Bomber Mascot Crisis
Issue # 12 ~ 08/07/01
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Marjo Vinther (77)
>>From: Marjo Vinther Burt (77)

Dorris Alred Meloeny (68) brought up an interesting point
when she asked: "What is the consensus of the current
students (and parents of whom) on the mascot being a
'bomb'?"   My daughter (RHS '04 -- she just finished her
freshman year) thought the new bomb was cool, but she
wasn't as excited about it as I was because she (along
with most of her circle of classmates) is convinced that
the name "Bombers" stands for the plane, not the bomb.
When I explained to her that it was actually inspired by
THE BOMB, she said, "no, we've been told it was THE
PLANE!"  As I attempted to convince her that it was the
bomb, I could tell by the look on her face that she was
thinking, "it's the plane!"  And so, even though there is
still debate amidst the alumni as to whether it's the
bomb or the plane, the current student body seems to
believe it's the plane!  Any other parents of current
students out there?  Ask your kids what they think the
mascot is.  It may be that this train has already left
the station!  As for my opinion, I like the idea of both
the bomb and the plane as mascots.

-Marjo Vinther Burt (77)
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