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 Alumni Sandstorm Archive ~ May, 2010
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16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Richland Bombers Calendar website Funeral Notices website *********************************************** *********************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ NOT ~ 05/01/2010 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Not enough entries for a REAL Alumni Sandstorm. We do, however, have birthdays today: BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ginger ROSE ('55) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Sylvia PLUMB ('56) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Tim REINING ('71wb) BOMBER CALENDAR: Richland Bombers Calendar Click the event you want to know more about. ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/02/2010 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers & Andy Perdue sent stuff: Steve CARSON ('58), Ed CHARETTE ('55) Roy BALLARD ('63), Gary BEHYMER ('64) Andy Perdue BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Marlene RICHTER ('55) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Merradyth TRUNNELL ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Steve CARSON (Championship Class of '58) Re: 1950s.pps This may not work for the Sandstorm but I really enjoyed it. -Steve CARSON (Championship Class of '58) ~ Chicago ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Steve, You're right, this huge file (3428KBs) is too big for the Sandstorm. I enjoyed it, too. If anyone wants to see the file, contact Steve and ask him to send you the file. -Maren] **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Ed CHARETTE ('55) Re: Alumni Sandstorm - NOT This makes a good case for a 5 or 6 day Sandstorm. -Ed CHARETTE ('55) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Eddy, Right... and this week will be a 6-day work week. -Maren] **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Roy BALLARD ('63) Re: R2K+10 WHEN: June, 25, 26, 27, 2010 FUN: Chili Feed, Sock Hop, Alumni Basketball game COST: Registration is $5 if not attending any dinners Friday 5pm ~ Chili & Cinnamon rolls ~ $10 ea Saturday 6am Pancake feed 6am ~ $5 ea Saturday 5pm Dinner catered by Tony Roma's $15 ea NOTE: You must be pre-registered for the dinners. The deadline for RECEIPT is June 15, 2010. You can also pre-order t-shirts and other things from the registration form. -Roy BALLARD ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Gary BEHYMER ('64) Re: For What It's Worth Category For What It's Worth Category... or what do Sharon Tate ('61wb) and Terry DAVIS (65) have in common? Three years ago I was the owner of 6,500 high school yearbooks from all over the U.S. A hobby or a business? Well, the IRS says if you make money, its a business... if you go in the red, its a hobby (;-) I made the decision to sell the books. As of today I am down to 300 or so! A Sharon Tate junior high school book and her sophomore year Columbian are the highest priced books I have sold. Now, the 1965 Columbian advertised with Terence Knox, aka Nevertowed's partner in "crime" is in the running to equal the Tate annuals. Another $298.51 will make the 1965 Columbian #1 in my ledger! Go eBay!! Thanks, Terry... Gary BEHYMER ('64) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Gary, speaking of eBay, you're the only person I know who uses eBay so much and it makes me wonder if it was you who purchased a book on eBay and had it sent to me. Book title: "You're Only Old Once!" by Dr. Seuss -- a Book for Obsolete Children. THANKS to whoever sent it. -Maren] **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Andy Perdue Greetings, Bombers. We have unearthed about 50 photos from Kadlec Medical Center in the 1950s, when it was a government operation. The photos came from DOE's archives, and I suspect many of you will enjoy looking at them. Kadlec Pictures in the 1950s Sincerely, -Andy Perdue, Tri-City Herald ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/03/2010 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers sent stuff: Ken ELY ('49), Jim WATTS ('54) Sharon TEMPLEMAN ('55), Mary JUDD ('60) Gary BEHYMER ('64), Pam EHINGER ('67) Rick MADDY ('67), BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Kathy ELY ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Ken ELY ('49) Happy birthday to my little sister, Kathy ELY ('62). Hope you have a wonderful day. -Ken ELY ('49) ~ Orangevale, CA where it has finally warmed up to be near normal. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jim WATTS ('54) and Sharon TEMPLEMAN Watts ('55) Richard "Dick" Mayberry ('55) died April 1, 2010 at his home in Poulsbo, WA. He was 73 years of age. After four years in the U.S. Navy (Submarines), he returned to the Tri-Cities and spent two years at CBC and one semester at WSU. He worked at Boeing for 33 years before retiring. He is survived by two daughters: Elizabeth Mayberry of Middletown, CT and Ruzane Stover of Urvana, IL, and his brother, is Ron ('53) of Bothell, WA. from Ron Mayberry via Jim and Sharon Watts. -Jim WATTS ('54) and Sharon TEMPLEMAN Watts ('55) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Mary JUDD Hinz ('60) Re: Patti JONES Ahrens ('60) Patti was admitted to Kadlec Hospital last Monday evening with viral pneumonia. She won't be released until they can improve her oxygen levels. She has the use of a laptop, so emails would be much appreciated. She is hoping to be able to attend the Bomber luncheon this coming Saturday, but that may be wishful thinking. I talked with her today [5/2], and she is in good spirits. Visitors would be very welcome. Patti is in Room 4462. -Mary JUDD Hinz ('60) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Gary BEHYMER ('64) Re: "You're Only Old Once!" by Dr. Seuss - - a Book for Obsolete Children To: Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64) I did purchase 4 copies on eBay several years ago after Mrs. Linn's (Chief Joe 7th & 8th grade teacher) son related his Mom's love for the book. I may have sent you a copy. I still have one here in Colfax... One went to my daughter's home in Portland... and one went to my doctor's office. [Gary, The "guilty party" 'fessed up... I just didn't realize that anybody besides you "did" eBay. -Maren] I have had a number of questions on Sharon Tate ('61wb) yearbooks. IF you have a yearbook with her photo in it the call is for $350.00 or so. The same book with her signature and/or comments might go for $850.00 to $1,000.00. Remember that there are 500+ of each yearbook outstanding. The 1st seller will get near the top price... Most of you will not sell the book and then fail to tell your kids or grandkids not to throw them out. Both Janis & I are making effort to get rid of 'stuff' over the next two years or so... before our daughter does it after we are gone (;-) Gary BEHYMER ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Pam EHINGER Edinger (Blue Ribbon Class of '67) Some one wrote in a few weeks back about their Bleeding Heart plant. Well I took some pictures of my plant... hope you enjoy. -Pam EHINGER Edinger (Blue Ribbon Class of '67) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Rick MADDY ('67) To: Andy Perdue, Tri-City Herald Re: photo (#43) Tri-City Herald pictures of Kadlec Thank you for the Kadlec Medical Center photos. Always knew the name as Kadlec Hospital my entire life until yesterday. Amazing what I have learned reading the AS. This one photo (#43) was very interesting. When I was around five or six (ca. 1954) I had an asthma attack and got to spent a couple nights in this very same type of 'oxygen tent' pictured. I don't recall if I was in a crib or a regular bed, but I think it was a bed. I do recall not being able to see out of the tent very well and it was rather warm inside. I would put my cheek up against the glass piece on the backside holding the pump to cool down. I think it was glass. There was ice inside this head piece of the apparatus and would sweat cold. When I was getting close to being discharged, the nurse came in and asked me if I wanted some vanilla ice cream. Of course, I want. My middle name was Ice Cream when I was a kid, way ahead of the rapper scene, rock stars and catchy names. I get this bowl of ice cream. Being five, I think putting some salt in it would make it tastier. Ruined it. Nurse comes in to a bowl of melted cream. I had to explain that I really didn't like it. Not sure, but I bet the nurse thought I was some kind of troubled child or some form of twit, whatever that is. Again, thanks for the memories. -Rick MADDY ('67) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Speaking of Kadlec cribs... I was in Kadlec Hospital when I was in 3rd grade ('53 or '54). They put me in a freakin' CRIB... yes, I said a CRIB!!! I was in the THIRD grade and I was NOT a baby!!! Boy was I mad! I don't remember what explanation they gave me... I probably didn't believe it. Doctor was DeNicola... I bet he told them to put me in that damn baby crib. That whole experience was embarrassing and insulting. -Maren] ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/04/10 Dateline: Richland ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers sent stuff: Steve CARSON ('58), Patti JONES ('60) Mike BRADY ('61), Helen CROSS ('62) Ed QUIGLEY ('62), Carol CONVERSE ('64) Nancy MALLORY ('64), Linda REINING ('64) Bill WINGFIELD ('67) Gosh, no birthdays today. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Steve CARSON (Championship Class of '58) Maren,I believe my '58 yearbook has a Sharon Tate ('61wb) picture.No signatureand,as I recall, John MYERS ('58) was datingSharon for a while. -Steve CARSON (Championship Class of '58) ~ Chicago **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Patti JONES Ahrens ('60) Re: Hospital Mary JUDD Hinz ('60) so kindly put the notice in the Sandstorm about my health yesterday. So many things to do on computer stacked up while I was in the hospital. Thank You Mary. I may not be able to get to the luncheon but I do know that many of the luncheon crowd have stepped up to make it run efficiently. It always does. But darn, I do not want to miss. More about my health soon. Patti ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From: Patti JONES Ahrens ('60) & Marie RUPPERT Hartman ('63) Re: All Bomber Luncheon Richland Reservations aren't necessary. Many Bombers do like to let us know they are coming so please email if you wish. WHEN: Saturday, May 8, 2010 WHERE: JD Diner, 3790 Van Giesen, West Richland, WA 99353 Used to be Coney Island Gray building with red trim just past the Yakima Bridge on the right. heading west from Richland on the right side) TIME: 1:00 P.M. PRICE: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served all day. Prices range from $4.50 - $13.95 (add drink, tax, and tip) Bomber spouses and friends are welcome! Looking forward to also seeing out-of-town Bomber visitors. Bombers Have Fun, -Patti JONES Ahrens ('60) ~ West Richland **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Mike BRADY ('61) I had hemorrhoid surgery last Tuesday morning. My nurse told me that by the 4th day after surgery I would start believing I was going to recover. It's been 6 days and I'm still not a believer. Other than to pick up a newspaper, I've not been out of the house since returning home. From what I've read and heard, everyone recovers at a different pace. I heard of one case where a man had to be admitted to a hospital and administered morphine because of excruciating pain. -Mike BRADY ('61) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) Yesterday's edition was very interesting!! First, Patti JONES Ahrens ('60), as I know you will read the Sandstorm, I will have to send my get better greetings to you via the Sandstorm. You have put so much effort to make our 2nd Saturday lunches great, that I do hope you are able to make the one coming up this weekend, and then to be out for Mother's Day!! Happy birthday to Kathy ELY ('62). Could it have been so many years ago we were in class together? Re: Kadlec Cribs My brother was admitted to Kadlec Hospital when he was about 5 and he too was put into a crib; think maybe they thought we were babies until we did or could do?? I hate to think of all the coming events I will have to miss, with the celebration of Richland and Club-40 and R2K+10. When R2K came, who knew 2010 would come so quickly? Told someone at dinner last night I grew up in a town where nuclear power was invented for WW2 and they asked me what type of mascot we had, and I proudly told them we were the Richland Bombers!! And I'm so happy to see the lovely Bleeding Heart plant, Pam EHINGER Edinger ('67). Now I can forward it on to a friend who didn't know what a Bleeding Heart was. Thanks for sending in the photo. Prayers for your recovery, Patti!! -Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) ~ where we were so blessed over the weekend not to get the 6 inches of rain that had been predicted -- only got 2 or 3. Prayers for the poor people and communities where they had l6 or more inches. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Ed QUIGLEY ('62) To: Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64) Consider yourself lucky, Maren, to have been stuck in a crib; as the "official" first baby born at Kadlec, which was not yet finished, Mom and Dad told me that my "crib" was a drawer in a cabinet that they -- the nurses -- stuck me in! Of course, I don't remember the indignity, so I don't think that I suffered the "trauma" that you did! :) -Ed QUIGLEY ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64) To: Gary BEHYMER ('64) I know the feeling... we are also trying to get rid of a bunch of stuff. We are planning to move back to the Tri-Cities in a year or so .... don't know which city right now. Anyway, we have a house full of antiques of all sorts and do not want most of it when we move. I'm looking forward to minimizing! To: Patti JONES Ahrens ('60) I was shocked to hear that you were in the hospital. You know how you think some people are just invincible? I have always thought of you as such. Take care and get well soon. -Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64) ~ Eureka, CA **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Nancy MALLORY Johnson ('64) The sun is out! Yea! We had over 12 inches of rain over the weekend -- in slightly over 24 hours. Twelve inches! I'm in West Tennessee... Jackson to be specific. It's an adventure to go anywhere. Roads are still standing in water, washed out or replaced by sink holes (one in town swallowed a pickup!). There were few if any church services on Sunday and now school -- again (we lost a lot of school days in February due to snow). The weekend before this a tree fell on the parsonage my daughter and family were living in (during a different storm). They are in a motel. (They were living about 45 minutes from here.) Now I will most likely be looking at getting a new roof (leaks). But, hey, all of us are ok! -Nancy MALLORY Johnson ('64) ~ in today sunny, yes sunny, W TN **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Linda REINING ('64) Re: Hospital Cribs/Beds When I had my tonsils out in the 3rd grade, I was put in a crib!!! It was at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Pasco... Dr. Putra told my folks that all kids were kept in cribs so that they couldn't get out of bed and walk the halls or bother other patients or other kids! I felt like I was in jail and I remember crying a lot... that was the scariest thing that had ever happened to me at that time and I remember those bars being higher than my head IF I stood up in that crib!!!!! hated it and I was in there for over a week!!!!!!! -Linda REINING ('64) ~ Bakersfield, CA temps are warming up we were in the 80's over the weekend **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bill WINGFIELD (BRC '67) To: Rick MADDY ('67) and Maren SMYTH ('63 & '64) Re: Kadlec Hospital Photos and Ice Cream <> I too spent a week or so there in Kadlec in a crib. However; I, unlike Maren, was only 2 years old. My mom was pregnant and delivering my baby sister (Jan WINGFIELD McCallum ('68wb)) at Kadlec. I came down with pneumonia and the doctor didn't want my dad bringing home a baby into a house with a baby with pneumonia, so Dad took me to the hospital, dropped me off, walked down to the maternity ward, and picked up my mom and baby sister and took them home. He said he could hear me screaming all the way down to the maternity ward. At Kadlec they fed me ice cream and ice cream and ice cream to break the chill. Did I mention ice cream? When my dad came to pick me up I was standing in the crib. He said I spit in his face. When a kid at Jason Lee in the '53 to '61 time frame, when the teachers would give us the little cups of ice cream (vanilla and sherbet) with the little wooden spoon and cookies, I would try to eat it (so I could fit in) but would be over at the drinking fountain trying to wash the taste out of my mouth. Kadlec fed me so much vanilla ice cream to break the chill that, as of today, I still cannot eat anything with a sweet taste, even fruits. They make me sick. It's like the feeling after getting off a carnival ride that makes you sick. I have to drink water to get the taste out of my mouth. I guess I shouldn't complain 'cause I have had pretty good health and all my teeth. I did love the pics of the old hospital. -Bill WINGFIELD (BRC '67) ~ Sunny but cold Santa Fe, NM ~ I thought this was the desert, but it snowed yesterday, which is cutting into Harley riding time. ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/05/10 Dateline: Richland ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 15 Bombers sent stuff: Marilyn "Em" De VINE ('52), Norma LOESCHER ('53) Mike CLOWES ('54), Tony TELLIER ('57) Burt PIERARD ('59), Mary ROSE ('60) Tom VERELLEN ('60), Dee WALLACE ('60) Ken BRINKERHOFF ('61), Helen CROSS ('62) Shirley SHERWOOD ('62), Gary BEHYMER ('64) Dave MILLER ('67), Lynn-Marie HATCHER ('68) Susan LUNDGREN ('82) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Patti COLE ('52) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Janice WISE ('71) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marilyn "Em" De VINE ('52) Time to send an update on my daughter, Sandra: the one with Stage 4 colon cancer. To make a long story short: she returned to work Monday! The kids were having some special testing so she did not go into the room but she enjoyed the day very much, reacquainting herself with staff, including the Sub [substitute teacher] who has worked all year, the building, etc. School goes on for about another 6 weeks, then summer vacation to rest more. (Last summer, along with chemo, she worked hard to earn her master's degree!) We are all SO HAPPY for her! Due to high toxicity of the chemo, she is on a 3-month 'vacation'. Great timing! Of course, we hope the cancer has been beaten back enough that she won't have to go back on it ... at least for a long time. Her husband had umbilical hernia repair surgery about a month ago and goes back to work in another two weeks so they flew to Alaska to see family (especially that beautiful grand daughter!) and friends. Sandra was feeling well enough (though tired) to have a wonderful time and see all the family and many of their friends. An awesome break in spite of the snow!! To: Pam EHINGER ('67): Wow! Great Bleeding Heart. I bought and transplanted one this spring but it is in shock, I think. Hopefully, it will recover and do well next year. (Being me, I want it NOW!) My new grass, repaired dog-pee-spots, is coming along. Looking out my kitchen window is such a great pleasure now that the huge maple tree is gone! (Thank you, Artistic Treeworks for a job well done!) Another company will come in a few weeks and remove the stump and some of the surface roots. To: Step-sister Shirley SHERWOOD Milani ('62) Thanks so much for the heads-up about the $50 gold coins all 5 of us inherited from my dad and your mom. Google said $1,208 today! Good, good timing. I think I need to change my signature back to 'Life is good.'! Best Bomber regards to each and all, and Happy Birthday to Patti COLE Pierce ('52). -Marilyn "Em" De VINE ('52) ~ in gorgeous Richland, where the sun is shining and the winds are calmer. When the going gets tough ... get tougher! **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Norma LOESCHER Boswell ('53) Re: Cribs for Not-so-little Kids While a few of you "kids" were suffering in cribs, I occupied a regular Kadlec bed for four weeks as a 12th grader. That spring, 1953, I came down with mononucleosis. I was not kissing, either, I swear. Can you imagine a hospital keeping anyone four weeks for mono these days? My sympathetic teachers sent homework and graded assignments. I wrote about a baby whose hydrocephalic head seemed as big as the rest of its tiny body. Yes, there were crying kids while I was there. I trust you weren't one of them. Bomber cheers, -Norma LOESCHER Boswell ('53) ~ Enjoying a breezy spring day of blue skies and clouds in Richland. