Alumni Sandstorm ~ 11/27/17
11 Bombers and Bill Dunton sent stuff: 
Jim McKEOWN ('53), Mike CLOWES ('54)
Helen CROSS ('62), Mary Lou WATKINS ('63) + 3
Dennis HAMMER ('64), Jim HEIDLEBAUGH ('65)
Mike FRANCO ('70), Brad WEAR ('71)
Bill Dunton (Former Teacher)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Andrew ECKERT, Jr. ('53)

BOMBER LUNCH: '40s/early '50s, 1pm, Country Buffet, Columbia Ctr 
(last Mon)

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>>From: Jim McKEOWN ('53)

Re: A&W

Brother Mike ('60), who just recently passed the 3/4 of a
century mark on November 20th, has asked me to send a note in
the Sandstorm, requesting anyone who would have old pictures
of the A&W on Lee Blvd. He does not subscribe, which I found
hard to believe, but when it comes to current electronics he
has opted out. A&W is celebrating some sort of Anniversary,
and are requesting any photos of their past. I'm not familiar
with the site because in my day they weren't there and we had
By's... Mike's attraction, I'm sure, is that they serve beer,
lotsa beer. Anyway, anyone out there who has any old photos
can send them to no, that's not
Mike's... that's Judy's, his lovely wife... Mike would rather
lose to Pasco than have anything modern like an e-mail address.

-Jim McKEOWN ('53) ~ from rainy Sacramento, and there is snow 
	in them thar hills
>>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54)

In the wide whirled of sports: the Dawgs got all the apples;
the Beavs got shellacked; The "Fighting Black Baptists of
South Bend" didn't quite make it; the Tide got rolled and Chip
Kelly has a new job coaching one of the L.A. semi-pro football
teams. Guess that might put Clemson in the number one spot.

In birthday news, there are two (2) Bombers of my acquaintance
celebrating today. One, I went to school with and the other I
sort of stumbled upon later in life (and we weren't even
sittin' on the levee).

So, a tip of the ol' propeller beanie and a "Happy Birthday!"
to fellow classmate Gene STEPHENS ('54) on this momentous
occasion. Have a cold one, Gene, and please don't make it a
Lite one.

Now, for the Junior Gyrene, aka Tooter, aka whatever deleted
expletive, let us give pause (or paws) to consider what he has
done to earn the right to blow out the candles. OK, that's
enough consideration. Let us now wish David RIVERS ('65) a
very "Happy Birthday!" and be utterly surprised he has lasted
this long.

-Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where 
	Hazelnutfest will be happening next weekend.
>>From: Helen CROSS Kirk ('62)

Well, the Cougs couldn't make it happen, but our local High 
School did win State in their division!!

Now we will wait to see where WAU goes to a bowl, and plan our
trip out to see our son, his wife and our grandsons in Nevada.

-Helen CROSS Kirk ('62) ~ West Harrison, IN by the little lake
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>>From: Mary Lou WATKINS Rhebeck ('63)

Re: David RIVERS' ('65) Birthday

Re: the Birthday Boy 

What can be said that hasn't already been said about this
Bomber... well, let me qualify that. What can be said that is
fit to put in Sandstorm... or what can be said that won't be
insulting... or what can be said that isn't a threat? This 
is the guy who never forgets... ANYTHING. In fact, I have 
proof that he embellishes the truth when it comes to Bomber 
Babes. Frequently, he has been banned by several of us for
interpreting actions and statements to benefit twisted 
minds... but he has been better lately... kind of. Now for
the good stuff... He is loyal and true... he loves Richland
and all thing Green and Gold... he is all Bomber all the way!
If I were to get unjustly thrown in jail in Vegas... he would
be there (maybe... if he weren't in Pahrump being a judge or
at a donut meeting with other car weirdos). Ellen hopes he has
finally started us drive a "normal" car... as he has renigged
on meeting us because of car trouble in the past. Cecilia is
too sweet to tell the truth about him. Leo aids and abets his
controversial actions. And I have to continue the threats... 
river, ropes, weights, etc... But, we of the infamous Five, 
count him as a buddy... a little brother... a ring tailed 
tooter... and a constant and loyal friend. Happy Birthday 
David RIVERS ('65) from your inner circle of intelligent 
conversation! We love you!

