Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/13/17
3 Bombers sent stuff: 
Dick PIERARD ('52)
Mary RAY ('61)
David RIVERS ('65)
BOMBER BIRTHDAY Today: Connie DAME ('65)

12/13   12 days till Christmas
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>>From: Dick PIERARD ('52)

I want to wish my esteemed brother Burt PIERARD ('59) a very
happy birthday! I am always appreciative of his hospitality,
the latest being my trip to Richland three months ago and his
gracious welcome when I came back for the 65th gathering of
the sadly diminishing class of 1952. I should have gone back
in the hills somewhere and gotten him a mason jar full of
white lightning, but I was afraid one of these slick flight
attendants (a.k.a. stewardesses) would have caught me
smuggling it on board the plane. Anyway, all the best to you
and your kind friends who looked after me then. The smoke
from all those fires in the Northwest touched off my asthma
(a legacy of having entered the ranks of the super-old), but
I have gotten on top of things now, and I really did enjoy
being there and seeing folks. Thanks for everything and mewwy

-Dick PIERARD ('52) ~ now in Asheville, NC
>>From: Mary RAY Henslee ('61)

Re: Books

When you think of gift-giving; think books. We have a number
of alumni authors, i.e., Pete BEAULIEU ('62), Debora Greger,
Chuck Jerman, Jo N. MILES ('64), Ray Nelson, Bill SCOTT ('64),
wrote as B.J. Scott and is now writing as James Scott,
Ken STALEY ('68), yours truly ('61), and possibly others.
Jump in if I have missed anyone or maybe Maren can help out
[I added some class years. -Maren]. I wish that I could
afford to buy them all, but unfortunately can't.

I took my book titled "Poems and Essays Reflecting the Times"
down a while back because I worried that it might hurt the
sale of my other two books since it took sides on some
controversial issues. Sometimes with the right and others
times with the left, which meant I was going to ruffle
feathers on both sides. Not good!

Since it's Christmastime and since most in here appear to
think that political correctness has run amok, I will take a
chance and share one of the poems from the book that I have
temporarily or possibly permanently taken down. It depends on
whether or not the toxic political atmosphere in this country
subsides. Please, no hate mail if you don't agree with my


It's disturbing to see how far we must bend
So as not to offend.

Those who want to change America's ways
Are becoming totally crazed.

They are demanding that we do away
With defining traditions and symbols on display.

They want Santa sent to the North Pole to stay
And Christmas decorations permanently put away.

They want to replace all of our Christian traditions
With generic homogenized renditions.

They are putting Nativity displays in danger,
As well as Christmas carols such as Away in a Manger.

Taking Jesus out of the Christmas season defies all reason
Since Jesus is the reason for the Christmas season.

We can embrace the growing influx of diversity
Without sacrificing our own native land's identity.

Cultural traditions are an integral part of our history,
Therefore it's important for us to let them be.

Principals should not be allowed to adopt rules
That ban holiday celebrations in their schools.

Lifelong traditions create memories we all cherish;
What will happen to future generations if they all perish?

How empty their memories will be
Without a cultural connection to their ancestry.

How much more vulnerable they will be
Without a sense of roots and solidarity.

For our children's sake, we must all put up a resistance
Against those who threaten our traditions out of existence.

It's time for schools and businesses to stop giving in;

It's time to make tolerance a two-way street again.

Written in 2003

Have a Merry Christmas and a great New Year!

-Mary RAY Henslee ('61)
>>From: David RIVERS ('65)

Re: Ahhhh the good ol' dayz

Now, as I calculate it, I been doin' b-days on this little
paper as long as it has been in print... [CONFIRMED! David's
first entry was in the first month of the Alumni Sandstorm's
existence... August, 1998. -Maren] started out with a few... 
really close, close friends... there were few enuff that I
could keep track on the back of a check register... then I 
began to expand and now I am happy to say that I have become 
close enuff to kids I have never even met in person that I
feel as though I've known them since kinnygarden... the
problem with the kids I've known REALLY well for years and
years is that I have covered just about all of the stories
that I can print without retribution for several years... in
fact, there are some kids I can't even tell bland stories on
without getting threats of being thrown in the river! Now the
Bomber-babe for today is one I've known since 6th grade... in
fact I have a good number of picture she sent me of our 6th
grade year... I can still spot this babe from behind from
about a mile away (thanks to my "new eyes")... I know you
think it is an exaggeration, but Jimmy HEIDLEBAUGH ('65) will
support me on this... she is so fit, she can fit into her
Majorette outfit to this day... I have the pictures to prove
it too! It must run in the famblie because I can spot her
"lil" brother from a fer peace too but not for the same
reason... I have remained good friends with this babe thru
alla years and am happy to be able to say she has NEVER
threatened to throw me inna river! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Connie
DAME ('65) on your special day, December 13, 2017!!!!!!!!!!!

-David RIVERS ('65)
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