Alumni Sandstorm ~ 12/14/17
3 Bombers sent stuff: 
Mike CLOWES ('54), 
Larry MATTINGLY ('60)
David RIVERS ('65)

	Mike RICE ('60) & Donna BOWERS ('63)
	Lonnie WILLIS and Eileen HASKINS ('72)

12/14 ~ 11 days till Christmas
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>>From: Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54)

Well, what with a minor earthquake and no foreseeable rain
in the forecast, this momentous occasion near slipt my mind.
That could be an unhealthy thing because we are honoring a
very senior Bomber. There are rumors that he is "connected"
which could mean that I might be sleeping with the fishes if
I don't do this.

A deep tip of the ol' propeller beanie and a "Happy
Birthday!" to Dick McCOY ('44, '45 & '02). Keep them songs a
comin', pard, an' we'll see ya round the campfire.	

-Bob Carlson, aka Mike CLOWES ('54) ~ Mount Angel, OR where 
	it was only 4.0 on the Richter Scale, or as they would
	say in California: "Wednesday."
>>From: Larry MATTINGLY ('60) 

To: Mary RAY Henslee ('61)

Thank You for speaking up about a subject dear to the hearts
of many in our generation.

I am pleased to look upon the successes in life of my
extended family of 9 Great Grand Children with #10 arriving
any day now. But what will their lives be like? With the
abolishment of traditions such as Religion, Patriotism,
Individual Freedoms and Personal Morality, what will they use
to set guidelines and goals to live for?

It is not just in the US, I have traveled reasonably in Asia,
Europe, Central and South America and the US and read
literally hundreds of books having to do with history all the
way back to Hammurabi who published the first known code of
law a thousand years bce. There have always been wars and
destruction of civilizations but in this era of instant world
wide communication and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs), it
appears to be of increasing intensity. I cannot help but
wonder with some fear for mankind, how far out is the
breaking point?

-J. Larry MATTINGLY ('60)
>>From: David RIVERS ('65)

Re: The times they are a changin'

A few weeks or months ago, Roger GRESS ('61) posted a picture
from Jr. High of Terry DAVIS ('65) and me on face book. It
had been cropped from a class photo and I sent it to Terry as
kind of a joke saying it really should go into his personal
pix on his Fan site His old fan site had
tons of pix of us till we had an awful falling out and he
took them all down... long story if you don't know it, not
worth repeating ever again and if you do know it, you know it
was sad and very hurtful for us both... anyway, T texted me
back what class it was and grade (8th)... I was blown away, I
have very little recollection of my teachers names and pretty
much avoided them... I have since made a huge exception with
Rex DAVIS ('49) but that's another story and I'm sure glad we
became friends... So then I was in the garage making some
shims and stuff for a car and Cousin' Brucie was on... now he
talks more than the Wolfman (RIP) so I don't usually enjoy
his show much but it was on... Freddie Boom Boom Cannon
called and as they were talking I remembered just how
innocent times were back then... I mean when my daughter was
in Jr High she was beat up for wearing blue BK tennis shoes
(she begged me for them and wore them once)... the heathens
that whooped her told her never to wear them "blood-killers"
again... she didn't... so even back then things had changed a
great deal... anyway Freddie was talking about Palisades Park
and how guys would hold hands with a girl on the Ferris wheel
and think it was wowsie! I recalled how one girl and I were
all hung up on each other from 7th thru 9th and continued to
be fantastic friends even after... now this particular girl
always had much older guys in her life so we hadda sneak
around (I can't mention her name cuz some pathetic "ex" got
pissed off last time I did and called me a liar etc., etc.,
etc... now it's not that I give a rat's ass about him, but it
ain't worth arguing over stuff that happened over 50 freaking
years ago... ) Anyway, in all the years (even to now) we
never even kissed. But holding hands, now that was another
matter. I remember a buddy of mine coming to me and telling
me that he had "made out" with my girl-friend without
kissing... yeah I know... but he hadda habit of taking out
my girlfriends when we were no longer an "item" (at that
particular time we were still an item... till he told me
that)... so that's what I mean... this girl and I would go to
the movies and hold hands... but our hands (only our hands)
were having the most erotic movements with each other one
could imagine! We'd be worn out before the movie was half
over... at sock hops we'd spend the whole evening together
and then sneak out a side door so the guy in the car waiting
outside wouldn't see us. We would make out way across the
vacant lot by the Chief Jo Apartments while we could see him
driving around the adjoining blocks... I would drop her at
her home (a fer piece from mine at Stevens and VanGiesen) and
that would be out practice probably until 8th or 9th grade...
now if that ain't innocence I dunno what is... Every morning,
a group of us would meet at one guy's house to watch the 3
stooges before school... well most of us would... one of us
(not me!) stopped showing up... we learned years later he had
lost that innocence every morning before school... so OK he
was the exception... ah growing up in Richland back inna day!
Well our b-day Bomber has a pretty good story of his own with
three grageashuin dates... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dick McCOY ('45,
'46, '02) on your special day, December 14, 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!

-David RIVERS ('65)
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