Bomber Mascot Crisis
Issue # 18 ~ 08/14/01
Editor's Note:

Reminder: THE MEETING IS  T_O_N_I_G_H_T  !!
          6:30pm at Marcus Whitman library (about
          50 yards from the RSD offices)

Richard Anderson (60) -- Editor, Mascot Crisis
Today's comments submitted by:

Phil Belcher (51), Bob (Mike Clowes) Carlson (54)
Jim Byron (55), Irene de la Bretonne (61)
Judy Willox (61), Sandra Genoway (62)
Rosalie Lansing (63), Keith Hunter (63)
Linda McKnight (65), Kellie Walsh (77)
Lisa Lysher (79), Jamie McDevitt (81)
>>From: Phil Belcher (51)

I heard on the news this past weekend that the Japanese
are honoring their war dead as well as the ones convicted
as war criminals on the 14th of this month.  If they can
do this why should we be concerned about what a few
people think about our Name and Mascot?

I have been very proud of my school throughout my life
and see no reason why some people want to change our
history.  We should continue to be proud of our history
regardless of what other people think.  (It should not be
rewritten for any reason.)

-Phil Belcher (51)
>>From: Bob (Mike Clowes) Carlson (54)

Re: "Revisionism" and etc.

Someone (it has been attributed to Voltaire) said that
history is a lie agreed upon.  A proponent of this idea,
and profound master of "The Big Lie" (one A. Hitler of
Austria), pushed the concept further by concluding if you
told the lie well enough and long enough, the majority
would believe it to be true.  So beware of the "snake
oil" salesman who would have us believe that black is
white and vice versa.

Re: "Nuke 'em"

I must agree with several of my fellow alums who believe
this to be a bit crass.  I think a better example would
be to adopt an old "Doonesbury" slogan.  The slogan, by
the way, came about as the result of the failure of the
featured speaker to show up at a combined Anti-
nuclear/Anti-abortion rights rally.  The final chant
being, "Nuke the unborn gay baby whales!"  If we were to
use this, we could undoubtedly offend just about

Re:  "The Meeting."

For those of you going, a simple reminder to keep a civil
tongue in your head.

Bombers forever,
-Bob (Mike Clowes) Carlson (54)
>>From: Jim Byron (55)

Don t change the name of the Richland Bombers to anything

-Jim Byron (55)
>>From: Irene de la Bretonne Hays (61)

To: Missy Kenney (59)

What it seems we have here, Missy, are Richland High
School graduates (or WBs) who could not meet current
academic standards in language arts -- which includes the
requirement to actually READ the materials (i.e. RSD
agenda and letters published in yesterday's Bomber Mascot
Crisis) referenced in a written communication.  If all
were able to do so, they'd know this so-called crisis was
much ado about nothing.

-Irene de la Bretonne Hays (61)
>>From: Judy Willox Hodge (61)

To: All Bombers Who Care

Hey Guys,

Our new bomb mascot has been ruined!!!  Graffitti and red
paint all over it.  I had the stinky job of telling Roy
about it.  Well actually I told his wife about it and he
was just about to walk in the door from being out of town
and she was going to tell him.  I know he will be heart-
broken!  I have taken pictures of it; they are in being
developed as I write this and they will be at the meeting
tomorrow for anyone to see who wants to.  I cannot
believe that we have some people here that are such
people of hatred!!  And they think that WE are so bad!!!
At least we are loyal to our cause and to our school and
to our city!!!

Here I thought that I was going to be writing a positive
entry today about all the GOOD feedback that I had from
people that saw my "Save the Bomb" sign in my truck
window and my Richland Bombers, Nuke 'em T-shirt today
and now I have to be the bearer of such bad news!!!

