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 Alumni Sandstorm Archive ~ December, 2009
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16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Richland Bombers Calendar website Funeral Notices website *********************************************** *********************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/01/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers (including one Anonymous) sent stuff: Tom TRACY ('55), Patti JONES ('60) Ed QUIGLEY ('62), Jim HAMILTON ('63) David RIVERS ('65), Anon BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Shirley PITTMAN ('52) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Lynn JOHNSON ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Chris WILLIAMSON ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tom TRACY ('55) To: Jim McKEOWN ('53) Re: Don Sorenson's (NAB) Picture #522 A great picture of you, (one of our RHS heroes) and your fans with what appears to be John Cherberg, former UW football player 1930s. Cherberg was a Seattle native who graduated from Washington in 1933. He played for Jim Phelan's 1930-'32 squads and played every backfield position. After graduation Cherberg coached Cleveland High School from 1933-'37 where he won the '37 State Championship. The same year he was named the Seattle Post-Intelligencer Sports Man of the Year. In 1938, he moved to his high school alma mater, Queen Anne High School, where he coached until 1945 while winning two state titles. In 1946 he was hired at Washington as a backfield assistant under Ralph Welch. In 1948 he moved to the Huskies' freshman head coach position where he lost his first game but won the next 22. In 1953, John was promoted to head coach where he guided the Huskies to a 10-18-2 mark spanning three seasons. (and later UW football coach 1952-1955.) "Cowboy" John (as the UW students called him when he was burned in effigy in 1955, for getting the UW banned from any bowl games for the next 4 yearsdue to extraordinarily forbidden benefits given to for some of his football players). They were excellent athletes. Lonnie WHITNER (55) and I practiced with some of them who also played frosh and varsity basketball. They were a powerful set of football recruits. We got to meet all of them also while we put in our 40 hrs of monthly work at the gym or football field-before (selling programs), during and after football games (sweeping the stadium and hauling out those guys who ate too many "smuggled" oranges injected with vodka). It was entertaining to watch daily varsity football team practices, where we could observe coach John Cherberg and the team as well as the great UW Marching Band and the Crew (rowing teams). One of the frosh football players was future All-American QB Lee Grosscup, who moved to Utah, following the ban. This was the year the Husky varsity defeated USC's famous QB Jon Arnett. Lonnie and I helped tear down the goal post (the old wooden ones) after that game. A great "Prosser" student, Jim Houston... one of my brothers, Bill TRACY ('51), Prosser, WA 8th grade classmates, caught the winning UW touchdown pass (hook and lateral play), handed it back to a teammate who scored the winning touchdown. A similar play was used by our Boise State team to beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl; capped off with the Statue of Liberty play. Despite his victory over USC, Cherberg was also banned, but landed on his feet in a state political seat. Some of the UW's super jock arguments we heard were: "My Sponsor is more generous than your sponsor". They included superb gifts from alumni businessmen (cars, clothes, $$$, and other freebies). The stories got to the NCAA officials. Rules were clear: players could get tuition, fees, books, a job with up to $150 per month after work of 40 hours was completed... period. Washington got to play again in the Rose Bowl in 1959 or 1960. Those extra gifts are often thought innocent by over-enthusiastic, well-meaning alumni. Today's young athletes who brag about getting gifts of $20,000-$50,000 or more under the table are often not forewarned that after the NCAA calls them on taking such awards, the IRS follows soon thereafter. Cherberg was fired. Nevertheless, he got so much publicity that he ran for Lieutenant Governor and won! He remained in office for 23 consecutive years ... never defeated in a single statewide vote. Publicity is publicity and it only cost him a coaching job... and perhaps the best team in Washington's history... The guy signing autographs with you certainly looks like John Cherberg. He worked hard to keep his name on the Lt. Gov. ticket and never had to recruit another player or try to control the actions of players, parents or alumni again. Cherberg sustained the longest tenure of any Lt. Governor in the history of the U.S. The same "Have Autograph, Will Travel" person lived happier ever after in Olympia. If that guy is not Cherberg, I'll buy some egg removal equipment for my face. [Read the 11/29/09 version of the Alumni Sandstorm: Jim McKEOWN ('53) said: "I already sent a response to the Sandstorm, and as soon as I did my wife, looking thru her scrapbook, found a similar photo that evening that was in the TCH. They identified the event as a GESA Father/Son Banquet that was held every year, and the football player no one can remember, was Bobby Grayson, a former All-American from Stanford University." Time for egg removal equipment. -Maren] Lt. Gov. Cherberg was a colorful personality and I'm sure he appreciated the jobs your Dad provided for employees and WA State Revenues. Why would a WSU Cougar and RHS sports hero be expected to remember someone who looks like a "Washamacallit" Husky anyway? Thanks for taking care of our great '55 classmates; Pete HOLLICK, Marla Jo LOWMAN Kenitzer, Janice NUSSBAUM Sinderson + husband Jack SINDERSON (53 - another great RHS athletic hero) and other first class RHS members in your Sacramento Bomber Alumni Group. I think it was Jack Friel, WSC basketball coach who admired your half-mile (880) running ability, when he invited some of us to visit the campus in 1954-1955. You and the pitchers on your RHS baseball team had the best group of pitchers in '50s. Congratulations also, on your stellar business career in NY and elsewhere. I remember how gracious you were to all of us younger hopefuls. It meant a lot to us. Bomber Cheers, -Tom TRACY ('55) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Patti JONES Ahrens ('60) Marie RUPPERT Hartman ('63) Re: All Bomber Luncheon Richland Birthdays of the month get a free piece of pie. Pie last month was really good. Reservations aren't necessary. Many Bombers do like to let us know they are coming so please email if you wish. WHEN: Saturday, December 12, 2009 WHERE: JD Diner, 3790 Van Giesen, West Richland, WA 99353 Used to be Coney Island Gray building with red trim just past the Yakima Bridge on the right. heading west from Richland on the right side) TIME: 1pm. Many Bombers start coming in about 12:30pm for coffee and more conversation. PRICE: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served all day. Prices range from $4.50 - $13.95 (add drink, tax, and tip) Bomber spouses and friends are welcome! Looking forward to also seeing out-of-town Bomber visitors. -Patti JONES Ahrens ('60) ~ West Richland, WA -Marie RUPPERT Hartman ('63) ~ Richland, WA **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Ed QUIGLEY ('62) WAIT A MINUTE! Re: David Rivers B-Day What is this, Counselor; are you not getting old fast enough? Seems to me that I've already read birthday wishes, and belated birthday wishes to you, for the last couple of days, and now you claim another one? What's up with that? Man, I'll be more than happy to donate a few of my own, along with some gray hairs and a few "laugh lines" (oh yeah, right!), as a present, if you want them! So, since I missed out on the first batch, let me throw in a "Happy Birthday!" for you on this one, and may you wear all your b-days with pride. BTW, you must be old enough to have gained a seat at the "big kids' table"; "unlax", man, don't try so hard! -Ed QUIGLEY ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jim HAMILTON ('63) A few days back there was a reference and a picture of a Nike Hercules missile (M1M-14B). This stellar piece of armament was the deterrent which "defended the last bastions of freedom from the Godless hordes from the North". Not once during my watch as a Special Weans Team Commander was Italy attacked by the then highly touted army of Yugoslavia during the weapons emplacement in Eastern Italy. It was not however as effective against the millions of American tourists who invaded Venice each year. Tune in next week Boys and Girls, for "How I single handedly won that most recent unpleasantry in Indo- China". -jimbeaux -Jim HAMILTON ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: Holy Mackeral Wow... just read the Sandstorm for the 30th and found out my birthday is on the 30th and NOT the 27th, which I have been celebrating it on for the last 63 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Live and learn I always say. Thanks to all of you who wished me greetings and HB's... youse is the bestest... and Thanks to the big fat liar ('65)... he may have been a day late but his gifts were just too cool... [Sorry about that, David... my screw up... but, hey, when you get two birthdays in the same week, you get to go BACK one year. Difficult to explain how I managed to get your 2nd birthday (in the same week) on the same day as my daughter's (the 30th)... OH WELL... -Maren] Congratulations to Cecilia Bennett ('65) for standing all those hours to get her book signed on Sunday... kinda sounds like the company was well worth it! Thanks to Kenny Dame ('68) for finding Mike Sheeran ('66) and conveying my hellos to him... OK for all those who give a darn as I informed you a while back, my illegitimate Son has been in Luxembourg making a film. He's been calling from the hotel "in France" (no I forgot to ask where in France)... he is so excited to be working in a castle that was there "before the cowboys and Indians" and before we were even a country and on and on... he is excited... did I mention that? Well he called this morning... actually twice this morning... once to say he was emailing pix for the Sandstorm (he has no Internet here but can email from France... "We are coneheads... we are from France") and once to ask me for my "web site"... as if... I can barely communicate on this thing (yes Earl ('63), I admitted it) and I'm supposed to have a web site? Anyway one of the guys he is in the movie with wants to see my cars... (No I can't remember the guy's name... I am sure I was supposed to know it when T said it... but hey... I've never even seen Steinfield so what do I know... (or any other sitcom of the last 25 years)... So anyway... as any good father would... even for his illegitimate son, I'm sending the pictures to Maren for publication. Oh yes... and I also emailed T back and told him I'd put my cars on my facebook page... I can see by the comments some of you have noticed... I check facebook religiously... at least once a month or so...... Love n Kisses! -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** NOTE: This was supposed to be in the Sandstorm on the 27th. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >>From: Anonymous Happy birthday, D. J! -Anonymous ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/02/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff: Tom TRACY ('55), Marlene LARSEN ('56wb) David RIVERS ('65), Brad UPTON ('74) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Randy RICE ('73) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tom TRACY ('55) To: Jim McKEOWN ('53) Re: Don Sorenson's (NAB) Picture #522 As Maren reminded me My "egg removal" equipment would be well placed. It has been delivered. The autograph signer certainly looked like John Cherberg. I'm sending a picture of him to Maren. He's signing something in the picture during his happy later years in Olympia. I'll try to save the rest of the nest eggs for Easter. -Tom TRACY ('55) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) There are pictures of the crowd at Sarah Palin's book signing last Sunday in Richland, WA. See this website: Check it out. You might find a picture of yourself standing in line. -Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: Now I 'member OK... got another call from Terry ('65 Paul Angel DAVIS Knox) this morning whining that he couldn't find me on face book and there are a million Rivers in the land... I could hear yelling in the back ground "just look at the pictures" So I sent him the site (to somebody's email that he used to send the pix)... anyway I got a message from Tony Becker saying he was with T... ah ha... Tony Becker is the other guy in the picture with Terry... I knew I knew the name... Terry has talked about him before and I think he may have been on "Tour of Duty" with Terry... no... I know he was... I remember the story Terry told about loving to stick grass down Becker's shirt to make him squirm during very serious scenes... yes... our Terry... I goggled him and yes he's the guy I was thinking about... so hopefully they have found the cars... what an ordeal... what we do for our children... You know, I can't thank all of you enough for making my birthday so special... it really is a thrill to be remembered, isn't it... I knew I did those for a reason... somebody (no names) suggested I may be a bit compulsive about the birthday greetings... I probably am... I told her that there are just so many people I love and cherish... it's just one of those must do things... silly but fun... I am sorry that I don't know all of you well enough to mention on your birthdays... so many people I only know thru the Sandstorm... but being a Bomber is very special to me. I can't imagine life without my Bomber friends... can't wait to put more faces to names at R2K+10! -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Brad UPTON ('74) I wanted to thank all the Bombers who came out last weekend for my shows in Kennewick. I got to chat with some of you and wish I could have chatted with a few more. I hope all of you enjoyed yourselves as much as I did! I'll be at the First Night celebration at CBC on New Year's Eve. Thanks again! -Brad UPTON ('74) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/03/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers sent stuff: Marilynn WORKING ('54), Marlene LARSEN ('56wb) George SWAN ('59), Derrith PERSONS ('60) Tom HEMPHILL ('62), David RIVERS ('65) Val GHIRARDO ('72) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marilynn WORKING Highstreet ('54) Re: Autographs The weekend of autographs wasn't a complete loss. Pappy, we must have been in line for Sarah Palin's book signing about the same place as you were. When my granddaughter and I joined in we were on Jadwin near Two Bits and a Bite. (should have stopped for a drink)! We made it around the corner of Torbett and just past the old Round Table Pizza building when people started coming by and telling us they had stopped the signing. They had blocked off people in line with a gate and after their books were signed, that was all there was. That was a little after 2 PM. I know Sarah started signing before noon after she had gone up the line shaking hands. Oh well!!! It was a good try!! The Tri-Cities Tea Party people handing out flyers said Sarah has promised to come back in the spring, so I will save my Hastings receipt and maybe by chance she will sign some more books then. No guarantee, tho. Saturday night I was successful in getting an autograph from a great comedian, Brad Upton ('74)!!! Bought a couple of his CDs and he stood there addressing them to your name with a "Go Bombers" comment. Yes, Marguerite Groff Tompkins ('54), I have your CD, since you weren't able to attend!!! If you haven't been to one of his shows, plan to do so the next time he is in town as he is hilarious! I will be there again! Susan Rice, his warm up lady was great, too! Thanks, Brad. He even took the time this weekend to answer my e-mail! What a beautiful weekend of nice weather! -Marilynn WORKING Highstreet ('54) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) More pictures of Sarah Palin's book signing last Sunday in Richland, WA in the Tri City Herald - Check out this website You may see yourself in one of them. -Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: George "Pappy" SWAN ('59) Re: Update regarding my sister, Marilyn SWAN Beddo ('63) For those of you who know my sister, Marilyn SWAN Beddo ('63), she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, last month, as posted earlier in Alumni Sandstorm. My niece, Tracy Beddo, has taken Marilyn into her own house, to look after her mother, and is keeping us all informed about Marilyn's condition. Marilyn is undergoing various tests, with an angiogram and a WADA test performed last Monday. The results of those tests indicated the need to go ahead with the surgery, which has been scheduled for 11 December. Tracy says that even under the circumstances, her mom is striving to maintain a sense of humor. This was especially evident when the medical folks marked her scalp up with blue and black marker pens (for the tests). And, later in a crowded elevator, Marilyn asked if it made her look like she was a character in a science fiction movie, and Tracy covered her head with the hood on her sweatshirt, and said, "Mom, I can't take you anywhere!" and the whole crowd got a good laugh. Tracy said the doctor explained that Marilyn's short-term memory/language area within her brain is affected, however, her long-term memory is still functioning well. Tracy is providing updates. However, if any of you would like to email or send cards or letters to Marilyn, and/or be included as a recipient of Tracy's email updates, feel free to email me, and I will provide the contact information to you. To: Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) Re: Thank you for the link to Sarah Palin's Facebook Site. I checked it out, and looking at the fifth picture from the top, and if one uses a bit (well maybe a great deal) of imagination, I think that you can see me, in my red sweatshirt and blue jeans, just to the left of the guy's head (in the pink shirt, sports coat, and tenny runners) who is standing out on Jadwin Ave, near Sarah Palin and family members. I think that red "sweatshirted" individual would be me, still staring at my right hand that Sarah Palin shook, as the lady next to me, aggressively grasps that same hand and tries to rub some of that "touch" off on to her own. The closest to this experience for me, in my lifetime, up until now, was when as a young Marine, I actually stood in line, at the Camp Pendleton Rodeo and chatted pleasantly with Michael Landon. At that time, he was playing "Little Joe" of "The Big Ponderosa," in "Bonanza." We found out that we had much in common ... as we were waiting for our turn in the "Porta Potty." There were no Porta Pottys on Jadwin Ave., last Sunday, except for McDonalds, which was under siege. So at my age, I thought that four hours out there, was a brave undertaking on my part! And, I almost forgot. As a young Marine, I once stood honor guard for President Eisenhower, when he visited Okinawa. I knew it was him, as his convertible drove by, at a distance, when I spotted his "pink bald head." I fully recognized it, as I had the same view, from a similar distance, when he dedicated McNary Dam, last century. And, I think that I have seen (somewhat met) some other famous figures in my past, but I'll pass on mentioning them, as it just emphasizes how old I am becoming. And To: All of my fellow senior Bombers This morning was a cold one in Burbank, where I live. It is so cold that I can look out of the computer room window and see squirrels ice skating on the birdbath, as they try to lick up an early morning drink of water. And I am most definitely getting older, as evidenced by a recent episode that I will share with you, as a precautionary alert. You have probably all heard of "taking a header" or falling, which becomes more of a concern, as we progress into the "older than dirt" status. Well, a few days ago, I took a "tailer!" It was a frosty, foggy morning, when I stepped out on my front porch, to let my pups out, and make a close-up check of the temperature on my thermometer. That's the same thermometer that seems to be becoming more distantly visually challenged ... due to my diminishing eyesight. I made one major mistake. I was wearing my house slippers that have a smooth plastic-like sole. Apparently, the fog (somewhat like freezing rain) had left a thin glaze of ice on the steps. With absolutely no warning, my feet shot out from under me. Instantly, I found myself crashing backwards onto the steps and lying in the "Help, I've fallen ... and I don't know if I can get up" position, with my pups licking my face and wanting to join into dad's "down on their level" frolics. For a bit, (which seemed like a very long time), I just lay there, not sure if I had broken any important parts ... or not? Little by little, and with the "help" of said doggies holding me down (as if saying, "Don't move Dad, until we check you out ... How many toes and paws do you see?). I began to slowly test strategic "but somewhat numb, and then painful" parts. My left elbow and forearm and left hip had taken the "hit." Cutting to the chase, I finally sat up and verified that nothing was broken. I guess there is enough padding on my butt, that it has been just a little stiff and sore since, adding a slight hitch to my get-a-long, and there is an eight-inch "strawberry" from my left elbow to wrist area. Otherwise, nothing was hurt but my professed pride in still being somewhat young and agile. Anyway, it was a wake up call for this old guy, and I was very lucky. So, I throw this out to all Bombers, aging or still youngsters, be careful out there folks! Winter (and slick footing) is coming, if not here, already! -George "Pappy" SWAN ('59) ~ Clear and cold, but sunny here in Burbank, WA where its Wednesday ... garbage day ... again! It really seems as if I am measuring my life in garbage days, anymore. And, garbage day seems to roll around more faster, every week, throughout each new year... Well, those of you fellow seniors, who have domicile garbage detail, know what I mean ... "Doncha?" **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Derrith PERSONS Dean ('60) Class of '60 lunch... WOW! It's the last month of the year... and it's time to get together again. If you're in town or from out of town, come on... we'll have a good time!! WHEN: Saturday, December 5th! TIME: 11:30 am WHERE: Sterling's, 890 GWWay, Richland Come on everyone! Let's have some fun!! -Derrith PERSONS Dean ('60) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tom HEMPHILL ('62) Re: Portland/Vancouver Christmas Party Reminder Hey Bomber Mates!! This is a last reminder of our Portland/Vancouver area Christmas Party. It's this weekend. We have a lot of people who plan to be there, but we have room for a few more. SO PLEASE JOIN US!!! WHEN: Saturday, December 5 TIME: 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM WHERE: Beaches Restaurant on the Columbia River - in the Sun Room, 1919 S.E. Columbia River Dr., Vancouver, WA 98661 Located just one mile east of I-5 on Highway 14. Take Exit #1 Drive straight to the river and into the parking lot. It's very easy to find. CHRISTMAS FUN: Bring a gift for the White Elephant exchange event. ALL Bombers and their friends and family members are Welcome. We will be in the Sun Room, which is set up well for socializing. Please bring photos & yearbooks to show, and some stories to tell. Your lunch is your choice off of the regular menu. PLEASE RSVP to: Tom Hemphill -Tom HEMPHILL ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: Celebrities Wow... Upton ('74) played Kennewick?!!!! Can't wait till he writes his book... "Going Rogaine"... all about tearing your hair out to bad audiences... I'm sure the Tri-City crowd was good tho... I know we love him in Vegas! I searched and searched the pictures mentioned in the Sandstorm of the people in line for autographs... I figured I'd see Keeney ('65) and Stump ('66) waiting for dinner at two-bits... no luck... didn't even recognize anyone at McDonalds... I mean I did recognize Sarah Palin, and I saw her dad, Chuck whom I've met several times but didn't see the rest of the gang hangin' around... not even any Sheeran kids to take note of... next time Richland has an affair of that magnitude, please wear a huge red bow so we'll see you (any of you) or wave... yeah you could Wave... -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Val GHIRARDO Driver ('72) Re: One Celebrity Meets Another -Val GHIRARDO Driver ('72) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/04/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Bombers sent stuff: Marlene LARSEN ('56wb) John ADKINS ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) There are more pictures on the Tri City Herald website, showing Sarah Palin at the Turkey Trot Race in Kennewick. Check this site out The Turkey Trot pictures are at the end. Lots of good pictures. Some of individual people and families. You might be there! -Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: John ADKINS ('62) Re: Celebrities I recognize the one in the red shirt - she lives up by the 14th green - but who's that "kid" with her? -John ADKINS ('62) ~ Richland - it's like 21 here this morning (Thursday) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/05/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff: George SWAN ('59), David Rivers ('65) Ian AUSTIN ('88) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** NOTE: Bomber's last name in high school is now in ALL CAPS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: David DOUGLAS ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Janine RIGHTMIRE ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Art SNYDER ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jeff FULCHER ('76) BOMBER LUNCH Today: Portland/Vancouver Christmas Party BOMBER LUNCH Today: Class of '60, 11:30, Sterling's COLLEGE FOOTBALL Today: 12/05 ~ SEC CHAMPIONSHIP - FL (#1) - AL (#2) 3pm (central) - CBS 12/05 ~ UW - California (#19) 5:30pm (central time) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: George "Pappy" SWAN ('59) Re: Sarah Palin Signature Labels Today, I received a tip, via email, from my fellow Bomber, Marine, and gun club buddy, Marv Steel ('65) aka "Grumpy Ol' Marv." I checked it out and it is indeed true. For those of us who missed getting Sarah Palin's signature in our copies of her book, there is a next best alternative. Hastings Book Store, in Richland, has labels that she signed, knowing everyone would not get a chance for the signing. Just take your book and your receipt into them, and they will attach the label. I took mine in, and they just swapped books with me for one that already had the sticker applied. And, I verified that Sarah did in fact sign the stickers and they are not reproductions. Thank you Jesus ... and Marvin for this opportunity for a memento of historical "Bomberville" significance. -George "Pappy" Swan ('59) ~ In overcast and frozen Burbank, WA. Oh, did I mention that I am about halfway through reading Sarah's book and I find reading it is like a breath of "fresh Alaskan air." I miss my days up there! And, ... well, I would have probably finished reading it by now, but I always read in bed, last thing of the day, and my pups are insisting that I read it aloud to them. Bella gets it pretty well, but Me'a keeps insisting, "Wait Dad, read that part again!" **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David Rivers ('65) Re: For Joy... For Joy Ok... no secret that this Bomber Babe was the love of my life during my junior year, till Mills ('64) made me go and blow it... I blame Mills for losing this lady's affections and will never forgive him... I don't care how many Robert Redford look alike pictures he puts up on peoples' face book pages... Course that doesn't stop me from still bein' best pals with him... I mean hey... love is one thing but Bomber Buds is like forever... besides, if I hadn't blown it with this lady she could be an ex- wife and then where would I be... I wouldn't have her, her husband and her kids as friends... I wouldn't want that at all... I also would not have this wonderful Hanford scale in my office with the glowing footprints on it... nor the great branding iron and other cherished memorabilia... so I'll just thank my lucky stars for having her in my life and that Mills and I can continue to hang out forever... which reminds me... the other day I was thinking about reunions... I wasn't in touch with anybody for most of the time after I left Richland for the USMC, cept Beej ('65)... he called now and then so we always kept in touch... Tony ('65) once stopped by once the run from Mexico, but the point is I didn't attend our 10th reunion... Brian made me glad for that at our 20th when he told me of all the grudges that still remained... the 20th is a blur to me with the exception of a husband on my tail with a 38... managed to stay outa his way... only by dumb luck... so the 20th was something I'm not proud of... Tony showed up for the 25th as did DAVIS ('65 Knox) and we had a wonderful time visiting all the old homesteads... that was great... Tony and I commented that the 25th was truly magic and they have only been better each year (since we all get together every year and have biggies on the 5th years)... but what bothers me here is that even after all this time, there are still some kids carrying grudges... hey if I can forgive Mills for ruining my relationship with a diamond of a Bomber Babe... we should all be able to get over that stuff... you kids know who I'm talking about if it's you... the others may not be aware of that anger but I am and I say cut it out... and GET OVER IT! Nuff said... now where was I... oh yeah... the gem of Col-Hi... HAPPY BIRTHDAY Janine RIGHTMIRE Corrado ('65) on December 5, 2009 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David Rivers ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** From the new ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook. From: Ian Velasquez, aka Ian AUSTIN ('88) Entered: Friday 12/04/2009 11:05:15am COMMENTS: I am working for Benton/Franklin Counties. I have been doing that for over 10 years now. Would love to hear from any of my old classmates. I am also on Facebook. -Ian Velasquez, aka Ian AUSTIN ('88 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/06/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff: Donni CLARK ('63), Jim HAMILTON ('63) David RIVERS ('65) NOTE: Bomber's last name in high school is now in ALL CAPS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Neil GOFF ('50) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Terry DeVINE ('52) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Marsha LAWELL ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Lamont DeJONG ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Linda McKNIGHT ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Donni CLARK Dunphy ('63) Hi Bomber friends! Re: Turtle Last month I told you that we had our first hatched baby desert turtle. Some of you asked for pictures. Since I haven't had time to do this I am borrowing some of my daughter's pictures. [There weren't any pictures attached to this email. -Maren] We went to her home for Thanksgiving in Minden, NV and we took "Cookie" to her class at school. My 16 year old granddaughter is holding "Cookie" in two of the pictures and the other to little girls are from my daughter's 2nd grade class. "Cookie" is one month old in these pictures. She still had some of the egg-shell attached to her and the kids thought that was so cool. They loved learning and seeing this little turtle and got the biggest kick when I held him up to wave good-by. Just one of the many tricks we have taught "Cookie" The other pictures are of our grandkids, adopted little ones, our daughter, Noelle who is the teacher and her daughter who is a spirit -leader at her school. We use to call it ASB but now they call it Leadership class. For this game, (they are the Tigers), she got to be the foam finger. I guess she did a great job and everyone thought she was the best finger they had ever had. Of course we think she is tops! She is a great student and a great person! Re: Marilyn I am leaving Monday to be with Marilyn SWAN Beddo ('63) for four days before her surgery. Email if you want me to give her a message. Pray for my safety and that I will be the friend she needs at this time and continue to pray for her surgery and recovery. Thanks so much. If I don't get back on the Sandstorm before Christmas I wish you all a lovely Christmas time and pray you all make wonderful memories with your family and have family close to spend the Holidays with. God bless us everyone! -Donni CLARK Dunphy ('63) ~ from Southern California where it is grey and cloudy and looks like it might be going to rain. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jim HAMILTON ('63) I'm pretty sure it was Sam Cooke who said, "Having a party, swinging with my Baby, dancin' to the music on the radio". Well, if you're gonna have a party, invite the Birthday Boy mit Frau. Cause they have the arms that can reach clear to the bottom of the Job Jar, and "Get 'er Done". Now the fact that he's always got a pair of dice and a deck of cards in is Man Purse, doesn't mean that he's either Stagger Lee or Willie. He (they) know more games than Hoyle. Occasionally the games require more than the aforementioned, such as more dice; a potato or even a pair of roller skates and a Lone Ranger mask. He (they) are the best guests on the planet, with the exception that he (they) always leave something behind that you end up mailing so they will have the pictures from one of their bi-weekly vacations, a sundress or Hawaiian shirt and various and sundry publications. Happy Birthday to LaMont DeJong ('63) and a seven month early greeting to Carolyn ROE DeJong ('63). One seldom sees one without the other, so it's the right thing to do. See you in Olympia next Saturday for the Gold Medal Class of '63 Christmas Clambake. -Jimbeaux P.S. Who says I don't have any love in my heart? For the second year I haven't made one single snide crack about LaMont be parsimonious. He wasn't named Dollar Store "Customer Of The Year" for not sniffing out all the bargains. I saw a coupon in the Seattle Times that would save you $30 if you spent $150. That would get LaMont thru next Thursday with his Egg Nog purchases -Jim HAMILTON ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: more and more!!!!!!! woooooooooooo hooooooooooo two today kids... A big kid... one a my heroes... and a '65er Bomber-babe... where to start where to start... the big kid is one a those guys I like to tag along with whenever we happen to be in the same vicinity... gives me some a that super bomber cool that just surrounds him... (corse his better half ('63) creates an aura that is outa this world which is not bad for either of our images)... I was a little worried tho when I got a belated HB from these two... I thought they said they'd missed it cuz they was in their Pajamas... now I can't say that would be a bad thing... I mean Mary Lou ('63) is always trying to get me to come up to the '63 caroling chowder bay watch or something er rather so she can get me in some jammies and well... ummm... I'm so shy I've just never been able to bring myself to do that... I do have my standards ya know... but I realized I misread the message... they had been in the Bahamas... well that certainly sounds like a good enough reason to me... The '65er Bomber-babe is one of those kids that just lives green and gold... now I've seen London and I've seen France (not true... ain't seen either one) but I've never seen her underpants... but if I did I just bet they'd be green and gold with an R and the cloud on them!!!!!!!! I just know it... so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lamont DeJong ('63) and Linda McKnight ('65) on December 6, 2009!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/07/09 ~ PEARL HARBOR DAY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers and Don Sorenson sent stuff: Rich BAKER ('58), Burt Pierard ('59) Donni CLARK ('63), David RIVERS ('65) Shirley COLLINGS ('66), Don Sorenson (NAB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jim HOFF ('57) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ed BORASKY ('59) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jim HOUSE ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jerry SPEARS ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Karma KING ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mike DAVIS ('74) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Rich BAKER ('58) Re: More China Pictures Maren, I sent the following email to Pix several days go and don't think it made it. There are only two pictures so I think it should be ok. While on vacation with Viking River Cruises in China, we were seated at a dinner table one evening and as is common on such trips, going around the table introducing ourselves and indicating where we were from. I gave my name as Rich Baker and stated that I grew up in Richland, WA. A charming lady sitting not far from me smiled and said "You are a Bomber?" I said "Yes, Class of '58." And Karen KLEINPETER Kroger smiled and said "Me also, Class of '63." What a neat surprise!! Needless to say, from that point on, we enjoyed each others company and even took a couple of pictures to share with the Sandstorm. One is at the Terra Cotta Warrior Museum in Xian and the other is on the Great Wall. -Rich BAKER ('58) and Karen KLEINPETER Kroger ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Burt Pierard ('59) To: All Re: An undocumented document Ray STEIN ('64) and I have stumbled upon a document that we can't date or determine who created it. The only info we have on it is that it was created sometime after June 2001 and all the pictures in the collage, except for the four "Our Country and Culture" pictures in the upper left hand corner, were apparently copied from the Bomber website. Please take a look and see if you can supply any background details. Bomber Cheers, -Burt Pierard ('59) ~ Richland **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Donni CLARK Dunphy ('63) Re: Turtle Pictures Maren, I sent the pictures to the e-mail address for pix. Thought that was how you were doing it now. I know I am brain dead when it comes to computers. Re-sent them to you and Sandstorm, can you get them in tomorrow and let people know they go with it, as I am flying out in morning and don't have time to figure this out. Thanks! [Please refer to Donni's entry in yesterday's Sandstorm for details on these pictures. -Maren] -Donni CLARK Dunphy ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: Men in green and black Yup, that time again... "December 7th... a date which we celebrate like crazy!!!!!!!" I've said before... my pal Bo Belinsky was born on December 7, 1936... he'd be 73 this year... but instead he and Sonny Liston are playing cards under a nice shade tree... but we got live and well Bombers celebrating again this year... both great guys and fantastic Bombers... So Number 32 Big Jim house ('63) and Jerry Spears ('64) Have a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you both in June at R2K+10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) Our '66 classmate, Mike Sheeran, enjoys having his picture taken. In Don Sorenson's 522-Who picture he is the boy on the left. In picture #23 of the TCHerald galleries pictures he is the man in the orange shirt standing behind his niece, Sarah Palin. Keep smilin', Mike. -Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Don Sorenson (NAB) Re: Another Installment of 8 To All Bombers, 546 Children's Activity Community Center 547 Boys Club? 548 Late '40s Fire Prevention Week Gimmick. Anyone remember Miss Flame / Miss Smoke?? 549 School Lunches??? 550 ?????? 551 GENTRIC promotion? 552 General Electric Scrap recovery program? 553 ??????? To: Marsha GOSLIN Brehm ('65) Re: Don Sorenson's pics I should have recognized the face. I remember [your dad] was a Safety Engineer for duPont at Hanford. I remember calling him over 12 years ago looking for artifacts to use in my EXPO display. He told me about a number of old posters from the Camp until he moved from his house. Unfortunately he had put them out with the trash a few months ago because the place they were moving to was small. Thanks for your input. To: Gene DeBattista (spouse of Pat JONES DeBattista ('59)) Interesting to hear from someone who was stationed at Hanford. There was a TV special on Hanford and a comment concerning the surface to air missiles was made. I'd like to ask you a question to clear up what I think was an error. Perhaps we could make contact via email? -Don Sorenson (NAB) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/08/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12 Bombers sent stuff: Lois WEYERTS ('56), Carol BISHOP ('57) Floyd MELTON ('57), Suzie GUNDERSON ('60) Patti JONES ('60), Tom VERELLEN ('60) Helen CROSS ('62), Betsy FOX ('63) Jim HAMILTON ('63), Roy BALLARD ('63) Mike FRANCO ('70), Mike DALEN (72) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bernie QUALHEIM ('56) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Anita CLEAVER ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bethany HAGAN ('00 **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Lois WEYERTS Harrold ('56) Re: Don Sorenson's picture #553 The man in the middle holding a valve is Ed Weyerts, my father. We moved to Richland in 1944 From Denver, CO where my father worked for the E.I. Du Pont / Remington Arms Plant. He received his degree in Electrical Engineering from Denver University. He held positions in maintenance supervision and management at Hanford until his retirement in 1968. I started first grade at Jefferson during my first year in Richland. My parents were season ticket holders for Bomber basketball games and never missed out of town games and attended all State Tournament games to support the teams. I would like to mention that we recently found an old envelope in my dad's things and inside was a letter dated March 24, 1945 addressed to E.E. Weyerts from the President of E.I. Du Pont, W.S. Carpenter, Jr. He mentioned that in just the last few days he heard of an offer of surrender by Japan, its acceptance by the United Nations and then went on to praise the employees of Du Pont for their role in bringing about the long awaited end of the war. When my husband Larry ('56) read the letter he said the hair stood up on the back of his neck. -Lois WEYERTS Harrold ('56) ~ in very cold Richland **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Carol BISHOP Horne ('57) Re: Don Sorenson's picture #548 On right side we think that is Jack Keyes. Left side front is Wilbur Houser and behind him is Gene... Thinking also that the one with the dark glasses is Joseph Schmidt. Re: Don Sorenson's picture #550 The women cooking is Nancy Shortess' ('57) mom... -Carol BISHOP Horne ('57) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Floyd MELTON ('57) Re: Howard Chappelle ('57-RIP) We lost another wonderful Bomber. Howard passed on this Monday morning the 7th in Richland after a courageous battle with cancer. He will be missed by friends and loved ones alike. -Floyd MELTON ('57) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Suzie GUNDERSON Chiles ('60) Re: Don Sorenson's picture #546 My sisters and I always went to the Community Center for different activities. Someone captured Jane ('64-RIP) and Pat ('64) watching a young man putting together a "whats-it". They are the two little girls sitting cross-legged in the middle of the picture (#546). Each of their hair is pulled back with a barrette, and they look like twins (they are 11 months apart). Thank you Don Sorenson! Our family has a lot of pictures, but certainly not this one. Bomber Cheers, -Suzie GUNDERSON Chiles ('60) ~ in rural Omak, WA where it is freezing cold, wind is blowing, with a tad of snow on the ground. Reminds me of walking up Carmichael hill in January. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Patti JONES Ahrens ('60) Marie RUPPERT Hartman ('63) Re: All Bomber Luncheon Richland Reservations aren't necessary. Many Bombers do like to let us know they are coming so please email if you wish. WHEN: Saturday, December 12, 2009 WHERE: JD Diner, 3790 Van Giesen, West Richland, WA 99353 Used to be Coney Island Gray building with red trim just past the Yakima Bridge on the right. heading west from Richland on the right side) TIME: 1:00 P.M. PRICE: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served all day. Prices range from $4.50 - $13.95 (add drink, tax, and tip) Bomber spouses and friends are welcome! Looking forward to also seeing out-of-town Bomber visitors. Bombers Have Fun, -Patti JONES Ahrens ('60) ~ West Richland, WA -Marie RUPPERT Hartman ('63) ~ Richland, WA **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tom VERELLEN ('60) Re: Don Sorenson's picture #553 Big "D's" photo #553 no idea about the persons but I think the gentleman on the left is holding some carbon tetrachloride hand fire extinguisher. Enough to make all of "OSHA" quiver probably. OSHA I believe was responsible for limiting its use, thankfully. We used it to get rid of yellow jacket nests as a part of the services performed by our fire(?) department which of course interrupted our checker playing. It's a wonder my grandchildren are born with only one green horn on their foreheads. -Tom VERELLEN ('60) ~ from frozen near Lacey, WA where the wind yesterday brought back memories of the gentle breezes and tumbleweed strewn morning strolls to seek daily enlightenment of "a plus b equals zero?" **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) Greetings from the lovely spot of Grandview, IN where we woke up to a very slight touch of snow today. I'm not complaining, just glad we don't live in Chicago, as they are expecting lots today... Yesterday afternoon I attended a very lovely presentation of Handel's Messiah in a beautiful old decorated church in Owensboro, Kentucky, complete with orchestra, a large choir, and great soloists... Very good reminder for the reason for the season. Christmas love and blessings. Also Happy Birthday early to my dear friend and fellow classmate, Cathy WOOD Stevens ('62), now in Prosser... P.S. I am rehearsing our little group of youth for the Christmas Pageant, and since I read "The Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever", I have been more relaxed about this... the kids are cute and loved whatever they do or don't do... -Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Betsy FOX Vance ('63) Re: WSU Yearbooks given away Christmas greetings! Just in time for the holidays, I have 4 WSU yearbooks to give away -- 1964, 1965, 1966, and 1967. What better coffee-table books to impress all the fam than this... Let me know if you would like one or all of them. Re: Don Sorenson's picture #550 The lady in the middle is Dixie Shortess - her daughter was Nancy ('57). The lady to her left is Edna Davis - her husband was Dr. Leo Davis, the eye doctor. Both families lived on Gowen St. The Shortesses (Dixie and Clair) had a dock on the river. She was an artist in the '50s and '60s - putting out beautiful work. Their daughter, Nancy, was gorgeous - seems like she was a cheerleader or beauty queen of something or other. (or should've been, if she wasn't!) to me, as a tall, gangly, skinny, awkward, braces- on-my-teeth, glasses, freckled pre-teen, Nancy Shortess was about the most beautiful person I'd ever seen. Thank goodness the '60s came along, and we could put flowers in our hair and think lofty thoughts about peace and justice and didn't have to compare ourselves to those gorgeous creatures of the '50s! Re: Don Sorenson's picture #551 The man standing in the middle is Mr. Travis - head of the Atomic Energy Commission (A.E.C.) - another neighbor and Gowen Street resident. It seems like he and W.E. Johnson (head of G. E.) were two of the heavyweights back in the '50s and '60s. -Betsy FOX Vance ('63) ~ I finally got my braces off last year and all of my freckles merged into a tan-ish! **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jim HAMILTON ('63) So we get our issue of Wine Spectator and kinda assumed we'd see the Birthday Girl as the centerfold. They were close with a Chateau Lafite '58, but could only give it 98 points. Now Anita Heiling ('63) is easily a 99 pointer, with comments like "Nicely ripe for the vintage", "Racy and forward with a silky feel", "Soft and appealing". The only thing keeping her from 100, was her political proclivity, which was noted as "a briny whiff of seashore at low tide" Happy Birthday Anita and here's hoping that your much younger "Boy Toy Ambulance Chaser" husband will be able to quash those Mann Act charges against you for bringing him to Bomberpalooza. -The forever young & always lovely Miss Nancy & jimbeaux -Jim HAMILTON ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Roy BALLARD ('63) Re: Meeting of the R2K+X committee This is what we have so far for a listing events and times: Friday June 25 2pm - Registration start - foyer of gym 5pm - Dinner of chili and cinnamon rolls - cafeteria 8pm - Sock-hop - small gym Saturday June 26 6am - Pancake breakfast at park across from The Uptown 9:30am - Military display honoring RHS veterans - foyer of gym 11am - All class group picture - large gym 2pm - Basketball game - large gym 5pm - Dinner catered by Tony Romas - cafeteria Sunday June 27 11am - 2pm - Picnic - Howard Amon Park Registration form on Sandstorm website [coming soon]. Attendees must register in advance to have dinners due to needing to know how many to plan on. We need help from each class for the registration on Friday. Next meeting will be January 13 at RHS cafeteria 6:30. -Roy BALLARD ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Mike FRANCO ('70) Happy B-Day Boo Boo!!! In your honor and that of Bear, go ahead and have a tall stack at Denny's on me. Better yet, on Brad Upton! -Mike FRANCO ('70) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Mike DALEN ('72) Roll Tide! They've declared a state holiday January 7 (Bear Bryant's birthday is already a holiday.) And glad to see the UW Huskies finished this season with five wins, including the big ones over the Cougs and Cal. -Mike DALEN ('72) ~ Huntsville, AL where we had an inch of snow over the weekend but gone by noon. ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/09/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff: Nancy RIGGS ('51), Sharon PANTHER (57) Lee CHAPMAN ('64), Vic MARSHALL ('71) Steve HUNTINGTON ('73) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ruth MILES ('59) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Nancy RIGGS Lawrence ('51) Re: Don Sorenson's picture #550 The lady on the left is Helen Dayton, wife of Don Dayton who worked in Human Resources, now all 3 ladies have been identified. Don [Dayton] and my dad Larry Riggs came out together on the train from Memphis. They retired to a gated community in Southern California, where we visited them, they are both gone now. Helen was a blonde beauty as you can see. They had 2 daughters, one was named Dori can't remember the others, think they both live in California now. Thanks, Don, for the great memories. -Nancy RIGGS Lawrence ('51) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Sharon PANTHER Taff (57) Re: Don Sorenson's picture #548 Picture #548 has several 1957 people included 1st left is Wilbur Houser, 2nd left Gene Horne. I recognized several others but just cant pull their names out. Jimmy Cartmell comes to mine back on the right. What a hoot. -Sharon PANTHER Taff (57) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** From the new ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook. From: Lee CHAPMAN ('64) Entered: Monday 12/07/2009 10:45:20pm COMMENTS: I appreciate all the work Maren and others do to maintain this site and keep Bombers of all classes connected. -Lee CHAPMAN ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Vic MARSHALL ('71) Re: Potpourri Warm Birthday wishes to Toni SHADE Preece ('72) on the 8th. Sorry I am late with congrats. I was out of town last week and did not see the submission from Val GHIRARDO Driver ('72) until yesterday. I really enjoyed the picture: but I don't understand why Val and that other woman are blocking the view of Mike DAVIS ('74) and Mike FRANCO ('70) -and I think I also see Merilee Rush hanging close to both of them!! Interesting item from the "old days" - Steve "Bear" DAVIS ('72RIP) worked for a short time at the Spudnut Shop during one Basketball Off Season, As I understand it - Val's Dad Barlow (Ghirardo-RIP) used to let new employees load up on free Spudnuts - the theory being that it would break them of wanting to eat them on a regular basis. Not only did "Bear" NOT get broken of craving Spudnuts - I believe he also had the dubious distinction of being the only Spudnut employee ever terminated by Barlow because he simply could not afford him. Steve was a good worker but seems he was eating Barlow out of Business!!! And now you know the real reason why Mike DAVIS became such a Denny's bigot. -Vic MARSHALL ('71) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Steve HUNTINGTON ('73) Re: 'BamaBombers To: Mike DALEN (72) Just noticed your entry from Huntsville, AL. I work in Birmingham, AL... commute weekly from Florida. Interested in a 'BamaBombers get together? If Booboo DAVIS ever got smothered, covered, and chunked at a late nite Waffle House gourmet feast he would cancel his lifetime booth at Dennys and waddle down here to join us. Just imagine... a BomberBamaBooBoo waffle house breakfast extravaganza. -Steve HUNTINGTON ('73) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/10/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCOY ('45), Kay MITCHELL ('52) Tony DURAN ('55), Tom HEMPHILL ('62) Carol CONVERSE ('64), David Rivers ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Cathy WOOD ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Larry WERSEN ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jeff MICHAEL ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Loretta JENSEN ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mary VALLELY ('69) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** The following is about the collage: on 12/7 Burt PIERARD ('59) wrote: Ray STEIN ('64) and I have stumbled upon a document that we can't date or determine who created it. The only info we have on it is that it was created sometime after June 2001 and all the pictures in the collage, except for the four "Our Country and Culture" pictures in the upper left hand corner, were apparently copied from the Bomber website. Earlier today Dick McCOY (the Tin Can Class of '45) responded: To: Burt Pierard ('59) That collage that you and Ray STEIN ('64) found is very interesting, but why do you think it dates to 2001? It looks much older, due to Glenn Miller, the Swing pic. etc. The guy pictured is a good clue, he looks a bit like FDR or Jesse Jones, his Commerce Sec. The article is a pitch for War Bonds. We are talking about the WWII period. Burt PIERARD ('59) responded: Hi Dick, The EARLIEST date for the collage is June 2001 and easily proved. The use of the "Bronco" cover for the 1944 Columbian clinches it (although even if it had the Club 40 Beaver, the earliest would have been 1989). Maren and I created that cover and she sent the final version to me on June 18, 2001. Dick McCOY (the Tin Can Class of '45) responded: Of course, I should have known about the '44 annual, as I edited it. Club 40 published the thing, I believe, in yes, '89. I always wondered who did the bronc cover. Good job, Maren. -Dick McCOY (the Tin Can Class of '45) ~ Big Lake, WA where the weather is so cold, 10 above, the snow geese are going back to AK. I see it was below zero in Pasco. