Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/12/17
3 Bombers sent stuff and memorial INFO today:
Dennis HAMMER ('64)
David RIVERS ('65)
Betti AVANT ('69)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Kathleen REINIG ('66)

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>>From: Dennis HAMMER ('64)

Re: sewing

I see we have had some entries about sewing so I will weigh in.
I have lately been asking, "Why do I live in a house with two
women, (wife and daughter), and I am the only one who can sew.
Wife (Kennewick Lion) says she doesn't sew because home ec
teacher made her nervous. Her mother did a lot of sewing, but
then so did mine. A lot of guys seem intimidated by sewing, but
it is just not that hard to do. I have done it from time to
time, both in upholstery and clothing. I guess started as kids
sewing together flour sacks or gunny sacks to make covering for
teepees. Gunny sacks work better because they provide shade but
let air through so they a cooler in the summer sun. At WSU
Architectural design class we had to design, make a tent, then
sleep in it a night on top of a mountain in Idaho, which turned
out to also be on the snow. Two guys went together and were
so afraid of sewing they developed a system of wrapping each
piece of cloth around the poles and attached to hooks. I
thought they should get a good grade coming up with that system
and still kept the wind out but had no sewing, besides, it was
a cool looking tent. Teacher did not give them a good grade,
maybe because it was impractical, instead of using light-weight
aluminum magnesium poles like the rest of us they used wood
2x2's to hold the hooks and with tent disassembled used the
wood poles (probably at lest 8, making it like carrying two
4x4's) and assembled into a stretcher looking thing, with the
tent, camping gear, food, and a case of beer on top, pretty
heavy and they had to pack in I think about 2 miles.

I have re-upholstered a chair, cloth inserts in the seats of
several cars, door panels, two carpets, a convertible top, one
headliner, and trunk liners. Went out of town for a week-end
and needed to take a suit so I laid it and a couple white
shirts over the top of the luggage. Trunk liner was coming off
near tail lights and this black tar like stuff got on sleeve on
one shirt. I said that's it! I got the exact trunk liner
material, a can of contact cement, and a cheap paint brush.
Except for two small wrinkles and I made a spare tire cover,
looked just like it came from the factory, but because of the
fumes I had to drive abound for a week with both windows down.
Made a dress for my wife, a strawberry shortcake dress for
daughter, and two corduroy bush jackets for myself. In second
grade (?) students were supposed to come as a Pilgrim or an
Indian for Thanksgiving. You could bring a paper grocery bag
and teacher cut it up to something like a vest you could
decorate and be an Indian. I made my daughter a Pilgrim dress,
(I know pilgrims did not really dress that way, but is how they
are almost always shown if pictures.) Eleven months later it
still fit her so we left off the white hat and apron, bought
her a witch's hat and a small corn broom, and she was ready for

The hardest upholstery job I have done is two padded dashes,
one for a 1958 Oldsmobile and the other a 1957 Oldsmobile
convertible. Same dash pad needed, but I did them two different
ways, one was several pieced sewed together, the convertible
has only one seam. I had such trouble with the foam padding on
the second one because I could not get as good foam and was
hard to get it smooth as I had to build it up in layers. I had
no heat gun so when I was ready to put the covering on I put
the top down and the sun behind me. Had a lot of wrinkles and
had little faith it would come out looking any good at all.
Thought I would be ripping it all out and trying to figure
another way, but it came out satisfactory. Have seen two others
done by professionals and was told one of the professionals
said he did not want to ever do a job like that again.

