Alumni Sandstorm ~ 10/17/17
2 Bombers sent stuff: 
Dennis HAMMER ('64)
Brad WEAR ('71)

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>>From: Dennis HAMMER ('64)

To: Ed WOOD ('62)

Re: Radios

I did restore the cabinet of a 1947 Westinghouse Radio that 
my Mother-in-law had. I am afraid I am going to have to pay
someone to restore the works. I can replace tubes myself, but
am sure it needs some testing, and if resistors need to be
replaced, I am not very good at soldering especially in tight
places like that. Also, the shaft with the little string that
moves the needle showing the station is polished smooth and
will not move the needle; I don't know what to do to fix that.
I had a hard time matching the color of the wood stain. My
wife said most of the time it was kept near living room window
and sun over the years really did a job on it. The inside was
good but the shades of color on the inside varied. Need to
make some brass loops to go through the lion's head mouth door
knobs: right now just using nylon rope with a knot on each
end. Would like to paint gold lattice work to approximate the
look of the original cloth. Experimented with it but the
template didn't lay flat and spray got under it. The metal
backing plates are bent and warped. Weighed it down with
sockets and the results were even worse, but I now have a set
of gold sockets in my tool box. My wife says leave it, but I
don't think it looks right. Might try making template of wood
so I can clamp it down. Found online speaker cloth for the
speaker inside that is fairly close to original and did find
the nameplate, but that was already sold. I think with the
pictures I found I can make a pretty good replacement of wood
or maybe plastic and assume there are computer programs with
printer like thingies that can cut the letters "Westinghouse"
and "FM". I do have a small box of tubes my dad had for the
TV, but when I find them, probably none will work.

-Dennis HAMMER ('64) ~ Really nice day in Tri-Cities. Lot of
	stuff needs to be done outside and I started but my wife
	and her twin had other ideas so I guess I will have to
	wait for bad weather to finish--if one ever does get
>>From: Brad WEAR ('71)

Re: Stuff

I guess I'm suspect again. I can't believe I missed two
birthdays for two of my favorite people. One I've known
virtually all my life, and the other since a soph at Col-Hi. 
A belated Happy Birthday to Karla Jo BIERLEIN, and Rob FRENCH
on the 15th. My mom was getting out of prison so I was drunk.
Yeah, that's why I missed it.

On a somber note, today the 17th is a sad anniversary of the
death of Levi Stubbs, The Four Tops, what a great group, and
what a phenomenal singer. MoTown great. 

-Brad WEAR ('71) ~ Plano, TX  where it's finally cooling down
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