On the good note, I was all over the place today, and in
Kennewick I got more honks and thumbs up on my sign than
you can believe.  On my T-shirt, I had people asking me
where to get one and one fellow that was a Kennewick Lion
said he loved it and that he was glad to see that we were
fighting so hard for our Bomber name and mascot!  He told
me that to go for it and fight hard as NOBODY had the
right to take it away from us!  Told him about the school
board meeting and he said that he hoped that a lot of us
would be there and to fight hard!!!  So fight hard we

See a lot of you tomorrow I hope!!  And above all, let's
remain calm, cool, and collected and SHOW them that
Bombers are pretty darn nice people and we deserve to
keep what is near and dear to us!!  We must be civilized
and kill 'em with kindness, not ruin our image with
vinegar!!  I know that we have a new upset now with what
happened to our mascot, but punch a bag, yell to the top
of your lungs, kick the dog (no, don't do that), jog a
mile -- whatever it takes to work that anger out and be
COOL for tomorrow!!!

See ya all there and GOOD LUCK to us!!!!

Bomber Cheers and Pride with NO Fear to Fight!!!
-Judy Willox Hodge (61) ~ Richland ~ Where it is HOT in
                                   more ways then one!!
>>From: Sandra Genoway (62)

Subject: "Schrool" Board Meeting

To: Jim Anderson (72WB)

You tell 'em, Jim! ..... ah, nuke 'em!

BTW, I think some of us could not have been born in
Richland, because it did not exist at that time (? as
"Richland"), and some of us were born someplace else, but
moved to Richland shortly thereafter, where we grew up.
The Class of '62, it is said, literally "grew up" WITH

Anyway; sorry I cannot be there for all the "fun", but
want to cheer on everyone who can be there, and don't let
the meeting agenda change -- keep them on topic!
Remember, wear green and gold, and take your signs and
the mascot to the meeting, too.  Besides an audio
recording, if allowed, you should also get video tape

LET'S GO BOMBERS! -  -  -  -!  (Bring a drum for the
outside cheers before the meeting.)

-Sandra Genoway (62)
>>From: Rosalie Lansing Haag (63)

It is good to be back in touch.  The last time I wrote in
we were leaving Lancaster, CA and heading home for a
Bomber reunion visit, plus a few days with the kids and

I knew when I saw that glorious bomb and knew it was
going to be returned to its rightful place of honor,
well, I just knew all hell was going to break loose soon.
What a crying shame!!  Being a cheerleader and wearing a
mushroom cloud on my sweaters and jackets, and being able
to proudly carry that green and gold bomb out onto the
center of the court, or escort it into an opposing gym
was indeed a total joy and caused such pride inside my
heart that I would get chills and giddy.  I can not even
imagine a change!  My whole life was formed on being from
Richland, the town of the championship Col-Hi BOMBERS.
Oh my, I can still sit here and remember the
unadulterated pride.  We are giants among other schools;
we stand alone in our common brotherhood.  Let no one
ever put us off as out-dated or rude.  We are realists
and we are proud and totally united as one.  Born a
Bomber, and on my tombstone I may well have a Bomb or at
least a "She is a BOMBER" engraved on that thing.

From Ontario, CA where it's at least 100, and way too
smoggy to breathe or see the San Gabriel Mountains.

Go BOMBERS!!!!!!  My heart will be with all who represent
us at the school board meeting.  May your words be full
of wisdom and grace.  Love you all !!!

-Rosalie Lansing Haag (63)
>>From: Keith Hunter (63)

I've always said, "When in doubt ..... Nuke Um."

-Keith Hunter (63)
>>From: Linda McKnight (65)

On the eve of the school board meeting, I want to express
my love and support to all you Bombers who will be
attending the meeting.  I can't be there and so much want
to and wear my "Nuke Em" T-shirt which I bought at
Dawson-Richards during R2K.  This whole situation has me
hopping bad.  Richland has changed so much since we were
kids, and I can't see that is really for the better.
Sure, the grass is green and everyone says the dust
storms aren't as bad, but, our history is trying to be
flushed down the proverbial toilet.

Would or could someone read Jeff Curtis's poem that he
wrote.  His words tell it all, and if (heaven forbid)
they take away our name they cannot take away the love in
our hearts that we have for our traditions and the pride
we have in ourselves that we are Bombers Forever and
Proud of the Cloud!!!!