So now that I have a 1950s Olds convertible rebuilt three two-
barrel carburetor J-2 engine, new paint, carpet, dashboard, all
done by me, and a daughter who at that time liked to go to car
shows, of course I need a poodle skirt for her to wear. I made
her two, the first I just followed the pattern. It was light
blue, like the car, with a white poodle, but I was not
satisfied with the style of poodle, and it was just cut out of
that fuzzy stuff and ironed on--you could see the material
edges. I found a picture, traced and enlarged it, would use
computer now days to do that, and a had a lot of unforeseen
problems getting it right. I probably bought most or all of the
stuff at that fabric store that was where the old Newberry's
was. Poole skirts were long, but I shortened it up to be length
generally worn at the time. Went with gray this time, but the
poodle body was pink felt, gray color could be seen through the
pink, so I bought pink broadcloth to put behind the felt. Then
I hemmed the fuzzy stuff over so couldn't see the edges, but
that made it look caved in so I had to buy a big bag of
stuffing to use just a little to puff them up. Then I had to do
a lot of hand sewing to get the rhinestone dog collar to stay
without flopping all over the place. The poodle's leash on the
blue one was flat braided and easily could be sewed on making
all those loops. I wanted this one to be metallic, and had a
hard time finding something I could do that with. Finally got
some that was white with silver sunning through it. Didn't like
it but it was the best I could find. The silver is mostly
washed out of it now and looks white, should have just used the
pink again. Then I took the scraps and made a little poodle
skirt for her Barbie dolls. As you can see from the matted up
pink fuzzy stuff she wore it a lot, not just to car shows. The
blue one was given to a cousin of her's once removed. (I had to
draw a diagram to figure that out.)

I never have done a lot of sewing; lately it is mostly hemming
my pant legs because I can't seem to buy pants with short
enough legs for my ample waste size, and for making repairs.
I'm sure there is a lot more I could learn, and I could get
better if I did sew more, but basic sewing is just not that
hard to do. It's also too expensive now days unless you want
something you just can't buy.

-Dennis HAMMER ('64)
>>From: David RIVERS ('65)

Re: gotta string on my finger...

... to remind me... uhhhhhhhhh... uhhhhhhh... went into a
MacDonald's the other day and thought I musta gone into the
wrong door... had a heck of a time finding just my quarter
pounder with cheese on the menu... was way too fancy for me
but since I was there I ordered and ate... got me thinking of
when the Tri-Cities got its first one Rick NEIL ('61) and I
thought we had gone to heaven... lunch was so dang cheap we
could actually get full... we ate there as often as we could...
I always wonder now who was at David's Shoes while we were
gone... wonder if we put a sign on the door... oh well too late
to dock us in pay now... oh yeah the string... now let's see...
had something to do with siblings... oh right... now when
speaking of kids from the same fablie I have recently been
known for substituting one's name for the other... I'm gonna do
much gooder today... as long as I don't think of "cut-offs" I
should be ok so I am driving cut-off's from my mind... speaking
of cut-offs, this Bomber-babe has a sister who used to model
them ('63) but I am not thinking about that at this moment cuz
I wants this b-day post to be correct... sooooooooooooo HAPPY
BIRTHDAY, Shirley SHERWOOD ('62) on your special day, October
12, 2017... Shirley Shirley Bo-ber-ly bo-na-na fanna Fo-fer-ly
fe-fi-fo mer-ly, Shirley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-David RIVERS ('65)
>>From: Betti AVANT ('69)

Re: License Plates

I had a call earlier from the state as they had a couple of
questions regarding my new license plates. I told her I tried
to do something with survivor but all were already in use I
came up with. After I thought about it "RIBBBIT" popped into my
head and she said is the car green and I said yes she said she
got it and I told her I really wanted something around the 
word survivor and had come up with something after submitting
"RIBBBIT" so she looked that up and it's available so instead
of a froggy sound it will be "SRVVRMI". It will take 6-8 weeks
to get the new plates but she will mail out the tab for the
rear plate once they come and since I just paid for a year in
July the new tab will reflect that date. 

I'm getting ready to walk in the making strides against breast
cancer event on Saturday morning.

-Betti AVANT ('69) ~ Richland  
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not a memorial - only INFO today

>> >> Caden DIRKS ('19wb-RIP) ~ 5/15/01 - 10/4/17

Viewing: TODAY, Thursday, October 12 2017, 1pm
Celebration of Life: TODAY, Thursday, October 12 2017, 2pm
 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
 895 Gage Blvd, Richland, WA 99352
Committal: TODAY, Thursday, October 12 2017, 3pm
 Cemetery at Sunset, 915 By-Pass Hwy, Richland

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