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) Re: Club-40 Annual Meeting I note from reading the minutes of the last Club-40 Board meeting, and the registration slip included with the current edition of the DustStorm, that something new is being attempted. Not only will the next Annual Meeting be at a new venue (The Desert Inn, aka The Hanford House, aka the Richland Red Lion), but a new admission policy will be in effect. Apparently in order to assure not only adequate seating, but also adequate food, "walk-ins" are no longer welcome. In order to partake of the festivities, one must be pre-registered on or before the 25th of August, 2010. If the US Mule is late in delivering your registration (after 8/25/2010) it will be returned. Guess they might be getting serious about gate-crashers. -Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ holding the fort in Mount Angel, OR, despite the weather guessers prediction of snow down to the 2,000 foot level. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tony TELLIER ('57) Re: Odd Christmas Gift set: 1951 to 1952 -Tony TELLIER ('57) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Burt PIERARD ('59) To: All of you complaining about "crib" duty I only have one comment. "Boo-hoo!" You guys thought you had it so rough with your ice cream and stuff. You should have tried doing Hard Time at the Richland Nursery School when you were one of the oldest kids there (I should have been in kindergarten except I missed the cut-off by less than two weeks). I don't recall if the "Screws" ever raked the bars of the cribs with their Night Sticks, but I do remember them marching up and down the rows of cribs and sternly admonishing us if we didn't keep our heads down and eyes closed. Since I was too old for naps, I was always poking my head up to see if anyone else was awake and getting yelled at, sometimes from across the room. Sheez, how did they expect anyone to sleep with all that yelling? Bomber Cheers, -Burt PIERARD ('59) ~ Richland **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Mary ROSE Tansy ('60) Re: Steve CARSON's ('58) entry about Sharon Tate ('61wb) I remember Sharon dating Bill SMITHERS ('58) for a long time but don't remember John MYERS ('58-RIP) dating her. Such a beautiful person she was. -Mary ROSE Tansy ('60) ~ Centerfield, UT where the sun is out but still cold. Three days of snow last week. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tom VERELLEN ('60) To: Mike BRADY ('61) Thanks for weaving with words a visual tapestry that will take several strong drinks to eliminate from my already depleted store of brain cells. Good luck with that. I seem to be suffering from a bout of Rip Van Winkle-itus. I had intended to take only a short nap and when I woke I had slept through the remaining months of spring, all of summer and autumn, and into mid winter. Good thing I didn't take down those Christmas lights. -Tom VERELLEN ('60) ~ from near Lacey **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dee WALLACE ('60) Re: Sharon Tate ('61wb) Sharon Tate ('61wb) went with Bill SMITHERS ('59). I had one date with her and was afraid that Bill would beat me up when he found out about it, but he didn't. He found me at By's Burgers one night and we laughed about it. -Dee WALLACE ('60) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Ken BRINKERHOFF ('61) Some memories are way best forgotten. I was 8 when I had my tonsils out in Kadlec hospital and they put me in a crib. The humiliation was unbearable. -Ken BRINKERHOFF ('61) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) Well, I don't know for sure when they stopped putting us in cribs, but I too had my tonsils taken out at Kadlec hospital, but I was 20 and home from WSU, and they didn't put me in a crib, maybe the 20 was the magic number. -Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Shirley SHERWOOD Milani ('62) I was born at Our Ladies of Lourdes hospital in Pasco because Kadlec wasn't finished yet. So when my tonsils needed to come out when I was four years old, my parents took me back to OLOL. I'm not sure why. But I do know that my extreme fear of nuns came from that visit. I can still remember vividly a nun pulling me away from my mom and putting me on a gurney, wheeling me away while I'm screaming, and my mom is crying. I also remember vividly the mask put on my face while they dripped ether on it to put me to sleep. That has got to be the worst smell in the world. Thankfully today we have "conscious sedation". I was hospitalized again in '59 and was told at that time that the doctor that took my tonsils out had really butchered my throat. -Shirley SHERWOOD Milani ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Gary BEHYMER ('64) More on Sharon Tate ('61wb) and Yearbooks: This is for those that may have a yearbook with Sharon Tate's signature in it. (A Warrior or a Columbian) The key is to make sure, that for each book which is signed, that the "chain" of ownership is established via a letter from the original owner to the next person who gets the book. The letter should read something like: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I attended school with Sharon Tate in (1959, 1960) and at the end of the year she signed my yearbook. When she was in 9th grade (or sophomore), I was in the ________ class. I am now passing this book on to ________. Sign Your Name to the letter Address Phone Number ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ and place it in your yearbook so that your kids or grandkids with have authentication. -Gary BEHYMER ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dave MILLER ('67) Re: Washington State High School Study I am sure some of you remember the study we did in 1966 for WSU or UW. Oh well, so your memory is going too. They just called to verify my address here in San Jose. It seems Brigham Young University is sponsoring a study to determine if we glow and if mosquitoes avoid us. The last time they had called was about 15 or 20 years ago to update their records and I recall they asked if I knew where certain people were. This time I will get something in the mail in a couple of days. Since my parents moved to Wheaton, IL in 1970 while I was still in the Navy, the only person I have ever met from high school was Rick MADDY ('67) in Maui several years ago. -Dave MILLER ('67) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Lynn-Marie HATCHER Peashka ('68) Re: Moving, Kadlec Cribs, House for Sale I swear, I must hold Maren's record for number of times she has had to change one Bomber's e-mail address! Since June of last year I have moved four times ... three of them involving e-mail address changes. The move I am undertaking right now is the fourth -- from Boise back to Haven Farm, thank God. I think this new one is a "keeper", as it can be ported around, regardless of my location -- which I HOPE will not change again! Re: Cribs at Kadlec Thomas and I were just discussing this a couple of days ago. I remember being 8 years old, in Kadlec for an appendectomy -- and being in a crib. Regimented visiting hours, so could only see my parents and older sisters briefly each day ... trapped in a crib ... in pain and scared -- in a ward room, with 6 other crying, scared kids. Not a pleasant memory. That was November, 1958. In April, 1962, when I was 11, I had my tonsils out at Kadlec, and was in a real bed in a real (double) room -- no more wards full of kids. More flexibility on visiting hours, too -- although not like later years (and now) when you can stay with your loved ones 24/7. Re: House on Scot Street The refurbishing of the house on Scot Street in Richland that I inherited in February, when Harlan FOOTE ('61-RIP) died has been delayed. My eldest son Seth became very ill in the middle of the whole thing. And since he was running the show, everything started falling behind. Original completion target date was 4/1, then 4/19, then 5/1. Now we are drop-dead aiming for 5/12. It is really turning into quite a lovely place, considering that Harlan (bless his heart) had COMPLETELY neglected it since 2002 -- except for putting in a new heat pump in 2008. Please e-mail if you or someone you know is looking for a: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 bedroom (one off the downstairs family room) - all of them wired for internet, so you could use any as an office 1 full bath, two 3/4 baths Eat-in kitchen, Dining room New range, New range hood with built-in microwave New dishwasher New sinks and plumbing fixtures throughout New light fixtures Huge pantry, More storage than you can imagine 2 fireplaces Oversized double car garage Workshop, Laundry room All new floor coverings throughout, including a LOT of tile work All new paint, in and out Garden shed 18 month old heat pump Covered deck which doubles as grape arbor. LOTS Of grapes yearly Lovely landscaping - fully fenced back yard - 6' cedar 5 minutes to Hanford High & WSU 7 minutes to Battelle 7 minute walk to Leslie Groves Park / Columbia River On east (river) side of George Washington Way Street is one block long -- one block north of Saint -- QUIET ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If I don't hear from a Bomber or Bomber-friend, will be listing with real estate agent on the 13th. Have been advised that we should list for $280K. Will sell for less if we do it ourselves. Hope to hear from you on this! -Lynn-Marie HATCHER Peashka ('68) ~ Kind-of in Boise -- on the way back to Haven Farm 5/10. YAY! **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Susan LUNDGREN ('82) Kadlec was still putting children in cribs right up into the late '60s. I was indignant to tears at being consigned to a crib. Having just had my tonsils removed, it was probably a mercy to the staff I could not be vocal about it. Part of my careful preparation for this adventure was picking out my books. I could not reach them through the bars of the crib which only added to my frustration. My mom put them into the crib when she visited, but the staff took them back out. No amount of ice cream or popsicles could make this situation right in my mind at the time. When my younger sister was in the hospital for the first time during the early '70s and in the new hospital, she did not have to be in a crib. -Susan LUNDGREN ('82) ~ Anchorage, where the snow is mostly melted and the trees are getting ready to turn from brown to green ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/06/2010 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 15 Bombers (Including 5 Cole Kids) sent stuff: Marlene LARSEN ('56wb), Steve CARSON ('58) Richard ANDERSON ('60), Stephanie DAWSON ('60) Mike BRADY ('61), Carol CONVERSE ('64) Gary BEHYMER (64), Betti AVANT ('69) Lori SIMPSON ('70), Vic MARSHALL ('71) Cole Kids Barbara ('50) Karen ('55) Judie & Jackie ('63) John ('66) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Myrna BOLIN ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Leo BUSTAD ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Brad PUGH ('66) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marlene LARSEN ('56wb) Re: World War II Weapon: Monopoly With Real Money -Marlene LARSEN ('56wb) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Steve CARSON (Championship Class of '58) I assume Richard is the editorial writer complaining about Richland weather. Too young to remember the obliterating sand storms and not recognizing that there is nothing to shovel, sounds like a minor irration. We just left the Gaylord Opreyland Hotel before the floods. Now there is something to complain about. -Steve CARSON (Championship Class of '58) ~ Chicago where we never have any severe weather (NOT) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Richard ANDERSON ('60) To: Steve CARSON ('58) (see above) Steve, I arrived in Richland, shanghaied from Walla Walla by my mother, in January 1956. We moved into a house in Richland Village in the northern end of town. A budding naturalist, I loved going out in the desert looking for snakes and gophers and rabbits and whatever other fascinating critters were to be found. One day, probably in spring of 1956 or 1957, on one of my expeditions, I got caught in a sudden, severe, dirt (sand or dust doesn't give any idea of how awful it was) storm. I trudged home, eyes filled with dirt, feeling completely terrible. Before that I had excellent vision; the dirt took care of that: within something like a month I ended up with glasses; my eyes were just trashed. Today I have a pair of Speedo swim goggles by my key tray. They may look silly; but, I wear them whenever the wind is blowing like beaverdamned hell; they do wonders keeping junk out of my eyes ..... fifty-odd years too late. I do indeed remember the "obliterating sandstorms". -Richard ANDERSON ('60) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Stephanie DAWSON Janicek ('60) Re: Tonsils Gosh, I'm so sorry for all of your bad experiences with tonsils and hospitals. I had no idea that local hospitals were into terrorizing children! My tonsils came out at age 4, in the Vancouver hospital (1946). Other than the ether, everything went really well. I was in a low cot-like bed with maybe two other beds in the room (don't remember if they were occupied). No bed rails. I remember having lots of ice cream and being disappointed that my throat hurt anyway. I still remember the smell of the ether and the mask over my face. I had hallucinations from it for some time and nightmares about it for several years. The staff was great. They let my parents and aunt and uncle come to visit and they brought me two big balloons, red and blue. They were thick like rubber and full of air, probably 18-24 inches in diameter. We batted them around the room like volleyballs. What fun! When my first two kids had their tonsils out in Indiana (Jeff JANICEK ('88) and Jennifer JANICEK Ellison ('90)), they got to recuperate in the same room and, remembering those big balloons from long ago, we brought a bunch of balloons to their room and initiated hospital volleyball to keep their minds off their sore throats. They were 3 and 5 years old. Back to Kadlec, I never stayed over except after the 2nd grade when I broke my arm on that awful old asphalt sidewalk on Atkins Street. The arm healed before we realized what was causing the pain, and Dr. DeNicola had to sedate me and re-break it to set it properly. I think I stayed over only one night and have no memory of the accommodations. Good thing, I guess! -Stephanie DAWSON Janicek ('60) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Mike BRADY ('61) Re: "H" To: Tom VERELLEN ('60) I know hemorrhoids are not a pleasant topic, but it eventually happens to most people. I was hoping for support and advice from my fellow Bombers. Because of the delicate subject, I expected to be roasted by you and Jim HAMILTON ('63) in today's addition. Jim was probably working in his yard yesterday. -Mike BRADY ('61) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64) To: Shirley SHERWOOD Milani ('62) I was 4 when I had my tonsils out, but can't remember if I was in a crib or not. I suppose I was by the sounds of it. I do remember that my mom was in the hospital at the same time. She would come down to visit with me. I also remember having ice cream afterwards. That mask... what a horrible thing that was!! I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember all the HUGE lights overhead while they were trying to get that mask over my face. I fought and fought. Twisting and turning my head from side to side. They had to get more help to keep me down and quiet. [You go, girl! -Maren] I don't remember the smell, but I must have gone out fast as I don't remember anything else. I'm sure that I was too exhausted from fighting them before hand. [Get some Valvoline Pyroil Premium Ether Starting Fluid - - you'll VERY QUICKLY remember what ether smells like... that starting fluid almost makes me puke. -Maren] To: Lynn-Marie HATCHER Peashka ('68) The house that you are fixing up and planning on selling really sounds very nice. Too bad that this hadn't come about in a year or so. We are planning on moving back and would have loved to see the house. Good luck in the sale. -Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64) ~ Eureka, CA Very cold winds, but sunny. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Gary BEHYMER ('64) Re: Terry DAVIS ('65) eBay Yearbook Letter from Melanie Bengtson (NAB) I'm delighted to hear that my purchase cost is going to a scholarship fund. I am not a Richland Bomber, but definitely a fan of Terry's, and I also build the web pages for his official website. I'm always on the lookout for pictures we don't have, and I hope to get some good quality scans out of the yearbook for the site. I think his fans will get a real kick out of seeing them. Rozane Sutherland is the actual "owner" of the website and is the one who communicates with Terry on a regular basis, but I along with some other fans had the pleasure of meeting him several years ago along with some of the other cast members of Tour of Duty. We really enjoyed hanging out with him and the others. Melanie Bengtson P.S. $ going to Club 40 Scholarship Fund -Gary BEHYMER (64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Betti AVANT ('69) Re: Hospitals I had my appendix out at Kennewick General Hospital 6 days before my 10th birthday. I was in a regular bed in the pediatric area. My brothers weren't allowed to come up and see me so I had to walk to the window and talk to them from the parking lot down below. Now they encourage family members to visit unless the patient is in isolation or such. -Betti AVANT ('69) ~ Lacey, WA where it still doesn't know what season we are supposed to be in **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Lori SIMPSON Hogan ('70) To: Lynn-Marie HATCHER Peashka ('68) Hi Lynn, I too was at Kadlec at 5 years old (1957) with an appendicitis attack! Went in at night, left in a crib, parents at home, crying children and in pain. Surgery was to be in the morning, so I laid awake all night crying, and thinking that they were going to cut me open while I was awake! Back then they didn't bother to explain to the child what was going on. As I recuperated I did have a lot of fun going up and down the halls in my little wheel chair. :-} -Lori SIMPSON Hogan ('70) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Vic MARSHALL ('71) Re: Son of Lance WILLIS ('70) I have been following the progress of Sam Willis this spring. He has constantly progressed and his time in the Mile keeps getting better. Please click on if you would like to see his latest race. Sam is the son of Lance WILLIS ('70)... would have made a fine Bomber - but his school in California at least has the right colors -Vic MARSHALL ('71) ~ From sunny Michigan where the fun continues every day in Detroit... Yesterday it was 5 cops shot (one fatally) by a lone suspect that should have been in prison **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Cole Kids Re: Patti COLE ('52) birthday ... late with this, had a brain fade. Anyway, I hope 76 trombones came to your house, one for each year. You are a terrific sister, as long as you let me be the boss. Ha Happy Birthday on the 5th, and we'll celebrate over the phone. Love, Barbara ('50) Karen ('55) Judie & Jackie ('63) John ('66) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/07/2010 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff: Marlene LARSEN ('56wb), Steve CARSON ('58) Burt PIERARD ('59), Carol CARSON ('60) Jim HAMILTON ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jeff HARTMAN ('59) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Kathy CLARK ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Laverne VANDENBERG ('76) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) Re: Ether in hospitals when we were young I have a story to tell about my dad. He couldn't stand the smell of ether and in those days, all hospitals smelled like ether the minute you walked in the front door. I was told that when I was born in November of 1938 at Coulee Dam Hospital (my dad was working on the Grand Coulee Dam before he worked at Hanford), he walked in the front door of the hospital to see my mom and me and fainted in the front lobby. -Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Steve CARSON (Championship Class of '58) To: Richard ANDERSON ('60) Richard, Your story sure puts a different take. Sorry, I thought you were much younger. I too spent a lot of time exploring the desert, usually with my trusty 22cal, single shot rifle. We called it rabbit hunting but I never hit one. Cheers! -Steve CARSON (Championship Class of '58) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Burt PIERARD ('59) To: All I'm sending this entry in for a friend of mine who hasn't figured out how these "new-fangled picture-sending machines" work, let alone figure out how to use it. This is in his words and he'll introduce himself. "Howdy folks, the name is Mayor John W. Randall. If you read last week's Richland Advocate, you know that April 28, 1910, was a very special day, namely the day when our Incorporation was filed in Olympia. Now we're all legal- like and mighty proud of it! Some of the town folk have decided to have a big-ol' party to celebrate, comin' up this Saturday. And it's all FREE (except for the Silent Movie - Thomas Edison's latest release of "Frankenstein" - it'll cost you 5 cents (with a bag of popcorn)). Burt said he sent you the whole day's schedule and I have to believe him. So I'm askin' all you folks, near and far, to come to the Brand-new Town of Richland and join us." I guess John said it all. Bomber Cheers, -Burt PIERARD ('59) ~ the Brand-new Town of Richland **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Carol CARSON Renaud ('60) Saw the post from my Brother, Steve CARSON (Championship Class of '58), and Richard ANDERSON's ('60) response about the sand storms in the "olden" days. I mostly remember the sand stinging my legs walking to school. We weren't allowed to wear pants in those days. Those storms sure made for rough, sore legs. They also caused additional dusting in the house since the sand seemed to seep in every nook and cranny! -Carol CARSON Renaud ('60) ~ from gray, cold, damp Seattle. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jim HAMILTON ('63) Re: My fellow Finn Hill Bomber, Mike BRADY's ('61) posting. As anyone who knows me, also knows that even hypochondriacs can get sick. I chose to ignore Mike's posting as even the mere mention of any symptoms or side effects are enough to make me the Poster Child for said malady. I hesitate to even estimate (hey that rhymes) the number of times I've been taken to bed with rabies, ovarian cysts, blister rust, tape worms, snow and ice induced malaria and the dreaded GMC'63 pandemic of various and sundry brown bottle flus. I was excused from a History 102 (History of Civilization) class in Pullman (Ellen took copious note for me) because of the chance they might mention the Black Plague. So one could only imagine the discomfort I would suffer by acknowledging and alluding to Mike's "hiney problem". On a more serious note. Back some 2-1/2 of years ago, I went on sick call with a cough, more like a pack-a-day hack. It was this little symptom that earned me 8 months of chemo therapy, and as of yesterday, the coveted "see you in 9 months" phone call from my Oncologist. Folks, listen to your body, It's the only one you got. And yes Mike I was indeed working in my yard. I gotta keep up with my neighbor Mike BRADLEY ('56) for the coveted center fold of Sunset Magazine. I've got an infestation of clover, the symptoms I won't mention because of my potential susceptibility. Actually Molbaks gave me some suggestions and I didn't have to make a co-pay. -jimbeaux -Jim HAMILTON ('63) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/08/2010 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff: Jim HAMILTON ('63), David RIVERS ('65) Julia ALEXANDER ('65), Rick MADDY ('67) Vic MARSHALL ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dick COATES ('52) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jim McKEOWN ('53) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dennis BARR ('58) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Pete OVERDAHL ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Patty de la BRETONNE ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mike HOGAN ('70) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jim HAMILTON ('63) Hooray, Hooray. Its the 8th of May. Huh, Mary Lou -jimbeaux -Jim HAMILTON ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: Boy 'n' Girl Birthdays If I've said it once I've said it 100 times, this being a Bomber is the greatest... Someone mentioned to me the other day about a guy who was in DaNang getting ready to come home in the '60s and met a kid from his High School he hadn't seen since gragashun... Same thing happened to me... I was standing in a rather small PX (not the great big one) in the transient area of the DaNang Marine Base waiting for my flight back to the land of the Big PX (not the one in DaNang) and heard a guy talking to another guy behind me... hadn't heard that voice since 9th grade but recognized it on the first syllable... I whirled around and exclaimed "Billy Simmons"... he had gone to Chief Jo with us and lived on VanGiesen kind of behind the Richland Lutheran Church kind of across from Parkers (lotsa grageashun years) and Ronnie Shadell (sp '64 WB who appeared on the cover of Life Magazine while in Vietnam around late '67 early '68)... what did this stuff have to do with birthdays? Oh yeah... my loving being a Bomber... so anyway, the '65er birthday Bomber-babe I've known for almost ever... the Bomber birthday guy, however, I've only known personally for a few years but always heard of him in whispers by his last name only... now that we've become pals it just makes being a Bomber all the more fun... I gotta email from Brian JOHNSON ('65) this morning showing some refurbished bumper cars from the Pike in Long Beach... they were way cool... reminded me of the first time the Hell's Angels took me there back in '68... became on of my favorite places to take girls... course the mention of the Angels prompted me to tell Beej that our boy Jimmy HEIDLEBAUGH's ('65) band "Smith & Wesson Blues Project" has become the house band for one of the local Angel's Cub houses a little way from my Office... now ain't it grand to be a Bomber... where else could you learn nonsense like alla this! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Pete OVERDAHL ('60) & Patty de la BRETONNE ('65) on May 8, 2010 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Julia ALEXANDER ('65) Re: Patty de la BRETONNE ('65) Happy Birthday to my friend the longest... did I say that right? Didn't want to say my oldest friend. I promise never to post some of those pictures taken way back when... Big smile! Love you. -Julia (Julie) ALEXANDER ('65) ~ From the old neighborhood near the corner of Thayer and Van Geisen. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Rick MADDY ('67) Re: Hot rods What great times I have lived in... well, except with the American flag T-shirt deal. I guess I can no longer wear the red, white and blue into my old high school unless it is a Mexican or a Confederate flag, but I guess the American and Nazi flags are out of style and it seems nobody in America cares anyway... so be it... American flag T-shirt deal but, I really could not have picked a better era for gadgets. I have gadgets way more cool than what Dick Tracy had hanging off him on the beat, i.e., a phone, a typewriter, a camera, a clock, a map of the world, a movie camera, a movie screen, a chick that tells me when to take a left, sometimes right, when I'm trying to find my way back to where I live on a late Friday night- morning and my favorite, a little blue dot that tells the Federal government where I am 24/7 to keep me safe... gosh, I get such a warm fuzzy feeling all over knowing the Feds love me so much they want to know where I am every minute... and they have a movie camera on every telephone pole in America to help them help me... I almost want to give them all my guns I feel so safe with them knowing where I am... I digress... all these gadgets wrapped in this cherry little package of a device of which I put in my back pocket whenever leaving the home. I filmed this with my stinking cell phone vid yesterday. I say 'stinking' because the vid capability of my phone still needs work. MTV was at Bob's Big Boy Broiler in Downey, CA shooting a scene using the regulars cars that show up for the Wednesday night cruise as background. So this dude just hangin' with his Chevy did a burnout for them... and they filmed it... and so did I. Hollywood... gotta love it. Nevertheless, I have been in cars coming out of Zips that did this sort of thing a time or two. Bomberville... gotta love it. -Rick MADDY ('67) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Vic MARSHALL ('71) Special Birthday wishes to Mike HOGAN ('70) today. He would not want you to know - nor would he ever admit it but Mike is one of the nicest guys ever to come out of Richland. Credit that to the women in his life - Mom Ellie, Wife Lori SIMPSON Hogan ('70), and of course - Sister Superior and Mrs. Wiley. Enjoy your day and hope you are able to drink something besides Ensure today. Bomber Cheers and Personal Best Wishes- -Vic MARSHALL ('71) ~ From beautiful Beverly Hills, MI where the current teen trend appears to be ringing doorbells at night and waking up cranky old farts like myself. ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/09/2010 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers (including 4 Cole kids) sent stuff: Tony DURAN ('55), "Pappy" SWAN ('59) Coles: Karen ('55), Patti ('52), Barbara ('50), Judie ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jerry LUKINS ('52) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jim STULL ('62wb) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Twins: Bill & Mary BAILEY ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Tom TEEPLE ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Val TRENT ('70) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tony DURAN ('55) Happy Mothers day to all you Bomber Moms. May you all have a great and wonderful day! ENJOY!!! -Tony DURAN ('55) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: George "Pappy" SWAN ('59) To: All Class of 1959, Club 40 Members Re: Voting for Class of 1959, Club 40 Representatives I have enjoyed representing my Class of 1959 within Club 40. However, after a few years of my efforts toward Club 40, our 50th Class Reunion, and general Bomber functions, I'm ready to step aside and put some of my aging energy into some other directions (a little more in the personal and family situations). In addition to just trying to work toward catching up, after recent years of looking after my elder relatives, I am also trying to prepare myself for more eventual responsibilities coming in the family arena. And, I really want to attempt to get some writing done. But, as you know ... everything takes time! Therefore, I have tendered my resignation as one of the co-reps of the Class of '59 to Club 40. Sandy WARREN Armstrong has graciously agreed to take my place and run as a write-in candidate as one of the co-reps from The Class of 1959 to Club 40. Thank you very much Sandy! Leslie SWANSON Holeman has been, and remains, my esteemed co-rep for as long as I have (we took over at the same time -- I can't even remember what year that was), representing "The Last Great Class of the Fifties." So, I am asking all Class of 1959 Members of Club 40 to please (whether you plan to attend this year's Club 40 Annual Meeting or not) to pay your dues to Club 40 ($5.00/yr) and vote. Do not vote for me, as I am resigning. Please vote for Leslie, and write in and vote for "Sandy WARREN Armstrong" as Leslie's co- rep for our class. If you are Club 40 members, you should have received the Spring/Summer Edition 2010 of The Bomber DustStorm (The Club 40 Newsletter) mailing, recently. Within it are a registration form for registering for the Club 40, 2010 Annual Meeting, September 10/11, 2010, and an Official Ballot to vote for your class representatives. You will need to pay your annual dues and be a member in good standing, in order to vote for class reps (and to receive the Dust Storm). This can be accomplished by filling out and sending in the registration form, with your $5.00 annual dues (even if not planning to attend the meeting), and the official ballot, to the Club 40 address at the bottom of the registration form. If you are not currently a member of Club 40, or you did not receive your copy of the DustStorm, you can bring these forms up and print them out by going to: So, Thanks Sandy for agreeing to step in, and I am asking all Class of '59ers to support this change, and I would appreciate all of your efforts in passing this notice on to any other members of the Class of '59, who may not read it in Alumni Sandstorm. Semper Fi and Semper Bomberus (or whatever), -George "Pappy" Swan ('59) ~ Burbank, WA where the sun shines, but just wait for two or three minutes... **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Cole Kids: Karen ('55), Patti ('52), Barbara ('50), Judie ('63) Happy birthday Bill Bailey ('64) from your favorite sister-in- law Karen, your other favorite Patti, and other favorite Barbara and really favorite sister-in-law Judie. Cole Kids: Karen ('55), Patti ('52), Barbara ('50), Judie ('63) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/10/2010 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff: Betty CONNER ('52), Stan McDONALD ('53) Larry MATTINGLY ('60), Peg SHEERAN ('63) Rick VALENTINE ('68) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Val TRENT ('70) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Betty CONNER Sansom ('52) Re: Doug SANSOM ('52-RIP) I want to thank everyone who has written me through the "Daily Sandstorm", and personal mail, and for the calls and visits. And thank you to those that came to Doug's funeral! Some of you I didn't even see there, but found your name in the book! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It was so nice to see everyone. And the mail! I appeared at the Vancouver Bomber get-together in March. I met several people that I've only read about - and one that remembered Doug. That was fun. Thanks, Tom HEMPHILL ('62) for inviting me! I'm still blundering around, trying to get my bearings. Come September 10, it would be 56 years married. And we were engaged in January of 1954, so we've been together a long time! I wasn't ready for that to be over. I need more time to heal. Did I mention that I have a new great-granddaughter? She was born April 20, in Kennewick hospital - where her mom and her grandma were born! Her name is Audrey Belle Clements. (No relation to the Clements from Bomberville.) She was 8 pounds, and very blonde and has blue eyes! This is our fifth Great! We have eighteen grandkids, including 5 step grands. (I have a granddaughter living with me, going to college). Love every one of them! I'm going on a trip to my "Old Stomping Grounds" in east Tennessee (Johnson City/Kingsport). Leaving on Tuesday, and will be gone for 5 weeks! Though I've ran out of aunts and uncles, I still have a lot of close friends there, and COUSINS! I do have COUSINS! (My dad's Mom's family had 16 kids, and my dad's Dad's family had 13!) And they have, for the most part, all had large families. I've kept close track of most of them, and they are all very nurturing. And they all had met and loved Doug. I have gone back many times, and before I've only had a few days each visit to get all the visiting in. I'm working on my Genealogy, so there's lots of information I need to gather. So I will be busy. I'll visit the generations of Grandparents (my family settled there in Washington County, TN, before Daniel Boone came along, for the most part. One g-grandfather was a Hessian Soldier in the Revolutionary War - and he moved to TN, because a LOT of the Hessians deserted, not liking being a drafted, mercenary soldier in a war they didn't like. There were orders to "shoot any soldiers not headed into battle!", and kept a low profile. (He only had 14 kids!) Cemetery and graves visits are often all we have with our forebears. I can pull weeds, and dust off tombstones, and make it seem like we're contacting. Eastern Tennessee is a beautiful place - year round. Gets "a bit" warm in the summer, so we tried to make our visits in spring or fall, but they couldn't understand why we thought July Reunions too uncomfortable. We went to as many as we could - and at one really hot reunion, we wore loose cotton clothing, and still sweltered. They came in 3-piece polyester suits!!! Women and men!! And I'll have to beware of chiggers (I seem to be allergic to their bites!) and sunburn and poison ivy, and poison oak, and copperheads and water moccasins. I killed a lot of rattlesnakes when we lived out at Vernita, (on the Columbia, 32 miles from Richland) back when my kids were small. I put the rattles in a mayo jar, and the kids used to take it to Show and Tell, and the kids took samples, and the kids brought home an empty jar. Difference in snakes is that rattlers let your know they are there, and bad-tempered! Tennessee snakes are sneaky. My dad was bitten by moccasin (Cottonmouth!) when he was a kid. And thank goodness we don't have chiggers and sweat bees, and all that out here in Washington! I do miss the Cardinals, and especially the Lightning Bugs! And the laurel and pink and white dogwoods, and all shades of green trees!!! Anyway - I'm off and running come Tuesday - and won't be home until the middle of June! I'll be back to catch up on my reading. Few computers where I visit!! Love you all. -Betty CONNER Sansom ('52) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Stan McDONALD ('53) Re: Faraway Meeting Someone mentioned last week that they met a classmate in some distant place. It reminded me of my chance encounter on a road near the DMZ (demilitarized zone) separating North Korea and South Korea back in 1955 (I was 18). Somehow I missed the truck that was going to the showers 7 miles from where our unit was located. So I set out on the road south past a hillside Korean village. About 100 yds in front of me I saw a person walking toward me who looked vaguely familiar. We were the only ones on the road for quite a distance in both directions. As he approached, I recognized him to be Gene GOSTNELL ('53) and had not seen him since high school. I don't recall whether he was a Marine like me or whether he was in one of the Army units not too far away. But such events catch us off guard and that was a pleasant surprise. -Stan McDONALD ('53) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Larry MATTINGLY ('60) It is late Saturday night (Sunday AM actually) and I just realized it is probably too late to get this off to Maren so I will send it in the morning after I correct all the typos from my arthritic hands and tired mind. Re: Mother's Day Mothers have a very special place in our hearts that nothing can replace when they have passed on. It is different for each of us. The bond, the respect, the love and warm feelings are not like that we may have for any other person. Since my mother was in the TB hospital for my early years I did not really know her until I was about 7. While there were relational difficulties between us while I was growing up things got better during my adult years. And I was always there during her medical problems. But I have 2 of her paintings and her picture in a prominent place on the wall. She had immense dislike for my fireworks, my work in blasting with high explosives, my part ownership in a propane business and my penchant for doing dangerous things. I had a few small guilt feelings after I used my share of her legacy to buy a display fireworks company. A one point during my terrible teens I saw a couple of boys bullying another slightly smaller boy before I could step in one of them rather badly insulted his mother. In an instant rage he had them both on the ground bleeding in the face. I have seen this kind of thing a couple of times since. No matter who or what kind of person, mother's are special. Jackie and I will spend the day in the yard and gardens. I am going to totally rebuild my rose garden. I am just not happy with it and the roses aren't either. Then we will have dinner in her choice of our favorite eateries and probably a walk on the waterfront. Incredible that on my first weekend off in several months, it was beautiful today. I have had a training session or a fireworks display to do for the last 11 weekends. I enjoy both but my poor yard and gardens really suffer from not near the minimum required attention. 