Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/26/17
2 Bombers sent stuff: 
Lynn-Marie HATCHER ('68)
Gary TURNER ('71)
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>>From: Lynn-Marie HATCHER Peashka ('68)

Re: Newberrys

Oh, wow, David RIVERS' ('65) mention of Newberrys in
yesterday's edition brought such a flood of memories! Wow...
I'll bet if we went around the virtual room here, we could all
come up with at least a handful of recollections about that
cool old store. Its closing was a sad event for this born-in-
Richland girl.

Anyway, I'll go first, but please add your own memories to the
conversation. (I will just list one, although I probably have

We always had a nativity scene (manger scene, as I called it
when I was tiny) set up in our home for all of Advent, through
Christmas and until Epiphany (January 6th). We had the same
stable forever, but once in a while a donkey would lose an
ear, or a camel would lose a leg, etc. (They were not
porcelain, but seemed nicer than ceramic. Anyway, something

So one year Momma took me to Newberrys for a major splurge at
the beginning of Christmas season. (Remember when Christmas
stuff did not show up in the stores until after Thanksgiving
weekend?!!) I was about 8. We went to buy all new figures for
the nativity scene. Wow! That was so cool. 

We were blue collar people, always on a budget. So we couldn't
buy EVERY possible pose of camels, sheep etc. Momma told me
how much we could spend. Then we went to the Christmas
section. There were so many bins of figurines in so many
different poses. I means dozens of them! It was an absolute
wonder to me. 

We must have spent at least an hour carefully weighing the
merits of each pose of angel, sheep, wise man, shepherd etc.
against their various costs. I remember that we went $.35 over
budget. But we got the perfect combination in my young eyes. 

All these decades later, I can hear Momma humming "Silver
Bells", as I envision that magical shopping trip exactly.

Someone please go next :-)

-Lynn-Marie HATCHER Peashka ('68)
{It was Tangee lipstick for me...Invisible when it went on,
but it slowly turned a pretty dark red... I can still hear 
my dad "God almighty, Maren. You look like you've cut your 
throat and you're bleeding from the mouth. Go wash that off."
Doesn't come off easily. -Maren
>>From: Gary TURNER ('71)

Re: WSU uniform colors 

To: Maren SMYTH ('64)

Maroon?? Really???

We proud Cougs love our Crimson and Gray. I did find the gray
and white unis [uniforms] pretty boring and hope they bring
back a blast of crimson against USC this Friday.

If you were seeing green you definitely need to have your TV

Go here to see the proper color codes:

-Gary TURNER ('71)
[Get this: My TV is (measure diagonal, right?) a 13" or 14" 
RCA... I'm lucky it's color. MOSTLY I listen. OK, it was 
gray... and not putrid/Army green... STILL WASN'T the maroon I
wanted to see... and OK, so WSU has a DIFFERENT COLOR crimson
from Alabama, but they're both crimson...  -Maren]
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