Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/10/17
8 Bombers sent stuff and heard about 2 Bomber deaths today: 
Marie RUPPERT ('63), David RIVERS ('65)
Terry DAVIS ('65), Shirley COLLINGS ('66)
Rick MADDY ('67), Clif EDWARDS ('68)
Betti AVANT ('69), Gary TURNER ('71)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Connie DEAN ('60)


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>>From: Marie RUPPERT Hartman ('63)

Re: Donni CLARK Dunphy ('63)


I couldn't have said it any better. Your entry today (9/9) hit
the nail on the head. Most kids these days haven't had the
respect for others drilled into their psyches as we did as we
grew up. I did my best with my kids and I feel my grandkids
have learned the same values, but sadly, that isn't the case
in many families. That said, I've had many experiences with
kids that give me hope that this younger generation is turning
the corner from the me mindset to a we mindset. 

To: Clif EDWARDS ('68)

The fire in the gorge wasn't an accident!

-Marie RUPPERT Hartman ('63) ~ in smoky, hazy, Richland 
	(I never thought I'd hope for the wind to blow in 
>>From: David RIVERS ('65)

Re: Will I see you

in September... uhhhhhh well at least this year you will...
the '65er's 70th birthday is scheduled to happen next weekend.
Jack KEENEY ('65) has already called to remind me to bring my
Jimmy HEIDLEBAUGH ('65) leather vest, as I managed to forget
it in June... looks to be a great turn out and I can say I'm 
a ready teddy!

Here's wishing Doug HAWKINS ('62) good looking with his new
eyes after cataract surgery... I know I love mine and Terry
DAVIS ('65) says the same for his... who ever thought we'd
ever be discussing such a topic... in fact as I recall, one or
more of the '65ers said something about "shoot me" if we ever
did... well HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Donna FREDETTE ('65) on your
special day, September 10, 2017, and Ooops to Linda NORWOOD
('66 9/9) and Jim MATTIS ('68 9/8)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-David RIVERS ('65)
>>From: Terry DAVIS Knox ('65)

Re: KORD sign off tune

KORD used to sign off at dusk every evening with that theme
song. What's the name of the tune?

   [What I remember about their sign off: "...where
   the Yakima, the Snake, and the Columbia form their
   highway to the sea" -Maren]

-Terry DAVIS Knox ('65)
>>From: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66)

Re: Bomber Football ~ 9/9/17 Tri-City Herald 

   "Richland shakes off smoky week of practice, bombards

   "Given the sketchy air conditions this week, Richland
   High School football coach Mike NEIDHOLD ('77) wasn't
   sure what to expect when his Bombers played host to
   Wenatchee on Friday night.

   But he didn't need to worry.

   The Bombers scored 27 first-quarter points en route
   to an easy 56-8 win over the Panthers at Fran Rish
   Stadium, giving Richland a 2-0 record this season.

   That record includes a season-opening, 24-21, last-
   minute win on the road Sept. 1 over perennial
   powerhouse Bellevue - a victory that could give the
   best teams in the state a bout of over-confidence
   coming into this week."

Way to go, Bombers!
-Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) ~ Richland  
>>From: Rick MADDY ('67)

Re: Youth

Not just the many of our youth, but also many adults, legal 
or otherwise and unlike my parents' generation have never as a
collective whole waited on our shores for their loved ones to
come home alive, crippled or in a box. What I mean by that is
there is this large majority of Americans who, by all accounts
of their actions, do not know the price of freedom. However,
they do know how to abuse this freedom which they paid no
price for without any regard of consequence of their action
with the exception of their me me me. 

Time is not on their side, trust me.

-Rick MADDY ('67) ~ on the road for five weeks starting with 
	the eclipse in Albany, OR and coming into Richland for
	'67's 50 year [September 15th & 16th)
>>From: Clif EDWARDS ('68)

To: Donni CLARK Dunphy ('63)

Sorry, Donni, I didn't mean to go off on you. Here in Arizona
we get news details delayed a bit. I had heard that the young
man had been identified, not that he had been told to stop and
ignored that advice. Another example, I'm afraid, of people
young and older having no regard for people's advice, our
wonderous lands and conservation. My son is a certified
arborist in Seattle and an avid outdoors man. He worked a
couple summers as a wilderness ranger on Mt Hood. It was his
job to check on hikers, campers, and fishermen. This was
before the rangers got killed on the coast, and he did not
want to carry a gun. He still gets angry while hiking and
trekking the areas up there when he finds garbage of any kind
left by careless people. He believes in, "You carry it in, 
you carry it out."

-Clif EDWARDS ('68)
>>From: Betti AVANT ('69)

Re: All Bomber lunch

Saturday, September 9, 2017 saw a small gathering for the All
Bomber lunch. Those in attendance were; Betti AVANT ('69),
Glen ROSE ('58), spouse Carol (NAB). Shirley ATWOOD Sun ('58)
(lives in California), Dorothy STAMPER McGhan ('54) (lives in
Richland), Margaret EHRIG Dunn ('61), and Pat DORISS Trimble
('65). Some new friends were made and the conversation was

-Betti AVANT ('69) ~ from less smoky Richland  
>>From: Gary TURNER ('71)

Re: Mike FRANCO ('70) Entry

I responded directly to Mike after his entry regarding the 15
year old who started the Gorge fire but have decided to post
it to the whole group since this appears to be blowing up... 
the whole "youth of today" commentary has been going on for
hundreds or thousands of years. I don't remember pristine
roadsides and river banks when I was a child... what I do
remember is an ad campaign featuring a native American with a
tear running down his cheek and Lady Bird Johnson starting a
campaign to discourage littering... both of those would have
been unnecessary if rivers and roads were pristine."

Here was my initial response to Franco's entry:

Very nice entry today... that comment about "today's youth"
hit the same raw nerve with me. I've been reffing high school
basketball for 40+ years and one of the things I take away is
that 95% of teenagers are great kids... hardworking,
respectful, and caring.

Having once been a 15 year old I can still remember what it
was like to have more testosterone than brains and to live in
constant fear of "chickening out" and having to endure the
ensuing abuse of my peer group... I certainly experienced that
often enough that I still remember that feeling 50 years later
(maybe I should have looked into counseling!)

Anyway... it sounds like this kid's parents are mortified and
are working with authorities to make this right. This kid is
going to be paying for a horrendous lapse in judgement for the
rest of his life... my optimistic side hopes he makes this
into something positive.

-Gary TURNER ('71)
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Heard about these Bomber deaths today:

>>Morris MACK ('56-RIP) ~ 8/31/38 - 8/14/17 

>>Mark GERKEN ('02-RIP) ~ 1/11/84 - 9/2/17
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