Alumni Sandstorm ~ 08/25/17
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Mary RAY ('61)

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>>From: Mary RAY Henslee ('61)

Re: USCG Sandstorm Topic

I devoted a section of my "American Trivia You Can Use" book
to military trivia because of the important role the military
has played in our history. It includes trivia on each of the
five military branches, the military academies, the national
war memorials, and some misc. military trivia of importance.
Since the USCG has been a topic of interest lately, the USCG
trivia from my book might be of interest even if some of the
facts have already been mentioned.

Q. When was the Coast Guard established?
A. August 4, 1790 (initially called the Revenue Cutter 
Service, it was established after the Tariff Act of 1789 was
passed to prevent smuggling and piracy along U.S. coasts)
Q. When did the Revenue Cutter Service become known as the 
Coast Guard and an official branch of the armed forces?
A. January 28, 1915
Q. What is the official Coast Guard song?
A. Semper Paratus
Q. What does the Coast Guard motto "Semper Paratus" mean?
A. Latin for "Always Ready"
Q. What department of the federal government is the Coast 
Guard under?
A. The Department of Homeland Security (moved from the 
Department of Transportation by President George W. Bush)
Q. What are Coast Guard vessels called?
A. Cutters
Re: New Paperback

My book titled "The Path to Moral Values: A Complete Guide for
Kids of All Ages" is now out in paperback.

I know most of you probably don't have school age kids running
around the house anymore, but know the book is there in case
you come across someone who does.

I decided to put the Anti-Bullying cheer from my book on my
product page since it would only be seen by book purchasers
otherwise. The fact that cheers are catchy and motivational
makes them an ideal vehicle for uniting kids behind a message
in my opinion.

Follow the links on my author page to each product page for
more details and a generous look inside the covers:
Have a great day!

-Mary RAY Henslee ('61)
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