Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/04/17
6 Bombers sent stuff: 
Dick WIGHT ('52), Norma LOESCHER ('53)
Carol CONVERSE ('64), David RIVERS ('65)
Shirley COLLINGS ('66), Kelvin SOLDAT ('71)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Jenifer LEITZ ('71)

BOMBER ANNIVERSARY Today: Mike SAMS ('65) & Mary BENNETT ('69)

		Gary BEHYMER ('64) married Janis Cook ('65 Lion)

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>>From: Dick WIGHT ('52)

Re: Coast Guard Day (8/4)

SEMPER PARATUS! Today (August 4th) is the U.S. Coast Guard
Birthday - #227. The brainchild of Alexander Hamilton (of
recent Broadway fame), the service was enacted into law on
August 4, 1790. The Coast Guard is the second oldest
continuously-serving military service of the United States
(U.S. Marine Corps claims slightly longer longevity, and while
there is a certain historical vagueness about the claim, it was
never a great idea to disagree with a Jarhead!).

The Coast Guard was initially called the Revenue Marine or
Revenue Cutter Service. Masters of the vessels - the only armed
U.S. vessels of the time - were "commissioned officers of the
United States" and were charged with collecting import revenues
from merchant ships, curtailing smuggling etc... essentially
seagoing cops and tax collectors. But with armed vessels, they
were involved in all the armed conflicts involving our country
since that birth date - War of 1812, Spanish American War,
Civil War, the "dust up" with the Brits in the early 1800s,
both "World Wars", Korean conflict, Viet Nam, Desert
Storm.....the list goes on. During my time, I trained often
with the Navy in anti-submrine warfare, surface and air gunnery

I was privileged to serve in that fine outfit from 1952 to
1986... and learned that the Coast Guard had a number of
satisfying and worthwhile missions. Besides law enforcement and
military operations, we did polar and domestic icebreaking,
search and rescue, oceanographic research and data collection,
environmental protection, maritime and boating safety, and port
security to name some of the major ones. My duties took me as
far west as Japan, north into the Canadian Arctic, east to
Italy and Spain and duty in major ports along both U.S. coasts.
It was a truly satisfying career. I'd do it again, given the

So SEMPER PARATUS (Always Ready!). 

-Dick WIGHT ('52) ~ in sweltering Richland where there isn't a
      WHIFF of salt air!
>>From: Norma LOESCHER Boswell ('53) 

Re: Golf opportunity on Saturday, September 9th

Bomber classmates offer 4 tee times at the West Richland Golf 
Club before the Saturday, September 9th evening meeting.

If interested, please contact either of these good friends by 
August 20: 
Pete HOLLICK ('55) email:   OR
Hal GIBSON ('53) email:

Bomber cheers, 
-Norma LOESCHER Boswell ('53) ~ from sizzling hot Richland  
>>From: Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64)

Re: Richland woman dies - truck overturns ~ Ozella Beechinor

Very interesting reading about her death, as I have never heard
the details before. 

Her daughter, Carrie BEECHINOR ('64wb), Anna Margaret BELL
('64) and I became very good friends those 2 years while she
lived in Richland. They were only in Richland for 2 years.
During our senior year, Anna Margaret and I drove to Prescott
to see Carrie. They lived on a farm as I recall. Her name came
to mind thinking it would be so neat to find her and have her
come to our 50 year class reunion. Lost track of her after that
trip to Prescott that Anna Margaret and I took to see her. It
so happened that I saw an obituary of either her dad or step
mom. I don't remember which one now. That gave me her married
name and where she lived at present. With a bit more searching
and with the help of Jim COYNE ('64), I was able to contact
her. She was able to come to the reunion and reconnect with us
and all those who remembered her from 9th grade.

-Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64) ~ in very very HOT
       Kennewick. Looks as though we are to get triple digits 
       for another wee after this one. No no no!
>>From: David RIVERS ('65)

Re: never ending story

Yup... just like the movie where Falcor saves the day... Sarah
and I watched it over and over and I named a big white ferret
after the white dragon... never ending stories is the best...
Particularly the one I'm thinkn' of today... When did I meet
this kid? Woulda been around 1958... he lived in a prefab where
you could cut thru a little thin strip back a Ziege's ('57) and
it would place you in Terry DAVIS' back yard... very handy cuz
when I'd go to Terry's I'd always stop at the B-day Bomber's
first... now there's a very clear memory there, cuz often...
.yes quite often, the dude (or Dood as he likes to say) would
open the door, but not the screen and say "I gotta babysit Jo
('74)"... now I think he was afraid that little blonde girl
between his legs would run out the screen if he opened it...
not sure... or maybe she'd slam the big door and he'd be locked
out... but that's the way our lives ran when we wuz younger...
when we got older, we would each have a '40 Chevy 2 door... his
we all called the Duesenberg... or maybe it was "sheet metal
screws"... the memory fades... the times we had together were
countless... a fond memory is when we were trying to find a
kegger... musta taken a wrong turn... we wuz lost... Mike BOTU
('65-RIP) had a little 250 Scrambler and he was acting as the
self appointed scout... he pulled up to the Duesenberg and
announced "Fresh tracks"... we never let him live that down...
but we found the party... At grageashun, he and I were in the
"waiting room" screaming at the top of our lungs "Let's have a
Heidelberg beer right now... a hardy Heidelberg would go like
wow it's got the flavor the other beers lack that's what keeps
the people comin' back... a Heidelberg... " ah the joys of
yute! He joined the Marine Corps before George KELLY ('64) and
I did so as we waited to head out he came home from boot
camp... we asked what it was like... he spoke in a knowing
manly voice as he answered "depends on how much ya like to swim
in sand"... we decided they had fried his brain and just smiled
as we shook our heads in dismay... so the years pass and our
story continues... if any of you happen to be sitting in the
booth in the NW corner of the Spudnut... look on the wall and
you will see his art work on a beautiful leather jacket with a
magazine in the middle with him and "the tub"... HAPPY
BIRTHDAY, Jimmy HEIDLEBAUGH ('65) on your special day, August
4, 2017... I love you, Dood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-David RIVERS ('65)
>>From: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66)

Re: Junior Olympic Track All-American Honors ~ 8/3/17 Herald 

      "Area track athletes put their talents on display this
      past week at the USATF Hershey National Junior Olympic
      Track & Field Championships in Lawrence, Kan., and four
      came home as All-Americans.

      Hanford High athletes Joe Gauthier, Beau Franklin and
      Nyenuchi Okemgbo, along with Southridge's Keanu Daos,
      placed in the top eight in their respective events to
      earn All-American status."

Re: Weather ~ 8/3/17 Tri-City Herald 

      "The Tri-Cities are smothering under a smoke blanket
      from fires across the Northwest and Canada.

      The smoke level is unhealthy for many and people are
      being told to limit the amount of time they spend
      outside and to avoid strenuous outdoor activities.

      Air quality throughout Central Washington dipped into
      unhealthy levels around 5 a.m., according to the state
      Department of Ecology."

-Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) ~ Richland   
>>From: Kelvin SOLDAT ('71)

Re: 1971 Class Reunion Picnic

Just a reminder about the Class of 1971 Picnic on Saturday,
September 9th.

It is at Leslie Groves Shelter #1 (see below). The spot is
reserved from 11:00-5:00 and we will probably eat around 12:30.
Pat HARTY ('71) and company will be preparing Mexican food for
lunch and cost will be $10.

We anticipate to make a little money on this so we can put it
towards the 50 year class reunion. Water will be provided but
if you want anything else to drink you should bring it. We
appreciate those who have already responded. If you haven't and
plan on coming please let us know.

There are reasonable rates at the Hanford House that weekend.
Hope to see you there!

-Kelvin SOLDAT ('71)
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