-Linda McKnight (65)
>>From: Kellie Walsh Patterson (77)

I wasn't planning on adding any comments to this
discussion.  Mainly because I'm not convinced the issue
of changing the Bomber name is actually on the upcoming
school board meeting agenda.  I guess time will tell.

But I want to share a name-change situation that may be
forthcoming.  I am a Deputy Director for the Washington
State University Alumni Association of Southern
California.  Over the weekend, our Director passed on
information that still has me reeling -- there are
rumblings that the administration at WSU is considering
eliminating "Wazzu" as a nickname of the university.
Why?  Because some feel that when transposed into "Wa-
ZOO" it connotes a wild, party-animal atmosphere,
contributing to the drunken riot(s) that have occurred in
recent years.  Oh, pah-leeese!!

"Wazzu" and "Wa-Zoo" have been around for decades.  While
the destruction and mayhem that occurred on campus was
deplorable, it is inconceivable to blame a nickname for
the lack of morals of those responsible.  Has the world
gone mad?

Although they can't stop the use of "Wazzu" in
conversation, I imagine actions would be taken to pull
all merchandise depicting this horrible name.  No, the
world will not come to an end, but it just seems so
silly.  So many issues are taken too seriously these
days.  We over-analyze and scrutinize; careful as to not
offend anyone or convey the wrong message.  We look for
scapegoats.  Such is the case at Wazzu (oops, I said it.)
In the end, those at WSU who are determined to drink
irresponsibly will do so anyway.

I am a Coug, but I am equally proud to be a Bomber and I
have incredible memories of growing up in such a great
community.  What a loss of tradition if the Bomber name
were to be changed some day.  I hope it never happens.
It won't change or erase any of my memories, but a deep
sadness would be felt.

Bomber Cheers,
-Kellie Walsh Patterson (77) -- Simi Valley, CA
             (I hate "Nuke 'em!"; it sounds so crass.)
>>From: Lisa Lysher Fuller (79)

I graduated in the Class of '79 and just heard after
moving back here from Oklahoma that they want to change
the mascot.  Who are the ones that came up with this
idea?!  They go and change the name of our school and now
want to change the mascot; I don't think so.  They need
to leave it be; it's our heritage and history of the city
and all the generations that grew up here.  Our daughter
will be attending Carmichael and (still to me) Col-Hi and
I want her to be proud to be a Bomber; she's learning the
history behind it and is proud to be a 3rd generation
attending our schools here in Richland.  All generations
of Bombers: let's stand and make it clear, don't take
away our mascot that represents a proud generation of
Bombers.  For all our future generation Bombers, keep our
mascot, let us be proud to be a Bomber.

-Lisa Lysher Fuller (79)
>>From: Jamie McDevitt (81)

I was saddened this morning to see that our beautiful
bombshell had been hit by local vandals.  However,
despite the red and black spray paint, she stands tall on
the back of the Bomber Band equipment truck for all to
see.  Maybe we could take donations for the repair of the
paint job?  The school board may refuse the gift, but I
am certain we will find a place of honor for the bomb.
The hard work and dedication of the alumni who donated
her will be on display for all to see.

Where do some of our alumni get the impression that the
goal of those of us attending the school board meeting is
to keep the board from completing any other business?
While I do not know what individual alumni are planning,
I certainly have not gotten the impression from the
postings on this list that anyone plans to do anything
more than exercise his/her right to present opinions on
the issues at hand.  Our right to attend these meetings
and voice individual opinions is just one more thing that
makes this country great.  Granted, the meeting will
likely run long, nerves may be frayed, but this is part
of the process.  The fact that there will be a large
number of Bomber alumni says only that we are proud of
our Bomber heritage and are committed to seeing this gift
accepted and returned to the school.

On a happier note ..... thank you Roy, for bringing the
Bomb to the Hanford House this past weekend for the '71
and '81 reunions.

-Jamie McDevitt (81)
That's it for today.  Keep the faith!  Nuke 'em!
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