Bomber Mascot Controversy
Issue # 28 ~ 08/28/01
Editor's Note:

In yesterday's issue (#27) Dave Kaas (69) provided the
inscription on and photos of the WW-II Memorial to
Richland servicemen who died in WW-II -- the memorial had
been at the softball park in Howard Amon (Riverside)
Park.  I asked Wyn Birkenthal, Director of the Parks and
Recreation Department, what had become of the memorial.
He informed me that a site has been selected in John Dam
Plaza (on G-Way just to the southeast of the new police
station); however, given the scope of the project (very
small), no contractor was willing to bid on the
installation.  The City hopes to incorporate the memorial
as part of the LID improvement project to revitalize
Downtown Richland (and The Parkway).  Anyway, the
memorial has not been forgotten; with any luck it shall
soon be on display for all to appreciate.

Richard Anderson (60)
Today's comments submitted by:

Karen Cole Correll (55), Irene de la Bretonne Hays (61)
Diane Carpenter Kipp (72), Anita Fravala Griffin (73)
>>From: Karen Cole Correll (55)

I must respond to my husband's entry of yesterday.  I've
been married to this person for 42 years and he still
surprises me.  The only tattoo I have is the one
resulting from breast cancer radiation.  The Ephrata
Tigers are really jealous of our Sandstorm.  In fact,
Gary has told several people about it in hopes of
starting a similar edition.  Nothing will compare.

-Karen Cole Correll (55)
>>From: Irene de la Bretonne Hays (61)

Nice to hear your reasoned responses to the gift "bomb",
Jim Yount and Norm Bell.  The controversy over the
mushroom cloud raged during my tenure as a teacher at
RHS.  I'm encouraged to know that four of my teacher
colleagues at RHS have kept the faith.

-Irene de la Bretonne Hays (61)
>>From: Diane Carpenter Kipp (72)

To Dick Pierce (67):
   Those of us who have never experienced war at our
doorstep just can't understand all the ramifications of
that experience, though reading about it gives us some
clue.  The Guy Gabaldon experience sounds fascinating.
Does anyone know if the movie "From Hell to Eternity" is
ever on TV?  I'll have to watch for it.  I agree -- the
topic (mascot name, etc.) is insignificant in comparison
-- both to the events you are talking about, and to most
of our daily lives, as another writer pointed out
recently.  I agree also with the point you made about
acceptance being key to happiness.

To Burt Pierard (59):
   I don't know you so don't know how serious you are
when you use terms like "thought control and
manipulation", "carefully taught lies", "brain washing",
and refer to war and North Koreans.  This "gang of four"
you refer to -- these are coaches and teachers, right?
Not war criminals?  Not seeking the overthrow of the
American government?  You sound as if you'd like to have
all prospective RHS employees sign a mascot oath of
allegiance.  Do you have any other expectations of
qualification for employees, such as political party,
religion, etc?  Surely we are more concerned with whether
they can teach/coach/administer, etc?  If there really
are only four of 64 faculty members who'd like to have
the mascot changed, isn't the "other side" being
represented well enough?  Why so upset about four lone
voices?  Personally, I like having the "other side" of
most issues represented, especially political -- even if
I disagree with it.  It would seem a little creepy and
more than a little abnormal to have EVERYONE agree on an
issue of this type.  Talk about mind control.

To Lee Bush (68):
   Here's my response, just for the record: There are
alumni and current and former residents of Richland who
are not ashamed of our past, we don't want to change
history, we are proud of our city's heritage and the
contributions of our community members, friends, and
family to scientific progress, war efforts, and to the
hastening of the end of WW-II and the preservation of
many American soldiers' lives BUT (pause for breath) we
don't like the bomb/mushroom cloud as a high school
symbol.  It is NOT a given that if you don't like the
bomb symbol, you are embarrassed/ashamed of
Richland/Hanford/atomic energy/American soldiers during
WW-II/sagebrush/high winds/summer temperatures of over
100 degrees/the mosquito man/the "big pool"/the special
sauce on Arctic Circle hamburgers.  You ask us to take
our places on one side of the line or the other, but it's
a line you have created, and the division is artificial.
It's possible to be a pro-gun control Republican, to work
for Microsoft but own an Apple computer, or to be from
Kentucky but not smoke.  Those things are not mutually
exclusive nor are they necessarily causal.  I have
difficulty understanding WHY it is that some people
believe that if a person does not like the bomb or
mushroom cloud AS A HIGH SCHOOL MASCOT, he must also fly
a Japanese flag on Pearl Harbor Day and was disappointed
when the Berlin Wall fell.

To all:
   I have no complaint with any school board member, and
I'm no longer a member of the community.  But if you're
looking for another future candidate in addition to Rick
Anderson, maybe you Richlanders should try to persuade
Aaron Johnson to run for the position.  (Maybe this has
been suggested already?)  He seems the best able to stay
calm, see both sides of an issue, bring people together,
think before he speaks, and be polite, and he seems
interested in community service.  I don't agree with
every single thing he has said, but I respect the way he
has said it.  (I also do not know him personally.)

-Diane Carpenter Kipp (72)
>>From: Anita Fravala Griffin (73)

NO NO NO!!!!!  Just say NO to a Jackrabbit mascot.  My
children graduated from Quincy High School and their
mascot was the Jackrabbits.  What a laughing stock that
was in the Columbia Basin!!!

Lee Bush (68) couldn't have said it better!  "... I am
proud that we display this through innocuous mascots --
EMPTY bomb casings and pictures of a bomber airplane.
Who are they hurting? -- no one.  ... quit being so anal
and critical for memories and pride that people express
and that are printed in an alumni paper that represents
the school they graduated from."

So whether it's PC or not, leave our Bomber name and
mascot ALONE.

By the way, I saved the picture of the green/gold bomb on
the back of the semi as the wallpaper on my computer at
work.  It sure takes everyone by surprise when they see
it.  It never fails that somebody asks why I have a
picture of a bomb on my computer.  That just opens the
door to tell everyone I know where I'm from and PROUD OF

-Anita Fravala Griffin (73) - Just sign me:  Wishing I
                was back on the Columbia River in George,
                WA (God's country) where the sun is
                always shining, but instead I'm back in
                Seattle working!  
That's it for today.
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