Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/19/17
5 Bombers sent stuff: 
Mary RAY ('61), David DOUGLAS ('62)
Ed WOOD ('62), David RIVERS ('65)
Shirley COLLINGS ('66)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Douglas CAREY ('66)

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>>From: Mary RAY Henslee ('61)

To: David DOUGLAS ('62)

Your son is lucky to have caring, supportive parents constantly
by his side. I'm sure your son gathers strength from your
presence. Stay strong and keep the faith!

Re: What's the Matter with Kids/Grown-ups Today?

It's true, there are plenty of kids on the right path despite
all of the unprincipled values that they are being exposed to
each day, but unfortunately that exposure is winning out in
enough cases to matter. The media and society that once
supported parents in their effort to instill values is now
working against them at every turn on a daily basis. The TV news
channels and reality shows definitely make a parent's job
harder. I think kids are influenced more by the people they see
being themselves on TV than they are by the fictional characters
they see in films or video games.

Something that I failed to mention in my 8/25 entry was the fact
that there are plenty of books for preschoolers on the subject
of moral values, but very few for school age kids. Something
that I don't understand since parents need support today more
than ever before.

It takes name recognition to sell books as a rule, but hopefully
my book on values for kids will be an exception because I feel
good about what it has to offer.

The link to my books and sample chapters for anyone who may have
missed it in prior entries:

Re: Forest Fire

Judging from what has been posted, it sounds like the teenager
who started the forest fire has extremely poor judgment for his
age at the very least, if not other serious issues. Such a
tragedy all the way around.

I think the parents have some answering to do for allowing the
boy to shoot off fireworks without supervision, which put him at
risk if nothing else. Also for buying the fireworks in the first
place if they live in a tree filled area.

We have a city ordinance that prohibits the sale or use of
fireworks within the city limits, but every 4th of July and 
New Year's you can hear fireworks going off in neighborhoods. 
It infuriates me because it's either adults shooting them off
or adults allowing kids to shoot them off.

Kids can't be expected to adopt values if adults don't display
them or explain why they matter.

Re: Political Correctness Run Amok

I'm a collector of quotes and the following is one of my

There are offenses given and offenses not given but taken. ---
Izaak Walton, English author (1593-1683)

That about covers my two cents worth on the subjects discussed
lately so I'm out of here.

Have a great day and do unto others as you would have them do
unto you!

-Mary RAY Henslee ('61)
>>From: David DOUGLAS ('62)

Happy belated birthday to Marsha POLK ('67). I knew your sister
Myrna ('64) better. You were a bit too young for me to notice,
but I've enjoyed talking to you when I occasionally get back to
Richland. I hope the day was special for you.

-David DOUGLAS ('62) ~ Mesa, AZ where it's still a very warm
	summer with an occasional monsoon to break the monotony
>>From: Ed WOOD ('62)

Re: Rodger Douglas

To: David DOUGLAS ('62)

David, I'm sorry to learn of your family troubles. Stay positive
through all of this. It's amazing what can be done sometimes.

-Ed WOOD ('62)
>>From: David RIVERS ('65)

Re: Oh what a night

late September back in '63... no wait... that's not right... 
mid September in 2017... a whole buncha young whipersnappers
(according to some) got together for a 70th Birthday Party tho
their ages ranged from 69 to 71 for sure... but it was the
weekend not to be missed. Now there were kids there (David 
Nicky STACK ('65)) that had never been to a '65er gathering 
at all... now I had a memory that Nicky's school name was David
but of course I blurted out "hey Nicky!"... for some reason,
schools like to give kids names that are not used in the
neighborhood... but Butch MANTHEI ('65) was still Butch... no
Edward BS... my time started out with an on time flight from
Vegas on Thursday, arriving at the hotel around 1PM... I checked
in and called DAVIS ('65) to see what dinner plans there might
be. CROW(ski) ('65) was to get in for dinn dinn with his lovely
wife so that sounded good. Talked to ADAIR ('65, '66, '67) and
he said he hadda head for '67's but would catch up with us
(never did... the ADAIRs were our partying till @ 2 am with a
much younger crowd the whole danged time)... Crow got later and
later till finally Terry, Tere SMYTH ('65) and I met for great
burgers over at the place next to the hotel... MADDY ('67) and I
text (texted?) all weekend but never caught up to each other...
Friday morning I got up early to sit on Dick PLOWS ('63-RIP),
Pook SMITH (David... see what I mean about "school names"? '
63-RIP) and Steve SIMPSON's ('65-RIP) benches and had nice 
chats with each... then DAVIS picked me up to have breakfast 
with Bobby CUMMINGS ('65) and several MANTHEIs... I called
HEIDLEBAUGH ('65) about 100 times but he didn't know how to get
his phone off mute so didn't catch up to him till almost party
time... Tresha HUNTER ('65) was nice enough to take me over to
get a new earring wire for my fatman and we took a tour of West
Richland and ended up at Terry Davis' for soup and pie with
Terry and Tere... hooked up with HEIDLEBUAGH and off to Dupus
Boomers for a wonderful evening with '65ers far too numerous 
to mention... Tere SMYTH, however has posted many photos, most 
of which I have swiped and reposted on face book... Saturday 
was pretty darned chilly but we did meet near Jefferson for
Spuddies... I stopped in to the Spudnut to see if the Divine Ms.
HOFF ('64) and Katie SHEERAN ('61) were there and to see if
Chuck LOLLIS ('64) had got my late night message... didn't find
any of them there... HEIDLEBAUGH and I decided we didn't have
enough time to get new tattoos so we went and took naps. The
banquet was very nice and Gregor ('65) did a grand job of
hosting and kept his comments to under 4 hours... Gary WEBB
('64) and the Divine Ms Hoff crashed which made for a good
time... tho we were invited to dance I didn't see even Alex
CLARK ('65) doing any boogie woogie... hit the sack and then 
had breakfast with Terry WERNER ('65), Eric PEDERSEN ('65), 
Kenny DAME ('68) and his fantastic wife Jennifer, who hosted 
us at the Marriott something or other for the weekend... I know
I have failed to acknowledge all the gang who made the party
such a blast but if I tried I would certainly miss someone and
then... well you get it... .

So... the Birthday Bomber gets dwarfed by the above but HAPPY
BIRTHDAY to my good friend, Rafael ALCAZAR ('64) on your special
day, September 19, 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-David RIVERS ('65)
>>From: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66)

Re: '67 in '17 Memorial for deceased clasmates 

The link to the memorial is above.
When I have received the pictures taken at the reunion I will
create a link for all to view.

Richard Raines from Raines Video in Portland will also offer a
Saturday night DVD for purchase. He will be sending letters to
all class of 1967 classmates.

-Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) ~ Richland  
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