Alumni Sandstorm ~ 09/28/17
11 Bombers sent stuff: 
Mike CLOWES ('54), Rich BAKER ('58)
Stephanie DAWSON ('60), Helen CROSS ('62)
Donna NELSON ('63), Joe FORD ('63)
Bill SCOTT ('64), Carol CONVERSE ('64)
Shirley COLLINGS ('66), Pam EHINGER ('67)
Betti AVANT ('69)


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>>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54)

Maren, if I recklemembers korreckly, maroon is much darker
than crimson in the red spectrum.
	[Crimson, red, maroon. I don't CARE, people. -Maren]

Re: Important business
Now, on to the important business at hand. It is time to
celebrate the birthday of a Bomber Babe that I went to school
with. Even though we graduated the same year, I don't really
remember her all that well. Even looking in the '52, '53 and
'54 Columbians doesn't do much. I suppose she could say the
same thing about me, wondering just who the H==l am I.

Beside the point, all I can add to that is a tip of the ol'
propeller beanie and a "Happy Birthday!" to Marilyn GULLEY
('54). You deserve all the happiness that friends and family
can muster in your favor.

-Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where 
	weather guessers are calling for rain come this Friday,
	and continuing through the week-end. Sounds like the
	weather is getting back to normal in this neck of the 
>>From: Rich BAKER ('58)

Re: JJ Newberry

The recent entry from Lynn-Marie ('68) regarding JJ Newberry
in Uptown Richland instantly brought back many fond memories.

In November 1954 while a ninth grader at Carmichael, I went
into Newberry's and applied for a part time job. The then
Manager, Les Glaither, hired me to work in the stock room and
assemble bicycles and tricycles for the upcoming Christmas
season. My pay was 50 cents an hour. After Christmas Mr.
Glaither kept me on, resulting in me working Friday evenings,
Saturdays and during school vacations including the summers
all the way through high school graduation. I worked in the
stockroom, received freight and decorated the store windows
among other tasks. 

Lynn-Marie mentioned the popcorn. An interesting fact is that
Newberry's did not pay for the actual popcorn. They only paid
for the bags. 

Every week we received a batch of the latest 45 RPM records
which always tended to reduce my weekly taken home pay a bit.
It was truly a wonderful experience. As a side note, Gerald
BURDSALL ('56-RIP) also worked part time washing dishes for 
the lunch counter and the Hamburger/Hotdog grill and Peggy
SULLIVAN ('56-RIP) worked part time in Jewelry. Gerald and
Peggy married sometime after graduation. After College, Gerald
returned to Hanford and worked for my father at B Reactor. He
later transferred to GE Nuclear in San Jose California as a
member of the Reactor Startup organization. While he was back
in Richland to visit family and friends he told me how great
it was to be working with the GE Reactor Startup Teams but
that it required an engineering degree. The following year, 
I started at Columbia Basin Junior College transferring two
years later to WSU and in February 1969, I graduated with my
engineering degree and was hired by the GE Reactor Startup
organization. When I arrived at the GE BWR Training Center in
Morris, Illinois, I learned that Gerald and Peggy were living
in India for the startup of Tsuruga Units 1 & 2.

So, working at Newberry's and subsequently meeting Gerald and
Peggy eventually lead me to a career in commercial nuclear
power which commenced with the 17 years I spent as a member of
the GE Reactor Startup organization.

-Rich BAKER ('58)
>>From: Stephanie DAWSON Janicek ('60)

Re: Newberry's

Newberry's was my introduction to pickle relish. I used to
walk from Chief Jo to Dawson-Richards after school because it
was more fun than walking home and I could hang out with my
Dad and be part of the action. I loved to stop for a hot dog
at Newberry's counter and smother it with chopped onions,
pickle relish, and mustard. My favorite! I also was fascinated
with the cheapo fake diamond rings. I would put one on and
pretend that I was grown up and engaged. Amazing how the staff
trusted us to put them back, which I always did.
	[Stephanie: they knew where to find you!! -Maren]

-Stephanie DAWSON Janicek ('60)
>>From: Helen CROSS Kirk ('62)

Re: Newberry's

My friend, Carol RICE Forister '(62-RIP) worked at the lunch
counter at Newberry's. Not sure how long she worked there, but
I can remember stopping by to see her in her waitress uniform
complete with little apron. Not sure I ever ate much st the
lunch counter, as I worked every other weekend at Densow's
myself and we had a great little lunch counter there!!

-Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) ~ in the house by the little
	Lake in SE Indiana where after a lovely cool summer,
	we have had about a week of hot very humid temperatures,
	and, of course, our A/C is acting up.
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>>From: Donna NELSON ('63)

Re: Newberry's

Going upstairs and looking out over the whole store and then
walking the hall from the bathroom, past closed door offices(?) 
and coming out in the alley behind Penny's I think [You're
right, Donna]. It was kinda sneaky and weird walking the
quiet hall. And Standing by the popcorn machine at the candy
counter waiting for popcorn to pop and pay a dime before
walking home with it and someone already mentioned the
hot dogs. .99 cents a yard fabric was inspiration to sew 
with it laying in folded piles on tables.