17 years ago I decided to get on a one person campaign to increase the quality and safety of display fireworks. It started slow with Fire Service personnel not sure I was genuine in my efforts as very few pyros are willing to even talk to regulators. After a couple of years they began to listen and I now do as many as 22-25 training sessions a year. A few years back several Federal agencies started inviting me to spend several days a year at their training facilities. Then a couple of years ago, a couple of State Fire Marshal offices started sponsoring classes for Fire Service personnel. I do several hours of lecture and then live fire demos. And there are hundreds of pyro operators that have attended my classes. I get a lot of nice comments so I must be doing something right. I got home Friday after 3 days on the road thinking at last, I'm done for the year, only to find in my e-mail a State Bomb Squad wants a session and one of the larger county fire organizations wants their own session. But these will go during the week. Re: Hospitals It was fun and interesting to read about the experiences in tonsillectomy. I remember mine and have been uncomfortable in hospitals ever since. At least now you don't smell ether when you walk in the door. After a long session of sore throat at about 4 years old, dad took me to Kadlec and handed me over to a stranger with no explanation at all. This women was no nonsense. She stripped all my clothes off, put a gown on me, put me in a crib and told me to go to sleep. With no dinner I was hungry and scared. After several crying jags and getting out of the crib a big man (probably an orderly) picked me up by my hands and feet and held me over his lap and that women came in and gave me a shot and that was that. I woke up just in time to have some stranger forcing a foul-smelling mask over my face. That afternoon everybody in the room (4-6 beds) got ice cream but me. The same woman that had stripped me said "brats don't get ice cream". I don't remember supper but probably got something and my aunt picked me up the next morning. Neither of my girls ever had a throat problem and I am thankful for that. Re: Future The annual Forrest Festival in Shelton, WA is June 5 this year. The fireworks are large as ever. This is a huge display with over 700 shells and about 150 other items. Electrically fired in 17 minutes, it is an outstanding display. It is easy to find right next to Wal*Mart. It is worth seeing if you can get there. And as usual I will be at Dutch Harbor for J4. I love meeting the challenges up there and the people are nice, and the fresh King Crab is delightful. Flying in the Aleutian weather is a bit hairy at times, but the scenery is incredible. OK I have rambled on enough... I hope all of you had a pleasant Mother's Day. "Happiness is the sky in bloom" -J Larry Mattingly ('60) ~ from home on a warm sunny weekend **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Peg SHEERAN Finch ('63) This picture was sent to me by my sister, Kate ('61) this last week... it's Marilyn SIMMONS Arnold ('63) and me between our 2 front yards on Long Ave. Behind us is the high school parking lot (where we used to roller skate), and the smokestack down the hill, and one of our family's cars... neither of us remember which. We remain close to this day... though we live on opposite coasts. -Peg SHEERAN Finch ('63) ~ Omak, WA **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Rick VALENTINE ('68) Re: Spokane Bomber Lunch and 'Slot Machines WHEN: Sunday May 16th. WHERE: Northern Quest Casino, 100 N. Hayford Rd, Airway Heights Woodlands Restaurant In the Family section of the Casino The Casino is about 1 mile north of Wal*Mart TIME: Coffee is at 11:30am Lunch is at about NOON Join us and tell us what you think! -Rick VALENTINE ('68) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/11/2010 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff: Dick McCOY ('45), Larry MATTINGLY ('60) Tom VERELLEN ('60), Donna BOWERS ('63) Leoma COLES ('63), Gary BEHYMER (64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bill McCUE ('51) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dave DORAN ('72) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dick McCOY ('45) Happy Birthday Jim McKEOWN ('53) on 5/8... however, it can't be very happy 'cause you are getting so dang old. -Dick McCOY ('45) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Larry MATTINGLY ('60) Re: Fireworks close to the Tri-Cities I get a lot of requests from Bombers asking when I am doing something in the Tri-Cities or close to where they live. I spaced out in my posting over the weekend. I do try to post notices on some of the big ones worth traveling a bit to see. We do have a display Saturday, May 15 at the Legions Casino near Toppenish. I will be there if I don't have to be in other parts for a project I am working on. I think it is the Yakima Tribal anniversary. But it is a large format display and worth seeing. "Happiness is the sky in bloom" -J Larry MATTINGLY ('60) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tom VERELLEN ('60) A couple of photos from downtown Oly: Mothers day and Wooden Boat Festival the best part was a nice spring day for both. This sculpture has seemed misplaced to me, Maybe because I can remember what the waterfront was in the past. Not exactly where I pictured Mom hanging around. -Tom VERELLEN ('60) ~ Back to regular weather here in near Lacey **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Donna BOWERS Rice (Gold Medal Class of '63) Just spent Mothers Day with my mother Carolynn Bowers... she will be 87 this year. Was wondering how many other Bombers are as lucky to still have their Moms!?! We miss our son/brother, Clif ('61-RIP) and so this year has been a difficult one for her. But we try to keep her connected to her great grandchildren by flying her out once a year/ St. Louis had a beautiful day and we took her out to a lovely buffet/restaurant in the country that is also a nursery with just gorgeous flowers and a view of the Missouri River bottoms. So she was able to enjoy the swans and ducks on the lake, while her great grandchildren played after brunch. These moments become more special as the years go by. Here is hoping that your mothers day was especially delightful this year!!! Sincerely: -Donna BOWERS Rice (GMC'63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Leoma COLES ('63) Re: Marilyn & Peg I so enjoyed the picture of Peg and Marilyn from many years ago! It was a classic. Some days it's fun just to think about those days and I truly thank you for sharing. When the time comes that I will get to retire (17 months and counting) then I hope to spend more time exploring the past and keeping up with the many wonderful classmates that make the Sandstorm the pleasure that it is... Take care all -Leoma COLES ('63) ~ Salem, Oregon where it was a beautiful Mother's Day week-end **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Gary BEHYMER ('64) Re: Searching Searching for Mamie Sue Drake a 1958 or so "should have been"? Anyone remember this young lady? Re: Another Lost Person Someone is searching for Henry Cervantes that lived in Richland, WA in the 1950s and went to Sacajawea Grade School. Do YOU remember this individual? -Gary BEHYMER (64) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ NOT ~ 05/12/2010 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Not enough entries for a REAL Alumni Sandstorm. No Bomber birthdays either. ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/13/2010 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff: Linda BELLISTON ('63), Perry MOORE ('63) David RIVERS ('65), Rick VALENTINE ('68) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Peggy STULL ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Linda BELLISTON Boehning ('63) Re: Donna BOWERS Rice ('63) Question about Moms I am very blessed and lucky to have both of my parents still with us.. My Dad was one of those who came out here in '43 to just stay a year or so, and they are both still living here in Richland.. Dad is 92 years old. My Mom will be 88 in June and still goes to Aerobics 3 times a week an hour each time. She has been going for about 24 years now and loves it. She is more limber than I am. I think I also have more wrinkles than the both of them. They will be celebrating their 70th Wedding Anniversary July 31st -Linda BELLISTON Boehning ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Perry MOORE (Gold Medal Class of '63) To: Bomber Veterans, For veterans applying or on Social Security, check out the following link. It might be worth a couple of dollars a month for those who served between 1951 - 1967. The lifetime earnings calculation is increased for those years of services, you are just required to ask for it. For us who served after 1967 until 2001, the increase is automatically included in the calculation when we submitted our DD-214. Anyway, maybe it might be enough for a cup of coffee (or tea) with a friend. -Perry MOORE (Gold Medal Class of '63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: Early birthdays So it's like this... heading for MADDYville ('67... Huntington Beach) ina morning and I have a couple a birthdays I need to celebrate before I go even tho they will occur while I'm gone... hope they don't mind... I missed STULL's ('62) and LOLLIS' ('64) earlier this week and I just hate it when I do that so takin' no chances... It'll be a fine time goin' to the Donut Derelicts with Rick at Adams and Magnolia... not too keen on getting up that early when I'm spozed ta be relaxin' but it's always worth it... always get to see guys I haven't seen in a while plus seein' Maddy is always a treat... Tried to temp Mary Lou ('63) into joining us but I guess she's into Spuddies not Donuts... even offered a cup of coffee and a cap but no go... hmmmmmm Ace Hardware is right there too... wonder if they are running any specials... maybe she needs a new mower or some lawn sheers... nah... just wishful thinking... so gotta take this time to wish two hot Bomber-babes an great HB... HAPPY BIRTHDAY Marilyn SWAN ('63) on May 15 and Sandy JONES ('65) on May 16, 2010 (stay tuned for more on the 18th when I'll be back... one a them BD kids is finally carving a Chief Jo for me... been waiting for years for that!) -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Rick VALENTINE ('68) Re: Spokane Bomber Lunch and 'Slot Machines Just A Reminder WHEN: Next Sunday May 16th. WHERE: Northern Quest Casino, 100 N. Hayford Rd, Airway Heights Woodlands Restaurant In the Family section of the Casino The Casino is about 1 mile north of Wal*Mart TIME: Coffee is at 11:30am Lunch is at about NOON All Bombers Family and Friends Welcome... Join us and tell us what you think! -Rick VALENTINE ('68) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/14/2010 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff: Marguerite GROFF ('54), Roy BALLARD ('63) Jean ARMSTRONG ('64), Vicki OWENS ('72) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Claudia STOFFEL ('68wb) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Randal SOUTHAM ('82) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marguerite GROFF Tompkins ('54) To: Class of '54 Just a quick reminder that today we meet at Granny's for lunch. We arrive any time from 11:30 to noon. You can always find us sitting close to the deserts. Would love to see YOU!! We do have a fun time. Also, if a male member of our class should join us, we wouldn't send you away. All class mates are invited. The more the merrier!! -Marguerite GROFF Tompkins ('54) ~ Richland where the weather is gorgeous; today anyway. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Roy BALLARD ('63) Re: R2K+10 Rooms There are 60 rooms still available at the Clarion until the 25th of May If you need a room for R2K+10, call the local number: (509) 946-4121. Tell the Clarion that this is for R2K+10. Re: R2K+10 Planning Meeting There will be another planning meeting of the R2K+10 committee on Wednesday, May 19th at the Spudnut Shop at 6:30pm till 8pm unless we get done early. Come one and all... our leader (Kathy) is in Norway with Nancy. -Roy BALLARD ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jean ARMSTRONG Reynolds ('64) Re: Haiti -Jean ARMSTRONG Reynolds ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Vicki OWENS ('72) Re: Cribs in Kadlec My best guess is that it wasn't a certain age that kept you out of a crib, but a certain height. I had my tonsils out in 5th grade. But since I was already 5'6" (and still am, for that matter), I scored an adult bed. I'm sure they would have had to cut me off at the knees to get me into a crib! There weren't many other advantages of early growth. A definite down side was having to carry my birth certificate to the Uptown Theater so that I could still pay the "under 12" kids' price to watch a movie. Even then, they all thought I was lying! -Vicki OWENS ('72) ~ presently on duty in Freetown, Sierra Leone. ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/15/2010 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers & Andy Perdue sent stuff & 1 Bomber funeral notice today: Marlene LARSEN ('56wb), Roy BALLARD ('63) Rick VALENTINE ('68), Andy Perdue (NAB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Marilyn SWAN ('63) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Steven McCOLLEY ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) Re: The Uptown Theater I keep seeing it mentioned in the Sandstorm. I remember very well when it first opened and how beautiful it was and how comfortable the seats were. However, I can't remember where it was located. Can anyone help me out in that regard? Also, is it still being used? What year did it open? I know it had to be in the late 1940s or early 1950s. Also, where was the Spudnut shop located? That is one of my sister's fondest memories. -Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Click: about half way down the page, use the link that says "Click to take a virtual tour around Uptown 1950 or '51"... there you will see where the Uptown Theater was/is still... and also where the Spudnut shop was/still is now. -Maren] **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Roy BALLARD ('63) Re: R2K+10 WHEN: June, 25, 26, 27, 2010 FUN: Chili Feed, Sock Hop, Alumni Basketball game COST: Registration is $5 if not attending any dinners Friday 5pm ~ Chili & Cinnamon rolls ~ $10 ea Saturday 6am Pancake feed 6am ~ $5 ea Saturday 5pm Dinner catered by Tony Roma's $15 ea NOTE: You must be pre-registered for the dinners. The deadline for RECEIPT is June 15, 2010. You can also pre-order t-shirts and other things from the registration form. -Roy BALLARD ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Rick VALENTINE ('68) Re: Spokane Bomber Lunch and 'Slot Machines Final Reminder WHEN: Tomorrow Sunday May 16th. WHERE: Northern Quest Casino, 100 N. Hayford Rd, Airway Heights Woodlands Restaurant In the Family section of the Casino The Casino is about 1 mile north of Wal*Mart TIME: Coffee is at 11:30am Lunch is at about NOON All Bombers Family and Friends Welcome... -Rick VALENTINE ('68) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Andy Perdue (NAB) Greetings, Bombers. We've just published 59 historical photos from Richland: I received several emails after publishing the prior gallery. My thanks to those of you who shared stories. They were great to hear. Sincerely, Andy Perdue Tri-City Herald **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Funeral Notice >>Jim Durfee ('79) ~ 3/30/1961 - 5/12/2010 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/16/2010 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3 Bombers sent stuff: Roy BALLARD ('63), Patti McLAUGHLIN ('65) Lynn-Marie HATCHER ('68) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Sandy JONES ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dave McDANIELS ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Judy KLEINPETER ('67) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Roy BALLARD ('63) Re: R2K+10 Rooms There are 60 rooms still available at the Clarion until the 25th of May If you need a room for R2K+10, call the local number: (509) 946-4121. Tell the Clarion that this is for R2K+10. -Roy BALLARD ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Patti McLAUGHLIN Cleavinger ('65) Re: Uptown Theater The Uptown Theatre has been closed as a movie theatre. There is a little deli in the front where the concessions stands used to be. So the stage may still be there. I guess it wasn't making money because it only had 3 screens, not 12 or more. The local monopolies, Carmike and Regal, pulled some kind of strings to say it could not be sold to anyone who would use it as a movie house. I don't understand that. I miss it very much. I wish somehow it could have been used to show foreign and "art" films. -Patti McLAUGHLIN Cleavinger ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Lynn-Marie HATCHER Peashka ('68) Re: Bomber Realtor in Richland? Is there a Bomber (or Bomber family member) who is a realtor in the Tri-Cities? I am not sure that the realtor we were going to use for the house I inherited on Scot Street in Richland is the right guy. In fact now that I am ready to list the house, it is impossible to reach him with any predictability -- I think he might be just a bit TOO busy. I am looking for a realtor who knows what he/she is doing, is accessible to me by phone (in Idaho), and my son in person (in Richland) -- and would be willing to give a fellow Bomber a good deal in terms of commission. (Maybe that's why the other guy is so busy ... really offers a great deal in terms of commissions ... and sold 10 houses last month!) If you have any suggestions, please e-mail me. Thanks -Lynn-Marie HATCHER Peashka ('68) ~ Haven Farm, ID ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/17/2010 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2 Bombers & 1 Bomber Spouse sent stuff: Jim JENSEN ('50), Marcia Plows ('63 spouse) Lynn-Marie HATCHER (68) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mike BRADY ('61) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Betsy FOX ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jim JENSEN ('50) Re: The Passing of a Classmate It's possible that not many Bombers remember Eugene Joseph BRODACZYNSKI ('50). Even in high school he was a quiet individual. Being a member of the F.F.A. his senior year is his only extra-curricular activity mentioned in the 1950 yearbook. I knew him only slightly. He was not a gregarious person, but appeared to be a thoughtful observer. Eugene served his country during the Korean War and then, while living with his family in Richland, worked "in the areas" for a time. In 1996, just before the Club 40 proceedings, I learned that Eugene had become Brother Eugene, a Trappist Monk at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey in Lafayette, Oregon. We exchanged letters, notes and Christmas cards and I discovered something of the tremendous depth and commitment of this special human being. Though deeply religious, obviously, he had a gentle sense of humor which he readily shared. I sent him copies of the materials handed out at the Class of 1950 gathering conducted just prior to Club 40 activities. After receiving these things he told me how wonderful it was to read about his classmates and see pictures of many. His only regret was the number of them who had passed away so early he said. Over the years we wrote about general topics and expressed good wishes to one another. Several years ago I found out that he was beginning to lose his sight and vitality. His physical condition worsened until he passed away in mid-January of this year. I received a letter from Father Martimus which informed me of Brother Eugene's death. He described the dedicated and patient labors which were characteristic of Brother Eugene... how carefully he performed his tasks and his skills in gardening, bakery management and in training men new to the calling . I grieved that the world had lost this precious soul, but felt that Brother Eugene knew his work was finished here and that he had no regrets. -Jim JENSEN ('50) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marcia Plows ('63 spouse) Re: The Final Journey - Dick Plows ('63-RIP) Good morning to all of you, This is to let you know, if you have not already heard via the various grapevines, that Dick passed away on Thursday, May 13. It was a glorious day up here on the island, with sun and warm. He was comfortable and peaceful all day, and we had had all of our immediate family (9 of us including Dick and I) here for two weeks. Our home was filled with love and laughter and tears for that time. He was courageous and funny and still "very cool" right up until the end. His cat, Niles, stayed with him almost around the clock, only coming down stairs to eat and take a count on who was here. Then back upstairs to do his job as official leg warmer. We all were given so many gifts during that time. Each of us had many turns of coming out of his room to tell of getting a smile or a laugh, or his ever famous eye-roll, and now and then tears. We were blessed with many e-mails, cards, and of course the prayers and thoughts that you were all sending. Our Island community provided for our every need when we asked or when they saw something that they could do. Speaking of blessings... the last one that was given to us was this one: During the day, Wednesday and Thursday, we were thinking of how we would get Dick off the island in a private and discrete way, as Roche Harbor was having a big Grand Banks gathering and it was packed with people. We asked our neighbors Dick and Zita Sandmeyer if they knew anyone on the San Juan Island