you are telling a Sea Story, and not just a Fairy Tale. A Fairy Tale, of course, begins with "Once Upon A Time." A Sea Story starts out, "Now This Is No S**t." You can use "no bull," or something else, except you can't say "No Lie." You never want to give people any hint that your story is anything close to being a work of fiction. Rule #2 - Your story MUST be true. It is unfair and unethical to just make up a story. It is also unacceptable and inappropriate to tell a story that is not YOUR story. I recall telling one of my favorite sea stories to a Scuba diving class one day and I noticed all of my students smiling and looking as if they had heard that story before. Well, sure enough, one of my staff instructors had filled in for me the week before and he told HIS version of MY story. I had a little talk with that instructor and emphasized the importance of Rule #2. I told him to "get out in the ocean and create your own sea stories." Rule #3 - Now this is crucial, because sometimes a good story simply needs a little help, so Rule #3 states that you MUST NOT allow the truth to get in the way of a good story. GOT IT? As I write my "Life Stories" I keep hoping that I can pass off the responsibility to some other entity for many of my adventures. I have to keep asking myself; Self, do I really need to tell the grandkids about THAT? Well, if I did it, I guess I should fess up to it. If I can blame karma for my behavior, perhaps the grandkids will understand. Oh well, I guess that my plan is "Timing." If I time it right, my book will be done and available just about the same time that I strap on my fins and head to heaven. Certainly I get to go to heaven, don't you think so, George? All seriousness aside now, I really like to hear about other Bombers adventures and achievements. So I want to encourage more Bombers to share their stories with us. It's not a "pre-obit," it's simply sharing your "been there - done that" stuff. I think I will pull some stories from my "the water made me do it" book about some of my "Close Encounters of the Ocean Kind." I've got some great stories about up close and personal experiences with giant pacific octopus and wolf eels and sharks, and I want to hear them again. Now, that is no ****. See ya later, Pappy. -Tom HEMPHILL ('62) ~ Vancouver, WA where we are getting prepared for our December 5th bomber Christmas Social. Stay tuned for more details. ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/06/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers and Don Sorenson sent stuff: Mary TRIEM ('47), George SWAN ('59) David RIVERS ('65), Don Sorenson (NAB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ron SHELBY ('59) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Becky RULON ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jim SCHILDKNECHT ('66) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Mary TRIEM Mowery (a '47 Bomber) To: Ann Thompson, aka Anna May WANN ('49), HI! Just a note - When reading my last DustStorm, I noticed that the Club still shows Keith Clark ('47-RIP) listed as a representative for that class. Keith passed away this year, so the committee needs to look for a replacement for him (if it even could be done!) Although from the same class as that fine man, I respectfully request not to be considered for that position. I realize that this is not under your job description!!! Hope all is going well -Mary TRIEM Mowery, a '47 Bomber and a life member of Club 40 and an extremely proud BOMBer **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: George "Pappy" SWAN ('59) Re: Fun With Life Stories To: Dick McCOY (Tin Can Class of '45) BTW Dick, remembering back a couple of years to that Club 40 gathering, you are also one of my heroes ... because of your excellent taste in those cool flat caps, such as worn by the golfers of old, sports car drivers, and just generally cool dudes. I own some, myself. The only drawback is that when it rains, I do need a longer roof out front, over my glasses. But, when it gets cold, I have a couple of them made of warm wooly or fleece material, with ear flaps that fold down from inside, resulting in my near look alike of Elmer Fudd. But, that's the beauty of older age ... who cares? I even buy all of my clothes in one or two sizes larger, for comfort, which also allows me to say, "Yes, yes I have been losing weight, thank you for asking." Abe Lincoln was indeed a wise man. "It's not the years in your life, but the life in your years." He obviously realized that, "Inside every older person is a younger person wondering; what the hell happened?" We just have to let them out. I finally gave up worrying about, "At what age, do I finally become old enough to know better?" So, I just try to run with the fun, since more fun equals less stress. To: Tom HEMPHILL ('62) Re: Life Stories Yo Tom! I'm very glad to hear that you are making some headway in your writing. My best wishes for the success of your writing projects. I too, have some in various stages, but it seems as if every time I just get on a roll, something comes up, requiring me to lay them aside for a while. I will say this very quietly, "I think that I am about to get a chance to resume that effort. But, I'm still practicing the techniques of "breath hold diving," until I do. Your points about the rules of telling "Sea Stories are well taken. Thanks for explaining the criteria for separating fairy tales from sea stories. Since I was presenting my "Short List" of possible alternative possibilities to "Pre Obits" or whatever we want to call them, and short got long, I avoided the full meal deal. Along with your, idea of "my karma made me do it," and "Life Stories," Janet WILGUS Beaulieu ('59) suggested "Goin' my way (someday)?" I'm thinking that the Bombers will probably never settle on a mutually acceptable alternative for "Pre Obits," so perhaps the best solution for those who choose to write, and post one, would be to select their own preferred personal title and submit them under a collective heading of something like, "How I Would Like To Be Remembered" or "My Life Story." There will be many who do not want to even go there, but for me, since it will come for me sooner or later, I say why fight it? I choose to look it in the face and say, "Catch me when you can!" So, I am working up my obituary ahead of time, because at this stage of life, I am fully aware that I could trip over a gum wrapper, any day now. And, it probably goes without saying, I intend to have some fun with it. And, just a brief comment on the ethics of telling sea stories or writing "Life stories," is that like "lies, damned lies, and statistics," we must remember the advice advanced in the movie, "Secondhand Lions," that "A story doesn't necessarily have to be all true, just good!" This is a most personal thing for me, ever since a few years ago, I discovered that I possess a wee bit of an Irish ancestry, thus I am legally licensed to be "full ah tha blarney." So, you are most correct, and I never allow the truth to get in the way of a good story. And, I too, know Karma. She can lead us in many directions, which often do not become apparent until we are farther down the road. I have always liked Yogi Berra's statement, "When you come to a fork in the road, take it." I did, but now I often wonder, "What if...?" Of course, we can "What if?" ourselves, ad nauseam. But, I had my chances, so "I did it my way," and now that's what I have left to tell (possibly with some ruffles and flourishes). You asked, "...Self, do I really need to tell the grandkids about THAT?" I say yes. I wish some in my families had taken the time to record the stories of their lives and times, as now most are gone, and all I have are a few bits and pieces of their lives. And yes Tom, I certainly believe that you and I get to go to heaven. There might be some who would dispute that, but like "walking in someone else's shoes, we swam miles in our own fins and even those of some others along the way, in the days when only a few were alongside us or following. So, for those we will someday leave behind, we need to leave them with the notion of who we were and what we did. And someday, but hopefully not soon, you and I will be "up there" swapping and trying to top each other's sea stories with old dive buddies, and perhaps the likes of Cousteau, Poseidon, Triton, Neptune... later Tom, -George "Pappy" SWAN ('59) ~ Burbank, WA where a stiff breeze has wiped away the early fog, and after a few yard chores, my girls and I are going for another leisurely hunt along the river, whether we can find any birds or not. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: IT AIN'T MY FAULT OK... I depend on my little yellow stickies keep me in line on portant stuff like birthdays and birthdays and birthdays... my stickies come from my cheat sheet that I've maintained and updated since about 2003... Well all that time I've carried a birthday boy's date as November 6... I just went to the Bomber Calendar to update for this month and then went back and looked at today's Sandstorm to make sure the old eyes weren't playing tricks... they weren't... Sandstorm shows his birthday as the 5th and my cheat sheet still says the 6th... so for this guy and all the other great younger brothers out there... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Gerald Stein ('66) on the 5th or the 6th... whichever day it is I still think you're great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Don Sorenson (NAB) Re: Another Installment of 8 To: All Bombers Battelle Mobile Whole Body Counter near a school, same, "F" House kitchen?, Original Richland home? or possibly just possibly this is the farm home that was across the river up stream from the 300 Area, Richland Clean up day, ?, Foyer of 703 Building, Another picture of foyer. To: Judy WILLOX ('61) Nice to hear from you! And yes that is Tom Jr. great hair and all. That guy must have gone through a gross of combs in his day. Thanks to, Ann Thompson, aka Anna May WANN ('49), Mary Evelyn KINGSLEY Spradlin ('49), James JOHNSON ('60), Lola HEIDLEBAUGH Bowen ('60), Karen KLEINPETER Kroger ('63), Gary BEHYMER ('64), Peter TURPING ('70) for your replies. Glad you folks were able see people you knew from your past. Don Sorenson (NAB) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/07/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff: Anna May WANN ('49), Tom TRACY ('55) Dean ANSON ('62), Gary BEHYMER ('64) David RIVERS ('65), Rick MADDY ('67) Don Sorenson (NAB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Marilyn "Em" DeVINE ('52) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dan HAGGARD ('57) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jim WEAVER ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Julie SMYTH ('69wb) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Ann Thompson, aka Anna May WANN ('49) To: Mary TRIEM Mowery ('47) Hi Mary, I just figured out what is wrong I don't have a job description It all depends on what hat I am wearing at any given time. But I will get the word out to the powers that be that recruit the Class Reps. Maybe they left his name there so someone would mention that Keith had passed on and they would volunteer for his spot!! - Guess that hasn't happened either. We miss you at the folding parties. Nina ANDRE Barlow ('48) and Pat PARKER Green ('47) were there this last time. Wow, we are having some storm here in Bothell Thunder, rain so hard it sounds like it is raining in the house had wind earlier! At least we don't have to shovel rain, and thankful I'm not out driving in it. -Ann Thompson, aka Anna May WANN ('49) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tom TRACY ('55) To: Don Sorenson (NAB) [Not sure why this is addressed to Don... the website is at: and I'm the webmaster... I've added the names. -Maren] Here's are some additions to Sacajawea's Patrol Girl's picture for you and others to enjoy. You'll need to check and see if our editors get them inserted. Our class will recognize many more who are not yet identified. These fabulous ladies scheduled to graduate in '55 were major nuclear factors in the spirit and heritage of Carmichael, Chief Joseph and RHS. Thanks for all of your pics, references and info from our HEW AEC Richland past. We appreciate our own archivists who keep our Sandstorm, Dust Storm and others who keep things up to date for us. POSSIBLE ADDITIONS TO 1949 Sacajawea Patrol Girls Picture Picture (provided by Sally Kessell ('55 WB) Back Row #2-Jan Barker, #6-Sarah Powell Middle Row #6 Pauline Armstrong, #7 JeNeal Martin Front Row #4 Carol Hughes, #6 Marilyn Poole The guys from '55 will help identify more of these beautiful Patrol Girls. All the boys know It was a good way to be detained on the street corner. A lucky guy could only hope to be held for questioning by any one of them. -Tom TRACY ('55) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dean ANSON ('62) Re: How to tell a Sea Story To: Tom HEMPHILL ('62) and George "Pappy" SWAN ('59) As a Navy guy I feel compelled to offer some clarification to how I heard the old salts start telling Sea Stories. And by the way, unlike you divers, the sailor's goal was to not get wet. Back in the days long before divers, there wasn't much to do during those many days at sea, so there was always a Sea Story to offer up some humor. Now when I'm in a group and I open by saying "That reminds me of a Navy story", everybody's eyes roll. Undaunted, I ask rhetorically: "Do you know how every good Navy story starts? It's not "Once upon a time"; it's "And, this ain't no sh*t". -Dean ANSON ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Gary BEHYMER ('64) Re: Back In the Day.. 'Ray (Stein ('64)), got anything on your mind?' -Gary BEHYMER ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: Hope I'm not still a day off Two more birthdays to cheer... the younger I've known since second grade, the next younger I met thru my Pal Gus Keeney ('57) a few years ago... they are both special Bombers any way you slice it... the Younger I played baseball with and knew from his sis, with whom I was madly in love from the day I met her in second grade... she still has the most amazing flashing eyes that can melt from 100 yards away... I'm not kidding... hadn't seen her in several years and the last time I saw her she gave me that look and I turned to putty... but this is about their special days so I just wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Marilyn "Em" DeVine ('52) and Jimmy Weaver ('64)! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Rick MADDY ('67) Re: Bombers Make Mental-Floss List Bombers made the mental floss list. I'm not exactly sure what that means other than a lot of people not aware of Richland, WA, or what happened there probably viewed the page. Alumni hash out the atomic cloud and the carpet bombing airplane often in the Alumni Sandstorm. Truth will most likely never be known. One person writing down what, when, and where they heard the mascot was named does not work in any other hearsay non-documented study either. Why would it work here? Did I miss the post talking about dated and signed documents from the school board stating the cloud mascot's objective birth, introduction, design, significance, the vote, etc. etc.? Do we have the minutes of the discussions from the meetings? Do we associate the cloud mascot with the Nagasaki bombing, the cloud from the first bomb test or just any old atomic bomb cloud? The first two had the juice made at Hanford. The Hanford test bomb made a cloud too... and it didn't kill anyone with the exception of maybe a few down-winders. The B17G Bomber... can you imagine the children and chickens that machine took out? Keep this up and many of us will be changing our phone numbers a lot and moving four times a year. Uprisings... people wanting answers... wanting Homeland Security to get involved with choosing high school mascots and how do they let this incredibly insensitive aberration exist... a bona-fide fear factor... right up there like my license plate bulb burning out on a Friday night six blocks from home. Just a heads up with the possibility of the no-nuke mascot freedom lovers, in this case a lynch mob, coming for justice and cleaning up the mushroom cloud for the sake of world peace and fixing the slippery slope it causes their children to slide down. Reminds me of the mental giants protecting the children from doing drugs and Just Say No. How about Just Say Know... drinking too much water becomes a "poison" and can kill you. Just say know the facts on these "bad" drugs. I know I do when sitting back enjoying my evening six pack of Bud and half pack of Camel non-filters while contemplating the legality and positive affects marijuana, LSD and mushroom clouds has had on our society. As a last resort the mascot can always be changed to Atomic Crackers in honor of... well, you figure it out. The Huntington Beach Oilers made the list. Go figure? -Rick MADDY ('67) ~ Huntington Beach, CA **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Don Sorenson (NAB) Re: Another Installment of 8 To All Bombers Records Management Carl Frick, 700 Area Secretary (duplicate photo [see #470]), Civil Defense, Civil Defense, Reading Club??, ?, Four Fold Counter, ? School. -Don Sorenson (NAB) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/08/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber funeral notice today: Floyd MELTON ('57), George SWAN ('59) Dee WALLACE ('60), Pete BEAULIEU ('62) Dennis HAMMER ('64), Linda REINING ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dona McCLEARY ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Spencer HOUCK ('71) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Floyd MELTON ('57) Re: Sorenson Picture #489 The man with glasses in the picture is Ralph Button. -Floyd MELTON ('57) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: George "Pappy" SWAN ('59) To: Dean ANSON ('62) Re: How to tell a Sea Story To be honest, I learned the difference between fairy tales and sea stories in 1959, soon after arriving at the Marine Corps Boot Camp, along with the Physical Torture (But, they called it PT, for Physical Training), mind melding, debut of discipline, spirit shaping, and the all around general rebuilding of momma's little boys (all inclusive under the collective term of "training"), from the intense Drill Instructors (DIs) of those days. They thoroughly indoctrinated and instilled within us a deep sense of Marine Corps and Naval History and Tradition by ingraining in us, in no uncertain terms, that as Marines, we were indeed a Department of the Navy ... "The Men's Department!" Under the DIs "no personal choices" direction, I immediately, if not sooner, learned to tell the difference of what was "once upon a time" and what was unquestionably, "NO Sh*t!" Ever since then I have been most proficient at the telling of "sea stories," whether they had anything to do with the sea or not. All Kidding and inter-service rivalry aside, the Navy and Marines are major entities of a sea-going team most vital to preserving our American way of life, as we know and love it. The Navy provides the best rapid transportation in the world for the Marines (the soldiers of the sea) to commute to their job site, and at times, even knocks on the enemy's door for us, with naval gun fire, missiles, and other aerial calling cards, before we go to work. What a team! And, when combined with our sister services of the Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard, we make up a supreme team of past and present All American All Stars! Let us remember that on Tuesday, 10 November, 