-Cecilia BENNETT ('65)
-Leo WEBB ('63)
-Ellen WEIHERNILLER Anderson ('63)
-Mary Lou WATKINS Rhebeck ('63)
>>From: Jim HEIDLEBAUGH ('65)

Re: Birthday Wishes

Wishing a Happy Birthday to David RIVERS ('65). I love you,
brother. Eat cake. Dance, and don't stand too close to all
those candles.

>>From: Dennis HAMMER ('64)

Re: The Sandstorm Barrister's birthday

To the Bomber who must hold the record for the most nicknames:
"Junior Gyrene," "Legal Eagle," "Big Moose," "Oracle of Las
Vegas," "Oracle of Birthdays," "Mr. Sandstorm," "Ring Tailed
Tooter," just plain "Tooter," and the one I coined myself, the
"Sandstorm Barrister." I'm guessing there are a lot more I
either don't remember of have never heard.

We only graduated one year apart but I actually "met" him
through the Alumni Sandstorm. Only met him in person once at
Y2K+10. He is a Marine, a car guy, member of the Sorry 7, a
Rock&Roll aficionado and a super Bomber. He is a wordsmith who
confounds his spell checker, but knows when to punctuate with
an exclamation point or two. A man who doesn't mind walking
around with a bunch of yellow stickies on his forehead so he
won't forget a birthday, and even has to write on them
reversed so he can read them in a mirror.

It will be a challenge to get all those candles on a Spudnut
unless an extra big one can be specially crafted. In any case,
stay safe and have someone with a fire extinguisher standing
by. Happy Birthday David RIVERS ('65).

-Dennis HAMMER ('64)
>>From: Mike FRANCO ('70)

To: Gary TURNER ('71)

You OK there. Lots of ash there? Please let us know how you 
are doing in that Bali blast!

-Mike FRANCO ('70)
>>From: Brad WEAR ('71)

Re: Big Boy Birthday

Happy Birthday to guy that has always personified "Cool". From
his cars, to his support of fellow vets. Happy Birthday to
David RIVERS ('65) the Oracle of the Sandstorm and Las Vegas.
Semper Fi!

-Brad WEAR ('71, WSU '75) ~ in sunny, warm Plano, TX where 
	 it's 80 right now!!!
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>>From: Bill Dunton (BB)

Re: Sharon TATE ('61wb-RIP)

With all the furor over Charlie Manson's death, I didn't see
anything in the Sandstorm that.Sharon was a student at
Spalding in Richland. Don't have any idea how long she was in
Richland. Bob Galati (RIP) was her homeroom teacher.

Bill Dunton (former Carmichael teacher (1949-1958). Was there
for the first time there were 3 levels of kids -- 7, 8 and 9th
graders -- the year before I arrived there was a small picked
group of 8th graders to do a shake-down "cruise" to make sure
everything was in order. Remember that Gene Wooley was in my
first vocal elective ensemble class. Larry MATTINGLY ('60) was
a great dancer for our Variety Show. The Noble and Reining
families lived right behind us and Jimmy WATTS ('54) lived
just a block away. I started the Carmichael yearbook and in a
moment of insanity I mailed the entire collection of Cougar
yearbooks to the Carmichael library. (Maren, wish you were
doing a Sandstorm then -- maybe you could get a copy of each
book for your entertainment.)

Celebrated my 89th birthday last November 4 -- arrived in
Richland and started teaching before I turned 21. Didn't get a
Driver's License until after my birthday because my wife, Lynn
(RIP), would have to sign for me. She was born in March! Lynn
told me that Virginia EHRIG ('58-RIP) would be a lawyer some

Sorry I got carried away remembering those wonderful days in
Richland, but if David RIVERS ('65) can do it, so can I!

-Bill Dunton (former teacher)
  405 Roberts. Richland, WA
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