Alumni Sandstorm ~ 04/08/17
4 Bombers sent stuff: 
Helen CROSS ('62), Frank WHITESIDE ('63)
Pat DORISS ('65), Brad WEAR ('71)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Kathleen KINNEY ('66)

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>>From: Helen CROSS Kirk ('62)

I just want to wish my young cousin, Scott CROSS ('88), a 
Happy Belated Birthday [on 4/7]; hope you had a great day.

-Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) ~ Hope, IN   where it was 36 last 
      night, but got up to 66 today with some pretty strong
      winds, the flowering trees are having a hard time 
      holding on to their blooms!!
>>From: Frank WHITESIDE ('63)

Re: old TCH and Seattle P.I.

Since I a weeding out some of my old collections of
newspapers, I thought I would offer some of my old Tri-City
Heralds from 1962-1963. They are ones that covered the 
1962 World's Fair, the space program, and the Kennedy
Assassination. I have no one in Louisiana who would likely
care about keeping them for historical reasons. I also 
found some April, 1963, reprints of the P.I. that are 100th 
anniversary exact copies of big headlines from the newspaper
from about the 1860s up to about the 1940s. If anyone wants
them (free), send me an email with your address... first
request gets them via Priority Mail. A few days ago, I gave
most of my old Colorado newspapers (2 bags) to my 19 year old
cousin who just happened to be visiting for a few hours. They
go back to about the 1890s and will go to the historical
society there. My son may want my Louisiana (big headlines)
papers that only go back to 1965. Not sure why I collect so
much old stuff & guess it's the historian in me.

Re: AZ house for sale

I only found 2 pictures of the Arizona house we are selling
after July 1. Again, if anyone is interested in a retirement/
2nd house, let me know.

-Frank WHITESIDE ('63) ~ Bayou Gauche, LA
>>From: Pat DORISS Trimble ('65)

Re: Col-Hi Ladies of '65 April Lunch & Get-Together

WHEN: Friday, April 14th, 2017
TIME: 11:30am - 1pm
WHERE: Azteca Mexican Restaurant, 6505 West Canal Dr, Kennewick

Spring has finally arrived, and all around us trees, shrubs and
flowers are blooming like crazy, and in just one week we'll
celebrate Easter!

If you're a Class of '65 Lady Bomber, please consider joining
us for lunch next Friday! Don't worry if you haven't joined us
for a while, you're always welcome! 

Let me know if you'd like to join us so I can add you to our
guest list!  

-Pat DORISS Trimble ('65) ~ West Richland   
>>From: Brad WEAR ('71)

Re: Belated Birthday

Geez, I can't believe I missed a very special birthday. I've
known this guy since Jason Lee days, sleep overs, hanging out,
just having fun was always easy. We were together at Chief Jo,
Col-Hi, and WSU. He's someone who has truly risen to be one of
the post school year leaders, and relied upon to coordinate
our reunions and events. A belated Happy Birthday to Kelvin
Soldat ('71) on the 7th [yesterday]. I hope it was a good one,

-Brad WEAR ('71) ~ in warm and windy Plano, TX
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