Bomber Mascot Crisis
Issue # 11 ~ 08/06/01
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Richard Anderson (60) -- Editor, Mascot Crisis
Today's comments submitted by:

Vernon Holt (Bomber Booster '47)
Jerry Swain (54), David Henderson (60WB)
Judy Willox (61), John Adkins (62)
Lynn Johnson (63), Linda Reining (64)
Dorris Alred (68), G. S. Gordon (79)
Jil Lytle (82)
>>From: Vernon Holt (Bomber Booster '47)

Thanks John Northover (59):

I have been out of the loop and out of the country for
some time, so appreciate your "Alert" to recent goings
on.  I am proud of my work at Hanford Energy Works 1950
to 1953 and believe in icons of all types including
"Bombers" lest societies forget the awesome truths of
history in the future and repeat the past.  Yes, there
are totalitarian despots today who need to be sobered by
the realization of the Bomb and its history, since
Nuclear Weapons have proliferated.

Even as far back as 325 BC, Pericles warned the Athenians
to respect history and learn truths from it lest they
repeat it.  They did not listen then.

I am not a Southern Enthusiast, but believe the Stars and
Bars Confederate Flag icon has a leavening influence
today, perhaps indirectly to encourage discourse and
civility, even discouraging discord and local violence in
some ways.  Who knows?  It is very important History.

The recent PBS programs on the Korea War reminded us it is
a valuable icon too.  Even though I did not even put
service in the Korean War on my resume for decades
afterwards, I am proud to have served.   Vietnam Vets
feel the same way.

Hey, to lighten up a bit, my 1971 Mustang Mach 1 351C HO
is an icon too, thanks to the movies BULLITT, DIAMONDS
ARE FOREVER, and the re-issued original 1973 GONE IN
SIXTY SECONDS (the time it took to steal a car), an anti-
hero movie with a 40 minute chase scene. (Nicholas Cage,
eat your heart out.)

-Vernon Holt (Bomber Booster '47) ~ Mendham, NJ
>>From: Jerry Swain (54)

I propose the name "PLUTO BALM" from Richland High School
as the nickname of the "balm" that will heal and soothe
the furor over names, mascots, and traditions of Richland
(nee Columbia) High School.

-Jerry Swain (54) -- Bomber from Class of 1954
>>From: David Henderson (60WB)

I have read these many months, all of the e-mail that we
Bomber fans have written in defense of our proud symbol.
I have even written a couple of tongue in cheek replies
to those bleeding heart liberals who want to rewrite
history their way.

Last night I watched a program on the "Learning Channel"
titled "The Final Battle".  The one hour documentary was
about the proposed invasion of the Japanese mainland.

The documentary was based on recent declassified WWII
documents, and personal interviews with solders who would
have been in the invasion force.  What I got out of this
hour-long documentary was that the invasion of Japan
would cost around 250,000 American lives.  In addition,
it was estimated that between one and five million
Japanese would have been killed during the invasion of

When presented with those staggering causality estimates
I can see why President Truman made his decision to drop
the only two A-bombs on Japan.  I can imagine Truman
saying something like this, "... for the chance to save
250,000 American lives ... bomb those Japs to hell ....."

The book "Downfall: The End of the Imperial Japanese
Empire" written by Richard B. Frank is another source of
excellent information about those months leading up to
the dropping of the A-bombs on Japan.

-David Henderson (60WB)
 Where the glow is warm and sunny
>>From: Judy Willox Hodge (61)

To:  Aaron Johnson (82)

You GO Guy!!!  You are saying it all sooooooo well!!!
And I love ya for it!!!

Bomber Cheers and Pride with No Fear To Fight!
-Judy Willox Hodge (61) ~ Richland
>>From: John Adkins (62)


There is a supply of Green and Gold Printed signs --
large enough to be staked in your front yard --
proclaiming "SAVE THE BOMB".

If you want one, contact me by e-mail, or call me at
(509)946-7300 today (Monday); I will probably be home
most of the afternoon.

If you feel "moved to do so", you may feel free to make a
contribution to offset the cost of having these Yard
Banners printed.  If you want one mailed to you -- I will
ask that you pay the postage.

John Adkins (62) ~ Richland
>>From: Lynn Johnson Andrews (63)

Am I missing something in all these letters?  Did anyone
ever actually state that the Richland School Board was
going to change the name as well as the mascot of
Columbia/Richland High??  I have been following the
discussion for several weeks now, and all I have heard is
that the new, wrongly-shaped bomb casing is being
considered whether it should be 1) accepted as a gift,
and 2) displayed in the school.  Can anyone point out an
entry for me where it clearly states that the School
Board wants to change the name???

Thanks in advance,

-Lynn Johnson Andrews (63) ~ Sherwood, Oregon
>>From: Linda Reining (64)

To: Aaron Johnson (82)
Re: Your comments in issue #10

AMEN!!!!!!!  You said it all beautifully!!!!!!!!!!

-Linda Reining (64) ~ Bakersfield, CA
                     I, too, am damn proud of being born
                     and raised in Richland, WA and also
                     damn proud to be a "BOMBER"!!!!!!!!
>>From: Dorris Alred Meloeny (68)

What is the consensus of the current students (and
parents of whom) on the mascot being a 'bomb'?  Is this
not more important than the opinions of former graduates
of Richland High School?  We were the Bombers, and that
will not change.  If it is time to change the 'mascot',
should we as graduates, or former attendees, of Richland
High School attempt to domineer the choice of symbols to
represent this institution so long in our past?  Although
I have read many of the entries on this hotly debated
issue, I am still not clear whether the issue is, (1)
changing the mascot, or (2) accepting a new 'bomb' model.
Regardless, institutions, such as schools, ideally are a
growing entity, which hopefully should reflect the ever-
changing composition of their membership.  Perhaps it is
time for a new mascot.

I would say more, but hesitate because I do not want to
dilute the message that this should not be our choice, as
former students.

-Dorris Alred Meloeny (68)
>>From: G. S. Gordon (79)


I'm just returning from a long vacation and haven't had
time to read all the BMC issues, so I'm not sure if this
has been mentioned yet.

I spent considerable time in Washington D.C., a lot of
that touring the Smithsonian museums.  Imagine my delight
to come around a corner to find the R/Mushroom Cloud logo
on display in one of our national museums!  Just below a
portion of a de-commissioned reactor control panel in a
section on the development of nuclear weapons is a large
logo on one of our Richland Bomber T-Shirts.

In my opinion, the Richland school board should think
twice before even thinking about replacing a logo that
holds a revered place in our Nation's Capital as a
National Treasure.  Just a thought ....

-G. S. Gordon (79)
>>From: Jil Lytle-Smith (82)

To: Jerry Lewis (73)

Maybe you ought to take a moment to read exactly what has
been going on.  To some of us concerned about our local
history it is a "Crisis".  Our parents, grandparents,
friends worked long and hard to do what they did and it
should not be pondered upon lightly.  We Bombers take
pride in the Bomber name and mascot.  It represents so
much more than just a school.

Jil Lytle-Smith (82)
That's it for today.  Keep the faith!  Nuke 'em!
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