Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/05/17
3 Bombers sent stuff: 
Richard "Dick" ROBERTS ('49)
Frank WHITESIDE ('63)
David RIVERS ('65)

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Runway Able (Most historical runway) 

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>>From: Richard "Dick" ROBERTS ('49)

Re: Dick Wight ('52) & Coast Guard

What a great career with all of that exciting travel to those
far away places. Good for you. I play the ukulele and lead the
singing each month at the meeting of the Retired Active Men,
RAMs, about 100 men in our club and about 3-4 hundred more in
the other 3 branches in the area. Each November we sing the
Army, Navy, AF and Marine Corps songs. A few years back someone
shouted, "What about the Coast Guard song?" I went on line,
found the chords, the lyrics, practiced and the next year we
sang, or least I sang and played the song. Veterans of the
different services are to stand while we all sing their song;
nobody stood for the CG. Dang, so we quit singing it. But, you
know, these old duffers crump over about as fast as we get new
members, so maybe it's time to see if now we have any CG vets
and we'll honor them again. I liked your song and always
shouted out the "Semper Peratus"! when we sang it. We have
about 12 Golden RAMs, all 90 or over; just 4 more years and I
get a free lunch.

We are beginning to have a heat wave here in Grover Beach, CA 
maybe it will get up to 80 today. North county will be
over a 100. Stay cool and have a great 65 year reunion. 
Carol TYNER Roberts ('52) sends her regards to all of her 

-Richard "Dick" ROBERTS ('49) ~ "Life isn't about how to 
      survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain"
>>From: Frank WHITESIDE ('63)

Re: 8635 E Bursage Cir Gold Canyon, AZ

We spent a week in AZ getting a Realtor (Robin Rotella) and
getting the beautiful house ready to sell. We kept it at a very
good price and it is fully furnished including washer and
dryer, a new A/C and a soft water/RO system as well as an
$8,000 remote control patio cover along with that gorgeous
backyard fireplace. Mountain Brook is the only 55 plus
subdivision in Gold Canyon and is beautifully surrounded by the
Superstition Mountains. The ad is just hitting the national
sites today (Friday).

Apologies to David DOUGLAS ('62)  for not calling him, but my
son had sciatica and a sinus infection and my usual health
conditions kept me at about half speed and instead of 2 weeks,
we had to get things done in 5 days plus 4 days on the road
putting well over 3,000 miles on his King Ranch, so we only had
half the time that we planned. We'd love to keep the home but,
unfortunately, can't. Take a look at all of the pictures. We
absolutely love the place!! Would love to see a lot of Bombers
buy places there... would make mini-reunions really easy with 
allof the activities there.

For those with champagne taste, they have homes in the hills in
the multi-million dollar range.

Click to see the realtor's page on the house.

-Frank WHITESIDE ('63) ~ Bayou Gauche, LA
>>From: David RIVERS ('65)

Re: one track mind

You might have noticed I got a tad caught up in my HB to Jimmy
HEIDLEBAUGH ('65) to the point where I neglected to wish an HB
to Roger FISHBACK ('62) and Kenny DALL ('64) yesterday... 
sorry guys! Ahhhhhh but today we gots one a them cool "big"
sisters... now since the Class of '63 adopted me several years
ago can I still call her a big sis? Oh well... what's done is
done... now she well knows that Terry DAVIS ('65) and I all but
worshiped her lil' bro ('65)... so much that the summer before
7th grade, we bleached our hair just to look more like him...
trust me... black hair done by two novices with my mom coaching
us does not turn out platinum... it looks more like bright
rust! Plus I am not so sure we listened carefully to her
directions and burned our scalp like crazy!... When the burns
healed, we had Brian JOHNSON ('65) give us "baldies" and wore
old fatigue hats for the rest of the summer... now I have many
memories of this wonderful Bomber-babe, but the one I will
never forget is her painful scream across VanGiesen when she
and Ralph LEE ('63-RIP) had a motor cycle accident across from
my house... before I could even react, my dad had swooped her
in his arms and was carrying her to our house from there I
assume my dad called the ambulance and her Dad... hard to
forget something like that... as you can tell, she is one 
of those Bomber-babes I will cherish forever and so HAPPY
BIRTHDAY, Susan NUSSBAUM ('63) on your special day, August 5,

-David RIVERS ('65)
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