2009, we Marines will be celebrating the 234th Birthday Anniversary of the birth of the United States Marine Corps (we were indeed born in a tavern, Tun Tavern). Semper Fi Marines! And, we must remember all who gave their time and effort (some gave all) by our observance of Veteran's Day on Wednesday, 11 November. To kick this week of remembrance off, today, Saturday, 7 November, I am joining Tom Mattis ('68), and Brad Wear ('71), my fellow Marines, Bombers, and hunting buddies in attendance at a luncheon in Walla Walla, WA for an early observance of this year's Marine Corps Birthday. I especially enjoy the annual gathering there, due to an exceptional number of Marines living in that area, and attend this luncheon, who are veterans of major battles of WW II, such as Guadalcanal, Bougainville, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa, and the Korean War. Some are of the "Chosin Few." As a Marine who served a number of years, but saw no action, I have a deep respect for these men and what they gave to us and our country. Once again, Semper Fi! -George "Pappy" SWAN ('59) ~ Burbank, WA on a clear sunny day (so far) with a cool breeze running. Oh, by the way Dean, I just remembered a diving "sea story." When diving in Puget Sound (where it has been known to rain on occasion), I was always puzzled by the weird thought that I would have upon surfacing after a dive, only to realize that it was raining and think, "Oh ... no sh*t, now I'm gonna get wet!" **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Chester "Dee" WALLACE ('60) Re: Just a thought Before you criticize someone you should walk a mile in their shoes that way when you do criticize them, you will be a mile away and you have their shoes. -Dee WALLACE ('60) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Pete BEAULIEU ('62) Like classmate Dean ANSON ('62) and as another "Navy guy," I feel compelled to offer further remark on how Sea Stories usually end. Anson reports that they don't start "Once upon a time"; but instead "And, this ain't no sh*t". Despite the monosyllabic vocabulary, Sea Stories are usually told for the edification and instruction of the listener. So, instead of ending "They all lived happily ever after," they often end "... and he's in a world o' sh*t!" -Pete BEAULIEU ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dennis HAMMER ('64) To: George "Pappy" SWAN ('59), Tom HEMPHILL ('62), Dean ANSON ('62) and to all Sailors, Marines, Mermaids, Whales, Sea Serpents, Dolphins, Seals, Squids, Crabs, Lobsters, Eels, Skates, Suckers, and all other living things of the sea. Re: Sea Stories I heard how to tell the difference between a Sea Story and a Fairy Tale I think the first or second day in Boot Camp. Here is a Sea Story I was told by Bomber Dad Bob Noland (RIP). Bob was a Chief Signalman during WWII. He was up foreword on deck painting the inside of a hatch pea green when the periscope of a U-boat popped up out of the water beside him. Without hesitating he slapped the paintbrush with pea green paint on the lens of the periscope. Of course with that green paint on the periscope that U- boat captain thought that he was still under water, so he just kept coming up and up and up. When the U-boat got up to about 900 feet in the air, they shot him down with the anti-aircraft guns. Here is another Sea Story I submitted to someone in the USS Saint Paul Association who was looking for Sea Stories to include in a book. I got a call from him a couple of months ago saying they were going to put it in the next issue of the Association's newsletter. When I got my copy it was not included, maybe they ran out of room and will use it later. He said he called Captain Fisher who said it wasn't true, but that he laughed and laughed, saying that was the best one he ever heard. Here is what I submitted: I can't vouch for it, so you might check with Captain Fisher to see if it is true, but then again, where is it written that a sea story has to be true. A new man reported on board just fresh out of boot camp and was assigned to one of the deck divisions. A First Class Boatsman's Mate put him on a rat-guard watch. He had him on the quarterdeck standing at parade rest with a 2 x 4. When Captain Fisher came aboard the man on rat-guard watch came to attention or port arms with the 2 x 4. Captain Fisher walked over to him and asked, "What are you doing, boy?" "I'm standing a rat-guard watch, sir." Came the reply. "Just what are your duties on this rat-guard watch?" Captain Fisher asked. "If any rats attempt to come up this foreword brow (that's gang- plank for you lubbers) I am to pursue them and try to kill them, sir." "Who put you on this watch?" "A first class in my division," said the new man. Then Captain Fisher said, "Well you go down and tell him I want to see them." "I cannot leave my post until properly relieved, sir." The new man replied. Captain Fisher then took the 2 x 4 from the man and said, "You are properly relieved, now go down and get him." A short time later the first class arrives on the Quarterdeck and finds the Captain with that 2 x 4 standing at parade rest. The Captain then comes to port arms, hands the 2 x 4 to the first class and says, "You have the next watch!" Re: Fishing Stories; closely related to Sea Stories Story #1 -- "The fishing around here has been so bad this year that even the liars haven't caught anything." Story #2 -- "I once met an honest fisherman." When one of my wife's uncles died a newspaper clipping was found with this story. It was the winning story told at the Liar's Club by a relative of his. -Dennis HAMMER ('64) ~ U. S. Navy 1968-1972 **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Linda REINING ('64) Ever fall out of bed as a kid??? I don't remember doing that, but falling out of bed as an "old lady of 63" is not a good thing!!! Hit my head, passed out, called the doctor... doctor said, "no more oldies falling out of bed... too many things to hurt"! Duh!!!! Took blood pressure... 110/63... he said not to worry unless top number is over 150 or under 50! Second round of chemo, so probably had something to do with that! Has hit harder this time... sicker right from the start and the mouth sores are back!!! Eating lots of creamy, mashed potatoes and oatmeal. Re: "pre-obits" What about "life" or "stuff happens"? Really don't care what it's called, would just like to read what other Bombers have done with their lives since leaving Col-Hi and venturing out into the world. -Linda REINING (Boomber Bomber class of '64) ~ we are still using the a/c in Bakersfield, CA **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Funeral Notice >>Jerry RODGERS ('67) ~ 7/7/49 - 10/30/09 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/09/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff: Bill BERLIN ('56), Steve CARSON ('58) Sonny DAVIS ('62), Tom HEMPHILL ('62) David RIVERS ('65), Don Sorenson (NAB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mary Lou DeMEYER ('59) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dick BOEHNING ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Kandy SMITH ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dick PIERCE ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Tom SCHILDKNECHT ('70) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: Bill SCOTT & Cherrie TEMPERO ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bill BERLIN ('56) Re: Veterans Day (11/11/09) To all of my fellow vets, a happy and dedicated day on 11/11/09. It is a day of remembrance for me of the guys that I knew that are not with us, either by KIA or possibly the Greatest Generation passing on, like my Dad. I have noticed recently that Friendly Fire deaths don't seem to have as much importance as if being gunned down by the Cong or the Taliban, but man and boy, Friendly Fire casualties, as are casualties from non-combat incidents, are just as important and just as grievous as battle line KIA. We also need to thank those who have served, have been wounded and now must make a life with fewer limbs, blindness, burns, and more for they too have served valiantly, purposefully and courageously but are fortunate to have returned. They too sacrificed, maybe not the ultimate sacrifice, but just the same their lives have been altered forever, and I include those with mental disabilities that always comes from war. Many thanks to the men and women of the Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force and Coast Guard, vets that have and still do serve our country. Just a thought, but in past years I always was amazed at how many vets were working on Veterans Day and how many who had not been in the military had the day off. Re: Value of the Sandstorm The Sandstorm is the best value in the world for $24. I learn so much with every issue and it amazes me that so many Col-Hi/RHS grads know so much of our history. For instance, I didn't know that Carmichael JHS was supposed to be named something else. No clue whatsoever. I guess I was just trying my hardest not to spend a couple of years in Grade 6 and Lewis & Clark so I could go to CJHS to know it was to be named something else. I remember my parents talking over dinner about senator Hickenlooper (sp?) and his investigation, but I thought it was over having more stalls in the Men's Room than in the Ladies, which was grossly unfair in my mind. And the pictures of the plant and employees were really of another day, suits and ties, hats, etc. Amazing in this day and age. I got in my suit whilst in China this past trip, the first time in a couple of years and that includes two weddings. Did I know there was a Steinway piano at Carmichael? Hell no, but this from a kid with so little talent he can just barely play the radio. That kind of information about our town just can't be found anywhere else and thus the Sandstorm is an archive of past events and a herald (not Larry Harrold ('56)) of things happening now and in the near future. My point is this. If you know any fellow Bombers who are not subscribers to the Sandstorm, get them to do that, subscribe, and the more we have on the list, the smarter Bill BERLIN ('56) will become. I mean getting the scoop from the likes of Pappy SWAN ('59) and David RIVERS ('65) along with my old neighbor on GWWay, Jimbeaux HAMILTON ('63), is worth a lot more than $24, just for the reading pleasure of wandering minds. Re: Sea Stories Sea Stories take all kinds of form and resemble Irish "for fact" stories. In the Coast Guard, they started or ended, or both, with "And this, Mister, is the honest to God truth and don't forget it" kind of thing. Some of the best sea stories that I know don't come from the military sector, although there are some gems there too, but from commercial ship captains, mostly cruise ship captains. One of my friends is a retired cruise ship captain and he spent no time in the military, but his sea stories are the best and just remember, you, dear reader, could be the subject if you ever did something stupid on a cruise you took. Did you ever hear the sea story about the two young and good looking teachers who took a party cruise to the Caribbean? Maybe later..... but it is a good one. In the military, a lot of the good sea stories, and I am sure they are all true, came from the Rank. Old Chief Petty or Warrant Officers had great sea stories, most of which did not come from being on the sea but being on land, or the "hard" as land is called by seafarers. Some even involved devil whiskey, if you can believe that, and with events with the other sex. Blows my mind. In any event, sea stories come from all directions, some from the sea and some not. Re: David RIVERS ('65) I love reading both Pappy SWAN ('59) and David RIVERS ('65) but what impresses me with David's entries is "...when do you have time to write all of that and still do law business...? What would be interesting would be to see some of David's briefs (legal, not the other kind) and see if they are as poignant and if they are, the Courthouse will rock when David is on the docket. Me thinks that whilst we are in Palm Springs a time or two, I may drive up to Las Vegas and buy him lunch... just to meet him and get the scoop of what goes on between his brain and his fingers. -Bill BERLIN ('56) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Steve CARSON (Championship Class of '58) Re: Brad Upton ('74) Thanks to the alert on the Sandstorm that Brad would be opening for Joan Rivers in Crystal Lake, IL last night. My wife and a couple of friends attended and Brad did about 30 minutes just before Joan came on. We knew that Joan did a very BLUE show and she met our expectations. Raw and managing to take on everything from the Spanish Mission theme of the theater to "Where the hell are we, I thought this was Chicago." (Crystal Lake is a Northwest suburb of the Chicago metro area and a 1.5 hour train ride out of the city.) Brad's act was the complete opposite of Joan. His humor kept the, nearly sold-out audience, in stiches and if you have not had a chance to see Brad, I suggest you get his CD and find out where you can catch his show. -Steve CARSON (Championship Class of '58) ~ Chicago where Mother Nature gave us a 70 day before we get the snow **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Sonny DAVIS ('62) Re: Sorenson's Picture # 468 The gentleman on the right is Earl Butler. He was one of the last Civil Engineers at Hanford. He and his wife Irene were my parents' best friends. Their son Bob ('56) & I became friends. They lived across the Yakima River... could see their house from the bypass. They met in '44 or '45 when our families both lived on Iry. He was my godfather and I can remember almost every Christmas and Thanksgiving our families were together. Also, many summers went on vacation, camping, together. As a result of this picture, Bob and I talked earlier tonight... first time in 12 or 15 years. Go Sandstorm. -Sonny DAVIS ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** NOTE: Scroll by this one if you wish NOT to see/read ****. -Maren] >>From: Tom HEMPHILL ('62) To: George "Pappy" SWAN ('59) George, you reminded me of another story. And this is no s**t. I taught a lot of beginning scuba classes for 15 years in Portland, OR & Vancouver, WA. After the classroom and pool training, we would conduct the open water training in Puget Sound, usually Hood Canal, over a weekend. Six weeks prior to the open water weekend diving venture, I would begin making arrangements for the students and getting them excited about the diving. Occasionally a student would ask, "What if it rains that weekend?" At first I would explain that it really did not matter because they would be getting wet anyway. Then I learned that all I needed to do was say nothing and just stare at the person who asked the question. Someone, hopefully the student who asked, would figure it out without my help and they would say something like, "It does not matter, does it". All I had to do was slowly shake my head and smile. -Tom HEMPHILL ('62) ~ In beautiful down pouring Vancouver, WA where I am very tempted to just wear my wet suit today. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: Letters... we get letters OOOOOOoooops... musta heard an old Parry Como song on the radio or somthin'... I ain't got no stinking letters... I got birthdays! So what have we here... we got two... that's right... two big kids (ok some of you bigger kids think of these as little kids... and some of you think of them as kids maybe you even baby-sat... but they were my big kids my first year at Col-Hi so even if they aren't as big any more... they are still my class' big kids... I had a very strange high school dream last night... just about every kid I ever knew in school was in it along with the bunch that still gets together every year... I have these dreams fairly often so I guess I have Bombers on the brain... I like it and think it's a good thing)... plus we have a kid I've known since the Reed kids (lotsa years) were my baby-sitters... We have today (November 9, 2009) at Tackle, Big Number 11 in your program, a Bomber-babe ha cha cha and a kid who lived kind of across the street during my K thru half of 2... well actually before K... I had to wait till I was almost 6 to start school but at the time I didn't realize that school had a start date... I guess I figured... well to be honest I don't know what I figured... I just know the morning I turned 5, I jumped out of bed and started singing "today I go to school... bla bla bla"... my Mom had to break the news to me that I wasn't going anywhere... bummer... ah but that's what friends are for, right? Good Ol' Johnny Reed ('63WBkindawuz) was right there to walk me to school that very morning... unfortunately, kinda like when I went to take the SAT or whatever without signing up... I didn't have a seat... so I just hung around the school till some nice people came along and took me home... but for now let's wish a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Dick Boehning ('63), Kandy Smith ('63) and Dick Pierce ('67)!