Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/03/17
7 Bombers sent stuff: 
Shirley SHERWOOD ('62), Bill SCOTT ('64)
Carol CONVERSE ('64), Linda REINING ('64)
David RIVERS ('65), Terry DAVIS ('65)
Joleen RANK ('68)

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>>From: Shirley SHERWOOD Milani ('62)

Re: Big Swimming Pool

Boy do I remember the pool. I had chorus just before lunch. I
never thought I would forget the teacher's (man) name, but I
have). I said something smart to him and he literally chased
me down the hall. I ran into the girl's counselor's office and
he was hot on my trail. He told her to give me (so many) swats
with the paddle. Of course, she was a bit flustered as was I.
She gave me a stern lecture but never did smack me with the
paddle. He kicked me out of his class and I had to spend that
period at the swimming pool as well as my lunch period and my
next class was P.E. So guess where I spent that. (AT THE
POOL). Such discipline.

-Shirley SHERWOOD Milani ('62)
>>From: Bill SCOTT ('64)

Re: Dime Store in Uptown

There was a dime store in the Uptown shopping center, though I
can't remember its name. It was very near the south end of the
center, just north of the alley that went down the middle of
the center. It was next to, or nearly next to, a Montgomery
Ward catalog store, and, as the buildings were two stories at
that part of the center, underneath the old Social Security
office, where my sister and I received our first SS cards.

	[It was McKay's FIRST... changed later... My Mom 
	always called it "The Tenny".  -Maren]

-Bill SCOTT ('64)
>>From: Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64)

Re: Diamond Variety Store:

I don't remember that store at all and the picture that Maren
put up isn't what I remember it looking like. I remember it
was right across the street from CC Anderson. I remember
walking to that store alot. I think that someone mentioned
years ago about it burning down, but don't remember if it was
rebuilt or not. I can picture the whole area like it was
yesterday. Will have to take a drive over there someday soon
and check the area out.

	[That '44 picture... the store couldn't have 
	even been opened yet... no sign... and no grass 
	planted yet on the GREENway. I don't remember 
	going in that store, but, yes, just right across 
	the street from C.C. Andersons. The name of that
	store was Diamond 5 Cent to 1 Dollar Store -Maren]

Was sad to read about Tastee Freeze going out of business, but
sounds as the new owners are very sensitive about the change.
Glad to hear they will still have the soft serve cones.

-Carol CONVERSE Maurer (Magic Class of '64) ~ Kennewick still
	 very nice weather. 
>>From: Linda REINING ('64)

Re: P.E.

I am not sure if we walked from Carmichael to the "big pool",
but I know we did at Col-Hi... I always ended up with morning
P.E. and would have "bad hair" for the rest of the day... I
always had perms, so forget about having a nice "hair day".
And, it WAS P.E., so no just "lazing" in the pool, you had to
swim, unless it was "that time of the month", then you still
had to put on your bathing suit but you didn't have to get in
the water. We also had to take showers, during P.E. 5 minutes
to shower, dress and then get to the next class. I don't
remember having to take P.E., after our Sophomore year... it
was mandatory for Sophomores, but I think it was an elective
for Juniors and Seniors.

	[I remember all that, too, Linda, but from Col-Hi...
	never from Carmichael... I think a trek from Carmichael
	would have been unfeasible. I always envied those who
	had 6th period P.E. when I had it 1st and then "pool 
	hair" the rest of the day. I suspect others are 
	remembering Col-Hi as well. -Maren]

Re: Sewing

I took Home-Ec the three years at Carmichael and my Sophomore
year at Col-Hi. I remember our first sewing project, in 7th
grade, was to make a skirt... she took our waist measurement,
then told us how much material we would need for either a
gathered skirt or a pleated one. My mom took me to Newberry's,
I think I bought one yard of material, and I chose to make a
gathered skirt, cause those pleats had to be one inch apart
and that was just too time-consuming for my liking. The
gathered skirt was done using two rows of basting stitches,
then you had to carefully pull those threads to gather the
skirt-IF one of those stitches broke, you had to start all
over, again. We used the sewing machine for the basting
stitches. Those who chose to make pleated skirts had to
pleat their skirts, by hand. Then we made the waistband and
sewed it to our finished skirt. In 9th grade, I remember we
had a fashion show-we "paraded" our sewing projects on the
stage in the auditorium-some girls made PJs (even
"baby dolls"), others made dresses, skirts or blouses. 

We also learned cooking, but, for the most part, I thought
that was a HUGE waste of time... most of us, by the time we
were in 7th grade knew the basics of cooking and/or baking, 
so all the "prep" work that we had to do, was boring.

-Linda REINING ('64) ~ Kuna, ID  
>>From: David RIVERS ('65)

Re: checking in

Thanks to all for checking on me yesterday morning. Jimmy
HEIDLEBAUGH ('65), big Fred was one of the officers on the
scene... he is fine... I avoid huge crowds like that and the
strip in particular... Last year totally confirmed it for me
as I went over to that concert to have lunch with Erin, Terry
DAVIS' ('65) lady for many years and her son... they were
there last year as the boy is a TV actor and some of the bands
invited them... took forever just to meet them for lunch and I
knew I would not be attending that concert in the future...
Bob Spina, one of the Rat Fink artists from Vegas said he
could hear the shooting at his shop a few miles away... My
daughter goes to many large concerts like that one in Vegas
and elsewhere (tho not country)... she was at one last week...
now I will worry every time from now on... I had so much more
to share but my mind is blank right now... I can say that the
rooms for those kind of events are pretty much sold out a year
in advance... to get the strategic suite this guy had, would
have to be reserved well in advance... thanks again for all
your thoughts and prayers... I love you all.
-David RIVERS ('65)
>>From: Terry DAVIS Knox ('65)

To: Dale ENNOR ('59)

Thanks, Dale, but that's not the sign-off theme music I
remember for KORD RADIO every day. It was a very simple, 
slow piano phrase: Da da da dum dum Something like that, 
but thank you.

-Terry DAVIS Knox ('65)
>>From: Joleen RANK Johnson ('68)

Re: Newberry's

I so remember the fabric section at Newberry's along with the
Home Ec sewing project. I picked a red flecked material and to
this day I remember what a disaster it was. I knew how to sew
and made a lot of my clothes, but I had learned from my mother
and therefore used ALOT of shortcuts. Zipper not properly put
in - never could understand WHY one had to use those extra
steps that the teacher insisted on!! I still love to sew and
have 2 machines that I use. 

I have fond memories of living in Richland and was so upset
when my father's job took the family to Arizona for my senior
year. I so enjoy reading everyone's submissions.

-Jo RANK Johnson ('68wb)
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