-Donna NELSON ('63)
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>>From: Joe FORD ('63),

Re: Unlikely encounter

Fellow Richlanders, 

Wife Mary and I are traveling in Italy, and were staying for a
few days in a village in the Cinque Terre region between Pisa
and Genoa, on the northwest Italian coast. It's wonderfully

On Monday the 25th, while walking down the street in
Riomaggiore, one of the five little towns that give Cinque
Terre its name, I saw a woman who greatly resembled 1963
classmate Roseanne BENEDICT. I said to Mary, "See that woman?
She looks just like a '63 classmate."

The woman meanwhile had noticed me. We stood about 15 feet
apart, looking at each other, until she said, "Joe?"

Yep. It was Roseanne. There were hugs around, an introduction
of Mary, and further news; Roseanne was on a Road Scholar
tour, with a group that also included Linda DAVIS ('63), and
her husband, Doug Brede

We all met at the little Riomaggiore train station and caught
up on plans and travels and sights seen.

We all agreed this was an unlikely encounter, but a very
pleasant one. They were headed for the Lerici coast, of poets
Shelley and Byron fame. Mary and I planned to travel to
Tuscany, where we're spending a few days at an agriturismo, a
working Italian farm that has guest accommodations. It's in
the Tuscan hill country. In our case, the farm is a vineyard
and olive farm. Genuino, our host, grows grapes and olives,
and produces just what you'd expect. There's a heady aroma of
newly pressed grapes fermenting.

We'll be home late next month. Warmest and best wishes.

-Joe FORD ('63),
>>From: Bill SCOTT ('64)

Ah, memories of Newberry's:

I lived diagonally right across the street from Newberry's, 
at the corner of Jadwin and Symons, so going there was no more
effort than walking out my front door. My most common memories
are of their aquarium, and bringing home little fish in a
folding paper box about the size of a take-home box from an
Asian restaurant. No one in the family knew how to care for
fish, so they always lived for a few days, then jumped out of
the bowl trying to get some oxygen, and died on the carpet. I
also used to get excited around Christmas when the toy store
would open in the room upstairs. At that time, one of hot
items was "The Visible Man", a small plastic mannequin with
clear plastic for skin, revealing the underlying musculature.
Don't know now why that fascinated me, but it did at the time.

-Bill SCOTT ('64)
>>From: Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64)

Re: JJ Newberry's

I loved that store, although I don't remember it all that well
these days. My fondest memories is Christmas time and going
upstairs to see Santa. I posted about that a few years ago
when we were remembering our Christmases. Also, I remember the
fountain. I don't remember what I ate or how often I was at
it, but I remember the store having a fountain.

Speaking of fountains, I remember going to the diner at the
"Y" with my folks. We would always sit at the fountain. I was
introduced to those great milkshakes. They were made in those
tall metal containers that kept the milkshake very cold. The
diner was in a railroad car. Now, this was before I started
going to JJ Newberry's. More like early grade school. Anyone
else remember that diner?

When I went to Kinman Business School in Spokane, I would go
to Woolworths. They had a fountain in there as well.

Awwww, those were they days.

-Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64) ~ Kennewick It's 
	very nice this week with temps above normal. Perfect 
	weather to get out there and start putting the gardens 
	down for wintertime.
>>From: Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66)

Re: JFK 9/26/63

   "President Kennedy participates in ground-breaking
   ceremonies for construction of N Reactor at Hanford on
   September 26, 1963."

   "54 years ago Tuesday, President John F. Kennedy was in
   town to dedicate the N Reactor on the Hanford site.
   These photos are from that visit."

This was 10th grade for the class of 1966. I remember standing
in the front row near the podium when President Kennedy spoke
and was hoping to shake his hand. Unfortunately I did not have
the pleasure.

-Shirley COLLINGS Haskins ('66) ~ Richland  
>>From: Pam EHINGER (Blue Ribbon Class of '67)

Re: Lynn-Marie HATCHER Peashka ('68)

J J Newberry's! Was where my family went to go Christmas
shopping too! There were 3 girls.. Momma would take 2 of us
Daddy had 1. Then we'd switch around so that we were able to
by something for each other & our patents! We had so much 
fun, lots of laughs & giggles! Also Daddy bought a 5lb box 
of Chocolates each Christmas for his Girls! Daddy was the 
Only male in the House! Even the dog was female! Then when I 
was learning to drive (OMG!) Momma let me drive! YIKES! As I
turned in front of Newberry's Momma started climbing out the
car window yelling "Your going to hit that car!" I looked at
the other driver & he just shrugs his shoulders! I missed the
car & Momma told me where to park! She drove home & that was
the Last & Only time I drove with her in the car!

Bombers Rule,

-Pam EHINGER Kindl (The Richland Blue Ribbon Class of '67)
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>>From: Betti AVANT ('69)

Re: Birthday Wishes

Happy #66 to Darlene NAPORA Shuley ('69). You caught up with
me for a short time, have a great day.

-Betti AVANT ('69) ~ Richland  
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