Alumni Sandstorm ~ 07/16/17
4 Bombers sent stuff: 
Dick WIGHT ('52), Helen CROSS ('62)
Earl BENNETT ('63), Tedd CADD ('66)

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>>From: Dick WIGHT ('52)

Re: Golden Age Passports

I picked mine up on my 62nd birthday (1996) on a Sunday after
church at Olympic National Park HQ in Port Angeles, WA... no
charge back then, as I remember. Great benefits: free entry 
to National Parks, Forest Service attractions, etc. (everyone 
in the vehicle), plus 1/2 off cost of camping in federal
campgrounds (National parks, Forest Service, Bureau of Land
Management sites, Corps of Engineer facilities. For those
eligible to stay in U.S. Army RV parks, some of them offer
reduced fees as well. There may be a few other federal sites
included as well.

Tell your younger friends!

-Dick WIGHT ('52) ~ visiting friends and family in Port Angeles
>>From: Helen CROSS Kirk ('62)

Re: Golden Age Passports

I try to read the Sandstorm every day; had to smile about all
the talk of the senior passes to the National Park system. 
It was one of the first things I got when I turned 62 over a
decade ago, and I have used it many times. Think it got a
carload of us into at least one park. Plan to use it more

Re: Class of '62 - 55 years - August 18 & 19, 2017

I just filled out my registration for the class of '62 reunion
coming up August 18 and 19. Hope to see a lot of classmates

Re: Move

Still trying to down size our stuff from two houses to one. We
are both savers, which I wish we weren't but we are.

We have had heavy rain almost daily back here this summer, (
guess we are getting the rain many have written in they are
missing), so our lawns are emerald green, unusual here where we
don't water our lawns, so they get pretty dried up looking.

Love to read Pete Beaulieu's ('62) entries. He has a great
memory for detail and explaining things. I understand what he
was talking about when he talked about the different types of
paving. Hope to see you at our reunion, Pete.

-Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) ~ back at the house by the little lake
       where it is sunny with puffy clouds at the moment. It's
       been pretty nice in the low 80s most of the day most 
       days this month. 
>>From: Earl BENNETT ('63)

To: Steve HUNTINGTON ('73)

We actually live 45+ minutes north of Charlottesville in the
tiny piece of Reva that's in Madison County (most of Reva is in
Culpeper County); Culpeper is ten minutes north. We hadn't
heard about the Spudnut Shop closing - we don't get down there
very often. My wife actually likes the Spudnuts in
Charlottesville better than the ones in Richland.

I recall the luncheon in Fredericksburg - I wound up making a
berry-apple pie for the lady who organized it. We met there a
couple of times - one time MATTIS ('68) joined us.

Let me know when you visit, we could find another venue to

      Regards, ecb3 - from sunny central Virginia where today
      is supposed to be 5 degrees cooler than muggy yesterday.

-Earl BENNETT ('63)
>>From: Tedd CADD ('66)

A friend just posted an aerial photo of Carmichael from 1948 on
Facebook. I went looking for the source of the shot and found
one on the Carmichael page of

Then I noticed the photo on that page is labeled "Looking
Southwest" when, in fact it is looking Northeast. (At least
last time I knew Col-Hi was North of Carmichael.)

Does anybody know who is responsible for that page?

-Tedd CADD ('66)
[Yes, Tedd... it is I... and thank you for the correction. 
I fixed my error.   -Maren]
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