Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/01/17
6 Bombers sent stuff: 
Diane AVEDOVECH ('56), David DOUGLAS ('62)
Carol CONVERSE ('64), David RIVERS ('65)
Rick MADDY ('67), Douglas STRAND ('74)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Carolyn ROE ('63)

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>>From: Diane AVEDOVECH ('56)

Re: Richland's early history

To: Pete BEAULIEU ('62)

What an exciting story about Richland's conception and
beginnings. Thank you for sharing the history of our home town. 

My dad was there in 1944 living in the barracks working for
Westinghouse / government (along with Dick Donnell of Dupus
Boomer fame) in the administration personnel office. He finally
procured a new B-house in South part of Richland - everything
was sand and dirt when my mother, baby brother and I arrived in
June, 1945 - I was just 6 years old then. Across the street
were Pre-fabs and I thought they were very strange houses. A
year or two later we moved into a new H-house just around the
corner. Sometime in the '50s we moved into an R-house in the
North part of Richland where I attended the brand new Chief
Joseph Jr. High. I remember living in the B-house that dad paid
someone in construction to bring over a huge pile of top soil
and my mother worked several days spreading it around the
house, ending up with severe 2nd degree sun burns that required
a hospital stay.

Pete, I appreciate your account of the early history of
Richland - it's a great story.

-Diane AVEDOVECH ('56)
>>From: David DOUGLAS ('62)

Re: The Bomb

I remember the celebration held when Richland was incorporated
into a city (or town or whatever), ending its history as a
government town. Part of the celebration including exploding a
miniature 'mushroom' bomb. There was also an essay contest for
students, which I remember only because I won an honorable

I'm a die-hard Bomber fan, which isn't easy since I belong 
to the Mesa Writers Guild, and all of the ladies in it are
liberals. I occasionally wear my shirt from the '62 50 year
reunion to meetings just to irk them.

-David DOUGLAS ('62) ~ Mesa, AZ   
>>From: Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64)

To: Pete BEAULIEU ('62)

Re: How Richland Got Started

Pete, thank you so much for enlightening us of Richland's
origin. It was so very interesting and educational. I'm going
to make a copy of it to save.

Very interesting about how some would like Col. High's name to
be changed to "James Mattis High School" and our mascot "Mad
Dogs". I wouldn't be opposed to that IF and WHEN a change is
made waaaaay down the road.

-Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64) ~ Kennewick   has 
      really cooled down. Hope it doesn't last long
>>From:David RIVERS ('65)

Re: 2fer

Oh boy... I wait all year long for the Rat Fink Reunion up at
Big Daddy's digs make sure everything is lubed and greased and
watered and and and... then it hits me I gotta get up at 
2:30am!!!!!! oh my as Leo WEBB ('63) would say... called my
daughter and told her to be here at 4am and she said we don't
need to leave till 4:30... she's right but if she gets here at
4:30 we won't leave at 4:30 because we hafta pack her stuff...
and then this and then that and then we'll be in trubel with
the guys for being late... (I know she's gotta work and will be
tired but she can sleep on the 8 hour ride)... anyway, as I
will be gone for the entire weekend I need to add an additional
B-day in this little post... two Bomber-babes of Bomber fame
and adored by all... I always see one of them every summer
unless of course she and the Big Kahuna are on the North
Shore... Soooooooooooooo HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Carolyn ROE ('63) on
your special day... and on the 3rd a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sue
VANDENBERG ('65)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-David RIVERS ('65)
>>From: Rick MADDY ('67)

Re: Yada Yada

I doubt the Secretary of Defense ('68) would go along with
naming the high school after him. That is just my guess.
Secretary MATTIS was known as the 'Warrior Monk' (out of the
respect of him being a life-long bachelor) by his Marines.
Also, Chaos. During his grilling (confirmation hearing) by a
Congressional committee, he told the senators "Mad Dog" came
from the media. I do not believe he would want that moniker
used. I have not heard if the President has stopped calling him
that or not. I have no foot in that door.