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [So, will everybody please check it out. -Maren ] **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Kay MITCHELL Coates ('52) Re: Spudnuts An announcement in the Chewelah paper last week stated the only bakery in town had been sold and they would be featuring spudnuts! That got my attention, believe me, so I had [my husband], Richard ('52) and [my son], Jay ('73) stop on their way home from Colville and pick up a dozen so we could give them the taste test. I figured we were the only ones in town who would be able to determine if they were truly Spudnuts. Sorry to say, they did not meet our Spudnut standard - too heavy, too much glaze and too sweet!! They certainly did not melt in the mouth - they kinda stuck in the teeth. They may be made from potato flour, but have a long ways to go to meet the Ghirardo standards -Kay MITCHELL Coates ('52) ~ Valley, WA a few miles from Chewelah **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tony DURAN ('55) Re: A ride back in time!! Sit back and watch, take it easy for a while during these trying times. Some time I yearn for the days of old. Love the free-style traffic back then -- anything goes. A ride down Market Street in San Francisco a year before the Big earthquake... -Tony DURAN ('55) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tom HEMPHILL ('62) Re: Portland/Vancouver Christmas Party Thanks to all who attended the Christmas Party at Beaches Restaurant in Vancouver on Saturday Dec. 5th. We had a great group, including Lola HEIDLEBAUGH Bowen ('60) and Mary Heidlebaugh (Mom), Becky LaFOLLETTE Taylor ('64) and Glenn Taylor (spouse), Don ANDREWS ('67), Ann ENGLE Schafer ('63), Linda McKNIGHT Hoban ('65) and Denny Hoban (spouse), Dean ANSON ('62), Kathy LAMB Brown ('62) and Larry Brown (spouse), Marcia MILLER Neff ('62) and Doug Neff (spouse), Larry MATTINGLY ('60) and Jackie, Bob VERELLEN ('62), Walt SKALICKY ('55) and Pam Skalicky (spouse), Janice RUCKER Meyer ('55), Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) and Karyl Carlson (spouse), Tom HEMPHILL ('62) and Linda Hemphill (spouse). It was a great visiting opportunity for all. It was a lot of fun to reconnect with some old friends. There were lots of stories being told and much laughter. Dean Anson and I met after the lunch at our little farm and blacksmith shop to get caught up and to discuss our mutual interests in blacksmithing. Beaches Restaurant is a great location for our gatherings. The food and service is great and the Sun Room gave us the opportunity to roam around and visit with several people. Thanks again to all who attended. -Tom HEMPHILL ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64) To: Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) Last Christmas, at church, we did the play "The Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever". We had such a good time putting it on. I've since then bought the DVD. It's good. At church, our pastor put a more Christian spin on the end. -Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64) ~ Eureka, CA It's really cold here... in the low 30s. I know I know, this is not cold for some of you, but for us, it's cold. If we have to scrape the car windows in the morning and it's white on the lawn from frost, then it's cold here. All of you have a great Christmas and happy New Year!! **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David Rivers ('65) Re: December 10, 2009 Ok... I'm sure you know exactly what day today is... yup... huh? No, Marines, it isn't just 11 more months till the next Marine Corps Birthday... well it is but that's not the thing I'm talking about here... this is Big Time Bomber Birthday-day... 3 '65ers (one RIP) and a Big kid... now this big kid was a star back in the day (not that he isn't still)... think Wailers on a local scale... many's a time I watched this guy and his band at local dances... we all did... they were great to watch... hadda '65er on drums... made us real proud... didn't hurt that this guy had three Bomber-babe sisters... I remember getting into an argument with the youngest one, one night and screeching out of the front of their house in the '40 Chevy I'd picked up from Bob Middleton ('63 at 21!)... (Speaking of Wailers... Kent was Bob's best man)... while I had "Out of Limits"... fka "Outer limits" or maybe it was Telstar blasting on the ol mono radio... I wouldn't date sister Kathy ('64-RIP)... till she moved to the "OC" (did I say that right Mary Lou ('63)?... speaking of whom... are you freezing up at Ellen's ('63) yet??????... it's snow ridden down here!)... so anyway... we also got the three '65ers having birthdays all of whom are just the best pals ever... one is a great DJ (No... not the Crowster ('65))... One a gorgeous Bomber babe world traveler and one just an all round good guy who is very much missed... ... ... ... so here we go... HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chessman, Larry WERSEN ('63), Loretta JENSEN ('65), DJ, Jeff MICHAEL ('65) and Mike BOTU ('65-RIP)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David Rivers ('65) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/11/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber funeral notice today: Dick McCOY ('45), Annie PARKER ('57) Joretta GARRISON ('58), Marsha LAWELL ('60) Patti JONES ('60), Dave SOWDEN ('62 & '63wb) Earl BENNETT ('63), Shari NAPORA ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jim WILLIAMSON ('53) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jim QUALHEIM ('70) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dick McCOY (from the Tin Can Class of 1945) Re: Mystery posting [poster] The fact that the 1944 Annual was used for part of the posting plus the other wartime material, would suggest that the person responsible would either be from the Class of 1944, or was not. (Very good). the only class members still around (or in 2001) Beverly BREWER, Jo DRESSER and Mary KENNEDY. The only one of those that I would be slightly suspicious of would be Jo, very slightly. There was also Jack WLLIAMSON (RIP) & Fred RUTT (RIP), with Fred the most likely. Ask widows Marty or Mable. The non-schooler possibilities are many and yet, few. Ask Paul Beardsley's daughter. -Dick McCOY from the Tin Can Class of 1945 **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Annie PARKER Hoyle ('57) Re: Arizona Bomber Get Together An Arizona Bomber Get Together will be WHEN: Saturday, January 23, 2010 TIME: 4:00 P.M. WHERE: Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino Resort in the Classics With a Twist Lounge. Address: 5040 Wild Horse Pass, Chandler, AZ 85246 West of I-10. RSVP: Annie PARKER Hoyle ('57), Darvis BERGAM Bobo ('57), or Carol BISHOP Horne ('57) There are a number of great restaurants for dinner afterward for those interested. Also, they have rooms available if you want to stay the night. You can call 1-800-WIN-GILA to make a reservation. If you have any questions or RSVP you can contact Annie PARKER Hoyle ('57) Darvis BERGAM Bobo ('57) Carol BISHOP Horne ('57) We hope to see all Arizona Bombers there. -Annie PARKER Hoyle ('57) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Sue Pritchett, aka Joretta GARRISON ('58) Re: Alphabet House Ornaments The Richland Seniors Association is having a GIANT sale. We are SELLING OUT of our alphabet-house ornaments. There are still many available of each variety: A-House, B-House, Ranch, Prefab, Precut, F-House, H-House, C-House, and R-House. Sale price: $3 each (if mailed, add $1.50). These ornaments are available at the Gift Shop in the Richland Community Center. If you'd like one mailed to you or a friend, contact me. NOTE: Offer does not include Hanford Falcons or Richland Bombers ornaments. The Richland Seniors Association is made up of volunteers--no paid staff. Proceeds from sales are used to benefit the Community Center. -Sue Pritchett, aka Joretta GARRISON ('58) ~ in cold, cold Richland **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marsha LAWELL Hathcox ('60) Re: Jerry POLLARD ('65-RIP) Sharon Stratton asked that I let you know that Jerry passed away in November. -Marsha LAWELL Hathcox ('60) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Patti JONES Ahrens ('60) Re: Class of 1960 reunion - LOST Bomber Students Our reunion will be held during Club 40, 2010 We have found about four students and other possibilities are being checked into of the not found. If any Bombers know the whereabouts of the list following, please email me. Name, addresses and emails would be appreciated. Perry BALDRIDGE, Barbara BARRETT Longworth, William BECKER, Bernard BROWNING, Jean CORREY, Virginia CRAWFORD Pruden, Virginia (Karen) CROWNOVER Martin, Irene EVANSON Durbin, Dennis JENSEN, Sandra SHAVER Hildner, JoAnn RASMUSSEN Jensen, Benjamin KLINE, Jack KNAUER, Ron MAGUFFEE, Dan MANSFIELD, Patricia MATHIS Wheeler - last known to be in Richland, Patrick MURRAY, Alvin PIPPITT, Dorothy ROGERS, Robert SHEEHY. Bombers Have Fun -Patti JONES Ahrens ('60) ~ West Richland, WA. where it is cold, cold, cold but the beautiful Sunshine makes up for it, for me after living twenty some years in Western Washington. Snow expected this weekend. Maybe we will get snow for Christmas. Always enjoy a White Christmas. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dave SOWDEN ('62 & '63wb) Re: "A Ride Back In Time" To: Tony DURAN ('55) I can not tell you how much I enjoyed your "Ride Back in Time" clip. Being an old transit driver from Seattle it hit close to home. I thought we had it ruff. We did not have to deal with the total lack of traffic control, the lack of rear view mirrors, traffic going both directions on the right and left. The chaos as vehicles, horse drawn buggies and pedestrians turn in front of you from all directions defiantly daring you to hit them. Well most of it anyway... I could feel the stress of the operators as it appeared to be strictly a first come first serve system. What it omitted was the chaos inside the coach as people are asking the operator for change or a transfer, complaining about the fair. Asking how to find an address, complain about their spouses behaviors, or their abnormal bowel movements, asking questions like "How high is that building? Or "What is the elevation at this point?" How long is the next bus? (It is forty feet just like this one) The women who can not resist a man in uniform. Pick pockets, ladies in labor, heart attack victims, ill passengers who vomit on you, assaults on yourself and passengers, the drunks and or drugged, and the muggings. The foul stench of the un-bathed, the lost children and adults. The unsolicited political, financial and religious advice. Oh the memories of the joys of working with the public. I could write a book. I do have some fond memories like when you need a cop, how great it is to have your cousin respond. -Dave SOWDEN ('62 & '63wb) ~ Forest City, NC where it is cool but not cold **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Earl BENNETT ('63) Re: Roy Ballard's ('63) announcement of R2K+X schedule No guarantee I'll be able to attend, but if so, I'll be in uniform at the 9:30 military display on Saturday. Regards, from a free trial of in-flight wi-fi on Delta on my way to visit Mom and sisters for the next week. I'll be in Richland Dec. 12-15, let me know if anyone wants to get together briefly. Could have chosen warmer weather, I guess, but holiday fares were more than double what this is costing, and this is reminiscent of my wife's first visit to Richland in Dec '78 at 1.5 years of marriage in the middle of about 21 days of sub-freezing temperatures and streets rough with nasty clumps of frozen slush. -Earl BENNETT ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Shari NAPORA Bennett ('67) Flo Sinclair I just learned of the sudden passing this week of an amazing Bomber Mom, Flo Sinclair. My heartfelt sympathy and prayers go out to Dunc ('65), Bill ('67), Rich ('69) and all the Sinclair family [Paul ('70), Mike ('73), Mary, Patti ('77), Pete ('78), John ('83), and Cathy]. Flo was a long time member of the Sunday Morning Sterling's Breakfast Group where my parents were regulars before their deaths, and my husband, Jim (NAB), and I attend whenever we are in town. We had a great visit with Flo there last month. She kept us chuckling as always with her delightfully dry sense of humor. She was really looking forward to Thanksgiving with her family in California. She was a grand lady who we were honored to know and she will be sorely missed. Keeping the family in our thoughts and prayers, -Shari NAPORA Bennett ('67) ~ La Grande, OR **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Funeral Notice >>Randy WATT ('68) ~ 8/15/50 - 12/5/09 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/12/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8 Bombers sent stuff: John ADKINS ('62), Paula BEARDSLEY ('62) Dave SOWDEN ('62 & '63wb), Donni CLARK ('63) Lynn JOHNSON ('63), Jim BLACKWOOD ('64) David RIVERS ('65), Pam EHINGER ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Janet MARTIN ('53) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Burt PIERARD ('59) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Rick MORRELL ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Becky ALEXANDER ('77) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Lanette POWELL ('79) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: John ADKINS ('62) Re: It's a Birthday I would just like to remind everyone who has the opportunity to remind our "School Oracle" that he is really getting old, and today is the birthday of "Burtimus Pierardimus" ('59). -John ADKINS ('62) ~ Richland and it's cold here too and I'm not as old as Burt YET. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Paula BEARDSLEY Glenn ('62) To: Dick McCOY ('45) Re: Mystery posting [poster] Beardsley girls didn't post this. I seem to recall seeing it somewhere but it was not anything that Dad had in his memorabilia. -Paula BEARDSLEY Glenn ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dave SOWDEN ('62 & '63wb) Re: My entry on 12/11/09 Re: "A Ride Back in Time" - I failed to mention during all the chaos of driving for Metro, I met my wife who was a passenger on my bus. Marilyn (NAB) and I just celebrated our 30th anniversary on the 8th of this month. She was sick and spent most of the day in bed and the rest of it in the bathroom. She was and still is the best thing that happened to me. Bomber cheers, -Dave SOWDEN ('62 & '63wb) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Donni CLARK Dunphy ('63) Re: Marilyn SWAN Beddo ('63) Bomber friends, I just got back from Salt Lake visit last night. Marilyn was supposed to have surgery today but she and her family got terrible colds. They have postponed her surgery till next Friday. She sends her thanks and appreciation for all the cards, e-mails, love and support that Bomber friends have sent. Thank-you so much also. Bombers always come through! Bombers are the best! -Donni CLARK Dunphy ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Lynn JOHNSON Andrews ('63) Re: Spectacular fireworks display in London Larry MATTINGLY ('60) and others, this is a spectacular display of fireworks from London. Be sure to watch it full screen. -Lynn JOHNSON Andrews ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jim BLACKWOOD ('64), Hi Maren, I hope you're well going into the holiday season. I'm staying busy here, playing piano and juggling and wondering where the devil the lizards go every year this time. Re: Don Sorenson's Picture #552 Is the second lad from the left, wearing glasses, Larry Tew ('63)? Larry & his brother Richard ('62) were amazing musicians; I heard that they both went into medicine. Kind regards and Hello! to all, -Jim BLACKWOOD ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: it's a threefer I always hate to do this but I'm gonna be heading out to a couple of shows in the morning and so I hafta wish two kids HB in one e- mail... I sure hope they will forgive me... because these two are very dear to my heart... one because he's just cool and the other because I would hate for her to refuse to let me walk behind her again... I realized what an absolute thrill it is when Heidlebaugh ('65) and I were driving North behind the school at R2K and we saw the Birthday girl and her other half, Ray, walking toward the school traveling North as well... Jimmy and I yelled at once: "Hey, there's [the birthday girl!]" A few years later she modeled her Chief Jo majorette outfit for us and it fit like a glove... so I never want her to refuse me the pleasure of following her from behind again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the morning I'll be heading for the pin stripers' "Brush Off" number 13... used to be called the "Rat Fink Reunion" and was the pin striper/hot rodder Christmas Party for all of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's buds... after Ed died, Moon took it over and it got a little too much moon and not enough pin stripers so Mrs. Roth asked that Moon call it something else... it is now the "Mooneyes Christmas Party"... The Rat Fink Reunion is now held in June up at Ed's house in Manti, Utah and the pin stripers hold their own Christmas Party in the next town from the Moon Eyes bash... way more info than you needed huh... since the party starts at 1:00 I doubt I'll make it over to Mooneyes... never do seem to make it to that... but the brush off is nice and small and rather anonymous... Mooneyes is a great place to see old friends before they are gone and to be seen but I like the invite only atmosphere of the Brush Off... by the way... since I was going to the Brush off I had a perfectly good excuse to miss the '63 Chowder-Bomberpalusa-Bay-watch in Olympia and that's why I couldn't go not because it was too cold for me... besides Jimbeaux ('63) has now decided I am relegated to the card table again and no more sitting with the big kids even with a phone book on my chair and a solemn promise not to spill my milk... I tried to bluff my way thru by telling him the Mary Lou ('63) said I could sit at the big kid's table but she wouldn't back me up and said ONLY if I was in Olympia... arrrrrrrrrrrrgh... Ok... hadda resend this puppy... Terrance Knox, aka Terry DAVIS ('65) has called several times today from the hinterlands and is so excited I had to redo today's post... Yes, girls, complete with new pix and even I have to admit they are some of his best stills ever... the head shot had darned well better get him a heck of a lot of work... You may not know it but Terry does this Raging Bull, DeNiro impersonation that is just great... he was playing around and a producer fell in love with it and wrote a short film around it called DeNiro's Dance... they have filmed it and will be submitting it to a film festival soon... Terry says Lyman ('65) and WARFORD ('65) are having a ball touring everything in sight... ah... the joys of childhood... please don't take this wrong but when I saw these new stills I told Terry that he looks like a real grown up when I said he'd better get work from them... maybe I exagerated... so there was a purpose to this... can't wait for R2K+10 to see the Birthday Boy and the birthday girl again... hope the boy doesn't have to go thru what he went thru last time to get the picture... dang... also hope Number 32 ('63) and I can remember to gather the Bomber Marines... Hey Ballard ('63) maybe we can put little yellow foot prints on the gym floor so the Marines know where to gather!! Geez, with all the activities planned I hope there is time for me to get my new "Oathkeeper" tattoo! So here we go... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Burt Pierard ('59) on December 12, 2009 and to Connie Dame ('65) on December 13, 2009!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Pam EHINGER Edinger (The Blue Ribbon Class of '67) Dear Bill Sinclair ('67) & Family I am so sorry for the loss of your Mom. Even though I never met her I knew you Bill, and you and your siblings are a great bunch of people. Only a GREAT Mom and the help of your Dad could raise a such good people! Remember the happy thoughts and enjoy the life you had with her. Think only Happy Thoughts. You and your family are in my prayers. With Deepest Sympathy -Pam EHINGER Edinger (The Blue Ribbon Class of '67) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/13/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bronc funeral notice today: Dick McCOY ('45), Lola HEIDLEBAUGH ('60) Dave HANTHORN ('63), Pam EHINGER ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Connie DAME ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Gary HYLBAK ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bill HEDGES ('68) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dick McCOY (Tin Can Class of '45) To Birthday boy Burt PIERARD ('59), the keeper of the Bomber vaults. I computed your age, and that is old... but still 14 years short of the ancient one: me. To Paula BEARDSLEY Glenn ('62) thanks for the info. I thought maybe, but not really sure. If I ever go to confession again, I will certainly apologize to your father for all the grief we kids caused him and his patrol compadres during the years 1943-'45. I especially remember one Halloween when a bunch of us were congregated up on Williams and Thayer, and Paul showed up on his motorcycle to check us out. Four members of our entourage formed across Williams straining on an imaginary rope, The good patrolman seeing it, and, to avoid being beheaded, had to cut across a lawn before finally stopping. He then got off and addressed us advising all to return home. At that point someone noticed a convenient sprinkler behind him and turned it on, ending the discussion. I was not one of the invisible rope holders nor the person who doused the infuriated Beardsley. That gal, to my surprise, was an honor student. Such was life in early Richland. -Dick, The Innocent, McCoy from the Tin Can Class of 1945 **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Lola HEIDLEBAUGH Bowen ('60) Re: Another Bomber Mom gone Prayers and comforting thoughts go out to COLLINS Bomber family - Anne COLLINS Moyers ('60), Vancouver, Mary COLLINS Burbage ('63), Tenino, WA, Leah COLLINS Davis ('61), Pasco, & Rod COLLINS ('67), Rohnert Park, CA in the loss of their mother. Margaret Collins passed away on December 7, 2009 in Vancouver. Keep their families in your hearts - this is a tough time of year to lose someone - especially a Mom! -Lola HEIDLEBAUGH Bowen ('60) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dave HANTHORN (Gold Medal Class of '63) Re: The 2009 edition of the Gold Medal Class of 63 Marching, Chowder and Caroling Society Christmas Party in Olympia Maren, Here are the pictures from my camera of the 2009 edition of the Gold Medal Class of '63 Marching, Chowder and Caroling Society Christmas Party. I will send you a written entry for the SS in a few minutes. As usual, I need help with the names, try Hamilton or Kath-Rath, they know everybody. There were other cameras there, so hopefully you will be getting pictures from others as well. I am told that it was the twenty something-ith annual meeting of this great group of folks, and as usual, it was an event not to be missed, so all you '63ers living in Western Washington who coulda been there, shoulda been. This year we met in a "new" place, a fine old pub named Bally Hoo, right across the street from what Jimbeaux calls "Mecca", the old Oly beer brewery that apparently is owned (the pub, not the brewery) by Mary Ellens niece. The breakfast meal was terrific, and the joy, laughter, and yes, even love, was all around. Who would have believed that after more than forty six years, we would be even closer than we were back then in '63. Like a fine wine, age has only served to make us better. My only disappointment was that somehow (for the third straight year) I managed to miss out on the chowder. -Dave HANTHORN (Gold Medal Class of '63) ~ from sunny but c-c-c-cold Mercer Island, where snow is predicted for tonight ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Other years: 2008 Party, 2007 Party, 2006 Party -Maren] **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Pam EHINGER Edinger (The Blue Ribbon Class of '67) Not that Larry MATTINGLY ('60) needs any defending, the display in London was nice, but did you ever see the one that Larry did in Grand Coulee? He did on top of The Grand Coulee Dam. Plus the one he did for the R2K again he out did himself! Yes London was nice... and long but not near as pretty as the work Larry does. Bombers Rule -Pam EHINGER Edinger (The Blue Ribbon Class of '67) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Funeral Notice >>Alma BROOKS Perkins ('38) ~ 5/23/21 - 12/7/09 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/14/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber funeral notice today: Mike CLOWES ('54), George SWAN ('59) Larry MATTINGLY ('60), Donna BOWERS ('63) Maren Smyth ('63 & '64), Tami SCHUCHART ('68) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dick McCOY ('45, 46, '02) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Carole NOVOTNY ('58) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: Dick COATES & Kay MITCHELL ('52) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: Mike RICE ('60) & Donna BOWERS ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) By way of noting the passage of time; one Dick "Almost Older than Dirt, but certainly NOT Innocent" McCoy will be celebrating his umptieth birthday. Hang in there, Dick, you may reach the age of dirt yet. Maren, you will please note that I did not list Mr. McCoy's class year as he claims so many. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ where it is warming up in Mount Angel, OR, after a week or so of temps in the teens (that sounds like a title for a "B" movie) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: George "Pappy" SWAN ('59) Re: The Passing of Another Bomber Mother Millie Swan, mother of Marilyn SWAN Beddo ('63) and George SWAN ('59) passed away at The Avalon Health & Rehabilitation Center in Pasco, WA on December 12, resulting from her suffering strokes in September and the following complications. She was 91 years old. In the meantime, as reported by her friend, Donni CLARK Dunphy ('63), Marilyn's surgery for a brain tumor, has been postponed until Friday, December 18, due to respiratory concerns. -George SWAN ('59) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Larry MATTINGLY ('60), Re: London fireworks display I noted a couple of comments in the Sandstorm about the London Fireworks URL. It was without doubt a grand and wonderful display. I also had several personal emails asking could I do it? Find me a sponsor with $350 to $500,000 deep pockets, and I will be happy to demonstrate that yes, I can do that. I have worked on a fair number of very large world class displays. England, Singapore, HongKong, Lieuyang China and the Statue of Liberty to name a few. Shortly after we founded Entertainment Fireworks, and in the face of some doubt in the industry about a couple of old greybeards, Ken and I decided we needed to make our mark in the world of pyro. I made some calls and arranged to do a demo for a manufacturer in China. He sent us nearly 5000 items and we choreographed it to music and staged a very large World Class display at the '98 Convention of the Pyrotechnic Guild International in Gillette, WY. Over 18 minutes of continuous multiple shell breaks and other effects high and low across 2000 feet of sky. They still talk about it to this day. These kinds of displays take weeks of planning, a large, well- experienced crew, several semi truck loads of equipment, the miles of shooting wire, and an expensive pile of computer firing system, to go with the talented design. The London display followed all the "world class" techniques. Lots of variety fired in a variety of ways. They fired "Tableau Style"... that is they layed it out in a tableau across the front of the audience. They created scenarios of colors and effects, changing it often. The use of the large "ferris" wheel for additional effects was masterful. I think that wheel is over 200 feet in diameter. I have seen them close up in Shiga Japan and Vienna Austria. Firing several large caliber shells in matching groups can go through budgeted monies quickly, but is staggeringly beautiful. We have several displays in the NW that are smaller in budget but use many or all of the same techniques. I periodically post reminders of them on this net to give folks opportunity to see them. In June watch for the notice for the Shelton Forest Festival and on July 4 the display at Quartermaster harbor on the south end of Vashon Island. Both of these displays in their own way are incredible examples of true "World Class" fireworks. Another is St. Maries, ID on Saturday Labor Day weekend. "Happiness is the sky in bloom" -J. Larry MATTINGLY ('60) ~ from home south of Tacoma where it is snowing off and on. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Donna BOWERS Rice (Gold Medal Class of '63) Thank you, Dave Hanthorn ('63), for the Chowderheads pictures!!! I always look forward to seeing my classmates each year from that party, when I live 2/3 of the way across the US and cannot attend. Looks like way too much fun!!! Just another testament to our wonderful GMC Class of '63!!!!! I also want to share with you the loss of Marilyn SWAN Beddo' ('63) mother, Millie Swan. She lived a good long life, and always made me welcome. From the time I was in 4th grade till high school, Mrs. Swan's wry comment about life always made me laugh and smile - or were those Marilyn's comments?!? She will be missed by many of us in Class of' 63. We need powerful prayers for Marilyn as she faces surgery this Friday. I know how we all have helped others through these rough times with prayer and it is so good to see how many are so much better because of it (via: the Chowderhead pictures). Love, -Donna BOWERS Rice (Gold Medal Class of '63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Maren Smyth ('63 & '64) 82 Days till Iditarod XXXVIII Bomber Cheers, -Maren Smyth ('64 & '64) ~ Gretna, LA **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tami SCHUCHART Keller ('68) To: Bill Hedges ('68) Hi Bill, I just saw in today's Sandstorm (the 13th), that today is your birthday and I just want to take a minute to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY". It has been so wonderful having you as a friend through all these years. I have always enjoyed your company and your wonderful sense of humor, you have always made me feel so welcome and comfortable being around you and I had to take this quick minute to tell you so. -Tami SCHUCHART Keller ('68) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Funeral Notice >>Howard CHAPPELLE ('57) ~ 1/6/38 - 12/7/09 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/15/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCOY ('45), Richard ROBERTS ('49) Mike CLOWES ('54), George SWAN ('59) Tom HEMPHILL ('62), Carol CONVERSE ('64) David RIVERS ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dorothy STAMPER ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jim SMITH ('58wb) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Marsha GOSLIN ('65) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: David RODRIGUEZ ('69) & Linda BAROTT ('71) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dick McCOY ('45) To George Swan ('59): My deepest sympathy on your mother's passing. It was expected, and was her time, But... I know from experience, it hurts bad. To ('54) (Maren, I don't include his name because he has so many): thanks for the kind wishes, I have reached a very ripe age. Older than Scrooge. Well, so now I am 82. I have important company Fidel Castro, Jane Powell, and my old buddy, Mickey Mouse. But the most important 82s are my classmates from the Lost Class of 1945. Most have disappeared or passed on. But there are a precious few that are still with us at last check, Pat LARABBEE Kohler, Chalky CONWAY, Shirley MAXEY Williams, and Hal LUDWIG, that's about it. -Dick McCOY ('45) ~ It snowed last nite at Big Lake, WA and my joints creak this AM **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Richard "Dick" ROBERTS ('49) Happy Birthday Mr. Bronco, Beaver, Bomber McCoy! May you enjoy many more. -Richard "Dick" ROBERTS ('49) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) On a bit of a roll here, birthdaywise. So, I'll sent felicitous greetings to fellow classmate Dorothy Stamper ('54), on this, her day. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ it's even warmer today in Mount Angel, OR **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: George "Pappy" SWAN ('59) Re: Passing of a Bomber Mother -- Update Memorial services for Millie Swan, Bomber mother of Marilyn SWAN Beddo ('63) and George SWAN ('59) will be held on Thursday, December 17 at Einan's Funeral Home, Richland. Visitation and viewing will take place from noon to 2pm with graveside services at 2pm. Our mother's obituary will appear in the Tri-City Herald, today, December 15. Marilyn and I would like to thank all of you who have extended your condolences, and we appreciate very much, the outreach by Bombers, from all over the country. Thank you for your support! -George SWAN ('59) ~ Burbank, WA **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tom HEMPHILL ('62) Our Prayers are For You To my friends, Marilyn SWAN Beddo ('63) and George SWAN ('59), we are praying for you during these emotional times. Your mother, Millie Swan, I know was a delight throughout your lives. Those of us who have lost our mothers know how you feel. Mom is gone now, but the memories and stories will last forever. Marilyn, we are also praying for your recovery. George, soon we will spend some time telling more sea stories, my diving friend. -Tom HEMPHILL ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64) To: George "Pappy" Swan ('59) I'm sooooo sorry to hear about the passing of your mom. I think we all feel as though we knew her personally from all the stories that you have told us about her and her antics. She is in a much better place now. -Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64) ~ Eureka, CA **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: What a Bomber-babe She's a doll... I've known her at least since kineygarden... prolly longer... who knows... she's always there when we call... a kind word and a sweet thought for all she meets... and she's given me courage to sit for an extra several minutes which seemed like hours when I had the guy put "Da Judge" above my last tattoo (I can't believe when we were kids my folks harped on me that tattoos were not for "normal" folks)... I have no recollection of their reaction to my USMC Bulldog back when I was 19... not even sure when they would have seen it first... I know I was with KELLY ('64) and MIDDLETON (Stanley '63-RIP) when I got it we were staying at Jean DEMITER'S ('62) (then Jerry MIDDLETON'S wife)... and Stan's Mom almost went thru the roof when she saw what I'd done... the other two were supposed to get them too but... so anyway, the birthday girl gave me the courage to sit while the guy used a black outlining needle to fill in the words... Dang I didn't know he was gonna fill it all in... ouuuuuuuuuuuch... well actually, she didn't give me the courage... she just agreed with me it would be cool and of course I don't need much more than that to carry out some of my very best ideas... a little encouragement and I'm off and running... I sure hope she has a wonderful day cuz she's just one of my favorite people! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Marsha Goslin on December 15, 2009!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) (63 and still getting tattooed... second childhoods are really fun) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/16/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers ans Don Sorenson sent stuff: Betty BELL ('51), Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64) David RIVERS ('65), Marv STEEL ('65) Shirley COLLINGS ('66), Mike FRANCO ('70) Don Sorenson (NAB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Joan CAMPBELL ('57) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jack KEYS ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Tim SMYTH ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Connie HANSON ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Terry DAVIS ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Billy DIDWAY ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ruth RUSSELL ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mary RAEKES ('79) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Betty BELL Norton ('51) The Easy Swing Band will play for the Richland Seniors Association's All-Ages Dance on Friday, December 18 from 1:00 to 4:00 at the Richland Community Center. Cost is $5 at the door and pre-packaged finger foods are welcome. Come join us! -Betty BELL Norton ('51) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** From: Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64) Re: My Big Brother In case nobody noticed, that's my big brother, Tim ('62) on the birthday list today. Happy birthday, Ace. Bomber cheers, -Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64) ~ Gretna, LA **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: the "picture", tough love and stuff We gotta birthday... a close relative of mine according to HEIDLEBAUGH ('65)... very close... .but first I gotta splane sumthin'... The Movie: In 1973 a Movie was made that was immediately a favorite of mine... the theme was "where were you in '62"... It was about my friends and me and our last year of High School... it may well have been about you too... Richard Dreyfuss played Lyman POWELL ('65), Paul LeMat played Johnny POYNOR ('63) and on and on... well, actually... in secret the Milner character was me... but of course I didn't have the muscle to pull it off in '62 nor any time soon thereafter... but some day... The Car: About 20 years after American Graffitti was made, I began looking for a Man-a-Fre intake manifold like the one Milner's car used in the movie... had to find the manifold first so I could build the Coupe around it... got the intake and began to look for the car... found the car and traded a beautiful '50 Merc for it so I could do my "Milner car"... Now a Man-a-Fre is a racing manifold... uses four Rochester 2 barrel carbs but is flat as a pancake so that the carbs basically just dump fuel... not what you want in the family station wagon or any other car that's made to go for more than 1320 feet at a time... so I drove the Milner car for several years... two days driving 5 days tuning... not a whole lot of fun... almost killed SIMPSON ('65) when he tried to drive it one time... I mean a ton of fun for the two days... but the rest of the time... uh no! I planned to take a picture of me in the car mimicking a really great picture of Milner that has become famous among Graffitti-files... . The Picture: This year I finally got around to taking my picture... just before I yanked the Man-a-Fre in favor of a nice little tri-power set up... with the help of modern computer magic my picture was doctored just a tad to get the shadow that the Milner picture had from his eyes up... made the picture a little dark... but almost perfect... and while we're at it... removed all those scars I hated on my elbow and forearm from Vietnam and later header burns too... (ah technology)... so I used the picture for a little "Hi ya" to a bunch of friends and ran in on my face book too... then the questions... "was that picture of you really taken in '62?" etc. etc... No kids... I didn't have the Vietnam campaign ribbon tattooed on my arm in '62... I was a lowly Soph in '62... as Jimbeaux ('63) is so fond of reminding me (see, discussion about little kids' table)... Not realizing that not everyone is as big a Milner fan as I... I have since put ol' John up on face book too next to my version... The Birthday Kid: My illegitimate Son is still on location in Europe having a ball in the company of Lyman POWELL and Rick WARFORD ('65)... he calls now and then to "thank" me for giving his life back and giving him this opportunity... of course we all know that I did nothing but follow some principals of a program that saved my life twenty something years ago... and thanks to a luncheon conversation with Kathie ROE ('64) at the Golden Nugget several years back, show him a little tough love. God and the birthday boy did the rest... so thanks for letting me ramble and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Terrance Knox, aka Terry DAVIS ('65) on December 16, 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! David RIVERS ('65) ("Fastest thing in the Valley" Toad) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marv STEEL ('65) Re: Remembering Friends Thoughts and Prayers are with my old buddy Marine Corps Sergeant, George "Pappy" SWAN ('59), and his precious sister, Marilyn SWAN Beddo ('63) during the time of their loss of their Mother. I served with TooPappy at NAS Whidbey Island back in the day and found out that his sister is Marilyn. I can remember as a young pup Marilyn visiting our house with my "Older Sister Eva" ('63). I used to also visit Parris Beddo ('63-RIP) as a kid. I request prayers for a quick healing for Marilyn. May God Bless all our Marines past and present. Semper Fi -GrumpyOldMarv -Marv STEEL ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) The Lord called Judy Adair Brooks home to her final resting place on December 11. She leaves many family and friends to mourn her loss including her brother, Jim Adair ('66), and her sister, Peggy Adair ('72). Judy was born deaf and therefore had additional obstacles to deal with in her life. She was such a sweet, caring individual and has now found a better place to live. May God give his peace and comfort to those she left behind. Einan's Funeral notice for Judy -Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Mike FRANCO ('70) OK folks, I need info. The four team American Little League in the 1959-1963 time period were Desert Inn (Van Van Wyck), Dawson Richards (Miles Musier), HAMTC (Floyd Gates), and JA Jones (_________). Spelling on all questionable. OK guys, WHO was the coach / manager of JA Jones in those days? I know some of you will know, this is incredibly important. Let me know. The first with the correct answer wins absolutely nothing! thanks -Mike FRANCO ('70) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Don Sorenson (NAB) Re: Another Installment of 8 To All Bombers, #554 Richland Community Center #555 " #556 " [Is that the Cole twins ('63)?? -Maren] #557 " #558 Going away party?? #559 Young Adult Halloween Dance #560 " Looks like its in an "F" house #561 " To Lois WEYERTS Harrold ('56), Pretty cool you still have that letter. I've seen a few of those but not the envelope it came in. Did you run across the A Bomb Certificate and pin? To Carol BISHOP Horne ('57), Where do you think they are cooking? I worked with a Derlin Horne at 222-S. Any relation? To Suzie GUNDERSON Chiles ('60), When I found this picture I thought "wow what a bunch of cute kids!" Glad you found family in this photo. To Tom VERELLEN ('60), Yea, I'll bet that knocked the wasps for a loop. Interesting you mention that as a task for the fire dept. We have a group at work that handles all of our pest problems. To Betsy FOX Vance ('63), Thanks for your input. I wonder what the occasion would have been for boiling what looks like hamburger? To Nancy RIGGS Lawrence ('51), Thanks for your input. Hope all is well. To Sharon PANTHER Taff (57), Gene Horne related to Bob Horne? Aren't all the Horne's in Richland related. -Don Sorenson (NAB) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/17/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers and Don Sorenson sent stuff: Mike CLOWES ('54), George SWAN ('59) Stephanie DAWSON ('60) Judie COLE and Jackie COLE ('63) Don Sorenson (NAB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Linda RISLOV ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Donna YOUNG ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Corey BOEHNING ('87) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) For Maren and Don (NAB): Re: Don Sorenson's picture #556 No fooling you, is there, Maren. Yes the two young cheerleaders on the floor in picture 556 are indeed the Cole twins, Jackie and Judie ('63). Think there might also be an older Cole sister in the picture also, but not too sure. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where the last of the fall monsoons are upon us. Can hardly wait for the winter ones to begin. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: George "Pappy" SWAN ('59) To: My old Marine buddy and everlasting friend, Marv STEEL ('65), and "Bomberdom," in general Re: Remembering Friends Thank you Marv, and again a major thank you to the Bomber community for your condolences, for the death of our mother, Millie A. Swan. Marilyn and I would like all to know that we are at peace with our mom's passing. Mom lived a very long life, virtually from the times of WW I to the present, a lifetime that experienced vast historical significance and change. In a nutshell, she went from a life of her family still plowing their family farm with a horse team to the modern conveniences that today, we all take for granted. In recent years, but especially the past six months, her health and quality of life had declined, drastically. She has now found relief and we are relieved to know that her suffering is at an end. However, we picture her sitting up there on a cloud with dad now, discussing how the two kids that they produced have done and are doing, down here. For those interested, our mother's obituary/guest book can be accessed at and viewing/visitation will be from 12:00 -- 2:00 PM with graveside services at 2:00 on Thursday (today), December 17. As for my sister, Marilyn SWAN Beddo ('63), she seems to be on the mend, in regard to the respiratory problems that postponed her earlier scheduled surgery and she is now doing quite well, under the circumstances. She goes in for another MRI today (Wednesday), with the surgery for her brain tumor scheduled for this Friday morning (12/18), at the University Hospital in Salt Lake City. My sister and I had a long phone conversation yesterday, about our mother and the final arrangements for Mom's service. Marilyn is still staying with her oldest daughter, Tracy, and is having a little difficulty with her short-term memory, but otherwise, she is in remarkably good spirits, even maintaining a sense of humor. Although, I will be taking care of Mom's final arrangements and service and will not be able to be present when Marilyn undergoes her surgery, she is surrounded and supported by her two daughters, her grandkids, great-grandkids, and a whole passel of friends. Again, if anyone would like to contact her or her daughter Tracy, feel free to email me for the contact information. In the spirit of my philosophy that humor will help to get us through this life, no matter what it throws at us, I feel that I must tell, "maybe not all" ... of "the rest of the story," but some of it, for my old Marine buddy "Grumpy Old Marv." Marvin is just a "young boot" compared to me, you know ('65) vs ('59). So, when we linked up in the Marine Reserves, after discovering that we were both, Richland Bombers, I felt compelled as an older sergeant to look out for "my boy." Another old sergeant, Ken O. Wilde, Marv, and I would meet once a month at the Pasco Airport to catch a hop on a Naval Reserve Plane to Whidbey Island for our weekend drill at Naval Air Station (NAS) Whidbey. Sergeant Wilde's middle name is Otto (as in Crazy Otto), and Marv and I are still in touch with him today, as "Wilde man" or "Crazy Otto" survived all of these years of his flying as a helicopter private pilot to fight forest fires, carry celebrities to the top of mountains for heli-skiing, carry tourists in Hawaii and Alaska, fly charters into the back country, and some "black ops" in South America (that he says that he could tell us about, but then he would have to kill us). I cannot remember Marv's rank, way back then, but it seems as though he might have been a corporal. This is uncertain, as I still believe that Marv was an operative in special forces or something clandestine, because Ken and I were openly training as crew chiefs on Huey helicopters, but Marv always disappeared for most of the weekend, somewhere on the base ... in apparently "Top Secret" training, only to emerge at night in the barracks, but quite secretive about what he had been doing. A side note to all this. We rode that Navy hop for 3-4 years, between Pasco and Whidbey, with a Navy crew chief serving on it, who liked us Marines and our brand of humor (because he thought that we were all nuts). And, almost a year had passed, until on one hop, Marv and I happened to mention that we were Bombers, to which the Navy crew chief said, "So am I!" Looking closer at his name tag, I noted that his last name was "Dreher." I said that I graduated in '59 and I knew an Eddie DREHER in my class. He laughed and said, "That's me, but I go by John, now!" Its a small world, even at a few thousand feet, in the air. John passed away since then, but he is well remembered by a couple of old Marines. Semper Fi, Eddie! One final note: And, by the way ... This is no s _ _ t! We were never ones to sit around the barracks at night. We felt that it was our duty as Marines to represent the "Force In Readiness" at the on base Enlisted Men's (and there were enlisted women in attendance) Club (if not in town at the Legion Club). I'm wondering what the Marines did about that moniker? Did they change it from The EM to The EM&W Club, or just the E Club? Anyway, enter again my convictions for aiding in the training of my younger Marines. I recall one evening, in particular, when Crazy Otto and I assembled about a squad-sized (12 or so) group of Marines for conducting an assault on the EM Club. Did I mention that we had already put in some time at the club, after work was secured for the day. In the spirit of providing some practical OJT or Training for Marv, we assigned him to take command and march all of us back to the club. Oh, and it was well past "Oh Dark Thirty" in the evening. Well, to make this sea story a little shorter ... Marvin marched us all into a water filled ditch! But, being Marines, we crawled, slipped, and slid, but finally charged out of the ditch, with a Devil Dog yell, and went on to the club, with Marv trailing behind trying vainly to reassemble his herd. The situation was "in doubt" and was definitely, no longer "well in hand." The managing Staff NCO took one look at us ... and let us in anyway, knowing that we were from that unruly reserve bunch. The rest of that night is somewhat of a Whidbey Island fog, and the next morning was filled with a lot of headaches. But, it had been a Semper Fi night! Now, friends, neighbors, and fellow Bombers, Marv may claim to remember that night a little differently, but don't believe him. You know how those trainee clandestine operatives can be ... And remember, as put forth in the movie, "Secondhand Lions," the stories don't have to be true ... just good! By the way, Marv and I both belong to the Rattlesnake Mountain Shotgun Club, where we shoot trap, skeet, and sporting clays, and Marv is our resident cook (and a very good one) for the big events! Thank you Marv, for everything, and Semper Fi! [And 5 hours later, this email from Pappy... -Maren] Re: My sister, Marilyn SWAN Beddo's ('63) surgery I learned this evening that an MRI test performed today [12/16], revealed that Marilyn's tumor is not growing, as was previously believed. So, the doctors have decided to allow her to enjoy the holidays, and they will perform the surgery on Wednesday, 1/6/10. -George "Pappy" SWAN ('59) ~ Burbank, WA where today, the world consists of a thick sheet of ice from the recent freezing rain, which could cast a sense of gloom over these days. But, don't let it happen by sending Marilyn your prayers, well wishes, and a little humor (she's up to it) to help her through the coming times. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Stephanie DAWSON Janicek ('60) To: Mike FRANCO ('70) Re: Dawson-Richards Little League team coach/manager Spelling Correction His name was Mills Meuser. He lived in the little house on the corner of GWWay right across the street from Jefferson. He and Ruth had no children but were a neat couple; we all were their children. Note: I had a card from my favorite teacher and lifetime friend Sonja Harmon (Chief Jo homeroom and French; Col-Hi's first Russian teacher; mom of Sasha HARMON '62); she is still going strong at almost 93 and living independently in Seattle. -Stephanie DAWSON Janicek ('60) ~ West Richland where the snow barely shows but is too cold to melt, and the coyotes have been having good old-fashioned howling contests. Leaving this week for Seattle and Whidbey Island to see kids and grandkids; back in January. Merry Christmas to all. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Judie COLE Crain and Jackie COLE Bailey ('63) Re: Don Sorenson's picture #556 Don, yes, picture #556 has Jackie and I in it. Maren was right. We have never seen this picture. Do you have any information: where, etc. We figure we were 3-1/2 or 4 years old. Was fun to see it. -Judie COLE Crain and Jackie COLE Bailey ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Don Sorenson (NAB) Re: Another Installment of 8 To All Bombers, #562 Halloween Dance #563 " #564 " #565 Central Files 700 Area #566 Scrap Metal collected from 100 & 200 Area Fab Shops #567 Photo taken 1951 #568 ? #569 Photo taken 1951 -Don Sorenson (NAB) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/18/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers and Don Sorenson sent stuff: Curt DONAHUE ('53), Mike CLOWES ('54) Janet WILGUS ('59), John ADKINS ('62) Donni CLARK ('63), John TAYLOR ('63wb) Rick MADDY ('67), Don Sorenson (NAB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Carole CLARK ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Susan NELSON ('67) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Curt DONAHUE ('53) Re: Don Sorenson's Picture #567 The woman in the picture is Lena Shook (RIP), a friend of my mother's who grew up in my mother's home town of Eureka, South Dakota, which also boasts of Al Neuharth of USA Today fame. He is a cousin of my mother's. -Curt DONAHUE ('53) ~ Federal Way, WA **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) Another fellow classmate to wish a Happy Birthday to, but the story will not be as convoluted as some. Just remember that we were also fellow inmates of Mr. Wheeler's home room class for our first two years at Col-Hi. She went on to bigger and better grades and I majored in study hall. Happy Birthday, Carole CLARK Oien ('54)! -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ and to all of you who received a strange e-mail from me, it was a computer glitch! **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Janet WILGUS Beaulieu ('59) Re: Don Sorenson's picture #554 I'm nearly positive that the beautiful "fortune teller" in your photo is a young and always beautiful, Diane Goodenow ('59-RIP). She certainly held the attention of that salty, ole pirate at the table. My guess for a date would be about 1952 (5th or 6th grade.) -Janet WILGUS Beaulieu ('59) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: John ADKINS ('62) Re: R2K + X raffle/silent auction Attention Hobbyist artists seamstresses collectors As part of the All School Reunion in the summer of 2010, there will be a silent auction or raffle of items of Bomber interest. Any of you out there that might like to donate an item please let us know. These will be charitable donations. Please contact either me or Jane WALKER Hill ('62). The raffle at [the original] R2K turned out to be one of the most popular items of the weekend, and I think this one will work out to be the same. -John ADKINS ('62) ~ Richland, WA **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Donni CLARK Dunphy ('63) Re: Marlyn SWAN Beddo ('63) Hi Bombers! If you didn't catch it on the end of Pappy's last entry was the news that Marilyn's surgery has been postponed till the 6th of January. She went in for a appointment before surgery and the doctor found that the tumor had not grown. Marilyn was so relieved that she could spend Christmas with her family and that they would not have to be making Hospital visits during this season. Keep the prayers going. She has been blessed by all your recent phone calls and emails. She called me this morning and we had a great conversation although she will probably not remember it later. We were talking about when we were little and Santa came to town and how we both believed in him and were so excited. We thought he only came to the C.C. Andersons' Dept. store in downtown Richland. We thought he was on a throne type set up in the middle of the store and we had to walk up to him. Marilyn thought he gave out gifts. I thought it was just candy canes. I was so fascinated by the lady curling the curling ribbon that I probably don't remember that part. Do share your Christmas memories I love hearing them. MEMORIES Voices from the past Echo in my mind. I can hear them calling. Once again I find, Faces so familiar, Places I recall, Seasons of another time, Memories gently fall. Memories are for keeping, Tucked inside our hearts. Not to be forgotten, There the treasured part, We can have for always, When all else has changed, Bringing back from yesterdays The love and laughter that remain. by Donni CLARK Dunphy ('63) Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas! **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: John TAYLOR ('63wb) Hi Everyone! The DOL has told me there is no connection between radiation and kidney cancer. Does anyone know differently? Can anyone site studies or reports that have proven there is a possibility that exposure or overexposure to radiation can cause kidney cancer? By the same token, can anyone site studies or reports that prove there is no connection between exposure to radiation and kidney cancer, that radiation can not cause kidney cancer? I have searched Google and gone to the American Cancer Society web site, but have not been able to find any evidence either way. Does anyone have a family member with kidney cancer caused by radiation exposure? I will treat all replies with strict confidence. Any help is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, -John TAYLOR ('63wb) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Rick MADDY ('67) Re: Mrs. Morse I got a call from Fred Morse ('63) last night (Dec. 17). His mother passed away that morning. I had seen Mrs. Morse last summer when I stayed with Fred for a few days. Fred had been taking care of his mother as she was in failing health and very frail. I'm not sure if she knew me or not, which I may add was very heartbreaking. For thirty five years I had known her. A wonderful soft spoken woman who treated me kindly throughout those years. My sincere sympathy and condolences to the Morse family on the loss of their mother. A sad day indeed. -Rick MADDY ('67) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Don Sorenson (NAB) Re: Another Installment of 8 #570 UNK 1950s #571 Reading Club?? #572 G E New Feature photo. How to get hired??? 1950s #573 " #574 Finger printing #575 Eye exam part of pre employment physical #576 Out door cookout??? Richland Riding Club perhaps?? #577 " To: Judie COLE Crain and Jackie COLE Bailey ('63) Re: Picture #556 Glad I found it! What a couple of cuties!! It would be fun to take your picture along with that one with those costumes which I'm sure your Mom made. -Don Sorenson (NAB) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/19/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers and Don Sorenson & Theresa Hammer sent stuff: Dick McCOY ('45), Patti COLE ('52) John WORRELL ('59wb), Patti Jones ('60) Gary BEHYMER ('64), David RIVERS ('65) Don Sorenson (NAB), Theresa Hammer (NAB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Tony HARRAH ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Lisa McCURDY ('86) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dick McCOY ('45) To: Donni CLARK Dunphy ('63) Thank you for a very beautiful poem. -Dick McCOY ('45) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Patti COLE Pierce ('52) Re: 50th Anniversary The Cole siblings and spouses want to wish Karen COLE Correll('55) and Gary Correll a very Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary today, December 19th. We will be thinking of you and hope your day is as special as both of you are. We love you! I want to take this time to wish all the Bombers a very Merry Christmas and a safe, healthy 2010! -Patti COLE Pierce ('52) ~ Richland where we still have some snow and ice in places but we are finally out of the deep freeze of the past week. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: John WORRELL ('59wb) Re: Sorenson's Picture #576 The lad on the far left holding a (hot dog?) is Lynn BAKER ('62 RIP) and yes, he was a member of the Richland Riding Club. Lynn lived down Pedersen Road from me on the Yakima River. We attended CBC together and worked together in 300 Area when I first hired on at Hanford (in 1963). -John WORRELL ('59wb) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Patti JONES Ahrens ('60) To: Donni CLARK Dunphy ('63_ and Marilyn SWAN Beddo ('63) Re: C.C.Anderson's/The Bon Marche I worked at C.C. Anderson's/The Bon Marche from 1958 until September of 1962, when I moved to San Jose, CA, in yardage. Since it was slow in yardage at Christmas I worked in the gift wrapping at Christmas. I was one of the clerks who wrapped gifts and curled ribbon. You were too close to my age to be one of the clerks you watched. Your entry did bring up fond memories of working at the store. Especially at Christmas. Being a floater during times of the year I have some very good time memories and some not so good. Like the man who was drunk who bought his wife a negligee on Christmas Eve. Later returned by the wife. Good part is I had lots of mothers who were clerks and looked after me. Maybe you two were customers. Lots of students bought yardage with their mothers. Many times I got to choose the material for whatever they were making. Great job for a teenager making a transition into the big world. Judy CAMERON Ayers ('60), Mike McKEOWN ('60) and Sam ROBBINS ('58-RIP) worked at the store also. Through reunions this past nine years I became good friends with Vera SMITH Robbins ('58). All the years after Sam left the store I did not know where he was or went until I met Vera. Bombers Have Fun Huge Bomber Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone -Patti JONES Ahrens ('60) ~ West Richland, WA Looking forward to all the reunions and luncheons next year. The fog has rolled in as the nasty ice has left the area. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Gary BEHYMER ('64) Re: Hundreds Gather to Protest Global Warming -Gary BEHYMER ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: Just who is sleeping with whom? Gotcher interest? Hope so... gotta couple of special kids with birthdays on the 19th... One is no longer with us on earth but always with us in spirit... ALWAYS... (I still envy him holding Beth PARKER ('63) in that Best Dancers picture: The one kid actually shared a room with Terence Paul Angel DAVIS (Knox '65) just after being born... clearly they were bound to be pals from the get go... I myself was not gonna share a room with some guy... so I shared my room with Janet BERGDAHL ('65)... now I would never wish to start any rumors so I'll just leave it at that and not go into any of the time we shared together back then... I will say tho that it was VERY special... siiiiiiiigh... ok no more day-dreaming... back on task... But I guess I should mention here that I have it on good authority that Lyman POWELL ('65) and Jo Marie ROBERTS ('65) did spend some quality time together crib-wise and ... play-pen-wise... I will not go any further tho I've heard... Oh no I just can't share that... forget I even mentioned it (remember when somebody would say... "I know a secret but I can't tell... " usually a girl would say that...)... but speaking Of Terry and Lyman... I heard from Terry yesterday that he, Warford ('65) and Lyman were on their way home... Terry sent another picture (of him of course) which I put on my face book... but as of yet I haven't received any pix of Lyman and Rick. Now where was I... Oh, of course... HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Pook SMITH ('63-RIP) and Tony HARRAH ('65)!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Don Sorenson (NAB) Re: Another Installment of 8 #578 Sewing a No Accident for a year star on Green Cross flag 1950s #579 Going over G E employee benefit plans. 1950s #580 " #581 Artificial respiration class #582 First Aid technique #583 " #584 Unk 1950s #585 Library Event To: Curt DONAHUE ('53) I know Lena and her husband Carl. Both great people. I also worked with Lena's sister in the PUREX Labs. Lena worked in the 300 area labs for over 30 years. Carl had worked in the Construction Camp during the war. I have a photo of the inside of a butcher's store. Could have been Fenly's Market. Anyway when I looked at this photo there was a very young looking man at the counter. I figured he was sent there by his parents to stand in line to purchase meat. I had this picture for 3 or 4 years before I showed it and several other photos of the Camp to Carl. Lena recognized Carl right away and told him so. He didn't believe her until she brought the picture of Carl and his brother to his attention. In that photo, there's Carl wearing the same leather jacket and scarf as in the Hanford photo. End of story. A few years later that jacket was stolen in a Richland restaurant. To: Janet WILGUS Beaulieu ('59) Was her father or grandfather a Chemical Operator in the REDOX building? I think Jake was his first name. He also worked with another operator named Jake, they were known as the 2 Jake's. Diane is a doll and I'm sure she had his attention as well as several others. -Don Sorenson (NAB) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Theresa Hammer (NAB) Did YOU work at Hanford/PNNL? Did YOUR PARENTS work at Hanford/PNNL? Did YOUR GRANDPARENTS work at Hanford/PNNL? Do you KNOW SOMEONE who worked at Hanford/PNNL? Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA) is a federal law passed by Congress in July, 2001. The intent of the law is to award medical and/or monetary compensation to workers in the Atomic Weapons Industry in the event the worker developed an occupational illness caused by exposure to a toxic substance at a Department of Energy (DOE) facility. There are over 370 DOE sites around the country covered by this law including Hanford and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) - and the law is retroactive to 1942. If the worker is deceased, survivors can be awarded the compensation. Survivors include (in order of eligibility): o Surviving spouse o Children of the worker o Parents of the worker o Grandchildren of the worker o Grandparents of the worker The Hanford Resource Center was established by Congress to assist the Department of Labor with the claim process. CONTACT: The Hanford Resource Center toll-free at 888-654-0014 or email -Theresa Hammer (NAB) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/20/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber funeral notice today: Jim McKEOWN ('53), Larry MATTINGLY ('60) Patti JONES ('60), Marilyn STEWART ('62) Lynn-Marie HATCHER ('68), Tami SCHUCHART (68) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Anne COLLINS ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Lyle HAWK ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: David RODRIGUEZ ('69) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jim McKEOWN ('53) Re: C.C. Anderson's To: Patti JONES Ahrens ('60) I also worked at C. C. Anderson's during the time you were there. It really was my first job in 1956 right after marriage, and it started a 40 year career in retailing. I don't remember Mike working there, but he probably did. By the time you were there I was managing home furnishings, and then Women's. Mel Swain was the Manager, and he sat in his office with that big window looking down on the selling floor for any problems. He was a no nonsense manager, and he was tough, but fair. I liked him and he gave me the opportunity to succeed at a time when we had no money at all. When Mel died, Morris Smith became manager. Also working there was Mr. Case, Dad of Deanna ('55), Everett Card, who was the display Manager, Dad of Darlene ('54) my sister-in-law. Ginger Knirck was the women's main lady. It was a great time of learning, good friends, and the start of a life long career... in 1960 I was transferred to Lewiston to manage the store there. Great memories. -Jim McKEOWN ('53) ~ from foggy Sacramento, CA **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Larry MATTINGLY ('60) Re: Don Sorenson's Picture #567 To: Curt Donahue ('53) The lady you refer to in picture #567 is Lena Shock, not Shook. Carl and Lena were my parents' best friends for many years. Mom, dad and I used to drive back to Grand Rapids every other year and Dad would get a new Chevrolet from his brother-in-law who at that time had one of the largest GM dealerships in the US. In those days (late '40s and '50s). it was called Burkholder Motors. But I digress... Lena would often ride as far as South Dakota with us. She and my mother would gab non-stop all the way. Then on the way back we would pick her up in some remote place and bring her back to Richland with us. Lena and mom would then gab all the way back catching up on all the news "from home". They lived in a "B" house at 322 Cullum. Carl had this old 52/3 Blue Buick he called the "Blue Goose". I can still clearly remember the night Lena lost the baby and Carl nearly lost her. It was a very close thing. He spent the night at our house. First time I ever saw a man cry. Young as I was at the time I learned some things about life that night. We went camping with them numerous times in the '50s and '60s. I worked for the contractor who built their new house up near Canal drive. Lena passed away a few years ago and somebody told me a while back Carl had passed on also. They were good folks, good friends, and well-liked. May they rest in peace. "Happiness is the sky in bloom" -J Larry MATTINGLY ('60) ~ Going North to Alaska in a couple of days. I'll be in Anchorage over Christmas and fly out to Dutch Harbor to do their large New Years display as soon as they can find me a seat on a Penn Air Flight. Some fishery or crab season must have slipped a bit in time as usually there are plenty of seats between Christmas and New Years. Either that or they have a big research project on and they are flying scientists and engineers out. Wow, shooting fireworks, and all the King crab I can eat... and people ask me why would I even think of going to a place like that in the winter? **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Patti JONES Ahrens ('60) Re: Don Sorenson's picture #565 (in the Central Files) On the left hand of the picture at a file I am pretty sure is Lucille REED Forby ('53-RIP), mother of Janet ('60) and Larry ('64). Janet, you might be able to confirm. I am amazed at the pictures you come up with, Don. For others in case you Bombers are looking for a place to put your mom or dad's pins from Hanford days, Don Sorenson will except them. Also gives you opportunity to meet Don. I definitely enjoyed meeting him and hearing about all the Hanford things he has collected. Thank you, Don. -Patti JONES Ahrens ('60) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marilyn STEWART Stephenson ('62) To: Patti JONES Ahrens ('60) I remember going to C.C. Anderson's as a young child. My parents knew Santa well, as he was a good friend of theirs. My sister, Linda STEWART Nicholson ('57), and I were told that he was Santa's Helper and not the Real Santa, because we recognized him. He was a very young man at the time and not married if I remember right. He was George Watt and loved children, well us children anyway. I believe later in life he bought the 7-11 Store by Jadwin and Van Geisen, ran it for many years before passing on. I think that was way before you Patti because we are only two years apart. -Marilyn STEWART Stephenson ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Lynn-Marie HATCHER Peashka ('68) Re: No, I'm not dead Greetings to all and please note the new e-mail address. (Sorry, Maren you know I do this to you about every 18 months or so!) I have been out of touch with the Sandstorm for quite a while. The move to Nampa, ID in June was followed very closely by a move on to Boise. The new job (wow, 6 months already), is wonderful and utterly overwhelming in scope. Since I came on board as the first full time psychiatric provider for Terry Reilly Health Services, the case load has quadrupled. Its an exciting but exhausting time of professional (and personal) growth. I am active in two churches (Catholic plus Calvary Chapel), took Spanish lessons during the summer and fall, and hope to re-start those in January as well as joining the choir at St. John the Evangelist Cathedral (Catholic). Health has been an interesting issue. Moving to a place with all new allergens means resetting the immune system for about the first 12 months. Plus the altitude is close to 3,000 feet, compared to 1,000 at Haven Farm the homestead before the move here (and which I'm trying to hold onto through these difficult financial times all prayers appreciated in that matter!) AND a very large number of the people I serve are homeless so I am exposed to all kinds of viruses, etc, every day. Fortunately I have not suffered anything major just kind of dragged down with fighting off bugs on every front. I expect this phase to be over within the next 6 months, too. I owe a SPECIAL apology to my long-time friend, Irene de la BRETONNE Hays ('61), who sent me copies of her very powerful & poignant books of poetry as a house warming gift. Irene, I just ask your forgiveness for never having acknowledged them, or the joy they brought me. Please believe me when I say that life has been kind of "too much" in 2009 but I see some light at the end of the tunnel in 2010. I certainly hope that last sentence holds true because things have been so wild, I haven't even seen my grandsons (5 & 3, now) since July. I have never gone more than 4 months in the past without seeing them so this is tough. It is hard to get to Richland (where kids and grandkids live) by air from Boise. One to fly via Seattle and it takes all day. The drive is long, as well so ... My national Board Certification in Psychiatry comes up in June 2010, which means I have to have all my continuing medical education credits completed and submitted to them by March. I am HOPING after that to get a life again! Anyway, just a quick check-in, with love to all my loved ones in Sandstorm land, and greetings to all my friends and acquaintances there as well. Please, if you are into Facebook, look me up there. I am Lynn- Marie Hatcher Peashka so just search it that way, okay? I'm finding out that is a great tool for getting and staying in touch, sharing photos, etc. In fact one last thing extra cool to share today. My cousin, Diane (originally from Salt Lake City), with whom I was very close when I was a kid, found me via Facebook. Turns out she lives in Boise, about 4 miles from where I live and 1.5 miles from my Boise office. (I also practice in Nampa, ID and Caldwell, ID.) So, after 43 years, we have reconnected what a great blessing! So much fun!!! In case this week is as intense as I think it will be, let me send now my wishes to every Bomber, honorary Bomber, NAB who is active in this forum, and all the rest of you who read and post here. May you each be blessed with the gift of "presence" above "presents" in your life --- the presence of time with those you care for, the presence of opportunity to invest yourself in contributions to others be those contributions great or small, the presence of peace, hope, joy, and love in your life. God be with you at Christmas and in the year to come. -Lynn-Marie HATCHER Peashka ('68) ~ Boise, Idaho **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tami SCHUCHART Keller ('68) Re: Don Sorensons picture #572 Imagine my surprise to see my wonderful Father in this picture when I scanned through this batch of pictures. He is the very, very handsome man in the middle of the picture with the bow tie. He worked in the "Personnel Department" back then, now known as "Human Resources". He did the hiring of any new employees back in the late '40s and all of the '50s. He actually hired most of my friends parents who started work during that point in time and I know he hired Obie Amacker's dad back then. I have looked at all of these pictures that are posted and never recognizing anyone so it was a real treat to see my Dad. He went home to Heaven and to be with my Mom many, many years ago but I always miss him so much and I thank you so much for posting these memories from the past. Even though I don't usually recognize anyone I really enjoy the memories!!! Thank you again!! -Tami SCHUCHART Keller ('68) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Funeral Notice >>Jerry POLLARD ('65) ~ 12/12/46 - 11/24/09 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/21/09 ~ WINTER SOLSTICE SHORTEST DAY of the YEAR - TOMORROW we start gaining daylight! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers and Don Sorenson sent stuff: Ruth MILES ('59), Annette HALL ('62) Connie McCULLUGH ('74), Don Sorenson (NAB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Kent HAMRICK ('53) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Leroy SOUTHAM ('56) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Joanne ROLPH ('59) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Duane LEE ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jeff OSBORN ('82) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Ruth MILES Bruns ('59) Re: Don Sorenson's #570, #571 In #571, the woman in the middle is Doris Roberts, who was librarian in Richland for many years (I was a kid and not paying attention to details, but my mother Blanche Miles worked at the library and was good friends with Ms. Roberts). Maybe someone else can describe her career there ... I don't actually recognize anyone in #570, but the picture made me think of teachers in a meeting, and the hut they're in could certainly be a plausible location. The back of the man standing reminds me of Mr. Skov, principal-or-something somewhere in the 1950s (details escape my senior mind). Leaving the rest to others, -Ruth MILES Bruns ('59) ~ in beautiful downtown Goldendale, WA where it's drippy and muddy, but Christmas is coming anyway. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Annette HALL Bundrant ('62) To Maren, who always comes through with our news... Doing for all of us who read the Sandstorm every day, it means a lot. To all my friends and classmates, and those who I don't know, I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And yes from the bottom of my heart. -Annette HALL Bundrant ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Connie McCULLUGH Brown ('74) Re: My Brother, Steve ('72-RIP) Steve passed away late last week from an accident in his home. Just wanted to let anybody who knew Steve that we will have a service at the cemetery next to the bypass on the 16th of January tentatively planned for 11AM. Thank you all. Connie McCULLUGH Brown ('74) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Don Sorenson (NAB) Re: Another Installment of 8 #586 Book characters portrayed in the Library. #587 " #588 " #589 " #590 UNK #591 Richland Riding Club Members #592 " #593 " To: John WORRELL ('59wb) John did you work in Fuels? Nice to hear from you. I've got a picture you might remember from 234-5. I'll scan it in soon and send it to the Sandstorm. Hope retirement is treating you well. The guards and plutonium are gone from -5. Seems erie. To: Larry MATTINGLY ('60) Carl is still alive and missing his dear Lena. If anyone knows Carl stop by and chat for awhile. He will really appreciate it. I love Carl's house. It is such a great spot and the lawn is always immaculate. He and Lena put a lot of effort into it. I would be great to have a license plate frame from that dealership. Who knows in a town that small there might be a few left. To: Patti JONES Ahrens ('60) I'm glad you enjoy them. I appreciate the kind words from everyone who finds family. Thank You. To: Tami SCHUCHART Keller ('68) Obie Sr. left the Chem Processing world behind to join Human Resources. Many (and I mean many) of the folks who dealt with him during negotiations with HAMTC said he was a fair person to deal with. He knew many of the folks in HAMTC who worked in the beginning and understood what they did for a living. I can tell you we do not have that relationship any more! Awhile back I saw a complete folder containing the pamphlets of G E benefits. Can't be too many of those that survived. I am happy to have brought back memories of your Father. -Don Sorenson (NAB) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/22/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff: Jim BYRON ('55), Larry HARROLD ('56) Marlene LARSEN ('56wb), David MANSFIELD ('59) Helen CROSS ('62), Pete BEAULIEU ('62) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: FIFTY YEARS!! Bob CHILES ('58) & Suzie GUNDERSON ('60) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** From the new ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook. >>From: Jim BYRON ('55) Entered: Monday 12/21/2009 3:48:07pm COMMENTS: None -Jim BYRON ('55) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Larry HARROLD ('56) To Don Sorenson, Picture # 588 The girl on the left is Shirley DAVIS ('56). The girl on the right could be Evelyn BUBNER ('55)? Shirley was named after her father who was also "Shirley Davis", and he worked for J.A. Jones. Shirley's sister Gloria ('61) was a couple of years behind her at Col-Hi and Shirley's mother was a teacher at Col-Hi. They are a wonderful and talented family. -Larry HARROLD ('56) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) Don Sorenson picture numbers 591 and 593 There are two pictures of Mary Helen Abel at the Richland Stables [I think if you look carefully, you will see the same lady in the background of #592. -Maren] Mary Helen and her parents, Jim & Mary Abel, were our neighbors in North Richland from 1949 through 1952. They lived in the other half of the duplex on "B" Street. They were always at the stables and Mary Helen rode her horse in most of the local parades. Mary Helen, if you are reading this, my sister, Linda LARSEN Wheaton ('60wb), has been trying to contact you. She needs your email address and current address. You could contact her or else leave a message on the Sandstorm site for either her or me. -Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David MANSFIELD ('59) Re: Dan Mansfield ('60) Daniel Eugene Mansfield, passed away this past weekend in Colfax, WA. Brother Dan had been struggling for some time with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, COPD. Patti JONES Ahrens ('60) said that Dan was well liked and I would certainly agree with that. He amazed me these past few years during our visits with the number of friends he remembered from our high school days. -David MANSFIELD ('59) P.S. Did anyone else feel that jolt today at 9:47 AM? I am pretty sure it was the Winter Solstice. Looks like we're backing into winter again here in Eugene Towne. After seeing two or three days with temperatures hitting 60F, it's now 41F and sinking. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) I want to add my holiday greetings and wishes that each and every Bomber and those we love may experience Christmas Blessings at the end of 2009, going into the New Year and onward. We have made some fascinating changes in the last almost 50 years since I graduated from RHS... and in ways, we've not changed so much... interesting weather patterns for a global warming pattern I'd say. I lived in Holland as an ICYE exchange student from August, 1962 to August, 1963. That winter was wonderful for me, the canals froze and we could drive our car on the Zuider Zee, but it was the worst winter they had experienced in almost 20 years. I haven't yet heard how far back Europe has to go to match their current winter conditions, I think I heard 40 years. which would put it almost back to 1962... We've just had our darling children's Christmas program and all family party with one of our church families. I love Christmas, for the real reason of the season, and also I love to get cards and hear the news from old friends. A few of you might remember Joy Hendrix Wilson (NAB) who visited her sister in Richland in 1963 when I met her. She currently lives in Florida, and we hope our paths will cross soon. she found me on the internet about 5 years ago... Also, hear from Carol RICE Forister ('62) and my neighbor often. We hope to get together in April, and I will keep trying to bring her to the next 50th reunion for us... and again thanks to Maren who works so diligently to keep us Bombers in contact. -Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) ~ Grandview, IN where we've had no real snow yet,and actually very few days of cold weather, but I shouldn't complain, as it makes it so much easier to get around... . **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Pete BEAULIEU ('62) Re: Sorenson picture #570 If the speaker is Mr. Skov, he was principal of Chief Joseph in the late '50s, and sometime earlier. The lights in the building are the kind that were in Lewis and Clark grade school until 1952 when they were replaced by something new called fluorescent. L&C also featured three "hut" buildings like the one in the picture [Quonset Huts], until late '52 or early '53 when we unfavored students (I was in the third grade) moved out and into the brand new brick wing on the opposite (northeast) end of the school site. The huts remained for a few years and were used by such as our boy scout troop up through '56 or later. Those huts were poorly heated. I recall being bundled up and crowding around the piano with teacher Mrs. Lester, singing songs to keep warm -- and being able to see our breath. -Pete BEAULIEU ('62) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/23/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Looks like ALL AOLers had their Sandstorm bounced yesterday. Hope it's fixed today. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff: Marilyn "Em" DeVINE ('52), Mike BRADLEY ('56) Ned BARKER ('59) and Susan BIRGE ('59) David RIVERS ('65), Dave DORAN ('72) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Chuck HOLTZ ('55) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Craig LANSING ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bill BLANKINGSHIP ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Sheila STAMBAUGH ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Sandy RIGGINS ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marilyn "Em" DeVINE ('52) My family and I thank all of you who have prayed and sent positive thoughts for my daughter, Sandra Hubbard Spivey. (NAB) Some of you know that we were afraid the cancer had metastasized to her brain because she hadn't had her chemo treatments for a full month due to low platelets. Yesterday her husband, Bob, called and said, "We are at the emergency room and you might want to get over here right away." Her headache was more severe than any pain she had ever felt. All she could do was hold her head and groan. Pain meds helped some, but then we couldn't tell if her incoherence was from the drugs or a brain problem. After about 20 hours of anxiously awaiting word, this afternoon we got the report that the MRI shows nothing abnormal: no tumor, blood clot or bleed. I am headed back over to the hospital. Haven't heard a discharge plan. Keri will arrive tonight at 10:30 because she just couldn't stand to be so far away when her sister is in such trouble. Regards to each and all, Marilyn "Em" DeVINE ('52) [Three hours later...] Further to my note earlier today: Sandra was discharged from the hospital this evening. Still a little bit "dingy" but that may be the pain meds. Doctor thought it might be/have been Meningitis but didn't want to do the spinal tap due to potential complications. Husband, Bobby has a long list of things to watch for: if he notices ANY of them, Sandra is to go back to the hospital immediately. We hope she can have chemo on Thursday because we are so worried about the cancer spreading further. (Some tumors have shrunk, some disappeared, and some are still there. We are grateful that her liver and spleen are clear, now.) Again... my family and I thank you all for the prayers and positive thoughts. Bomber regards, -Marilyn "Em" DeVINE ('52) ~ in sometimes rainy, sometimes sunny Richland **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Mike BRADLEY ('56) Re: Sorenson's Picture #588 The young lady on the left would be Ms. Davis from my Class of 1956, if I am not mistaken. -Mike BRADLEY ('56) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Ned BARKER ('59) and Susan BIRGE Barker ('59) Re: Happy Holidays from the Barkers -Ned BARKER ('59) and Susan BIRGE Barker ('59) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: I can be soooooooooooo stupid So I'm sleepy and getting ready for bed... turned off the Christmas lights and the bunnie's light... he decided he wanted to play of course and I always feel bad when I turn the lights off and he's still running around... something is nagging at me... hey I didn't get a Sandstorm today... my mind wanders to Chuck ('63 RIP) and Jack Gardiner ('61)... Then to Hal ('56) and Pook Smith ('63 RIP)... I'm thinking about birthdays... then I think of Rosalie ('63) and Helga ('66) and it hits me... oh no... it's Neighborhood hero day on the 23rd... I goofed up... I'm still sleepy but I jump up... a computer takes a long time to boot up when you are trying to make a deadline... sure hope I made it... so this may be short but not short on a sincere desire that two of those neighborhood heroes have a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY... Craig Lansing ('62) and Bill Blankingship ('62)!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David Rivers ('65) G'night **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dave DORAN ('72) Re: Untimely deaths The Bellingham Herald ran an obituary for Thom Sisk ('72) who died December 7th in Richland at his parent's house. Then, searching through the Sandstorm to find out anything I could about what the hell happened, I ran across Connie McCullugh Brown's ('74) notice about her brother Steve McCullugh ('72) who died last week. The Class of '72 has lost an inordinate number of its members to an early demise and I for one, am very sad about it. I've only seen Steve a few times since graduation, and the same goes for Thom, though we've had many friends in common. I'm not sure how indestructible I feel anymore. At any rate, hearing about an old friend's passing gives me a week or so of solid reverie and vivid memory of all the stuff sometimes dumb and dangerous we survived together as Bombers. I'm really sorry that these two guys aren't wandering our neighborhood anymore. I hope to make it to Steve's memorial service. -Dave DORAN ('72) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/24/09 ~ CHRISTMAS EVE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers sent stuff: Dave RHODES ('52wb), Curt DONAHUE ('53) Tony DURAN ('55), Marlene LARSEN ('56wb) John ADKINS ('62), Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64) Carol CONVERSE ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Marilyn GROFF ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dave MILLER ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Kerry LYNCH ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Art SCHAFER ('70) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dave RHODES ('52wb) Alice and I wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR. -Dave RHODES ('52wb) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Curt DONAHUE ('53) Re: Christmas As we near the celebration of our Savior's birth I want to wish for every Bomber everywhere the joys of Christmas to live in their hearts throughout the New Year. May we remember with solemnity those we have lost during 2009. As one who didn't think I would see the start of this decade, I am amazed, that by God's grace, to be staring at its end in just a few days. -Curt DONAHUE ('53) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tony DURAN ('55) Re: Sorensen's picture #588 The gal on the right I'm sure is Evelyn Bubner ('55). -Tony DURAN ('55) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) Re: Don Sorenson's picture #592 at the Richland Riding Club Does anyone know who the man is who is holding the horse's reins and also the name of the baby? I am wondering whether this man's name is Jim Abel. If so, he is the father of Mary Helen Abel who is the little gal in pictures #591 and #593. -Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: John ADKINS ('62) Re: A Very Merry Christmas I am one of the fortunate ones to have grandchildren about to brighten the next few days. To all of you out there A Merry Christmas - and enjoy your blessings. -John ADKINS ('62) ~ Richland **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64) Re: Holiday Time I'll be at my daughter's for Christmas Eve and Christmas... and feeling fortunate to see my THREE grandchildren's faces on Christmas morning when they see what Santa brought. You, too, can see them with Santa at: And can you believe it? Abby will be 7 years old the day after Christmas. Thank you, Richard, for doing the Sandstorm the next few days while I'm away from my computer having fun. I'll have my cell phone on if anybody needs me. Bomber Holiday Cheers to all, -Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64) ~ Gretna, LA ~ 66 at 2am (central time) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64) I would like to wish all of you in Bomberville and elsewhere a very very Merry Christmas to you and yours! May you enjoy this season for the true reason for this season!! To: David Mansfield ('59) I would like to extend our condolences to you and your family in the passing of Dan ('61-RIP). I was shocked to read your entry yesterday. I was beginning to wonder why we hadn't heard from him of late. -Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64) ~ Eureka, CA It's cold out, but sunny ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/25/09 ~~ CHRISTMAS DAY Dateline: Richland ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Deputy Editor Richard will be doing the rag for a couple of days; Maren deserves a few days off for all she does over the year. Richard, and his two boys, wish the Bomber community the merriest of Christmases and the best for the coming year! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 10 Bombers and Don Sorenson sent stuff: Dick McCOY ('45), Marilynn WORKING ('54) Ann BISHOP ('56), Paula BEARDSLEY ('62) Jim COYNE ('64), Linda McKNIGHT ('65) David RIVERS ('65), Pam EHINGER ('67) Betti AVANT ('69), Brad UPTON ('74) Don Sorenson (NAB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Larry BOWLS ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jay COATES ('72wb) and (because Maren would kill me if it didn't go in) Happy Birthday, JIMMY BUFFETT **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dick McCOY ('45) HOW GRANDMA SAVED CHRISTMAS By Dick McCoy. With apologies to Clement C Moore and Dr. Seuss Twas the eve after Christmas and all thru the house Were the signs of a party (more like a carouse) The wrappers and ribbons lay crumpled and torn The decos all fallen the flowers forlorn The tree by the fireside was all twisted and bent Credit cards maxed and the money all spent In comes the New Year with its usual clatter, Then nose to the grindstone and all things that matter On winter, on summer on spring and fall Up birthdays up holidays up trips and ? football Again comes Christmas bright lights and more Away to the mall away to the store Credit card, purse and wallet refilled To heck with the costs much later they?re billed. Fill up the closet with brandy and beer In hopes that the company soon would be here Humbug states Grandpa, we?ve strayed off the course Consider willpower, consider the source Forget about Christmas you won?t miss it much No way! Cried Grandma I?ve shopping, and such, So bring on the parties and memories so dear Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy New Year. Grumpy grinch played by Grandpa McCoy Lovely Grandma played by Grandma Ida Sorry, times are tough; all you get this year is this lousy poem. -Dick McCOY ('45) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marilynn WORKING Highstreet ('54) Like John ADKINS ('62), I will be blessed having my granddaughter and 2 great grandsons near us today as they open their presents from "Santa". They were at our home Christmas Eve for dinner and opened their gifts from us. Prepared them with some sleds in case it snows while they are on winter break from school. Not wishing for snow right now though! Hope all our military are safe and having a good Christmas day. Happy Holidays and a wonderful 2010 to all Bomber land!! -Marilynn WORKING Highstreet ('54) ~ Pasco, where it was chilly, but sunny. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Ann BISHOP Ousley ('56) MERRY CHRISTMAS to all. Be Blessed by the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ and have a happy and Blessed New Year. May the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob Bless you. -Ann BISHOP Ousley ('56) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Paula BEARDSLEY Glenn ('62) Just want to take a minute to wish all of you out in Bomberland across the country the very Merriest Christmas and a blessed New Year. Every time I click on the Alumni Sandstorm, I am reminded of the wonderful way we all grew up and how blessed we really were. I enjoy reading what you are doing and what you are interested in ..... we are an amazing group and I'm glad to be a part of it. -Paula BEARDSLEY Glenn ('62) ~ Worry looks around, Sorry looks back, Faith looks up!! **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jim COYNE ('64) Re: Facebook Was wondering if any of you have had trouble with Facebook. I have got a lot of Facebook stuff from people and haven't sent out anything. Kind of unusual. Anyway, wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas. -Jim COYNE ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Linda McKNIGHT Hoban ('65) Merry Christmas to all Bombers out there in Bomberland, family, and friends. I do remember a couple of times growing up when we did have a White Christmas, and here in Portland, Oregon, I am so thankful we won't have snow this year. Rod, the weather guy, read from last year's Christmas that we had 19 inches of snow. Brought the entire city to its knees. So this year, snow was predicted a couple of weeks ago, and they put chains on 500 buses and not one flake hit the ground. Whew!! we all said. Our hope is that all of you have a wonderful day with your families, friends, and furry friends, and enjoy the fact that Christmas falls on Friday and you have two whole days to recuperate before the work week starts again. Denny and I are having the kids and grandkids over tomorrow so we are excited for all the usual mayhem of the season. We have a living tree to plant in our yard this spring, going to add just a little more green to the Portland metro. Love and hugs, -Linda McKNIGHT Hoban ('65) ~ Tigard, Oregon; where the sunny is shining and my fat little squirrel is looking for his latest handout. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: It being Christmas and all Hey Kids... it's that time of year... time to worry about shooting our eyes out with Red Rider Daisy's and watching for Santa... I remember Terry Davis ('65 Knox) wasn't allowed to play with guns back then... he wanted a Red Rider in the worst way (in fact, he didn't get cap guns till we were in 7th grade... and then wore them to Confirmation class at Richland Lutheran one night in his PJs)... In 7th grade all I wanted was a transistor radio... figured my Pop would get tired of his in time and maybe give it to me... Nope... I got English Leather (imported from Walla Walla... couldn't get it in the Tri-Cities yet... I became the cologne dispenser for the guys till ya could) and a shaving kit (I'm 63 years old and barely hafta shave yet... It's an Indian thing)... I remember when Beej ('65) came to get me to go see what everyone else got he had a new radio and we played it as we walked... "Now or Never" was playing as we got near Heidlebaugh ('65) and Davis' houses... Since then I have purchased a perfect Red Rider (in the box) from back then (not a new repop) for Terry... and he has said that if he could find it, he would get me that radio like my Dad's (I actually found one a few years back in like new condition... almost got it and decided it was time to GET OVER IT!)... So nuff rambling for now... I wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Pam EHINGER Edinger ('67) MERRY CHRISTMAS! To every one in Bomber Ville! And to all those spread across the world! May God Bless You and keep you safe throughout the New Year! Bombers Rule! -Pam EHINGER Edinger ~ The Blue Ribbon Class of '67 **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Betti AVANT ('69) Here's wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2010. Gee, I can't believe next week will start a new decade. -Betti AVANT ('69) ~ Lacey, WAwhere we won't have a white Christmas like last year **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Brad UPTON ('74) Merry Christmas! -Brad UPTON ('74) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Don Sorenson (NAB) Re: Another Installment of 16 [15 actually] <> To All Bombers, Another installment of 16 [15 actually --Richard]. MERRY CHRISTMAS!! #594 Three women under a tree #595 Three women in a lab. This could be in the old 700 area. #596 Three women in a lab. Or it could be the Hospital lab. #597 Dinner at the Desert Inn #598 #599 Retirement photo. I've never seen a twist top beer can before. #600 Separations Dept picnic? #601 I've never seen a rolling pin throw contest before. #602 Tug o war. #603 ???? #604 Washing a bus. #605 Product advertising on a government bus?? #606 Bus loading. #607 [605, 606, and 607 are of the evacuation drill at Jason Lee --Richard] #608 Group photo. -Don Sorenson (NAB) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/26/09 ~~ BOXING DAY Dateline: Richland ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers and Don Sorenson sent stuff: Bill BERLIN ('56), Mary ROSE ('60) George BARNETT ('63), Linda REINING ('64) Rick MADDY ('67), Steve HUNTINGTON ('73) Don Sorenson (NAB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Vera SMITH ('58) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bill BERLIN ('56) Re:Boxing Day Happy day after Christmas.I was thinking of all my Bomber friends and those I don't know but especially Bombers that are suffering from various afflictions.Christmas being what it is to all of us is also a time for reflection and my thoughts went out to our service men and women all over the world or those that could not get home for the holidays.I know from my own experience, as do many other Bombers in uniform past and present, what it is like being away from home, family and friends at Christmas ... especially at Christmas.God bless them and keep them out of harm's way. Re:Great Christmas for me in Palm Desert, CA Dinner with close Canadian friends, warm weather and a real comfortable feeling of joy. Glad Maren is getting a "Grandma Holiday" and thanks to Richard for that great "gift", if you will. Re:Help!!! Do any Bombers know about the building of 250 to 500 "green" homes in Richland?We are doing a project in Torreon, Mexico and just before I left to come home it was announced that a delegation from Richland, WA was coming in to look at the project.We would be interested in bidding our "green" waste water technology on that project too.Any information from Richland Bombers that actually live in Richland would be appreciated, like where, what, when, etc.We understand this will eventually be a $250 million project. All my best wishes to all Bombers for a safe and sane New Years and a great year in 2010. -Bill BERLIN ('56) ~ Anacortes, WA and Palm Desert, CA ~ the best of two worlds **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Mary ROSE Tansy ('60) I have decided to share a little "Christmas story" with our Sandstorm readers. Last night a trailer filled with straw and carolers came to our home and two of them ran up and knocked on our door bringing us homemade soup, bread, fruit, and nuts. These kids are from the youth group at the Mormon church in this little town we live in. They deliver this food every Christmas to the "old people" in the Ward. I found out a few years ago that this is a yearly occurrence. We are not Mormon but they include us anyway. We had a heavy snow storm here a few days ago. Today, unannounced, there arrived a woman on a 4-wheeler with a snow plow on the front. She plowed our whole driveway and front sidewalk. This is not the first time this has happened either. It never fails to touch me and remind me of the true meaning of Christmas when these little acts of kindness are shared with us. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. -Mary ROSE Tansy ('60) ~ Centerfield, UT **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: George BARNETT ('63) OMG!!! <> Yes indeedy! It is Jason Lee and I've been caught in the act of boarding the evacuation bus. Miss Rands was the teacher (5th grade) and I am standing at the ready with ear muffs over my mother-barbered head. Then I think the person in the Cub Scout uniform was Barry Bristol and the third person was Jerry Christensen. His dad was a barber out in West Richland in that line of businesses to the south shortly after coming off the old West Richland bridge. That could be Kay Neiderhood just in front of me on the bottom step of the bus? This would have been taken the winter of 1954-55. I believe the person at the far left looking at the camera was named Doug. Now my memory has been squeezed to overload. Thanks for the memories. Bye Geo. -George BARNETT ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Linda Reining(Boomber Bomber class of '64) hope everyone had a good holiday season. ours was sadder than anything I can remember in my life. the Saturday before Christmas, my oldest grandson was killed in a single-car accident--he was going from Bakersfield to Las Vegas to see his girlfriend, lost control of his mini-truck, rolled it and was ejected(damn kid wasn't wearing his seatbelt!!)