Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/09/17 ~ FEDERAL HOLIDAY ~ COLUMBUS DAY
5 Bombers sent stuff: 
Dorothy KEYS ('52), Rex HUNT ('53)
David RIVERS ('65), Lynn-Marie HATCHER ('68)
Mike FRANCO ('70)

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>>From: Dorothy KEYS Harding ('52)

Re: greetings

Belated birthday greetings to Jessie WILLOUGHBY ('60) on her
39th, again. I hope it was a good one!

-Dorothy KEYS Harding ('52)
>>From: Rex HUNT ('53)

Re: Old Radio

During the winter of 1953, I occasionally filled in as a Josh
Dicky at a small station that was in a Garage in Kenniwick. I
can still see the owner/operator... short chubby guy, but do
not recall his name, the station, or its style of music. I do
recall, I played a rather eclectic set of records, from Country
Western to Jazz and once in a while a Classical. As most of the
records were shipped in once a week and I got to go thru them
and select what I wanted to play. Not having a real ear for
music I just filled the air time.

-Rex HUNT ('53wb) ~ in downtown Hanford, CA where the heat
	spell seems to have past... it in mid eighties today...
	and my lung cancer	is growing. am almost limited to 
	sitting all day... will try a new drug starting in 2
>>From: David RIVERS ('65)

Re: The "Walk"

If you happened to grow up going to Spalding during certain
years you could not help to run into this guy and his brother
('61). They were legends even at that age... Oh sure when we
would get older we would continue to idolize them... One thing
you couldn't ignore was the "Walk"... guys would mimic the 
walk in fun and practice in secret... so today, the Bomber
babe shares the celebration with a true Col-Hi hero... HAPPY
BIRTHDAY, Vicki SMITH ('63) and Jack GARDINER ('63-RIP) on 
your special day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-David RIVERS ('65)
>>From: Lynn-Marie HATCHER Peashka ('68)


"Suntan turnover time _______" was a KORD thing, Stephanie
DAWSON Janicek ('60). But it wasn't just in the '50s. They 
kept going with that (as the "pop" station) into '60s. 

I started caring about that kind of thing (pop music) in 1963
when I was 12. KORD was THE station to have on all day long,
but they were only licensed for daytime hours. (Why would that
be?) So in the evening, I would tune in to KALE - which was
broadcast from about 7 or 8 pm "live" from a restaurant in
downtown Pasco (Top Hat, I think). The DJ was (wow!) female.
Nancy something, as I recall. 

About once every 20th Song she would play something that kids
would want to hear - but it was the only local option. 

I can't remember what year (mid '60s) KALE went to an all 
top-40 type format, but I do remember their tag line - "The 
only Tri-Cities station that doesn't run down at sundown" ...
quite a slap in KORD's face! 

In the meantime, though, my next door neighbor & fellow Beatle-
crazed teenaged girl, Janet GREEN Chockraborty ('67) discovered
that if we sat in her parents' car in the driveway in the
evening, we could more or less successfully pick up The
Beatles' Hour from KXLY in Spokane. (Our standards for sound
fidelity were pretty low back in the day!) That was pretty

Janet and I drove the DJs at KORD crazy for about a year,
entering every call in contest over and over and over. We won
The Beatles Second Album (aka "Something New, Something New"),
and an instrumental single called "Huntington Beach" that I
swear was by Van Halen (is that possible?). Jim Loss (who we
later went on to discover - to our embarrassment - was a
teacher at Col Hi) and Greg somebody took the brunt of our

Fond memories!
-Lynn-Marie HATCHER Peashka ('68)
>>From: Mike FRANCO ('70)

To: Brad WEAR ('71)

Sorry Brad & coug fans... beating a team with third team
freshman QB starting his first game with two WR out may not be
the elite validation it appears. And that Boise Ste team that
your cougs barely beat at home in 'OT lost by 20 in Boise to a
lousy Virginia team. USC had SEVEN starters out, did not play
and started two true freshmen in OL. 

I know it is a little early for this but... The Apple cup is
always "a brawl" if that is what you call losing the last four
in a row by 10, 18, 35 & 28 points. (cheap shot, my favorite

Sorry you didn't learn as much as you should have being one
year behind the greatest Bomber class of all time!

-Mike FRANCO ('70)
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