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Don Sorenson (NAB) Re: Another Installment of 8 To: All Bombers [498] Grade School Puppet Theater notice the Gov labels both decal and metal variety [499] Someone's birthday?? [500] Cookbook for Girls & Boys [501] Pre School reading time?? Marilyn Perkins that sure looks like you on the right. [502] Head of A E C Security former WW II M P [503] Someone's prize Pomeranian [504] Bus Driver with new G M Cs [505] Award Ceremony? Over the next few days I'll be thinking about the "Areas" workers who started their careers so many years ago right after their military discharge. There were so many I worked with over the years who were pilots, paratroopers, seamen, soldiers. Fantastic stories of fighter ACEs, secret rescue missions, prisoner of war, witness of Kamikaze attacks, watched the flag raising on Mt Suribachi from his ship (the beaches were littered with boats and bodies). Every time I recall what I've heard, words & feelings escape me to adequately understand what I've been privileged to hear. The closest understanding comes from listening to the lyrics of the Star Spangled Banner or the soul-full sound of Taps. My humble gratitude to those who served and the heroes who never came back. To: Floyd MELTON ('57) Thanks for the name. -Don Sorenson (NAB) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/10/09 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARINES! Dateline: Richland ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers sent stuff today: Rex DAVIS ('49), Betty BELL ('51) "Em" DeVINE ('52), Larry MATTINGLY ('60) Dennis HAMMER ('64), Jim HEIDLEBAUGH ('65) David RIVERS ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bill JOHNSON ('57) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Carl DVORAK ('58) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dee SHIPMAN ('72) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Fred MEEKS ('73) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Rex DAVIS ('49) Re: Don Sorenson's picture #495 Found someone I remember from the old days. The father of Don "Igor" HAYNES ('49-RIP) and Carol HAYNES Finch ('51) in the front row 2nd from left in the dark shirt. I can't think of his first name but he and Mrs. Haynes went to CUP Church. -Rex DAVIS ('49) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Betty BELL Norton ('51) The Richland Seniors Association will be holding its Annual Holiday Bazaar on Friday, November 13th at the Richland Community Center from 10:00am to 3:00pm. There will be many vendors and lots to see! I hope you will join us! -Betty BELL Norton ('51) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marilyn "Em" DeVINE ('52) Yesterday I got tickets to the Brad Upton show, HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS, coming to the Three Rivers Convention Center Thanksgiving weekend! I've heard so much about him but haven't had the opportunity to see him until now. We are going on Saturday the 28th and I hope to see many other Bombers there. Thank you, Brad, for letting us know you will be here. Is this where I say, "Break a leg"? Perhaps we'll have a chance to meet after your performance. My 4th Great-grand child was born just 26 or so minutes before my birthday. We all expected a girl because this is the 1st time in 3 pregnancies that the baby has gone full term. What a shock to have it be a boy! Almost as shocking, to me, is that they named him Smith. Odd, it seems to me -- but what do I know! Someone's maiden name, no doubt. But still??? Sandra continues with her chemo treatments and seems to be holding her own. She is so beautiful. We talked with some of the nurses at the last treatment and Sandra said, "We just want our normal lives back!" One of the nurses responded, "This may be your new 'normal'." It was heart breaking! She loves teaching and wants so much to go back to work. She wanted to go out on the motorcycle with her husband this past summer but was afraid she couldn't hold on tight enough. She worked so hard to get her Master's Degree and hasn't been able to use it. But -- on the plus side -- their 1st granddaughter was born Aug 30th; Sandra and Bobby were there for the delivery and Jill Jesse and baby Kaylynn were down here a few weeks ago for a very precious visit. Guess that's it for this time. -Marilyn "Em" DeVINE ('52) ~ Richland, WA **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Larry MATTINGLY ('60) Re: Pyro tales For me in this Sandstorm, there is little better than reading the tales of happenings in various alums lives. With rare exception I have no reason to disbelieve them. Many things happen when we are outside the normal everyday lives of most people. I have done a little diving. Not much, but enough to believe that almost anything can happen in normal sightseeing dives, not to mention shipwrecks, sunken structures, construction, and a myriad of other hazards. So I am always glad to see the writings of Pappy SWAN ('59) and Tom HEMPILL ('62). My dives were limited to relatively shallow waters off NE Jamaica, and Maui. Most pyros have a few tales of incidents garnered along the ways of our careers. The best place to hear pyro stories is at an event after a night's shooting of several displays at a convention. They call these events "the afterglo". There are usually some snacks and several cold kegs of Bud, and as many as 350 or more pyros. I have a favorite tale. Mine begins with "I would not tell this if there were not half a dozen witnesses". It all began with a wealthy businessman wanting to have a 4th of July party at his estate on an island in South Puget Sound. It started right out as a large budget display. But kept growing, until he asked what is there that you can shoot really BIG? Without thinking I said "we can do a 24". A 24-inch shell is about the size of a 30 gallon garbage can. Weighs about 130 lbs, goes up over 2000 feet, breaks to over 1500 feet in diameter, and has a 8-10 second hang time. He drooled and said how much? Shooting from the hip I said $9000 extra all inclusive. He said "I'll let you know." Twenty minutes later my phone rang and he said "Do it." and hung up. I had the mortar, made for a previous display several years earlier. It was 5/8th thick US T-1 cold-rolled steel. Weighed 2200 lbs and was 10 feet long. Seattle Steel rolled and TIG welded it for me and even x-rayed the welds. I knew the company that I worked for at the time had a 24 sitting in the magazine in Rialto, CA. (We later bought their NW assets when we started EFI). We got the shell shipped up and stored in the magazine. Someone had written "BIG MOMMA" on the crate. We had to hire a crane to swing the mortar out on to the barge, where I chained it down with 6 heavy chains. Then we piled several cubic yards of sand around the base. We sailed from the dock in Tacoma with the shell in the crate. Fire officials said no loading that thing in our harbor. So we arrived in Quartertmaster Harbor on lower Vashon and tied up to the pre-positioned buoys. To get there you go up a narrow channel to a perfectly idyllic harbor about 2000 feet in diameter. I unpacked and fused the shell and the 15 lb black powder lift charge, attached the electric igniters to the fuses and laid out the 60 feet of wire to the launch point behind a 2- inch thick steel bulkhead on the front of the barge. I set 2 ladders up against the mouth of the mortar so two of us could hoist the shell up and into the mortar. I have to digress here a bit. For 3 days our barge had been tied to the same dock as a competitor who was setting up for a different display. This was a worry to everybody including my company managers in Rialto. Sabotage is not unknown in the pyro industry. But it is mostly on the east coast and in the South. So we had an armed security agent watching the barge at night. I did find him asleep the last night. So just as we were about to climb the ladders and hoist it up I said let me check the mortar to be sure nobody poured water or something in the mortar. So I looked in and no water ..... except there was a large adult seagull walking around the bottom of the mortar squawking like mad. At night they roost on the dock pillars and we surmised he tried to land on it and was too far down to flap his 36-inch wings and fly out. For an hour we tried numerous things to get that bird out of there. One of the crew said squish the damn bird and let's get on with it. Then a woman on the tug still tied to the barge shouted "I will call the PI Newspaper the minute you hurt that bird." I instantly had visions of the headline "seagull sacrificed in a flurry of feathers for fireworks for the rich." Then one of the quiet guys on my crew picked up a rope, made a noose, climbed up the ladder, watched for a minute and dropped the noose over its head and pulled the slack out. I said "great, bring him up". He looked at me like I was nuts "No way, you bring him up, they have sharp claws and beaks." So I put on some gloves climbed the ladder and hauled him up. But before I could get hold of him he spread those huge wings and tried to fly away. I barely grabbed the end of the rope and ...... there I was flying that damn bird around on a 40 foot rope like a model airplane. Of course all 8 of my crew thought it was hilarious. I finally got off the ladder and started hauling in that still-circling bird. He was big and powerful and pecked and scratched me to the point of lots of blood on my arms. But I finally got his wings folded so I could hold him and had one of the guys remove the rope. When I pitched that bird into the sky he flew straight as an arrow, not up or down, left or right, until he was out of sight. It took a few minutes for everybody to quit laughing and shaking their heads and we settled down, loaded the shell, and proceeded to test circuits and electrically fire the display. With everybody looking East and a cloudy sky we fired earlier then normal. It went well and the huge finale was all they had hoped for. At the cry of last shell all of the crew scrambled over the bulkhead and I hooked up the last wire and pushed the button. We heard the thump of the lift charge and immediately a terribly loud bang. It was well above the 130 db threshold of pain as it really hurt everybody's ears. I looked over the bulkhead to see what happened, and wonder of wonders, the entire visible sky was full of fine gold fire, just hanging there. The shell had exploded at the mouth of the mortar. Video taken by the family of one of my crew showed it went 900 feet up and about the same out to the sides. I was standing there looking at it and kept hearing someone shouting my name. It was the radio on my belt. The sponsor wanted to be sure we were OK. He was ecstatic and more then pleased with the effect and immediately ordered another 24 for the next year. In the aftermath I can say the next 8 we fired for him worked perfectly. Also in the aftermath we found out later that the shell was 3 years old and had been shipped to Hawaii and back twice and New York and back. But fire authorities were not comfortable with a monster shell in their locale. We surmise that somewhere in transit it got banged around. The moment of inertia (when lift force overcomes the weight) places terrible stresses on big heavy shells and if there is any fault in the shell sometimes they break before designed time. So ends the tale The Shooting of BIG Mamma. :) (There is a rumor that there is a picture somebody took of me flying that bird, but it hasn't surfaced yet). "Happiness is the sky in bloom" -J Larry MATTINGLY ('60) ~ From home south of Tacoma where it rained much of the day. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dennis HAMMER ('64) Re: Sandstorm USMC B'day <> -Dennis HAMMER ('64) ~ U. S. Navy 1968-1972 **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jim HEIDLEBAUGH ('65) HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARINES! SEMPER FI, -Jim HEIDLEBAUGH ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: Happy Birthday, Marines! It's Tun Tavern time again Boyz n Girls...a time we remember that before there was a USA, there were Marines...I'd love to be able to list every single Bomber Marine that has ever been but we all know I just don't have all the info I need to make that list...I would like to invite each and every Marine out there to meet up and have our picture taken as a group at the R2K+10! At R2K, Number 32 ('63) and I planned well in advance to have a picture taken of all Bomber Marines attending after the huge group picture...but after Uncle Burt ('59) got us all lined up and the shutter clicked we all started to wander back up the hill...we did manage to take a shot with Jim, Mac BRAND ('64), Jimmy HEIDLEBAUGH ('65), Steve SIMPSON ('65) and me I KNOW there are more Marines out there than that...I mean even if you just take that one guy ('64) with the fake buff facebook pictures of him on a bike, him at Muscle Beach, him with Ollie he got his face on those pictures is beyond me...pretty good with a computer I (not mentioning any names cuz I don't wanna miss anybody) for all you Marine Bombers out there...many of you know I know who you are...please accept a hardy HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/11/09 - VETERANS' DAY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 14 Bombers and Don Sorenson sent stuff: Dick McCOY ('45), "Rainy" POWELL ('52wb) "Em" DeVINE ('52), Curt DONAHUE ('53) Patti JONES ('60), Roger GRESS ('61) John ADKINS ('62), John CAMPBELL ('63) David RIVERS ('65), Dennis HASKINS ('66) Shirley COLLINGS ('66), Pam EHINGER ('67) Rick MADDY ('67), Brad UPTON ('74) Don Sorenson (NAB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bev COATES ('52) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jack SINDERSON ('53) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ted NETH ('55) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Don BRACKENBUSH ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Don ECKERT ('64) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: Jerry BOYD ('52) & Patsy McGREGOR ('54wb) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dick McCOY ('45) Re: Veterans' Day Each year when this commemoration comes around I think of those badly wounded WWII vets I helped take care of at Madigan Hospital. They were great guys, and I looked up to each and all of them as heroes. One had been in that ward for four years, since the invasion of Africa in 1942. Two were survivors of the death march. Neither weighed 80 pounds. That period, as a medic, was a defining time in my life. One learns just how remarkable some people are. I have often thought about those men, what happened to them, did they recover, go home, get married and live to an old age. A few may still be with us. I wish all a prayer of thanks. My youngest granddaughter is in the fifth grade on Camano Island, WA and today I will attend their celebration for Veterans. They write each of us a thank you note and their beautiful singing will bring tears to my yes. In years past, I would represent the American Legion, and would speak of my hope that none of those little angels would suffer war. A fervent prayer that I repeat for all the young people of the world. -Dick McCOY ('45) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Lorraine "Rainy" POWELL Earp-Tanner ('52wb) Re: 100-B area safety photo Maybe you recognize the names of the others in the photo. [My last name in the photo], Earp was from my first marriage and high school sweetheart, Ken Earp who passed away at age 46. -Lorraine "Rainy" POWELL Earp-Tanner ('52wb) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marilyn "Em" DeVINE ('52) Ooops, yesterday, I meant to give a big 'thank you' to the many of you who sent birthday greetings, both here and on my email address. Although as we get older and older and older, the day doesn't seem to make much difference... greetings are appreciated and uplifting! Remember back in our younger years when a birthday was such a big deal? Almost as exciting as looking forward to Christmas! (But I do have to rub it in a little bit that I am the same age as 'big brother', Terry ('52). I imagine he hated that when we were growing up... I would really lord it over him. But all in good fun, and, as he mentioned at my birthday party, he only had to take it for 29 days!) -Marilyn "Em" DeVINE ('52) ~ in sunny and warming Richland, where the city has strategically placed humungous bins for us to dump our bags of raked leaves. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Curt DONAHUE ('53) Re: Military Personnel, Past & Present The Military wouldn't take me when I was a young buck, but I have always had the greatest admiration for the men and women who served; especially those who served under fire. A very warm "Thank You" to all of you, and may God bless you for your contribution to the safety and freedoms all of us enjoy!! -Curt DONAHUE ('53) ~ Federal Way, WA **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Patti JONES Ahrens ('60) Marie RUPPERT Hartman ('63) Re: All Bomber Luncheon Richland Reservations aren't necessary. Many Bombers do like to let us know they are coming so please email if you wish. WHEN: Saturday, November 14, 2009 WHERE: JD Diner, 3790 Van Giesen, West Richland, WA 99353 Used to be Coney Island Gray building with red trim just past the Yakima Bridge on the right. heading west from Richland on the right side) TIME: 1:00 P.M. PRICE: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served all day. Prices range from $4.50 - $13.95 (add drink, tax, and tip) Bomber spouses and friends are welcome! Looking forward to also seeing out-of-town Bomber visitors. Bombers Have Fun, -Patti JONES Ahrens ('60) ~ West Richland, WA -Marie RUPPERT Hartman ('63) ~ Richland, WA **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Roger GRESS (Classic Class of '61) I was wondering if anyone knew why the Class of 1961 web site was shut down? -Roger GRESS (Classic Class of '61) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: John ADKINS ('62) Re: Thank you Vets Today, as a nation, we honor our veterans. I am placing the list of Bomber Veterans on a web page for all to see and perhaps put the name of a friend with that "thank you vet" that we each say on this day This list is up to date as of 10:00 pm Nov 10th - I sure would like more names and more information. -John ADKINS ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: John CAMPBELL ('63) Re: Happy Birthday To take a page out of David RIVERS' ('65) book, although I don't know of any lovely lady Bomber birthdays tomorrow, I do know that my friend and fellow alum of '63, Don BRACKENBUSH is having a birthday on the 11th. He already has his present, his first granddaughter, Ashley. I'm sure Lila and their two daughters will all chip in to light all those candles. I hope they have some of those long matches. -John CAMPBELL ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: Thank you Look at us... when we were at Col-Hi didja think we'd make it this far... when you were in the sh-t didja think you'd make it home... we did... we all did... yes some came home with less that we started with (look Earl ('63) a preposition... and ellipses... OMG!)... but we came home... I love my Bomber friends and I have just a little closer kind of a feeling in my heart for my Bomber- vet friends... just a touch of course because you are all so very dear... (look at him... big bad Marine getting all mushy)... on the 10th I sent out a bunch emails to my Marine friends... prolly too many vet friends to do the same but my heart is with each of you... tried to get ahold of George KELLY ('64) on the 10th... we joined the Marine Corps together... then soon as we got to boot camp were put in to different platoons... corse my platoon was Regimental Honor Platoon... not bragging or anything... Platoon 262... It is amazing that some of us even lived thru High School... when you think of all the "Watch this!" stuff we did... very frightening words "watch this"... right Ann ('66)? Usually ends with disaster of some sort... lotsa those moments growing up... When DAVIS ('65) and I were at the reunion for the 196th Light Infantry Brigade, in New York, I told him that if he started and ended with "Welcome Home... Thank You For Your Service" he would be a hit... he did and he was... he called yesterday and said they sent him two DVDs so I can watch him again (ah the joys of boyhood friendships)... I'll be driving my little '53 Henry J Chesty-gasser (The Few, The Proud, Marines) with the Bomber car plaque in the back in the parade with the "Oathkeepers" tomorrow... I was supposed to be with the Moapa Southern Piute Honor Guard but the Honcho didn't tell me where to meet up... so I'll be with the Oathkeepers instead... if you are unfamiliar with them go to The founder is a good buddy of mine... in fact, he'll be with me tomorrow in the parade... well, for all of you who served: Welcome Home and thank You For Your Service! David RIVERS ('65; S/Sgt USMC; RVN '67-'68) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dennis HASKINS ('66) and Shirley COLLINGS HASKINS ('66) On this Veterans' Day we honor our 1966 classmates who served so bravely in the military. And to those classmates who gave their lives, we ask a blessing of peace... May God bless all of you ~ -Dennis HASKINS ('66) and Shirley COLLINGS HASKINS ('66) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Pam EHINGER Edinger (The Blue Ribbon Class of '67) Re: Maren, I hope there is some way you can get this in the Sandstorm. It says so much about our men and women who have protected the Land of Ours. [Couldn't do it, Pam, but I did find this YouTube of bag pipes that is similar. -Maren ] I would like to Thank every Veteran out in Bomber Ville for their brave work. -Pam EHINGER Edinger (The Blue Ribbon Class of '67) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Rick MADDY ('67) Re: The Birth of Smith To: Marilyn "Em" DeVINE ('52) Marilyn, Congratulations on the birth of your fourth great grandchild, Smith. Smith is a very unusual and rare first name. My ggggg-uncle, Smith Burks b. 1798 GA and my gg-grandfather, Smith S. Burks b. 1846 TN are buried about ten miles from each other near Fordland, MO. My Uncle Smith was a very important name for me in genealogy researching this family my mothers fathers family. So unusual was the Smith name as a first name... when I found him, I also found my gggg-grandfather and the rest of Smith's brothers. Five brothers that moved from GA as children with their parents and other siblings to Coffee county, TN in 1815, then to Webster county, MO in 1850. They were neighbors their entire lives. Smith is a great first name and a name that changed my world about five years ago when I found him. I have so far been unable to find the source of the name. I will probably never know because handed down (English) family first names given in a specific order of birth ended on the most part after coming to America... and finding the names of the grandmothers is near nil in documents prior to 1850. Nevertheless, I keep looking. 