Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/06/17
5 Bombers sent stuff: 
Billye CONLEY ('61), John ADKINS ('62)
Pete BEAULIEU ('62), David RIVERS ('65)
Lee BUSH ('68)

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>>From: Billye CONLEY Drew ('61)

Re: Gene CONLEY ('48-RIP)

Dual-Sport - World Series and N.B.A. Titles - Dies at 86 

-Billye CONLEY Drew ('61)
>>From: John ADKINS ('62)

Re: Cartoon characters

Might be interesting to see what cartoon characters we can
come with.

I'll kick it of with "Ozark Ike".

-John ADKINS ('62) ~ Richland   
>>From: Pete BEAULIEU ('62)

To: Ed WOOD ('62)

Aha, you have discovered Idaho's northbound Highway 95 from
Caldwell to Lewiston. That same road, in both directions, is
nearly sacred to me. I've driven it well over a hundred times.
Fifty-seven miles south of Lewiston is the fair hamlet of
Cottonwood, hometown of my late wife Kristi.

Along that segment you might have noticed a recurring overhead
feature. This is the historic canyon-jumping railroad trestles
south of Lewiston. These trestles were the setting for the
great Charles Bronson western - "Breakheart Pass." There's
also an abandoned older highway alignment into what's called
Lawyer's Canyon. Some say the name came from all the lawyers
who fed off of the many traffic accidents on that winding
stretch. But the truth is that it's named after a Native
American who had a certain facility for negotiating with the

Named after another Indian, White Bird Canyon shows up outside
of Grangeville (seventy miles south of Lewiston). It marks the
front end of Chief Joseph's running fight and evasive 1,700
mile eastbound trek of the last 750 members of the Nez Perce
tribe, from the Wallowa area in Oregon toward the Canadian
border. He expected protection in Canada under the British
monarch, Queen Victoria. No such luck. (Escaping north from
the Dakotas Sitting Bull was more successful.) Chief Joseph
and his diminished and hungry tribe were stopped forty miles
short of the boundary, still in Montana - "forty-eight hours
from freedom" (1877). He ended his days many years later on
the Colville Reservation in north-central Washington.

Lots of history there on Highway 95, personal and otherwise.
Hang around for awhile in those little towns and the history
feels just around the corner. These small towns have it all
over Seattle. This weekend I'm heading back down that road for
an overdue visit with extended family.

-Pete BEAULIEU ('62) ~ Shoreline, WA
>>From: David RIVERS ('65)

Re: Another wings his way

I suppose, as with Pook ('63), everyone who knew Gene CONLEY
('48-RIP) hadda "Gene story". I remember inna Sandstorm
several years back, one guy related a particularly long bus
ride with the team when Gene really hadda use the rest room...
as I recall the story teller's shoes were a tad soggy when the
got back to Richland... I met Gene when I was around 11. Now 
I was pretty tall for my age and would reach 6' the next year
when I stopped growing. At that time, however I must notta 
hit that last spurt because when Gene opened the door at his
folk's place, I looked directly at his belt buckle. I had not
been able to find a good ball to have him sign so I took one
my dog had chewed... he kindly signed around the bite marks
and slobber. I proudly display it in the large case with alla
balls Bo Belinsky used to give me. Bo once told me that he met
Gene and Wilt the Stilt at the same time. Bo was pretty darned
tall, but said he felt like a sapling between two red woods.
Gene and I corresponded a good bit over the years, but after
his last move I either neglected to get his new address or
didn't enter it into my computer... arrrrrrrrgh... woulda
shoulda coulda... Before R2K I asked him to sign a baseball
for the "auction"... it turned into a raffle and a girl I
didn't know got the ball... Gary WEBB ('64) was left with a
pocket full of moola he had brought to bid. We lost Gene on
Tuesday [the fourth of July], this week... not a bad day to 
go and sure easy to remember... Rest in Peace, Great Bomber 
and good friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-David RIVERS ('65)
>>From: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66)

Re: Update Dave Newcomb, husband of Jan MOULTHROP Newcomb ('66)


      Here's a progression from ICU Life Support to this
      morning 13 days later. 10% chance of living to 5am
      boredom so "gotta clean up these 1500+emails."

      Thank you so much for your prayers, love, and
      support!!!! No one will ever convince me that God
      doesn't answer prayers! We prayed for a miracle and
      God delivered!!!

      STARTING TOMORROW!!! I'm beyond amazed and so HAPPY!!!"

-Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) ~ from a very HOT Richland 
      where we will be in the 100's for the next few weeks!   
>>From: Lee BUSH ('68)

Re: Photos (2) of Bob Cravens

Taken in dining room at Brookdale-Richland, 1629 George
Washington Way, Richland, WA. FYI - Bob lives on the first
floor in Apt. 116-A. Zip is 99354-5716.

-Lee BUSH ('68)
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