--he was air- lifted to the trauma center in Las Vegas(the accident happened about 50 miles from 'Vegas)and kept on life-support til his family could drive the 5 hours to tell him "goodbye". he was only 21 years old! I know that he is in God's hands and that God determines when it's "time to be born and a time to die"(it's in the Book of Eccliastes), but I am just selfish enough that I wanted him here for just ONE more Christmas!!!! so, cherish those that you love and make sure that they know, everyday, how much you love them! life can change in the blink of an eye. as for me, I am slowly gaining back my strength---can't believe how much the chemo "zaps" my energy---I get so tired just walking from the house to the car, let alone walking in the stores--thank goodness Target and Wal Mart have "cafes" that I can sit in while the rest of them finish their shopping. *grin* I will have one more chemo treatment, supposed to only be at the cancer center for about 5 hours, straight chemo(Cisplatin, which has platinum in it and they claim that's why it's so hard on the body), won't have to come home with that blasted "pump", either! then, I will start radiation--will find out on Monday how many of those treatments I will have. then, will have CT scans(can hardly wait to get inside THAT tube, again!)for two years, then, if no more cancer, they will remove the "port" and I will be "good to go". *grin* finally gave in and bought a wig--- decided there are times when the scarves aren't appropriate, so went to "Links for Life" and found one---they don't charge for the wigs---if you can afford to pay, they ask for a donation, otherwise, the wigs are free of charge. I found one that I liked and donated $50. it's synthetic, so the gal said IF I do any cooking/baking, not to wear the wig, cause the heat from the stove/oven can melt the wig!! and, can't use curling irons or blow-dryers on them, either! they "hold" their style, even after shampooing--shampoo them with baking soda and warm water! I am still "bald as a billiard ball", just not that shiny. *grin* they keep saying my hair will start growing back as soon as I am no longer taking chemo treatments, so am figuring I might have enough hair by summer, that I can quit wearing the wig and the scarves. hope so, cause the wig is "itchy" and the scarves get hot, so I really don't want to wear either in the Bakersfield heat. -Linda Reining(Boomber Bomber class of '64) ....2010 HAS to be better than '09, cause I don't think I could survive a repeat of this year! **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Rick MADDY ('67) To: Don Sorenson (NAB) Re: Photo #608 <> Standing in the back, third from right, the man with the white shirt with dots and pen in his pocket is, I believe, George Brown (RIP). He was a Hanford supervisor; of what I don?t know. I came into Richland with my folks on Christmas day 1954 after a year in Benton City. My parents rented the other side of the duplex at 520/522 Douglas owned by the Browns. Mrs. Brown was still living in 2007 in the very same place the last I heard. The first television I ever saw was the Brown's. I was five or six - born in June. Later in life I rented a room in Russell's house on Snow from 1974 to 1978 when we were in our twenties. I don?t recall those years very well -- a three and a half year, 24/7, party -- doing things our parents always told us to never do. I do recall Mr. Brown BBQ'ing game birds with his very own secret BBQ sauce that I could never get out of him. He would cook them at his house and send a large pan of pheasant, dove, quail, chucker, a partridge in a pear tree, or anything else we had gunned down that week. The Browns were a hunting and fishing family. Mr. Brown was the most 'union man' person I have ever known. His clothes were union made. I have seen fist fights over union matters. I loved this family. Just before Russell died I lost contact with them all ... I got married. I hope they are well. George Brown was the father of Kathleen (?), Ronnie (?), David (?64?), Russell (?66 RIP) and the twins, Randy and Janice (?72?). Thanks, Richard. Thanks, Don! -Rick MADDY ('67) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Steve HUNTINGTON ('73) Just watched that poor kid take it in the glasses with a bb from his Red Ryder again. You would think by now he would figure out it is coming and duck, wear goggles, or something ...... must be a Bulldog? -Steve HUNTINGTON ('73) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Don Sorenson (NAB) To All Bombers, Another installment of 8: <> #609 Community Chest volunteer. #610 GE dinner Desert Inn. #611 Gentrics Fashion Show. #612 #613 #614 ?????????????????? #615 Jeff Hull Retirement party #616 Crawdads in formaldehyde. 100-F Biology Lab??? I stopped by Carl Shock's home Christmas day and he had some interesting news! Seems someone in Church last weekend gave him a photo of Lena from 1951. Carl said this was shortly before she became pregnant. "Can you believe it? Someone found my wife's picture on the internet! I remember that GE News article about my Lena." He hands me the photo and of course I recognize it! But I didn't say anything at that point. Carl was just tickled pink. After a couple more minutes of conversation I told him I had submitted it to the Sandstorm. "The Sandstorm? What's that?" Carl asked. I proceeded to tell him all about and what the Sandstorm is. Gave him the web address to look up and to look for the other photos. Carl mentioned who had given him the pic but I can't remember. Although he did say the person's dad hired him. Carl had nothing but praise for his boss. The visit with Carl made my Christmas a little bit merrier. This is why I submit these pictures. Just for times like these. -Don Sorenson (NAB) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/27/09 Dateline: Richland ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers and Don Sorenson sent stuff: Curt DONAHUE ('53), Lois WEYERTS ('56) Steve CARSON ('58), Burt PIERARD ('59) Helen CROSS ('62), Earl BENNETT ('63) Linda REINING ('64), Don Sorenson (NAB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Marilyn SCHULTZ ('52) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jeannine HUGHES ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Sharon CHAPMAN ('57) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Patti ECKERT ('68) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ray NELSON ('70) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Curt DONAHUE ('53) To: Linda REINING ('64) Never had chemo or radiation treatments, so can not offer wisdom, but having also lost a granson in his prime -- 24 and recently graduated from University of North Dakota with a degree in Flight Aeronautics and just got his first flying job -- in a car accident, I can share some of the feelings you have. It's been four years and we still miss him. To: Don Sorenson (NAB) Thanks for the story about your visit with Carl Shock. He seems to be as alert as ever. -Curt DONAHUE ('53) ~ Federal Way **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Lois WEYERTS Harrold ('56) To Don Sorenson: Larry HARROLD ('56), my husband, made two pictures of Lena Schock that Don Sorenson had posted on the Alumni Sandstorm. I gave one of them to Carl Schock at church the following Sunday. He was so pleased to have it and showed all those around him the picture of his beautiful wife, Lena. From his statement to Don, it was my dad, Ed Weyerts, who hired him. Don had also shown a picture of my dad in his group of pictures on December, 7, 2009. It was #553 <> and my dad was the man in the middle. I had never seen that picture of my dad either. Carl had said that he had a large framed picture of Lena like the one we copied for him, but he had given it to his niece, Denise. He was so pleased to have another picture like it. The second picture we made was given to Lena's sister, Verna Wisehart. Thanks, Don, for all the joy and memories you bring to us with your pictures from the past. -Lois WEYERTS Harrold ('56) ~ in very COLD Richland. Happy New Year to all our fellow Bombers! **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Steve CARSON ('58) Linda REINING ('64): my sympathy for the loss of your grandson. Tough to handle, I'm sure.Glad to hear that you are on the rebound.You remain in our prayers. -Steve CARSON ('58) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Burt PIERARD ('59) To: Don Sorenson (Documentarian) -- (Note: Don won't accept "Honorary Bomber" but likes the title "Documentarian".) Re: Pic #610 <> Second from the right is W.E. Johnson, General Manager, Hanford Atomic Products Operation (HAPO). He replaced G.E.'s original (1946) manager, George R. Prout, on July 15, 1952. Bomber Cheers, -Burt PIERARD ('59) ~ Richland **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) To: Linda REINING ('64) Dear Linda, first of all my sincere sympathy with the loss of your grandson in such a tragic accident ... and my hope and prayers for a healthier 2010, free of CA, and a lessening of the pain from the loss of your grandson ... what a sad thing to happen so close to Christmas, not that there is ever a right time or better time for such a loss. With our thoughts and prayers, -Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) ~ Grandview, IN where we still haven't had any real snow, and most of all we've averaged almost 40 degrees all December. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Earl BENNETT ('63) Re: Don Sorenson's #608 <> Back row, second from left, possibly Herb Muller, 1105 Elm St. in the 50's. We lived next door at 1107 while I was at Spalding from 1st to 4th grades, before we moved to Jason Lee territory. I remember he had a superb Christmas lights display every year, and the most vivid impression of the family in my mind is "dignified". Merry Christmas and an exciting and fulfilling New Year to all Bombers everywhere! Regards, ecb3, from central Virginia where we had a record- breaking 18-28" inches of snow last weekend (fortunately my 240' driveway was at the lower end of that spectrum), and still have several inches on the ground even after steady rain/freezing rain yesterday. -Earl BENNETT ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Linda Reining(Boomber Bomber class of '64) to:Mary Rose Tansy('60) re: "Christmas story" loved reading about what the kids and people do in your little town--that is really what Christmas is all about---giving to others--really brings home the message of what Christmas is really all about! re: my grandson have received many private e mails expressing sorrow and prayers and thoughts for us at this time--thank all of you--they are appreciated more than you know. Linda Reining(Boomber Bomber class of '64)'s cold in Bakersfield, but still no rain and no snow, either--although, they do still have snow in parts of Tehachapi and the Frasier Park area(that's off the grapevine area of highway 99), but we are still having a dryer winter than we had hoped for--we need a wet one to help with the drought conditions this summer! **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Don Sorenson (NAB) To All Bombers, Another installment of 8. <> #617 Student Science Project? Is that paper in his hand from the Bulletin of Concerned Scientists? #618 Paul Beardsly with his two daughters. #619 Paul with one. #620 Job interview? #621 This gal looks like someone I know #622 Grade School Teacher and Student. #623 B P Check #624 Youth Group? -Don Sorenson (NAB) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/28/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers & Don Sorenson sent stuff & 2 Bomber funeral notices today: Elva McGHAN ('50), Ed CHARETTE ('55) Burt PIERARD ('59), Derrith PERSONS ('60) Marvin McDONALD ('60), Helen CROSS ('62) Linda REINING ('64), Don Sorenson (NAB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ron STEPHENS ('56) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Cathy STEACH ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Robyn RICHARDSON ('78) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Elva McGHAN Wallace ('50), Re: Sorenson's Pic #609 Looks like Verl Byron [father of Jim BYRON ('55)] Re: Sorenson's Pic #610 Lady in white next to W E Johnson looks like Melba (Mrs. Elliot) Bailey. She worked in purchasing in the 703 Building. She was in GenTrics. Re: Sorenson's Pic #614 Looks like Juanita Anderson in the light suit. She was also active in GenTrics. Thanks Don for all these great pictures. -Elva McGHAN Wallace ('50) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Ed CHARETTE ('55) Re: Sorenson's Picture #609 Richard, The person is Verl J. Byron [father of Jim BYRON ('55)] -Ed CHARETTE ('55) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Burt PIERARD ('59) To: Don Sorenson (Documentarian) Re: Pic #622 To show what a weird person I am (in case there was any doubt), when I don't recognize anybody in your pics (or feel that others will comment, like about Paul Beardsley), I find myself looking for objects in the pics that might stir some significant (?) memories. Lo and behold, such an object did, indeed, appear in Pic#622, namely, the DESK! I remember those desks throughout all my years at Sacy and at least in the New Building (Mac Hall to you kids) at Col-Hi. My memory makes a jump past Carmichael - total blank there. Also, I seem to recall a total wood structure in the late '40s. Anyhow, I digress. What was so memorable about those desks? That stupid little round hole in the middle front. We all knew those holes were for ink bottles to refill fountain pens but our teachers, in their infinite wisdom, knew better than to trust us all with an ink bottle of our very own. Remember the stories about dipping the pigtails of the girl sitting in front of you? Always wondered if that was true but, alas, we were never to find out. PS Does anybody remember the little reservoir inside the ink bottle for filling fountain pens? We filled the reservoir by tipping the bottle (with the lid securely tightened, usually, but sometimes we would forget). Bomber Cheers, -Burt PIERARD ('59) ~ Richland **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Derrith PERSONS Dean ('60) Happy New Year!!! Class of '60 lunch... January 2nd, WOW! its the first month and the first Saturday of the year.... It's time to get together again.. If you're in town or from out of town Come on, we'll have a good time!! When? - Saturday, January 2nd! Time? - 11:30 am Where? - Sterling's, 890 GWWay Come on everyone! Lets have some fun!! classmate, -Derrith PERSONS Dean ('60) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marvin McDONALD ('60) Re: The Very Best of the Christmas Season I would like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May this next year be the very best for each one of you. God's Blessings to all. Maren, and all the Sandstorm assistance's, A HUGE THANK YOU!!!! for all the work you do to keep this fantastic missive going out to all of us. Sincerely, -Marvin McDONALD ('60) SanDee Studholme McDonald (NAB) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) Re: Don Sorenson's pictures Is the grade school teacher in #622, possible Mrs. Donna Foust at Spalding grade school? I can't quite place one of the girls in that photo. Happy 2010 to all, who ever thought we'd get here so soon, having survived the first decade into the new millennium so quickly... I loved the photos of Mr. Beardsley with his little girls in a ranch house... [#618 & #619] I'd recognize that kitchen anywhere... having grown up in one myself, from 1949 when we moved into a spanking new home without a yard, until I left to be an exchange student soon after graduating in 1962... and then coming home to visit my parents in one until 1999 when my dad died, and my mom sold the house... -Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) ~ Grandview, IN where it is cold, in the low 20s and we've been having a light snowfall since about 4pm this afternoon, when I took our youth group of 7 girls ice skating at an outdoor ice rink in Owensboro, KY... the girls love it... I just watch, it looks like I could really hurt myself if I fell, which I think I most certainly would do... **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Linda REINING ('64) To: Curt DONAHUE ('53), Steve CARSON ('58)m & Helen CROSS Kirk('62) Re: loss Thanks for your words and prayers--they do help... have heard from many Bombers... am so glad to be part of this wonderful "family"... we really are a unique bunch. To: Earl BENNETT ('63) Re: Don Sorenson's picture #608 I thought that was Herb Muller, but wasn't sure. I remember his elaborate Christmas displays... they always had one of those aluminum trees in their front window, with the colored light behind that would rotate and the tree would shine in red and green, if my memory is right. He even entered his display in the annual Tri-City Herald contest... but, I don't ever remember him winning... my mom won 3rd place one year... she had made an entire village out of plywood... took up one half of our front yard. Mr. Garcia, half-way down the block, always won 1st place. *grin* I also remember skating in their garage... when Herb would be at work, we had the entire garage to skate in... we'd skate with a broom and whoever got "tagged" with the broom, was out. I remember I broke their broom and was afraid to tell Alice... thought for sure I'd be in trouble, but she just laughed and said it was an old broom and Herb needed to buy a new one. *grin* also remember the time the neighborhood (Wises, Dvoraks, Mullers, Conrads, McAllisters, Dozers, Taylors, Ards, and my folks) rented the swimming pool for an evening (think I was in 7th grade at this time) and Alice didn't know how to swim, so she just stayed in the 3' area, jumping up and down in the water. Steven, Jr. kept trying to tell her she could go to the 5' area, but she said as long as her bottom half got wet, she was fine right where she was. *grin* -Linda REINING (Boomber Bomber class of '64) ~ Bakersfield, CA **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Don Sorenson (NAB) Re: Another Installment of 8 To All Bombers, Another installment of 8. This will be the last of the people photos. I've gone through all I can. I do have another set of pictures from around town and from the Area (up until the late '50s). I'm sure there will be people in them but the pictures won't concentrate on them quite so much. #625 Birthday Girl?? #626 UNK #627 Going away party #628 Suggestion Award #629 Suggestion Award #630 Summer Fun #631 1956 Suggestion Award? #632 Suggestion Award To: Lois WEYERTS Harrold ('56) I worked with Verna in the PUREX Lab during the mid '80s. I remember the younger Chem Techs making snide comments on how slow she was. Those kids couldn't hold a candle to her knowledge of laboratory operations. If they would have taken the time to ask they could have improved their "skills" dramatically. Maybe even kept from getting "crapped up". By the way take a close look at Lena's photo and you will see a ring on her right hand. Carl filed on a stainless steel nut provided by his roommate. It is a likeness of a rose. Every night he would file away on it. Not much else to do in the barracks. Carl said he must have over a 1000 hours invested. Lena never took it off. Right now Carl can't locate it but he will. When he does I'll take a photo of it and send it in. Every night his room mate would ask "are you gonna file on that thing again?" "Yep" was Carl's reply. And you are quite welcome! -Don Sorenson (NAB) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Funeral Notices >>Thom SISK ('72) ~ 12/11/53 - 12/7/09 >>Steve McALLISTER ('56) ~ 8/20/38 - 12/24/09 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/29/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11 Bombers and Theresa Hammer sent stuff: Dick McCOY ('45), Kay MITCHELL ('52) Annie PARKER ('57), Richard ANDERSON ('60) Bob RECTOR ('62), Dennis HAMMER ('64) Harvey IRBY ('64), David RIVERS ('65) Jackie HANSON ('67), Sharon HINCH ('70) Deanna OTTERBEIN ('81), Theresa Hammer (NAB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Janice BEARDSLEY ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Chuck LANGE ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dot EGELAND ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Hannah LEE ('94) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dick McCOY ('45) Re: Desks To: Burt PIERARD ('59) In addition to the ink wells you forgot the slots to hold pencils, crayons etc. -Dick "the Nitpicker" McCOY ('45) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Kay MITCHELL Coates ('52) Re: Husband Dick's Health An up date on Dick for those of you who knew he had been diagnosed with kidney disease earlier this year. He made a decision to go ahead with dialysis a couple weeks ago - this was something that he did not want to do, but when push came to shove he thought doing it was better than the alternative, soooooo, off to the hospital we went. He was in Sacred Heart for 6 days, coming home on Christmas eve. Three procedures were done and dialysis was started while he was in the hospital. We are going to try at home (peritoneal) dialysis which will require 2 weeks of training for me to attend in Spokane. We are going to Colville for the dialysis (4 hours 3 days a week) so getting to Spokane for the training will be a real challenge for me. I am hoping some of you out there in Bomber land can give me some feedback on the at home procedure vs. driving to the dialysis center (about 45 min. from our home.) After doing one treatment on Sunday, Dick is wiped out, and now he will go again tomorrow. It takes about 6 hours to complete the treatment plus the driving, so that makes 2 of us wiped out! If we can do it at home we won't be able to start for another 6 weeks as the port must heal before we begin. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! -Kay MITCHELL Coates ('52) ~ Valley, WA **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Annie PARKER Hoyle ('57) Re: Phoenix-Tucson area Bomber Get-Together A reminder: Arizona Bomber Get-Together will be January 23, 2010 at 4:00 P.M. at Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino Resort. We will meet in Classics With a Twist Lounge. Address is 5040 Wild Horse Pass, Chandler, AZ 85246. We have had a great response. Looks like lots of fun. Some folks are staying the night. Any questions contact me or Darvis BERGAM Bobo ('57) or Carol BISHOP Horne ('57) Come and join us and renew old friends and meet new ones. -Annie PARKER Hoyle ('57) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Richard ANDERSON ('60) Re: Ricky has been "friended" by Maren Gosh! Two days after the 20th -- TWENTIETH!!! -- anniversary of his quitting a four-pack-a-day cigarette habit, Ricky (Deputy Editor (Plenipotentiary) of the Alumni Sandstorm) was "friended" by the Editor, Queen Maren SMYTH (of various class years) on his Facebook page. Oooh! Oooh!! Oooh!!! He wonders: is this a good thing? -Richard ANDERSON ('60) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bob RECTOR ('62) Re: Should we Join Facebook? Over the Christmas Holiday, the kids and nieces and nephews were trying to talk me into joining Facebook. I asked, "Why should I do that?" "What if I get Unfriended?" They answered, "then you can take them off of your Christmas Card List!" OK, I signed up. -Bob RECTOR ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dennis HAMMER ('64) To: Burt PIERARD ('59) Re: Ink bottles I do remember the little reservoir at the top of the ink bottle. It was a little piece of glass molded in at the top and set at an angle. I am pretty sure that was exclusive to Scripto brand ink. Never used fountain pens much, when we started writing in ink in what? fourth or fifth grade? they told us to bring in ball point pens. Somewhere around 1957 the cartridge pen came out. It was really a fountain pen, but you didn't have to fill it from the ink bottle. The ink came in a plastic cartridge which you inserted in the pen, screwed on the top, which punched a hole in the top of the cartridge, and you were ready to go. I came up with a way of refilling the cartridges to save money. (boy, I bet I saved some big bucks there) I don't remember how I got the ink in the little tube, a syringe would be perfect but I didn't have any. Then I covered the hole with clear fingernail polish. I also used clear fingernail polish instead of head cement for tying flies. I did a little web surfing and found a "vintage" cartridge pen with seven refills, still on the hanging card, original price $1.00 for $20.00; "sold out." How come so many of the things I like or remember are called "vintage," "classic," "antique," or "oldies?" -Dennis HAMMER ('64) ~ Can you believe Christmas has come and gone already? When I was a kid it used to take a whole year for Christmas to come around again. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Harvey IRBY ('64) It with deep sadness I announce the passing of my father. Many of you may have known him through work, his TV service business, golf or social contacts. He was a 50 year resident of the Tri- Cities. Harvey H. Irby, Sr. was born on January 10, 1917 in Good Pine, LA, and passed away on December 12, 2009, in Las Vegas, NV, from complications after hip surgery. He was preceded in death by his beloved wife of 59 years, Betty, brother Clyde, sister Winnie Belle, half-brother William Day, Jr., and half-sister Marjorie Day Turner. He is survived by son Harvey Jr. and his wife Carolyn, grandsons Jonathan (Annamaria), Joel, and Brian (Devon) Irby, and three great grandchildren. He grew up in rural Louisiana and entered the US Army 1942 and spent three and one half years in the service during WWII with two and one half overseas, although he never saw combat. While stationed at Camp Adair, OR, he met Betty through his sister Marjorie, who worked with Betty. After three weeks he proposed and they were married. After leaving the army in 1945, he worked nearly his entire career at Hanford. He retired for the third time in 1995, at age 78, from Rockwell Hanford Company as a senior engineer, and moved to Las Vegas to be close to his son and grandchildren. A grave side memorial ceremony will be held at 8:40 am on January 4th, at the Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Boulder City, where his ashes will be emplaced next to Bettys, who passed away in 2004. Arrangements are by Palm Mortuary, Las Vegas. In lieu of flowers, the family would appreciate donations to Wreaths Across America ( an organization which honors veterans and Gold Star Families each December. -Harvey IRBY ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: More December Birthdays and stuff First... what is "Box Day?" Next, Terry DAVIS ('65) got back from his little trip... guess it was really cold in Europe... WARFORD ('65) and POWELL ('65) are still there so pray for all they meet... Yes, Jim COYNE ('64) we are getting many messages from you and Carol WISE ('64) on face book... Carol's have stopped but yours are still coming... I'm wondering if it is a Van Geisen thing... Now, Birthdays... A big kid and a kinda big kid... the big kid's house was the place for Spalding kids to be during my tenure, as her older (in years only... see Mary Lou ('63) how hard it is to speak without using that word!) Paula ('62) kinda alluded to the other day... (my tenure at Spalding, which ended abruptly after a certain little gang fight I orchestrated on the play ground... I think the Statute of Limitations has run... and I already confessed to setting the Densow's orchard on fire... I may still owe Keith PETERSON ('65) the ten cent hush money I borrowed to pay off my lil' Bro)... and the not so big kid who has left but is not even close to being forgotten was my heart throb while I was dating her youngest sister... (that sounds bad I know... but it is worse if I tell you that while I was parked at the kinda big kid's house and was with her sister another girl sneaked a sympathy card into my car on a mission of revenge... dang... life was not as simple as I sometimes recall as a teen)... speaking of revenge... I know I harp on this a lot, but revenge is never sweet... I have a good friend of mine on such a mission right now in spite of my advise... I am sure it will not turn out well... so let's get back to the good stuff... the kinda big kid and I got to spend some memorable time together later in life... but she was taken so young... .I really hate losing friends... But for now it's HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Janice BEARDSLEY ('64) and Kathy WERSEN ('64 RIP)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David Rivers ('65) (Hey Earl ('63) those parenthetical's must just drive you mad!) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jackie HANSON Hewett ('67) Re: Gene BURRILL - Class of '67 Hello to all you Bombers, It is very seldom that I write but am an avid reader. Do to my own medical problems I have not been able to be at any of the class reunions for many years but that does not mean you all are not in my thoughts and prayers as I read the Sandstorm. I have some bad news for all of us who went to Lewis & Clark Grade School and to Carmichael Junior High. I know many of you will remember Gene BURRILL who was one of our classmates. His family moved to Anchorage Alaska the summer before high school. I was fortunate enough to reunite with Gene and his wonderful wife Kelly 12 years ago when I moved to Alaska. It was as though our friendship had never changed regardless of the years that had passed. Gene went through many troubled years before finding his soul mate, Kelly, and really turned his life around. He has been an X- ray technician for the local hospital in Willa for many years now. He was recently to have back surgery and while doing his pre-ops they discovered massive lung cancer in this right lung. I urged them to go state side for second opinions and treatment as although Alaska is beautiful year round it is tremendously cold in the winter, and most of all we lack really great hospitals and doctors. They are now at William D. Anderson Hospital in Houston Texas. He has just finished his first round of chemo. The hope is that he will undergo three rounds of chemo and that it will shrink the smaller tumors and perhaps reduce the largest enough that they will be able to do both chemo and radiation. They have rented a small unfurnished apartment a few miles from the hospital which is huge expense, and then trying to just put the essentials in it. Right now they have a card table, two chairs and an air mattress. They will have to be there for approximately 5 months. I am asking and begging everyone for two things. First, and the most important, all of your prayers which will mean the most to Gene and Kelly and second that if at all possible if anyone who can possibly make any type of financial donation that will help them through this I know it will be so appreciated. This I am asking because I know how much they need the help and I know they would never ask for themselves. The hospital where Gene works is having a fund raiser in January for him and the local chapters of Harley riders are also having fund raisers to assist them in any way they can. I have set up an account for them if anyone is in any position to help at all. The account number is with AlaskaUSA Federal Credit Union, Routing #--------- account #-------_--- under Gene Burrill in care of Jackie Hewett, at the moment until I can get the signature cards back from Gene and Kelly. They didn't want me to ask anyone for help, but they need it so badly. With the economy so terrible I know it is an awful lot to ask, but for all of you that know Gene, and for those who do not, it is a worthy cause. I don't know how else I can get this out to all of our classmates, but if anyone does, PLEASE, help me get this out to everyone. I have their address in Houston if anyone would like to write to him. Thank you and Bless you all, -Jackie HANSON Hewett ('67) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Sharon HINCH Parker ('70) To: Dan Laybourn ('70) Hi Dan, my name is Sharon HINCH Parker. Perhaps you can help me. Im trying to locate Nancy HOGUE ('70). I do not know if you know of any way I can contact her. The three "H" best friends were Donni HAMBLIN, Sharon HINCH and Nancy HOGUE. Of course, LaDonna is no longer with us. Thanks for your help. -Sharon HINCH Parker ('70) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Dan's response to Sharon: Sharon, I don't know where Nancy might be, but I'll forward to Maren at the Alumni Sandstorm.. I reckon she'll post your request... and thanks in advance, Maren] **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Deanna OTTERBEIN Keller ('81) Re" Sorenson's Picture #611 Picture #611 is my mother Donna Southerland (Donna Otterbein at that time). She was married to my Dad, Glenn Otterbein, and he worked for GE. I remember her talking about modeling in a fashion show at that time. Despite those fabulous curves, she didn't look too happy modeling that swimsuit! -Deanna OTTERBEIN Keller ('81) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Theresa Hammer (NAB) Did YOU work at Hanford/PNNL? Did YOUR PARENTS work at Hanford/PNNL? Did YOUR GRANDPARENTS work at Hanford/PNNL? Do you KNOW SOMEONE who worked at Hanford/PNNL? Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA) is a federal law passed by Congress in July, 2001. The intent of the law is to award medical and/or monetary compensation to workers in the Atomic Weapons Industry in the event the worker developed an occupational illness caused by exposure to a toxic substance at a Department of Energy (DOE) facility. There are over 370 DOE sites around the country covered by this law including Hanford and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) - and the law is retroactive to 1942. If the worker is deceased, survivors can be awarded the compensation. Survivors include (in order of eligibility): o Surviving spouse o Children of the worker o Parents of the worker o Grandchildren of the worker o Grandparents of the worker The Hanford Resource Center was established by Congress to assist the Department of Labor with the claim process. CONTACT: The Hanford Resource Center toll-free at 888-654-0014 or email -Theresa Hammer (NAB) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/30/09 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers sent stuff: Mike CLOWES ('54), Carole CLARK ('54) Burt PIERARD ('59), Ed WOOD ('62) Linda REINING ('64), Robert AVANT ('69) Lori SIMPSON ('70) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Phil GANT ('54) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) Re: Passing of a Classmate In this morning's Statesman-Journal I came across the obit of Michael "Mike" Edward Zimmerman. His birth date and passing resemblance to the person of the same name who graduated with us in 1954 is too coincidental. The obit can be found at: It does not mention where he graduated, except that he was in the Pacific Northwest during his high-school years. The '54 Columbian indicates that he spent two years in Salem before his senior year at Col-Hi. Sorry about the possible bad news. Re: Sandstorm Entry Am I getting to be like David RIVERS ('65) in pointing out birthdays of the rich and famous, well, all right, fellow classmates? Hope not, but today, December 30th, marks one Phil Robert GANT ('54) as being on the birthday hot-seat. So, a big "shout out" to Phil, and hope he can make the next reunion. He is one of the few people I know who can wear a "Full Cleveland" and look like a used car salesman in the same breath. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ from currently cold and foggy Mount Angel, OR **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Carole CLARK Oien ('54) To: Dennis Hammer ('64) I have a bottle of Shaeffer's Skrip writing fluid (ink) in the original carton and it has the small glass well at the top. I found it at my brother-in-law's house when we were clearing it out last year after his death. It's a wonder it didn't break in my suitcase in the luggage compartment of the plane coming home but it is here on my desk now. Somehow I really wanted it as I remember filling lots of fountain pens from similar bottle. Don't suppose there are too many of us around who remember when ballpoint pens first were marketed. -Carole CLARK Oien ('54) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Burt PIERARD ('59) To: Dick McCOY ('45) & Dennis HAMMER ('64) Re: Continuing the heavy-duty discussion on desks & fountain pens To: Dick Simple reason I didn't mention the pencil slots - they weren't part of my memory. To: Dennis I agree that the little reservoir in the ink bottle was exclusive to Scripto (a name I could not conjure up for yesterday's post), in fact, I don't recall anybody else selling the ink, like, in those days, when somebody came out with a product, THEY were the ones - no "knock-offs." Maybe wrong here, but that's the way I remember it. As to re-filling the cartridges, we would squeeze them in the middle, put the open end down in the reservoir and release. It would only fill them a bit more than half-way (and kinda messy), but we weren't doing it to save the few pennies - we were just too lazy to walk across the street (Thayer Drive) to Pennywise Drugs to buy more. To: David RIVERS ('65) Re: "Boxing Day" Boxing Day was explained to me by a British lady in Vancouver, B.C., some 30 plus years ago. She said it was an old British Custom to "box up" some of the old toys on the day after Christmas and go distribute them to the poor. Kind of the "Original Re-gifting." Bomber Cheers, -Burt PIERARD ('59) ~ Richland **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Ed WOOD ('62) Re: Don Soreson's Picture #626 Finally it happened! Don Sorenson found and published a picture of my father, Edward Wood. He's seated, wearing a necktie (long tie, fourth in from the left). Dad allowed that "it looks like a considerably younger me." Unfortunately, he doesn't recall others in the photo. He's now resting at home in Menlo Park, CA, after visiting my sister Alyson for Christmas in Houston. He's still getting around, but a bit more slowly these days. To: Kay MITCHELL Coates ('52) I worked in the dialysis business for many years but it's been quite some time since I was active in that field. I know a great number of advances have been made since I left it. You didn't say if Dick's dialysis on Sunday was a hemodialysis or a peritoneal dialysis, but since it took six hours I'm suspecting the latter. Patients frequently feel wiped out when just starting the procedure since the body has to adjust to some pretty substantial changes being inflicted on it. The feeling usually gets better in time and as electrolytes come into better balance. A 45 minute drive is quite an imposition so I suspect you're making the right decision to try home dialysis. Peritoneal dialysis is far less technically challenging than hemodialysis, which is a major reason it is the preferred means of home treatment. You shouldn't have any fear of the process. It's really pretty straight forward. There have been some recent advances in home hemodialysis as well which you may want to consider at a later time. It's more complicated but can be done properly in far less time since it's more efficient than the more gentle peritoneal dialysis. Best wishes! -Ed WOOD ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Linda REINING ('64) To: Kay MITCHELL Coates ('52) Re: at-home dialysis My step dad had the peritoneal dialysis and, although it meant being hooked up to the bag of solution three times a day, it was much easier than having to go to the hospital/dialysis center three times a week and being there for over 4 hours. He and my mom lived in Priest River, Idaho, and they would have to make the 45 mile drive to Spokane, three times a week, so when he was offered the peritoneal, they jumped at the opportunity. The only drawback that my mom ever complained about was that it required keeping the port area clean and sanitized cause of the threat of infection... my step dad did get a couple infections, but that was his fault as he didn't use the sanitary measures that were required. It did make him tired, but so did the "normal" dialysis. Hope this helps a little. To: Dennis HAMMER ('64) Re: cartridge pens I remember those pens... think I was in 7th grade when I started using them... they had cartridges with turquoise ink in them, and I remember using that color for everything... don't ever remember buying the blue or black. Re: An update on my cancer I saw the radiologist yesterday and he "read" the latest CT scan and was able to pinpoint the primary source of my cancer... it is at the back of my tongue (he showed me the mass... it is 2 centimeters, and stage 1). he said that is usually where neck cancers start... I will start radiation treatments the middle of January and will go 5 days a week, for 6 weeks... he also felt my neck and my tumor there has shrunk so much that he couldn't feel it... woohoo *grin* will also have CT scans during this time... can hardly wait to get inside that blasted tube!!!! He did say that this cancer is one of the easiest to cure and my prognosis is 100% curable, so that is very encouraging. I did cry when he told me he had found the primary source... just scary... but he gave me a big hug and said he hadn't lost any patients to this type cancer and I wasn't going to be the FIRST! *grin* I also have to consume at least 80 GRAMS of protein a day... IF I don't, then I will be in the hospital and on a feeding tube... there is NO way I will let that happen, so I told him I will do whatever is necessary to consume those 80 grams! I did find a drink that contains 21 grams of protein per can, so I bought 4 cans (am hoping it tastes good, cause the only other protein drink I found was made with whey and they suggest adding other things to make it taste good)... he also said that the radiation will take away my sense of taste, I will have a very sore throat... he said it will be like the worst case of strep throat... it will make eating/chewing very difficult, so that's why he suggested liquids... creamy soups, oatmeal, cream of wheat, plus lots of warm tea or coffee... said the tea/coffee soothe the soreness of the throat, can also suck on sugar-free candies and/or throat lozenges... he also said that the radiation causes a lot of weight loss (can lose as much as 2# a day) and that since I am overweight he isn't worried about me losing so much weight that I'd have to be hospitalized... first time I have ever been told that my being overweight is a good thing!!!! *grin* So, am hoping that by summer, I will be "back to normal", whatever that is. *grin* To: Harvey IRBY ('64) Re: your father So sorry to hear of the passing of your father... it's never easy to lose a loved one. To: Jackie HANSON Hewett ('67) re: Gene BURRILL ('67) I will keep him in my prayers. -Linda REINING (Boomber Bomber class of '64)... Bakersfield, CA they say we might get some rain, tomorrow, but it is only a 50% chance, so figure that means it will avoid us, again. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Robert AVANT ('69) Re: William D. Anderson, Houston, TX To: Jackie HANSON Hewett ('67) Just as a so it can be known by those who believe that Texas only contains hicks and steers, the William D. Anderson Center is one the finest cancer facilities in the world, let alone the USA. Your friend can be in no better hands, or I might even say that if you have to leave Alaska there is no better state to be in than Texas. Good luck to Gene and I hope he is back home in time for king season -Robert AVANT ('69) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Lori SIMPSON Hogan ('70) To: Pat DORISS Trimble ('65) Re: the 11-29 excerpt about the Desert Inn The old Desert Inn became the Hanford House and is now the Red Lion. It was never the River Shore, that is now the Shilo Inn, farther South on GWWay. Thanks, -Lori SIMPSON Hogan ('70) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/31/09 ~ NEW YEARS EVE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCOY ('45), Kay MITCHELL ('52) Jerry SWAIN ('54), Diane AVEDOVECH ('56) Dave HANTHORN ('63), Carol CONVERSE ('64) Pat DORISS ('65), John ALLEN ('66) Maggie GILSTRAP ('74) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Grace DeVINCENTIS ('50wb) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Wayne WALLACE ('50) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Doug HILDEBRANT ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: John ALLEN ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Gary GRIGG ('68) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mikel BOATMAN ('99) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dick McCOY (the Tin Can Class of '45) Re: Desks To: Burt PIERARD ('59) You say pencil slots were not in your memory. The same is true of me, and I have no slots on my present desk. I now know why all my crayons end up on the floor. One more thing... I went to a catholic grade school in Minneapolis. The ink wells were not taken up by the nuns, as it was a venial sin to spill ink. Those old fashioned pens of the day also never left big blobs. (saintly music here) -Dick McCoy, from the Tin Can Class of 1945 **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Kay MITCHELL Coates ('52) To: Ed WOOD ('62) and Linda REINING ('64) Re: Dick's Health The information from both of you is very reassuring and helpful. After two sessions I am feeling quite overwhelmed with the information, the paperwork, the meds and the time that is consumed. The nurses and the staff at the dialysis center are wonderful and very patient. Due to Richard's Alzheimer's, I find it is super important for me to be his memory bank and to make sure he follows all instructions. He has a Tues, Thurs, Sat. schedule (did Sunday last week due to the Christmas holiday - they are only open 2 Sundays a year) Today I found that Rural Resources will provide transportation one day a week, so that gives me a much appreciated break. The peritoneal-dialysis will begin after I am trained and the port has time to heal properly. That will happen in approx. 6 weeks, so for now, I am taking it one day at a time and dealing with the things that are in front of me to do. The stress of worrying how I was going to be in classes every day for 2 weeks and get him to Colville 3X week was really making me crazy!! I know it will all work out. Your input is very much appreciated. It just helps to have info from someone who has been through this and understands. Bomber thanks to you!! -Kay MITCHELL Coates ('52) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jerry SWAIN ('54) Re: Ball point pens To: Carole CLARK Oien ('54) Carole, My dad (Millard Swain, Manager of C. C. Anderson's in Richland) brought home the first ballpoint pen I ever saw or used in 1952. I used it for about a month and it leaked in my pocket. -Jerry SWAIN ('54) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Diane AVEDOVECH ('56) To: Robert AVANT ('69) and Jackie HANSON Hewett ('67) I just wanted to comment on the Wm. D. Anderson Medical Center in Houston, TX regarding cancer treatment. This center also has available the very best, non-invasive treatment of many cancers by utilizing Proton radiation, which is very different from photon and X-ray radiation treatments. It is a non-surgical form of treatment and does not do extensive tissue damage either in front of the tumor or on the back side of the tumor. By the way, protons are hydrogen atoms that have had the electrons stripped off and then accelerated to unbelievable speeds. When they slow down to a specific velocity they release a momentary burst of energy at the target tumor and after that energy is spent, it then passes through the other side of the target tissue with little or no damage to the remaining tissues, unlike photon and X-Ray radiation. I had this type of radiation treatment at Loma Linda University Medical Center and there are almost always little to no side effects what so ever. What ever minor side effects that may occur are only short term. For more information Click Here -Diane AVEDOVECH, Ph. D. ('56) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dave HANTHORN (Gold Medal Class of '63) Re: Reservoir Pens If the movie "Topsy-Turvy" is to be believed, the "reservoir" fountain pen was available in London, England back in the late 1800s when the Savoy Theatre was in its heyday. -Dave Hanthorn (GMC '63) ~ from Mercer Island, WA where we are enjoying a mild winter and all the signs are for an early spring. Most welcome after last year. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64) I, also remember the desks with the ink hole AND the pencil indentation. I don't remember the ink places having a glass insert though. I never refilled the cartridges. I loved the different colors that the ink came in. I especially liked the turquoise blue ink. Remember when the different colored paper came out? Around the same time. I liked the turquoise and pink paper the best. I have found it very interesting about the "boxing" day. I didn't know that was the real reason. I should ask my friend in Scotland if they still participate in that tradition or not. I knew that "boxing" day didn't mean actual boxing between people. I hope everyone had a good Christmas and looking forward to 2010. Happy New Year one and all!!! -Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64) ~ Eureka, CA Having sun today, but expecting a large rain maker tomorrow. Re: More for today: To: Linda REINING ('64) Speaking of tea: I found some tea at Safeway a few years back that is for sore throats. It really tastes good, if you like licorice. It's made from the licorice root. Anyway, it really works as it coats the throat. Safeway used to have all sorts of tea for sicknesses. It's an herbal dietary supplement. I bet you're stoked about the results that the doctor told you about your cancer!! You've been in my thoughts and prayers!! -Carol Converse Maurer (Magic Class of '64) ~ Eureka, CA still sunny :) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Pat DORISS Trimble ('65) Re: The Desert Inn (predecessor to the Hanford House)! To: Lori SIMPSON Hogan ('70) Thanks for catching my "boo-boo" when I stating that the Rivershore Motor Inn (now the Red Lion Inn/Richland) was formerly the Hanford House!... I'd meant to say that it was the Desert Inn, but didn't realize my mistake until I read my entry several days later! Another "senior moment"... that's for sure! From 1946 to 1957, we lived at 516 Goethals (now Jadwin), in the "B" House across from Southside United Protestant Church at the corner of Gillespie... often referred to back then as "Suicide Corner." On special occasions, my family would walk to the Desert Inn to have dinner in the large restaurant. I can also remember walking with my Dad (Clint Doriss) when he went to the Desert Inn's barber shop (just off the lobby) or to Ganzel's Barber Shop on the Parkway. I loved sitting on the raised chairs at the shoe shine station at Ganzel's and talking to the boot-black, Otis. He always had a story to tell or a song to sing! In 1968, when I worked for Mickey McGuire (owner of Mickey's Shoe Repair on the Parkway), he told me that both he and Otis had each purchased several (hundred?) acres of what was then open desert/scrub land north of Richland but south of the boundary of the Hanford Site! They eventually sold their land (at a substantial profit, I'm sure) to the U.S. Government! I remember my Dad mentioning that the Desert Inn had originally been built as "Gentlemen's Quarters" (that's what he called it) for civilians who'd arrived to work at the Hanford Site but needed a temporary place to stay. That building later became the Desert Inn... the first hotel in Richland (years before the Rivershore Motor Inn was built). A short distance south of the hotel on GWWay was the Richland jail... a small building with the cells in the basement! When the jail moved to its new location, Ernie de la Bretonne purchased the building and it became Ernie's Printing. I heard that his kids found all kinds of interesting things in the basement! To: Burt PIERARD ('59) Do you have any information on the Desert Inn or the first Richland Jail?? I hope everyone has a fun-filled New Year's weekend, and that 2010 will bring you happiness, health and love! -Pat DORISS Trimble ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: John ALLEN ('66) [John's entry for today, prompted us to add a new category of subjects that you will not find in the Sandstorm. See the Sandstorm policy at: Happy Birthday, John!! -Maren] -John ALLEN ('66) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Maggie GILSTRAP O'Hara ('74) To: Linda REINING ('64) I am sure you have been getting lots of advice from many people so I have held out until now My husband had cancer in 2000. A very bad form (lung that moved to the lymph gland on the pulmonary artery) staged between 2 & 3 and we were told in all probability he would not make it. I can still remember the day the doctor showed us his x-ray and said "there is nothing I or anyone else can do". Thankfully we had/have a very good friend who is an ER doc and he was standing outside the door waiting for us. Upon walking out of the office I all but attacked him. When I was finished he told me if he had thought for a second Bill would not make it he would have told me as much. He then walked with us down the hall to a friend of his who was/is a cancer specialist and shortly after, the poisoning and cooking (my terms) began. Now for his advice that I believe saved his life and mine... 1. Always keep your head in the game. When the going gets tough... get tougher. 2. Eat... Eat... Eat... Even when you are not hungry... eat. In fact he said put 20 lbs on Bill before he starts radiation. Radiation will zap your strength and to help with that I cooked everything in a cast iron skillet, thus passing on iron for energy. 3. Go to a health food store and buy powdered protein. Put it in everything. Cereal, ice cream, eggs... everything. Bill allowed he could not taste the powder even on his ice cream. The best part? The cost was much less than the drinks he could hardly stand the taste of. Along with the powdered protein you need to drink lots of water. Bill had a time when his throat also got very sore, drinking citrus drinks made it worse. Much to the doctors amazement Bill beat his cancer and is still here today. Congratulations on the finding of your primary source. Keep your head in the game. -Maggie GILSTRAP O'Hara ('74) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for 2009. Please send more in 2010. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` November, 2009 ~ January, 2010