Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/10/17
2 Bombers sent stuff: 
Larry MATTINGLY ('60)
David RIVERS ('65)

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>>From: Larry MATTINGLY ('60) 

Re: Entry in the 7/8/17 SS

To: All Bomber Alumni

Wow talk about getting old and feeble...

It was not Jan 6th and not my birthday. But there is an
explanation.. for the last 12 years, each January I fly back
to Anchorage from the Dutch Harbor New Years Eve Fireworks
Display on January 6th, and that really is my birthday. We
generally go to our favorite Japanese Restaurant. If I have a
late flight arrival we celebrate on the 7th. By happenstance I
flew back to Anchorage on July 6th. I even mentioned to Jackie
I was another year older on the way home from the airport. She
bought into it and asked me what I would like for my birthday?
Last night on the way to dinner with friends we both realized
my mistake and laughed about it. 

Than I remembered what I had written but it was too late to
correct it. So here is my humble apology for my temporary loss
of connection with reality. I could not get back to my laptop
in time to correct it. Maren saw it and figured I had lost my
mind or something. But she left it in because I wrote it. It's
ok Maren.

-J. Larry MATTINGLY ('60)
>>From: David RIVERS ('65)

Re: them memories never really fade

oh they get a little wobbly now and then, but they are never
gone... As Jimbeaux ('63) is fond of saying, at this point
some may be stretched a tad and fer all we know some may be
just made up, but at this point who can tell the difference...
as we all experienced much the same things they fit right
in... My much older buddy, Chuck LOLLIS ('64) has been
learning the fine art of not getting yer fingers blowed off
when setting off "real" fireworks... .Larry MATTINGLY ('60)
has taken Chuck under his wing so to speak and as near as I
can tell Chuck is loving it... I know it always cuts our visit
short when I am home in June... I am proud to come from a time
when the whole family/town ooow'd n awww'd at the Bomber Bowl
when the yearly event rolled around... nuther time I guess...
maybe cuz so many of us lived through the real thing, but then
again, most of our folks lived through it too and they were
oooowing and awwwing with the best of 'em... I remember being
turned down for Artillery support by a certain Division which
shall remain un-named (one of the reasons the 196th Light
Infantry Brigade Played by Terry ('65) et al. refused to adopt
the Division patch when they were "annexed" into that infamous
Division) and Dickie RHODES ('65) and his crew (I've promoted
him to Captain) on the Destroyer the Edson rolled in off shore
and those damned guns began to fire... looked like VW busses
flying overhead but oh what a wonderful sound... but I still
ooow and ahhhhh... maybe it's a parody by now and maybe it's
just a wonderful memory from the past... One thing I don't
think I'll forget and am sure I have not embellished is the 
b-day Bomber flashing past on the track field... now that was
fast... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Billy RULON ('64) on your special day,
June 10, 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-David RIVERS ('65)
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