side that would let us use their dock so that the funeral home would have a place to drive the van to pick him up. And yes, they found us a homeowner that was gracious enough to say yes. And that would have been good. Little did we know that there was another blessing on the way. When I call Evans Funeral Home, in Anacortes, after Dick had passed, Bob, the owner answered the phone and said "Oh, my brother is here with his 27 fishing boat, we'll just come over and get him". And so, about an hour and a half later they pulled up to the dock, we all accompanied Dick down the hill and the dock, to the boat. We then stood on the dock and watched in sadness, wonder, and delight as we watched the boat pull away from the dock and head for the opening between Henry Island and Pearl Island, and then turn and disappear behind Pearl Island. It was early evening, the water was like glass, the sun was low in the West and Dick was getting one last beautiful boat ride through the San Juan Islands to Anacortes, as we had done so many times in our years together. I will never forget that sight. Bob called later to let me know that the crossing had been beautiful, the water like glass all the way. And they had gotten to Anacortes just at that magical time when the sun is setting. As of today, my family has all left and I am somewhat enjoying my quiet. I know that as time passes there will be ups and downs, but Im thinking I will try exhaustion therapy, that has worked for me in the past. Hard work and keeping busy, and all the wonderful memories of such a wonderful, generous, and "real" buddy, partner and lover will see me through. I have been blessed, and will continue to be so by having all of your support too as my future unfolds. Dicks memorial service will be in a few weeks when our family can all gather together again, it will be small and private and simple, and per Dicks wishes very short. (No long meetings for that guy.) Later in the fall we will have another celebration in Richland to dedicate a bench on the shore of the Columbia River to him, in a salute to his Bomber tradition and his and my connection to that area. I cannot thank all of you enough for ALL you have done. My heart is very full of gratitude and love for having experienced this journey that Dick and I have been on for the last 40 years. And as Dick said many, many times, "We'll just keep moving forward... move forward" Love to all, -Marcia Plows ('63 spouse) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Lynn-Marie HATCHER Peashka (68) Re: Thanks for the leads! Wow, Bombers DO come through! I got a bunch of e-mails with many suggestions for realtors in the Tri-Cities (Richland). Several of the names came up more than once, and with high, personal recommendations. I'm following up! It is SO good to be a Bomber. Can you think of any friend/ acquaintance of yours who has this kind of kinship with such a big group many of whom you have never met, but who will come through for you anyway?? Many, many thanks! I'll let you know how it goes! (Wish me luck. It's tough keeping up the mortgage payments on that place and the farm here since my employer in Boise laid me off in response to Harlan (Foote ('61RIP)) "not passing on soon enough." They wanted him to die sooner, so I could get back to work 2 weeks earlier. But they did me a favor no way I was or am yet ready to work. This has really been the biggest trauma and loss in the life of my family. Harlan was just the central person always there, always loving, always steady. Still so hard to believe that he is not in this world anymore. He was took such good care of himself and was so healthy except for the metastatic prostate cancer that was undiagnosed until it was far too late to undertake treatment.) Blessings, Bomber Friends! -Lynn-Marie HATCHER Peashka ('68) ~ Haven Farm - ID ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/18/2010 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers and Don Sorenson sent stuff: Jim McKEOWN ('53), Myrna BOLIN , ('62/'63) Roy BALLARD ('63), Dennis HAMMER ('64) Ken DALL ('64), David RIVERS ('65) Brad UPTON ('74), Don Sorenson (NAB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Alice HANTHORN ('59) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jack KEENEY ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Lyman POWELL ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Caroline STANFIELD ('66) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jim McKEOWN ('53) I can't remember, ever, two more poignant and beautiful entries than yesterday's from Jim JENSEN ('50)[Re: Eugene BRODACZYNSKI ('50-RIP)] and Marcia Plows [Re: Dick Plows ('63-RIP)]. I don't remember Eugene, but what a beautiful life he must have led... and a Bomber to boot. Jim, you covered his passing with grace. I remember Dick, because we both worked for Penney's all these years and our paths did cross many times. Marcia's very beautiful entry on the loss of her soul mate brought my wife and I to tears... We wish you fond memories and much luck with the "exhaustion therapy"! -Jim McKEOWN ('53) ~ from warm Sacramento **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Myrna Audyne BOLIN Turner, ('62/'63) Re: Mr. Dick Plows ('63-RIP) Dick is etched in the memories of -- Carmichael's halls. He had the gait of a New York lawyer as he strolled amongst his class mates to class. I recall him once -- leaning up against a school locker -- laughing at the antics of classmates Shelly McCOY ('63-RIP), Pook SMITH ('63-RIP), Ralph LEE ('63-RIP), Chuck GARDINER ('63-RIP), Darrell RENZ ('63), Terry WEBB ('63-RIP). He had a good sense of humor and was well mannered. His classmates would have summed Dick up in two words: "He's cool". -Myrna Audyne BOLIN Turner, ('62/'63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Roy BALLARD ('63) Re: R2K+10 Planning Meeting There will be another planning meeting of the R2K+10 committee on Wednesday, May 19th at the Spudnut Shop at 6:30pm till 8pm unless we get done early. Come one and all... our leader (Kathy) is in Norway with Nancy. -Roy BALLARD ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dennis HAMMER ('64), Re: 30th Anniversary of Mount St. Helens eruption Northwest Travel Magazine May/June 2007 published a short magazine article about a couple and their dog who were at Bumping Lake when St. Helens blew. The writer tells of their experiences with a bit of humor. This is the best of the photos of the ash cloud I took as it passed over Richland. I posted this photo in the Sandstorm five years ago and last year I submitted it to KNDU channel 25 for their viewer weather pictures. They did use it in their 5pm broadcast. We should all remember our fellow Bomber Bev WETHERALD ('63-RIP) who died in the eruption of Mt. St. Helens. -Dennis HAMMER ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Ken DALL ('64) Re: The Final Journey - Dick Plows ('63-RIP) I have so many fond memories of "my friend" Dick Plows. As an eight-year-old, I was drafted to play in the National Little League for Auto Supply. The first teammate that I met was a wise two-year veteran and ten-year-old, Dickie Plows. He took me under his wing and made me feel like such an important member of the team. Our friendship and his mentoring continued through Little League, Pony League, Junior High, and High School. In 1969, J.C. Penney was opening a new full-line store in Columbia Center and hired as Management Trainees... Dick PLOWS, Richard TWEDT ('64), Keith WELSCH ('64), myself... and one lone Pasco Bulldog, Marcia Bailie Collins ('64 Pasco). We all quickly realized that the stores success was dependent on how many Bombers we could hire into management positions. Ron COWGILL ('63), Billy RULON ('64), Dick STALEY ('65)... to name a few. We all worked hard and played even harder... and always as a team. Dick and Marcia were married in 1973 after a long JCP courtship. Marcia quickly denounced her Bulldog allegiance and became a F.O.B...friend of Bombers. Jim McKEOWN ('53) was our Regional Personnel Manager and always attributed the store's success to the fact that there were so many Bombers on the staff. Dick and my careers took different paths after our five years in the Kennewick store... mine to Los Angeles and Dick and Marcia's to Seattle. In 1980 I was promoted to JCP's #1 volume store in Southcenter-Seattle where Dick was the Assistant Store Manager. My immediate concern was that my friend, Dick Plows, was to report directly to me. Those concerns were quickly dispelled during my first congratulatory phone call from Dick. He told me to never worry about our reporting relationship because, as a Bomber, he would always have my back, be 100% supportive and my biggest fan... just like the days back in Little League. I'll never forget that phone call and how Dick made me feel. Dick went on to open and manage the JCP store in Bend, OR. He and Marcia decided to change careers and pursued there life's love of boating and opened their own business in beautiful Roche Harbor, WA. My 40 years with JCP ended three years ago with retirement... I hired and nurtured a lot of management associates over those years and always tried to mentor them the same way Dick treated me that opening day of Little League practice and our time together in the Southcenter JCP stores. To my friend, my mentor and my fellow "Bomber"... rest in peace, Dick!! -Ken DALL ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: one of my very favorite days Yes, May 18th is one of my very favorite days... on that day I getta wish three of my favorite birthday kids an HB! Two Bomber- dudes and a Bomber-babe... and not just any Bomber-babe at that... Funny how I end up telling the same stories over and over... Met one of these guys at Welsian pond when we were pre kinneygarden... My dad introduced me to them and said right then and there that the b-day boy's dad was the best damned pipe- fitter in the state... the boy and I have remained friends ever since... in HS he made me a very cool belt in shop class... headed to Idaho with my Sr sweetie and me to stand up for us in an aborted wedding attempt... steered me into a huge hole in my car at a kegger when we were all trying to outrun Barney One bullet... he got a huge kick out of it (just like when he slapped a fresh tattoo because DAVIS ('65) told him to) but managed to get me out in time to keep from getting caught... now he's carving me a wonderful bust of Chief Jo... what a guy... I met the other guy in Jr Hi... somehow I met him later than most of the other guys did... but we caught up very quickly and became best buds... I was at a '66 Bomb-babe's party with Tony HARRAH ('65) one night and had just enough to drink to bring out my true feelings for a guy in our class that was a total manipulator... unfortunately he was also an accomplished golden goves boxer... I got one hit in and spent the rest of the time between two parked cars... this other b-day guy saved my bacon by kicking the golden gloves into the street where he was almost hit by a police car... we got away... again... the next day my mom was checking my jacket inside and out... she looked at me VERY seriously and said "I wouldn't put it past that little so and so to knife you" Dang, Mom! This is Richland! And of course, the Bomber-babe was my first date ever in the world... it was awful, but we made up for it later and we are dear to each other forever more... thank goodness So HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jack KEENEY ('65), Lyman POWELL ('65) and Caroline STANFIELD ('66)!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Brad UPTON ('74) I had the ultimate pleasure of attending The Smothers Brothers final performance last night at The Orleans Casino in Las Vegas. They are done. Retired. I last worked with them in February and Tom had told me this would be their last performance, but I didn't really believe him... All of the dates that were listed on their website were eventually removed and this was it. They didn't want to make a big deal of it... just wanted to ride quietly into the sunset. The final weekend was filmed... I'm guessing there may be some kind of DVD or documentary (they got some footage of me and Dick talking and laughing in the green room before the show). For you history buffs... .The Smothers Brothers' father survived the Bataan Death March. At the end of the war the Japanese were moving those survivors on unmarked supply ships. Unfortunately, we sank one of those ships killing several hundred of our own men. The elder Smothers was on that ship. Tom was 3, Dick was 1 and their mother was pregnant with their sister when they last saw their father. Comedy teams are basically extinct. The problem is money. When you get booked into a club you don't get twice the money because there is two of you... you get the same money they pay every other act -- and you split it. So even if you start out with a partner... that dream dies real quick and you go solo, or go broke. Their battle with government sensors in the '60s is now taught in a good deal of college level courses about media, history, censorship, Vietnam, etc. I had the honor of working with them on at least 8 different occasions over the past 10 years or so. I am now the proud owner of a ticket stub and backstage pass from their final performance. -Brad UPTON ('74) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Don Sorenson (NAB) Re: Hanford Health and Safety EXPO To: All Bombers May 18th and 19th Hanford's annual Safety EXPO is at the Pasco TRAC Facility. We open at 7am and close at 7pm. Free to the public lots of stuff to do and see. I have the 1944 Hanford Camp display set up with 100 new photo's from last year. Hope you folks stop by and say hello. -Don Sorenson (NAB) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [ 1944 Hanford Construction Camp web page that I put together. -Maren] ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/19/2010 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber funeral notice today: Ray LOESCHER ('57), Jackie SHEARD ('61) Donna BOWERS ('63), Mary Ann VOSSE ('63) Roy BALLARD ('63), Dave MILLER ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Bob CROSS ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Paula FRISTER ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dan THORNTON ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Kathy THORNTON ('71) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Ray LOESCHER ('57) Re: Prostate Cancer Please take note of the following excerpts taken from | 01.19.2010 Prostate cancer kills if allowed to grow. If ever there was a good reason to have a simple blood test, this is it. The prostate cancer PSA (prostate specific antigen) test is one of the tests given to determine if cancer cells are present in an otherwise healthy prostate. It is a simple blood test to help doctors diagnose and identify the existence of prostate cancer. I had a PSA in 2002 at age 63 that called for further diagnosis. The result? I had advanced prostate cancer with an 85% chance it was already spreading throughout my body. While an elevated PSA test may suggest the presence of prostate cancer, its not an absolute. If, however, you have an elevated result, your doctor will probably want to do additional testing for a more complete and accurate assessment of the potential cancer. The last thing you want to do is to allow prostate cancer to grow beyond the prostate gland. My physician did not give me much hope of living more than a year or two. The advanced stage of my cancer did not leave me many options, but after talking with a second physician, a course of treatment was begun. There are three things for you to consider: 1. If you are older, get your PSA. Right now, the American Cancer Society recommends that physicians discuss the pros and cons of screening with the PSA test with male patients age 50 and up. 2. If the PSA (and subsequent diagnosis) suggests treatment, secure a second opinion. There are lots of treatment options available these days to men with prostate cancer in its early stages. A single physician will not have all those tools available to him. 3. Get on the Internet. Be informed. Check out resources: -Ray LOESCHER ('57) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jackie SHEARD ('61) Re: Richland Realtor To: Lynn-Marie HATCHER Peashka ('68) There is a realtor in Richland. His name is Tom JOHNSON ('61). He is married to Katie SHEERAN ('61). Can't remember who he works for though. -Jackie SHEARD ('61) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Donna BOWERS Rice ('63) Re: Dick Plows ('63-RIP) It was with a profound sense of loss that I heard that Dick Plows has left us. Yesterday, I got the rest of the story of all the Bombers who worked for Penney's from Kenny DALL ('64). That was a great tribute to Dick and such fun to learn about all the Bombers who were Penney's people. During Dick and Marcia's time in Seattle, I got to be Dick's dental hygienist at another fellow Bomber's office (Dr. George STEPHENS ('58)) every 6 months. I always looked forward, both to Dick's visit and to Marcia's. You cannot believe how crazy and fun it was for an entire hour to have Dick at my mercy every 6 months. All through high school, I always found him such a jokester, a great dancer and just so much fun, so it was a really nice bonus to get to know Marcia, too. She fit Dick to a tee, and reading her wonderful tribute to Dick just solidified my opinion of what a "perfect" couple they were together. Through the years, we would see them, at Bend JC Penney's, and then when they retired and did their "horse thing" while at their Sisters store... it was always fun to catch up. Maybe because Mike ('60) and I both had 1st jobs at JC Penney's (me in Richland, Mike in Pasco) and Mike had been a Penney's Manager trainee in Spokane out of college, but we just kept running into them. Whatever the connection, my heart goes out to Marcia and the family, because Dick is and was a big part of the Gold Medal Class of '63 and he leaves us all with wonderful memories. Sincerely: -Donna BOWERS Rice (Gold Medal Class of '63) ~ St. Louis, MO where my Mom just left and the entire 2 weeks we laughed because we had Seattle weather and now that she is flying back, the sun is "on" again. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Mary Ann VOSSE Hirst ('63) Re: Bev WETHERALD ('63-RIP) Does anyone know the actual details of Bev's death because of Mt. St. Helens? The story that I know is that she was with her boyfriend and had been allowed, in the day before the eruption, along with other people, to get belongings from their family cabins on Spirit Lake, at the base of Mt. St. Helens. Her boyfriend's family owned a cabin on the lake and they went in to pull out what they could. Evidently, they disregarded orders as they were supposed to come out by somewhere about 6pm that same night. According to news reports, everyone who had gone in came out. But if the story I heard is true, then there was no head count going in. So, I am wondering, whether what I heard is correct, or if there was no head count for the people coming out and they "went against" orders. No matter what their decision was, the terrible, awful circumstances of their death was horrible beyond belief. I remember Bev as an incredibly kind, nice, quietly lovely person. And, laugh if you will, but one thing I remember was when we were seniors, she had not had one cavity in her teeth. Perfect. How many of you can say that, who graduated in 1963? I understand that she was a draftsperson, but do not know where she worked, other than in Portland. What are your memories of Beverly WETHERALD? -Mary Ann VOSSE Hirst ('63) ~ Lacey, WA where our weather is on and off sun and pouring rain, but warm. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Roy BALLARD ('63) Re: R2K+10 Planning Meeting TODAY There will be another planning meeting of the R2K+10 committee TODAY, May 19th at the Spudnut Shop - 6:30pm till 8pm unless we get done early. Come one and all. -Roy BALLARD ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dave MILLER ('67) Hi Folks, Just finished an interesting book. I had read three of William Dietrich's other books that were all fiction but based on actual history. This one was, Northwest Passage, The Great Columbia River. This guy has also won the Pulitzer Prize winning science for the Seattle Times, at least when this book was published in 1995. Very informative. -Dave MILLER ('67) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Funeral Notice >>LaVerne Ellis "Verne" Knox ('48) ~ 2/10/31 - 3/29/2010 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/20/2010 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers sent stuff & 2 Bomber funeral notices today: Grace DeVINCENTIS ('50wb), Nancy RIGGS ('51) Diane AVEDOVECH ('56), Katie SHEERAN ('61) Helen CROSS ('62), Jim HAMILTON ('63) Roy BALLARD ('63), Dennis HAMMER ('64) Vic MARSHALL ('71) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ron ARMSTRONG ('61) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Carmen MAFFEO ('71) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Grace DeVINCENTIS Spice ('50wb) Speaking of JC Penney's here are 2 more people who worked there before it opened. A Bomber mom, Joanne Riccobuono and myself Grace DeVincentis Spice ('50wb). I did job interviews. After the store opened we both went to work on the floor - Jo in kids clothes and I worked in purses and gloves. My job was short lived as we moved to Olympia where my husband went to work for the state. Jo was there 20 years and retired. Your names were very familiar (Plows and Dall) but I wasn't sure as Penney's was never mentioned. -Grace DeVINCENTIS Spice ('50wb) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Nancy RIGGS Lawrence ('51) Since Bombers seem to have a wealth of information at their fingertips I am going to go to the well and see what I can find out about a perfect climate for Multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. Perfect climate would be mild summers with no humidity and hopefully in the western half of the US. Will be attending an MS support meeting next Monday but thought Id get a jump on it. Thanks in advance for any info. This is for my 45 year old son, who lives in Indiana now the summers there just wipe him out. -Nancy RIGGS Lawrence ('51) ~ Sunny Kennewick **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Diane AVEDOVECH ('56) Response to Ray LOESCHER ('57) Ray, thank you for reminding me of a friend, Bob Markinni, who is quite knowledgable about prostate cancer and the treatments available. He has a newsletter and there are a couple of items that would be of vast importance to all men from their 40s on. I'd like to include a couple of items from one of Bob's newsletter: NEW WEBSITE ANSWERS QUESTIONS ABOUT PROSTATE BIOPSIES Reading pathology slides is a subjective process. To do it right requires experience and expertise. And understanding the verbiage in a pathology report can be daunting to the average patient. Perhaps the best known pathologist in the world is Dr. Jonathan Epstein, Director of Surgical Pathology at Johns Hopkins. I referenced Dr. Epsteins lab in the appendix of my book as one of the premier pathology labs, and have sent literally hundreds of men there for second opinions on their pathology slides. When Jonathan Epstein reads them, you know they are being properly read. I received an email from Dr. Epstein last month informing me that he has established a website to help patients better understand their pathology reports. He has suggested that I reference his website in my book, which I will do in the second edition. In his email to me, Dr. Epstein said: "Patients are often confused by the medical terminology they encounter in their reports. For example, in a prostate biopsy report with favorable grade adenocarcinoma on one core and high grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN) on another core, I am aware of cases where patients may have focused on and worried about high grade PIN since they read that high grade tumors are bad. Pathologists are the best physician group to help patients better understand their reports, as many clinicians, themselves, dont fully understand pathology reports. Furthermore, based on my daily experience of discussing pathology reports with patients, some clinicians are busy and may not take the time to fully explain the report to the patient. Even if clinicians address some of the issues at the time of telling the patient about their cancer diagnosis, patients may be shell-shocked and not fully integrate what they have been told. Being able to carefully review their report at home allows them to better digest the information and more meaningfully discuss the findings with their treating physicians." The website is If you go there and click on FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), you will see FAQs for five different areas of pathology: Breast, colon, esophagus, lung, and prostate. In the prostate section, Dr. Epstein addresses many of the questions I hear frequently from recently diagnosed men, such as: * If my biopsy says that there is no prostate cancer can I be sure that I dont have prostate cancer? * What is adenocarcinoma of the prostate? * How important is the Gleason score? * Does the Gleason score on my biopsy accurately indicate what the cancer grade is in the entire prostate? * What does it mean if my biopsy mentions that there is "perineural invasion"? * What does it mean if in addition to cancer my biopsy report also says high grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia or high grade PIN? These are just a few of the many questions addressed on this website. The answers are straight forward and are written is simple, every-day language. (There is an excellent book out on Prostate cancer that all men that reach the age of 50 should read and/or own.) MY BOOK You Can Beat Prostate Cancer by Bob Markinni Most of my books are sold directly by Lulu Press. A small percentage are sold on Amazon. Yet, currently we are the #3 book on Amazons list of 3,423 books on prostate cancer. And there are 74 reader reviews on Amazon, with an average rating of five stars. I hope that Bomber men will look at this and that the women in their lives nag them until they do. -Diane AVEDOVECH ('56) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Katie SHEERAN Johnson ('61) Re: Moose in Alaska [8.7 MB video file] Sally and Chuck are telling me to stay in the car... Heck they thought the moose would get me.... I would have strangled it!! [Katie spent some time visiting with sister, Sally SHEERAN Heath ('58) and brother-in-law Chuck Heath ('56-Sandpoint, ID) and spotted this moose. -Maren] Re: Moose & Musk Ox This male kept following me around... honestly, there were about 50 people at this farm and this little buggah kept following ME all over. Sal said "It's because you have red on"... well guess whatie? There were LOTS of people with red on and he left them alone. I think he was just "attracted" to me... good thing I wasn't 30 years younger... or should I say 40? -Katie SHEERAN Johnson ('61) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) Happy Birthday a day late to my almost twin cousin, Bobby CROSS (also '62). Hope you had a great "66" day, Bobby, hope to see you this summer. I had wanted to put this in the Sandstorm, but that was last week, lately, I am either too early or too late, love, Helen Nice to hear from my former cousin in law in the Sandstorm. -Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jim HAMILTON ('63) Just in case anyone wonders what my sister, Carolynn Hamilton Leach ('60), has been up to for the last 50 years. -jimbeaux -Jim HAMILTON ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Roy BALLARD ('63) To: Mary Ann VOSSE Hirst ('63) Re: Bev WETHERALD ('63-RIP) Mary Ann, What I heard is that Bev had permission to go in and do photo work of St. Helens, but then after hearing what you said, I don't know if what I heard is true. Remembering her during our school years, I remember her as a quiet, bright girl, on the shy side, but a wonderful person and I do miss seeing her. -Roy BALLARD ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dennis HAMMER ('64) To: Mary Ann VOSSE Hirst ('63) Re: Bev WETHERALD ('63-RIP) You got me looking through boxes and boxes and of old pictures. I found three photos of Bev all taken from when I knew her in CBC days (1965). I probably haven't seen these pictures in 40 to 45 years. They are obviously of two different functions, but I do not remember what they were. The one where she is wearing the name tag in the green if you zoom in says "Washing State" and maybe "March 11 or 14" Then is says "Bev Wetherald - CBC Visitor," I can't make out anything else. If anyone would like higher resolution copies so you can have them printed, send me an email. It will probably take me a few days because I would like to do some more work on them. I did not have time to do so today and make the Sandstorm deadline. They were taken with an Instamatic camera and I am not sure you can get square pictures printed any more, so I will have to re- crop them at 4x6 or 5x7. Also, I can't do much about the group picture, but on the one of her individually I am sure I can take out the name tag. On the other one I can get rid of the name tag, cut myself out of the picture, and clone in some of the wood paneling to cover up my sleeve. My only concern is her fuzzy sweater sleeve in that area might be a problem. Before my post of May 18th I tried to do some research on Bev. I know very little details and most of what is on the Internet is the exact same words. Nobody wants to write anymore, they just "copy" and "paste." But I did find something that said she was a "Portland finance worker" and I think I found something that said she worked for General Electric, but if so I was not able to find it again. I did find an article from the May 18, 2005 Columbian in Vancouver, WA by Thomas Ryll I'll post just the part about Bev so the whole article doesn't have to be read. "Washington State Patrol Trooper Ron Spahman stopped Bob Kasewater and Beverly Wetherald as they tried to skirt a road block on state Highway 504 about 5 miles northwest of the volcano. The pair told Spahman they were headed for Kasewater's cabin. Spahman radioed their request to the Vancouver dispatch center." "As they waited for a reply, 83-year-old Harry Truman drove up to the road block from his lodge on Spirit Lake. About a half-hour later, dispatch told Spahman that Kasewater and Wetherald could enter the closed area without their car. Kasewater hopped on a bicycle he'd brought along. Wetherald jumped into Truman's pickup." " 'The last time I saw them, Harry Truman was driving slowly up Highway 504 with Kasewater following on his bicycle,' " says Spahman, who retired from the state patrol in 2004 and now works in courthouse security for the Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office. " 'I couldn't believe it when I read their names on the missing list. It made me kind of sick.' " "Truman, Kasewater and Wetherald were buried in the largest landslide in recorded history." Most of the article is about another victim, Columbian photographer Reid Blackburn. If anyone wants to read the whole article email me and I will send the link. -Dennis HAMMER ('64) ~ I didn't think it would, but it really made me sad to work on these pictures. I know grown men don't cry, so I won't tell you about the Kleenex box by my computer. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Vic MARSHALL ('71) I want to take moment to wish one of the nicest ladies I know a very happy Birthday. Happy birthday Carmen MAFFEO Randow ('71). You keep the cat man (Cary RANDOW ('70)) honest. We thank you. -Vic MARSHALL ('71) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Funeral Notices >>Dick Plows ('63) ~ 3/10/45 - 5/13/2010 >>Richard Mayberry ('55) ~ 3/28/37 - 4/1/2010 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/21/2010 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber funeral notice today: Jim JENSEN ('50), Tom HEMPHILL ('62) Roy BALLARD ('63), David RIVERS ('65) Lynn-Marie HATCHER ('68), Julie SMYTH ('69wb) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Tom GRAHAM ('55) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jim JENSEN ('50) Re: Health Care In the most recent bulletin from my health care provider is a recommendation to visit and use web site The site is a service of the National Library of Medicine and of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health. There are no sign ID requirements and no password requirements. There is no charge for the service. The body of information available is imposing. Bomber cheers, -Jim JENSEN ('50) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tom HEMPHILL ('62) Re: Dick Plows ('63-RIP) I have many fond memories of my friend Dick PLOWS ('63-RIP). We grew up together in the south end of Richland through the 1950s and into the early 1960s. One great adventure was our trip to Seattle the summer of 1962. We stayed with Dick's sister in south Seattle and went to the World's Fair several days. We had a great time, as I recall. My memories of Dick always focus on his most positive attitude and enthusiasm. Dick seemed to always be happy and smiling. He always treated people with respect. I recall one day in 1962 when Dick was having a noise problem in his car. I asked his Dad if Dick had fixed the whine in his rear end. Mr. Plows replied, "he was born with that whine in his rear end and he will have it forever." Now we know where Dick gets his humor from. Linda and I were able to have a good visit with Dick and Marcia last September on San Juan Island. I'm glad we did. -Tom HEMPHILL ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Roy BALLARD ('63) Re: R2K+10 Rooms There are 60 rooms still available at the Clarion until the 25th of May If you need a room for R2K+10, call the local number: (509) 946-4121. Tell the Clarion that this is for R2K+10. -Roy BALLARD ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: I hate to lose friends This may be someone else's place rather than mine. I won't take up a lot of space tonight. I did my best to notify everyone I could this morning after Marlene Walton ('66) was kind enough to notify me. I did my "e-blast" of '65ers plus, but know that I haven't updated it in some time so many emails were old and some bounced back. We lost Jim FLEMING ('65-RIP) on the morning of the 18th to a heart attack. I know there is nothing we can tell Cheryl ('66) or their children that will make the loss any better. We all loved Jim... what a wonderful guy. Just everything you could ask in a friend. I will miss him so very much. -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Lynn-Marie HATCHER Peashka ('68) Re: House is Listed! Fellow Bombers Thank you again for all the real estate agent suggestions. The house on Scot is now listed. MLS link. Would certainly be glad to give special consideration to offers from Bombers, or Bomber-referred offers. Would appreciate you forwarding the link to anyone you know who is house hunting. In order to sell quickly, I have priced it below anticipated appraised value. It should appraise at about $280K, as the entire house has been refurbished from top to bottom, including all new fixtures, paint, and appliances with meticulous attention to detail. Beautiful home. Beautiful yard. Beautiful location. More photos and virtual tour will be added to the listing within the next several days. Thanks, Bombers! -Lynn-Marie HATCHER Peashka ('68) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Julie SMYTH Moss ('69wb) Re: Katie & the Moose To: Katie SHEERAN Johnson ('61) Katie, We ALL know it's your animal magnetism?? -Julie SMYTH Moss ('69wb) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Funeral Notice >>Rudy FRANZ ('66) ~ 9/18/47 - 5/10/2010 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/22/2010 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff: Helen CROSS ('62), Gary BEHYMER (64) Patty de la BRETONNE ('65), Pam EHINGER ('67) Matt FILIP ('77) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) To: Nancy RIGGS Lawrence ('51) Hi, Nancy, long time no write... my greetings to you and your dad, Larry. As I think about what you wrote, the only place I can think of is near Anaheim, and Tuscan,or Santa Ana, CA. Also my aunt tells me around Roseburg, Oregon it usually doesn't get up into the l00s and has low humidity in the summer and mild winters... all the best to you and your family. -Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) ~ written from Seattle, as we get ready to depart on the cruise to Alaska, been wanting to get back there since we went in l976. Sorry Jane WALKER ('62) will not be Hootchin and Hotcakes production again, we saw it in '76, and we never could decide if she was there the night we went... but we expect Alaska will be beautiful anyway... Had a nice talk with Carole JOHNSTON Berg ('62) today, she and Russ and the family are great still in Renton, We both can hardly believe we are almost to our 50th Reunion from good ole RHS... **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Gary BEHYMER ('64) Re: Tri-City Newspapers - Bomber sports This from an eBay friend of mine Hey, Gary - Last weekend I purchased 12 boxes (yes, I said boxes) of 1950's and 1960's Tri-City Herald and Columbia Basin News newspapers. I was looking through some last night and noticed some nice-sized Bombers sports articles, many with photos. I, of course, thought of you. Would you be interested in any of these? If you are, I expect to be through all of these within the next couple of weeks. I could keep those separate and let you know how many I have and a general overview at that time. I wouldn't expect more than a buck each. Id say if someone in the Bomber group might be interested, please let me know. If you have any questions please feel free to email me & I will ask the seller. =Gary BEHYMER (64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Patty de la BRETONNE ('65) Jimmy FLEMING ('65-RIP) and I were always in close proximity in the front row of grade school pictures, since we were short. I remember him as really nice and a little funny back then, and I was delighted to see him at our 20th reunion and to learn he was a successful doctor. Still very nice and friendly. In my head and heart always a part of my childhood history in Richland. I'm so sad that he's gone. -Patty de la BRETONNE ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Pam EHINGER Edinger (Blue Ribbon Class of '67) Re: Prepare for Memorial day This is for every Veteran that ever served our Country. Thank you each an every one of you! Without you I have no idea where we would be right now. I'm sure we wouldn't have the Freedom that we have. THANK YOU! Bombers Rule, -Pam EHINGER Edinger (Blue Ribbon Class of '67) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Matt FILIP ('77) Hello Maren, I'm sorry to see that the oil disaster is starting to reach close to home. My thoughts and sincere hopes of a successful conclusion that this terrible problem will be solved are coming your way. I wish you everything in favor and hope. To Richard ROBERTS ('49) and Carol TYNER Roberts ('52) Richard and Carol, Thank you for another Bomber invite into your wonderful home. Stop being ridiculoulsy and completely gracious citizens of the central coast. Maybe when you two decide to retire you will slow down for a change and reach perfect harmony while in and out of the bathtub. To Barbara W. [Does he mean raised-on-Hunt-Point Barbra Williamson, aka Jeanie WALSH ('63)? -Maren] Hunt Point has never been the same since we all ruled that wonderful piece of paradise. In my youth it belonged to: Paul CHARETTE ('71), Charlie WARREN ('71), Dave WAITE ('71-RIP), Clark BEMNNETT ('71) and Brian BENNETT ('73) (Chad was still in the nursery), O'Meilly, Meeker, Raile, Woodley, Nelson, LaRiviere (pissed him 'em off and would have killed me had he found me after shaving creaming his bicycle seat GUILTY!). Besides these bunch of blokes, pushovers actually, I began to steadily assure myself to greatness. People feared the H.P. Most of all were those that never had a worry. I'm speaking of the Harris Ave. latch keys who had been living in the lap of luxury and vacationed while their parents were out of town. You know movie stars, cement ponds and an occassional ride through the desert with shot guns blazing in the dark and nobody hurt besides a pole cat and a set of Kelley tires. This never happened to those who lived north of Newcomber. Never! Re: One more time... HAMTC Richland American League Champions 1971... Chad Bennett, Steve Compton, Dave Horn, Steve Meyer, Reed Swallow, Dan Spanner, Bruce Keogh, Matt FILIP ('77) ---Kevin Alley, Peter Erie, Chris Lloyd, Ron Feaster, ?? Coleman, Eric Brodazynski (Spy's kid) Floyd Gates (Greenjeans) Manager, Spy Brodazynski (coach) Forward & Forever. -Matt FILIP ('77) ~ Kicking it around in Arroyo Grande, CA. Goodness greatness and good golly days of summer ahead. ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/23/2010 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff: Don LYALL ('52), Ellen FOLEY ('59) Jeanie WALSH ('63), Roy BALLARD ('63) Matt FILIP ('77) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Terri ROYCE ('56) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Terry MATTHEWS ('60) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Paul FELTS ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Ruth Richardson (Bomber Mom) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Don LYALL ('52) Re: Travel I want to share with you an incredible trip Jo Ann and I just completed - a weeks visit to Israel. I was somewhat concerned about the unrest, but no problems at all (two armed guards protected us). Israel is beautiful and fertile in the North around the Sea of Galilee and total desert in the South. We stayed in the King David Hotel in Jerusalem and toured daily. Flew into Tel Aviv (on the Med), about 40 miles from Jerusalem. Started with the walled Old City, lots of excavation to see years and years of history and the Western Wall (Wailing Wall). Spent a half day in the Yad Vashem (Holocaust Museum), I cried nearly the entire time of the visit. Next headed South along the Dead Sea, Lowest elevation in the world (423 meters below sea level) and the Masada, at 1600 foot above the dear sea. It is the digs of the seven scrolls and the castle over 2000 years old of King Herrod. How they ever built up there, one would never know. Cable car up but a long walk down. Visited an Israelie Air Force Base, KC-135s and F-16s. Went within a mile of the Gaza Strip, did not stay long as they get daily rockets. Then North by Nazareth, Church of Annunciation where it was announced Mary was with child Jesus. Over to the Sea of Galilee, Capernaum (Peter's home where Jesus stayed when he was in the area), Tiberias, Mt. Beautituds (8 blessings and sermon on the Mount). Further North to the Golon Heights, bunkers, etc. of the 67 war (located between Lebanon and Syria) and took in Jericho on the way home. Last day was mostly back in Jerusalem visiting Mt. Olives, Seven Arches, Basillia Agony, Palm Ave., Garden of Gashemany and the Church of Sepulchre (13 station of the cross) where the cruchifixion and burial of Jesus occured. I wish I had paid better attention during my Sunday School days at Central Church in Richland to better fully understand what I was seeing. A wonderful trip. -Don LYALL ('52) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Ellen FOLEY Pope ('59) Re: Memorial Day Just a small thought about when we all grew up... Here where we live in southern California you never come across a veteran selling the lapel Poppy for Memorial Day. Was just remembering about how important is was to us in Washington State many years ago. Have been watching the series "The Pacific" and even though I was quite young... still remember the end of the war and my parents and their friends as they returned. Wondering where it all went! HAVE A NICE HOLIDAY. -Ellen FOLEY Pope ('59) ~ Burbank, CA **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Barbra Williamson, aka Jeanie WALSH ('63) Re: Hunt Point To: Matt FILIP ('77) Ha, Hunt Point and the Filip kids... along with the Kellie (get off the grass) WALSH ('77). Matt you are so right... what a perfect place for a kid to grow up... Did you mention the Warrens? And you did leave out the Walsh Family and the Stratton Family... also the Fosters, and Fullers... down the block we had Adele PAULSEN ('63)... ah, memories... -Barbra Williamson, aka Jeanie WALSH ('63) ~ Simi Valley, CA Home of the Ronal Reagan Library where Laura Bush spoke last week, and Romney on Tuesday Life is Good! **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Roy BALLARD ('63) Re: R2K+10 WHEN: June, 25, 26, 27, 2010 FUN: Chili Feed, Sock Hop, Alumni Basketball game COST: Registration is $5 if not attending any dinners Friday 5pm ~ Chili & Cinnamon rolls ~ $10 ea Saturday 6am Pancake feed 6am ~ $5 ea Saturday 5pm Dinner catered by Tony Roma's $15 ea NOTE: You must be pre-registered for the dinners. The deadline for RECEIPT is June 15, 2010. You can also pre-order t-shirts and other things from the registration form. -Roy BALLARD ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Matt FILIP ('77) To: Brad Upton ('74) Thank you for the informative, interesting and ultimately sorrowful account of Tom and Dick Smother's father's history. Who could EVER be so unlucky twice? This makes perfect sense of why Tom Smothers always said to Dick "Mom always liked you best" wow! I've always flown my USA flag on May 31st with an absolute memory of the cost of freedom and all who made freedom possible. The story that you told Brad of fellow comedians, who are dear to all of us, will never be forgotten. I sincerely appreciate your thoughts. Re: Baseball I must also add... the 1973 Christ the King baseball team went 12-0. Jeff Zwicker (Manager), Mike HOGAN ('70) (convertable owner?) and Don Twitty (Hogan's speech therapist) were actually our role models! We were good. The class below us included Pete SINCLAIR ('78), Kevin GHIRARDO ('78) (position thief) and Chris WEBSTER ('78). Denny Devine, Pete Zorich ('77), Neal Sullivan, Kip Yencopal (batboy) made the difference. I'll never forget travelling to a game in Kennewick (Bethleham Lutheran) in Mike Hogan's two seat convertable. I think there were about 8 of us in his car. Mike had to make up time and passed every vehicle on Hwy 395. Good thing we were all Catholic and had recently been to confession. Needless to say the good Lord was watching over us again giving us another victory and a safe trip home. This was one thing that Sister Nancy loved every minute of completelely... well at least until the graduation George Prout (big pool) pool party anyway. Nuff said. -Matt FILIP ('77) ~ Wishing the transplanted OKC Thunder would rename themselves the "Tonics" aka Thunder/Sonics! ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/24/2010 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff: Richard ROBERTS ('49), Don LYALL ('52) Gloria ADAMS ('54), Jim HAMILTON ('63) Joe FORD ('63), Linda REINING ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Daniel LAYBOURN ('70) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Richard ROBERTS ('49) Re: California Central Coast Bomber Luncheon The California Central Coast Bombers will hold a luncheon Sunday, July 18th, Cafe Vostro, West Grand Avenue, Grover Beach. The festivity will begin at 11:30 am with wine tasting at Richard ROBERTS ('49) & Carol TYNER ('52) Roberts' house, 1425 Trouville Ave., Grover Beach, CA. All Bombers are invited; we especially anticipate Bombers from the Valley to attend to cool off. Spouses, partners, significant others are invited. Call Richard or Carol if you have questions and to RSVP for a meal count- 805-473-3457. Let's party! Cheers -Richard ROBERTS ('49) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Don LYALL ('52) Re: Graduation I hardly ever write, but do read daily. Here I am today, two days in a row. This weekend, our youngest grandson graduated from Fayetteville High School. Some of my classmates may remember our oldest daughter Leanne married Keith ROBERTS ('76), son of Lionel "Robbie" ROBERTS ('52-RIP) and Pat AESCHLIMAN ('57-RIP). Unfortunately, their marriage did not last, both remarried and both families have done well. Their youngest son Bryce graduated this weekend. Robbie's sister, brother and families were here, from Huntsville, AL and Wash DC, so we had a Bomber reunion. Keith stayed in Richland one year to graduate (think he lived with Rish), his sister Kathy and brother Kyle attended Richland a year or two, but finished later in Maine. Bryce's sister Katie will start Law School this fall. Bryce had some division II schools after him to come pitch for them, but he is electing to attend U of A and do pre-Med. It was great to see all them again -Don LYALL ('52) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [University of Alaska? Alabama? Or maybe a razorback? =Maren] **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Gloria ADAMS Fulcher ('54) To: Don LYALL ('52) What a fabulous spiritual journey. We were always leery about going to the Holy Lands on our travels, because of the unrest. I wish we had. To: Matt FILIP ('77) What date did Brad UPTON ('74) send his entry about the Smothers Bros. I haven't been able to find it? -Gloria ADAMS Fulcher ('54) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [Look in the 05/18/2010 Sandstorm. -Maren] **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Jim HAMILTON ('63) So Im getting taken to the woodshed by the crossword puzzle in the Seattle Times and figure I've got 92 across absolutely nailed. A three letter word for Palindromic Writer. So I automatically put in Ray (which in itself is not a palindrome), only to realize that the one and same 92 across (and #10 on your program) was only but one of the 254 entries I had wrong. Has anyone ever figured out what the odds were for getting a crossword puzzle right? -jimbeaux -Jim HAMILTON ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Joe FORD ('63) Re: Beverly WETHERALD ('63-RIP) and Mt. St. Helens Hello, fellow Richlanders; According to reports published after the eruption, Bev and her boyfriend, Bob Kaseweter, were conducting amateur vulcanology work at Spirit Lake on the morning of May 18, 1980. The Forest Service had permitted Bev and Bob to enter the area, if my reading of the reports is correct. Like others, I remember Bev from Sacajawea Grade School and Col-Hi. She was a quiet, reserved, young woman, and it's sad to think of her passing. Mt. St. Helens remains an icon for me, as an outdoor recreation site and a symbol of great natural power, even in its diminished form. Cheers and best wishes -Joe FORD ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Linda REINING ('64) To: Ellen FOLEY Pope ('59) Re: Memorial Day Poppies Veterans sell poppies every Memorial Day here in Bakersfield. They are usually outside the grocery stores. -Linda REINING ('64) ~ cool temps in Bakersfield, CA... am in no hurry for the triple digits that will arrive sooner than I like. ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/25/2010 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6 Bombers sent stuff and 1 Bomber funeral notice today: Steve CARSON ('58), Marj OUALHEIM ('60) Tim SMYTH ('62), Donna BOWERS ('63) Roy BALLARD ('63), Dennis HAMMER ('64) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Shelly BELCHER ('74) BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: Gene HORNE and Carol BISHOP ('57) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Steve CARSON (Championship Class of '58) I attended my Grandson Max(imum)'s graduation on Sunday at York High School in Elmhurst, IL. 642 graduates, 4,000 in the audience. Wow, I thought the class of 58, with 340 (as I recall) was a big class. Reading through the pages of the achievements and awards was impressive. -Steve CARSON (Championship Class of '58) ~ Chicago, IL where the Blackhawks will be playing for the Stanley Cup and summer has arrived. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marj OUALHEIM Haggard ('60) Re: Class of 1960 50th Reunion Committee Meeting The class of 1960 will have a reunion committee meeting Wednesday May 26th at 6 PM at Rosies Diner (next to the Hampton Inn in Richland). Classmates and spouses are welcome. Hope to see you there. -Marj OUALHEIM Haggard ('60) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tim SMYTH ('62) The day Mt. St. Helens erupted, May 18, 1980, my late wife Terry gave birth to our third daughter, Erin Maureen, in Glens Falls, NY. Two days after Erin's 30th birthday, May 20 2010, Erin and her husband Matt celebrated the birth to their first child, James Timothy, in Syracuse NY. My girlfriend Debby just returned from Syracuse from visiting the happy couple and their addition. So all my siblings (including Maren ('63 & '64) and Tere ('65)) have a new grand nephew. -Tim SMYTH ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Donna BOWERS Rice (Gold Medal Class of '63) Re: Ruth WINDSOR ('63-RIP) Since we are writing about Mt. St. Helens eruption, I was wondering if anyone knew why Ruth Windsor was up there. She lived 2 doors down from our family the last few years in high school, and I heard that she too was killed up there. I always wondered what she was doing there. We were in a friend's church when Mt. St. Helens blew where our son was playing guitar for the service. I think everyone remembers where they were when she blew. Any information about Ruth would be appreciated. -Donna BOWERS Rice (GMC'63) ~ where it is 92 and humid **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Roy BALLARD ('63) Re: R2K+10 Rooms There are 60 rooms still available at the Clarion until the 25th of May If you need a room for R2K+10, call the local number: (509) 946-4121. Tell the Clarion that this is for R2K+10. -Roy BALLARD ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dennis HAMMER ('64) To: Joe FORD ('63) Re: Beverly WETHERALD ('63-RIP) "One last night at cabin proved fatal" After reading your post in yesterday's Sandstorm I decided to search the web again to see if I could find something new about Bev that may have been published since the May 18th Mount St. Helens eruption anniversary. This page came up in memories of that day at the "The Columbian," Vancouver, Wash. newspaper site. -Dennis HAMMER ('64) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** Funeral Notice >>Eugene BRODACZYNSKI ('50) ~ 10/9/31 - 1/12/2010 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/26/2010 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff: Marlene LARSEN ('56wb), Phil GROFF ('58) David RIVERS ('65), Alan LOBDELL ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Carole WICKSTROM ('59) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Cecilia BENNETT ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Paul McNEILL ('74) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Marlene LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) My sister, Linda Diane Larsen Wheaton ('60wb) was in the 1st and 2nd grades at John Ball School in North Richland in 1949 and 1950. We have posted her 1st & 2nd grade class pictures on line. The 1st grade teacher was Mrs. Pugh and the 2nd grade teacher is unknown. Please check both of the pictures if any of you 1960 graduates attended John Ball School during your 1st & 2nd grades. If you look at the pictures, please add your name because the only name we have on both of these pictures is the picture of my sister, Linda Diane Larsen Wheaton. Thank you in advance. -Marlene Rose LARSEN Hegseth ('56wb) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Phil GROFF ('58) Re: 1965 Life Magazine A few weeks ago an entry mentioned a cover picture, in a Life Magazine, showing a Marine patrol, one being a Bomber, being evacuated from an action against the Vietcong. I have a July 2nd, 1965 copy, in new condition that I think is the one mentioned. This copy obviously is special to many Bombers. If the person who sent the entry would like to have it, I will send it to them. If this is the copy mentioned, it would be great on display at the proper reunion. Thanks, -Phil GROFF ('58) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: Did you know? There are 60 rooms at the Clarion for the R2K+10 bash... I think Roy BALLARD ('63) has his credit card on file there... oh wait... maybe I misunderstood... maybe Roy is just in charge of leaving the light on for ya... no that's not Roy that's Tom Bodett and he's not even a Bomber... on second thought... let's talk about something else... like "youth"... no not Yute as Cousin Vinnie would say... ya see, in our class we have several kids who pretty much haven't changed since their grageashun pitchers... We got SIMPSON ('65) a course, then there's Murphy (who has a birthday coming up with her partner in crime Ms MOUTON... speaking of Mouton... thanks for getting me introduced to the lovely ML ('63) at R2K) and then there's the birthday Bomber-babe... I still remember her leaning up against a tree at R2K while we were taking pictures of the bunch of us... I couldn't believe it... she looked just like we were still in Confirmation class at Richland Lutheran... no kidding... I teased her about it... but it is so true... since that time I have asked to use the bathroom while at parties at her house and then sneaked down in the basement (that's how they always do it in movies) looking for the tell tale portrait but haven't been able to find one... so maybe this youthfulness is just the reward for clean living... who knows... all I can say is she is shore doing something right! So it's time to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Cecilia BENNETT ('65) on May 26, 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Alan LOBDELL ('69) Re: Baseball Some have been talking about past baseball teams and I was wondering if any remember the following? I can't remember exactly what year it was but I was 14 at the time and on a pony league allstar team that won its first three games of a regional tournament in Richland. We had beaten each team rather badly and it came down to us against Walla Walla. We had already beaten them once badly and they had worked their way up through the loser bracket and had to play us twice to move on. All we needed was one win. Somehow they managed to move the entire tournament and double header to Walla Walla and then proceeded to hand us the worst home town umpiring I have ever seen. We had three or four of the best pitchers in the state in Sams, Shults, Randal and one other I can't think of. First they kicked Sams out of the game with some made up thing and then because Gary Allen hit a home run (which he was well known for doing) they made our coach remove his bat from the game. Our guys including myself were struck out on pitches in the dirt, over your head etc. Our pitchers had to pitch into a tea cup to get a strike. It went on for two games and we lost both by one run each. Walla Walla went on to Hawaii to the pony world series and lost 18 to nothing and 14 to nothing. I think it was about 1967. -Alan LOBDELL ('69) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/27/2010 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff: Lenora HUGHES ('55), Mel BRIZENDINE ('60) Pete OVERDAHL ('60), David RIVERS ('65) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jim BOYD ('55) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Lenora HUGHES Bejarano ('55) Hello friends! It is time for a Las Vegas Bomber luncheon in Las Vegas, NV. WHEN: June 5, 2010 TIME: 12 Noon PLACE: Marie Callender's restaurant located at 8175 West Sahara Hope to see many friends there. Please feel free to bring spouses, children, grandchildren, friends and so forth as all are most welcome!!!!! A good time is always had by all!!! BOMBER CHEERS!!!!!! -Lenora HUGHES Bejarano ('55) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** From the new ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook. >>From: Mel BRIZENDINE ('60) Entered: Wednesday 05/26/2010 2:21:43pm COMMENTS: See u at the 50th reunion -Mel BRIZENDINE ('60) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Pete OVERDAHL ('60) To: Class of 1960 Re: 50th Class Reunion Our 50th reunion is almost here. To obtain information and registration, Go to our Web Site. We want everyone to attend. Any questions not covered please call Pete OVERDAHL 509 628-8512 or Connie DEAN O'Neil ('60) at 509 943-9259. -Pete OVERDAHL ('60) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: Just doin' my duty When ya gots kids ya gotta treat em with love and spect... even the ilugitamutt ones... so the other day my Illugitamutt Son ('65) called and gave me the secret password to the web site for the Movie he made earlier this year on the French boarder... he was all 'cited and since he hasn't got internet use I hadda stroke him on how wonderful he was... without permission, I naturally hadda share it with a few Bombers just to get their reactions... well today he has asked if maybe I could share it with the rest of you... Of course the timing is perfect... with R2K+10 coming he'll be in town in a few weeks and you can all tell him how good he looks and what a star he is... I gotta wonder, how many "fathers" who were treated the way I was in the old dayz by their illagitamutt son would do these things for the little Mutt? Ahhh well it's the least I can do... he is my pal and all... but when you fawn all over him in June... please wait till I'm outa earshot OK... for a good time call Terry at 555- 0099... no wait that's not what I was supposed to do When you get to the site click Promo Reel, the user same is: Humal (Sorry Ellen ('63)) and the password is: focalys Have fun. It is good... look for Lyman POWELL ('65) and Rick WARFORD ('65) in the scene when Terry first appears in the dark blue overcoat (that he kept... dirty thief... I could tell so many stories but I'll wait)... they could be up near a wall... I haven't gone back to check but watch for them. -David RIVERS ('65) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/28/2010 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4 Bombers sent stuff: Tom HEMPHILL ('62), Linda REINING ('64) Dave MILLER ('67), Bruce PETTY ('80) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Mike CLOWES ('54) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Twins: Bob & Roberta Grout ('66wb) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tom HEMPHILL ('62) Re: New Movie To: David RIVERS ('65) Hey David. I watched the promo for Terry's new movie, and I will need to see that one for sure. Terry DAVIS ('65) should thank me for that tough-guy bent nose of his. I did my best back in '63 in the boxing ring to mold his face for these movie roles. What da ya think? -Tom HEMPHILL ('62) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Linda REINING ('64) Re: Terrace Knox, aka Terry DAVIS ('65) watched the promo for his new movie... Terry looks good, but I won't be watching that movie... way too violent/graphic for me. *grin* I prefer his roles in "St. Elsewhere" and "Tour of Duty". *grin* but, thanks, David, for giving us the link to his newest movie. -Linda REINING ('64) ~ Bakersfield, CA we are having weird weather for May... cool temps and even hints of rain... not complaining as I am in NO hurry for triple digits, which should be here sooner than I'd like. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Dave MILLER ('67) Re: Washington State study from 1966 Just got a letter from BYU about the study done in 1966 and 1967 for Washington State and updated last in 1980. If you want to fill out your updated info here is the site. -Dave MILLER ('67) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** From the new ALL Bomber Alumni GuestBook. From: Bruce PETTY ('80) Entered: Thursday 05/27/2010 10:27:05pm COMMENTS: Howdy from Texas! Does anyone know where John Richards is now? -Bruce PETTY ('80) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/29/2010 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 Bombers. Andy Perdue. and Theresa Hammer sent stuff: Kay MITCHELL ('52), Floyd MELTON ('57) Pete OVERDAHL ('60), Roger GRESS ('61) Roy BALLARD ('63), Carol CONVERSE ('64) Robert AVANT ('69) Andy Perdue (MAB), Theresa Hammer (NAB) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jimmie SHIPMAN ('51) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dick PIERARD ('52) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Larry HARROLD ('56) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Sharon SHERWOOD ('58) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Marsha HOPFINGER ('67) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Kay MITCHELL Coates ('52) Re: Bomber Nephew It has been awhile since we had a Bomber in the family. This year we hit the jackpot with great nephew Derik BRIGGS, grandson of Mary Lee COATES Briggs (58?). Heard through the family he will be playing in the baseball playoffs this weekend at the SAFECO stadium in Seattle. Proud to say he also played on the Bomber basketball team this year. The last Bomber athletes we had in the family were granddaughters Mandy and Melissa Hedges (Julie COATES Hedges ('75) daughters who were both top notch softball players). The tradition carries on to another generation. Go Derik! Go Bombers! -Kay MITCHELL Coates ('52) ~ Valley, WA **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Floyd MELTON ('57) Re: Eugene, OR Does anyone know how many Bombers live in or near Eugene, OR; besides David MANSFIELD ('59) and myself? It would be good to start a luncheon here if there are enough Bombers to warrant such an event. -Floyd MELTON ('57) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Pete OVERDAHL ('60) To: Class of '60 Re: '60 Registration Update A little more detail on how to get into the Web Site for the 50th Reunion and Registration You can get there by following the links on This is easier.. Click the link below for the Class of '60 Registration form: Click the link below for Activities and Wine Tour Registration: Any Questions Call me at (509) 628-8512 or Connie DEAN O'Neil ('60) at (509) 943-9259. -Pete OVERDAHL ('60) ~ Hope to See You There **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Roger GRESS ('61) Re: Terry DAVIS ('65) I watched the trailer of "The Hunters" and it looks like it would be a good one. I have an old 1960 Chief Jo annual and I found out that Terry got his start at acting in a four act comedy "Tom Sawyer". -Roger GRESS ('61) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Roy BALLARD ('63) Re: R2K+10 WHEN: June, 25, 26, 27, 2010 FUN: Chili Feed, Sock Hop, Alumni Basketball game COST: Registration is $5 if not attending any dinners Friday 5pm ~ Chili & Cinnamon rolls ~ $10 ea Saturday 6am Pancake feed 6am ~ $5 ea Saturday 5pm Dinner catered by Tony Roma's $15 ea NOTE: You must be pre-registered for the dinners. The deadline for RECEIPT is June 15, 2010. You can also pre-order t-shirts and other things from the registration form. -Roy BALLARD ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64) Re: Movie I couldn't get the site to open up for me. I'll try again now and hopefully I will be able to. Now my curiosity is up. -Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64) ~ Eureka, CA where winter is still with us. Rain rain and more rain & low 50s **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Robert AVANT ('69) Re: Things learned from pets We lost "Daisy" ( ? - 5/28/2010) last night and little beknowest to her self effacing doghood, the Universe was altered. I was lucky to grow up in an age with Rin Tin Tin and Lassie,and assorted cute hounds on TV. Wonderful heroes, but lousy dogs in my opinion. Even that lovable mutt Benjie, and the later tear jerker Marley paled before this chocolate lab, something, something mix. She was a rescuer and a rescue. She was the "best of times, the worst of times..." and never asked for recognition and never wanted more than she gave both Maggie and myself. I met Maggie in 2007 and she was a "3 percenter". She had suffered from "white lung" and was on the respirator for 3 weeks and not expected to live. Just prior to that she had adopted "Daisy" from a situation where this dog was starving to death. Many nights and many seizures Maggie had given Daisy permission to pass away, but the dog lived, gained strength, and so did Maggie. They were devoted to each other and if Maggie needed to sleep 18 hours, Daisy would be there. Finally going outside for a pee break only when both were up and awake. Daisy asked for nothing, but guarded Maggie and her new home with an intensity of one who has found her territory. When I met Maggie, I was warned about Daisy's protectiveness and finally met the "DOG" face to face. She never growled, snapped at, or in any way threatened me. She became known as "Traitor" dog, not Daisy because she preferred my company sometimes. She lived a wonderful life after her rescue and bestowed far more love and kindness than was returned. She did, however, pass away at her home, she had checked on the cats, that were her "puppies" before she left. Being a great pet, she elected to pass away quietly downstairs, not wanting to wake me up. She also died near the front door as to not make her remains removal cumbersome. If I have bored some; you have my apology, but this "friend" deserved a marker in the Sandstorm -Robert AVANT ('69) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Andy Perdue (MAB) Greetings, Bombers. We have posted 52 photos from the Department of Energy archives showing summertime fun in Richland during the 1940s and 1950s. You can see them at: '50s & '50s photos from DOE Archives As always, I love hearing stories about the photos. Sincerely, Andy Perdu, Tri-City Herald **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Theresa Hammer, Assistant Mgr, Hanford Resource Ctr Hi!!! Please put the following article in the Sandstorm. We have been so busy... a lot to do with the new SEC ruling and the Sandstorm. I will be submitting articles on a regular basis now. I look forward to hearing from all your alumni! Re: EEOICPA Law Changes for Hanford workers! Did YOU work at Hanford/PNNL? Did YOUR PARENTS work at Hanford/PNNL? Did YOUR GRANDPARENTS work at Hanford/PNNL? Do you KNOW SOMEONE who worked at Hanford/PNNL? On January 9, 2010 Congress allowed for the Hanford Site to have Special Exposure Cohort (SEC) status under the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA). Claimant's meeting SEC requirements (one of 22 specific cancers and employment during certain timeframes at Hanford) are awarded Part B compensation without the further analysis of a dose reconstruction. The law covers other illnesses as well as cancers. If you or one of your family members worked at Hanford or PNNL, please contact us for more information. EEOICPA is a federal law passed by Congress in July 2001. The intent of the law is to award medical and/or monetary compensation to workers in the Atomic Weapons Industry in the event the worker developed an occupational illness caused by exposure to a toxic substance at a Department of Energy (DOE) facility. If the worker is deceased, survivors can be awarded the compensation. Survivors include (in order of eligibility): o Surviving spouse o Children of the worker o Parents of the worker o Grandchildren of the worker o Grandparents of the worker CONTACT: The Hanford Resource Center toll-free at 888-654-0014 email: Theresa Hammer, Assistant Manager, Hanford Resource Center 509-946-3333 ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/30/2010 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 Bombers sent stuff: Curt DONAHUE ('53), Rosalie GEIGER ('57) Tony SHARPE ('63), David RIVERS ('65) Pam EHINGER ('67) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Terri SCHUCHART ('70) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Curt DONAHUE ('53) To: Robert AVANT ('69) Re: Daisy I grieve your loss! She's waiting for you to show up some day. -Curt DONAHUE ('53) ~ Federal Way, WA **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Rosalie GEIGER Hughes ('57) Re: Boise Area Bomber Lunch WHEN: Saturday, June 5 TIME: 11:30AM WHERE: The Goodwood Barbecue, on West Spectrum Street by the Edwards Theaters just off I-84 at Cole and Overland. RSVP: Rosalie GEIGER Hughes ('57) or Sue NUSSBAUM Reeb ('63). My e-mail is on the '57 home page and Sue's is on the '63 home page. All are welcome -Rosalie GEIGER Hughes ('57) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Tony SHARPE ('63) Re: Terry DAVIS ('65) Thanks for the link and access to the trailer for "The Hunters" David RIVERS ('65), I too have viewed it, and it looks pretty good including the feminine eye candy (Alice, played by Dianna Agron). Roger GRESS ('61) is correct about Davis' entry into acting in 1960. Terry and I played the role of Huck Finn in that play. I was a 9th grader that year, and no doubt was encouraged by L. Holland St. John to try out (speech class) for extra credit. I had only done a walk-on bit part in the production of "Our Town" the year before. Don't know why Mr. St John kept both of us in the role, but I remember there were a lot of lines to memorize huh, TD? Davis played Huck in the afternoon version for the student body, and I played the part in the evening performance for the adults. I have only one final comment, I was better! The only problem is Davis continued to hone his (albeit limited) skills at Col-Hi and probably at WAZZU as well, and has made a living in the business, while I just went on to become just one of the less recognized working mass. -Tony SHARPE ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: David RIVERS ('65) Re: Memorial Day Is supposed to be on the 30th. Since I'm not fond of changing history for the convenience of a few, I think I'll pay my respect now. Thomas J. Blackman. None of us knew him. He arrived in Vietnam on May 10, 1968. I arrived back in the United States on May 11, 1968. On the same day PFC Blackman, USMC arrived in the Nam he was lost. The Artillery company to which he was assigned was overrun and Thomas was not heard from again until his remains were found and identified in 2005. I have no idea how I happened to get Private Blackman's POW bracelet, but I did. I tried to get information over the years after computers and found very little. As time has gone by the story of the battle has evolved. It's one of those things that makes one wonder. There were no survivors. But the account of the battle is pretty specific. I always wonder about stuff like that... I mean just what did Davy Crockett say to Jim Bowie before that last charge? I'm not even remotely suggesting that the account is incorrect... in fact someone out there (Dave HANTHORN ('63) or Dave SOWDEN ('63)) will probably explain how these pieces are put together in the next day or so... but the point of this is that I cannot name all the fallen men and women... I can't even know all the Bombers who have been lost. But I've worn Private Blackman's bracelet for many years and through him I can say God Bless you to all of our fallen heroes. -David RIVERS ('65) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Pam EHINGER Edinger (Blue Ribbon Class of '67) Re: For Memorial Day [this will run on Memorial Day, too) Dear Veterans; This for you an all that you stand for. Thank you All. Bombers Rule, -Pam EHINGER Edinger (Blue Ribbon Class of '67) ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for today. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` **************************************************************** Alumni Sandstorm ~ 05/31/2010 ~ MEMORIAL DAY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9 Bombers sent stuff: Patti COLE ('52), Bill CHAPMAN ('53) Curt DONAHUE ('53), Helen CROSS ('62) John ADKINS ('62), Roy BALLARD ('63) Linda REINING ('64), Pam EHINGER ('67) Betti AVANT ('69) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jean BRUNTLETT ('62) BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jim ALBAUGH ('68) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Patti COLE Pierce ('52) To:David Rivers('65) David, I too believe Memorial Day is May 30, so we put our flag out both days. Anyway, I also have a bracelet from Viet Nam, and his name is CWO Michael Vernado-5-2-70. When the wall was here in Richland, I went down and made a rubbing of his name etc. plus a few other friends that were on the wall. I tried to find out about Michael's family to see if they would like my bracelet, but had no luck. I no longer wear the bracelet but it is in a place that I can see it very often and my heart aches each time I hold it. I am so thankful, and fortunate, that my husband returned home safely and we will be celebrating our 54th wedding anniversary in a few weeks. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you that have lost loved ones, and a big thank you to all the veterans. God Bless all those in harms way who are protecting us. -Patti COLE Pierce ('52) ~ From a partly sunny,breezy day in Richland where we are beginning to wonder if summer will ever get here! **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Bill CHAPMAN ('53) Re: Health This is for those of you whose Cardiologist is talking about a Cardiac Cath. The last time I had one of those, I woke up in ICU where I spent two days prior to moving to the surgical station. After discharge, I was treated to three Cat scans and an MRI because my abdominal aorta had been bifurcated. To prevent another go around, I take a course of EDTA in the form of Cardio-Chelate occasionally. God bless all our boots on the ground, at sea. and in the air. Next time L&C smolders. -Bill CHAPMAN ('53) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Curt DONAHUE ('53) Re: Memorial Day To: All Veterans I was turned down for military service and I have extreme admiration and gratefulness for each and every veteran. To the families and friends of those who gave their life to secure the freedoms we so casually enjoy, I say God bless you and God bless the memory of your loved one. My thanks is insignificant in comparison to the emotional and physical pains many have endured for this great nation. Thank you veterans from the bottom of my heart!! -Curt DONAHUE ('53) ~ Federal Way, WA **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) We have just gotten off of a princess cruise ship where we had amazing weather and saw amazing scenery and were spoiled rotten. But I won't soon forget the splendor of Glacier Bay in sunshine with blue skies, and now we are enjoying more wonderful scenery of snowcapped mountains and we even saw a few moose today...I think the snow-capped mountains are what I miss most about not living in the northwest... Bomber cheers, -Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [I can certainly attest to the fact that when the sun shines in SE Alaska, there's no place like it in the world. The problem is that it very seldom shines... you were lucky, Helen. -Maren] **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: John ADKINS ('62) Re: All those years ago I returned from my tour in South Viet Nam in January of 1968 (as a matter of interest, at least to me, I flew out of the Ben Hue Air facility on the first day of "the Tet Offensive"). I had only about 7 months of my enlistment left (after my leave) and was assigned to the 380th Retraining Facility (what the hell is a retraining facility) at Fort Riley, Kansas. Because I had been at Fort Riley before my deployment, I knew many of the permanent Party group (read that as civilians), so the first thing I did when I got to Fort Riley was look up a friend and DAC chief of the Finance and Accounting office. He looked at my orders and shook his head. He told me what I needed to know about "The 380th Retraining Facility. The Army had gathered up all the habitual AWOLs and malcontents and put them into the 380th Retraining Facility for 8 weeks of "intensive" retraining and instant deployment to South Viet Nam. I was to be there as cadre to get their records ready to go to Viet Nam with them. As Civilian chief of the Post Finance my old friend had a lot of clout - and set about getting my orders changed to U.S. Army Garrison with duty at Post Finance - all I had to do was wait it out. So during that wait out time I was given an assignment to fly to Oakland and take charge of the earthly remains of a young man that lost his life in Viet Nam. His name was Richard Vik - his home town was Bemidji, Minnesota. I received the casket at Oakland Army Terminal - and escorted all this stuff - including Richard Vik to San Francisco International - a flight to Los Angeles then to St. Paul, then a "private carrier" (read Cessna) to Bemidji. The first thing I found out about Bemidji was "IT's COLD IN THE WINTERTIME". In fact there is no military class A uniform that can compete with the cold in Bemidji. I was met at what served as an Airport by the Mortuary vehicle and made the thirty minute ride to town. On the way I found out the Ford Motor Company's Cold weather test facility is at Bemidji - but it was closed due to prolonged cold weather - mmmmmm. I also found out no one is buried in Bemidji between December and April. There is no way to dig a hole in that frozen ground. I expect there is a lot of digging going on in mid April in Bemidji. In Bemidji I first met the Army Officer in charge of the funeral arrangements and all the military business with the family, and of course I met the family. For the next two days I stayed with Richard Vik at the mortuary and paid my honor to his service and his family's loss. At the funeral I presented the flag and his medals to his mother "from a grateful nation" and also from me - it was an honor to be with his family and his remains on that last day. Well today I thought of that incident all those years ago - Thank you, Richard Vik. You gave your last full measure, and I haven't forgotten. -John ADKINS ('62) ~ Richland **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Roy BALLARD ('63) Re: R2K+10 WHEN: June, 25, 26, 27, 2010 FUN: Chili Feed, Sock Hop, Alumni Basketball game COST: Registration is $5 if not attending any dinners Friday 5pm ~ Chili & Cinnamon rolls ~ $10 ea Saturday 6am Pancake feed 6am ~ $5 ea Saturday 5pm Dinner catered by Tony Roma's $15 ea NOTE: You must be pre-registered for the dinners. The deadline for RECEIPT is June 15, 2010. You can also pre-order t-shirts and other things from the registration form. -Roy BALLARD ('63) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Linda REINING ('64) To: All Vets THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! -Linda REINING ('64) ~ still cool temps in Bakersfield, CA but they are predicting 90s by Monday. **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Pam EHINGER Edinger (Blue Ribbon Class of '67) Re: For Memorial Day [this will run on Memorial Day, too) Dear Veterans; This for you an all that you stand for. Thank you All. Bombers Rule, -Pam EHINGER Edinger (Blue Ribbon Class of '67) **************************************************************** **************************************************************** >>From: Betti AVANT ('69) Re: BD wishes Here's wishing my cousin, Jean BRUNTLETT ('62), a very happy birthday. Have a terrific day, "cuz". -Betti AVANT ('69) ~ Lacey, WA where it's raining once again ******************************************* ******************************************* That's it for the month. Please send more. `,,``,,` `,,``,,` April, 2010 ~ June, 2010