Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/06/17
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Frank WHITESIDE ('63)

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>>From: Frank WHITESIDE ('63)

Re: Spring greetings from the bayou/AZ house for sale after July 1

I just noticed that my last entry was in June 2015, and the
topic was the "peas" where a lot of us worked in the canneries
during the summer. I'm beginning to wonder if there is
anything left to talk about since we have covered so many
topics over the years. But I'm sure there must be some things
we haven't covered.

Anyway, nothing exciting is happening on the bayou here...
flowers are blooming and gators are sun bathing with the
turtles, as usual.

Once again, I wanted to let fellow Bombers and their friends
and relatives know about a family house that will be up for
sale after July 1 that we will be selling in Gold Canyon, AZ,
which is outside of Phoenix in Pinal County. I recall that
there were a number of fellow classmates in Arizona and
surrounding states, including Mr. Rivers in Las Vegas. It's
a bit far for us to turn it into a weekend retreat or a
hurricane haven, so it will be sold. It is in a 55+ community
called Meadowbrook Village and is surrounded by the
Superstition Mountains. It's a fantastic place for a 
second home with a golf course, swimming pool and numerous
activities. If it were a few hundred miles away from us, we
would be going there and I wouldn't be writing this... but
1400+ miles is a bit much for us at this age. We have driven
and flown there over the years... flying is much easier!

It belonged to my 1st cousin and a friend of hers was staying
there, but he is getting up in age and has decided to return
to his Colorado home full-time. 

It is a beige stucco home with a red tile roof with 
2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms 1397 square feet in size on a lot
7841 square feet in size with a gravel yard and a 500 sq. foot
garage. It has a huge, beautiful Spanish-style backyard
fireplace, metal sculptures, custom metal birdbath and a patio
with a high-quality roll-out cover. It is located in a choice
cul-de-sac surrounded by much larger homes, so the location is
very good. It is likely the smallest home on the street (SMALL
is good when you get older and downsize). It has a really cool
large tree and brush-filled gully behind it which has numerous
interesting animals and birds emanating from it. The community
is very popular and homes tend to move very quickly. This 
info will soon be going out in the local area, Phoenix and
elsewhere. A number of the neighbors live there year round. 
It is a well-kept and managed community. We hope to sell it
without a realtor if possible, which means a somewhat better
price if no commission needs to be paid. It will be sold as
is. So, if anyone is interested, please send me an email for
details. If possible, I will send a few pictures with this 
(if Maren can post them somehow). 

      [Pictures didn't come thru... looks lime maybe a
      Windows 10 problem... Either ask Frank for
      pictures and/or they will be posted on a later
      date when I get them. -Maren]

-Frank WHITESIDE ('63) ~ Bayou Gauche, LA
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