Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/07/17
4 Bombers sent stuff and memorial INFO today: 
Richard ROBERTS ('49), Dick WIGHT ('52)
Mike BRADY ('61), Pam EHINGER ('67)

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>>From: Richard ROBERTS ('49)

Re: Gene CONLEY ('48-RIP)

I became well acquainted with Gene when Allan NEIDHOLD ('49-RIP)
and I were the managers for the 1947-48 Bombers basketball
team; nice man, friendly, unimposing and treated lowly 
little me, really little standing next to him, with respect. 
Sometime during the '60s, returning from a conference in San
Francisco, I walked out onto the SF airport tarmac and climbed
aboard his team bus and had a chat with Gene while he was
waiting for a flight; just the two of us and maybe a few
others. The one thing I remember is him telling me how tired
he was playing two professional sports. That's about all I
remember about the incident except Gene was still friendly 
and respectful. I liked him and will miss him.

-Richard ROBERTS ('49)
>>From: Dick WIGHT ('52)

Re: chutney

I read the sad news of Gene CONLEY's ('48-RIP) passing while 
I am simmering a big pot of mango chutney. Gene was a genuine
"hero" to us ole Bombers from the late '40s/early '50s. He
seemed "bigger than life" in many ways....

Back to the chutney. I've come a long way (I think!) from the
high school kid who thought fried chicken, corn on the cob,
meatloaf and mac and cheese were the staples of life! In my
travels over the years I went as far east as Italy, Spain,
Morocco and off the other direction to Japan... collected the
taste for foods from all over the place, including foods from
places I never ever visited! Over 40 years ago my wife Ruth
dug out an old recipe she got somewhere (Hawaii, maybe) called
"Major Morgan's Mango Chutney". Never did find out who Major
Morgan was, but some historical sources claim a Brit soldier
named Major Grey perfected an "authentic" recipe for the
stuff. His so-called authentic chutney is available in some
supermarkets marketed under the Cross and Blackwell label, as
I remember. They charge "big bucks" for a little jar I can
tell you from YEARS of experience that the stuff I make today
beats theirs by a mile! I've added a few changes over the
years, and sometimes label mine "Cap'n Dick's Mango Chutney".

It contains fresh mangoes, peaches, onion, garlic, finely
sliced lime, fresh garlic and ginger, raisins and a hodgepodge
of spices like ginger, saffron (perhaps more costly than gold
per ounce!), cloves, coriander, chili powder, allspice...
along with vinegar (I use white wine and aged balsamic), brown
and white sugar. When it comes to peeling and slicing the
mangoes, I recommend donning a wet suit first, or maybe
stripping to your shorts and sitting in your walk-in shower.
You simmer the whole mess for quite awhile, puree it, and
"can" it. I pressure can it for a little while to be really
safe, but some say it needs no processing at all, what with
the vinegar, fruit and lime ingredients. Anyhow, it is really
good stuff!

Any other big chutney affecionados out there? My guess is
there are 7,295 or so different kinds... starting with the
U.S. poor man's version we call ketchup - or catsup - or "red
lead" if you are a sailorly person.... Bon appetit!

-Dick WIGHT ('52) ~ in sheltering Richland
>>From: Mike BRADY ('61)

Re: Gene CONLEY ('48-RIP)

I was sorry to read about the passing of Gene CONLEY. Thank
you Billye for sharing the wonderful article from the New York
Times. Gene meant a lot to me as a child. Each morning after
Gene pitched, I would check the box scores in the Columbia
Basin News to see how he did. I was thrilled when he won the
1955 All-Star game by striking out all three batters he faced
in the final inning. I believe they were Mickey Mantle, Ted
Williams and Al Kaline. Gene was instrumental for me to gain 
a love of the game that continued throughout my life. My
condolences to family and friends.

-Mike BRADY ('61)
>>From: Pam EHINGER (Blue Ribbon Class of '67)

Re: Gene CONLEY ('48-RIP)

God Bless Gene & his family.

I never met the man, but have read many stories about him!
Gene will be missed by many, RIP Gene.

Bombers Rule
-Pam EHINGER Kindl (Blue Ribbon Class of '67)
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