Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/03/17
4 Bombers sent stuff: 
Ruth PATTY ('56). Nola DAVEY ('56)
David DOUGLAS ('62), Mike FRANCO ('70)

12/03   22 days till Christmas
CINNAMON BEAR - Listen to "Weasley Wailing Whale" (Episode #5) 
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>>From: Ruth PATTY Holesworth ('56)

To: Beverly EDWARDS Olson ('56)

My sincere thoughts and prayers to you and family on the 
passing of Glenn. We haven't seen each other in many years,
but fondly remember our days at Sacajawea.

-Ruth PATTY Holesworth ('56)
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>>From: Nola DAVEY Meichle ('56)

Re:Cinnamon Bear

My brother Howard ('58-RIP) and I started listening to the
Cinnamon Bear around 1946; I was between 8 and 9. We loved
it. Hurried home from school to listen every afternoon. I
don't remember when I stopped listening. Of course, I am 80
years old, so do not remember much anymore. Lol

-Nola DAVEY Meichle ('56)
	[Check out The Cinnamon Bear on Wikipedia - very cool: -Maren]
>>From: David DOUGLAS ('62)

My son Rodger was well enough this week to be transferred 
to the Rehabilitation facility for physical therapy before 
going home. He was finally scheduled to be discharged 
Tuesday, December 5, which also happens to be my birthday.
Then Thursday night the nurse called and said he had been
sent back to the transplant critical care unit because he was
throwing up blood. They did an endoscopy and found a large
bleeding ulcer, which the doctor sutured together and stopped
the bleeding. However, Friday morning they did an angiogram
of the artery going to his second transplanted liver and
found it completely blocked, with no blood going to the
liver. The doctor will do a biopsy Saturday morning to
determine the state of his second liver, but I'm afraid it
will not be viable. Rodger has already told me he does not
want a third transplant. I'm going to have him sign an
advance directive so that he makes that decision, not me. I
can understand his feelings. He's been in the hospital almost
four months, and will be there another three at least if he
has the third transplant, assuming one can be found in time.
He was very fortunate that it only took six days for him to
get his second transplant after the first one failed. He was
on life support for over a month after the second operation,
as he was much sicker than before his first transplant when
his own liver was still functioning.

It's been very hard on both my wife and me. We've been to
visit him every day he's been in the hospital, except for
three days when he was sedated. We live 35 miles from the
hospital, and even travelling most of the way on freeways 
it takes almost an hour to get there. Still, it isn't as
difficult as the road he has to travel.

I very much appreciate the support of my fellow Col-Hi
classmates. I value it greatly.

-David DOUGLAS ('62) ~ Mesa, AZ  
>>From: Mike FRANCO ('70)

WOW... Happy RIce day! 

1) Happy birthday to our friend and fellow Bomber and Eastern
pal Randy RICE ('73) yesterday

2) Huge congratulations to Boise State hoops coach Leon Rice.
Last night his Broncs ended The Oregon Ducks' 46 game home
court winning streak with a half court buzzer beater. It's on
the net, check it out.

Re: Cinnamon Bear

AND thank you everyone for the enormous amount of background
regarding Cinnamon Bear lore and history. I must say as a
class of 1970 guy it is refreshing to run into a subject like
this that really was before my time. In the '50s as a young
Jefferson Grade School kid I vaguely remember a few radio
shows but they were like Gunsmoke and Don McNeill's breakfast
Club out of Chicago. But I never really listened to any of
that. Actually as a young guy I am not sure I ever listened
to anyone besides other kids! 

Thanks to all for the Cinnamon Bear education! I will never
catch up with the rest of you but feel I understand a little
bit now.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday and has
great plans for great family fun this month.

-Mike FRANCO ('70)
	[Mike, Just click the Cinnamon Bear link at the 
	top of every SS and listen to that day's episode...
	they're usually just under 13 minutes...
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