Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/08/17
5 Bombers sent stuff: 
Larry MATTINGLY ('60), Chuck WITTEBORT ('61)
Wayne MYERS ('62), David RIVERS ('65)
Shirley COLLINGS ('66)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Dyanna COOK ('67)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Robert ANS ('89)

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>>From: Larry MATTINGLY ('60) 

Re: Fireworks

Check out YouTube AnnErvin 6 3 17
    [I could not find it on  YouTube. I told Larry and he sent:
 which didn't work either. It might work for you! -Maren]

This is a small display for the LeMay Car Museum the worlds
largest car collection. Located in Tacoma this is our 5th year
for this event for a fund raiser for the museum, a formal affair
titled "Heels and Wheels".

We had to use small products as the area is confined, but it
came out nice. You can hear the response of the attendees of the
party on a balcony of the museum.

-J. Larry MATTINGLY ('60)
>>From: Chuck WITTEBORT ('61)

Re: AVID Program

I did a little research and this is what I found: 

      "AVID Program Prepares Local Students for College

      RICHLAND, WA-- These days school districts are getting
      students on the path to college as early as middle
      school. The AVID program taught throughout the Richland
      School District stands for Achievement Via Individual
      Determination. Teachers are showing students they have
      what it takes to graduate college and giving them the
      tools they need to make it there. AVID class of Richland
      High School students are working on the skills they need
      to graduate from their college of choice and they're
      only freshman. This is the first year the Richland
      School District is offering the program that provides
      students in the middle of academic achievement standards
      guidance to reach their goals. The program teaches kids
      organizational and academic skills."

-Chuck WITTEBORT ('61)
>>From: Wayne MYERS ('62)

Re: West Point 

Maren, Here's what our '68 Bomber said to the cadets graduating
from West Point. Powerful stuff. Sounds like MATTIS ('68) may
have written this himself.

-Wayne MYERS ('62)
>>From: David RIVERS ('65)

Re: 'portant stuff

First an important announcement: Please accept this as a
heart felt request that each you who are able join Pat Davis 
in a Celebration of life for my very best Spalding friend,
Craig DAVIS ('65-RIP) on (write this down and put it where you
will not forget) June 22, 2017 between the hours of 4pm and 7pm
at the Gaslight. Yes, I understand that it conflicts with the
CDN's DQ gathering. This is a one time deal, you can wander back
to the DQ afterward. I will not be able to attend, as my stupid
cuss word cuss word cuss word flight does not get in till 8pm. 
I fly Allegiant because all other airlines require me to spend 
an entire day in three airports (choices are: Vegas, Seattle,
Portland or Salt Lake) and are no more convenient as to arrival.
On Allegiant, I get on the plane and 2 hours later I am in
Pasco. I hope each of you will remember Craig and those who can
attend, Please, Please do.

Second, nuther 'portant announcement:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Duncan 
SINCLAIR ('65) and Sandy JANCOVIC ('66) on your special day, 
June 8, 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-David RIVERS ('65)
>>From: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66)

Re: Richland woman NASA astronaut candidate ~ 6/7/17 Herald 
      "A Richland High School graduate has been selected by
      NASA from among 18,300 applicants for the agency's 2017
      class of astronaut candidates.

      Kayla SAX Barron ('06), who considers Richland her
      home town, will report to the Johnson Space Center in
      Houston to begin two years of training in August."

Re: AVID Graduates at RHS

      "AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual
      Determination and is designed to support students in
      their goal of preparing for college readiness and are
      willing to challenge themselves with a rigorous course
      load including AP and/or Honors courses. Areas addressed
      are organization, time management, test taking, study
      skills, writing, and navigating the college and
      scholarship application process. With AVID providing
      support, students commit to making school a priority in
      their lives. The AVID Elective has been shown to prepare
      students for a challenging four year university course
      load. AVID is a nationally known, proven program which
      is highly regarded by the most prestigious universities
      in the nation. Students enrolled in AVID commit to the
      program for the duration of their high school career. It
      is a college readiness program made for students who
      would not usually go to college."

Re: Hermiston will join MCC ~ 6/7/17 Tri-City Herald
      "Hermiston High School has been admitted to the Mid-
      Columbia Conference, joining its nearby Washington
      neighbors in a move that will make for drastic savings
      in the school's athletic travel budget.

