Alumni Sandstorm ~ 06/15/17
5 Bombers sent stuff and memorial INFO for 2 Bombers today:: 
Marilyn "Em" DeVINE ('52), Marilynn WORKING ('54)
Floyd MELTON ('57), Wayne MYERS ('62)
David RIVERS ('65)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Debbie LIEN ('69)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Eileen O'NEIL ('73)

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>>From: Marilyn "Em" DeVINE ('52)

Thank you, Susie GUNDERSON Chiles ('60) for sharing the
delightful story of my life!!! I'm sure many, many others can
relate to the situations mentioned! (Isn't it nice to know we
aren't alone in this!!)

Re: RNZB appoints Artistic Director 

To: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66)

Congratulations to Pam BARKER Boblies' ('66) sister, Patricia.
She is a wonderfully accomplished artist. Was she a Richland
High School graduate?

Re: Okay--confession time

I wrecked my car again. (Yes, again.) Sigh. Looking for an Auto
Body shop here in the Tri-Cities. Suggestions? I have one quote
from Riverside Collision but would like to "shop around" a
little bit. Damage is totally body. Luckily, nothing mechanical
is affected. No one was hurt and Insurance will not be

%3: '52 reunion plans

The Class of '52 Reunion Committee is meeting tomorrow.
(Actually, *today* by the time you read this.) Some interesting
ideas have been suggested. If you want to help, just give Terry
De VINE or Helen BARTLETT Mowery a call.

-Marilyn "Em" DeVINE ('52) ~ in windy Richland, where they are 
      predicting rain tonight or tomorrow. Luckily I got my 
      lawn mowed and some weeds pulled today. These cool temps
      suit me just fine!
>>From: Marilynn WORKING Highstreet ('54)

Re: Ladies of class 1954

You are so right, Mike CLOWES ('54), aka Bob Carlson, we will
be meeting for our lunch at Richland Applebee's again this
Friday (tomorrow) at 11 AM!!

We had a great turnout last month (as you saw in the pictures)
and hope that not too many are on vacation this month and can

Hope the men have as good a lunch as we ladies always do!!!

Can't wait in a month or two to see how many alumni have sent
in their Club 40 reservations for our September 8th and 9th
celebration. Usually a lot wait until the last minute, but with
the deadline August 26th, don't wait too long. Nate [Club40
web master] will get them posted and hopefully when he and Ariel
get home from their honeymoon in July, there will be some to
get listed on our website!! Keep checking!!

Re: Dust Devil Baseball 2017

Yay, our farm team for the San Diego Padres will have their
first home game next Tuesday, June 20th, at Gesa Stadium in
Pasco. I was so hoping my great nephew would have been drafted
this week in the MLB college draft, but not this year!! He goes
to BYU and 2 others on his team made it! The Padres have been
talking to him and sent to paperwork, but they didn't list him
this time! They told him about the Dust Devils and we were
keeping our fingers crossed! 

Re: Cool Desert Nights

David RIVERS ('65)... enjoy your trip back to your home town
the Tri Cities for the celebration this weekend!! Stay out of

-Marilynn WORKING Highstreet ('54) ~ Pasco  where it has cooled
       down this week and plan to see the 90s next week!! 
>>From: Floyd MELTON ('57)

To: Suzie GUNDERSON Chiles ('60) 

That was awesome post you did today [6/14/17] I laughed I
thought welcome to the world or at lease the world of senior
like myself it was just awesome haven't heard from you in a
long time

We just returned from visiting the coast for a few days and it
reminded me that I was born in Wenatchee Washington... lived in
Spokane... lived most of my life in Richland and I never was to
the Pacific ocean until April, 1962. Isn't that hard to believe
you live that close and never get to the ocean.

-Floyd MELTON ('57)
>>From: Wayne MYERS ('62)

To: Suzie GUNDERSON Chiles ('60)

If Susie had you rolling in laughter, look for the book by
Pacific Northwest humor writer Patrick McManus, "The Night the
Bear ate Goombaw", that includes a story titled "Sequences."

Here's a YouTube link to McManus reading the story

Life is just a series of sequences, especially as our brains
and hair age & gray. Just go fishing and stop worrying.

-Wayne MYERS ('62)
>>From: David RIVERS ('65)

Re: Hmmmmmmmmmmm

To tell the truth, I can't recall how I handled this last
year... gotta Bomber-babe and a "lady" who gave me grief for
use of that term (Bomber-babe) one night a couple of years
ago... now I will say, she had been drinking wine for a while
with her Partner in b-day celebrating, Diane MURPHY ('65) when
she laid into me so I am not real sure she was oh well... you
know... In any event, this will commence a month of "wreckage
and ruin" (thanks Fogerty) of their celebration... the Bomber-
babe is much more understanding, having grown up having to put
up with her older bro and me most alla her life... So here's
your special day, Jun 15, 2017... Also Welcome home to the
"Hammies" ('63/'65) from their trip abroad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-David RIVERS ('65)
not a memorial - only INFO today

>> Wayne WALLACE ('50-RIP) ~ 12/31/29 - 2/20/17
>> Elva McGHAN Wallace ('50-RIP) ~ 7/24/32 - 5/26/17

Celebration of Life: TOMORROW, Friday, June 16, 2017, 2pm
 Events at Sunset, Bypass Hwy, Richland
A reception will immediately follow the graveside
 the Event Center.
That's it for today. Please send more.