Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/02/17
5 Bombers sent stuff and heard about 3 Bomber deaths today:
Marilynn WORKING ('54), Mike CLOWES ('54)
Wayne MYERS ('62), Earl BENNETT ('63)
David RIVERS ('65)

BOMBER LUNCH: Class of '60, 11:30, 3 Margaritas (1st Sat)

12/02     23 days till Christmas
CINNAMON BEAR - Listen to "The Inkaboos" (Episode #4) 
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>>From: Marilynn WORKING Highstreet ('54)

Re: Glenn OLSON ('54-RIP)

With sorrow is am letting our classmates know of the passing
of one of our dear friends, Glenn OLSON!

Glenn, 81, passed away after a three month fight against
lymphoma of the brain. Glenn is survived by his wife of 61
years, Beverly EDWARDS Olson ('56), son Kyle and daughter
Serene Mathews, granddaughter Natasha Blockoff and great
grandson Archer Blockoff.

Bev has let me know that there will be no service, but the
family will get together in the Spring to honor Glenn's
memory! His obituary is in the Willapa Harbor Herald,
Raymond, WA.

We will miss Glenn so much and send condolences to all of his
family and friends who loved him. Glenn and Beverly live in
Vancouver, Wa and I am so happy they came to Club 40 in 2016
to celebrate our classmates' 80th birthday! Rest Easy, Glenn!

-Marilynn WORKING Highstreet ('54) ~ Enjoying NO snow right 
	now in Pasco!! We have been so lucky with the super
	weather in the Tri-Cities, even tho it is in 30s at 
>>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54)

I guess I had a "senior moment" on Thursday. I was supposed
to acknowledge the birthday of a fellow classmate. I
certainly hope I'm not pulling a McKEOWN (Jim '53) here,
because I did look at the calendar, and the list in the other
computer. So, I must have "spaced" out.

A tip of the propeller beanie and a belated "Happy Birthday!"
to Pat NORDMAN ('54) yesterday. Please don't send Pete after
me cuz I forgotted.

-Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where
	Hazelnutfest closes today
>>From: Wayne MYERS ('62)

Re: Cinnamon Bear (CB)

To: Mike FRANCO ('70)

Mike, My family in Richland was probably average in owning
our first TV set in about 1955. Before that we listend to the
radio for indoor entertainment. Cinnamon Bear was to we of
Class of '62 as Sesame Street was to our children and YouTube
is to my grandchildren. CB was a serialized radio program
that was aired every afternoon between Thanksgiving and
Christmas. The bear had amazing, fantastical adventures that
we dared not miss as plot and suspense built from day-to-day.

My wife, Lyndy WHEELER (also '62) bought the cassette tapes
of CB for our granddaughters, but they wouldn't sit still 
for it. Different times, children take different imaginary
journeys. Obviously the CB had passed into oblivion and was
no longer on the air when you were a young pup.

-Wayne MYERS ('62)
	[I put a YouTube link a the top of the SS every day
	with the name of that day's episode. Today's is 
	"The Inkaboos"... and I'll "have" to listen to it
	before I put it in the SS... gotta make sure it's 
	the right link. Granddughters (ages 15 n 13) won't 
	sit still for it. Grandson (9) will, but likes to 
	binge listen and catch up. -Maren]
>>From: Earl BENNETT ('63)

Re: Cinnamon Bear

To: Mike FRANCO ('70)

Mike: Maren may have a lot of responses to handle tonight!
You should have been old enough to hear it. Back in the '50s,
not sure exactly when, there was a radio program that was
broadcast on one of the Tri-Cities' stations (?KALE, KORD?)
every year starting on Nov 29. Two of my sisters and I, and
maybe a third one before it stopped being aired, would listen
every week day at about 4 or 5 for the half hour episode.
Evil witch [Wintergreen Witch. -Maren] comes out of a picture
on the wall and steals the [silver] star off the Christmas
tree, so the children go into the picture to chase after it
and try to retrieve it, but there are numerous bad characters
who keep getting in the way, so it takes until Christmas Eve
for the story to resolve. At least, that's what I remember of
the basic plot, could be minor discrepancies. I acquired the
audio cassette tapes a few years ago, and I keep telling
myself to let the grandchildren experience it, but I never
get around to it. If it was broadcast only on weekdays
instead of every day, as I seem to remember, then I could get
it started this weekend and still have them finish it by
Christmas Eve. However, they're an hour away, and I'm not
sure I can make it happen this year, again. Paddy O'Cinnamon
(the Cinnamon Bear) has a great Irish accent and is deeply
involved in the children's attempts to foil the bad actors,
get help from the good ones, and retrieve the star. Other
Bombers who didn't listen to radio in that era could easily
be as clueless as you have been - I'm not even sure how many
years it ran. I believe it was 10 to 15 years ago that the
recordings became available, but it may have been longer. I'm
pretty sure Maren puts links in the Alumni Sandstorm for the
daily episodes, just as if it were being broadcast again as
it was back then. I have listened to a couple of episodes in
recent years, and am still able to regenerate the child's
excitement over the adventures that I experienced back then;
not sure if that would apply for an adult hearing it for the
first time, unless you're really into children's fantasy.
Great good fun!

	Regards, ecb3 - from a phenomenally pleasant week of
	great weather in central Virginia that is allowing us
	to get some siding work done on a second house that
	we're putting on the market Monday.

-Earl BENNETT ('63)
	[It was the Crazy Quilt Dragon who first took the 	
	star from somewhere in the attic where all the 
	ornaments sere stored. Paddy O'Cinnamon, the 
	4" high Cinnamon Bear, teaches the twins how to 
	DEgrow so they can go thru the picture on the 
	wall to "Maybe Land" where they have all sorts of
	adventures trying to retrieve the silver star that 
	belongs on top of their Christmas tree There's 
	the Root Beer Ocean and a plane that uses soda 
	pop for gas. Yes, there is a daily link in the 
	"stuff at the top" of the SS with a link to that 
	day's episode on YouTube. -Maren]
>>From: David RIVERS ('65)

Re: Boyz n girlz

Gotsa couplea long time friends to celebrate today... Now I'm
pretty darned sure that I hooked up with the B-day Bomber guy
in around kinnygarden... korse I could be wrong cuz we did a
bitta traveling in my earlier school dayz but I'm almost
possitive we wuz in class with Marsha GOSLIN ('65) and 
Kandie GRUBB ('65) inna halloween picture with all of us in
costume... gee remember when we could pick costumes without
offending anybody... I think I was a cat which I think is OK
even today... the Bomber-babe might have been in 6th grade
when I was kinda involuntarily moved from Spalding to Jason
Lee... not that it turned out to be a bad thing... I hadda
ball with a whole new groupa kids to have fun with... anyway,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Patti SNIDER ('65) and Kent MADSEN ('65) on
your special day, December 2, 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-David RIVERS ('65)
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Randy HINSON ('65-RIP) ~ 1/14/47 - 11/26/17 
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>>Glenn E. Olson ('54-RIP) ~ 3/30/36 - 11/25/17

See entry today from Marilynn WORKING Highstreet ('54)
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