      The Washington Interscholastic Activities Association
      announced Monday that its executive board approved the
      move of the Oregon school into Washington's District 8
      as a Class 3A school beginning in the 2018-19 school

      The Bulldogs will become full members of the MCC and
      will participate with Washington schools in the
      post season. They will join the seven Tri-Cities high
      schools and Walla Walla, bumping up the MCC into a nine-
      team league."

Re: Hanford Kamiakin's track leaders ~ 6/17/17 Tri-City Herald 

      "Joe Gauthier is the fastest man in Washington. He
      proved that with a time of 10.46 seconds in winning the
      4A state title in the 100 meters May 27.

      Kamiakin senior Mirannda Shulman won the girls honor,
      dominating in the 400 meters, competing in the 200 and
      anchoring the 4x100 and 4x200 relays - the latter of
      which placed second at the 3A state track meet.

      Hanford coach Darren Crow was named the girls coach of
      the year."

      All-Area Track and Field

      First Team


      100/200: Joe Gauthier, sr., Hanford; 400: Tyler Kurtz,
      sr., Richland; 800: Johan Correa, so., Kennewick; 1,600:
      Kenneth Rooks, jr., College Place; 3,200: Ryan Child,
      so., Kamiakin; 110H/300H: Germain Barnes, jr., Chiawana;
      Shot: Brigham Whitby, sr., Richland; Discus: Scott
      Blakney, sr., Prosser; Jav: Jax Lee, jr., Richland; HJ:
      Mitch Jacobson, sr., Walla Walla; PV: William Harshaw-
      McDonald, sr., Richland; LJ/TJ: Dominic Lee, sr.,


      100: Jaidyn Alexander, jr., Pasco; 200: Katie Petsch,
      so., Kamiakin; 400: Mirannda Shulman, sr., Kamiakin;
      800: Brooke Hansen, sr., Southridge; 1,600: Katie
      Andrus, jr., Richland; 3,200: Emily Adams, sr.,
      Waitsburg; 100H: Nyenuchi Okemgbo, so., Hanford; 300H:
      Lele Williams, jr., Hanford; Shot: Kara Shibley, sr.,
      Hanford; Discus: Skylar Druffel, jr., Walla Walla; Jav:
      Ashton Riner, sr., Connell; HJ: Monica Kaylor, jr.,
      Kennewick; PV: Hally Ruff, jr., Walla Walla; LJ/TJ:
      Allison Stapleton, sr., Kamiakin.

      Second Team


      100: Germain Barnes, jr., Chiawana; 200: Gabriel Schilz,
      fr., Chiawana; 400: Caleb Price, sr., Connell; 800:
      Kenneth Rooks, jr., College Place; 1,600: Riley Moore,
      so., Richland; 3,200: Jonah Franco, jr., Kamiakin; 110H:
      Ethan Ellsworth, sr., Southridge; 300H: Beau Franklin,
      so., Hanford; Shot/Discus: Seer Deines, jr., Connell;
      Jav: Nate Brown, sr., Prosser; HJ: Oliver Davis, fr.,
      Prosser; PV: Ricardo Abarca, jr., Grandview; LJ:
      Keyshawn Owens, sr., Kennewick; TJ: Mitch Jacobson, sr.,
      Walla Walla.


      100: Katie Petsch, so., Kamiakin; 200: Jaidyn Alexander,
      jr., Pasco; 400/800: Geraldin Correa-Cambino, fr.,
      Kennewick; 1,600: McKinzi Teeples, so., Kamiakin; 3,200:
      Katie Andrus, jr., Richland; 100H: Allicia Chalmers,
      sr., Richland; 300H: Nyenuchi Okemgbo, so., Hanford;
      Shot: Maddie Mauia, so., Richland; Discus: Chanceler
      Williams, jr., Kamiakin; Jav: Morgan Munson, jr., River
      View; HJ: Noelani Helm, so., Walla Walla; PV: Maggie
      Delay, sr., Royal; LJ: Nyenuchi Okemgbo, so., Hanford;
      TJ: McCall Redden, jr., Richland.

-Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) ~ Richland   
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