Richland High School Warrior Monks will not fly. Maybe the
Secretary would go with the school's library being named after
him and give all his books to it. His answer will no doubt be

I do not believe it will be long before the millennials, or
whatever they are called, and other liberal thinking people
will be changing their minds and stop playing with our history.
At some point in time, and we certainly do not know when, there
will most likely be a crisis where the Federal government
starts scooping 18-35 year olds off the street like a snow
shovel cleaning a winter drive way like they did with many
Bombers starting with the Korean War and then the Vietnam War,
an engagement here and a skirmish there and the in-betweens
ever since. Then and only then will this generation, and you
know who you are, shut their foolish mouths.

Anyone who tries to erase, hide, or whatever they think they
are doing by getting rid of our mascot, or even Confederate
statues and other historical names, places and things to make
us look like we all got here because we are Nation of nice guys
is skewed. We are not nice guys. The history of the United
States is chock full of horror, misery and death. Just ask a
Native American. First it was the Spaniards for a few hundred
years coming from the South. Then the Europeans for a few
hundred years coming from the East. We all took history in
school. We all know where we came from. We all have blood on
our hands.

The drill is this: if somebody on the planet doesn't like us,
then they are welcome to pick up their rifle and come and get
us. They know where we live. We witnessed this on 9-11. We have
witnessed it in recent bombings and shootings by terrorists
amongst us. Now, I was not born when Japan attacked Navy ships
at Pearl on a Sunday morning and shot up civilians and any
other targets of opportunity; including women and children. We
could not get a plane into the fight. I have doubts that will
happen again. History does not repeat itself. People do. How
many times did we succeed in our battles since 1776 by the
folly of our enemies? Many times. Nothing is guaranteed in war.
War is the last option. Always. Bombers know that more than
most and we all know why.

My gggg-grandfather was chasing down rear guard Brits at
Monmouth during their retreat to New York. He died an old man
and he and his wife are buried in Adams county, Ohio. So you
are warned that if it is not your generation, then it will be
your children or grandchildren that will pay a big price for
your blind stupidity. Trust me.

In the meantime, we leave the high school name and mascot where
it is. Find some other cause for your bumper sticker. IMHO.

Photo: My gggg-grandparent's grave in Ohio. He was a cannoneer
with the Maryland Militia. This was his third enlistment. A
history teacher can fix this for me if need be. The men in the
established districts would get the call and the units would
form and march off to wherever. Then go home. Therefore, when
somebody says their relative was a Revolutionary War soldier,
that is pretty much every American male living in the Colonies
who are at least sixteen years of age (along with the many
who lied about their age), if my memory serves me correct.
Married with children and/or not.

Dec. 8, 1776: Thomas enlists as a volunteer and served three
and one half months as an Orderly Sergeant (this is an Army
rank of the four ranks of sergeants in the late 1700s) in the
MD Militia, 36th Reg. Vol.; Regimental command - Col. Joseph
Smith and Company command - Capt. James Smith. They marched
from Hagerstown to Philadelphia to Correll's Ferry to Lord
Sterling's and engaged at Quibbletown.

Thomas was then pressed into service as an Orderly Sergeant
under Capt. Smith while guarding prisoners at Fort Frederick,
MD. He was also for a short time under the command of Col.
Shryrock (spelling?) ferreting out and capturing Tories. On one
outing they captured about 100, hanged two of the captains and
marched the rest to Hagerstown, MD.

June 10, 1778: Thomas reenlists as a private and serves nine
months under Capt. Nathan Williams in Col. Otho Williams' MD
Reg. They marched from Hagerstown to Fredericktown to Tanney
(Taney) Town to York to Valley Forge where they joined the main
Army and engaged the British forces at Monmouth; attacking the
British rearguard as they (the Brits) moved out toward New
York. The command then marched to New Brunswick where Thomas is

-Rick MADDY ('67)
>>From: Douglas STRAND ('74)

To: Bruce STRAND ('69)

Re: Dad's 90th BD

Very nice, Bruce. Thanks for doing that.

-Douglas STRAND ('74)
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