163 years later and another Smith name is born. Again, my sincere congratulations to you and the family on the birth of Smith. -Rick MADDY ('67) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Brad UPTON ('74) I'll be on nationally syndicated Bob & Tom Show today (the 11th) if you're in a Bob & Tom market (it's radio in case you're wondering). They rerun it as a TV that night on WGN [I've got it set to record here at my mouse. -Maren]. I'll be plugging my upcoming dates at The 3 Rivers Convention Center in Kennewick on November 27-28th. It was great meeting Steve CARSON ('58) the other night in Crystal Lake, IL! Yes, Joan Rivers likes me because I'm the complete contrast of what she does... that's why she likes me. She doesn't want me to take the shock out of the audience (and she does a good job of that). I've got more dates with her in February. -Brad UPTON ('74) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Don Sorenson (NAB) Re: Another Installment of 8 To All Bombers, #506 - Model Railroad in Basement #507 - Camp Hanford Soldiers #508 - Bowling Champions Alley on GWWay #509 - North Richland Trailer Camp #510 - North Richland again #511 - North Richland #512 - Federal Building Secretaries #513 - _______ To: Sonny DAVIS ('62) Glad you and Bob connected. Warms my heart. -Don Sorenson (NAB) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/12/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Bomber entries and 1 Bomber funeral notice today: NOTICE: There's a problem with Any entry sent after about noon (central time) on the 11th did not come thru. Richard will fix the problem yesterday. -Maren Mike CLOWES ('54) David PRIEBE ('57) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Duane CROSS ('79) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) Re: Bomber web page Is there a problem with the Bomber web page? Tried to open it a couple of times today and got, "Sorry, Site Temporarily Unavailable". Hope Homeland Security isn't cracking down on us BC's AKA -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [See note above. -Maren] **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David PRIEBE ('57) Re: Sorenson's photo #513 Don, I recognize the man on the left as my dad, Will Priebe, mechanical engineer. I'm not sure of the year - probably the late '50s. I don't think I have ever seen a picture of him at work. Thanks for the pictures and I look foreward to seeing more. -David PRIEBE ('57) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Funeral Notice >>Terry Tate ('62) ~ 7/8/44 - 6/20/09 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/13/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bombers sent stuff, but NUTTIN' came thru today. NOTICE: There's STILL a problem with Any entry sent after about noon (central time) on the 11th did not come thru. Richard will fix the problem day before yesterday. There was one entry from Richard, but his language was too terrible to publish. He's VERY angry right now. -Maren BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Carol CARSON ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Marc FRANCO ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Sue DIX ('72) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/14/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bombers sent stuff, but NUTTIN' came thru and 2 Bomber funeral notices today: NOTICE: There's STILL a problem with Any entry sent after about noon (central time) on the 11th did not come thru. Richard will fix the problem 2 days ago. There was (again) one entry from Richard, but his language was REALLY too terrible to publish. He's VERY angry right now. -Maren BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ken NEAL ('57) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Lorraine WARD ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Shirley COLLINGS ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Michael West RIVERS ('68wb) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mary Jo GARRISON ('69) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Funeral Notices >>Brittany Hollenbach ('06) ~ 12/20/87 - 11/11/09 >>Dion Maruca ('58) ~ 4/9/1940 - 11/5/09 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/15/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber funeral notice today: NOTICE: There's STILL a problem with HOWEVER, we have started receiving a FEW emails so there are entries for the Sandstorm. Richard will fix the problem 3 days ago. -Maren Norma LOESCHER ('53), Marlene LARSEN ('56wb) Linda STAFFORD ('59), Linda LARSEN ('60wb) John ADKINS ('62), Lynn JOHNSON ('63) David RIVERS ('65), Rick VALENTINE ('68) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Janet TYLER ('61) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: John CAMPBELL ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Chris STADE ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mick HEMPHILL ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Barbara MAFFEI ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Greg ALLEY ('73) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Norma LOESCHER Boswell ('53) Re: Stories of the '40s and '50s A Kennewick High School graduate of 1954 is in my writing group, Sagebrush Writers. He wants to put together a book of historical data on "places like By's Burgers, the A & W Rootbeer stand or the Gaslight Tavern. Almost any place in the Tri-Cities or vicinity would be great. How it started, who started it, what happened to it, and things like that." He wants to include pictures and stories about the places. His name is Pete Reiland, 2406 Camden, Richland, WA 99352 or (509) 946-4056 or email Pete will give you a by-line for whatever you contribute. There is no money involved. He needs you to sign a disclaimer before he can use your writing. There is no cost to you. If there is any cost for getting the book printed, Pete will absorb it. He does not plan to market it, but he does plan on giving it to the local libraries and museums. If you are interested, please contact Pete any time from about 10:00 a.m. to midnight. He will tell you what he is looking for. Bomber cheers, -Norma LOESCHER Boswell ('53) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Norma, I hope you already submitted your "Termination Winds" piece. Pete can find pictures of some places here: - of course that won't work till the is fixed. -Maren] **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) Re: Don Sorenson's (NAB) photos I have been looking at them all (only a few a day) and have been looking for a picture of my dad, Carl C. Larsen, Jr. who worked for Atkinson & Jones while he was at Hanford. So far, I haven't found any and am wondering if there were many pictures taken of the construction workers at Hanford. I don't have a clue what my dad did when he worked at Hanford because he never said a word about his job. Can any of you clue me in on what Atkinson & Jones did at Hanford? I am just curious and wish I would have asked my dad more questions before he passed away. I have read on line that they built some of the original houses but I would like to know what they did after all the houses were built. -Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Linda STAFFORD Norwood ('59) Re: Death Notice Sandy STAFFORD Lepinski ('62-RIP) Born: 2/10/44 Died: 11/10/09 Memorial services on 11/21/09 at Einan's. -Linda STAFFORD Norwood ('59) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Linda LARSEN Wheaton ('60wb) Re: Childhood Memories of John Ball School in North Richland I remember walking home from John Ball School during the ferocious sand storms. I can still recall the stinging feeling the wind blown sand made on my bare legs. We girls with dresses, we had to wear dresses in those days, would squat when the worst of the wind would blow. Then when the wind let up a little we would stand up and run as far as we could before we had to sit down again. Then there were the tumble weeds. When they blew down the street you wanted to get out of the way. They seemed huge. Also I remember that we got our dresses and shoes from the Sears and Roebucks catalog. After picking them out of the catalog it seemed like forever till they arrived. On the way home from school I would count the steps. I would guess how many steps to a certain location. If I was correct my new things would be waiting for me at home. If I was not correct I would do it again and think to myself that that was just a practice try. Remember Mom or Dad drawing our foot prints on a sheet of paper and sending them with the order. -Linda LARSEN Wheaton ('60wb), **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: John ADKINS ('62) The next R2k-X meeting will be Wednesday, November 18th at 6:30 in the RHS Cafeteria. Please enter through the west side of the Cafeteria. -John ADKINS ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Lynn JOHNSON Andrews ('63) To: David PRIEBE ('57) David, it was good to see your name in the Sandstorm. Do you remember the summer that your family and mine (Doug and Phyllis JOHNSON) chartered an 82 foot sailboat for a week and cruised around the San Juan Islands for a week? I think my love of sailboats began with that adventure. Do you remember that the mainsail tore on our first day out and we had to limp into Victoria, BC to buy a new sail? Seems to me that was about 1957 or 1958. -Lynn JOHNSON Andrews ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: Calfling the Sandstorm Come in Sandstorm... my messages have been lost in space for the last two days... I'll keep this short and sweet to keep the airwaves open... HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mickey Hemphill ('66) on November 15, 2009... Repeat HB Mick... you are a great pal and a wonderful friend! Over and out till the next time. -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Rick VALENTINE ('68) The final Spokane Bomber Lunch of 2009 will be next Sunday November, 15th. WHERE: The Northern Quest Casino at the Woodlands Restaurant in the family section of the Casino. TIME: Coffee at 11:30 AM Lunch around 12:00 Noon. The casino is located in Airway Heights, about one mile north of Wall*Mart at 100 N. Hayford Road. Woodlands Restaurant serves Breakfast and Lunch any time.,.. good food and great service. Come and join us for lunch, All Bombers Their families and friends are welcome... the more the merrier. Lunch and Slot Machines... Out Of Towners welcome... Questions: contact Gloria FALLS Evans ('58) -Rick VALENTINE ('68) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Funeral Notice >>Mack McDONNELL ('44) ~ 1/1/27 - 11/4/09 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/16/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff: NOTICE: There's STILL a problem with HOWEVER, we have started receiving a FEW emails so there are entries for the Sandstorm. Richard will fix the problem 4 days ago. -Maren Dick McCOY ('45), Gene OSBORNE ('55) Helen CROSS ('62), Donni CLARK ('63) Linda REINING ('64), David RIVERS ('65) Robert AVANT ('69), Dan LAYBOURN ('70) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Wally ERICKSON ('53) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Linda LARSEN ('60wb) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Patti McLAUGHLIN ('65) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: Duane LEE ('67) and Valerie NIELSEN ('69) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dick McCOY ('45) Maren, The funeral notice you gave for "Mack" McDonnell ('44) must be Richard, "Dick" McDonnell, an old friend and school mate, and the only McDonnell listed in ('44) I am assuming it is. Dick was a great friend and a member of the Legion gang from the late forties. I haven't seen him in some time, and have wondered... Later, good buddy -Dick McCOY ('45) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Dick, Einan's has him listed as Richard "Mack". -Maren] **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Gene OSBORNE ('55) Re: Sorenson's Picture #430 In the last row, second to the right, is my father Leonard "Len" L. Osborne. It looks like he is in his mid forties in the picture. Please pass this information on to Betty Lou CONNER Sansom ('52) who is seeking information on those in the picture. -Gene OSBORNE ('55) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) To: Norma LOESCHER Boswell ('53) Norma, I'd suggest Pete start out rereading all the Alumni Sandstorm entries on line... there is such a wealth of history in them, or maybe you can do that as a class project, as there is a lot there... I have to go to a local library to read the book when it is finished... Re: Birthday Wishes Hope this one goes through and I can resend my 11/11 entry wishing my cousin Duane CROSS ('79) Happy Birthday [on 11/12]. Re: Condolences Oh, and my belated condolences to the family and loved ones of my friend, Terry Tate '(62-RIP) I first remember him as part of an early double or quadruple dating group in Carmichael. I was very sorry to learn of his passing, but he knew what was waiting for him, I trust he's there now... -Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) ~ where we are gearing up for Advent to start next Sunday and we've still not had a frost, and it's warm enough to go without a coat, in fact it's warm enough to wear short sleeves if you are working like raking leaves, which we have plenty of,.. very pleasant... and the flowers are still blooming... **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Donni CLARK Dunphy ('63) Dear Bomber friends, I'm sending this entry in regards to Marilyn SWAN Beddo, a dear friend from the class of '63. This morning they found a brain tumor the size of a golf ball in her skull. The family will find out more details tomorrow when they take her to the neurosurgeon. The good news is that it is operable. I 'm writing in to ask all of you praying Bombers to please keep Marilyn and her family in prayer. I will let you know more when I find out. Thanks! -Donni CLARK Dunphy ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Linda REINING ('64) To: Linda LARSEN Wheaton ('60WB) Re: sandstorms and ordering clothes/shoes I remember those blasted sand storms and walking home with the sand "biting" into our bare legs... girls had to wear dresses/skirts back then, so we had no protection from the "biting" sand at all. I remember we always tried to remember to carry a hankie in our purses, so that we could cover our nose and mouth when the sand blew. My mom ordered my clothes from Sears, too. and, I remember the drawings of my feet on paper and sending it off to order my shoes. I also remember my shoes being bought at the Hanford store... they were ugly, though! brown and high-top, but I had weak ankles, so always had to have support when I was younger... think I was in 6th or 7th grade before I could quit wearing those type shoes... was so happy when I was able to buy my first pair of Keds and being able to wear them all the time and not just for PE... also remember being able to buy the "cooler" saddle shoes... think they were called, "wedgies", but not sure... they had the same colors as the "regular" saddle shoes, but the soles were thinner and they weren't as "clunky" looking. -Linda REINING (Boomber Bomber class of '64) ~ cooler temps have finally arrived in Bakersfield, CA. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: try try again Ok... yesterday's message got thru... the two days before no go... Hope my Bro Mike ('68WB) knows I wished him HB in the Sandstorm on the 14th even tho it didn't show... I'm waiting for a "new" show to come on... very exciting... one of my favorite shows of all time... showed in England in '67... only 20 some episodes made... In '68 after I got home from my SE Asia summer trip it finally made it here and I watched it every time it was on... unfortunately they preempted it for anything and everything so it wasn't on every week... Patrick McGoohan was the star, producer, etc... The Prisoner... hope the remake is good... I really like the guy playing Number 6... we'll see... but now I gotta get to business... gotta birthday girl I've known since maybe before kinnygarden... sure hope she has a great day... a Bomber-babe from the word go... HAPPY BIRTHDAY Patti McLAUGHLIN ('65)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Robert AVANT ('69) Re: Richard's anger Maren, Did you suggest Richard loosen the straps holding on his aluminum foil hat? -Robert AVANT ('69) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dan LAYBOURN ('70) Re: Class of '70 Reunion Planning Meeting... The next class of '70 reunion meeting will be Thursday, November 19th @ 7pm, in the North Room of the Richland Community Center. -Dan LAYBOURN ('70) ~ Richland ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/17/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber funeral notice today: NOTICE: There's STILL a problem with HOWEVER, we have started receiving a FEW emails so there are entries for the Sandstorm. Richard will fix the problem 5 days ago. -Maren Marlene LARSEN ('56wb), George SWAN ('59) Pat JONES ('59), Jim HAMILTON ('63) Shirley COLLINGS ('66), Barb BELCHER ('72) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Kim MOORE ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Barb HOGAN ('72) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Brian HOGAN ('74) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: Ron HOGLEN and Pam BUCKNER ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) Re: Sorenson's Picture #430 I would like to know where these salmon were caught. Also, how many pounds did the largest fish weigh? -Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: George "Pappy" SWAN ('59) Re: Sad Tidings Those of you who know me, know that I much prefer to write with "glad tidings." These items are not the sort of news that I relish putting forth, so I decided that I would try to cover all of this in one posting. First, thank you Donni CLARK Dunphy ('63) for posting the sad news of my sister's, Marilyn SWAN Beddo ('63), condition. I was planning to post the notice, but was waiting for more details. I spoke with Tracy, her oldest daughter again today, when she had returned from taking Marilyn to see a neurosurgeon. The prognosis is hopeful, but worse than anticipated. She indeed has a brain- associated tumor, about 4 centimeters in diameter (about the size of a golf ball), located in the left front region. However, according to the doctor, it appears to be growing into her brain. One bit of good news is that she seems to be experiencing no pain, associated with this tumor, so far. The doctor is studying all tests, MRI, etc., that have been run to decide the best course of action, chemotherapy or surgery. Marilyn is staying at Tracy's house, as she is understandably, quite fatigued now, and mostly sleeping. Tracy will be keeping me posted. Prayers and good thoughts are always welcome. And, several have asked about our mother, Millie Swan. Following her stroke (s?) early in September, she recovered a slight bit and then leveled off to where she requires complete care in a nursing home. She shows a slight recognition of Jeanne and I when we visit her, otherwise she is virtually dependent on the assistance and care of the staff. And finally, I am also sad to report that my old friend, Duane Azure ('59 WB), who moved to Pasco midway through high school and graduated as a Bulldog, is suffering from lung cancer, and having a tough time of it. He is in a hospice situation, in home, but still fighting the good fight, with that same ol' sense of humor. His wife Dawn, has asked me to pass this note along to any of you who were a part of Duane's life: "Hi George, Just wanted to let you and any others who are interested know about a website I have set up for keeping you informed about Duane. It is go to "visit a website" and enter duaneazure This will keep you up to date. Today was a good, but, very busy day, lots of company. Duane seems surprized that so many people love him........I'm not. Love and peace, Dawn" You can read Duane's story, journal, and guest book on the site, and sign and/or leave a note to him in his guest book, which Dawn reads to him. And, I think that is all I have to say for now. -George "Pappy" Swan ('59) ~ Burbank, WA where I just remembered that I submitted a story and pictures related to Veteran's Day, which was submitted and bounced back twice during the Sandstorm down time. I will try to remember to post it eventually. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Pat JONES DeBattista ('59) Re: Looking for We were wondering if anyone knows the whereabouts of Joanne DIXON from the Class of '60. We used to call her "Red". Last we knew of her was when she married Jack Wright ('57). Jack was a smoke jumper. Thanks, -Gene DeBattista (NAB) & Pat JONES DeBattista ('59) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jim HAMILTON ('63) 'Tis that time of year again. The Gold Medal Class of '63 Marching, Chowder and Caroling Society Christmas Party, Red Sweater Cotillion and Four Dotter Hadj will be Saturday the 12th of December. Brother Leo and Ellen have rented the Hall, which this year will be at new place. It's not exactly like we weren't invited back to last year's locale. It's just that this place, The Bally Hoo Pub is across the street from Mecca, in that I mean the old Olympia Brewery. 10am at 316 Schmidt Place SW in Tumwater. Be there or miss the opening of the missing ballot box and vote tallying from our Senior Most back in '63. It seems that when they built the new High School, they found the missing ballot box for "Most Middle Names". After soaking it in water as a precaution, they have made it available to be counted at our breakfast. I personally always thought that it was a shoe in for Robert William Alexander Lafayette David Buzz Colinas Hills, but one will need to be there to be sure. 10am Kick off, again as per our by-laws, No Grandkid Power Point slide shows of greater than 90 minutes or Amway presentations. There will be the standard 100 square board to guess what Pendleton patterned shirt the afore mentioned R.W.A.L.D.B.C. Hills will be resplendently modeling. If you are planning on attending, please let me know so that an appropriate number of clean forks will be available. -jimbeaux -Jim HAMILTON ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) Re: Brendan Madden ('95) Coka Cola's Happiness Mission The voting is in, and sorry to say, but our Bomber, Brendan Madden's '95 team, TEAM WOW did not win. Team, The Mix was the winner of the 206 Expedition. Boo ... hiss! Thanks to all of you who voted -Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) ~ Richland **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Barb BELCHER Valinske ('72) The class of '72 has lost another classmate. Barb GOOD Shaw passed away on November 12, 2009. Her memorial service is Sunday, November 22, at 2:00 at Einan's Funeral Home, Sunset Event Center in Richland. She and I have both lived in West Richland for many years, but the only time we crossed paths was at the Hogs and Dogs Festival held in June as part of the Cool Desert Nights. She will be missed. -Barb BELCHER Valinske ('72) ~ West Richland - cool, cloudy and slightly breezy with a hint of rain **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Funeral Notice >>Barbara GOOD Shaw ('72) ~ 5/10/54 - 11/12/09 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/18/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff: NOTICE: There's STILL a problem with HOWEVER, we are now receiving email which means that there are entries for the Sandstorm. Richard continues to work on the problem. -Maren Anna May WANN ('49), Betty Bell ('51) Nadine REYNOLDS ('61), Linda REINING ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Nancy RIGGS ('51) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Peggy HARTNETT ('72) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Lynn SCHILDKNECHT ('74) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Ann Thompson, aka Anna May WANN ('49) Re: Robert MUSSELMAN ('50-RIP) Just had a call from Chuck PRINGLE ('49) that his brother-in-law, Bob MUSSELMAN ('50) passed away a couple of weeks ago. He didn't know exact date. If anybody has more information on this, please let us know so we can do a Bomber memorial page. -Ann Thompson, aka Anna May WANN ('49) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Betty Bell Norton ('51) The Easy Swing Band will play for the Richland Seniors Association's Third Friday dance on this Friday, November 20 from 1pm 4pm at the Richland Community Center. $5 at the door, and pre-packaged finger foods are welcome. Hope to see you there! The November 29th, 5th Sunday Dance with the Easy Swing Band will NOT be held as that is Thanksgiving weekend, but hope to see you on the 20th [for the Third Friday Dance! -Betty Bell Norton ('51) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Nadine REYNOLDS Cochran ('61) Re: Dog Show This past weekend was the Tucson Kennel Club dog show. Our English Mastiff was entered. This was her first show since she became a Champion about a year ago. She had a great weekend. She won 3 Best of Breed, 1 Best of Opposite Sex and a 4th place finish in the Working Group competition. Someone, I have no idea who, made a video of the Saturday competition and posted it on YouTube. Here is the link. Shelby is the second dog in the lineup. -Nadine REYNOLDS Cochran ('61) ~ From sunny but windy and cold Sahuarita, AZ **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Linda REINING ('64) To: George "Pappy" SWAN ('59) Re: Marilyn SWAN Beddo ('63) I am so sorry to hear of your sister's cancer. This damn stuff seems to be "hitting" a lot of us Bombers, damnit!!!! She will be in my prayers and I can verify that Bomber prayers are the best... they do work!!!! -Linda Reining (Boomber Bomber class of '64) ~ Bakersfield, CA ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/19/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff and 2 Bomber funeral notices today: NOTICE: is ba-ack!!! Thank you, Richard Joann FOR Mack RICHARDSON ('52), Karen COLE ('55), Steve CARSON ('58) Tom HEMPHILL ('62), Dan LAYBOURN ('70) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Don EHINGER ('55) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mary ROSE ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Richard TRUJILLO ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bill WILSON ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mike LAHRMAN ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Joann FOR Mack RICHARDSON ('52) Re: Mack To all Mack's family and friends, Just want you all to know that Mack's health has taken a turn for the worse. I know many of you have corresponded with him via email and for those who have written lately he has not been able to respond back to you. I know he would want to but just want you to please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as the days ahead are uncertain. This past weekend we had to put him in hospice. They are trying to keep him comfortable. Some of his children are currently here and others will be out soon. Again, thank you for your friendship as he always spoke about you all so dearly. Joanna -Joann FOR Mack RICHARDSON ('52) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Karen COLE Correll ('55) Re: Sorenson's (NAB) picture #503 Don, I think the fellow second from the right in picture #503 is Hal Riches. They lived next door to us in 1948 when we lived on Goethols. It was a great neighborhood with Carol Sitler ('55) George McDonald ('55) Loretta Ostbo ('55) and many more. I hated to leave that group when we moved to a ranch house on Cottonwood, but eight of us were crowded into a small precut. Loretta and I traded comic books, she always had the best! Remember when collecting a stack of comics was the thing to do (If you could find or earn the dime to buy one.) I lost all the comics in the move and never collected them again. I appreciated the 1966 Veteran listing yesterday. It doesn't tell of the pain and suffering so many experienced, and are still experiencing. I am so proud of my brother and all the young men that sacrificed and fought for our freedoms. Thankyou for posting this list, I copied it and included it in our family genealogy. -Karen COLE Correll ('55) ~ Foggy Nine Mile Falls, WA **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Steve CARSON (Championship Class of '58) To: Nadine REYNOLDS Cochran ('61) OK, you got me, what is Best of Opposite Sex? -Steve CARSON (Championship Class of '58) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tom HEMPHILL ('62) Re: Portland/Vancouver Christmas Party WHEN: Saturday, December 5 TIME: 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM WHERE: Beaches Restaurant on the Columbia River in the Sun Room, 1919 S.E. Columbia River Drive Vancouver, WA 98661 Located just one mile east of I-5 on Highway 14. Take Exit #1 Drive straight to the river and into the parking lot. It's very easy to find. RSVP: Tom Hemphill CHRISTMAS FUN: Bring a gift for the White Elephant exchange event ALL Bombers and their friends and family members are Welcome. We will be in the Sun Room, which is set up well for socializing. Please bring photos & yearbooks to show, and some stories to tell. Your lunch is your choice off of the regular menu. Linda and I had lunch there again last week, and as always, it was great. -Tom HEMPHILL ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dan LAYBOURN ('70) Re: Class of '70 reunion planning meeting The next class of '70 reunion planning meeting will be Thursday, November 19th at 7pm, in the North Room of the Richland Community Center. -Dan LAYBOURN ('70) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Funeral Notices >>David CATES ('66) ~ 10/16/46 - 4/30/09 >>Dean LEGGETT ('70) ~ 2/21/52 - 11/11/09 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/20/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber funeral notice today: Tom TRACY ('55), Ken HEMINGER ('56wb) Carl DVORAK ('58), Tom VERELLEN ('60) Nadine REYNOLDS ('61), Marie RUPPERT ('63) David RIVERS ('65), Terry DELSING ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mike McKEOWN ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Vernona CHAPPELLE ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Laurie FRASER ('79) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: Ron SHELBY ('59) & Lorraine WARD ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tom TRACY ('55) Thanks to Lorraine "Rainy" POWELL Earp-Tanner ('52wb) and Don Sorenson (NAB) for the refreshing picture below. Jess D. Branum (not Branom) pictured in officer's uniform, was the Father of Lee (Lequita) BRANUM Clark ('55) and Myrna BRANUM Willard ('57) (honorary); two of RHS' finest ladies ever. Jess was a veteran of one of WWII's toughest, bloodiest battles - Okinawa, Japan. He was well prepared, physically, for the task on Okinawa... after working for some time in the Midwest Oil Fields, one of America's toughest jobs, and a lot of boxing matches. Jess and his wife Nina Faye, hosted the Jr. High and RHS teenagers from our church and their classmates' friends almost every Tuesday evening, during the '50s. We sang songs, listened to records of the latest top 10, visited and always had some kinds of refreshments, played games, went roller skating, picnicked or went somewhere together. They were devoted to the Richland community and are remembered by everyone who knew them. Jess had a great sense of humor and was (like all of our parents) a hard worker. Nina Faye was our church pianist and had a tremendous repertoire of popular music as well. All of the teenagers have fond memories of Jess and Nina Faye. Jess often worked at two jobs and even started building a new home in West Richland. Since Jess liked boxing, we enjoyed practicing on his punching bag mounted in his basement. He was proficient at that as well as many other talents. Jess took up 8mm movie photography and filmed many Carmichael Jr. High as well as RHS basketball and football games. He also had a couple of horses... His big horse, Blondie, was the size of Matt Dillon's buckskin on Gunsmoke. Blondie had a unique gait. After each step she would make a motion that looked like she was shaking mud off each hoof. But she was a fantastic specimen. If you rode beside her... you kept plenty of space between your horse and her. It may have been her early computer version of "MY Space, and You're Not Welcome In It". Blondie could have pulled with the Budweiser Clydesdale Clan. Unless you were as tall as Jess, you needed a ladder to get into the saddle. Jess was always ready to laugh at himself too. One Sunday morning in Church, after working a late shift in the 100-B Area and a 2nd job as well, Jess finally got a couple of winks of sleep... in the pew. It was an important day for Jess. He wanted to honor Mother's Day... and he did. When the pastor asked for all of the Mother's to stand, Jess noticed people standing up, reached back and tugged at his daughter's hand to stand up with him. It took her a few moments to convince him that he was unqualified to be so honored... he sat down and turned to us in the pew behind, winked and remarked... "Wow, I almost became a Mother"!! Everyone who knew Jess loved him. This picture brought back a flood of good memories. We all thank our RHS friends and family for their military service, their friendship, and their lives. -Tom TRACY ('55) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Ken HEMINGER ('56wb) I know nothing of the class in picture 501 Had a good laugh though. When I saw it, my first impression was they would rather be someplace else.. By the look on her face, even the teacher was thinking along those lines. -Ken HEMINGER ('56wb) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Carl DVORAK ('58) Re: Sorenson's Picture 428 If I am not mistaken (has happened a lot more lately my wife Shirley says ('61)), the man on the left is John Werner, father of Terry ('65) and Janice ('61). They lived across the street from us on Sanford before they moved to a ranch house. -Carl DVORAK ('58) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tom VERELLEN ('60) Yesir, it looks like rain. -Tom VERELLEN ('60) ~ near Lacey, WA not underwater, not above water, not dry. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Nadine REYNOLDS Cochran ('61) To: Steve CARSON (Championship Class of '58) In the world of dog shows, there can only be one Best of Breed winner and it can be either a male or a female. The title of Best of Opposite Sex is to acknowledge the merit of the best dog that is not of the same sex as the winner of Best of Breed. It is a fancy way of saying that Shelby came in second place on that day but was judged to be the best of the females competing. On the days Shelby was chosen Best of Breed, it was a male dog that came in second and earned the title of Best of Opposite Sex. Sorry, Steve, that the definition is not nearly as interesting as the title sounds. -Nadine REYNOLDS Cochran ('61) ~ Sahuarita, AZ where the weather is perfect. Cool nights for good sleeping and warm, sunny days to enjoy. These kind of days are why we live here. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marie RUPPERT Hartman ('63) Wonderful news! My sister, Joanne ('66), has been removed from hospice care. Her doctor said she has improved so much from the episode that landed her in the hospital over Labor Day that she doesn't need that level of care. She still won't go back to chemo, but there are other things the doctor wants to try to control the cancer's spread and add to her quality of life. She will have home health care, but she is able to do so much herself that it won't be daily. Her daughter will go back to Alaska for the holidays, and plans on coming back when hospice is needed again. Thank you to all who have prayed for Joanne. Our family will have the best Thanksgiving ever this year! -Marie RUPPERT Hartman ('63) ~ in rainy Richland **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: Neighborhood heroes I've mentioned this more than once and will probably mention it again and again... as a Bear of little brain (or is it weak brain... can't recall)... I tend to repeat myself now and then... well more than now and then... anyway, I've mentioned local heroes before... guys that you admired in grade school for whom the admiration continued right up into adult life... Jack Gardiner ('61) was one of those Spalding heroes as was the Birthday Boy... I remember him and other guys playing football at the playground and wanting to be "just like him" when I grew up... not sure I've come close to my dreams but he still makes me feel good when I think of those younger years... let's have a mighty HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Mike McKeown ('60) on November 20, 2009!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Terry DELSING ('71) Re: Dean Leggett ('70-RIP) I recall with great fondness the thrill of playing "Whiter Shade Of Pale" for the first time with Dean Leggett at his Hammond. He was good, very good and we were lucky to have him. -Terry DELSING ('71) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Funeral Notice >>Bob MUSSELMAN ('50) ~ 8/11/30 - 9/30/09 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/21/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber funeral notice today: Steve CARSON ('58), Larry MATTINGLY ('60) David RIVERS ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Rosemary QUALHIEM ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: John CRIGLER ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Deanna FULCHER ('72) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Steve CARSON (Championship Class of '58) To: Nadine REYNOLDS Cochran ('61) Nadine, thanks for the update. My mind occasionally wanders down a wrong path. Beautiful Dog, Shelby, we are into smaller dogs and have a Maltese now but don't groom her for show. -Steve CARSON (Championship Class of '58) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Larry MATTINGLY ('60) There was a short note in the Tacoma News Tribune today. Paraphrased: Sara [Palin] and family will be in Richland for Christmas. They will be with her Aunt Katie [Sheeran] Johnson ('61). It is a large family get together of some 40 family members. I will be in Anchorage the 23rd and Christmas Eve enroute to Dutch Harbor Christmas Day for the big New Years fireworks display. If perchance it turns out there is an autograph session for Sarah's book, somebody please get me one and I will pay you for your trouble. Thanks. There may be a recession but the planes are all sold out and that is the only seat the city could get for me. There are large blocks of fishery people headed to Dutch a bit earlier then usual. Penn Air flies Saab 340 twin turbo, 32 passenger, to Dutch. If every seat is occupied they can only take about 1/3 of the luggage. Flying against head winds and still have enough reserve to go back to Cold Bay if Dutch is socked in, they are loaded to the max. The weather in the Aleutians changes quick and I have made the trip out three times in one day before getting on the ground. They tried using 737s for a while but the 3700 ft runway is a bit hairy in winter. And there is nothing but very cold water at either end. The rest of the island is pretty much vertical. And... our annual very large format display at Coeur d'Alene ID is on again this year. Always on "Black Friday" the day after Thanksgiving. There is more on the boardwalk then usual this year. As I always say, if you want to see it, you will not be disappointed, but get there early. I will miss the actual display for the first time in about 13-14 years. After I have the boardwalk ready to fire Friday afternoon, I will hop a plane to Alaska to load and fire a large display in Palmer, Sat. the 28th. Sunday we clean up the mess, and at 6 AM Monday I fly back to Spokane, pick up my car, and drive home to Tacoma. I enjoy life, and being busy, and meeting the challenge of entertaining people with fire. It gets a bit tense at times but since I do love it so, it is not as bad as it may seem. I only hope my body doesn't wear out before my brain gets tired. :) I do want to say a nice "Thank You" to Wally Erickson ('53) for his kind invitation to Thanksgiving dinner with his family. And... I will take this time to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving, a wonderful holiday season, and a healthy and prosperous New Year. "Happiness is the sky in bloom" -Larry MATTINGLY ('60) ~ From home on a very wet evening in South Tacoma. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: Take the good with the bad I hate it when good stuff and bad news come at the same time... I wanna wish a '64 guy an HB but also learned that a good friend '65er passed on the 18th... Gary Durfey ('65-RIP) was one of those guys you just couldn't help but like. I will never forget, one Tolo, Gary and I were being taken out for cokes or burgers or whatever by two great Bomber-babes... As we were leaving the house for the last pickup, the girl driving managed to scrape one of those crappy poles some of our Dads thought were a good idea next to the driveways (I know my dad had one too)... well, we couldn't let her go home and face her dad, so Durf and I spent the evening pulling out the dent as best we could so it would not be noticed and perhaps her dad would later think he did it... (hey... we were kids... what did we know about Truth, Justice and the American way)... We knew self preservation... we got blamed for enough stuff we didn't do... no sense getting blamed for stuff we did, too! (My mother always said when I would get in trouble for something I didn't do that I had done enough other stuff that it all evened out... what kinda logic is that?!) So we never did get out coke or burger... but with that said, there is another guy who is still out there having birthdays that I have always enjoyed... hope his day is a good one... HAPPY BIRTHDAY Johnny (John I suppose now) Crigler ('64) on the 21st!!! -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Funeral Notice >>Gary DURFEY ('65) ~ 12/12/46 - 11/18/09 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/22/09 - WE REMEMBER JFK ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers & Joanna Richardson (NAB) sent stuff and 1 Bomber funeral notice today: Richard ROBERTS ('49) and Carol TYNER ('52) Elva McGHAN ('50), Marlene LARSEN ('56wb) John CAMPBELL ('63), David RIVERS ('65) Joanna Richardson, spouse of Mack RICHARDSON ('52-RIP) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ellen SPITALERI ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Sandi CHERRINGTON ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dawn BELL ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jo CLARK ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Brad WEAR ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Brent CHRISTI ('71) 11/22/63 JFK Assassination - 12/6/63 Sandstorm **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Richard "Dick" ROBERTS ('49) & Carol TYNER Roberts ('52) Re: Hi, Maren. Carol and I thought about you when we made this visit. Enjoy. -Richard "Dick" ROBERTS ('49) & Carol TYNER Roberts ('52) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Elva McGHAN Wallace ('50) Re: Sorenson's pic #505 Tall man looks like Roy E. Jaynes (Security) 2nd man looks like Dave Lauder (Mgr. GE) Man on the right is Ted Pugh. Since wasn't working properly, I don't know if this pic has been identified. Sorry if it's a "dupe." Hope we didn't miss any of Sorenson's pics when the Richland system was down. 'Really enjoy his pictures. Thanks. -Elva McGHAN Wallace ('50) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Elva, Even though was down, never missed a beat. Don Sorenson's (NAB) page of links to all his pictures: -Maren] **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Joanna Richardson, spouse of Mack RICHARDSON ('52-RIP) Re: Mack RICHARDSON ('52-RIP) Dear Friends, I just want to update you on my husband's health. He passed away this morning [11/21/09] at 11:10am. He went very peacefully and with his family around him. Please keep us in your prayers and thank you for all your kind thoughts and expressions. Mack always spoke of the good times with all his family and friends and reminisced often about them. I personally want to thank you all for your friendship and will remember you all with love. Thank you. Sincerely, -Joanna Richardson, spouse of Mack RICHARDSON ('52-RIP) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) More on Sarah Palin's visit to the Tri Cities for Thanksgiving dinner at her Aunt Katie's in Richland. This article was in the Tri-City Herald. -Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: John CAMPBELL ('63) Re: John Crigler's ('64) BD I saw David Rivers' ('65) BD congrats in the Sandstorm [on 11/21], and would like to echo my BD wishes to John Crigler ('64). I haven't seen or talked to John for many years, but I will never forget the time I was driving down Thayer (probably in my '57) with a friend or two (probably John Dale ('63) and maybe Perry Moore ('63) or Jake Clark ('64)) and Crigler was beside me driving his car ('56 Chev?) in reverse and we weren't going slow! Anyway, I hope you had a great birthday, John. Since I sold the '57, I am thinking seriously about roddin' Grandma's '50 Chevy coupe. Hmmm. -John CAMPBELL ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: Love them Bombers What's better than a Bomber-babe and a Bomber guy having birthdays on the same day... heck I can't think of anything... today we have an old... well not old... I mean... well you know what I mean... someone I've known for a long time and somebody else I've known for a long time... one lived down the street and the other across town... they are both celebrating on November 22, 2009 and I hope they both have great days... course hard for November birthdays not to be great... some of the most wonderful, marvelous, cool, sweet, interesting, smart, fantastic and just flat "far out and solid" (Lincoln Hayes... Mod Squad) people I know were born in November and these are two of them... so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sandi Cherrington ('66) and Brad Wear ('71; Capt. USMC)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Funeral Notice >>Sandra STAFFORD Lepinski ('62) ~ 2/10/44 - 11/10/09 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/23/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers and Don Sorenson sent stuff: Tom TRACY ('55), Marlene LARSEN ('56wb) Donna BOWERS ('63), Pam EHINGER ('67) Mike FRANCO ('70), Don Sorenson (NAB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Gayle DAWSON ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tom TRACY ('55) Most Col-Hi students from '51-'54 remember Robert "Bob" Johnson ('54) leading the pep band, as student director of the orchestra and music and a talented musician. My greatest appreciation of his talents was for his excellent performances at assemblies, RHS musical performances and primarily at our basketball games. His skills extended to performances with the trampoline team. Besides being a National Honor Student at Col-Hi, he finished his degree at Julliard Musical School in New York, played with the National Symphony in Washington D.C. and many other groups. He also performed in the longest running (18 year) performance of "CATS". He recently mentioned how much he appreciated everyone's compliments of Mr. Pappas. You can read more about him and the organization he founded at Congratulations Bob... and thanks again for the inspiration you and the Bomber Bands, Orchestras and provided us during those great years in Richland. -Tom TRACY ('55) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) Re: Tri-City Herald Link - yesterday The URL didn't work yesterday... try these: See also, Tri-City Herald "Gallery" pictures: -Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Donna BOWERS Rice ('63) Re: Marilyn SWAN Beddo ('63) Please tell Sandstorm readers that Marilyn is staying with her daughter, Tracy Murray, through all [her medical problems] so she may not get mail [sent to her home address]. You could send it to [address deleted for Tracy's privacy - send email to Donna and ask for Tracy's home address. -Maren]. if you want to be sure she gets it prior to her surgery [date - December 11th] and after also, since Tracy is going to be her Mom's care giver. Tracy said her mom would love receiving cards and/or letters. I am so proud to be a Bomber at these times!! Love and prayers, -Donna BOWERS Rice ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Pam EHINGER Edinger (Blue Ribbon Class of '67) To Dawn Bell '67 A day late... but HAPPY BIRTHDAY [on 11/22]!! Hope you had a great one! I heard through the grape vine that you're now living in Portland or some where around there! Drop me a line and fill me in on what's going on! Do you ever hear from Peg K.? Take care, my friend! Bombers Rule -Pam EHINGER Edinger (Blue Ribbon Class of '67) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Mike FRANCO ('70) I know that every year on November 22nd many of us reflect On the Kennedy assassination and where we were (6th grade, Jefferson). But I would like to share a little more positive note this year. Our Mom & Dad (Dr. Robert & Ilene Franco) are celebrating anniversary number 62 November 22nd. Not bad for Dad who was 33 when they were married. I guess if they surviving raising six kids makes this a little easier. -Mike FRANCO ('70) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Don Sorenson (NAB) Re: Another Installment of 8 To All Bombers, 514 G E Mail Room 515 Central Files 516 G E Mail Room 517 G E Mail Room 518 " " " 519 " " " 520 Somewhere in the 300 Area 521 Woman w/shovel To: David PRIEBE ('57) This picture was taken in the 300 Area. They were installing a VERY large press just on the other side of that wall. Thanks for your input. To: Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) Gene OSBORNE ('55) Karen COLE Correll ('55) Ken HEMINGER ('56wb) Carl DVORAK ('58) Elva McGHAN Wallace ('50), Thanks to each of you for the information. One question for Karen COLE Correll are you sure it was pic 503?? Lost comics? Yea that happened to me when our family moved from Bend, OR to Whitefish, MT. Green Lantern, Aqua Man, Wonder Woman, Fantastic 4, Flash and others... sigh. To: Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) Atkinson-Jones was responsible for small construction projects for the A E C. Any process equipment upgrades or additions your father's employer built it. A part of the reason you don't see many pictures of these guys is the pictures were taken of what they were working on and its progress. The workers are in many of those pictures but they didn't want any part of the camera. In some cases project completion photos were taken. I've not seen many of those. I can tell you your dad worked all over the site. (I'll try to find some pics of Jones Construction, maybe we'll get lucky) With that said, a lot of intimate details were known. That would be reason enough to not talk. -Don Sorenson (NAB) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/24/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers sent stuff: Phil Belcher ('51), Marlene LARSEN ('56wb) John ADKINS ('62), Ray STEIN ('64) David RIVERS ('65), Cathy GEIER ('66) Brad UPTON ('74) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Nola DAVEY ('56) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Gary CHRISTIAN ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Nancy MIDDLETON ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Twins: Terry & Linda HUTSON ('74) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Phil Belcher ('51) Re: Christmas cards for Servicemen I ran across this item today and checked it out on Snopes. It's true and thought some of us might like to send a card to our servicemen. It only takes a minute. [ confirmed this one is "true". -Maren] XEROX IS DOING SOMETHING COOL If you go to this web site, you can pick out a thank you card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq. You can't pick Out who gets it, but it will go to a member of the armed services. How AMAZING it would be If we could get everyone we know to send one!!! It is FREE and it only takes a second. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the soldiers received a bunch of these? Whether you are for or Against the war, our soldiers over there need to know we are behind them. This takes just 10 Seconds and it's a wonderful way to say thank you. Please take the time to pass it on for others To do. We can never say enough thank you's. Thanks for taking to time to support our military! -Phil Belcher ('51) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) To: Don Sorenson: (NAB) Thanks for the information in the 11/23 Sandstorm about Atkinson & Jones Construction Company and what they did at Hanford. -Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: John ADKINS ('62) Re: Col-Hi / RHS Grads in the Military I have uploaded the most recent and current list of Col-Hi / RHS grads who have and are serving in the military. Please take a look and think if you know any one who has served or is serving and deserves to added to this list. It's getting to be a pretty impressive list of grads. view the list at: -John ADKINS ('62) ~ Richland **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Ray STEIN ('64) Re: Palin Book Tour Sarah Palin will be in Coeur 'd Alene, Idaho on Dec. 10th for a book signing. I found her tour schedule at this website: I'm not sure if Dewey Whetsell will be there or not. -Ray STEIN ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: But baby it's cold outside Birthday for an old... (I've GOT to stop saying that... I've even received at least one threatening email about it) flame and all the news that's fit to print (which leaves very little to print) about our resident "star" and his film trip to Luxembourg... so which to do first... guess I'll wish the Birthday girl her special wishes... don't think I've seen her since R2K, but in my senior year we were quite a pair... we even headed for Couer d'Alene one time ta get hitched but it was a Holiday so no nuptials that day... everything happens for a reason I suppose... but we've remained pals all this time which is a good thing... so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Nancy MIDDLETON ('67) on November 24, 2009. Terry DAVIS ('65) Knox headed off to make a movie where he plays the bad guy as only he can. He called yesterday to bid farewell... I hope he took some warm clothes... weather there is supposed to be lows of 30s and highs of just barely 50s during his little trip. I have a feeling those castles can get a might cold... plus it's raining... just doesn't sound like my cup of tea... I hear the class of '63 already has some nice storms forecast for their little candle light affair too... I say candle light as it seems to me that every year they have at least some of the time without electric lights... I'm sorry... I'm a fun in the sun kinda guy... in fact... it's not even warm enough here in Vegas for me right now... got a nice card from Peter Joe CARROLL ('65) today... seems Pete has joined homeland security and the envelope contained some very accurate surveillance photos... I'm gonna hafta keep my windows closed... Finally, hope all your Thanksgivings are good... I've decided to hit Katie SHEERAN Johnson's ('61) place for some free eats. After that, Linda BELLISTON Boehning ('63) and I are gonna go make some money off of some bootleg autographed books. Now who says ya can't make a buck in this here economy! -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Cathy GEIER ('66) Re: Newspaper Sandstorms For Sale I have about 35 issues of the Sandstorm newspaper from 1965. I would like to sell or donate them to an interested Bomber. I still am not working much.. less than before.. a very humbling prospect. So please do NOT ask me again. I am in Seattle now and will be in Richland for a few days at holiday time. -Cathy GEIER ('66) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Brad UPTON ('74) I occasionally plug my dates around the country... I guess I should do it when I'm playing in the Tri-Cities! I'll be performing at the Three Rivers Convention Center this Friday and Saturday at 8:00 PM. If you want to entertain (or avoid) family this weekend, come on out to the show! -Brad UPTON ('74) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/25/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff: Tom TRACY ('55), Peg SHEERAN ('63) Dennis HAMMER ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Charles SOLOMON ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Fran TEEPLE ('68) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jim CANTRELL ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Gary TURNER ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Debbie NELSON ('77) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Leon RICE ('82) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Shelly STREGE ('98) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tom TRACY ('55) To: Mr. Gordon Pappas One of your students has paid you a great compliment through his performances. He also promised me a copy of a work you wrote as well. I look forward to receiving it... in the meantime I hope you and our classmates have a chance to read more about Bob JOHNSON ('54). Bob JOHNSON '54, our creative RHS 1954 Student / Conductor "in- Residence"... has put together one of the nations most creative musical groups, performing a spectacular Haydns Opera, 'La i'sola disabitata'. The Uninhabited Island... one of Haydn's most difficult works to perform. Hope you and our classmates have a chance to view the promotional Bob did with the theme "Finding Haydn?" It is amazingly Bob Johnson, in his over-the-top creativity taking Haydn's classic to new heights. It sure looks like Bob on the "sidewalk transit system" (skateboard). Those of you who participated as RHS pep band members, under his baton, were unsurpassed at games and in musical competitions. You motivated Bomber athletes in gymnasiums and on football fields during the '50s. Bob has done it consistently for musicians and actors in New York during the past 37 years through his New York Philomusica. A NY Times Critics writes: "Artistic Director A. Robert Johnson has a flair for picking young musicians with great talent. In its first series in 1971 at New York City's Town Hall, the organization introduced then-unknown musicians Yo Yo Ma, Ida Kavafian, David Golub and David Jolley - "The Young Masters" - providing lucky listeners a first hearing of the next generation of important musicians. The ensemble is no less selective now, and the young artists you hear in an intimate setting today may well soon be the superstars of tomorrow." His honorary tributes to the world's great musicians are a capstone characteristic that endears audiences to him. He matches, scouts, coaches and promotes superior talent with classics and artistic drama that spellbinds audiences. Hope you have a chance to check out all the good stuff about our classmate... A. Robert "Bob" Johnson. He's a great Bomber read. Bob is the kind of coach, scout, manager, creator that would be the envy of Andre' Rieu, Arthur Fiedler, and the rest of the best. I give special thanks for the great music "RHS classics" played during basketball warm-ups... they are my most treasured "works of music". Thanks to all of you who participated at RHS in orchestra, band, choirs, special groups and thespians. You and our superior music teachers inspired us all. -Tom TRACY ('55) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Peg SHEERAN Finch ('63) Re: Book-signing Sister, Kate SHEERAN Johnson ('61), called from Sarah's bus yesterday - nearly arrived at Ft. Bragg - and said the book- signing in the Tri-Cities will be at Hastings on Sunday, the 29th, from 12 to 2 PM. Don't know if each of the 3 cities has a Hastings, but I'm pretty sure there will be more in the paper later. At least you who are interested will have a heads-up. She and sister, Sal SHEERAN Heath ('58) were darn-tired, but having an amazing time. -Peg SHEERAN Finch ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dennis HAMMER ('64) Re: Palin book signing changed to noon Sunday -Dennis Hammer ('64) ~ The likelihood of one individual being right increases in direct proportion to the intensity with which others are trying to prove him wrong. --James Mason, "Heaven can Wait." ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/26/09 ~ THANKSGIVING ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers and Don Sorenson sent stuff: Don LYALL ('52), Steve CARSON ('58) Janice KLUSMAN ('66), Betti AVANT ('69) Don Sorenson (NAB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Roberta ADKINS ('52) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bill BERLIN ('56) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Eleanor ATTWOOD ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: CB LIH ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jill WALSER ('81) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Don LYALL ('52) Re: Great Football I know Maren does not like me to put "GO HOGS" on my note to her with my annual check, but living here in Fayetteville for 16 years, one becomes a HOG fan. Saturday night (6 PM Central and 4PM Pacific) LSU/Arkansas go at it again on CBS. LSU is the favorite now by 3 points (3 pts is normally home field advantage) and LSU has been generally one the the best in the SEC. Arkansas has been down for a few years but is on the road back. Great new coach, strong QB (a potential Heisman next year), great young/fast receivers and fine running backs. Our problem has been only an average defense. I might add that ARK has upset them the last 2 years and we hope to make it three in a row. Anyway, tune in CBS to enjoy a good game. Maren, though we have not met, I feel a nice Bomber connection. Looking forward to meeting with you someday. [You checkin' to see if I'm pay8ng attention? (I am)... I'll be watching from my sister's living room (north of Baron Rouge) Richard will -- no doubt -- be doing the Sandstorm. GEAUX TIBERS!!! -Maren] =Don LYALL ('52) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Steve CARSON (Championship Class of '58) Just finished "Going Rouge", great read and inspirational. Go Sarah Go! -Steve CARSON (Championship Class of '58) ~ Chicago where we will have a white Thanksgiving. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Janice KLUSMAN McCurdy ('66) To all my fellow Bombers and all my friends on Sandstorm.. Thank you all for keeping us all informed. I also want to wish you a great Thanksgiving.. I pray every day for all our current seving Military... AND the past Military too... All have made a difference in our lives and we can still be proud and thankful we live in the USA.... God bless you all... Thank you Maren for all your work in keeping us -Janice KLUSMAN McCurdy ('66) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Betti AVANT ('69) Re: Turkey Day Turkey Day wishes to everyone. November is about gone as is the year 2009. Don't overstuff yourselves and enjoy your day. -Betti AVANT ('69) ~ Lacey, WA where it's supposed to be wet for the day and beyond (hey it's western Washington **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Don Sorenson (NAB) Re: Another Installment of 8 (plus 1) To All Bombers, 522 Event in the old Desert Inn 523 100-H Safety Event 524 Girl Scouts / Brownies / Blue Birds? 525 " " 526 Middle School Dance in the old Community Center 527 " " 528 " " 529 " " Special (999) - I could not wait for this one This one Happy Thanksgiving!! -Don Sorenson (NAB) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/27/09 Dateline: Richland ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers and Don Sorenson sent stuff: Jim McKEOWN ('53), Patti JONES ('60) John CAMPBELL ('63), Jim HAMILTON ('63) Jeanie WALSH ('63), Jo MILES ('64) Julia ALEXANDER ('65), Pam EHINGER ('67) Bruce STRAND ('69), Dan LAYBOURN ('70) Don Sorenson (NAB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Andrew ECKERT, Jr. ('53) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jim McKEOWN ('53) Re: Sorenson;s Picture #522 This is the 3rd time trying to send something, and hopefully it will go thru. Don Sorenson's picture #522 is me attending a banquet where the speaker was the older guy in the center. He was a famous football player and we were attending this banquet put on by either the Knights of Columbus or GE. My dad WT McKeown was the emcee, and not in the picture, but I'm the guy on the right. The young lad on the left is Clem Sheeran's son, Mike ('66) and he was getting an autograph from this celebrity. For the life of me, I can't remember his name, but it was at the Desert Inn and it was in 1957 or '58. I was 22 or 23 and already had 3 kids (I know, I know) ..... Great memories. -Jim McKEOWN ('53) ~ from very sunny and warm Sacramento **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Patti JONES Ahrens ('60) Re: Bomber Birthday Bomber Birthday! There are Bombers all the time with birthdays! This Bomber has a ream of Stick Notes so he doesn't forget the Bombers Birthdays. He runs all week on his job, driving and fixing his old cars, family and doings with Bombers who live in his area. I had the honor of being his big sister living on Birch and him on Acacia behind Spalding. Always friendly as he and the bike gang rode down the street. How his mom kept up with him who knows? Let alone his dad! Always a smile and a yoohoo as he was up to something with his friends. As I have said before, "if he gets to know you he will remember your birthday in the Sandstorm." Here's wishing DAVID RIVERS (Moose) ('65) a huge Happy Birthday. May you have a day filled with family, friends, and all your wishes be fulfilled in the year to come. A year of reunions will bring you to Bomberville to make your year ahead joyful being with so many Bomber Friends, old and new. Look forward to the hug I get every year. -Patti JONES Ahrens ('60) ~ West Richland, WA, No snow yet Kaylene. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: John CAMPBELL ('63) I had to chuckle at Steve Carson's ('58) typo on "Going Rouge". Maybe Sarah's next book could cover the fine art of make-up. I wish her well in shaking up the establishment a bit. It certainly needs it. -John CAMPBELL ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jim HAMILTON ('63) Apparently there has been another couple of "Senior Most" ballot boxes uncovered during subsequent excavations near the new High School. There is some considerable question as to the validity of the votes as there are Bondo and Gunsmoke Gray Primer stains on the boxes. Interestingly enough there was but one name dinked on "Most Elementary Schools Attended" and "Most Abodes Abided", that being Birthday Boy David Rivers. He also had a majority of the votes for most trees slaughtered in the name of yellow post a notes, But something is fishy since that category was never ever a category. Happy Birthday David, I hope your back will still bend after all those years of eating at the card table and entertaining the rest of the little kids with your tattoos and tooth pick tricks. When you figure out that just because there are three forks, one isn't for scratching, we'll reconsider your application for eatin' with the Big Kids. Jimbeaux p.s. Where do I send my check for your campaign? -Jim HAMILTON ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jeanie WALSH ('63) Well it seems only fitting that every Bomber out there should be sending our very own David Rivers a birthday wish ..... Because it's his day ... all day ... so Happy Birthday David. -Jeanie WALSH ~ Gold Medal Class of 63 ~ Simi Valley CA, Home of the Ronald Reagan Library where it was too dog gone hot to eat turkey today ... but we did anyway! **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jo MILES ('64) Re: Don Sorenson's latest installment <> It looks like photos #526 and #527 are from square dance classes taught at the Recreation (Community) Center by my parents Fred and Blanche Miles about the years 1957 through 1959. It looks like my dad with his back to us in photo 526, and you can see my parents talking to each other at the head of the class in photo 527. Every Friday night there were three classes, I believe 5th graders attended 6pm to 7pm, 6th graders 7pm to 8pm and 7th grade 8pm to 9pm. Around 300 Richland kids were enrolled in the program at the time, and many of us still reminisce fondly about the good times and friendships made during those years. My parents taught about three years and then I believe Ernie Wegner's parents took over the classes after that. Allemande left with your old left hand, then do si do, and promenade around the ring. -Jo MILES ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Julia ALEXANDER ('65) Re: Another Installment of 8 (plus 1) <> Special (999) is a picture of Jason Lee Elementary School looking due west toward West Richland. Notice the cherry orchard. Wish I knew what the picture was all about. Bomber Cheers -Julia ALEXANDER ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Pam EHINGER Edinger ('67) Re Don Sorenson's Pics! <> In the pic 522 I think the 5th guy from the left or the 3rd guy from the right -- dark hair with glasses looking over the shoulder of the guy in plaid jacket -- is Alex Clark, big brother of Kathy Clark ('67). I think Alex graduated in '65, not sure. But this is the first time I think I know someone! Yahooooooo!! Hope everyone in Bomber Ville had a GREAT Thanksgiving!! Bombers Rule -Pam EHINGER Edinger ~ The Blue Ribbon Class of '67 **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bruce A STRAND ('69) To: Don Sorenson (NAB) <> I don't recognize the school, but it looks like the kids are lined up for an attack drill. When I was in first grade (or kindergarten) at Spalding the entire school loaded up on buses and went out into the desert somewhere as an evacuation practice. This may have been the time we were taken to the top of Rattlesnake Mt. and got to see the Nike missles that were there. For a kid, that was totally cool. That may have been a separate field trip; I don't recall the details. -Bruce A STRAND ('69) ~ Tempe AZ where it is to be a nice 80 for T-Day -- Gooble 'til you Wooble! **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dan LAYBOURN ('70) Glad I'm not the only redhead lover in the world ... rouge makes for good makeup as well, I hear. Franco ('70) would probably echo those sentiments ... if he'd ever answer his email ..... From: Steve CARSON (Championship Class of '58) Just finished "Going Rouge", great read and inspirational. Go Sarah Go! -Steve CARSON (Championship Class of '58) ~ Chicago where we will have a white Thanksgiving. -Dan LAYBOURN ('70) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Don Sorenson (NAB) Re: Another Installment of 8 (plus 1) <> To All Bombers, 999 Special (detail) [evacuation drill at Jason Lee] 530 Security Poster 300 Area 531 Burning classified scrap.Power House 532 Scooters formail delivery 300Area 533Tour of 327 Building for High School students. 534 More of327. 535 Mock Drill 300 Area 536 Fridaythe 13th parody. 100-D. 537 Retirement photo? -Don Sorenson (NAB) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/28/09 Dateline: Richland ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers and Don Sorenson sent stuff: Mike CLOWES ('54), David MANSFIELD ('59) Dave SOWDEN ('63wb), Carol CONVERSE ('64) Marsha GOSLIN ('65), Jim HEIDLEBAUGH ('65) Shirley COLLINGS ('66), Jim SCHODT ('67) Betti AVANT ('69), Don Sorenson (NAB **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) re: Sorensen Photo #522 <> Egads! It is a young Tom McKeown. Didn't recognize him with long hair. And he is right about the other adult, someone almost famous. But, like Tom, I haven't the foggiest as to who he is. re: David Rivers's birthday I don't know he was authorized to have birthdays, since he is the self-appointed keeper of those important dates for all his former girl friends. A late happy one to David. Keep firm in the knowledge that you might make it to the big kids' table yet. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ in Mount Angel, OR, where the weather guessers are promising dry weather soon. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David MANSFIELD ('59) <> Sorenson's 999 Special detail picture is of Jason Lee Elementary School on Van Giesen. It could well be the evacuation drill as someone suggested as the buses shown in the previous day's posting were not school buses but Hanford Buses. The male teacher in the right hand forefront with the glasses and top coat on is Mr. Harvey, the sixth grade teacher. Mr. Harvey was the first male teacher I had, being my sixth grade teacher at Jason Lee, the 1952-1953 school year. He previously taught at Spalding before moving over to Jason Lee after it was completed. Loretta Reich Rippee ('59) stated in an e-mail we exchanged last summer that Mr. Harvey was one of the best teachers she had going through the Richland system and I would certainly agree with Loretta on that. Mr. Harvey was also very involved with the Boy Scouts. My mother send me a newspaper article sometime after college saying that Mr. Harvey died in a fire at a Boy Scout Camp in the Blue Mountains, at least I remember it as being in the Blue Mountains. The article said that Mr. Harvey had already entered the burning building once and rescued one person, then went back into the fire to rescue another scout. He did not make it out the second time. -David MANSFIELD ('59) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dave SOWDEN ('63wb) Greetings to all Sandstorm readers, I hope and trust a Happy Thanksgiving was had by all. I have a question concerning the "Workers Compensation Program" I am hopeful someone can advise me on. My father David Sowden RIP, worked as a chemist at Hanford from about 1948 to sometime in the mid to late sixties. In the mid 1970's he experienced a non terminal bout with cancer of the mouth, suffered two strokes, survived one serious auto accident and passed away in 1982 of heart failure. His death certificate states under "Other significant conditions contributing to death" as "Oral carcinoma". I understand that translates to "cancer of the mouth". The Department of Labor is requiring his pathology reports to confirm this diagnosis. The problem is, according to all I can find out, all of his medical records were destroyed in accordance with Washington State law, seven years after his death. How am I supposed to produce medical records that were destroyed in 1989? Is there anyone out there who has experienced this or a similar situation who can advise me how they got over, around, or through this? Or should I, my sister Jane Sowden Tailleur ('59) and I just kiss our share of $150,000 good bye? I appreciate any advice I can get. -Dave SOWDEN ('63wb) ~ Forest City, NC where the weather is a bit cool but bright and clear. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Carol CONVERSE Maurer ('64) Re: David Rivers ('65) HAPPY BIRTHDAY on this day of your birth! I know this will be a day late, but at least I've wished you a very happy birthday in Facebook! :):) I didn't receive my Sandstorm yesterday, the 27th, and so far not today as well. Hope everyone had a great and thankful Thanksgiving yesterday! -Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64) ~ Eureka, CA The rain has finally gotten down to us :) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marsha GOSLIN Brehm ('65) Re: Don Sorenson's pics: <> I was so excited to see my dad Bill Goslin in picture 532 kneeling by the mail delivery scooter! I've been looking for him for a long time! Thanks Don for posting all the old pictures. -Marsha GOSLIN Brehm ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jim HEIDLEBAUGH ('65) Can't believe I've done this two years in a row ....... you would think I might know my brother's birthday. I would have put a reminder on a yellow sticky pad, but all the stores in town tell me that some dood in a suit bought all that they carried ........ Anyway, Happy Birthday to my brother David Rivers ('65) ........ -Jim HEIDLEBAUGH ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jim SCHODT ('67) For some reason I haven't received the Sandstorm the last two days ......... -Jim SCHODT ('67) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) Re: Don Sorenson's #522, Event in the old Desert Inn <> All of the boys are from Christ the King School, so as Jim McKeown ('52) said, this must be a Knights of Columbus Event. It is definitely at the Desert Inn (my husband, Dennis ('66) and also a CK'er, recognizes the drapes in the background). From left to right: Mike Sheeran ('66), Unknown (sure looks familiar, though.), Terry Durbin ('65 or '64WB), Peter Gaskell ('66RIP), Alex Clark ('65), John Allen ('66), and Unknown (he, too, is very familiar). Maybe Mike Sheeran will respond and tell us know the name of the famous football player, front left, and perhaps the names of the "Unknowns". Jim McKeown ('52) is the other person on the front right. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours was extra special with our two-week old grandson! He is sooooo special. Here he is at just one week: -Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Betti AVANT ('69) <> The picture of the people lined up in front of Jason Lee is definitely one of the evacuations we did on occasion. I recall one year, probably some time in 1954, my mother packed my 2 brothers, a neighbor who didn't drive, and me into our car and we drove to a grade school in Prosser for a staging area. I'm pretty sure that's about when it was as Robert and I weren't in school yet and the neighbor moved to Yakima some timelaterthat year. I don't recall taking buses out to Rattlesnake Mountain, however. We had monthly drills in school, too. Certain grades laid on their tummies with their hands over their heads and the older grades went to the gym and stood facing the wall with hands on heads. I don't think we did any after grade school, but may be mistaken. I hope everyone survived Turkey Day. -Betti AVANT ('69) ~ Lacey, WA **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Don Sorenson (NAB) Re: Another Installment of 8 <> 538 Scrap from 100F Machine Shops 539 Scrap from 100 F Machine Shops 540 703 Building Secretary 541 Grade School Halloween presentation??? 542 543 Civil Defense Building. Some kind of emergencysupply packing??? 544 Unk 545 300 Area Shop??? To:Jim McKEOWN ('53), What did your father do at Hanford.That name sounds sooo familiar.Thanks for your input. To: Jo MILES ('64), What are the chances that could happen today???Thanks for the input. To: Julia ALEXANDER ('65), My first thought was the High School. However from your input and Sir Richards I can't believe I did not see that for my self. Thanks for your input. To: Pam EHINGER Edinger ('67), Maybe they remember the football players name.Thanks for your input. To: Bruce A STRAND ('69), That's entirely possible.In my collection I have the map of each route out of Richland and each staging area.Back then you might be able to pull that off with only a few problems.Not today!Thanks for your input. -Don Sorenson (NAB) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/29/09 Dateline: Richland ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber funeral notice today: Luana IVERS ('52), Jim McKEOWN ('53) Mike CLOWES ('54), Marlene LARSEN ('56wb) Pat JONES ('59), Sonny DAVIS ('62) Carol CONVERSE ('64), Robert SHIPP ('64) Pat DORISS ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Janis Ervin ('49) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Denny Duncan ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Joe Campbell ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mike Howell ('68wb) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Rick Polk ('70) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Roger Meader ('73) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Luana IVERS Portch ('52) <> The young ladies in the picture are from left to right: Luana IVERS Portch, Col-Hi '52; Barbara LOVE Benson, Pasco '51; and Delores HACK Benson, Kennewick '51. This was taken in the fall of l952. I started working in the mail room in August of l952 right after graduation. I don't believe I was ever that young!! -Luana IVERS Portch ('52) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jim McKEOWN ('53) <> To Bob Carlson aka Mike Clowes, "Et tu Brute" ..... oh sure, I've been dealing with this my whole life. Tom also got credit for half of my TDs until Dad sent the TCH a letter setting it straight. A crewcut!! Are you kidding me? Tom would rather eat raw liver than cut a single piece of that curly, Italian-looking, mop of his. Remember, he WAS Farley Granger, he WAS the Fonz. I was Richey .... me with the, yes, crewcut and straight lace appearance ..... and Tom with the DA haircut, leather jacket, ****-eating grin ..... yeah, right Bob, we sure did look alike .... LIKE MUTT AND JEFF .... he looked like an escapee from a bad Italian Western. Give me break! To Don Sorenson, You asked where Dad worked, and it was GE of course, and in Personnel .... not sure what his job was but it was in Mgmt. Mom worked as a sec'ty in the area. Jim McKeown, Class of '53 in sunny and windy Sacramento. I already sent a response to the Sandstorm [supra], and as soon as I did my wife, looking thru her scrapbook, found a similar photo that evening that was in the TCH. They identified the event as a GESA Father/Son Banquet that was held every year, and the football player no one can remember, was Bobby Grayson, a former All-American from Stanford University. -Jim McKEOWN ('53) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) From: "Boy is My Face Red" Dept. How could I mistake Jim McKEOWN ('53). He doesn't look a think like "Farley". -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) There are two new classroom pictures that have been posted on the Alumni Sandstorm website during the past month. They are my sister's 1st and 2nd grade classroom pictures from John Ball School in North Richland. Her name is Linda Diane Larsen Wheaton ('60wb). The first picture is of Mrs. Pugh's 1st grade class. <> The second picture is a 2nd grade class with an unknown teacher. <> Anyone who was in the class of '60 and went to John Ball School, please check these two classroom pictures and add names of students that you know. Thanks. -Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Pat JONES DeBattista ('59) Gene reminisces: <> Thanks to Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/27/09 and Bruce A Strand ('69) for his submittal for reminding me of my part at Camp Hanford. How interesting that you had a chance to see the Nike missiles. Back in 1958 I was stationed here at Camp Hanford, in the US Army, as a "Rocket Jockey" or "Ground crew missile technician". Our job was to protect the 600 plus acres [sic] of the Hanford project. Over my tour of duty there was an evolution in defense systems at Camp Hanford, from the large M-1 120 MM cannons, to Nike Ajax, and then to the Nike Hercules. See attached photos. When I arrived the majority of the soldiers lived in Quonset huts with an oil-fed furnace for heat and eventually we moved into modern facilities buildings made of cinder block with baseboard heating. I can also recall seeing wild horses running about near Saddle Mt. ... that was quite a sight indeed. ~ Gene DeBattista. -Pat JONES DeBattista ('59) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Sonny DAVIS ('62) <> In picture #522 the person second from the left is Eric Michelson ('62), my next door neighbor on Davison. -Sonny DAVIS ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64) No problem in getting my Sandstorm today. Sure glad that we can get it in the archives to read on those rare occasions that we can't get it through our e-mail. -Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64) ~ Eureka, CA ~ Sun is shining today!! **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Robert SHIPP ('64) To Jim McKEOWN ('53): <> Is it possible that the "famous football player" in the picture is Les Richter? I vaguely remember my dad taking me to a GE Father-Son banquet when I was about 11 or 12, and Richter was the featured speaker. I really didn't know much about him, except that I had his football card in my collection. I think he played guard for the LA Rams, but after 50+ years who can be sure? -Robert SHIPP ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Pat DORISS Trimble ('65) To David Mansfield ('66): Regarding the picture <> taken in front of Jason Lee Elementary in the early/mid-50's. The woman standing near the center of the picture (to the left of Mr. Harvey), wearing a scarf, light-colored coat, and holding a purse is Mrs Marjorie Brown, also a sixth grade teacher. I was in her 1958-59 class. To Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66): Regarding the picture <> of the young men standing behind the table at the Rivershore Motor Inn. I think the picture was taken in one of the banquet rooms at the Desert Inn -- the predecessor to the Rivershore Motor Inn. Also, I may be wrong but the young man on the far left (noted as Mike Sheeran ('66)) looks like my classmate Jack Amos ('65-RIP), and the young man standing between the two men (noted as John Allen ('66)) looks like another classmate, Steve Simpson ('65). To David Rivers ('65): Belated Birthday wishes!! -Pat DORISS Trimble ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Funeral Notice >>Mack RICHARDSON ('52) ~ 8/10/34 - 11/21/09 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/30/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff: Phil BELCHER ('51), Marlene RICHTER ('55) Marlene LARSEN ('56wb), George SWAN ('59) Peg SHEERAN ('63), Shirley COLLINGS ('66) Mike FRANCO ('70), Kelvin SOLDAT ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jeanne TURNER ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jan KLUSMAN ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Sandy CLARK ('71) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Phil BELCHER ('51) I ran across this item a few weeks ago and it struck home. We just lost a brother-in-law to cancer and this service would have helped a great deal. Even if you don't know anyone that could use it a donation of any amount would help them. They have a group in Richland as well as Walla Walla. It's What We Do! Fighting cancer is difficult enough, but living with it is even tougher - and that's where the Cleaning for A Reason Foundation steps in. This newly formed nonprofit offers free professional house cleaning, and maid services to improve the lives of women undergoing treatment for cancer - any type of cancer. If you are a cancer patient submit an application by clicking the Cancer Patients tab above. -Phil BELCHER ('51) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [ Snopes says TRUE: -Maren] **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marlene RICHTER Frank ('55) To Friends and former classmates of Joanne RICHTER Flinn ('57wb-RIP) I'm sorry to say that I lost my beautiful sister to cancer on the evening of November 24th. She had been fighting cancer of the throat and tongue for over a year. Joanne went to Chief Joseph Jr. High when we moved to Richland in 1954 and to Columbia High School for her Sophomore year. She graduated from Kennewick High School in 1957. Services will be in Idaho Falls on Wednesday, December 2nd with burial at Desert Lawn & Gardens in Kennewick on Saturday, December 5th at 1pm. -Marlene RICHTER Frank ('55) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) Regarding the posting I did yesterday about the two classroom pictures of my sister's 1st and 2nd grade classes at John Ball School. She is Linda Diane LARSEN Wheaton ('60 wb). I left two websites to access the pictures but wasn't able to retrieve them. Sorry about that. I don't know what the problem was. You can see the two pictures by going to the grade school pictures site and then find the 1960 year and there they are! The two pictures I mentioned. If anyone was a graduate of 1960 and went to John Ball School in North Richland during their 1st and 2nd grades, they may have been in these pictures and can add some names to faces. Thanks and sorry for the problem of accessing the two pictures. -Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [ Both Richard and I checked these two URLs and had no trouble accessing either of them. -Maren] **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: George "Pappy" SWAN ('59), (Aging Cub "Wannabe" Reporter) Re: Sarah Palin's Bomberville Book Signing Yesterday (Saturday), I decided that I was going to go to Sarah Palin's book signing event on Sunday (which will actually be "yesterday" ... when you read this ... on Monday). Are you still with me? Okay. So, I went to the Hastings Book Store in Richland and purchased my copy of "Going Rogue" by Sarah Palin. While there, I gathered intel to help me lay my plan to ensure that I could indeed, get my copy of her book signed in person. Yep, "the best laid plans of Mice, Men, and Old Aging-type Men!" I found out when the store would open, when the book signing would begin, how long it would run, and when it would end (noon to 2pm). And, I found out that by about noon on Saturday, over two thousand books had already been sold, just at the Hastings Store in Richland. "Hmmmm, gonna be a lot of people," so I would have to come early! So, being an old Marine, armed with this reconnoitered information, on Saturday night, I laid out the required gear for the next day's mission. This included my clothing, camera, a survival bottle of water, one can of smokeless tobacco (Yeah, I know ... its strictly to keep me from taking unexpected, impromptu naps), polarized sunglasses, folding hunting stool with flip-up back and zippered pouch, containing my copy of "Going Rogue," after ensuring that my Hastings receipt was tucked securely inside of said book. Later, I double-checked and studied the weather forecast in more detail and revised my uniform of the next day by switching to my fleece-lined jeans, extra woollies socks, fleece shirt, covered by my red sweatshirt, emblazoned with gold lettering which proclaimed "USMC," topped off with my green and gold Bomber R (complete with Cloud) ball-type cap. I intended to stand out in the crowd, so just maybe ... Sarah might notice an old guy? My pups woke me early, for this special day, well, okay ... they always wake me early ... anyway, I was up and around by oh, 0700 hours or so. Well, that's early for an old retired guy, unless his pups are taking him hunting. I launched out of Burbank at 10am, the same time that the store would open. Things were going great. Arriving at the Hastings Store on GWWay in Richland, I soon realized that this might be a busy affair. No parking was left, but there was the line of happy book signing seekers ... disappearing around the corner and westerly up Torbett Street, as far as I could see, to a point under that rainbow. Hmmm, no ... those are the golden arches of Ronald McDonald's place, where the line disappeared around the corner and stretched south down Jadwin Avenue. "Hmmmm, this is one popular Lady!" So, I eased Ranger Ricky off of Torbett and wound in behind a building or two and managed to find parking somewhere west of The Clarion Hotel, in a renegade patch of weeds. So far, so good! Since some of the reunions have been held there, I was still in charted territory. I grabbed my folding stool and jacket and hoofed it, left knee clicking its Glucosamine-soothed cadence, toward the south, down Jadwin. Just when I was beginning to think that I was going to end up in Umatilla, Oregon, I found the end of the line. This was my first inkling that ... I might actually be on an unsuccessful mission. There were a whole bunch of people in that line! Well, I hit it off with the people around me and we joked and conversed as the line gradually approached Hastings and grew in length behind us. Soon, we were rounding the corner by the golden arches and were "kinda" pointed in the right direction. But, the clock was ticking! And, just when I figured that I was within 250- 300 people of being the one standing in front of Sarah, a guy with an official "Hastings Badge" appeared in front of me and said, "I'm sorry, the Sarah Palin book signing is over." In somewhat of a fogged mental state, I checked my watch and sure enough, it was a bit after 2pm. Bummer, my copy of "Going Rogue" was going to look rather naked without the big autograph in it that others returning from the store, were proudly showing off. So, I smiled and said, "Thanks anyway," gathered up my stool and headed off to try to remember where I had parked. "Soooo," you might be wondering, with that ending, what was I smiling about? Well, the good news is that was also a happy ending because of the beginning ... or close to it! Earlier, I had been standing in line for about an hour when an excited buzz began running through the crowd in line, behind us. And then the word reached us that Sarah Palin was walking up Jadwin along side of the line, greeting folks, prior to her book signing. The next thing, I knew, Kate SHEERAN Johnson ('61) was standing in front of me, saying "Hi" and letting us know that Sarah was coming. I said, "Hi Katie!" She looked slightly puzzled until I said, "George Swan ... Pappy ... this time of year I impersonate Santa Clause." A couple of pleasant exchanges (she says that she reads Alumni Sandstorm), and then Katie was gone, paving the way for Sarah, who suddenly stood right in front of me with little Trig, in her arms and her dad, Chuck Heath ('56-Sandpoint, ID), standing behind her. I managed to snap a picture, and suddenly she stepped toward me, held out her hand to me, and said, "Hi, thank you for your service!" Those of you who know me, also know that I am usually ... seldom at a loss for words. Well, this time, as I shook Sarah Palin's hand, I managed to say, "No, thank you!" And then I blurted out something very profound ... like, "I'm a friend of Katie's!" She and Chuck laughed and moved on. A bit later, Sally SHEERAN Heath ('58), Sarah's mother, surprised me by stepping up to me and also saying, "Thank you for your service!" Before I could react, she too, was gone on along the line. Wow! So for a guy who went to all of that trouble to get a book signed, but failed, I think that I was pretty darned successful, "Ehh?" No, actually, I'll give that an "Ooorah!" Semper Fi -George "Pappy" SWAN ('59) ~ Burbank, WA where its evening now, and it's about time to settle in and begin reading "Going Rogue." **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Peg SHEERAN Finch ('63) Re: The Sheeran Kids Hi Maren, I've already apologized about not getting his message til we were home in Omak yesterday... AFTER the biggest reunion we've ever had as a family. I'm so sorry I just couldn't do most of what people asked of me and my siblings - get autographs of Sarah in her book, INCLUDING you and your siblings. You'd have to have been there to see how impossible it all was.. But here is a picture of 5 of us 6 remaining "Sheeran Children" at the reunion...: Mike ('66), Peg ('63), Kate ('61), Sal ('58), and Colleen ('55) (Brother, Pat ('48) died in '92). It was an amazing reunion with 45 or so of us. If Bombers want to see where Sarah's going to be, they MIGHT check and - though some cities are TBA (like Albuquerque, where my son, - her cousin - lives) - they may be able to see if they're near her. I know, too, that many either love or hate her, but she's family, and I LOVE her! And I've been a Democrat most of my life... NOW, I'm not so sure of ANYthing political. Do with this what you want, including "Delete". -Peg SHEERAN Finch ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) Re: Don Sorenson's (NAB) Picture #522 Event All of the questions about the #522 picture have now been answered. The event is a GESA father/son banquet at the old Desert Inn that was held every year. In the back row from left to right: Mike Sheeran ('66), Eric Mickelson ('62), Terry Durbin ('62wb), Peter Gaskell ('66-RIP), Alex Clark ('65), John Allen ('66) and Rob Turping ('65). Mike Sheeran is obtaining an autograph from the man on the front left, Bobby Grayson, a former All-American football player from Stanford University. Jim McKeown ('53) is the person on the front right. Mike Sheeran returned home Sunday after his "Family Thanksgiving" in Richland with his niece, Sarah Palin. -Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Mike FRANCO ('70) To: Dan LAYBOURN ('70) Dan, Yeah, the make up is nice... but the best looking one in that family is Mike!!!! To: Rick Polk ('70) Happy B-Day Rick Polk!!! Are you still hitting those high rainbow shots from the corner??? -Mike FRANCO ('70) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Kelvin SOLDAT ('71) Re: Brad Upton ('74) Brad you were just fantastic last night!!! My cheeks are still sore!!! -Kelvin SOLDAT ('71) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for the month. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` October, 2009 ~ December, 2009